August 14, 2012: I was set up as the Unicorn uniting all knowledge of all life/time into a great complex unity of one being


Summary of the script today

13th August: I was set up as the Unicorn uniting all knowledge of all life of all time into a great complex unity of one being

  • Dreaming of Princess Diana working through me to save life, producing energy of my old self to take the meeting with the Commune on Friday with the Commune believing in the psychiatrist believing I have no work capacity (!!!) and I am still working inside darkness improving our creation.
  • My mother was kind to give me a month card for the swimming hall with fitness enabling me to do extra exercise, which I did this afternoon where I was told and shown a stopper of Karen blocking the access to the last part inside the small hole, i.e. stream, of the spirit of my father inside of darkness, but this energy I brought removed this blockage, and content of darkness was transferred with great speed, and I was told that this was about setting me up as the Unicorn uniting everything we have ever learned of all life/everything into a great complex unity of one being, and also that this includes the first tool of all New World’s of Karen and I, which we were nervous about losing if I could not bring this energy, and it would also have meant that Karen and I would not become as happy together as my father and mother, but this is in place now, so the question is; is there more creation to come (?) – time will tell, and we have plenty of time.
  • I watched the breathtaking beautiful closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, which included the messages that I invite everyone inside our New World at OUR HOUSE, I could only be “running up that hill” of my entire journey – as I still do – if I decided to “don’t give up”, I am the King bringing you FREEDOM of darkness, “Mr. Blue Sky” from my favourite band Electric Light Orchestra was connected with “ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE” by Eric Idle/Monty Python, which was about our beautiful New World coming, we did the absolutely best creation imaginable making “nothing” receive “nothing” and light winning all medals converting “nothing” into “everything “of our New World.
  • Google Earth pictures shows enormous dancing spiral of rising souls, no need to tell of this big bird, the new Source is “draining” the country of South America, something is happening inside Greenland and Jette is a whistle blower bringing me extra darkness.
  • Short stories of freeing Helena and mankind from darkness, did Helena and Søren Pind have an affair and maybe when sharing information on me (?), the media chased Helena almost bringing her down and making me bleed too (!), we are going back to our roots, we are creating the “very, very best”, you have NOTHING to fear of people of other civilizations, I bring you a CLEAN EGG of creation after having been deadly tired since 2005/06, a man encouraged the Danish government/state to stop bullying people and what is worst, but to no use (?), an encouragement to bring normal life directly from people to people in Syria and the world, and energy was the only way to remove the stopper of Karen to enter the last life/information of my father inside darkness.

14th August: It is “closing time” for the bridge to my old self – “let the bells ring” for our New World 🙂

  • To my surprise I had another night where I had to stay up to bring energy to finalise the setup of me as the new Unicorn, to save the tool of creating New World’s from darkness and to bring Karen and I happiness as partners in our New World.
  • The bridge to my deepest old self is now almost entirely closed, it would require so little sleep and so much exercise of me to keep it open that I cannot. There is still “some darkness” of my deepest inner self, which will be awakened from our New World. It is about to become “closing time” even though I succeeded to open the bridge one more time today – the final time (?)- to let more darkness enter as light in our New World, it is soon time to “let the bells ring”, Leonard :-).
  • Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show the script – concentrated, bringing all creation back to the solid rock of God’s country and storms of darkness in gunfight on its way home.
  • Short stories of a man having experienced spiritual deception about being the Son of God trying to make me ”understand” from his learning (!), Pastor Lisa is attacked by darkness too, let your heart and feelings be the judge over true love, it was a famous clairvoyant almost stabbing his twin daughters to death, who could not reject strong and direct darkness because of darkness given to him from people not believing in him and clairvoyants not believing in me, confirmation of Helena and Søren Pind being a couple, which the boulevard press “could not” write about because of me (?), “WHO CAN” was the famous question of the Danish supermarket Bilka meaning “who can remove darkness” with the answer being “YES, I CAN!”, our new kitchen creating New World’s and new life is now in place based upon TRUE LOVE, with the energy of our New World, it will pep all lives up, the TV-series Matador about my arrival pulling up a stagnating world is now sent again, the Socialist People’s Party eventually carried our its wrong “punish actions” to a MP only saying what the Party believes in (!), a new crop circle as the location “white horse” symbolising “everything” as me making people cross with me again to bring me even more fuel of darkness.


13th August: I was set up as the Unicorn uniting all knowledge of all life of all time into a great complex unity of one being

Dreaming of Princess Diana working through me to save life

After watching the breathtaking closing ceremony of the Olympics yesterday evening, see later, I ended the day after 01.00 after also watching some Benny Hinn – and not Benny Hill, whom I also like much (but he was too sexually oriented in his sketches) and here he shows that it is not easy to break out of prison with the police everywhere, followed by a few dreams.

  • I tell my old colleague Lars D-C (from DFM) not to write as he does making Marks & Spencer blue, and Peter A. (from Fair) and I make it into Marks & Stig.
    • A UK department store changing name from “Spencer” into “Stig”, which is to say that Princess Diana (neé Spencer) is working through me, and department store is about life, which is to make sure that all life is saved, and I get a feeling that you have not seen the last of Lady Diana.
  • I have been at a psychiatrist and received the test report approving me, I am working at Danske Bank and an HR employees says that when looking strict at the employment contracts of the bank, they prohibit employees to have part time work for example two hours twice per week to do bookkeeping.
    • This may be about the view of Lisbeth from the Commune in relation to me based on the declaration of the psychiatrist Alex Kørner on me concluding that “my immediate view is that his work capacity is reduced to the insignificant in any line of business”, so despite of what anyone can see when meeting me and seeing me work – read my memo for the psychiatrist here, which he “could/would not” understand – she will decide that I am not allowed to work (!), and this is also to say that I do NOT believe in employment contracts reducing the freedom of people. When everyone show good behaviour and work and follow the Basic Working Rules, this should be it. And Danske Bank is about energy of the Old World to make me go through the week to hold the meeting with Lisbeth the 17th according to my wish.
  • I am driving through a boring neighbourhood where cars merge from two to one lane, I am going to a meeting with a bank focusing on the negative and believing that I am crazy, and when I arrive I change into very fine business shoes, which however are a little dusty, and after putting on both shoes, I take myself to the head when taking off the left shoe I have just put on by mistake because I now have to put it back on, and I have no energy to do this. I speak to this bank about the price of bonds, which should increase.
    • Still driving my old road of God inside darkness removing even more dust from the shoes symbolising my new self.
  • I woke up to “code of love” by Spandau Ballet again, which is to say that this is what we are continuing to do, to improve creation with the energy I am sending.

I was set up as the Unicorn uniting all knowledge of all life of all time into a great complex unity of one being

I woke up at 07.45 and started work at 08.45 having the worst feelings to write because of what still is incredible tiredness/exhaustion and disgust to write also including heart pain this morning, and I had to decide not to become negative and that it will not be me stopping work before the end of my journey, by my journey ending with me working until the last.

I received a déjà vue as my new self that I was God alive as a normal human being as my old self Stig, and this is how I worked as a normal man.

I was told “no, we have not been at the canteen yet, what is there?”

My mother called me during the morning with the pleasant surprise to give me a card of one month entrance to the swimming hall and its small fitness centre, and if she could drop by (?), but of course she could and yes when we met the racing cyclists the other day, I told one of them that I would be seeing them when losing 30 kilos – or more like 25-30 kilos – and this was probably what it took for her to think of this as an add-on to cycling, and I was told that this is necessary to do because there is no more pain to give me to my right foot, so if you want to give even more, this is how to do it.

And this brought me new thoughts, because would this mean that I should carry on working inside darkness in pain all the way to December for example (?) and that is after I have been told convincingly that “it is now that it is now”, and I decided to say that “I don’t care, bring it on”, and yes the “once in a lifetime” story, so this is what we will do, Stig.

My mother had been with John and Mette and Bettina to a restaurant in Hornbæk, where John and my mother had had scallops, which had made my mother receive stomach pain, but John – having practically no defence system – throw up and feel so bad that they almost brought him to a hospital again, and I understood that we have really been taking out energy of people almost suffering to make me come through, so more exercise is truly needed, and that is despite of how I feel myself.

I was told that we had saved another ambulance, and “ambulance” is energy of my family/friends etc. representing energy of the Universe, which there is hardly any more of.

I was told that he (i.e. me) does not want to die now (as my old self) exactly as we have raised him, but I was feeling both tired and also darkness inside of me again thinking “can I really” continue this game with work and exercise (?), but my advantage is that I am used to work and not to relax, so working is the normal procedure around here, and with this, I hope I can continue for some time still, and I felt how even more darkness returned to my right ankle.

I was told that we are also going to develop the Unicorn, and no, we never believed that we would come this far reaching our ultimate dream uniting everything we have ever learned into a great complex unity of one being, which will become you, which we have not done yet my friend.

In the afternoon I decided to cycle to the swimming hall, and on my way there I was asked again and again for approval – as part of my head rule – to sacrifice family/friends etc. in order to create our New World, and this was also a hard question, but I decided to stick to my old decision “only if it is a matter of survival of the world”, and this is not what we spoke of here, so I decided to say “no, under no circumstances”, but when asked if we can bend the arrow even more, I said “go ahead if needed, but do NOT kill anyone”, and later I was hoping that instead of becoming worse, that they may start to become better, which is about John and Meshack and maybe also my aunt and my father? I was also asked – now when continuing the game- if it was alright to bring together mother and son physically as they used to be forced by darkness, and yes the questions are tough when receiving them, but I decided “no, no matter what, this will NEVER happen again”, and I understood that this is also what is bringing me less sufferings now.

I was given the understanding that the phase I am now entering is for me to get time to lose weight before meeting the world, and yes I have really a déjà vue about this, so is it first in December that I will be seeing you (?), and yes who knows (?), and I thought that this is also to start up our new Source, again as I understood it, and I was told that if I did not do this exercise, the last part of remaining “gold” inside of darkness would burn up, and it brought me many thoughts, because even though I receive some darkness, it is not very much or let us say “condenses” and “minimized” but “still there” and “less”.

I was thinking that I would start running on the running belt hoping that I could do 10 minutes and maybe longer, and to swim afterwards, so I started warming up walking the first 5 minutes on the running belt, and “I thought it was a lie” as we say here when I started running because it felt wrong all over my body, and my 115 kilograms of weight as the weight said this morning, were not making things easier, and it took 2½ minutes before I had to stop again, so we are really starting from scratch again, and yes despite of my cycling (!), and then I walked for 2½ minutes, ran 2½ minutes, walked 2½ minutes and I hoped to be able to take four times 2½ minutes running making 10 minutes like this, but on the third run, I had to stop at 1 minutes and 40 seconds, and yes I have never been this low before, and this is where I am starting this exercise, and yes I am thinking of losing 25 kilograms in four months, but it will require that I don’t continue eating cakes etc. as I have been doing and to try to increase exercise volume, so this is the plan, and I hope that I will be able to continue sleeping at nights, to receive shorter scripts and to be able to exercise more and yes to feel better and better hopefully haven fought the biggest battles by now, but I never know in forehand what this game includes, so I can only say that we will see.

Afterwards I continued with great difficulties to take 20 minutes in the cross-trainer at level 6, and I felt like receiving good exercise under the circumstances, but there is almost an eternity to be able to run 30 minutes again, but we will see how I will be able to train myself up.

When I was out swimming afterwards, I was given a constant “mark” to the hole next to my right ankle, and I was shown a purple stopper blocking the entrance to the hole, and I was given a strong urge to forget about the content, but I decided to move the purple stopper knowing that the purple stands for Karen, and I understood that our missing Facebook friendship and influence of others against me, is making her resist me herewith blocking this access, and yes I cannot do everything perfectly, but it was a little thing to send her a new Facebook invitation, which I did not do at the time where I should have done it, which was when sending her my latest email, and after a few days, I decided that it was “too late”.

And then I felt how darkness came to me with incredible speech while swimming, and afterwards I was told that “now this is in place too really”, which made me surprised because I had expected it to take longer, but then again, I felt how content of darkness was transferred with this very great speed, and yes I understood that this was about setting me up as the Unicorn uniting everything we have ever learned into a great complex unity of one being, and I was told that this also include animals and yes “everything” my friend.

Later, when I returned home I was asked is it possible to get through this stopper (?), which is what we have been working on ever since (my previous email to Karen), and I was told that we have used your mother, and this is about bringing gold caramels to the basket held by Karen, and I was shown only a few in her basket because she did not want to receive more, and we had planned to bring her all, and yes you gave us the biggest challenge in history because who was to carry all of the children, which you and Karen were to bring birth (?), and yes we sit here today, meaning that you are now not only God but part of Karen inside you, which we would like to bring back to her, and when I was told this, I received much negativity of darkness wanting me to say all kind of negative, but I decided that the right answer is to say “thank you”, which I did, and I understood that this was about a new invention of how to bring life, which I remember I was told about weeks ago – to create life without the use of sexual contact (of the spirits of Karen and I) – and here I understand that this was about saving/creating all of this life, and I was told that this is what we are now bringing back (to Karen) with the energy I created via exercise today, and I was given a “thank you” in return for doing this, and also told that this has to turn the right way in order to make Karen and I as happy as your mother and I, and this required that I went in behind Karen using energy to do this, and this had to be done to make “perfect”, and I was asked “is there more now” (?) and I heard “I cannot see it”, and yes do you have more for us, father (?), and I was told you have given us plenty of time, Stig, so maybe there is more, we will see.

Later I felt more darkness arriving from the hold of my right ankle after the removal of Karen’s stopper, and I was told that we were afraid that the only way to get this out would be via your “old nightmare” opening for it, but I understand that this would remove its original code making it passive energy – which you may still not be able to bring or recreate from our New World, is this how the game is designed (?) – and I was told that had I accepted for members of family/friends etc. to be sacrificed, the death of my mother would also have made it impossible to bring out this life/information, and I was told that this is the last experiment of this world, but the first tool to be used in all New World’s, which is why we were so nervous of losing this.

I was told that there it closes, we cannot create any better now, and yes we will continue the game as long as there is energy, and yes am I partly my new self – but not showing my new self because of lack of faith/knowledge of mankind (?) – and partly my old self, whatever may remain of darkness (?), and we will see what happens, if we can or cannot do any better than this.

Later I was asked “Dragholm, can I open the door now” (?), and yes the answer is only if everything is 100% perfect, and if it is, fine by me – it if is not already open (?) – and if it is not we will continue working as we do, so the light will decide or “the good part inside of you”, and yes I have total trust in you to follow my decision :-).

I continued receiving a slight mark to my right ankle and also one short but not powerful out of this world pain to my right heel this time.

I heard have you seen what is coming there, a white dinner table, and yes are you completely crazy (?), and yes Stig, this is because you decided to follow the encouragement to send the email to Lisbeth the other day, which is making her so unsure about you that this is also bringing us forward to this point of time, where I – the spirit of my father – can say almost goodbye entirely to my old self as darkness, but no, not yet, because we have to have the meeting with Lisbeth also part of this script, so this is what we will do our best to do.

I thought this evening that my spiritual friends can truly perform miracles doing their best on basis of what I bring them, and for this, I am deeply grateful.

I was told that had I not continued thinking intimately about Karen, this would have been impossible to do, and just writing this now makes me nervous of what could have happened, and yes I sure look forward to the day when I can hand over the world to the world saying here you are, it is flawless, and here thinking of George Michael as the King.

I head “you have not wasted my place, but kept it open for me right until the end hoping for my arrival”, and I feel darkness and also Yoda inside of this the strongest darkness of all, which we succeeded defeating, but still he is surrounded by darkness, so more creation to come?

I was asked can your mother smell potatoes (?), yes from a long distance, this is what is making us alive today.

I was shown a car bringing a dark boat almost falling off, and the boat can be made into a New World, which is the description of how to create an entire New World, and this is the boat as I understand we have saved now.

I continued working when returning home, and again from 20.00 in the evening until I published the script of today by 22.45, and yes I am truly looking forward to a better life, is this coming now (?), or will it still be “impossible”?

My monitor blinked yellow, blue and was also shown constant green symbolising our New World or my mother, my self and the Trinity, and it continue showing me these colours and then to be release by “clear light” of the monitor with the light of our New World being switched on.

I was shown a car bringing a dark boat after it almost falling off, and the boat can be made into a New World, which is the description of how to create an entire New World, and this is the boat as I understand we have saved now.

I was asked your new heart has not arrived yet has it as I have for some time again, and it is still darkness wanting to destroy it, but eeehhh wait a minute, no I don’t want to destroy it, I want to make it even better, but no no needles, only love and all of that, and yes we have learned the song, and feeling Michael Hardinger here.

I was given some pain to a hole on my right instep and told that there has now been put so much back that it does not hurt anymore.

I ended seeing the boat now placed safely on the load of a truck with another truck driving behind it.

Before going to bed I felt more darkness, and was asked can we now continue on the old road from here (?), and yes we have been taken you from “here and there” and caught some of you here and some there, and had we not, you would have walked out of here as I am told that this remaining part of the spirit of my father would have.

The closing of the Olympics 2012 including the BLUE SKY and BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE of our New World 🙂

I did not watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London, but I watched much of the closing ceremony yesterday evening, and it was as breathtaking to me to watch as everyone else – and I thought fine to do in our New World with everyone having a normal life, but really not today when so many are suffering – and I have collected a few highlights from the show, and let me here say that the negative effects of “copyrights” in relation to culture is what you see here the most clearly because all videos uploaded from the Olympics at least to YouTube and Dailymotion are consistently monitored and removed only allowing still pictures (!), and how crazy can you be stealing away joy of the people because of “intellectual property” and “copyrights”, but it seems that Vimeo allow these videos to stay, I managed to find a couple to use for this chapter.

But let me say that it started for me from I started watching the show, which was with madness playing “our house”, and as they wrote on Facebook afterwards, “you know you’re always welcome down our way …”, which was the same as saying that I invite everyone inside our New World at OUR HOUSE.

It was also a great experience for me when Kate Bush’ “running up that hill” was part of the show, and again I thought that this whole album of her’s is truly one of the greatest in history, and in Dan’s thread below it makes other people think of Kate Bush together with Peter Gabriel, which was to day that I could only be “running up that hill” of my entire journey – as I still do – if I decided to “don’t give up”, so here this story was given too.

It continued with George Michael coming to play FREEDOM, and notice how the long stage is decorated as newspapers, which you know is a symbol of opening everything/terminated life inside of the newspapers of “nothing” making the beauty of our New World, and as Dan says about George “here comes the King”, which you know is about the King bringing all of you FREEDOM from darkness :-).

But Kenan did not quite agree with Dan that George is the king, because in his view, the King is “King David”, the star man and Thin White Duke, David Bowie, and I really could not agree more with him, and let us say that I love the music of George Michael maybe at 85-90 on a scale of 100 (only in my personal taste, because I can hear that as pop music it is 100 points!), and David as 100 on the scale, so this is what you helped me to say, Kenan, and yes is there truly LIFE ON MARS, Nasa (?), as if you did not know (?), and this is the act of the “secret government” of USA with their recent landing on Mars to “discover” (!), and this is the video, Kenan decided to bring as one of the best songs, performances and videos of history, and that is in my mind at least.

During the show I was thinking “I wonder which artists/bands they have chosen to play this evening” thinking of the GREAT treasure of British music with hundreds of “the best” to choose from, and I thought that Electric Light Orchestra would probably not “fit in” or be “big enough” (today that is), but to my pleasant surprise, Electric Light Orchestra’s/Jeff Lynne’s Mr. Blue Sky was also played – sadly not with Jeff performing live – and that was really a sign of better weather coming for all and yes a beautiful new day when the rain has stopped and sun is shining in the sky and as they say after rain comes sun – i.e. after the Old World comes the New World – and as Jeff sings “Hey you with the pretty face, Welcome to the human race, A celebration, mister blue sky’s up there waitin’, And today is the day we’ve waited for”, so this is what this song and performance means to me, the coming of our beautiful New World, and it was of course the new version of the song, which Jeff decided to record as one of his new albums coming out in a couple of months from now, and he decided to re-record this and other of his old songs because the technology is now even better than in the 1970’s, which is to say that I am coming in my new version even better than the old, and yes yes yes, what did I see happen at the end of this song (?), and we know Eric Idle from Monty Python came out from the barrel of a canon – and I thought “here I am” bringing you “good weather” – and of course, of course, of course, he sung “ALWAYS LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE” from Life of Brian, and to me this HAPPY song means to return to the bright side of life of our New World when I/we were hanging on the cross about to end our lives.

There were many big moments at this show, and for me it was also incredible to watch Freddie Mercury returning from “out of nothing” performing on stage together with his old band with Brian May doing nothing less than a BRILLIANT guitar solo symbolising the absolutely best CREATION imaginable and yes “WE WILL, WE WILL ROCK YOU” (!), and again I was thinking that Freddie and Queen were the greatest performers in history having a “magic touch” to grasp all of the audience at once :-), and as Dan said below, “and now to the Queen”, and he continued by saying that he has interviewed Brian May, who is “one of the nicest and pleasant of the great I have met .. not as the ridiculously puffed-up Mark Knopfler”, and it seems that Dan does not like Mark at all.

And this remark by Dan on Mark Knopfler fits together with this post of Henrik referring to a Danish Olympic rower, who became no. 4 when competing, which made the rower say: “I am not angry, I am only disappointed. Imagine that you have received four 12-marks four years in a row at High School, and to the final exam you receive 00. Because everything outside top 4 is simply 00. It is four years of work, which suddenly is unimportant” (12 is the highest mark and 00 the lowest on the Danish scale), so first he said what I told Lisa, which is that I am not angry, but disappointed with man, and he did not receive a medal when ending four meaning that he received “nothing”, and now I better understood how all of this fit together, because Danish TV2 had much fun during the Olympics speaking many times about no. 4 in competitions receiving a “potato medal” as they named it, and I knew that this was inspired without understanding it, and that is before now, because “potato” is “kartofler” in Danish, which is the only thing riming on “knopfler” in Danish as you will remember the comedians of Linje 3 saying, and yes “line 3” in English that is, and this was a prediction many years ago about what would happen now, which is that the “ridiculously puffed-up” Devil as Mark symbolises (remember that “chips” were a symbol of darkness too (?), thus also potatoes) would receive “nothing” when the Trinity as “line 3” would take all, and yes this is what this is about, the victory of light and defeat of darkness – a story started many years ago and ending here, and as Kim says in the post above “it is now time to make coffee again”, and he uses an apple as his profile picture symbolising our New World, so “nothing” was “nothing”, which was “sleeping life”, which has now become “everything” as “awakened life”, and yes we will grow and drink MUCH coffee together in our New World of “everything”

UPDATE: After publishing of my script, Vimeo did the same as Youtube and Dailymotion, which was to completely cancel all videos from the Olympic closing ceremonies, and how can you even think of creating a system removing the joy of millions of people wanting to see this again and again (?), and yes you should be able to see just how crazy this is?

Google Earth pictures shows enormous dancing spiral of rising souls and something is happening inside Greenland

Google Earth pictures shows enormous dancing spiral of rising souls, no need to tell of this big bird, the new Source is “draining” the country of South America, something is happening inside Greenland and Jette is a whistle blower bringing me extra darkness.

Starting the pictures with this positive one showing enormous dancing spiral of rising souls on the way out of darkness.

A big bird is also positive to me meaning “freedom”.

Here clouds are “draining the country”, which I understand as energy being “drained” from South America into the new Source, as I understand it.

And here “something is happening inside Greenland”, and I do understand that Greenland is also of great importance, and as a tool of light, but as now, I don’t know more than this.

Here Jette shows darkness, and it looks like “blowing and whistling”, and I was given the word “whistleblower” and the understanding of Jette self telling about me to receive “understanding” by others having easy to understand/support Jette (?), and “impossible” to understand/support me, when I am not part of the conversation, and yes ALWAYS remember to listen to both sides of the story, and to be objective, and yes, guess Jette, who is bringing this darkness (?), and have you started looking into the mirror (?), and no, it is NOT too later, because you haven’t even started, this is ONLY the beginning and yes of a much better world and I hear “without nuclear bombs” and I receive what used to be the strongest and most aggressive darkness bringing this bomb to the world, but I am shown this darkness as almost light, so we are still on the right track, and I am still given the strong understanding “we are almost there”, but I have decided to be patient because we have four more months to go in my mind!


Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said “God free me”, and there was probably something/someone she did not like, but I can only give her this reply: “I shall”, and this goes to mankind in general :-).

  • Helena continued here saying how much she appreciates a good talk and laugh – as I do too, in your spare time (!) – and Jane said “think your side leap with the Liberal Party has extended a little ….” and what is this about (?), her previous thinking of voting liberal or a male boy friend/lover (?) – and Helle said “hope that it was not him, who sold you out” to which Helena said “you can be very calm, it was the Social democrats mess in own pants”, and Jette asked if it was him, who sent Helena a text message in the weekend to which she replied with a “heart”, and is the story as simple as this: Søren Pind invited Helena, they became lovers, a Social Democrat heard about it and told the newspapers, who chased Helena trying to find “dirt” on Søren Pind (?), and I don’t really know, but this is all my imagination brings me, and was I involved as the centre story of it all (?), or am I misunderstanding (?), and yes I would like to know the facts without having to guess, but this is my best guess at the moment, and “guessing” is NOT good!

  • Shannon wrote about the media write about a husband stabbing his own two small twin girls highly dangerous because his wife wanted to leave him – how can people do such an act, regardless of how strong darkness is(?) – and Shannon said “look at the media … they are ALWAYS hungry for BLOOD”, and you may remember that I have tasted blood during my journey when I was on my extreme edge, and the WRONG behaviour of BT and Ekstra Bladet trying to find dirt on for example Helena, Søren Pind (?) and also me (???) is also what was KILLING me very directly, so welcome to the pleasure dome, my dear media focusing WRONGLY on “sensations”, and did you say “wrong culture”, “brainwash”, “simple minds” and TWISTED MINDS (?), and yes this is what I told you, and I would like to challenge you to write an article about yourself, my ladies and gentlemen, and yes about your old selves, what you did and what was RIGHT and WRONG, and of course to be 100% objective, and yes I like to see that, and I felt Obama strongly with me here.

  • Jens wrote “back to the roots” and brought this drawing, which to me symbolises WRONG culture brainwashing not only children making it impossible for them to do what they know deep inside is the right thing to do – to eat healthy as here or to behave, communicate and work properly in a wider sense – and it came after I saw the Danish chef Erwin Lauterbach on TV2 lorry yesterday I believe where he said that vegetables to him is more interesting than meat because it tastes of more and has a greater variation, and he is the grand old man inspiring a whole new generation of Danish chef’s, who have created “the new Danish kitchen” including Restaurant Noma and many others, which are world famous, and to me he could symbolise “the Creator” this way, and here to say that we are going back to our roots with nice music on our way :-).

  • Jimmy said that “it cannot be said more precisely – why not create the very very best”, which is really what we are doing, Jimmy – don’t you know (?), and eeehhhh, you don’t read me, you say, but only see my postings on Facebook?

  • Mikael Wulff wrote this funny article claiming that a Danish space rocket discovered life at a mystical world of rocks called “Bor’n-ho’lm”, which you know is the island symbolising me and our New World, and here it is almost “born draghholm” you know, and they know it is another planet because it cannot be Denmark with all of that sunshine :-), and this is really to say that you have NOTHING to fear about people of other civilizations “soon” landing on Earth for everyone to see, and at least in 2012 as I understand.

  • Dan is also fan of FC Copenhagen, and the new season has started with FC Copenhagen winning 3-0 and he said that 6-0 would have been even better, which was really to say that this was the result of the local football team of Helsingør winning by 6-0 in the round before last round, which made me think of this as a symbol not winning with 10-0, but 6-0 really going back to what I have said since 2009 in Kenya that I would not allow darkness to score a set/goal, but to give everyone a CLEAN EGG, which this is about, and the way to do it also appears from this thread, when Jes, the TV troll, spoke about “war correspondent Rasmus Tantholdt Playing for the other team and Jes believed that he was probably “deadly tired after four weeks in London”, and yes my friends, this is what I have been since 2005/06 as a criteria to bring you a CLEAN EGG of perfect creation.

  • Astrid – the Health Minister – spoke of the authorities efforts against stress and bullying at places of work, and Benjamin asked her to “make sure that this also applies for municipal employees; that they are not allowed to bully their clients, and that the police are not allowed to be as ridiculously aggressive as they are now”, but I am not sure that this is on your agenda, Astrid (?), because you have accepted municipal employees to work as dictators bullying people and even creating a nightmare making people desperate (?), and yes this is also about the behaviour I have met both in Lyngby-Taarbæk and Helsingør Communes.

  • I liked this post by Sherin brining a message from “a brother” telling about how people of Syria suffer with people without money, food and drinks, but plenty of insecurity, and he encourages people to contact him in order to transfer money “directly to the poor and needy”, and I liked seeing this because this is MUCH better than what Red Cross and others try to do, to bring a little help to Syria, which is like a snowball in hell (!), and yes bring NORMAL LIFE directly from people to people, which is also what I encourage the world to do.

  • Nicolaj said that it is his first day alone home with junior “and we are both alive”, which was inspired speech about both my father and I still living inside darkness, and Søren said that this sounds as a case for the Commune, which made Ulla as the mother say that they were on the case (of their child) from the morning, which I do believe that Lisbeth from the Commune here also was in relation to me and yes “what to do with Stig” (?), and Søren asked Nicolaj if this was one of his better days, and Nicolaj said no because the password is “bribery”, and you do know that bribery is about money, i.e. energy, so even though Nicolaj said no, this is to say that only with more exercise I was able to bring enough energy to move Karen as the stopper of the last part of my father, so there you have it again again, and yes nothing is stopping me now, I hope at least.

  • Helena brought this picture, which to me is about FREEDOM – God setting you and mankind free. 


14th August: It is “closing time” for the bridge to my old self – “let the bells ring” for our New World 🙂

I had a new long night of suffering to save creation of yesterday from darkness returning

Some time after publishing my script of yesterday I was told you wanted more darkness, well here it is via Jette once again, and Jette it is truly “amazing”, how can one person decide to focus on herself instead of the big picture, and this is how it was in relation to this script, and several other scripts, and if it makes me sad to see people acting like this over again (?), and yes it does, I have met them all along my journey, and it still seems that when giving her the mirror, she believes I am insulting her, so when do you decide to give up this resistance, Jette, and come out clean (?), because this is the darkness, you bring – the darkness you can see on Google Earth, “nice” thought, right?

And I really felt stronger darkness coming to me again with yet another part of the spirit of my mother inside of this also saying how extremely happy she was to see me again with the feeling that we could have lost contact forever.

I went to bed at 23.40 and was surprised that I started receiving so strong speech and visions again that it was impossible to sleep, and I received a vision of John falling in over me dead because of a stroke, which I hope not is what will happen or is happening this night, and really because it goes against my rules.

I received so much darkness that I felt the whole house inside of me turning over, which was a very uncomfortable feeling, and it was so strong that it was like a nightmare where I had to open my eyes to get out of this strong feeling.

I received the song “the swings and roundabouts” by Preben Uglebjerg again – “we gain on the swings what we lose on the roundabouts” – and I was told that this time it is with reversed sign, and also that this darkness wanted to destruct itself (trapped behind the stopper of Karen).

Again I received incredible negative speech of darkness, and I was given an old CLEAR dream – have had hundreds of them all of my life first opened to my memory recent years – about how I walked through the amusements of the amusement park of Bakken, but it was first when I came to the end of the park, at a wild west town where there was a small stream and transport belt where I could wash gold that I really found this place interesting, and the place was called “life” with the energy of gold placed at this wild west town of darkness “impossible” to get out, and I was told that this is what the email from “darkness of Jacob” the other day was about; to tell me that this could not be done, but as I told Jacob, this is NOT true.

I received the FANTASTIC song “velvet goldmine” by David Bowie, one out of many favourite David Bowie songs of mine.

I was on my edge to become negative here, because I was truly far too tired to stand up, and I had to tell myself strongly not to become negative, and I was shown the finger of a man almost about to bleed, but it did not. And I was shown how my old dog Don had eaten a GIANT “FRANSKbrød” (“white bread”, which is “FRENCH bread” in Danish), and it had messed up moving its bowels inside the house, which is a symbol of MUCH darkness.

I was really feeling awful – Karen’s negative feelings towards me part of this stopper – and had not expected at all to stay awake one more night, Phil, because now we had carried out all of the important matters, hadn’t we (?), and yes with creation more than 100%, but here was yet another important “boat” part of “the gravy” beyond the 100% mark, which I was told that I had to stay up in order for the stopper of Karen not to return.

I was so exhausted/tired that I only wanted to sleep and without the same will strength to stay awake the whole day, and I had to take one of my most difficult decisions to stand up, which I did at 00.30 thinking that I would try my best, but the night and next day seemed long, far too long ….

I was told that it was the perfect overshadowing (of Karen shadowing for me not to see remaining darkness) not even knowing that he existed, but his own cover – because of Karen – was blown away, when you insisted that everything had to be perfect, and this is what we are recovering now.

Later I was told that nothing else has gone wrong, and we would have liked to change into this from the beginning if we knew and could.

I was told that there would be none for you to make love to, no man’s world if you could not make love to me, no we had not fired you (remaining darkness) because you would still include this darkness still wouldn’t you (inside of me) and yes Stig with or without this code, you have made the impossible, but when you say perfect, this is what we do, also to save this.

I was given my old “special song” by Electric Light Orchestra, “secret messages” and the lyrics “A moving stream of information That is floating on the wind”, which is about the feeling I had yesterday when exercising – an old déjà vue – which is that when I produce energy, I am “visible” to the world and that is for people being on my “wavelength” (meditating and receiving spiritual experiences), and I was told but still “nobody cares” when not communicating with you?

Here in the beginning of the night I remembered that I was told to stay away awake until 03.30, which probably means all day once again, but I thought that I will try to sleep or take a bath at 05.00.

I was told that this is for the bathroom (“tool of creation”), so we will just have to set this new item up, and to try afterwards, and yes we found more gold.

I was told about the watch of darkness – if it still has one (?) – that we would set it to terminate us self, and also that we would try to avoid it, but now you are coming back into the warmth of our New World, and I was told that to the New World it would feel like “hail Caesar” without Caesar, and for Caesar it would feel like starting all over again.

And I was told that this tool of starting New World’s was placed outside the 100% as part of “the gravy” inside “the wrong hole”. In other words, we would have had to separate our bedrooms for some time, this is what you believe eeehhh, not being able to terminate myself because everything is you (?), and as you can tell not knowing together with nervousness is a great pain as part of the game too.

I received the song “electric chair” by Prince – here about termination – and the lyrics “If a man is considered guilty, 4 what goes on in his mind, Then give me the electric chair, 4 all my future crimes” and I was told by the spirit of my father still inside of here that he was “guilty” because it was me creating these tunnels out of here.

At 03:15 I also received the song “you are my destiny” by Lionel Ritchie and the lyrics “I’m so glad to be around you, You are my destiny”, which here was a message from father to son.

I was told that it takes a finish line photo to determine who entered this part of the Trinity really, you or Karen to break or save me/us, and also that it is not because we are expensive or anything to reach because there is not much energy in here, but still it required that I found the energy to do this too.

I still feel a little sometimes Goran Ivanisevic inside me as the tennis player about to serve, and I here understood clearly that this is darkness, but “not very strong”.

I sat a little at the balcony looking out on “starlight” on the sky, and I SMILED much becoming happy when I saw tiny lights being switching on “everywhere” I looked and the lights were moving around in patterns on the sky and almost as you see starlight in this beautiful video/song, but of course they were UFO lights :-).

At 04:00 being on my edge as I was all night long, Lionel, I was told that we have not yet created a big enough hole for you to stand up in, and I was told that the stopper of Karen also has to do with her efforts with me.

I was told that I did not reach true throw up feelings family/friends etc., and also that I could have received much more difficult questions; you could almost not do better than this.

I was told didn’t I make your mother sick with the same tool used to create but as a weapon (?), yes, but darkness did not know how to shut it off.

At 05.00 after “killing time” in front of my computer, I thought about what to do now trying to stay awake, and also if I should take a bath now, but I felt like trying to challenge tiredness watching some TV thinking that maybe I could outlast it after a couple of hours, and when I switched on the TV, it had what was even worse than “communication errors” because for some time it did not show any channels at all, and then the channels started coming however with a visible hourglass constantly on showing that there is no more energy with all grains of sand having run into the lower container, which is what we call our New World here, and yes for how long can I keep on as I do now (?), and this was clearly a sign that there is nothing remaining.

At 06.00 I was laying on my back on my sofa, and normally it is truly impossible for me to fall asleep laying on my back – tried that hundreds of times in my life, and it is normally “impossible” – but here I feel asleep, I could not keep it going, and I had been told a couple of hours before feeling that this was coming that we would receive even more energy from family/friends etc., thus the world and I am here told that this is why I at the swimming hall yesterday was asked if we could go into extreme to bring out even more energy “not there” of family/friends etc. and yes as long as you don’t kill them, and I do hope that John also survived this night fearing what he and my mother – and what about my father and Kirsten (?) – may have gone through.

I slept until 10.15 feeling much better physically when waking up, but “guilty” because I could not keep awake, or to sleep less, but I knew that I did my best, but still I was not happy, and I had a dream about my old friend Vivian this year going in school full time again, which I do too – with the difference being that Vivian has a “normal love life”, which I do not making me suffer much – and I am cycling to bring out a message I will send to people using their private fax machines, and on my way to Preben (from DFM/Aon), I am driving on a dark cycle path, but suddenly most light of it is switched on, and I understood the fax machines as Japan because I read recently that fax machines for some reason is still popular in Japan, and Japan is “the worst darkness” to me, which is then what Preben also is, and the light switching on is because of faith in me, and I was told that Vivian, who broke all friendly contact with me in 2009 when I wrote her that I am Son of God (strange, right?), still feels strongly against me turning her eyes and being afraid of me, and yes I wonder why, Vivian?

I woke up to Abba’s “so long” and the lyrics “So long, see you honey – alright, alright, alright”, and yes this song is so fantastic – as the band is – that I have to give it to you in full.

When waking up I was also told “whew, we just made it through”, which will have to be bringing out this life trapped inside darkness too together with the help of my family/friends etc., thus the world bringing even more sacrifices.

I also woke up to still some speech of negativity and sex, but it is not strong, but there is still something inside of there, and I was told that this darkness would have contracted into himself making it impossible for me to reach in, and later I was given the urge to listen to a song from the “Sandinista” album by the Clash – I was only given the bass line of it – and I still have some “free credit” on Spotify, and when I was opening Spotify, the spirit of my father said I cannot describe how difficult this road uphill was, Stig, and seconds thereafter I saw that Spotify featured the new 2012 mix of Kate Bush’s WONDERFUL song “running up that hill”, which is what he was speaking of, and yes “a deal with God” it was to make this MAGNIFICENT album, and yes how many did she do (?), and wuthering heights is also REALLY amazing, and the song for me to find with the Clash was “Rebel Waltz”, which truly is a gem of a MASTERPIECE in all its simplicity/beauty and as Joe sings “A voice began to call, stand till you fall, The tune was an old rebel one”, and yes this was about the Clash against the darkest of all darkness, and can you tell me why China is coming into my monitor here, and yes even though China can see me, the New World and UFO’s all over the place, they still “cannot give up” because they are suffering of the same disease as Jette, Elijah and so many people out there that we “cannot” look into the mirror/future to understand, and so it is and so it soon was because my voice began to call, stand till you fall, and I did not fell. Please enjoy this beautiful song and strong video about darkness of man.

It is “closing time” for the bridge to my old self – “let the bells ring” for our New World 🙂

Even though I did NOT feel for it, I started to write the script of today in “slow motion” at 10.40, and I was told that I – this part of the spirit of my father – was not inside the pyramid, which is where we had stored everything which had ever been, or so we thought for this part was part of the tunnel outside.

I received what could have been the beginning of “endless negative feelings trying to run away with me”, as they do with Jette, whom I was feeling, but I decided to stop them straight away, which Jette could have done too, but not easy when you are a slave of your feelings not deciding to be in control?

My mother called me after she had decided to buy me new flowers, and sure, it was fine for her to come by, which she then did and yes one new flower together with three “plants looking like cactuses without being cactuses” as she said, and yes it was impossible to see, but you could feel that it was not the real thing, and she smiled when she asked me to throw out my Christmas decoration from last year, but to keep the candle of it, and I understood that this was a new planted message about the New World having to make a copy of parts of the Old World, and why is that (?), and yes this is what this story here brought by Mads shows, when he brought the view from his office in Copenhagen with the leaf of Knippels bridge, which would not lower again blocking for the traffic, and I was told that “we will never return” to which I said “no, I will NOT accept it, you are all a part of me, I am everything”, and I thought that if you cannot come now, I will ask my spiritual friends to please use their plan B, as I hope you have and that it works, and that is to make sure that every little ORIGNAL thing will make it through, and there is only one way I will decide to accept loss of life, and that is if it is truly impossible to save the rest, but as my old self, you will NEVER make me believe that this is impossible, so my standing order for you is to save this last original life/energy one way or another and that is regardless of how little, which may remain – and Mads said that at the truck left in the picture is a public employee with a bottle of WD-40 (“originally designed to repel water and prevent corrosion”), so maybe the Trinity as the green coloured truck will be able to open the connection to the very little stream of the Old World one final time?

I was told that it is not only Karen being the stopper, but also resistance of Sanna and everyone else making it “impossible” to continue, Stig (?), by opening the bridge.

Later I was told that if it has to be perfect, we might have something else on the hand, which we can use, and I was told that we really can wake up old life from darkness from our New World – and yes to un-pack darkness with faith of man – but I do understand that the difference is that when waking up this life as my old self, we can use it for new creation, which we cannot from inside our New World, which may become part of “long term evolution” instead (?), and yes I will do “my best” as my old self, and if this is “only” 99.9% we got out, it is fine by me to wake up the last 0.1% or whatever the number is at the other side of our New World.

Even later I was made to “think actively” that these “copies of cactuses” are about new creation copying original creation not being brought out (yet) in order to truly make our New World 100% (maybe using 99.9% of all energy/life, or whatever the figure is).

I worked with difficulties until 15.20 where I decided to return to the swimming hall via town (to get some money), which was mainly because I had seen a couple of cheap bathing shorts yesterday, which I had promised to come back today to buy, and I arrived at the swimming hall at 16.04 and was surprised to see the assistant haven closed the service, but she saw me and told me that when the closing time is 17.00 as it was today, the service closes one hour before, but she was nice to give me service anyhow, and to sell me the shorts of 85 DKK (normally 170 DKK), and I was told that this is to say that we really have closed the bridge to your old self, but if you try your best one more time, we might open it to you.

So this is what I did, and yes let me first tell you what a relief it is to get new bathing short because the old I had was truly VERY poor sitting far too loosely on me and making me feel like looking a fool, but these new shorts sits fine and tight, and for the first time in many years I did what I have longed to do almost every single time when swimming over recent years, which was to do a head jump into the water, and yes the ONLY thing preventing me to do this was these foolish things of my old shorts, and when I did the head jump receiving the old feeling of quickly swimming through water, it was a feeling of joy and freedom coming to me, and I thought that this is another symbol of the freedom I – and the world – with receive as my new self – and here is another of those 100 point performances of Bryan Ferry.

And after some swimming the bridge was truly opened again, and I felt how grey darkness was transferred to my new self and I heard it on the way saying “is it as easy as this” (?), but behind it I felt more dark darkness, so apparently it is impossible for me to get every little thing with me now, but I do believe that this end result will become a survival rate of 100,00%.

When cycling home I was thinking about the Commune, which may be close to change from their old attitude, which was that we don’t believe in Stig, so we will put him through our mill (of hell) to we believe in Stig, so we will of course give him his freedom now, and yes with the only difference being that before I was employed as a writer, and “soon” I will be unemployed unless someone can use me as their employee (?), and yes herewith exhibiting the craziness of the Commune.

I was told that my mother without paying much attention to it have been shown visions of me when I have been close to dying, and yes some spiritual experiences, which however did not wake her up – and when my sister “could not” apologise to me, it also did not make my mother understand me (on the surface of her awakened self), and yes making us able to continue my journey and work right until my ultimate end when I had given everything I had in me.

On my way home I was given the song “ring my bell” by Anita Ward, but I said this is NOT the right song to bring now – I do believe it has another meaning too – and I decided that the right song to finish my journey with is ANTHEM by Leonard Cohen where he sings “Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering, There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in”, and this is truly how we the light got in at my journey; through the cracks of my family/friends etc. allowing the light to flow.

When I came home, I met one of my neighbours, Jan, in the cycle room, and when I met him maybe 10 days ago, he had agreed to come and polish my windows for 100 DKK as he had asked for, but today he told me that he has been without energy because of lack of D-vitamin as he told me, and yes I knew what it was about; another “special friend” suffering when sending me energy.

I returned home at 17.30 in such a state that I thought that using maybe 3-4 hours to finish and publish my script of today is truly impossible, and yes I feel how impossible it is to do this work one more time, and if only people understood how many of these scripts were impossible to write ….., which they might in our New World bringing them the understanding they could not “get in” at the Old World.

After dinner at 19.30 when I continued work – “just do it” and don’t be tempted to relax (!) – I was told that in order to continue the game, I should both almost not sleep at all and exercise every day, which of course is impossible for me to do, so if this is it, this is really it 🙂 – and earlier today I told my spiritual friends “good luck” (when meeting mankind and the world) and I was told that this was a message from my old to my new self.

I was told that what we are doing today is to transfer even more of Karen to increase our future love even more.

I continued working until 22.15 when I also uploaded the script of today, and I continued working until 00.00 to write and share my comment to Steen Kofoed etc. included at my short stories.

I was shown darkness as only very little on the opening of the champagne bottle, “isn’t this what you believe” (?), which is how darkness is working now making it “impossible” for me to bring stories like this, but here it was anyhow, and yes the “science” is really just to write the truth about my experiences.

At 22.10 I felt intelligent grey/light darkness coming to me as a “natural being” in a fog around me, who asked me “what do you want from me” (?), and yes “more of the same please” and that is yourself including your energy for us to transfer to our New World including “good inventions” you may have on stock, and yes I will let it up to you and the New World to decide what to do because “I know nothing”.

I was shown the thinnest spiders web, which is what we can create from, and once again I was asked “what do you want” (?), and I can only say that light will decide, but thank you for helping out.

At 22.40 I was told “thank you, we have now had this installed too” and I received the feeling and the words “you know what to do”, which is about staying awake to make this installation strong enough for darkness not to remove it again, so this is what I will do, and yes trying to stay awake until 05.00 at least.

I was shown a giant hut in Kenya including original people, and I was told that we have received more information of original life as part of this transfer.

And I was told and felt that (parts of life of this darkness) being released from darkness is a little bit like being released from a jailer.

– And let me also just say that I like Egypt reducing the power of the military as long as what you do is “good” and “responsible”.

Jette’s pictures show all creation brought back to the solid rock “in God’s country”

Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show the script – concentrated, bringing all creation back to the solid rock of God’s country and storms of darkness in gunfight on its way home.

Jette decided to bring this “off-topic” picture in the group about love between “the solid” rock and tree of creation, and I am thinking that we have brought back the tree to the foundation of the solid rock, and Bornholm is as you know a symbol of our New World, a “rock island” is what it is, and yes returning home “in God’s country” and what a label it is :-).

This is about two storms in a gunfight wanting to shoot, and somehow this darkness is what I am facing right now, and what is packed down to being reawakened inside our New World, and I am given only a little pain to my inner left finger, which is about “not much strength”, and I was told “can we say something” and I said “of course you can” and this voice continued by saying “we are also on our way home now” and that is the content of this darkness on its way to our New World.

Ending the day with these short stories: 

  • Yesterday I received the video below from Tom called “The Messiah Complex, Universe teaches me a BIG LESSON”, and he explains how he was told by a voice of God that he was Son of God, which he believed that he was, but he discovered that it was spiritual darkness given to him, and now he wanted to “help me” using his own personal experiences and “victory”, but there is only one “problem”, Tom, and that is that you would have been right in all other cases but mine, which I tried to explain to him.

  • Lisa’s daughter asked “why does he sing” when passing through a FRENCH speaking me, which here is to say that Lisa is attacked from darkness not believing (much) in me after all – thank you, Pastors of Lyngby (!) – but still I understand that she used some of my words in her recent service.

  • Steen spoke about all the requirements people put up in detail about “the right man/woman for me” – “he has to be 182 centimetres tall, have a tattoo on left arm, be 27 years, go to football, love wine gum bears etc.” and this is both to say please stop putting up a wall around you, but let your heart and feelings “take you away” when you meet true love, which may look very different to your imagination, and also to say that to me, it is a sailor having a tattoo on his left arm, go to football (playing on the team against me!) and “bears” are symbols of darkness, which is about Steen also being “too busy” with himself and his own work not being able to understand me when not truly reading and understanding me, and yes “impossible” for you too as a clairvoyant, Steen.

  • And this post by Steen comes after the revelation that it was a clairvoyant stabbing down his own twin daughters, and furthermore a British clairvoyant, Graham Bishop, living and working in Denmark, who became famous attending on TV at “the power of the spirits” programme etc., and apparently his spiritual voices turned dark and so strong that they took control over him to do this act (!), and yes my friends this is what I am trying to explain to you that the spiritual voice given to me for years have been “much stronger than I” because of the strength of people acting wrongly in relation to me and/or not believing in me, and “impossible” to come through is what I am sure that Graham will be able to tell you as a “witness” having experienced some of the same as I.

  • And it made Erlinng – the clairvoyant who “could not” accept being my Facebook friend because of lack of faith – say “sad and tragic events of Graham Bishop”, and I saw Steen Kofoed in another thread asking for prayers for Graham.

  • And I was told that this was the destiny of Graham because of lack of faith of the clairvoyant environment of Denmark in me, and also because of lack of faith of people in Graham and clairvoyants, and yes this is where Jan Monrad and his better-knowing ignorance about clairvoyants come into the picture because he says to Ekstra Bladet here after having experienced Graham in a platform demonstration a few years ago when he worked as a medium bringing messages from dead relatives on the other side to living people on this side that “”I thought he was a fool. It was a play for the gallery. It was so ridiculous” and also “he is a swindler – claiming to speak to dead people. Of course he does not!”, and the only swindler here, Jan, is you, because you are as sceptical a non-believer as for example the psychiatrist Alex, and yes in this respect there is no difference between you; you are both suffering from “compulsory thoughts” believing that you are the smart guys and Graham and I being “crazy”, and we know it is sceptical and better-knowing people like you – the great majority – who brought spiritual darkness including deceptions and as you see here a very strong power to “kill, kill”, which was too strong for Graham to reject, and yes I wonder if he received only “a tiny fraction of what I received” (?), and we know he will be able to tell the world just how strongly this power is.

  • The Danish female handball team did poorly at the Olympics making the handball union say “train more or we will pull the plug”, which is to remove money “injections”, and yes the old symbol of darkness threatening to stop life really.

  • Helena spoke of the absolutely worst of all darkness, which is about an “art exhibition” where you can see a couple making love – this is what is very directly KILLING life itself (!) – and Jane asked “is the Stick to be aired at the great premier”, and “the Stick” is “Pinden” in Danish, i.e. the MP Søren Pind, and yes it is his stick in my cross (!), and Helena confirmed their relation saying that “in principle she can”, but she will not (at this occasion) “because after all he has good taste”, and Jesper said that he has difficulties seeing a “feminine socialist” like Helena together with Søren Pind being the opposite, and then he said “IT is the story of the year”, which the boulevard press here obviously also did, but you decided not to publish it (?), and was it because it also contained a dimension in relation to me (?), and yes just wondering I am and writing what I am told without knowing if this is light or darkness speaking the truth or the opposite, but it could easily be the explanation, and yes “don’t write about Stig – or anything connected to Stig”, and yes how many know about me (?), do you have to be among the top management of newspaper offices to know (?), and did you decide to tell journalists at BT and Ekstra Bladet NOT knowing about me NOT to bring this story, and without telling the reason why (?), is it something like this that the true story is (?), and yes completely raving mad is what you are and let me be in the eyes of others when you “could not” support me, you WIMPS! – And I wonder how Helena and Søren can be sweethearts when she has one-night stands with others (?), and yes do you have too, Søren (?), and we know PURE DARKNESS of two of my closest “special friends”, who “could not” do what is RIGHT to do, which is to behave properly and also to support me instead of running away from me, and yes Søren HAS to know about me, right (?), and if you do, how is it to have a sweetheart appearing as a major character of darkness in my scripts (?), and yes does she know herself (?) and yes yes yes just wondering I am here.
    • Later I was told that Helena “could not” keep her affair with Søren a secret even though he had asked her, and also that this is a symbol of the “secret official world” knowing about me, who “could not” keep this a secret, and yes because it was “too exciting” to share, and this is how the news of me have been spread to many.

  • Henrik said that it was “fat” to be let off all political correctness about the Danish island Funen, and here it was the large supermarket/department stor of Bilka in a commercial asking “Who can – foreign beer many variants for example West Funen”, and it inspired Thomas to ask him to stop farting really (!) claiming that he is part of “the liberation front of Funen”, and yes darkness and inspiration comes in many variations and what this was about, was to ask WHO CAN (?) and that is to remove the “foreign beer” from the supermarket of life meaning “darkness haven taken us over”, and the answer to this famous question by Bilka, feeling Obama here, was YES, I CAN (!), and this is what brings us all liberation from the darkness/destruction of “farting”, see?

  • Helena said that she is in love (in Søren Pind?), which both she and Claus used a word to describe their resistance too meaning “destruction” (!), and there is nothing wrong with TRUE LOVE, if this is what you have found, Helena, and it made Hans say that he is also in love with “Bosch” and she is working in the kitchen now, and Rikke is the same, her’s is called “Miele”, which is to say that our new kitchen – producing worlds and lives – are now finally in place, and yes based upon TRUE LOVE.

  • Thomas said that it is now about getting out of the closet to pep life up, and Pernille said “yes, if one had the money for it”, which is another way of saying that with the energy of our New World, it will pep all lives up :-).

  • The best TV-series ever in Denmark – and the world (?) – “Matador” (“Monopoly”) will now be repeated on Danish TV for maybe the fifth time or even more (?), and it is about the stagnating life of a sleepy provincial town, which is WAKEN UP with the arrival of a skilful businessman settling down and starting up businesses making the town need to improve, and I am thinking just like what I am doing with my arrival teaching the world – and there is more to this series I don’t know about today – and it made Michael mention it and also bring a link to the “funny imitation”, which he and his old band Shu-bi-dua did in 1981, which you can see here, which is really about “remove the bank”, which is part of my New World Order (!), and Per said “It will become cold in Germany because him there the Fuhrer dead”, which was also part of the (longer) Shu-bi-dua film (?), and it is about the end of the worst Nazi-darkness, and Henrik believes that this is some of the most funny making him continue laughing, and as Birger says “it sits right in the closet”, and that is the ball, which we are packing together with the closet, the ball-net and the closet self bringing everything up to the New World.

  • The Danish Socialist People’s Party decided after the waiting period of the Parliament to make their threats into reality, which was to remove all spokesman posts of Cekiz Özlem even though the has the rear area of the party with her and is speaking the meaning of the Party, but the Party is in government – led by Margrethe Auken as I am shown here (!) – and it made the management of the Party become furious with her and when people cannot control their negative feelings, they tend to do what is WRONG, and this is what you see here, and yes a truly amazing story of WRONG behaviour or man.

  • This was a new crop circle in a field below the “Uffington WHITE HORSE”, and I decided to bring my comment to bring potentially thousands of people to me when reading this, and yes it should not be “difficult” for you (?), but yes it was, I had overestimated people, so once again I had to receive “bollocking” from people, which made me sad, and yes Jette, if you read this – which you may or may not, because it is “too tough” for you to read my scripts word by word (?) – you may see the difference that this is ignorant and negative people attacking me with one purpose, which is to bring me down, which is very different to what I do to you, which is to help you improve to bring you up, do you see (?), and yes “not easy” for simple minded people to understand when they are used to negativity of others, which they wrongly then categorise me as too, and this is not only Jette but “many” before her, and yes even so called “intelligent” people as Lisbeth at the Commune, who is also “stupid as a door”, and this is what is leading me right back to the door to get out from here, but first when I have done my best work, and this includes to bring even more darkness to me, and yes to receive the last parts before I will become my new self.

  • And here you can see some of the negative and better-knowing but ignorant comments I received, and yes this is really how simple minded and rough people are today, and SAD is still the right word to use, and yes even better than “disappointed” really.

  • I also received a message via the same Einstein-thread of my fb timeline with very explicit sexual content, which I will not bring her, but just so say that this is indeed the worst darkness coming through, and I felt darkness of Jiro when working on this story – because Jiro saw the posts to the Einstein-thread, whihc he had posted to himself before – and I was told “we are about to deliver our ”last exam paper”, which is this script, and we will see if I will continue tomorrow, and the day after and after and after, or if I will wake up as my new self tomorrow morning or at least a morning soon (?), or first in four months???
  • I saw via the IP-address of this comment that it came from India, and later Manshendra from India – the same man, I believe – also wrote a comment making me a laughing stock, which also woke up more darkness of Jiro sent to me, and yes even more fuel here at the last minute.

  • And I wonder what many of you thought negatively without saying – with some of you seeing me again here – and how many of you were “able” to read and understand (?), and yes “almost impossible” is what it is, and I am also thinking of how many of you started to believe “somewhat” in me (after visiting my website) without saying anything, and I was given a feeling to the backside of my right lower leg feeling darkness removed from it, which was to say that more faith is helping us to improve our New World even more.
  • I was encouraged to send my reply “where I could” in relation to the misdeed of Graham Bishop, and I decided to share it with Steen Kofoed, who was also attending the same “the power of the spirits” TV show as Graham approx. 10 years ago, which made “his fortune” (!) – and Steen said that this was a “natural reaction” of people who cannot no more because of the energy it requires for Graham to do his trance-work, and Steen might be surprised about my “long explanation”, but maybe you will read and understand this, Steen (?), because you have not had “the time” to read me, but much time to concentrate on your own work and “fortune”? – You can read more about Steen’s view on Graham here.

  • I decided to send a Facebook email to Thomas Breinholdt, who was the TV man standing behind “the power of the spirits”, and I hope he will accept my Facebook invitation too, and yes he was one I did not came around to invite as I was encouraged to do a few months ago, but here was the invitation today. And finally I sent my post to the newspapers B.T. and Ekstra Bladet, and shared it on my own timeline for my Facebook friends to see, and yes this is it.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to August 14, 2012: I was set up as the Unicorn uniting all knowledge of all life/time into a great complex unity of one being

  1. Isn’t it “nice” for you to be able to still leave comments for me in my place (?), but you removed my freedom of speech and ability to comment in “your place” (!), and yes this is truly a COLD PLAY, and you are the “actor” bringing it, Jette, sadly not open and receptive to look into the mirror I brought you instead wrongly believing that I am insulting you. You are looking directly into the soul of darkness.

  2. Jette Uhlott says:

    don’t worry be happy

    – I am NOT The wistleblower – you have to find another – I am the kind helper that do not want insultments juring the work.. YOU mentioned money – I never did. Take care. ❤

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