August 16, 2012: Bringing out more tools from “the bag of nothing” creating even more variation of our New World


Summary of the script today

15th August: Bringing out more tools from “the bag of nothing” creating even more variation of our New World

  • I had the WORST night of sufferings to get inside “the bag of nothing” to bring out a New World of even more tools bringing even more variation of our creation before this place will be destructed – we have never learned as much as we did this night.
  • Google Earth pictures show a heaven fight with soldiers using heavy guns, all of the family of the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, the script – goes down into Greenland (?) – all of Greenland looks like a big head (my “treasure-chamber (?) as I am told here), the script is ready to be read and “it doesn’t matter if the bullets pass through – it’s only clouds” meaning that we are “only” going through a game now? 
  • Short stories of a crop circle showing eternity, people “lost it” because of Graham stabbing and almost killing his daughters, the “world’s largest gold fish” symbolising me, our New World is the most fantastic painting, rhymes saying that I am exhausted because of lack of sleep and “self taught”, the worst darkness is “stabbing” before the GREAT AWAKENING, creating the absolutely best food, i.e. life, using the worst darkness, a man falling off the bus showing “Satan in the street”, I am living in the last “bag of darkness”, which is dissolving, the Queen of creation returning home to the solid rock of “God’s country”, Helena symbolised darkness losing the battle to light making her snarl before receiving love of our New World, Helena is an actor coming from the same zen-movement as I, the Health Minister is “blown away” by me, and her party is CRAZY (!), everyone will show pure love with their new hearts of the Trinity.

16th August: Temporary termination of parts of man and the tree of life will be awakened at our New World

  • Dreaming of darkness still having much energy, parts of people (consisting of dark energy) are now packed down again (to be transferred to the other side), I receive energy of the New World and I am working for darkness now (“temporarily terminating” parts of people).
  • I received less darkness again today because it was packed down again as temporary termination of parts of lives of man inside the metal container of nothing and surrounded by light – to be awakened on the other side of our New World.
  • What remains inside this darkness is the big FIR TREE, i.e. the tree of life, and it is only available to me because the original Trinity is still alive, my father, mother and my new self as the Son.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures show souls partly light/partly dark (with darkness becoming light at the other side of our New World), a heaven-fight with darkness underneath light as a game a la “we are only playing”, a mighty storm has received a blow in its stomach (darkness becoming weak), a wise guy of darkness sticking out his head next to light and a group of readers resist to read my scripts (including yourself, Jette, because they are “too long”?).
  • The newspaper BT brought the story that Graham Bishop is “raving mad” supported by a “psychologist in religion” saying that Graham is paranoid schizophrenic “like people, who are possessed by Jesus” (!), which made me write both the newspaper and the psychologist telling them that it would suit them to KNOW what they talk about and the truth about Graham being possessed by another spirit and me being spiritual overshadowed being “everything”, i.e. the Jesus the psychologist spoke about, and I included my recent comments to clairvoyant Steen Kofoed about Graham and email to the Health Minister about myself NOT being crazy, and this might open a crack or two to let more light come in, and with what remains of darkness, to be packed in the newspaper of BT as temporary terminations of (the tree of) life until it will be awakened on the other side of the New World.
  • The maximum unemployment benefit period (for members of a union) in Denmark is cut down from four to two years, which is making the Danish government experience yet another great “potential disaster” from the population because thousands of people will reach the end of the new two year period in January 2013 knowing that their income will decrease or even be cancelled, which is symbolic for the loss of energy of man with the temporary termination of parts of man, which is necessary to do also because of darkness of the likes of Margrethe governing over others removing their freedom, which is against my rules of life, which would have BLOWN AWAY the world with all life if I had not saved you, therefore!
  • Short stories of original love/creation impossible to be “published” because of darkness, which will be replaced by “new love”,  “see you on the other side”, we will pull up the gold of our roots “now”, mass is equivalent to energy, which is why it was important to bring all energy with us to save the world and life, “the wonder of you” bringing all of the original Old World to our New World, the Ramadan dinner at the Danish Parliament symbolising “to be or not to be”, i.e. the potential clash between the Muslim and Western World, the meditation group has now completely moved away from the light of me, Dennis shows the golden egg/age of our New World with other New World’s to follow, a lift collapsed in Kenya symbolising that I cannot carry the last energy of life myself and it is “only” a play to temporarily terminate the tree of life, “there is difference between away and home, when you are not away travelling anymore, you live home by yourself”, which is where we are heading.


15th August: Bringing out more tools from “the bag of nothing” creating even more variation of our New World

Bringing out more tools from “the bag of nothing” creating even more variation of our New World

After finishing work around midnight, it was now once again the task to stay awake as long as possible.

I was shown a glass carafe and behind that a Bikuben-pen (Bikuben: A savings bank, which my mother’s previous man, Ole, used to work for) signing a cheque and I was told “he has never written out so big a cheque before”, which is about another gigantic release of energy, but how can this be when I feel “almost no energy inside of there” (?), can both be true?

At 00.50 I was told if you don’t do this phase correctly this egg will not hatch correctly meaning that this will not be part of my new heart, and I was already by now extremely tired on my edge that I wondered if I could make it until 05.00.

I was shown myself inside “a bag of darkness” receiving a strong urge to destruct this “bag” and “to become truly nothing”, and is this what will happen to the last I cannot reach – or will we be able to reach it from the other side of our New World (?), the game you know – and I received new stomach/chest pain coming to me when drinking coffee because of “lack of love” from Lisbeth from the Commune, and also some negativity of this darkness coming to me still trying to overtake me, but it was without much strength.

And I was told did we find a way how to melt down red (darkness), remove darkness, and bring back gold (?), and yes we did my friend, but too long to tell you now, because you are tired and above your limit. I was told that a shade of darkness was removed making darkness very sad.

I was asked do you want to continue game, and answered as long as I can.

This darkness wanted to become nothing with my approval – several times – but instead of saying “yes” as the easy answer given to me quite strongly I decided to say “I don’t want to get involved in this process”, which light controls together and I still though about angels wrapping in this life to make it survive in the future because this is still my wish; for everything to survive.

I received so strong coughing from John making me feel like dying, which I understood is how he feels, and it also included a strong feeling wanting to cough but it the very annoying feeling was inside of my throat making me almost desperate to cough without being able to cough, and it lasted for some minutes, which was awful.

I received several small out of this world pain to my right ankle, and my tiredness was so deep that it was impossible to bear, and at one time I sat down at my balcony looking out on the stars again including the light of my mother, and again I was smiling when I saw the lights of a huge mothership, and for example one UFO-light saying now I am here, now here another place on the sky and now here another place far away from the original point and yes moved “instantly” from place to place, so “good magicians” is what these people of other civilizations truly are.

I became so tired as I only remember being once before and also this time I had great problems keeping my balance when standing up, and I had to endure the greatest pain to make it at least until 05.00, which was my goal, and I was happy watching the BBC documentary of Queen called “the days of our lives” and even though I could not keep my eyes opened, this was the only thing I could think of, which could exactly that; keep my eyes opened, and when Brian and John spoke of the last time of Freddie Mercury before he died in 1991 by AIDS, where he sang and the band recorded some of the strongest works of their entire career, at this very moment I became very touched and told myself that “this has got to be the most moving moment of music history”, and when watching this I was told that “it was impossible to get in here” and now I want to break free :-).

I was told that we have to pinch our arm because you are still there receiving more content from darkness, and at 03.30 I was told that we are now converting all we have received into a new heart, and I felt yellow of our New World, and by this time I had come through “the worst tired crisis in history”, which are the words given to me.

I was told that I was about to close for the hot water, and then you tell me that you have not finished – being at my pain level 42 really (here with one of the strongest songs to me of the 1980’s) – opening to what feels like a whole New World with even more tools, and I was told that this was about creating even more variation, new vegetables and this kind, and that I have walked back to my most inner soul (I felt “original being” as part of my skull), which I am eternal grateful for.

I was encouraged to write that I almost do not receive these sudden physical jumps of content inside of me wanting to escape, and I was told that we have never learned as much as we did this night, and also that this is still about uniting the Trinity, believe it or not, and we have carved out more crystal clear sugar.

I was shown a new wardrobe with a duck flying out from there, and all clothes inside of this is brand new to be discovered, and there was a dark suitcase on the floor not opened, and I wonder if this will (ever) be opened.

It was also a difficult night because I felt the spirit of my father as part of this darkness simply “being” but also walking around my apartment as a spirit, and it made me nervous because will I lose the rest of him, and what if the game is that I am told much positive with the truth being that this is the last we see of him, but I hope not and this is NOT what I have asked for, so I am hoping, but frustrating is what it is – and when this is written now at 15.00 today after first starting at 14.00 after a long bath, I receive now strong pain inside of my right fingers, so I managed to get out even more and even deeper content of my inner self.

I managed to keep awake until 05.30, which will have to be among my greatest achievements of my journey based upon how extremely tired I was, and I went to bed having to overcome voices encouraging me to continue, but no, sadly I could not, this was my limit, and I slept until 09.30 with this dream.

  • I am in Copenhagen next to a castle when an old Swedish lady ask me for directions to the main square in Helsingør, which strangely enough is in the same city, and I point at the castle, and show her a map hanging high on the wall of the building right in front of us where I point at the castle too to make her understand where we are, and I show her how to move inside this quarter to find the square, but the card is not very good so I ask her to follow me, which she does, and I feel like I am carrying an invisible picture, and we meet a man, which she decides to have patience speaking to, and she opens a cheap cake, and gives me a rhyme, which works in Swedish but not when translated to Danish, and I now feel that she helped to further protect this invisible picture I am carrying.
    • Copenhagen is Hell, and the Swedish lady is the spirit of my mother, who is helping me to bring our new “invisible” discovery from the Source to our New World at the square in Helsingør, and a “cheap cake” is to say that bringing this creation did not take out much energy, and when I woke up I was told that this is taken directly from my cross to improve creation.

I was completely and utterly broken down physically still much tired, and I received an ENORMOUS pressure to continue writing straight away, and I received constantly new stories, but I could not anymore, I had to decide to take a LONG bath otherwise I would die from working, and at bath it took some time before the pressure of information, negativity and new stories decreased which was because I decided that I would not write them down because I could no more, but I was told that I had been removed from my skeleton as I understood it and “you are everything without being anything” and that I have collected more tools from before creation, which can only be done now, and I was told that this time is now running out, because I could not continue doing this work.

I was so low that I physically felt “not alive”, and when I drank coffee, I received more stomach pain because of Lisbeth thinking of me.

I received another Leonard Cohen song “First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin”, and again and again the “special” lyrics “I told you told you I was born again” and also “I love your body and your spirit and your clothes”.

At 16.30 I had finished most of the script of today and I was still so tired fearing that I would not be able to keep awake until normal sleeping hours this evening, and I decided that I may cross this tiredness publishing the script so far today not knowing if I am still inside this bag of darkness when I will wake up, so this is what I did at 17.05, and yes more than tired being more than tired my friends.

I continued receiving requests to become terminated by darkness – strengthened by the feelings of my mother’s John – and it would be so easy to give in, and is “impossible” to keep saying “no, you will NEVER receive such approval”, but this is what I still do.

I was shown and told that this is like an opposite kitchen roll holder, which is completely empty, so it may not take long before I am out of here.

I felt negativity against receiving darkness inside of me, and I felt this darkness also saying with a simple-minded voice “because no one is going to destroy me” and what is the truth? Later I was told that this is the reaction of darkness becoming packed down once again.

I was extremely tired also receiving much darkness including feeling physically disgusted and a constant pressure to my chest feeling Lisbeth from the Commune literally as darkness entering me as fog making this evening some of the most disgusting and sickening experiences of all I have gone through also almost making me feel desperate, but I decided to be the strongest taking on this pain.

I was given information this evening making me nervous again, which included that darkness becomes light again, also that you are very welcome home again, and I was told that you were way out in far tunnels (of darkness) from here, and I felt Michael Hardinger, and I watched the “world famous in Denmark” gardener Søren Ryge live on Danish DR1 TV here speaking about his new weeds problem with weeds entering his garden from outside, and if he did not keep it down, all of his garden would have been overtaken by this weed – “inspiration” comes in many forms (!) – and you can see how he is struggling to get up the roots of these weeds/darkness, which is “impossible”, and yes this is what I had to do one more time to bring out the key of creating a New World itself.

Søren Ryge on Danish DR1 TV removing very long roots of weeds/darkness, which is from where I dug up the original tool of creating a New World before it was too late

I was shown a small hall with Coca Cola machines, which I had to pass to bring out wild horse on the other side, and I was told that this is the darkness I had to go through to bring out this key, which we “forgot”.

I was told that if we had not done this, after the creation of a certain number of New World’s, we would have run out of this element making it impossible to create more.

I was told that it was “impossible” and highly dangerous to be inside of this darkness, but it was necessary not to run dry, and I was told “you have not pressed the world beyond its ability again, have you” (?), and I understood that this is what I had walking through all luggage of extreme darkness again, and I received the worst diarrhoea this evening showing much destruction/sacrifices of the world to do this.

I was told that we had turned around everything to be able to do this and also “you don’t have to worry about this now”, which is you know the same as Jette saying “don’t worry, be happy”, which is about the worst darkness I went through again fed by Jette!

I was also told that this brought a risk to all life again, and I really felt disgusted hearing once again that I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders,

I received a strong feeling of the spirit of my father inside darkness, who kept on saying “nothing is to live”, and I had to repeat the opposite, but this was truly a strong force, which I had to do my best to resist in order not to take the words to me, which would have started destruction and yes of what, Stig (?), because the New World should be protected as light only from this darkness shouldn’t it (?), and yes I do believe that this is about making me nervous once again, which is bringing us much lovely energy on this side.

I received one of Phil Collins’ many beautiful songs “groovy kind of love” and the lyrics “When I’m feeling blue, all I have to do Is take a look at you, then I’m not so blue, When you’re close to me, I can feel your heart beat”, and I was told that this is about the New World and “you are this man now”.

Google Earth pictures show my scripts entering into Greenland as my “treasure-chamber” ready to be read

For the fifth time in a row (!!!!), Jette decided to tell me “don’t worry, by happy”, and this is coming from a lady who still cannot/will not listen, understand, accept her development needs and decide to improve/change, but instead she want me to accept things as they are/were, which you know is what would have made the world go under if I did not intervene (!), so what you see here is darkness disguised as light and “kindness”, which by the way is also sending me sufferings, which you can – and she could – read in my scripts also recent days, and you should believe that this and other stories would be much more important for her to focus on but eeeehhh, no “I want to change God so he will not change me” (!), and yes Jette, this is what you have decided trying to do (!), and this is why you are the lady of darkness acting in disguise as light, and yes you have seen that before with the meditation group, remember (?), and by the way, it is Jette being the “Coca Cola machines” on my way two bring out these “wild horses” needed to create the eternity of New World’s, and yes this is my favourite song by Rolling Stones, and Rolling Stones to me are symbols of darkness as “sexual torments”, which took over me as the original creator and the world, but inside of this is where all the love is, and this is going through Jette too with the message being that behind her darkness, if only PURE LOVE too, can you see, Jette?

And here are pictures from her Facebook group today, and yes she has still removed my freedom of speech (!) making people of the group wonder (?) also bringing less meaning/understanding to the pictures, and yes a lady believing in me, but unwilling to change, amazing right (?) – and the pictures show a heaven fight with soldiers using heavy guns, all of the family of the Russian Tsar Peter the Great, the script – goes down into Greenland (?) – all of Greenland looks like a big head (my “treasure-chamber (?) as I am told here), the script is ready to be read and “it doesn’t matter if the bullets pass through – it’s only clouds” meaning that we are “only” going through a game now?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I liked this article showing a recent crop circle of eternity with no beginning and end confirming the eternity of creation.

  • Many people “lost it” because of the “unforgivable action” of Graham Bishop stabbing and almost killing his daughters, and it made people get up in the red/black area – the same type of feelings after what Breivik did – and if only people understood that it is darkness, which they generate themselves because of lack of understanding and wrong behaviour.

  • This is the “world’s largest gold fish” symbolising me what all energy of our new Source.

  • Dan is going to have new business cards and wondered “what sounds bet: burn out or burn in” (symbolising exhausted or lonely), and this could be about the last part of darkness I cannot reach or just a game (?), but Brian was creative when saying “Rem-brændt”, which is playing with words in Danish using the Dutch master painter Rembrandt as a symbol of the most perfect painting of our New World, which here also to me says “exhausted because of lack of sleep”, and Birgitta was inspired to rhyme just as in my dream of the night (!) – “Dan, DJ and radio host having a difficult time”, which is about me (!) – and in the second picture, Jesper also rhymed when saying “Dan, DJ and radio host, self taught is well taught”, which is also about me and this is because I decided to add “the Universe of Life (self taught)” as education to my Facebook life/timeline the other day.

  • Jens was back after holiday asking the government about the cash benefit for unemployed in Denmark, and I noticed his quote of the government “the former government STAB voters” – something about darkness “stabbing”, also through Graham, and yes “getting out the worst darkness” you know – and Christian below saying “DET STORE VÆLGERBEDRAG” about the government, which gave me the feeling about the GREAT AWAKENING coming.

  • Henrik Dahl wrote an article with the headline ”Danish Social Liberal Party on its way to spiritual dissolution”, which to me also is about the final dissolution of darkness.

  • One of the true star chefs of Denmark, Rasmus Kofoed from Geranium (no. 49 on the list of the world’s best restaurants) “lost it” when hitting an employee in front of guests and I was told that this is about creating the absolutely best food, i.e. life, using the worst darkness.

  • The Swedish singer Veronica Maggio and her band/crew was on their way home from the Skanderborg music festival, when one of the musicians fell off the bus through an open door and was killed (!) when the others were sleeping, and yes the man was wearing a t-shirt saying “Satan in the street”, which is the title of Veronica’s album, so there you have it again again, an example of the worst darkness killing where it can – here it was “Satan in the street” – but on the other side, it is the strongest elixir of life as we have ever seen.

  • The radio host, Alex, experienced that someone during the night tried to steal his neighbour’s car, but instead it rolled downhill smashing into his car, which was thrown into his wife’s car cracking the post of the carport, and when writing this I am told that this is “the bag of darkness” I am living in on its way to dissolve because there is not enough energy to keep it going.

  • The BIG ship Queen Mary 2 was in Helsingør again today, and “He” symbolising me was scowling her, and for me this was about the Queen of creation returning home to the solid rock of “God’s country”.

  • Helena said that she has just lost the battle against Bornholm (!), and she was speaking of the game Wordfeud, but everyone knows that this means that she as darkness lost the battle to me as light with Bornholm symbolising me and my home, and her competitor asked her if she tried to compete with Villy Søvndal’s verbal outpouring, and this was before coffee snarl “grrr”, and yes because of darkness before receiving the love of our New World, see?

  • But here she shows that she is only “an actor” saying that it is now a little “zen” to nought in the garden, and you do know that “zen” is about me as Buddha, right (?), to tell you that she is coming from the same “movement”.

  • Astrid, the Health Minister, said that she was “blown away” because of the beautiful landscape at the summer group meeting of the Socialist People’s Party, and I wonder if this is to say that you were also “blown away” by my comments to you (?), and Jette was here telling Astrid not to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and good mates when unemployed people members of unemployment funds now will receive less benefit, and Thorkild said “det er en ommer” (“you have to do this all over”) in relation to what they wrongly did to Özlem Cekic stripping her completely down, and yes Michael simply concluded that “the Socialist People’s Party is blown”, and yes CRAZY (!), my ladies and gentlemen, and it should be easy for you to understand when everyone knows that they did wrong punishing Özlem even though she spoke the well known attitude of the party!

  • Steen made three hearts symbolising love of the Trinity to man making Susse ask “how do you make those hearts” (?), and Anne-Charlotte told her, which Susse understood so she also could make the same heart, and just to say that you have all now received your new heart from the Trinity making everyone able to show pure love.


16th August: Temporary termination of parts of man and the tree of life will be awakened at our New World

Dreaming of darkness still having much energy and parts of people (consisting of dark energy) are now packed down again

I went to bed a little after 21.00 still feeling the most tired I have ever been, which together with darkness coming to me was some of the worst torture I have ever gone through, and I slept until 08.25 this morning (!), and I remember fractions of dreams of darkness, so let us see what they say.

  • Two ladies in one person – one is Shannon – decides who is to become the new CEO of GE Capital, Dennis Kristensen is not a good choice because he is merely a talking head, and if the company is really to be developed it requires someone having the work process in detail under his ski, and I do believe she does not understand this.
    • GE Capital is “darkness” and also “much money”, so is there really still lot of energy not dug out inside darkness (?), and I had the feeling that I will become the CEO of this company, but that will have to change it into light.
  • Something about all people requiring to have a power of attorney to read the newspaper, and I am flying fine. School teachers have eaten germ, which is eating them.
    • It seems that we are packing down darkness to be transferred to the other side of the New World and this is “parts of people, which will reactivated with faith/light on the other side”, and no, this darkness will NOT be able to go against people on the other side, because people will only feel light there, see. The germ is to say that a story of germ easting people alive as the media has brought over the last couple of months – for example this one – is meaning exactly this; darkness eating light (to be awakened on the other side).
  • I have stopped working for Danske Bank in Copenhagen, and moved to North Jutland together with Lars, and we have both started working for a local bank here, where people are much nicer than in Copenhagen, but I notice how well hidden the bank department (with cashiers) is and how little room there is to come through to this after walking upstairs to the first floor where it is located.
    • Jutland is our New World where Danske Bank is the Old World, so this dream says that I am now receiving energy from the New World!
  • I have stopped working for my old insurance company and started working for Søren’s insurance company led by Paul, and I don’t know what to do because I have received no work description and responsibility areas, but I believe that I will be the business development manager selling to potential clients, but I understand that I will not, because this is work carried out by Søren, and I see their insurance wordings, which are of poor quality compared to mine, and they are made by Paul, who has no ambition to change/improve these, and I am surprised to see just how many – including previous colleagues of Fair Insurance – is working here, and I think that it is impossible for this company to obtain an income to pay all of these employees.
    • This is the company of darkness because of the darkness we are now packing down again meaning that we are “temporarily terminating” parts of people.

Packing down parts of lives of man including the tree of life as temporary terminations to be awakened on the other side

I was told not so much darkness, see Stig, we have been packed down and when looking at this darkness, I only saw it as light, but during the morning I still received some more darkness wanting me to destroy it, and I was told as example there is no one you want to kill first (?), no (!), to which I was told ok, you too, come here (to be packed in), which is the process we are going through again.

Helena and some of her friends wrote in a Facebook post, which I did not copy before she had deleted it again – as I understood it to avoid Søren Pind from seeing it (!) – and it developed into making a man happy when making much love to him, and it made me wonder if going through the worst darkness here at the end (!) also includes “wrong (much) love” between her and Søren (?), and I am just wondering if Søren is “another part of me” (?) with Helena being “another part of my mother”, and yes this is coming to me, but who knows if this is it (?), because I do not, but it might be it symbolising the worst darkness coming from these two, and if this is right, it is also to say that Helena and Søren are removing darkness from me wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, see?

When writing the last part of the script of yesterday about being in danger again, I was told that the large judge has not run away yet – I was shown the football referee Peter Mikkelsen – and also that he is still there, Stig, but not happy to know that he will become terminated now (temporarily) and woken up on the other side, and yes these are his feelings because of your doubt, my friend – and I do hope this is the truth, but then again, this could also be a vicious game with darkness disguised as light, but I do hope that the rest of you will be able to make it because we have saved the most of you (me) and made a new invention waking the rest of you up from the other side of our New World.

When I was looking out from my balcony I was shown a vision of a swan on the newly cut grass lawn in front of me, and it made me think of a video I saw recently on Facebook about a Turk, I believe, who had set up his lawn mower with a rope making it automatically circle and cut the grass around a centre post he had established and yes almost as the Source automatically soaking in everything, and this video made me laugh because of the ingenuity of this man.

I still receive negative words but not as strong as before and now with the feeling “it is now not as dangerous to go into these words”, which I am then very close to doing, and this might be it, but I have decided to NEVER do this, so this is still what I tell myself every single time when this is almost happening – but let me tell you that the feeling of “relieved” is back after the last days of renewed difficulties, and today also with what looks like less work giving me some time for myself, maybe (?), and we will see.

After checking Facebook and taking a bath, I started working at 10.00 on this script, and I also updated the script of yesterday, and I continued working until almost 16.00, where I decided to cycle to the swimming hall, and yes a new head jump, but my entire body hurts physically when doing this because of the pain I am given, and yes it was NOT like this before 2006, and when swimming I was told that what remains inside darkness is the big FIR TREE, i.e. the tree of life, and I was told that this is also what the stopper of Karen blocked for, and that it is only available to me because the original Trinity is still alive, my father, mother and my new self as the Son, and just before writing this I was told that otherwise it would have required “sufferings” to come through to this if I did not have the key of my mother or father, and I received this information with darkness still coming to me wanting me to destroy and that this tree is not welcome, and I said that even if I should “lose it” – you never know – I ask my spiritual friends to make sure that this tree will also come with us, and I was told if I prefer the tree to come as light now knowing that it will take more of me than what I can give or through “temporary termination”, and I said “let the light decide” but of course the first priority is the first, and only if you cannot, we will use plan B.

I was told that the darkness coming to me to make it possible for me to bring this with us, is generated by Lisbeth at the Commune (!), and also the newspaper BT and a psychologist they used to declare Graham Bishop “crazy”, see later in this script together with everything else coming to me from family/friends etc. including politicians, media etc.

I started receiving some feelings about “killings”, and I said that I will NOT write about termination of parts of lives, and I was told that (this part of) the spirit of my mother is put into her grave right now, and I received negative feelings from darkness wanting me to wish her the worst, which I as usual have to go against, also including a continuous wish to become “nothing” to which I simply say “I will NOT allow you”, and I can only say that I did everything to make every little thing come with us and it makes me sad that there is some life/energy, which will have to go through “plan B” to become temporarily terminated, and I do hope woken up on the other side again. And I was told that the alternative to doing this, would have meant this life becoming nothing, which would have meant the sudden death of people everywhere including my old favourites Elton John and Sting as I was told, and also that the sudden deaths of football players and other athletes when doing their sport has been a warning about this future coming now – if not before – but it will NEVER come, because I decided NEVER to give up.

And I understood that this energy is brought to me making it possible for me to sleep and continue my work, and I was also told that “we did not believe that we would become part of the metal-container ourselves”.

I continued working at 19.45 after dinner now having maybe a couple of hours work before I could call it a day, and the difference between today is that I was dead yesterday (!) and alive today.

This evening my TV completely stopped working in an item, which was “jammed” the same way as “the voice of Vrillon” did in 1977 in a live British broadcast, which is included at my Signs III page about UFO’s and crop circles, and it was the same voice of Vrillon doing this to me as in 1977, and he was here just again when writing this, and I was told when jamming the signal that not many have read my Signs III page, but the fact that this and other pages are there increased faith in me.

I was surprised again that it took longer than expected to write my chapters on Graham Bishop and Margethe Vestager, which was partly due to a very slow computer making me wait, and first at 00.05 I had finished and published all of the script of today (still not easy, on the contrary, but still much “easier” than yesterday), and yes I still feel a mark just below my right ankle, and this is the hole from where darkness is still released, so there is still open to this place, and I wonder how much I will save as light now, and how much will be packed in (?), and yes “only a small puppy” :-).

Throughout the evening I continued hearing ”your heart has arrived” and now also ”it has not been cut”, which I understand as an add-on to my already installed new heart, and it was a message brought by darkness, and later I was told that my work today brings even more love to our New World because of what I continued to bring out of darkness.

Google Earth pictures show souls as part light/darkness – with darkness becoming light at the other side of our New World

Jette’s Google Earth pictures show souls partly light/partly dark (with darkness becoming light at the other side of our New World), a heaven-fight with darkness underneath light as a game a la “we are only playing”, a mighty storm has received a blow in its stomach (darkness becoming weak), a wise guy of darkness sticking out his head next to light and a group of readers resist to read my scripts (including yourself, Jette, because they are “too long”?).

In this picture, Jette writes in Danish – but not in English (!) – the most important message, which is that “yesterday all of the Tsar family was here, and now it is smiling and “mixed” souls/heads here at the left, with mixed I mean souls, who are partly light and partly dark”, so this is it really, we are saving every little thing as partly light/darkness and I was told that this is about my old REPEATED over and over again sayings “everything HAS to be PERFECT” and “you are welcome” (to darkness), this is why, and yes much of it is already light, and the rest will become light with faith of man at the other side of our New World.

Telling the newspaper BT and a “psychologist in religion” that neither Graham Bishop nor I are “raving mad”!

BT is a newspaper having the “interest” to sell newspapers to make money (!), and they like to do it bringing “sensational” stories to people, and the last couple of days, they have decided to hang out Graham Bishop (stabbing his daughters) as “raving mad” on the front page using a psychologist as their “trustworthy source”, and in the article below and here, BT writes that many TV-viewers saw him as a charismatic clairvoyant and others experienced a paranoid schizophrenic in front of rolling cameras (!) as you can see from the video at the bottom of this article of BT when a spirit overtakes his body, and this psychologist says in the article “It sounds schizophrenic in my ears. It is like people, who are possessed by Jesus. Here it is this “Dr. Karl”. It sounds like a genuine paranoid schizophrenic” and he believes that Graham evidently has had a psychosis reaching its climax when the try to kill his daughters (!), and yes this is truly what he said (!!!), and of course it is “completely impossible” for this “psychologist in religion” (!) as he is to separate spiritual experiences from everything he has learned from his education saying that these kind of experiences are hallucinations and “not existing”, so what you are saying is that Graham (and me to?) are merely good actors (?), and if you watch the end of the abovementioned video with Graham – a direct link here – you can clearly hear and see how he is overtaken by another, old soul, and this is exactly the same as I experienced in the beginning in 2006 when I had different souls overtaking me as part of my development until it became 24 hours spiritual overshadowing without the same “difficulties” as when the soul speaks through Graham, and yes the difference is the degree of suffering, and what Graham now experiences will open him even more too – and you can listen to my recordings from 2006 here, where you cannot see but hear as clearly as with Graham how other souls overtook me speaking with “distorted voices” (they overtook my entire body physically, but I was still in control behind it!) – and yes you only have to do your work thoroughly in order to know – and I was told here that “separating” our New World and remaining darkness including the tree of life is NOT possible because there is no where this darkness can escape, I have closed all exits because of the quality of my work.

So when reading this WRONG article I decided to write my answer directly to the psychologist and the journalist, and I wonder if this will bring “cracking” in your strong belief that Graham – and I – are crazy (?), and yes to let some more light come through, and I told them that neither Graham nor I are crazy, and asked them to understand the TRUTH about the occupation of Graham and overshadowing of me, do you really believe that Graham and I (and many others) are acting for you (?), and yes in a sense you are right, but this is the REAL thing you watch and read here – I included my recent Facebook comment to Steen Kofoed and Facebook mail to the Health Minister for them to read and learn from – and I told them that it would suit them to KNOW what they talk about, which they do now, and I also wrote a short note influenced from where the psychologist lives – at Christians Island next to Bornholm with mail code at Gudhjem, i.e. “God home” (!) – so I told them that this is also the story of God’s return home with all his “children” to our New World after a well passed Judgment, and yes this shouldn’t be difficult for you to understand (?), and that is if you “bother” to read and understand me objectively without letting your own (negative) inner voice take over?

Here is the business card of this wise-guy “psychologist in religion” showing you that he lives on Christians Island, and when I wrote the email above, I was given the taste of the special herrings of Christians Island, which are my favourite (!), and yes just to say that this Island is a symbol of my “last bastion” so to say including the most inner of me, and this is what you, Peter, is helping to dig out – and not least the millions of Danes being “outrageous” about what Graham could do to his own daughters not knowing that it was wrong and sceptical attitude of normal people forcing him to do this via STRONG feelings (!), and yes just like the Breivik case when it was WRONG behaviour of rich people NOT helping people of Dadaab to become better.

A few minutes afterwards, I thought that it would be a good idea to forward my email Olav, who is both the editor-in-chief of BT and my Facebook friend, and I told him that he should know about me (!), and I do NOT like articles where people “guess” just to sell newspapers and not to care about the personal consequences of people, and here in relation to Graham Bishop, and yes please remember not only to protect the victims, but also the assailant, who is just as much a human being as you needing care and help to get out of his trouble (!) – and this is also brought to you asking you to FORGIVE assailants etc. – and I asked him if they could imagine to write an article about me on the front page saying that I am “raving mad” – “Stig claims to be Jesus etc.” – but no, this was not “big enough” a story for you because others came before me claiming the same, and when you had brought down these, you had lost your “interest” to write the same about me, see (?), and yes I do look forward to see you and the entire media to put forward the WHOLE TRUTH.

Later I forwarded my email to another journalist writing this article, which is just as frivolous and tasteless as the article of her colleague Nicolai, and I added that I am DISAPPOINTED (sad) over your poor work judging Graham solely because of ignorance, negativity and “interest” to sell newspapers and deliberately brainwash your readers to believe the same as you, and yes BT is the newspaper we use for these temporary terminations you know (!), and that is because what you do is UNWORTHY and you could have done your work FAR BETTER!

Jens from Selvet was also “on the track” again today when he asked what happened here (?), has an “evil spirit” possessed Graham to injure his daughters, or is it Graham self doing it, and why (?), and again you have many people “guessing” just like the wise-guy Steen giving the same answer here as in his own thread claiming that “the actions has nothing with spirits to do” and yes this is what he wrote (!), and I wonder how it makes you feel that I wrote something else, Steen, to make people understand that also you speak about things “guessing” without knowing, and yes it requires a pure and calm mind to receive the kind of information you receive, Stig, which we do not give to Steen, and here I am given a laughing dark soul but on his way out to become light (!), and just to say that he was a tool of darkness too trying its best to keep me down, and yes not a word at all from Steen to me about his view on me, but what did you tell others, Steen (?), and yes no support at all, or ….?

And since Jens has decided NOT to release me from the ban still with my freedom of speech still removed making it impossible for me to comment to his Facebook post above, I had no other option than to send him an email, which is more difficult for you to stop, Jens (?), and I forwarded my emails to BT to him for him to read and learn from, and I added that he was part of the sceptical choir in relation to me as strongly – if not stronger – as the power making Graham to his misdeed, and only by being stronger than this choir, I was able to save you all, which is why you are still alive, Jens, and yes aren’t you happy to hear???

Loss of cash benefit of thousands of people symbolise loss of energy because of darkness of the Old World Order

The previous Danish government cut down the maximum unemployment benefit period (for members of a union) from four to two years, and the Danish government is experiencing yet another great “potential disaster” from the population because thousands of people will reach the end of the new two year period in January 2013 knowing that their income will decrease (to cash help like me) or even be cancelled if people are married with a partner having income, and Margrethe Vestager is the wise-guy running the economics of the state of Denmark, and yes there is something rotten inside of there, Margrethe (!), and that is people like you deciding over people like me, and what do you decide to do when the state “cannot afford”, and yes you decide to stick to the new 2-year period making MANY people in Denmark VERY upset including Flemming, who did the same as many other, which was to write his complaint on Margrethe’s Facebook wall, which to his surprise – but not to my spiritual friends – made him famous here as you can see in this article from BT when receiving more than 36,000 “likes” and more than 3,000 comments, and yes he speaks of families potentially experiencing economical ruin, sale by order of the court and divorces while Margrethe continues to live from her “fine pay” as a “livelihood politician”, and what this is about is to say that many people will receive a decrease of income, which is symbolic for “loss of energy” because of the temporary termination of parts of man, which is necessary to do and yes also because of darkness of the likes of Margrethe governing over others removing their freedom, which is against my rules of life, therefore!

And this forced Margrethe to reply that it is tough being without a job, which is why the government has worked for more places of work, but her “problem” is that all of her reforms have not brought more places of work to Denmark, which is what people react so strongly against, and yes the problem is your Old World Order, Margrethe, which is pulling down the world, and you know about it (!), and why did you decide to carry out your ambitions of reforms instead of working full hearted with my New World Order, which is the only way out of the economic chaos of Denmark and the world (?), and yes just wondering I am.

Mikael Wulff decided to take part of the discussion too – also about me and who I am, Michael (?) – and he said that “Vestager breaks Facebook criticism with sweet picture of a puppy”, and he said that she uses this picture as the strongest WEAPON (!) of the Internet, which is to say with a sad look “I am sorry about cash benefit”, and to me a dog is about darkness, and Margrethe was the WEAPON of darkness because of her Old World Order, but in this made-up article, an expert in social media says that he was BLOWN AWAY (!) – heard about that one before, you have, and yes just like Zoom, Jeff (!) – because he could not stand for this puppy and its eyes, and yes “blown away” is what the official world is about me but still you are silent (?), and “blown away” as in “terminated” is what we all would have been now because of your Old World Order of “politics” removing the freedom of man – do you get it by now (?), you HAVE to step down and to be released by one World Government not interfering in the lives of people as you did!

And Mikael Wulff was inspired to bring this puffy as Michael Hardinger was inspired to bring his old “short song”, where he in Swedish (!) asks “what is the name of the sweet little dog” (?), and it is difficult to hear the answer, but is it a negative word for “bottom” also included in the comment of the video (?), and this is just to say that this is the dog of “the Judgment Day choir” of all of my family/friends/system/church etc., who did not believe in me and behaved wrongly against me, which did its absolutely best job to force me to push the bottom of the Judgment weapon, and yes politicians and media were part of this, and VERY MUCH so, as you will understand by now? And the puffy and “little dog” is to say that it is “not much energy” we will transfer according to “plan B”.

And Michael continued here – as I do too when writing this – bring a quote from Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, which he loves more than anything apparently because he keeps bringing it with irony, and it is when she in February MANY times said “there will come a good solution tomorrow” about the payment ring around Copenhagen, which was NOT carried out and also brought the government in trouble at the time, and this was simply a prediction of what we are experiencing now, which is that we are packing down “parts of lives”, but “there will come a good solution” and that is when all of this live will be re-awakened with faith in me from the other side of the New World, see?

David wrote this story about a man truly having done everything he could to find a new job, but impossible, and he said that the answer to solve the Gordian knot is not easy because the state is also in lack of money, and this is simply to say that the answer to the Gordian knot to open the last parts of lives of man including the tree of life is to remove some energy of man temporarily and to wake this part up in our New World, and yes this is also a symbol of myself doing everything I could, but it seems that this is what we have to do according to “plan B”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael brought one of his solo songs making Henrik encourage him to bring out a double live album, which Michael however refused because he does not know who had the “rights” (!) to his old music when old record companies don’t exist anymore, “otherwise it had been released a long time ago” (!), he said, and Tania said the only logical answer here “in the end, the rights have to be yours” (!), and it made Michael play a “simple minded” man (of darkness!) when saying in a clumsy, child like language “man skal egge pille ved oggenaler” meaning “don’t touch originals” to which Henrik said that if it is the original self touching, it cannot go wrong, and Stig said that he likes to hear many “fat Hardinger-songs” in new packing, and this is to say that there is part of the original, old love, i.e. songs, which we cannot publish as is because of darkness making it impossible, but all of the old love will come in a new packing on the other side, and this inspired thread confirms the old information that darkness, i.e. fat, which we cannot save now will be transferred as “negative energy” to our New World, where it will become part of us again, and here it says without its original code of life/love before darkness took it over, and yes this might be it, and that is truly the game – have we made an invention to decode original life of this energy from the other side (?), and I hope it is, but it may not.

  • Nicolaj said that now it is time for exam and “see you on the other side”, which is really a sign that I will be going over there on that other side too, and yes when listening to the now 30 years old (!) song by Yazoo, I still feel the original, warm atmosphere of this song/album, and I do hope we will bring that too and all of what life of darkness used to include, but who knows (?), and all I know is that I did my absolutely best during my journey, and then I cannot do any more.

  • The other day, we were going back to our roots and the fine chef and business man Claus said here that his farm is full of “delicious, crisp, juicy, green ecological vegetables and here is comes: “We pull up the gold from the ground every Friday”, so this is what we will do “now”.

  • I know nothing (!) also about this, but to follow Aaron, it says that mass is equivalent with energy, so without energy, there is no life/mass, which is really why it was important to bring all energy with us.

  • Dan said that today it is 35 years ago of the death of The King, which made him cry, and it made me play Elvis via Spotify still open to me (?) and yes I decided to play his ORIGINAL albums bringing me MUCH joy, and just thinking that because of the wonder of you, all original of me will become part of our New World as I am told – so hoping that this is indeed the key of EVERYTHING of our New World.

  • Niels has accepted to attend the Ramadan-dinner at the Danish Parliament this evening, which is a dinner that Danish People’s Party “loves” to hate (!), and his reasons for going include that it provokes him that this is made politically controversial and that it is about” co-existence or no existence” and yes Niels, about the potential clash between the Muslim and Western World, you see?

  • Niels’ thread continued here with sceptical Marianne asking why it is so important for these people to hold the dinner at the Danish Parliament, “the heart of Denmark!”, as she said, and Frank said that “The Danish Parliament is the heart of Denmark? Indeed…, I hope not, believe there is too much angina pectoris in there”, which is another way to say that politicians of Denmark/the world was killing me with heart attacks, see?

  • I decided to thank Niels for his initiative and good reasons, which I support, and to bring my regards also to Özlem, who is fighting on my team.

  • Mogens said that he sees this Ramadan dinner as “a good occasion of dialogue and promotion of understanding among ethnic and religious differences”, and I wrote “Good, Mogens” and when writing this I received a wind of darkness going through me feeling that it was killing me, and yes this was darkness of Mogens because of his resistance to (?) and at least silence about me not supporting me publically.

  • Do you remember that I wrote “a long time ago” at the end of 2011 I believe about the “threat” of the meditation group moving room from Helsingør including my presence, which the group then did more and more in 2012, and now it is complete with this invitation from Jimmy for the group to meet at Niklas home in Valby, Copenhagen, which is where they will meet in future, and just to say that this meditation group decided to move away from me as light keeping yourself in darkness.

  • My Opera browser was quick and “light” to use in the beginning, but it has gradually been invaded by darkness too with “dark energy” keeping it down, and yes the size of it has swelled up and the speed become very slow.
  • Dennis wrote about the “labour conflict” of Restaurant Vejlegården being brainwashed as he is – about whether or not the new collective agreement with the Christian Union is legal – and it was NOT his text, which was interesting but what this restaurant symbolises to me, which is the creation of life and here the golden age of our New World, and the other eggs are other New World’s to follow.

  • Jeny was inspired in Nairobi, Kenya, to tell me about a new ambulance of energy sent to me, which was a lift collapsing, which is to say that this is all I could carry, and I do not have energy to bring the last myself, which faith of man has to help me with, so this is about energy of part of lives of man including the tree of life becoming “temporarily terminated”.

  • Torben was inspired from Spain when asking people to get out and play (!) and with what (?), and yes the ORIGINAL playstation, which here is the original tree of life, which we can only bring with us using “plan B” with temporarily termination, and as Jette says in her Google Earth pictures: It is “only” a play!

  • Michael was inspired to bring a song from Shu-bi-dua’s amazing album no. 15, and it is about “there is difference between away and home, when you are away, you live at hotel, and when you are not away travelling anymore, you live home by yourself”, and “home, sweet home” is what we are finally coming to “now”, and this is also the song where a man from Bornholm was eaten by a cannibal and more … :-).

  • Michael was really active today as I was too because here he brought a link to one minute of Shu-bi-dua’s film “the red thread” – which is about “the shirt of life” – and as far as I remember this “masterpiece” received ZERO stars in reviews despite of its obvious humour, and yes CONTENT too, I know there is a hidden story in there, and as you can see in the half Danish, half German (!) scene below, it is impossible to open the door to this house when you believe you have the wrong key, but at the stage we are now, everything is open, you just have to open the door to enter, so this is what they do in the film and what we do now entering the last part of my old house, and here is also a “tzar” (“zaar”) by “coincidence”.

  • Anna Karin used a famous quote from the Lord of Rings combined with this tool to do the final details mowing the lawn, which is the same as doing the last details to our prefect new creation. 



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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    still 🙂 do’nt worry – be happy ❤

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