August 20, 2012: God rising as the new born God as the combined human being Stig and God with elimination of darkness


Summary of the script today

19th August: Receiving the original egg of creation and switching on all “pure energy” of an eternity of “sleeping life”

  • Dreaming of bringing out a large apartment from Copenhagen, i.e. the tree of life and now the tunnel of darkness, receiving energy from Fanny when helping her on spiritual matters to release her spirits of darkness and Ib P. helping me to sort out jam of darkness.
  • I was out cycling where darkness tried to stop me by leading me “the wrong way” of darkness self (!) physically destroying my bicycle (!), but I was told that I have now received the original egg of our creation, and we have now arrived at the time before creation as “pure energy”, where darkness also has overtaken us, which we now will clean too.
  • I was at dinner with my mother and “dying” John, whom I helped keeping alive by bringing him positive energy, and it was required for John to stay alive for us to change the “pure energy” self from before creation from “minus” of nothing to “plus” of everything, and we have now started doing the same for all “sleeping life” already having the code of life, and that is to change it from “minus” to “plus” preparing the awakening of everything, which ever could be, and not only what already have ever been created to make our wildest dreams of creation coming through.
  • Fanny “opened up” to me also making her spiritual inner self as another part of my mother opening to me removing some of its lies that Satan is not present and easing the pressure on her to keep quiet. This is how to remove the last strings of darkness bringing freedom to the last of me including “everything which ever could be”. She told me that she has now found Jesus, and his hair and eyes are a mix of her and her daughter Krista, which I first did not understand, and she told me that she and Jesus were lovers “many lives ago” and she would go with him anytime he knocked on her door, and when knowing that she is part of the mother, it was relatively easy for me to tell her that mother and son are NOT supposed to be lovers, but both of you were given genuine feelings of love by darkness, and her true love is the father, who will come to her in our New World, which she accepted and was glad to here. This opened the hole so much between the Old World and our New World that we can bring “everything which ever could be created” through before the end of the existence of darkness and my old self.
  • Short stories of Rasmus Nøhr saving a Spanish tourist from drowning symbolising my saving of the tree of life, who is the criminal – the Old World or the man exposing its lies (?),“I want to get up to the top of the rollercoaster”, I am TIRED of playing and looking forward to my new film “the BLUE thread”, sending my birthday greetings to Bill Clinton, Fanny decided to open up even more to me and I told her about darkness disguised as light working through her and the nature of light and darkness in order to release life inside darkness with her understanding as the key, and even later she opened even more herewith bringing me “all of her inner life”, which is “all of the key”, we are now 99,99% finished saving “the donkey trapped in the well” using stubbornness of the donkey as “the tool”, a crop circle of a “jester’s hat” symbolising darkness also in relation to Margrethe Vestager, telling Michael Hardinger that all currencies will be replaced by “number of working hours”, sleeping life of trees, we have established our perfect, new system to create life and New World’s.

20th August: God rising as the new born God as the combined human being Stig and God with elimination of darkness

  • When bringing the New World to God as “pure energy” before creation, God declared myself for the new born God, “the soul in me is you, and the soul in you is me” as the combined human being Stig (as the Son of God) and God at the same time.
  • I received the absolutely worst darkness throughout the night and had no sleep before three hours from 07.00 where I dreamt about strong darkness of people given to me, the worst darkness wanting to escape from me and kill and creation/potential life apparently closing down, which I however will NOT accept.
  • I received darkness from the world, which was returned as a Universal rule as darkness to the world.
  • Only by being “nothing” – being more dead than alive – I could work inside of darkness, which per definition is “nothing”, which I have done increasingly since 2006.
  • I had a new day in extreme hell to bring out more sleeping life being switched on, but I am receiving warnings that I may not be able to receive all.
  • We prepared to convert the darkness to light, which originally took over the Trinity, and sent Hitler – my previous self – to Earth. It is the deepest of all darkness and contains most gold, i.e. energy of all including a “new, hybrid part of God”, which we don’t know about yet.
  • I entered the deepest darkness inside of me, which was “the castle of the Devil” with the Devil being “hybrid life” of the original creator overtaken by “sleeping life” of darkness and since has been living as “negative life” with the aim to destruct everything to become nothing, but after each world destructing, the original creator of light created a New World and a new fight with the aim to be freed from darkness, and it is now the first time light is winning. We turned around “minus” to “plus” – “nothing” to “everything” – and I retrieved this the greatest part of the original creator, energy and majority of raw materials still inside of here. This was the completion of my mission – to eliminate my inner self from darkness once and for all.
  • Thomas Blachman said on TV that the reason whey he is a judge on X-factor is to communicate to as many people as possible essentially about choosing “left or right in the forest”, i.e. survival or termination – but now everyone will be saved. Wikke & Rasmussen agreed to bid “fish” in the game, which is the end result of my game/journey; everything will become fish as my new self.
  • Short stories of Jette having to cut down trees of sleeping life (?), Lisa is sending me darkness, Olav from BT reacting (with silence) to me with “Jesus, o Lord, it was hair-raising”, a crop circle celebrating our New World and an example of humour/words I do NOT like.


19th August: Receiving the original egg of creation and switching on all “pure energy” of an eternity of “sleeping life”

Dreaming of bringing out the tree of life and now the tunnel of darkness with difficulties

I went to bed a little after 21.00 again being “the most tired in my life”, and I slept until 07.45 this morning with a couple of dreams.

  • I don’t know why but I am moving from my apartment in Helsingør with a beautiful view to a large apartment in Copenhagen, and Hans and Tobias will give me a hand moving this evening, but I ask them to come back tomorrow, because I am too tired to move today. I have paid the last amount in the last minute to get this apartment, and the next day my mother and I think of moving my furniture temporarily to my old apartment in Hørsholm before we later will move it to Copenhagen, but Hans suggests that we move it straight to Copenhagen, which I could not see myself how we could, but she he said it, it was fine by me. I see that the apartment has new good looking floors and a very small part of it is slippery.
    • This is about me being too tired yesterday evening to finish and publish my script, which I was told was required to bring out the “construction of the tunnel of darkness”, and we will continue today and probably with a new night of no or little sleep.
  • I am now living in this new apartment, it has a beautiful view to old houses in mixed and strong colours, and I like to live central, but I know that I will miss the nature outside town, and I walk to an old hair dresser of mine, whom I have not visited for a long time, and I speak well with my old hair dresser, and she tells me that she needs a strong man to cut through to the employees not following her and also to do some cleaning up, and I ask her if she can use me – she knows that these are skills I have – and I think that this will bring me an income, which I would otherwise not get as unemployed and she accepts. Later when I walk home, I am only wearing boxer shorts and I cannot find my apartment, but I know that it is around Jyske Bank, and I know that I will find it because I will keep on looking until I do.
    • Copenhagen is still darkness to me, and it is from here we have located this big apartment, which I am liberating, and the hair dresser is spiritual connection via Fanny, who brings me energy, i.e. money, because of the help I bring her to “cut through” her employees, i.e. spirits possessed by darkness, and the boxer shorts is about the threat of my “old nightmare” related to bringing out the tunnel of darkness, and that is if I should fail, which I have NO plans doing.
  • I am at the body of a truck together with Ib P. from Sparbank, and he cannot get his car out, which is jammed because of other cars on the body blocking him – for example Jakob’s car (from DFM/Aon) – but somehow he is strong lifting the cars away. We are in Roskilde coming to a fantastically beautiful conference-hotel, where I have never been before, and I am surprised to see just how many people are inside as guests, and how well and busy this business is, and I notice waiters bringing many Danish pastries. Ib says that we will hold our conference meeting on 1st floor in the “Sabor room”, but I find myself trapped with Ib and waiters of the hotel, and when I try to find out, I keep walking the wrong way, but finally I make it to the 1st floor, and there I see my father setting up his laptop to the projector.
    • I connected with Ib on LinkedIn a couple of months ago, and I told him not to be negatively surprised about my postings of new scripts, and to my pleasant surprise, he has pushed “like” to some of my scripts, and this is what is helping to bring us out of this darkness, i.e. the jammed cars, and inside this beautiful hotel are my “special friends” waiting until they become their new selves, and there is still more for me to bring from darkness on the first floor, but it is difficult for me to get there, and we know it requires that I go extremely deep inside of myself, so this is what I will try doing again, and if I like this (?), and no it is the worst feeling/torture in the world!

Receiving the original egg of creation and switching on all “pure energy” of an eternity of “sleeping life”

Even though I slept for many hours, at 09.05 I still felt both tired and exhausted with water in my eyes, which I also had much of yesterday.

At 09.40 I received a new “even greater heart attack” as I also received several of yesterday evening to tell me that I cannot continuing living as my old self, but I guess that “3-4 days” should be alright, and who knows, maybe even longer?

At 11.30 when publishing my script of yesterday – as I could not do yesterday – I was told by more darkness “yes, it is him who is arriving again to bring me out”, and yes before the walls of the New World will “break me down”, and I feel the enthusiastic feeling inside of the light. And I was given quite strong marks to my left ankle, and less to my right.

For some time I still felt darkness strongly giving me negative feelings about music and “everything” and also this constant throw-up feeling, and I felt darkness still inside of me and wondered if I will be able to reach it – and I received a serious voice asking me to accept my “old nightmare”, which would remove/destroy this last darkness including life, but no never (!), and not even if I cannot reach it, I will accept this.

I have had approx. DKK 1,500 to live for this month after sending DKK 2,800 to LTO in Kenya, which is the maximum amount I have decided to send because if sending more, a large part of it will be eaten up by higher unreasonable fees (!), and it has made me feel like living in “luxury” compared to what I do most/much of the time, and I know that it would have been good to save maybe 300 DKK to use next month as part of my new transfer to Kenya and that is because I expect to receive additional bills reducing the amount I can send, but I will not save anything from this month, but I have filled up my refrigerator also giving me food for next month, so maybe I can decrease my own share to 1,000 DKK next month and send as much as possible to LTO (?), and yes these are some of my thoughts and no I am NOT afraid to share it with you.

My mother called and decided to invite me to come for dinner this evening and that is despite of how John is feeling because he is coughing much having difficulties to breath, which does not make him or my mother want to see me (?), and I do believe that I will only be seeing them because I asked for it the other day, and I do believe that coming there is helping John via energy transferred from me to him, and not coming would make him even closer to dying, and yes very close he is, but no, I don’t want him to die, that is why.

When speaking to my mother and especially on the phone, I am still giving very annoying stammering making it difficult to speak, but when I am with her and John, I almost speak without problems – but not always (!) – and when I was with Lisbeth at the Commune, as usual I could speak my strongest without stammering, and this is how light decides how to spread darkness to me and to remove it, when I need my skills the most to influence darkness, and I do believe that both Lisbeth from the Commune and Axel the psychiatrist believed in me, if only you “allowed” yourselves?

I was shown the finest diamond drill drilling a dark mountain, and was told that this is the New World reacting on my wish for it to keep back until we have saved every little thing of the last darkness, and yes NOT to destroy the last life on its way forward to reach me, and yes “you are welcome – but do NOT destruct anything on your way”, thank you my friends, and I am told that this is because of the expected reaction of Fanny to the email I was writing to her when receiving this message, see the short stories.

I worked until lunch to finish my script of yesterday and continued until 16.45 to finish my script of today so far.

I hereafter decided to cycle a tour, where I still received so strong darkness so it spoke physically out of my mouth, and inside the forest 3-4 kilometres from here, I received the idea to trying to find a new, small path to drive at because I love to see all of the forest including places I have not been to before, and I found a small path, and when driving in there I felt “this is not good”, but I thought that it will become better in a little while which made me decide to continue driving, and after a very short while, there was a tree plank to cross, and I was almost not driving and doing it very carefully, but the end of the plank had a small hump of only a few centimetres, and despite of being careful, I took a small jump up and down on the saddle when driving down this hump, and because of my weight, it made the frame of the cycle at the end of the saddle stick break, so it was impossible for me to continue driving, and I was of course sad for this to happen, and I “knew” that it was wrong driving in of this wrong road, and I understood that this was a symbol of when God originally entered the “wrong road” of darkness as I write on my front page, and when it was too late, darkness had stopped God and overtaken him, and later I was told that this was also because of darkness of Fanny, when she “could not” understand me (fully), and this was an attempt to stop me from producing energy to stop me from expanding creation to “everything which has not been created yet”, and that is because I was told when cycling “here is the egg, I don’t want it anymore”, and this was the original egg of the creation of our World, which is what darkness had hoped to destroy, and now it is empty because the tree of life has been transferred to our New World, but I was told that we still cannot fly because the eye and right wing is still dark, and I was told that the eye is “pure energy” before the creation, which also overtook me, and we need to add “silver” of our New World to this pure energy.

When I later was cycling – on John’s old cycle, which he gave me – to my mother and John, I was told that this is a question of definition and with the final dot of my scripts all pure energy will be light “isn’t this just what we are saying” as I was told.

And I was told that this is because darkness changed me from “plus” to “minus”, and when cycling here around the corner of my mother and John I was told that we have now changed my deepest inner self – the original creator before creation – from “minus” to “plus”, and I was given a mark to my right ankle and told that this is where we are attaching the Source, where “everything” was born, and this is what decides if I send out light or darkness – and I am thinking that there are other parts of me as light out there, but not at the centre, which sent light to the world, which I have written about elsewhere.

I was very sad to see how poorly John felt this evening, and he truly has great difficulties breathing at the moment, which annoys him much and makes my mother nervous about him dying at any moment, and I received the same feeling being there, and this is truly something, which brings forward the greatest feelings and that is energy to help us do this final part of creation.

And I was told that whenever I have felt pain to my right ankle, it has brought sufferings to my family/friends etc. – thus the world in the same relation – and when I could not receive more pain, it was to say that my family/friends etc. and the world had reached its most extreme limit without breaking down, and yes just as I asked for, and that is of course to make everything 100,00% perfect – and I was told that “after this there will be enough Maitai’s (my favourite drink) at Tivoli for the entire world”, and also that “no copy could ever replace this”.

I was told that this is also why it was important for John not to die because we used the inner of John to change from “minus” to “plus”, and at dinner, I was shown “the whole gang” of much more dark furniture in the hall waiting to enter, and I was told that this is everything, which has not been created yet waiting to be converted from “nothing” to “everything” by changing the position of the button everywhere from “minus” to “plus”, and this is why it is important for me to go through this evening, and also to stay up the night again after publishing my script to the world with this information to be understood out there, and that is as usual in order to consolidate this for darkness not to return to reverse this action, so yes this is what we will do – and I am here given “potential overexcited reactions” from my inner self, but we will wait until this is in place.

The evening was difficult both because of the nervousness I was given about John not to die at any moment – I had to repeat this over and over again and not the opposite as darkness wanted me to do repeatedly, and I was told that I am given him positive energy to help him survive on his extreme edge, and also that the reason why he is so weak now is because my mother “nurses” him too much, which he does not like, and also because she does not “listen” as he would like, but of course my mother would “never” do anything to harm him, but this is how it is and of course because this is what I have accepted to do to bring energy (!) – and I was also now nervous about failing the switch on from minus to plus of all sleeping life, which is the difference between life and no life everywhere, and yes with the original creator as the father, and later I was told that if I should fail, it will still become possible in our New World to create New World’s of all life being creators in their own right, but we would lose the eternity, which already is as “sleeping life”, which would be lost as darkness when I will only be light, and yes I have asked to have a plan B ready, and that also goes with this my ladies and gentlemen, and yes IF POSSIBLE to being able to switch on this eternity of sleeping life from our New World, and I was told that it is not, but who knows, so this is what I decide to do and we know “if possible”, and then I cannot make it any better.

John retired quickly to his room but he was happy seeing me and that is because nothing else happens in his life because of his condition, and almost as in mine, which is why my mother encouraged me to have normal relations with PHYSICAL people and not only on Facebook, and yes there is nothing that I would rather do, but this is how it is at the moment mother, and yes she understood, but not that it is not me, who acts wrongly but almost all of my family/friends etc., which they will tell you.

And it was difficult also when both speaking to my mother and to my spiritual voice speaking much at the same time, and yes just to listen to and understand both, and I had to act normally as usual to make my mother feel good, which started the process of switching buttons of sleeping life from minus to plus, which is not easy to do with all of this distraction and nervousness, but this is what I do believe happened, when my mother had someone, who could listen to her.

My mother told me that she has been told about my Facebook friend Jette – because she does not read my anymore – and how Jette apparently should have supported me when not seeing my mother, and I could only say that I did not remember anything like this, on the contrary because Jette encouraged me to phone my mother shortly before I started seeing her again, and yes this made my mother open up understanding that Jette was actually the opposite as what she had understood, and yes Jette wrote a couple of times directly hoping that my family would open its ears to understand me, and yes this is about misunderstandings too, and what they can do twisting the attitude of people wrongly.

And my mother invited me to go to a new sale of used items trying to see if we can find a “medicine closet” for my bathroom, and yes strong darkness still working through her as a symbol.

I was also asked for permission to sacrifice lives of my family/friends etc. to bring energy to do this, but by now I have understood my own lesson, which is that you will NEVER get this permission, and we know if darkness potentially killed my mother, it would stop her from changing the switch on all of this potential life, and we know Stig, this is NOT meant to be easy, and I returned home at 21.30 to write this, and all of this “all creation which ever could be” asked “can we become part of your heart too” (?), and yes of course you can :-), and I had no idea that I also had another task, which was one of the most difficult in my life, which was to chat with Fanny to make her understand, and yes “impossible” was my feeling as you can see from the following chapter also making me very nervous at one stage, but now it is 23.45, and I made this too meaning that almost nothing can kill us by now, and yes she has opened up for even more energy to be brought to you quicker, and with this Stig, it will almost be impossible to kill anything now, and we know I may publish this script around 01.00, and I might decide to use some time also to start writing the summary of my book of August and to upload some of this information to the front page of my website, and yes because I can, and because I was encouraged to do it.

At 23.30 I received another ”great monster” coming to me from the right, and yes now hanging up to dry as remade light converted from darkness, and this is how it will continue with “everything” forever and ever.

At 00.00 I was told “do you also want my pink shawl” and I felt Fanny as the spirit of my mother and I said as usual “everything is to become light”.

I was told that in other words we have put everything through the “bank notes press” as we can (used all energy) and that is based upon the tools you gave us via people you met on your journey, who bring the energy lifting up this creation, and Fanny is not the only one out there being tired.

I was told that no one has been dragged to you as the judge to receive the verdict “sentenced to eternal life of nothing”, which would be eternal termination forever and ever.

I was told that this is also about being quick to change the switch from minus to plus everywhere meaning that it is the best to do everything now, and yes to finish and upload my script including a few add-ons to my website of events in August 2012, and yes before my old heart cannot continue beating and I was here given one of those small heart attacks saying that we are close to this, but I do have more time, don’t I, when did the 3-4 days start from?

Finally, I published the script at 01.35 staring to become tired but so far not critically, and Jette has not uploaded any Google Earth pictures today, so she may upload many tomorrow bringing more work to this script, we will see, and yes Stig, this was one of the days where I was potentially the closest to loosing it – it was not easy to go through.

I felt red when I was close to publish my script and I was told ”it isn’t everything we take now with the publish of this script, is it” and yes this is what it is, and to make it yellow as I am shown/told. I also received some pain of darkness to my behind, so darkness is still coming through to the other side of our New World, and yes when it is there, I hope that nothing can be done to reverse this if I should lose it, which will probably “only” effect what has not been transferred yet, but no, I am NOT going to lose it, and yes I am shown “silver” coming to my eyes.

And darkness kept pressuring me to destruct and it is even stronger when I prepare my script to be published trying to make me cancel it, but when I was 1-2 minutes from being ready, it changed attitude knowing that there was nothing to do.

And when publishing the script I was shown an elephant – a new God – and was asked “where do you want to place him” (?), and I could only say “let light decide” and again being very close to become negative because of this coming again and again, and I was told that it is only yourself who can make these disappear, and yes by becoming negative and starting to destroy, but no, I will NEVER do this.

Fanny was in love with Jesus as her son, which is now corrected opening for all “potential life” to be transferred

Yesterday evening Fanny decided to open up even more to me saying that she has the Arch Angel Michael as her protector and more also including “I don’t believe you have to be concerned about darkness after we have connected”, and yes the more she understands and follows me, the less I have to “concern about”, so I asked her with a smile to send my greetings to Michael, and she said that “I see you on your way out into the light”, and this is true you know, and later, after I had gone to bed, she said that “darkness is not what it was before” and “Satan is back in its original form”, and previously she had told me that she knew that Satan had left the world (!), and this made me understand that she is one of the “enlightened people” pacified by darkness in disguise as a loving spiritual voice of light telling her that there is no darkness (!), but now when she has been told that “Satan is back”, I knew that it was her spiritual voice opening up to the truth because Fanny decided to follow me to speak openly about her spiritual self, and yes this is really the key to open for the last darkness, and I see strings being released, and that is her understanding and faith in me, and this is truly where Satan comes in because you do remember that it was “impossible” to make Fanny read my website carefully in order to understand (?), and this is still the foundation, so what do you do to lazy people believing in their own voice instead of me and my website (?), and yes you keep telling them one way or another, and with this knowledge, I decided to write her an email with the same type of information, which is on my website, and had she only decided to read and understand, I would not need to write this to her to make her understand even better and yes to bring out the last life of darkness, but there was nothing to do, I had to accept this pain and destiny of mine to continue writing to break through the defence system of darkness, and just maybe it is easier for you, Fanny, to read a private email in Danish rather than “a very long website in English”, making it impossible to start reading from one end to another (?), and this is how I sent her this email in Danish telling her about darkness disguised as spiritual light when everyone – including clairvoyants – can see strong darkness of the world via wars, natural disasters, crime and negative thoughts/actions of people, and yes I mentioned darkness given to Graham Bishop, which she may understand because “he is one of our own” as clairvoyants think here, and how could he do such things if there is no darkness (?) – and yes just asking you too, Steen also brainwashed to believe that there are only “good spirits” and no darkness (?) – and I told her that this is the spiritual voice of darkness, which she has received too, and when opening to me, this voice can only start telling her the truth herewith releasing the strings of the last life inside darkness instead of potential destruction, and yes I also decided to tell her about the nature of darkness as she and everyone else can read about at my website in the chapter ”Darkness was “not awakened life” soaking out life and energy of our world until it would destruct, but “nothing” has now been converted into “everything”, but how many “could” do this (?), and yes just wondering I am, and we know, Stig, with this, I hope we are now even closer to the goal because I do hope that Fanny will decide to believe in this, and this is really also the story about her believing that she is helping me, when I am helping to open her to release life of darkness, see? By the way, I received a déjà vue writing this email as “two normal people” not being opened to our full glory – I know this feeling from inside of me, I have “seen” myself writings this a long time ago!

But as you see from this reply, where Fanny accepts that Graham is a victim of darkness, which she claims that she is not herself because she has not allowed darkness (and that is even though I see spiritual darkness working with her keeping her silent and telling lies), Fanny is also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, which seems to be my destiny making my work “almost impossible”, but this is how darkness has been all along my journey, you know, and she also said that she is so tired, and that we are really getting used, and I told her that it is now about switching the button from minus to plus of all “sleeping life”, and she is bringing me energy, which I do not have.

And I had hoped this chat not to be too long because I had work to do, but I understood that it potentially could be very important, so I decided to continue doing my best to make her understand and also to understand her, and yes really to do both, and at one stage when we told me that she has discovered Jesus in this life as “Krista” and she would like to send this picture to me, I was given a VERY STRONG desire to tell her that I am Jesus, and I was about to write this answer, but I decided to let me see the picture first and ask questions, but she wanted to send it to me via a mobile MMS-message, and it made my telephone almost “crash” when it over and over again, did not want to download this picture, and we talk about MANY error messages about the network not being generic, and “could not download”, and it made me nervous that I was about to lose our creation everywhere, but I decided to be strong having faith in myself, and regardless of the result of my chat with Fanny, I said “I will come through via strength if required”, and as you can see from the following chat, I had difficulties understanding the Jesus she has now found, when she said that “his hair colour is a mix of her and mine, my daughter and of course her name is Krista” and eeehhh, what does this mean and how does this fit together (?) and more “she is my daughter, Krista (who is?), his eye colour is a mix of our eyes” meaning her and her daughter???

When I kept not being able to see this picture – my telephone “jammed” – I asked her to send it via email, which she could not do, and she told me that she truly so much wanted to tell me about her relation to Jesus, but she is not allowed before I have received the picture (!), and she asked me the impossible to try finding the picture on the Internet searching for “Jesus/Sananta”, which I decided was hopeless/impossible, and also because I recognised darkness trying to be still once again, so instead of following darkness, I decided to confront it telling Fanny that this is about her faith in me that there are more parts of both the mother with herself being one, and the son with Krista (or her son???) and Obama and myself being other parts, and I thought this was about making her believe in this, and I told her that she makes the decisions, not her spiritual self, but it was not easy when she decided NOT to answer me over again, and I told her spiritual self, whom I knew was on the line, to step back and to allow Fanny to speak to me, and voila, this is exactly what happened when she decided to open to me once again and now she told me that she was sitting on the same school bench as Jesus in India, they became sweethearts, and she became pregnant and they got a son, and later she said that this happened many lives ago, and I now see here that I made the mistake reading her that they also called their son Jesus, which made both of us confused, and she said that it is her daughter in this life called Krista, and yes “Jesus is the love of my life” as she said and she would walk with him again if he knocked on her door, and I told her that as the mother of Jesus, she is not going to be partner with Jesus, and I now understood what this was about, to make her give up this thought to release all of us standing here behind her waiting to come in, and I gave her a short explanation to why she and Jesus “many lives ago” – and yes this is spiritual information given to her – were attracted to each other because of darkness forcing mother and son sexually together.

And she did not understand this fully when asking “your attraction, which is wrong” (???), and I told her again that mother and son are NOT partners, which made her say “yes, I understand, but I feel more like a lover, I am not his mother” (!), and yes this is what she truly said (!!!) – after all we have been through of earlier communication, but not easy when she apparently “cannot” read and understand – and it made me tell her that this is the message I give her; she is the mother and her attraction was because of darkness taking over God, the mother and the son, and she has been kept in darkness as to whom she truly is meaning that she is the mother and not the lover of Jesus, and when I told her this even more directly, she decided to take it in by saying “alright, if you say so, how did I get a son with him, I don’t feel good about this”, and it made me tell her the truth that she was innocent because of her genuine feelings for Jesus and him for her, which were true feelings but given by darkness, and I told her that I have now changed all creation from “mother/son” to “father/mother” to create our eternal New World of light without darkness, and also that true love will come to her, but it will be the father, and not the son, and this made her happy to hear, and yes this was the breakthrough I needed in order to open up the hole from the Old World to the New World big enough to bring “everything, which ever could be” through with its new code of light. Well done, Stig, as the spirit of my father here tells me – thank you and also to you for helping us to reach this conclusion by not given up, any of us including Fanny.

This chat was at a point of much stress very close to make me negative – because of darkness pressuring on – when it tried to bring me the most severe stress of all also because Fanny apparently “could not” understand basic information, did not answer my questions and was difficult for me to understand when not always explaining carefully, but we made it through this challenge too.

And I do believe that I wrote yesterday or the day before (?) that with faith of Fanny in me, this will automatically push the button to start our New World when the time is ready, and yes Stig, it is as always first when “every little thing is perfect”, so it is not yet, but “soon”. 

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The fine Danish artist Rasmus Nøhr (potentially world famous if the world understood his language) saw a young Spanish tourist falling in the water in Copenhagen, and he saved him from drowning, and yes a symbol of me saving the tree of life from inside darkness, and yes Stig, Spain was truly “the evil spirit” as Denmark used to call Spain when almost always losing in football, but it is here that all life was trapped also including the tree of life, and when released, Spain is of course the opposite.

  • This is about the chase of the Old World Order on the man exposing their lies, and yes “who is the criminal” and this is what all of you are going to tell me when ALL of the lies, wrong doings and criminal actions of the Old World will be exposed to the world, and yes Julian Assange is of course “my man”. 

  • Dennis says with inspiration that “I want to get up to the top of the rollercoaster”, and you will, Dennis, because the rollercoaster is the tour to show a clean heart, which everyone will go through.

  • Michael – who is now with me all of the time not running away, see (?) – brought this text asking people to stop sending more invitations to play because “I don’t play”, and it brought some irony with it, and yes when it is of the good kind, I love it, and Henrik said that he did not know that Michael had stopped “playing” because it is not long since he “played” in Randers, and Michael has much humour, so he claimed that this was “playback”, which I don’t like, remember (?), and Peter thought about how Ekstra Bladet potentially would make this into a lie by saying “Hardinger has put the guitar on the shelf, we wonder if this will bring more films instead”, and Michael was still both funny and inspired when saying that “the BLUE thread” is in production, and this is of course to say, that I am VERY tired of playing the game, and have now (almost) put my guitar of creation on the shelf of God, and the movie coming soon to a theatre near you is “the BLUE thread” with “blue” symbolising my new self, and the opposite of “the RED thread”, which was both one of Shu-bi-dua’s best and most inspired songs and also the title of their only movie, and that is so far at least, and yes Michael, you will also become a main character of the new movie, don’t you worry about a thing :-).

  • I decided to send Bill Clinton my birthday greetings as follows, and when writing it, I was given a vision of Monica Lewinsky and “Bill’s weakness” in sexual terms, and I wrote “rolling camera” also with another meaning, and was also given the feeling of the Secret Service of the USA either knowing or “recording” (?), so “many good stories” are out there? 

  • While I was writing my first email of the day to Fanny, Desiree shared this photo from “999,999,999 people”, and now I better understood why I wrote Fanny that “we have now reached 99,99% of the way” (!), and yes this is about the story of bringing out the donkey trapped inside an old well, which is impossible to do as you can see from the story brought underneath the picture, and that is because this donkey had decided to live instead of dying, which was its destiny because of people having given up on them, and yes they shovelled dirt on its head, but instead of giving up and being buried alive, it decided to shake off the dirt and take one step higher until it reached the top, and yes what is the force making it possible to save this donkey (?) now symbolising the absolutely last life inside darkness – and really all life – and yes it is called “stubbornness” just as the donkey self symbolises, and that is a will to NEVER GIVE UP also including my decisions to write the email to “lazy Fanny” today; this is what brought us here.

Here is the text accompanying the picture:

One day a farmer’s donkey fell down into a well. The animal cried piteously for hours as the farmer tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided the animal was old, and the well needed to be covered up anyway; it just wasn’t worth it to retrieve the donkey.

He invited all his neighbors to come over and help him. They all grabbed a shovel and began to shovel dirt into the well. At first, the donkey realized what was happening and cried horribly. Then, to everyone’s amazement he quieted down.

A few shovel loads later, the farmer finally looked down the well. He was astonished at what he saw. With each shovel of dirt that hit his back, the donkey was doing something amazing. He would shake it off and take a step up.

As the farmer’s neighbors continued to shovel dirt on top of the animal, he would shake it off and take a step up. Pretty soon, everyone was amazed as the donkey stepped up over the edge of the well and happily trotted off!


Life is going to shovel dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick to getting out of the well is to shake it off and take a step up. Each of our troubles is a steppingstone. We can get out of the deepest wells just by not stopping, never giving up! Shake it off and take a step up.

Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred – Forgive.

2. Free your mind from worries – Most never happens.

3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.

4. Give more.

5. Expect less from people but more from God.

You have two choices… smile and close this page, or pass this along to someone else to share the lesson. 

God bless us all!

  • The writer of this was inspired to bring a crop circle and old carving of “a jester’s hat”, which I understood was in relation to the “fool’s hat”, which Margrethe Vestager received the other day, and yes it seems to have other meanings too, but to me so far it means “darkness”, which is what “hats” have done to me in general for many years, and obviously going back in time as I am helped to say here.

  • Michael wrote about Rothchild in 1998 betting 1.2 billion DKK – approx. 200 mio. USD – on the collapse of the Euro, and it made me tell him and his network, that both the Euro and all other currencies will be replaced by “number of work hours” (according to my New World Order), and I said that it was darkness influencing Rothschild, politicians and all people “more or less”, but not when Michael makes music, when it is “his nice cousin”, i.e. God, working, and I did this to influence Michael even more about me thinking that it might help.

  • Samuel shared this photo of a “sleeping dragon” inside a tree, which was about “sleeping life” inside cells as potential God’s/New World’s.

  • Christian is one of the young people originally having faith in me, and I do believe that this is what Christian still has, and here he says that he has received an apartment in Berlin and “write if you need a sofa”, and normally “sofa” has been a symbol of “sexual torments” to me, but here in relation with Germany, which is my end goal, I do believe this is to say that we have established the perfect “kitchen” to produce new worlds of life for our New World.


20th August: God rising as the new born God as the combined human being Stig and God with elimination of darkness 

God rising as the new born God as the combined human being Stig and God at the same time

At 02.00 I was told that you did not give him the book of destruction did you, and no, and I was told that this book comes directly here from the inner part of me taken over by darkness making me cry every single time, but this time it is different, because I have also equipped you with a chance to get through and I felt “him” crying because this is the first and only time you make it through, Stig, and yes you became as Neo in the film “Matrix”, because we felt that with you we had created the right being to make you go all the way, which this night is a good example of, and yes “just do it” and “keep going” until your work is done, so this is what you do over and over again, and yes until it is no longer required, and no you will settle for nothing else than perfect, and this is how it is when I will now stand up and declare myself for the new born God, and yes Stig, it is first now that I am rising to reach the start of me, which is to receive the New World as you have created and bring me as your gift saying “here you are father, this is what I created to bring you free, I hope you will accept it”, and yes my son, because otherwise you would not be able to free me, so there you have it, the soul in me is you, and the soul in you is me, and yes a new combined human being Stig (as the Son of God) and God at the same time – and I was told that energy brought to me by Benny Hinn via this video helped make this happen.

At 02.10 I was told that your heart has arrived, what do you want to do with the rest feeling darkness still wanting me to destroy whatever remains, but my message is the same as ever, we will wait until everything is 100,00% perfect.

At 02.40 when I had done the summary of my book of August so far, I was told that the safe cannot go wrong now because we have received so much energy.

At 03.00 I had also added changed this paragraph of my front website:

“When most of the world will read this for the first time, I will have become

The resurrected Son of God
appearing as Maitreya Buddha”

Into this:

“When most of the world will read this for the first time, I will have become

The resurrected Son of God
appearing as the new born God
Maitreya Buddha”.

And I added this paragraph later on the site:

“In August 2012, I also saved the original tree of life, and changed the code of God as “pure energy” before creation including “everything which ever could be” to finally secure an eternity of life everywhere from “nothing” – forced by the overtake of darkness – to “everything” herewith bringing the rise of the new born God as a combined human being Stig (as the Son of God) and God.”

At 03.05 I received the taste of blood and also my mother, and yes Stig, there will come no blood of your mother, otherwise you would have felt it all over – and yes “not good” is the impression and that is to say the least.

I decided also to upload the script of today so far including “an interesting story”, and by 03.30 I decided to watch some more Benny Hinn to receive some more energy, but otherwise I do believe that I did my best to carry out “crazy work” once again, and not the easiest one of the rounds, but I got you, Foreman, and yes also a “special friend” of mine :-).

At 03.40 I was shown and told that we now come crawling in as green, and yes Stig, this is all of us without exception, which did everything we could as darkness in other people to oppose you, but you would not have it, and by now I had completed work and was now feeling the critical period of tiredness arriving, and yes I will try to hold it until 05.00 if I can.

During the night I received the absolutely strongest, most disgusiting/unbearable and worst negative speech including sexual torments and told that that this would have destroyed your mother too, but we will use “no crutches.”, and I felt the hole to my right instep again. In periods I was told constantly told “your heart is welcome” but no, not before we have reached 100%.

I felt and saw a new monster entering me at 05.50, and it came with a terrible feeling truly of a monster, and darkness continued to be extreme and even though I am breaking down, I still continue and that is also to overrule extreme tiredness trying to hold it for as long as possible.

I received “in the air tonight” by Phil Collins – one of those very few very special songs given to me – and the lyrics “the hurt doesn’t show, but the pain still grows. It’s no stranger to you and me”, and this is how I felt – completely unbearable doing my best not to give up or stop.

I was reluctant to give in to tiredness because of the incredible strength of this darkness coming to me not knowing what would happen if I slept, but at 07.00 – until 10.10 – I decided to give in to extreme tiredness satisfied with having lasted this long and thinking/hoping that energy of Fanny and maybe others would help me get a little sleep, and I received a couple of dreams but almost impossible to read the notes because it was almost impossible to write them down because of tiredness but let us have a look at them.

  • I have been at my old school friend Allan M-H’s bedroom borrowing 1-2 cigarettes over time, which I tell him, which makes him decide to start hitting me.
    • Receiving darkness from my old friend.
  • Something about Lars Løkke, a wrong press and a very hot iron inside the cupboard having burned plastic on it. My old cohabitant Camilla is almost dying in the living room, and my old dogs Cas and Don including a third do everything they can to escape when I open the door of the house, and I keep the two inside, but Cas escapes, and outside it has transformed into a monster with large tusks ready to kill, but I grab it too.
    • Strong darkness coming from different people, dying is “I don’t want to see Stig again”, and the dogs of the worst darkness want to escape and kill, but no, they will not succeed.
  • I believe the small Merete shopping centre in Helsingør has given a notice of rent increase, which makes four small shops including two hairdressers to close down, and I have just had a large portion of “snegle” (“snails” – i.e. Danish pastries), and now I see that at their final sale, they have another large portion even cheaper at sale now, but I don’t buy it, I have had enough of snails for now, and inside the shop is empty, but the owner is about to offer me a glass of cognac.
    • A symbol of either creation or potential “sleeping life” closing down and cognac is darkness, but no I will NOT accept it.

Only by being “nothing” – more dead than alive – I could work inside of darkness, which I have done increasingly since 2006

When waking up, I was told that we kept the gate open for transfer, which is what we prioritized meaning that we had to sacrifice potential life, but I decided to keep my decision to save 100,00% of everything which ever could be made, so this is still our goal, and yes I will not settle for less.

I was told that we keep on fishing and he can keep on until Monday is what we see now, an unknown energy resource has shown up, hello how are you and yes yes yes a man on his lifeboat above much money, i.e. energy, and no you cannot be sure of anything in this phase, but you don’t care because as long as you receive darkness, you transfer darkness so this is what we will continue doing.

I was told “have you thought about the errors, which you do, also bring darkness to people”, and yes as part of the game I have only little time doing my scripts and very often have do decide here and now not being sure about “what does this picture or dream mean”, and I do know that I make errors, which I have had to accept because otherwise there would be no scripts and fight against darkness, so I am sorry for the mistakes I have made my family/friends etc. and also for the darkness/pain I have brought you.

And I was told that the darkness given to me bringing me spiritual deceptions as wrong information, visions and feelings, has been returned to my family/friends etc., thus the world, because of the old Universal principle “what you give, is what you receive”, and yes this is what you can read from my scripts, and in the future you will of course only send out and receive positivity.

If you just accepted your gift now, it would roll out “forever”, but no, not yet, he will give everything he has again and again and again, so “not finished” as he says here.

I was naturally much more tired today than yesterday, and darkness was still with me but not as “crazy” as during the night, which was one of the worst ever.

I was helped to think that we could have made an even better creation if I had done my work of the design of life even better, but this is our starting point from which we will evolve in future.

I was told that when I started receiving spiritual speech in 2006, it was God speaking to me from the Source at the time outside our Universe.

I was told that only by being “nothing” – being more dead than alive – I could work inside of darkness, which per definition is “nothing”, which is what I have done full time since 2006, and I was told that this is what some clairvoyants also have reacted on – Pia and Peter from Hørsholm as examples (seeing the face of darkness on me in 2006 when I was overtaken at the time when it refused to receive healing as example) and the meditation group – because how can Stig be the Son of God when we see darkness inside of him (?), and yes simply because I worked inside darkness of all of you to liberate the world, which is easy to understand if you only want to, right?

Fanny told me today that her body was jerking, and I told her that this is what mine do sometimes too, which I am told is darkness trying to escape, and I encouraged her to sleep less again to help me bring energy, and I thought about the dream with Cognac/darkness and looked up to see if Michael Hardinger was still my Facebook friend, but no, he is trying to run away from me again, but no, I have not ALLOWED darkness to run away, the goal is still to convert all sleeping life now, and as plan B, later. And I was told that Michael’s job is to bring me even more darkness because of his reactions to my postings.

Late in the evening I finally received the picture of Jesus, as Fanny sees him, and this is how she remembers him as her lover from a previous life:

Jesus as Fanny remembers him as her lover from a previous life.

I was extremely tired today and so much that this normally is a day when I do nothing, but I decided to write the script and also to “force” myself to clean up the apartment because it needed to, and I was encouraged much to do more – “once in a lifetime” you know, and yes it may be – so I cycled (on John’s old cycle) to the swimming hall, I changed but when entering the swimming hall there was far too many people to my liking and no I don’t like to have 2-3 people swimming the same lane, this is how I am built, so I decided to leave again, and yes cycling here required some of the greatest exertion, and when cycling I was told that we removed a hippo blocking the entrance of my right ankle, and after this the transferral of switched on sleeping life continued, and I was encouraged to stay awake as long as possible tonight, but if I can make it to 21.00 or 22.00, I should be more than happy.

I was given a little extra pain to my right ankle and told “because you give a little extra” – because of my cycle tour being broke.

I also received the new kind of worse heart attacks telling me that I am truly dying as my old self, it feels like only days, but who knows, maybe a miracle turns up again (?), and when returning home I was told with a very low but serious voice that we only have water for one more great tour, and water is sufferings because of darkness, so I will sleep tonight and take a new big tour of two days, and then ….?

And let me here bring Queen from the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics and the amazing performance by Freddie “almost alive” bewitching the audience and Brian doing his incredible guitar solo, which is still our main feeling here.

I was inspired to listen to my stereo, and to Shu-bi-dua, and which album to choose (?), and no, I always listen to no. 15, so maybe no. 16, but no, it is too many “primitive” songs/texts, so what about no. 14 (?), and yes when coming to the song “a strange coughing”, my amplifier turned up the volume maybe 5 times in the right channel – its old “problem” you know – and that was for extreme darkness coming my way, and yes they sing of spirits in a very clever way, which also includes “Cognac”, so a son of darkness, and I was told do you want us to terminate for always, this is just what we are telling/asking you (?), and no of course not, you are NOT allowed to carry out the “old nightmare” and burn, so please bring as much darkness so it matches with what I and the world are able to absorb, and yes if possible.

I was given a déjà vue about meeting the other God’s of sleeping life, and told that they will feel that they have been trapped for “always” inside of their shell.

Thomas Blachman is on TV to help as many people choosing “left or right in the forest

This evening on “Aftenshowet” live on DR1 TV, Thomas Blachman and two new X-factor judges was interviewed after having been appointed for the next round of this FINE TV-show starting again the coming winter, and as usual Thomas was “full of voices” inside his head, and yes I can both see it and feel it on him, and I kept asking for my voice to tell him that he was also live on my TV-box – got it, Thomas (?) – and he was here asked why he decided to return as a judge again after saying that he would not, and yes he said “This is how it works when you receive ideas, which can change the reality very quickly because you receive some ideas if, yes, if you are to walk to the right or to the left in the forest (!), and it was like I received some information about myself, which I thought I should share with the rest of the population”, and choosing left or right in the forest was to chose everything of life to the left or nothing of no-life to the right, this is what he was saying (!), and “it was like I received information about myself” was really about “me”, which is what we share, which he wants to share with the public once again, and yes because I have thought for some time that I would like to see Thomas again, and he was asked what kind of information about himself, which he received, and yes he said “well, it is crossing borders of details about a the inner life of a man, which bear exposure”, you should have said “no exposure”, Thomas, and yes this was to tell you about the game of darkness telling Fanny not to tell me about her, which I could open up if I decided to as I did, and here Thomas did not want to open up either, and he was asked “it is not anything you want to bring forward now” (?), and he replied “for me it was incredible exhausting doing the last round and I thought I had no more energy, but I found out that I had”, and yes, Thomas I know all about it. And later he told his reason why he participates “you (the TV) can hold a MASTER class for two million people, instead of entering some music academy to teach, and instead we can bring much communication for really many people”, so there you have it J – and he spoke of “the chain of the motor” being people scolding, and yes “darkness” as he spoke about, and there was also a play with Anne Linnet a couple of times speaking inspired about bringing darkness to Thomas, so I wonder if this is what you too bring to me, Anne, and yes thinking of how many of the Danish music industry know about me.

– Hi, Thomas, how are you (?), I was thinking when seeing you this evening on TV that I regret that I did not speak to you when meeting you on your way out the bathroom of Café Victor maybe five years ago, and yes this is how close we were, approx. half a metre from each other, and just so you know of course J – and I am thinking “sharing energy of this life”.

And yes there was a little more inspiration in this TV-show and just to “kill time” really working here at 21.15 now, because work is good to bring in darkness, and the inspired actors/comedians Wikke & Rasmussen was asked to vote of five nominees for the film quote of the year, and we know, it was totally impossible for them to answer, which made the host say  – after first having said that the quote of the King saying “I declare war against crap”, which is really what we did – here on their behalf “you are allowed to bid fish”, and they agreed, but Wikke thought and then said “what does it mean to bid fish” (?), and it made the fine host say “you don’t know this card game “may I have your clubs 4”, which you don’t have, thus bidding fish”, and this was really to say that all of this game up with everything becoming “fish”, which you know is my new self as the resurrected Jesus being me as everything including the original God.

Mads – my Facebook friend and TV commentator on U.S. politics – was also on this show where he was asked about “election videos” damaging either Obama or Romney, and here he said one line that “I don’t feel that this comes with a punch so deep that it really hurts”, and I was told that this was really to say that because of your work standing in TV as this political commentator, this is exactly what you are doing to me, just like George Foreman sending your hard punches to my stomach, and yes just to tell you of course, Mads, that I do NOT like politics and media and all of the circus they produce.

I was told thank you for not saving others than your own family and close friends – they have been “protected the most of all” from darkness potentially killing them, and this was the ONLY right and logical decision to take a long time ago to save us all – and not to also save “other parts of the Trinity”, and I was told that without the death of Donna Summer as example, we would not have received enough energy to come here were we are now.

I was tired beyond many levels this evening, but was keeping up without great problems as I had in the afternoon, and I was surprised that I did not receive very much darkness.

I was told that my mother’s John has been furious on me because of (his misunderstandings of) my scripts, and that the anger he sent me, was returned to him (not actively by me, but as part of the Universal principle), and I was told that this is what developed his cancer making him “closer than close” to death.

Turning around the deepest darkness inside of me: The hybrid of darkness and the original creator: The Devil!

I was quickly shown a submarine of darkness, which had overtaken Hitler, and it said “we don’t want to tell you”, and I said “fine, but eventually you will”, and later I was encouraged to do everything perfect without us, which made me say no, of course. And I was told that this is the old main thoroughfare, and I was played “midt om natten” (“in the middle of the night”) by Kim Larsen and received the lyrics “strisserne kom midt om natten” (“the coppers came in the middle of the night”), which I have received often some years ago as another “special song”, and “the coppers” are darkness, and this was to say that this is the darkness, which originally overtook us as the Trinity, and also that this has made a hybrid out of me, and I don’t know what we will meet (another new part of God), and I was told that this has been possible to do because I decided to listen patiently to my mother yesterday, which was “impossible” to do and I was shown this darkness as “dark seaweed” and told that it is completely different to us, and furthermore I was told that we are only arriving here because of the sufferings we have gone through because I decided to play the extreme game also letting John see death in the eyes – and I can include my mother and father here – and at 20.00 when I was told this, I was also told that it would require me to stay up for another 4-5 hours before we have received this darkness, and yes I would like to sleep, but I decided that it was alright to write this last part of the script and to stay up until 01.00 because then it is done, and I know that I have to be out on this level as I am to be able to reach this darkness, so this is what we do.

And here is this song by Kim Larsen, which may be his biggest hit and at least from the biggest selling album of all ever in Denmark, and yes when he sings “Åh, manana, håber vi får I morgen med” (“oh, manana, hope we will also receive tomorrow”), it is about hoping that we will survive darkness.

And after this, I felt how this darkness is hiding just underneath the surface as the physical voice taking me over, and I was told that this is the most inner of darkness where most of the gold (of energy) is.

By 22.00 this evening I was sad to see that Jette still had not uploaded Google Earth pictures, and yes “too much” was not good, Jette, and “too little” is also not good if you want to help me, and the key for you is to find the right balance, and to decide keep on doing your work, and when you are now not working, you have removed your help from me to do the final part of eternal creation having an everlasting impact of life, and I wonder what can be more important to you???

When I was almost finished writing and updating the last of my script today, I was encouraged – as I had almost expected – to stay up the night because “it is incredible what we can dig up from you at this level”, and we know, Stig, let us see how things will develop from here.

Finally at 22.25 I had updated the script and published it, and I was given a spiritual taste of grilled meat, and yes I did not receive grilled meat once this summer, and I wonder how many times most Danes/rich people have enjoyed themselves over good food and wine often without thinking of me and even more my LTO friends in Kenya as symbols of the millions of people still suffering and dying.

I was shown a large and expanding horse track and that is instead of a dark hole at the corner contracting everything, and I was told that my work now is to be stronger than the contracting energy of this darkness.

I heard voices in the background saying something like “we just have to turn this around, and give it a number”, which is about the on-going reception of New World’s being placed as part of our combined New World.

I was told “we will smash him in the third set” and also “but he has already won” and yes New World’s of previously sleeping God’s entering.

And this is the video of Benny Hinn I watched at 23.10 where I was told that this made it possible for us to change the switch of this darkness from minus to plus, and now the tiredness came to me as a hammer making me doubt for how long I can stay awake.

I have been surprised to hear from darkness actually for weeks saying “we are equal”, and I was given the understanding that this is the natural born instinct of nothing thus also of everything.

At 23.30 I was shown and told that “he” – this darkness – has a unique ice skating entrance, and I was shown and told that this leads to his castle as he now shows me.

I watched some more Benny Hinn and I could not keep my eyes open, and everything inside of me was working very slowly, I had reached my own most inner self, and in order to trying to stay awake I decided to walk from 23.45 to 00.30 in the beautiful and warm weather – the warmest here (with 32 degrees during the day) for more than 30 years as I believe they said on TV – and I was feeling like fainting and losing my balance when walking, but I kept awake at least for this time.

And on this walk I was told that we have quickly become each other’s friends because we have the same origin, which is the light side of God released from darkness and here meeting the dark side of God being overtaken by this darkness way back to the first creation when taking that disastrous tour off road.

I was told that he is/was much more powerful but not as wise as us in comparison, because it is better to be active (as light).

I was told that there are reversed toilets inside of here receiving all “crap” of the world, and “they have thought about everything because they have all inside of here”, and I heard the question “can I turn it around”, and received the answer “yes”, and I was told that this was the goal of my mission, to locate and exterminate my own negative self, and while I received this when walking, I kept on receiving “it’s a miracle” by Queen.

I was told that we have felt each other but worked independently from each other bringing light/positivity from light and darkness/negativity from darkness to people.

I was brought my own self overtaken by darkness and arriving with my legs stuck in an ice block now melting, and I received Bryan Adams beautiful song “Heaven”, and I was told that darkness did not see actions of light, but light saw actions of darkness.

I was told that I am both – both light and darkness – and that this is the first time that light won the fight/game, and also that it is from darkness that I have created a new Big Bang every single time, and I was told that with the end of every world, there was blood all over and when washed off, this brought me nourishment to try creation once again, so this is what “the hybrid” is about, darkness of sleeping life, which took over God creating “negative life” with the aim to destruct, and still the original life of God trapped by darkness kept on creating New World’s with the aim to be freed from this prison, and every time it has been the light of God fighting against the much stronger but also not as bright darkness of sleeping life. And I was told that it is inside of here that we have most of our raw materials, which I remember so well.

I finished doing the last update of my script today at 01.10 – and will hereafter do a short update to the front page of my website too with content from this chapter, which I continued doing until 01.50, where I had made some amendments “here and there” – to the definition of darkness chapters and events of August 2012, but I was too tired to concentrate deeply enough to do my finest work, so I decided to do as I have done before, which was to do the first edit of these amendments, and I will have to do a new edit when I am more fresh than what I am now, and yes can I stay up for maybe 2-3 hours, or will this be impossible (?), we will see, but now the work is done, and it is now time to be “consolidated”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jette wrote this comment explaining that she did not bring Google Earth pictures yesterday because her Commune of “Guldborgsund” (“Gold Castle Sound” had ordered her to cut down big trees, and I saw this as a symbol that we are not able to save all trees of “sleeping life”, or maybe not 100% of them (?), and if this is how it is, my wish is for us to do another journey later as my new self to save this without a risk to hurt our New World.

  • Lisa said that she is almost fresh again after having fallen into the cocktail pot Saturday, which is about “the big pot”, and she is in love with the dog Gromit, and wants him home in her kitchen, so symbols of darkness and destruction, which Lisa also sends me.

  • The newspapers BT and Ekstra Bladet “strangely” enough totally ignored my emails to them, and the editor-in-chief of BT, Olav, loves football with Vejle being his favourite team, and here it says “high drama in the north forest” with “north forest” being the name of their home field, and it made Morten say “Jesus, o Lord, it was hair-raising”, and this is not just about football, but also about your (silent) reaction to me, Olav?

  • I could only see this new crop circle – a tribute to the Ministry of Sound, “the home of dance music” – as a celebration about our New World of love, joy and happiness.

  • I was told that after my story of Bill Clinton yesterday, it inspired Mads to bring this, and no, I do NOT like words and “humour” using negative and too sexual words such as this, and I have decided to bring this as an example of what I do NOT like. I know that this headline is also about a Russian Punk Band and lack of freedom of Russia, and this is “hot news” at the moment, but I will not comment it other with that I am always unhappy to see lack of freedom and also lack of responsibility of people and that is in Russia today and elsewhere. 



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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2 Responses to August 20, 2012: God rising as the new born God as the combined human being Stig and God with elimination of darkness

  1. Jette Uhlott says:

    no – I have not stopped – just tired from hard work by cutting big trees – ordered by the Guldborgsund Kommune, who cannot help old people because of gambling and loosing the citizens money – and the law is behind..
    ❤ 🙂

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