August 22, 2012: The New World is pressing from outside and darkness from inside to open the door to our New World


Summary of the script today

21st August: The New World is pressing from outside and darkness from inside to open the door to our New World

  • I was told that if I had not entered and released God trapped as the Devil inside of darkness, he would have come to and released himself inspired by the creation outside of him.
  • There is now “no more darkness” with the New World pressing on from outside to enter me and my life inside darkness trying to bring down the door to the other side of the New World, which we will “soon” come to.
  • Short stories of Jette giving up on me and her work degrading me also opening for me to enter the deepest darkness, was David telling the truth about how he spent money with “poor communication” making it impossible for me to understand (?), it took the worst sufferings to reach the Devil at the deepest inside of me, we are “ONE – but not the same”, People “punished me for speaking the truth”, which is what made me “nothing” to save the world from destruction, “if you always tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”, violence and vandalism of the worst group of darkness broke out when I entered the castle of darkness yesterday evening, Muslims will be surprised when seeing me as Jesus/Stig and not Mohammad/Stig, but will decide to behave well, I have brought you all to the yellow of the forest – a whole New World, I became very touched when Desiree brought a video from my website, and Niklas and Isabelle brought a killer mosquito to Texas.

22nd August: I have NEVER been this low before with  NO energy dying as my old self and awakening as my new self

  • Dreaming of working and suffering in the darkest darkness, returning home from the worst darkness bringing extra energy and the greatest treasures of life, bringing down a rebellion of remaining darkness when sleeping, I received the worst coughing making me feel like dying to help John, my sister did NOT at all like my writings on her negative temper because of considerations to her work and it will become difficult for people to show a clean heart if they show wrong attitude not wanting to improve.
  • I was feeling as low as ever before, which is the worst Zombie ever with incredible tiredness and “nothing” so strongly over me that I was feeling like fainting and dying more than ever before. It cannot take more than days before I will die and open the eyes of my new self.
  • Short stories of how people showed me their worst anger/darkness in the beginning and are now returning to me when understanding, there will be no trouble with Muslims also accepting me as their God and Jesus/Stig, we used a toilet of destruction as guitar of creation, Fanny is fine speaking of herself not bringing much energy, which is making me die now, the fish of my inner self is happy, a story leading to the story of the secret world doping/pacifying man to remain in power and darkness wants to get a piece of fat right until the end.


21st August: The New World is pressing from outside and darkness from inside to open the door to our New World

The New World is pressing from outside and darkness from inside to open the door to our New World

After publishing my script of yesterday I was told by my inner self that ”this is truly what GENUINE wood is about” after relocating the original raw material of it inside of darkness.

I was asked if this opening of darkness also requires a key (?), and yes coming from Fanny agreeing not to be partner with the son.

I was told that we could not avoid reaching and bringing out this darkness, I cannot tell you how, but this is the strong feeling we now have, because it has led us all the way knowing that it was about to be saved, and yes this is the feeling of my original self coming to me now.

I heard from myself as the previous Devil “is it him going without power to save me” (?) and also that none of my family should die to reach me.

I was told that all negative thoughts of people come directly from this hybrid life, God overtaken by darkness, i.e. the Devil, and I was told how come darkness cannot see who I am and given the answer that darkness cannot see light, and light cannot see darkness. So we have created a New World from inside darkness every single time, and yes light is my invention, which darkness cannot see. 

I believe I was able to stay awake to about 03.00 – I could no more – and I slept on the sofa for what I thought would be a few hours, which became until 10.00, and I dreams about haven delivered the finest paper on a difficult task, and I see how my paper is explained and gone through, which is of course to coming to the end completing my mission to save all of the original creator trapped inside darkness.

I woke up to Tina Charles’ “I love to love buy my baby just love to dance”, which is about the “love” of our New World and the dance to celebrate it.

After checking Facebook, I decided to take a long bath, because I was still tired, exhausted and also dizzy, and I was told that darkness thought “(the village of) Brede has to be here”, which was about turning everything of the physical world into the opposite at “the castle of nothing”.

I was told that the key leading here also came via my father and his wife Kirsten, who have not given up on me, and I was given a strong vision of Kirsten, who still wants to see me, and yes because behind all of these misunderstandings is still the foundation of love, which is a feeling of light, which darkness could not destroy.

I was shown and told that there was a giant tanker full of oil at the very end of the sea, which I had to be careful not to sail through for all of its oil – dark energy – to be released to the sea.

I was told that it is “funny” that I did my work on my scripts and website without an Action Plan (!), which is because I had no more tasks than what I could oversee from taking a few notes and putting in meeting agreements in my calendar, and mainly because I did work before my list of work had become too big making it impossible to do, and yes “just do it” was also what saved me.

And I was told that the winged horse I was shown with a dark right wing and white left wing is the white horse of everything, and we are now removing its dark wing replacing it with our new white horse made entirely of light.

I was told that darkness does not know about light, which is why it has kept destructing new but different worlds made of the same material/life over again, and I was shown water from two oceans – equal parts of light and darkness – running into the metal box to create a New World every time with the hope that it will make it through this time.

And I was told that this is giving new birth from my mother over again, and I thought about my experience in 2010 at a meditation at the Theosophical Fellowship where the mother in me did everything to give birth to “a dark son”, but the metal box was completely empty because I had allowed nothing to return to the original metal box, and yes this is the invention where all life is created from and returning to when terminated before being remade.

And I was again thinking what would happen if dark energy made it through to our New World and I thought about being awakened with total faith of man, and I thought about “sleeping life” outside the New World, if we had not converted this to life, if it would be able to find our New World via “tunnels” and start soaking up this world, but no, I do not believe I have to “worry” because we are about the end the absolutely last of darkness as I still am doing this the last work, which may end “now” or at least “soon”.

I was told that transporting the world outside the thin membrane of my mother, was to transform the physical world outside the original egg of creation into our new forming the New World, and this has never be done before but it works, and I was shown a limited view with dark mountains and a yellow rape field of light and told that this is what darkness sees.

I was told that if I did not enter now, darkness would open up to itself from the inner side inspired and helped by the development outside, which it would “adapt” to.

I was told that we also got the bathroom (doing new creation) in order before he went to bed.

At 13.21 I heard on DR P4 radio a quiz on Spain: “Are you ready” (?) and the inspired answer “yes if I become more ready, I will become see through”, so this is how I feel, I have now finished so much converting “nothing” to “everything” that when still living as my old self, I am almost “see through”, which is “not existing”, which is the same of the world, but just underneath this surface is all the energy of our new creation, so it should work out fine.

I did not receive much darkness during the day, but my behind felt like “burning” again, so this is what I am doing, work inside the fire of darkness and yes to restore everything (?), and yes that’s right, and feeling Dave Gore from Depeche Mode again.

I was told isn’t it funny that some people thought I did this for money, to receive donations, and now I have closed for donations.

I was told that my mother decided to believe with her awakened mind – because of “authorities” of Sanna and doctors – that I was crazy, and when she will know that I am not, she will say that she knew that I was normal – which she sees every single time we are together – but only was made to believe wrongly because of WRONG influence of people guessing without knowing about me, and yes a lesson in itself to the world.

At the end of the afternoon I decided to cycle to the swimming hall, and this time there was room enough for me, and while swimming I was a little nervous about Michael Hardinger not being my Facebook friend again and the risk of potential darkness making me believe that everything is fine when it could be escaping, and I told my spiritual friends to please tell me if there is something I should know, and all I was told was that there is no more darkness and I was shown and felt the hole of my right ankle only at the size of a pee, and I was shown how this is pressing back the whole New World of orange because this is what I have decided as long as I am not finished working, and yes when there is darkness – and I did receive some darkness today, but truly not very much and I experiment to stop being on guard here, which I am constantly (tiring!), and no, there was no attack – and I was shown how I have dismantled my self and my old life, which made me understand that I – and the world – is only alive because we are on the very top of the New World just underneath me. I was surprised when receiving one more pain to my right ankle.

I received the song “Shall We Be Grateful” by Carpark North and the words “Everybody run till the break of dawn”, and this will have to be the dawn of our New World, and yes going directly from darkness to this our new place, which I am sure everyone will be “grateful” for.

I was given a feeling of coming back to the time before the birth of the spirit of my mother and told that there is also darkness inside here at the absolutely core of all, and shortly hereafter, I was told that this has now been changed too, and I was told that it is here I decided to invent love and sexuality for people to create new life together.

The other day I was told that France did not know that it sent me darkness/sufferings because of its wrong behaviour in relation to me, and that is because you “could not” read my “very many” pages carefully in order to understand (?), and yes I know you were busy “saving the world”, right?

I was told that the pressure of the New World on our Old World has also made darkness speak out loud giving me extra sufferings because it has hurt, and I was told that this is what the voice of darkness is about today, because I still receive hundreds of times of negative speech, but just behind it through a very thin membrane, I felt extreme joy of our New World.

And I was told that we are now back again to before creation of man, and seeing how we were originally made from out of nothing, and yes Stig not about how life was created, but how the pure energy and life form of “sleeping life” was made.

After dinner I decided to use “a couple of hours” to do a thorough new edit of parts of the front page of my website including recent information about God and the Devil, and it was NOT because I liked to do this because of continuous tiredness and general poor feeling of living inside darkness, but because I decided that I had to to do my best, and I received a déjà vue about how “impossible” it would be for me to do my writings – because of darkness interrupting me, speaking and tormenting me making it impossible to concentrate – and I thought that I truly did my absolutely best work on my website, but of course if I had had more time and energy, I would had improved it even more.

I was told that I have now received the key to decide when I am finished with my work and will open the eyes of my new self, and yes with the end of darkness, we know, Stig :-).

And for maybe one hour I received very strong impatience and constant speech trying to make it impossible for me to work, and it was truly annoying as so often before, and there was only one way to get through this, which was to decide to keep on doing my absolutely best work, which eventually would silent darkness when working knowing that I was the one deciding, but still having to fight extreme tiredness and lack of energy of course.

At 23.20 I had completed the following two amended chapters to the front page of my website, and I was feeling good about it because it is now much better than it was and much better than what I was able to do yesterday before going to sleep.

“Unexpected darkness of “sleeping life” overtook God creating the Devil as “negative life” and forced mother and son as creators of “almost an eternity of worlds” ever since”

“Darkness was “not awakened life” soaking out life and energy of our world until it would destruct, but “nothing” has now been converted into “everything”

And when I was about to publish this, I received strong darkness trying to do everything to disturb me and really to stop me from doing this work, and I was told ”I don’t have to scratch myself in the nose, there is no blood inside of there”, which I understood as “the smallest possible destruction of the world as you can imagine”, and yes if I should give up now, there is in practise “nothing” to destruct with the emptying of the Old World of life, which is all I wanted to say as darkness says before walking through the door also becoming part of this “famous other side”, and yes “when do you do something seriously about it”, my friend – and I feel impatience of Jette and Elijah here because “nothing happens”, and eeehhhh my dear friends, maybe you would like to read carefully to understand that saving an Old World, creating a New World and moving all life to this New World is not something you just do, it takes some time, and we know after reconnecting with the Source in 2010, this has taken a little more than 2 years to do.

I was told that I did not have to be nervous about the fir tree, and I did not have to run far, because it would have come to us by itself.

Darkness was surprisingly strong at the end of the evening, and when I looked, I saw how it did everything it could to bring down the door into our New World, which is to say that this is the moment we have waited eagerly for “almost an eternity” to arrive.

At 23.55 – after much pressure of darkness, which is pressure of our New World as I understand it – I was told “we love you for also doing this”, which is about the amendments to my website, and yes “good to bring” is also my feeling.

I did the last additions to the script of today and published this at 00.25, and still not easy to do because of immense tiredness.

I was told that the reason why I received so strong darkness this evening is because I am now truly almost not existing as my old self, and when writing this, I received a strong feeling of nothing as a wind going through all over my mind, which is really to say that this place is hardly existing, but this is from here these words are written, and if I am tired here by 01.10 (?), and yes I am dying with the feeling of fainting because of dizziness, and I was told that doing the work I did this evening to my website makes it possible for us to pack down sheets carefully  – and to implement newly discovered tools to our New World.

  • Jette cannot control her negative feelings, so late yesterday she wrote this text in her Facebook group, and yes instead of focusing on our new creation, which I thought would make her “thrilled of joy”, she says that “it has been with mixed emotions that I have uploaded pictures for you because you know everything already”, and yes it is her deep attitude, which is wrong, because this is not to upload pictures for me, but to help creating faith in me, and in this respect she should be thinking that she works both for herself, me and all of us (!), but “today I have simply not been able to upload anything” and she also says with all of her misunderstandings confusing her “I thank you many times for having shown me never to degrade of underestimate your fellow human beings. It is my great hope that you will learn this too”, and yes Jette, has it been impossible for you to get the bales of straw out of your ears (?) and I am here told that this is why 350 big bales of straw was on fire yesterday as you can see below, and yes darkness “could not” open via Jette’s understanding, which seems to have created a fire in here, and I can only wish for light being able to recreate everything as it used to be, and I really wished that Jette had been “able” to OPEN UP HER EARS AND MIND and simply to read and understand that I am NOT degrading and underestimating people but telling the direct truth to help people to improve to be able to live (!) and receive a life of joy and happiness, and is this so difficult to understand (?), and apparently it is, and instead of supporting and following me, Jette decided to be darkness giving up and to oppose me at the end, and yes but to give up, meaning that “it could no more”, and this is how I entered this darkness, with its inner on fire, and yes when Falck could not put out this fire, this is what I will do and yes make every little thing light and now with the help of previous darkness – my old “cousin”, the Devil – now eagerly helping me to recreate these bales of straw as I am shown. And isn’t it incredible that Jette decides to degrade and underestimate me in her place where she has removed my freedom of speech (?), and yes Jette, it is NOT forbidden to think using your logics (?), but when telling you how to improve, this was the start of the end of darkness, because “I cannot and will not – I am happy as I am”, but a “fool” you were, and yes FULL OF DARKNESS, and you will understand just how great the loving feelings are, which this is written with, because this is the love you contain yourself, Jette. And it was kind of Jette to bring my mother’s favourite song. A later thought: So Jette believes that she is not a whistle-blower speaking wrongly about me behind my back making it impossible for me to tell people about my side of the story, the right side, and yes this is the kind of behaviour of my family/friends etc. sending me darkness during my journey, but “of course we don’t want to hurt you, Stig”, as my mother would say, but this is what “misunderstandings”, “hurt feelings” and a “big mouth” did, see? 

  • Jette also brought this picture and fine drawing – thank you 🙂 – but no comments, and to me this if life entering the solid rock of “God’s country”, and I wonder if this will become the last picture of Jette in my scripts (?), and yes SAD for her misunderstandings, wrong focus and decisions is what I STILL AM.

  • I had this chat with David today and was surprised when he said he was “doing bidding for LTO”, and “if I get this work, I will do it through the organization”, and it made me find his email of the 19th July where he wrote: “As you know we have elections next year, under the new constitution. This means that there will be need for civic education provision in the villages. Recently I have been raising proposals and making contacts to see if I can secure some funding to be engaged in this activities. This is an area with a lot of possibilities since with some government funding or donor funding one can go to the villages and local towns to hold seminars and meetings to train the local people. I am just praying that I may get two or more of the proposals funded.”, and this made me wonder if “civic education” is part of the activities of LTO (?), which according to Elijah’s LinkedIn page furthermore is closed down, and Meshack did not know anything about this, and still, if David was telling the truth of how he spent money, I can only apologise and say that all other communication – or lack of communication from Elijah and John not helping to make understanding – including my spiritual voice made me believe that David kept money for himself.

  • Ekstra Bladet wrote “Danish monster man: He keeps his breath for 22 minutes”, and to me, this is what it took of sufferings for me to get deep enough inside of me to reach the “monster” self, the hybrid called the Devil.

  • I liked this picture from Torben much inspiring me to write as I did. Ralf was inspired to say that Bono has sold completely out lastly by promoting the company Monsanto to Africa, and I understand that this has to do with a G8 meeting and helping the food situation in Africa, and I don’t know about this subject and will not go in detail, but I understand that the sadness is about the use of GMO’s, which I also do NOT like, and yes please leave life and plants as created by God without genetically changing life, and when this is said, he also used the words “no respect to Bono from here”, which was really darkness given to him because of Lisbeth from the Commune and Jette wrongly believe I have “no respect” for them as people, and yes I do wonder “my friend” if you have “no respect” for Bono, when you will understand who he truly is and what he did to help the world become a better place.

  • People “punished me for speaking the truth” – lately Jette and Lisbeth – which is what made me “nothing” to save the world from destruction. I liked these words by Gandhi, and I was happy for people showing that they “liked” this posting, and I understand this as people believing in me with the first two as Facebook friends of mine.

  • Michael Hardinger is still not my Facebook friend, which is telling me that there is more darkness, which I have not located yet (but after this was written, I was told in the swimming hall that there is not), and no, we will NOT give up before every little thing is located and transformed into light, and I was told “it will become expensive and require assistance of a lawyer”, and yes so be it.
  • And this leads to Pinocchio here saying “if you always tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”, which I agree with, and it reminds me of Kim S’ father-in-law Jørgen always saying that he told the truth because it was the easiest instead of having to remember which lies he has told whom, and yes so it is.

  • Yesterday evening in relation to the end of the EID-party symbolising the end of the Ramadan of Muslims, an encounter between two rival gangs of a one of the worst social neighbourhoods of Denmark, Vollsmose in Odense, ended in a young man being shot, and when he was brought to hospital, 60 to 70 men followed and vandalized the casualty of the hospital, and this has caused much attention from politicians, media and people here, and to me it is to say that this is what the Devil wanted instead of being released, and that is to bring people to a sickbed as I was shown the other day, so this is what he showed me today, and yes when you have a group of maybe 2nd or 3rd generation immigrants, who live in a inflamed area with many without job, hope and faith in life, many will become “the absolutely worst darkness” becoming indifferent to life and good behaviour, and yes this is what you sadly saw here, and it was of course connected to yesterday evening when I entered the castle of darkness.

  • And this made me think of the other day when the large cinema centre of Palads in Copenhagen had set up a poster warning people about noisy Muslims at the cinema after the end of the Ramadan, and this made many people believe that this was racism, but the truth is that everyone has – regardless of religious belief – have to behave properly when being in the cinema, and that includes Muslims, and many cinemas have poor experiences with Muslims being too noisy at late shows at the Eid-celebration, so Palads simply wrote the truth the same way as another big cinema centre in Copenhagen, CinemaxX, has decided to cancel the last show at this Eid-evening because they have received many complaints before, and so it is; this is about speaking the truth without misunderstanding, and this is also to say that some Muslims will be “surprised” when they see me as Jesus/Stig when I open the eyes of my new self, and not as Mohammad/Stig, but I am sure that you will decide to behave well at the cinema of our New World, am I right?

  • Later I saw Lasse quoting the non-socialist parties in Denmark for saying: “The relaxation of the criminal code and abolition of the cash help ceiling have the responsibility for the attack on the casualty” (!), and the socialist parties for saying “10 years of disappointed integration policy under the previous government has the responsibility for the attack on the casualty” (!), and Lasse said: “Common sense: People attacking a casualty have the responsibility themselves for their actions”, and yes how difficult can it be, “my dear friends” of the Parliament (?), it is NOT forbidden to think (!), and yes think about this for a fact and also that it is the Old World Order and here together with racial hatred (“more or less”) creating these freaks of people.

  • Helena was out running I believe and happy to have set a quick time, and yes she ran “the yellow” in the forest, and “the yellow” is where I am bringing you all, in a completely New World as you are all inside by now, which is nice to know, right?

  • When I saw Desiree posting this AMAZINGLY beautiful song by Björk – “All is full of love” – I knew that she has seen if often at my website, where I bring it at the right column, and it made my eyes run into water because of both deep feelings of this beautiful music, but more than this simply to be met by unconditional love of another person not opposing, misunderstanding and lacking faith in me, but simply showing that she is “full of love”, and yes this hit me very hard after what I have gone through not least what was both mentally and physically an incredible hard day yesterday. Thank you for doing this, Desiree :-).

  • My mother told me the other day about the mosquitoes of Dallas, Texas, killing people, which has also been a story here, and when she said that this was a concern to the family when Niklas and Isabelle just being there, it made a bell ring here, because I understood that this is about darkness brought by these two young people self, and I told my mother that this is “nothing” compared to the number of people being killed in Africa and elsewhere by Malaria, and yes just checking, approx. 1 million “more or less” per year, but no, it is NOT “big news” of the media here, but 11 killings of mosquitoes in Dallas made the news here, and can you tell me why this is (?), and just wondering I am.

  • Jimmy sent this invitation to the meditation group, which made Lene say “cannot find the “attend button”, and Kenneth to say “does Facebook not want you to attend? Then it is good that it is you, who decides, and not Facebook”, and this was really a “play” over my experiences with Fanny the other day, where I told her that she decides, not her spiritual voice, and this is what brought the key to push the button of our New World to me, see?


22nd August: I have NEVER been this low before with NO energy dying as my old self and awakening as my new self

Dreaming of returning home from the worst darkness bringing extra energy and the greatest treasures of life

I went to bed at 01.45 and slept poorly until 08.15 with these dreams.

  • I am cycling without a light on the cycle, it is pitch-dark, I see ambulances driving by and I drive into my home being nervous/scared.
    • I am still cycling, i.e. suffering, in the darkest darkness, with energy given to me via the ambulance of the world to help me stay here right until the very end where we will be 100% finished with creation.
  • I am on my way home from the airport in Paris, and in the absolutely last moment, I pack down MUCH luggage including MANY sweaters and ties, which I brought and is much more than normally needed, I meet a rich friend from USA whom I know from a holiday to the French Riviera, and he gives me his business card and we agree to become Facebook friends, I am going home together with Anja U. (my old colleague from Aon) and a man, and I have been to the airport liquor store looking at all of their extremely fine Cognac’s as I have never seen before, but I cannot afford more than a standard Cognac, which they don’t have. I was thinking that I also need to go to the police station at the airport to have a new pass board issued, because I don’t believe I have brought my old pass board, and it makes me doubt if I will be able to reach the first flight home, but when I look in my purse again, I find my old pass board. I see how Anja has been pulled into a spiritual universe, and I follow and see how she is almost being taken by people, who want to misuse her labour, and I tell her/them that instead of working as a coolie, it is better that she works for me.
    • France is also the worst darkness, and Cognac is the worst darkness, but when you convert darkness to light, these fine and rare Cognac’s are also the greatest treasures of life, which I have saved, which is bringing us much extra energy, i.e. the rich man. And it seems that my old colleague Anja after becoming a Facebook friend a couple of months ago is on my side.
  • I have received a power of attorney from a customer to his insurance policies with PFA Pension. I drive in my Toyota to PFA, and when arriving at the parking place, I am told by a man called Joakim Møller where I can and cannot park, and this man is together with Ole Krohn (my Facebook friend and journalist from TV2), and they are surprised to hear that I am bringing 11 employees from PFA with me to bring down a rebellion inside PFA.
    • PFA Pension will have to be our Old World, where I am navigating also with the love of my mother, which is what the Toyota is about because she and John drive a Toyota, and this is also to say that I told my mother some time ago that the speeder of it felt like pushing down the clutch, and yesterday she told me that the clutch and also the brakes of the car were completely torn down making the car dangerous to drive in, but now this is fixed, and it makes a great difference as my mother told me, and yes when receiving her love, it makes my continuous journey of the Old World less dangerous, and I am told that my mother’s old car almost breaking down is to say that my mother has also been close to dying without knowing it. And the invented man together with Ole Krohn are examples of darkness of people I have to navigate through, and it seems that because of sleeping, whatever darkness remains, tried to rebel against me, but when I am awake, I am bringing these riots in place, and yes I am wondering what darkness remains (?), and alright let us bring it, when sleeping, I predict a riot, because this is what darkness uses my sleep for, and here to bring one of my favourite songs by Kaiser Chiefs, and yes FEEL THE INCREDIBLE ENERGY of the band and whole crowd, I love it J – and I cannot remember seeing a band “waking up the crowd” as Kaiser Chiefs does, and that is since Queen.

  • I received so strong attack of coughing, which made me believe that I was going to die, and I understood that this was to help John bringing coughing away from him, and as my mother told me yesterday evening, his coughing has decreased, so I do believe I have a good effect on John healing him when seeing him.
  • I am helping my sister to write down a full picture of her at work including the positive sides, which is that she always help other people as the foundation of her motivation of work and more, and I know that she knows that I am the best to help her doing this work. She tells me that she lost half of my description of her not being able to control her temper, which her employer picked up, and now is a part of her personnel file, and when we do this work, she plays very loud music – coming from the wrong side of Nyhavn (“New Harbour”) in Copenhagen – which almost makes it impossible to work.
    • This is to say that a brother writing the truth about a sister not being able to control her negative feelings is NOT well received when the sister is VERY dedicated to her work and career, and do NOT want my “negative” writings on her have negative consequences to her work (!), and yes this is how her work and career became more important than TRULY understanding and helping me with my sufferings, and yes this is what was very close to terminate all life, and yes my direct showdown with darkness working inside of my sister showing me all of her resistance, and the wrong side of Nyhavn is what this is about; i.e. my sister being darkness/Anti-Christ!
  • I am helping a woman to take a picture of her to her Facebook profile, and because her husband is present, I ask them to stand together with the husband to the right and for him to put his arm around her, which he does, but both are very awkward not at all liking this, and they don’t like to stand close, so I have to tell them, and I take one picture and when looking into the viewfinder, I see how beautiful the picture becomes with a small hill behind them, and I tell my mother standing next to us, and she agrees, so I take the picture, and want to take one more telling them that this is always best to do because it will make us able to choose the best of the two pictures, but the husband has had enough of it, he could only take the one picture, and I hope that it is fine, and I see that when taking the picture, somehow I pushed a button ordering new telemarketing subjects for the business of the husband, and that these are 250 DKK each.
    • Taking pictures is when people enter our New World by showing a clean heart, and this dream says that it will not be easy for some people if they show a wrong attitude as Jette as example, but I do hope that the absence of darkness will ease the process for all, and it is really about being open, understanding, accepting and then doing your absolutely best to improve your behaviour, communication and work.

I have NEVER been this low before with NO energy dying as my old self and awakening as my new self

Again this morning, I did not feel fresh because of poor sleep, but I felt good because of the work I have done believing that there will not be much work today, but I may use some time updating the summary of my book of August, which I have already done, and eeehhh maybe a little to my website here and there and potentially not important/prioritized work, and yes this is the situation here, and I do also have to fix the drain of my kitchen sink, because after it was filled, I had to disassemble the pipes to manually clean it, and normally I never have problems doing this, but to my surprise, that back of the pipe simply “slipped off” from its connection behind the kitchen, and it does not look like being possible to remove back doors of the kitchen cupboards to get inside of there working, but I will have a look, and if I cannot make it, I will have to speak to my caretaker to see if he can help, and yes “poor work” was my thinking when I suddenly had the pipe in my hand without disassembling this part of it.

I was told that it will not be about sewing a black cover over the hole, and then to get away, no we know it is going to become “good” as darkness says.

I was shown and told that we could have pulled the plug of my life energy if darkness wanted to, but it required that it knew about who I was, which it did not.

I still receive a few “symbolic sneezes” and also a little, but not much pain to my right ankle, so we are putting even more strain of the world, and we know just following my wish to do everything perfect, and when we cannot no more, we will open the New World.

I was told “have you told him, congratulations, you are now only one”, and I was told that we had made a copy of you if you did not receive (all of your) previous self, but this is now done too, and yes the original is always the best, so it is here.

I was feeling “too tired” and was starting to receive quite strongly speech of darkness again, but I had on my plan today to read the front page of my website again, this time focusing on the big picture and coherence after my latest amendments, and this is what I started doing after lunch, and I was told “this is why we love him”, and yes if I had entered negative speech, which there is still a risk of doing, I would not be able to do this work, and yes the front page of my website is my “card” to the world, which is why I do this to the best of my skills today.

At 15.05 I as shown a yellow chicken jumping on a long line of coffee pots made of stainless steel – symbolising “silver” – and I was told “I am in control of all of them”, which was to say that all “sleeping life” has accepted us and will become positive life of LOVE as the coffee symbolises.

I was tired during the afternoon and now received such strong pressure from darkness that it was really stronger than what I could bear, just like yesterday, but no, I am not ready yet, but “soon”.

I continued editing the front page of my website until 16.00, and I was happy with many new small amendments and additions.

I received such strong darkness over again that I thought I would potentially lose it, and I was told that if I did, it would feel like a small prick and I would wake up as my new self, and it continued with a strong feeling of Karen together with darkness still wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, and I was told that this is the only way out of here, and to this I can only repeat “you will NEVER get me like this”, and we know I have decided to become my new self waking up during a night, so this is what I will do despite of what you try to tell me.

And I received seconds of “nothing” entering and going through me, which is also the worst imaginable feeling, and it is truly “nothing” making you believe that you will now die, but no, I have decided not to die, but to wake up as my new self during after sleep, so this is truly what I still hope for, and yes I had NOT expected darkness to come on so strongly now, because what is this if everything has been taken care of (?), and yes I have no imagination left for outstanding tasks (?), but we will see, and no, Michael Hardinger has NOT yet returned as a Facebook friend.

My computer keeps “working” and “thinking” giving me hundreds of breaks of one minute here, 30 seconds there, and I cannot tell you just how annoying it is, and yes, there was NO ONE out there wanting to help me with donations or a new computer, and yes I am still wondering ….

I continued working until 17.30 also including the chapter “The light is in the world, one only has to open to it” from the article ”Love hunger of mankind” by Martinus – another part of me – to the front page of my website, which I have been encouraged also to bring to describe the nature and feeling of light and “cosmic love” as you will experience it in our New World.

I was told that we don’t have to attend a new school to enter our New World (?), and also no we are only waiting for Stig to finish, and I heard darkness being explained that this is how we got all children with us and also there is not one single left.

When I did not work, the worst darkness also took a break “only” leaving me as the worst Zombie I can remember being, and yes I repeat, the worst Zombie ever (!), and I had to use my uttermost will power to do the last details of the script of today after dinner at 20.30 and to publish it, because I have never been this critically low on energy before meaning that I am closer to dying than ever before, and I wonder if it will happen tonight, that I will die and wake up as my new self (?), and one thing is for sure, which is that I cannot keep going like this for very long.

I was sad to see that Jette simply has decided to stop working – she “lost it” and could not lift herself up just like Lisbeth from the Commune and many else, and yes they are sad because of their misunderstandings, and how do you think this makes me feel (?), and yes you got it, my friends J.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This comic strip shows the reaction of darkness of people when I told them the truth straight out, and later when understanding more and more, people are returning to me, and yes “many people” inside the hotel waiting to open up.

  • “There was a lot of fuss about it”, which is about the potential trouble of Muslims in cinemas after the Eid-celebration, but there were no disturbances, which is to say that there will be no trouble with Muslims receiving me as their God and Jesus/Stig too, and not Mohammad (the Devil)/Stig.

  • Toilet means destruction when seen from the now almost vanished negative side of life, and it means creation from the positive side of live, which is really what we always look on, Eric 🙂 – so this is how we used negative energy converting it to positive energy to create our New World.

  • I gave Fanny an update to the saving of God of light and God of darkness two days ago, and I asked her how she was doing hoping that she still has energy (?), and yes “I am fine” as she said – so you are not low on energy as I (?) – and then she spoke about her house and old wish for a pub to move, and a lake to be recreated, and fish in the lake dying because they don’t receive enough oxygen, and how she has been told that she has not been allowed to help (?), and yes I was wondering – I brought her the most important message in history – and she did not reflect but spoke of the fish dying of no oxygen as I am dying more than ever because of dizziness when writing these lines, and I was given the thought I wonder how much she decided to bring of energy via less sleep (?), and yes, I do believe Fanny helped bringing me darkness not helping as much as you could if you had decided to take my request more seriously, Fanny?

  • Nønne brought the link to the article below about “fish on happy pills” receiving red eyes, which I saw as me being so exhausted as the eyes show, but happy as the fish behind this and because of this, and the article speak about “alarming findings” of medicine including antipsychotic medicine found in both drinking water and fish also including natrium fluorid, which was used by Nazi’s in KZ-camps to pacify “prisoners”, and yes it made me think of what the secret government of USA and the world does to remain in power, because of course you would not degrade yourselves to do the same as what Nazi’s did (?), or would you …?

  • Finally today Helena wanted to run a big baton this evening, and she likes it as much as saying “it is fat, and I want a place”, and this is about the game of darkness wanting to cut fat off meat right until the end, and yes I did not believe I had energy to bring this posting too, which is to say that I am the most critically “low” as ever before, David, and yes two meanings, the worst and the best.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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