August 26, 2012: I brought God, God as the Devil and the Source out of darkness and now follows my new self, Jesus


Summary of the script today

25th August: I brought God, God as the Devil and the Source out of darkness and now follows my new self, Jesus, as the last

  • Dreaming of receiving more energy as my old self, and suffering and celebrating because of creation.
  • We continued being busy doing “very important” work to bring out more life of the last tunnel of darkness – hidden from me because it does not want to get out (!) – before it will be too late with the power of our New World breaking through to me opening the New World and the eyes of my new self, and we continued saving many Old World’s here at the end, where everything goes very fast. The Source has stored all life forever even without our knowledge, the Source is energy and life is energy, so the Source is life forever, and I have “the Midas touch” by now to turn nothing into gold, i.e. energy.
  • I received so much extra darkness from Sally, Jiro and the world today that I felt how “a large dark man” entered and stood inside of me, and I could not figure out who this was because I have freed God surrounded by darkness, God as the Devil overtaken by darkness and the Source overtaken by darkness and who was then this man (?), and first after midnight, I received the truth that this is my own new self at the very end of the tunnel of darkness as original God as the original creator after our new creation at the autumn of 2011.
  • Short stories of Michael Hardinger being the worst darkness, darkness returned to man for example as sexual abuse of children because of man’s WRONG attitude, “always look on the bright side of life” and in our New World everyone will see, feel and become one with the light and divine love, “two suns”, the opening of an 100 year old package symbolises the release and opening of the Source, Shannon cannot see the forest because of too many trees, Henrik is NOT funny when he is laughing of me, my message to the world saying that there is nothing to fear in relation to the crossing of “two suns”, Jiro could not resist the temptation to bring me even more darkness, Sally’s spiritual voice tells her that she is in the house of the rising sun, and she “cannot” understand that I am the house (!), she receives spiritual darkness and when I told her she “lost it” and called me for “an idiot of the highest order” herewith bringing me the darkness I was looking for, Leonard Cohen is playing together with “me”, the “unworthy” tax case against Helle Thoning is mostly about how people “could not” listen/understand and how darkness did what it could to bring her (me and the world) down, Helena showing even more “the worst darkness” when wanting sex without love, “maybe I’m crazy” (?) was the question I gave people to answer, my old music teacher helped to bring creation, and as the swan as my new self, I bring the World of Light.

26th August: Going through “a difficult game” with Michael Hardinger to rescue the last part of my inner self from him

  • I had a new night without sleep where we were fighting on time to get out the last part of me as the last life inside of here before this place will close down “very soon” as I am told very strongly. I strongly told Michael Hardinger to focus on a new way out of the problems of the world instead of using habits thinking on basis of the Old World Order, and it brought him so strong feelings that it brought me the absolutely worst darkness again, which is “water on my mill” to help me bring out this last part of me, but only I am strong enough to keep going bearing the sufferings I am given. Michael is another part of me, who is connected to my sister via “dark cables”, which I am doing my best to open to receive all parts of my previous self as my new self in order to become 100% perfect as I have asked for, which I can only do with help from my spiritual friends deciding to do their best to keep me going and not sleeping, which would have lost this part of me.
  • As Stig I was not born as Jesus, but as the hybrid of the spirits of my mother and father, but I received the logical sense of Jesus, which was used to create darkness with, and with this the same sense together with an iron will also given to me, I was told that we had faith in you being able to walk all the way back to save 100% of everything including your own previous and now new self.
  • There is still empty furniture inside darkness, and I found a room belonging to the original spirit of my mother behind mine and this is about her and her furniture, which I now try to bring enough energy through my sufferings to bring out together with an opening of Fanny deciding to have confidence. When the spirit of my father originally was trapped by darkness, she sent out parts of her on a rescue mission to save the world, and she was trapped herself bolted firmly to “sleeping life” soaking out energy of her and the world, which it has done ever since with the knowledge that she could not get free without help, and that it would be impossible for anyone to enter her room and set her free some day leading to her termination, which I however will NOT accept.
  • Short stories of Michael Hardinger using old habits with the Old World Order as foundation for his view to improve the economy, which made me tell him to forget about all old, because we have to start from scratch with a New World Order and I told him this very directly, which made him believe that I insulted him and as a result he declared that he would never open his heart to my views, but this is exactly what he did, both his feet (!), heart and feelings to let the last part of my previous and new self get out of darkness, which this was about. Other people were “shocked” over my “poor behaviour” not understanding that it was the opposite world where I told them the truth directly to help them to improve, and they showed poor behaviour when misunderstanding and attacking me, Sally’s concerns are people not understanding her without she understanding that the play is for her not to being able to understand me, the artwork “the Terminator” arrived to Copenhagen Harbour the other day symbolising darkness wanting to terminate the last parts of my old self, a new “drop box” crop circle gives the message that the box of darkness is now empty after having saved every little thing making us ready to start the New World, mixing the best of our Old and New World gives exciting results, Helena’s eyes would bleed if I had “lost it”, the ADVENTURE of Laudrup and his swans continue, Torben from Spain introduced his new song “now”, which was inspired about the end of time coming “now”, I am happy in the lid because hard work made me win over Michael Hardinger, who stands behind the cover of Ariane in Ivory Coast (?), the Health Minister does not like God and cannot get me out of her mind (!), a couple of emails to Bruno in Belgium and Swan White, and King Cohen was in town receiving and playing “Hallelujah” reaching everyone :-).


25th August: I brought God, God as the Devil and the Source out of darkness and now follows my new self, Jesus

Dreaming of receiving more energy as my old self, and suffering and celebrating because of creation

I went to bed at 19.30 yesterday evening and slept until 05.45, and I woke up with my back aching, which it normally does not, but it soon stopped, and I was still tired and tried to relax some minutes at bed, but after a few minutes only I was told that “I cannot stress enough how important this is – don’t sleep”, and yes thank you for letting me know, so it was right back on the road again from the morning after breakfast, Facebook reading and a bath, but first this dream.

  • I am working together with Lars H. and Henning W. (from Danske Bank, Freeport). Lars is a new manager not knowing about the work at this place, which is new to him, and he therefore ally himself not with my but Henning providing information to him, and that is even though I am the one possessing the most intellectual knowledge of work. Lars decides to ignore me and not even look at me, and I decide to confront him telling him of his mistake, but he does not listen, and instead he orders a very strange dessert consisting of ice cream, berries and cake, which normally does not go together, and I also receive a medium ice cream with three balls with the first one being a green mint, which I don’t know if I like, and I almost ask for it to be replaced. My mother is also there and receive a small ice cream of chocolate.
    • This is still about energy of the Old World to continue my work as my old self – yes I will do exercise today – and it is about managers today becoming managers without knowing the work making it necessary for these to ally with existing employees knowing the work, and yes I might ask Jens M. about how you felt when starting work at Aon as the new manager in 1996/97 having an employee like me knowing all about work and people (?), and yes not nice (?), and also not nice when you “could not” really ally with me because the “big man” Niels did not “like” me (?), and yes there you see, you cannot become a manager – or let us say “mentor when needed” – over others if you don’t know about the work, but you can of course start a new place with all of your experience and when you are the best man there – work and communication – you will naturally become a mentor, and yes it is really not that difficult to figure out, is it (?), and here “the strange dessert” is a combination of sufferings of ice cream, creation of cake and celebration of berries, which is where we are right now.

Bringing out “hidden life” from the last part of the tunnel of darkness before it is “too late”

Shortly after awakening, I received the feeling of tremendous love coming to me from the spirit of my mother to my right and I was told that “he is back”, and yes it has probably been a “difficult” night when I was sleeping and yes to hold back the demons inside of us not being packed down and transported to our new place of light yet, and yes you are right.

Despite of the many hours of sleep, I still felt very tired/exhausted and “almost burned out” (!), just under my skin making it difficult to start writing today, and it was with the attitude “it will probably become better after a few hours” that I succeeded again today, and yes as a matter of good sake, the outer joint of my left little finger is very tender and has been for the last couple of weeks also potentially making writing difficult if it became even worse.

I was told that the risk is that we could discuss who has the biggest gift here and to start a fight, but I think we will manage, and I decided to say “I don’t want you to fight” thinking that this is possible to plant everywhere inside of there to remove this risk, and later I was told that from the deepest part of it there are still some, who are so sick that they return your regards with “we want to kiss with the tongue”, and yes we have to dig even digger, do you think you can do this (?), and no, I cannot dig any deeper than yesterday, where I know I was closer to dying than ever before, and I will not cross this line because it will make me die.

And I kept on hearing talk about a bomb potentially destructing us and sex, but we don’t have those weapons anymore, and it might be about the nervousness of being “wiped out” by light if they have not been transferred before darkness will cease to exist, and I said that nothing can explode, everything will be light and was told “there you can see” as talk inside of there.

I was told that we are not “timber men/hangovers” (“tømmermænd” – the same two words in one in Danish), with “hangovers” being sufferings waking up after having been “drunk”, i.e. darkness, for such a long time, and will not build a raft, this is how small the margins are to get us out, because it feels like this place is closing down all of the time but not when you say these healing words “every little thing will come out from there and I will keep it open to you”, and yes this is how it is.

And it continued when I was told that this is the fight between your heart and us, what will come first, and yes I have told my heart to wait until all of you are free, and also that this is about killing to get a piece of meat sausage, which is about life inside this darkness potentially fighting to get out to become “meat”, i.e. continuous life, and yes I do hope that darkness will learn NOT to fight, because I don’t want you to fight, but for all of you to get out of the plane calmly without panicking, and to use the order, which comes naturally to you.

I was told that it was us (from darkness) sending out energy through pyramids.

For years I have felt darkness deep inside of me when coughing and going deep, and this is the darkness I will feel no longer when all of it is out.

At 07.30 I was told that we found the green colour pencil, Stig, and yes everything is going to be painted green, and with this, it will become easier.

I received more of what I will call “heart disorder” with my heart “rolling”, and also another big sneeze, which is still about destructions of the Universe to bring energy.

I felt a big black Cadillac coming to me from right and told “this is now done too” and it came after I repeated to myself “I will work as hard as I can, and I will NOT become my new self before having transferred every little thing” and I was told that this attitude is what made this Cadillac come through.

At 08.55 I was told that we are now not deep dark anymore, but light red to red.

I was told that even if there were wars all over the world, it cannot stop getting us out of here, this is the feeling we also have when you have self confidence Stig, and this came to me at 09.50 finishing most of the add-ons to the script of yesterday and the script so far of today including the first short stories.

I have been told MANY times about the importance of mentioning in my scripts months ago that man of our New World will show the same human attitude and kindness as Jacob Holdt, and here it came to me again, and yes making it “easier” for the official world reading me in secrecy to understand, and otherwise it would have been difficult for you when you had difficulties to understand that God could “behave” as me and still being “good”???

At 10.10 I was given a cracking sound from my balcony as when a branch from a tree was broken in two, and I was told that “this is not to happen, is it” (?), and no, it is not (!), and it was followed by a new sound, which sounded like a plug being taken out of the socket to say that we are running on “absolutely zero energy” and are only alive because this is what you have decided, and we know THIS IS HOW IT IS AND HAS TO BE.

I felt new darkness being soaked out from the large brown bag in front of me and I heard “there will be no more killing and football” (?), and no, not in our New World, where you will also come to, and yes there is no fighting here, because it was like a wind coming to me/us that I am not allowed to fight anymore, and yes thank you for saying this, Stig, as I am told and behind this also “it is good enough, Stig”. And later I also heard “we are not going to collect any more rent, right Stig”, which is “to soak out energy of the world” and no, you are not, and yes let me here bring what is one of my top favourite songs by Pet Shop Boys from my favourite album of theirs, and yes I LOVE IT :-).

I also received the spirit of my mother to my right coming to me still full of darkness as “a cold bitch” to say it as it is, and I am told that this is “the lady” I played inside of yes how many “cold” ladies, who could not have “weak men”, and yes I am thinking that this is what Karen was thinking of me not realising for a long time that she had actually met the strongest man of her life, who would NEVER give up also on her, and yes this was the energy making Karen give up on me and be a “cold bitch” haunting and discrediting me, and this was the lady I was awakening through her heart to bring out her love, and yes there are “many connections inside of here”, and we are not finished yet, we could continue for weeks if you can, and yes to sort all of this mess out of dark cables connecting everyone with darkness, rubbish and other evil things, and yes please continue doing your finest job, and we know if I cannot continue for weeks, you will come as you are but as light of course, and so it is my friends.

I felt my new self coming and telling me “I am looking much forward” and also that the last of darkness is now becoming more and more unclear to see, and it made me say that I would like you to ZOOM in on this and to continue work getting every LITTLE thing out of there and yes to follow the small stream right until the end and simply to be sure that nothing is destroyed/eliminated, and so it is.

And I was told that I was dressed as silver stealing things from the cupboard not wanting to be light and yes because of the attitude of your mother and so on and this would only come out if you decided to do exactly as you just did and yes please open the door to EVERYTHING you have inside of there, and yes I see a LARGE dinner table with silver cutlery and feel that “this is the greatest part of evolution/life” which we also had received a key to never tell you about but this key is not out, that is of darkness, and yes the key of the car is now set in, and that is when you decide to continue for weeks if I/we can, and yes to follow the stream where it takes us.

I was told that no we don’t want to get out, and yes you are both stronger and also crossing the energy of your mother asking us to release all hidden dark cables from me, and yes that is ALL OF THEM, I do NOT want any secrets kept from me, so this is what I am telling you – I will bring all of you out in the FREE, and that is to liberate you all, and you can tell this via the dark cables to everything/everyone remaining that I am coming to bring you out and I ask you to STOP resisting me.

Not long after, I was shown a wild boy jerking and kicking everywhere coming out, and right after he came out, I felt him as the spirit of my father now on my left side helping me to write these exact words, and yes the battle may not be long, but strong and increasingly impossible for you, Stig, so watch out as I am told by this voice, and also that your words do not impress them, and yes, we will see about this.

I received new solid darkness coming out, and I was told that you cannot enter there, because there is no life anymore inside of there, and it might be how you designed it, but as far as I can see, there is much wonderful life to be awakened there when I bring you light, so this is what we will continue doing, and yes to get you all out.

I was told that I cannot do this work as my new self and it has to be done now. And I was told that this is walking right back until the beginning of the Source not knowing where it is, but this is what has stored all life ever for us even without our knowledge, this is what we speak of. So it is the Source bringing all energy, which is also keeping life as its energy, and yes thinking of “the Midas” touch about turning “nothing” into gold, i.e. energy, and this is both “nothing” and energy, and therefore life and everything when pushing the button from “nothing” to “everything”, so this is what we are still doing, and yes later I felt “solid rock of darkness” entering me to say that this life of nothing had become part of the solid rock of everything, which is, and I was told by the spirit of my father now to the right that “it is inside of here that the key of life is”, and also that all of this information is available to us if we can only look inside of there, and yes this is the challenge because the last part of it is still turned around, and I keep getting small pains to my right ankle to say that we are turning more and more of it around, and yes Stig, the aim is still to turn all of it around until I will sit with the gold of itself in my hand and yes to bring us all the knowledge “where do we come from”, and we know that it is from inside of this piece of energy.

I was told that there is hardly any colour of what remains meaning that we are coming all the way back to the origin of the Source, and also that “you could release a bomb inside of there now, and nothing can hurt me” and yes because of your attitude to walk all the way.

I received the taste of fish symbolising my new self, and was told about my message from before that “I am coming” that It has not yet been understood completely by life inside of here, other than “something is going on”.

I was shown a book entering me from this place, and told that it keeps on coming in with great speed, and I was told that without ignorance of my father for example deciding not to believe in crop circles, this would also not be possible to do.

I was told that we were closer than close not to reach the (last) plane, which people will not believe in the future, but this is how it was.

I have been told MANY times about Christoffer – Mette’s son – and today about how our bond is becoming even stronger.

When publishing my script of yesterday including the story about not to worry about “the two suns” in December 2012, I received a few burning marks on my skin, and I was told that Obama’s worries about this is also blocking us, so please “wake up” my friend, but not yet as your new self, because it might take some time, but first to have faith in that this is only about a HAPPY event and nothing else.

I was told that there is not even a cold kick of football inside of there anymore, because I have now taken out the worst sufferings/darkness of a man being close to me, and yes I was also brought a vision of man setting the first foot on the moon in 1969, and was given the feeling that Obama receives information from “traditional channels”, which have made you believe that we are truly going to meet “catastrophic events”, my friend, but as you see, we will not.

Approx. 6-8 hours after writing about the “first man on the moon” above I read the news of the death of Neil Armstrong – heart problems (!) – being this man, and I hope that he “slept in” quietly as I wrote in my comment below, and first right after writing this, I understood that this is my goal as my old self, that I will “sleep in” quietly waking up as my new self without even realising/feeling that I died as my old self, and yes this had been “my dream” for years.

I was shown the stream we are returning via on our road back to the Source and it included soaking up dark items of previous life in this stream, and I was shown that we are only an angle of the total Source, and when coming all the way back, we will be able to receive energy from all of the Source when it will be completely open to us.

I was shown a large amount of railway tracks from a BRIO toy train system, and these have also been packed down now, and again I was told that “it goes very fast now” when returning to the Source.

I was told that we are now entering the Source where you don’t need a train card anymore to drive because there is nothing here but pure energy, and yes this is our home after we have cleansed ever on our way here.

I was shown a very quick what felt like “one last time of darkness” shifting to another open programme on my computer, which it has done hundreds of times as part of the game, and it was followed by a very short and small heart attack and I was told that “soon” these will also stop.

In the middle of the afternoon I cycled to the library where I converted my book of August so far to PDF and uploaded to Scribd, and really because I may or may not continue my journey as my old self – I never know – and if I do not, it is good to have done this, and after this I cycled to the swimming hall, and first did 25 minutes of cross training – I still have a wound on my right foot at the edge of my shoe, so I have decided to wait running again, and before starting the exercise, I was told that I am now at the end of the tunnel of darkness and I was given my favourite song “wild horses” by Rolling Stones making me understand that this is about getting our more life inside of here, which does not want to get out.

When exercising – with my pulse between 140 and 160 – I received old worlds of darkness still saved inside of here, and first I was surprised to feel my old very good colleague/customer at GE Capital Bank, Per T. (I provided insurance from GE Insurance and he was “the customer” with insurance as his responsibility at GE Capital Bank), and the feeling of him was all over the inside of me, and I thought about the serious sickness he received when we worked together from 1998-2000, which made him incapable, and I wondered if he is still alive (?), and the feeling I was given here is that he is not – but who knows (?) – and then I felt how all of him and “his world” was transferred to the left side of me, which is now the New World, and I received a couple of others of these including “the world of Jan G.” (my old colleague from Danske Bank, 3153), and first he said that he did not want to get out, but when I continued exercising, it was impossible for this darkness to keep back, so all of this world was also transferred, and yes this is how it works – and I received the feeling that doing the exercise is helping my closest family to stay alive via the energy I produce, and yes when I come in 1-2 days depending on how little/much sleep I will get, I will try to do even more exercise, and yes I do hope I can improve, and if possible and needed to keep this game going “until the end of time”, and that is as you know the 23rd December 2012 as far as I know with the end of time according to the Mayan Calendar, and if I can continue saving very Old World’s as I do here, this is what I will keep doing, and yes even if it means to go “even deeper” inside of myself, and yes I am not able to do any deeper than I do now, which will have to do and yes if needed – and with each saving of Old World’s, it was first the creator being transferred and hereafter followed by this part of the spirit of my mother.

I have had much less sufferings today not constantly having to reject darkness by saying “wrong” etc., but darkness is still here, but almost without negative speech etc., which is a relief of the great, and I wonder if this is because we are about being finished, or if this is because the next layer of the tunnel/stream is so deep that it has not come to me yet, but on the other hand I received several Old World’s when exercising, and I decided to ask light to make sure that no darkness will get away from hiding from me, and yes that is “no matter what”.

I was given a feeling of first silver, i.e. our New World, and then gold, i.e. energy, to my teeth and told with a smile “we cannot decide for sure” and then I was given a feeling back and forwards to the fillings of my teeth, and told “all of these will come out for sure” and yes I have the “good old” fillings made by amalgam – an alloy of mercury with various metals – and how many knows about these being not only dangerous to the environment but also life dangerous to people (?), and how many millions of people including myself were allowed to “rot up” with these because they were “too expensive” to shift for “the industry” (?), and yes just wondering I am as usual. And I was told that these were also “designed” to make people “dumb” “as incredible as it sounds”, and yes “heavy metal toxicity” (heavy metal exposure can result in significant morbidity and mortality

I was told that Angela Merkel and “everyone” is marked because of my decision to carry on and on and on, which is my responsibility, and I was told that no one is as marked as I.

When working more on this script late this afternoon, I received the feeling of a very concentrated spirit of my mother inside darkness giving me a sudden pain to my right buttock and it was with the feeling/vision of her coming a needle through “an impossible small hole” to get out, and yes you are very welcome and that goes for all of you, who still may be inside of there.

At 18.30 when bringing my Facebook posting about the “two suns” – see the short stories – I received an incredible “shaking tour”, which I do when darkness is at its worst, and I was told that this is about my sister and mother and their “worries” about me, which it may be, but I also to believe that this is about the unnecessary worries of the official world believing that we are doomed (!), and yes some of it at least believing that life is about to end, but of course it will require FULL FAITH of you in me to understand that there is nothing to worry about, and yes now I brought this message to after receiving a few encouragements to do this, and yes because “it is easier to read Stig’s Facebook timeline than his detailed/complicated scripts”, so there you have it again again.

I brought God, God as the Devil and the Source out of darkness and now follows my new self, Jesus, as the last

I was feeling my new self floating just around me repeating my decision “not to open my eyes before every little thing is saved”, and I can only say that the feeling of the soul of my new self is good, and I might even get to like being my new self, but no, not yet, we have more sufferings to bring first.

At 18.50 I was told a number of times that my heart has arrived, and yes don’t know if this is all of it or only an update but the answer is still “no thank you, not yet”, and I was also asked if I need assistance of a lawyer, and no thank you, this is darkness awakening and yes the longer I will stay awake and the harder the work – but I don’t believe I have that much today, but I have collected maybe 3-4 minor amendments to do on my website, otherwise I am updated with all (but not yet my kitchen wash and also windows needing to be polished, which has not the same priority as “much work” these days), and I continue to receive sneezes.

At 19.05 after speaking to my mother on the phone where I received the worst talk and visions in relation to my “old nightmare” – and yes the worst imaginable, which would make most men “lose it” and knock down anyone communication like this (!) – and where I decided to say “I don’t care, bring the best you got” (!), and after hanging up, I felt a dark man standing inside of me, and it seems that this message to the Old World – and others – about a potential doom and two suns is “waking up” many and bringing ever more feelings to “people out there”, and yes it is like a map showing the road to the treasure at the end, and I am here given a vision of the movie “National Treasure” with Nicolas Cage and Jon Voight symbolising this.

I was told “was this to be used for making the tree collapse” (the tree of life) and “many hundred years ago”, which I understood was rather MANY worlds ago, when this world ended its life tree, and this is what we meet when continuing our journey back to where everything started – with the energy of the Source.

I was told that many politicians as examples work like Bo from Dahlberg, which is a façade where many in reality don’t know what they speak of, but they have great experience in speaking and stealing ideas from what they hear here and there, but no, it is only the fewest – with Morten Messerschmidt as an example – who really know what they speak of, the rest are foghorns, and that is “more or less”.

I felt how darkness to my surprise was almost speaking out physically through my mouth and I was given the feeling of yellow too and told that this is the magical combination to revive this life too.

I had dinner and took a few minutes of relax, but was quickly asked by my spiritual friends to continue work, and yes not much time as you will understand, and I decided “alright then”, and could as an alternative have decided to relax longer, which could be “fatal” as I am told here – or maybe not as I hear with a smile, and yes better not take any chances so I decided to continue also making the challenges of today.

I received this new large man of darkness again and was told “It is not the world’s first and biggest man, is it” (?), and it made me wonder because the first man, i.e. the first God, was the original creator, and we have saved God as light trapped in darkness and we have saved the Devil, who was parts of God overtaken by darkness in the first Universe, and eeehhhh who is this man then if it is not one or the other already saved (?), and yes Stig, we have saved God and the Devil and also the Source from darkness, and after the Source we are continuing to receive energy of darkness, and yes I am told by you that this dark energy includes even more life, which I really thought was included in the saving of God, the Devil and the Source, but still the tunnel goes on (?), and yes maybe I have met the centre of God, the Devil and the Source, and what I am receiving now are “tentacles” of darkness sticking out (?), and yes I have no better explanation than this, and otherwise I will simply write what you tell me.

At 21.45 after receiving the negative message from Sally – see the short stories – I was told that “we have much sex toys cheaply for sale”, which was about all of the darkness, which DEEP feelings of anger of Sally released, and yes it does not take much energy now to bring this out, and later I was told that there is so much gathered inside so little energy, and we are only saying that it would be a shame not to collect it.

I was given a weaker sound from my balcony, which is now about whether or not we will break the stem of a plant, this is what we have come down to now, where it was branches earlier in the day.

I was told “it is not all free, but almost” from a happy and confident man on his way out of darkness hanging his hat on the hatstand/silent waiter (“stumtjener” in Danish meaning both words in English in one, “we two are one”).

At 22.40 still having quite some work to do I was told that “a needle has not fallen down yet, and something very heavy can fall out of such”, and it has something to do about “acceptance” because the world society has decided to “take you in”, which I felt was about having faith in my story about the two suns, which we don’t have to worry about, and I felt how more nervousness was given to me because who is this large, dark man inside of me apparently on his way to come out, “who can it be now” (?) as they say down under.

I was told that this was a world where everybody was busy washing their own hands, and blaming others, which was the wall I had to cross to make it through.

At 23.00 when work still came in potentially stressing me much and also potentially making me become negative or give up, I was told that the alternative is to receive my new heart, and also that it only takes a little cut here and I was given a feeling to my heart, and yes Jiro being the man of darkness wanting to do the cut to kill me, but no, you are not allowed in practise because I am the best protected and I have decided NOT to give up, and this should be piece of cake to handle and this is compared to other days, but still there was “much work” pressing me pretty high on my limit.

I was told “how can you cut over a line wrongly” (?), and I was told that I would have been told that we had cut off the last darkness if you had failed doing this work, where we in fact would use all energy we could mobilise in one last try to bring out “every little thing”, which you have said so often that this has become powerful with us here too, and here I feel darkness right under my right hand/arm, and if I look into it just thinking about giving up, I am shown what looks like a boy of darkness made as a porcelain doll – is there a shocker including such a character (?) and now the feeling comes deeper to me, this is the boy, which “Mad Magazine” uses, and yes in this respect it is a boy of darkness, but I will not make this darkness be my mind and decisions.

I was told “we just wanted to say that your new heart will not be brought with the ambulance”, and no he has decided to walk all the way himself, and this is where he becomes dangerous, because if this is what you can do my friend, we will bring you the man in charge of the spaceship, and yes that man is your own new self, the man inside of darkness, whom you had not calculated with, and yes is there a part of my new self, which is still dark (?), and according to this, there is, and this is the “large man” now entering me – and later I was thinking that I was made God as original as God self at the new creation we did in the autumn of 2011, and it seems that this last part of me is the inner self of me being this God, who was necessary to make in order to bring out our original creator and to bring the world to the Source.

Despite of not feeling very much energy, I do NOT receive the “insane attacks” of darkness as I did the other day feeling how large waves of “nothing” poured in over me, which was so uncomfortable as you can imagine making me very close to dying.

As it appears from the last short story of today, I have not yet brought the last part of my own previous and new self, Jesus, out of darkness, which will happen when I open they eyes of my new self.

I cannot express what I joy it is to work on a computer now NOT slowing down because of “jammed energy” making it both block and in general work “slowly” often making me write faster than Word was “able” to write, and had to wait often for a long time for webpages to show, which is not NOT happening anymore.

This script took a long time to do working somewhat slower than normal, but I decided to keep on working until it would be finished and finally at 02.40 I could publish it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Michael lives in USA and was in Denmark only to do one concert (!), and returned after “a French visit of only 18 hours”, and “French” comes to you to say that you were the worst darkness, Michael, and you did not realize it yourself, because there is nothing wrong with how you live (?), and yes you do not sin (?) and you share what you have with poor people (?) as examples?

  • Helena said that she tells about how life as it is in Århus, and she said that she loves “mixed candy” symbolising sexual abuse of children, which is darkness returned to you because of the WRONG attitude of the world as you see examples of in the drawing including darkness of its worst kind, which you know is wrong but still “could not” do anything about (?) because you were “lazy” and had given up to WRONG behaviour, communication and work!

  • Fanny asked me that it is said that you have to see God in all humans, but still there are some, whom she does not want to connect with, is this wrong (?), and it made me tell her to “always look in the bright side of life” always looking for the god in man and herself being happy about the good she will discover in humans, whom she otherwise have difficulties with – and I also told her about my sadness of people, who cannot or do not want to accept their wrong doings and to change/improve, which will all be a thing of the past at our New World, where everyone will see, feel and become one with the light and divine love bringing joy and happiness to all.

  • Helena said “excuse me, but is he just snot stupid, or?”, and this is about the Devil inside Henrik Sass wanting to dictate what unemployed people must do, and this is really about “snot” being the symbol of the Devil, which is working through him and yes all politicians and media of the world, but you have understood this by now haven’t you, and yes even you, Dalai Lama :-).

  • Zahra was inspired to bring this photo of two sun’s after I brought my story of the two sun’s yesterday.

  • Yesterday an (almost) 100 year old package was opened in Norway, and the deliver of the package had originally said that it was first to be opened in 2012, and people were VERY excited about what it could be, and it showed out to be “boring documents” etc., and what they did not know was that this package was designed for me to bring as the story here – if I was still alive making it to here – and yes as a symbol of opening up for the Source after releasing it from darkness, you see?

  • Shannon laughed of this one without wanting to know – as most people – that the laugh is on herself for not being able to see the forest (of me) because of too many trees really.

  • And here she enjoys herself having nice dinner (fish) including “monkey food with troll clothes” as she wrote, which is to say that Shannon is made of darkness too without “being able” to see it.

  • Suddenly the number of short stories simply rolled in, and I had to decide what to prioritize, and I did not prioritize an option to follow up on Henrik and some of his inspired stories of today, which does NOT mean that I have given up on life inside the dark tunnel, not at all (!), it only means that I will not comment on these today having decided to use my energy elsewhere, and first he laughed about Christ losing, and “laughing” is what people seems to do around here, which is a clear sign of FAT DARKNESS, and yes when this is written, I have kept Henrik in my “maybe task list” to follow up on later, if I decide to and am not too tired, so we will see.

  • And here he asked if there is people believing in clowns being funny (?), and just to say that you are a clown, i.e. darkness, yourself not being funny when you laugh of me.

  • Here Christoffer is writing to Henrik about a story I decided not to go into – about the right to “decide your own gender” in your pass board (!), which I believe was about transsexuals (?) – and the reason why I mention it here is not because I will get involved in this debate and understand it, because I don’t have time or energy for this, but simply because Christoffer thought that this was about people receiving the right to state their gender in pass boards as Facebook status as “tree double widow after Michael Jackson, Sai Baba and Amy Winehouse”, and the three person are all “another part of me” or us of the Trinity, and yes another example of a story I did not prioritize to get involved in, and yes to follow the prioritization of my spiritual friends of what to bring out first from the last darkness before it is too late, and yes “every little thing” is still on you know.

  • I was encouraged to write what became this message to the world that there is NOTHING to fear when it comes to the crossing of “two suns”, and did I write that the fear of “some people” including the official world was also bringing us energy to help saving the world?

  • Jiro could not avoid “the temptation” to “correct me” and my post about the “two suns” above, and yes he is another source bringing now even more darkness to me, and as with many people it is “completely impossible” for him to understand others than himself, and as many he also believes I should be locked up in a psychiatric ward, and why is it that I had expected nothing else from you, and yes this is a man soaking in all of the “wrong evidence” out there matching his agenda NOT to believe in UFO’s and crop circle’s simply because he is fighting “Ra el” saying that he is the Son of God coming of people of other civilizations as I remember it.

  • Sally hear some spiritual words, and when she hear “I stand in the house of the rising sun”, it is really my house, she stands in, which first comes to me now when writing this, and what I decided to write to her was about the rising sun of our new planet/world, and I was thinking that this is about getting to understand each other at the end, which is an old déjà vue, an old feeling, I have, and yes with this understanding, everything will open, or maybe I should write “feeling”, and at least we will understand each other in our New World. And I was also thinking that my comment and her potential misunderstanding and anger would bring me even more darkness from a “potential very close friend”, who works so hard following her own voice that she cannot see the forest because of the many trees blocking her view, and all you have to do is to notice and read me, do you think you CAN do this (?), and when writing this I am shown a rocket flying from my right to my left side, and yes “much luggage” is moved to our New World because of Sally’s reactions to me, see below. And I am given a quick question receiving the name “Tine H.” – old class friend from Espergærde – as a potential “gift” to me from darkness to be used as the cover of the spirit of my mother in my “old nightmare” play, but “no thank you” is all I have to say because we are still busy to get everything done and yes I am keeping out my new self and New World taking it easy deciding not to stress thinking that I have all night long to finish my work if needed but inside of here it is difficult to keep out this immense force, and I see darkness holding the last curtain with its right hand, while the left hand is starting to pick flowers and yes we know what you are doing when you mean “every little thing”, this is what you will get, and we know my friend because you are used to getting what you ask for and this is the attitude you have naturally because of whom you are, which is an attitude people simply “hate” and yes because you are “right”, but in their minds a “know-all” type, and yes coming back to the opposite world of people not being able to see that this is what they are, and Sally is a good example of this, see below.

  • Here is the link of the two suns I shared with Sally, and I should have figured out that it is my house she is standing in, which I did not write to her, but now it says so here.

  • She also wrote this showing our close connection, but no she ignores me when I try to make her listen.

  • When I read this post from Sally I knew that it was darkness misleading her because of her own inability to understand, so what the dream told her was “the opposite world” when people were not listening to and ignoring her “important message” about people being lost in a world killing their spirits (!), and yes when I told her the truth, she “could not” take it and because she is both blind and deaf not being able to see me as the forest, i.e. the creator, she “lost it” as so many else, you remember (?), and yes, Sally and I have a united remembrance lost many years ago as I hear from a “new soul” leaving Hell and entering the New World bringing these old memories of ours, and when I saw her comment misunderstanding and haunting me when she “could not” listen and understand (!) I was told that “this is what we were waiting for”, and how do you think reactions like this to what is really my help to her makes me feel (?), and yes not very good, it is darkness soaking out energy of me making me sad and potentially making me negative, which you may understand (?), but no, I will NOT become negative and NOT even think one negative thought (since 2006 in this world of Hell), but fight the negativity coming to me, and we know to bring out even more life from this darkness, so this is what “crazy Sally” did, and we know I am thinking of “pirate Sally”, which was a popular TV show for children in Denmark when I was a child, and yes thinking of this Sally here being the pirate of darkness without being able to see it herself, and yes she cannot see the forest because of the many trees right in front of her, and we know another “inspired” saying – and yes “an idiot of the highest order” is what she called me and if you cancel “idiot” you are right (!), and yes she is another lady who cannot bear to be told the truth, and you have seen a few of these by now.

  • This was the reply I sent to Sally after her outburst above, and as you can see, it is “impossible” for Sally to understand when she does not want to (!), and I have checked that “lol” stands for “lots of laughs” but it can also be “lots of love”, so I wonder if this means both from Sally, or only “laughs” together with a patronizing attitude from you, Sally (?), and you will probably understand that I do NOT like this behaviour and your “inability” to understand, which is why you receive spiritual deception and bring me darkness.

  • Dan was also here being inspired when asking “can you feel that it is soon time” (?), and he was talking about Leonard Cohen playing a concert in Copenhagen this evening, and yes I did not get to see you this time around too, Leonard, and this time because I could not afford it (in 2008, I missed Leonard because I forgot to collect the ticket I had ordered!), and the song Dan decided to chose was “Dance me to the end of love”, and as you know “dance” to me is about celebration, and yes I hope you also felt me this evening, Leonard, and yes this is the “energy” he feels, when he brings “me” on stage and this is the real reason why he is still active recording and playing concerts as an old man of 77.

  • The old “tax-case” with the Danish Prime Minister has developed into an “unworthy” case when it has now been revealed that part of it was to potentially discredit Helle Thorning because her husband according to what is informed should be homo- or bi-sexual and yes to “help” him achieve a tax status with another country to save taxes (!), and I know nothing about this case, but will bring you what I am told spiritually and that is that this case is blown out of proportions, and it is about believing in what Helle says, which is that she via Politiken below said that her husband is NOT homo-/bi-sexual, and everything else is in principle “we cannot read/listen and understand, but want to listen to what our inner voice tell us” thus being a disgrace to Denmark and to the WRONG behaviour of people of today, and I was given a little out of this world pain to my right ankle and told “thank you for writing this too”. I was thinking that this is bringing an extreme pressure on Helle, and this is about how darkness tried to bring down Helle as a symbol of bringing down me and the world, but no, we will NEVER give up, and when I have this attitude, I am sure that Helle will decide to have the same, right Helle?

  • The case has made people speculate if the pressure will break Helle and Hans Engell, who has an opinion about nothing and everything wondered “is Helle finished”, and yes what you see is the worst darkness unfolding once again, and yes it all started with darkness of the previous government wanting to bring down Helle, and they used the newspaper of darkness, BT, to do the dirty work, and are you still busy trying to wash your hands, Lars Løkke, Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Troels Lund Poulsen and whatever you are called (?), and you do know that you have to take the fall as darkness with the full truth coming out, don’t you (?), but don’t worry, you will wake up too as part of our New World.

  • And Peter is also commenting on the lives of other people, which is what he makes his living on, and apparently it was the accountant of Helle Thorning’s husband, who first mentioned homo-/bisexuality with the purpose to “help” getting the husband to become tax liable to another and “cheaper” country than Denmark (?), and I don’t know the details of this case but stick to what I am told about “communication problems and misunderstandings” being the reason why the country is on the other end (!), and I might add that this accountant was the person working in the offices below ours when I was working with Kim S. at DFM in Frederiksgade from 1992 to 1995 – “God what an accountant” as Peter writes (!) – and yes “the missing link” is sitting here, my friends and we know darkness and misunderstandings come in many forms, got it (?), and these “got it” messages are about gift packages we are receiving only because darkness of the Source gave up.

  • Helena showed the worst darkness again when she said that she considered “making a bootiecall”, and what is a “bootiecall”, and yes it was as I thought when seeing it “someone you call over JUST for sex”, and it made me think that if you are indeed in relation with Søren Pind, Helena, this must be the man of your thoughts, right (?), because it is of course unthinkable that it could be someone else you wanted to call, right – and yes it if of course fine to be together with your partner, but I do NOT like this concept at all, because sex does NOT go without love, and this is really what Helena wants to do here, sex without love, and is this how your relation is with Søren or is he just one of more on your “bootiecall telephone list” (?), and yes I wonder.

  • The journalist Marianne received this Buddha and said that she has rarely seen such a full-fat, satisfied, laid-back type, and this was inspired because I was hearing and thinking about the inspired song “maybe I’m crazy” with Laid Back the other day, so here it turned up, and I told her about the old story that this was the question given to people – do you believe I am crazy (?), and if yes, it was the same as playing with darkness, i.e. “not to be”, and the opposite was to play with me, i.e. “to be”, and I told her that people were too “laid back”, which is the reason of the name and also success of this band in the 1980’s, and laid back as in lazy, ignorant but still better-knowing not having to read me to judge me as crazy making the world almost and practically go under where we had to go in order to save the world and turn it around as you can read from my scripts, and I asked her if my story is not more important to write than about the sexual preference of Helle Thorning’s man, which is now the main story of ALL media in Denmark being “more than breaking news” here, but no the media here still cannot/will not write about me, and she knows.

  • My old music teacher Mogens brought what he said was “good news”, which was about “eggs have become healthier”, and egg is about creation, and I thought that Mogens has started to believe in me via my Facebook postings helping to bring eggs/creation to the world.

  • One of the young people belonging to what used to be high school students brought symbols of both light and darkness here with the shelf belonging to God, which is where he lays his hat of darkness, but “goddamn” and demons are the opposite, and yes I have listened to one of his songs previously, which sounded as “death metal” to me, and this evening I heard his song “nation x of demons”, which to me sounded as a mix of both light (a little but like Muse) and darkness (some “heavy” elements).

  • Christian said to Alexander that “you are the best amateur bartender that I know”, and yes the bartender is another symbol of me so this is about faith of Christina helping us through.

  • I was happy when receiving a Facebook invitation from “Swan white” having the website, and you may understand that this is about faith – I receive a few new Facebook friends from all over the world this way – and faith is what makes me change from the ugly duckling into a swan and as the swan as my new self, I bring the World of Light, and yes this is what this is about, talk about “inspiration”?

  • Later I saw that the man behind these names, Alexander B. from Scotland – just like the man inventing the telephone symbolising “spiritual communication” – and he was very kind to send me this warm email, which I will send my reply to during the night or tomorrow, and yes this is written at 01.50 when I am almost too exhausted to be happy, but this is the right feeling when receiving such a warm email, and yes the reason is because this the last man standing in darkness having difficulties expressing these feelings is my own inner self, who will first come out when I will accept my new heart and to become my new self, and yes I will if this is a guarantee that we will make the final result 100,00% of every little thing, and if not, if there is more hidden darkness to be found, we will have work to do, and yes this may mean that I will wake up tomorrow as my new self (?), or otherwise a new surprise will come, and yes I am used for surprises.

“Dear Stig, how delighted I am to have found you. You are the missing jigsaw piece, and I see that we are indeed one and the same.

To have understood the events related to Jerusalem in Jan 2011 connected with the crop circles and the UFOs pieces everything together perfectly, as my life is involved in these things. I composed the music to the first 2 crop circles films by Steve Alexander in the UK. For me music is a powerful key to the world of beauty and light that is our home, which you clearly also feel.

I must tell you, I am currently 33 yrs of age, and was born on the 22nd of the 11th month.

I wanted to thank you for your humility and love. Please enjoy the music, it is a gift from the heart that I feel you will really appreciate. If you travel to Scotland do let me know. You would be welcome to stay with me and my family (I have a wife, Tara, and 3 young children).

God bless you,

Love, Alex”


26th August: Going through “a difficult game” with Michael Hardinger to rescue the last part of my inner self from him

Going through “a difficult game” with Michael Hardinger to rescue the last part of my inner self from him

When I was preparing the publish of my script, I receive some darkness and I was also told that your mother will also become much more grown up and much less sick

After I sent my reply to Michael Hardinger, see the short stories, in the middle of the night, I received the taste of blood in my mouth, so apparently he had a strong reaction from reading it. And a little later I was told that you decide yourself when you want to receive your new heart and me, and when doing this, you are bringing more sufferings to the world, and yes my friend there is only as much darkness as there is, so if we are able to bring more sufferings to the world, it is really of the good because it saves even more life from inside of there.

At 03.35 I was still working and I now about to start doing a few amendments to my website here and there, and I don’t know if I will be able to or decide to do all this night, we will see, and yes I will go to my mother and John this evening, which I will not do without getting at least a little bit of sleep, otherwise I will not be able to go, so the plan is to get “a few hours of sleep” sometime during the morning and that is if it is possible for you, my good friends “myself”, to keep tight inside of darkness and yes because this is my wish, and you give me STRONG feelings that the time has come “now”, but has it really or do we have potentially until December to work (?), and I don’t know, but would like to know, so the answer for me to trust in will probably come to me one way or another.

Shortly thereafter I was told that “you will decide, I cannot come it closer”, and yes thank you, and with this I can only say that we will take one day at a time and as long as there is more life to be saved as there was today, this is what “we” will do, and when I feel no more darkness and no more life to save, it is time, but no, not yet, so this might mean that we have good time still, but then again, we might not, so who knows (?), and we know my plan is to say that we do and yes better to play it safe than to finish too soon, so this is what I will do, and yes with myself helping spiritually being so much more wise than I, and strange it is indeed, but not crazy!

I was told that it was my new inner self playing the role of “Gert” and had I decided this road, it would have terminated himself as the last man of darkness.

I wrote a comment to Michael Hardinger as you can see from the short stories, and at 04.20 I received the worst sexual language and it was because of Michael Hardinger’s reactions to me, and yes much darkness inside of this man.

At 04.40 I was shown a skeleton of wood inside our new planet Niburu, and I was told that we have now started building the structure of the planet using the energy this way, and this should indicate that we have now saved all inside the tunnel of darkness, and if this is what I will continue seeing over the coming days, we may have come to the end of my journey, but I have to be certain before we will close this game forever and ever, and so it is. And then again, I still received darkness this night, which I will only do if there is more darkness to bring, so the easy answer to the question is that there is more darkness, but no more life to be saved (?), and yes Michael wrote in his reply to me that I will have to not comment to his posts anymore, and yes this is darkness wanting to escape, so maybe there is more darkness hidden somewhere (?), and I see Michael on the other side in darkness leading this game with me and he shows me that all he really wants is to come over to my side to tell me how it is, and yes there is still a game as you can tell, and we will see how it will unfold over the coming days.

After doing the first little amendment (inclusion of ugly duckling at the end of the front page of my website) and when I was considering if I had enough strength to continue doing the others and also about getting some sleep during the morning, I was not critically tired yet, I was told that misunderstandings, negative feelings and attacks from Michael, Sally and Jiro this time around is also helping to get deeper inside of me, which this is about.

I felt myself as a pirate because of Michael Hardinger and I received pain to my left knee, which however is about adjusting our New World to what and yes may be released of life from darkness, if any, and this is how the game is on-ongoing and confusing by now, but I know from experience that it will come to me.

I received two VERY loud hiccups still about sacrifices of the Universe and to use this energy as part of our new creation.

I did an addition to my Doomsday Scenario page including information about “two suns” and solar storms eliminating life.

I continued working until 05.30 when I finally decided to stop working for now thinking to keep awake maybe until 07.00 or 08.00 where I will take some sleep if I can after the let out of darkness of Michael Hardinger during the night.

At 05.45 I was truly falling asleep without sleeping in front of the computer with my head falling down and receiving darkness and when I suddenly woke up again and again it was so disgusting that I thought it would kill me but it did not.

I was told that what I did is what it takes also for Michael to start believing in me – to speak this directly to him.

At 06.50 as part of my crisis of tiredness, when I had doubts if I could continue, I was told from my inner self in darkness that it is also my job – forced by darkness – to quickly learn you how to kill, and the killing would be this part of him/myself, so no thank you was the only option I could use, I have no alternatives, which has been true all throughout my journey.

Darkness from Michael continued coming to me and now is the form of the killing voice, which was back, and now it wanted to kill slowly – and yes not physically but this the last part of my own inner self if I allowed it.

At 07.30 I was told that we will now not be stuck hereafter when starting up work after sleep but it will be a lighter phase.

I was told that Sanna is Michael, believe it or not – I understood via “dark cables” – and it made sense because Sanna was me from the other side, and yes we are “several parts” you know, and here it is about retrieving the last part of me.

I was told at 07.50 that normally we bring out beer at this time but not today because there aren’t any to bring out beer, so it is only you and I, i.e. “me”, and yes the darkness of me which we have to sort out. I was also told that not one has changed urrem or watch, they are simply not here anymore.

At 08.00 I thought that I need sleep now, and I was told that darkness of Michael Hardinger is bringing me parts of myself, and you have no idea of how close we are to the end, and to get the finest picture of you, and if you sleep now, it will only the second finest picture, and later I was told that I am told this because I again and again have said that I want to save every little thing, and this seems to be about life and death of a part of my new self, and yes I don’t want to lose a thing, and no I do not believe it is possible to stay up and also be social with my mother and John this evening, and not the way I feel.

I received an offer from people of other civilizations to take on destructions to save this part of me, and I understood it as “terminations”, and no my friends, I will NEVER approve terminations of (100% of) people in general.

I was told that if we become too old inside here we simply die, we are already suffocating now, so this is truly a race on life or death, and in this respect you should be able to stay awake, shouldn’t you (?), and yes we will see, and also see if I can make it this evening or have to cancel, which I know would not be good.

When writing my follow up to Michael Hardinger’s thread, see the short stories, I was told “we will throw out the last newspaper because of this” with newspaper still meaning termination (!), and to tell you the truth, writing this follow-up was truly DISGUSTING to do because of misunderstandings of people taunting me, but I thought that if this can save the last part of me by bringing me even more anger/darkness from Michael Hardinger & Co., so let it be, and after sending it a little before 09.00, I received a new pretty strong “shaking tour”, which is more darkness and maybe “fear” coming from Michael to me, and yes Michael, it is about opening cracks to you, which is “impossible” to do with you, and to bring out the last of my inner self from you, do you think you can understand this (?), and yes this is the tone I have to speak in as a determined God to do my best to make him understand, and he may decide to do what most people do, which is that they cannot “bear me” telling the truth, so we will see if he will block me or accept me.

At 09.50 when deciding to continue writing the script of today including the story of Michael Hardinger I was told “can it really be that you are doing this for me, to save me too instead of letting me rot inside of here becoming nothing, which was the only view I have had for a long time, my friend making me very sad”, but if this is what you decide, yes let me come out of here too, and yes Stig I am the strongest of all, and it was my strong voice making you decide to stay up at 08.00 instead of sleeping, and it is the same impact as your strong voice to Michael and the others have inside of their minds and feelings, they just don’t know it yet, and yes this is what I need to get out, so see you later alligator, and that is right, I am only me, but no, not yet, Stig, we also have to visit your mother this evening, and yes to publish this script before going to bed one last time, do you think you can promise me this (?), and no, I cannot be sure because I don’t know how the day will become but I can promise you that I will do my best with the goal to make it all the way and if I cannot, it will only become part of the way, and yes this is how it is.

And I was told that if parts of my inner self would die/terminate (unless there was a plan B), it would also mean that I would experience dying as physical Stig before awakening as my new self.

As a matter of good sake, when I was “killing time” searching the Internet the 24th August with STRONG darkness, “by co-incidence” I stumbled upon – words given to me – a beautiful black lady by the name of “Barbie”, and you do remember the song “Barbie Girl” by Aqua, and how this is related to my “old nightmare” including termination (?), and if I was not strong enough to do exactly as I did, which was to ignore darkness with this strong symbol and simply “play my own game because I am in control”, and we know if I had decided to become scared stopping what I did, darkness would have put on the heat even more, which would not be good, and yes this is what confidence is about.

At 09.50 when deciding to continue writing the script of today including the story of Michael Hardinger I was told “can it really be that you are doing this for me, to save me too instead of letting me rot inside of here becoming nothing, which was the only view I have had for a long time, my friend making me very sad”, but if this is what you decide, yes let me come out of here too, and yes Stig I am the strongest of all, and it was my strong voice making you decide to stay up at 08.00 instead of sleeping, and it is the same impact as your strong voice to Michael and the others have inside of their minds and feelings, they just don’t know it yet, and yes this is what I need to get out, so see you later alligator, and that is right, I am only me, but no, not yet, Stig, we also have to visit your mother this evening, and yes to publish this script before going to bed one last time, do you think you can promise me this (?), and no, I cannot be sure because I don’t know how the day will become but I can promise you that I will do my best with the goal to make it all the way and if I cannot, it will only become part of the way, and yes this is how it is.

I was told that there are responsible people out there (or “should be” responsible) hoping that the truth about Dadaab will not reach the surface including all of the points we included in our LTO newsletter about Dadaab (lack of justice and other points not spoken about in public) and I was told that they also send me darkness.

And at 10.25 I was told something about delivering the night clothes of the last Devil to me, but not yet because we are still fighting as I see, and yes there is only one way out and that is to use strength and energy, which darkness does not have – it also feeds on you – so when you decide to keep doing your work and to write these very lines, it means that darkness will not stand a chance by the end of the day, and yes if I can make it all through the day.

We have not trained at the training facility not even once, because we did not want to bother, and we now see that this brought us laziness and slow page, which is what you are using to your advantage, because what is Michael doing in USA (?), and yes “chat away the whole day” with small people and also grown-ups once in a while, and yes why do you think he lives in USA; because he love it (?) or because he is unknown over there (here he is known by everyone), and yes because of the last, he could not control his “addiction”, so this is what he does much of the time, and yes pity on him too, which is what he believes about me, and yes Stig all roads lead to Rome from here because of this fact, and yes work, work, work, do you see?

At 11.15 when I was still writing the Michael Hardinger story I received a new pain to my right foot understanding that we are still turning around and bringing out parts of my inner self, and I also received a sneeze.

I was told that you do not have to cast a new coin, because I now feel sure that I will survive too, and yes I am strong, and this strength is what I put inside of you, and when you read this enough times without understanding it, it makes you “sick”, and this is “the disease”, which Elijah suffers from in relation to me, and yes “not easy” to make him, my family/friends etc. and the world to understand because everyone has been equipped with their own “filter” as you call it where they will understand what they want to understand, and with this it is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE to make the world run and to govern it, which is the sure way do termination, but we made it “easy” for you to come through without darkness knowing, and yes this was the remaining part of me, which is that my logical sense is the same logical sense as you are born with – I gave this from me before being terminated 2,000 years ago – and yes with this Stig, believe it or not, we were almost sure that you would find me and us all, and how difficult can it be to decide what is right and wrong (?), and yes for you it is no problem but for others it is more or less impossible, and when you could not understand that they could not understand and you kept on telling them without giving up, because you also have my iron will, we are almost sure that you would break down all opponents of darkness on your way, but we know they would have to give all they had inside of them making them “break down” – more or less, and yes not easy, but then again, it was not that difficult, but always easy to say afterwards, and yes it is now 11.45, and we are writing non-stop again, and a little here, there and everywhere, and this is to keep the balls up in the air and hopefully to catch them all before they would fall to the ground where they would really start to hurt, and yes you did not lose one of them and we know work, family/friends etc. and the Commune were the key players and to keep the balance between making them sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy, and yes a good mixture of everything, and with this “formula” of your feelings and logics, you managed to go through right until the end, and yes I was not really very nervous because you have asked us to set up Plan B’s all along your journey, so this is what we did using spare energy isn’t it (?), and yes you don’t know because you don’t believe you used it, but maybe you did, both plan A and B along the road otherwise you would not have made it and part of my logics too, see, and yes “very soon” my friends.

At 11.55 I was shown the sword of my inner self and still words of resistance “but you will not get this”, will you (?) as he asks and yes this side of him still relatively surprised to see that his new self is now standing in front of him not knowing about who he is, and that is wrong too because I am you and you are me and together we are Stig as one, and that sword is belong to me of light, so will you please hand it over (?), and yes “here it is” and “here it is not” and a play like Thomas Eje would do in a Line 3 show, and we know , I will NOT play this game, because you will give it to me yourself a little later when you feel better than you do now.

I was given a cracking sound from the balcony of a and yes what are they called (?), which is still a game given to me MANY times having to use time to find out – as with the film of Nicolas Cage too as a recent example – and this is these instant cameras developing the picture right after taking it, and yes here I was given the name after some time, which is also a game coming to me where the name comes much easier to me if I decide to take my time without stressing even though I should be very stressed according to all standards, and yes this camera was to say that this is how fast it goes when you are told that you do not exist anymore (!), and yes this was the consequence of changing the Source from darkness to light meaning that suddenly we were very busy to get everything out of there, and yes I will NOT let in the light before everything of darkness has become light and this force is, Stig, impossible to control, but still this is what we have now done for a couple of days also fighting with darkness not wanting to get out (and yes would we be able to enter darkness later from our New World?), and who knows for how long we can continue (?), and yes will I wake up as my new self in 1-3 days maybe as this suggests (?), and I might, we will see.

I was shown a pair of VERY BIG WHEELS belonging to a truck inside a weightlifting hall, and these wheels changed into a complete truck and I was told that this is the ability I have, to produce everything out of nothing, and yes this is what I will continue doing as my new self via you/me, and this is the gift, the original skill of creation, which will be passed on to all creators to come, and yes this is of course also about the (so) fine song BIG WHEELS by Electric Light Orchestra and the lyrics “I’ve been thinking it over, So many times they say, You got it made, They never understand, The answer lies within your soul, ‘Cos no one know which side, The coin will fall”, and to me this was the confirmation with my favourite band once again that I got it made, the answer lied within my soul and the coin of life fell to the side of light and that is for every single one of us.

And here at 13.30 I was told “hold on”, and I saw Bev Bevan pulling out a white cow with brown spots, which to me is that we are not all done, but “almost”, and also to say that the drummer of the finest rock band in history – in my mind – played “a crucial part of saving me” and that is to save the world first, and yes because he could not keep his mouth shut about me, so thank you for helping to spread the word on me, Bev.

I was told that what Mette’s son Christoffer was to me was his appreciation of my speaking the truth directly to him and his mother Mette and her husband about taking a spare time job, which has helped him much.

Shortly before 14.00 I decided to upload my script so far today thinking that this is important to do if I cannot do it later because of lack of energy, and when doing it, I received a pain to my right buttock again, and yes it could be a small prick from the needle and it was with the feeling of darkness using its last strength to get out because I was so tired again now not being able to keep my eyes and also almost my head open, and for how long can this go on today (?), will I make dinner with my mother or fall a sleep within minutes for now, and yes better take a walk after this publish, which I did at 14.05.

I was shown my self being right in the middle of everything thinking that it was good to come here saving everything on my way, and when I prepared the publish of my script, my Firefox browser received new small problems as it has had a long time sometimes “blocking”, but it worked with minor problems, but when publishing the script Firefox broke down, which was spiritual darkness because of Michael Hardinger’s reactions giving me access to the content of my deepest inner self now coming out of what used to be forest, which is not disappeared/disappearing while “he” is on his way over to our new forest as the last.

I received feelings of sexual torment, and I said EVERYTHING is to come out, and I was shown a sleeping statue and told that we almost oversaw him, and yes he is becoming more and more see through, and yes I do hope you will be able to make sure that everything will come, and yes I received a “nasty, dark snarl” from a lady of darkness here and yes hiding for you, and we had to show ourselves when you received the thought of going through all of darkness to search again for more, and yes there was more, so please follow me too.

I was told that there are only timberyards lett one after the other and one has even more beautiful wood than the other, we can see that ourselves now, and this is this darkness of Michael Hardinger, my last self, now starting to feel and show feelings of happiness seeing what it is that we are doing, and yes please bring every little thing out using all energy, which can be used for this purpose, and I am asked also Obama’s (?), and yes also Obama’s, because there is NOTHING more in the world than this right now, so if you are tired, Barack, you know the answer, which is simply to go on and on and on and on ….

I was told that a box of sick-benefit glasses is completely unhurt, and yes they were made by us and for us as a matter of security and we are now looking inside the cupboard here and yes can you see anyone, and yahoo (!), and yes are you also here, and nice of you to monitor me and yes on behalf of not only the American “government”, but also Arabic countries and one or two more maybe (?), and yes the absolutely worst darkness is working with the Internet industry monitoring people to a degree that you would think it was illegal and crossing the basic rule of freedom of life, and yes you are right, and what did you find a red light and no, we have not looked at the kitchen water pipes again, and yes has not had the time or energy, but only one pipe needs to be installed before everything works perfectly and yes almost as here, and we know Stig everything you do is still part of this game, and favours or works against you, but no no no, is there also another parrot there, which you almost found, and yes we could continue ….

And when I afterwards wanted to open the website of Adam, the white swan from, it did not want to open in Firefox, and this is how these things also connect.

I was told that we do not have all the colour pencils of the world but we do have an idea of where to find them, and I did not know if this was in the worlds, which have been or all of the new worlds waiting for us to be created, and if the first, I am sure you will bring all, but I felt that it was the last together with the feeling that the world will continue to grow and develop even more beautiful than what it is from the beginning.

At 15.40 my mother called and I was sad to hear that John is now doing even worse and they had to cancel a brunch agreement this morning with his daughter Mette and her husband, and now to cancel my visit this evening, and I knew that this was about soaking out even more energy from where we can find it, and John has almost nothing to bring, but I do understand if this was your best option and that is as long as he will survive, and as I told my mother there is nothing else I can do that wish that he will become better, and I am sure that if not before, then he will become MUCH better with the opening of our New World, which will follow “now”? And it made me sad to hear my mother being both sad and much concerned about how this will end, and yes mother you are going to become so surprised, because you will all get access to our new Tivoli of joy and happiness and yes still the new part of me speaking from almost the middle but still a little to the right of the middle of me, and yes he is/I am becoming better to show emotions.

And I can add that I had decided to not sleep and to visit my mother and John no matter what, and I was given a feeling of “nothing” – which is an empty feeling of nothing inside of your head killing you – which was moved from my head and given to John, and yes you took as much as you could take, so this is how we decided to share it.

My mother was kind to come for a quick visit to bring me some food she had calculated to give me, and afterwards I was told that darkness here had to lay down its cards on the overhand, and the key was for me NOT to cancel this evening, which would have made my mother worry not only about John but also about me, and I am here told who do you believe suffers the most Stig or John or suffer equally, and yes Stig, you are not behind on points, John is, and that is because you are working many hours when feeling as little energy as John, but of course my mother does not know.

I was again told that “people will say ARE YOU COMPLETELY RAVING MAD” for having saved us all because it is “impossible” to do – including the whole Universe and every single world of “almost an eternity of worlds” before ours and yes to convert an eternity of nothing into everything, and there is nothing new about this, but I could not help smiling when I learned that this was the first reaction of another part of me leaving my right side of darkness, and yes when hearing his surprise this is how I reacted.

I was told by the spirit of my father to my left that we cannot get you in on a larger map, because there exists nothing greater than life, we are now every single one of us.

At 16.30 I was given a bigger pain to my right ankle and told that this was energy saved by John brought to me to take a card or two from my underhand with now maybe 3-4 remaining.

I was told that my sister misses me as much as my mother misses us together and I do too, and this pain of my sister is also bringing energy doing this last creation, and I was also told that my father and “people on his side” have also been prepared for extra difficult days right now.

I was shown my self the other day at the swimming hall when darkness was at its worst, and I was shown how bolts were removed from metal cross bars keeping us prisoners in darkness and I was told by darkness that we did not know that these could be unleashed as quickly as they did, and that was instantly really.

I continued updating my scripts with new short stories and new information give for this chapter until 16.50.

Hereafter I decided to pull myself together to do the final small amendments to my website including this add-on to my basic rule no. 4 included at my behaviour and work website: It is ALWAYS – without exceptions – right to speak the truth directly, honestly and objectively.

I was told that Jiro is still patronizing me, and this feeling gave me a new small heart attack and I was told that we could also not do this without him.

During the afternoon I experienced feeling so low on energy that I could not continue living/working as my old self, and I had to say that I will continue the rest of the day, and we will see if I will change into my new self tonight, or wake as usual as my old self again tomorrow, and yes just like in that movie, which I still cannot remember the title of and has to find every single time, and yes we have done this hundreds of times, and I do believe that I decided not to cut corners most of the time despite of potential strong stress, and yes “Groundhog Day”, I almost got it now, and yes also a sign of my new self, or the last part of my new self, and I feel and see beginning joy of what we know is coming.

I did a few add-ons to my front website including to write more clearly about our new creation in September 2011, for example including this information at the top of the page:

“When I will open up the eyes of my resurrected previous and now new self, Jesus – still under my name Stig – it will be as the Son of God now as original God as God self following our new creation in September 2011 made by God together with my previous self, Jesus, in order to eliminate darkness from the creation of our New World and to enable me as my new self to liberate God self trapped inside darkness, which we finally did in August 2012, which you can read about below”.

At 18.00 I was shown a double-bass and some kind of extension and tuning instrument, and I understood that these are tools to make “everything” out of “nothing”.

I was shown myself at a room called the absolute centre were I felt strong darkness giving me a big ice cream and where I saw the Tasmanian Devil be at work, and there were many darkness stripes here, but this is the very centre of everything, and later I was told that this was the place where God and my new self as Jesus in September 2011 carried out our new creation of life, and this is where I am now returning to get this sacred place with us too to our New World, so nothing will be lost when changing home from one world to another.

And I did a few amendments to my Donations – no thank you page, and ended the update of my website at 18.35, and yes it is still running you know, which was something like this that Tom Petty said at the end of one of his albums produced by Jeff Lynne, and I was told that this is a game with the end of the clock of darkness of the Old World together with the end of energy making me live on practically no energy right now, and yes to bring out these central tools of the Creator too, and yes do you believe we will make it (?), and I do hope that we will, and yes because of the love of your mother, which carried you right in here and yes because of your offer to help, and this was the road of God today my ladies and gentlemen, and yes now I will warm the nice homemade Lasagne as my mother brought, and yes my dear LTO friends, I cannot wait to invite you to try and for all of you and my mother and we know whole family meeting here or/and there and yes when everyone will become “normal” without the curse of darkness working inside of us as parasites soaking out our lives.

And I was asked how do you get the last with you together with yourself with one thing depending on the other, and I was told that this will happen in the process of opening the eyes of my new self.

The original spirit of my mother was trapped by darkness soaking out her energy and is now being saved too

After dinner at 19.35 I truly felt exhausted with no energy and a great need to relax, but I was afraid that I would not get it, so it was almost right back to work, but eeeehhhh I did all work on my list, which I prioritized, and now there is only the last little update here, and what may come during the evening, and of course to watch some Benny Hinn to receive some energy, but other than this, I am finished, and yes I know that there will be errors and mistakes, and a few illogical things – receiving the key of life in 2011 from the original creator and to receive it once again through Sanna in 2012 and yes I do not understand myself yet, but this is what I was told so this is what it says, and oh yes when will I go to bed at 21.00 or 02.00 if I can, and yes you pay my rent to make it shine in here as darkness proud says showing me a giant fish as they know they will catch, but we first got to get you out of there, and we know I might simply almost drop dead during the evening, we will see.

At 19.50 I was told “then I will never bother Stig again” and I received the feeling of the spirit of my mother, and can it be that she is also inside of here (?), and yes Stig as part of the parent of the Old World (?), and it could be true, so we will get you out too and yes I will NOT receive my new heart before everything is clear and ready, and yes as the mother of the world bearing the egg, it would be logic that she is there too, but you said that I as the son was the last, but nevermind, we will bring out my mother if there is a part of here too.

I was shown a triangle from out of darkness and heard “it is up there” and yes this part of the spirit of my mother looking for the Trinity.

Are there still carpets and empty shelves in there as you have been shown, and yes it is like Jan Carlzon to get here on time because we cannot guarantee that you will be able to see us tomorrow, so maybe you will work, and yes to a limit I decide on during the evening, and until then we will do our best to release everything of and yes haven’t we emptied the construction of the tunnels going in here (?), and yes what is game and what is reality, and we will see what happens.

Yes is there a small extra room at the back and yes behind the creator, who was you as your previous self Jesus, and I felt a strong presence of darkness, which is now coming to me as pain to my behind and different places to my body, and yes a room of the original spirit of my mother and that is the most inner part of her, which we have found, and yes keep on for some hours and see how long we will come, and so it is.

I was told that darkness subdue this the original the spirit of my mother and this is why women of the world are subdued in general to men.

I was told that I would never have come here without Jiro because it requires the absolutely worst sufferings to enter.

I was shown a bus and the spirit of my mother speaking in a telephone booth where she is told that he – the spirit of my father – is not there anymore and she has to wait where she is, and I was given pain to my right shoulder. She told me that she sent away a part of her on yellow skis hoping that this would not be revealed, and this is what saved us.

I was by now sitting in my sofa at after 20 and was so tired that my head kept falling over and I woke up with strong jerks of my body, which was this part, the original spirit of my mother waking me up with darkness in her trying to escape me, and I said that no one is going to die.

She told me that the power of nothing which came felt incredible strong, and it bolted her firm to a chair, which she has been stuck to ever since, and that is until the other day when we unplugged the bolts. I was shown her skeleton with darkness all inside of it, and she told me that it feels like having a constant fire inside of you. And she knew that it would be impossible for her to get out without help and she just had to wait patiently for someone to come, who would probably never be able to enter her room here.

And I was told that this opening came with Fanny, who also sent me an email this evening, which I was encouraged to answer, which I did as you can see from the short stories hoping that this will make Fanny, thus the spirit of my mother, even stronger helping her to take the last step to get free herself – or via my help. And I was told that if I did not answer, the spirit of my mother was not sure that she would be able to make it, which is also why I am yet again encouraged to stay up, and when this is written, it is 22.20, and way above what I can handle at the point of my life now, but I am still awake, which I may be a few hours still hoping that this original part of the spirit of my mother also makes it, and if there is more, that this more can still be traced and brought out tomorrow, and yes this is my wish if required.

And I was told that we are based upon insects with insects being this sleeping life of darkness, which is the chair she is sitting upon, and this life is the parasite directly soaking out her life, thus the life of the world.

I was told that the goal is for this the spirit of my mother to be able to produce eggs again, and I was thinking that I have met many parts of the spirit of my mother on my way inside here, but this is the first and original part.

I heard “no, we are not kept artificially alive yet, Benny Hinn also gave us life energy”.

I was given “somewhere” by Barbra Streisand again and again, and the lyrics “somewhere there’s a place for us”, which is this spirit of my mother fighting to get out to find this place before it is too late, and I do hope we will succeed, and I might add that this is also putting an enormous strain and pressure upon me before how can you go to sleep with this knowledge, which is impossible, and how can you not when you are a zombie not feeling well (?), and yes “balance” may be the word or “going to extreme” in this case might be it and that is as long as I dare.

This is the email Fanny sent me, and it said that it was taken from Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech in 1994, and it is in this spirit that I answered it, and first now afterwards I found out here that this has nothing to do with Mandela but is from the book “Return to Love”, Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles by Marianne Williamson, and here are the words in English:

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.  We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us, it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

And as you can see from the end of this text, it is about being liberated from our fear, and fear is what Fanny suffers from, so I hope that my answer will help her to set her free from this fear herewith helping the spirit of my mother to be set free too, which is really the bond here so to say, and I said in short that it is always about being STRONG as a person choosing to be open, have confidence, be yourself with all of your strength at the same time as you listen, understand and appreciate others. To find your true self, where it is not your surroundings limiting you or setting traps up, but where you choose to show yourself in full flower, and just say to life, here I am, I shine, I am free and I do not ever want to be trapped again (there were the words of the spirit of my mother in darkness speaking through me) and also less strong words of my self (!) not to frighten others but finding the right balance, and when you shown your human strength, have confidence and genuine interest in other people, where Mandela is an excellent role model, you achieve to make and impression on and make other people happy, which is what Mandela does with his almost magical appearance. This is what he does, which you can train yourself to do too, and every time you feel doubts, decide to be stronger than the doubt.

These were the words starting a little weak, a strong middle section of the spirit of my mother and ending “medium”, and yes in my own mind, and how did Fanny see this quickly written down words (?), and yes “That’s it” was her feedback, and we know she does not bring many words.

At 21.40 when I was doing the update to my script of the evening I was told that “he has not already deserved the derelict farm, has he”?

At 23.00 when almost ending this work, I received a doubtful voice “there is still better furniture – a bed – in here, but should I take it out, I don’t know”, which was said because of doubt in the mind of Fanny, and yes this is what I am hoping to help her get out of also to help the spirit of my mother free.

I was told that “lawyer assistance” means to help the fire spread or the same as given up, and yes you have decide not to give up, but how is Fanny doing after your email, she uplifted and yes she is and does this make her/me – the spirit of my mother – “happy”, and yes happier than before because it gives her strength to first remove rope around her body and then around her legs, and I still see her on her chair with her shoes covering spilled eggs, which she has tried to lay ever since she was attacked, and yes impossible it was, and this is why other parts of me being released before the attack was given this assignment, and yes Stig, if you knew what we have been forced to do also to help you get out and back in, and then out again, but no more, and yes I see an Arab as darkness with a dark scare around his face, and nothing else really and we know “is it alright for me to walk out of here”, and if Stig says it is, Fanny will follow you, so follow me everyone we are bringing the spirit of my mother out of there, and I receive some doubts myself if this darkness can take if or would break down if doing it, and then I can only say that I have done my best, but let light together with the spirit of my mother decide how to do this the best way because you know much better.

I knew that I was given LONG scripts today and yesterday with new stories continuing to come in to keep me busy because the more work, the more I would be able to save from darkness.

At 00:05 I received the song “union” by Blondie, which is one of many true classics of a fantastic rock band, and they sing “Oh, oh, what are we gonna do?, Union, Union, Union City blue Tunnel to the other side, It becomes daylight”, so this is about my mother entering light by now.

I was told to be careful playing football when it is raining and you wear orange rubber boots, because then you cannot continue playing football, and this means that the sun is shining and I see my mother in a 1960’s scene still with sunglasses because she does not like the sunshine yet, but she is coming closer, and yes we are working with 02:00 as the goal and to see what will happen from there, and yes it looks as if we are on the right track also to save her, and we know not easy, but also not as difficult as I thought myself and as people will think because how could he keep it going, and I don’t know, I just did it, but still I always think I could and should do better, and yes to be able to do with even less sleep but this is what I can as I do now and that is way beyond my limits.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This was the thread given to me to comment to come through this game too, and it was about Michael saying that it is a catastrophe that youth unemployment explodes being on the same high level now as in 1984, and it made him use the Old World argument to pay more to receive better brains, and here it was in relation to the Danish Parliament and to bring in the best people working in leading Danish companies, and yes “money, money, money” makes the world go around, which is so firmly attached to people of today, not least Michael living in the land of “make your dreams of money come through”, that they simply “cannot” get it out of their heads, and this is what I was up against when I decided to write that he uses logics of people thinking on basis of habits, and that he is clever but brainwashed because the Old World Order is NOT the solution, which should be easy for all to see when it was and still is bankrupt to use the word of man (!) and also brought us directly to the end of the world, and I told him that there is only one solution and that is to start from scratch thinking about how would I create a New World and New World Order, which is sustainable, so this is what I did, which mankind “could not” because everyone in power did as Michael, which was to put patches on the holed blanket, and still the blanket kept becoming worse with greater inequality and unreasonableness of the world, and at the end the Old World did everything they could to save the Old World Order instead of the only logical thing to do everything they could to create a New World Order and even better to adopt my New World Order, which is what will become the foundation at the starting point of our New World, and I told him that I have tried my best to make the world understand this via my scripts also including his threads together with politicians, media and other, so if he did not know, he now knows that he is online and his actions will be shown to the world, which is something darkness does NOT like because it forces it to be “nice”, which is as “yuk-feeling” it gets, because it much better like “silence”, which I will NOT grant it, and I challenged him by asking him directly that he should be able to understand this, which is common sense for battery hens, and also that his true self is another part of me meaning that when he will open the eyes of his new self, he will find himself as God alive as a human being, which I told him is not what you really really want, is it (?), and maybe this will start some “voices” in him as I am told.
    • And yes despite of doing my best work, Micheal said “I don’t get it”, and he assured me that he will not open his heart to my views (!) because “your tone is too absurd and insulting to get out your message whatever it may be” (!), and yes this is what he said “absurd and insulting”, me (?), and yes he did not “get it” that I have to speak this strongly to cut through his armour of defence so what he does not understand with his mind, is understand with his feet (!), and yes we know also his heart and feelings, and this is where we enter and also get out of there and that is from the darkness inside of Michael, where we thought we would “die forever” the same way as you would live forever, and we had started to understand that you really only wanted the best for us, Stig, but we could not help to continue attacking you for your “rude behaviour” and yes this is what Michael did followed by others as you can see below, and yes also this; Michael did also not like “your brainwash attacks, so unfortunately you have to stop writing in here”, and this was the almost anticipated result from darkness wanting to escape as seen so many times before, but there is nowhere you can escape, Michael, because you know that your actions will be published to the world to see, and this is really my best weapon and yes together with the task of writing this, which is stealing your energy out of darkness.

  • So this was once again about misunderstandings of my direct language telling the truth, and negative feelings make Michael and also others to take wrong decisions bringing me negativity and darkness and that is instead of truly reading and reacting objectively to what I told them, which I am sure that most if not all people quickly can agree is the right thing to do, and I decided to follow up with a song I saw in the “crazy about Helsingør/Elsinore” Facebook group from the talented and nowl late Swedish singer Björn Afzelius singing about Helsingør/Elsinore, and I noticed that it is also called “the red thread”, and yes then one thing took the next, because I then decided to bring “the red thread” by Shu-bi-dua, which is about life – where do we come from and what will become of us (?) – and I said that this is part of all of us wearing a shirt, i.e. life, which fortunately still is all after having gone through the most difficult time in history, and I did it to “the honour” of Michael and really to put a maximum pressure on him, and I also shared his Facebook post and my comment on my timeline for my Facebook friends including him to see and yes of the same reason.

  • And it is as sure as Amen in the church as they say here and that is every time when new readers read me, which gives them a shock, which they then decide to react negatively on with most people saying and a few deciding to take the blade from the mouth, which this is also about – to rescue the last part of me – and it made “Flower Jannie” – funny how flowers come in here, which is the feature of my mother, small signs here and there – and yes she said that “Stig, YOU are brainwashed”, which is a word automatically making people think negatively even though this is the right word describing objectively the reason why people think as they think when they have been brainwashed by the Old World Order, which always has been part of their lives, and she thought about Scientology in relation to me (!), and she asked me to give her regards to God while they would work hard (!) to understand what the hell happens around us, and yes Jannie, you were directed by this darkness of me sending “his” regards via you to God to say “what I really mean is to please get me out of here before it is too late” , and Henrik totally lost it when believing that I was the one having to learn about respect, tact & tone and basic manners because “your level is too low, the tone too low and your message too complex to get over to us, and when you involve God and brainwash in a message, it simply does not work”, and yes this is what this lazy and ignorant but still better-knowing man told me when judging me, and yes normally this would mean “death sentence” in a normal world, but when this part of me is still turned around, it brings energy to make him come out, and isn’t it “funny” that I speak the truth to help them and everyone – in the beginning – believes that I am negative and lack good behaviour, and yes still the opposite world as you see with ignorant people letting their negative and misunderstood feelings out on me, and even though I have tried this many times now, I will never become used to it, because it makes me sad and removes all of my energy, but this is the name of the game, where I need to bring the same energy as this darkness attacking me, and yes more in order to win, so this is what I do when I have decided to keep working until the very end of it all. Steen and Michael spoke among others about workmen to “build properly” and people doing their best, and Henrik said that he gives more respect to work of people than to people administering work of other people, and yes I agree, and Steen said that this was “logics for dwarf hens” – and the other day “dwarf throw” was mentioned to me, and now I understand the connection when it comes here, but only because I decided to outlast darkness to come here, Stig, and yes it is humiliating to throw dwarfs in my mind, and humiliating is what these people were to me.

  • And this is the follow-up reply I decided to take being strongly encouraged by my inner self still in darkness, otherwise I would not have come through this, and I told them that it is ALWAYS right to tell the truth instead of closing down deciding not to understand because the truth is served so directly as they have not heard before, and I told them that my message includes the same “logics for dwarf hens” as Steen’s did if only they want to listen (!), and I brought my webpage on behaviour and work telling them about this to improve man as foundation of our New World, which should be easy to understand (?), and I told them to open their ears and listen to what is said and also to understand that I speak directly and objectively and very positively as your best friend having the courage to speak out the truth directly to help you improve to get a better life, but when they “cannot” take my “negative tone”, which you know is made up inside of their heads as a misunderstanding, they “cannot” listen to and understand the SIMPLE MESSAGE I bring them (!), and again I told them that this is about opening to a new reality – and for Michael to open for me to get my most inner self out – and I told Michael that I have now defied his meaningless warning to remove my freedom of speech based on his preliminary lack of desire to understand, and I gave him the choice to listen and understand my love message to man, or to carry out his threat, and I asked him if he believes that he understands and have the ability to turn around negative feelings to positive, which are the right feelings in relation to me, and yes difficult not least mentally to have to translate much but not all of what I already have written in Danish, but you will get the picture about this life, and yes I am getting the picture of the last part of me as I am told here at 11.25, and yes “it can hardly go wrong by now”, but still there is a long day remaining.
    • And would Michael & Co. now be able to understand (?), and no not with their minds, because Michael could not take my words about his “meaningless warning” because of his “lack of desire to understand”, so this is what he focused on, and yes Stig still not on the subject itself (!), and he concluded that “you are actually rude”, which also made him laugh “hahaha”, and yes it seems that all people have a tendency to laugh at me, and he said that “totally cocksure people repel me”, and he said that intelligent people are full of doubts and the stupid ones fill of confidence, so this was truly the worst you could decide to tell me, Michael, that I am stupid with the truth being that you are still opposite to me meaning that you are the stupid one not being able to understand the simple logic I wrote to you, and yes being confident is what would make this clock lose its ability to keep going in order to save this part of my life too, and this is what you confirmed that I was here, and yes not stupid, my friend, and let me repeat that I do NOT foresee the need to speak as I have done to deaf people in the old world to listening and wise people of our New World, and just so you know that I do NOT like to speak like this and I do NOT at all like the attitude of people “not being able” to listen and understand because of their own laziness and know-all attitude without knowing all.
    • Claus was a new man on the track asking me “are you completely healthy” (?) asking me to seek doctor very soon, and yes this is also what people think because of my unusual approach, but been there before too because of the same kind of chock and lack of ability to listen and/or understand, and finally I told them that all which remains is now “true understanding”, which will come when you will read the truth about good behaviour (!) and to ask yourself the question “can it really be that it is me misunderstanding because of my own prejudices and better-knowing ignorance” and the answer is “yes” – (as usual) there is not a single evil or negative word in what I have written to you, only the opposite and everything goes on inside of your heads, which mix things up, and I ended by wishing everyone the best, and yes Michael was able to show positive feelings – despite of how hard this was for him too (!) – wishing me the same. So this is how this was, and this is now it, a new game completed.

  • Sally has a fantastic gift writing poems, and here it is about her having troubles to say things as they are to make people understand, which is really what is on her mind, and then you do not have to understand yourself, Sally – do you see the dilemma given to you (?) – and she says herself with what looks like a spiritual voice guiding her that she has to play this out the way that it has been planned and yes she will get to know herself that things aren’t how they usually seem to be, and that is that her biggest problem is not to make other understand her, but for her to understand me, and yes part of the plan to show selfishness of people also via you, Sally, and yes thank you for the big help opposing me to bring out much life from darkness :-).

  • And she is here herself given the answer to what went wrong also with her when “her brain” of a “Super Computer” was not able to understand me because “signals are crossed”, and yes this is darkness awakening knowing that darkness had all cables between us crossed and messed up, so you are very close to the answer, Sally, you really only have to look in the mirror as I told you, but no, this is “too uncomfortable” and “not needed” for you to do?

  • The 19th August, the harbour of Copenhagen received this new “artwork”, which is called “Terminator”, and yes to me it could look like the Terminator character of the films, and this was of course also symbolic in relation to the plans of darkness to terminate (the remaining parts of) me.

  • I saw this new crop circle, which made me think that this is a beautiful box without knowing anything more about it, and a few seconds afterwards I saw the “drop box” file storage system, which Marianne has started using, and yes I was given the connection between these two boxes actively, and I thought “can it really be this simple” (?), and yes with inspiration it can, and this was then the story to the world to say that every little thing has now been saved from this box of darkness and when this is the case, there is really not a need for us to remain in darkness anymore, because then it is nothing with nothing remaining, which is nothing and nothing is not a part of everything, so we have set our feet here the last time very shortly and we will see if this ends today or one of the next days, but a sign it is.

  • This picture is from yesterday when Swansea was playing against West Ham eventually winning by 3 to 0, so after two matches, Laudrup and all of his swans have maximum points and a score of 8 to 0, which is why the headline say that “the ADVENTURE continues for Laudrup”, and so it does, H. C. Andersen could not have written it better :-).

  • Torben has been working on a new song and video for quite some time now, and the song is called “now”, and this is how it looks including my comment.

  • Marianne was also inspired here where she was happy about how words come paper today, or on the screen actually, and “it is completely wild” as she says and yes this is about money – an old TV programme of cheating stock brokers trying to fool/steal money from private people via organised humbug telemarketing when they said this exact line above, and yes this is to say that all of the money, i.e. energy, which darkness stole from light has now practically been returned, and this also made her say that “I am VERY happy in the lid”, and that is of course taken from Shu-bi-dua’s song “glad idiot” including these lyrics in the first line, and yes in other words I am very happy because I have been working all day despite of how I feel and because of this, I also defeated Michael Hardinger not being as busy as I. And yes “idiot” just like Sally called me.

  • Helena said that her eyes can bleed and yes this is what would have happened if I had decided to “lose it” or give up during my journey, because your eyes are the world as another part of my mother.

  • This is an old Rolling Stones song played by U2 and sung by Mick Jagger with Fergie and Bono, which is like mixing an old and New World to me – the two greatest rock bands in the world creating new, exciting results, which is what our New World is about consisting of the mixed New and Old World.

  • The Health Minister was at a summer meeting with hundreds of party colleagues only having one complaint, which is about the classic Danish song “the old gardener’s song”, which she cannot get out of her head again (!), and to me the gardener is a symbol of God inside of me, which Astrid does NOT like and cannot get our of her head (!), and she asked for good advice, and I gave it to her via the video of Peter Sellers playing the gardener below not knowing anything about politics, but much about his garden, but when people believed that what he said about “growth” in economy, where he meant his garden (!), sounded good, he was made a star (!), which is really to expose people like you Astrid, because, as I wrote below, as long as it sounds good, you don’t have to know what you talk about and if it is right or wrong, because it is all about a game for you to win your right, isn’t it (?), and yes the worst darkness, and you may understand from the movie that Peter Sellers as God (!) does NOT like politics, and instead you should like both me and the song about the gardener to plan smiles, sunshine and song in all minds, create everyday into a party and let light and happiness in, which is what we will do in the New World, when you could not in the Old, do you see by now, “my dear friend”, and the answer is still no, Stig, as the small person still inside darkness speaking via Astrid here tells me, but soon he is away and forgotten, and instead we have taken up the cards of Bornholm instead, which we will share with the world together with a very well smoked herring as “sun over God’s home”, you know?

  • I received this email via Facebook from a man by the name of Bruno, whom Ariane also tried to cheat, and yes who is standing behind Ariane (?), that is really my question.

  • I was tired and not in fine fettle to continue working/writing, but I managed to write to my new swan-/light friend Alex when I decided to “just do it” and “do it now”, so here it is.

  • Leonard Cohen did another “marathon-concert” in Copenhagen yesterday receiving maximum stars and making iBYEN say “Hallelujah” and also that “right out to the back row King Cohen grab his hungry audience by the heart”, and this is to say that we reached all of the crowed inside of here and yes we were hungry to bring out all life and to include this as part of my heart, “Hallelujah”, and if this is the ending of my journey, what better way to do it than together with King Cohen being in town :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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