August 30, 2012: The Voice of Vrillon interrupted Danish national radio: Man will receive ETERNAL life via our New World


Summary of the script today

29th August: The Voice of Vrillon interrupted Danish national radio to say: Man will receive ETERNAL life via our New World

  • I was shown the last “dark fog” of the spirit of my mother about to leave me forever, which I would NOT accept, and I was told that my mother has hepatitis bringing her life in danger too. I do NOT like this game, but we will still carry on!
  • Dreaming of the strongest darkness keeping my deepest self tight in prison, but new life of light will help out and cultivating new land saved/created by the Trinity.
  • Darkness was so concentrated/strong that it overtook me without knowing that I am everything, which is, and later my remaining self inside of this darkness woke up again and darkness returned to me.
  • During the afternoon suddenly the transmission of Danish national radio – all channels – was interrupted by a “UFO buzzing sound”, which made me understand that this was the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, who interrupted the radio as he interrupted the British ITN TV in 1977 asking mankind to improve to enter the great awakening, but instead of speaking again publically, he made – on behalf of the Universe – the national radio play its competitor Radio 24/7 on all channels for 8 minutes with the message given through me spiritually: Man did NOT follow our request to improve in 1977 as expected, and because your negative energy was reversed to positive energy of the spiritual world, it made creation of our New World possible bringing us all ETERNAL new life of great joy and happiness.
  • I received strong pain from the Voice of Vrillon and the Universe because of the worst darkness sent our from the national radio of Denmark. The Universe decided to save the physical lives of my nearest family and I by taking on much sufferings to enter darkness having left me to disassemble it, and the content of this, after cleansing, will now return to me at its right places.
  • Short stories of my new self knowing all because I am all, God supports Obama and his “cousin” supports Romney, do not be superficial as my good friend John, Michael Hardinger has now apparently completely disappeared from Facebook but he – and the deepest inner part of me – is still there (!), a part of God has broken off but he is not hurt, our New World is build on God’s love of man and life, I do not like people charging (too much) when using spirituality, Sally knows that God knows who he is but she does not me as God, the commission investigating Helle Thorning Schmidt’s tax case and “the dirty tricks” of the opposition and media is shown to the world to show you what NOT to do – I ask everyone to speak the truth 100% directly without exceptions.

30th August: Cleaning darkness of pure energy of God BEFORE creation and installing this as part of our new creation

  • Dreaming of changing the place of Hell to the place of God based upon faith of people in me.
  • Explanations was given to the worst darkness entering me as new light of my journey to come to this the strongest darkness – before creation – to liberate it.
  • I had the caretaker to further clean and set up the drain of my kitchen sink BEHIND the kitchen, which was symbolising what we are doing now, which is to clean darkness before creation and setting up this energy as new light inside of me to make the kitchen of creation/life produce “perfect” as I have asked for.
  • Short stories of telling Marshall Masters that there is nothing to worry about in relation to “two suns”, Paula is making inspirational paintings touching me, “the prince of darkness” standing behind the attack on Helle Thorning Schmidt is even more evil than “the prince of darkness” (!), we are assembling the cupboard of the world as we would have done if we were to make EVERY LITTLE THING all over again, which is really what we are doing, Niclas was attacked by the strongest darkness asking him to stop the work of the meditation group enabling me to cut through this worst darkness, which he later understood when calling back his message (!), Champagne and hens/cocks symbolise celebration because of the end of creation, I explain my view on homosexuals in a greater detail and the mother (Queen) of the world spoke directly through me asking the rich world to raise your FAT BOTTOMS to bring normal life to the world!


29th August: The Voice of Vrillon interrupted Danish national radio: Man will receive ETERNAL life via our New World

The last thin “dark fog” of the spirit of my mother was about to leave me forever, which I would NOT accept

After publishing the script yesterday I sent a new email to Benjamin Crème as “requested” with the Jerusalem UFO and uniting of God information so maybe this will wake him up?

I felt how the New World now can enter through the last “dark fog” and reach me, which however does not mean that we will open up before all of this what feels like little “dark fog” has become light, so “patience” is what this is still about.

At 02.20 I was truly exhausted once again and thought about when to go to bed knowing that I am to go to my mother and John for dinner this evening, and I received a strong impulse of a force coming to the backside of my head wanting to switch me off (my old self) and on (my new self), and this is the New World, but no not before all darkness is converted, and yes this was also to say that I am critically low on energy so I better take a dose of Benny Hinn to help so this is what I did.

I felt a force from my right side wanting to curse my left side, but it cannot be done, you cannot reach the New World.

I was shown myself on a military ship looking at a coin I believe through magnifying glass, which is to say that I am on the boat of darkness/sufferings and we have zoomed in to the absolutely smallest, which is and you still want us to continue digging even deeper (?), and yes my friends, as long as we can, we will, so this is what we will do, and yes I feel darkness wanting to escape me, but you are NOT allowed.

And I heard the spirit of my mother – far away in the distance almost impossible to hear and walking away from me disappearing into nothing – saying that we have not yet put the lid on the lunch box, which is to bring out life of almost no darkness remaining inside of this, and now I better understand why I have had problems hearing the voice of this part of the spirit of my mother inside darkness because she is almost not existing anymore, this is the very thin “dark fog” of her remaining, and it brings me fear of losing her, but I have said that I don’t want to lose a thing, so we better get even better magnifying glasses then, and I am thinking of “fractals” here, and when zooming in, there is more life here, and the deeper you get, the more concentrated it is, which may also be the case here, but the question is if this is the case, or we have reached the end of the tunnel by now?

I have heard the word “liver” a couple of days, and I was here told about hepatitis in relation to my mother, and this is why I am told that my mother has a high blood pressure, as she told me about a week ago, which is almost also killing her even though she says that she is fine, and if I still want to go on with the game (?), and of course I do, my old rules are still the same, and yes I am given STRONG sexual approaches torments here at 03.45 difficult to come through without giving in to this darkness and not because I want to but because of the strength and cleverness of it trying to find an entrance, but no, there is none.

I have been told about Libya some times and have the new “rulers” brought freedom and human rights to the people, or were you so brainwashed by the previous rulers that you have been infected and decided to do the same when you persecute your former “enemies” (?), and yes using the evilness you were fighting yourselves.

I was encouraged to write to my old very good friend from 1976-78 when I lived on Karenvej in Espergærde, Morten, and understood that this was part of the next game, so this is what I did here, and I do hope that he will write back not knowing about whether or not the news of me has reached him as part of the Danish “top” of Danish music – he plays the keyboards of the band “Danser med drenge” as you can see from the video below.

For days I have also been shown myself entering the old discothèque Exalon on the pedestrian street of Copenhagen, and feeling that it is together with Lars G. – we always used to go there in the beginning of the 1990’s – and I don’t know what it symbolises, but the only thing I can think of is that this is where Copenhagen started being built in the 12th century, so this may simply be to say that I am back at when God started being built.

Dreaming of the strongest darkness keeping my deepest self tight in prison, but new life of light will help it out

At 03.30 I decided to go to bed, I was both exhausted because of work and tiredness at the same time as I could have continued staying up, but I thought that a few hours of sleep would make me come through all of the day, so this is what I got when I slept until 08.00 with these dreams.

  • I am spending the night in a house where Jacob L. S. (from Acta) is also sleeping, and I am searching for my telephone, and someone throws the telephone to me, and I have something in my eye, which annoys me. I feel an attack on me coming from outside the house, which makes it impossible for me to move and speak, and I am shown this as a cartoon where it wants to bring me sex and to bring me over to their side, and the force is strong, but I say no.
    • It seems that resistance of Jacob to me is making spiritual communication difficult, i.e. the telephone, and also that he is part of strong darkness still wanting to bring me over, but no is still the answer.
    • As you can see from the short stories of today, Michael Hardinger has now completely disappeared from Facebook and that is at least for me making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to find him, which is a sign that the deepest darkness tries to escape me keeping the deepest part of me as an eternal prisoner, but no, we will continue our game to free this part – now or later, and that is if I and our New World can, can we? – And I am given the thought about “what about new life of light being born inside of him” (?), and yes this will have to be what makes this part of me come out too, so we will see when this will happen.
  • I am working together with workmen in a house in Helsingør to remove garden waste, and I know that the waste disposal site is located somewhere at the beach road, but I don’t know exactly where, and I think about asking the neighbour for directions, and the neighbour is at Ndr. Strandvej 4 in Helsingør where I used to live from 1986-88, and I see Ann preparing a surprisingly very big area of land, and I tell her that I don’t know if she knows, but I am now living in the basement of their villa for a few days, and I tell her about the meaning of my work/scripts, which I can tell that Thomas H. (my old colleague from Danske Bank and “silent” Facebook friend) cannot, and I see her three children inside the house, and I am surprised to see just how fine they are dressed especially because they have been helping setting the new area in condition.
    • It is Steffen, Thomas’ brother, and Ann owning this house where I lived in the high basement, and I often drive by on bicycle today and have seen Ann, but I don’t believe she has seen me on my cycle driving by, and we cannot get rid of the waste in this dream, which is also about my “problems” with my sink in the kitchen still not working – I have had no time and energy to look at this yet – and now my hand sink in the bathroom does also not work, which I will have to look at (!), and now I only have the third and last think of the bathtub working, so is this to say that we cannot dig any deeper now (?) – and at least the new land to be cultivated is about new land saved recently and the three children working there symbolise the Trinity doing this work.
  • I woke up to Shirley Bassey’s “big spender” and the lyrics “Hey big spender, spend a little time with me” and also”The minute you walked in the joint” , which continues with “I could see you were a man of distinction, a real big spender, good looking, so refined”, and I am here given the thought about Karen soaking out money from me as she did in 2003/04 – a true “gold digger” is what she is and that is more than in one meaning, because back then and now again here, she is dragging out my energy, i.e. money, to cover her own misunderstandings and “lack of energy” as this brings her, and this darkness is what helps me again to dig deeper after the gold inside of me, see?

Darkness was so concentrated/strong that it overtook me without knowing that I am everything, which is

After checking Facebook and taking a shower, I started working at 09.35 still feeling tired all over and exhausted, and still receiving darkness so there is still more to do, but despite of this I decided to get a good start on the day writing what until now does not look like a long script, but you never know what turns up during the day, and I also thought that this will give me time to do practical things in my apartment, where I need to do a little cleaning and to look at the kitchen sink, which I believe I can fix, and I will come back to the one in the kitchen “later”, and if can hold out, I will do exercise this afternoon, so we will see, and I also received the “distinctive” two sneezes.

I thought about how “easy” it would have been to accept in the night the last “almost not existing” part of the spirit of my mother to disappear forever, but no, this is NOT how we play!

I ended writing the script including short stories so far at 12.15, and yes lunch, sink, exercise, more writing and my mother and John following by sleeping (!) in that order, this is the plan of the rest of the day.

After lunch I started some clean up to my kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe, and not because it was much, it was really only little, but it annoyed me to see that not everything was perfect, so when I started doing this work suddenly I felt the spirit of my mother arriving to my right and she said “now we will truly have a good time”, which was for her to come “home” to darkness misusing her, and I was given the feeling that “I am everything” and that includes darkness because this is what I have decided, and yes my wish is my command, so this is how it is and I heard the spirit of my mother say “I found him”, so this will have to be about the tractor wheel falling off – see the short stories – which we found again.

I kept receiving feelings of darkness wanting to speak to me, and it meant that – while working on my apartment – that I kept saying “keep on” hundreds of times, and yes as I did when working at Brede Park too as example and the only difference is that back then it was “impossible” to come through, and now it is weaker and “only the last”.

I heard the spirit of my mother say “I hope nothing has happened to you”, and the answer “no, what happened (?) – feeling like awakening – and that is right, I fell asleep too soon, and this made darkness overtake me without knowing that I am darkness” and yes it cannot kill me when I have decided not to be killed, and this was simply what I had to experience and I heard something about “as Jesus” and not the spirit of my father (!), which really gives meaning because it was mother and son creating the Old World forced by darkness.

Later I still had to say being this darkness “you are welcome” and even if I should “lose it”, we have the understanding that should I say “you are not welcome”, I cannot do this, because there is an overwhelming majority of individuals inside of me, who will overrule this decision almost saying “welcome home, Stig”, but no, not yet – we will continue this play, because this will be the easiest for the world to go through.

I cleaned up the apartment, which made me “calm” again, this is how I like it, and it was easier than expected to solve the problems with the drain from the sink, I simply used my plunger once, and there it was, but the kitchen is more difficult because when looking behind the cupboards I cannot find the drain itself to connect to, so I will have to speak to the caretaker tomorrow, if nothing else happens.

At 15.00 I was prepared to go to the swimming hall but I was so tired that I could almost not and “could not” would be the right to say, but I decided that I had to, and yes much pain including physical marks of darkness on my body, and we know Karen is this strong darkness as I am told.

On my way to the swimming hall I was told that this energy I would create would help Karen in favour of me and become my Facebook friend, and yes we will see about that, so far I have heard nothing from her.

When I was doing the 25 minutes of cross training – much worse today because of tiredness – I felt how darkness returned to me and I was told that it needs the father of it, and felt Karen as part of this darkness, and also that this darkness is “the engine” itself of creation.

After this I felt my sufferings – speech etc. – decreasing much and when I come home I received a déjà vue about Karen’s and my relations not in previous lives of this world, but of previous worlds and about whether or not we have been married in previous worlds, and yes it will become exciting to see and to remember back on what is truly the “good old days”, but we probably also had our quarrels because of darkness of previous worlds.

The Voice of Vrillon interrupted Danish national radio to say: Man will receive ETERNAL life via our New World

At 13.20 when I was working and listening to DR P4 radio suddenly I heard what to me was clearly the buzzing sound of Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic Command maybe 10-15 seconds interrupting the programme in a similar way as he did in 1977 when he interrupted a programme on British ITN TV sending a message to man to improve – see below – and after interuption, I really expected for Vrillon to speak as he did in 1977 but instead the quiz programme “Danmarksmester” running on DR P4 was replaced by another radio programme running on another channel (!) where the author Jacques Berg was interviewed, and my first thought what is this programme (?), and I thought it could be one of the other programmes from P1 to P8, but it sounded “different”, and suddenly I heard a reference on this programme in relation to the radio 24/7 and this was the radio – another radio station (!) – which was now on, and I am here given the understanding by Vrillon speaking spiritually through me that Earth did NOT follow our request to improve in 1977, which we knew would be “impossible” for you to do, and this message is to say that precisely because of this – your wrongdoings not being “able” to do what is right – it made the world survive because of the story that your negative energy was turned around to positive energy of the spiritual world and used to create our New World and save the content of the Old, and after some minutes listening to the 24/7 radio channel transmitting through the national radio with 24/7 symbolising ETERNAL SURVIVAL/LIFE as the result, the “UFO buzzing sound” returned for maybe 1-2 minutes and I hereafter expected the P4 radio to return, but it did not, it was silent for maybe five minutes before a speaker said “we experience technical problems and will play some music until further notice”, and yes my friends, did you get it? This was the voice of Vrillon interrupting your programme and speaking through me to bring you the message that you did VERY wrong, and because of this we will all survive for new happy life at our eternal New World.

Later a new voice on the radio said that it was all DR’s radio channels, which were down because of a “server breakdown” (!), and yes is this the version you have decided to bring (?)

Below is the programme, which was played on DR P4 when it “broke down”, and you can listen to the programme here, where it is interrupted after 14:57 minutes with a UFO buzzing noise setting in until 15:22, where after you can hear the interview with Jacques Berg on Radio 24/7 until 23:26 with silence until 23:39 and different noise as if the frequencies changes on an old FM-tuner and at 24.13 a constant UFO buzzing sound of Vrillon can be heard until 29:24 followed by silence until 31:32 where after the radio returns and resume the programme. And please remember that this happened to all DR’s radio programmes as I understand, and you can listen to the programme, which was played at the time on P3 here, which is interrupted after 1:11:58 and after some seconds, it also plays the programme from 24/7, which as mentioned is only a POSITIVE MESSAGE to tell you about our New World of eternal and happy life coming to all, and for any sceptics out there, when have you heard the last time a national radio with all of its back up systems on all programmes going down at the same time and the suddenly “deciding” to broadcast a programme from a competitor (?), and no, you have not (?), so therefore it is easy also for you to understand and believe in this story (?), but you have decided not to write about it (?), and eeehhhh please tell me again, why that is?

This was the programme from Radio 24/7, which was suddenly played on Denmark’s national radio with the help of Vrillon, and you can listen to it here on 24/7 for you to compare the content with the links above to DR, and ask yourself the question “is it the same I hear”, and yes it is my friends, the message is the same all over: We survived the judgment and created a “perfect New World” as God’s gift to mankind. This is what it is all about – will you please remove the headlines of Helle Thorning Schmidt’s tax case and write about this and me instead (?), and what if I ask please?

Here is the Voice of Vrillon from 1977 when bringing his message to mankind, which was never officially recognised. The British government and the world “could not” speak the truth back then on this and much else, and that goes all the way until today (!), but they will soon tell you about all of their crimes and misery and yes you don’t feel good about it yourselves, and yes you don’t like that you make me look like a fool also today via my post on DR P4’s Facebook site (?), and there was “nothing” you could do about it (?), because the whole was WIMPS, and yes we know that – I was given the words “wizards of odds”, which is about the magic of our New World where everyone after being saved from darkness will become “wizards” in their own right creating New World’s just like God herewith becoming God’s of their own worlds, and yes can you imagine what this will become, and BIG SMILES is what is coming your way and yes to every single one of you.

This is a transcript of the message from 1977.

“This is the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. We speak to you now in peace and wisdom as we have done to your brothers and sisters all over this, your planet Earth. We come to warn you of the destiny of your race and your world so that you may communicate to your fellow beings the course you must take to avoid the disaster which threatens your world, and the beings on our worlds around you. This is in order that you may share in the great awakening, as the planet passes into the New Age of Aquarius. The New Age can be a time of great peace and evolution for your race, but only if your rulers are made aware of the evil forces that can overshadow their judgments. Be still now and listen, for your chance may not come again. All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill. Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution. Hear now the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy from you – the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return. Your inner divine self will protect you from this. You must learn to be sensitive to the voice within that can tell you what is truth, and what is confusion, chaos and untruth. Learn to listen to the voice of truth which is within you and you will lead yourselves onto the path of evolution. This is our message to our dear friends. We have watched you growing for many years as you too have watched our lights in your skies. You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit. We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth. We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the plane of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos.”

And this was the message I brought on DR P4 giving the first indication what this was about “survival for an eternity – 24/7”.

The Universe took on much sacrifices to save me and my nearest family by cleaning the worst darkness

Not very long after this event, I received a big pain to my right foot and darkness of Vrillon sent to me so strongly that it was almost as if we started a fight – and I received a very clear déjà vue about this, I know about Vrillon and this exact moment of time where we would risk getting into a fight because of the darkness he sent me including extreme feelings to me wanting to return this darkness to him, which I decided that I will not, but I did understand that this was the strongest darkness of the national radio of Denmark, which had been sent to Vrillon – this is what we needed your Facebook posting to DR for – and I understood that this was also power to get the darkness to return to me.

I was told “have we by now removed all of the last darkness at once” (?), and I don’t know, but you have certainly removed much of its sufferings, and I was told that I don’t have to stay awake this night, which was nice to hear, and yes I do believe it is right because I do feel too tired to stay up a new night.

I went to my mother and John at 19.00 and was happy to see that even though John is feeling poorly and is VERY thin, he did not have as much trouble breathing today, but my mother is still VERY nervous – this is destroying their lives – and I was sad about not being “able” to tell about the disappearing and reappearance of the glass bowl as I returned to my mother today and also the story about Vrillon, and yes it would make them in doubt once again whether or not I am crazy, and I don’t want to do this because of how John feels.

I was shown previously in the day that I did not throw up all over the Universe by giving up to darkness – to start a destruction, which could not stop before “terminating” darkness self – and this evening, I was told that Vrillon and the Universe decided to take on MUCH sacrifices to help us out because otherwise this deepest darkness would have killed my nearest family and I and yes I have accepted to do this if necessary, but Vrillon told me that the Universe had decided – with my approval – to bring this sacrifice in appreciation of me not giving up starting the avalanche of destruction of the Universe, and I said thank you – I was truly happily surprised, and I wonder what kind of sufferings the Universe has gone through fearing the worst.

I felt how Genghis Khan returned to me from the outside now without darkness where he previously was the absolutely worst darkness, and as usual when having dinner at my mother’s, I was shown/felt life at their hall and the question for some time was if there is indeed no more darkness or can it be that I will have to continue receiving darkness, and it was difficult to tell, but I felt darkness thinking that this is probably how it will become.

And then it was revealed to me, which is that I received this extreme amount of darkness from the UFO and crop circle community, Alex and Karen and more, which was too much for me to handle with darkness breaking off and leaving me and I was told that this was necessary to do in order for the Universe to work inside of this darkness – bringing its sacrifices, which must have been great – to disassemble its tight grip and ramification, and the job is now to make this disassembled darkness return to you at its right place as light, and I felt that this will bring me darkness too, so this is what we will do, and it might take some time, which is fine by me.

As usual my mother gave me leftovers to bring home, and she started the last time and also this time to use a lunch box to put the leftovers into, and yes this is the lunchbox of my mother – her love to me – which is helping to bring out the last darkness.

When I returned home at 21.30 I was first happy to see a big UFO on the sky showing me a red light to its right symbolising sufferings of my father – I was encouraged to ask my aunt how he is doing, and yes I have had my father in my thoughts also to send him energy to survive – and at home I was told by this cleansed darkness that we would like to return if you will have us and I was given the feeling of Karen “if Stig will have me”, and yes all of you are welcome :-).

When writing the last part of the script of today, I received MUCH discomfort and throw up feelings of darkness making it very difficult to start doing – also because of tiredness – and it included strong pain inside my right hand because of darkness sent to me, and finally by 23.35 I had also published this script, which was also not one of the easy, which only came out today because of willpower.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena had a talk with a boy asking what a Universe is about with Helena answering that it is a school where you can become a doctor etc. and Oskar asking if it is only for intelligent people to which Helena said that it is not all being just as intelligent because blah, blah, blah …, which made Oskar say: “JUST LIKE HIM FROM THE TAXI QUIZ, HE SIMPLY KNOWS ALL, DO YOU KNOW HIM THEN” (?), and yes she brought a heart because she liked that, and you do know that this is about my new self arriving with the taxi, and yes eeehhheeemmm, I know all because I am all, see?

  • David wrote that “God is on Romney’s side”, which is what one of these ladies said, and I could not help telling David that God is on the side of man, and in this question God supports Obama and Romney receives support from his “cousin”.

  • My dear LTO friend brought this post on Facebook, and I thought “is this an error” (?) because surely John should have sent his request to the Facebook site or website called “African dating” (?), and furthermore I thought about whether or not he and his wife have separated (?), so I asked him the question, and it also made me think that if this is the case, how deep is our friendship when it comes to the case (?), and yes very fine on the surface, but we do not get deep because it either hurts or may be unpleasant (?), and yes John this is the role you have been chosen to play – a true gentleman, but superficial.

  • This morning I discovered that Michael Hardinger not only had “disappeared but his profile is still half there” knowing that he would return and that this was spiritual darkness and not himself actively doing this as it has happened so many times before, and no, this time it seems that Michael really had it with me crossing his limit actively deleting me and at least this is what he has become – “actively deleted” – because his profile is now impossible to find, I cannot search for it via Facebook, but if he had reported me, Facebook would not show me his profile, but I know that when searching for him on Facebook, his Facebook profile would be shown and had he reported me, Facebook would give me an error message when entering his profile, but no not even this gave a result, which it should have – this is the first time ever this does not work (!) – and what do you do then trying to find him (?), and yes I entered some of his Facebook friends as I can see from threads I have brought, and the first I entered knowing that he is a friend of Michael’s did not show Michael on his list of friends, and the next two friends I searched for was now also impossible to find even though they are there (!), and yes my friends this will have to be the true meaning of the dream of this morning with darkness being so strong that I cannot move or speak making the last inner part of me, which is still there, a prisoner of darkness who is “invisible”, but he is still there, so with this knowledge, this is how I will keep working to get you out of there, and yes I cannot see you, but you are there (!), and if I cannot get you out now, I still ask my New World friends to prepare a miracle one way or another – now or later – to make this happen, because I will NOT accept a tiny spot of darkness keeping a little part of me as a prisoner in pain forever and ever, this is NOT going to happen! This is my search of my Facebook friends called Michael, where Michael is now no longer appearing, and not even with his name without a picture as I have seen so many times when he was only “half missing”. And when writing this, I was given direct a little pain to the little wound on my right foot, and yes sufferings of Michael coming to me this way.

  • And I wonder if Michael really became “as scared” as he said yesterday, so he “could not” accept being included in my public scripts, which he saw when I published my script the 26th August as follows – or is this really only spiritual darkness with Michael doing nothing (?), and if this is the case, Michael may return after new life of light inside this darkness works? We will see.

  • Alex truly has some problems with his cars, first his old, which was totally damaged, and recently he bought an used Saab 9.5. from 2004 with the insurance money from the old, but again he was unlucky when the number plates of his new car was stolen (!) to make the thieves steal gasoline without being caught as he wrote the other day, and yes this is darkness first trying to destruct his car, i.e. him symbolising me, and when we keep driving, darkness stole his number plates to steal gasoline, which is about stealing energy from me, but now Alex has received new number plates and this time they are screwed and glued on, and as his mechanics said about the glue “this is rubbish, which God has created in anger”, and “God in anger” is darkness you know, so just using Alex to tell the story about how darkness was constantly attacking me to make me stop, but no, we are still driving, aren’t we, Alex (?), and yes I also like Saab cars, I had a Saab 9.3. myself from 1998 to 2000, and Jesper is right when saying that God participated when Saab was founded and the Devil when Saab closed earlier this year, and he spoke about his father driving into a tractor breaking off a giant back wheel making his father unconscious and brought him to the hospital, but he was alright, and as he says “THIS is a SAAB – with or without glue and number plate”, and to me this may mean that darkness has broken off a part of God, which I cannot see anymore, but this part is still alright and yes we have not given up on you, and that is if I understand this correctly, which I believe that I do.

  • Torben brought this picture, which I explained to him symbolically to me means coffee=love and computer=world, so this is what our New World is about; love of God to man and life.

  • An elderly lady living close to my mother and John has kept approx. 250 rats as pets in her villa. They had gnawed up the floor boards and made nests in most of the ground floor and basement, it smelled terribly and it took the pest control two months to clean the house, and this is a symbol of how close darkness was to destroy the house of our world located close to my mother being the Holy Spirit of the world, and yes I still remember the rat entering my apartment in Hørsholm a few years ago and running on the floor before I looked it in the eye saying “get out of here” as it did, and we know an alternative scenario would have been that the world would have survived but people would fight to feed on rats etc. and just saying that all of this is what we have avoided and yes a destiny worse than what the worst imaginations can bring you. And

  • There has been a rumour that Eddie Murphy should have died, but it was a “duck” as we say here, and yes a part of creation, a play and a good one to make darkness “disappear” only to return and yes Eddie is not really dead – and yes Eddie I love your movies/talent too :-).

  • Shannon is trading with “clairvoyance sittings” offering two sittings worth none less than 1,600 DKK to borrow a car in the weekend, and yes “clean” you say, Shannon (?), and to me spirituality is the cleanest when you use your gifts to help people rather than charging (too much) and trading with it.

  • God “knows who he is … Do you???” and I returned the question trying to make her look into the mirror and open her eyes in relation to me, but it is probably “impossible”, right Sally because you only lose your temper because of me, right? And later I saw that Sally had now decided to not only leave me as a friend but also to report me to Facebook completely blocking the access to her page, and yes you did not know God, Sally because you “could not” listen and read yourself, see? And I wonder how long line I will get from Facebook (?) – not that I do anything wrong, it is only people around me – but until now I have “been taken care of” not to be kicked out of this place, because it is first priority not to have my writings removed from the Internet, an old rule.

  • Today it was the spin doctor of former Tax Minister Troels Lund Poulsen, Peter Arnfeldt, who was to be interrogated by the commission if he was the man bringing personal information about Helle Thorning Schmidt and her husband with one purpose, to bring dirt on Helle Thorning Schmidt and to help the Liberal Party, which is what Ekstra Bladet as example has written clearly that he did, but no, this man said strongly today that he is “completely innocent” and yes everyone is welcome to search him everywhere, and we just wonder here if this is too far out (?) in the country (?), and I am also wondering about how “perfectly” everyone involved in this say that they are having done nothing wrong, and when nobody has done nothing wrong, how can you bring the truth and REPENT and APOLOGISE your mistakes (?), which this is about, and yes the whole gallery included in this commission will get a new task to help me teach the world to speak the truth 100%, which means to be HONEST, DIRECT AND OPEN and yes ALL OF IT without exceptions, my friends and I do mean all, and we know this is also part of the absolutely worst darkness to dig out the deepest gold inside of me, and that is because of your feelings, resistance and throw up feelings because of this “public pillory” you are involved in, which what creates this, and “not nice” for the criminals self to go through what you – politicians, the system and media – have done yourselves with cold feelings to thousands of people in your persecutions/public pillories when you sat behind it all protected because you were “the elite” of the society (?), and yes this is to TEAR DOWN THE WALL OF THE OLD WORLD ORDER with the world watching, do you see (?), and yes HONEST will spread to the world “soon”.

    • It was not surprising that FC Copenhagen lost the second last qualifying match in football to Lille in France this evening herewith missing the Champions League tournament, and you saw it yourself with my new French Facebook friend from Lille (!), who could not stand me and decided to report me, and yes there are still dark elements in France, who “cannot” understand/stand me (when not reading me carefully?), and yes my dear friends, have you tried to look into the mirror, and oui, oui, oui, and I see a French gendarme here of darkness, and so it is, so where are you in all of this, Hollande, and I am straight away given the answer “on Obama’s side”, and yes just like I am :-).


30th August: Cleaning darkness of pure energy of God BEFORE creation and installing this as part of our new creation

Dreaming of changing the place of Hell to the place of God based upon faith of people in me

I heard a new cracking sound from the balcony and this time it was the feeling of Vrillon packing down the most contrary and stiff brown plastic, i.e. this darkness.

At the moment of publishing of the script of yesterday I was shown a floating yellow lava stream with its dark crust being removed and all of the yellow lava was returning to the inner of Earth where it came from, this is what my continuous work is doing.

I went to bed after midnight excited to see if I would sleep, which I did until 09.30 with this dream.

  • I am in Hørsholm with the feeling that I am living together with Camilla, I am hanging up shelves according to my detailed drawings more fine than ever before, I see how my father is hanged up on the wall as a picture too, and guests, which feels like friends of Sanna, starts to understand that what they have read about in different papers about aeroplanes – however they have only skimmed detailed articles without really reading – IS us because we do not lie.
    • This is about changing the place of Hell, i.e. Hørsholm and newspapers, to the place of God, i.e. his shelves, and it is based upon faith of Sanna’s friends too, so some of you are starting to understand, and maybe Eva as Sanna’s old school friend also my Facebook friend is one of them, and I here get a déjà vue about her too being my Facebook friend.
  • I woke up to the words “helt utrolig ydmygelse” (“incredible humiliation”), which is how man treated me.

Cleaning darkness of pure energy of God BEFORE creation and installing this as part of our new creation

I felt more fresh this morning, however it is still only on the surface.

During the morning I heard explaining given to new parts of previous the strongest darkness now entering me for example something about how I crossed the age of 30 not knowing about my journey, “he opened up and then it started going quickly, there he was almost lost, but changed course”, and I heard the react “giggler, was not me and now he will be”, and this word “giggler” was used to say that this is the man, Sally is in contact with, God as my new self, but of course she “cannot” see or hear, and I wonder if she would treat this man spiritually as she has done physically, and no NEVER you say, Sally (?), because you CAN see that your behaviour was nothing less than cruel and scandalous (?), and yes “a waiter of God” it was – and I keep receiving feelings of Obama, and yes “he knows/I know” is what I am told.

I was told that without the wound on my right foot, Vrillon would not be able to enter me.

I heard reactions of my new self “a new life without Campylobacter”, and yes no darkness, and also about me “even when he has not paid rent, you managed – because of spare energy” and I was told that this is what was released by Vrillon to this darkness yesterday, Stig.

And then he, i.e. me, defies the risk of being killed, don’t care at all, and that is even though he is afraid of dying, so this is why you, i.e. my new self, are here now to enter him”, and yes you are welcome “despite of what we have done” (?) and yes because he knows that you did not know what you did when bringing darkness/destruction.

I heard further explanation “we do not just have to put together the clothes – “you” – but to do it perfectly, this is why this takes some time” and “talk about being proud and yes one man did this”.

I was told that it is also the Holy Spirit of my mother being out here – and understood also the spirit of my father – now being installed as we would have done it if we were to start all over, which you know is what we do, and I was told that we are way back before creation.

I was shown darkness inside the forest looking out to light just behind a few trees with this darkness fearing that light would not reach it, but it did, and I continued to hear “your heart is here” and I decided for a new approach, which was to say that you are welcome to install this as long as everything is/will become perfect and we will get 100% with us, and what I have gone through for some time can only be to install my heart, which we keep adding on, and yes just to say that this is a game I have been given, and I can only say that light will decide and that is the part of you of darkness and our New World knowing what is right to do, and then I don’t care if you do it now or later, you are simply welcome.

I was given examples of people of the Danish national radio reacting to me, which was Clement Kjersgaard and Dennis Johannesson, so maybe you would like to send me an email and no I don’t bite, I only tell the truth and this came together with “sikke nogle bisser”, which is about an old Danish introduction to a children-TV programme, which is to say that your behaviour hiding from me and speaking behind my back is on kindergarten level or below.

I continued receiving feelings of “the worst darkness” to my right, which is really streaming in my veins, which is very uncomfortable, and Vrillon gave a physical feeling to the wound on my right foot that he will take care of it and yes “another part of me” is what he is as I was told yesterday.

It felt like an anti-climax that there was nothing more to be written – for now – at 11.30 – but this was also the hour, between 11 and 12, that the office of the caretaker was open, so I went down there a little nervous actually, because the last time the drains were filled and I told him that I had disassembled and cleaned the pipes myself, he told me not to do this (!), but I did and it worked out and this is also what I thought would happen now, but as mentioned, the drain BEHIND the kitchen cupboard fell off, and yes I decided to tell the truth to the caretaker that I had done my best the “authorised” way using the plunger to get a whole in the drain, and then I did as I have always done without problems to manually disassemble and clean the pipes, but to my surprise the pipe leading behind the kitchen fell off because it was not screwed on but only loosely attached, and furthermore it was impossible for me to get behind the clothing of the kitchen, and yes this was the truth, and this caretaker is someone who at least my mother “did not like” because of his “rude” behaviour, which I however have not seen, and yes with this, the caretaker could see that I had done my best, and when I told him that “I am sorry if I have done wrongly” – but I did it to avoid receiving professional help – he decided to say “we will come and visit you at 12.00” and yes already today, so this is what one of his colleagues did, and hey presto (!), this made it work again (!), and I was told that the symbol of this is that it was impossible for me to get behind the kitchen (of creation) on the other side (of darkness before creation), but this is now what we are doing with the help of Vrillon, i.e. the caretaker, setting up the “pipes” as we have always wanted it, and the caretaker said that there was even more dirt inside the drains as I had not seen, which he also cleaned.

The caretaker had to correct one of the pipes because it had a “back fall” not being able to throw out water, and deep inside the system, there was more dirt to be cleansed, and I was happy that he decided to correct this doing careful work – as I could not do myself – and as he said when I moved in, they did not shift the pipes, so this is an old damage, and what we are doing now is simply to install a completely new kitchen and bath, which is all new and yes as you would have done if you had a chance to do it all over again from the beginning on basis of what you have learned through “almost an eternity of worlds”, and yes “perfect” means “perfect” and no, this man, i.e., is “not crazy”, which there are more and more people saying out there.

I felt a pain to my heart and understood that this work is done via the energy of Karen sending me darkness, and no I have NOT heard from her and no she has NOT accepted my Facebook invitation, and yes “strange” you say (?), or this might be what she says about me.

After this I had lunch and decided to go to the library and later the swimming hall again, and that is even though I have this darkness and tiredness still all over the inside of me making my life as hell and that I am really too exhausted to do this, but I know that this is the right thing to do, so this is what I do, and I do understand the Vrillon part of me that what I will not do as Stig, will be covered by the Universe, but if there as examples is two more months of work to do (?) including me to work as a generator to produce energy, I better continue to take myself together doing my best, and yes see if I can lose weight too, and we know who is going to clean my windows, which are dirty (?), and yes Jan “cannot”, I cannot afford a window cleaner and I am myself afraid of heights making this impossible to do – the same way as I could not cut apple trees in Brede Park in 2010 – and I might give it a go probably to find out that I cannot, but it will not be today, maybe tomorrow or one of the next days depending on what happens.

And I do believe that I was given the answer to my heart with it coming to me again, but stopping and as I had said “light will decide” and I was told “to be installed at the end”, so there you have it, the heart is welcome, but first to be installed when everything is 100% perfect.

I was told that my father was sent on penalty work for darkness, and “then I could only send you, my son to save me” as I was told.

I was told that this is what more energy – through exercise and staying up the coming night too (!) – will bring us and that is “completely new eyes of my mother” and also the others of us, father and son.

I went to the swimming hall truly feeling tired when walking out the door but remembering that I feel better after exercise, but I was to low that I thought that it will become completely impossible to stay awake this night too – and I had some doubts about whether or not this would be necessary to do because I am not given as much work today, and my apartment is now becoming “perfect” again as examples of coming to an end – but I decided that I will follow what I am told the first time, so we will see for how long I can and will stay up.

I was told that it is still my mother and sister bringing me the worst darkness of all.

When I was exercising the cross trainer I was shown the brown paper bag inside black darkness and I understood that this is where the energy lights of pyramids went to, and I saw the brown bag being entirely open at the bottom and I was told from darkness that this is how it feels like with everything being pulled out, and during the exercise I was given the feeling of darkness of Niclas from the meditation group, which could not avoid being pulled out because of the energy I generated here – see the short stories of today (!) – and I was told that this will also bring him a better understanding of me simply because this removes his darkness.

I was told that this exercise/energy helps doing what we otherwise should have used a bolt cutter to do, which was also a reference to a big sin I did as a teenager where Fuggi and I received the idea to buy a bolt cutter, so we could open locks of bicycles and steal them (!), and yes I cannot remember how many we stole, but it was “quite a few” and it was during “some nights”, and we were teenagers in a wrong culture doing wrong things, and yes this is a symbol of doing what I do, which is to open up to one bicycle after the other to get to the most inner of me, and “bicycle” means “sufferings”, which this is about, and yes this is also about repenting my WRONG actions, which I did not repent in my book 2 – and yes when you remember more things to repent, please do, and this also includes to apologise, so I apologise to people losing a bicycle because of me. It was wrong of me and I shall never do it again, and yes it was only together with Fuggi and only for a brief period of time, and I may have been 14 or 15 years old.

And I was shown a vision of a large canoe sailing down a very wide river with the canoe being divided into many small sections separated by shutters, which lift one after the other, and I was told that this is another way of showing the same as one cycle after the other to follow the road of God.

Before the exercise I still received literally hundreds of times of negative speech from darkness, which I had to correct with the “wrong” feedback etc., and yes it is incredibly tired to do, and after this exercise, darkness reduced much the rest of the day making it possible to live a little not being on my edge, which is truly the worst imaginable life.

During exercise I was also given the feeling of how the right side of me via me asked the left side of me about how the New World wants to improve sexuality/reproduction of our New World, and yes I am really just the mediator with all of this work going on inside different parts of me.

I went to the library afterwards, where I also could NOT find Michael Hardinger’s genuine Facebook profile, which I should be able to do because this computer is not affected by spiritual darkness is it (?) – when I am only there rarely – and I was happy being able to finally correct the last horizontal lines of my right column, which have truly caused me much trouble, and they still do not look right in Microsoft Internet Explorer, but it seems that the other browsers get it right (at least Firefox including Macintosh and Chrome).

While reading the newspaper there afterwards, I received almost no sufferings and was told that there is now no more darkness and also no more energy so we are done, but no, I thought that there is probably more but it is located even deeper in me, and when I was cycling home afterwards, I felt how this deeper darkness now was coming out almost speaking physically through my mouth, and yes I was given the names Niclas, Sally etc.

But the feeling of less darkness continued and not least LESS STRESS with less work not being completely overloaded with work way above normal limits and bombarded constantly with spiritual speech, new ideas and tasks.

I was told that it is not too much to say that we have never been here before, which was from my deepest inner self.

I was told Isn’t it funny that my nearest family – mother/John and father/Kirsten – are very worried about dying, while we have secured eternal, new life?

I wrote this email to my aunt asking how my father and she are, and received a “thank you for doing this” and also greater out of this world pain to my right ankle because of expected reactions of Inge as I was told, and yes not easy to be the louse between two nails not knowing whom to be loyal to, and yes the son or father, and who is right (?), and is it only Inge who can see that I have a point, and all of the others are “completely deaf” influencing Inge against me (?), and yes not easy to make Inge believe in me, but she is still the most loyal of all of my readers, and even though it is not easy to get all I write, I do believe that she is one of the few of my family/friends etc. “understanding” me, and not long after sending the email I received more pain to the wound of my right foot.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was encouraged the other day to write my message on Facebook from the 25th August – there is nothing to worry about in relation to “the two suns” – to the producer of the video “December 21, 2012 – Two Suns in the Sky”, Marshall Masters, so this is what I did today.

  • Paula is a new Facebook friend of mine, and I simply LOVED this inspirational painting of hers.

  • Mikael Wulff has written a number of inspired articles not included here, but here is one again where the nickname “Prince of darkness” given by Ekstra Bladet to the spin doctor Peter Arnfeldt is not received well by Sauron – the Prince of darkness of the Lord of the Rings – and that is because because he is “directly evil”, where Arnfeldt is “wildly evil and mysterious”, who is cunning and smarter than us, and is makes him shiver just to think about him, and yes the prince of darkness is afraid of the prince of darkness because of just how evil and cunning he is, and there you have the Devil in a nutshell, and yes he is being born to as new life without darkness at this very moment.

  • Remee said that happiness is to assemble an IKEA cupboard while watching TV for the first time in three years, and yes this is about collecting the original IKEA cupboard – the most inner of everything – and I keep receiving words like “the world will come to understand how extremely “crazy” it is what we are doing“- and this is also to make the most inner of me watch the world, i.e. TV, for the first time in a VERY long time when awakening from this darkness, and Jeanette said that there would be “no IKENA without TV” which is no Source without the world, and at least Source of light.

  • Fanny wrote ”smart little guy” about this squirrel, and you do remember that “nuts” are “creation”, right (?), and yes coming with dark energy from my family/friends etc. believing that I was “nuts”, which you are understanding that I am not?

  • Niclas wrote in the Facebook group of my old meditation group that he has been to a “meeting” on his inner levels this night, and it has been decided to stop “Prayer”, i.e. the meditation group “Prayer and goodwill for Mother Earth”, and he thanks all attendants and say that “the group has served its purpose and it is now time for something new for all parties”, and I understood that this was the work of darkness once again, so I brought him and the group my old message, which they may understand (some of them) by now, that he is speaking with “darkness disguised as light”, and I told him directly that he is made a fool of this darkness because of his own goodness and naïveté, and then it came to me that it is WRONG to stop this work, and I spoke to him with “the voice cutting through your inner darkness – which is the same darkness in me because we are two sides of the same identity – to get even deeper behind it all” and yes to do the final parts of the creation of our New World, and I told that he and the group by reading my scripts will understand the truth, goodness and love in this message – and if they do not, Jonathan and others (!), may decide to react negatively once again sending me even more darkness to make me stay up a new night, which is the message coming to me here, sadly, and I also said that I wished they would understand the depth and meaning of our New World also coming to them with unprecedented peace and love, and yes they will probably be silent (or will 1-2 of you “dare” to comment?), and some will send me good thoughts and some the opposite, and that’s life here, blue eyes. And I am thinking that not all of what this group was bad even though they “slurped” light and energy in themselves, but they have also helped me on my inner levels, and yes Niclas, are you there, and will you try to understand instead of rejecting/leaving me this time?
    • Update approx. 10-12 hours later: I checked to see this thread again, and was surprised when I saw that Niclas had deleted the entire thread (!), which to me was the same as saying “I understand you Stig, because now my spiritual voice tells me otherwise”, and yes just like Fanny, I am strong enough to change your spiritual voices bringing you the truth, but YOUR PROBLEM, NICLAS, IS THAT INSTEAD OF TELLING ABOUT THE TRUTH OF ME, YOU KEEP BEING SILENT AS AN OYSTER, and this is what here brought me a new kind of physical pain 5-10 times inside my right thigh but still “out of this world pain”, and yes this is about a man, who does NOT want to “lose his faith” in front of his friends, so maybe I can ask his spiritual voice to tell him that it is right to speak out the truth directly, but maybe this is simply about poor habits of Niclas “not being able” to do what is right, and this is what his spiritual voice misuses to its fullest extent, but interesting to see, right?

  • To me Dan having Champagne is a symbol of victory/celebration and being close to the end.

  • And this is also what this funny photo of hens and cocks mean, the end of creation really – but if we can still pull out more darkness we will of course – and yes, there is something about many married people becoming careless about their looks compared to single, so in this sense you are right, Helena, everyone should decide to stay healthy showing their best looks always.

  • Kathy still believes that I have a negative attitude towards homosexuals, and yes she does not understand my attitude, and I received the feeling that others out there feel the same, so here I give you some further explanation, which I do believe you can also read from my scripts if only you want to, so is it clear enough for you to understand now?

  • Desiree brought this photo, which I had to react on, and what you see as the general picture of the world – which we can see from “up here” or “inside of you” as I feel – is the same picture of one starving child like this boy having no food and “nothing” while a rich person like Rikke enjoys herself saying “yum-yum” while eating out again on a nice and expensive restaurant, and you can times this pictures by many millions of individuals being in the same positions as this starving child and as Rikke, and why don’t you send money directly to people in need to bring normal life for all instead of keeping to sit on you FAT BOTTOMS, and yes this is a message coming directly from your mother/Queen this time NOT speaking the “nice” messages as she does in Medjugorje as example, which I understand is necessary to do to “please” people because this is how people expect to see the spirit of my mother, but the truth is that all of us can speak very directly, honestly and openly to address the problems of the world, and yes to make all of you FAT BOTTOMED GIRLS and boys too to take action to start bringing normal life to make the (rockin’) world go around, and yes please remember that this is part of showing a clean heart.

  • Paula inspired me to follow up on Florencio Anton as I wrote about below. You can see some of his paintings here and the video below here.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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