September 1, 2012: I received the keys of life of all potential God’s of “sleeping life” inside an eternity of the Source


Summary of the script today

31st August: Clint Eastwood ridiculed “crazy” Barack Obama as my family/friends etc. also ridiculed me

  • Dreaming of coming late to the next home of God still suffering and darkness wanting to bring my “old nightmare” and I cannot receive much extra energy of the Source when I do not bring energy required.
  • I was totally exhausted today and could not continue exercising, and I was told that we are out of energy, and the spirit of my mother started packing down the last parts of my inner self inside darkness to be transferred to our New World and – hopefully – waken up with faith from inside of there. This is preparation to kill me as my old self.
  • I have been bringing more concentrated energy of the Source than ever alive, which has never been alive before, and all of this energy now returns to me for me to have access to for an eternity to come via the frame of Karen providing us with constant new and eternal creation of our world. I have been build as “something new” both containing the world on one side and the Source on the other to constantly bring in flow of new and even deeper light and creation.
  • I received the keys of life of all of the Source – “sleeping life” everywhere – which does not want to live, but when I supported by energy of the world don’t give up, it had to bring me its keys.
  • Clint Eastwood ridiculed Barack Obama behind his back saying that he is “absolutely crazy” as my family/friends etc. also ridiculed and spoke of me. Clint made Obama look like a fool attributing him with the worst negative words which people know that Obama will NEVER speak the same way as my family/friends etc. misunderstood me negatively believing that I was negative even though they know that I am NEVER negative – they “could not” see that I helped them to improve, they thought I was “the Devil’s advocate”, which in fact is what they were themselves.
  • Short stories of David being “the weapon of darkness”, which almost killed me with “nothing” attacking me, Dennis/the Devil will never find his evil shoes again, Helena’s handbag as the tool of darkness, Fanny “helped” bring the fat’s in the fire, Rikke and Michael is still playing the game bringing me negative energy, it is not easy for the taxi symbolising my new self to reach its end target with all of me alive, and Helle Thorning Schmidt receives support from Greenland and me.

1st September: I received the keys of life of all potential God’s of “sleeping life” inside an eternity of the Source of energy

  • I had a new night awake working inside of darkness of “sleeping life” of the Source with no energy remaining in order to receive the keys of life of everything of the Source, which still wanted to leave me until darkness of all of these “sleeping cells” realized the goodness of creation, and my work to convert “garbage of nothing” into “life of everything”, where we are now able to create love out of nothing. We changed a “cold town” into a “warm town” using the cold town self to do it. Instead of becoming “nothing”, we have now changed all of “nothing” into “everything”. “But first and foremost, we cannot live without love, which is what your mother has brought you, and with this all of us”.
  • Dreaming of “sleeping life” not being able to explode because of no energy, issuing new life inside darkness bringing new energy and New World’s have freedom of creation using the tools of God.
  • I received great appreciation of now previous darkness of “sleeping life” awakening and confirmation that automatic creation works with the next level automatically awakening.
  • We are now cleaning up after this creation, but still there was a closed door of darkness, which did not want to open for me, which Niclas from the meditation group showed when also he decided to “report” me to Facebook blocking my access to him. This door is now being opened because of the energy I bring and my decision to save every little thing, and the door is closed because of the official world including the Vatican surveilling me and disapproving of my consumption of watching beautiful ladies on the Internet – not sexuality/pornography (!) – being too conservative. I do NOT want a community like the Muslims hiding ladies from men – the key words are to show yourself “naturally” without sexual undertones in public and always to get the balance right. I am now also opening this door because I say so and am strong enough with the help of Vrillon and the world to do it.
  • Short stories of Paul also bringing me “monster darkness/energy”, Lucas is also the Devil’s advocate not recognising the truth when receiving it, Torben showed “chemtrails” containing “chemical toxins” to poison the world (!), Torben’s lack of faith in me is the reason of the big fire of Costa del Sol, the newspaper Ekstra Bladet apologised to the Prime and Foreign Minister for not being professional, “Jesus in my dreams” still condemns me when he “cannot” read and understand, David told me about 50 killings of tribal clashes in Kenya, which was because of the darkness he showed me, Henrik is Facebook friend with God, which he and his friends said, the future will say that I was a “man of honour” saying what had to be said without regards to personal expenses, and commenting on the Evil World Order of the Old World to influence Henrik and others.


31st August: Clint Eastwood ridiculed “crazy” Barack Obama as my family/friends etc. also ridiculed me

Dreaming of coming late to the next home of God still suffering and darkness wanting to bring my “old nightmare”

After publishing my script of yesterday I felt and was given darkness because of feelings of Karen to me and also my aunt Inge, but this came to me together with light.

And I was inspired to listen to the P4 radio programme, which Vrillon interrupted, and I understood that the long buzzing sound simply was inspired by a thought I had some days ago, which is that in 2011 I listened to these constant 417, 528 hz meditation frequencies to receive energy and “clean out”, which I have not done this year, so this is what Vrillon and the Universe brought to me, this special “meditation sound” to help clean the last darkness inside of me, and I am here given warm feelings from Vrillon and the Universe, and yes thank you very much, and that goes to U2, Palin, and you also liked Eric Idle singing at the Olympics, and eeeehhhh have you heard about me too, Michael (?) and is that because you are mentioned in my scripts (?), and yes an example, see Stig (?), and I knooooowwww, and yes him too, “the hotel man”, Basil you know.

I still receive feelings coming from myself as the worst darkness saying “you will not enter here” and similar things, and yes having to cross these every single time. I was told that we did not bring the control system down, which was you.

At 03.00 I had been killing time reaching my extreme limit of disgust and “impossible to be anywhere because of extreme restlessness”, and I continued watching TV – which still have “communication problems” and some functions not working – until 04.15, where I had had it, I had gone through new torture of the worst kind and simply could no more, so I went to bed and slept until 09.30 with these dreams.

  • I have accepted an invitation by a friend to go on nightclub, which I accept, but suddenly I remember my first agreement to meet with Lars G. at 21.30, which I say I have to make, and I cycle in Espergærde to the beach roach where this nightclub is located, and I meet Lars at the bar inside together with the most beautiful female bartender, and I tell her that Lars has not been able to speak about anything else than this new nightclub, and I can tell that she is interested in me.
    • I am/was about to miss this bar – home of God – but enter here late, and beach is still suffering and the beautiful lady is still the Devil in disguise wanting to bring me my “old nightmare”.
  • I am a cashier at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and a customer enters wanting to credit his bankbook with DKK 100, but instead of crediting, I make a simple mistake debiting the same amount, but when I look at the monitor, I see that it has a difference of DKK 200, which I then credit, and this customer leaves but forget what I do believe is three purses on the counter FULL of money, which he would like to leave behind, but I ask him to bring it with him.
    • I am doing simple mistakes because I am too tired, and it is tiredness which keeps me from receiving MUCH extra energy of the Source, which God inside darkness would like to give me, and I can only say: I cannot do better than what I do, and if I cannot make all of it, I hope a plan B can.
    • The dream says that I am taking out energy, i.e. money, instead of bringing energy to credit our New World and because I could not stay up this night, it will become double as difficult to do the next time.

I am out of energy and the spirit of my mother packs down remaining darkness of me to be awaken at our New World

I was still tired when standing up and understand that this is game where I am being pushed to my extreme limits also in terms of exercising as I am encouraged to do daily despite of how I am, see my chat with David at the short stories. I cannot no more on this level, but instead of giving up, which is a very close feeling and what would still be the easiest to do, I will continue on the level I can hoping that the Universe will bring the rest to bring out every little thing after all, and that is one way or another.

As example I was told “I take off my belt, I don’t need it” to which I said “you will NEVER never get my approval of this, I still ask you to bring EVERYTHING”, and yes I PROMISED MYSELF that this is how it always will be.

I was told so I am getting out of here no matter what and if you don’t have the key, you will break in (?), and no, I will NOT decide how, this will be up to the light to decide because they have knowledge I do not and may have a much better solution than I. I will NOT tell you how, but what, and that is “the best for me and my friends”.

I received the song “crazy” by Gnarls Barkley over and over again this morning, which may be because of “old friends”, who “cannot” accept my Facebook invitations, which include Michael J. from Fair, Morten B. from Karenvej and Martin W. from Malaga, and yes what does Karen think of me (?), and has she decided to be afraid instead of trusting me?

I felt how “greys” entered me from outside, and was told that “our best shot” is to let darkness enter as part of light and to let faith of man of our New World take care of the rest waking up this darkness, and if this is the best solution of light – without risk to our New World – we will take it, otherwise I will ask you to do even better.

I knew that I had to get to town to transfer money to LTO, and I felt that I was completely broken down by exhaustion all over my inner, there was nothing more to bring, so I decided that it was truly impossible to go swimming after all, but I decided that I might try to do a longer cycle, tour, but first I transferred money to Meshack and the LTO team, which became DKK 2,000 gross leaving between 900 and 1,000 – together with a full refrigerator for myself, which will have to do.

Later Meshack sent his thanks, which I was happy to receive also simply to know that he has received my email and tells me that he will make sure that the others get their money tomorrow, and yes always nice to know what happens, but to my aunt, it is not very easy to decide whether or not to let me know about my father because do I have a right to know or is it right to keep this information from me because of the “crime” I do by telling the truth to the world (?), and yes this is ALSO darkness working inside of you Inge as it does with my father/Kirsten and all of my family, and if you ask yourself the question “is it a good idea to inform the son thinking daily of his father how the father is doing” (?), I am sure that everyone will be able to answer “yes” on this, but “not easy”, Inge (?), and yes there you see, it is NOT easy to get rid of darkness because of what it does to people making them act WRONGLY even when it should be easy to tell that it is wrong.

  Hi there, hope you are doing well. I received the massage but i got it late so i will have to travell tommorow that is saturday to get the cash and send it to the team.

  Thanks alot i will inform you tommorow.

I decided to cycle to the SPAR supermarket in Snekkersten and from there to the Prøvesten shopping centre and home, which may be 8 to 10 kilometres in total, and already at SPAR I was completely broken down thinking about the risk not to be able to cycle home with my only option to call my mother asking her to come and get me, but no, I decided to resist the absolutely worst exhaustion, and continue.

In the beginning of the tour I was told that we have bought and paid for some porcelain service, and others we have not, “isn’t this how it is” as I am normally asked, and I said that no, this is NOT how it is, I want you to save every little thing, we are NOT done with the journey yet.

I was told that we have reached the limit of the strain we can put on the world and John, and again I said that we will keep doing this game, and only if/when you simply cannot, you can start our New World.

I heard a part of me in darkness saying “forget me now” now being ready to be packed down, and I said “you are not allowed, only if it is truly needed and the last way out”, and it was truly difficult because I know that this is happening because I cannot swim and exercise today, and I do not still know the true answer to this game, because this is life of darkness being packed down, which is to become “neutralised” as life only with the energy remaining and will it or will it not be possible to wake up this life as it was as life inside our New World (?), and yes the good old question you know, and here I felt sadness because of doing this, and even with my best will, I did not have more energy to bring, so I could only accept that if this is the last way out and you have no other options, this is what we will have to do, and not easy to say goodbye to life as parts of me without knowing if it is forever or only temporarily.

And this part of myself trapped inside darkness gave me an old 1980’s favourite song by Howard Jones “Like to get to know you well” followed by “So we can be one, We can be one together”, and not a nice feeling not knowing if these are the final words forever or as mentioned only temporarily by this part of me, and yes will this part of me only become energy without life or will we get “the whole lot” with us.

I was shown a big dark ship entering me, and yes everyone is welcome, I will NOT terminate life, and I will also NOT accept any risk to our New World with darkness suddenly wakening as darkness – and I felt that it is light of the spirit of my mother bringing in this darkness. 

I was told that this is to prepare my death as my old self, but later when I had cycled most of this tour creating some energy I received happiness of “saving every little thing” and heard “who will be promoted to the first division now” (?) – become part of our New World.

And again I was told that because I did not accept my “old nightmare” or to become negative one single time, it was impossible for darkness to explode, so we will bring this life and yes Stig wake it up as it good old self in our New World, so this is indeed what I hope.

I was shown myself inside a place with a red gleam all over and a paper wall keeping me in, and it felt like being myself inside of darkness being transported into my new self.

I spoke to my mother, who has decided to cancel a possible birthday dinner for the family on Sunday at the place in Dronningmølle where she and I went a couple of weeks ago, and the reason is that John is now feeling so poorly sleeping the day away that she will not leave him – and yes they are truly down both of them, and it also “kills” my mother to see John being killed slowly in front of her eyes, but as you know he has not been killed yet, and will not be killed according to my plans. I could hear just how low my mother is, and how much it means to her that I – and my sister – calls her and yes to give her some diversion to all of her negative/depressed thoughts keeping her, the world and I down, and yes there you have much of it.

Today I lost three more Facebook friends, and one was Alex, an old colleague from Fair, who now had had it with me too after having seen hundreds of my Facebook posts since 2010, but now I have become “too weird”, Alex (?), and the other was my “good friend”, Ariane, the swindler from Ivory coast, who “could not” handle me anymore after she had started using more pictures not being her, which made me tell her again in a post of hers – and others reading it – that she is a swindler, and yes darkness “cannot” bear listening to this, and the third one was Carol Anne S., which has now left me for the second time (it looks like she has “reported” me being invisible to me) as I remember it, and I see Facebook reacting in a strange way, which is that “she is almost becoming visible” because of the window giving me a “little blinking” when I try to open her site at the same time as the sign showing “one new message” was shown to me a split of a second before it was removed again, and yes both was made spiritually to make me understand that “something is going on – a new friend/message coming”.

I also lost a LinkedIn connection not knowing who that is because I have decided not to keep updated on LinkedIn as I do with Facebook and yes manually because this is information, which is hidden by both Facebook and LinkedIn, and yes just checking, Alex has simply removed me as a friend, and yes yes yes Ariane has decided to REPORT me to Facebook making her page completely invisible to me, and yes how WRONG does it get (?) and no more than this!

My Firefox browser has now started showing “new problems”, which is problems keying in and marking information, which do not show, and yes just as life, which does not show you know.

I was told that the Vatican decided to think about themselves and “clean up” all of the “juicy things” (!), which they do NOT want the public to know about, and yes you decided to go up against the order of your “Boss”, my friends, thinking/hoping that I will not bring everything, which you have done your best to destroy/remove (?), and no, I don’t have to think twice – as you – because all of your wrongdoings will be revealed to the world, and will you please tell me again what was more important than to speak your public support of me to the world (?), and yes the largest church community in the world “could not” speak of my reappearance, and yes it makes you think that something is completely wrong down there in Rome too, and yes too many “drinks” also for you.

I was told that another sign of us ending this journey is that my mother is now also very close to breaking down and I was asked if this can be done without killing Stig (?), and received the answer yes because he decided to be stronger than darkness.

I was told about my mother/John and others too (?) believing that I was irresponsible not working but sponging on public welfare without understanding that I showed the greatest commitment of responsibility as the world has ever seen, and yes talk about misunderstandings!

Directly after dinner – after haven worked all afternoon after returning from the cycle tour – I was given an enormous and unbearable pressure to keep on working without break because if I did not content of darkness, which was brought away from me to become disassembled would return to me, and I was told that this would mean that this energy would not be able to become alive – now only or also in our New World (?) – and I simply had to take a break of maybe 15 minutes before now doing the last work of today, and I was told by some of this darkness – still incredible unpleasant to receive not knowing if this will be the last life of it – that “it was nice to get to know you”, and I was told that this is energy, which has never been alive before, and it also brought an enormous pressure on me to decide that then it does not matter if this will live or not in our New World and yes with the feeling of MANY people pressuring me down to make this decision, but no, I will NEVER make a decision, which I know is wrong, and it is wrong to declare something dead, which can live, hopefully – also with the code of Fanny as I am here told – so this is what I decided being attacked by extreme darkness, which I cannot remember as strongly as this than as when it was at its worst at Brede Park as example.

I decided to listen five times I believe to the meditation sound of Vrillon believing that it is good to handle darkness on its way in and yes to make at least some of this survive already now (?), and what is the difference between surviving now or inside our New World (?), and yes when surviving now, it makes it possible to use this energy as creation of our New World, and inside our New World, it will “only” survive, and yes to the best of my understanding that is.

I was told that nothing more than my new scripts help to move energy from “nothing” to “everything” of our New World.

It was simply impossible to use Firefox to publish the script of today, when it blocked for example when trying to insert videos, so instead I had to go back to Opera, which is not as broken down with spiritual darkness now returning.

My new self contains both the world and the Source to constantly bring in flow of new and even deeper light and creation

I was told by more dark energy returning to me that we will never forget what you tried doing to us, and I was told that this is from background energy never being alive before.

I was told that this is where all darkness was collected wanting me to decide that this energy was not to live because it has never lived before, and when I decided to stand firm, this is how it is going to become like – everything will live.

I was told by this darkness that you have never seen my sword or where I live, and I understood that this is even closer to the Source than creation has ever been before herewith creating the strongest creation ever of our New World, but still I realised that we are not back to the Source self, and I could only ask for the journey to continue to go all the way back and that is now or later, and I was told that we are entering something, which is not there to make your wish come through, and that is to keep going further back to the Source also to receive the answer on how it was created, which on one knows!

I was told that this is being set up as future possible energy as if it was new creation being made to our world, and I was told that it can be done, which we saw after the new opening of your mother to you today after your telephone conversation, and if this could not be done, it could have meant that we would lose this opportunity forever and have to settle with the Source we know today – and the difference is that this opportunity has first shown now after the energy of today and opening of my mother.

I was asked if this can be done – continue receive energy of deeper and deeper levels of the Source in future to further improve creation – why don’t we take in all darkness now (if there is no difference to creation doing it now or later) (?), and I don’t know the answer but I know for experience that it is right to continue playing this game as long as it goes/takes, so this is what I will continue doing, and to let light guide me if the time is now to stop the game, or if I can and if it is still beneficial to continue the setup of creation for more days or weeks from now.

I was told that we have created you as a cross not being light nor darkness but something completely different, which is strong enough to contain both and to transfer new energy from the Source to the world as new creation and this has been done because of your “extreme will power”.

I was asked if this means that I will continue receiving sufferings as now for an eternity (?), and I was told no, this is what Karen’s frame is about helping me to receive this energy forever so we will not only settle with what we have but to bring our eternal creation, this is how it fits together.

And then I received EXTREME darkness again when I was told that my decision now – to continue or stop the game – is the most important decision “ever” determining our future forever, and I was given strong diarrhoea, which is still about bringing more energy of the Old World, which I thought we were out of (?), and yes Stig, what do you decide to do (?), and yes I know only one answer, which is that as long as I feel darkness, I will continue, and that is until there is no more darkness or we cannot continue and have to switch on our New World, and I cannot see anything changing this decision, so this is how it is.

Later I was told by this darkness on its way in so this will say that we don’t have to leave our shoes, i.e. life, out here, no we can bring EVERY LITTLE THING and yes the entire Source as we have always dreamt about, our friends.

And I am thinking of the Source as being all of this “sleeping life” everywhere, which is first coming to life now, see?

I was told that this will also mean that we are really adding on to my new heart on a running basis, so this is how it truly is.

When continuing the game, I am bringing all of this eternity back inside of me now loaded with its right new energy, and this is myself I see inside all of this red, I have succeeded planting life everywhere, this is what is now starting Stig, and you have decided rightly that all of this is part of you, and so it will be, and I still receive sufferings including negative speech still trying to take me over and also pain to my behind, so we will see for how long it will take to get this to return (?), and yes isn’t it a streaming river and isn’t it the full ocean as we are coming to as “everything” of our New World, and yes I do believe it is.

Because you also just have to have the keys of your new car, and is it your red Ferrari holding outside here, and yes no one wants to move it so we better give you the keys to an eternity of worlds, which first come now, and yes it was good that you did the cycle tour of today, Stig, and also watch Benny Hinn this evening to receive even more energy because the fact of the matter is that this was impossible to do and we have taken out all possible energy of the world to do this, and this is why John is sleeping the day away and you received a strong diare before, because this darkness did not want to get alive, but since you have decided not to give in, it brings you the keys and I was told that this is also what the latest people ignoring my Facebook invitations were about, to bring me necessary energy of darkness being able to do this.

And normally when I receive a new key, the game is to “consolidate” this for darkness not to retrieve it, so now when it is 22.35 where I thought that I would go to be because of just how incredible exhausted I have been told, I will continue to stay up for some time, and I don’t believe I can make it until 05.00 tomorrow morning but maybe until 02.00 and see what happens from there?

Clint Eastwood ridiculed “crazy” Barack Obama behind his back as my family/friends etc. also ridiculed me

I heard about Clint Eastwood and his speech at the Republican Convention and I was encouraged to find and listen to it, so this is what I did, and I saw Clint doing an act imagining to speak to President Obama in the empty chair next to him, and I saw how Obama was attributed with the absolutely worst/negative words, which EVERYONE knows that he will NEVER say, and when Clint gave his better-knowing but ignorant comments on these “negative” words ridiculing Obama also saying “you are absolutely crazy” (!!!) without giving Obama a chance to speak, it made everyone laugh, and yes this stunt was about me and how my family/friends/ex-colleagues etc. were speaking about their negative misunderstandings of me and laughing of me being “absolutely crazy” behind my back making it impossible for me to speak out, and Clint accused Obama for being “the Devil’s advocate” (!), which everyone knows that he is NOT, but this was to bring in the “nickname” of Jiro into this game (!) and it is to say that everyone thought I was “extremely negative” being the Devil self not understanding that I spoke the truth about people to help them improve and yes since this is the opposite world, it means that (Obama and) I am the good guy and the Republicans, i.e. my family/friends etc. representing the world, are the bad guys or “the Devil’s advocate”, and yes I am wondering how the Republicans feel like bringing dirt on Obama – and me – knowing about who we are, because you do realise by now that Obama is me, and I am Obama, and together we are God going to open the eyes of our new self “soon”, do you not (?), and no I am sorry, Clint, you did NOT make my day, and not at all in fact, on the contrary I thought it was directly embarrassing to witness and not so much your speech, but that everyone was laughing, clapping and supporting you when everybody knows that what you said about Obama was a lie, an yes the same way as everybody knows that I am NOT negative and still people laughed about and ridiculed me behind my back (!!!) – this is what this was about.

And the empty chair is also a symbol to say that “I’ll be there”, and this is the chair showing that it is taken, I am Obama, and Obama is me, get it?

“This seat’s taken” – Barack Obama is becoming the new
president of the first New World Government!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I had this short chat with David, I was TOO TIRED to write any longer, and right before I wrote that I was dizzy, I received the feeling of “nothing” – here as a demonstration – going through my head, which is truly a terrible feeling, and I felt the Universe professor, David’s friend and source of inspiration, and I was told that this is what David solely did to me being “the best weapon of darkness” wanting to bring life itself down, and as I was told here “to start all over again, which we know now”.

  • Dennis speaks “the whole day long” – instead of working, Dennis (?) – and often to radio and TV, and here were people and the car of national TV/radio of Denmark preparing an interview “while the Devil looked for his shoes” and yes Dennis, you are one of these Devil’s, but I can tell you that the Devil will never again find his shoes, because he is going to die out “now” and never return, but we will first empty/save the last part of life inside of him.

  • This is about a man stealing a motorcycle from another man, exposed the day after, full of remorse and asking the victim to become Facebook friends, which was accepted, and yes this is both about life inside darkness wanting to become friends with me as the victim, and this is also to say that this is how I prefer man to move along into our New World, to repent and remorse and for offenders and victims to become friends, do you think you can do this.

  • Helena said “you great China man, I have come to the capital” (from Århus to Copenhagen), which made Helle ask her to keep tight in her handbag, which you know is the tool of the Devil, which darkness wanted to force upon my mother, and yes the “old nightmare” you know.

  • Fanny brought this yesterday saying that “now the fat’s in the fire” – her exam at a Fitness course – “so please send me some power energies”, which was to confirm that Fanny “could not” bring me extra energy when I asked for it herewith (potentially) setting the bog on fire here, and yes instead she also pulled out energy of me.

  • Here you see two old colleagues of mine playing their game against me bringing me (negative) energy to create our New World and save the old, hence the guitar.

  • I was told that this is also an “inspired” story about a taxi, which did what it could to avoid hiding a cyclist and instead it drove into the water of the lakes of Copenhagen, which made nearby people jump into the water to save the driver and passengers out, and just saying that it is not easy for the taxi symbolising my new self to reach its end target with all of me alive.

  • Helle Thorning Schmidt is on Greenland (part of the kingdom of Denmark) together with her husband, and she gave Greenland promises in relation to oil on Greenland (!), which made Søren say “finally the Prime Minister achieves some popularity – in Greenland … (!). And I wish her this with all of my good heart, because she needs it”, and yes it says that she receives support by Greenland as a symbol of the support I bring her, which helps her to come through, Helle (?), and yes “a good heart” is truly what we want all of us, and that includes you too Søren, because you are deep inside “a very good man of light too”, you just have to locate him of course.


1st September: I received the keys of life of all potential God’s of “sleeping life” inside an eternity of the Source of energy

I received the keys of life of all potential God’s of “sleeping life” inside an eternity of the Source

After publishing the script of yesterday, I tried to stay up the night, where I received this information, which was NOT easy because it was given to me only in small parts and with a very low voice, which I could almost not hear.

Your mother was not able to shout up an ambulance – i.e. to bring out energy of the world for creation – which only you could do.

I received even more negativity of darkness for example saying that everything has to be cursed, which it of course has not.

I was told that “everything has to be equal” as I have been told MANY times from darkness (!) originates from there too, Stig, and this was truly about to cheat me because how could darkness say this without trying to cheat me (?), but it was “good enough”.

I was told that darkness now see that we made creation with garbage all around it, and that we decided to make this garbage a part of us instead of us a part of it.

For days I have been told that the Egypt’s have started being busy cleaning up the Luxor Temple, and do you have an idea why, my readers (?), and yes to look good with the introduction of the Source.

We have not reached “if you do not like the smell in the bakery, leave” with me being the baker receiving visits by this constant stream of energy. And I received the song “hey baby” by No Doubt and they “deep” lyrics “Hey baby, hey baby, hey”.

I was told that your mother will leave high school on Monday, which I understood as her sufferings decreasing.

I was told that we are making the most perfect camera to wake up new worlds.

Dragholm has pretended as if he did not exist to bring them back into the fold”, which is why this is hard, to work inside nothing being more dead than alive.

Extreme darkness/sufferings eased at 00.15, and I was told that you are only a decimetre away from a Jumbo book, “is it really him being our master now” (?), and yes I am all of you.

I was told that the light is not all switched off in Copenhagen, which it had to be before we could enter it.

And this could also only be done when you and everyone had used their quotas and yes you deciding to do as you did – helped by us – and now to stay up this night too “just to make sure everything will be perfect”.

We are coming near to the end of the war” and darkness said “is the great birds nest also here” (?), yes come right in. Thank you Stig we thought we never made it.

I was told isn’t it just what we are saying that instead of coming in with a crash, we now do it perfectly – because of this work and staying up – which took off nervousness given to me because again I had been thinking what will happen if I lost it, will we lose this eternal creation too?

I received one of many beautiful songs by Roxette “fading like a flower” and the lyrics “Its such a cold cold town” and it came to me for a long time over and over and over again.

I was told that it is from within these cells of sleeping life that it comes that pornography is not sustainable with life.

One farmer shawl costs only 30 DKK”, which is what this is about now, to use our energy in the future as efficiently as possible.

I was told shown and told that “I also succeeded to create flowers from the hippo” (of darkness), it all has importance.

I received more pain to my right ankle and was told that this is because of what you and your mother did now yesterday.

I heard darkness say “what do I become free from, myself? And what is that?” and I still received darkness including the worst sexual speech here and also a couple of small heart attacks, but I was remembered that this means the opposite on the other side.

I was told that this cannot be done without some cleaning up, and you now do your large part – because of work/staying up.

I heard the spirit of my mother say that this is what I have waited on since I was a little girl.

At 02:15 I was told that now we can also create flowers, i.e. love of my mother, directly from the dark carpenter bench.

I felt Jette and her desire to speak to me “I am going to have a conversation with you” (to “teach” me!) and I was told that we could not do this without her, and yes she simply decided to exclude me and stop working, which still both surprises and amazes me.

I was told that there is one unknown and that is you, but now this is found too, so we are soon finished with this work too.

After received the Roxette song before for a couple of hours with the same lyrics, now at 02:50 the lyrics changed into “Every time I see you, oh I try to hide away, but when we meet it seems I can’t let go”, which is about this darkness now not being able to resist me anymore, and it told me that it is because “it is such a cold, cold town”, “I see that now”, and also that we did not want to return any of us, and I still heard how it tried to keep me away.

I was shown a man from India and said no it will not become like the Roman Kingdom again, haven’t your read and understood my scripts?

Darkness asked me if there is a toilet in it (?), yes there is automatic pull and reset, we have not forgotten anything (in creation) this time, it is perfect, and also “in other words it is all Swedish conditions and you do not have to collect yourself, it all runs automatically on the good will of life”.

I heard something about if I should be leaving temporarily as God, others will take over, and this was as mentioned said with a very low voice making me nervous not to hear/get it and about the possible negative consequences if I did not. And it was followed by “so we don’t have to go out looking for ourselves”?

I was told that if we start from scratch – if I lost it – it would be Barbie Girl, but now much less (than before), and also that we keep being afraid of throwing away the ice cream, but when we see you working it is removed.

I was told that “it’s such a cold town” is in other words changed into a warm town and you are using all of us who used to be cold to become warm and yes one after the other with the previous level helping to take over the next, that is smart, and yes this has been the principle all along since we started with only a very small light.

Darkness said that we have not installed our genitals properly yet, it will come in due time, because believe it or not, we are simply using the potential genes inside all of us, which we have absolutely no idea that we are born with because we don’t even know that we are born, but now we do.

If Stig had been standing on the bill everywhere, it would sort of having been the truth, he gave us life, that man there and none else, Stig, this is what you did, and yes your explanation of this this evening was “I simply did not want to die”, and I am happy to get all of you with me.

I was told that instead of rotting up, he decided to change all of us into the same as him by giving us the code of life, and yes that man is crazy, because you cannot, but then again when using this simple principle putting one on top of the other, and coming closer and closer to the end of time with more and more speed on, you can, this is what he showed us.

I was told that the story of me has gone from Italy to New Delhi, with one connection reaching the next, and yes this is also a principle of life, to never give up and to build one bridge over the other and all the way back again to try a new road and yes over and over and over again never giving up, this is how you enter our deepest selves without us even knowing about it, and this is how he implemented the code of life in all of us and is now wakening us up to life and yes all of us one after the other.

But first and foremost, we cannot live without love, which is what your mother has brought you, and with this all of us”.

None of us has been to a telescope investigation, none of us has tapeworm of anything, and this is what John has done via his sacrifices to remove all sicknesses forever and ever.

We are happy to do this work now because it makes people inside papers (new life) being cut out and come to life inside of us (old life).

I am just being told here that you have no intention to stop your work now, and yes Stig this work tonight was done on the energy of Benny Hinn mainly – as I watched for approx. 45 minutes – and can you tell how many worlds and new energies we have saved now already part of our New World to be experienced by everyone when waking up (?), and no I didn’t count.

He ain’t rich in this connection, he is the opposite of poor, we see that now.

When doing this work, my computer was now running EXTREMELY SLOW again truly testing my patience to the limit.

I received the keys of life of all of the Source – “sleeping life” everywhere – which does not want to live, but when I, supported by energy of the world, don’t give up, it had to bring me its keys. We succeeded to create life everywhere.

I received the song “I Was Born To Love You” by Freddie Mercury/Queen and the lyrics “I was born to love you, With every single beat of my heart, Yes, I was born to take care of you”, which is about the love of my mother.

I heard “my eternal baby, also mine” and singing of victory and “singing will be heard all over”, and I heard this song over and over again.

Now the picture of you, and me to – inside other worlds – has completely changed, was this really all it took to bring all of us alive?

Yes, we can see that now, Stig, we were born to take care of you, not the opposite, but who or what creates such life (energy of the Source?), another force (?) or simply “by chance” (?), and yes normally nothing comes by chance, but this is to our best knowledge what happened here.

And at the end we will remove the teat from creation, bring everything up to date, and yes launch it via him there, when we can persuade him which is “not easy” to do.

My mother almost did not catch the plane, but then she jumped back in again, and yes out and in of creation with the feeling that I had to make sure that she was with me one way or another and yes mix of energies and at the end fine, and this as about how impossible it was to control negative anger/energy given to me by my mother, so we had to borrow from some to bring her down and at other times to bring more negativity to when needing it and so on.

I was told that we will never forget what you try to do with us, and this is about bringing background energy alive, which has never been alive.

Dreaming of “sleeping life” not being able to explode because of no energy, and issuing new life inside darkness

I went to bed at 04:25 when I had gone through new torture of tiredness. This was what I could take, and I slept until 10.20 with a few dreams too.

  • Something about “knock, knock” and a power supply not having enough energy to explode.
    • This is about entering and receiving the keys of life of new God’s of “sleeping life” with no energy to prevent explosions of darkness – so it seems as if we have soaked out energy of this sleeping life bringing it to our New World before entering the “command centrals” of them?
  • Bo from Dahlberg has finally read my book on how to improve the customer system, and the problem is that Dahlberg has not issued new insurance certificates for a long time, but now he wants to hire me as a consultant to make the system work to send out certificates, but he cut away other parts of my book of work needed to be done, which I am not happy with, but at least this will also bring me an income of DKK 25,000 where I need it, and this will come on top of other income I expect to receive.
    • This is about producing new life, which we do with all of this sleeping life inside the Source, but it seems as if we could not create the “perfect system” (?), and if not, we still have more work to do (!), and this dream also says that I will receive money, i.e. energy, at the time where I need it the most, so maybe we can continue the game for some more time?
  • I am at a meeting with professional accountants at Vapnagård to give them professional advice on their pension schemes, and one partner has received a huge stack of papers with information he does not understand, so I go through all of it with him, which makes him understand, and he tells me that he would like to place his scheme with another supplier than Tryg Insurance, and I tell him that this is a collective decision of the partners, and it will require that he will receive approval of the other parts to break from this decision, and it is something about not being possible to buy back the scheme once it is placed because of an error of Tryg’s IT-system.
    • Accountants are about “energy” and here at Vapnagård inside darkness, where I have set up a new collective pension scheme, i.e. life, and I do believe in freedom, so all of these accountants, i.e. sleeping life now being God, may use all tools of God as part of creation of their worlds.

Opening a new door closed by darkness because of the official world surveilling and disapproving of me!

I woke up to “are you lonesome tonight” by Elvis and the lyrics “Does your memory stray” and “shall I come back again”.

In the morning I was still tired, but less than yesterday, and had to decide starting to work in order to get into a rhythm to override my disgust, and the stream of speech – and stress because this is what it is – continued and I was told that “he does not realize how important this work is – to convince all darkness, which has not been convinced yet”, and air acrobatics instead of a receiving a butt, which is still to make this perfect without a “crash landing”.

And I felt how this was “impossible” for me to continue receiving and writing down because of still feeling very poorly, but I still received some for example we just exchanged his heart without him knowing it, which I understood was about new discoveries of life improving what we already had.

I was told that all pipes of everything now lead to me, and also that they do not obey yet, but it is much closer now than yesterday with the final part to publish this script.

I heard this new life of darkness saying we have not yet said ”welcome back to the King”, and while writing this, I am listening to this marvellous concert by “the King”, and he is still the best performer/singer of them all in my mind, but still he is not no. 1 on my personal list, which Jeff is, and you do understand that, don’t you, and yes it has to do with “individual feelings”.

I was told that when you buy two bags and use the one, which cannot explode, nothing happens, and we feel like you haven soaked up all of us, and now it is only the last small part of us missing.

I received quite strong pain inside my right foot and was given the feeling of Karen and her sexual taste of other men (than me), bringing me this pain.

I was told and felt a great pressure coming on me of “I just want to bring him my school bag”, and yes with this darkness “all of us”, who are coming in too, yes this is my best friend, the man who converted the stream from “not to be” to “to be”, which we are all very grateful for.

I was told that we have all received a version of the spirit of my mother – and also of the Council – and that is still all New World’s of potential sleeping life.

At 13.00 still writing this I was told that it cannot go too quick to do exercise, otherwise we will start up the New World – because of extreme low energy – which is also a game we have, where I have decided to believe that you will always be able to last the day out and to wake me up (before you go go) in the middle of the night, and when you do, you will truly bring the RIVER OF DREAMS to us all and I here almost receive tears of joy, which are really tears of sadness because of the strain put on my mother these days.

I was told that the next God/world now just arrived, and that it happens automatically as we said it would.

I was told that the dock worker opening an elephant beer and throwing up when I had a meeting with him at Danske Bank, Freeport, in 1987, I believe, was a sign of this: We thought that it would be impossible to create life everywhere coming to this point we are now, which is truly “insane” to do, but we are doing it/have done it.

I continued receiving now pretty strong pain to the inside of my toes on my right foot, and still I receive this very uncomfortable feeling of pressure of darkness coming to me and inside of it I feel people of other civilizations with my good friend Vrillon still working to help me secure this eternal creation/life.

I was told that you did not have to ask questions about your mother, i.e. the world, bleeding through to bring energy for creation, because of what you did yourself, and yes please let me remind my readers, that I brought some, but I do remember how my sufferings would have been if the world had not brought me energy, which I have tried a couple of times for a fraction of a second, where the sufferings was so strongly that it would have killed me in seconds, so yes I took on sufferings, but the truth is that the world took on most of the sufferings, which I kindly ask you to remember, and yes via the spirit of my mother and that is my mother you know and yes other parts of her too.

In the afternoon I cycled towards the swimming hall again still not feeling energy enough to exercise but much better than yesterday, so it was only a matter to get out of the door, and on my way there I was told that there is still a door, which darkness does not want to open for me, and I was encouraged to stay awake the following night too, so this I will do, and I was encouraged to check the status of Niclas when I returned home, and yes when I wrote in the Facebook group of the meditation group now almost a year ago he decided to leave me as a Facebook friend, but not to report me, meaning that I am still able to see his posts for example in this Facebook group, and I understood that Niclas is the darkness, which does not want to open the door to me.

When I approached the cross trainer I truly had absolutely no desire to do half an hour of exercise on this, but still I did it, and while doing it I was told that we are now creating life of everything, which was used to create life inside of this darkness, and also that there are tools of the bathroom included here, which was used for this creation. And I was told that the tunnel of darkness created by God after being overtaken by darkness not only served the purpose to find more worlds like ours to soak out energy from, but also to create life elsewhere, and without this tunnel it was not possible to do eternal creation everywhere and this was the seed planted, which we now only waters and then it will keep growing via this tunnel constantly meeting new life becoming new God’s and New World’s.

And I was told that it would not be possible to carry out this eternal creation if the original spirit of my mother did not retrieve her ability to produce new eggs/life.

I also felt and was told that when people are lazy not “bothering” to do this or that, it is a feeling coming all the way inside here of the deepest darkness.

I was told that there is a inextricable knot inside of here because of my mother, and this knot can only be opened via the energy I bring or alternatively via bleedings of my mother, which would include my “old nightmare” – but no (!) – and I was told that it is because the world “cannot” understand that I as the one I am use much of my time when I am tired and am “killing time” to look at beautiful ladies on the Internet, because “this is not allowed” (!) and that is according to the world and I have told you my basic rule of sexual conduct before, and I will only here repeat that I have nothing again people showing their physical bodies as long as it is not in sexual purpose and you do not focus on the private parts of people, and yes let me also say that I am put in the “strange” situation of a body reflecting the wrong doings of the world making me “bleed” meaning that I receive all of the worst darkness of man including the strongest sexual urge of all and when I am alone – I have no girlfriend, Karen, because of your “misunderstandings” and wrong behaviour – this is what I have decided to do, and yes I cannot always see when people show themselves naturally or have other things on their mind, but I do my best to avoid the worst and to keep my own rules NOT to watch pornography or “too sexually” challenging, which I NEVER do (!), and yes this is what the “conservative” world “cannot” understand, and also you in the Vatican as examples (?), and when you resist this behaviour of mine based upon the knowledge you receive by surveilling me (!!!), you are bringing me this worst darkness of all, which is “much worse” than Genghis Kahn as I am told, and if you did not, I would not be able to enter this the worst darkness of all to liberate the last life trapped in there, and I would also not be able to tell the world to show yourself as you are naturally and with a good balance, and yes I have had no “good balance” when watching too much of this as I also have not had when I have had almost no social life because of people abandoning me, and yes it is on this basis that I have written about what is “normal life” and good behaviour, and I do believe this should be possible for you to understand (?), or would you rather have an eccentric God banning the body of females so men cannot watch it – and vice versa for that matter – like the Muslims (?), and yes just asking and the key words are “natural” and “good balance”.

On my way home from the swimming hall – I also swam as usual – I felt how this darkness inside of me normally simply being darkness now was a great power of yellow light in my back.

I was also given an “extra short story” to write if I felt like it, and it was about a NATO military exercise where the story of me “ran” among people including my message to close down all military power and activities, and I was told that only I – and not Obama – would be able to write down this message and get away with it.

And I was given the beautiful “where the streets have no name” by U2 from their fantastic Joshua Tree album – one of the best in history (!), and yes U2 you are the second greatest rock band ever on my list – and the lyrics “I want to reach out” and “I want to take shelter” from these lines of the song:

“I want to tear down the walls, That hold me inside, I want to reach out, And touch the flame, Where the streets have no name.

I want to feel sunlight on my face, I see the dust cloud disappear, Without a trace, I want to take shelter from the poison rain, Where the streets have no name. “

When I returned home, I checked Niclas’ status, and yes now I better understand why his post to the Facebook group of the meditation group suddenly disappeared, it was NOT because he had started to understand and regretted what he had done, no he also “has had it with me” and when you cannot control your negative feelings of anger, what do you do then (?), and yes report me to Facebook making Facebook also blocking my access to Niclas’ Facebook profile, thus also keeping his posts in the meditation group “invisible” to me like Chalotte Clarissa also could not stand me for telling the truth, so this is how to generate incredible darkness too from a man, who does not want to learn or see the truth in its eyes because he “loves” the light far too much and yes he is “too dumb/naïve” to understand the truth that he is dumb/naïve, which is certainly NOT easy to accept, remember Elijah (?), and that is even when it is the truth, and when you don’t want to look into the mirror to learn about yourself and to improve as so many others also could not, remember Jette (?), you decide to point your anger to the man telling you, and yes herewith making it possible for me to enter this darkness and save life inside of it, and this is basically the recipe – and not to give up during the journey – but you have understood this by now?

I was told that Karen would consider a weekend without sex with a new man as a bad weekend, and I was told that the reason why she is thinking “will Stig have me” (?), is because of her past “misusing” men, and I was also told why Karen can think these thoughts of me when not accepting my invitation to become Facebook friends, and I was given the answer the same way as Niclas “can see” and that is because I face and remove their darkness via the energy I produce and because I decide darkness to be removed, so what you see underneath the anger of these people is a growing understanding and “love” as an invention of light, which darkness cannot remove.

I was told with a soft, very low voice “if you would fail, I would still meet you at the lake” because of your decision to save every little thing of me “now or later”.

I felt, saw and was told that we are almost laughing as much and widely as a giggler, but only almost because we have some more work to do, and yes to write and publish this script too.

I was told that the right choice was to continue the game now because we first had to set up the new structure before what was darkness will become energy of our New World creating new creation the same way as we are doing on this side of creation, and it first made me believe that if I had decided to stop the game when hearing this message yesterday, we would not have been able to set up this structure, but then I was told that alternatively the world would have started bleeding – eeehhh requiring me to accept my “old nightmare”, and we know Stig NEVER IN MY LIFE (!) – and if not by my “old nightmare” maybe by the death of John or even my mother, and yes this would have made it possible, because I would NEVER come over the loss of my mother – I get wet eyes just thinking of it – and I was told that I would be made believing that this bleeding of the world would go on forever, which would bring you so much distress that we also could use this to set up the last structure, couldn’t we (?) and yes it would also make the world take on the worst sufferings but Vrillon would be able to continue working inside darkness, and I here feel that the world thanks me for not coming into this situation, and yes SELF THANK YOU to all my friends and lights out there.

I heard “no, I will NEVER go back to the prison of debts”, and I understood that this is the voice of life, which used to be inside the prison of Niclas, which is now coming out and I was told that this is the reason why I am to stay awake tonight, and yes to let this script work out there too, and yes how are you doing in Vatican (?), is it “nice” for you to be called for the absolutely worst darkness, which is (?), but you know, don’t you?

There will be no “end documents” of this conference and I was told “how many conferences have you held about me” my dear secret government of USA (?) and the world (?), and yes you are the worst darkness too.

And I was given some pain to my right ankle and told that this is about my father.

I felt the last (?) darkness around me and it asked me “can I open a letter box too”, but of course you can, everyone is welcome, and yes the world wants to tell through me that it was my decision to keep fighting darkness, ALL OF IT, and NEVER TO GIVE IN and become negative.

I was told wow could we decide to be negative, when life possesses so much good (?), and did not receive an answer.

I was told that if it had come to one fight between you and Karen, you could have thrown me out for good, right (?), and no, he is not sure about that because it would require that you could get his approval before leaving, and yes if not, we were bound to you, my friend, so thank you for never doubting, and here the voice of this darkness was much stronger again, which came after my Greek friend in Egypt “Jesus in my dreams” had sent me his anger/darkness, see the short stories.

I was asked you do blow yourself up, don’t you (?), and yes to blow out the light on the birthday cake of course, because Stig we cannot continue with this game when there is now nothing more inside of there (?), or can we (?), and I receive a note here saying “nothing – he does not know” and yes he is working in blindness and we know we will keep on until the very end which is when we run out of energy, so if there is more you can do, please do it my friends, and I was told “sure, there is much” but there is not time, Stig, is there (?), and I don’t know, in my book time has not run out yet, so maybe you can find some more darkness for us to convert to light (?), and just guessing of course, and if you cannot, this is the end of time, but please do your best searching with your best light so to say.

When I was preparing the work to publish this script, I was asked by “my friend” of darkness ”can I watch” (?), which was also a referral to the old child programme of Danish National TV – “sikke nogle bisser” (“what toothy pegs”) as they also say in the cartoon introduction, which can also mean “what dirty pigs” (!), which is to say that the Danish National TV are WIMPS following me and yes “dirty pigs” of darkness too because you “cannot” speak the truth about me to the world, and one should have thought that the Danish National TV/Radio of all should be “able” to report about me (?) – the worst “dark pigs” is what you are too! And yes MANY déjà vues are coming to me about many small stories including this one – I know about this from “a long time ago”.

I was told that they have not dug in the King’s grave yet, not the least, which is about Egypt and the world, which has NOT found the physical remains of my previous self, Jesus.

I was told that we would have hanged ourselves – to return to nothing – but now we understand that this would not have made us happy, because how can you be happy when you don’t live, i.e. when being “sleeping life” (?), and yes in order to understand it requires a new understanding of the concept “nothing”, because you do understand that “nothing” can also be “everything” so if you have a “feeling” of being, this is the feeling taking over making it impossible for you to make cakes and so on, and yes Stig, it takes the meeting with a “foreign body” to create life as we know it today, otherwise it would not have happened, so what is this “foreign body” about (?), and we know, but we will not tell you, and alright, sit back and listen:

There once was a lovely day and a new princess was out walking without knowing that she was out walking, and yes there – eeehhh we will wait until people will understand this concept of “nothing”, otherwise they will not be able to understand.

After publishing the script of today at 20.05, I was told by my man of darkness that I will just go out in the backroom to bring flowers, because I have nothing else to bring, Stig, this was it, and he did this because I asked for a thorough check up to be sure that we will get all darkness out, and we know set up the new structure that is for the RIVER OF DREAMS of our new Source to enter, and we know, we will see if I will wake up “now”, or if we will continue also all September with this game (?), and are there any more “surprises” in store (?), we will see.

I was told by my voice of darkness “it does not go too fast now, does it” and it was after some minutes in silence not receiving new stories, and again I am told now with a low voice and mainly I receive a VERY STRONG feeling of AMAZING FLOWERS coming out of this darkness after it has received its “input” of the “foreign body”, which we found on the way, and yes a little here and there and everywhere, and yes it is all around us in the air that we breathe, and then I cannot come it any closer, it is part of all life, it IS all life, it is me, and yes whom am I as God (?), and yes we will take this in the New World.

I was told that the dark horse is also me – the world of darkness – and yes this is all the story I have, and that is except from Jullian Assange, because he is my friend too, and yes did you get it (?), darkness also had a grip on him.

Later my man of darkness returned wanting “revenge” as he said – still darkness of him – and he showed me a picture of myself as Jesus, and yes still simple minded “he” is, but he told me that he has now been looking deep in darkness, just been back quickly but this sounds the best I think – WRONG (!) – and all he could find was “pictures of you” as the Cure of our New World :-).

I was told that there is no time for learning to be a king after opening our New World, and this goes both for you, Obama and everyone else, and yes if you will get holiday at our New World and in the beginning of it, and what do you believe yourself (?), and no, the interest may be too big and yes as a direct contrast to people of today not liking me much, which also goes for my Facebook posts.

I was told about this “foreign body” that first it was like a “fire”, but it is everywhere and that is also inside of darkness, it is simply “just there”, it “is” – this is what life is made by, and I was given a VERY SLOW breath to say that this is what “is/being” is about, we “are” everywhere and simply because we are!

And I am still given these stories also because I still receive now strong pain inside the toes of my right foot, and it seems as if my script is beginning to work all around the dark world, so thank you for sending this dark energy to me to make me do some more work inside of there.

Later I received more talk but also the feeling of Vrillon digging even deeper inside of me – at my right ankle – and I received STRONG and disgusting sexual words, so it seems that when asking for it, it is still possible to retrieve even more darkness.

And I received even more darkness saying that it would much rather go to the southern states of the USA – with much darkness – than to me, and I saw a very thin and weakened cow getting out, and I was getting the feeling of David being very weakened and blaming me, David, for your condition?

I was asked if I have some stain remover, because this is all it really is and not the kind of darkness showing as a monster dog wanting to bite/kill me.

I was told that it also feels like inside of here as if we have been up to the final exam cutting the absolutely last grass of the cottage house, and yes is there more, and indeed there was, Stig, but only very little, and do you want us to continue looking (?), and yes until the very end when we run out of energy.

There is not a bottle hidden in the cabin is there (?), and yes a bottle, which could make a fire (?), and yes there is but only with the energy we bring in, Stig, and not the energy of the Source itself, this is how it was laid out, so when you don’t have any energy, it cannot explode, so there you have it.

Gert was also present himself on the first parquet of the floor waiting to say goodbye, and this was how he had laid it out, to attack me with an enormous fire should I ever enter here, but what he did not understand was that I was in control of energy being smarter than him meaning that we would only work inside of here without energy, so this is what we did and yes still do, Stig (?), because you don’t feel as tired right now when writing this at 22.55, and is that because of Vrillon giving you energy after hearing his meditation tone again, or yourself via exercise, and try the last and time it by 10 to 100 and you have the importance of what you did also today.

And nobody has received pneumonia because of you entering here (?), which I felt my mother could have received, and yes “tropical diseases” too as I am shown, and this is to say “I wonder how Meshack is doing with his Malaria”? And I saw how darkness was only interested in one thing, which was to drink up a bottle of darkness and to get more and more dark energy.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It is VERY rare to see my old colleague and good friend Paul – of the Council you know – posting on Facebook, but here he could not help being “proud” of what he had done, so he brought a picture of these two breads that he made, and he could not help calling them for “monsters” because this is what you were to me too, Paul, “monster of darkness” bringing me extreme pain/energy to do/complete our creation.

  • Lucas brought this interview with David Icke – about life and theories about the scientific and spiritual world, the Illuminati New World Order, world politics, the moneytary banking system and financial crisis, the revolutions in Lybia, Syria, Egypt, the death of Osama Bin Laden, the 9/11 conspiracy, the Royal families of Europe and the reptilian Draconian theory, mind-control, extra-terrestrial beings on earth and parallel universes – and I noticed his saying “I am the devils advocate”, and yes believing in too many conspiracy theories eating everything “rough” except from the real thing when meeting it through me, Lucas (?), and yes I have NOT watched this interview and have no intentions of doing it even though some might be right (?) and that is because I want to be clean from darkness infecting much of these stories out there.

  • This is what Torben and also Brian on Facebook writes on from time to time and yes about our government poisoning the world to remain in political, military and business power of the world, and yes I have written a little about this before included in food, and here you also seen “chemtrails” being sprayed onto the world, scary stuff, right (?), and yes I wonder who will stand forward taking on the responsibility of this (?), and eeehhhh have you decided to try run away from responsibility all of you (?), and no, not in my New World that is!

  • And when speaking of the Devil (!), when I head the news on TV2, I was given the feeling of Torben (living in Spain), and right after this, they spoke of the big fire of Costa del Sol, and I was told that this fire is because of Torben being too busy with himself so he has “not been able” to read and understand me, so yes Torben, am I really the Great Dane to come so to say (?), and no you don’t believe so, or do you …?

  • The journalist Jan Kjærgaard from Ekstra Bladet may be “the most renowned/worst journalist in Denmark” when it comes to staging stories instead of reporting objectively (!) and “not always speaking the truth” when bringing “reliable sources” as part of his stories, but now he is feeling a new wind blowing, and it made him decide to repent his collaboration with his dirty friend, the spin doctor of former Tax Minister Troels Lund Poulsen, Peter Arnfeldt, creating stories designed to bring down Helle Thorning Schmidt and Villy Søvndal symbolising the end of the world (!), and he says that he was “too uncritical” and “not professional enough” and I like to see this, Jan, but I would appreciate you to tell the WHOLE truth of your own role directly, honestly and openly and not only in this matter but in all stories, where you have acted wrongly/”questionable” and yes follow simple logic of what is right and wrong to do, and it would also be nice to hear Helle and Villy accepting the apology and to say “we forgive you”, and yes this is what I simply love to hear you know :-). And let me add that your wish to destroy this story completely is WRONG to do, save this story for the future to learn from.

  • My “old friend” from Egypt, who condemned and warned about me in public is it 9-12 months ago (?) brought a series of dreams about me, and I decided to ask him – a Greek man married to a man from Egypt (!) – if he will try to read and understand me, or to bring me even more dirt and anger (?), and yes what do you guess (?), that he will throw me out and report me to Facebook too (?), and we will see about that.

  • And here was the answer; he is sure about me being a “dark spirit”, i.e. a false Christ, and yes this is what he truly said (!), and when I wrote “welcome”, it was to the last part of my inner self in darkness, which this man also helps me to open to, and yes because he brings the darkness even closer to me, and I was given a small heart attack because of this working “as sure as Amen in the church”.

  • And yes “it is the same man” (!), and isn’t it amazing how people have two completely different sides being either very tender of angry as this man showed me? Later I checked up on these photos, and guess what this man had done (?), he obviously had lost interest in me not caring to answer, so he decided to delete our posts above, and yes all of them!

  • I am told “here is the man writing about what the darkness of this man self caused to Kenya”, and yes David this is the power of your inner self, and when you act wrongly as you did to me, this is darkness brought to Kenya, see? And I might add that before this chat, in the beginning of the day, darkness tried to make me decide to bring darkness to David because of the darkness he brought to me, which is simple logic and what this remaining did all it could to pressure me to do, but no, David, I ONLY want the best for you, so this is what I asked for, and have you any idea of how close you were to kill me because of your wrong behaviour and yes you cannot even admit to your wrongdoings and say “I am sorry”, but still you are “happy” that I keep being there for you sending you my best wishes and also a little money to help you out (?), and yes “not easy” for you to be depending on me because of your own wrong behaviour (?), and yes there you have it again and again and again, which was also the recipe of life, survival and love, and yes also in relation to you, David, so here you have it once again, and you do understand, don’t you?

  • Henrik brought this article about the now later Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, who criticised the church of Rome calling it for “old” and “grandiose” – and you could probably find “much more” – and it made an inspired Peter say “God reads your Facebook updates, Henrik, which you have not discovered” (?) – a “funny” thing to say, right (?) – and Flemming said “of course he does, because they are Facebook friends”, and right you are (!), and Henrik played along by saying “God and everybody … so true”, and Peter said that God is under the pseudonym of a Danish professor, and I simply told the truth, which is that the first three are right, but not you, Peter, which he thought was funny making him laugh saying “I am sorry”, and yes there is nothing to be sorry about, because you will understand one day that this was not a joke, and I wonder what you thought, Henrik – “him the crazy guy again” or “just maybe he is the one ….”? Henrik called the Cardinal for a “man of honour”. And Sune said that “for us being born in the 70’s, please explain the idea of “man of honour” – I believe it is something of the past”, which made Peter say that what the Cardinal says is “ordinary common sense, now exempt from divine blindness”, and yes this is truly what he said – maybe you meant “blindness of the church”, Peter (?) – and it made Henrik say that “men of honour” are “people saying what has to be said or do what has to be done regardless of personal expenses. Here it draws down that the man is dead, but as far as I can see, it was not a part of his plan”, and you might understand how inspired this thread is (?), and also that this is what the future will say about me using the definition of Henrik, but it was “impossible” for you to see in our Old World (?), and yes when this is read by people, I am not the man I used to be, this man is dead even though he is still part of my new self, and yes dying is NOT part of my plan, Henrik, so this is how it is, to survive all of this darkness without dying is the performance of my life.

  • Henrik was really inspired when saying “for 500 dollars per year you are also insured against spontaneous self-ignition”, and self-ignition of darkness is really what I have worked to avoid, and here people simply “could not” believe in alien abductions, which of course sounds “crazy”, does it not (?), and it made them talk about Henrik and his “mental processes” and whether or not they had to be worried, and it made me write my post – to influence you, Henrik (and others) (!) – talking about alien abductions truly existing, that the secret government of USA stands behind this (!) and how they try to brainwash mankind via this, chemicals/medicine etc. to stay in political, military and industrial control and also plan war in spare against people of other civilizations, and yes I told them that I was the sending of God to stop all of this, and had I not, the world would have gone under today, and I asked them of their reactions to this and ask the question about who you should worry about, people not wanting to know just how cruel the world is or me?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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