September 5, 2012: The MP Henrik Sass Larsen leaked the story, which could have led to the end of the (old) world


Summary of the script today

4th September: The MP Henrik Sass Larsen leaked the story, which could have led to the end of the (old) world

  • Dreaming of my father sending me extreme darkness and getting access to creation of “almost an eternity of Old World’s” before ours hidden by darkness, and resuming life of these.
  • If I had not succeeded to reconnect with all Old World’s stored inside darkness, it would have transformed large parts of the Universe into “nothing” – at least temporarily until faith of our New World would make this “come back” just like that. I now have a strong connection to all of these worlds and “gold” of energy, and I am told that this is also because I first now have general faith of the official world in me. Faith is “to be” and lack of faith is “not to be”, see? I feel very strong darkness making me suffer, but it is completely surrounded by light, and new life inside of darkness is growing as light, which is what we wait the effect of, so the game will continue maybe for 2-3 months?
  • Short stories of the death of the actor Michael Clarke Duncan, is Scribd considering to remove my documents (?), the cycle sport becoming clean from doping is symbolising the light winning over darkness, the MP Henrik Sass Larsen revealed the story of Helena and Søren Pind – and me – to the media, which could have led to the end of the (old) world, Spin Doctors and politicians (and media) are the WORST darkness, which is, the removal of the handbag of the spirit of my mother and seeing steps/slides in reality as I dreamt about years ago symbolising the end of my journey, and darkness had removed my link to Flemming Østergaard but I “resurrected” it.

5th September: Bringing the message to media and politicians of the world: You are the “mud ditch” of darkness!

  • Dreaming of darkness still wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” and selfish people thinking of themselves “not understanding” my love message to improve their behaviour and work, thus removing my energy and kill life.
  • If darkness destructed parts of the world at this stage – making “something” into “nothing” – the green felt-tip pen I was given 1-2 weeks ago would have re-created what as lost.
  • I met a lady at the motion room of the swimming hall clearly tormented by spiritual voices of darkness bringing her MUCH sexual pain and threats to “erase”, which is the TRUE nature of darkness, but no, you first have to deal with me, and I will NOT allow you!
  • When LTO in Kenya “cannot” communicate (also with me) and see each other, they send me darkness/sufferings. Will they be able to meet, forgive and confirm their friendships?
  • Short stories of apparently funny clips, which however tells the story of destructing the world if I had accepted “massage”, receiving the gift of the white horse, the end of the meditation group and the Old World and a new beginning, we are digging out more from the “mud ditch” of media and politicians being fed by darkness based on their “personal relations/interests”,  a “shy journalist” cut me out as darkness wants to cut out everything to make “nothing” (!), The “TV-darling” Clement Kjergsgaard believes he is a “success” but not in my eyes – he is part of the “mud ditch”, I was “discovered” by MANY people ridiculing and disgracing me but also opening new cracks for light to enter, I do NOT like people being distracted by TV/Internet/Phone when communicating with people, the master chef Thomas Rode produces delicious food as we produce life, it is indeed a crazy world believing that I am crazy without understanding that I am normal and the world crazy (!), the big earth quake of Costa Rica was directly triggered because of darkness attacking me today, Contador wins the Vuelta only because of a strong desire, which is the same force driving me – or I am the driver really :-).


4th September: The MP Henrik Sass Larsen leaked the story, which could have led to the end of the (old) world

Dreaming of getting access to “almost an eternity of Old World’s” and resuming life of these

I went to bed at 00.30 yesterday and had no problems sleeping until 08.10 – feeling fresher today, but still dizzy/destroyed under the cover – and I am NOT happy to continue writing yet another new script, but this is how it is here, first a couple of dreams.

  • We have listened to nice music on speakers, but my neighbour has plugged in the headphones and turned the volume up to maximum, so I fear much that the headphones will burst.
    • This will have to be about my father sending me extreme darkness because of his own misunderstandings and “pain in the behind”.
  • I was told to stand up and stay awake or accept my “old nightmare”, and I turned down all of this and kept on sleeping.
  • I work for Dahberg general insurance, which is also a bank, years ago the life & Pension division of Dahlberg was divided in two, one continued to be part of Dahlberg, which later became bankrupt, and one was divided into an independent company. I visit this company, which still has all of the original activities of Dahlberg life & pension united, and two employees ask me to initiate a work to resume payments to suspended pension schemes, and they show me how the administration works, and I think about the costs of individual schemes compared to arranging a collective scheme, which will reduce costs to approx. half, and I notice their administration system, which is very clever, because when hitting a key on the keyboard, it shows all music of the world, which you can freely chose to listen from, and I chose all albums by Jeff Lynne. Bo is there, and comes in to say hello as he always does, and this office is located with a view over the water of Copenhagen harbour, and I know that Bo has an apartment closer to the centre of town where the view is even better, and he lives there alone even though he is still married with his wife, and when I ask him why, he just says that this is how it is, and I understand that it is fine for me to resume payments to these schemes, but it is not well seen that I give direct customer advice, even though everyone can see from my CV that I am qualified.
    • It seems that darkness separated parts of the Old World symbolised by Dahlberg life & pension, and the part I am now uniting with again is the part including access to “almost an eternity of Old World’s” before ours, and despite of what was said yesterday, it seems that we are still working to improve the system reducing costs, i.e. energy required, to start payments, i.e. start life, of these schemes, i.e. Old World’s.
    • I have been told about Bo for days and about people like him having a habit to live a shadow life via their work including free dinners and sex with prostitutes and here his own apartment in town (or hotel room, Bo?), and do you see that this is a completely WRONG behaviour (?), and in our New World you will soon get used to pay for your own lunches and dinners also when seeing business relations as your friends, and yes you will have NO trouble to always do what is right.

If I had not reconnected with all Old World’s, it would have transformed large parts of the Universe into “nothing”

I was told that we did not get the optimal out of the story of the very close race in the Olympic Finn class event, where the Dane Jonas Høgh-Christensen was almost stealing the gold from Ben Ainslie and was only beaten at the very last sailing being unlucky with the win, and here the Dane symbolises me and the Brit darkness, and the gold was all of these forgotten worlds, which I missed back then because they were not attached to me strongly enough, and I was told that darkness wanted to explode them, which however could not be done, which required my acceptance of my “old nightmare”.

I was told that losing these worlds would have been worse than the Korea war because this is where most “gold”, i.e. energy, of darkness was stored, and had this happened, you would have seen large parts of the Universe becoming “nothing” just like that until we later would resume these via faith of the New World in me, and yes this is what we would like to avoid the world from experiencing, and to me personally, it was almost a shock to learn that we at this late stage of my journey still risked (temporarily) to lose large parts of our world.

By the way, yesterday I found “by chance” a new radio station, which I have started listening to, and yes it is called “Hit FM Gold” and it is a Swedish station, and you know what “gold”, is about, right (?), and yes I also love to listen to the Swedish pop songs of the last 40 years included here.

The formidable fight between Ben Ainslie and Jonas Høgh-Christensen at the Olympics symbolised the fight between darkness and light over most of the energy of the world hidden by darkness as “almost an eternity of Old World’s” before this

I was told that this also connects with me being overruled by “not few of the countries of the world” until recently (led by France, my friends, who “could not” read and understand me but was led because of negative feelings believing that it was impossible that I was the Son of God?), and yes “darkness” you know, and because I have continued doing “commercial advertising” for myself it has made the world connect with me, and yes this energy is now connecting more and more strongly to me, do you see?

For a couple of days I have received the name of Lee Ritenour, a jazz guitarist, and this morning I was told that he would give a furious number now because of this (saving of all gold of Old World’s), so here he is, and yes this is very nice music too, and new to me.

I was told that you are getting hot to find out who we are inside of here.

I was told that mean rumours of me of darkness wanted to replace players, but we were not cut off because you kept your pain going and yes at last the Devil gave up symbolised by the Commune, Jette, Inge and others giving up on me.

I continued this morning to receive pain to my behind, which I understand comes from my father.

I was told that we continue to open the door more and more into this wonderful land which we can now see unfolding with all of these worlds and life hidden for us for “almost an eternity”.

We are only here because your mother cannot see that I am not crazy despite of knowing about the spiritual presence inside of me – and this is because of the declaration of Alex the psychiatrist, which also made my sister first think that I was crazy, but eeehhhh you can cheat doctors, can’t you Sanna (?), and yes part of the road of God to save the world, see?

This is the gift on his way to him, which he wisely chose to wait receiving until we have also packed down all of these Old World’s. This is what patience brings. And I was told that we are now not afraid of sticking the hand up there now, where it is “too hot”, and no, it is not burning.

And I was told that this was only possible to do when you continued saying that “you are heartfelt welcome” and “I want to bring EVERYTHING with me” instead of sending off this the most disgusting darkness coming to me with the strength and negativity of “100 people”, and that is constantly for months and years as you have read from my scripts. And also because I have not accepted my “old nightmare” even once despite of the strongest torments/temptations given to me, and also for not watching pornography.

I was told that they, i.e. all of these Old World’s, have not all disappeared down there into the hole at the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem (?), and I was told yes they have, every single one of them, and this is why my mother has always said “Jerusalems ødelæggelse” (“the destruction of Jerusalem”) as a symbol of when things look like a mess.

I was asked once again if I want to stop the game now (?), and I said “no” still not knowing about the agenda if/when continuing the game, but I thought that all parts of God will be united November 22, which will probably have to be a part of my new heart, and because of this, we will have to wait at least until this date, and I was asked if I want to risk the life of my mother (?), and I told myself that I don’t believe that I will do this now after receiving the key from Fanny, so on this basis, we will continue the game, and yes where does the energy come from to do this (?), and we know from my self exercising to keep the world going around, so this is what I will do again today, and after this decision I was told that we will do some preparation about the times to come the best that we can see and also “you chose right again”.

I was still thinking of Inge and isn’t it incredible that she has decided to be silent not answering my email despite of the love we have for each other, and yes she has made me as sad as Jette when she “could not” continue her work.

After lunch I really had no more work to do today (!), and for the first time in months and years, I had a day – after a night of sleep – where I for the first time had “plenty of time” and yes what to do with this (?), and yes exercise a little later after the food has been digested, and eeehhh what else (?), and yes almost nothing on my to do list, but maybe a new reading of the last update on my Signs IV page – just to be sure – and eeehhh can I find a place, which can fix my mountain bike “almost for free”, and yes playing gold and what else (?), and yes simply to go through this phase waiting to become my new self and yes preparing what will follow and we know it will come to me when you are/I am ready – to be written here, and if I am still tired, and yes you bet, VERY tired (!), and the pressure coming on me from the outside is like a submarine deeply under water, and when I thought I could do a little bit of this and that to the apartment, I felt just how strongly this pressure is on me making my life is truly nightmare still and impossible to keep going really, and the spirit of my mother told me “I am sorry having to do this to you”, and for how long can I continue doing this (?), and yes easier when sitting down and working than being active with something else.

I tried to see if I could overcome my fear of heights and if I could polish my windows (I live on the fourth floor), which are very dirty, but I could not, and yes, my neighbour Jan “lost” his energy to help me as promised, so what do you do when you cannot afford to pay a window cleaner (?), and yes what about setting up a note at the hall of the noticeboard on ground floor asking if someone would help me and yes I could write a hand note on a piece of paper, but my hand writing is not very good looking, so it had to be made on computer and printed, but eeehhh my printer does not work – it has been “paralysed” by spiritual darkness since 2009 (!) – and eeehhh I can print freely at the Commune, but it is too late doing that, and yes I can pay for a print at the library, which may be what I will do, and just to tell you about how life is here of course. Later I decided that this is what I would do, but I have so little money this month, that I will wait until next month, and maybe until I will get a “normal life” really, we will see.

I felt the spirit of my father and was told ”I am not tired at all”, which I understood is the new side of “him”.

I cycled to the swimming hall again this afternoon and was thinking that “everyone chose wrongly” in relation to me – you can almost mention all names of my family/friends etc. and also of the world – and I felt and was shown a new refrigerator opening with a new Old World coming out, which is making me even stronger.

As usual I was NOT motivated to exercise, and it was a VERY LONG exercise today at least mentally, but it was still 30 minutes on the cross trainer on level 9 the first 10-12 minutes and level 11 the remaining time, and it was a challenge even to do 15 minutes and felt truly impossible to do all 30 minutes, but I decided to do it and yes focusing on time, five minutes at the time, as my only way to come through .

While exercising I felt how darkness again was very close to speaking physically out of mouth but also that it is surrounded by light, and I was so much on the edge doing this exercise that I was thinking “I do hope that you have guarded yourself as strongly as possible so you will not hurt if I let this darkness out on you”, and yes this was the feeling of this darkness, to get out and destruct, but I held it all the way, and after the exercise, this strong darkness became weaker, and I was thinking about my heart pain yesterday, which came when sitting in the sofa, and yes the more I woke and exercise, the better I guard myself from incoming darkness, and the more I relax, the closer darkness is to kill me, so there you have the reasons why darkness did not kill me, because of my extreme work including exercise.

I was also thinking that should I lose it now, and this darkness, which I still feel, should get out, it would probably still mean that “something” will become “nothing” at least temporarily and yes despite of the key of Fanny (?), and we know this is the game these days, and as usual I don’t want to take any chances, so I will continue this game for another 2-3 months if I can and if it is necessary and yes to make sure that everything is PERFECT, which I have told as my criteria before you can open the eyes of my new self and yes my new heart has to be perfect, and this is truly what closes the mouth of this, sometimes, strong pressure of the New World wanting to bring me my heart, and yes you are welcome, but do NOT open the eyes of my new self before everything is PERFECT, and as long as this is the case, I will continue the game, so therefore, maybe 2-3 months?

I heard about the death of Sun Myung Moon – “a South Korean best known as the founder of the Unification Church, and for his claim that he was a messiah” – and I understood that this was why I was given the words “Korea war” this morning, and yes the fun part is that I understand that this was yet another part of me and in this respect he was Messiah, funny right (?) – and you do know that in the end, “he”, which is I, will truly come (?) – and yes I still wonder how many parts of me there is, and darkness is so strong now that he was also helping me to take on some of this darkness to make me survive and continue my journey, and yes thank you, Moon J – and NO, I do NOT appreciate his ideas about mass marriage between “strangers” if anyone should wonder, and no, I do NOT know about his philosophy in general, so I have no other comments.

I went to the library and received a message by the spirit of my father standing behind a thin curtain and now more like “a feeling with words attached” than direct speech and I was told to get a level deeper again by not sleeping otherwise he cannot get out, and this made me a little worried, because if there is anything I would like to avoid doing now, this is exactly it, but if it is necessary, I will do my best despite of my general condition, and at the end I decided that if this is truly needed, I ask light to not allow me to sleep, so if I do sleep from now, it is because this is no longer needed after having attached to all of these Old World’s inside darkness.

Afterwards I was shown myself as if in a cell inside a wall with the front of the cell open to the great stream of light outside of it, and I was reminded that new life is growing inside all these cells of darkness, which is what will make everything light, and if this is the truth, which it may be, this is what we will now wait to take effect over the coming time, where I will also be able to lose weight (?), and yes we will see and tomorrow morning – if I sleep normally – I will weight myself again, and how much do I weigh this time (?), maybe 110, 112 or 114 kilos?

I was excited to see if I would receive the same pain this evening as yesterday evening, but I did not and I was also given less work pressure and stress in general so now when it is 21.35 I only have a few updates to the script of today.

I was told that the greatest inventions of our New World come with this darkness, which is converted into light, for example new “iron”, vegetables and then some animals and much else.

I felt the spirit of my father and saw him behind darkness and when he sent a sign to me this darkness made it into a cross drawn in front of me with cross meaning destruction, but this is not how he feels, and I was shown how he has stacked piles of newspapers on a handcart, and he sends that to me, which is really to remove darkness and send it to our New World, and I felt my physical father over and over again, and I was told that he feels hurt by me (!) – misunderstood of course – and this is what is bringing me the worst darkness for me to open for. And the spirit of my father told me “shall I tell you a secret (?), you become tired of killing” and yes a sacrifice is what it is. And then he told me “I am the foreign body”, which is really exciting because this is God telling me that he came from outside and entered a cell or “oyster” as I have been shown as the picture of how life originated, and this foreign body, which just “is”, was what created the most beautiful pearl inside the oyster symbolising life, so God is the foreign body, and yes then tell me how “being” came about (?), and also these cells of “sleeping life” (?), and yes as you see it generates more questions than answers, but here was some more of the riddle of life.

I was told about Sarkozy, who may have time to read and understand me now, Nicolas (?), and also that my closest friends/servants are those who have sent me most darkness, and you have sent me much (!), did you get this (?), and yes also this and this and this, and we know Stig EVERYTHING is still what you ask for so this is what you get.

I was told that Clint Eastwood has now been told that he was not hitting the target in relation to me.

I was a little nervous during the evening, had I understood the game right (?), and can I really take the “luxury” to relax a little and not be “on” all of the time (?), but I decided to believe in light helping me if I need to correct, which I believe that I do not – and I am thinking if I am about to start my “vacation” before I will be “on” as my new self (?), we will see.

When I was preparing the publish of this script, I felt almost not existing darkness almost too tired/lazy to give me a little sexual torment trying to stop me, and this darkness came together with the feeling of Jiro, and I wonder if it will become stronger during night making the beginning of my day tomorrow hell again?

During the evening I was given examples of breathing VERY slowly – I don’t have much energy – and my TV was giving an extreme amount of digital drop-outs symbolising the same, but then it automatically updated with new software making it better.

I received a little new pain to my right ankle together with the feeling of my mother and also here a sneeze to say that my mother and the world is still suffering for going through this game.

I felt blue and was told “we are a team inside of here” and that is both the spirit of my father and me inside the deepest inside of me as two God’s, this is how it is now, Stig.

I received more repetitions of previous stories, which I decided that I will NOT repeat.

I watched 20 minutes of Benny Hinn and was told that this will also send energy to the Austrian woman here, who apparently also has brought energy to me.

I was told that Frida – Anna Karin’s Facebook friend – and my previous colleague from GE Insurance, Sweden, is someone I should have become Facebook friends with, which I have decided is now too later – we will come through other ways – and on the other hand that it was good that I wrote to my old class friend Christian G., who is still sending me negative energy.

I was told by a satisfied God that there has never been delivered one single newspaper back and something about “we are inside of there without being there, we feel it”.

I was told that God did not have time to move yourself completely from him (the New World coming), no it was the stairs coming forwards as he said, and before saying anything more I said, NO CHEATING I will accept no losses!

I keep hearing “the four back chain” of the Devil being mentioned, which is his defence team, and I also continued receiving a low voice now with a few words and lines here and there not giving meaning, so I did not bring this, but it was hurting me because what did it mean (?) and was it important to bring (?), but no, it was not important enough, so it was omitted, but still “every little thing” with us, you know, but “so he can now also soon travel freely” was one line making it through.

The MP Henrik Sass Larsen leaked the story, which could have led to the end of the (old) world

Helena was inspired when seeing the same programme on TV4 or was it TV5 yesterday as I saw 15 seconds of – “city girls seek country bumpkins” – which was the inspiration for my comment on “farmer people” to DR TV news yesterday, and it made Annette say that “you have been ready for Copenhagen for a long time, so if him you want is there, just go”, and it made Helena say that she “just has to go to therapy before I have the courage”, so this was to say that the thing between Helena and Søren Pind was “only” an affair based on a sexual relation and not as sweethearts (?), and if this is the case, you do know that I do NOT like relations like that (?), but you do believe that you love Søren, Helena?

Here was yet another message with much inspiration and also more answers to the old riddle about what this story of Helena, Søren Pind, the Social Democratic Party and the media chasing Helena was truly about, and first it was “nothing” really when Helena brought this video, where the Minister of Justice, Morten Bødskov, was receiving questions to answer at the same time as his spin doctor kept whispering to him, which seems “impolite, uninterested and very rude” as the text below says, and yes also “not prepared” for your work, Morten?

The comments to the video above and it made Jane say “cousin spin reminds me of an episode with you a few months ago, when the pressure increased with you and cousin Ekstra Bladet” and you may understand that when Jane uses the word “cousin” about the spin doctor and Ekstra Bladet, it is the same word I use about God’s “cousin”, who you know is the Devil, so this thread is saying that spin doctors (and politicians) and the media are the WORST darkness, which is (!), and it made Helena “lose it” as darkness finally revealing the source of her trouble, which was when she said that she wanted to castrate Henrik, and we all know that this is a Social Democrat, she speaks of, who obviously revealed her affair with Søren Pind to the media – as I understand it – and we know that he is a member of the Danish Parliament, and yes there are two by the name of Henrik of the Social Democratic group of MP’s, and since I don’t believe it is the Minister of food, it will have to be Henrik Sass Larsen revealing the story to the media (?), so this is how far we get today, and when I read this I was given a stripe of “nothing” going through my head and told that this story was designed to bring you down, and I received a voice from the spirit of my mother saying “if this is what you want, do it” (my “old nightmare”!) and it was followed by a vision of the Devil all over the inside of me drinking a beer and saying “ahh” for having swallowed yet another world, which is really what this could have led to, and yes the end of the world because this story also includes references to me, and if the newspapers had decided to bring the story of me “too soon”, it would have brought far too much darkness to me, which I could not have handled, and yes when was this story (?), and if not the end of the world, it would have meant that there was much of the Old World we had not saved by then, but I do believe that we had created the New World, had we not (?), and yes creating new life, but not saving old life, which would have been drunk by darkness with pleasure putting yet another world into his stock of energy, see? Later I was told that this is also the story, which made the Danish Parliament open up its heart to me, and with this, the world (!), and yes it was both the road of the Devil and of God, and you know the old story about “not giving up” making this the road of God towards FREEDOM of all of you/us.

Lise was the person bringing the video above of the Justice Minister, and together with the video, she had these extra comments saying that “the police has an assistant director in the lead” meaning that the police sort under the Minster of Justice, and since he is not prepared and receives answers from the spin doctor, it is the spin doctor running the country including the police – yes, they have MUCH power (!) – and she said “God help us”, and yes yes yes we do our best, and she was REALLY embarrassed on behalf of the Minister as I am too, and she asked “who is he really this spin doctor” and that is because it would be nice to know his name “now when he apparently is the prompter of the Minister of Justice’s Pinocchio act here”, and we know this is about the Devil pulling the strings of people and here the Minister of Justice, who is the “victim” because he has let the system take him over being an actor not knowing what he speaks about, and yes “politicians are so busy, and they don’t need to know what they speak about, but to have an “opinion” about it”, and yes my dear friends, as you all know by now, this is where you are VERY wrong (!), this is the setup of the Devil, and I do NOT like it. I like people to be well prepared and know what they speak of and that goes to you too, Morten!

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was SAD to learn about the death of the very fine actor Michael Clarke Duncan – from a heart attack, what do you know (?), and feeling Michael inside of me here, thank you for the energy provided J – and yes let me say that his performance in the movie “The Green Mile” is the STRONGEST and most touching of all performances I have ever seen on film, what a magnificent movie, performance and man, R.I.P. – until you will wake up again, my friend.

  • I will bring this too. For a long time – several weeks – I have been given “strange signs” from the statistical page of Scribd where some days the graph of visitors to my documents show zero visits even though I normally get 20-30 visits per day, and sometimes 100 or more when the official world clicks a link from one of my scripts, and this is to say that I have troubles to bring all of my documents visible for the public as I have told you about before, and is it also to say that Scribd have thought about deleting me because I am “too outrageous” (?), and yes just thinking I am, and why is it that I am caught in your spam filter (?), am I writing too much about “God” or other “words” included in your filter designed to cut off people like me (?), and yes I am just wondering. And after some time when a few days here and there have shown zero visitors to my documents, the graph is corrected, but now I am seeing five days of zero visitors here for the first time, so am I being “monitored” and evaluated by you on basis of my last email (?), and yes I really don’t know, but “strange” is what it is.

  • This is my own personal view of uploaded documents (the last), from where my document is visible.

  • And this is the public view of my documents, and despite of asking Scribd now 2-3 times to make my August book visible, it is still hidden – but you can see it when getting the link to it.

  • The former Tour de France champion and present owner/leader of the Saxo Bank team including Alberto Contador (who is fighting well in the Vuelta at the moment, and yes only having “little energy” as my old self, which he symbolises), is revealed by the former cycling start Tyler Hamilton for having organised (blood) doping for the entire team, and in this respect Bjarne is an example of a man only speaking “a little of the truth”, when he a few years ago – strongly pressured – admitted to a having used doping himself, and yes Bjarne, I want you to speak the entire truth to the world and that is 100%, and yes the process of the cycling sport becoming clean and making up with wrong doings of the past is a symbol of light winning over darkness, so Bjarne, maybe a new press conference from you soon (?), and of course you would not encourage your team to use “doping, which cannot be traced” today, would you???

  • I was surprised when seeing this photo shared by Torben from “somewhere over the rainbow” – where you have the gold at the end you know – and now I understand why I was given the title “the wizard of the Oz” the other day, because this is from this movie that Judy Garland song this wonderful song, and yes, there is more because as I wrote below, I had a clear dream of exactly these special steps years ago, and Susanne wrote that she could see in front of her “thieves steal the bag from an old lady and sending it down, and there she stands …” and also “but in Paradise it would be cool”, and it made Torben say that she was negative, and I simply said that to me this was very positive because in my symbol dictionary, this is the handbag, which darkness forced upon the spirit of my mother to spread “death and destruction”, and now this bag has been removed as a sign of the dissolution of darkness as foundation of the impending opening of our New World, and yes this slide to means the end of my long journey from darkness to light, so there you have it (?), and yes Torben do you understand that it is easy to misunderstand if you are not careful?

  • I wondered why Flemming Østergaard – “Don Ø” – has not been active on Facebook for a long time, and when I opened his Facebook timeline, I saw that he had been very active, but my “like” of him was removed, and I wonder if this was spiritual darkness symbolising the escape attempts of darkness (?), and I decided to push the “like” button again to “resurrect” this link too.


5th September: Bringing the message to media and politicians of the world: You are the “mud ditch” of darkness!

Dreaming of selfish people “not understanding” my message to improve, who remove my energy and kill life

I went to bed at 23.40 and was allowed to sleep (!), which I did until 07.05 with these dreams.

  • I was cycling in town when I saw an expensive Porsche with a rich man setting off his spoiled son in a suit giving him money to go to a fine clothes store and telling him “go out and score ladies”.
    • This was the Devil who was going to work during the night as I said (?), and the feeling was that I did NOT like this clothes store, and to “score ladies”, which is about my “old nightmare”.
  • I have suddenly become very busy and popular meeting people at “events” during evenings, and everyone wants to see me. I am invited to two different dinners with people including their mother’s mother, and I attend a large annual general meeting of a nationwide organisation of sellers, and there are no seats for me, so I stand as the guest of the speaker, which is the female chairman, and after saying welcome, she immediately speaks about the point of the programme where the delegates can invite her to come and where it states what the prices of inviting her for dinner is. Later we sit at a table where I have the chairman sitting next to me, and I am surprised to see that their catalogue includes cheap prices on Zoega coffee, which she however does not like. When she starts speaking, I leave the room to watch TV in the next room together with my mother, and when my mother falls asleep, I change the keyboard working as remote control with my keyboard, which makes my mother awake saying “now we shall watch TV” and she wants to watch a movie channel, but there is nothing interesting on, and she does not like at all that I have changed the keyboard wanting me to change it back, which I however do not.
    • My mother’s mother is about darkness, so this is what I receive here, and yes it is about selfish people thinking of what they can get for themselves, which includes free dinners, which is to say that selfish people work for darkness to bring out my energy and kill life (!), and when I tell them about “my coffee”, i.e. love message, which is about improvement of their behaviour and work, people “cannot” understand, and my mother is falling asleep in front of the TV (as she always did when I lived alone with her from approx. 1981 to 1986), and this is to say that she is very bored (and alone) as part of her sufferings.

Darkness still wants to ERASE, and had I led it, the Trinity would immediately re-create what was lost

I was told that my mother has moved from having pain in her behind over me to not having it.

I weighed myself and was “depressed” to see that it said 114.4 kilos, so I am almost not losing weight, and yes I still drink a glass of wine – however now only half of what I did before in from 2010 and into 2012 – and also eat normally.

I received the song “stormy weather” – of course in Jeff Lynne’s version – including the lyrics: “Don’t know why There’s no sun up in the sky, Stormy weather since my girl and I ended it together, Keeps raining all the time”.

I was told that the green felt-tip pen, which I received 1-2 weeks ago (?) is where we (would) put possible bleedings of the world into creating as soon as darkness would destroy (changing “something” into “nothing”).

And I was told that it would even work – to a certain degree (?) – if I became negative over the very annoying voice of negativity/darkness coming to me “constantly” by saying “stop it now” etc. instead of “you are welcome”, and “a certain degree” because this pen works on my energy.

So this is why exercise is also important, and I was told that otherwise we would have bled by now, and this was the only way to make it “perfect”, but later I was told that so far nothing has come this way (because I have not been negative), so it was just a precaution if I should start throwing things out.

And if you lost it, you would be told that things become “nothing” to bring out your strongest feelings, and the pen would also work if I accepted my “old nightmare” to be carried out. Yes, your mother would bleed to make you convinced but the world would not as part of the act to get through, and yes a security system it was replacing ambulances of spare energy, which there are no more of.

Nobody has died so now they will help me the last part of the road by letting me sleep, using the energy you save for this, so it gets better day for day.

And I was told that the Jeff Lynne song was only to say that we never experienced “stormy weather” because of you.

I was told I cannot stop hurting you including your “old nightmare”, you do understand don’t you (?) – I also felt the Comfort Hotel in Nairobi here (!) – and instead of saying “yes, yes” as this question laid up to, I said “I have no opinion on this”.

I was reminded to say that my sister’s husband Hans believes in me because of what his sons Niklas and Tobias tell him, as I have been told before without writing it.

I was told that not one single lamp has been overturned your way despite of the wish of darkness to remove this from his house “what do they do here”, and yes “foreign bodies” inside of his house are not welcome, but when you decide to be stronger than he, this is what happens, and yes this process I have gone through is like the original process changing all energy of the house from negative to positive, and yes coming from outside doing this.

I had planned to take a long bath this morning, but at 08.00 – after checking Facebook – I first wanted to write the short stories of today, which became longer and longer with new stories coming in, but at 11.00 I had done this, and I was told already at 10.00 not to take a long bath, which would steal and not create energy, and yes this is about being the pump to make the world go around, and that requires of me to be active and not to give in for my desire to relax.

When writing this at 11.00 I still receive the feeling of darkness inside of me, and still hear “kill, kill” and am given some coughing too because it knows that it is getting out of here. And I was told that the “kill, kill” voice is really about killing parts of me, which you know is the STRONG desire of darkness wanting to convert “something/everything” into “nothing”, and yes based upon the choices of my family/friends etc., thus mankind and that is when choosing the behaviour and work of darkness and not of light, see?

I was told that you don’t know what you do, but you have just won over a tape player of darkness because you decided not to take the bath, and yes sending out spiritual deception.

I received a fearing voice at the shower saying “watch out, Stig”, which was new, disgusting darkness entering me, and yes it is truly the worst, and it only gets worse all the time, but on the other hand, I become stronger all the time making it more or less neutral, this is how it is – but I feel just how incredible nasty and “solid evil” as it is.

I was told again today as I have been many times but this is the first time it makes it to the script, which is that this is a very long tunnel of darkness, which we dug ourselves because we had to go to the end of the world before we could reconnect with the Source, and we are now recovering these deeds now.

I was given music by Babatunde Tony Ellis and other “rare” music, which to me symbolised new love coming in, which we have “never” seen before, and as a “roots man” and “spaceman” this song is very special to me :-).

I heard “it’s got to be the most fantastic you have ever done”, which is my old message – not “massage” – to my spiritual friends, which is what we continue doing because you have decided “not yet” and yes to open your heart, and also “this is much better than being killed”.

After lunch at 13.30 I was truly incredible tired again, and when just thinking very lightly about not continuing, I was shown and told “we will never see this newspaper again”, and yes part of the game you see, and how can I continue just to stay up from morning to evening being active and doing exercise (?), when I am “nothing”, but this is what we all hope I can continue doing now almost counting down the days and I wonder if it is about 90 days remaining (?), and NOT easy to do this, but I have decided that I have to get exercise again today, and I know when I first get out, it is easier but not easy at all to do.

So I went to the swimming hall again, and when I arrived and was about to get started on the cross trainer, I was asked if I had forgotten that the Trinity would cover the loss of energy in our New World herewith meaning that nothing will become “nothing”, and it may be, and it also may be that if we don’t have the original life with us, that it is impossible to cover this lack of energy, which I do believe in when writing this, and yes better to go all the way than to take chances, and no I will not “take a chance on you”, ABBA, but I love your song and I still remembering receiving “the album” at Christmas in 1977 at my father’s mother and yes just to say that we are “stealing” energy from darkness :-).

I was surprised when entering the motion room of the swimming hall because there was only one other person there, a lady maybe 55 years old (?), and yes she spoke with herself (!), which is what darkness does when it is STRONG, and I heard how incredible dark it was what was coming out of her mouth, and she continue saying the same things with a few minutes break, which was “mean bitch” and “mean bastard”, and it was clear that she was fighting with a dark spiritual voice tormenting her, and she also said “10 months for sexual harassment, you can get it back, your mean bitch” and also “erase it” (!) and she said these things over and over again, and yes this is simply darkness streaming out through “channels” all over the world, who are helping me to take on sufferings, because this lady is truly suffering much, and she made me a little bit scared when she outburst these words from time to time, but I decided not to be afraid and kept on saying in my own head “you are NOT getting anything erased”, so there you have it, many so called “crazy people”, who are simply normal people suffering from dark spiritual experiences/voices, are attacked by darkness trying to force sexual harassment on them and also to “erase”, which you know is about converting “something/everything” into “nothing”, but no, it is NOT allowed! Afterwards I decided to go up to her not knowing if she would tear my head off when addressing her, but I did, and I told her that this is a fight between light and darkness, which light is winning and in a few months she will become better, and she was nice to say that she appreciated hearing this, and it was almost as if this was her spiritual voice speaking to me, and yes tormented is what she was, but eeehhh probably nothing compared to what I went through.

When exercising – half and hour but only level 9 today because I was “exhausted” – I felt how darkness all over me was converted to light and how light is also all over me, and I was told “The Vatican” and straight away this lady to the right of my on the running belt outburst “erase it” and a few minutes later I was told “Sanna” and straight away she outburst “erase it” again, so there you have two sources of the worst darkness. I was also given a new pain to my right ankle and told that this time it is my old friend Kirsten now believing in me and suffering as a result.

I did a little shopping and felt this time as also the last time when shopping how darkness tries to tempt me to use too much money, which means that I now have DKK 400 left for the rest of the month, which is not much – but I have plenty of food – and I was told that this is a symbol of how we feel when we are getting alarmingly low on energy and you are thinking of taking a long bath.

After returning home, I felt better and less tired even though I know that my tiredness is not very far away.

I was told that he – that’s me you know – has grown and grown but it is first now that he is starting to get eyes, and I was shown blue eyes, so maybe my eye colour will change, and yes I do believe I have green-gray today but I don’t know for sure because I don’t have a habit to look myself into the eyes.

Late in the afternoon when I saw the large amount of visitors to my website today most of them thinking – and some of them writing – that I am crazy, I was told “with all this darkness, you have to stay awake tonight”, and we will see, light will keep me awake if necessary, and if not, I will prioritize to work efficiently and continue being an energy generator every day, and yes I really prioritize to get some sleep if possible my friends, and if not, you know what to do.

I was shown a three wheeled children bicycle and told “he has not played with it” (as darkness), so we will transfer that too, and “does it still exist, we remember that from when we were small” and yes everything is saved inside of here and that is without exception.

After dinner I had a number of short stories to write and also to publish this script, and I was starting to feel so tired that I seriously wondered if I could finish this script today, but at 22.40 I finally published it.

I was told that darkness will become exponential stronger from here – the closer to the centre I get – and I said that I don’t care.

I heard “Sydfynske Øhav” “the sea of islands south of Funen”, and Funen is where Rikke H. comes from and I was told that it is incredible what sufferings Rikke takes on herself – because of me – meaning that she has a played a big part in creation.

I concluded that it will be impossible for me to lose weight before December with the slow tempo almost impossible for me to lose weight, and I would like to weigh maybe 87-88 kilos and weigh 114, and even when I have done my best in the past exercising more, sleeping better and in periods very fat free, I have only been able to lose weight with up to 5 kilos per month, and even this is impossible for me to do now, so maybe a “miracle” will help me when becoming my new self.

I was shown myself on a big concert stage and I was shown and told that it is your father trying to leave the stage with the black guitar, and it is your mother bringing you what you ask for, which is still everything.

Later in the evening when I sat in the sofa having time to reflect, the negative talk about me on Reddit hurt me much, but not so much that I decided that it could break me, no I just had this feeling and decided to be stronger than it.

I was asked please let us surrender, we cannot no more, which was darkness surrendering and inside of it was Indians with bow and arrow, and yes because I keep working, they give up.

I heard about the HUMAN TRAGEDIES of Syria, and I was shown a tent of original people coming to me of our New World, and I heard that we would also much rather help these people now, but no, our New World has to be perfect first and yes these people also take on sufferings of extreme darkness to help us all through this last part of creation.

I was told that there is nothing else than wonderful “apples slices” on the trees inside here.

I was becoming somewhat nervous for my mother not calling me since we spoke three days ago, and I received some extra pain to my right foot because of her hurtings.

Will LTO be able to meet, forgive and confirm their friendships also warming my heart?

As you can see from this chat with David, I am both wondering how Meshack is with his Malaria – are you “fine” or “suffering”, Meshack (?) – and also sad that David and Meshack “cannot” communicate because of the “problems” of David not sending money to the team, and is Meshack now having the same problems not being able to send money to Elijah, who has not yet received his share (?), and we know, if you can, Meshack, please tell me how you are, and also if you have “time and energy” to see David and the team the next time you are in town (?), and as you can see, what you decide to do as a team has a direct consequence for me too, the more wrong-doings you do – not communicating (also with me, Elijah?) and seeing each other – the more direct darkness/sufferings you are sending me, so my question for you is CAN YOU (?), and that is to see each other again confirming your old friendships, forgive and make a freezing man up here happy too?

And let me use this example too as I did with Bjarne Riis and Jan Kjærgaard. You really have to speak out the truth 100% when you repent, otherwise it is more difficult to forgive, so this is also in itself a test on your communication skills, and I can only encourage David and everyone to be very direct, honest and open when repenting, and please remember 100% or at least “as close as you can get”.

And yes I wrote this using Firefox, which still works so slowly that it makes it impossible for me to see what I write herewith increasing the risks of mistyping, and yes I am NOT proud of making these errors, but I’m only human, you know Billy?

Ending the day with these short stories – including “Bringing the message to media and politicians of the world: You are the “mud ditch” of darkness!”

  • One Facebook friend, who has come to me, was inspired when bringing some of my favourite humour too bringing Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau asking for a “massage” at the hotel reception making the man believe that he wanted a prostitute not understanding that he wanted to check for a “message” – this was also the character replacing “bomb” with “beumb” – so you see what misunderstandings can do (?), and if I had accept my “old nightmare” of “massage”, it would have brought “Herr Müller” or Hitler forward inside of me to end the world!

  • And “Herr Müller” would have made it impossible for my old car, the world, to continue driving, and yes it would have made me “fart”, which is the same as “destruct” (the world), so there you have it once again – inspiration, but also giggles because these are very funny clips by some of the greatest within this area.


  • Darine is a Facebook friend of mine from Tunesia, who found me and yes we have one mutual friend, which is Sherin K., so one Muslim recommending me to another Muslim it seems, and here she shared a picture of the white horse packed as a gift, and this is the gift I will receive when everything is “perfect” and that is everything of our New World.

  • Linda from the meditation group brought this “massage” (!) of me in the middle – without knowing that it is me, Linda (?) – and saying that “when something ends, there is always a new beginning”, and to me this is about the end of the Old World and beginning of the New World, but she meant the end of the meditation group, which is a decision Niclas apparently has decided to stick to and that is even though I do believe that they have also created good in this group helping our creation (?), and yes let us see how they did this, and yes they thought that all of this “lovely energy”, which they slurped in them, was the energy of God, but it was energy of the Devil disguised as light to feed their own selfish desires to feel so good in this energy, and when they did this, they pulled out energy of me, but when I was stronger, this energy was used for creation, and yes this is what Niclas has now stopped, and he “could not” continue, and yes the Devil has given up making his servants “give up”, you see?

  • Niels is one of the “important” and “well known” political journalists of Denmark, and he was inspired to write about “the mud ditch” here, and you may remember the line about me in my script two days ago ““so he has decided to get up more mud from the river delta before becoming him new self”, and this is the ditch or delta if you like, which we talk about, because Niels writes about this “mud ditch in a tiny small media country” about how the media and politicians stage “events” together – with the journalist Jan Kjærgaard and spin doctor Peter Arnfeldt as example – and then he gives examples of “personal connections” between journalists and media, who are married, work together or against each other, and it is all of these “personal relations” and friendships or the opposite, which is the gasoline of darkness, and this also goes with you, Niels, being part of the “mud ditch” yourself, so “welcome on the front page” too, when the world will know about this, which you do NOT want to write about, do you (?), and do you see how darkness also works inside of you when deciding to do what is WRONG even though everyone can see that it is WRONG?
    • And Birgit said that she wrote to “the press lodge” on TV2 News – where media evaluate each other (!) – that they ought to look into the mirror to see if they like what they see, and yes “Take a look at yourself” AND “MAKE THAT CHANGE” (!) as I write on THE FRONT PAGE of my website and the front page is indeed coming for you too, Niels (!) even though you do not include as much fat as some others (as Paula was inspired to “almost write” in her comment), and Birgit said very directly and clearly that “no one “runs” the world as evil, full of ugliness as journalists (not all, but very many, once saw a movie called “the Devil’s advocates.. here I want to exchange advocates with journalists)… And can people not soon realise that the POWER newspapers/journalism has taken if seriously breeding ground for hate, anger and powerlessness” and later “wake up (!) and see if you can change your writings while time is .. IF there is more time”, and yes it seems that Birgit truly understands that media is the Devil, and that is even deeper than writing “negative news”, Birgit, it is also about their role “setting up” stories themselves, and yes much is going to be revealed to the world.

  • Later, I checked up on Niels’ thread and what did I see (?), and yes “nothing” (!), and yes this is how it looks when the Devil self tries to cut me out to become “nothing”, and what you see here is my final showdown with media and politicians as the worst darkness, which is, and you do know, Niels, that your resistance to me representing the resistance of media and politicians to me in general is what is potentially making “sink holes” big enough to swallow for example a town like Copenhagen including all media houses and the Parliament, and is this really what you would like instead of having me saving you (?), and yes just wondering I am – and “kidding” as I am told, because this is “only” a game, you do understand that, don’t you, Niels (?), and yes “too soon” for you to exhibit yourself to the world and yes “cutting away bad” news as you also do in your news rooms all over the world, where everyone still cuts me off, and I cannot get one single of you to mention me (?), and yes we are only wondering here, and that is very much! This is how the thread above looks like after Niels cut me out!

  • I decided to bring Niels’ link on my timeline including my explanation to why he called his article “the mud ditch” referring to my script two days ago, and some information about media and politicians being the worst darkness and for people to see for themselves how he cut away my comment as the world of governments and media do when not speaking of me publically, and yes I brought this as a kind of “business card” for people to see on my Facebook timeline, who are too lazy to read this script, and yes there are many of them. I was told that media and governments are “terrified” for me revealing them to the world and yes bringing much “lovely” energy of darkness to me.

  • And later Niels could not take the (apple) juice and decided and yes you guessed it not only to leave me but to report/block me on Facebook, and yes you “could not” read/listen and understand Niels, and it was too much to call you for the worst darkness because “surely you are not”, is that what you believe (?), and yes BRAINWASHED is what you are too, and soon you will merely be “washed”, and yes “welcome to the front page” was the head on the nail. And because of his WRONG action “erasing” me (!), it also erased his link above, which I shared on my timeline and yes including my comments, and do you see that this is how the Devil self is trying to erase information (?), but still this information is available “right here inside of me” as I am told, and here in my script.
  • The “TV-darling” Clement Kjergsgaard – not least in his own eyes – had premiere on his new TV-show yesterday, which included an interview of a whole 25 minutes with ONE person (!), and yes almost “unthinkable” today, but I am thinking of what DK4 do when they have interviews for example with Peter A.G. Nielsen from Gnags for was it 1½ or 2 hours, and yes LISTENING to what people say and giving people TIME to speak, but this is “impossible” for you, DR and “everyone else” to do, Clement (?), and yes you do believe you are a success because of having more viewers than the TV2 news running their “crap” at the same time (!), but as I told you, you are NOT a success in my eyes because you are part of the “mud ditch” too and that is because of all of the wrong doings of media and politicians and your POOR communication where everyone is “so busy” that you have forgotten to truly COMMUNICATE, listen, ask, reflect and speak yourself, so when do you believe you will bring REAL news to the world instead of wearing subjects threadbare (?), and yes for example bringing the news of our New World and me (?), but that is not important enough for you (?) and that is because you have decided to continue “walking with the dog through town”, and we know they smoke cigarates and are not really clever – and here feeling Lutheran World Federation in Geneva here also still speaking of me, my friends (?) (I visited them in 2009 to document the deception of NGO’s to the world thinking more of themselves than truly doing their best to help poor people screaming in despair) – and yes let me here also say what I have been told about media and politicians not being able to bring the news about me to the world, and that is that they are doing this because of all of the wrong reasons, and NOT because it is truly the best to wait speaking of me until we have removed all darkness otherwise it would become too aggressive for me to handle, and yes we are walking on this knife edge all the way through my journey, but now you know, my friends, and that is if you did not know before? And this comment of mine brought maybe 50 people to my website but all but very few of them did not “bother” to read or skim (?) other than the front page of my website with all of you concluding that “this man is crazy”, right (?), and we know more “lovely darkness” for me and that includes sufferings, but that is part of the game.

  • One thought that “it is too cool that Stig has a direct connection to God so he can tell Clement – and probably also all of us whether or not we are a success in the eyes of God, and alright, Rasmus and all of you liking this comment, you are NOT a success in my eyes when you “cannot” read and understand that you joke is upon you! 

  • If I thought I received many visitors via my comment to Clemment above, it was nothing compared to what came though one seeing me who decided to share me with the information/news site, which brought me the highest number of visitors so far in one day to my website (I was the “hottest” news today on their site of Denmark) as well as many people deciding to ridicule and disgrace me in public as you can see here NOT knowing what they speak about, but you know darkness making them “guess” that Stig is crazy, and yes then one thing leads to the next as you can see examples of below, and no I will not translate into English, because on one hand, this makes me very sad and on the other this also brings so much energy of darkness to me that we are breaking through yet another impossible wall, so keep it coming “my friends”, and when I was thinking about just how stupid these people are jumping to wrong and negative conclusions, I was given “Albatros, albatros” by Monty Python and the words “this is how stupid – and some of them silly – they are”, and this is about all of the spectators of darkness bringing me energy to make this bird alive and fly to bring you all freedom from the same darkness giving us life, see again again? This is how the statistic of today looked like at 20.50 from WordPress to start with followed by the negative comments of people making me a laughing stock – but of course this is also opening new cracks for light to enter of people who may think “just maybe he is indeed the Son of God”.

  • This article speaks about people multitasking sending text messages or watching TV/Internet when speaking with others or in classes receiving teaching, and it goes without saying that you cannot concentrate on more things at the same time making all things suffer and here mainly the personal contact between people, which becomes superficial which “dumb reality stars” like Amalie is a symbol of, and what do I think about this (?), and yes this is what I have told you all along my scripts, focus on one thing at the time and do your absolutely best to listen, ask and understand, and yes to make you happy of course, but you understand that by now, don’t you?

  • There are still many Facebook sites, which I do NOT receive updates from including Björk, Pink Floyd, Barack Obama and yes MANY, and you tell me Facebook, if I am the only one experiencing these problems (?), and what can you do about it and that is if you know what’s going on (?), and we know “spiritual darkness” you know.
  • The master chef Thomas was on visit in the canteen of Nestle to make lunch bringing “happy, enriched and satisfied guest” and when he said “who’s next” (!!!), it was light challenging darkness as I could have said it, bring it on, who’s next? He produces delicious food as we produce life.

  • It is indeed a crazy world believing that I am crazy without understanding that I am normal and the world crazy (!), which should be easy for all to understand, right?

  • I was told that this large earth quake was directly triggered because of the strong darkness of media and politicians together with “crazy, better-knowing and ignorant people” attacking you/me/us all today.

  • It made Fanny ask me about what I thought of this earth quake and she believes herself that as long as we pump up oil as the blood of Earth, it has to produce more red blood corpuscles, which it does through natural catastrophes, and yes I told her that this is darkness in general including this – and the attack on me today – which is doing this, and no, I did NOT at all feel like following the encouragement I received by my spiritual voice to tell her about my experiences at the motion centre today including what this lady was said with dark voices attacking her, but I did it to make Fanny understand about the TRUE nature of darkness, and not the “darkness in disguise as light” as she receives to pacify her – as the world of “clairvoyants” to – and I asked her to believe in me and NOT her spiritual voices, and for her to take control over her voices instead of letting the voices control her, which is then an easy game for darkness with her, Niclas and “thousands of other people”, who “cannot” think logically like I that of course there is darkness all around us. And this is for Fanny to open up her eyes even more to open up for darkness even more to me, and is she willing to do this (?), or will it be impossible for her to understand?

  • And you may understand that this is “not easy” for Fanny to do when receiving this loving but deceiving voice also when you see that she decided to share this picture and its “message” or “massage”, Fanny?

  • Shannon decided to some odd reason to bring two pictures of car crashes with this being one of them and asking “which brand is this car” (?), and what this shows is her darkness in form of her sceptical but ignorant attitude about me, which makes darkness want to “kill” me, but you do know that, right?

  • Here Shannon said that “I will ERASE most of my contacts here on Facebook the next days”, and can you see how darkness is working through this naïve, but ignorant lady receiving exactly this word “erase” (?), and why is that and that is because “I only wish to be in network with people being my real friends or familiar with, whom I have had a fruitful online acquaintance with”, and you do not believe you have had that with me, Shannon (?), which is why you now want to ERASE life as this symbolises (?), and yes have you looked into a mirror lately (?), and just wondering of course.

  • And here is what darkness brings us “a sexually transmitted condition, that you die of” and in the worst case we would be terminated by now, and yes Shannon, you were also a bearer of darkness but “impossible” for you to see, see?

  • Steen was VERY positive today saying “super fantastic news, new roads are opening”, which is about the roads opening because of the energy of darkness I have received today and yes cracks of openings making the light enter.

  • Contador did the impossible to get in the lead of the Vuelta with more than 2 minutes winning the stage today, and yes because of my attack on media and politicians and all of these crazy people visiting and not believing in me, and yes I would have liked to watch this cycling race – also hearing inspired comments from the Danish commentators – but I have had no time and energy (!) to relax on the sofa, but I have seen extracts showing how completely impossible it was for Contador to get free from darkness shadowing him the last days (!), but as he says below “I am not in my best moment but I had a really strong desire to win”, and this is exactly the same force driving me, because I am far too tired to stay awake a whole day – look how John sleeps his day away, which my father may do too (?) – and also to exercise on top of this, so I have two feelings inside of me with one being the worst tiredness cutting all the way in to the bone of me at the same time as I feel the positive effects of the exercise coming into a better shape, and I was told that this is a complete contradiction and “completely crazy” to do of course, and yes this is why Contador is winning this race if he can continue.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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