September 7, 2012: Meeting too much darkness for me to handle, it is packed down to be awakened with faith of our New World


Summary of the script today

6th September: Meeting too much darkness for me to handle, it is packed down to be awakened with faith of our New World

  • Dreaming of meeting too much darkness for me to handle, I cannot reach the last darkness close to me on the other side, I am leaving the building of darkness, I decided not to continue going through the worst sufferings if not needed and I am about to being born as my new self still surrounded by both light and darkness.
  • I was told seriously – with the feeling of “no game” – that we will preserve the most inner darkness inside of me, it cannot break lose now, and keep the energy of it without making darkness become “nothing” herewith making parts of the world suddenly vanish into nothing, and to let this darkness wake up as light with faith of me in our New World. I went to the extreme limit of myself, my family/friends etc., thus the world, to bring out life from darkness, and I cannot go deeper now, which my family/friends etc., thus the world, would not be able to go through, but I will still continue the game converting some darkness to light and packing other down to be awakened on the other side.
  • Short stories of Fanny, who is the worst darkness herself without knowing it and it is via faith in me over her own spiritual voice that she lets the light enter, Niels Krause-Kjær acted as a spin doctor on the radio as darkness self playing the game stealing my last energy (!), Princess Diana on the immortality tree symbolising our eternal survival, Princess Diana speaking through “rock’n’roll Per on TV and jumping of joy, “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends”, I liked what I heard about the speech of Bill Clinton on Obama yesterday, I was attacked by the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group for “hurting this site” (by speaking the truth!!!), old LinkedIn contacts leaving me, Scribd continues to act like “crazy” because of your spam filter also working for the U.S. Government (?), and we are dancing of happiness also because of the energy (of darkness), which Jimmy, Selvet and the meditation group brought me.

7th September: If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, do what Meshack does; be open, direct and honest 🙂

  • Dreaming of the Devil being furious with me when I continue working inside darkness to release life.
  • I faced yet another “impossible” day to go through because of STRONG darkness, but I refused to start becoming cautious/silent as I have been advises in order to save my mother’s and near family’s lives. I will play this game being myself, and fight the fights against darkness as I chose. I was surprised when received EXTRA energy when exercising, which was because of faith of Sherin in me when I supported her on helping people of Syria to receive a better/normal life.
  • I was very HAPPY to receive an open, honest, direct and also positive email from Meshack with greetings from his almost 100 year old father, information that Meshack is cured from Malaria because of strong faith and also confirmation that he will see David and the team again after finishing his work at the month end. If you want to make people happy, please do what Meshack does – “it is no longer than this” :-).
  • Short stories of Villy Søvndal at last “giving up” to “stormy weather” of darkness, which is another “act” (!), which was “not prepared” by a lazy and comfortable Villy (?), Morten Messerschmidt also playes the Devil’s poker game, I also gave the UFO and crop circle researched Jaime Maussan “something to chew on”, life becomes friendly with the release of darkness, Obama asks USA to follow his harder path to a better place, Marianne Jelved is known as the lady with the (evil) handbag, “WE ARE ALL A PART OF A GREATER DESTINY COMMUNITY AND HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP EACH OTHER” – to help suffering people of Syria (and the world), I brought my best birthday greetings to my (selfish) nephew, Søren Espersen was inspired to show the world of his (potential) monster darkness, I met new resistance of the STRONGEST darkness of the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group, which I decided to defend myself against via the strongest attack trying to make them understand once more, the Prince of darkness has no strings holding him down in an opposite world (!), my sister has decided to be “completely silent” as darkness not wanting to let me in (!), and I will NEVER give up to darkness still wanting to kill me.


6th September: Meeting too much darkness for me to handle, it is packed down to be awakened with faith of our New World

Dreaming of meeting too much darkness for me to handle – I cannot reach the last darkness close to me on the other side

I ended yesterday by watching some more Benny Hinn being dead-tired again and I went to bed a little after midnight, and slept poorly eventually standing up at 07.30 and here are some dreams, and that is if I can read them.

  • Something about “too much darkness, no faith”, fight wood impossible to go back to original darkness, felt Jack fighting me in 1st world war, and also sexual contents of darkness.
    • I received too much darkness to handle yesterday, which I do believe is part of the plan, see the script of today.
  • I am shouting to Sanna, Jack, Hans talking – my mother is also there together with others – on the other side of the swamp, I can hear them, they are close. Jack speaks about his work at a restaurant and wants to cook, and they speak like “talking heads” (!) as if there was something wrong with me, and Sanna asks when Ziggy Stardust will arrive, and I tell her that he was born in 1972, and I am given a pizza by my sister, which she offers as whole or to be cut into five.
    • When I woke from this dream I was told that “you and Jack have transferred each other’s parts to the world”!
    • This is as close as I get to the deepest darkness and that is because my family/friends etc. still talk of me as crazy (!) even though they know that I am “Ziggy Stardust” and will arrive as my new self soon, and pizza from my sister is “love” and yes which we share to each other underneath all darkness, which is the foundation leading us through, eventually.

  • I am inside a building and there are plenty ways out, I walk down stairs, I have a camera with me, and find the house of a new camera, which I also bring, but I don’t use it to take pictures with.
    • This may be the building of darkness I am leaving because of “too much darkness”.
  • I am offered to sail but the sea is very rough – it is “stormy weather”, therefore (!) – and I ask if it is dangerous and told that it is not, but I decide to stay at home, and instead I am given “sexual torments/temptations by darkness”.
    • Stormy weather on the sea is “severe sufferings”, and yes I decided not to stay up at nights any longer “if it was not needed”, so this is why.
  • I received “Moody blue” by Elvis and the lyrics “Oh, Moody blue, Tell me am I gettin’ through”.
  • I am in a building wathing a stork inside the baker on the other side, and it is afraid, two zebra’s are guarding it outside.
    • The stork is about me being born at the bakery as my new self and the zebra is to say that everywhere around me includes both light and darkness of the zebra because I have not been able to convert the last darkness to light.

I cannot enter the deepest darkness now, it is being packed down and will be awakened with faith of man in our New World

Before starting the day I felt/heard “you will never be allowed to see this”, which was sort of a “hidden message” in my thoughts – feeling Leif the Pastor of Lyngby here – and that was because I was so exhausted my active thoughts just wanted to cut away everything really.

I was destroyed of tiredness already when waking up, and later when writing this I am still somewhat tired, but nothing compared to the worst days in 2010/11, which was really “all days” with one being more hopeless than the other.

I was told yesterday I believe that we are running the world through its old code in a less and less area, and I received a short cramp to the backside of my right lower leg to tell me that it is completely jammed.

I was told that when we have finished this fish pond, the amazing is that we can still fish in it, i.e. from our New World.

Today I decided that I had to take the long bath I did not take yesterday, and in bath I was told that when I have decided not to allow darkness destroy anything – by not being negative and not accepting my “old nightmare” – everything remaining of this dark energy is allowed to enter without being destroyed, and I was shown and told that beer and gasoline is not for me, and instead it is packed down – as mentioned before – with its energy preserved meaning that it will NOT destroy/”erase” parts of the world suddenly “becoming” nothing, which I was told during the game, and I was told a small bear being totally wrapped up in light plastic and also a pilot wearing a logo from a dark airliner entering, which is to say that it seems that the old story that we can activate the last darkness inside our New World with faith of man in me is true and that we had to wait doing this until I had made a strong enough connection with these Old World’s inside of darkness, and this was information given with the feeling “we are not playing this time”, so I do believe that this is the truth, and yes at bath, I almost had no sufferings giving me the feeling that when I now do not work but relax sufferings of darkness are removed from me, and instead I felt and was shown how this darkness is now starting to being packed down and placed inside of my new self, and when I started writing the script of today, I started receiving sufferings again, and yes this is how it will probably continue for a while, and eeehhh for how long, Stig (?), because now it cannot be “perfect” on this site, so what is the new message (?), and yes “until we cannot no more” and to include November 22 with the uniting of all parts of God, and yes if we can, and CAN WE, Obama (?), and yes can you also win over Romney (?), and I do believe you/I can, can’t you/we?

I decided to tell my spiritual friends that I do NOT want darkness being able to be “active” as negativity in our New World, which is still ONLY positivity, and yes “not-active” as in “frozen down” and becoming warm/active with faith of man (?), and yes something like that my friends, and we know please do what is right/the best.

For some time I have been thinking about the “Paris buns”, which my mother always used to bake when I was living at home, and I thought about Paris being the city of light and also about France being “the worst darkness”, and then it struck me (!) that this is symbolising the world self with darkness all around the light at the most inner, and “buns” symbolising creation, so there you have it, and oui, oui :-).

I received some new pain to my right ankle and was told that this is because of my mother because “you went to the extreme edge” and also that she is now even more low because she has not called and yes not received deflection from her everyday with the “sickness” of John also dragging her down.

I was told “this is how to open up to the worst darkness”, which is about the massive “invasion” and not of spiders from Mars, but “spiders” of man.

I was shown a cash counter at the Commune with light all around it now making the counter disappear and I was told isn’t it funny that all of this has been an act of light (?), and yes we have been at our New World is it since April 2012, and from here we set up a play with darkness in one part of it and yes to bring more and more of what used to be – which we took with us – to the other side of us, and so it is our friends out there, we are and will always be.

I received more sneezing and was told what about your mother and John etc. (?), and yes I have no new rules, they are to survive, but the game will continue until the very end of my road, and my road is not finished yet.

I felt Karen and was told that she could not give up on her well paid job and life as a doctor and live a simple life with me, and that is despite of the strong feelings she has received for years to do exactly this, to live a “simple life”.

I was shown the Pope and the Vatican Church barricading behind cardboard signs with darkness on their side because they don’t want light to reveal all of its secrets and “information not intended to be shared with mankind” going many centuries back (?), and these cardboard signs appear to have light on them when looked upon from the outside, but it is all a “setup” you know.

I was shown an apartment full of big holes through doors and walls everywhere with doors broken down and lying on the floor and from under one of these I was pulling out a “what is the name of these power stretch springs” you use to build up muscles (?), and it was with the feeling “this is sadly the only thing we can do now”, we cannot get this very fine and original place back in order and that is yet, but what is that, a package with a blue bathrobe coming and what do you say (?) this is also because of family/friends etc. thus the world being unfaithful to their partners, and yes life is not “geared” for this, which is destroying the house of God, which is what you just saw, so PLEASE my friends, follow my basic rules of behaviour and work – including sexual behaviour – in our New World.

And I was told that darkness coming now is so dense that I cannot go through it and I also cannot take out more sufferings of my family/friends etc., thus the world, meaning that I have gone to the limit, and yes I wonder if this means that we will receive energy via this darkness making me able to continue the game – not stopping now – which is what I believe it does.

You are truly missed Stig, and I felt how the spirit of my mother was reaching out for parts of me still inside this darkness, and we will have to choose what we can get out, Stig, and yes this is my understanding of what we will do over the coming time.

I was told that the world will be shocked to find out how little it took for light to get in cracks of darkness, and I was thinking as often before that it only takes once for the light to get in on contrary to referendums on the European Union where a “no” will never be accepted from the yes side, but where a yes will be final, and here it is also to say as I am told that once the world has accepted me, we will never look back and yes to darkness as it was when you “could not” agree, see?

We were ready to bleed all we could to save this connection to Old World’s, “we don’t know what we is most happy for”, but this is one of them, and yes not having to bleed. Later I was told that we would not know where to find energy in the future of our New World to locate and release these Old World’s, which is why we wanted to bring everything to do it now, and I was told that this is about the energy contained in the pyramids, which was leaking out and now is directed to me.

It was almost impossible to get out of my sofa after dinner to finish and upload the script of today because of immense darkness coming to me making me feel that just standing up, it would kill me, and yes I have tried that many times before in 2010/11 and every time I have said “I don’t care, I have work to do” and yes this is like walking right through your executioner about to hang/kill you, and so it is here again.

For maybe 1-2 weeks I have received the word ”high school” not realising why before I was told now, which is that faith of each of the (previous) high school students – Lasse, Emil etc. – could have decisive impact in relation to saving these Old World’s and this is what the darkness of Lasse opposing me with all he got was about, and yes almost making me lose it, but only almost of course, and yes let us say on the edge because this is what I also was in that situation and yes how long is it now maybe 2 months ago when he showed his lack of faith in me in Jette’s Facebook group, but I hope I managed to turned a few of you around or “back” to me.

A couple of hours later I was given this sign when Emil clearly showed that he turned from a “disciple” of mine on your own request, remember Emil (?), into a “Satanic monster” publically ridiculing me, and yes making me sad too.

Yesterday was “impossible” to come through making me believe I would not last, and most of the day today was easier or much easier to come through bringing me relief, but this evening was again tough with much darkness coming to me – after my comments to the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group, see the short stories – where I received extreme pressure/nervousness from darkness again including negative speech truly making me nervous that it would overtake me making me “lose it”, and yes even at this stage I am afraid of the consequences if I should lose it, and I also received a very strong pressure wanting me to decide on what I know nothing about for example what to save and not save now of life inside remaining darkness and to have me accepting to remove orange graftings of my left and right ankles, and I said “the light will decide on both”, which was still easier said than done because of pressure of “many” coming with this dark voice, and later I felt how darkness wanted to remove the dark rubber boots underneath the orange graftings, but never (!), and yes what would happen if I “lost it”, would I still be able to hold on to these boots or would darkness lose it (?), and no, “these boots are made for walkin’”, so I will keep them on thank you, and yes to make them orange too in our New World, and yes in this exact moment of time I found and heard for the first time ever a NEW song already very symbolic to me by Jeff Lynne/Electric Light Orchestra, which is taken from the new album “Mr. Blue Sky” of new recordings of greatest hits, and then this NEW SONG called “NO RETURN”, which is to say that “it was getting to the point of no return”, and yes you have still NOT lost it, Jeff, you still know how to put together a fantastic song, and yes we know Stig THERE IS NO RETURN TO DARKNESS, and so it is – and I tell you that it is NOT everyday that you get a NEW song both written and performed by your favourite artist, and then a really good one of the kind, but today was one of those days and yes after a long desert less walk – do you say that in English too for a “tough walk/time”?

I was thinking about the apparent paradox that when relaxing I now receive less sufferings and when working and for time thereafter I receive great sufferings and I understood that this is the difference between (for now) not and saving life inside darkness.

I was told that he has not stopped fencing, his father can still die, and at this exact moment a new message from Fanny entered, see the short stories, where she said “I have gone with the light, which I have decided to continue doing”, so there you have it, it was “impossible” to make Fanny decide to FULLY open to me because “of course” she has gone with the light, which in fact is “darkness disguised as light”, and yes this is more important than to help me open to the last darkness now, Fanny (?), and yes just wondering what people are made of today I am, and WIMPS and WILL DEAF is also what I hear myself saying here.

I heard “where is the owner of the community” (?) and I was told that this is me, and yes still wet of rain, and I feel a small girl, which has been given to me, but no, this is your mother as a child, and yes suffering much, but this was not the purpose of this story, because I could write this story with “I” as the teller, and not my mother or family/friends etc., and all I can tell is that they have all suffered, but I cannot share more of their sufferings with you than what I have written because I am only e mere human being, and yes God and a mere human being in one and the same “body”.

I was told that when I have been close to “losing it”, I have felt pain on my own body and received the explanation that this is because I have said “you are not allowed to harm my father”, who was used as example for my family/friends etc., thus the world, so better not “losing it”, you see?

I felt the spirit of my father inside of darkness and received a feeling of “mutual understanding” that I will NOT write about him being “deactivated”, which is because I do not like this at all.

I was shown a man pulling a dead and completely flat and extremely heavy cow impossible to pull and I was asked “what do you want to do with it”, and yes I don’t know and I do NOT want to start a game giving WRONG answers and priorities not knowing about neither the details and the big picture – as many managers today – so therefore I have decided to reject this strong pressure and say “let light decide”.

I felt the worst darkness and saw how it entered the spirit of my mother and from her I felt it entering my face and spreading all over me, which is the process we go through now, and I was told by darkness that we had hoped to hide directly with you not having to go via the spirit of my mother, because this is the right way to go, and just maybe we could avoid “her anger” isn’t it what it is (?), no her love (!), and yes if you say so, and yes with light I mean the spirit of my mother.

I have been given the word “Mallorca” for a couple of days, and I am told that this is what we are emptying, and that is EVERYTHING inside of this place of darkness.

I was told that we could also not survive without Japan attacking Pearl Harbour to make America join World War II, and yes to increase sufferings/darkness.

I kept feeling an outflow from my right ankle, and I was asked “you don’t want us to shut it, do you Stig” (?), and yes that is right, keep it open, and I was told that it is not only darkness of Reddit and the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group but also Fanny bringing us all out and of course still you own family/friends etc.

Darkness is still the same having to say no thank you to sexual torments/temptations and “you are all welcome” to the same force attacking me.

I was shown a giant dark truck arriving and heard “yes, over to him” including a pointing at me, so much is being transferred from darkness even though I thought it was almost empty.

Ending the day with these short stories:-

  • I received an answer from Fanny saying that “sink holes” look like darkness being squeezed out of Earth – just like a pimple – “the dirt disappears”, and then she said that Satan had gone over to the light working together with Archangel Michael, which was him, who defeated Satan in the war of Angels sending him to Earth, which will say that we have the two strongest energies of love in a co-operation to lift Earth to a higher, more loving and lighter dimension, and I told her that she is right that when squeezing out darkness, you get “nothing”, and also that after my message yesterday I was told that darkness will now be deactivated as part of our New World and activated with faith of our New World, and in this respect you may say that “Satan has gone over to the light”, but only because we were stronger than him, but it would be a shame to call darkness for a “love energy”, which is where I do believe you are wrong, Fanny, so I wonder if I got your understanding of what the TRUE nature of darkness is/was.

  • I could have decided not to use even more energy on Fanny to make her understand, and to reduce the game even more, but I decided to do my best, and here she said that she thought that Satan had gone over to the light – not quite yet, Fanny – and that remaining darkness was fed on man’s anxiety, anger, hate, jealousy, inferiority, powerlessness and that is requires man to look into the mirror to say “I love you” – which is also important (!) – and I told her that Satan is darkness in man, and darkness in man is Satan, and that I have told her about the true nature of darkness when it meets resistance from light, which makes it show itself directly genuine, and I told her that if she decides to take control over her spiritual voice she will discover that she has received darkness disguised as light wanting her to believe that darkness did not (any longer) exist, and this is how she will help me, but it of course requires that she will decide to take on direct sufferings – a negative voice (like the lady at the swimming hall) and also less sleep – and who wants to do that, because you have to be “crazy” to do that when the alternative is to feel “very good” inside the “light and kindness” as it is given to her, and yes as it is given to Niclas and the meditation group, and the only “problem” is that this is a misunderstanding and selfish attitude, which led directly to the end of the world and yes if I had not saved it, so there you see, and I thought that maybe Fanny will understand more and more, but I truly doubt if she will bring direct sufferings herself to help me on the last part of my journey. And she replied by asking that if darkness in people is Satan, how can he work with the new Earth (?) and yes MANY misunderstandings, see (?), and also that “even if you believe it is darkness speaking when I do not agree 100%, and you may be right in this (!!), I am allowed to send light through to you as the universal key, so there are holes in the darkness, and the more light I am allowed to send, the large the holes get”, and yes the holes are in you, Fanny, and your darkness!

  • So I told her here that Satan does NOT work with the new Earth (world), but constantly to destruct me and the world, and I told her about the constant unbearable torments it has given me, and had I give up, we would all be “nothing” today, and then I told her that she is right that it is through holes of darkness that the light gets in (as Leonard Cohen sings about), and these holes are created via people understanding and believing in me, which is how her key works – to understand and believe in me instead of her deceiving spiritual voice (!) – so I encouraged her to keep reading my messages and also to try challenging her spiritual voice by telling it that she does not believe in it and see what will happen, and yes will the faith of Fanny increase to bring out more of this “potential, giant dark dog” as I am here shown before we will pack in this too (?), and yes Fanny, if you simply had READ and UNDERSTOOD my website, you would have brought MANY holes for the light to enter, but when it is “far too long and complicated” for you to understand making you leave it without reading much, you were working for darkness, and yes not easy to make a lady understand when she is brainwashed by darkness to believe that she is light, which she of course is when there is no more darkness, but when there is, she is the worst darkness herself – without knowing it, see? And it made her say “Stig, you are right, I just want the best for our Earth, so I may be too optimistic, let us just co-operate on light to Earth”, and eeehhh Fanny, did you not understand or were you not prepared to suffer to help me (?), so this is why I said that the light goes via her and it is her choice between darkness pleasing her and light, which makes darkness show its true nature bringing her sufferings, which on the other hand helps the world immensely, and yes her choice between “right” and “wrong”, between light and darkness, and yes Fanny has the key, and what did she choose (?), and yes you are right, she chose darkness when saying “I have gone with the light and I intend to continue doing this” and she could also have said “I have decided not listening to you because I don’t want to sacrifice”, so there you have it, Fanny, you “could not” do what I have done for years writing more than 6,000 pages about, and you “could not” read and understand just a small portion of these pages, and no you “could not” dream about (!) sacrificing to bring your key TRULY to me (?), so instead it only became cracks opening for the light to enter some of your solid darkness, which you “could not” leave (!), and some day you will understand what it took to make these cracks of you, and how difficult it was to get the key out of you, and not because you did not want to help, but because you “could not” because of the stupidity and laziness, which you received in birth gift preparing you for this moment of truth.

  • At “morning on the four” on radio P4 – as you can listen to here (from 07:00) – they were very inspired when they thought of starting a new political party called “the morning party”, which should have “playing poker” as its key issue (!), and they spoke about “fishing in waters after big fish” (!), and in order to receive help to their new party, they needed help from a “spin doctor”, and of course they decided to call Niels Krause-Kjær to ask for his help (at 12:40 in the link above), and this was of course the Devil’s poker game with Niels being the Devil/darkness self, which was “totally impossible” for him to see yesterday because of course he is “one of the good boys of the class”, isn’t he (?), but no you are not, Niels, you were BRAINWASHED as everyone else without being able to tell, and he asked a question about “free views”, which this party could use, that there is a reason why these are “free views”, which is because people do not want to be occupied with these views, and this was inspired talk to explain why he decided to first censor me yesterday and afterwards to kick me out – as the Devil self – which simply was that my views were so “extreme” that he did not want to “get occupied” and that is not even to read/listen in order to understand, and I wonder how many people shared this feeling with you, Niels (?), and also about how this will make you feel when you will discover what you “could not” and “would not” understand because you were WILL DEAF. The interview ended with the interviewer saying “just send us an invoice”, which is what Niels did yesterday when pulling out energy of me, i.e. “take my money”, which is you know “moving dark energy” to our New World (!), and afterwards the other radio journalist said that she became quiet about speaking to Niels and they concluded that “we better put the morning party in the grave”, and this was the symbol of putting the last remaining energy of darkness of me into its grave first to be awakened by light/faith later. The picture says “the rejected party programme of the morning party. Maybe the political party in Denmark with the shortest life time in history”.

  • This morning show on radio P4 also has an “immortality tree” where they today put Princess Diana on, and yes she is another part of the spirit of my mother symbolising the now eternal survival of our world, and you do remember that the spirit of my father wanted to bring out the dark guitar and the spirit of my mother to bring me what I decide, and yes “as much as possible” my mother and as little as possible for darkness even though this will also become light later.

  • On “Aftenshowet” on DR1 TV this evening as you can see here, they spoke about the 1950’s, which is about a festival in Copenhagen called GOLDEN DAYS, which is what it truly is for all of us starting tomorrow, they had an interview with Per, a rock’n’roll dance instructor, and he was almost impossible to get to stop dancing to do the interview making the host Sidse Fisker laugh very much, and it continued when he said with inspiration “Rock’n’roll is something very special, just when saying rock’n’roll, it pulls forward the smile, rock around the clock an IMMORTAL (!) hit from the 1950’s, Tutti Frutti, an IMMORTAL (!) hit, rock’n’roll music, Chuck Berry, if you say duck behind, full skirts Jitterbug, you cannot avoid just YEEEEAAAAHHHH – it is HAPPINESS”, and then he jumped up of sheer happiness as you can see from the picture below, and you may understand that this was Princess Diana, whom I feel now coming to me from right and the middle and a little to the left too, speaking through him to express her happiness of our IMMORTAL NEW WORLD and this comes today on the 15th anniversary of her funeral after her death, which was also a sign of the end of the world, and I still remember the weather in Denmark the first week of September 1997 when she died that it was up to 30 degrees warm as it NEVER is, and today it is 18 degrees and just saying that over the coming days it will become up to 25 degrees, which is also very rare here in September, which is “unusual weather”, which is to say that we did it :-).

  • I liked these postings by my new Facebook friend, Inge, and I thought that this is what I do to “my enemies”, who are really not my enemies, but this is how “my friends” see me, and the butterfly is about our New World, because it was not over at all :-). 

  • I liked much what I have heard about the speech of Clinton yesterday – I have not seen it (yet) – as this is an example of, and I saw one here – was it David Trads (?) – calling Clinton four “Kennedy of our time”, and yes this man has a very special gift indeed.

  • Even the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group has and has had difficulties to ”understand” the authenticity of video 6, and there are some people inside there, who also “do not at all like my voice”, and this is what Yahusha from Bethlehem of all places was “designed” to show when first saying that “that vid is CG” (a hoax), and afterwards to say that I am “really hurting this site” (!), and yes I decided to take up the fight with him and this forum once again trying to make them understand – on contrary to people humiliating me on the reddit site yesterday, where I would have drowned if I had gone up against better-knowing and negative people NOT wanting to understand and only wanting to break my neck (!) – so this is what I did, and yes the ammunition I used was information from this forum itself, but Alan Clark, and yes you may remember my friends (?), and what about coming out and supporting me instead of hiding and letting negative/sceptical people attack me?

  • After meeting the lady in the swimming hall yesterday receiving the strong voices of darkness including ”sexual harrasment”, Naser was inspired to write a blog today about Arabian media – finally (!) – beginning to focus on the taboo subject “sexual harassment” after unusually many women were harassed and be all over women at the last Eid-party, and yes this is simply to say that Muslims of the world have created an enormous amount of darkness when having faith in darkness of Mohammad, which on the other hand was also what helped much to open up to darkness, so it was both bad and good, see?

  • I made an update to my LinkedIn connections yesterday evening because I was curious to see who had left me, and yes I had an old list I could use as foundation, and I discovered the following, who “could not bear” me thus leaving me (and there was a handful more leaving me both here and also previously on Facebook): Ian Baker (!!!), Tore Samuelsen (!!!), Lotte E. from PFA and Ole R. (from Aon), Even (from Acta), and Esben (from Fair), and yes these may go some time back, and happy (?), no sad because of this, but happy because of the extreme negative energy also these sent to me to create our New World.
  • Scribd continues to act like “crazy” when my statistical page keeps on saying “o visits” per day even though this is clearly wrong as I can see on the count of each document, and my August script is still not visible from the public view of my profile, but still it gets visits (?), and Scribd told me that it is visible, so is it really but I cannot see it myself via my own computer and the computer at the library (?), and yes I decided to upload a new document with a few lines only including the “hidden” code to my August script, and I feel that “hidden” here is the keyword because “hidden” is what we are behind this darkness and yes to be developed later, and I thought that this document HAS to go through the spam filter of Scribd and visible to the public, but no, apparently this was “caught” too, so this is about Scribd symbolising darkness and yes you are in the same hat as most of the others, which is “controlled by the U.S. government”, who has a few lines running in your spam script (?) and this is why you “do not like” my scripts (?), and yes my screen also started looking strange, when the “edit buttons” at my own view suddenly had disappeared only to return later, and as example my public view below only showing the shelf, but not (my august documents and) the documents underneath, which is the “normal view”, and yes Scribd, you are “caught” too, and that is because of my publish of this information, got it?

  • Jimmy shared the video of the dancing man below spreading happiness and yes another sign of celebration of our eternal New World, and this one also includes Camilla saying “SO GREAT” or “FAT” really, which is what Jimmy sends me too, and you know “darkness wanting to become nothing” because of his misunderstandings (?), and yes you do believe I was too hard/rude on your very good friend, Niclas (?), and yes the Devil (!), my friend, and Heidi was inspired to say “you really become happy in the lid to watch this”, which was a reference to the song “a happy idiot” by Shu-bi-dua, and just to say that you do believe I am crazy too, Jimmy (?), which is what Niclas and your colleagues from Selvet and others tell you (?), and then you do not have to read me to know (?), and is this it (?), and we know my freedom of speech is still taken from me by Selvet, who “could not” bring me UPRISING – but of course this is about “energy” (of darkness), which you brought me MUCH.


7th September: If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, do what Meshack does; be open, direct and honest 🙂

Dreaming of the Devil being furious with me when I continue working inside darkness to release life

I went to bed at around midnight and slept poorly again waking up at 06.50 still being both tired and exhausted not knowing how to get through the day today too, but this is how it is. A couple of dreams.

  • I am working in the field close to the border, my mother is hidden, and Søren H. is at the house being furious with me making a form with my smiling face. I am fighting bandits of the Irish church.
    • Søren is here the Devil self as he has been all throughout my journey opposing me and bringing me some of the worst negative energy at the same time as he has continued living his WRONG lifestyle, and you see darkness in many churches around the world.
  • I am setting up a meeting with Hans from Danske Bank and he can only meet me one day at 19.00 or Monday at 21.00, and I accept the latter even though it means that it destroys my whole evening and even more when I have to go home to Helsingør (approx. 1 hour) afterwards and back the next morning. He wants to see me because I have designed the pension system. When going there, I bring a SAP (“enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations”) educated friend/contact of mine, and the Danske Bank man says that “this is the kind of man I need”, and also that he has another man specialised in SAP working today for Grundfoss as a subject for the job he has in mind, but my friend says that he is the first/best. The Danske Bank man is the “Capital Market Manager”, and it becomes clear that he is looking to hire one of us at “level 19”. He brings us to “the black bank house” of Bremerholm, and I tell him that I used to work there (for DanskeBank-Pension from 1988-91), and it is only with my outermost that I manage to get inside after the two others just before the door closes, and he brings us to the big head office departments of the bank, where I am surprised to see that everyone is working even though it is late in the evening – working is their life. I really do not want this job, but I discover how easily it is to become gripped with the atmosphere of people there. After our meeting, he brings us to Nytorv (“New Square”), where I am surprised to see a nice place I did not know, which is making duck burgers, and he brings us there to eat on the expense account of the bank. It is late now, but still a colleague of the bank man is coming to say hello, and I feel that my SAP-friend, whom I now see is Jan G. (“3153”) has a better chance to get the job because he is more outgoing than I.
    • This is the Devil self of Danske Bank sitting on “the capital”, which is “energy” you know, and his Grundfoss contct is to say that this is the energy working as “the pump” of the world making it “cold” or “warm” depending on the actions of man. The black bank house is the home of the Devil, and all of the people working there are my family/friends etc. – including people at Reddit and the Jerusalem UFO at the moment (but not all) – thus the world, and I am still working inside this place using my outermost will power (not easy to continue my journey these days you know). Jan was more outgoing than me, but I felt that I was more intelligent than him being better for the job, so I am NOT accepting darkness to shut me out. The Duck burgers are about new life of light being born inside darkness. And the dream is also to say that people “working and breathing” for their work without having a private life is prioritizing their lives wrongly, and yes do NOT mix private and business “interests” by letting the business pay for your private consumption including meals and drinks.

I refused to become cautious/silent – I will play this game being myself, and fight the fights against darkness as I chose

When I woke up it was with the word “lovin’ each day”, which was both ironic about how each day is a marathon for me to go through, which I really cannot do but decide to do, and also about this performance by Bella Ferraro at the Australian X-factor show making the judge – and singer of “lovin’ each day” – Ronan Keating so enthusiastic with joy and excitement that he could not help dancing on the table, and this is another symbol of the joy of “the actors” working inside of me and yes knowing that we will get rid of the last darkness to (I do hope this is right and NOT a game).

I was told that we were in imminent danger to go into idling, but not anymore, because eeehhh and yes you do believe that you can continue this game now when it does not require the same extreme amount of energy as before, but still I feel on my lack of energy that I have to continue exercising/producing more energy to keep it going, and I was told that it’s just me trying to learn from what you believe Stig, which is a great part of the game, and yes my understandings and misunderstandings, and there are MANY misunderstandings, which you know is often because of poor communication and that also often includes poor communication of myself where I am not a good enough listener or “interviewer”.

I was told that my tiredness today is a result of the hand becoming warmer the deeper I go in, and I received more sneezing, which is about taking our more energy of the world, and we know Stig, I cannot and will not do anything else than what I do when deciding to do what is “right” and yes I have decided NOT to be afraid of what this means to my family/friends etc. and the world, and so it is.

I received the feeling of Obama and heard “nigger land”, which is still the WRONG attitude of darkness of many white Americans towards black people and towards Obama, and yes my friend, you are going to win yet another election, which may not be easy for you because of your “invisible sufferings”, but this is what I encourage you to do, and yes if I can go through” impossible” times, YOU CAN too :-).

I was shown the previous Prime Minister of Israel Sharon and told about just how nervous Israel and the Muslims are of revealing the TRUE secret of the Dome of the Rock to the world, which they “could not” do even though this was the ONLY right thing to do, and yes just like the Pope also “could not” reveal my arrival to the world, and yes was it impossible for you to HEAR what I asked you, which was to speak out to the world and can you please tell me what was more important than doing this (?), and yes just wondering I am. And I was told that it becomes even better than this because they saw the Monk self coming out of the “hole of the rock” and saw him on the video 6 of the Jerusalem UFO but still you “could not” open your mouth to support me, and still you cannot do that today when I try to make the Jerusalem UFO understand (?), and yes I am thinking of what you are made of, because that is not truly “love and care”, is it? – And this was given to me before writing my comment to the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group, see the small stories.

I went to the swimming hall again, and the first few minutes on the cross trainer was “impossible” to do, but I thought that I will get into some kind of rhythm, and approx. half way at 15 minutes I was VERY surprised when I felt my deepest inner self inside of darkness to my right giving me MUCH extra energy, and it literally meant that I was able to speed up almost without anything myself, and yes it came to me from inside of darkness with the feeling of the part of me still inside there wanting to get out, and a little bit later, I felt light together with faith of Sherin coming to me, see the short stories of today, and I do believe that my decision to support her and to continue fighting darkness gave me both extra faith and energy of light as well as darkness giving this surprising result.

Earlier today I felt a giant lump of darkness around my right ankle almost making it impossible for me to stand up and walk, and yes it was handicapping me, but NO ONE (!) is going to do that, and then there is only one way out, and that is to continue and to decide being stronger than darkness, and yes I will NOT give up just because the knot of darkness is “impossible” to open, because here faith of Sherin was helping me also to come through today.

I was encouraged to write about Sanne Salomonsen and the “top of the pop” TV show, which now has been on air three times I believe, and yes I was very happy with the last two editions of this show, and the truth is that I did not see much, only hear when working, the first two shows this time around, but the other day I saw when the participants sang songs of Peter Belli, and I was very impressed with most songs making me happy to see (and TRULY impressed by you, Kasper Winding), and to tell you the truth, Sanne, you still have an amazing charisma, which I love, and you have done fantastic to come back to show business, but to me, your voice has lost the magical touch it once had for example when you sang “når gøglet går i gang” (“when the entertainment/fun starts”), which to me still brings me gooseflesh both because of the music (thank you SNEAKERS :-)) and your FANTASTIC voice back then, Sanne, and yes this is about the start of our New World and it is about you getting the magic back, Sanna, and wouldn’t you like that – and yes that goes with the whole world too, this is what we talk about, and that goes for you too Cliff, Paul McCartney and everyone else :-).

When I returned home to my apartment block and later to the apartment itself, I felt how darkness is surrounding this place because of all the darkness I receive through the Internet from different people, and I was so extremely sad of David and Yahusha from the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group because of their misunderstandings and negativity, which is completely unnecessary, and yes it was almost like cutting through this darkness when opening my apartment door, and yes please read the short stories of today.

I was told that Karen has defended herself against my “accusations” on her work as a prostitute as being “completely wrong”, and I was told that her mother did not know, which is of course very unpleasant for her, but this is the truth and this is what she will admit to one day soon, and this is what the official world will too when it will tell about its knowledge of me, Doomsday, free energy, UFO’s, “secret operations” etc., and finally say what it could not say when I needed it, which is that STIG IS RIGHT AND WE ARE/WERE WRONG.

I was told that it may be that I decided that I did not want to fight darkness at Reddit by commenting their negativity on me directly, but I wrote in my script that they are stupid and wrong, and when telling the world that this is what they are, this is what they are and this message goes directly through to darkness, and yes I will NOT give in an inch to darkness, and yes EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT (!), I will accept nothing less.

I was shown a wooden barrel being destroyed and Obelix sitting inside coming out, and I was told have you forgotten that this is about life of light growing inside darkness, which is what we are waiting for.

I was watching the first programme of the new edition of “crazy about dance” on TV2, and did you notice how the dancer Mads was told off by the knowledgably judge Britt Bendixen teaching him about how to do a difficult dance technique, which he had done even without knowing that this is what he had done, and he did not have the courage to resist her because he knew that the did not know what she knew, and this was a sign of reactions of the Jerusalem UFO with people not having the courage to speak against me because they know that I know more than them.

I was shown how the gates to the fire wagons of Falck were opened and how the red wagons are turning into yellow – of our New World.

I was shown a horse-drawn carriage being unloaded and I saw what could both be gold money and coal for a steam locomotive and the question given to me was “what will it become”?

At 22.00 I was incredible tired fighting to stay awake to watch a music programme on TV, and I received very uncomfortable physical dotting feelings around my private parts, which is really uncomfortable, and I was told that this was because of the negativity of people finding me via Reddit, and yes what some of these ignorant people wrote is really the worst darkness, which is.

I continued to receive a word and half sentences, which I would like to listen to and understand, and yes also a suffering in itself not to be able to hear, which may be about deeper life inside darkness, which I cannot reach, but I decided that what I cannot understand including half sentences will not make it to the script, but still all of you will survive. 

If You Wanna Be Happy For the Rest of Your Life, do what Meshack does; be open, direct and honest 🙂

I was VERY happy when receiving news from Meshack and also a long email and yes I wish Elijah and John would do the same, and simply to be as open, honest and direct as Meshack is, which keeps making me happy, and first of all, I did not receive your previous replies, so maybe it was spiritual darkness preventing it to reach me, or simply a technical error somewhere.

Thank you also for giving me precise information about how much money you received and how it was shared with the team, and the information of David that Elijah had not received his share may be because of Elijah self and not Meshack, because it seems that Meshack did exactly as he was supposed to and promised to do.

I am also very happy that you feel better now, and apparently there was enough energy to make you keep working, and yes when you follow in my footsteps never to give up, Meshack, this is what happens, because my decision to keep myself free of sicknesses and keep my working capacity is then transferred to you, and this is what comes to me here so this is how it has to be.

Thank you very much indeed for the greetings of the old man, he is truly an amazing story to keep strong and healthy almost 100 years old, and yes I do remember him clearly when sitting in the first store at your local village, and also at the church, and I do remember the smiles and laughs on the faces of everyone when I did not have the courage to eat from the goats head, and yes you may call me a “chicken”, which is the nick name of “wimps” here, and yes I did not feel like trying, but maybe I will be stronger the next time. Please given him and the whole church/village my best regards, and say that I am sorry that darkness made me give a promise I could not keep, which was to help them already in 2009, but I do believe that your faith, Meshack, has been strong enough also to make the village continue to have faith in me, and as I have stated before, it is my plan to return to the village – to the school and church – to see the happy faces of everyone and more happy than ever before when I will bring not only normal life to the village – through mankind helping – but a whole New World :-). You made me smile for writing this, Meshack, and this is what life is about, and I truly wish that especially Elijah would be able to do the same as he can – and John too – and that is when you decide not to be lazy and act wrongly.

So If You Wanna Be Happy For the Rest of Your Life, all you have to do is to learn from Meshack, and then it is not longer than this as we say here.

I am happy to hear that other people also believe you have done good job, and not least for your openness to see David and the team again, and I hope that all of you will do the same as I do now when you resume contact, and that is to give each other a BIG SMILE :-).

Here is his email:

  Hi there, hope you are doing okay. On my side am doing good. Your last two scripts got me shocked because you had been asking about my condition and i was wondering why you didnt get my mail because i sent it to you mail as i had promised when you send the money and elaborated how much each got and greetings from the old man.

Well i am okay and thank you for your concern and i can only assure you that i am completly healed due to my strong faith. I got 23,835 and after deducting 300 for the transfer for M-pesa each was supposed to get 5883.

As i had told you i was supposed to go home that week i did and the old man send greetings to you and told me to tell you he cant forget the day we were in the church when you refused to eat a goats head. He is getting stronger despite approaching 100 years mark.

Concerning your question to start talking with David, i have to make it clear to you that i had no bad feeling against David and nothing can make me not to talk to him because at the moment we always communicate with John on daily basis. I have made my decision to the effect that come month end i will be leaving my current assignment to other engagements which will be based in Nairobi and i have already tendered my resignation letter to the board although they do not want to release me due to my good work have been carrying out but the most important thing i will miss is the children in theb two orphanages as i had been bonded with them but i will make sure i visit them on regular basis. This will give me time to see the team often and try to solve any outstanding issue if any.

I will keep you updated because right now i am just waiting for the board to accept my request and start packing but trust i willkeep you informed.

Thank you for your continued support.

  Kind regards,

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Villy Søvndal decided to give up as chairman of the Socialist People’s Party, which was to finally give up to darkness chasing him, and that is really to choose the easy way out, which was to give up the “problematic post” as chairman as the place of beatings – it was “nicer” before the election when everyone for a long time was giving you praise and you had following wind also in the polls (?) – and then it is “easier” to be together with your very friendly “playmates” on the International Stage as Foreign Minister, which you will not give up doing, Villy (?), and yes another man deciding for the easy and comfortable instead of continuing to go up against the wind, and yes in Villy’s case also to produce it himself, and it comes after darkness was too strong for me to handle, so there you have it once more.

  • Anders said what this is about: “Exit Søvndal after two years of massive stormy weather”, which is about “darkness became too strong to handle” for Villy too, and we know “at last” that was.

  • Politiken clearly showed how darkness took over Villy when leaving the ship while sinking (!), and instead of taking the easy/comfortable road as Foreign Minister, you could have done the opposite, to stop as a Minister and work your best and hardest to help your party and the government (?), but it was too comfortable for you to sit at the back of the luxurious Minister car and to enjoy fine meals with people from Denmark and abroad (?), and yes just thinking of your moral when it comes to the point, Villy (?), and when you “cannot” anymore, the rest of us will try to save as much as we can “as long as the ship can go” – which also gives me the chance to bring the wonderful Sven Bertil Taube singing one of his father’s very fine ballads (both father and son are very gifted, and I love the music of Sven Bertil too) – and that is before we will save all of if at our New World, see?

  • Jens was inspired to say that it is in politics as it is in the theatre, and yes this is “only a play, we are playing”, remember? And he said that “timing can be the difference if the show can be held going or not”, and he doubts if the timing is right, because “it does not seem prepared, and everything seems to stand in a chaos sign in an otherwise decisive time for the government”, so is this what it is, Villy, you received a “good idea” and then you decided to be “too comfortable” instead of fighting (?), and yes I know that darkness is the strongest, but it does NOT mean that you are to stop fighting, we are STILL playing a “game”, and I have decided to win and that is all the way to the end, my ladies and gentlemen, and I feel Obama here, so it goes for you too, my friend!

  • Two months ago the 4th July, Villy wrote on Facebook that “We do not throw the responsibility of us now – we stay. And we fight. This is what I believe you do when things in life become difficult. This is how I am raised”, and it took you these two months to forget about this promise of yours, and now to “give up” and yes without planning, Villy, because you like to be “impulsive”, right (?), and WRONG you are, my friend, and yes Helle & Co., please hang in there and say as I: I will NEVER give up! – Below I decided to write a comment today in Villy’s post of the 4th July to remind him of his promise and to tell him that he should have stayed as chairman and stopped as Minister, “but this is how it is when there is so much”, and yes then you can’t help but making mistakes and forget things such as promises, Villy (?), and no, this is NOT how to deal with things, this is how WIMPS act, and you are part of that category, my friend, and now more than ever. Thank you for doing fine job when this is what you did.

  • Morten from Danish People’s Party said that with Søvndal stepping down, he will probably be released by a woman as chairman bringing women as leaders of all parties to the left of the middle and when there are only men as leaders of parties to the right of the middle he concluded: “No it is time for the game the girls against the boys”, and yes Morten you are part of “the Devil’s poker game” too, which this symbolises, and that is for working against each other instead of working together, and to skip all parties and establish one new party, which you can call the party of God if you want to because this is what you will get when you “could not” find the solution yourself and kept on playing your own card game.

  • Jaime Maussan has “a very good name” because of his research and mediation of UFO and crop circles information – I got to know him when watching his lecture at the UFO Conference 2005 (especially from 07:00 in this part 8 continuing in part 9) – and as I said somewhere the other day, this has given people “something to CHEW on”, and I did not write it, but I was given and thinking of Chewbacca – the pilot from Star Wars – at the time when writing this, and this is saying that when I published the information of the mother of all crop circles and Jerusalem UFO including my arrival and the materialisation of God also to Jaime, it also gave him “something to chew on”, but not enough for you to reflect on and to bring to MANY people via your network and as part of a new video of yours (?), and yes a striking “silence”, don’t you think?

  • A couple of stories of darkness becoming friendly first with the crocodile and then the polar bear with a husky dog, which is what is happening with the release of life inside darkness.

  • I also did not (yet) watch Obama’s speech at the convention, but I see that also he offers a harder path to a better place, which is really what makes the difference – see Fanny, Niclas etc. (?) – and it is as you say “we don’t turn back, we leave no one behind, we pull each other up”, well done :-).

  • The previous leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party, Marianne Jelved, has been known for MANY years as being the lady with the handbag, and this is what Simon reminded me of here when saying “smiling over the lady with the handbag. Some are afraid of Vestager, but this one strikes very hard” and that is when claiming that “you become more creative when your unemployment benefit is in danger”, and this might really be the case for many LAZY people of today, but you know both the system and many people act wrongly today, but this story was really to say that the lady with the handbag is evilness self because of the strength of darkness being forced upon her by darkness, and yes you will see too, Marianne.

  • Sherin said that “WE ARE ALL A PART OF A GREATER DESTINY COMMUNITY AND HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO HELP EACH OTHER”, which is as right as it is said, and with this, she asks people to give their support, i.e. money, to Syrian families, and with her appeal, I appeal to the world to do the same, which is to help people directly from man to man to receive a “normal life”, and I told her that it makes me very sad to see how people suffer in Syria with many having nothing but destruction and death of families/friends, and once again the world community of governments/NGO’s have shown in practise that they cannot help people suffering the worst, so this is the way forward, for rich people to help poor people to receive a better/normal life as it is stated on my website http://​​normal-life/.

  • Today is the birthday of my nephew Niklas, and I decided to bring him my best wishes and feelings with “the greatest song in the world by Puccini song by the greatest singer in the world”, and that is even though this one by Frank Sinatra was the first song I received spiritually, which is about “One more for the road” at the bar, and yes Niklas is still drinking much as darkness making me suffer, but I am sure that he has a good time doing it not much aware of the consequences of his selfish actions, and when you cannot help me and my LTO friends, Niklas, you cannot either help people of Syria to survive can you (?), and yes I shared Sherin’s message on my Facebook timeline for Niklas and everyone else to see. Later: I was sad to see that Niklas “could not” reply to my greetings personally but only sent a short, collective thank you, and yes did Sanna colour your vision dark again, Niklas? 

  • It is quite incredible how Søren is inspired to show the world that he is (potential) monster darkness self, which is symbolised by wearing all of these hats, and yes you do remember that “hat” is a symbol of darkness, my reader?

  • I received more resistance of the strongest darkness, and before starting to comment, I was asked “what about your mother” (?), and yes I know by now that she and the world can take no more (!), and yes this is what I am told, but I am NOT a man running off my post at the wrong moment, Villy, and for all what I know this could be a dirty game played by darkness to try to shut my mouth, and I am as I am and when I meet injustice and WRONG behaviour, this is what I have decided to address, and yes I prioritized the Jerusalem UFO instead of the negative comments of stupid people on Reddit, which was a “useless” and impossible fight to win, but at this forum, I stand a chance, so this is what I decided to go for, and we know Stig, I will play this game MY WAY and not be feared by darkness, and darkness is what you see in David below trying to barricade behind the same bars/signs as the Vatican Church hides behind, and can it really be that the entire world is made up by WIMPS thinking more of your own “interests” than to do what is RIGHT to do (?), and yes I cannot avoid to think that this is what the world does, because of your lack of support being “silent”, and first David’s comment – including the stupid and rude Yahusha (you do remember the meaning of the word “nice”?) – made me VERY SAD, but instead of turning inwards, I decided to turn the energy around and to open up more cracks of him and other people of this forum and yes for the light to enter, and this is what we will continue doing, my friends, and that is right until the end and I can only hope that I am strong enough myself to keep on bringing energy and to fight darkness when I meet it as here, and yes I will decide my own fights, and so it is.
    • And I wonder if this is enough to receive a warning or be thrown out of this Forum (?), or it “faith” of Eligael and Alan Clark, the silent administrators, is strong enough to let me stay.

  • The “prince of darkness”, the spin doctor Peter Arnfeldt was in this satiric radio show (after 05:30) called for Pinocchio with no strings to hold him down, and yes because he was “freed” by Ekstra Bladet, which “could not” bring the voice recording bringing the proof of Arnfeldt leaking tax documents on Helle Thorning Schmidt and her husband, and this is just to say that this is the opposite world, because it is NOT darkness, which will go free, no it is light, and light will shine a light on all “secret operations”, cover-ups and wrong doings of rulers, media, military etc., and this is what this is showing to the world – and by the way, the police has now formally charged Peter Arnfeldt for doing what he says that he has not done!

  • My sister has really decided to barricade her behind bars being completely silent in relation to me – here I am given the famous introduction “får jag be om största möjliga tystnad” (“may I ask for the greatest possible silence”) from the Swedish Circus Scott, which is about exactly this, people of darkness being “completely silent” in relation to me (!) – and we know, she remembers what happened the last time when she “liked” a posting of mine, she received a headline in one of my scripts, and she may also not forget about being called “daughter of darkness” (?), so it takes “more than this”, Sanna (to bring another of her favourite artists/albums) to warm you up (?), and yes I brought her the fantastic concert with Leonard Cohen below with MANY highlights, but no, she could not “like” this as she also could not like my recent post about loving my sister, but eeehhh she had no problems to like the post below called “learning with a view”, and yes let us turn this around. Sanna there is a view for you learning the content of my website/scripts and that is when you will decide to take the time to read because you have the intelligence to understand but has only shown me resistance so far, and yes by now she has become “totally silent” and just like I circus you know, and that is the circus of darkness.

  • For a couple of days I have heard “30 years” without knowing what it was about until this evening when BT brought the story about Rune, who is 30 years old and has received a death sentence because of illness from his doctors, but as he says “he refuses to give up”, and this is how I felt today when doing exercise, I refuse to give up, I will not let darkness inside of me kill me, which is what it may be doing if I am not stronger than it.

  • There was a visitor to my website today three times using the search strong “Stig Dragholm Camilla”, which tells me about “more darkness” coming from Camilla and/or her brother Christian still not liking my scripts, and still not truly reading and understanding them and me?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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