September 9, 2012: Transferring God to our New World with the Universe bleeding and the Yangtze river turning BLOOD red


Summary of the script today

8th September: The Danish Queen and sisters helped me to open the Source as the most decisive moment in history

  • Dreaming of continuing to drive/follow the train to the other side and life is developing at different places inside the castle of the Source also with the help of the Danish Queen and her sisters/husbands, who spread faith in me.
  • I was kept up from 04.00 receiving information about how the father of the three Danish royal sisters, King Frederik 9, was “the messenger self” as “another part of me”, and how these sisters, their faith in me, their line to Queen Elisabeth and the spreading of faith via them, has helped to “produce life on the Royal castle” and to fully open the gold of the Source revealing the most incredible treasures as the most decisive moment in history, which is still based on my decision not to give up, helping my mother to overcome her depression of John’s sickness and resistance to my scripts, while I still receive much energy of darkness of Reddit readers and Karen and Sanna as basis.
  • I was told about the importance to bring a message to the world to calm down laboratories and the official world from possible negative consequences of the ice sheet of Greenland melting down, otherwise this darkness would be too strong for me to handle, so this I did, and now I can continue my journey because of the silence of the official world knowing about me still making my arrival to the mainstream world unknown – and the question is for how long can I keep it going?
  • Short stories of Helena do not like the New World, I ask Villy Søvndal and his party stabbing him in the back to speak the truth 100% accurately to the world, speak out the truth and sing for absolution, it was a sick hen laying the egg of the world and creating politicians and media to destroy it, naming the space shuttle/container/egg of our New World, I am about to open my new heart, I will change from being extremely low to extremely rich on energy, removing stupidity when removing darkness, and “the Trinity fish” shows my mother, father and my new self.

9th September: Transferring God to our New World with the Universe bleeding and the Yangtze river turning BLOOD red

  • Dreaming of having no energy but continuing to sort out darkness and locating new energy, I bring all my energy to make the filling station of the world work until I can no more when I will receive love of our New World and Fuggi has plenty of energy he could have given me but still he also took out my energy.
  • I have been told about the world not bleeding, but today I was told that the world is indeed bleeding in order to handle the remaining darkness, otherwise this would be far too powerful for me to handle, and this is why the Yangtze river of China has turned BLOOD red “as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea and the third part of the sea became blood”, which is about darkness becoming “nothing” for a period of time while being transferred to our New World. While exercising I brought energy to transfer the cube of darkness of our Old World to our New World and in the evening it was old God self saying “hi, hi” before he took the tour over the bridge from darkness of the Old World to light of the New World, which was a dangerous tour risking the loss of both God and all energy of darkness – and great parts of the physical world to become “nothing” (!) – if God had entered a “wrong hole”, which he did not, he arrived at our New World with remaining darkness/energy of the Old World now being part of everything of our New World also meaning that the bleeding of our physical Universe should stop now. After transferral it was the voice of the spirit of my mother of our New World speaking on behalf of God because he has been transferred as “energy”, and will be awakened from “temporary termination” (“barely alive” that is) with faith of man coming to me. I will now complete work today and stay up as long as possible to make sure that darkness will not undo this transfer and to close the hole of the entrance as strongly as possible. This was the end of the Old World and the ending of the transfer of everything of our Old World to the creation of our New World.
  • Short stories of people thinking that it is funny that God has a Facebook site, the Socialist People’s Party show that politics is the game of the worst darkness, I do not like negative nicknames of politicians and others, Tyra asked about who turned the world upside down – I did (!) and Simon Ammitzbøll and his dog are both small Devils.


8th September: The Danish Queen and sisters helped me to open the Source as the most decisive moment in history

Dreaming of life developing inside the Source with the help of the Danish Queen and her sisters/husbands

First of all: It is the birthday of my father today, and I wish I could call him and be met with a smile when saying “happy birthday to you”, but I cannot, so therefore, this is only included here in my script, and now my aunt, Inge, has also become too afraid to communicate with me, but still reads my scripts, so maybe you will bring my greetings to my father if he is still alive – because of course you would tell me if he died, wouldn’t you (???), just wondering I am – and maybe he will send me even more cold darkness as the result ….

I was woken up at 04.00 receiving information in bed – one of the worst things I know of, but once getting started also best things – and before this I had this dream.

  • I am taking the small pig train from Helsingør Station a couple of stations home, and I see Mette (John’s daughter) and also Stone waiting on the train, and I will drive without a ticket being very afraid of being caught by the conductor and set off, but I get on the train thinking that I know how to fool the conductor so he will not see me, and I see how a handful of the absolutely most loyal fans of “forbrydelsen” (“the crime”) and other recent Danish TV-series are on the train because it is the actors of these series, who are on it, and I see that I am almost caught by the conductor, but I manage to get off the train and to follow it.
    • I felt that Mette and Stone as examples have no idea about the sufferings I am going through, and this is my train journey to the other side, which I have decided to follow as long as I can risking to be discovered and thrown off the train by the strongest darkness symbolised by the conductor, and again, this is “only” an act, but a very good one of the kind, and I here feel Mads Mikkelsen again.
  • I saw the most beautiful picture of the Danish Queen Margrethe and her two sisters the princesses Benedikte and Anne Marie with trees behind them displaying the beautiful autumn colours of the leaves in different nuances. Afterwards we are at the Royal Castle, where I have helped setting up hundreds of the most beautiful handmade small figures – which I have made myself – on dinner tables, and removed crumbs, and there will be dinner at several rooms at the same time, and I have Benedikte and Anne Marie sitting on each side of me, with one of the sisters drinking a little too much, but not more than what she can handle without becoming drunk, and it makes the other sister say that “you have become perplex”, which the sister does not fully agree to. Two guests suddenly turn up the volume of a small transistor radio, which is distorting much, and it makes an Italian man sitting next to one of the sisters in Danish – as no one knew that he could speak – to tell these people very directly to turn it off. And at the end we are now at Kronborg Castle in Helsingør.
    • The trees symbolise the close relation by these three sisters of the Danish Royal House being very close to God, and also that with mature age, they have developed “many nuances of beauty”, which they show the world. The fine dinner tables at the castle shows the most precious life opening at different places inside the Source at the same time also with the help of these three sisters and their husbands, which the Italian man symbolises with Italy still symbolising joy and happiness, and the dream says that they help to bring down the voice of darkness, i.e. to make people believe in me – thank you :-).
    • When writing down this dream, I am given the memory of a very old dream where I am climbing the surrounding wall of a castle, not easy, and enter the castle walking through one room after the next, and I am here told that I am now at the final room.

The Danish Queen and sisters helped me to open the Source as the most decisive moment in history

At 04.00 I was as mentioned awakened and it was impossible to keep sleeping, which was absolutely NOT on my “dream agenda” – I here feel “the dream team” of the basketball national teams of USA, and I think of “exorbitant” pay and much gold, i.e. energy, inside of here – and instead I started receiving first a few messages, which I keyed in on my phone still trying my best to keep on sleeping, but it was impossible, and if I liked the thought about awakening now and start to receive information when being this tired (?), and you may understand that this could potentially also have brought the most negative outburst from me, and again I am here told that this is negative reactions to me from Reddit (with visitors from here now decreasing much, but still many people “think” and “talk” about me wrongly) and other sources too, so this was how to deal with this, and yes I felt this incredible darkness inside of me, and it would have taken “nothing” to get it started so I had to be in control deciding to be stronger and after approx. 10 minutes to give up sleeping and to welcome more information coming because this will make a good story, this one, and this is how it was, and here is what I was told, and yes I decided to take notes until 05.00, so this is what I did.

I was told that the father of these royal sisters, King Frederik 9, was “the messenger self” – you know “another part of me” – and that he had a difficult life.

The late King Frederik 9 with his three princesses,
Anne Marie, Benedikte and Margrehte

I was told that Muslims/Israel is looking for the Monk of the Jerusalem UFO video 6, and also that you do not have to look any further, because this man was only briefly alive – as Jesus in Kenya I 1988 was – and he is now inside of me.

I was shown a food mixer mixing and told that life is produced on the Royal Castle because of the faith of the three royal sisters, and I heard their feelings “kors, hvor jeg glæder mig” (“cross, how I look forward to this”) with cross meaning that they also send me darkness because of their silence of me in public.

I was shown Prince Henrik – Queen Margrethe’s husband – as Count Champignac from the comic strips Spirou and Fantasio and also as a sun burned champignon having the worst fire of a rocket, i.e. darkness, in his neck, and yes Henrik for you to help the world absorbing darkness.

I was told that Otto von Bismarck – “a conservative German statesman who dominated European affairs from the 1860s to his dismissal in 1890” – was a condition in order to create the road of Hitler and war (thus sufferings and energy of darkness to create the road towards salvation).

I was told that you have no bleeding film producers and told no, it will not come, no matter what.

I was given the now later fantastic singer Ibrahim Ferrer of Cuba, which I have for a few days, and to me this is also fantastic music/singing with a contagious soul and feeling of joy and happiness, which I would like to dedicate to this moment of time (there is no fire, Ibrahim!), and I felt that Ibrahim was with me here, and also saying that I wish that I knew more about world music and culture from all continents/countries, but I do not, I am born and raised in the Western World, and it is the culture of the Western World I have received as my birth gift, but I do look forward to experiencing everything what Earth – and the entire world and all previous worlds before ours (!) – have to offer.

I felt Jørgen de Mylius – the best Danish radio host for five decades – and I was told that we now have question time, which is a regular part of Jørgen’s radio show Eldorado, which is the programme I listen the most to from the radio archives of Denmark’s national radio, and “Eldorado” is to say that we have reached the golden town or ship if you will of “everything”, which is opening to us.

I was shown the Royal saloon at the most inner of this ship, and how it was tilting being difficult to keep steady, and I felt alcohol of darkness inside of there, and I was told that this saloon has not gone under because of the leading role of the Danish Royal Family to make others believe in me.

I received a new feeling of my mother being extremely depressed because of John’s “sickness”, and I was told that this is ideally kept down because of my “realistic talk” with my mother about this, otherwise the New World would break through because of the power, which is inside of this depression of my mother.

I was shown an underground tunnel leading from Mads (who may be one of two by this name of my LinkedIn contacts) to Karen, and I was told that we find the most incredible gifts inside of here, and I was shown a small cabin with hay on the floor and an egg inside of there being uncovered, and without this faith in me and darkness of Karen being negative to me, we would not have received this.

I was shown a direct line from Queen Margrethe leading to Windsor and the British Queen Elisabeth, and I was told that without this we would also not have been able to create the biggest and most incredible gift to mankind, and still I was told that this is on basis of my decision not to give up and people will think that this was improbable to happen when they will know the truth about all of these connections and tunnels, which you worked inside in blindness without knowing what triggered whom, but when you decided to write almost everything, you reached almost everything, which is why.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark with Princess Benedikte and Princess Anne Marie

I have lately felt a strong urge and interest to buy a lot of different gravies and flavours – different kinds of pesto and sauces – which I have found on sale, and I did this to have many options of how to flavour my meat, and I was told that the reason why is that we did not know that life had as many exits as we can see now from previous darkness, which is changed into entrances of life with one being a more fantastic royal castle than the other, and in this respect, I can choose from a large set of many flavours of life to develop our New World.

I was shown my old school friend Christian G. inside a fallen rocket, and told that he is one of these royal castles, which we first know now.

I was told that Lee Ritenour is not just a good but an unusual good name here, and also that all of this life is now coming to us because you decided not to give up, still have contact to your mother and receive the worst darkness of Sanna.

I was told that there showed to be one room after the other of darkness, which was not burned down because of my decisions and rejections for the grim reaper to “kill me”, and it feels like starting to open an eternity of life inside all of these rooms, and I was given the taste of the most delicious Iberian ham symbolising the greatest and most delicious taste, which is.

I heard Duffy – and I felt Adele – and they are truly remarkable artists, but to me they do not have the same charisma as the now late, sadly, Amy Winehouse, who was “the original” opening up to this entire genre of music and yes I feel her now smiling in heaven helping to open up our New World through this work inside darkness, and to me her music is also truly among the absolutely best, which is, and yes “negative” lyrics will change in our New World.

I have received the feeling and a few words only of my mother’s previous man, Ole (1972-78), the last few days, and I was told that he received the same kind of extreme negative energy as Karen does in her life making everything into the negativity as you can see from the INSPIRED video below, which is about media and politicians being the extreme darkness making it impossible for the rocket of our world to fly, or in other words making life self unsustainable!

Ole died some years ago from a heart attack, and I was asked if he left the world taking the swing door to the left or right (?), and yes if he understood that Stig is God, and he is part of me, and I was told that such things also had importance, and that when it comes to all we have “unusual lucky coincidences” – I am here given the Falck example again and that this memo of mine is still online will also be “impossible” for people to understand how this was possible – and I was told that this was controlled by my spiritual friends on the basis of me not giving up.

I was told that when I decided yesterday to repeat to darkness “come on all of the gang of you, show me what you got”, as I did, where I felt life inside darkness, this was decisive to open up for everything inside of here.

A couple of days ago when I had MUCH work, I also received an encouragement to tell the world that it has nothing to fear about the melting ice sheet of Greenland, and I did not know how important it was, so I decided to put it on my to do list instead of just doing it, and here I was told that this has never been more important than now because the worries of the world risk to drown me, and I was told that we can control the darkness of my sister, but not all laboratories of the world, who ranged the alarm bell, and without such a message from me to calm down the world, it will be impossible for me to continue my journey, but other than this, darkness is still in almost hibernation, which is what opens to this world of completely extraordinary treasures, which together with the love of my mother is the recipe of the most fantastic creation, and I received the most positive words without “limits” to try to describe the beauty of what we see/feel.

I was told that my old class friend Christian is also a main reason why I was not frozen down by darkness, which is because of his love to me as an old school friend (you do remember my email to him and his skimming of my website months ago?).

I was told that there cannot be that much inside the football of the Devil, but there can, and also that this not being set on fire is the most decisive moment in world history because it means that we have now opened up and prepared new roads of life for your new self to choose from.

I was told that Irina is also not through with you meaning that she is also a special friend, and Irina was a nice Russian lady living in Copenhagen, whom I met in 2004 where I chose Henriette over her.

I was told that instead of darkness being thrown upon us as atomic bombs, it is now opened with the sun shining over an eternity of waterfalls for me to chose from as my new self instead of only a narrow tunnel, and this is what darkness coming to me from Reddit etc. meant, and yes when not giving up, and what better way to celebrate this than by bringing another of the monumental songs of Electric Light Orchestra – this is what they are to me – and yes with the most incredible beauty I know, and this is what this means to me, and we know, no electrical chair this time, so you only have to face the music of “Love is all, waterfall, love is what you are”.

When I opened my computer a little after 05.00, it made this loud noise of the fan, which means that it does not work, but when I have experienced this before, I have said “it HAS to work” and since it has first priority, it makes it work when pushing the button once more, thus also today, and I was told that this is about your mother, who does NOT like your writings but it does not get out of control, and this is what keeps the New World down giving us time to check the treasure rooms.

I was told by darkness it isn’t me opening because i received duck food is it (?), and yes it is.

I was shown Michella as one card of darkness and told that Hitler was nothing compared to other scenarios of darkness, which were ground-breaking genius, but “crazy”, and also that it took nothing for one bomb to explode, which would have led to a chain reaction of one bomb after the other exploding.

I was told that this corresponds to not pulling down figures of angels from the Christmas tree but to let everything hang as it originally did.

When starting work after 05.00 I decided that I might as well write the message about Greenland to the world first, so this is what I did with this:

And at 07.30 I started feeling warmth coming to my neck because my message has reached the world.

When completing this chapter at 09.30, I am given quite strong pain to my behind, and I feel that it is because of my father thinking of me, and yes I wish that you would be able to do what is right, but it is as impossible for you to do as it is to the world, and this is why we are still running you know and here I am given the end of the Tom Petty album again, and yes we write September 2012 and mankind still does not know about me.

I was hereafter almost sure that I would take a new long bath because of how early I was up, but I kept on being told about how I could be active cleaning the apartment, playing golf and so on, so this is what I eventually decided to do, which was not to take a long bath but only a shower, and I was told that this is still to help me continue being alive as my old self, which seems to be more and more impossible to do, but so far so good, Bryan, this is as close as we get to “heaven”, which is truly a very beautiful song fitting here.

I was given a pain to my right ankle, and I felt Vrillon, but it was not him, who then (?), yes Jeff Lynne believe it or not because he is your favourite musician of all knowing that it will put him all the way up there at the pedestal. 

I felt MUCH tiredness and exhaustion creeping in over me at 11.30 now doubting if I can do exercise and very much doubting if I can continue my journey, and it gave me many thoughts if I die as my old self, but I am already my new self as I was told – just underneath the cover – and I decided to trust that when I can produce no more or not enough energy, I will simply wake up as my new self after a good night of sleep.

And I felt the actors of the game sending me the darkness, which comes to me, standing all close to me and very close to opening up and welcoming me to save me from more negative speech and tiredness, but no, not yet, because I can give more, and why (?), and only because I can, so this is what we do – and eeehhh can’t I?

I concluded what I should have concluded a LONG time ago, which is that there is an eternity of darkness, which I will NEVER be able to come through, this is of course the logical answer, but when I am on the other side, this darkness is suddenly light and only love meaning that we “just” had to come as far as possible on this side to start our New World the best way possible, and I do believe that we are coming close to this stage of closing down, and that is because I simply cannot continue, but on the other hand, if darkness should decrease and I receive some more sleep, maybe I can keep this game going another 1-2-3 months to make our start even better (?), and we will see.

And this of course also means that it was complete rubbish to “pack down” and wake darkness on the other side, this was the game, but I was soaked so much into this game that I could not see or understand it differently and yes my spiritual friends are truly “strong” you see, but of course only if I understand this correctly now, which I do believe I am, this is the only logical answer, so there will be NO loss of energy or physical matter anywhere, I do believe we have created more than 100%.

Later I was asked “what about my dark inner – the rain boots” and yes this goes on forever, so it was a matter of securing our creation on the foundation of the Source to keep exploring it for an eternity to keep developing and bringing out more life, and yes on the other side I do believe that there should be no problem when all of this will feel as love. Later: I was not so sure in my case anymore, but we will see.

Later I was asked “what about my dark inner – the rain boots” and yes this goes on forever, so it was a matter of securing our creation on the foundation of the Source to keep exploring it for an eternity to keep developing and bringing out more life, and yes on the other side I do believe that there should be no problem when all of this will feel as love. Later: I was not so sure in my case anymore, but we will see.

I decided to publish the first edition of my script already at 13.30 today thinking that if I am also going to the swimming hall and visit my mother and John this evening as I am, I may be too tired to do this when coming home, and yes I would like to bring the story of the Queen and her family to be sure, that’s why.

I went to the swimming hall hoping that I just had to get outside to get over the worst, but that was wrong today because when I arrived at the swimming hall, I was among the weakest I have ever been and still deciding to exercise, and I told myself that this is the last time ever I will exercise feeling as extremely exhausted and empty as I did today, and eventually I did 24 minutes on the cross trainer, I could not do the last 6 minutes and while exercising I felt a little energy coming to me from outside, but mainly I felt that both of my legs were becoming soft about to bend as a symbol of coming to the end of my old self.

When I returned home I knew that I had too little energy to do anything else than watching the end of the second last stage of La Vuelta, which was the “King Stage” leading up to Bola del Mundo trough the steepest climb I have ever seen racing cyclists cycle. It was so steep that they almost stood still, and I was told that this symbolises my journey and also that I almost stood still myself today, and you know that Contador symbolises me and the day where I almost could not stand on my own legs, he still managed to defend his lead even though he lost some seconds to no. 2 and 3, and the Danish commentator said that “it is off with the hat no matter what”, and yes soon leaving darkness behind us, and yes the goal was “the rockets” or metal container on top of the mountain, which is really where we are born and I am thinking that this is the same as the original egg. Tomorrow is the last stage with “parade cycling”, and Contador should be sure to win the Vuelta in practise, and yes for me to take over everything of the metal container/original egg, which this is about.

The “King Stage” of La Vuelta today was leading up to Bola del Mundo symbolising the goal of my journey to take over everything of the original “container”/egg of our Old World

I was asked if I believe Martinus felt good after received his “cosmic opening” making him sense/understand everything of the world, and also that this is nothing against what we have now created.

So all in all you have witnessed family/friends etc. believing I was wrong and stole their energy with the truth being that they were VERY wrong and stole my energy – my mother more than anyone – and in order to keep alive, create our New World and save the old, I had to work as hard as I could with my scripts, at Brede Park and exercising in order to produce the energy darkness wanted in order to release its energy and use this as building stones of our New World and yes I was a human generator more than anything and I had to be while being “nothing” to get life out of “nothing”, so there you have it, and yes that is the gift I am given, which I give to the world.

Later this afternoon I was incredible tired again fighting with the worst darkness, but I kept awake and also visited my mother and John at 19.00, and I was happy to see that John is slowly feeling better however it is only small steps forward, but he is breathing better and is starting to receive a little hair on his head and for the first time today he liked eating, which he has not for a very long time making him as thin as Freddie Mercury at the end, whom I felt inside of him via the spirit of my mother (!), but it seems that he is going in the right direction, and yes I still receive some darkness/sufferings, but it is much weaker today except from the tiredness. John also has nightmares – of hash (strong darkness) and more – which he wants to get a “consultation” about, and I offered him to decipher his dreams because I have “much experience” (as he knows!), but no, it is difficult to remember the dreams and yes he wanted a “consultation” (by a psychiatrist, John?), but what this is about is his “opening” being very close and I am told that my mother and father also have “very near” experiences of not only death but about me, which they “cannot understand”, and yes he also believes that his breathing troubles, still there but weaker, is because “he does something” and that the reason therefore is mental, and we know not easy when people don’t want to listen.

My mother is visibly tired because of all of this, but she was happy when showing me that her left ring finger, which has been a spring finger for a long time now has almost cured itself, and yes it seems that we are going the right direction.

I was told that my mother could have received a stroke and be institutionalised living like a “vegetable” and also that “we were willing to go this far” and yes you had my approval as long as she would not be killed and become permanently handicapped.

Vrillon told me that sacrifices of the Universe do not mean killings of life, but reducing life energy to help me, so it seems that we were living on “nothing” in order to help you out, Stig (?), as I am told here, and yes if you can, we can too, this is what I/we thought.

I was also told that I could have continued working even if the world had started bleeding, which was part of my genes, to abstract from everything focusing only on my work.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena said that she does not like people with butterflies in their stomach, no “you know what sea gulls are about” and yes the opposite world for you too Helena, because the butterfly is our New World and sea gulls scrape terribly, but of course you cannot see when you cannot read and understand me.

  • The newspapers write that Villy Søvndal was stabbed by the tax minister and party colleague Thor Möger in the back after he and others supposedly have spread negative stories about Villy being a poor chairman, and I am wondering why you did not decide to do what was right, which was to help Villy to take the right choice as chairman and leave his minister post, and yes to give him time to show what he really can – because he is indeed a man having the heart the right place, and has been exposed to the public changing their view on him from extremely popular to almost the opposite without Villy changing (!), so there you have it again, the instability of people, the media and the population – and if you had not other choice than to resign, Villy, I do owe you an apology after my writings on you yesterday – I wonder if you gave up too soon not giving everything you had (?) – but on the other hand, if you and your colleagues cannot speak the truth out open, direct and honest it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand so therefore I encourage you, your party and all the dark hats of Tøger & Co. to stand forward and tell the truth about what happened 100% accurately to the world including to repent/forgive and when you do that, it should be easier for me – and the world – to understand and follow in your footsteps, this is for you to help me to help the world by saying “don’t do as we did because that was VERY wrong”, do you see?

  • In the article below and here Jørgen Leth says that he does believe in Tyler Hamilton now coming CLEAN after many years of lies, and yes to reveal his own misuse of doping also revealing Bjarne Riis, and yes there is a tendency that when people simply speak the truth it is easier to understand them, and Jørgen says this very fine when he says “I simply believe that it is the truth, which has driven him. Tyler Hamilton is a man having nothing left, everything is collapsed. The only thing he has left is the truth. He feels relief as he has also said in following interviews. This is absolution, as I see it. Almost a Christian absolution. It makes it trustworthy”, so this is an example of a man simply saying the truth and you can literally see the relief and truth from Tyler’s facial expressions and you can literally see the guild of Bjarne Riis when he is “as cold as ice” when closing peopls out by commenting this with “I have said what needs to be said”, and no, Bjarne you have not (!), so therefore, please do as Tyler did, which is to sing, sing, sing for absolution :-).

  • Dennis said that he sat next to the Employment Minister Mette Frederiksen, who said that she was offended when Dennis had said that one of her suggestions was as if “it was a sick hen, which had laid that egg”, and it showed out that Mette did not know the movie “blinking lights”, where Søren Pilmark could not blow an egg, which makes Mads Mikkelsen – not Ulrich Thomsen – say that “it was a sick hen, which had laid that egg”, and this is to say Mette that “it was a sick hen, which had made the Danish Employment Policy” as example of how it is all over the world, and I have shown you since 2009 that I am NOT unemployed, but still your crazy system has treated me as dictators ruling over and degrading me to follow their completely crazy plan to eeehhh “help me” find a job (!), and on their way they “could not” find out that I already had “meaningful work” because if they had understood, they would of course have approved my work and given me “survival help” as I asked for, but instead they went to extremities and found it necessary to declare me unfit for work and officially crazy – thank you for nothing but sufferings (!) – and yes I documented every single one of their crazy steps making the system give up on me on the way, and what did you did inside the Danish Parliament, did you suddenly discover one day that “Stig has a case showing that it is us, who are crazy and not him” (?), and yes please tell the world how and when you found out (?), and please also tell why you decided not to intervene and to set me free from the claws of the Commune (?), and yes was that because you are “not allowed” to intervene and talk about me in public, and so you decided that “we better not, and let him finish his point” (?), and yes Mette & Co., the official world discovered that it was a sick hen making this system of Hell, and this is to say that the whole world was a sick hen because of darkness overtaking God and forcing mother and son as creators, and the best weapon to destroy the world was the invention of politicians and media to argue/fight and never agree, which eventually would make the egg/world crack, and yes this is what this symbol is about, but you do know by now that you are the tools of the Devil not helping but destroying the world (?) and this is why I ask all governments of the world to step down and to let our New World government with Barack Obama in the lead take over.

  • Mikael was naming a space shuttle, which to me is a rocket/container/egg – and yes our New World including everything of the old.

  • Selvet was inspired to bring this photo showing that I am about to open for my new heart, which is to open the eyes of my new self and our New World, and yes in a matter of days – or weeks, or months, but “soon” it is :-).

  • Here is a man who is going to get new shoes when changing from cash help to be rolling in money, and what this says is really that I will receive my new life, i.e. shoes, where I will have all of the energy imaginable instead of nothing, i.e. money, as today, and with me, the New World.

  • Inge also stated that against stupidity even the Gods are powerless, but not quite you see, because it is “just” about changing this place of darkness from atomic bombs potentially exploding to waterfalls all over with the sun shining – herewith removing darkness and stupidity – and yes this was the vision I was given, and later Inge brought the picture showing it.

  • As my new self, the resurrected Jesus, I am the fish, my father is the elephant, and my mother is the yellow layer of us/the world and this is the Trinity you see in this “Trinity fish”.


9th September: Transferring God to our New World with the Universe bleeding and the Yangtze river turning BLOOD red

Dreaming of having no energy but continuing to sort out darkness and locating new energy

Before going to bed after 23.00 I was given a small heart attack and told that it is because of my mother, and I was told “look out that a lot of apples will not fall down this night”, but they did not, so yet another new day – “I got you babe” is still playing – and I slept until 07.30 still feeling exhausted and broken down when wakening, but somewhat better today than yesterday, with these dreams.

  • I am again working at Danske Bank, Espergærde, and we have just opened, but I don’t have access to a cash desk and become nervous if any cash desk is open, but I see that Steen has his cash desk open. Berit has called in a customer and they eat morning bread. I am receiving the journals today, which are only very thin, and I do believe that I still know how to check and correct them even though it is many years ago I worked with this task. Sydbank calls on the telephone, and I still remember how to pick up the phone, and they ask to find two cheques from the archive, and they give me two cheque numbers with the first being right and the second apparent wrong only having two ciphers , but I discover that they belong to the same series so I can just take the first numbers from the first cheque and also use for the second cheque in order to find it – and something about being dressed up and laughing much of this. Anja U. – my old Aon colleague – is there too and we lay down with my arms around her, and she has decided to see me until she will get a steady boyfriend.
    • This is about opening for the old energy, and I have no cash desk, which is no energy, the bread is about on-going creation, the journals are about correcting old darkness, which we apparently still do even though there is nothing much left to do, the cheques will have to be about locating more money, i.e. energy reserves, Anja and I are potential sweet hearts here, but I do no like the idea to be with someone if you don’t mean it seriously and only are until someone else comes around.
  • I am at the kiosk of a filling station and the credit/debit card machine has been out of order, but now works again. People normally pay with their Dan-cards, which I don’t have, and I pay with my internal filling station card, and do it again and again and again, until the shop assistant receives what I believe is an error from the machine, but instead of being an error the machine says that I have received a red rose, which she assistant then brings me.
    • This is also the place to receive energy, and I am bringing all of my money, i.e. energy, to make this place – “the Old World” – keep working, and I will do it until I can bring no more energy where I instead will receive the love of our New World, which the rose is about, but still the card works and that is a little, so let us see if we can continue the game.
  • Fuggi is sick and at home cancelling his schedule today. I am at his apartment and here him saying to another one there that he has reserved 8 million DKK to run this year, which makes me wonder, because he owes me money – some thousand DKK – which he should pay first.
    • Fuggi may not feel well too, but has plenty of energy, which he does not bring me because of eeeehhhh Fuggi, how long is it since you last took your time to read a script of mine from beginning to end, and oh you never did that, but I thought that you would, and we know you decided to use your energy on something else, and then you also took our my energy.

God was transferred to our New World with the Universe bleeding symbolised by the Yangtze river turning BLOOD red

I received the song ”dancing in the street” by David Bowie and Mick Jagger and the lyrics “Dancing in Berlin” and “All we need is music, sweet music, There’ll be music everywhere”, and yes dancing is still about celebration, Berlin is our end station and music is love of our New World.

I was feeling my father and told how do you think it is to have a son saying he is Buddha and more, which is not nice, father (?), but how do you think it feels like being this man not having your faith but all of your resistance and dark energy bringing you my energy to make you survive?

I was told about “tax deductions” – to deduct from our original creation – and transferring the structure of our Old World to our New World and what about the spots of darkness mixed with light (?), and to free the remaining of my inner self behind all of this (?), and yes that is right, this still may be true, but I do hope that nothing will be destroyed (!) because I have NOT accepted that and that we will also be able to open up and save everything from the other side, but as long as it goes, I will keep working on this side.

I was watching Anne Hjernøe and Anders Agger on adventures on the island of Fanø yesterday with my mother as you can see here, and I did not feel well at all seeing a sheep being slaughtered, and I have for a long time been in a dilemma because I don’t like to kill life for other life to feed on, but this is how it works in nature, and what do you eat if you don’t eat other life (?) – “everything” is life – and I was told that “we have a gift for you” in our New World where we have “thought” about this.

Meshack sent me an email to solve out the reason why Elijah according to David had not received his share of my money by the 5th September, which was four days after Meshack had said that he would transfer the amount to the team, which made me think I wonder if Meshack is delayed because of Malaria (?) or in the absolutely worst case that he was tempted by the Devil to keep the money (?), and yes this is what can make people think when they don’t know but only hear fragments of the full story, so here it is via a new email, which he sent me yesterday, and yes completely unnecessary to make me feel worried and for Meshack to solve this out, and what was the reason (?), and yes because John received all the money to save on fees, and to transfer to David and Elijah, but John was “too busy doing nothing”, John (?), and when you “cannot” do what is right to do and “cannot” communicate, John (!), it makes other suffer because we all depend on each other, do you see?

Here is Meshack’s email.

    Hi there, hope all is well with you and the same is with me. To say the least, i was really amazed to hear from you that David had said Elijah didnt get his cash in time. To be clear, I had send the total amount for three people to John to avoid being charged more money through M-pesa transfer and this was for our both benefit because the less transfer done, the more money each member gets and i did this in the best interest of the team.The only person who can answer for this delay is John and i am wondering why he took long to give Elijah his cash and he never explained to me if any delay occured because this is where misunderstanding occurs and Elijah might have though ill of me for that which i belive he didnt. I will make a follow up to know if Elijah recieved his share and i feel sorry for that.

  Thank you for making me know about it.

   Kind regards,

Already at 09.45 today I had no more work to do – but more will probably turn up during the day – and eeehhh what am I to do now (?), and I still have my dirty windows annoying me, so maybe I can start polishing the easy parts and see how much I can do (?), and yes I will go to the swimming hall again after lunch, if I can,

I both received almost no sufferings at the same time as I felt inside of me and received a little of the worst negative/sexual speech, I received yet another pain to my right foot and when I later was told by the spirit of my mother that she is continuing to pack down darkness, this seems to be what we do despite of my “bright” moment yesterday thinking that everything will be light when changing it to the other side, but first we have to unlock the old code, Stig, and alright this is it, so this is what we continue doing.

I was told that it feels like having crossed around the equator of Earth and now we are setting up flagstaff.

I started polishing my windows, and did the not very wide right side window, which I just could do with the window being as closed as possible sticking out my hand and that is in order to control my fear of heights, but when I tried to polish one of the three main and wide windows, I could not. It required that I had to lean out over “the edge”, which my fear of heights simply could not allow me, so I will have to do these windows later and maybe first after opening up the eyes of my new self.

People of other civilizations told me about how they see Earth helping the Universe by having the strongest energy of darkness being closest to God, to help set us all free, this is how they see it.

I was shown myself driving in town with the centre of it being a giant octopus where I have just received the outermost of one of its arms reaching into my car, and it seems that the rest of this is what faith of man will be able to “unlock” and release.

We also know other ways to pack this down, but we prefer to do it via you, which is why I am still around, and later I was given the taste of blood together with the feeling of silver and the understanding that if I do not do this, it will require the world to bleed to do it, i.e. to pack down the last.

And I wonder if the game is that the world may actually be bleeding despite of being told recent days that it is not, because where is the energy I cannot produce myself otherwise coming from?

In the afternoon I cycled to the swimming hall again and I was thinking that “the first message is right”, which is the message the other day about the Universe has now started to bleed, and yes not easy with all of these contradictive messages about this in September, and I was told that this is why the Yangtze river has now started to turn BLOOD red, which is about darkness becoming “nothing” for a period of time while being transferred to our New World, and where do you have some of the strongest darkness in the world (?), and yes in China, and do you see over there (?), or do you have to much liver paté on your glasses making it impossible for you to see anything else than what you want to “see”?

And I thought that if this is truly needed, this is what we have to do but only as the last option, because I am still thinking that I have not accepted my “old nightmare” meaning destruction and I have also not gone into negativity, so I was still hoping that this means that we can do this without destructions, but this is what I was told, and yes we are working on and transferring the inner structure of the Old World, and I also had hoped that we could maintain all physical structure with less energy/concentration if needed for a period of time.

I had much more energy myself today – where did this come from if not from the world bleeding (?) – and I felt it when exercising, where I was also told that the long “desert less” walk of mine mentioned the other day was to say “no desert, i.e. land” for a period of time until faith of our New World in me will “awaken” this again. While exercising I was shown a large cube of darkness with the spirit of my mother on its outside entering me at the New World, and I heard the spirit of my father as simple minded life saying “me not afraid”, which is about terminating into nothing for a period of time, and I was told that this is also what the Hackpen Hill crop circle of 26th August 2012 is about with the content of this cube being darkness.

I was thinking that I am personally receiving more energy and less sufferings – at least today – and my script is also shorter meaning the first day with a chance to relax, which is because the world is taking much more of my sufferings, and I felt much activity on my ankles, which was about much being transferred from our Old World to our New World.

For much of the time I felt ”almost normal” without darkness tormenting me, however I still felt and heard the strongest darkness speaking a little now even weaker inside of me, but only because the world is taking over via its bleedings, and I was told that this is to save me because I would not be able to handle this darkness, it is too concentrated, and yes “an impossible knot” to open.

I was told that there are people out there hating me, and yes my sister and Karen as examples but you can add Jette, the Jerusalem UFO forum, people leaving me on Facebook and other family/friends etc. and also systems/governments/media, and all of this is to say that darkness has never been worse and you are sending it to me all of you not liking or hating me, see?

And still underneath all of this hate is love, and I was told that this is God – God is love, and love is God – so I am coming nearer God at the inside of everything with darkness of creation around me and now us, and I understand that God simply “is”, and I was told that God is really the Source and eeehhh what about the eternity of cells, which I thought was the Source (?), and yes God was the foreign body entering one cell to create life, and these cells include immense energy contracted into nothing, so it took God as this “natural presence” to change nothing into everything, so now this opens up to two questions, where does the being of God come from and where do the cells of nothing/energy come from (?), and the only answer I receive is that “they are” and the combination of God inside cell means creation of life and the Universe as we know it with God still being this being at the inside and everything around is the energy of nothing, which has been turned into everything, and yes I am only trying to understand, and it seems that we are coming closer to the goal, and when I will understand more of this, I will update the front page of my website with this information.

And God said that It will say that it is me sitting inside of here and it is not nice to know that your words are twisted around by darkness around me.

I was told that we are two opposite forces – God and the sleeping life inside cells – positive and negative planted by “mother nature” whatever that is as one here says to my right and yes before I will reach the centre of God, where I will be given the answer as my new self.

God told me that it was indeed possible for me to reach out to you on the outside with darkness between me and you, and yes to make me write the design of life in order to make everyone show a clean heart.

I was told that we cannot spit out this image of darkness without you, otherwise we would have done so a long time ago.

I was told that it is me inside here deciding if life is sustainable, which I have pretty big experience in. And I was thinking that it is my new self as the resurrected Jesus of the New World being the result of creation of my father and mother, who is leading the New World deeper and deeper to the centre of the Old World – I have thought many times that we had reached the centre – and I understood that this is now God at the most inner of the Old World who we are bringing over to the New World, and I was told at 19.45 that it is now about time, and also that this is why I was told this because it might take some time before we will see each other again, and I was told “hi, hi” by the voice of “simple minded” God through darkness the same way as the young “simple minded” lady says in the car in this commercial for the company of the bridge over Øresund from Copenhagen, Denmark, to Malmø, Sweden (symbolising from darkness to light), which is also to say that this is God self using the bridge to enter our New World, and I was told that this is because I decided that “everything has to be light”.

And I expected that it would now take until man has faith in me in the New World before I would here from God again, but two seconds afterwards I heard “this was it, I am now here” and yes still alive inside here, which is “truly crazy”, but this is how it is because you wanted it, and I was told that there is now no more darkness around my right ankle because we are now everything, and we will now wait for “him”, i.e. my new self, and mankind to receive faith, and I heard God saying as an Indian.

Before this, I had heard several times during the day if it really could be that God and life self could be exterminated – thinking back to around the time when my mother and I visited the church to watch the Mozart concert a couple of months ago and when we were leaving the egg of the Old World – and I was told that this would have been possible without my faith, and God told me that he felt like leaving the old egg himself here, and had he been transferred to “the wrong hole”, we would have to go out to look for him, but now it went well.

I had just had dinner when this happened and I was sure that I would not work this evening because I was feeling so disgusted of work and completely destroyed as an after-effect after several years of extreme work/exhaustion, and I had now started feeling the chance for the first time to relax after this, but now I was given the understanding that I could not relax this evening, but had to cross this the strongest feeling of not wanting to work maybe ever, and that is because I was told that normally after doing “important work” it requires for you to work with the script of today, which I had thought about postponing until tomorrow morning, and also to include the new information of God on my website in order to make sure that darkness will not undo what we just did, and my first reaction was that I cannot work and stay up anymore and that I hope the world will help me, which I do believe that it will, but also that it is good for me to do my best work, and yes from a low starting point here at 20.15 when writing this.

I was then told that to redo this it would require that you would do everything you could to say no I don’t want to be here, I want to go back, because this place does not exist anymore. This was the end of the Old World as a special department inside our Old World, and now everything is inside one New World with some of it being previous darkness waiting for faith/light to come – and I was told that this is what the comment to and reactions of the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group was about the other day, to bring so much darkness forward to me to make it possible for me to “pull over the last” of God with darkness by pushing a little from behind and yes then it left the old shell/rocket/egg, see (?), and I was told that Eligael is an apple, which has not fallen far from the trunk of the tree.

I was told that it takes some work to close down the entrance from the Old World to our New World, and the better and longer I work/stay up this evening/night, the stronger we will build the wall of this entrance/exit, and yes I will try to stay up, but I don’t know for how long, maybe until 03.00 or maybe 05.00 (?), we will see, and yes I will write and publish this script and also include information on the front page of my website. I was told that this work now will forever determine how strong this possible exit of darkness will be and yes to “nothing” outside our New World.

I was told that we also have to get used to our New World and yes of course you are allowed to look around, but I don’t know if everything is now everything or we still have to protect this previous darkness in a “department”, but I do understand that everything is really everything, and yes this is what you have protected from me by setting up this and this and this security measure – because Stig asked for it – and I am told here that it is now the spirit of my mother speaking on behalf of old God because this is how he would have said it, and yes you called your mother a little before 21.00 as we encouraged you to do, which was part of the job today to receive her love to integrate God in our New World and yes to become part of us of everything, and yes he will wake up with faith of man, so we now have a situation where the inner part of God is now not alive for a period of time.

At 20.55 I was told that this was the worst, and we can now promise you that there will never again come a similar dangerous situation to “God and life”, and I thought that now all of God and energy of darkness is now part of our New World and with this energy there, it should mean that the bleeding of the world will now stop again as I understand it.

At 21.20 I was told that we feel God being happy and I was shown a dog wagging its tail.

I continued hearing negativity of darkness still wanting to be to my right and not in front of me and a part of my head as I feel when writing this, and I understood that with the successful implementation of God with remaining darkness, it will completely remove my sufferings, which I truly look MUCH forward to, so it is yet again a matter of deciding to be strong and to outlast this challenge too, and I feel a rumbling feeling to the backside of my left lower leg, which is about the work we are doing while you work to integrate all old parts of God and yes in a way to make sure that there is no way back.

So all we can say is that God with darkness is alive, but only merely because we have closed down his life as much as we can in order to do this “work around” as it is to implement what is truly darkness for a period of time in our New World, and what do you think as I hear the New World being asked (?), do you think we will be able to do this (?), and yes Stig with your eagerness to do your best work once again, we will make sure that there is absolutely no risk for no one to slip out of our New World, which this is all about, and yes it would not be good if this energy would not have come with us, because it would not only destroy parts of the world but also your story guaranteeing everyone eternal life of our New World, so yes it was good that nothing happened.

I continued receiving feelings of potential diarrhoea, i.e. destructions, of darkness while it was being integrated, which wanted me to say that I do not want to bring everything with me, but I do, and yes “every little thing”.

At 21.45 I felt how work was going on to repair the whole of my right ankle after now having used this for the last time.

I was asked about my heart again, and yes my new heart is our New World and with the arrival of old God and remaining darkness/energy, this is also now a part of me and my new heart, and when I want my new heart to be installed (?), and yes I do believe that it is installed, so from here it will only continue to being improved, and yes we will continue the game if there is a game because I have the 22nd November in my mind to unite all parts of God, and yes there is more work to be done inside our New World to prepare its opening.

I was told by a weak voice of Mikkel Hansen without confidence as I have received MANY times, this may be the first time I receive it, and that is that this was also me, and that was the voice of darkness speaking with this weakness to “inspire” me to decide being weak losing my confidence, which I really also very easily could have done, and that is if this is what I decided to do, and in this case, we would not be here today – but I learned from my work at GE Insurance as the new leader that I was dismissed because of darkness of some of the employees forcing me out, which this is about, because I decided to be “nice”, which they saw as weak, and yes because of this, I knew that the right thing for me during this journey as a leader was to be the strongest I could.

When I published my script at 22.10, I felt to my right ankle and was told that this was the first layer being put on the hole to close it down, and I felt sadness of “some darkness” believing/fearing that it would never return to a dream life of everything WRONG as what darkness does.

I continued receiving challenges from darkness trying to annoy me with much speech and not important stories trying to make me say that I don’t want to listen to it, but you are welcome, but I will decide what to bring here, but all of you will be part of me – and I have received short feelings of fainting and as if I received a coronary thrombosis, which would probably had been the result if we had lost God and this energy of darkness.

I was told that we had a plan ready of what to cut off the world if we had not brought this part of God and energy of darkness with us and while I was told this, I received some pain to my right ankle, which I understood as darkness attacking to get out, but no I will not let you.

At 23.00 I felt darkness still trying hard to get out, but also how it was integrated with the spirit of my mother now to my right, and she told me that this energy actually also makes us even stronger.

It was not the easiest task to work on amending and updating the information about who God and the Source is with the foundation of doing this work.

I was told shortly before updating my website with this information that “it is too expensive to give a new try” and that is for darkness to return to nothing. And the idea – seen from the point of view of darkness – is to make this work so difficult that I would give up and become negative making it easier for darkness to convince me to return to nothing where we came from, and I felt darkness pointing inside of me and pointing to the right for us to return there (?), but no, I have NOT lost my mind, you know!

At midnight I felt Stone as darkness being nervous telling me that he does not want to become part of all that love, and all he wanted was to return to nothing, but he now knows that the game is out because he is put inside the pot of light with the lid now being put over it, and yes by correcting the information about who God is on my website, which is what it took to do this, and again I received words like “I am proud of you”.

By 00.10 I had amended and updated this information, which is included in the chapter “God is a “natural presence” of pure love, which created the Universe and life when entering “a cell of sleeping life”.

I kept on reading and doing some small amendments to my website until 00.50 – here receiving my rumbling feelings inside the backside of my left lower leg – and I decided that when I have slept and is more fresh than now, I will give it an extra read with possible small amendments, but for now I am satisfied with what I have done hoping and believing that I have written the truth about God as the natural force of love creating life and matter when combined with energy of cells of original “sleeping life”, and this is yet another exam paper, and “it is not all wrong”, and this is how we keep improving one stage after the other.

I was told that on basis of my work, we succeeded to find out what made darkness turn sexuality into “wrong sex/lust”, which is also part of the plan to free the world.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jens from Selvet (and many others) thought that it was very funny that God should have a page on Facebook – “ho ho” – and haven’t you discovered yet who I am and how much you degraded and humiliated me through your WRONG actions and lack of communication/understanding?

  • The Socialist People’s Party is now looking for a new chairman, and I thought that Ida Auken would be a contender, but after “thinking”, she has decided not to run – I wonder why (?) – and the Health Minister Astrid Krag now looks like the coming new chairman, and I wonder if you have the know-how to be chairman, and that is if you are the best qualified (?), but that obviously do not matter in a political game when people are pulling the strings in the powerful back land of the party, and yes the puppet leaders making Astrid a puppet just like Pinocchio being led by others, so welcome to the land of the Devil, do you like it (?), and do you like it too, Astrid – also these words? And this is why Henrik said that Ida is an intelligent person and “why should she apply for a job as kamikaze pilot” (?), and the kamikaze pilot was to bring another symbol of politics being the game of the worst darkness.

  • I was happy when I was able to make my Firefox browser “clean” again when I tried to deactivate add-on programs and to add one program after the other of those I decided to use, and yes now this favourite browser of mine words again just like I am starting to feel clean from the worst darkness.
  • Jeppe wrote what I have thought myself many times, which is that he does not like (negative) nicknames of the media about politicians (and others), and Ekstra Bladet consequently calls the tax minister for “the filthy kid”, which I do NOT like – despite of the darkness, which he also contains.

  • Tyra was inspired to ask if you have ever had your world turned upside down and also “who did it” (?), and to answer your question, Tyra: I did it!

  • I was told by remaining darkness here at 21.40 pointing to the right that “he was also one of my boys”, and this is about Simon from the Liberal Alliance, who very directly said that “it will be a battle to the line when one stubborn little Devil will walk with another little Devil”, and yes Simon as a dog, made by darkness too.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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