September 11, 2012: Implementing darkness of God as part of light of our New World and stopping the bleeding of the world


Summary of the script today

10th September: Implementing darkness of God as part of light of our New World and stopping the bleeding of the world

  • I stayed up the whole night and day to make sure that transferred darkness was “disarmed” and implemented as part of light to work for “love, love, love” without returning through the hole where it came from, which we continued to close and strengthen, and without causing quarrels with fights of people in the time to come.
  • Short stories of Dan saying good morning inside God’s home, the story of the cash receiver Robert, whom everyone “hates” for being a sponger, which made me write a long comment to tell the world that it is “the system” working as hell, inspired people speaking of the death of the Devil after God has been pulled out of his house occupied by darkness, you cannot communicate with God on Twitter, but Facebook (!), Jesus was born about 0 years ago (!), examples of terrible public IT-systems, Medina had Zebras of light/darkness brought up to an apartment (!), Lasse suddenly wanted to decide over other just like the Commune (!), David Cameron will remember my birth years 1966 and 2012 (!), be careful with newspapers not believing in the “bad guys”, Villy Søvndal is also an elephant of God and Tyra Banks Tyra is also ”monster-darkness” ….

11th September: Receiving the last part of God with the help of my mother – light is now spreading quickly everywhere

  • Dreaming of cleaning the floors of darkness, God is on “holiday” waiting for faith to open up all life inside of him, darkness still trying to get out of our New World, this darkness of our New World can still make us burn and God has died (temporarily) because of darkness of China.
  • It is God self keeping him self down because there is no power big enough doing this. God was ready to go into his grave for the sake of man. I continued receiving more darkness of God, which was not handled yesterday, which was almost bringing my new self and New World down trying to escape or overtake me, but I kept on deciding that “everything is to become light”, so this is what we are doing. This is the worst darkness of all I receive, and it is coming to me because of darkness of the secret government of USA, which I decided to “challenge” today, see the story of Mads and short stories.
  • I visited my mother and John again this evening where I was told that our New World is protected against darkness, and that I am removing the negative code of darkness when “handling” it, the worst darkness is the secret government of USA and Russia. Darkness is coming out the same way as it originally came in, which is through my mother and me as the son, and I was here receiving the last part of God, who told me that everything has now been “signed, sealed and delivered” with the help of my mother and her love – I only have to publish this and stay up to consolidate it. Light is now spreading everywhere as darkness originally did when overtaking light at the first Universe.
  • The ”knowledgeable” commentator on U.S. politics, Mads, brought a message ridiculing “9/11 conspiracy nuts”, which is a suitable view for higher powers of the secret government of USA (!), and when I told him that 9/11 was a sign of the coming end of the world, which has now been cured through the creation of our New World, he decided to ridicule me, but my spiritual friends helped me to show that he is speaking with two tongues, one to ridicule me in public working for the secret government of USA, Mads (?), and another to say that he “likes” my fight against the secret government because it really wants to get out of its “impossible knot” of darkness, which it cannot do by itself. This made some of Mads’ “idiotic/stupid” Facebook friends to ridicule and throw mud at me, which helped to bring out the last part of God trapped by darkness and when there was no way out, and only one entrance, which was to the light of me, this is what this darkness had to do too – confirmed via the writing and publish of this chapter, so thank you, my “stupid” friends, for participating in this “act/game”.
  • Short stories of Ida believing that my words of God are wasted (?), the beheading of the Lion Fountain because of the risk of the removal of the structure of the world, Shannon has been “cleaning up” and don’t think twice – but has started to listen to me (?), the best candidate of darkness as the leader of the Socialist People’s Party is a woman not knowing what she speaks of (?), politics means “many blood sucking parasites”, “an act of God” will reveal “black projects” of the world to man so I am doing this “act” asking the secret government of USA and the world to stand forward revealing the FULL truth, there is now no more hash on Christiania and no more darkness even though everyone knows that it is still there (!), a channelled message of Matthew made me nervous the other day, Marianne has also been “cleaning up” (spreading you know), an inspired thread of how darkness of politicians makes me tired and light is now almost shining out of people after my new self has cleaned darkness of the world, the king brings care, protection and joy to the world, Medina also felt a need to “clean up” (her shoes) darkness thinks that “it is sour to bear the name Kurt and be the last in a spurt”, you will see love in multifarious ways in our New World, Clement of DR1 is darkness, which has given up, Obama overtook “a stopped privy” with the world going under, which he decided to save (!), Jens from Selvet was also “the lemon” of the worst darkness helping me to bring the “fruit of the loom” of our New World.


10th September: Implementing darkness of God as part of light of our New World and stopping the bleeding of the world

Implementing darkness of God as part of light of our New World and stopping the bleeding of the world

At 01.15 I was told that there is not all closed for Lyngby Radio, which is a reference to the last TV programme of Anne Hjernøe og Anders Agger on DR2, Anders visited the local newspaper of the island of Fanø writing down personal messages from subscribers all over the world, which made Anders say that “it is just like Lyngby Radio”, and he meant “nice greetings”, but Lyngby Radio is an old radio of sending out mayday’s to people on the sea, so to me this is about staying awake now to make sure that we will lose no life.

I understood that I continued receiving darkness keeping me on my edge as part of the work to open the knot of it based upon the work I did yesterday evening and this night, and I started received the feeling at 01.20 that when I will stop this work, it will also make the negativity of darkness stop – or only decrease (?) – we will see.

I felt previous darkness now inside light coming to me asking “did we succeed to smash them all”, and no we did not, we succeeded to make them all light.

I was told that Eligael is expecting the soon return of “me”, but cannot see “me” because of the effect of not being able to see the forest because of trees standing right in front of him, and yes he commented on a post of David in the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group, who opposed me strongly, herewith showing his “sympathy” against me, and yes my friends, this mad was also against me, and I understood that this is what helped us to this creation yesterday and today, and yes together with Sanna and all the rest, but this was mainly Eligael here. Later I was told that Jan from the Theosophical Fellowship “following” me in silence on Facebook is also of importance.

I started watching Benny Hinn at 01.30 thinking that extra energy would be a good thing, and I was asked “Do you want me to switch on my energy now” (?), which I understood as previous darkness, which would like to retrieve its former strength, and I replied “the light will decide” and yes it is much wiser than I.

At 01.40 I received a new sudden strike really to my right ankle and I did not know if it was darkness trying to get out or light blocking the exist making it even stronger with the energy of Benny Hinn, and I do believe the last because by this time, the actors behind the game was now starting to smile through to me.

At 01.50 I looked out on the sky, and was happy seeing a UFO fly, and I saw it showing an extra light underneath itself and was told that we got extra weight to carry for a time, but we will manage, and then I saw it continue flying receive the silhouette of a helicopter together with “we will be waiting”, and it also said that “you got the camera with you”, which was not only the camera house as I was shown recently, but all of it.

At 02.00 I was now incredible tired again fighting to stay awake thinking that I may not be able to overcome this, but maybe this tiredness wile become less in 1-2 hours if I can stay up (?), and I received the vision of my sister as a young girl running on a running wheel.

I was also listening to the meditation sound of Vrillon, and it gave me much extra energy to my right ankle and I literally felt it being strengthened – however still with a game “is this darkness trying to get out”, but no it is not. And I listened to it again, and this time I felt it directly strengthening my heart.

Darkness asked if this is the last place I can buy flowers, before I will have to go back in trying to pretend being the Devil, and yes we don’t have more money for this show, so we are about to end it also because you wisely decided to bring in Benny Hinn and yes Vrillon too, and we know I was previously told that for the long period of time where I did not see UFO’s was for UFO’s to protect themselves through strong darkness.

I was told that this is how you have moved the world to take care of this place, and I felt a strong mark around my right ankle and that is after hearing the tone of Vrillon. At 02.20 I heard whew, we have got to take a coffee break.

I felt the reminiscence of strong darkness trying to move my head and work inside of me, and was told that it is not little darkness, we have consumed, and it also took all light of almost an eternity of world’s to take on this last part of God/darkness.

Darkness said that I have not been out looking at houses before, and I don’t think we can afford buying just a small house can we Stig, and yes him there and yes you and I and the whole world was darkness but him there the little man decided to go up against the world and yes mad man is what they will call you but this is what you did and yes making me and me and me convinced and one world after the other to return home to light and yes now us, the beginning of everything. – And I wonder if this is still the spirit of my mother speaking on basis of her feelings of this life, which I believe it is.

I continued to receive the worst sexual words and visions during night, which I understood was about codes of darkness being broken down.

At 03.25 I was told that “it has to be the most fantastic you have ever done” is what we continue doing finding “this and that” inside of here as you and we would never have believed existed and yes the meanest sex machine on the other side, and here it is the opposite and when we pack all of it out, who knows what kind of wonders we will find?

I was told that we have now started picking up the small and smallest drawing pins, which we can do now, and yes we are over the “thanks to him” part and all of that, and have removed so much darkness of him that he cannot hurt a church rat no matter how wrongly you may decide to do things from now, and eehheeeemmm, we mean by the end of tomorrow, which is today and yes if you can keep it going, and we know Stig it is no 04.10 and the last two hours has been the absolutely worst hell again, and it still is so I may hold for half an hour or five hours, who knows?

In other words, we decided to look at what we got before we closed him down, and yes to remove the worst of him, this is what this was about, and later I was told if we did not do this, we would also not know how to wake him up again.

I was told that Morten B. was also part of this game, and why did he not write back (?), and I received a small heart attack because of him.

I received three bigger pains to my right ankle, and was told that these were sufferings saved for your mother and partly John, and now they are used to strengthen the closure of this previous entrance/exit.

I was told that now it is much easier to open the door into the bathroom of this previous darkness, and yes because you had told us that this darkness shall bring no negative thoughts/actions of people.

At 04.50 I was told that people will not believe in me training this darkness, and I was given a stamp by darkness saying that “this is our home now” but still with a sigh.

At 04.55 I received an even greater pain to my right ankle, and it was with the feeling to open up even more for the Source and now because of my own pain.

At 05.05 I started feeling less tired, which was also because I had the door to the balcony open with temperatures of 15 degrees outside making it let us say “chilli” inside to help me stay awake.

I received the feeling of more darkness and now hidden darkness (!) and yes “you are welcome” but from where (?) and yes darkness still wanted me to open the entrance, which is now closed, and yes the game goes on.

The other day I told my mother and John led by my spiritual voice that I have lost 6 kilos and that it is difficult for me to lose more despite of my exercise and “I really don’t think I eat fat”, and both my mother and John said that it was fine to have lost 6 kilos, and now I am told that this is what losing weight was to be used for, for my mother to understand that I am in control of my life to help bringing in this darkness of God.

I was told that we are now about to make the stripe put into the mark of the right ankle as strong as everything else around it, and also that this is still about bringing energy to free what was once stolen from me.

At 06.00 I had “killed time” in front of the computer all night, and I was still extremely close to fall asleep and I decided to sit on my sofa watching TV, and to try to take a nap if I can.

I was told that I would have received the story that my heart was destroyed if I had not done as well as I did, but not now where the pain given to me will be less, and I received some heart pain but not much.

At 07.10 I tried to take a nap on the sofa, but was not allowed to and it was more a relax than a sleep until I “woke up” at 08.00, and I had a dream/vision where I was at the library at closing down with my mind to borrow music, but there was no more time, and the library encouraged me to ask Camilla to call in candidates for the Socialist People’s Party and I decided to fly out the library, and to receive Camilla, who was returning from a travel, and she asks me if I have brought perfume, which I have, and that is many different fragrances, and I see how her brother Christian is angry and challenges me by calling me gay, so this is also about me receiving the absolutely worst darkness from Camilla and Christian, who cannot see further than their own noses.

I received the song by Diana Ross/Bee Gees “chain reaction” and the lyrics “we talk about love, love, love” and also “we want to bring love”, which is the part of darkness now being converted, which wants to work for light.

I was sure that I could go into a long bath, but I was also helped when I was about doing this when I was told that we would not take a bath in the tub, which you also would not if you knew what we are about to avoid despite of your small “sleep”, and I was given two hiccups, and understood that this is to make sure that no one will receive a hiccup of darkness over the coming period of time.

I took a shower instead still being so tired that I truly feared not being able to stay up the whole day as I understood is required of me, and I was shown and told that it is like pouring warm chocolate sauce over a banana and to make sure that nothing pours of and gets out the same way as it came it, which is “impossible”.

I was told that we would be devastated if we had to start destroying parts of our New World to cover the need of energy of darkness, and later I was told that it is more like avoiding future quarrels with people starting to fight etc., and I still felt parts of darkness wanting to get out.

I was told that the red Yangtze river and my script of yesterday is making even France about to understand that a man in Nordic is the man behind everything.

I heard so I cannot open the refrigerator and throw something out with my answer being “light will decide”.

I was told that the history is written for the next couple of years because of disarming darkness, now we “only” need to do the last part for the last three years, and I wonder if we need all five years before everyone will have shown a clean heart, and maybe (?), but maybe we will do it quicker if there is no darkness to distract people.

I decided to improve/write the script of today so far during the morning despite of being tired, and by 10.00 I had done most of it.

At 10.15 when writing my comment to B.T. below, I suddenly received an attack of “nothing” going through me making me think that I was fainting and what could be worse, which I fortunately did not, and yes going up against the worst darkness also here.

I did not hear much darkness when I continued working during the morning, but I received pain to my behind, so my father is still sending me darkness.

After sending my comments to BT and Ekstra Bladet, I was given the smell of the most delicious Danish traditional warm lunch, and yes it was about lunch time today at 11.30, which normally starts between 12.00 to 12.30 for me, and yes still I prepare the food and eat it in less than 10 minutes and then back to work, and this is how it has been every day for years.

I was told by previous darkness that you don’t need a new pump, you can use the original pump, here it is – and it is about this darkness giving up and bringing our original design, which normally is what works the best.

I was told that the viewers of Medjurgorje know about me via spiritual messages from the spirit of my mother given to them, but hey, the mainstream world still does not know about me, and I wonder why this is and how it really could be like this, which seems “impossible”?

I was told about my father that he is not too zealous to see you, is he (?), that is why (!), and maybe Inge decided to give him my birthday greetings after she read my script from his birthday?

I was told that I am not on my highest energy level of all time, but my comments to BT/Ekstra Bladet help bring it up, and also that if you knew about the importance of this, you would also exercise today, and yes my friends, I’m only human, so this will not be today, but gladly tomorrow after hopefully a good night’s sleep coming. And then I was encouraged to cycle to the Spar supermarket in Snekkersten – because there is wine on sale – and that is to get the exercise/energy, and I decided that this I can do, and I was told that when doing this, it should cover what we hoped to cover today.

I was told that you have started cashing in, and something about that you do not know because we are not allowed to say, or something like that, and yes Fanny is here too and the voice telling her what to do, and what do you believe happens with the spiritual voices brought to thousands of people all over the world and yes when you ask it to speak the truth and only the truth, they will understand that they have received darkness disguised as light and the question is if Fanny and Niclas will be “able” to come back to me and tell (?), and yes I wish that you will because this is the RIGHT attitude, see?

I was told that we have had the hand all the way up through darkness – inside God self – to move him to our New World, and yes going through the worst sufferings.

When I was on my way out to cycle, I was shown the part of darkness still wanting to return “home” and also a shovel which they wanted me to use to remove earth to get to the exit, but no, they know that I will not do that, and so they said “we also better then stay here”, and I was told that this is to make sure that there will be no lumps in the stream (of information given to people at our New World).

When I left my apartment I met an elderly lady living below me, whom I meet and speak to from time to time, thus also today, and she said that she has worked 13 years on the Tvind-schools – a group of Danish schools causing lot of controversies and “milking” of money of the Danish tax cash desk – and written a book about it, and she said that she would send it to me via email, which she later did, and she also said that the foundation of the schools were fantastic, but since it became a dictatorship, where managers took over removing the personal freedom of people, and she compared this with the Moon and Scientology movements, and I said that I understood her and explained shortly that I am writing about philosophy myself where FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY are Universal rights for everyone.

When I was cycling these approx. 10 kilometres I was told that this is for the spirit of my mother not to receive cold toes because of this darkness, and also that there was only one who could open the door without Fanny’s key, which was me (my new self), and also that this is why we would like to bleed.

I was told that doing the work today with no sleep and bringing more energy will save me from awakening during nights being darkness and tormented much.

At the end of the tour I felt how darkness, which had not give up yet gave a mark to my right eye which was to say that it is now installed as part of me, and this has to be done now, for this darkness to become part of my heart, and what I do now is decisive in this relation, and later when coming home, I was told that this darkness has now given up, it cannot get out.

And when writing this at 15.45 I am on my edge where I can almost not continue doing any work, but maybe I can publish the script as it is now, and later to do an update.

To my surprise I received another quite strong pain out of this world to my right ankle – the highest in a long time – and yes it is about opening the Source.

I was shown myself being the centre of the rotor of a helicopter and was told that this is self bearing, i.e. the transferred part of God with darkness, because I did not give up today and that this has a very big impact.

I was told that Aldo Moro was killed because he “spoke too much” and about the risk of me being killed by the official world for being outspoken too, but “someone” kept his hand over me to save me, and yes you might guess who and the reason (?), because I decided to never give up.

I was told that this string was also almost cut over, but the result is that no strings at all were cut over, and that is because I never gave in to darkness.

At 17.00 I was told that it is now impossible to lose any of this darkness, i.e. also of energy/structure/life of the physical Universe.

I was told that the strength of darkness at its centre was so great that the person bearing the key “could not” bring (all of) it to me, and the only way to enter was with my own faith, and yes you have this faith, which is “I am NOT wrong, everyone else is” and this is what we are saying that people (of darkness) sees, hears and understand and this is what is cutting through this darkness, my friends, and I felt the other part of me in Scotland via Alex also believing me.

I was told that if this energy of darkness had started to run out again, it would have starting bringing TRUE bleeding of the world, and the only way to stop it would be to bring it back again, which would only be possible to do via … bleedings of the world, but Stig, you are not well are you as I hear my father saying but it is not the spirit of my father saying this but it is the strong darkness of my physical father here bringing me a small heart attack who also made this darkness lose and yes tilt over to me at the New World, and the rest is soon history.

This was another of the most important tasks well done, and I was told that we feel each other, and I felt the spirit of my father and I felt “thank you for doing this”, and yes I still receive negativity, which I have to avoid hundreds of times, which is still not very easy but a great pain and strain to go through, and it takes all of me to stay up today some times being more close to break down than others, and I felt Queen Margrethe being part of the “choir” not saying anything in public about me thus bringing me darkness.

Again I was told that we have done this as “the most fantastic job we can ever do” with no need to decrease the level of creation, which could have created more energy, but no, it’s got to be perfect.

During the afternoon I was afraid that these sufferings feeling incredible strong darkness would continue for years, but I was told that they will disappear.

It has also been difficult for me to lose weight when darkness has made me want to eat cakes all of the time giving me incredible temptations to buy cakes at supermarkets, and I have had a little, but not too much.

I felt all energy of God inside of here now as foundation and I felt the spirit of my mother around this speaking out the words as God would have said, which are “Good work, Stig”, and yes in my mind you cannot receive greater appreciation than this, not too much nor too little, but finding the right balance as you tried to do all the time and somehow also found, otherwise we would not stand here today all of us alive inside our New World, which is quite a fantastic thought when thinking of it.

I was told that darkness only came with us because it thought that it could kill me as a goal targeting missile, “we felt it”.

I continued writing down notes to the script and watched Benny Hinn and Oral Roberts (!) and also heard the tone of Vrillon.

I was told that if I would be kept awake as darkness during nights, it would have been to destruct – i.e. terminate – parts of the world, which was really not the idea of this.

At 19.00 I took a little break while having dinner and only 10 minutes of break meant that I was told that we will now turn down the strength of darkness after having worked on it to reduce its power, and at 19.30 I did the last additions to the script as the last work I will do today, and yes I am satisfied with what I have done, and I could have done a couple of add-ons to my Doomsday and Media & Politicians websites, but I felt inside of me when coming to this point that there was nothing more to give, and I decided that this is not important to do now, I can do it tomorrow or one of the next days.

I received cracking sounds to the kitchen of the same kind as I have received to my balcony for a long time, which is about God and energy of darkness having moved to the kitchen of our New World.

I was shown a presence to my right several times and “old habits” is to say “you are welcome”, but what to say now when all darkness has been transferred, right (?), and eeehhh is there still more of me outside, which we did not get in, and do I want to open for it (?), and no, I do not under no circumstances, and I told the New World that even if I should accept to do this, I ask you to overrule me because this is wrong and yes I do believe this was another trick of darkness, and more difficult than it sounds because of pretty strong pressure given to me and yes if I am low (?), lower than what I believe, and yes it is now 19.20 after dinner and I till feel work done to my right foot so we are getting stronger all the time.

I was told that it is first now that we feel an eternity of hearts coming to us, and I was shown one heart after the other in a 3D vision, which is to look into this transferred darkness. We also feel Orange (of God) and love of your father to you the same way as you physical father loves you.

I was told that Jack was indeed the rear party still working inside the worst darkness of military forces – think that he tried to show himself and the military on my side these couple of months ago (!) – and I believe that this was to make sure that we got everything with us, and I don’t believe we would close down if there was still parts of me outside.

At the end of the evening I was told that it was darkness showing to my right with the feeling inside of me and not outside, and this darkness will now be packed down, and later I felt darkness all over my head, and I was asked if it was alright to pack it down now and told that alternatively I could decide to open for the “red” of it, and I kept on saying many times “light will decide” because what if light wants to keep working on this tomorrow, and we have packed it so much down that we cannot, and this in itself was given to me with so much strength – fearing the red part as an alternative, which just maybe could open up – that it was a true pain to go through this evening, and yes I have felt this darkness so strong that I can only say, you do NOT wish to experience this, it is the most destructive force, which is, it is destruction itself!

I was given new cracking sounds to my kitchen of the kind, which was previously given to my balcony, which was to say that we have moved from the outside and inside the kitchen of our New World, and I was shown white tarpaulins arriving to pack down this darkness.

At 21.00 I had been fighting the most extreme tiredness – at its deepest level – and decided to go to bed at 21.15.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dan said good morning to all of the farm (symbolising God’s home) with a good warm day, and yes 25 degrees today as an “Indian Summer”.

  • The last couple of days the media has brought this story about Robert, who appears to be a skilled and well educated man, who has been on cash help for 11 years and he says that he is a “lazy pig” when he does not want to take jobs (way) below his skills, but he has learned the system well knowing that he has to follow all of its “crazy rules” to meet for courses, “activation” periods of work for up to ½ year at a time and to always show a positive attitude for his cash help not to be removed, and this has caused an outrage of media, politicians and people deciding that he should have removed his cash help because he is sponging on the system, and the truth is that it is a POOR working community when it cannot find out to use the TRUE skills of people instead asking everyone to use the lowest demoninator (!) as they also did to me, and I wonder if this is how the system of the Commune (s) saw me, that I did everything I could to “cheat” by being a “lazy pig” (?), and did some of “the official world” following/skimming my scripts believe the same without understanding that I did “my best” to get a job while already having full time work (?), and yes just thinking I am, and I also wondered what the true story of this story was until I decided to write it today, and yes it is all of these “wise” politicians and people deciding to work with the “lowest demoninator”, which is also the case about another story these days of a Commune forcing a 58 year old unemployed lady to sweep the streets and wash signs, which made the Employment Minister in an interview say that no one should be too fine to reject a job to make the community run, and also her old nonsense of “duty and right” (of the Devil), and yes just saying that all of you are wrong, and should listen to me to create the best labour market in the world, and yes this is the story, and it is not too late to bring a comment to one of the postings of B.T., so this I will do, and yes it would have been good to do yesterday, but I did not “see” the story yesterday.

  • I decided to write this comment at 11.00 with the message from above using some more words, and I do believe that this will make it possible for us to continue the work of adapting darkness to light. I bring links to my previous memos of “the best labour market in the world” here and here.

  • Here is the Employment Minister in this story about the highly educated senior lady being forced to work as a road sweeper, which made me decide to share my story to BT above also with Ekstra Bladet here – and yes it also includes to be treated right from colleagues at work, which he gave an example of that he was not at McDonalds when working there.

  • Later when I heard the story on the national radio news and their preconceived opinion on Robert, I also shared my story with DR News, and after me came these two comments with John saying that the union 3F – “Devil Devil Devil”, remember (?) – does not dare to confront McDonalds, “it will be their death”, and here meaning that this is the end of the Devil, you know, and Danerland gave Robert the negative nickname (which I do not like) “sponge Robert” saying that “he has no skills, no education and does not want to work”, and I wonder where you know this from, is that your own inner voice playing games with you (?), and then he said “he looks like a bag of rotten fish, which the cat has pulled out of the Youth House’s occupy department” (of houses), and this is about the rotten God being pulled out by the cat of our New World from the occupied house of darkness, see?

  • Politiken wrote about Danes leaving the state church via email: “Dear God. I hope that we in future can handle the most important Christian matters on Twitter. All the best, Bo”, and yes the logical answer was to say that it is better to use Facebook because God is not on Twitter, so this is what I did J.

  • Kristian Thulesen Dahl from Danish People’s Party celebrated in an interview ”our Christian cultural legacy through 6,000 years”, which made the Minister of Culture ask when Jesus was born, and yes I could not help it once again (!) but saying that it is about 0 years ago :-).

  • Henrik said that he knew that when entering – the website of public services for people of Denmark – that he would cross the border to a world of annoyance, distaste, lack of user-friendliness and things, which generally work slowly and annoying, and in the second picture below he receives an extremely “lack of user-friendliness” manual on how to use the system, and finally when having followed this – taking quite some time to do – he discovered that it was not updated and did not work (!), and yes this is about the old ONE SYSTEM story to make one system of exceptional quality instead of many different none of them working perfectly, and some of them not working at all as here, and his friends spoke about other hopeless public IT-systems, and I was told that it is the same reason why BT’s Facebook profile still has the name “B.T.” on it even though it is now some months ago that they decided to remove the dots and call it “BT”, and yes because people with the responsibility of doing this work decided to do nothing “because no one has asked me to do it”, and then we are back to the attitude that it only takes more of my time and energy if I should decide to do my best . for example thinking carefully when developing IT-systems and to work with the right tools – when I really want to get the work over with as quickly as possible, and this is how people take their heads under their arms, and settle for way too poor quality, when they in reality could have done so much better.

  • Medina was inspired to write “rubbish” when saying that two zebras were on their way up to the apartment she was in Copenhagen, and yes I had zebra’s the other day about an animal including both light and darkness. Later she also brought a picture of it, so it was not a duck, Medina.

  • Lasse said that he will perform on Wednesday in Roskilde and said “this is what you have to do on Wednesday” and “isn’t it nice to have others take the decisions for you” (?), and this was inspired because of my speech of the dictators of the system, and no, it isn’t, Lasse, it is the worst you can do to a human being!

  • A little “chat” with a “dear British friend”, one of the “silent” guys, which is what almost brought me “cold feet” today, David, “if you understand such a small one”?

  • I liked this picture sent by Inge to Denmark’s national TV.

  • Morten expects Villy Søvndal to plan running for the elephant cemetery in the EU-Parlament after resigning as chairman, and you do remember who the elephant is (?), and there are quite a few of other sides of me out there.

  • Tyra is also ”monster-darkness” ….


11th September: Receiving the last part of God with the help of my mother – light is now spreading quickly everywhere

Dreaming that God died because of darkness of China (mankind) and is now waiting for faith of man to revive him

I went to bed at 21.15 and at 03.00 I was given the strong feeling that I had to stand up, but I decided to continue sleeping, which I was allowed to and did until 08.30, and I still feel tired this morning, but of course much better than yesterday, so maybe I just have to get the system going again to feel better and less tired. Some dreams.

  • I remember cleaning crumbs off one floor after the other.
    • This was about cleaning the floors of darkness as I did yesterday.
  • I was given “fading like a flower” by Roxette again, and the lyrics “Every time I see you oh I try to hide away, But when we meet it seems I can’t let go”, which is about darkness, which now cannot “hide away”.
    • I have visited a pension scheme client in Sweden, and am returning to the office in Malmö, Sweden, which has changed address, and something about a supermarket and a station and Søren H. being on holiday doing nothing. I see printouts of all pension schemes, which are not separated, a waste of time.
    • Sweden if our New World of joy and happiness, Søren H. is the worst darkness also symbolising God, and God is on “holiday” being packed down because darkness inside of him is very strong and the “knot” of this will first be opened together with faith of man in me.
  • I heard something like “I am on extreme negative side – do you want to bring me over again”, which will have to be the feeling of darkness wanting to get back where it came from.
  • I am in class with Kim S. and he warns about an extreme negative force outside, and I tell him that nothing has yet been able to challenge me, and later I am staying with Kim and Pernille at their home, which has made Pernille set up a bed for herself in the kitchen because there are no spare rooms. The rain is pouring down outside. She sits at the head end and I at the other end also trying to keep warm under the duvet, but she pulls all of the duvet to her, and I tell them that working for them can be everything from -100 as the absolutely worst making the inside of my body burn and to the opposite, which is what we experience when going on company parties.
    • It rains much at Kim and Pernille, which means that they suffer much because of me – and I because of them – and Pernille still makes me freeze because of her strong resistance to me, and working for them (at DFM from 1991-95) was everything from the worst to the best, and this dream may also be to say that we have included the worst darkness at our New World until it will become light, which means that our New World can still burn if I am not strong enough to be positive? – And I cannot tell you how dreadful this makes me feel all over my inside with potential fear because this means that our New World is not secure yet (?), or is this also a game to bring out the “worst” of me, which is the best on the other side? And as a result, I was told “Honda” and “you can change to the dark side if you want to”, and just thinking of this with potential fear inside of me was the most dreadful, and yes “Honda” is about Paul, who decided for a good life and a “nice, new car”, a Honda Accord, instead of helping me and my LTO friends – and I do hope the New World is in control also if I should “lose it”, and yes with “security systems” and such you know.
  • Something about the Queen being at the Amazonas river and a man being dead being penetrated by a tree, and the Chinese solution is to show him as an exhibition item on a canoe, and I say that it will not be as a generator in dynamic terms. And somehow this is a task given to me by Christian Stadil, and I tell him that I will come back to him at the end of the week after I will finish another important task tomorrow first.
    • According to this dream there is a link between Christian Stadil and China not believing in me (?), and the Yangtze river turning red because of the (temporary) death of God as result, and this means that God will not automatically produce energy of the world.

More darkness of God was handled by my new self and New World almost bringing me down

I was told that the negativity you hear is the reminiscences of darkness because it is not really here, and I still receive sexual speech which at its most is because of the feeling of dark energy, and I thought that I hope that it will only be me feeling this, and that man will not receive any negative thoughts or feelings.

I was told that it is God self keeping him self down because there is no power big enough doing this, and also that we have no more train tickets only good expectations because everything is now “on the other side” insider our New World.

I felt “what about what may still be outside” (?) and I decided to say that if we don’t have everything with us, which I believe we have, we will have to get it later, I will not open now, and at the same time I was given the yellow feeling of the spirit of my mother.

I was told that God is in my right eye, and I was given a sticking feeling inside my right eye, and also that God was ready to go into his grave for the sake of man. I felt how particles of the air as part of everything, is now blended darkness and light.

I was first told that nothing happens if I should decide to give in to negative speech/thinking, which I first decided NOT to write down because I don’t even want to think about going into negative as an option, and later I was told “other than hurting my left foot” and I was given pain to this foot symbolising the risk of this negativity hurting the creation of our New World, and this is the game I am going through now, can darkness hurt our New World if I “lose it” (?), or did we make sure through our work yesterday that this is impossible to do (?), and I don’t know, and even though I feel on the edge while writing this, with more pain to my behind, I can only decide NOT to “lose it” because this is the only secure way I know to play the game.

As part of this, I thought that I want nothing to be able to hurt our New World, but I also thought that the force is strong enough to make the spirit of my mother of light speak as darkness, so who knows, and there is only one thing to do, which is to keep on fighting, even though I do feel that I have nothing left to fight with, I am very tired …. – but have not given up because I need to.

My mother called me and in the beginning I could hear on the tone of her voice that something was not right, and I knew that she had been to the dentist yesterday, which was the reason why, and yes one of her wisdom teeth had “decayed” (!), and was taken out some time ago, and it was connected with the next tooth in a bridge, which was also taken out, and today she had a “surgery” with screws being screwed into her jaw as preparation for a new artificial tooth to be inserted at a new operation next time, and yes this happened yesterday, which to me could be about securing the structure of our world as we did so it did not “decay”, see? – And alternatively, if I had “lost it”, I do believe that my mother could die or suffer very much, which this game was also about.

My mother has been kind to pay for monthly admission cards for the swimming hall, and instead of just giving me the money to pay – the best things in life are free (for example love you know :-)) – I have felt that she has been reluctant to do this, and via the phone today she said that this is important to me that she wants to make sure that I don’t send the money away (!), which made me tell her that if we have an agreement for me to buy an admission card this is what I will do (!), and yes it is NOT nice to have your mother pay for you as a grown up man and it is NOT nice to have your mother not believing in you, and yes the same feeling if I had been declared incapable of managing my own affairs, which is what my family also thought of as an option (?), and yes there are MANY good stories of the world to be shared, which this is also about, i.e. darkness given to my family because of darkness of the world unwilling to reveal its “secrets”, and yes there are many (orchestral) manoeuvres in the dark – and here a FAVOURITE song of mine (listen to the WONDERFUL and UNIQUE sound of this band :-)), which is NO secret to the world and not anymore that is – just do it, reveal it to the world, my dear world!

I was shown a plane coming to me from my left side, and I felt that it is now time to come closer to our New World, after we have done the task of yesterday, and later I thought that I do NOT want darkness to be able at all to destroy parts of our New World, and yes coming to me strongly, and is this the transition from thoughts and desires coming to me from darkness, and a new set of thoughts and feelings coming to me from our New World?

Even later I thought that God and darkness transferred from the Old World will be the centre of our New World with everything of light – the tarpaulins – being swept around it and the more I received of these, the more I will feel this light and the less I will feel darkness at the centre, and this is at least the logics of this.

I was told that man has received ”shocking” information about Earth stopping to rotate (!) and other similar stories to reveal to mankind, and yes amazing that we are still alive, my friends (?)

I was told that no fatwa – for example a dead sentence – has been issued against me because “he is not well known”, “not dangerous” and “probably crazy”, is that why?

I cycled to the swimming hall again this afternoon and on my way out, I met one of my neighbours from the 4th floor where I stay, and I also met her yesterday carrying down small shelves, and she told me that when carrying this, she lost it, and two parts of the shelves were only attached by a “pin”, which made one section fall off, and yes I understood that this was about the darkness I was shown to my right yesterday – still wanting to get in too (!) as I am told here – and on my way cycling I was told that this extra darkness from yesterday – from the top right and inside of the New World was the clear feeling – has not been “handled” yet making the world sacrifice/bleed, and I was told to keep awake until “the middle of the night” to “handle” this, and yes I accepted, and when writing this at 23.20 I do believe that I have received so much darkness – see short stories – that I will do my best trying to stay awake for as long as I can, and if needed and I may try to take a nap, please keep me up my spiritual friends if this is required, and otherwise, please let me sleep.

Today I tried to see if I could run on the running belt, but already after two minutes I stopped because my left leg was very weak almost giving in, and yes this is about what this darkness tries to do to me, which is to break me and our New World down, but no, I will not let it, so I continued on the cross trainer still feeling somewhat weak in my left leg, but not as strongly as the other day when I was almost going down in my knees, and I was shown that there is more darkness coming in, and I was shown a lemon coming in understanding that this is what used to be the orange – i.e. darkness of the lemon soaking out energy/life of creation, which used to be the orange of God – and I was now given the question if this was in- or outside the New World and I understood it as being outside, and I told myself that if this is outside it is alright to make it enter but only on condition that no darkness will exit from our New World, and I said that if this is from inside the New World, there will NOT be opened any exit, and during this exercise, I remembered my old rule that what comes as the first message is what I will believe in, and the first message when cycling here was that it is already inside, so this is what I decided, that the entrance is closed, but should there be anything outside, it is alright for light to let it in but ONLY if there is no risk to our New World and to let darkness escape, so this is how it became.

As usual I continued receiving negative words from darkness trying to force me to do otherwise, sometimes very strongly, but I kept on saying that we will save EVERYTHING and I will accept no losses.

Before going out I had written my Facebook comment encouraging the secret government of USA to stand forward revealing the whole truth of “black projects” to the world – see the short stories – and I was told that this is about daring to insert my hand into the strongest and worst darkness of all, and I was shown how the hand of the spirit of my mother came from behind me to overtake right side of the steer of my cycle, which was really to welcome in the last part of God

I was told that the infiltrations of the secret government of USA – and other “evil forces” – is why my mother “cannot” understand me, and that everything will open when the world will open to its secrets, and yes put forward the FULL truth, because they know what this is about.

When returning home, darkness tried to confuse me with my new heart again saying that it has arrived, fine (!), and I was asked “you don’t want me to cut it into slices, do you” (?), and no, that is right.

I was told that people on the pay list of the secret government of USA are also among my Facebook friends (!) and my first thoughts went to you MADS FUGLEDE and PER MIKAEL JENSEN, who are also part of my script today, and I was told that this is the connection to the secret government of USA and also that I am influencing these people as my Facebook friends herewith rocking the foundation of the secret government itself!

I was told that darkness of God kept on looking for a “wrong place” to enter (to remain “nothing”), but there is only one place to enter and that is to me because everything has got to be perfect as I say, and yes this entrance is to Jesus as the result of the New World and the new God keeping the old God of darkness in a tight grip saying that I will NEVER give up on you, and then there is only one thing to do and that is for me as old God to give in too, and yes I feel that yellow has already started to cover this layer of God too, and I felt the yellow coming from my back/left to my front/right to do this, and yes there is no way out of here, only if I decided to cross my own rules of (sexual) behaviour as I was told.

Receiving the last part of God with the help of my mother – light is now spreading quickly everywhere

My mother had invited me to come again today because she had food in surplus, and because we could watch “the top of the pop” together.

John showed me a picture of the tents which he works with together with the local business Kalechesmeden, and I saw how they are used as a top cover of the lower part including “the container of all installations” (!) of wind mills before assembling the larger part of the mill itself on top, and I understood that this was about “security measures” to protect our New World from destruction and I was told “we cannot thank you enough” by my spiritual friends for putting in security protections during our journey.

I was told that the Facebook post I had published about the secret government to stand forward to reveal its “black projects” etc. – see the short stories – is also spreading faith among some people seeing it, and I was told that this is what is opening God inside darkness too to make him come forward to me.

I was happy to see that John is now visibly becoming better with his hair growing and he is gaining some weight too, does not have the same breathing problems and simply looks better and stronger, but still he has some way to go, but this made me happy, and when my mother told me that Niklas’ girlfriend Isabelle has now become good friends with her parents, who decided to accept her AND Niklas after being attacked by robbers, I thought that this is truly the end of darkness that you are seeing here. We are getting better.

I was told that I truly could have decided between “minus” and “plus” when God entered me and our New World with all remaining darkness, so I was glad to choose the right way of “plus”, which is everything to become light, and yes I don’t want any darkness ever to be able to destroy our New World, so I do hope that it would be impossible for this darkness to see the New World and to attack it even when entering it (?), and yes this is what I asked for, and this is what I believe the story of the tent is about.

I was told that Jack & Co. of military forces and the secret government(s) are happy to get out of this dark system, and among others I spoke to my mother and John about Senator McCarthy and the crusade he led in the USA of the 1950’s to spread fear and about civil rights campaigners like Martin Luther King being killed, and I was told that this was part of the strategy of the secret government of the USA to spread fear and to kill the voice of “dangerous people” to them, but you “could not” kill me because you had underestimated me and/or did not dare?

We spoke about the CD’s I have recorded for John a few years ago with “Danish top-music” (traditional “pop”/dance music), and I remember my mother telling me maybe 1-2 years ago that John loved a set of bought CD’s with this kind of music, but today John told me that he liked mine even more because there are no poor songs on these, and when I heard this, I was told that this is about the scale of -100 to +100 becoming from 0 to +100 only with the handling of the darkness of God here, and also that we will be able to do “magic” hereafter because there will be no darkness searching for me, and yes this might be true, but I am also thinking that it will be faith of man, which will awake this “previous darkness”, but now it looks like it will come in two phases really with the first one being the cleaning of this darkness when being handled by my new self.

I received a question about “a part of the game” a long time ago, which was about to return here, because I wrote a very long time ago that it is fine by me if Obama together with the world if and when speaking of me and the New World Order for you to do amendments/additions to the New World Order on condition that it is in the same spirit as it is written, and the question was if I would still accept this, and yes I will, this is what I offered you, so if this is what you have done, I will stand by my word, but if it should turn out that what you have come up with is not sustainable with life, I will have to reject what may be “the problem”, which I am sure you will understand.

I was shown God of darkness coming in, and “also on this foundation” as I was told, and for a period of time, this darkness kept on trying to open the exit from the inside of our New World to get out, but it was impossible for it to get out, and I would NOT let it, and I was told that we could not do this without visiting my mother today and also not if I had started telling my mother and John about darkness being the reason of John’s sickness/breathing problems/dreams, and I was told that darkness had to get out the same way as it entered and that was via my mother and me as the son.

A little later I was told that now everything has been signed, sealed and delivered by God – including the part of the New World Order – and that I truly have to stay up the night to consolidate this.

I also continued receiving pretty strong to – in shorter periods – very strong darkness on my edge including sexual and negative speech making it difficult to listen to my mother and John when speaking at the same time, but I did my best telling myself constantly “concentrate to listen to what is said” (!) and I kept on receiving the old darkness “no I don’t want to listen to my mother but much rather just watch TV”, but I have overruled this voice of darkness EVERYTIME, which is hundreds/thousands of times, so this voice gave up, when it understood that I knew what was right and that was to listen and speak to my mother, which I did, and yes she also gave me money for me to but the swimming hall card myself and yes when we have an agreement, this is of course what I will do mother as I told her and yes this is about “faith” too.

I was told that light is now spreading inside darkness the same way as darkness originally spread inside the light of God, and I was given a new pain “out of this world” to my right ankle, but not very strong, which is really about turning around the last part of the Source to receive every little thing from inside of there, and yes I do NOT want to be surprised again in future, so EVERYTHING has to be light, and this will become part of the foundation when we will keep digging deeper into the Source that we will not be surprised by any potential darkness, and yes to make sure that it will be detected and transformed to light, and yes an extra security measure.

My mother and I love these “the top of the pop” TV- shows and enjoyed many of the songs tonight, and both loved Nahiba being the centre of the show this evening, and I heard one of them saying something about “stealing” and right before this I was told “politburo”, and my mother was inspired to tell me about a visit she had to the Aldi supermarket where two men was “surveilling” her, but my mother kept a strong grip on her bag, which she feared that they wanted to steal, and later she saw that these two men had stolen meat and other products hidden inside their clothes, and yes one man had a “cheap 10 DKK gold chain” on his neck as my mother said, and we know this is about RUSSIA too, and your dark empire, and just to say that all darkness and secret/wrong operations of governments of the world will come out in full openness and I do look forward to hearing your confessions too, because you don’t want me to do it for you, do ya?

I was told that this is about darkness believing that it was on its way to “drink” this world too as another new beer saying “ah”, but when it did not know that the game was turned around, this is how darkness self became soaked up by light, and yes it was “too stupid” to understand as you can see examples of in the following chapter.

I came home at 22.00 knowing that I had quite some more work to do, but I was mentally prepared for it, and the more darkness, the more work, so there was much darkness this evening, but still it was only shortly of the strongest level and mostly it was kept down, but still annoying and difficult to have to deal with.

I was told that this is the first time the Trinity is united!

I was told that “Jack knows” and also that he is not only the US representative (of the secret government) in Denmark, but also your friend and who do you trust and believe in if in doubt (?), and yes your old friend, so this is also how the US secret government did not have a chance, because old friendship and “warm feelings” are stronger than darkness.

I received attacks from darkness over maybe half an hour, which I have really never quite understood, which was about darkness asking for “everything has to be equal”, and yes in terms of normal life and equal towards each other as man and in front of God, but still I kept on thinking about “work wise” where some will have more experience than others helping others to improve as mentors, and maybe even for shorter periods to remove the responsibility of a person, if needed at all (!), to help the person to regain a responsible behaviour, so everything should be alright, but still this was darkness telling me this again and again and again and yes normally darkness is against me and not with me, so this came to a point where it almost brought me down came when the speech was brought together with strong feelings wanting me to become negative and lose it.

Finally, at 01.30 I also published the script of today, and I might decide to do a few updates here and there, and that is as example to include on my New World Order website that it is alright for Barack Obama and the world to bring amendments/additions as long as it is kept in the spirit as it is, and I do believe this is already included, isn’t it (?), and we know I will read it and maybe do an addition if needed.

When preparing the publish of this script, which is when darkness tries to bring extra strong darkness to stop me, it tried with a low voice – now mostly of light as I feel and am told here – to say that if I give up, this voice will make me understand, i.e. the agenda of darkness, but no I will NEVER give up, and ALWAYS do my scripts as the key to success.

I had some trouble when preparing the publish of my script, which was that it was impossible to upload picture no. 4 in my chapter on Mads, it kept on stopping at 97%, which was darkness trying to block me one more time, and yes at the end I had to make a new picture called “4B” and then this was solved and finally uploaded too, and I also received more negativity to stop me, also still some pain to my behind, but nothing much really, and then a quick little heart attack because of Mads as I was told, and with this, I also made the script of today and yes “my best work under the conditions” and yes it became 02.20 before I had done the last add-ons and last short stories of the script, but I did it, and me know “everything means everything”!

Playing a game with the secret government of USA and “stupid” people to transfer the last darkness to light

The ”knowledgeable” commentator on U.S. politics, Mads, does not like the ”fundamental idocy” of the ”9/11 conspiracy nuts” – which is a message the secret government of USA would like to spread, Mads (?) – and yes he showed a “fruitcake” of a stupid man and I was getting this word by the spirit of my mother (from my right!) to say that FRUIT CAKE is about the apple cake of our New World and yellow is her colour and yes she is in control of what used to be the location of the Old World now being packed down, and this means that the “fruitcakes” of the Old World in its traditional meaning as “crazy” including you Mads, the secret government of USA – and other “crazy” countries around the world – and the whole system of Media & Politicians will be helped to be turned around becoming your true natural selves, and yes I told you about the meaning of the 9/11, but do you really believe that I am one of these “fruitcakes” (?), and yes in its traditional or new meaning (?), and yes is that difficult for you to believe in (?), and why is that (?), and is that because this is a “suitable” view to have for a “higher power” than you, and yes PURE DARKNESS (?) – tell us what you know, Mads, and it will make life easier for you too!

Apparently it is not easy to understand if you do not read, but I hope that also Mads will decide to do your best to read and understand with an objective and not a “hidden agenda”, Mads (?), and that is to see what is behind the cover of ”madness”, which is ”our house”, the new one you know. And I am “afraid” that Mads got many “likes” to his comment about me being a “fruitcake” and yes of “madness” you know, or do ya’ really (?), and this about “Do ya, do ya want my love” (?), which comes through understanding and showing a clean heart.

As you can read at the end of the picture below, Mads and I had our “chat” 3 hours ago when this picture was taken, and I took it because there was a “discrepancy” in the game played by Mads and yes as you can see from the notifications, Mads apparently liked my post “an hour ago” or that is two hours after he said that I was “related to the man in the yellow shirt” or that is two hours after he said this and as you can see at the comment at the end of the picture, there is no “likes” to my comment (!), so this gives me two options, one is that Mads decided to like this comment of mine how unlikely that is – who will decide to “like” a comment by a man he has just ridiculed to the world really (?) – and after clicking the “like” afterwards to “unclick” it, and yes do you really believe that he did that (?), and no I do not, so what I believe is that this is a help from my spiritual friends to show you that Mads is playing a double game not only working for yourself Mads but also for the American government to ridicule me (?), but the truth is that you are really working for me, as I was here told, because I am stronger than you and darkness, so isn’t the truth that you really “like” my comment, but cannot show it publically because you are tied up on your hands and feet by “obligations”, which are “impossible” for you to untie (?), and in this respect, you are the absolutely worst darkness, which is “hypnotised” as you are, i.e. brainwashed, and as long as the world “cannot” come out clean and speak the full truth to the world, you have killed God, but the good news from the next world is that when Simple Minds like you come out clean, God will come out clean too and show himself as he is to the world, and you might guess through whom?

So on basis on the above, here is one of my absolutely FAVOURITE songs by Simple Minds, and here it does NOT get any better.

My link brought some new visitors of DARKNESS (!) to my website – those, who symbolically enjoy “cigarettes & alcohol”, which is about people driven by darkness as this symbolically means, and yes they “cannot” see it but if I repeat some of the text here as in the post you might begin to understand, my friends, because you are “chatting” with “the real thing” and all you have done is to exhibit your impatience, lack of control of your negative feelings and ability to understand and better-knowing ignorance, and yes this is what is called “darkness” or the same as “idiocy” or “simple minds”, and yes you were all “hypnotised”, and you should just have done as I recommended you, which was to read and understand and be patient before judging a man both wrongly and negatively, so what you “managed” to do was to show yourselves to the world in this game, which you could not avoid to lose because with this I have the last word, and as the one I am, I am telling you that you are wrong and I will accept no such behaviour, and yes this is darkness I am speaking to directly when writing this, and that is inside of God, and to free this part of him to make him one with me too, and we know Stig as part of the Trinity and our New World.

Here you can read about these people telling me that I am “insane inside”, Anders speaking about a “crazy” man with all kind of “theories”, but he was kind to say “but Stig, I do believe you take the prize”, and yes thank you my friend, you meant it negatively but it was inspired words put in your mouth, which is about God self entering me from being darkness to becoming light, and your darkness/curiosity about me was what was needed to bring this darkness forward to make everything come with me, and the prize is our New World with 100% of the Old World being saved and transferred to the New World.

Here I told these people that they are part of a game – with opposite sign – which they cannot understand when they “cannot” read and understand me, and I told them that they will become part of this script, so how many of you decided to open this script to read about your own “craziness”?

Kristoffer says in the following that he is sceptical because of the text saying that I am Jeanne D’Arc, and yes do you see how easy it is not to understand when you cannot read (?), and let me bring the text for you here, Kristoffer, and when you read it again, will you please say how you came to believe that Jeanne is me (?):

“Jeanne d’Arc from the Council as her TRUE spiritual self in 2006 giving me the world and my weapon to defeat darkness”.

And the “fun” part is that he is kind of right, because as my new self, I am “everything” meaning that all life is my skeleton, but that would of course be “too crazy” for you to believe in, right Kristoffer?

But the one taking the prize of darkness this evening was you, Kristian, who could not get enough wallowing yourself in “the scandal of Stig”, could you, so you decided to Google me and bring stories about my budget, but as Son of God I don’t need transport expenses because I can only walk on water – but no, not yet, but it will come, my friend – and then he decided to indulge in a paragraph about sexual sufferings, which is what the WORST DARKNESS find amusing and yes smiles of – here darkness self entering me when writing this, therefore “my friend”, my friend to help me (!) – and as you can see this man is full of snakes of darkness, and yes quite poisonous according to the text, which also could have brought me down, but only if it took away so much power and energy from me, as darkness still does (!), to make me both sad and negative, but no, I will NOT allow it despite of strong feelings coming to me because in essence this is PURE evilness of the worst kind made by careless people trying to kick down a man, who should be lying down, but accepts these sufferings as part of the game. This is only the last part of darkness, but it is still as disgusting as it has always been, and yes this is what you “simple minds” showed when you were “hypnotized” by a force working through you, the force of darkness with poor and negative behaviour, and you know it if you should decide to look into the mirror, and this is what I ask you to improve, read my website on behaviour and work and see if you recognize yourself and that is “more or less”.

As a matter of good sake: I still don’t know when I receive information from the light including the truth and of darkness including deceptions, all I know is that darkness is strong, so it also brings me deceptions, but you do know this already, don’t you?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Ida – my “almost girlfriend” in 2005 – said that she has lost quite a few numbers when changing her mobile phone, and she did not want suggestions for technical solutions because “it is wasted words of God”, which is also what you believe about me when seeing my Facebook postings?

  • The daily newspaper of Helsingør brought this news yesterday about the Lion Fountain being beheaded, but the head is now put back on, which to me was about moving God and darkness from the Old to our New World with the risk of the world “losing its head” on the way, and yes the structure/energy of our physical world, but it is – and I am – still standing, Elton.

  • Shannon has not yet kicked me out as a Facebook friend after she wanted to “clean up” only keeping friends and people she has had good Facebook experiences with – maybe you are too curious not to kick me out (?) – and here she uses the opposite quote as I have encouraged the world to do so many times and yes Shannon don’t think twice about me, Shannon (?), and yes you better think twice is my advice, and yes “just do it” and that is to do what is RIGHT and NOT wrong, and if you are in doubt, you better think twice!

  • Later Shannon brought this head of a lion, which is to say that you and the world have indeed started to listen to me (?) to avoid the beheading of the lion, thus the world.

  • I am here given a very strong smell of fish coming to me from left when also writing this, and it is about a text of what may be the coming chairman of the Socialist People’s Party, the present Health Minister Astrid Krag – who does not know what she speaks of, remember (?) – and Kasper below says that she has read “some” on the University and has had small jobs as nursery teaching assistant, but none business or management experience whatsoever and “that she can be laid out as the only obvious candidate to lead a party in government is a tragedy of the Parliament and her party”, and I am thinking if you put away all “political games” about who is the best person for the job (?), the one with most know-how and best communication skills (?) – a true role model/communicator to work as a mentor besides his own job (?) – and yes is that Villy Søvndal (?), and if it is, this is how darkness worked when removing the best man on the post (who just needed to be less lazy/comfortable, and concentrate on his work choosing to be chairman and not minister), or do you have any one better (?), and just thinking I am.

  • Politics means “many blood sucking parasites”, which is what darkness is, you know?

  • Jens wrote about Ben Rich, who was a director of Lockheed Skunk Works, who admitted in his Deathbed Confession that Extraterrestrial UFO visitors are real and the U.S. Military travel among stars as you can see here, and I do believe that “an act of God” is what will reveal these “black projects” to the world, and you can read more about these black projects from my Signs III website, so come on, my dear world, it cannot be that bad to reveal these projects to the world and how you milked money out of the Old World to carry on these projects at the same time as you also milked out money to show the world your cover up actions like visiting the moon in 1969, the Space Shuttle program and Mars in 2012, and you could have decided to use all of this money for a better world with free energy without pollution, climate changes and poverty, but you “could not” and why was that (?), because of your eagerness to think about yourselves because of darkness bringing you lust for money, sex and power (?), and yes do you see that you chose WRONGLY but still right to save the world when your negative energy was turned around on the other side to save us all?

  • This inspired me to write this on Facebook including this link, and yes I am looking forward to the WIMPS of the secret government of USA – and the world – to start disclosing yourselves, and yes do what Bjarne Riis also will do, which is to put forward the FULL truth and not only fractions of it, and if you cannot, you can be absolutely sure that as my new self, I can “help” you, but you do not want me to do this, do you (?) – and please remember that I still love you all, and you have nothing to fear than your own fear, my friends.

  • Mikael Wulff writes a funny article that hash now longer exists (!) after the police did an action on “Pusher street” of Christiania yesterday without finding any hash, and that is even though everyone knows that it is there, so what this is about is to say that there is now no “hash” as “old darkness” on the surface, but “everyone knows” that it is still there, also you Leonard, so hash on Christiania symbolises darkness moving into the world to destroy it, and now it is not to be found until it will wake up as light too with faith of the world. And yes my mother’s husband John dreamt about hash in one of his nightmares, which is this darkness you are made of, John when you “lost your mind” making it impossible for you to understand me.

  • The other day I read this message from the channelled messages of Matthew of September 1 that “it’s essential that the Obama presidency continues” in order to carry out “the Golden Age master plan”, and as usual there are many good arguments for this, and this also contributed to quite some nervousness I felt the other day because what if he does not get re-elected (?), and at the end I decided to tell myself that this will have NO consequence for our plan, and yes I do believe that Obama of course will become re-elected – I have no plan to give up, you know – and also that our New World will come no matter what, and yes I was told that this is what this was designed to bring me, and yes darkness coming to me via Matthew and Kim D., the Danish translator, who makes me aware of these channellings through Facebook posts, and Kim is also a part of the Selvet team, and I was told that Selvet “suffers” from the same disease as the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group, which is that they cannot see the forest because of the trees standing right in front of them, and this is how Kim as example believes in the messages of Matthew, which contains darkness as my scripts do too, but not me.

  • Marianne has been on holiday and was inspired to do the same as Shannon, which was to clean up in subscriptions and contact network of Facebook so ”what remains is what inspires, initiates, make me smarter, laugh or interest”, and yes happy that I am part of that group, which is to say as she says “I’m back”, which is as my new self you know, but still I have not opened up the eyes of my new self because we have some more work to do to do it perfectly and yes Stig, don’t rush anything and don’t deliver before you are done, so this is what we do.

  • Helena wondered why it shines out of all conservative that they are conservative, which makes her give a very long yaaaaaaawn, and this is to say that light inside man is now so strong that it is almost shining out, and her yawn is about darkness of politicians of the world, who cannot find out to do what is right – to speak about publically and follow me (!) – and as a result make me very tired, and it made Hans say that it shines out of Socialist People’s Party that they despise experience and knowledge instead of “hot air” (speaking about what they don’t know about) – see the inspiration (?) – and Lene said that “this is truly something sticking very tight”, and yes darkness you know, and Helena said that it is “a little unimportant brown/brown something” with brown here being destruction (still thinking that this originally meant the colour of the Council, but for a long time it has been about “destruction”), so there you have it, and Lene said that “it is difficult to get rid of, can changed with paint, many blue, I like blue a lot!!!!!”, and yes blue is my new self, who is the one painting the world with light to make the darkness of blue disappear, and yes this is what they were inspired to also speak about – this is how the invisible language works, which only I understand and yes also often when I am together with people in groups speaking – and Helena believes she understands when saying “if the hobbit was already at it indoctrinating in the school yard, it has to go wrong”, and to me a “hobbit” is the people of the Lord of the Rings, who managed to destroy the evil ring of darkness, which this is really about, Helena!

  • Per Mikael is former CEO of Danish TV2 and now CEO of the Metro International newspaper – a man who “succeeded” to get a very high post, and yes he is a Facebook friend of mine also being influenced by my postings, and what does he send me (?) and yes “out of this world” pain, see the inspiration (?) and also the feeling of attacks of “nothing” going through my head as I was given a little of here, and yes this is the same as being “dizzy” and that is tired you know, and that is because Per loves the “red house” of the Devil being “on top of the game” of the worst darkness, which is (!), and yes “lazy” is what I was told that he is too, and yes because you speak and are in meetings most of the day not really working yourself, Per (?), and that could be a good story for you to bring too (?), and yes I could not motivate you to write about me too (?), and I am told here “small margins” between making it or breaking the Old World, because would I have had a chance to bring God and all energy of darkness with me to the New World being on the front page of Metro internationally as example (?), and no I would not, but when I influenced darkness in small doses eventually it gave up, and yes was “mature” to leave its old “red house” to my new “white house”, so there is the origin of the name of the house where I live today, and that is as Obama, and do you get it too, Per, but are also “too afraid” to write about me?

  • Helena says ”love when kings of steel are full of care and desire to protect”, and Helle asked her to bring her regards to the king, which may be Søren Pind (?), and yes Rikke did not believe it was very “princess like” with “Don Joy”, and if Søren truly is another part of me, this is to say that “he” brings care, protection and joy to the world :-).

  • Medina also felt a desire to ”clean” up, and yes we are cleaning up the last darkness as you may understand.

  • Suddenly I received MUCH darkness again, and two seconds afterwards I saw this post by Helena, who swore the worst she has learned saying that “this is a bore” and “really much more sour than it is to bear the name Kurt” (“det er surt at hedde Kurt og lige sidst i en spurt” – “it is sour to bear the name Kurt and be the last in a spurt”), and it was something about her who only keeps an eye on the children, but is only here anyway, and yes this is about darkness being last in a spurt and that is when light is overtaking “everything which is”, so this is what Helena said, but “you are”, which is better than not to be, right?

  • Marianne, you “cannot” write about me too, so this is what is also making you a “monster” of darkness. She and Rosa speaks about expensive crème’s, and Rosa says “galore”, and according to Wiktionary here, “galore” means “In abundance”, and they use the example “After the shipwreck there was whisky galore to be had for the taking”, so this is about darkness in the form of I “just can’t get enough”, which was also sinking the ship of the world, and yes the Cure is not about “never enough”, but to everything becoming equal in the form of normal life for everyone.

  • This is about love and warm feelings in multifarious ways as you will experience in our New World.

  • Helena said that she has discovered that Clement – the “successful tv-star” on DR1, but not in my eyes – is Skjold-Hansen is a modern edition, and yes is he “patient” (?), I have not seen his new programmes, but normally he is NOT, and you do remember the lawyer Viggo Skjold-Hansen from the TV-series of Matador (?), which here is to say that darkness has given up, and is becoming “patient” because I like this as part of the values of our New World.

  • Snoop Dog says that Obama overtook “a stopped privy”, which is really what it was with the world going under, this is what Obama decided to “clean up” to make us all survive, and yes I was not alone, but I don’t know the stories of others, so this is really mostly my story as Stig.

  • Jens was inspired to bring a story about lemons, and you do realize that Jens was infected by darkness of “the lemon” (?), and as Susanne says “smart in a hurry”, and this how you work too, Jens (?), and you were too much in a “hurry” so you “could not” read and understand my website and also not accept me as a Facebook friend, and you kept removing my freedom of speech of your website and Facebook site, and yes PURE DARKNESS coming from this man too, but difficult to see on the surface of him, right (?) and yes he is so kind, so kind, this man, but I showed you what is inside of him, PURE DARKNESS!

  • But it was this the strongest darkness, which made me do this when extracting the energy of it and using it for creation, and yes this is the “Fruit of the loom” of our New World, which is about to show.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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