September 13, 2012: God and eternal energy is secure inside our New World – I will lay low until our great awakening


Summary of the script today

12th September: God and eternal energy is secure inside our New World – I will lay low until our great awakening

  • I had a new night, where I “had to” stay up for darkness not to undo the handling of the last darkness. I was surprised because of ENORMOUS darkness/sufferings coming to me making my sufferings this night at its maximum force. This darkness can be turned on for me to work on and off again. At 09.00 in the morning I was told that we have now dug into the next level with new beautiful creation opening up, and this made me understand that I have now done my task to bring God and the eternal energy of cells of sleeping life inside our New World, and I am not saving more parts of God, but continuing to dig into eternity, which on this side I am is EXTREMELY painful, which made me decide to stop doing this – or turn it down – until I will be on the other side as my new self where this energy will feel as endless love.
  • Short stories of two elephants leaving the circus symbolising two Gods leaving darkness, Clement from Denmark’s national TV is a model of the WORST darkness which is, I am on my way to vacation, faith of the previous high school people helped me to win over darkness, which will make the Trinity bring “something great” to the world, and Libyans attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi killing the ambassador apparently because of a anti-Muslim film, but it looked like a “coordinated, military-style, commando-type raid”.September 13, 2012: God and eternal energy is secure inside our New World – I will lay low until our great awakening

13th September: The 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by the U.S. Secret Government to maintain its evil World Order

  • Dreaming of God transferring darkness – potential goodness – to our New World, I cannot continue the game without bringing energy, we have almost reached the end of my journey with darkness still wanting to kill, the world is still temporarily bleeding (becoming “nothing”) because of the knot of darkness of God, don’t underestimate skills of people, and I have taken over the management from darkness about to initiate a change to the sexual behaviour of the world.
  • Darkness was INCREDIBLE strong this morning making me fear the worst, and the task was for me to continue darkness to enter in order to avoid a “blood bath” but still I am told that I possess all energy, so how can it be so bad, a play (?), but I was also told that this is still about receiving all parts of God including “eternal energy” as part of my new self, which is why this is important.
  • I received messages including the word “boom” and when I saw a Facebook message about the Empire State Building not demolished when a B25 bomber crashed into it in 1945 including the message “got it”, I understood that it is indeed the truth that the demolition of the World Trade Center September 11 was because of a big “boom” or in other words, this was planned and carried out by the secret government of USA, and this made me decide to look into the proof of this and to expand the story of this today and also update my website with this information.
  • The September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were planned and carried out by the Secret Government of USA as part of the deception of the world to remain in control over military, political and industrial power (and money), and when there was no “main enemy” after the end of the cold war, the Secret Government “developed” the Muslim World to become the new main enemy in order to maintain and further develop “the complex of the evil World Order”, which was “this close” to bring the end of the world with the outbreak of World War III between the Muslim and Western World as mentioned on my Doomsday Scenario website.
  • Mads read my previous script on him and his thread on 9/11, and he decided to bring a paragraph of my script in his thread to further ridicule me, which was truly the absolutely worst darkness igniting trying to stop me. I brought him, his network and the world proof of 9/11 being a setup by the secret government of USA and told Mads that he works for other interests than the truth! He was revealed to work for darkness (and the CIA?) with inspired speech given to him and also when my spiritual friends made him “like” my comment revealing him. This darkness looks forward to the “great revelation” to receive a better world on the other side.
  • My work is what brings the greatest gift in the history of man, God to return unharmed and yes bringing all of his treasures to us all. All of our family tree entered me, which is where everything about me and life is written. God inside the knot of darkness knows what we are doing and he sent his love out through this darkness.
  • Short stories of darkness shown by the Socialist People’s Party is what “makes egg” of creation, we are going back to the roots of our New World where everyone will be in spiritual contact with God, Mikael Wulff helped confirming the “boom” of the World Trade Centre and Mads working to cover it up (!), Dan is one of the better-knowing fat-headed kind of people making fun and degrading other people for the sake of making fun, darkness would still like to carry out my “old nightmare” if it could, and Helena was surprised by a cat (of light) wanting to live with her.


12th September: God and eternal energy is secure inside our New World – I will lay low until our great awakening

God and eternal energy is secure inside our New World – I will lay low until our great awakening

I was surprised that AFTER publishing the script of yesterday the voice of darkness now became stronger and more insisting, which can only be because of reactions of let us say secret governments of USA and Russia, and maybe Mads too (?), so this script in itself is also pushing darkness to me.

A new game has now started, which is about whether or not I can start “free energy” of our New World – is all darkness now light, or will it require faith of man (?) – and yes for all I know patience is a virtue, so we will continue the game, and yes there may come new surprises, which I know nothing about, and we still have the 22nd November to reach as part of the game, so we will see what happens, and yes “light will decide”, and so it is.

At 02.35 I was surprised to receive a pretty strong out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I was told that this is because of the tooth operation of my mother, which in itself generated this force to me, and yes this means to turn around the Source a little bit more, and the Source should be inside our New World, but still it used to be outside, so will more darkness reach me over the coming time (?), and yes is it inside or outside the New World (?), and I have given my answer of how to handle this yesterday so this is how we will continue working.

I kept receiving cracking sounds to my kitchen including the information that people of other civilizations will help me to understand this game, and I felt and heard this cracking sound over pots of my kitchen waiting for faith of the world to open for it and enter the life of our New World, so I do believe that we have now received everything of our Old World by now with the last part of darkness being “temporary terminated”, but still alive and making us feel it – still very much active as darkness/sufferings (!) – and yes this is how the story was given to me first, and waiting for faith of mankind to reactivate these parts of old God.

At 03.20 I was shown and told that someone who has been “peeing at the fence” – because of Lisa (and others) – took my hand when I offered it to him and yes to be pulled in too, and I kept on receiving pain to the backside of my left lower leg, which is still about restructuring of our New World, and yes everything coming from the old still has a pass to make it fit in, otherwise everything is “sold out”.

By 03.45 I still received the worst negative words hanging to the right of my face, and when I listened to it a few times, it was the worst negativity of all kind being said.

I also continued receiving sounds from the balcony to continue the game if everything is inside or outside (?), and I really don’t care now because no matter what the task is to do it 100% perfectly according to my decision.

I heard “come on let me win” from right including a strong scratch to my right foot, but no, I will accept NO darkness at all.

Darkness only kept on becoming stronger and stronger and at 04.30 it was so strong that I could not keep it anymore being very close to let darkness do what it wanted to do with me, and yes this is how it is when the worst darkness reacts against me to make me overtake it. It was the worst torture.

The first crisis of extreme tiredness hit me at 04.50, and I truly wonder for how long I can keep this going, and we know the answer is “the better, the longer”, which I have always told myself when running, thus also here.

At 05.00 I was told positively by the spirit of my father – probably only a feeling being spoken with the voice of the spirit of my mother – that “I am also not going to lose anything now”.

I was asked have you considered that we can awake this darkness (for me to work on) and put it back to “sleep” again (?), and yes it seems logical, but for how long?

I was shown a UFO form my balcony almost invisible on the sky, but enough so I could see that it was red because of my sufferings, and it showed darkness to the top right of it and I was told that this is to make sure that nothing will escape you.

At 05.30 the worst negativity above my edge had decreased and I was told that this is how we clean darkness, and of course with your approval, and this is what we have now done again, so what does that mean, can I sleep (?), and for now I will hold it going a little longer.

At 05.35 I felt the next darkness coming in being integrated with the blood of my face, and I was told that you will have to stay up the whole day, how does that make you feel (?), and yes disgusted, a strong game, and is this right or wrong.

I felt how this darkness still wants me to put it to its eternal grave, but no, I will NOT let you.

I was told that “he” as darkness knows who you are, and about Muslim’s and the plan of darkness leading to World War III you know, but even worse is what he would do to you because he knew somehow that this could not be, that his life was “invented” but still he was living it – and at the same time as I was told this I was also told that everything goes fine just and continue if you can – and this darkness says that its most precious task was to get in behind, which is why we are happy you set up the tents, so he cannot look behind it. And I was told that this was of course only a risk if you lose it, not keeping your own sexual rules, and also that this information is so deep down that nobody has ever been there before.

I was told did I not tell you that he could not get out again (darkness getting our of our New World), that this is all a game? And still I thought what happens if I lose it (?), which I am still VERY close to doing now at 07.10, and yes you told us to take over to NEVER lose it and that everything has to be saved no matter what, I will not allow any darkness outside of here with the risk to meet it again, and I was told that it is now beginning to look like when darkness took us over originally where it was only the most inner part of us, which survived. And when you combine this with coming faith of mankind doing the last part of the job, there you have it, right? Maybe.

There is no mother caught on the castle, there is no one here, and yes Stig, is this “nothing” now, or still hidden worlds (?), and you don’t know so therefore I will just write what I am told even though this also becomes more and more difficult to do with a game including two options.

I was told that the spirit of my mother feel from the spirit of my father: It is annoying that you always win.

At 07.30 I was told that we will now start to decrease the volume again with the feeling “after the worst darkness” following my script of yesterday. In other words I cannot just let go, which the spirit of my father now told me via feelings picked up by the spirit of my mother after now becoming considerably more gentle.

I was told that this is how far we have to go, otherwise it will bring bleedings to the world, and yes do you see how infiltrated this game is with opposite messages?

I was given the WORST sexual feelings from the spirit of my father to the spirit of my mother further on to me, which was extremely unpleasant.

We first need to clean the bathroom before we can get all the way deep inside as we had wanted to at the first place if we knew about this place before creation, Stig. It is nothing less than breathtaking in here but we cannot reveal anything more for you right now, but you are doing fine here at 08.30 and yes still killing time, and yes I was and am tired, but not as critical as two nights ago.

I received shaking tours this morning so still receiving much darkness, and I was told that we have we made a shell centre for you down here, yes we have.

So it seems that we are continuing to dig a tunnel though what on the other side is the most brilliant light, but here is the absolutely worst darkness making me suffer much, so what if I decide to say “please wait instead of continuing to dig” (?) because I cannot continue living like this, it is far beyond my capacity – this is how strong darkness was this night, and yes let us play this new play to see, and concentrate to set up what may be missing in our New World, and if nothing, I kindly ask you to wait where you are, and first to continue your work when we have faith of mankind in house, and this made me receive yet a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is about turning the Source in yet a new ankle to come here, which was logics to me because we have just following the gold-vein in the mountain, which may not be in a straight line.

I was asked what if we need to continue digging to generate energy for the world (?), and I could only say that if you do, please do, but I do hope that when everything of God and eternal cells of life/energy is inside of here, it will automatically create energy of the world, and all people will generate energy thus not depending on me to work and exercise as much and sleep as little as possible (?), and this is what I can hope for.

I was told that Obama knew that the stock exchange had to be closed a long time ago, and just to say that the keeping of stock exchanges and securities of the Old World will NOT be allowed in our New World.

So the conclusion – with the knowledge I have now – is that God is safely inside our New World and what comes to me from the front/right is not missing parts of God not being handled but the eternal digging into the next level of the eternal energy of sleeping cells, which is great when I am my new self, but as my old self, it creates the worst sufferings, so let is see if we can simply decide to wait for now and to restore my normal sleep with no or only little sufferings, and I thought that this is a tough game to learn having to go through the worst nightmare during such a night, but this is what makes a “king” you know.

So I thought that this darkness is active when it is fed with negative feelings of people, and I will have to believe that with faith of man it will awake as positive energy and turn off the minus scale forever, and why do I have to be on the “minus side” (?), and yes is that to keep this energy alive (?), which it may be, so it has to be about “co-ordination” to make everything fit together.

I decided to go to bath not caring about any potential warnings, but I received none, but after maybe an hour in the bathtub, I was instead given one of the strongest cramps in my right foot as I have ever had, which was about the continuous darkness coming to me reflected this way, and yes I had to stand up, and I heard new cracking sounds now coming from the balcony, and I now said that I don’t care because I know that everything is now inside our New World and cannot escape, and then you can make cracking sounds on the moon if you want to, and yes do you remember my dear world that you “could not” tell the world (?), and who decided this (?), and was it the U.N. or simply because you were COWARDS all of you (?), and yes my friends, I will try to keep statements like this down, and I will NOT be active the same way as I have been on Facebook and that is if it is no longer needed, and no, it is NOT a “joy” to receive darkness of people killing you, it was the absolutely worst pain to come through, but I have decided to continue writing, because it is responsible behaviour to keep the world updated on my progress, so this I will do and if nothing else happens, I believe that my scripts will become shorter and maybe to be published every third and not second day, we will see.

And I was thinking that the game yesterday with Mads and his friends were really a game for me to learn that the game is over (!), but of course it brought us to the next stage of creation, which I am told still feels like going back in evolution receiving greater and greater gifts.

I continued killing time only taking notes to my script of today, which I first started writing at 20.00 this evening, and at 11.50 I was told that we now have to wait to enter the next apartment (?), and yes, you are right – unless it is needed to create energy, but it may not be?

I was told by darkness – via the spirit of my mother – “can we smell to whom won” (?), and also that the currency pipe is gone, we don’t have to relate to this anymore, and the man having access to this is inside of here, and yes his energy is here and he will first return as he was with faith of people, and what will I do in the meantime (?), and yes I will take my holiday as I do believe I have told you about that I will hold at the end of my journey, so I do believe this will be now.

I watched some TV and decided to take a nap on the sofa at approx. 13.30 and I slept poorly until 17.30 – still because of darkness coming to me – and I had a dream about Karen and that I cannot “transport her” making it impossible to move something inside a store making me sad, and I saw the visible signs I had set up for her along Rungstedvej leading to my old apartment in Hørsholm, where I had set up a tomato outside on first floor, but she did not follow/take it, and I will now remove this before it will rot, and we are here inside of darkness where I tried to make Karen follow me telling her about the tomato, which is about the great awakening as our new selves, but no, it was not possible for her to follow me, this was not enough, she had had it with me – and the feeling of the store was that God is sad that we cannot go deeper in the energy/new creation now.

I was told told good luck with the coming awakening. It is not so complicated and precarious, it will happen by itself because the world knows that you are coming.

I was shown a GIANT ship and also that it is empty inside before we arrive, “isn’t it marvellous” (?), and this is about the endless energy of cells.

I was told that Germany is surprised that “no one” has discovered me yet, and that is “the world” really, and I was shown a very little hut in a tree inside the forest and told that because no one disturbed me it was possible for me to bring us back to the origin of everything, and also that I managed to go through this without anyone seeing it on me (I did not die or suffer physically for people to see).

I was told that we have a genius plan to get you out over the ramp, can we say that (?), and of course you can if the truth is that it is “genius”, but I ask you to be honest and now under- or overdo your descriptions of things and events.

During the day – after my decision of the morning – my sufferings decreased much bringing me much mental calm, and I still felt dark energy all around me potentially “pushing” on me physically, but when it is not activated by negativity, it will not bring me direct sufferings, but even though I will now decrease my activity, people will still think of me, and I do believe that I will still receive some negativity and not normal sleep, but probably less.

I was told that there is an unspoken sadness about me in Kenya, and I was asked what did Elijah do about my scripts in relation to his wife Tina (?), and was that to “censor” my scripts, so she was “not allowed” to read me, Elijah (?), and were you also “not able” to communicate the truth about me to Tina (?), which made her sad about me (?), and yes I tried to teach you in 2009, but you “could not” improve (?), and yes Elijah this is a direct question, but you will probably not answer because of poor habits (?), and yes I have a habit to write like this, which I will also see if I can change or at least decrease.

I was told that there is not completely empty in the assembly hall – the same as the ship before – because when you arrive, those who are not there all gather around you, and this is what now not causes an explosion other than an explosion of love and that is via our new tool and your return to creation.

When publishing this script at 21.25 I felt and was told “with the greatest smiles we can bring you” with the understanding for having gone through this, and to continue informing the world via continuous scripts.

I was reminded that when visiting my mother and John my voice had improved much now speaking almost fluently without trouble.

I was told that it is like standing outside in darkness looking into the light of a photo store, which is God with eternity of sleeping life, and this photo store is like the missing socks for me to wear on my new foot.

I looked out on the sky maybe one minute and was happy to see a UFO showing me a photo store – the combination of it on the sky including a vision around it and voice coming to me – and I thought that it is a funny thought that they show themselves instantly now again when I look at the sky, and also that they are so close to “my channel” that they communicate like this.

I was shown darkness kissing life out of us and the last part is to get mankind to follow me, so we cannot continue with “eternal creation” without faith, which is what will turn me around.

My TV is now working perfectly with no distortions to the sound or picture.

So the question is how will he turn around extreme negativity, resistance and silence to the opposite, is there still a button I can switch on to start me up (?), but still we have to wait until the 22nd November, don’t we?

I felt negative energy of Jack and military forces, and what will we use this negative energy for (?), and yes to unite God.

I was almost falling asleep on the sofa after 23.00, and I felt Henrik Dahl as the worst darkness and “preparing for this”.

I was told that we cannot do this without the energy you bring, but on the other hand I have seen how John is becoming better, so isn’t the energy here now with God and everything inside the New World?

I received more negative speech still feeling how concentrated and deep this darkness is – I am glad that I only receive the surface of it – and also scratching around my crutch, and I thought about continuing work to unit the strings/pipes of God.

I was shown that I have all money – USD notes – in the bank, and I only have to do bundle them nicely.

I continued receiving feelings of Jack and was told that he believes you have become slow, which I don’t believe Jack is but this is a metaphor of today, where things did not work very fast, but where I was relaxing, and when I tried keying this in as a note on my phone, it switched off, and yes an old thing of spiritual darkness, which I believe I have not written about or much about, but once in a while it simply shuts off without me doing anything.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Two elephants from the Circus Benneweis decided to leave the circus taking a walk on the streets of Copenhagen, and you do remember that in order to save God from darkness, we resurrected my previous – now new – self Jesus, and did a new creation in 2011, where my new self was made as original God as God self (?), herewith creating two Gods of our New World, and these are the twos Gods you saw walking here, and yes they want to leave the circus of darkness.

  • Marianne had another view on Clement than Helena, which is that she does not understand that politicians do not refuse to be interviewed by a manic lama-spitting-speed talker, who do 80% of the conversation, and she remembers Mogens Lykktetoft telling him “be quiet and listen to what I say”, and yes this is exactly how I remember Clement, and to this I can only say that you Clement – and others trying to do as you as a wrong “role model” – are the WORST DARKNESS, which is, because you have your heads filled up with your own agenda, “angle”, and often do not care about what is said, and yes you can take journalists all over the world, and here I am almost always embarrassed MUCH when seeing the journalists of TV2 interviewing their “victims”. LISTEN, REFLECT and CONFIRM your understanding and first of all, BE PATIENT (!), because you are NOT too busy not to listen and understand!

  • It seems that I am now on my way to vacation, and yes I was able to relax today, but I wonder if I can sleep tonight after having slept this afternoon?

  • Toke, one of the young people, said “Orange caramel: Remember the name! Something big quivers …”, and this is about a trio in orange from Korea singing and playing table tennis (!), which is about the Trinity winning (also because of faith of some of these young people in me) and awakening, which will bring “something big” to the world :-).

  • Here Toke and Emil liked “we want to have “crocodile” to Denmark”, and “crocodile” is an old symbol of the worst darkness, which is what you turned into, Emil (?), and I wonder how many of your network, which you now tried to influence against me (?), so this is also about lack of faith of some of these young people also bringing me energy of darkness to come through, a “new balance” really, which is “words” I have had inside of me when writing this script, and what we are facing at our New World.

  • On the exact day 9/11 – the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks – a group of people attacked the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, killing the US ambassador and three other American officials “officially” because of anger towards the Anti Muslim/Mohammad film “Innocence of Muslims”, but according to the following article in New York Post as you can read hereit was a coordinated, military-style, commando-type raid” and “a well-planned, well-targeted event”, so it does really look as if there is more to this story, which I am sure that the world would like to know about, and that is who stands behind these plans (?), who has an “interest” to scare people using the “Muslim-card” and to bring so strong, negative feelings to Muslims that they threaten the West to “pay back” and even war (?), and could this be the secret government of the USA to “benefit” its “interests” including its business and war-machine (?), and yes I am just wondering here of course, but I shall be happy for you to speak the truth to the world.

  • It truly makes me sad to see many Muslims not being able to control their negative feelings when it comes to “portraying” Mohammad – “this is all we have to say here” as I am told and I understand that this movie may not be very far away from the truth, thus being “inspired” to bring here when I am going through the WORST darkness of all – and I can only encourage all of you to “calm down”, control yourself and your negativity and also to understand that Mohammad was NOT the messenger of God as it is stated on the front page of my website, and this is not something to be sad/negative about, but happy because the truth is that I have something much better for you, and yes my “new self”, don’t you look forward to receiving me instead of Mohammad (?), and yes “just wondering” is what we still are here.


13th September: The 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by the U.S. Secret Government to maintain its evil World Order

Dreaming of reaching the end of my journey with the world still bleeding because of the knot of darkness of God

I went to bed a little before midnight hoping that I would be able and allowed to sleep because I was truly more than tired, and first I was not, but later I slept until approx. 05.45, and a little more dreams.

  • Søren E. has transferred his music files to my library of music at Fair Insurance, and he asks how people react. I am at the library where I have used headphones listening to music but by mistake I pull the plug herewith loosening the power supply for it.
    • Søren E. is darkness – potential goodness – symbolising God becoming part of our New World. The headphones is to say that spiritual work cannot continue without the energy I provide.
    • I was told that everything leads into the knot of darkness of God, and this knot is all the evilness and wrongdoings of the world of politics, media and people. I was told that the message “your heart is ready” is about reaching the next level (an add on to the existing), and when I receive cracking sounds to my kitchen, this is a symbol of reaching the next level, and I was shown and told that we can now see into the next very large concert hall, which is full of classical musicians and even more beautiful than everything else we have seen.
  • I am at a discothèque New Years evening with friends including Gert D. (from DanskeBank-Pension), and they speak about me probably being together with friends on his own age. I see that my mother speaks with everyone fearing if she will be faithful. I get my smoking jacket from the wardrobe, and I meet the actor Susse Wold, who has made a as a mix of spiritual and sexual experiences.
    • New Years evening is to say that we are almost there, and when my (Danish) friends speak of other friends being there (to support me), they are wrong, because no one decided to stay and support me, and this is a déjà vue about friends believing this without knowing that you all – including former colleagues, whom are also “friends” to me – abandoned me. “Gert” is about darkness still wanting to kill, and I was given a cracking sound to the balcony, so this is what this sound is about.
    • The sexual part is about “Kama Sutra”, and I have not written about this before, because how can you set up rules of sexual behaviour not to expose sexuality and still bring guidelines/help on how to achieve a good sexual life (?), and the only answer I have today is to “keep a good balance”, and no, I do not have experience with Kama Sutra myself, and only know that it brings much pleasure to some.
    • I was told that your mother has access to 10 million DKK, i.e. “all the energy you can imagine”, but not now, and it was 05.00 and I was asked will you please stand up now, and first I said no, because I wanted to get back into a rhythm sleeping at night and being awake during the day, and I was really still far too tired, and I was told that you are supposed to feel the worst with lack of sleep, and with this you decide to let the world bleed, which surprised me to hear, and I thought this was a game, but when I was told that “the reason is down below”, I understood that this is what is still ongoing because the knot of darkness of God is still making the world bleed, i.e. for parts of it to temporarily vanish, which did not make me feel good.
  • I am working at the same company as Michael Jackson, and I see that the wounds of pegs penetrating his lower arms are as dreadful as it gets, and I see how he is scared as badly as it gets all over his backside, which is done with a knife, but the wounds on his knees are truly the absolutely worst of all, and my old colleague from Fair, Nikolaj, says that the scars on his back is no problem. I see that Michael cannot sing to a customer, who has bought him to sing, which makes him sad, and I feel that this is shortly before he will die.
    • I am Michael Jackson and he is me (!), and these wounds are given to me by darkness of mankind, which is still killing my old self, the customer “buying” Michael feels “wrong” because he is soaking out my energy/love. I am still dying, and the knees are about what I experienced the other day at the motion room when they were almost too weak to bear me, and then I can be happy that I will wake as my new self underneath this. Nikolaj is here because he wrote on Facebook that he received top grade at an exam at the Insurance College, which is what I do too.
  • I am at a place feeling like a religious movement/sect, who believe that the Fakta supermarket brings a guarantee of clean goods. A man – feeling like me – has been employed at a large customer service department and he works at the second highest level of the company with the manager of the department working on the highest level being part of the management team of the company, and to my surprise the new employee, who feels like me, is promoted by the management group to become the new manager of the department and part of the management group of the company, and the previous manager, to his surprise, moves down one level and hands over the management of the department to the new man, and I wonder how it will go because can this man communicate making the people understand (?), and to my surprise when he takes the word, he is a very good communicator, and he says that he will ask employees to start work when arriving at work instead of starting with a meeting, and he has noticed that a whipped cream machine makes poor cream with too much sugar, and he has initiated a change to improve the whipped cream, but the change has not been implemented yet. The new manager wears the finest and most expensive running shoes, which I see in a catalogue, and the former manager the finest football shoes at the same price, but his team has relegated.
    • A religious sect is what some people believe that I am starting (?) not understanding the magnitude of this. This dream is both to say never to underestimate people and their skills as many managers have done with me during my professional career at the same time as I have taken over the management from darkness. The whipped cream is about changing the sexual behaviour of the world.
    • I was shown and told that if I do not bring energy, red energy overtakes a white helicopter and people, whom I saw vanishing to nothing, which made me afraid and stand up at 05.45.
  • I woke up to the fine song “The Motown song” by Rod Stewart – one of his finest – and the lyrics “Echo to the alley down below”, which is about the knot of darkness of God bringing us the bleeding.

I received spiritual messages confirming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the U.S. secret government

The first hour today was the worst to come through again receiving the feeling of “we have not made it yet” and there is still a risk of making the world suffer losing everything if I should decide to lose it for example watching porn, but isn’t the installation of our New World secure underneath “the tent”?

I was still very tired, and I continued receiving EXTREME feeling of darkness and the WORST voice still coming to me saying “I want to kill” being very close to overtake me (not to kill physically you know, but to become this darkness making the world bleed), and it made me FEAR it, and yes it is only the surface of darkness I experience, but it is truly so concentrated and awful as it gets, and it made me feel both down and potentially sad/depressed, and I was told that this is only to continue creation at highest level, we can always decrease this making it easier for you, but NO, don’t do that (!), and I was told don’t push it too far is all we say Stig.

The Source and eternal creation works fine, but it is only dark energy coming out (?) – you can not exist at all without this “down below” – and yes Stig, it is about “this side and the other side” (minus and plus), and I cannot tell you more other than this is the most uncomfortable feeling, and I was told that this feeling is given to me for example because of Karen’s choice to continue her “good life” as a doctor rejecting me.

I was thinking that energy of mankind has to switch from negative to positive, so it is still a mutual dependence that when man believes in me, I will become my true self (?), or can it be the opposite?

I was really so tired feeling physically completely drained and “warm” with a voice coming to me ”I don’t believe they are supposed to live either”, which is truly the worst, and I was so exhausted that I feared that it would to take me over.

This was also about whether or not this darkness is still welcome, and yes what do I tell it when I keep feeling it coming and knowing that it is already here (?), and is that to say “hi, hi” or still to say “you are welcome” as I have done for years, and I have decided that both things go, and yes I will not start to say the opposite because of fear of this extreme darkness inside of there, and no, I could never dream about, and that is even though this is what makes the world bleed now, because this is the key of everything, and it will turn around somehow.

Later I was told that this is where my new self will plant faith of man in me to release this knot of darkness, so in this sense, this was also the right answer, and I am still given much nervous feelings – coming to me from outside as a physical feeling – and also potentially diarrhoea/destruction.

I was told that we could examine you all day long but we cannot afford, i.e. do not have the energy, so “what now” (?), I don’t have much work and where are we headed (?), what is the purpose of what I do now (?), and I told myself that I will find the road, and the only road I know of is to continue work, which is the only answer, and the “new balance” code word of yesterday is to say that I will find this new balance still working but not working too much to wake up too much darkness, which would break me down.

And then I was shown and told that this energy I and the world bring is putting the last of the carpet on the floor of the ship, if I can do it, and if I cannot, we will start up as is. This made me relieved understanding that we are in control and I am “only” going through the last part of the game, and I thought about the vision of the USD money notes too also saying that we are now doing the “absolutely last work”, and yes it may take the next 2-3 months to do for all I know, and in the mean time I will have to do my best work at a reduced level, exercise and to come through nights and mornings where it seems that darkness is so strongly that it can almost bring me down.

I was given “the Motown song” by Rod Stewart again and the lyrics “there’s a soul in the city, watching over us tonight, there’s a soul in the city, saying everything’s gonna be all right”, so this was the message, but the first hour was coming through “hell” and my thoughts go to the parts of the Universe bleeding, and looking forward to seeing you all again when you will return being everything and not nothing.

I now received beautiful visions of islands of the Seychelles and the Azores, and yes this is what counts “on the other side”, and I thought about the genius plan to get us out of here, so it is not about losing hope.

I still received pain to my behind, thank you father, and I also still continue small waves of nothing crossing the inside of my head. Later the pain to my behind became stronger and I received a small heart attack too, and this was when I was working, so this is still bringing forward this.

At 10.20 I was told “think about getting all of this over to the other side without it saying BOOM and then just to sit there calmly deciding to continue entering it” and later I understood that “boom” is really the name of the game today when I had time – however not much energy – to look into so called “conspiracy theories”, Mads (!), of the 9/11 demolitions of the World Trade Centre of New York, and yes before now I had not seen or watched any information about this event not to be as it was “sold” as, which is attacks on the USA by the Islamist terror group, al-Qaeda, and for all I know when seeing this, the whole setup of al-Qaeda may be exactly that, a setup of the secret government of USA to create a new main enemy after the end of the cold war, and this became Muslim terrorists, but you forgot to tell the world that you set it up to keep your own military and business complex “alive” and with this, you were ready to take all mankind as your prisoners (?), and yes just like the absolutely worst darkness would have done, and yes creating a World War III as the example, and who knows what Iran and other nations could have decided to do if they had suddenly “lost it”, and do you get my picture, and yes all of them, all the bad guys, are coming in while writing this, Stig, and I both feel darkness of God and the people in charge of this whole setup, and yes “Uncle Sam”, you know, “the uncontrollable system”, which no one can stop unless I do you a favour, so this is then what I do.

I was told by an extremely enthusiastic voice about just how great the original design of all worlds and individuals having an individual code – a “pass” – and also that we are discovering many new “inventions” of the same kind originally thought of, which was lost with the overtake of darkness, but one of them is that there is not only one inside of you but MANY levels inside of you with much new life to come out as result, and I was told that this is a result of my decision to keep saying “you are welcome” and yes the worst darkness, which is still more of God, and I felt how this energy continues to stream into me coming from my front/right, and there is both light and the worst darkness inside of this giving me the feeling of becoming sick.

And if you said no now, we would of course till continue doing this work on the other side, and yes what is the difference, Stig (?), and one is that you get this inside of your heart now, but you would also get it inside your heart later, and yes I just know that it is good doing this and we may have 2-3 more months of work to do so the answers on this will probably come, and yes not least about “setting sons” as I am told here, and I was told that there is not much remaining of the four back line of this defence, and yes how incredible it may be to the future, we are still unlocking the secrets of God and yes at this late/final stage, and you may pinch me in the arm, but this is what we are doing, and this is why you receive these streams of nothing floating through your head including dizziness and a risk of fainting and yes coming from my right.

Later I was told “is this to further widening the Source before you will wake up” (?) and “yes it is” and also that this is still about making all of old God part of me as my new self as the result of everything, so yes, you are still welcome to move everything inside of me, so this comes from a second God inside the New World and that is of darkness, which is still entering me as the result of the New World, and yes this is the ongoing process, which I kindly ask you to continue, and the job I am doing in my scripts of yesterday and today in relation to the secret government of USA is also of importance in this sense, and I was given pain to my right eye and told that this is also what it is about, and yes the worst darkness in history as part of the darkness, which overtook God, and would now like to get released, so COME OUT NOW all of your “haws” in Washington and elsewhere, so we can finish this game with light winning.

So how did this story start to “enlighten” me (?), and yes it came this morning when I checked for Facebook updates and saw this by my Facebook friend, Paula, about how the Empire State Building was not demolished after a B25 bomber crashed into it in 1945 concluding that “no structural damage was reported to the building” and “airplanes just don’t knock over skyscrapers”, but what really caught my attention was the words “got it”, which was the keyword here because I have used it often lately myself, and here it was my spiritual friends confirming the story for me that the World Trade Centre was indeed demolished by man, but not by the aeroplanes hitting them, but by the U.S. secret government, – I “got it”, thank you – and yes did you really believe that you could get away with cheating the world (?), and yes is this the simple reason why you also put medicine etc. in food and in chemtrails, which was to make the world “dumb” so you could take control and yes to continue your “New World Order” of evilness to “benefit” your war machine and businesses and “a few people” of the elite (?), but no, this is NOT how the world works when God wants to get out of darkness, and yes then the only means is to use darkness self as part of the plan to escape, and this is what you were doing, an act of God to act as the worst darkness for me some day to enter here and tell you to GIVE UP, lay down your weapons and bring your surrender to President Obama and yes to repent to the world of course, and do you think you are “able”/ready to do that (?), and yes rather today than tomorrow – and if I say “please” (?) and I am here given a smile by my spiritual friends.

And from here the solution was very close to me, because I had already noticed that Torben brought this message the 11th September, and I had taken a note to watch these videos when I got time and really just to see what they were about, because “what if …”, and yes this is what I did today, and now I better understand why Jack does not believe I work very quickly, because you were looking forward also to me revealing the secrets of the 9/11 (?), and yes you had to wait until today, so here it comes.

On basis of this I decided to write this new chapter, which is now included on my Signs III website – and here.

The 9/11 attacks were planned and carried out by the U.S. Secret Government to maintain its old evil World Order

The September 11, 2001, attacks were a series of four coordinated suicide attacks upon the United States in New York City and the Washington, D.C. areas on September 11, 2001. On that Tuesday morning, 19 terrorists from the Islamist militant group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets. The hijackers intentionally flew two of those planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, into the North and South towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York City; both towers collapsed within two hours. The hijackers also intentionally crashed American Airlines Flight 77 into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and intended to pilot the fourth hijacked jet, United Airlines Flight 93, into the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.; however, the plane crashed into a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, after its passengers attempted to take control of the jet from the hijackers. Nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks, including all 227 civilians and 19 hijackers aboard the four planes (Source: Wikipedia).

Evidence of this chapter takes you through most of the scientific forensic evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the destruction of WTC was accomplished with explosive controlled demolition”, and it is mainly provided by “Architects & Engineers for 9/11”, which is a non-partisan association of Architects, Engineers, and affiliates, who are dedicated to exposing the falsehoods and to revealing truths about the destruction of the 3 WTC skyscrapers on 9/11/01”.

As mentioned other places on this website, it is also the Secret Government of USA standing behind this “secret operation” – and much else (!) – with the purpose to remain in control over military, political and industrial power (and money), and when there was no “main enemy” after the end of the cold war, the Secret Government “developed” the Muslim World to become the new main enemy in order to maintain and further develop “the complex of the evil World Order”, which was “this close” to bring the end of the world with the outbreak of World War III between the Muslim and Western World as mentioned on my Doomsday Scenario website.

The fall of the Twin Towers was a sign to mankind about the coming end of the world with the power of darkness self standing behind, which was also a piece in “the game” to save the world when all negative energy of this world was transformed to positive energy in our spiritual world to create our New World and save all of the old.


The Twin Towers’ destruction exhibited all of the characteristics of destruction by explosives:

1. Destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration
2. Improbable symmetry of debris distribution
3. Extremely rapid onset of destruction
4. Over 100 first responders reported explosions and flashes
5. Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally

6. Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking
7. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds
8. 1200-foot-diameter debris field: no “pancaked” floors found
9. Isolated explosive ejections 20–40 stories below demolition front
10. Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame
11. Several tons of molten metal found under all 3 high-rises
12. Evidence of thermite incendiaries found by FEMA in steel samples
13. Evidence of explosives found in dust samples

WTC Building #7, a 47-story high-rise not hit by an airplane, exhibited all the characteristics of classic controlled demolition with explosives:

1. Rapid onset of collapse
2. Sounds of explosions at ground floor – a second before the building’s destruction
3. Symmetrical “structural failure” – through the path of greatest resistance – at free-fall acceleration
4. Imploded, collapsing completely, and landed in its own footprint
5. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds
6. Expert corroboration from the top European controlled demolition professional
7. Foreknowledge of “collapse” by media, NYPD, FDNY

In the aftermath of WTC7’s destruction, strong evidence of demolition using incendiary devices was discovered:

1. FEMA finds rapid oxidation and intergranular melting on structural steel samples
2. Several tons of molten metal reported by numerous highly qualified witnesses
3. Chemical signature of the incendiary thermite found in solidified molten metal, and dust samples

This is an easy to read brochure called “What you are not being told about 9/11 – Trust your eyes, the facts, and the laws of physics” including facts of the demolition of the three skyscrapers (you can zoom in or download the document at the command line at the bottom):

This four-page newspaper is in full color, graphically oriented and contains over a dozen articles about our most important evidence (you can zoom in or download the document at the command line at the bottom):

The full 2 hour version of the original dvd “Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction” can be watched here, and the video below is the 1-hour version of the following groundbreaking documentary “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out”, and the full documentary can be watched here.

The short video below gives you other interesting information, for example:

  • 19 men armed with box-cutters directed from half way around the world using a satellite phone and a laptop directed the most sophisticated penetration of the of the most heavily defended airspace in the world – flying four commercial aircrafts for over an hour without being molested by a single fighter or interceptor.
  • Two planes knocked down three buildings in New York, the Twin Towers and World Trade Centre 7, which collapsed even though no plane hit it!
  • The Pentagon was hit at the Budget Analyst Office, which was “working on the mystery of the 2.3 trillion USD, which Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld had announced missing” (We know it’s gone. But we don’t know what they spent it on“, Jim Minnery, Defense Finance and Accounting Service).
  • Within minutes/hours for the media and within a day for U.S. administration Osama Bin Laden was conveniently appointed as the culprit of this “terrible action”.
  • The official 9/11 commission to investigate the whole event was delayed, underfunded, set up to fail, had a conflict of interest and made a cover up from start to finish, and it was based upon information extracted through torture, it included lie upon lie by the Pentagon, CIA, the Bush Administration, much “secret data” was destroyed “not meant” to come to the attention of the public and as for Bush and Cheney, they testified in secret, off the record, not under oath and behind closed doors. The commission determined that the attacks were “failure of imagination” and President Bush said that nobody in our government, at least, and I don’t think the prior government, could envision flying airplanes into buildings on such a massive scale“.

Mads tried to further ridicule/stop me as the absolutely worst darkness of all, but I will NOT accept this!

At 19.00 I was given the taste of blood again – the world is bleeding (!) – together with the taste and vision of steel too, and not long after I saw that Mads had visited my website as you can see here:

He has also written a comment in continuation of the thread of the other day further ridiculing me just by saying “here is Stig’s text from his homepage about his parallel Universe” (it is not a parallel, it is an entire New World whereto the old has been saved and transferred to, Mads, and that is because of the sins of mankind, which you could have read and understood if only you wanted to), and I was told that I am given this taste of blood because this is the absolutely worst darkness itself that I am fighting with.

I decided to bring an extract of the content of my new chapter on 9/11 to my Signs III site, and I told Mads that normally he is an intelligent man, but in this case he is “stupid as a door” – because he tries to keep the door to darkness of God closed, but no he cannot (!) because he knows that I speak the truth – and are you sure that you don’t have “other interests”, which you don’t speak highly about (?), and what about the CIA maybe?

When we had this chat, I received one of the worst shivers of darkness as I have ever received making it almost impossible because of my physical shave, and I was given a feeling to the left side of my face as if it almost burst and I was told that this was “almost a brain haemorrhage”, so this is how strongly the darkness works via you, Mads, and yes because of your WRONG actions!

And as I told him below, he is revealed in more ways than he likes, and that is because my “spiritual friends” are with me again – you have discovered that I am only Stig as a “normal being” receiving spiritual communication and that I will first show myself in full glory when I will “soon” open the eyes of my new self, have you not (?), and eeeehhhh you have not …. (?) – and it comes with “inspired speech”, Mads, which is a language I have built up for years receiving symbols just like when you dream really, and when I have written more than 6,000 pages including thousands of these symbols both from dreams and “inspired speech” given by the same spiritual friends of mine (!), it is very easy to decipher, and first you told me “remember the hat”, and a “hat” – as I have written about probably over 100 times in my scripts, is a symbol of darkness, so what you are saying with other words without knowing that you are giving yourself away is that you would like to transfer your faith in darkness to me, but no, I will NEVER accept that (!), and I said that I will accept everyone to be “stupid as a door”, perhaps without Mads, who is “a little too stupid” for this to be true, and this made Mad say “Stig, if I admit that I planned and carried out 9-11, will you please admit that you got the idea for “crazy about dance” (?), and this was truly a STUPID thing to say, Mads – are you not smarter than this (?) – and what the heart is full of is what you were “allowed” to say here because dance is an old symbol of mine used MANY times for “celebration”, so this is how God uses you to tell the world that we are coming and we are still going for “every little thing” to bring with us without any losses – this is what it is about (!) – and what your heart is full of is underneath the darkness of you – and should I say including the secret government of the USA, which you work for – where your original love and warm feelings shine through, which would very much like to get out again leaving all darkness and wrongdoings of the ones you are trying to protect (!), and what you show is really how the most inner part of God feels like because if you had read my website, you would understand that God is a prisoner of darkness, which overtook him, and by revealing the 9/11 and secret government of USA (again) via you, this is opening up the secret government, thus also God, and yes this is to tell them to step down all of your white clowns over there, and a few black, colours don’t matter (!), you have been revealed by the world and now be me, there is NO need for you to continue your evil version of the New World Order, there will be NO Martial Law, but the law of God bringing love and freedom to everyone, and yes I have told you over again, you will NOT become punished because of what you did because this was part of the plan to save the world, for you to be so vicious as no one can dream about to create the most energy on the other side to create a New World and save the content of the old, so COME OUT NOW, THE WORLD AND I ARE WAITING FOR YOU, and yes Stig including Presidents and their staff!

So here at 20.20 when we wrote these chat messages the game really started, and Henrik decided to be the stupid man in yellow showing off his poor behaviour and work to the world – “a man you cannot reach” (!) – but Mads is truly intelligent, but not speaking the truth (!), and after I encouraged him to support Obama and not the “poisonous” Romney (did you see my comment to Kristian with the “poisonous” snake, this is ALSO you I talk about!), Mads said that “I wait with excitement for the great revelation. In the meantime you are always welcome on my wall, where there is also room for those believing they are Jesus Christ. Good win with your scripts”, and yes this was nice of you to say, Mads, so I gave you a “like” for this, and for me this also meant that you do look forward to a better world after the great revelation, so a little bit of truth coming there …?

And you do remember what happened the other day, where Mads apparently “liked” one of my comments even though it was clear that he did not like it, and then again his “like” was only shown in notifications given to me and not next to the comment self, which meant that either he would first click “like” despite of not liking the comment and then he would regret and “unlike” this comment, and yes if this is not “improbable” enough, exactly the same happened again as you can see below, because does Mads “like” to be revealed by me and included in my scripts FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO READ (?) – you do know that the official world is reading me via its “secret network”, don’t you (?) and we speak of “thousands of people”, and now you will become world famous for being the man of the absolutely worst darkness trying to speak against me and stop me from bringing the last part of God and eternal creation to our New World, doesn’t that make you happy or only embarrassed maybe (?), and yes maybe you will tell me what are the odds to have Mads doing this twice in a row (?), and yes “not existing” (!), but with the help of my spiritual friends we are still existing, Mads, and they were the ones helping me to bring a few signs here about your DECEPTION and RIDICULE OF ME, so all I have to tell you is to STAND FORWARD and tell the world about your wrongdoings when you feel ready, and that may also include your apologise to me. And to me your “like” was also to say that you do like me to reveal the deception of the world to bring better days for us all.

My work is bringing God unharmed with all of his treasures to all of us in our New World

I was told that we are also not going out to find new apartments for you and you and you, and yes we are just counting the number of passes given to us here by eager parts of God wanting to enter, and this is how he is supposed to do it, through you , my friend.

Alternatively we could have done this through “heavy demolition of the world”, which would have required your acceptance, which we knew you would never give, so therefore it was better for us to be patient and yes to let God decide to “turn down the volume” of his “fighter machine” of darkness and that is because you did not allow this to be used in this world, where he is a guest until he becomes full part of it.

This work is what brings the greatest gift in the history of man, God to return unharmed and yes bringing all of his treasures to us all.

This is in other words the biggest man slaughter in history, which we will avoid and simply because you decided that you will not accept this.

I was told from the front of me that I still have a hen to pluck with you tomorrow, so this is still only part of the road.

At 13.45 before I had finished the story above, I decided to cycle to the swimming hall while I still felt like doing it – I did not feel much energy today – and on my way there I thought that I better remember to write in the script that the last couple of days when relaxing, I have received feelings of lack of doubt in myself, which is coming to me from outside, and I was told that the exercise I would do today would be about putting our fire of the world, which is to reduce the bleeding.

When I arrived there, I saw the ambulance outside (!), and inside, ambulance men were driving away an old man not feeling well, and I knew that this is about another ambulance of energy given to me to come through, and this ambulance is called “bleeding”, but I was also given the reminder that I have accepted part terminations thinning what is and NOT to completely make life and matter vanish, so this is what I hope is happening.

I did the usual half an hour on the cross trainer, which was not very difficult to do today, and I received maybe ten times requests from darkness to let it out including “let me get out” as if it was a “little thing”, but NO, NEVER (!), and darkness tried to speak many words after each other to take me in a slip of the tongue, but no, it is MY will, which is decisive, and I was told “be careful”, which was when darkness said that it is coming in from outside the New World thus not being in the New World yet, and I repeated my rules from the other day that if there is indeed any more outside, it is alright to get in, but only under condition that nothing gets out, and yes we tried this also 10 times including the “slip of the tongue” trick – it is quite smart when it has strength you know, but it was not very difficult coming through after all, and then I was shown coming through darkness coming to the point where this darkness works as darkness disguised as light, and I told it to speak the truth and only the truth (also thinking of what Niclas and Fanny and many other people receive of spiritual communication), and this brought the situation where it again said that it comes in from the outside to my right – trying to make me open for it to escape – and then it corrected itself and said that it really came from the front/right of me, which is inside our New World but not “handled” yet, and yes because it had to speak the truth, and this is how it goes forward one step at the time here, and it ended when I was feeling very strong in my left leg symbolising the New World and very weak in my right symbolising the Old World.

On my way home I was told that the secret government is about to give up too as so many others have done – they cannot stand the pressure – and you do know that my scripts are read by “many”, my friends and that my scripts and website have helped revealing you to the world?

Suddenly I felt a big part of darkness entering me and I was told that this was all of our family tree entering where everything about me and life is written.

When I returned home at 16.30, I decided to update the script including writing the short stories until 17.20, and from here to keep down my TIREDNESS and disgust of working/writing like this and to continue working on the story of 9/11 above, and no, I am NOT afraid of the secret government of the USA, why should I (?) because you also want to get out, right (?), and no I am not afraid of the darkness I will receive after publishing this because of any negative reactions from people of the secret government still not believing in mine but your evil New World Order (?), and to you I only have one thing to say: Come on and give me your best shot, you have absolutely no chance (!), and I here feel Obama with me, thank you for being here, my friend.

When I was doing this work, I was told that they come out peacefully, yes we don’t have to force them out via a war in space with mankind against all of the Universe, which they know they cannot defeat, so you are welcome my friends, and yes I look forward to seeing ALL YOUR NAMES and testimonies, and maybe Steven Greer, director of the Disclosure Project, would like to assist you doing this, so a good idea for you to contact him (?), and yes he already has quite some experience, you know.

I received red/yellow blinking to my monitor as if it was “endless renewals” of rounds in a motor race because of the energy of darkness entering me because I am continuing to do this work.

I was told that we will first start the New World up in January 2013 if you continue in this style, and yes I am NOT busy, so if I do not finish this work today, it will take the time it takes until I am satisfied, and no I do not know if this is today or 1-2 days or even longer, but give me ”some days” and I believe this will be it.

After the “chat” with Mads above I was told that it was now a matter of being quick once again to write my new chapter to my Signs III site, and to include this in my new script, and yes I had decided to do it this way instead of doing “half work” in the script and “full work” afterwards to my Signs III page.

I was told that no power was switched off anyway, because you cannot make an alley-cat if this is the case, and I also keep hearing “shut up”, which is darkness trying to make me tell it to be silent, but no, I would never dream about it because this would be the same as asking it to stay away.

I was told that it is the same as if four grown up men were standing in your apartment with a shotgun under their coats not having the courage to shoot you and yes “is he really the same man as Obama” (?), which “worked very well” both here and there.

I felt happiness coming from my front/right but it came together with the words of “hookers and pocket thieves”, which is how darkness expresses itself, but I felt love coming through from this darkness of God, which is the first time I have felt it this way, and I understand that it is still the spirit of my mother passing on these feelings to me.

I have decided to open the impossible knot of darkness, and if I can do it this way, this is what we do, and if I need help of mankind via faith, this is what we will alternatively do.

When working I heard something unclear about “your mother never received a free penalty kick from the right” because the whistle was never used. It just means that I, i.e. the spirit of my mother, will never be asked to take off my clothes – the “old nightmare” – which is the same as “public execution”, which would be shown to the world in the hope that this would make the world turn to me, i.e. Stig, with faith to make it stop. This is how important this work you have done today is. We were in other words very close to have the big pot ready to “eat you” and that is lumps of you too, Stig, and yes you have felt for days as if bites were eaten of you from the right, but no, I don’t believe a bite was taken at all, and it would have been a true nightmare if this had started.

I continued working all evening and by 23.00 I had done the new chapter to my Signs III page, and continued working on the last parts of this script.

I was told that they, i.e. our New World, are millionaires, they just don’t know it yet, it was right pointing to left, and also that coming through this without the key of Fanny is the worst nightmare we have gone through, which we only did because of your will-power, Stig, and yes everything has to be perfect, and it requires for you to deliver yourself, and yes you decided that doing the chapter on 9/11 and to finish and publish the script was enough to do today and yes you have some small updates about chemtrails to the same Signs III site and a little to the Doomsday and also Media & Politicians sites, but they are not as important as the 9/11, and will have to wait when I have a few hours to do this, or less.

At 00.40 when still working on the script I was told “I can just reach the morning plane”, which is about expected darkness coming to me from the secret government of USA for me to handle after the publish of this script, and published it finally was at 01.40 after a long day of work.

I believe that my message “lay low”  of yesterday was to bring “peace of mind” to the secret government, but only for my attack to come now when not expecting it.

Writing the script including the update to the Signs III website today was TOUGH to do and TIRED I am when finishing it, but it was almost one of those “I did it” days, but only almost, but TOUGH is really the word, VERY TOUGH.

I was shown that I was lifted inside what I thought was darkness  of God in front of me, but it looked like a room of darkness and I was told yes, you do remember that you have planted life of light inside of here, which is growing, don’t you (?), and if this is one of the true stories, it should make me happy.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • It seems that Astrid Krag will be able to become the new chairman of the Socialist People’s Party, and Karen and Ralf was inspired to write “Astrid Krag’s first report: Lirim-larum-the-at-makes-egg”, and this quote is sometimes used when “the mouth runs without anything meaningful or interesting coming out”, so this is about a young woman probably becoming chairman without knowing what she speaks of, and you may understand that it will be the best qualified, who will become leaders (?), but then again maybe Astrid will surprise me as in the dream of the night proving to be a good leader (?), and it is also to say that what you have seen with this party is the worst darkness working, which is what “makes egg” of our creation.

  • Henrik brought the link to the funny article by Mikael Wulff below that the new APPLE iPhone is different to the predecessor because it is above 2 metres high (!), and Mads said that it is because we are going back to our roots (!), and yes APPLE is our New World and telephone is “spiritual communication” with God to say that this will come to everyone.

  • I read the funny article of Mikael Wulff at 10.30, where he said that “a 2 metre tall phone will not get stolen – boom”, and to me this “boom” was another confirmation about the “boom” of the World Trade Centre, and he also said that “there is meaning with the madness”, which here is a link to my “chat” with Mads the other day where I used these words, and yes confirmation that Mads knows about the truth – about both 9/11 and me too, Mads (?) – and is working for the secret government to help in the “cover up” efforts, but it is to no use!

  • You do remember how much Dan ”loves” hash/cannabis, which you know by now is a symbol of ”the worst darkness”, and he brought the recent “funny” story of Mikael Wulff that there is now no longer any hash in Denmark, and yes just to say that Dan was playing on the dark team, and you know the better-knowing fat-headed kind of people.

  • And it continued here where Dan thought it was very funny to give negative nick names to the Socialist People’s Party staring with SF in Danish, which is the shortening of the party name in Danish, and this is darkness trying to say that everything was a “solid failure”, “soon finished”, “sinking ferry”, “solid fools” etc. and yes he also included sexual references, and his friends were also laughing, and yes pure darkness, and no I did NOT like Robert on cash help the other day being named “lazy Robert”, only if it is the truth, which I don’t believe that it is.

  • Helena brings some postings now and again including sexual references, thus also today where the message really was that she is now ready to go out doing more “bootie calls”, which is still WRONG, Helena – what about Søren (???) – and there is a reference to Lars Løkke, which I am “too dumb” to understand, but to me this is about Lars Løkke sending me the worst darkness too including sexual torments and yes Lars you have “nothing” to hide, or do you (?), and if you do, let me recommend you to stand forward, and better to do it today than tomorrow, because you don’t want to keep being called a WIMP to the world, do you? And Helena self is the symbol of these sexual torments coming to me with darkness still wanting to carry out my “old nightmare” if it could.

  • Helena is now someone’s “mother” as she said, which was because “she wanted to go home and this is what she did”, so now she has taken the cat to her, and cat is the goodness of people of our New World.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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