September 15, 2012: Starting production of new light/life of the Source making today Christmas Day of my new self


Summary of the script today

14th September: Old God did an impossible jump from darkness to my new self uniting two kings inside our New World

  • I had a new night of extreme torture because of the worst tiredness combined with negative/sexual torments/speech, where we had to completely clean “the desert” inside darkness before we would receive a new aeroplane, and at 06.00 I could not keep awake even though I had not yet received this aeroplane, The spirit of my mother sent a love declaration to the spirit of my father inside darkness – “You’re beautiful In every single way” – and “this is the fight I have been looking forward to the most, the final fight to get free from darkness”, and later this aeroplane prepared to do its “impossible jump”, which was “the bull” of God self – the original creator or all following “cows” as parts of him – jumping from inside of nothing of our New World to the last empty place inside of my new self of the New World, which made me nervous thinking of how difficult the “impossible jump” of 2010 to the Source was, but he did it, and immediately thereafter I felt him now inside of my new self walking around. The kings have united, Old God now feels free and is inside of my new self as the new God. And Old God brought the button to start our New World as he has started every single New World for “almost an eternity” inside darkness (or “open” it fully up). Old God could not break out of this prison of darkness, it was too strong, and it is first now that we succeeded when bringing all energy of all creation for almost an eternity.
  • I was shown and told that the person walking down from the balcony was green, thus being the Trinity for the first time in “almost an eternity” gathered again, and I was told and shown how first my mother entered the Source there and I, i.e. my father, there, and you tomorrow, Stig (when exercising), if you cannot bring energy now, which would be the best, and yes “see you” as I was told, and I was also told that it would be the best to finish and publish the script today, which was really totally “impossible” for me to do because it was now almost 21.00 and I was on my way to bed being lower than I can remember being before, however now with much less stress and pressure.
  • Short stories of darkness this morning still trying to block me out, I will be able to sleep normally as my new self, my Scribd profile still “behaves” strangely, we are celebrating coming through the worst part of the journey but it was done without the Universe bleeding, ignorance and carelessness made the world bleed, Allan Simonsen’s goal in the European Cup Final of 1977 symbolises the greatest goal of all, which we scored today liberating “the bull of God”, more symbols of the world bleeding and life lost (?) to bring me energy bringing Old God through – can we resurrect this life now from where we are (?), my sister’s friend Eva also brought me sexual torments of darkness, the spirit of my mother welcomed home the bull of God with flowers of love, I am continuing my fight against darkness, Dr. Evil is working inside of Helena and I am VERY sad to see how Muslims all over the world have “lost it” because of the anti-Muslim film.

15th September: Starting production of new light/life of the Source making today Christmas Day of my new self

  • Dreaming of darkness continuing to this day to produce new darkness/sufferings, showing the world the road to our New World, meeting the four back chain of darkness still wanting darkness to expand, saving more life and rejecting my “old nightmare” until the end, we did incredible creation bringing much energy to do so and I am still working inside darkness to setup the Source of light.
  • We continued today to prepare to “spin it again”, which was to start our new Source of light/energy, which will make the world “play the game of love”, and after the spirit of my mother entered the installation of the Source yesterday, the spirit of my father did the same today continuing preparations to start it up, which will change the darkness/negativity he sends to me and the world to light/positivity. Now we only lack me as the Son to make the Source complete and I felt that the spirits of my mother and father have now prepared everything for me, and I continued cutting through the last darkness before I will arrive bringing all of the New World with me and connect it directly with the Source to bring an eternity of light/energy, new life and development to all. And all of this is helped by strong sacrifices of the world.
  • I visited my mother and John again this evening, where I was first told with great sadness that we have lost life, which will never be resurrected, but when I refused to believing in it, it made darkness “break down” herewith also opening to this layer, which God inside of me now will “pull out” using new sufferings of mine to reach, so the game continues where I accept to receive more darkness/sufferings to save 100%.
  • I was told that all the good, which now comes to you automatically – positive speech and feelings – is because we have started the production of new light/life of the Source, and I was told that if there ever is one day, which is Christmas Day, it is today, this is the start of my new self and our New World with the Trinity starting up the Source.
  • Short stories of 500 tons of bales of straw burning symbolising the bleeding of the world, the world did everything when sacrificing to change everything around from darkness to light, it is pure senselessness and “idiocy” when callous Muslims show hate/revolt (compared to the challenges of the world), the “poisonous snake” of the media treats deception “with worship and respect” and the truth with “the kick in the crutch”, the birth of my new self brings “new selves” of light for everyone, Margrethe Auken admitted on behalf of the political world that “of course we are also better-knowing, unbearable and self-satisfied, this is how it is”,  scoring the finest goal is what brings love/warm feelings and our celebrations, the day when Muslims will give a forbearing smile to drawings, jokes and films on Muhammad will come “very soon”, My old colleague Per H. S. said that “angriness, evilness and hate therefore no longer has any future” and “love has won, and it is solely love, which can build bridge between people”, I wrote a long comment to Naser and the secret government of USA asking them to stand forward putting the FULL truth on the table of their “interests” and wrong doings, God is back as “the one and only” to remove all sicknesses and negativity of darkness, the world would have terminated if it was up to people like “Union-Dennis”, and Helena brought a “link” to Michael Hardinger and my mother because they are “related”.


14th September: Old God did an impossible jump from darkness to my new self uniting two kings inside our New World

Old God did an impossible jump from darkness to my new self uniting two kings inside our New World

After publishing the script “yesterday” it was now time to “kill time”, and I was truly already more than tired emptied for energy.

I was told something about “water ants” (!) and the answer “what do I care” was given to me as one example of continued speech given to me together with answers of the same kind, which I had to reject every single time in order not to stop the continuous transfer from a place inside our New World as “nothing” to me as “everything”, and yes I am on the front edge of events happing late this morning a couple of hours before this is written at 13.50 thinking that I have to write the script also today despite of lack of sleep and energy, but this is still 1st priority, so this is why I try my best to overcome

I continued receiving sexual speech and a series of maybe 6-8 small heart attacks.

I was told that there is a clothes-dryer cheaply for sale, we would like to get out of here, Stig, and I feel more strongly the rest inside of there almost coming to me, but no not yet because there are more games to be played.

I don’t have familiar wings, is it only me you are waiting for” (?), yes everything!

At 04.20 I was told that I will just have to catch the plane, and then you can go to sleep, alright, and I was so tired hoping that I would make it until this time came.

I continued receiving strong sexual references – about my “old nightmare” – including songs like “I wish I was your lover”, which was played for me over and over again, which was truly not comfortable.

Already yesterday I thought about trying to stay awake until 03.00 or 05.00 at the longest and also to see how much darkness would come at me – the more, the longer to stay up – and here I was asked to give more time, which I really cannot because here after 04.30 I was coming to my extreme edge, where I was so tired that I became physically impatient all over and could not be anywhere, which is the strongest tired sign I know of really, but I decided to give as much as I could so I continued staying up a little longer.

I was told that there has to be completely cleaned inside here in the desert before we can declare that you have won this too.

This means that you can now yourself negotiate your dismissal fee”. It also has to do with son mother to never have to meet a late night becoming lovers.

I was on my extreme edge and felt darkness speaking and working inside of me, which is what I still work on to release, and I was in such a pain, which made darkness try to make me say – only a few one-liners of much speech given to me – “don’t ever do that to me again” because of the strength of the pain, but no, I have to go against this too because this is still to stop receiving life inside darkness, which you know that I will NEVER do.

I was given the word “HK” and told that Falck has not forgotten how someone like me – showing “good work/attitude” – could come to them and then he was a fool (!), and then I was given a great pain to my right heel because of the pain they go through because of my Falck memo.

I was told something about when coming to the end of the new light/life, this is the end and from here we will clean up, or what?

And a few minutes afterwards I was told that this was the attempt of darkness of God to eat me, wasn’t it (?), and I became in doubt whether this was new light/life or darkness disguised as light.

I have often said and received speech that it is going to become a fantastic life and here darkness continued saying “without you”, and I decided not to be afraid – was I “eating” darkness of God from the inside or was this darkness “eating” me, so I was about to become “nothing” or that was parts of me at least, and I decided that I did not want to become scared because this is Old God becoming part of me as the result of creation and New God, and I said that I want to get out of there, and not long thereafter I was told that I was out, but later I was told “what if we were installing something inside of there”, and then I knew that I had crossed the line when taking a decision I did not know anything about, so therefore I gave light free hands to do what is best and that may be to be inside of there if this is what is needed.

I was between sleep and awake when I was shown that my dog was dying, I felt that it was with my sister and that it jumped up on me in ecstasy/joy with and it walked and I walked after with the feeling I follow you.

At 06.00 I had not been told about the aeroplane coming, but I had the worst shivers – of darkness – and could not stay up any longer hoping and thinking that the world will cover the need of energy if required (and later in the morning I thanked the world for helping to bring energy when I could not), and I was asked if I could be kept awake if needed, and I don’t believe that I gave a clear answer on that, but I received “no woman, no cry” by Bob Marley, which of course is one of his very great and legendary songs and here of course with the message that “everything’s gonna be alright” despite of the sufferings I was also going through this night, and yes not nice to be on your edge and still receiving negative and sexual torments on top.

I also received “I only wanna be with you” by Dusty Springfield, which I understood as God inside darkness only wanting to be with me, and I was shown how General Eisenhower was almost coming out in his horse carriage to bring liberation, but not quite yet.

I had great trouble receiving sleep, but I do believe I received some before I stood up again at 09.30 where I was still so tired that I continued killing time.

I was told about God inside my right eye annoying me and now that there is not long anymore.

I received the incredible beautiful song “beautiful” by Christina Aguilera, which to me since the first time I heard it truly has been “outstanding”, and I felt and was told that this song is from the spirit of my mother to the spirit of my father inside darkness with the lyrics “You’re beautiful In every single way” and also “words cannot bring me down”, and I received this song and lyrics over and over again.

I was told “When we sat new lamps up, we had not even started fishing yet” (in 2011), which was explanation given to God awakening. And then there was one package of marzipan after the other to get here – and I feel another package, which God brought with him inside darkness, and yes to keep on and on and on without breaking down to darkness.

I was told that this is the fight I have been looking forward to the most, the final fight to get free from darkness, which I felt is what is coming now. To get my head with me, this is the best way I can tell it, because I still feel that if I should rise up, it will be as a circus tent.

I was told that you have no idea how important it is the decision, which will follow your work on 9/11 yesterday, which I understood is about the retreat of the secret government.

I felt myself at the West Coast of Jutland and was told that there will come a gale from North-West, and then we are home.

I was told that the aeroplane you know, it did not fly entirely by us, this is what we are now continuing working on. This is what we call the last storm, and it will not be nice too.

I was told that my mother could take much bleeding/my “old nightmare” and she was asked were you not afraid to bleed (?), and I received the feeling that it was up to me to decide, and no I will NEVER accept my “old nightmare” to be carried out, so how much or little did the world bleed when it came to the point (?), and can it bleed to provide energy when there is none remaining (?) and that is even if I don’t accept my “old nightmare” (?), and I understand that it can and has.

I was asked how is the parking space on the Town Hall Square in Copenhagen and yes everything is full but there might be place for one more car, and that is unless you have a completely new archive system, because Stig believe it or not, we have run out of space, and need to invent something new, do you think you can do this too (?), and yes thanks to the energy of darkness provided by Mads & Co., which is strong enough also to bring this layer now.

I was told that it is good that we are not 15 anymore and have to stamp in after midnight, which I did not understand what was about.

I was told that we are not ready for that jump, Stig, and yes one more of those jumps (as in the summer of 2010 when doing the impossible jump to the Source), which can go very wrong if you have not planned it for many years, and yes yes yes it makes you cold sweat just thinking of it, and alright we will not make a big fuss about it, but just do it, and are you ready, and eeehhh where did you go, and yes there was a train blocking us, this is what you did when you tried to sleep, but if you now do more exercise today and do not take a long bath, we are sure we can do it, and I could only tell the truth, which is that I cannot do this now, my friends.

Not long before lunch I was told that there are no more sick cows inside there anymore, only me. And yes the voice comes from the left so it is still the spirit of my mother speaking but about what is inside God. So now we are ready for the final exam without chocolate, and yes that was it, the final jump, which I was shown from my top/right to my down/left and immediately I feel him quickly walking around the back of me to the other side to see that this is here I came from and here I jumped to, and yes this is what we had to do using the strong energy of darkness to get me out of there and in here and yes Stig, it was not easy, we tell you also when you “could not” keep it going, but now it is done, and what is up there now (?) and yes only an empty sack of darkness, which we will convert to light as everything else, alright I will carry it with me as he says, and yes this was the end of the beginning for me to become you, and I repeat not the easiest I/we have done.

And I heard and was told that this why we picked this beautiful song by Christina Aguilera, because it was the love of the spirit of my mother to my father, which made me do this jump, and yes I just did it, and I heard something about if not making it “maybe catastrophic consequences, Stig” (?) and yes are you afraid, and yes, I am at least sweating much in my hands when writing this at 11.50, and later when writing all of the script of today coming here again, and yes how do you do my dear “secret government”, and should I say “previous secret government” because when will you stand forward revealing yourself (?), and yes first when I become my new self, you say (?), and alright we will see what we can do about that, and yes “not easy” at all, my friend.

I have MANY times received the words “had I known how extremely difficult/painful this is, I would never have done it”, also here, but every time I say “no, I would have done exactly the same again” and maybe I would do something a little better and other things a little poorer but I could NOT do any better than I did.

I was told that there are now no “sexual tools” to carry out my “old nightmare”, thus making the world bleed, and I received heart pain going through this jump, which lasted for maybe 10-15 minutes afterwards.

So now the kings are united, which the kings will not become smaller of, and I continued again and again receiving the lyrics “words cannot bring me down”, which is as true as it gets.

I was told that what we cannot equip the ship with now is not worth mentioning, because it is from here that everything was invented. What a party we will have also with you instead of rain. This is what “toy” is about, which is a word I have received many times the last couple of days but not much got into the script.

I was told that I could not turn apple slices inside there (act as God of light), it was too hot. So it was not with my good will that you liberated me, but that was not me, that was “nothing” having control over me, because its power was much stronger than mine, and yes this is how much power/light it took for us to generate through almost an eternity of creations to come back here and get me out. I cannot thank you enough.

This also means that nothing can now explode in space like the sound of a cork opening and then “vanish”.

I was shown a nose ring of a bull and told that this was the bull self, all others were cows.

I was told “life annuity” – receiving income – which I understood as explanations to life of today, and I heard the answer that I was not even born there, you will have to imagine that I have not seen development of life since I was “this little”, and yes there may be many surprises and shocks for you, but we are returning to your recipe of original life.

I was told that the sell-by date is or is not expired – I received both words as part of the game to still make me nervous because could life have terminated for always (?) – and also that you could not have created life (New World’s) if I had not survived inside of there, but you know it. Yes we know it does not come as a pleasant surprise to know that nothing could have terminated life altogether if it got into “my head”, but it could not because my head is made by the “positive being” of God from outside, and yes they (i.e. darkness of cells of sleeping life) never figured out how I could keep coming back inside of here, and yes via every new creation which was blessed by me.

And yes Stig, every New World after darkness took us over was created by the spirit of my mother and son, but also me inside as the “missing link”, which you needed to have.

This is like the best Olsen Gang movies, to break out of prison and why did the leader, the genius Egon, never break out (?), and yes because he could not, so what you did was the only way to liberate me and that was to break in using all energy/light ever created, and yes Stig, this is what was at risk going through this final test, or was it (?), and yes just thinking of it at this late stage makes me very nervous, but I do hope that it is so that our New World was save, but what was then used to bring out Old God?

I was shown the inside of a trunk of a tree, which was overtaken by darkness and told that you would not be able to start a New World without me pushing the button inside of here, so this is really where the button is, and yes Stig, this will become light too, and this follows the new creation that everything will become light, so will you please hand over the keys of this from darkness to light.

I was given new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and at lunch I was told that we will bring the keys from the tree, thank you, and also that we here and God inside of darkness would have been devastated if we did not bring the bull self, and the bull is what has to be the most inner part of God, the original creator, and everything else I have met until now are “cows” as part of the original creator.

Every single day I have felt more darkness coming to me, and in my apartment it has on a daily basis been given to me as a feeling of it being outside my head door, and every time I have come near the door, I have felt the darkness on the other side making me say “you are welcome”, and for the first time ever, I now went close to the door and said “you are welcome” as I am used to, but I received the reply that we are not there anymore, Stig, we are now inside of you, and I felt Old God now inside of me. The bull has returned to his new home as part of our New World inside of me. I was told that what we did the last week/days was to bring everything of God inside our New World, which included much “nothing”, which could have – and have – made the world bleed, and the more I could do, the less the world would bleed.

When I started writing the script of today, I was shown how the keys from the tree was being pulled in by Old God via a rope and I was told by him inside of me that it is now very easy to do this and yes piece of cake really.

I heard “is that him who is going to sit next to me, I don’t want that”, which I could only say WRONG to.

There is now no car of darkness and no trunk, it is gone, I see it dissolving, and yes I FEEL FREE, Stig, for the first time in an unusual long time.

I was told that darkness had all golf balls of “almost an eternity of worlds” stored inside the mouse hole, and you had nothing when starting your journey (we were “nothing” in the summer of 2010), and yes you emptied all of this and brought me out too, this is also how to tell it.

Am I now only light, or did I bring darkness with me inside your new self (?), and what do you believe, Stig (?), and yes there is still darkness inside here because I am still suffering and feeling darkness as potential pain, so it will take more to remove everything, but we have opened enough of the knot of darkness to make it enter me as my new self, and I can only continue the game using the same rules, which is that I will NEVER accept darkness – and I keep hearing about “time/watch”, so what time is it now (?), and yes do we still have “good time”, and yes you have plenty of time, so if there is more for you to improve, please feel free to do so.

You could also decide to stop here, Stig, and no, I am not a man stopping when there is more to do, and I am sure that you have more work, which is equally or even more difficult/impossible to do (?) even though I have absolutely on imagination about what I may be about, but let’s hang on, and continue, Frankie & Co.

Later I heard eeehh, haven’t we pulled down the clothes-dryer yet (?), and no, not when there is darkness, we have not, and yes this is the simple answer still working.

I was told that we are not only flower-children’s children, we are everything else too, and that was the spirits of my mother and father.

I continued working with the script so far until 17.00, which was truly not easy to do being this tired as I still am or exhausted is now a better word, but better do it today than tomorrow, so I decided to pull myself together.

I heard something about a hunt on gifts and also “we have no idea to put on yet, Stig”, which is because I have decided to continue the game to chase darkness and bring out more life if we can find it.

And yes, we are still back in time, and now before the Devil put on his shoes, and what do we find here, yes there is the baker, and he is here – inside of me to my left – and there is the horseshoe man and thatcher, did you get this (?); and yes feel her too, and everyone is here but it is like something is missing and what can that be, and yes an extra button to my coat is here too, and yes tools to create new/resurrect, and now I know, I did not bring the drawings about myself, eeehhh yes I did, the family tree, you know, so what can it be, Stig, and yes you don’t know, so let us see what happens …

I was shown “kind darkness” bringing over a guitar case saying that we can play on it again, and we only have to ask.

I entered the Source with my mother and father to start the heart of our New World and end all misery

I was told that darkness disguised as light were where we decided to come out from, which is the least concentrated darkness, and I understood that this also means that the worst darkness is still inside and now inside my new self. And it made me think that I will not become my new self yet because then I would lose this darkness (?), which still requires faith of the world in me first before it will become light (?) and before I will decide to wake up, is this it? And it also made me fear somewhat that I will suffer even more than I have done, which I cannot, and a little bit later I was told that we are now back at showing a low profile not awakening this darkness as negativity to make me suffer too much, and now that it is inside of me, it should be possible?

I was told a ship around me, I am inside the ship and look at dark walls but also that gold, i.e. energy, on the other side almost press through the walls.

I was shown the Danish Royal family in a very long dark horse carriage including generation after generation with darkness of Prince Henrik, Queen Ingrid (Queen Margrethe’s last mother) and I was told that when going back in this family, it will reach Jesus and that I am myself originating from this family line.

I was shown my heart from the inside and was told that we were inside of there, and I felt that at the most inner self of me is now light but there is still a coat around it, which is darkness.

I had absolutely no energy to prepare dinner, and after dinner it was truly impossible for me just to rise and wash up, which has never happened before during my journey. I was completely destroyed because of tiredness/exhaustion.

I started receiving a great pressure of pain to my breast, which lasted maybe one hour and I understood that this is now the Commune thinking about me again and what to do about me, which is not giving Lisbeth good thoughts.

I was shown and told by God – the bull of him you know – that you are now inside the brewery itself where I can show you around, and I saw a large copper kettle for beer and I saw that this is the “metal container” itself, and later I was shown “the original canoe of life” self, which looked truly amazing and I was told that we have just started seeing it again, and I saw that darkness is still floating around it but we can now move darkness making parts of the canoe visible.

On contrary to yesterday or was it the other day, today I received the déjà vue that I can now decide to do “negative actions”, which now will have no negative impact, but I remembered from the déjà vue that I will of course not do this and that is despite of darkness still being here tormenting/tempting me.

I saw a person walking on an inside balcony in a large room and I saw what looked like a statue made of gold and silver turning around at ground floor, and I was told that it is the original Source, which we are about to get turning around again, and I am on my way down the balcony to inspect it to see that no damage has been made to it, and darkness said no, but I said that I decide, let me come through, which I did, and no, not yet, this is not just exciting this is a decisive moment, and then I was told that darkness has never been inside of it because it does not understand when it is sleeping, and no, there is nothing wrong there and also not there, and then we will start using it when you will exercise tomorrow, and I was told that this was the goal of today, which was done with a little bit watching Benny Hinn and mainly because I wrote my script today.

I was told that it is via the Source that we will get the whole Universe united including “board meetings” with you/the Source in the middle, and this is what we have waited all our lives for to get you – yes you down there in the living room (people of other civilizations speaking to me from the outside to me in the living room – to come and visit us because we have no God’s when you cannot see us, which is because God is dead and only present on Earth, and we have made the God we now resurrect in co-operation with a little bit of you and you etc., which was good enough to go all the way, and yes we have had a temporary Council of the Universe.

I entered the inside of my heart and Old God showed me around the original Source, and I saw what looked like a statue made of gold and silver turning around at ground floor, and I was told that it is the original Source, which we are about to get turning around again, and after inspecting it and learning that it is fine, first the spirits of my mother and father entered it and I felt how they spread all over my body – thus the world – and when I produce energy when working and exercising tomorrow, this will start the Source, thus the heart, of our New World, which will end the bleeding, all misery and bring all of the Universe together. This is the start of our New World.

I felt how the spirits of my mother and father entered me at the middle of my body, and how they very soon were all over me as an outline of my body, and I was told that starting the Source is to start the heart and the whole world, which will also stop all misery and destruction if you will – I was thinking of both “terminations” of the world and the madness of angry Muslims these days around the Muslim world – and I was shown and told that this will automatically open new worlds one after the other, and yes when we will open one cell of sleeping life after the other making it new life and a New World.

I decided to cross my exhaustion and do the last update of my script – I also had to cross diarrhoea – and to publish it by 22.15 hoping that I will get an alright sleep, and be able to exercise tomorrow and to start the production of new energy and light to the world, which is what will change the world, and this has to be the “genius” part of the plan.

I felt the spirits of my mother and father playing and smiling much together again being in love as for the first time in a VERY long time.

I was told that this will make his, i.e. mine, negative voices disappear tomorrow.

I was told that you could really have made the world go under if you had followed darkness when God was transferred to the New World, but now it almost does not matter anymore with the start of our new Source, – and seconds thereafter, or did I made a mistake (?), had we already secured ourselves, and yes I believe we had, but this is still about wakening my most extreme feelings of nervousness/fear, which this also did, and yes cold sweat just thinking of it, and believing in it (temporarily).

And then we can hand over the old damp ship DFDS (of the Old World) and set in the new state of the art ship of our New World”, which we decided first to open when you would have done all of this work, or alternatively had “given up” or decided to stop your journey beforehand, and yes to accept the greatest sufferings of the world and myself in order to go all the way to make every little thing perfect, which I am sure that the world will come to understand was worthwhile doing?

I was told that it is also energy of the Source and our New World which will make Muslims – and the whole world – to calm down not bringing a danger when they will know that Muhammad was a messenger of the Devil.

At 22.30 I was told that what he did not know was that he brought us the fuel to get the Source started (when working and publishing this evening), and it just has to get started once and then it will run forever, and this is what we have now started my friend.

I went to bed having used everything and then a little bit more – thinking of Karen here – of myself, and also with pain in my behind, thank you father.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena is still influenced with darkness here complaining about Romany’s travelling to Denmark and stealing, which made her want to set up border bars to make it impossible for them to enter, and yes this was before the jump at lunch where darkness still wanted to lock me out, and as Helena said “I much rather take on the no-hat”.

  • Majken said that in Jutland you will receive a slumber-blanket in the taxi by the nice taxi-driver, which is to say that as my new self I will be able to sleep normally again, and if I look forward to that (?), and how could you guess?

  • New documents I post to Scribd – including two brochures on 9/11 to become part of my new 9/11 chapter on my Signs III side – are NOT visible to me in public view, but I believe that people can still see them (?), because they are still being read as I can see from their individual counter, and yes there is “something wrong” with Scribd because the statistical information gives you what is completely impossible, which is that no one apparently visits my profile anymore, but still the individual counters under each document work, and what is this about, is it the official world trying to stop the “leak” for me to see their visits via links they click from my website (?), or is this to say that there is still “hidden life of darkness” somewhere, and yes there is something even though the counter says no visitors (?), or is this too far our in the country (?), we will eventually see what this is about.

  • Helena said that she now has cleaning assistants, who bring sparkling wine this evening as a symbol of celebration, but as she says ”better remember to limp much and look winged – “ouch, ouch, shell splinter”, so this is celebration for coming through the worst part where splinter of the shell – or “metal container”/rocket you know – have hurt, which to me is about the Universe bleeding, but how much my friends???

  • Helena said ”what do I care about the shoe fashion of autumn” (?), and the shoe is about becoming my new self, and yes ignorance and carelessness, Helena, is what brought the splinter to my foot or is it shell (?), but you know what it is about.

  • Allan Simonsen is one of the best Danish football players of all time, and when he played for Borrusia Mönchengladbach in the end of the 1970’s, I remember this as “the greatest football time” for me really, and Henrik was here inspired to bring this man’s best goal ever, which I will NEVER forget; this goal may be the goal of all, which I remember the clearest – together with Henning Jensen’s goal in Copenhagen’s match against Borrusia Mönchengladbach in 1976 – and this goal comes today to say that I scored the most unlikely goal of all, which was to go all the way not to settle with anything less than 100% to bring out everything of God, and I might add that I have continued receiving sufferings made over Borrusia Mönchengladbach, my favourite team back then, and their sponsor “erdgas”, where darkness have used “gas” when speaking to me, which is a symbol of darkness, and also given me explicit sexual content, which I will not reveal here, but the bottom line is that I went through all this darkness to celebrate the goal we scored today. Watch the goal after 7:15 minutes in the clip below.

  • Henrik also brought a link to a story about two cats dead because of asphyxiation, and to me this was about bleeding of the world, but to people commenting this was about “unimportant news” with Asger saying that “the protection of cats have contacted the owners offering them crisis help”, and I still don’t know in what degree the Universe has suffered – only partial or are parts of the Universe “vanished” (?) making crisis help needed to survivors (?) – and Signe spoke about another news of a girl falling down the tree, which could be the spirit of my mother falling down from the tree of creation making parts of her/the world vanish (?), and Gunnar said that his daughter thought that a rat of hers had disappeared (is there still darkness out there hiding from me???), and Ulrik spoke about a new contestant in “crazy about dance” after the contestant Thomas Bo Larsen had to cancel due to a sprain in his knee, which to me is also a symbol that not everyone can dance, which is that not everyone can celebrate, and I am wondering if we have lost life and matter forever during our road (?) or you know only parts and also if we can resurrect everything, which was, and if this is the case, let us do that now, but light will prioritize work, and Klaus said that “the latest news is that there is no news”, which may be about the official world still waiting for me to become my new self, and Peter said what all of this will end with, which is “and now to a happy story from Hanstholm, where an angler has pulled up a trout of 3 kilos”, and yes my new self – but how much did the world bleed on our way, and how much can we resurrect, and that is if we can, but we still have the tools to do so, and what happened to the energy, Stig, of this life, did it vanish into nothing (?), and you do know that the metal container contains everything which was, and if we still can have a look inside of this, let us bring with us what was lost on the way (?), and yes if we can of course.

  • My sister’s old friend Eva is very happy because she is leaving Denmark to go on holiday to Israel with 30 degrees, and yes it will truly become “lovely” to you, Eva, and “nice” is what Poul said, and you may understand that Eva also brought me sexual torments of darkness because of her indifference and lack of faith/support?

  • Lars lives at a very big manor – how many poor Africans can live with you there, Lars (?) – and he was inspired to invite people to “come and see the wildest flower installations you have seen on Løndal Saturday and Sunday”, and this was about the spirit of my mother welcoming home “the bull of God” with flowers of love to the castle of our New World.

  • Johanne, the leader of the Red Green Alliance, has kept her Facebook network entertained with her fight against pigeons and their faeces following advises to do this and that, but as she says “they don’t seem to mind” – “in other words the war is not over”, which is also to say that I continue my fight here against darkness wherever it is now.

  • It is a little strange because the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group several times a day brings a notification of one new message, but when I look, every single time there is no new message, which to me may be the same as saying that if people “could” speak, they would, but they “cannot” and yes because you know that you will be brought in my scripts (?), and yes you don’t dare to stand forward?
  • I believe it was yesterday that I was shown Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers films, and today Helena decided to change her profile picture to this character together with Morten Messerschmidt from Danish People’s Party, and she wrote “close the door, Uni, you make noise”, and this is Dr. Evil working inside Helena wanting to shut the door leaving me outside, but it is now too late after having opened the door to and received Dr. Evil.

  • I am VERY SAD to see how many Muslims over big parts of the Muslim World have “lost it” not being able to control their negative emotions over the anti-Muslim film showing anger and even riots including attacks on embassies, and I was given a déjà vue today that at the end of the world in terms of end of energy, it would make people go “mad”, so there you have it, the world has gone mad (!), and I received the absolutely worst darkness/sufferings to have Old God “jump” to me, and you see the absolutely worst darkness of Muslim people “protesting” in the streets not being able to control themselves, and no, I do NOT like people and films to degrade other people, I only want people to tell the truth, and I have no further comments on this film other than what I wrote about it before and that is because I don’t know more about it, i.e. what is wrong and right.


15th September: Starting production of new light/life of the Source making today Christmas Day of my new self

Dreaming of having done incredible creation and still working inside darkness to setup the Source of light

I went to bed a little after 22.30 and before falling asleep I was surprised to be shown visions of an empty glass with broken sides which kept on pouring out water – even when empty – which will have to be about the Source continuing to this day to produce new darkness/sufferings – despite of what I have been told – when “digging new tunnels”, and I was also shown how a white glass lost its physical form and become soft as butter. I slept until 07.20 with these dreams.

  • I am flying on my way to the swimming hall. I am with my mother in a beautiful forest, we are heading back and my mother has a map but does not know the road, and I almost lose my self-control because of this.
    • I am flying, which is still working my best to the swimming hall, which may be about doing exercise today to bring energy to really start the Source (?), and I had to bring my mother back in the dream, which was to show her, the world, the way to our New World maybe?
  • Something about being with an interior manager of Hørsholm Commune and three others, and the manager is searching for a new employee, and I read his add, and speak out directly that this is a VERY poor add, which should be much better describing the profile of the job, and also that I will not apply myself.
    • This is the four back chain of darkness I am meeting still wanting to expand even though we are reaching the end of darkness.
  • I am shopping in a supermarket in the Espergærde shopping centre, and am surprised to find a solid piece of parma ham cheaply, which I put into my basket, and I also see a few pieces of very cheap solid pieces of cheese, only 0.12 DKK per piece, and first I decide that I will not buy this, but when I think again how cheaply it was, I return to buy some, but it is now sold out. On my way out I see a boy having lost his pants into a grating, but he gets them up, and I visits many bakeries to find bread at a price I can pay, but they are all very expensive, but also one finer bread than the other.
    • The ham is about new life found, and yes when Parma or Serrano ham is on sale at a price I can pay, which it almost never is, I will try some, buy some, and yes I bought some packages of 70 grams of 10 DKK each a couple of months ago (very cheap), and I am saving on this to keep it longer, and the cheese is about my “old nightmare”, which was planted inside of here all the way to the end and yes as part of darkness, but I did not accept it, the pants is about destruction of the world, which is stopping and all the bread is about “incredible creation” everywhere, which cost much money, i.e. energy, to create/bring back, and this is also to say that the prices of bread has skyrocketed here the last years, and yes also because of POOR business moral of the industry increasing prices when prices on flower becomes more expensive, but not decreasing prices on bread when the prices on flour decreases again, and yes I do believe you will understand that this is the work of the Devil too loving money/profits more than anything, and yes I was this programme on DR1 the other day about a farmer producing corn, which almost did not bring an income for him and his family, and also that the gross price of bread consists of only approx. 10% given to the farmer having had the biggest job using the most working hours of all to produce the flour, and yes it is truly and deeply dippy a mad, mad world of today, right (Fred!), and yes this is one of the happiest songs I know of, which is about the smiles I feel behind me of my friends of the Trinity who will soon change the stream of new energy from minus to plus, which I and the world will soon feel.

  • I am working at Fair Insurance, which will close down not long from now, and I am one of the very few if not the only working my best with everyone else doing “nothing”. I am preparing a Powerpoint presentation, and I am seeing Peter A. (the former CEO) on visit, and see how Nicolaj S.W. likes to speak with him, which made me believe shortly that things are as they always have been. One of the tasks I have to prepare the presentation is to move a screen from 4th floor to the ground floor, and on 4th floor I pass Søren F.J.’s previous work place, he has left the company but I still find his old material on Income Protection insurance inside his old shelves, and I lift off the screen and notice how it was set up using a special square hole in the wall, and I bring it to the ground floor, where I am setting it up temporarily for this coming presentation at Niels d. B’s old premises (the previous CEO of Aon, Denmark), and there is a light projector too and a small part on the wall to bring up the light, and I think to myself that I will finish the presentation this evening, which I know will be hard work and really too much work to do under normal situations, and print them out tomorrow morning. Finally, the moment of the planned presentation arrives, when Lisbeth F.B. (my old GE/Fair colleague and friend arrive), but she comes alone without her two marketing colleagues, whom I was really hoping would come so they could share the presentation with others.
    • Fair Insurance is a symbol of the Old World with people of darkness inside it – no matter what – where I am still collecting material from to start the Source of light, and Niels d. B. – the worst man I met in my professional career – is the Devil self where I am now starting the Source, and it seems that the first setup is only temporarily, and Lisbeth is an example of a friend, who could have marketed me and my scripts, but she was silent too, Lisbeth (?), or maybe even also stabbing your old friend in the back?

The Trinity is preparing to start the Source to bring eternal energy and the great awakening to our New World

In the morning I was shown how we are looking inside darkness for the socket in the wall to insert the plug of our wire, and I was told that I will be receiving the first feeling of the energy of our new Source this afternoon, and to receive this information made it almost impossible to keep having patience to continue receiving the worst darkness, which came to me strongly the first hour today with incredible constant and negative speech, and yes just thinking that this will stop is the best gift I can receive of all.

I received the combination of “it’s a hard life” and “play the game” by Queen, which I am still doing, and I do like the ending of the lyrics of the first song:

“Yes it’s a hard life, In a world that’s filled with sorrow, There are people searching for love in every way. It’s a long hard fight – But I’ll always live for tomorrow, I’ll look back on myself and say I did it for love, Yes I did it for love – for love – oh I did it for love.”

A little bit later, the song “play the game” continued being played for me, and now with the lyrics “play the game, everybody play the game of love”, which is what it will become when we will now start producing new energy of love from the Source to the world.

This morning I thought to myself that I really do not believe that our New World was endangered by the dark energy of God, but that it was protected on the other side of the wall, and that the energy of the New World was used from outside to pressure into the deepest deep inside, and here to get to the Source self.

I heard the spirit of my mother being asked that she has not been convicted for killing the king have you, no, no one has, it is the work of darkness.

I heard God saying so this is why you are “stupid as a door” to protect you from darkness, and no life is NOT meant to be like the physical life the world have experienced.

After a shower receiving the worst attack of darkness/negativity – trying to protect itself from being overtaken by light – I received two BIG sneezes, which is still about sacrifices of the world, so is this about parts of the physical world bleeding/sacrificing/vanishing, but nothing of the spiritual world, thus our New World, is this how it is?

When working I received pain to one part of my back, and I was told that just to keep me up and fit for work, it requires the greatest sacrifices of the world, and yes I wonder how much it has sacrificed, fearing the worst and hoping the best, but yes the goal has been to make everything perfect in the end, and yes this is what we will get.

I was told that it is first now that we are becoming grown up, and yes when we bring together the GOOD of all creation of all time and unite it with the original plans of life, and yes also not easy to do but someone has to do it, and this is what we are also doing using the energy you send us when working.

At 10.05 I was told that it is first now that the spirit of my father is entering the Source – I thought he did yesterday, but it was only the spirit of my mother I felt – and yes after the spirit of my mother has prepared it, and I was told that he will change the spiritual voices of negativity sent to me, and yes when changing the Source from minus to plus.

I was asked if I don’t want to have fun now when it is the last chance – my “old nightmare” you know – and NO, NEVER (!),

I continued working until 11.30 on the script so far including the first three short stories, and hereafter I improved the new chapter on 9/11 on my Signs III website also including quotations of architects and engineers as part of it to make it even more credible, and yes THANK YOU VERY MUCH to these architects and engineers for having made a FANTASTIC job putting together all of your proof and also in different levels of information, I simply LOVE that :-).

I heard speech to the spirit of my mother “we are also getting you out of your grave”, and yes this is about the great awakening of not only me but my mother and the entire world :-).

At lunch I felt God inside the Source and was told that this is the result of “I don’t want to be negative”, which I have said I don’t know how many thousands of times during my journey. And he first gave me sexual speech of darkness before he said “I now feel the new energy coming”.

After lunch I wanted to listen to SAGA – because of my comment to Helena’s post included at the short stories – and for some reason I don’t know, this band is almost a “secret” to the world with none of their albums on YouTube and only few on Spotify, which I only have little free time on, and yes what do you do then (?), and that is of course to try to open for Grooveshark, which is a free music streaming service, which was closed by darkness (!), – by Danish Internet providers on order of the Danish court not allowing free music to the people – so I have not used this for some time, but now I decided to find a work-around, and this was called “Open DNS”, which included a little change to the setup of my internet connection taking one minute to do, and yes with this I came inside the door where all the free music is, and this is to say that I am now inside the Source, which darkness tried to do its best to keep me out of and yes because it is here that the commander in charge decides what kind of energy we will send to the world, and yes you asked for “positivity” only and to NEVER again risk darkness, so this is what we are doing, and yes “how long” is for an eternity you know :-).

I was given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, which was God who had to do a little adjustments to make this old machine working again, and yes to put it in “the right angle” and not ankle this time.

I decided to include a paragraph on sink holes potentially opening and swallowing large bites of the world if I had been overtaken by darkness as part of my Signs III page, and when I did this work I was told “no, they have not moved out “airplanes” from Jefferson Airspace yet”, and this was about manmade UFO’s to be seen by the world , “but they are close to, because this is what they fear too”.

I was told that now we don’t understand why we did not reject darkness when it overtook us originally, we only had to do ”this and this”, which God did not know back then and this is what we are doing now with the last darkness of “the bull of God”.

I heard speech “and then we will build a new airport there”, which is the spirits of my mother and father speaking of creating New World’s.

At 13.40 I was told that now we only lack you to make it complete and I felt that the spirits of my mother and father have now prepared everything for me, and I do wonder if my exercise this afternoon is what will start it up?

This is what we will use his energy for, where we will take his picture, when he will became grown up.

When I cycled to the swimming hall this afternoon I was told that this is what light did, to pack in darkness herewith saving me from receiving all of it, which would kill me, and in this respect it was God holding darkness back, and yes when I was shown myself inside darkness of the ship with light behind the walls, it made me think that light and darkness was still separated, but the whole idea was to bring in God with everything remaining to our New World and to show that all of the light we have accumulated with “almost an eternity of worlds” was stronger than this remaining darkness, and I thought that this had to be a “calculated risk” including safety precautions in case I should “lose it” to protect the light of our New World, and yes I don’t know the details, but just thinking of it and receiving feelings that it could have gone wrong is still able to make me “nervous”, but thank God that I did not “lose it”.

I still received darkness while cycling for example when I cycled through Vapnagård thinking that all of this will probably be torn down and new buildings of good quality to be built, and it made me think that most of what is build in Kenya as example – and MANY places of the world – will also be torn down and rebuilt, but darkness really wanted me to think that everything was to be completely destroyed, but then again, it was not very powerful, but it was there.

But when I did the 30 minutes of exercise on the cross trainer, I truly received strong darkness again trying to make me believe that darkness was still strong enough to break me down making everything disappear if I should “lose it”, but no, I did not, and I did the exercise today also without great trouble, and I do feel how I am coming into better and better shape.

At the end of the exercise, I was shown myself as an icebreaker cutting through ice towards the Source bringing the whole New World with me, and yes when I am done with this work, I will truly have accomplished my mission not only to create the New World and save the old, but to bring everything directly to the Source bringing an eternity of energy, new life and development to all.

When I was swimming afterwards, suddenly I received pain to my whole left arm, which I was shown as a wing, and I was given feelings of darkness inside the arm together with the feeling of Naser Khader, and I was told that “he is also one of them”, and yes of the secret government of USA as I understood, and that is because his statements on the Muslim World can both be used to bring the Muslim and Western World closer together, but it is ALSO very easy for Westerners, who cannot and will not understand, to use his statements to create greater distance because Naser says that Muslims cannot control themselves etc.

Afterwards in the dressing room, I heard how a father yelled loudly at his two small boys because of what they said, which he did not like, and one of the boys kept saying to the other “you are going to jail” and yes inspired he was, because this was darkness wanting to lock me up again, and the other boy had a simple answer, which was “I cannot go to jail because I am not old enough, you have to bed 16” (!), and yes with this, the darkness of the other boy was silenced, and yes almost as when I speak against the secret government of USA (!), and I understood that darkness may still be strong, but it is not strong enough to break me and the world down.

On my way home I was told that most terror actions (against USA) is carried out by the U.S. secret government (!) – for example the bomb attacks on the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 (!) – and also the try to create “hybrids” of people of Earth and people of other civilizations to create “supermen” with the purpose to watch over mankind following the orders of the secret government, but you did not understand that you “could not” get them to follow you, but they remained loyal to me (?), and yes their secret weapon is called “faith” combined with me never giving up, and had I given up to darkness, their faith in me, would have made them follow your orders, so everything was really depending on me as the last link, but you do understand that, don’t you (?), and yes “come on all of you, you don’t stand a chance” (!), this is what this was about.

When exercising at the swimming hall I was also told that “your eye is the world” and I understood that when God of darkness was inside my right eye annoying it, this darkness was annoying the whole world, but when I returned home, I was still motivated to listen to more SAGA, and to my pleasant surprise, I found that their new album 20/20 was uploaded to Grooveshark, and as it is said below “20/20 stands for the perfect eyesight”, and yes these are some examples on how “secret messages” are still brought to me, which is to say that everything of my eye of our New World is – or will be – perfect, and that is after we “spin it again”, and that is the Source, you know :-).

When I was wondering at 18.45 if I needed to stay awake this night I was shown God standing forward still dark and I was told “now I can soon show you my garden, but first I need more energy”, and I wonder if we need to go as deep now as the other day/night, because there are no new “impossible jumps” to do (?), and yes just wondering I am, but I was encouraged to stay awake, and yes I might do that until 03.00 or 05.00 and really “feel the temperature” of how strong darkness is and if I can get sleep, I will, and if I cannot, I will try to stay awake.

I still received some negative speech and was told by the spirit of my father that he could stop this now, but he would like to “become better” first, and yes this is how we have decided to continue the game and yes as long as there is darkness as my old rule.

Starting production of new light/life of the Source making today Christmas Day of my new self

I was invited to my mother and John again this evening, and it was after I had written my long comment to Naser Khader as you can see from the short stories, and I was wondering if it really was necessary to stay awake, and things have developed here because God – which from here include the most inner part of him as “the bull”, which I will not keep on writing – now told me seriously that it is still required for you to go deep to get the last darkness out, I am sorry, and he also said that it is to bring even more tools out, which otherwise would require too big sacrificed for me to give, and yes a totally new experience of the game, which is really both to work with light and darkness at the same time, and it makes it easier to “go deep”, but still not nice at all to do, but this is now on the agenda again, and yes I had hoped to exercise every day at the moment, but it seems to be every second day as long as I have to stay up, which is really also what I normally prefer, so this will be fine too.

I was happy to see that my mother had prepared a feast with fine steaks and pasta with gorgonzola sauce, which I love, – (det kan da ikke pas’ da (?), men det kunne det, og ja, sådan er jeg altså :-)), and again I thought about my African friends suffering never having experienced meat like this, but I do look forward to seeing your expressions the first time you will experience this, my friends.

Suddenly I was told that the life we have lost will never return, and the message was given with very great sadness as if it was the truth, and yes with great credibility, but I decided to say that I will NEVER accept loss of life, because you do know that I am everything and I do understand that light has saved me from darkness, thus entering the “metal container”, and I am inside the “metal container”, which is really also where the Source is stored, so it is only a matter of finding you again to bring you out, and I was given the idea that there was nothing to do because this life was lost to the deepest darkness, which is so deep that I cannot get it out, and yes, do you want to see (?), and yes I was somewhat in doubt but first of all I believed that I am everything so we will do this now, and if I/we cannot, we will do it “later” and only if it should be completely impossible to do, and I do mean completely impossible where I/you have done everything we can, we will have to accept loss of life, but I know that you can do wonders, and maybe you have stored a copy of the life data, which was lost for us to be able to resurrect later (?), and just a thought of course.

And it did not take very long before I received confirmation that this is how it is, and that the energy we lack is what I will have to bring through work, lack of sleep and exercise, and yes I know the routine, and I do see the connection to elements of the secret government of USA – and other dark elements of the world – who dare not to stand forward, cowards (!), and because of this, I will have to bring even more energy going through even more sufferings to do so, and I was shown that this darkness is to my front/right – as the darkness of God also was – and I was told that this also has to do an “impossible jump”, which I was not happy to hear, and then I was told that maybe I can “just” pull this in because God is now with me, and first I thought that “the first information has to be right”, and then I thought again that the first information was really given already the other day, which is that I can simply pull in this darkness because God is now on my side, and we will NEVER cut any lifelines here, so this is how it is, and yes it means that I will accept more negative voices and sufferings coming to me because of this OLD darkness, but there will come NO new darkness to me because I was also told this evening that all the good, which now comes to you automatically – positive speech and feelings – is because we have started the production of new light/life of the Source, and I was told that if there ever is one day, which is Christmas Day, it is today, this is the start of my new self and our New World with the Trinity starting up the Source, so what better song to play to celebrate this than “start me up, I’ll never stop” by Rolling Stones, and yes I have loved this song since its release in 1981, and what you see here, is what makes this band “magical” to me as the greatest rock band in the world, and yes we will also save the magic until later, now that you have chosen side, and yes once again the difficult choice with the most suffering is the right choice.

My mother told us that Bettina – John’s daughter – had told my mother that my mother “could not have done better” than what she has to help John coming through his “sickness”, and yes this is of course what my mother wants to, and she supports him with everything she can, but she has not understood that her “attitude” in relation to John, which often it “too much to bear” for John is what is making him sick, and yes John does not believe in me and had worked against me behind my back, which has been returned to him as this sickness also via the attitude of my mother, and isn’t it “strange” that the woman wanting John the best is also the woman bringing him the worst, and that is because of John’s wrong doings himself (?), and yes an example of how the world as spinning round as it did when I could not get back into it, and yes the Source was spinning round sending out energy of darkness.

My mother was also in pain today with her chin still swallowing up a little after her tooth operation, and yes it could have been much worse.

We watched the first programme of this year’s edition of “the Voice” on TV2 together – without John as usual – and I was VERY surprised to find that one after the other of the contestants were singing fantastic in my ears, and first there was Christian singing Michael Jackson’s “man in the mirror”, which he did fantastically already from the beginning bringing quality to this show, and I was told that this song was chosen because this is what I use on the right column of my website asking man “to change his ways”, and there was one singer/song better than the other, and I was VERY touched when hearing “sometimes it snows in April” by Prince/Nanna, “crazy love” by Van Morrison/Anders but really ALL OF THESE SINGERS/SONGS and so much that I told my mother that this is the best music program (of its kind) as I have EVER watched on TV, and yes I was also inspired to say several times that some will sing beautifully and not make it through anyway because the judges do not hit the button, and this was the case for the female singer, who was no. 2 in the row this evening, and yes, she should have made it too, and it was to say that we have indeed lost life, but I will not stop my journey before we have hit the button for all life to make it through.

When I returned home I received diarrhoea, which I almost not escaped from before reaching my head door – very uncomfortable – and I was told that this was because of my mother’s feelings when I decided to play my own game not taking into account to be “cautious” and keep a “low profile”, it is just not me (!), so I told John about the meaning of dreaming of “hash” as darkness coming to him and also darkness giving him his sickness, which has NOTHING to do with “psychology” as he believes when he does this or that focusing on his breath, or not does this or that, so now they will see the doctor next week to get answers on different questions, because his “numbers” (from tests) are fine, but why is he not better then (?), even though he is better, but not good yet, and yes they are still completely deaf, and when this is the case, my mother receives confirmation that “Stig is not well”, and yes bringing me darkness, and when this is the case, it is also easier to go deeply dippy deep you know, and so it truly is.

I was told that I would have received signs about missing life for example being told about “wet socks” and more about “Gert” and so on, but you decided to take it now by saying “I don’t believe in you, I am everything”, and so it is, and yes we tried to hide it, and whom else than the U.S. secret government so there you have it again again, and yes I will continue attacking you whenever I got something to shoot with, and no, I am NOT afraid, it is not that difficult now, it is really the easy part remaining, or so I believe today, but you never really know.

At 21.45 I felt in my head and was told that “here was a little bit more of nothing”, and yes thank you very much, also you Michael P. and that is for the fish and everything else you know :-).

I was given a sneeze and told that it was only “parts of life”, which was lost and yes I do remember, but also that this is important for us too.

I have received a déjà vue about the secret government giving up handing over their “resignation” to President Obama, so you are more than welcome, my friends, to do so and to speak out to the world, and yes whenever you are ready (?), and yes do realise, that the road becomes shorter and shorter because the new energy of the Source helps me to help you do the right thing, so there is really nothing you can do to escape, and yes NONE OF YOU, and do you see how this is related to saving 100% of all life, and yes this is my decision and this is how it will become, and that is because I can, and because it is right to do, and thank you Obama for being with me :-).

At the end of the evening I received new pretty strong pain to my behind, which came after I was shown a vision about my father and I driving around Bastrup Lake as we did many years ago in the 1970’s, when he and his previous co-habitant Anni (before his wife Kirsten) lived in Ganløse, which is where my father and I had the best relation in our life, and yes just to say that my father loves me too, but “difficult” for you to tell and to communicate, father, and instead you keep doing what is wrong and send me darkness/sufferings (?), but I truly hope that you are feeling better (?), but this I am not “allowed” to be told, and yes because I am still crazy after all these years (?), and what do you know about it (?), and eeehhh nothing, you are only “guessing” using your WRONG voice, and so it is, so it is.

At 23.40 I was receiving STRONG darkness again including new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and yes I understood that this is darkness trying to prevent me from finishing and publishing this script, and yes because the secret government of USA truly does not like me, do you, my friends?

Finally, at 00.20 I published my script today, and yes a pretty long day too, but I did it, and now comes the difficult part, which is to stay awake.

I still often receive the words “meget godt” (“very good”) as inspired speech via my mother and others, which is still a reference to Lama Yönten, and yes keeping this link with us intact.

I was asked if this was the lawyer working (?), and now he is bringing us back as you had “promised” on his behalf, and yes it was a great honour to help you as I am told by life here returning after resurrection, and yes placed where you came from, so thank you my friend for your sacrifice, and yes I am shown this as individual life, but I do hope that it is “only” parts of life.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jette brought the news about 500 tons bales of straw burning and she was asking “I wonder they are burning” (?), and yes, Jette, the answer is that the world is burning to make me enter and start up the Source of light, this is what it is about.

  • Peter reflected after watching “Saving private Ryan” with Tom Hanks that he and his unit had sacrificed everything to save the last of five brothers to lose life in World War II, which “made the thoughts to the victims offered through time to create a just alright world”, which here is a symbol of all the sacrifices not only this but almost an eternity of worlds since the overtake of darkness have offered in order to change everything around creating our New World, and I here received “thank you” to all victims for your sacrifices, and he said that the anti-Muslim film and the revolt over this is pure senselessness and “idiocy” with people dying over this, and he said that the hate around this is difficult to accept and callous as ever, and he said it compared to the other challenges of the world (economy and climate), and yes I liked his words, which is really what it is about, “idiocy” of these reactions compared to the other challenges of the world, which was terminating life, but was allowed by an almost silent world (!), and yes “see you further on up the road” as he says, and that is the road of love, you know, and maybe Chris Rea will become inspired to re-write his song “road to hell” and call it “road to paradise” or what you may become inspired to, Chris?

  • Carsten Jensen writes in Politiken that the media treat Lars Løkke “with worship and respect”, while the gentlemen of the press towards the always harassed Helle Thorning Schmidt only have one way of communication: “The kick in the crutch”, and I am here told that this word “crutch” is used because of the man with the poisonous snake the other day laughed his behind off because of the scratching I received almost as a teenager to my crutch symbolising wrong sexual behaviour of darkness, which would end the Old World, and yes also to say that the media is this “poisonous snake” and you may like to rewrite history of what truly happened when Lars Løkke & Co. will step forward speaking the FULL TRUTH of their actions to the world, and also tell me if you believe this calls for “worship and respect”?

  • Helena used the day to bake/cook/brawn with fruits and berries, and came into Christmas mood when receiving an order on vanilla ring cookies, and she likes autumn with new clothes in all stores, and bountiful of apples and plums, and yes this was really to say that with the birth of my new self, it brings “new clothes” for everyone – your new selves of light – and that is part of our New World symbolised by the apples/fruit. And then she said that “it does not make life poorer when I am simultaneously a little soft on him, who lives by believing everything”, and later Henrik said that he could not google anything about them, and he asked “how great are we talking about” (?), which made Helena say “what is the greatest of all” (?), and yes is that marriage and having children, Helena (?), is this what you have decided to do (?), so here you see that she truly loves Søren, (“for now” at least until the truth of whom you are reaches you), and when this is the case, Helena, how can you also do “bootie calls” making love with other men (?), which is what I understand that you still do, but do I misunderstand you (?), and if I do, I am sorry, but this is how the story is put forward, and I am thinking that Helena lives in Århus, which is a long way from Søren, whom I believe live in Copenhagen? She also said “I am a happy little hen on the way to something big”, and yes even bigger than in your wildest dreams, Helena, and that is according to the best SAGA story, you know.

  • Margrethe said on the annual meeting of the Danish Social Liberal Party that “of course we are also better-knowing, unbearable and self-satisfied, this is how it is”, and she said it to meet “criticism” of the population, but I don’t believe you have any idea of just how right you really are, Margrethe (?), and yes did you take over Marianne’s handbag as the new leader a few years ago to discover how power of darkness also consumed/corrupted you and your “personal ambitions/ego” (?), and yes just like everyone else as Else showed in her email the other day.

  • Dan said that “today it is Merrild coffee, who will move their dance muscles” – with him as DJ – and while driving there “I will enjoy every time FC Copenhagen makes one “pind” (i.e. “stick”) after the other”, and in my symbolic language this means that “love/warm feelings” (coffee) is what makes us celebrate (“dance”) and we do this because Søren “Pind” scored the finest goal, and yes another part of me is what I am told again that you are, Søren, and you may understand that it is NOT a good idea for son and mother to be together (?), and you do realise that Helena is another part of my (our) mother, don’t you?

  • Naser asked if there will come a day when most Muslims will react on drawings, jokes and films as most Christians react on this “musical”, which is with an forbearing smile, and I said that this day will come “very soon” and it comes to everyone, and Alexandria said “how much meaning does it give that the reaction to a film exhibiting one’s group as barbarians is to act as barbarians” (?), and yes there is something there, really – and here it is also “to put in the green into the chair of the Source and to push the speeder”, which is not easy to find in darkness and also when you almost have forgotten how this fine machine works, and this is written at 12.45.

  • My old Danske Bank colleague and Facebook friend Per has strong faith – also in me, Per, or is that “more difficult” (?) – and here he said that Christ can bear being made fun of (tell me about it!) and that he love is far greater than our human failures and ridicule of him, which is true, you know, and yes I reach out my hand for everyone as you say Per and that includes all people being guilty in blasphemy or “blasphemous rumours”, and as he says “angriness, evilness and hate therefore no longer has any future” and “love has won, and it is solely love, which can build bridge between people, and love alone which can create community and freedom among people”, thank you for a very fine post, Per :-).

  • After receiving the information about Naser in the swimming hall, I could almost not keep from writing my comment below as the first thing when I came home receiving STRONG feelings and encouragements and also partly help to write it, so this is how it became when I told him that his statements about the Muslim world as here often serves secret American interests – military, politically and business wise – and I wrote the story again about the secret government of USA keeping information from the world about UFO’s, free energy, the judgment and me, and also how they tried to make the world believe that it was Muslims/al Qaeda standing behind 9/11 and more to create the Muslims as their new main enemy to keep their old and evil World Order going, and yes also electronic brainwash of people, staged “alien abductions”, poisoning of the world via chemical additives to food and aeroplane trails and much more, and also how the secret government of USA has created a network of “agents” around the world, which Naser and other “prominent Danes” (and “all nationalities”) of politicians and media belonged to, and I told him how he turned his back to God in the fight of darkness to destroy the world because this evilness is not sustainable with life itself, and I told him NEVER to doubt God, who is as much for him as for everyone else, but I ask him to put the truth with ALL evidence on the table and tell what interests he truly works for, and to tell the FULL truth and not do a “Bjarne Riis”, which is only small parts of the truth, which is NOT good enough! And yes I said that Obama is playing on “my team”, and that the secret government of USA also reads this – how are you doing, starting to get “hangovers” and feelings of guilt over there (?) – and that EVERYONE will have to stand forward telling the FULL truth to the world, not one single of you will go free, and just so you know nice thought, right (?), and yes better than “not to be”, right?

  • After posting the above. I received some shiver of darkness and also pain inside fingers on my right hand, but not nearly the same as with Mads the other day, which was “scary”, but I do know what it means, I have to stay up this night too, and we will see for how long this time around. I was happy to receive positive mentioning from the ladies below, which is not often this happen – I am used to receive negativity or silence – and Lotte said “wow” about my post and “fine written” and Laila believed it is a great honour to be on thread with so intelligent people having great knowledge and knowing “the truth”, and yes Lotte said “the day ends with great happiness after all”, and yes GREAT is the happiness also here, but we are under playing because I have decided to keep the play going, but this is what these “actors” showed, and yes I received two new subscribers because of my comment too, but I do believe I also lost one, so it is still about gaining on the swings what we lose on the roundabouts, and yes to make the total result become 100% when we are all done, and yes we know Stig, step by step, and yes Whitney is here too, and I have received great and later music artists coming to me today with Eva Cassidy also being one of them, and yes thank you for being with me, and yes this is how we expresses our love and gratitude to you, Stig, for not giving up and being tempted to cut off your sufferings, and so it is, so it is, but now we only have 2-3 months left, so bring it on, my friends :-).

  • My old Acta colleague, Lone, is watching “the God-film over all God-films (“the one and only”)”, which made her say that this will soon make her come over her cold as it will make the world come over all sicknesses, and in other words it is to say that God is now back as “the one and only” and yes I LOVED this film too, one of the best Danish films ever. Her friend Sana said that she is sick too and “my sofa is now permanently fixed to me” and “no voice back either”, and “sofa” is the symbol of what very soon used to be sexual torments given to me by darkness, which is about “producing new life”, and when this is now fixed to me, it will make my negative voice of darkness disappear, and yes I cannot tell you just how happy this will make me, because this has been the weapon of hell to bring me and the world down.

  • Dennis said that he had trouble bringing the chickens back to the chicken run and concluded “good that I am not a poultry farmer – this would have made the whole family dead of hunger”, and yes Dennis, you are right, because how much do you bring to the production of the community when you keep on TALKING, TALKING AND TALKING and that is of subjects, which we do NOT need to have at all – Unions (you do remember our New World Order where everyone will receive the same pay per working hour?) – and this is why “the family”, i.e. the world would have died if the world had done like you, and yes MANY did and close to dying we were.

  • Helena used a new expression here to start with – the first four words – which I do NOT like at all when hearing it, and NOT at all, and that was because she heard on TV2 about a lady regretting her night with “him the charming ostrich”, and to me all poultry is about “creation”, and yes she laughed with everything she had and said “oh God, I die, I die”, which was really to bring a reference to Shu-bi-dua’s “Melankoloni”, thus Michael Hardinger, where an “opera diva” sings with much humour “I believe I die”, and also a reference to her relation with my mother, when my mother and I were to the Opera concert at Esrum monstery weeks ago, and Helena was laughing so much that she was wetting her pants, which you know is about loss of life, so what she said here was that the spirit of my mother, i.e. the world, has lost life – which we have now started to recover – also because of her ignorant, careless, stupid and selfish behaviour, but still we are also happy to come here where we are, which this post is also about.

  • Did you notice how parts of the media recently decided to show Prince Harry naked and later the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, topless (?), and yes the British Royal family is going through sufferings too because of parts of the media having no scruples/moral in life, and that is after what you did to Lady Diana killing her in 1997!



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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