September 19, 2012: Discovering “life, which is not life”, which is to create life without energy simply by “being”!


Summary of the script today

18th September: Discovering “life, which is not life”, which is to create life without energy simply by “being”!

  • Dreaming of much stronger darkness weakening/killing me, emptying all energy of the Old World, there is nothing more to transfer from our Old World but still we have merged MUCH energy from darkness with our New World.
  • God is not Satan any more, my new self as the resurrected Jesus has overtaken this job here at the end. I was shown that we are now at the end of the lifeline – way back before creation – with now only three more levels of “life” remaining.
  • I started reading Else’s script on the Tvind School Community, and made an action plan to finish this work within one month, which I found out also included the message to man to use an Action Plan when you will be reading my scripts to PLAN how much you will read per day/week/month and to do your absolutely best to make your plan as a golden rule. This is part of showing a clean heart to enter the final stage of our New World.
  • I was encouraged to comment on the Tvind School Community, which Else worked “under” for thirteen years, and the ideas of the founder Mogens Amdi Petersen, whom I feel “related” to (!), and where he failed, which after the first short reading seems to be because of an extreme collective controlled by the top removing freedom of people and controlling and making people work far too hard, or really what you have seen in totalitarian states like Russia, China and other countries. This is NOT how to live. You need to bring FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to people and to find the best balance between individuality/collective agreeing and work, and between private life and work.
  • Else had written to me that she does NOT believe in God and eternal life, and personally that she has decided to take responsibility over her own private life. This was the foundation for our new contact. She does not believe in me, but will I be able to make her believe? I wrote Else that I will reflect on Tvind’s community model in my scripts, that lack of faith of the world made people put their personal responsibility aside, and “there is no reason not to believe in beautiful tales you are given as child cannot be experienced in reality too” and “this is what you will experience through me” – will it be possible for Else to believe in me, or will she reject me as darkness too?
  • I gave my first comments to Tvind. I do NOT believe in “collective time, collective economy, collective belongings and collective conditions” when it comes to private matters/belongings,. Tvind was a totalitarian dictatorship, “If you had a diverged opinion, you had to change it, or to leave”, which is WRONG. In our New World, man will agree, alternatively the majority will show the way, where “man is God and God is man”. Do not let work decide over private matters forcing you to give up on your “old life”, it is WRONG for an employer or totalitarian state to decide on your behalf not to have family and children or even a sweetheart, I do NOT like dictators putting unjust rules on people, which also goes in relation to managers and husbands as examples, and I do NOT at all like hypocrisy of the same “dictators” not complying with their own rules. This you will NOT see in our New World.
  • The love of my mother has made it possible for my inner self to work inside the original energy of “nothing”, which led to the creation of life, which can turn up and down the volume of energy and this is the place bringing answers to why and how life was created.
  • When I visited my mother and John this evening I felt an EXTREMELY big energy coming in and physically pressuring on me, and I was told with much enthusiasm about a “revolutionary” discovery of “life, which is not life” (!), this is like the Source of life times 10, which means that everything has to be revised hereafter. This is not only about reducing energy consumption of life coming to me the last days, but to create life completely without energy (!) simply by “being”. This is the most beautiful kitten/life imaginable.
  • Short stories of darkness of the Socialist People’s Party and media still wanting to explode and give me the kiss of death bringing blood, the merger of two Danish banks symbolising the merger of original energy with our New World, celebration at the Elephant house with Champagne, “what really matters is what you create”, the axe man who attacked the jobcentre in Helsingør did it because he was treated inhumanely and was denied to receive benefit, and the spirit of my mother is calling for WORLD PEACE.

19th September: Coming to the end of the line where energy does not exist and re-designing life without energy

  • Dreaming of darkness surrendering all over the world and by now I have almost saved all life of the Old World, but I need to bring some more energy to save the last.
  • Coming to the end of the line where energy does not exist and we are re-designing life of our New World to benefit from the discovery that life can be created without the use of energy. Energy from the last part of the line has been integrated with our New World, which is now also being converted to light. But there may be more levels inside this place of “nothing without energy”, which we will explore first.
  • During the evening I received a “game” of whether or not the official world will accept my New World Order and this in connection with whether or not I would be able to continue my journey or stop here. This original energy of “the basement” (before creation) was installed in me with energy equivalent to atomic bombs to be used to wake up my new self and our New World, but when I wake up this darkness itself because I am still living as my old self and can do it from “nothing” without the use of energy it means that there will come no negative explosion in order to remove this darkness to open up to our New World. This also opens BIG doors to GIANT and noble rooms of the castle “beyond imagination”, which we will see POSITIVE consequences of in our New World.
  • Short stories of the U.S. secret government collecting and storing personal information on people potentially to control/hurt people, Helle Thorning Schmidt (and I) receiving the kiss of death, Helena says that it is better knowing than believing and says that she does not believe in God (!!!), Preben loves EXPENSIVE racing cycles, it is NOT alright to take/bring pictures of (half) naked people without people knowing/allowing, an example of silent people believing in me, a newly revealed Coptic document says that Jesus was married, which I cannot comment because I don’t have the memory of Jesus yet, a fire tornado of Australia symbolising the worst darkness, I was happy for the return of Jette as my Facebook friend, the recipe to change the world, and genetically manipulated DNA of food kills people!


18th September: Discovering “life, which is not life”, which is to create life without energy simply by “being”!

It is part of showing a clean heart to use an Action Plan when you will be reading my scripts

After publishing the script of yesterday, I looked at it taking me some time to do, and even though it is not perfect, I was happy with it after the circumstances, and I saw that Mads Fuglede had returned to read the short story of him, and that he searched on “Fuglede” to find himself, but let me recommend you to search for “Mads”, Mads if you don’t want to be called Mads (!) as we say here, and you will see MANY short stories about you in the past, and let me also recommend you NOT to focus on yourself, but to read my website carefully to understand both the big picture and the details, because I’m worth it you know!

I was told that without my recent change of the front page of my website amending the definition of God and the Source, I would have been given “taste of blood” meaning that we would not have been able to save life inside remaining darkness.

I was reading the parts of the definition of God and the Source again on my website, and I was happy with what I have written, and with the knowledge I have today, I cannot do this work better than it is.

I was given a physical touch to my chair coming to me from right – still a little bit surprising to feel the spiritual presence right to the right of me and how this presence touches the chair giving the chair a physical touch for me to feel – and I was told by God that it is not me, who is Satan anymore, you overtook the job.

I was shown cake cream being prepared (for the cake of creation) and told that no chocolate (selfishness) was ever part of creation, and I was told that this is coming to me because of faith of Mads.

Can you bring in Satan and turn him around inside of here to become part of yourself (?), and yes we have not tried it before, but this is what we are doing using Mads as the template, and yes if we can we change Mads, we can change the world.

I decided to work until 00.30 telling myself that this is enough for today, and from here I will stay awake to maybe between 04.00 to 06.00 and yes to take it from there really, and darkness was very strong earlier in the day/evening, but now it does not feel that strong.

I was told that we have not given you sufferings because of your lack of answer to Else – I was here given a little heart attack – and also that “we have taken that upon us”, which was a message coming from my left and also about taste of blood again coming from my right, so Else was a sign too, and I have not the details yet, but this may be about turning a non-believer into a believer, which would help us overcome much darkness, but I could not do this (until now) to make a clean cut, which was to read her email including her +100 pages script on the Tvind school and to write her an email back. This was impossible for me to do, or at least above the pain limit I worked under the last days.

At 01.05 I was both shown and told that it is darkness, Satan, whom I will receive a visit by, so the last part of me coming home (?), and yes how much or little darkness is inside this?

I was told that lack of answering Else and the “conflict” with Mads in a very unlucky situation could have made a hole making everything blow out, and yes again information that we could become nothing, and yes darkness still has an ability to make me nervous, because these words are followed by a strong feeling of nervousness and I feel darkness coming to me from right, and yes a non-believer Else is helping to bring me even more darkness, which is what this is about, for me to go deeper, and yes also to share whom I really am with someone where I live, which is the first time I have done this.

I was shown darkness entering with what was shown to me as three levels of life, small, smaller behind it and the smallest at the end, which is also the end of the line when going all the way back, and this darkness came to me with a sharp knife asking for permission to cut their throats or something like that, wouldn’t that be gorgeous (?), and no it would be not, and Stig, it is only because he/I/we don’t have enough energy yet to release “him” and yes this is the spirit of my mother speaking to me from front/left because we are all in together on this and this was given after I had decided to start reading about Else’s experiences with Tvind, which I thought actually could be exciting to read about, and it made me think that what I do here is really the same as people will do in relation to me which is about reading my experiences, which in practise (almost) all people today “cannot”, but I am sure that when you first get started and into the rhythm, that it will be exciting for you too, and yes a general rehearsal of what man will do, and yes just use my decision to start reading and the attitude that this will be exciting, and yes it is NO longer than this, and it also goes for the end of the line, my friend.

At 01.35 I felt not very strong “nothing” entering me and I was shown a VW transporter backing in. And yes Stig the way to get out of here is simply for you to decide reading Else with interest and not say “I don’t want to do that”.

I was told that mine and Karen’s mattress was also removed by darkness meaning that we would not be able to get children together, but this has now also been corrected, and yes it arrived with the VW Transporter, and this was the secret of Else, and yes we knew that her script would be interesting to you, and the problem was really to find energy and time to do it, and when you did, we knew that we would come home, so this is what you decided to do now, and yes you changed the font size and setup of the book so it is now 82 pages (110 pages in her own setup), and you don’t read this very quickly so if you can read maybe 1/3 to ½ this night, and to send Else an email to tell her that you have started, this is the plan, and yes it may take “some days” to do depending on how much work and sleep I will get, so let us say that I will do this work within one week from now, which is to finish this before the 27th September, and yes I feel how this leads to an encouragement to all people to PLAN your reading of my scripts be starting to see how long it takes for you to read 10 or 100 of my pages, and on basis of this, you will know how long it will take to read all more than 6,000 pages thus also when you will finish reading, and yes this is what I ask you to do, to use an Action Plan for the purpose including your plan of how much to read today, this week/month and to make sure that you as a golden rule will make your plan, and if you do not, to inform God that you have been prevented and what your new plan is, and yes this is also to help you use an Action Plan in your daily planning, and please do your absolutely best to fulfil the Action Plan, and I do expect people to show a RESPONSBIBLE behaviour when working, and yes reading my scripts is part of showing a clean heart, and to use an Action Plan and to follow it as a head rule becoming better and better to plan and execute is part of this task and that is because I do mean business this time, and yes this is to help you all use an Action Plan as part of your new life, and not just when you feel like it and then forget it again, but to use is ALWAYS!

At 01.55 I was shown an aeroplane flying in over me and zigzagging down, and I was told “this is how quickly it goes” and yes because of the energy you produce writing your scripts and now also to start reading Else.

And I might say that it is DIFFICULT to read because when I read I am also giving a constant negative voice in the background, which is NOT good for motivation, so this work is done with much resistance, which man will not receive when reading me.

It became 04.00 before I finished work of the night – see the next chapters – and again I was given nervousness about risking to lose important parts of my self if I did not do this, and I was told that if you could not, we would help you by providing energy until you would be able to bring in everything, and the spirit of my father said that it is my job to make sure that you get all in here, and also that the bathroom will be cleaned thoroughly one last time with your arrival.

I have been told about the people of Yemen almost uprising because UN has not intervened, which is to say that UN is also a inflamed organisation having nothing much to do with its original foundation, but is more a “talk club”.

I was shown a long line of people inside the Source with bongo drums and told that we are already inside of there and only need to receive the last part of you.

I was also told thank you for driving thoroughly through Mallorca (in 2007), this makes it easy finding you again.

Starting to read Else’s scripts on the Tvind School Community and the founder Mogens Amdi Petersen, whom I feel related to

As mentioned I started to read Else’s scripts on Tvind and understood that this is part of a bigger task for me to do and to comment as this chapter says, so let us bring an introduction to what the Tvind School Community is about according to Wikipedia as you can read here and you can see a part of this description from this picture:

Mogens Amdi Petersen, the founder of the Tvind School Community where democracy and equality changed into a totalitarian rule where everything is dictated from the top

Here is the introduction to Else’s 110 pages script on Tvind, which you can read here, and she writes:

T H I R T E E N  Y E A R S under T V I N D

An account of how a community apparently created in democracy and equality gradually changes into a totalitarian rule, where everything is dictated from the top. The recipe is: Control, inspection and control again. Therefore: Thirteen years under Tvind

When starting to read I decided that I will read Else’s experiences when working not for but under Tvind and not really comment on this or that, and only if there is something, which could be of interest I will do so, and I met the first here when she wrote how a man was scolded by the Tvind community for taking an individual initiative to groove and polish the back stairs and that is because they had decided that only collective agreements would be accepted, and no, this is NOT right because I believe in both collective agreeing and individual responsibility, so if you imagine this man having the responsibility of the stairs, it is OF COURSE fine to start doing work without having to wait on others and that is as long as it is part of the normal on-going work, and you may remember that when you decide to improve existing or develop new that it will often be a very good idea to involve the team, and it is really about finding the best balance between collective/individual agreeing and co-operation and to do both/or instead of either/or.

I was told that “of course there is a connection between Mogens Amdi Petersen, the founder of the Tvind school community, and I”, and when reading Else I will probably learn what Tvind is about and find out where he and the schools were right and wrong, and yes isn’t it incredible that I first meet Mogens here, and that is at the absolute back room to tell him about his mistakes, and yes to bring him and the last part of myself out of there, which is basically the idea.

When reading, I thought that Mogens’ ideas could have been about an ideal community with the agenda to spread this to the world, but as you can tell already from the beginning when reading it, there are MANY wrongdoings in this ideal community, which should be so good, but was not because of “collective discipline/dictatorship” not working.

At 02.35 I decided to change my action plan because someone else (!) had changed my plan by giving me a new task to comment on the foundation of the Tvind community, and instead of finishing this work within one week as I mentioned above, I have decided to say that it will be within one month to be on the safe side, and yes better to plan too long using less time than the other way around, and after I had found several paragraphs to comment, as you can see below, and a natural break, I decided to stop reading this night at approx. 03.00, and not to start writing these comments before I am fresh enough to do this, and yes this was the start of this task, which may also become the last “big” task given to me as my old self.

I was told that Else is highly placed in the hierarchy, and after finishing the reading, I was tired but not critically, but I was mainly VERY tired of working, but I had decided also to write an email to Else to answer her email to me from the 15th , so this is what I did, and yes let us also bring these emails here, and first Else’s email from the other day:

In her email below she says that we agree on elementary things, but probably from different perspectives.

She is born in 1926 and said that as a child her mother used to read fairytales for the five children, and she went to Sunday School hearing beautiful tales of Jesus, but at school she was shaken when the teacher shower on the map where Jesus had walked with his disciples and was she said “as shaken as if he had shown us a hollow tree and said that it was from there the soldier had removed the tinderbox and cut off the head of the witch” and this was of course a reference to Hans Christian Andersen, and yes also here, and his fairytale about the Tinderbox, which is “about a soldier who acquires a magic tinderbox capable of summoning three powerful dogs to do his bidding”, and to me, this tinderbox is a symbol of the Source you know.

She continued by saying that “my sense of logic could not grasp some of what I had been told had to do with the real world”, so for Else, the tales of Jesus were merely “fairytales” in her mind, and nothing to do with reality, so it is on this basis that I have met this lady.

She brought referecens to Dostovjevskij’s the Brother’s Karamasov with the assumption that without God everything would be chaos and amoral because “ungodliness=everything is allowed, no bad conscious”, and she said that Camus sees it differently, without God the responsibility is yours, you have no “father” to take the responsibility or guilt, you have to live with what you are and what you do, and this is the clue of her life to take responsibility and the following consequences.

And she speaks of having been an easy victim of Mogens Amdi, and that she does not believe in eternal life, and also that she somehow understand what I mean when I say that Obama and I are the same soul and “to me Obama is one of the rare, decent beings on Earth”.

So in this later hour of the night being disgusted by work, I decided to write my email to her below, where I told her that I have now started reading her script and that I do it with excitement because as an idealist, I like to see the work of Mogens Amdi as another idealist, and I told her that I will reflect on Tvind’s “alternative community” in my coming scripts, which could be called “this is why Tvind’s community model did not work”, and I told her that based on the only short I have written so far, it is certainly about an extreme collective run by a leader removed the freedom and individuality of each individual, which is a fundamental human right and condition for all ot have, and I told her that you have to have a good BALANCE between collective/individual and work/private, and if you are extreme without this personal freedom and balance, it will go wrong.

I told her that lack of faith of the world had led to many people having put aside their personal responsibility because “when I have to die anyway and there is no God to be accountable to, I might as well decide to follow the temptations given to me”, which is contributing to poor behaviour, communication and work of the world, and I told her the story about “the top of the world” and their crimes against humanity, which is unsustainable in relation to life itself and that it is my task to help the world to improve in order for the world to live eternal life, which I told her also applies for her and “there is no reason not to believe in beautiful tales you are given as child cannot be experienced in reality too” and “this is what you will experience through me”, and yes I wonder if my words are able to start making this lady believe in God/me even though she does not believe in God (?), and this is you know part of the game.

Finally I told her that I can recognise Mogens Amdi in myself – these are the words given to me – but my first belief is that he received “too big doses” to be able to thing the right community model, which I told her is what she can read from my site, how we all will receive a better life, work and community, which you do NOT do by being extreme, but by showing the right balance in life and work and to use the principle of FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY (to yourself, your family/team, to man and to God) because if you removed freedom from man, you remove desire and motivation, but if you give everyone 100% freedom in relation to everything, you will get anarchy, which hurts community, which is why I also strongly believe in the collective idea via team-work and much stronger than it is practised most places today, but everything in moderation based on the right balance to receive the best from both worlds.

When I was writing my email to Else, I was told that without the understanding of Else in relation to my comments, the spirit of my mother will not let me in, and this may be, but I will sure do my best with or without the understanding of Else, because I will NEVER give up, so there you have it again again.

When I have met Else for months, she has been complaining about one of her neighbours playing loud music where she can hear the sound of the drum going through to her apartment, and she has often been wondering if it is me or someone else “annoying” her, and yes she hears it often at 23.00 when she goes to bed (where I normally work and play music!), and it is strong enough to make her put on earplugs, and when meeting her the other day, she spoke of this again, and I told her that I do not believe it is me annoying her because I do not normally play on my big stereo system, but on my computer, which is basically because of considerations to my neighbours, and yes you can hear every sound in this house, therefore, and it made her say that it cannot be me then because everyone knows that computer speakers do not play very loud, and I don’t believe that I play loud at all, you cannot hear my music on the hallway as example, but my computer speakers also include a subwoofer standing on my floor, and this may be what is going through the floor to her down under (?), and yes if it is me she can hear I can only repeat what I have told her, which is that “it may be me” – and this is also to say that this is the lady I had to get a good relation with in order for her to share her “life work” with me, you see (?), and it may really be my subwoofer sending her these drumming sounds even though it does not go very deep and is really not very loud.

I do NOT believe in totalitarian dictatorship, in our New World man will receive FREEDOM: “Man is God and God is man”

Here are some of the paragraphs of Else’s script from when she became part of the “teacher group” of the Tvind community.

Jeg blev medlem af lærergruppen på ubestemt tid. Efter nogen tid blev jeg kaldt til samtale hos Amdi, Ruth og Poul og fik forelagt betingelserne for at være med i lærergruppen, som vi kaldte os, hvad enten vi var lærere eller ej. Som hos DNS’erne gjaldt det, at vi havde fælles tid, fælles økonomi, fælles ejendele og fælles betingelser” and ”man deltog på ubestemt tid eller slet ikke. Og ubestemt tid, betød, at der ikke var nogen dato for ophævelse af samarbejdet”.

I became member of the teacher group indefinitely. After some time I was called for a conversation with Amdi, Ruth and Poul and was told the conditions to be part of the teacher group, which we called ourselves regardless of being teachers or not. As with the DNS-people, it was a condition that we had collective time, collective economy, collective belongings and collective conditions” and “you participated indefinitely or not at all. And indefinitely means that there was no date for the lift of the co-operation

As I have written in the New World Order, all businesses will be collectively owned in our New World, but all private people will own all of their belongings individually including their time (!) and homes, and yes the Tvind schools even had collective clothes to start with, and it should not be needed to say that this is logically WRONG to do because how can you life as an individual without freedom if all belongings and everything of your life is collectively owned (?), this will all course put pressure and stress on people and make even the smallest parts of life difficult to carry out.

And to expect that people will work for you “indefinitely” is also to remove freedom of people. I like people to be free to decide where to work and for how long to work with each employer, and to develop by receiving experiences working for different employers over “time”, or whatever you will call “a period” in “future” :-).

Alle de fælles penge var i den gule spand, en gul plastikspand med hvidt låg. Her kunne man tage, hvad man skulle bruge og der skulle ikke aflægges regnskab” and ”Mit eget lommepengeforbrug var lig nul. En af de første varme dage i foråret gik jeg dog til Staby og købte mig en is til 2 kr. Det havde jeg dårlig samvittighed over meget længe. Så det gjorde jeg ikke mere”.

All collective money was in the yellow bucket, a yellow plastic bucket with white lid. Here you could take what you needed and you did not have to submit accounts” and “my own pocket money consumption was similar to zero. However, one of the first warm days of spring, I walked to Staby and bought myself an ice cream of 2 DKK. I had a poor conscience over this a long time. So I did not do this anymore”.

This is basically a system, which removes the freedom and individuality of man, and in this respect is a system of the Devil. Again, it goes without saying that this is NOT how to live a life, to have “collective pocket money”. I do believe in collective economy between husband and wife (share income and expenses, but I would personally prefer separate, personal accounts not having to be called to account for this or that personal expense), but not with your neighbours.

”Dog skulle der ikke være diskussion om linjen. Havde man en divergerende mening herom, måtte man ændre den, eller blive gået”.

However, there should be no discussion about the line. If you had a diverged opinion, you had to change it, or to leave”.

This is really about how totalitarian states are created (for example North Korea as one our of many – and of course Hitler’s Germany, and even the Danish People’s Party to give you another example!), which is about “strong people” receiving support by people, and suddenly one day, their words ARE the “law”, which is impossible to change because people, who do not like the line, will have to leave or even worse are put in jail or killed and yes simply because they have another opinion, and to this there is only to say that in our New World people will normally work their absolutely best agreeing on ONE way forward, and if people cannot agree, it will become the majority of people deciding which way forward the ship will sail, and yes this is how it is, and in this respect man is God and God is man meaning that man will show the way.

En anden følge af at være i lærergruppen var, at man skulle holde op med at bekymre sig om sin familie og sine gamle venner. De passede ikke ind i alt det, vi skulle og vi skulle som sagt være med 100 procent Ikke 99 procent.”

Another consequence to be in the teacher group was to stop worrying about family and old friends. They did not fit into everything we wanted, and as mentioned we should participate 100 percent, not 99 percent”.

How can you even think such a thought (?), to decide over private matters of people forcing you to give up on your “old life” to show complete loyalty towards “the course”, and yes keep work and private matter separate and that goes both with economy and also for business to influence your privately or vice versa, but I encourage you to have business partners as private friends and vice versa, and to always remain strong in you faith and moral being absolutely sure not to offer friends a favourable business position above others.

Hvad med familielivet. Tålmodigt forklarede man dem, at vi havde andet og vigtigere at tænke på end familie og børn. At det vi praktiserede ikke var en ny livsform, men et stykke pionerarbejde, som krævede os 100%”, “Parforhold som sådan blev ikke accepteret og der kunne slet ikke være tale om børn. Skulle ”uheldet” være ude, var det abort”, ”Det eneste par på stedet var Amdi og Ruth”, ”Senere var det Amdi og Kirsten Larsen” and ”Disse faste forhold hindrede dog ikke Amdi i at dyrke de søde, friske unge piger, der gerne ville dyrkes. Alle vidste det. Ingen talte om det”.

What about family life. Patiently you explained them that we had other and more important to think about than family and children. That what we practised was not a new form of life, but a piece of pioneer work, which demanded us 100%”, “relationships as such were not accepted and children was our of the question. If “bad luck” came, it was abortion”, “The only couple at the place was Amdi and Ruth”, “later it was Amdi and Kirsten Larsen” and “however, these steady relationships did not hinder Amdi to cultivate the sweet, young girls, who wanted to be cultivated. Everyone knew. No one spoke about it”.

Again, it goes without saying that it is WRONG for an employer or totalitarian state to decide on your behalf not to have family and children or even a sweetheart, or to decide the number of children or other parts of your private life, and that goes when you are RESPONSIBLE based upon my basic rules and accepted moral standards of our New World, which is the criteria for having FREEDOM, and you saw with Mogens Amdi Petersen as you see with all dictators that he forced a set of unjust rules on people, which he “could not” live under himself, and if there is something, I do NOT like, it is hypocrisy of the worst drawer, and this is what you see with “dictators” all over the world including managers or husbands as examples deciding on rules for other people to live under, which they “cannot” comply with themselves, and yes the worst manager of this kind, I have had was Kim S., who forced me to always be on time and to work my behind off, and if there was something he could NOT do himself it was to be on time and work his behind off – he almost always let me down and I did the opposite (!) – and yes I was the slave and he was the dark master, this is how it was, Kim, because of your laziness making me clean up all of your “droppings”.

And I felt Obama much when writing this paragraph, which is to say that you will NOT see “me” as a hypocrite, and if “I” do wrong, I also count on man to let me know the same way as I will let man know, if man does wrong.

Dreaming of having merged MUCH energy from darkness with our New World

I decided to go to sleep at 05.30 – where I felt my inner self as red joining me – and I slept until 10.40, so five hours is what I was given again, and yes if this is the best balance according to light, this is what we will do, and here are some quite exciting dreams of the sleep.

  • I am at a holiday cottage where a very beautiful girl tries to put her into me, and there is nothing more I would like better than to feel near a beautiful girlfriend, but I reject because I understand that she is darkness in disguise. At the bus I see a man fighting with a much stronger man, and the stronger man physically holds up the other man, which makes me attack the strong man for him to release the man in his grip, and it makes the strong man, but it makes the strong man attack me instead and I don’t know if I can handle him. Later at the holiday house I stand up with the beautiful lady next to me and others behind me, but I go into my knees and the lady sees that I have been given two lethal injections, one in each thigh, which is what is making me break down.
    • This is still much stronger darkness than me, and the lady and the bus, i.e. “making love”, is still about my “old nightmare”, which it wants to force upon me, and this darkness is apparently killing me, and I understood that it is killing the remaining part of my inner self inside darkness and that I only have little time left to save myself, if I can because of the weakening this will bring. This was already at 05.50 and I was asked “don’t you want to work now” (with my comments on Else’s script, and even though this scared me, which I do believe is the purpose of it, to bring out more strong feelings of me, I decided not to be scared, and my simple answer was that I could and would not, and I was told that “you will only become weaker”, but no, this is NOT how I work. And I was even given my inner self in red with the feeling of a physical presence next to me and “he” said that he was the one to die because of this, and I felt that as my physical self, it would mean nothing, but no, I do NOT want to become scared, and this was far beyond my limits and will power, therefore.
    • When writing this I am given the taste of fresh herbs, which is a good sign on contrary to dry herbs/spices.
  • I am working at Danske Bank, Freeport, I have not done my best job because I have felt physically poorly, and to my surprise the bank has decided that I can move on with my career in another branch some months from now. I answer a questionnaire with one question being “will customers still be given conditions of depot in one year”, which makes me tick of “no” because I know that in one year we will have a New World where customer depots will no longer exist. An external colleague enters the bank and says that he will walk up to the 1st floor to meet a colleague, but we tell him that no one is working up there anymore, and we smile and name our branch for “the little Spanish bank”. Later I understand that a big merger between banks was first given up, but now I see the front page of a magazine at a supermarket, which says that the merger between two very large banks have now been carried out and I see that Danske Bank was somewhat bigger than the other taking the lead even though it has a weak structure.
    • Not done my best job is the feeling I get with some work to amendments on my website lately, but when I see what I have done with my last amendment to the front page of my website (definition of God/the Source) and my Signs III site with 9/11, it has the same standard as everything else (the fixed pages on my website has a higher quality than my scripts). The conditions of depot is to say that at our New World there will be no more money/values of depots of the Old World. There is now nothing more on the 1st floor, which is really content of the Old World, which we have used quite some time to move to our New World, and I was very surprised to learn about a merger between two banks, which I understood as much energy of darkness, which has been merged with our New World, but I did not understand where this should come from, because I understood that most of the New World was at the Source and we are only saving “spots” of terminated life here and there, but this was the message of the dream, the merger of MUCH energy.

Working inside the original energy of “nothing”, the foundation of life, bringing answers to the origin of life

I started writing at 12.40, quite exhausted, and I truly thought that it was impossible to write today thinking of the risk of coming too much behind for me to be able to recover if much new work will be given to me also tomorrow, and this was really the reason why I decided that I better have to do at least some of the script today, which I will be happy about tomorrow, and yes if I can do all today, it will be even better.

I was told “birds singing from above” because of the consequences of this work, which is that there will be no Devil at the end, and I was told that it was/is impossible to rearrange this last energy of darkness but when we have to (because I say so), we do it.

I was told that this process started with “man in the mirror” by Michael Jackson when I watched “the top of the pops” with my mother one week ago, and I understood that this is about the love of my mother making this possible. And I felt and was told that this energy is now connected to my left foot – I felt it as a ring around the ankle.

This is not hidden energy, this is simply what you bring from darkness. We have not collected one single beer from that basement and I was given the word “yet” together with a question mark because if there more energy of this basement (?), and yes this is the basement and NOT the 1st floor from where we collect this energy, so to me this is about energy, which was not part of our Old World (?), and this is how I understand it, and I was told that no one has been down to this basement before and also that no one knew that it existed until recently, and again I was told that this cannot be differently when you say that everything is to become light, and had I said the opposite, we would not “save” this energy.

My inner self said that I’ll be hanging on a lose hair down there, and later that it is like flying to a beach, i.e. sufferings, which is not there, and there will only be sunshine here when we are done, and if you allow us we will continue searching to locate what is here for us to bring up, and yes fine by me, and I was thinking of you also to have security arrangements in order, but I do believe that light knows about this millions times better than I.

I was told that it is “Fanta times 10, times 100 here”, which is really something then, and also that we were searching for the energy, which removed your mothers ovaries, and we would have cut an arm off if we did not bring this.

I was told that it is unusually much money we have saved you for, and I understood this as a decreased need for me to bring energy.

I was shown a poster from darkness and told that it says “Stig is not dumb, Stig is not dead yet”, which came together with the feeling of the secret government of USA, and yes my friends over there, I will not “die” before I have cleaned up everything meaning that every single word you have spoken or put on paper including ALL of your actions is on file for me to publish to the world as my new self and that is if needed if you “cannot” tell the full truth, and you do not want me to do this, do you (?), and this makes me think of the “dare” album by Human League, which I brought all songs from months ago, which I understood was decisive to “test” you of what you truly “dare”, and the truth was that you decided to be WIMPS instead of standing forward, right?

I was told that we keep on moving your birthday all of the time, because of what we discover here, and I feel a big dark sofa being lifted up from the basement together with the feeling “it isn’t really there, but still it is”.

I did not receive much direct darkness this afternoon, in fact it was MUCH lower than for a long time giving me a feeling of relief – think about having a tape deck playing an endless tape of negativity and sexual torments inside of your head together with a film projector bringing you visions, strong negative feelings and “physical pressure/pain” with extreme tiredness and yes WITHOUT being able to switch it off, and that it keeps on bombarding you giving you potentially MUCH stress, and this is what has been switched off maybe 90% this afternoon, but it is still there inside of me coming out a little and potentially more, and we will see how much more is inside this basement, which is there without being there, and yes talk about “science fiction”.

For a few days I have received what “should have been” a feeling of “nothing” going through me, and it is coming from my inside and out and making me a little bit dizzy, but it is nothing compared to what I have been given before, and this may mean that it is not as strong/dangerous as it has been.

I was told that it is down here that we are nothing and can see how we became everything, and we now better see how the decision to create individual life became as it became, and also how darkness developed.

And I was told that this is also what “faith” of Else brings (after receiving my email), for us to enter this energy of darkness, which is without being, and the foundation for us to do this is that you have decided to carry on with your work not giving up, otherwise we would also not be here.

I felt my mother and was told there is no button to push here if you want to get off the bus and I felt big smiles, which is to say that we are really not here – even though we are – but this is old information, so what can I tell you that you don’t already know, and yes that sex was not created here, but was a necessity to do creation, and yes my friends, this is the place explaining why life became life.

We could have turned up and down the rent from here because “you have no idea what we have found”.

I received STRONG pain in my right foot and was told that if it was not for the love of my mother, this is how painful it would be to be here making it “impossible”.

I was told that the weight I have lost because of exercise is weight that John has gained and also that part of the energy I have created is what had made John become better.

What we say now is that we will continue our journey deeper inside ”nothing”, which we do not have the energy to do, but we do believe that it will work out because we found a way to control the energy – the volume bottom of it – and yes because you have decided to say that you are not afraid.

We have prepared to enter this next room before your meeting with your mother, and because you have a calming effect on her, she brings the necessary ingredient of love, which we sure hope is enough to make us survive inside of here, and yes not the easiest we have done, and yes yes yes we know about his safety precautions, he does not want us to get hurt.

And I was given cracking sounds in the kitchen feeling how we are now entering an even deeper level of “nothing”.

I was told that it doesn’t say anything about Earth ending, because there is no Earth here, there is nothing, but then again, what is it that we feel here, and yes the smell of powder/burn, and yes this is where it comes from, this destructive power, which we have not located before now, and this is the building block of all matter.

We have no idea where we are now, isn’t it exciting (?) and yes we have seen no lions attacking us here and also no welcome reception, because here is really nothing, but what is this (?), a note saying that this room is connected with that and that and that part of creation, and yes now we understand better where these building blocks come from, see?

I was encouraged to listen to Pink Floyd via Grooveshark, but I discovered that there is no original music by Pink Floyd there at all, and yes there is “nothing”, and then I received the spirit of Richard Wright, the late keyboardist of this magnificent band, which was really to say that even though there is nothing in here, there is still “music and love” because this is also where we come from, Stig, and yes the God part you know, and I am thinking that some of these building blocks turned into contractive energy of “sleeping life” and others as the presence of God, who “is”, and this is basically what we are uniting, and yes when we say that we are everything which ever was, it also means that if we had cut off this line, we would have lost the original building blocks parts of creation, which we do not know where came from, and yes good idea to continue to map and save every little thing, and yes we are still searching, and see there, there is a dark bird, but light when we turn it around, and yes this seems to be the general idea going all the way back to this eeehhh “nothing”, and who created life then, Stig (?), and yes no one did because it just came into itself and isn’t this marvellous?

Think that we can do this without the assistance of a lawyer, we thought that we would have to go in and save what could be saved while it was burning, but no”.

I heard some nice words about the fantastic life, which man is creating, and told that we have just met another part of ourselves down here, and I understood that this was the part of us having the potential characteristic to develop into negativity, and yes we will bring that too but of course after having changed it to positivity, and then suddenly a head emerged here asking what time is it (?), and yes I don’t have a watch and no, Stig, no one has a watch here, so we have all the time in the world to do this job and we know there are other things waiting too but in theory that is, and yes he has given us one month, so this is what we will use, isn’t it?

When I continued working, I was shown a physical vision of how more “something” was brought out from “nothing”, and I was told that there is also endless in here, which I did not understand when this is the end of the line but this is how it was said.

I was told about sexuality and how we cannot become anything else without this and this, which was new “something” now saved too.

I continued working until 18.40. It was tough to do this work today, which also included to remind myself to be open, direct and honest in my communication and that was to publish Else’s script and to bring my comments to it in my scripts, which I will communicate to her directly not knowing how she will react, but I do know that light has never anything to hide, so if she does not like this, it is darkness controlling her, and I have seen this so many times by now to know what is right, and that is to confront it rather than to follow it, which you may understand was not always the easiest to do, especially not in relation to Brede Park in 2010, which is also here to say that I have lately been given feelings of Rolf at the park and also my old class mates Søren D.N. and Christian G. as examples of several, but no it is too much to write this, and I can feel that it still is (when being on my edge).

Discovering “life, which is not life”, which is to create life without energy simply by “being”!

I went to my mother and John again at 19.00, and I was thinking how it may be that if I do not get this energy of darkness with me, it may have an impact on the physical world and that is when this energy is from before creation of the world, and that is because this is still part of creation or is it because this is not from the 1st floor but the basement (?), so a hidden reserve, which really should mean that the world is save.

Isn’t this what we say that you will go the whole way your self waking up everything not needing faith of man to do this. This life would be terminated but only until faith of man would wake it up, remember?”

And this may be, but I felt how this could more than anything be darkness speaking to me to make me decide taking the easy way out, which would be to stop work now, but no, I will not take that chance because even though this might be, it might also be that it does not work like that, so instead of taking this chance – despite of the fact that I could really use “no sufferings” – there is only one right way, and that is ALWAYS to take the difficult road, this I know, so thank you, but no thank you.

At dinner I spoke a little about Else and her experiences at Tvind, and when I did this, I understood that this is only the start of this energy of darkness I am entering and it will take to read and comment all of her script, where it is relevant, in order to go through all of this and it felt “impossible” to do when speaking of it, and yes because I was truly very much on my edge today to finish this script, and yes these words are written “tomorrow” at 07.40 trying my best to catch up.

I felt an EXTREMELY big energy coming in and physically pressuring on me putting me on the edge, and it included some negativity, but not very difficult to handle, and I felt how this energy entered my left ankle and not my right ankle, which is what I had to confirm over and over again, “everything will be light”.

I was told that what we find here is so breathtaking that we have decided to move the Source, and I was shown trees of a forest and a deep blue colour, and I was told that it is revolutionary, we have discovered life, which is not life, and I received the question of whether or not to take this in, and first it made me somewhat scared because what does this mean to our future and our life if we take in life, which is not life (?), and as usual I concluded that I do not know, but as long as light is in control, it is fine by me, and then I felt how this energy also entered me.

I was told that this means a new, revolutionary design and also “we have never thought about this” before. It corresponds to man running 100 metres in less than one second, “nothing can be compared with this”, and I truly received the most ENTHUSIASTIC feeling about this, and I was told that this is the reward given to us because I have decided not to be scared of darkness of man, thus also going very deep in the energy before creation.

I was told that it also means that we will never receive pain in the eye again no matter what happens, this is like the Source of life times 10, which means that everything has to be revised hereafter, and also that if you disappoint of just once (“losing it”), we have the mean to handle this, and again I said thank you but no thank you for now in order not to take chances.

I had a new, nice evening with mother and John and we were both very happy seeing many fine performances of Kasper Winding’s songs this evening, and this man, Kasper, is truly VERY gifted indeed, and here he is with his old collaborator C. V. Jørgensen in “everybody has a dream” and besides from being a very beautiful song, I also like the lyrics much (looks like it is the pen of C.V.?), which to me also may be about becoming free of darkness.

Alle har en drøm, om engang at bli’ fri, af lasterne der lænker os, til nuets tyranni, selvbedrag og natteroderi

(“everybody has a dream to once become free of vices, which chain us to the tyranny, self-deception and night disorder of the present”).

And here is the song from the programme this evening sung by the very talented young singer Mads Langer, and yes I also loved the singing of Nabiha and Dicte this evening, and everyone was good really, and again it brought much opening/love our of my mother too.

I returned home at 21.30, and even though I had several of hours of more work to do to write about this evening, and also to finish the script of today (still haven’t commented on Mogens Amdi Petersen yet), it was impossible for me to do, I had crossed my line of being able to work, and I stayed up until 22.30 where I decided to go to sleep and to start work early tomorrow morning to catch up on everything really.

I received an incredible pressure of speech coming to me – there was no end to it – and this was still an incredible amount of energy entering me, and it was together with darkness and the old feeling “be quiet now” or an even stronger expression, but no, I will NOT be negative.

I was told more about the discovery this evening, which had not only to do about reducing energy consumption of life, but to create life completely without energy (!) simply by “being”, and I was told that we have never dared thinking this thought before, but it does not appear that difficult if only you have the courage, which we have now when the drawing of this is in house, which will make us revise everything if you dare (?), and yes please go on, I simply write and let you discover/decide as light.

I was also told that it is corresponding to pressing in a picture not knowing if anything will come out, which it did and it was the most beautiful kitten/life imaginable. Who would have believed life without energy (?), but yes we can because we are with no strings attached, and I was also given the picture that this corresponds not having to pay to see a national football game but you get the tickets absolutely for free.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Health Minister, Astrid Krag, is now no longer the only contender to become chairman after Villy for the Socialist People’s Party after the MP Annette Vilhelmsen has decided to run too, and this made Jens write a comment below when Villy decided to say that the party line in relation to unemployment benefit is as it is herewith reproving Annette, who suggests a new party line, and it made him say that Villy’s bruch off will become the kiss of death of Astric Krag, and he clearly does not believe that she will be manage to handle the lions of the circus of this party, and you may be right, Jens, and yes Kenneth said that “Socialist People’s Party is in risk of exploding”, and to me this is about darkness coming to me wanting to give me the kiss of death and to explode, but no, I will NOT allow you.

  • “Wise Kristian” from Politiken is also the worst darkness here proclaiming that “there will be blood” because of the interference of Villy in relation to the “party line”, and no, Kristian, I do NOT believe that there will be no more blood despite of the darkness you and your like-minded send me. And David said that the Tax Minister Thor Möger will soon have to send out Luca Brasi, and who is he (?), and yes according to Wikipedia he is a character of the movie Godfather (!), who is “a feared personal enforcer for the Corleone family, known as one of the most dangerous men in the eastern underworld” and a “savage killer”, and it made Kristian say that ”this will probably give him a dead fish from Trine Mach”, and Trine is a member of the board of Socialist People’s Party, and what this is about is Thor Möger apparently sitting in the background trying to pull the strings of the puppets to prepare his own “bright future”, Thor (?), and the story is that the darkness you bring is so strong that it is about to kill the fish of my new self, but only just because you do know that I use energy of darkness, and here it is the worst of its kind, to create (?), and yes this is how the Godfather is made, from darkness you know, and I might add that Karen gave me the DVD box of “Godfather” as a gift around 2004.

  • “Coincidently” it was also today that the merger between two banks of Denmark was announced – the merger of two large depots of energy you know – and when I read that Bent Jensen today is the CEO of one of these banks, Spar Bank, I could not avoid smiling, because Bent was a very close business contact of mine when I was working at GE Insurance 1998-2002 and he was the marketing manager of the bank, and yes we had long conversations about “his” bank and the old CEO, and I do believe I said that Bent would become the CEO one day, which he then did, and yes I sent him a LinkedIn invitation to connect and wrote a few words “congratulating” him, and I do hope he will accept this even though he may have heard from Ib P. in Skive that I am as I am, and will he be able to “abstract” from this? I also experienced this morning that the process line of my Windows computer (the command line at the bottom of the screen), which I have had set up filling two lines in the height and automatically hiding, which is what it has “always” done but this morning it decided that it could only show with a height of one line if it was to continue hiding automatically, which was really another sign of two becoming one.

  • Another “coincidence” was that “while the Elephant slept, the party monkeys danced in the Zoo” of Copenhagen, and yes in the old elephant cage with Champagne corks flying, and we know what better sign of celebration of our new “elephant” of God?

  • I liked this one by Richard.

  • The axe man attacking two male employees at the jobcentre in Helsingør in March 2012 was in court yesterday where he according to our local Helsingør daily newspaper said that he did as he did because of “inhuman treatment” at the Jobcentre and racism at employers (see the newspaper) and that he received a refusal to receive benefit after he was fired from his last job, and yes to me this is about people not “being able” to communicate and control their feelings, and maybe just a little bit of dictatorship and racism of the Commune (?), and yes I wonder what the sentence of the Commune will be (?), and eeehhh they did not receive any, because they were not the offenders, but the victims (?), is this how the story is (?), and yes also in relation to me (?), amazing right? Update 19th September: The man from Eritrea received a sentence of 9 years of prison and expulsion (he has lived in Denmark since 1992!), and this is a man, which his latest employer gave this description of: “We were more than satisfied with Bereketeab. He worked stone hard, and he said yes to tasks even outside working hours, which we probably would never have had a Danish employee do”, and yes this was a man doing his best, who “could not” get his benefit from the two male employees he attacked, and when he many times tried to call a female employee (before the attack), she never called back. A man “driven to tears” as I am told because of how the Danish community treated him as a “no brainer”, and yes the last card played by the evil Danish community was to destroy the life of this man because of the crimes, they “forced” him to do in desperation, but no, I am sure that they could not say “we are sorry” as they also could not after their repeated attacks on me in different systems. Do you get it by now (?), and I am here given “something” from my right followed by the Statue of Liberty.

  • I liked the spirit of my mother calling for WORLD PEACE :-).


19th September: Coming to the end of the line where energy does not exist and re-designing life without energy

Dreaming of darkness surrendering all over the world and by now I have almost saved all life of the Old World

I went to bed at 22.30 yesterday and slept until 06.30 this morning with this dream only.

  • I have received a book of American Express including one page of each country of the world where the local country explains about the activities of American Express of that country, and I am at the supermarket of the Magasin department store, where I see all kind of steaks of all price levels, and I see that one steak, which was on sale is now back to normal price, which I cannot fully afford.
    • I woke up to the beautiful song “I surrender” (myself to you) by Saybia, which was connected to the dream of American Express, which is the symbol of darkness having stolen all energy of the world, and this is the darkness, which has given up to me bringing me everything. The steaks are about life, which I have almost saved all of, but I need some more money, i.e. energy, to be able to afford the remaining steak, and yes part of me so therefore I will continue the game working and exercising when I can. The dream also included a pretty strong and wrong sexual temptation.

Coming to the end of the line where energy does not exist and re-designing life of our New World without energy

I decided to start early at 07.20 to have a chance to finish my scripts of yesterday and today, which I knew would be a pain and difficult to do.

I was told about the Lindø shipyard of Odense, Denmark, which had to stop as the last of several big shipyards of Denmark closing down the last 25 years, which was because of great competition from Japan and especially Korea, which can do the same or better at a lower cost not least because of lower “local costs”, which you know is always pay, and I was given this as example of a waste of resources closing down industry of the “Old World” as they say and establish new industries in new, cheap labour countries like China etc., and yes it should be easy for the world to see that when you have constant wages and prices all over the world without crazy fluctuations as you see of the Old World of prices increasing and decreasing from one year/month/day to another with no true valid reasons, you can concentrate on getting a healthy business climate everywhere, instead of the world’s constant desire for profit, which is truly unhealthy to TRUE and everlasting development and growth of the world.

I was surprised to receive one more pain out of this word to my right ankle.

When I was doing the last part of my work on the script of yesterday commenting on Mogens Amdi Petersen, I was told thank you for doing this, it brings us calm.

I still feel pushed to my absolute limit with very strong disgust/throw up feelings having to continue work. The script of yesterday was truly one of the worst scripts of all to do, if not the worst, and I was told that this is what it took to break through to this “New World beyond imagination”, and I was shown yet another piece of earth entering me bringing forward the next layer of “life” inside here, and yes this is as deep as darkness had spread us.

I received two new sneezes, and yes sacrifices of the world, and no, I do not understand where this energy comes from, but it is still about my family/friends etc. thus the world bringing me energy to help me go through this “last” energy of darkness.

There is not even as much as a cinema inside of here, but still this is where we receive all our “strength” from, and how can this be (?), which we will have to leave you without an answer to for now until we have designed yet another New World (life without use of energy as I understand it), which this is about, and yes if you dare (?), and this is how radical our discovery of yesterday is, so this is what we have started doing.

We almost cannot afford going deeper, and thought that we cannot do this without “assistance of a lawyer” – to bring dark energy to get the last out – but what we experience here is coming back to a “time”, where everything simply “is” and yes where we don’t need energy to be here and to bring with us “everything”, and yes it would be complete madness if we did not know better as we do now. And we know Stig, you told us that you would go to the end where there would be no darkness remaining, and can it really be, and yes this is the end of the line – but I know that I have more work to do with Else’s scripts, so there is more to come over the coming days and weeks.

I finished the script of yesterday at 10.30 and published it at 10.55. Tough ..!

I was told that the board has started to meet ”because you did not mind”, but it is not complete without you, and this is the board of our New World after everything has been united via my new self, and yes you are welcome, and I am sure that your work also further helps our creation/development, so looking forward to meeting you all, but “we have good time”, and yes “still” and here with the feeling that “this is crazy”.

I was told that even though we believed we created a New World without negativity, this energy would still be part of our New World, and yes having the latent ability to develop into negativity, and this is what we are also changing because of “no negativity at all”, this is what still goes.

It also has to do with your mother and yes there is almost no defence remaining, she has accepted you as you are. I still receive negative speech such as “stick it!” and more, but no I will NOT!

I was told by the spirit of my mother of our New World that “yes Stig this was also to be found on the 360 degree round tour bringing all of our Old World to our New World”, and it was with the feeling that we are now almost united.

I was shown a broom sweeping new things to me including more darkness turning into gold as it enters me, so the process is still on-going, and yes turning this energy into light.

I was told that the attitude of my mother is that ”you have not received as much headwind on your way towards Spain” meaning that she believes that she has suffered more than I without realising that I have suffered the sum of all of her and all of my family/friends etc. sufferings, and this is also part of it to come here

I was told that the feeling of “nothing” coming in over me, which is almost not making me feel it at all is also to say that we are running out of energy because there is no energy inside of here, but you are still living, aren’t you (?), and yes Stig, it was possible to survive without energy, and when this is the case it is also possible to create life without energy, so this is what we have just done with your upload of the script of yesterday telling the world that this is how it is.

I was also told that it has also been a condition to reach here that my mother and the mainstream world has not yet “discovered” who I am.

I was told that I am still receiving reserve energy of darkness, which I have not received yet – stored by my spiritual friends – which is what is giving me negative speech and darkness today, and yes let me say here after lunch that I am still very tired and exhausted after work the last couple of days, so I do not believe I will work this evening, and I cannot stay awake for long, but I will exercise this afternoon, which normally makes me feel better and more “fresh” for a period of time, so we will see.

I was feeling darkness of the spirit of my mother coming from my right with the feeling that she is bringing all of what remains to me and she told me that it was her “looking after this for me”, so more darkness of the spirit of my mother (?), and how is this possible (?) – isn’t it only me out here with her being inside the Source (?) – and yes if this energy is from the basement where she was not present, it is not possible, but if this is truth, this is part of everything of the Old World, and I was here given pain to the right side of my stomach and felt a key entering me, and I was told that “these are all keys” and yes you asked for everything, so this is what we have dug out for you and yes from inside of there, there is nothing more inside of there, and no we dare not to enter, which I feel is wrong information of darkness, and yes what is the worst, which can happen (?), and that is for my old self to die and for my new self to take over, so come on my friends, we have NOT finished the tour of the Old World yet, if the basement is part of the house of it, and this says that it is, and yes we did not know about it.

I decided to send this email to Else including the text of my script of yesterday on her and Tvind telling her that this information and her script is now online for the world to read, and that this is my work and my road towards our New World, which she is now part of, and she may understand and agree with me that “God does not want a totalitarian dictatorship” as I told her.

After sending my email to Else I was shown and told by the spirit of my mother that she has now brought the sack of gold nuggets, which she was not allowed to bring me before coming to here, and this is “more energy” coming, so even though there is no energy here, you still bring me energy (?), and we know an explanation will come.

I went to the swimming hall and despite of feeling much more exhausted than two days ago, it was much easier – but not easy (!) – to do exercise today, and I was told that the energy of the basement, which I opened to was the energy we would kill you with and to save what we could inside of it when doing it, and we knew pretty well where the “pieces of earth” of you were stored for us to get out.

I had no dark energy trying to overtake control of the steering today, but in the beginning I was told that this energy of the basement had to jump to me the same way as some days ago, but it did not happen, and then I was given the understanding, which has really come to me for some time (hours), which is that this energy is an integrated part of me – I have felt how negativity and sexual torments have come directly from myself (not from outside) with an attitude of “of course” it will be like this with wrongdoings about to automatically be carried out, but NO, I do know what is right and wrong to do, so this has been stopped despite of this “attitude” – so it seems that I have come to the end of the line where there was no more energy, and as I understand it, previous energy has been transferred to my new self as an integrated part of me, which is what is given me darkness now, and yes I want EVERY LITTLE THING to become light, so this is what we are still doing.

During the exercise, I felt Mitt Romney coming to me from my right and I was told that supporters of him know that they were about to end the world because of their WRONG economical policy of the USA being “this close” to bring the world economy in knees with a global economical meltdown as result including a massive closure of businesses, unemployment much worse than the 1930’s and yes people fighting over food and we know as part of the game of darkness to terminate us all, and later I was given a feeling of retreat from my right and “yes, we are almost ready to admit our defeat”, which I was told is the feeling of Romney, and how does it feel like to go out attacking Obama with your lies (?), and yes I also heard about VP nominee Paul Ryan’s speech/lies at the Republican Convent, and no, this is NOT how to communicate, because the truth is what I ask everyone to use as your foundation, and yes the truth is what was my weapon against darkness.

At the end of the afternoon I almost received no negative voices and “pressure” of darkness, but I felt how a serious voice was very close to start coming to me, which I connected with the New World being “this close” to me, but no, we are not done yet.

I was told that it is VERY much money I have saved (to be destructed” and I was feeling Michella knowing that this is what darkness would have done at the end, and yes forcing my “old nightmare” upon me, but no, I will NOT allow it, and just maybe darkness could be so strong and impossible for me to live (?), and yes this is what I am told.

I was given a taste of blood in my mouth and told that we hardly have the energy to carry this out, which came together with the feeling that it was inevitable that parts of me and the Old World would be terminated, but no, I don’t want that, and thank God that this did not and I do believe will not happen.

In the chapter “Barack Obama will become the first World President creating the first Government” of our New World Order I added this paragraph:

“When this is said, I would also like to add that I do NOT believe in totalitarian dictatorship. In our New World man will receive FREEDOM after having learned to be RESPONSIBLE because “man is God and God is man”.

I decided that I could not work this evening. I truly needed a break, and that is despite of an enormous pressure given to me with MANY things on their way in – wanting me to continue work – and also a very STRONG feeling of having no time to do it, but I had to act strongly and tell myself that this is how darkness normally works, and that I will continue work tomorrow morning.

The original energy of “nothing” would have exploded to wake up our New World but it is now being saved

So now it is “tomorrow morning” and I will update the script with information given to me during the evening, which I took down as notes, so it was truly not relaxation when it came to the point.

The spirit of my father told me “and then you would never see me again”, which would be about the end of the energy of “the basement”.

I was told as example that if I did not bind in my application for Kim at DFM in 1991 as I did – making it look professional – I would not have been hired by Kim, and also not come through my much later journey – this is the importance of the teachings he gave me – and yes there have been several of those “critical moments” in my life, where I have just done it without knowing the true importance of it.

I was told that Karen is reflecting on her life and are having thoughts of chosen wrongly when she did not chose me in 2003/04.

I was told that you are already inside all of the Pyramid without anyone knowing about it.

I felt how bit parts of blue was still coming in to me from the right without resistance.

On Aftenshowet on TV this evening Louise was much inspired when she called her co-host Mark over to finish the programme, and then she threw confetti over him and said “I saw how you laughed of me when I received confetti in my hair” and Mark answered “it was because you almost got such a cake”, and as you can see they SMILED a lot, and this was the TRUE feeling of the Trinity with many behind us as I am told here and yes right behind the game as the same tell me with this “dumb/slow attitude of darkness”, and Louise ended by saying that she wanted to “beat the drum for” another programme, and when you beat a drum it is the same as saying that “original life” is coming.

This is the TRUE joy of the Trinity and “many behind” inspiring  Louise to throw confetti out over Mark on Aftenshowet

I was told that it was important to add information about “no totalitarian state” on my New World Order website, and I understood that parts of the official world still have “difficulties” to accept a New World Order being “dragged” down over your heads, my friends (?), which may make some of you believe that God is a totalitarian dictator (?), is that it (?), and no I am not, I am changing the ways you work and think, and this is part of it – to bring the New World Order, which you “could not” do yourselves, and when you have established new good habits, you will be able to act in a responsible manor again where “man is God, God is man”, and yes after changing you I will give you your freedom back.

I could not work after dinner when I did this addition to the New World Order site, and this is mainly why I only added one paragraph, which I however believe covers the message, but still I was given much nervousness together with the message “we will try to get it through with this” with the feeling that it may not be enough, and yes also meaning that darkness will not give in, but we have to come through no matter what, so this is what we will do.

I was shown a previous red energy of enormous power on its way in and I heard “but we don’t really know because do we have to surrender to that New World Order” (?), and yes this is about some of the darkest darkness, which still tries to escape.

Later I was asked how do we get this in, is this energy a integrated part of me or coming from outside (?), and I was given a potential strong diarrhoea, and this included an incredible strong pressure on me and I decided to keep my previous rule that if there is truly anything outside, it is fine to get in on condition that nothing gets out, but the pressure was enormous and included more nervous feelings of potential negative consequences, which was NOT nice to go through as usual. Later I was told “did you forget that this is an integrated part of the New World” (?), and yes not easy when you give me a feeling of it coming from outside.

I was shown the Romney camp taking off its boxing gloves, and brushing the backside of a watch.

I was shown and told that what we are doing corresponds to getting access to and cleaning up inside the tower of a submarine, which should have been used to raise the submarine (of the world) itself.

I was told that we have installed this energy in you to wake you up but when you wake up this darkness itself it eeehhh means no accept of a negative explosion to remove this darkness to open up. I was given marks to my right ankle and more potential feelings of diarrhoea because of darkness still wanting to escape. So now the New World and my new self will be woken up without the use of energy because I am still alive inside of here and if I was not, we would have been woken up by now.

I was told that you would have received the question of which parts of the spirit of my mother to kill and I felt Camilla, and yes to destroy this energy in order to come through, and also that it would include my “old nightmare”, and I am only wondering if darkness would have been able to force its ways upon me, which may be the answer because I would NEVER accept this, unless the torments of terror made would make it impossible to do.

I was told that instead of dark, inactive sticks as part of my new self breaking after the use of its energy, they will be brought out and back again after being activated with light (?), and yes this might be it.

I was shown a circle gradually becoming light from the outside and all the way to the centre, and how BIG doors to GIANT and noble rooms of the castle “beyond imagination” open because we can continue work inside here.

And I felt how dark plasters on my body were removed to be replaced, and I was told that they will be brought from my body to the outside of my body and back, which will make me continue suffering – I felt the four musketeers – and I felt strong dark energy and was told that this energy killed Frank Munkø in 2004, who was running the spiritual church “Daniel Kirken” in Copenhagen and participated in the “the power of the spirits”  and I was told that this happened because I liked Frank much, and also that this is why Kate Upton was exposed to the same darkness making her show half naked in magazines and probably also now on the Internet, and yes because I believe that she is a beautiful lady, and if I have seen the photos of her (?), no I have not, and I have decided that I do NOT want to either, and yes photos like this (without approval/acceptance) are to be removed entirely from all media according to my behaviour and work website.

I was told that this is why we are now back to the bank where I have to produce energy and I was asked to stay awake the coming night, which made me say “no, not this night”, and yes I was too tired, and I received a strong cramp to my left leg and was told that a part is now outside and “aren’t you afraid of what will happen to your mother”, and yes this is how this game was played.

Bent J., the CEO of SparBank, accepted my LinkedIn invitation (but did not see my personal message, thus not replying?), and I was told that he is now a key person of this coming work, and yes he will be influenced by my LinkedIn postings of new scripts too.

At the end of the evening I was asked to stay awake until 05.00 in the morning, and again I refused, and I felt the spirit of my father outside and was told that we cannot get it in without your help.

But later I was told that these sticks of original energy will now been activated without using energy to do so and hereafter returned, which sounded more logical really, and I was asked “what was said first” (?), and yes I received help with a smile that it was “previous red/dark”, so this is what I believe in, that we are bringing light inside these sticks of my new self without the use of energy, which should also mean that I will be able to sleep hereafter, and even that exercising is not as important as it was, but still I will continue exercising and that is because it is right to do.

I was told that there was energy inside those sticks corresponding to the energy of atomic bombs, and I was given the worst sexual visions together with the feeling of my aunt Inge – because she “cannot” communicate – and it made me think that I am at least still given negative energy.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today and yesterday I have started receiving spiritual darkness to Facebook making it very slow giving me trouble to receive all postings as you can see an example of below, which was the last message and hereafter it showed that it was working, but nothing happened, and this has happened over and over again, which it normally does not, and I recognise spiritual darkness when I see it because I am giving feelings of it, so Scribd is infected, and this is saying that Facebook is also infected by the secret government of USA, and yes are you using personal information of people also from Facebook to keep a giant file of information illegally on people in your secret files (?), and yes in order to “save” the world from terrorists (?), and it has “nothing” to do with a plan on how to control every single being on Earth taking form inside your heads (?), and yes do you see just how ROTTEN the culture is over there, and yes did you enjoy your LAST Coca Cola (?), and yes also including drugs to keep people down/dumb (?), and yes I am looking forward to seeing you “perform” the act of truth to the world, and when do you think you will start (?), and eeehhh not as long as I am not “dead” as my old self, because I have to drag it out of you, which you will first do when I will stand forward as my new self (?), is this really it, is this how simple you are (?), and yes I here felt a break in the stream of my voice helping me to write, which is the same as saying “we cannot speak, because we don’t want to”, and yes CHICKENS is what you are, and the best kind of course of our New World, but the worst RAT PACK of the Old World! Update: Later in the evening when I published this script, and afterwards clicked the tab of Facebook in my browser, it made the tab remove from the open window and open in a new window – and no, this is NOT how it is supposed to work (!) – and this is also to say that Facebook is built on the worst darkness of the secret government wanting to escape me, but no, I will NOT allow you because if you should escape it would be the same as terminate life, and you do not want that, do you?

  • Jens Rohde and BT as examples wrote about the rumour of Helle Thorning Schmidt in play for a top job in the European Union, and Jens said that “the first names mentioned are in reality almost history the moment they are mentioned”, and that is mentally in the small duck pond of Denmark, because out of sight mentally is also out of mind, and this is really the “kiss of death” as Helle and BT write to Helle to bring her down as Prime Minister, and the “kiss of death” is really what all of you politicians and media have brought me and Helle, and yes I wonder if Helle will also decide to take the “easy” choice, which a EU post would mean, and yes “among friends”, Helle, is easier than to fight as Prime Minister (?), but I do hope that U2 will STAY?

  • Helena asked “what kind of affectation is it because of a film. Pull yourself together, people”, and she did NOT like religion making people militant to use another word than her swearing, and Jane tells her “that you dare” , which make Helena say that “I fear not people I do not respect. And yes yes, my father is a goat, and my mother a pig and life continues”, and yes you are so right, I DARED myself to go up against the worst darkness of the world – Muslims, secret government of USA, Russia, China – and this is also why life symbolised as a pig of my mother continues (!), and Helena is truly a know-all type when saying “it only proves that religion is the reason of most wars and hate. It is therefore a good idea to know instead of believing”, and isn’t it funny/strange that she uses the same words as I (?), and yes Helena it would TRULY be good if you knew instead of believing and when Annette asked her “don’t you have just a very little bit of faith in any god”, she said “Yes, yes. And trolls, fairies, UFO’s and pixies”, so a lot of irony, and yes this is the better-knowing attitude of the Devil who “could not” understand and have faith in me because of her laziness and WRONG attitude, and yes got you, Helena!

  • My old colleague and friend Preben is rarely active on Facebook, but here he was adding two new photos of his big passion, which is professional racing cycles, and I wonder if a cycle of this kind is 30,000 or 50,000 DKK, and you decided to being able to “afford” this on yourself, Preben, without thinking that you could help me and my LTO friends to survive/get a better life?

  • “Se og Hør” is the absolutely worst Danish gossip magazine and it has now decided to show pictures of the topless Kate, which made the editor-in-chief, Kim Henningsen, say in a press released that “our readers love to follow the life of celebrities and royalties and demand revealing news coming up all close. I am therefore incredible proud that we have received the rights to bring the topless pictures of Great Britain’s coming Queen”, and eeehhh Kim, have you considered that Kate and the Royal family do NOT want you to bring these pictures (?), and have you considered that it is RIGHT to follow the wish of the family and NOT your own selfish and WRONG “interests” (?), and no it is NOT alright to bring (or watch) pictures of naked or half-naked people as here just because you “like” to do so, and I do like the principle that when people know that they are filmed and do not mind for their picture to be taken/brought, it is alright to do, and yes this is the example I had to bring to the world to let you understand that the difference is between knowing/allowing and not knowing/not allowing, and that goes in this specific question of taking/bringing pictures of naked/half naked people.

  • Tommy is one of my Facebook friends coming to me through Torben in Spain as I remember it, and I liked one of the travel pictures he brought today, and this made him “open up” to me for the first time communicating with me as I remember it, and he told me that he was listening to UFO’s on the radio, and I told him that a UFO will probably also come close to him, and yes he saw something about a UFO as child but no one believed in him, and I told him to look on the sky and a UFO will be shown to him, and this is really brought here as example of normally “silent people” believing in me but not saying it out loud, and yes there are “many” of them out there, and I was given Kasper from Fair as an example here.

  • A newly revealed Coptic document says that my previous self Jesus was married, and no, I do not yet have the memory of Jesus, so I really don’t know, all I know is that I will become married to Karen, who used to be Mary Magdalena, and whether or not I was married as Jesus with Mary Magdalena will have to be learned in school today, and yes not no is that the same as no, not yes, and yes I feel darkness inside of me playing with the new game and yes close to hit the button to start our New World, but no not yet, we have to locate and clean up EVERYTHING inside of here first, and yes this was the answer and NOT to give up now to make faith of mankind later bring you what we would not be able to go back to bring (?), and yes I do believe this is how it is, and Morten said that Jesus was quoted to say that “my wife …” and then he was interrupted, and yes I liked his humour based on the fact of many wives interrupting their husbands (and many husbands not listening to their wives …), and no, I did not have anything to contribute, and I do not receive an answer spiritually either when writing this, so this is how it is.

  • I was happy for Jette to return and request my Facebook friendship again today, which I of course accepted, and she has been following my scripts and send me some kind “love signs” as comments, so welcome back, Jette, and what about showing some new Google Earth pictures (?), I am sure that there are and have been many exciting pictures, which you have not shared with us?

  • A tornado picked up a bushfire in Australia, symbolising our New World, as a sign of the strongest darkness/sufferings I am going through.

  • This was really the recipe you know.

  • I have been wondering if GMO is not both dangerous because man does not know what he does when genetically manipulating with DNA and also that this could be another way of the U.S. secret government to bring “desired behaviour” – “slow, dumb” – to people (?), and yes here you see how GM corn produces “horrifying tumors”, and the list is long also including contraceptive pills etc. where the industry knows that it is killing many people, but “as long as it goes” and stockholder make profits, everything goes, but no, not more, I will NOT have it.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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