September 21, 2012: Removing all energy, liberating life from darkness and creating all life without energy as beings of God


Summary of the script today

20th September: The secret government of USA has given up after I exposed 9/11, them and their agents to the world

  • Dreaming of a giant monster of darkness leaving my new self (to be reloaded with light), I still need to bring energy to bring this dark energy back to zero to be reloaded with light and I might not be able to bring enough energy because time is short now, and I can continue my journey when I continue producing energy.
  • Transferring sticks of original energy from our New to our Old World to reload with its original content before returning
  • Else wrote an email to me saying that she believes that it is not man created in the picture of God but reversed (!),“what to me is of universal validity is that we are social individuals and necessarily we have to live in a way, which does not hurt others, and to take responsibility of the common development”. She has no faith also because she believes that there was no Jesus when prisoners of concentration camps of World War II died pitiful deaths, which made me tell her that God – and now Jesus again – is always on the side of poor people, and it was darkness bringing World War II and poverty of the world, which will end with the end of darkness and the opening of our New World. Else is an old lady without faith, she has given up and is preparing to die and become “nothing” without realising that she will receive an eternal life too. Do not ever lose your hope sinking into “nothing” – let the fire always burn inside of you, the fire of God.
  • I was surprised to see that “the curse” over the statistics page of my Scribd documents has been lifted, so now it again shows the true number of visitors to this site. When Scribd did not show any visitors at all for a long time, it was about the worst darkness of all, the secret government of USA, who did not want to stand forward, but when this page has now been “released” it is also to say that I have opened the impossible knot of darkness, which is what the secret government of USA is about, and been accepted to go free. And the connection is – as 235,000 “readcasts” to two 9/11 documents on my Scribd profile show (!) – that I wrote the truth about the secret government of USA planning and carrying out the 9/11 attacks to make the Muslim World its enemy to keep its war machine and evil Old World Order going. I told them that not one single of them would go free, but everyone will come to stand forward including your network of agents, to tell the truth to the world. This is what made the card house of evil fall. They have now given up. Thank you :-).
  • Short stories of Scribd being part of the worst darkness, I am about to come into the warmth of “normal life” again, which my old friend Preben symbolises, celebrating the deepest concentration of love, joy and happiness coming to the world, you will NOT see a filthy, gossip press of our New World, the untold story of the Stig will soon be told to the world, the Trinity did the impossible game designing our New World with everything, which is/could be, Mitt Romney showed his true self of poor moral standards to the world bring an “orange in Obama’s turban”, Sherin uses “silence” as her weapon in relation to me as Muhammad did and both is the work of darkness, Jette asked me a question about Martin Spang Olsen, which I could and would not answer because of lack of time and energy, and the closet of God being both fine and clean now.

21st September: Removing all energy, liberating life from darkness and creating all life without energy as beings of God

  • Lack of understanding and ability to listen with my father, is what brought me extreme sufferings and made darkness want to “kill, kill” life.
  • I was being disconnected as my old self, but a beginning faith of Else created a new bridge between the New and Old World, and darkness with a little faith of Martin Spang-Olsen brings out remaining life of our Old World, which we have not been able to see before now.
  • With the discovery of being able to create life without energy, life of our New World will be created by the being of God saying “let there be life”, which is revolutionary compared to everything life has been about until now. We are lifting up a ship of life underneath the ship of our Old World, which we did not know existed, and we are rebuilding our New World with the best of life with and without energy combined as one new life.
  • I spent the afternoon with my mother looking for a new writing desk to spend the 5,000 DKK she and John has decided to give me, and at the end of the tour I was shown a giant fish entering me, and told that this tour was about creating the combined giant fish (life with/without energy) of our New World, and also that my birthday the other day is nothing compared to what we achieved today. The end of the day became that my mother asked me not to write about this in order to accept her gift, which made me reject it, but to ask for us to remain friends.
  • Yesterday Jette also asked Martin S. O. – a man of some philosophy and spirituality – about me, which made him and a friend conclude after “skimming” my website that I am “too focussed” in my solar plexus and “staged”, which a real prophet would never be (!) – apparently I am too “selfish” in their minds to be the one I am –  not understanding that I had to “stage” myself like this to cut through the armour of selfishness, laziness and better-knowing ignorance of man to make man understand, and faith of Jette in me and my comment to them about how God had spoken via them of coffee symbolising love/warm feelings brought “some faith” making our new invention of “life without energy” start working, which has now been installed inside each individual of our New World, and this corresponds to “something like” a force like the Source did for the whole New World until now. This is what is “completely and utterly mad”.
  • This evening my computer symbolising the world received critical hard disk errors because of extreme darkness sent to me by my mother because I rejected her gift and because we were very close to become “nothing” with the cancellation of everything made with the use of energy to a new life made without energy. This is about removing all darkness, which liberates life tied to of it when we remove its energy. I was asked to tear down the house of everything we have done, which was really the same as accepting our world of energy to be destroyed, which I accepted if this is what it took to make it “perfect”, and with this decision, all life still tied to darkness starting to become liberated bringing very HAPPY scenes of life meeting again, and there was still MUCH of it, which would explode with the opening of our New World killing me before awakening as my new self and terminating life to make other life survive. We are now setting up our New World for everyone to “be” like God as a “being” without DNA, which simply “is” and still as physical life now running with the use of our mind without energy. We are becoming “nothing”, but are still “everything” because this is what we decide to be.
  • My dear LTO friends have yet again shown that they cannot be trusted when it comes to money and regular, truthful communication. Meshack trusted John to share my money transfer in three with Elijah and David, but John stole Elijah’s share, Elijah attacked Meshack demanding to still receive his share from Meshack and Meshack was breaking down and giving up because of this, and herewith darkness was about to “kill” me too because this is what all of you transfer to me. I decided to be firm saying that I will continue transferring money to Meshack because he is the only one to be trusted, and for Meshack to share with the team, the alternative is that I will send nothing, and you will make darkness potentially win a set bringing negative consequences to the world..
  • Short stories of  the weakest link to the door of Selvet, do not get scared but learn through reading me, replacing the old selves of people with their new selves of our New World, Helena was inspired by Martin, Jack and I to invite for coffee, the apple of our New World continues to remove darkness of our Old World, and chemtrails to control weather and not people (?) are also a problem in Sweden (and all over the world). 


20th September: The secret government of USA has given up after I exposed 9/11, them and their agents to the world

Dreaming of a giant monster leaving my new self to be reloaded with light, and I still need to produce energy

I went to bed at 00.10 and after I was having some trouble sleeping – believing for a short while that I would not be allowed – I slept until 08.30 this morning including these dreams.

  • I am Dave Gahan (from Depeche Mode) and I feel how three persons are folding out the skin around my testicles in order to find room being there, and there is not much room to do it without the testicles exploding.
    • When I wrote down the notes of this dream I felt a giant dark, monster inside of me climbing out and “he” was surrounded by yellow of the spirit of my mother, so this is about bringing out “the sticks of darkness” to reload them with light.
  • It is my birthday, I am working at DanskeBank-Pension, and a couple of my colleagues look at an extract of the annual reports of two banks showing a big deficit of 1 billion DKK each, and one of the annual reports behind the extract fills 900 pages, and Kresten say “look at the pension contributions”. It is really my day off but because I did not make sure that someone else could take over answering the telephones, I have to be at work myself, and people believe that I am only in work practice, and I tell them that I am a regular employee. I am happy when my old school/best friend Allan M.H. comes to visit me at the “black bank building” at Bremerholm, he is working at the Magasin department store just around the corner and he brings his birthday greetings, no one of my colleagues know that it is my birthday, I have received as gift two bottles of wine packed in red boxes, and wonder where to put them. I walk outside with Allan thinking that I will buy him lunch, and we look at different bars and restaurants, which all seem too expensive for me, and I know that I don’t have much time at my lunch break, so I am truly wondering what to do.
    • No one inside darkness knows my birthday, thus who I am, the two banks merging is about these dark sticks of energy from the basement, which it seems that I still need to bring energy to in order to wake them up, and when I do, this is what will be brought as new contributions to our New World. Allan is here a symbol of the New World where I am the Old World so this is the New World bringing me their greetings, and the wine in red boxes is new life, which will be uncovered from darkness, and I cannot afford to pay for the lunch and do not have much time to eat, which is to say that I might get problems bringing the energy I need via my work and exercise to awake all of this negative energy of darkness, and yes to bring it back to zero really.
    • When awakening I was told that we are searching for the last pieces of information/energy.
  • I also remember briefly a dream about being in an airport, where I fear that I have forgotten my passport, which will cancel my journey, but to my surprise I see that my passport is in my wallet, which is to say that producing energy is still the road forward.

Transferring sticks of original energy from our New to our Old World to reload with its original content before returning

At the shower I was shown and told that the fishing rod itself has been transferred from darkness.

I have decided to prioritize Else’s scripts above writing on Chemtrails to my Signs III page, which I can see that I need to look into, and there is much other information, I could also look into for example what is on the moon as this video of “Pyramids On The Moon And The Lunar Coverup” tells, which I saw the other day, and it has a pretty good idea about this, which is further adding to the game of darkness of the deception of NASA and the secret government of USA and the world really, look for yourself, and ask yourself “what if this is the truth, and the rosy picture you have been given is only coloured scrap”?

I still received pain to my behind, so I am still receiving negative energy, which may come from these sticks being brought out from my new self before they are returned with light.

I was told that “the energy of the basement” would have been “burned off” thus making everything remaining 100%, but now when it is being saved, it still makes everything light, but more than 100%, you see?

I was told that this is what “assistance of the lawyer” was about, which was to explode this energy of the basement/sticks inside of me to wake me/us up, but NO!

I am thinking about “the last energy of the basement”, “the end of the line”, and opening up to the new wide sea of everything and also “the last darkness before light”, and yes we have converted all darkness of an eternity to light, and this is the sea of light, which I will “soon” meet when we have done the absolutely last work here.

My mother called me in the afternoon. She had been on sale in the supermarket of Føtex buying no less than 5 shirts for me VERY cheaply (less than 200 DKK!) and she said that she and John have decided to give Bettina and I something extra because we don’t have children as Sanna and Mette have, and they have decided to give me a proper writing desk and chair, and yes I smiled because this is also a sign of starting to receive a normal life, which is really on the agenda so to speak today – see my chapter on Else and short story on Preben – and yes as I told her I am happy of this (but it also brings me potential extra stress to find this table in a store or used on the Internet taking time to do making my work here and now more difficult!) and I also told her that I am working maybe 10-15 hours per day in front of my computer in a very uncomfortable chair and too high desk, so this is really coming too late in relation to when a desk would have been useful to decrease my discomfort writing these thousands of pages, but this is how it is.

I was told that it is a combination of working/exercising to bring out the sticks of darkness of me and to “reload” them with light without energy, so the only way forward to do this work is to continue working/exercising, and we will see if I will be able to sleep at nights.

I cycled to the swimming hall again this afternoon and I was told that every time hereafter I will feel “nothing” without really feeling it is a code of sticks of darkness being coded as light.

I was told that Else had given up on faith/life – as you can see from the next chapter – and my job here is to create cracking to this lack of faith in order to have Else helping me to open the hole to let these sticks of darkness leave me and come back as light, and no, not very easy to do.

When exercising on the cross trainer I was given one of those secret messages, which was that these sticks of darkness or let us say “original energy” were installed as part of my new self, the New World, and when they are brought out of my new self, they are transferred to the front/right of me, which is my old self, and yes the remaining of the Old World (inside the New World!), which is really the “middle station” and to my right “all the way out” (of my right ankle) is “out of this world”, and this is why I literally was given “out of this world” pain to my right ankle, which was for parts of what used to be everything to return to me, and I was furthermore told that in order for this to return it was a condition that everything is to be equal, which is why I received this over and over again.

I was more fresh today than yesterday, but it was MUCH more difficult to exercise, however not quite as difficult as three days ago, which was because of the same feeling of darkness to the right/front of me making my exercise a hell and it gave me the very strong feeling/speech of giving up, which I was very close to doing, but I did all 30 minutes after all, and I was told that already three days ago we starting doing this work of cleaning these sticks of original energy.

I was told that these sticks of darkness work the same way as everything else, which is to turn the button of it from minus to plus, and I was told that this is a matter of making the hole from the New World to the Old World and the room of the Old World big enough to transfer and received this much energy.

After the exercise and swimming, I did a little shopping, and despite of having very little money this month, I have been able to keep my not very big freezer completely full, which I understand as the “metal container” of the Source and yes Stig everything is inside this “container”, so this is the answer to my previous question, and this is to say that it is completely full and it is a challenge I understand to get room for more, but I do remember the old tool of being able to expand and yes the passports of unique codes so I do believe it will go after all, and yes just to say that this means that our New World is “full of life”

I was told that my spiritual friends have been much afraid that darkness would discover my network of family/friends etc. being “very special friends” that when they have received “more and more” of their inner selves due to their road of sufferings, but it did not.

I feel how a smaller area of me and in a direction to the front/right of me is darkness including negative speech, but it is kept down and I feel no sufferings of the other part of me around this both making me suffer somewhat and receiving a feeling of relief/relaxation, and yes I better do some actions to receive more darkness!

I was told about the work and all of the business proposals I did for Bo in Dahlberg to establish successful insurance schemes, which would make him and Dahlberg VERY rich if they only did what I showed them the way to do, and if they had done this (been “able to”), it would have meant that darkness would have become VERY strong making it impossible for me to break or let us say “extremely difficult”, but no, they “could not” do as I encouraged them to do, and that was simply because they were too lazy, worked too little and talked too much, so there you have Bo in a nutshell.

In the evening I heard a cracking sound from my balcony and I was told that there is now almost no hash in my pipe anymore.

Many times, also today, I have been given the EXACT feeling of being my mother inside of me feeling how it is to physically be her, and with this came also the feeling that my mother is trapped inside her body of darkness too.

I continued working on the script when returning from the swimming hall, and first at 21.00, I had uploaded this to my website.

I was given marks to my right ankle, but no, darkness, there is no exit for you!

I was told that I would be awakened as my new self, and I would be surprised of “freezing”, which was about this original energy of darkness meeting me, which would make me explode it to open our New World, and yes this is what I was told, and yes, this is how it has to be when this energy was included in our New World, and this was probably what it would take to open our New World, but I do hope and pray for that there will be NO negative energy at all to be used at our New World, and yes this is the goal, and for us to do this “no matter what”, and so it is.

I continued work by checking and correcting spelling and typing errors to my Signs III site, which I really thought that I had checked before, which I had not because it included maybe 10-20 errors, but it was good to be done, and later I wrote and included this paragraph to the front page of my website:

In my script of the 14th September 2012 I wrote that “I saw what looked like a statue made of gold and silver turning around at ground floor, and I was told that it is the original Source, which we are about to get turning around again”. This is the Source of God using one part of me to enter cells of “sleeping life” for an eternity to come to create new, eternal energy and New World’s to become part of our combined New World being the other part of me inside the Source, and to use new knowledge and tools of this work to constantly improve and further concentrate our existing world.

By now it was midnight, and I was truly becoming tired and I had decided that I would stay up until 05.00 or as long as I can and that is bring more energy and also finding the balance in getting tomorrow to work too because I have a new script to write and will furthermore meet my mother to visit furniture stores in Lyngby and Gentofte, and yes “furniture” is what we are still moving into our New World, which this is also about.

I did not receive much darkness this evening, but a little resistance with a voice speaking in the background about never returning original energy to our New World, but this is how it is, and no I will NEVER follow darkness.

Else has lost faith and hope being ready to die becoming “nothing” – let the fire always burn inside of you, the fire of God!

I received this email from Else this morning who said that she learned that man is created in the picture of God, but she believes it is reversed with God’s being created in the pictures of man depending on life conditions (clothes, rules of common life, food habits, religions etc.), which is depending on Geography, and yes it is truly the opposite world with Else believing that man created God, and yes that culture and traditions is what made God, and you may be right in some extents in terms of faith of man, but what you are saying Else is really that man created God, and I do believe that you will understand that this is WRONG because it cannot be, and yes also that there is ONE GOD, and not several “God’s” despite of what some believes.

She writes that “what to me is of universal validity is that we are social individuals and necessarily we have to live in a way, which does not hurt others, and to take responsibility of the common development”, which I fully agree with her in. It is about every single individual to take full responsibility of its own behaviour and actions, and NOT to let the community, work or family take over – or God – this is the way forward.

She also said that she has experienced things as only few, and she mentions her brother on a travel together with 100 men to the Dachau concentration camp in two livestock wagons with no food except from a daily bucket of water, which made him lose his faith. “There was no Jesus helping these poor things, who died pitiful deaths”, and yes I understand what grief of people can make them do when they see people screaming and dying in despair as here, but instead of deciding to lose faith, I can only hope that people like Else would understand the simple truth that World War II as example was the work of the Devil of darkness (God’s “cousin”, who was working directly inside Hitler, Else!!!), and it is also the Devil of darkness working inside the rich world bringing feelings of selfishness, coldness, carelessness and a better-knowing attitude to rich people in practise making the rich world work to separate the world in “us and them” – the rich and poor world – instead of working to bring everyone a “normal life” both in materialistic and human terms, and in this respect I can assure Else and everyone else that God of light is on the side of the poor world as he was with prisoners of concentration camps during World War II as example, which is what brings these people a generally “warmer” life with much more genuine and deep feelings including smiles and an attitude to share the last they have with strangers/neighbours, which I saw when I was living in Kenya in 2009, and I can assure you, Else, that I have done my absolutely best to WAKE UP the rich world to end all darkness/wards and to take on the responsibility as example to help 500,000 refugees of the Dadaab refugees camp in Kenya living lives in hell in the absolutely worst poverty including daily disgust, sicknesses and deaths, which may not be very different to the deaths you speak of at the concentration camp, and still God – and now Jesus as my inner self after resurrection – is on their side, but it is life self deciding how to life, and when you have darkness as a much stronger energy than light, this is how it has become, but it is NOT the same as saying that God/Jesus do not exist, and my message to you Else as it is to the world is that I have decided to save the world by being stronger than darkness converting this into light, which means that the entire world will not only be saved “now” but receive a “normal life”, which I can only encourage you to read about, because if you truly “bothered” to read the main pages of my website as I have decided to read your script even though you “believed” that I did not “care” (!), you would understand that I only speak the truth about our New World coming and whom I am, which will make the wish of God come through, which ALSO is to “Bring “normal life” in material terms from rich to poor people and to Bring “normal life” in terms of humanity from poor to rich people, so your “faith”, Else, is depending on your decision to read me. If you do, you will receive faith, and if you “cannot” you will lose faith.

And yes Else wrote that “I don’t want an eternal life, but respect for what I have” (“what you use my Tvind-tale for is your cause”) and also “I am sincere when I say that you don’t need to answer me”, “or to send what you write, which for me no longer weighs” (so “I don’t care anymore” and really prefer “silence”!) and finally “you are young and fight – good for you”, so what you are seeing here is a lady, who has given up and accepted her “destiny”, which she believes is to die and become “nothing” as part of nature – herewith symbolising that this is what would have been the destiny of “the energy of the basement” – but no, Else, this is NOT how life works, you will receive a new life of incredible joy and happiness inside our New World as everyone else, and if you “could” only READ and UNDERSTAND my website, you would understand that this is coming to you as it comes to everyone, and yes Else an ETERNAL PHYSICAL LIFE – please read and understand (!!!) – and I can only encourage you to NEVER lose hope and your “fighting spirit” as Else has done here. You will NOT die, Else, so it is time for you to revive the true spirit you were as young, which you still have inside of you, and yes to start living again instead of sinking down into “nothing” preparing to die and become “nothing” instead of smiling and keep living as Meshack’s almost 100 years old father is still doing in a rural village in Kenya, and yes he is living a very poor material life, Else, but opposite you he has faith and hope/strength, and you can see the warmth and genuineness streaming out of his eyes in this respect making this man much “richer” than you and the rich world of today, and this is what “normal life” is about, to make everyone receive a “rich” life both in materialistic and human terms, because people are truly “cold” up here because of lack of faith, and you are an example of it, Else, even though you are a “nice” lady, but you could be so much warmer inside of you and living a good life without having lost hope. This is the difference, get it?

After publishing my script, I sent this email to Else telling her that her situation being “up in the years” and without faith in God and eternal life corresponds to what many people are in, and I hope that my emails and writings will help her wake up the young and committed woman in her and make her as rich mentally and human wise as Meshack’s father in Kenya as example, and I told her that the road for her goes through reading my emails and website carefully, and yes not difficult for her to do, but almost impossible to do when she has no faith or commitment making her too lazy to read and understand, but just maybe “a magic touch” via my words will make her open as much to me that it will make room for enough, i.e. ALL, of these sticks of darkness inside of my new self to return to my old self before shipped off again as they were with their FULL load of goods, and yes my friends, this is also to say that my message has been received by the secret government, and yes isn’t it “funny” how I receive spiritual messages and what they mean (?), and a special language you see and understand (?), and fine, and yes it would be easier if you wrote me an email and this is also what I offer you, you can simply write whom you are and I/we surrender and that is if you CAN (?), can you (?) or are you still chickens all of you, and yes EVERY single one of you, I will accept NO terminations of life at all – you do understand that this is what it also is about, right?

The secret government of USA has given up after I exposed 9/11, them and their network of agents to the world

Today I was surprised to see that “the curse” over the statistics page of my Scribd documents has been lifted, so now it again shows the true number of visitors to this site, and yes now I understand what you tell me here, which is that it was through Scribd that I could see the official world visiting my website (when clicking on links from my website, which was registered on Scribd, but not on my website!), and when Scribd did not show any visitors at all for a long time, it was about the worst darkness of all, the secret government of USA, who did not want to stand forward, but when this page has now been “released” it is also to say that I have opened the impossible knot of darkness, which is what the secret government of USA is about, and been accepted to go free, so this is what it is really about, and I wonder why it was so difficult for you to submit to me?

As example the top level of the line of 2nd September is mainly because of the official world clicking on my link to “One God One People August 2012” from my script, and this document on Scribd also received a higher number of visitors (63) via people clicking from my website than the total number of “official” visitors to this script on my website this day, which was only five, which yet again is a sign of the official world reading me in secrecy, and yes if the click rate was 1%, which is not unthinkable, it means that the TRUE number of visitors to this script that day was more than 6,000 ….!

Here are more documents from the same statistical site as above, and what is REVEALING here is the CRAZY number of people “readcasting” the two 9/11 documents I have uploaded from the “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 truth” website, which I have embedded on my Signs III site as part of the new chapter “The September 2001 attacks were planned and carried out by the U.S. Secret Government to maintain and develop its old evil World Order”, and yes a number of 235,000 “readcasts”, my ladies and gentlemen (!!!) – according to Scribd a “readcast” is when you share what you are reading on Scribd with feeds on social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) – so what this is saying is that my chapter on THE TRUTH of 9/11 is what made the card house of the secret government fall, which they know that this is what this will do – only a matter of time before “someone like me” would come along and reveal it to the world, and yes when I decided to do it now, it eventually make “the fools” over there realize that now it will not be possible to hide any longer, and yes I promised that every single one of you will tell the truth to the world – or I will as my new self (!) – and we did not know if this would work out, but this was the only way to do it; to put maximum pressure on the secret government and its network of agents, and yes it paid of, you did not know what to do, and you decided to give up, so this is basically what this story is about.

When I was opening my public site, I noticed that the two 9/11 documents are now visible to the public, which they were not in the beginning, but still they somehow were because they received visitors (however only few as you can see below), and I do believe that my One God One People August 2012 document should be visible to the public, because it continues to receive visitors but neither this, not the special link document I made linking to it is still visible, which may suggest that we have done most of the work to get the secret government out of the closet, but a little bit may be missing yet (?), and yes there is no other way than to continue work, and then one day these two documents may also suddenly reappear.

When writing this chapter, I received some shivering to my body, which is about “some darkness” still working, and I might receive more when publishing the script today.

I was also told that parts of the secret government wanted to attack me (!), and I was shown a vision of people of other civilizations coming to my rescue through my balcony, and also that this is because they are loyal to me and light, thus not the dark side of the secret government, and I was also told that this is an offshoot of war in space, where man was the aggressor attacking people of other civilizations wanting to kill other civilizations and not mankind, and I felt and was told that this thinking is now very close to me because I am as deep as I am in the strongest darkness, but it is dissolving, and I was told that man has launched an attack on us and was planning one more. – And yes, were you really thinking that you could kill me (?), and I would like to know who thought that, and what plans you had, maybe you would like to look me into my eyes and tell the truth directly, and also with the cameras on (?), and yes what were you plans about Obama (?), were you going to bring him down too (?), and yes whom else were on your hit list (?), and just wondering I am.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd wrote about pirate language, and you do know that a “pirate” is the worst darkness of all, which is simply to say that this is what Scribd was infected by.

  • I was happy to be hearing from Preben again after it is now three years ago we went our Bowling – times go quickly as they say – and he suggested a new Bowling tour in December, so I am now coming into the warmth again, it seems, and yes “normal life” is what this is about, and I asked him to send my greetings to Kim knowing that he would ask Kim the same, and I was told that this will bring Kim in a “scrape” because will he accept seeing me after all the “very bad” I have done according to his wife, which she has filled his ears with (?), so we will see, and I told him that it it was very fine bicycles, which he uploaded a picture of, and he said that “it is pure “life blood” making me think that this is what I receive myself now as the last and most inner of all energy of the world, and he said that he makes an earning trading with bicycles, “which is almost the same market as the insurance brokerage market, a “hooker market” (!) where the actors offer themselves for sale where after they struggle to make what they have promised”, and here “the hooker market” was about the sexual torments Preben has also brought to me via his darkness, and he continued by saying that “if you smile long enough for people not to see the corner of the mouths hanging down, which you also have a couple of, you have succeeded in the circus of make believe – and then almost anything is possible”, and what he is saying is that people can see via my Facebook postings that “sure Stig writes some “funny things” but everyone can see that he is still sane/normal”, and when you “could not” see or understand my sufferings, this is how I went through the “circus of darkness/make believe” and because of this, anything is now possible, see?

  • Helena said that she wants to dance to this NOW – just like Whitney Houston wants to dance with somebody – and to me “dancing” is about celebration, and this song of all is what expresses my deepest feelings of love to life and mankind, and these are words of the spirit of my mother spoken through me, and with this it is also to say that we are reaching the deepest treasure chambers of my inner, which is what will bring the deepest concentration of love, joy and happiness to the world.

  • Lasse spoke about the editor-in-chief of Se & Hør – about his decision to bring Kate topless today, and yes I saw the front page of this dirty magazine in the supermarket, and he has brought a topless picture of Kate on the front page too (!!!), so now I have seen it too against my will, but I looked away immediately without looking at it again, and Lasse said that the strategy seems to be “We may postpone the inevitable death of the gossip press a couple of months, if we while dying are willing to do things which not even the Internet would do” and also “One problem: There is nothing, which the Internet will not do”, and this makes me say that that you will see magazines like Se & Hør in our New World, where dirty and wrong behaviour is history, and when it comes to the Internet, I ask everyone to clean up including all topless pictures of Kate as example, and yes read more about this from my behaviour and work site.

  • Some say that the Stig is about the Stig and that “the untold story” of the Stig is a symbol of the untold story of the Stig, which will soon be told to everyone, and even Jeremy may believe what’s in this book of mine, Jeremy?

  • This is about the game of the Trinity, to unite everything, which has ever been or could ever be and to make this work as our New World, which was “impossible” to do, just like this setup of dices symbolising the Trinity is too.

  • Mitt Romney has been revealed by secret camera at a dinner with sponsors paying much money to see him (“completely crazy” in itself), where he said not very flattering things about Americans not voting for him and more, and my thought when hearing this was that this is the kind of POOR human moral standards as you see everywhere and yes with the previous Prime Minister of Britain, Gordon Brown, as another example of “one thing is what people say, another is what they mean”, and here the true Mitt Romney, a very poor role model, was exposed to the world and as Olav writes below, this is an “orange in Obama’s turban”, which it truly is because “orange” is the symbol of God, and Obama is another part of me, so you were very right, Olav, and it seems that this is what “destiny” had to offer when I decided that I do NOT want Romney to win, so this is how it went out. What do you TRULY believe of this secret camera, Romney (?), and eeehhhh did you have things to hide, which you did not like to get out (?), and you do know that light has nothing to hide, but darkness has a lot, and I wonder what else you like to hide if you only could (?), and yes I ask you to stand forward too and that is to tell the FULL truth of your sins, and also what you did of dirty tricks trying to bring Obama down (?), and would you like to do it now (?), or are you a chicken too waiting for my new self to stand forward?

  • The last days the criminal gangs HELL’S ANGELS and Bandidos have been fighting (again) in Denmark, and yes HELL’S ANGELS are about the strongest darkness you know, and I was told that this is a symbol of the last darkness wanting to smash me up.
  • Sherin spoke about “the prophet” Muhammad when saying that “silence is my weapon”, but I wonder if this is not about your own silence in relation to your knowledge about me (?), and with this, this is also a symbol of Muhammad and the religion of Islam being the work of darkness/the Devil, because everyone will know by now that “silence” is the work of darkness and NOT of light, because people of light simply love to communicate in order to understand and make people understand.

  • Jette asked me for a comment about Martin Spang Olsen, who seems to have a philosophical and spiritual approach based on the very few seconds I looked at his Facebook profile, and I decided that it would take time to study Martin in order to be able to understand as a condition before I also would receive spiritual help to answer Jette’s question, and this is about prioritizing my time and energy, and in this respect my scripts, website and Else’s script, in that order, is the most important meaning that I cannot take on this task, which I told her, and yes it is no shame to say “no” to people if you cannot take on more work, and this is also about darkness trying to remove my attention and here it was working through Jette, and yes Martin’s brother Lasse was part of some of my dreams approx. five years ago, and I assume that both Lasse and Martin are coming servants of God, but all I felt in relation to Martin today was “darkness” and this may only be a very little part of the truth.

  • Helena was given away old clothes earlier today, and this evening she concluded that she “has the finest and most clean wardrobe in city now”, and this is really a symbol of the closet of God being both fine and clean now.


21st September: Removing all energy, liberating life from darkness and creating all life without energy as beings of God

Saving unknown life without energy underneath the ship of our Old World creating revolutionary new life

I did not continue reading Else’s script yesterday evening, but I did as planned, which was to write the script and do the last updates of tasks to my website – except from Chemtrails.

At 00.30 I was asked don’t you want to hear about the bathroom (?), yes (!), well there is none anymore, because we have decided just to make life because when we are and do not need energy to create life, we have simply decided to say “let there be life”, and yes what about all the energy of “sleeping cells”, don’t we need energy of our New World (?), and yes the logical question is that everything requires energy to do, but what if you change this condition of life so that nothing requires energy, but everything just is and you use your power of thought (?), and yes this is the condition of our New World, which we have now finalised with your work this evening, Stig.

And I was told that this is what required a little pain to my left eye, which I received earlier yesterday.

I heard things like “you could continue working even if he was unemployed”, which was about the spirit of my mother and I was told that this is about “crossing” our new discovery with what already is.

There comes a revolutionizing sausage out of this, a whole new kind or species, and this was coming from my right/front, which is from darkness, but this is really where it comes from you know, and these “you knows” returning is about faith of the young (previous) high school people apparently returning.

I heard “are we now going to get new keys”, which we apparently is when we will exchange “nothing” with everything which is behind the “façade” of energy.

I was told by a dark spirit in my physical size all up close to the right of me that “nothing is to be burned – everything is to live” is what we are preparing, and this was after I was told that “if we knew what was inside of here, we would never have done this”, i.e. potentially to burn this off.

I had received the question for some time “is it alright for me to die”, and I did not want to answer it with anything else than “light decides” because did this come from light or darkness (?), and after a while I was told that the spirit of my mother had been a tour into death to get my self out bringing something I had overseen into our New World, which means that this and this and this hen can never be omitted even without energy, and I was asked what will we use cells of energy/sleeping life for in our New World then (?), and I was told that this was not the only thing, we have now opened our eyes for a completely New World, a new way to create life, and yes you are allowed to use some time to look this through.

At 02.30 I was complete broken down by darkness and was on my way to bed, but I decided to kill some more time until 03.15 at my computer on my way to bed, and yes completely broken down is what I was, but I felt/understood that this is what still brings many things through, therefore.

I slept first until 06.40 where I woke with a new attack of coughing, which is the energy hitting John I am removing from him, and I was asked if I can stay awake from now, which I was prepared for but still I was too tired and fell asleep again until 08.50 where I dreamt about Sanne Salomonsen singing a song in 1992 making me enthusiastic because of the beauty of her voice and performance, and we had stewed rhubarb cake, and yes this is about the beauty of our New World, and to say that I am “crazy” about Sanne too, but she has sadly lost the magic of her voice today, but you can see it in this song from 1991 as example.

I woke up to a new Danish song including the lyrics “glem det nu” (“forget it now”), which was played to me over and over again.

I was told about my mother’s brother, whom she received contact to again is it 6-8 years ago now, and how sad it has made her that Sanna did not want to accept him in the family (!), and yes because we have never seen him before, and we know I asked me mother to see him many times, but my mother and John decided to see him and his wife alone (?), and if I can remember his name (?), and no me and names is not good, because this is what darkness has wiped out you know.

I was told that I found gold, but where is the button to turn it around (?) and I saw darkness running underneath it holding itself for the ears waiting for it to explode, but no it must be newspapers wet from water which makes it impossible to ignite, let me see again, and yes this message comes from my right, and it is because of the attitude of my father without which we could not do this.

So “forget it now” is all he is saying before he turns away from darkness too, which should make it possible for him to support his son, don’t you think?

This is from where you have received all the great vitamin injection of the “kill , kill” voice. And it was laziness and better-knowing attitude of my father leading the way as it was with your sister and (almost) everyone else. This is why he, i.e. me, is still in state prison, but voluntary to save us all.

I was tired this morning and decided to go to bath because it was a long time ago, and I cannot and will not work non-stop from morning to evening.

I was told that you and your mother are wrong, but not your father because he has received the greatest poison only listening to himself. It also made your mother wet in a snowstorm that you and your father did not get along. He received this monkey to go against me to save us, and it is not easy then to be told that Stig is right, as he has?

I was told that there will be no spaceships, i.e. UFO’s, to disappear because of the extra paragraph I wrote yesterday about people of other civilizations to defend me if the secret government of USA should have decided to attack me, and yes it was “on a hanging hair” that I wrote this, but I am happy if this is helpful to you.

I was shown a solid bridge of stone leading over the most dangerous valley from the New to our Old World and back, and I was told that this is what my communication with Else has brought, and that was after having brought out light to our New World and we were about to disconnect you when there was no more energy, but when you were still alive, we have now created this new connection.

I was shown the skeleton of a fish leading all the way to the tale of it, and I was told that we thought that we had received all but now new eyes will do the separation again, but no, it is NOT about separation, this was darkness speaking, it is about getting out stock and barrel, which is “every little thing”.

I was shown the Danish flag and the Crown Prince Frederik, and with him I am going through the white of the flag leading to the light, so thank you for being with me, Frederik.

I was truly exhausted at bath, and I really could not take on any more information to write down, but I had to in order not to stop the stream of information, and it made me very close to give up because of overwhelming much work and overwhelmingly exhausted.

I was told that new “strange” phenomena at Scribd (it still does not show two documents of mine in public view and “no visitors” to my site yesterday) is NOT because of the secret government, or at least only the part of it consisting of the business world, which does NOT want to change the Old World Order of economics and to close down stock exchanges, but this is inevitable, there is NOTHING to do, and yes you know it too as I am told, and yes all of the American – and world – banks will be closed too, and yes isn’t it a wonderful world?

I was shown coins being packed in paper laying in rolls on a transport belt looking like a horseshoe, and I was told that this is life without energy we now see, and it is “different” and we had seen it before it we had only bothered to look. It corresponds to raising a ship underneath the ship, which we did not know existed, and I see a giant chandelier of this new ship coming up.

I was shown a giant supermarket with chickens just around me, and I was told that darkness of Martin Spang was given to me – through Jette yesterday (see the short story about Martin today) – and that we are using him as entrance to an old record store in the basement (I was shown the one with used records at Gothersgade/(almost) Kronprinsessegade), and also that he is also in doubt about me because of the faith of Jette, so he brings both darkness and light really to lift this ship, we have no knowledge about existed.

I was told that he, i.e. me, took us through everything using the attitude of his family/friends etc., and we are now saving a New World, and we are now laying the foundation of this future life, and yes we will get the best out of both ships/worlds so to say, and that is the world with and without energy, and to mix it as one.

I was told that Karen is also missing me and having me to live close to her in Rungsted/Hørsholm, and this feeling is also sending darkness to me.

I was told that without Mads all of this would be closed to us and this goes also with my mother and yes many of my family/friends etc.

I was told about Liselotte – whom Bent “stole” from me in the 1990’s (but fair that you decided for each other, but NOT fair to lose two good friends at the same time because of your poor conscience, and yes I really miss both of you too) – and Lotte from Fair as examples of many ladies being cleansed over me, because they really wanted me and at least a part of them tid.

I was shown myself standing behind the transit desk of an airport – with a dark wall behind me – with a lot of people travelling from one destination to another via me.

My mother arrived at 12.45 and we had a good afternoon together where we first drove to the IKEA furniture store in Gentofte approx. 30-35 kilometres away followed by Ilva in Lyngby, Kvickly and the furniture store on Fabriksvej in Helsingør and it was all about looking for a writing desk and chair for me (as inspiration and we talked about finding a used quality desk/chair and a used quality bicycle), and on the way my mother spoke about her and John having three “medicine closets” in the cellar, which only needed painting as John has said, and we saw a nice one also in IKEA, and yes darkness and I was told because of my mother’s continuous speaking behind my back with my sister about me, and she spoke of her ex-man Ole, who did not want her to make a haulage deduction on her income tax return, which she thought was “crazy”, and I understood the symbol that there will be no “deductions” of life of our Old World in connection with the transfer to our New World, which Ole has worked in the spirits to come through, and yes my mother is truly VERY SCARED in the traffic even when being 50 metres behind another car on the motorway, and yes to the EXTREME, and I told her with a smile that she is truly crazy, in this respect, but we all know that she is not crazy, which is also what my surroundings know.

We had lunch at IKEA and I thought about the Swedish meatballs, which we had, which people all over the world have at one of their hundreds of stores, and even in America and China as I said and yes Swedish meatballs to me is “new life of joy and happiness coming” (!), and my mother looked at me and could clearly see that I have lost further weight, and yes I understood that “being in control of my life” is important to my mother, and so much that when I show that I can lose weight, she knows that I am not crazy and yes ultimately, and yes I decided not to become tasted from having an extreme “sweet tooth” and buy too much cakes etc., so this is going the right direction too.

During the day I was told that we have discovered that everything negative (the cells of potential life) comes from myself with “myself” being the pure being of God, and at one time I was given a potential diarrhoea and heard speech about us being all the way back where we could decide to be or not to be for everything, where I of course confirmed “to be”, and at the end of the tour I was shown a giant fish entering me, and I was told that this tour was about creating the combined giant fish (life with/without energy) of our New World, and also that my birthday the other day is nothing compared to what we achieved today, and I was told something about “being” as the foundation of life, which is very different to even the most beautiful porcelain service and items, which we used to have.

I also remembered how my mother is stressing herself with almost every decision and how a question about which way to drive to find IKEA in Gentofte is blown out of proportions, which can create much stress and discussion and yes even non-dangerous situations in traffic can become dangerous because she is scared of everything and irresolute, which she infect her surroundings with, and yes this is part of her sufferings, which she cannot do much about herself, it is given to her by darkness, but it stresses me if I allow it, and this is what is stressing John much also making him sick, and yes against the wish of both my mother and him.

Already in the beginning of the tour, my mother told me that she and John had decided to give Bettina and I 5,000 DKK each (for us to use as we like, just like the thought of normal life, you know) – and yes because we don’t receive gifts as they give to Sanna’s and Mette’s children – and we looked at much furniture, and when we returned home at 17.00, my mother decided to tell me that she did not like me to write about this gift in my scripts because she did not want Sanna and Hans to know, and yes how can you live a life having secrets for different people (?), and yes this is VERY strange to me because I would NEVER do the same, and yes it is about taking the right decisions and to stand by your decisions and let people know, and I do not believe that Sanna or Hans will mind that Bettina and I will receive such a gift from our mother and John (?), but this is how it is, and I said that if this is her decision/wish, I will say thank you, but no thank you for the offer, I will NOT let darkness play the game with me, and yes it made my mother tell me to respect them and that is because she/they do NOT like to be mentioned in my scripts, and “what pleasure does it make for you to write this”, and no, mother, it gives me absolutely no pleasure at all to do with the reason being your resistance and lack of understanding and she continued by saying “having we done much to help you” (?), and yes you have done much, but you have NOT done the most important, which was to understand and support me and my work, which was “impossible” for you to do, and this is what was important with everything else being unimportant in comparison, and yes she still does not know, and it is with this combination together with her continuous big love that are doing this final creation, and it ended by my mother asking me to re-consider, and no, mother, there is NOTHING to re-consider, I have given you my answer, but if you can accept me to write shortly about this, I should be happy to accept your gift, so maybe she will consider this (?), and yes this subject still brings us very close to confrontation, so I decided that I don’t want to go into a discussion we have already had leading no where, but to look forward seeing her and John tomorrow evening and to watch “the Voice” afterwards, and yes still being the same good friends despite of this, and this is how I used this day not working and not reading Else’s script today, but we made yet a new version of life of our New World, which was not a bad trade – but my mother’s thought is still a sign about “normal life” coming when we have crossed the last obstacles.

When we entered the furniture store in Helsingør, there was absolutely no one present, which my mother said out loud, and it made me smile when our spiritual friends made a cracking sound to the wall and told me that they were there and are looking very much also to get out of their old home of the spiritual world to become one with us at the physical world uniting our physical and spiritual worlds into one.

During the day I also received strong almost pain to the outermost of some of my left fingers, once also coming with the feeling of gold and enthusiasm about what we are receiving here, and this is about the rebuilt of our New World.

When returning home and writing this, I was truly “dead meat” with no energy left knowing that I will not be able to work this evening and certainly not to stay awake this night.

Switching on a “power plant” inside each individual of our New World corresponding to the whole Source until now!

Yesterday Jette not only asked me about Martin, but she also asked Martin about me saying to us both “it seems parallel”, and it made Martin outburst “he is really not reserved/modest this Stig Dragholm – he is apparently simply Jesus! Interesting. Before I write more about his website, I would like to hear if it is one you know and care about” (?), and it made Jack say “he started as Moses, then he was Jesus and now he is Stig in Denmark? You should keep from this kind of assertions I humbly believe”, and yes this is truly what he wrote (!!!), and Martin said “but what if he IS Jesus. This will make him help you repent your many sins”, and this made Jack write with inspiration that “now I only drink too much coffee, so I believe that forgiveness is just around the corner” (my mother and I heard this song in the car today, which we both LOVE :-)), and with this you wanted to say that you are not drunk, which it would require for you to believe in such “rubbish” as I write about (?), and he continued by saying that “a “real” prophet would never stage himself in such a way, because it is an expression of being focussed in the Solar Plexus chakra. It is simply unthinkable. But his/her disciples, which he/her in reality would like to be free from, because it is again expression of the same – will probably write blogs and Twitter a lot”, and you do believe that I am too self-satisfied and selfish to be God/Jesus, my gentlemen (?) and Martin said “Too much coffee?. This was one of the bad. Even I cannot help you with it. But you are probably right, there is too much solar plexus at stake (which there will have to be absolution for?)”, and yes I am judged as a selfish man having staged myself too much, which God/Jesus would “never” do (?), and yes you did not take into account that the only reason why I have written as I have is to make “will deaf” and better-knowing but ignorant people like yourselves understand, because if you – and mankind – were “sane“ working “properly”, I could simply have told you who I am, as I (almost) did in 2009 with my LTO friends in Kenya belonging to the last people on Earth with this quality, which made them believe in me, but wise-guys like you and thousands of other people “could not” recognize me, and that is because of your own laziness, better-knowing and ignorant attitude, because if you only decide to read me carefully you will understand that I speak the truth, and only by “staging” me as I do, I will be able to cut through the armour of man making you both deaf and blind as I have shown an “infinite” number of examples of in my more than 6,000 pages long scripts. When I was given my comment to Martin – strongly encouraged to do this – I was told that this is about removing the voice of ”kill” too, and it included more nervous feelings given to me, and it was followed by some shiver of my body, which you know is what darkness does to me, and it was more than what David brought, me, and somewhat less, but not much, than what Mads brought me.

I decided to recommend them to try my favourite coffee (Zoegas), and told them that “coffee” was given to them inspired by God as a symbol of “love/warm feelings”, and I said that their speech of solar plexus in this connection is only an expression of their own insufficient ability to understand and express themselves, and also that there is only one way forward to the truth, which is to read my message of love via my website including the gift of God to mankind via our New World without darkness. “Nothing is unthinkable except from your own inner voice, which does not have the “ability” to understand as long as you allow darkness in you to take over

After bringing my comment above, I was shown myself walking around old beautiful cars, and told with sadness that I will not be needing you and you and you in our New World and this is about energy inside man, and yes Stig, we have installed a “super-engine” inside every single individual of proportions, which is unbelievable to man today, and this makes me think of something like the power of the Source inside each individual for an eternity to come, and yes this is what is making our future completely and utterly mad, and had we known this from the beginning, we would never have created a Source of energy and all of that, but now we will get the best from both worlds, and yes for our New World to chose between, and for everyone for an eternity to see how our New World of an eternity could have become compared to what it will become with this invention, and yes Stig, what we had was “amazing”, but it is “nothing” compared to what we will now receive, and when writing this I received a small heart attack, because this is what makes this New World work, and yes just a little bit of faith of Martin and Jack – and whom else reads this thread of theirs (?), and yes Jette does – is what made it going, so this is what it does now, and yes inside of you (I was given the feeling of it) and inside of every single individual of the world, and not easy to do, but you/we did it. 

This morning I was given the beginning of chorus of the very fine song “macrovision” by Depeche Mode, and it goes like this:

“See the microcosm, In macrovision, Our bodies moving, With pure precision, One universal Celebration, One evolution, One creation” where “microcosm” was the important word and it means “a world in miniature”, and this is what each man of our New World is now about “a world in miniature”, and it was brought to us with your help, Martin, and you are indeed a true servant of God, and how much did we look forward to this moment (?) as I am told, and yes where we are “nothing” as extreme as it can be meaning that what used to be darkness cannot even see/find us, because Stig, we are not here at all, we just pretend to be, and when we have the power of “being”, we all are, and then we can be wherever we want to be with no physical laws and matter stopping us, and isn’t that exciting (?), and yes is matter of the world also just something we believe is or is this “old energy” (?), and what do you believe, Stig (?), and yes if you can make life without energy, you can also make matter without energy, because life is matter too, so there you go my friends.

Later I saw this inspired post by Martin saying that “not only whales and rhinos, but also the MICROorganism, which is our immune system, become extinct with dizzy speed these years. We may be able to avoid rhinos, but it IS very nice with an immune system, right” (?), and you may notice that he received the same beginning of the word “microcosm” as I did before him, and he said “it IS”, which is really to say that WE ARE now everyone as God used to be before creation, which is simply by “being” and yes “pure love” and when there are no strings binding us, we can do everything and this is what we have done with our New World, as you will soon see, and yes how are you by the way, Martin (?), are you surprised to see me like this?

I was shown the man of the comedian Brian’s old threads, who opposed me strongly, I cannot remember his name, was it Thomas (?), and I was given some darkness, but not much, asking for my permission to kill him, but no, this is still not how we are, so I do hope that we are about to come to the end of darkness and close to open our New World, but we may still have work to do, because I have not finished reading and commenting Else’ scripts yet, and that is if there is much more to comment on, and without knowing it, I do believe that I have given the most important comments, but I have all intentions to continue doing this work whenever I have time and energy to do it, which may be from tomorrow (?), and yes we will see about that.

It is not like your mother screaming of fear but of excitement when looking down in the lunch box because it took another of those moments facing “to be or not to be” to change the foundation of life itself, and yes we decided to do it because we thought that you would be strong enough to go through it, and yes you almost did not blink when being told, and when you publish the script of today, this will consolidate this, and yes Stig, the longer you stay awake, the stronger the defence from darkness will be, and yes you cannot stay awake, and you have asked for all kinds of safety precautions, which is what I have to rely on that you have followed not allowing me to make any foolish mistakes, and yes you can still make me very nervous, which I almost became here once again, which was probably required for you to bring out the best of me.

Removing all energy, liberating life from darkness and creating all life without energy as beings of God

This is written from “tomorrow” at 10.00.

When I was working to finish my script of yesterday at 20.30 – crossing much tiredness in order to finish – I noticed how my Firefox browser had closed down by itself, which I thought was kind of strange, and exactly when I saw this, I was given a small “plop” sound and told that this is because we are very close to become “nothing” and when writing this I understand that it means with the cancellation of everything made with the use of energy. I re-opened the browser and when I did, it made the whole computer break down (!), and when I re-opened the computer it was only to discover that the hard disk did not work having “critical errors” on it also making my screen black, impossible to open “file explorer” and most programs missing from the start button, so this was really the minimum installation of the system in order to work/start at all.

These are the kind of error messages I received, and you can see more in my script of tomorrow.

This immediately made me nervous if I had lost all work on my hard disk including my script so far today or if this was only a temporary failure due to spiritual darkness, and that it would work again later or tomorrow and I thought about my laptop, which spiritual darkness completely destroyed in 2009/10, so would this happen now again, and I thought about having the adapt to a new everyday continuing to write my scripts at the library, which would truly make life/work more difficult to plan and carry out.

I was told that this was a drunk man playing trying to prevent me from doing my work, and I was asked “what can you do” with the answer being that I can only wait for darkness to become weaker to see if it will work again, and I thought about the importance of publishing my script today, which I now would probably not be able to do.

First I also thought that Martin has to be someone very special to make my computer break down, but at 20.40 I was reminded that this is about removing darkness, and asked how much is coming from your mother, and then I realized “but of course” and yes when I turned down her gift, it was like turning down her “world” giving her extreme feelings, which is “extreme darkness” coming my way, and I received the understanding that it is a “perfect game until now”.

So I realised that it was impossible for me to continue work, which made me decide to watch “crazy about dance” on TV2 instead, and yes to restart it from the beginning, which the software of my TV provider offers, and I smiled when the female host spoke something about “going up and down in the rollercoaster, which we call crazy about dance” with the roller coaster still being the one in Tivoli on the way to the other side. Later the male host spoke about “Fantastisk forrygende fart i den” (“fantastic, tremendous speed in it”), and this was about all the positive “f-words”, which I did in the beginning with my spiritual friends back in 2006 when my voice started speaking to me. And the dancer Claudia was also very inspired when she acted as the “taxi driver” and said “are you speaking to me”, and yes the taxi driver will have to be my new self when you tell it to me like this, and she also spoke about the Godfather, so an inspired show it was, and also when the judges Jens and Britt took off their shoes, and yes I knew that this was “inspired” but did not get it when seeing it, but taking off your shoes really means to “kill yourself”, and yes we were removing all energy of life this evening, and this was really about killing ourselves and yes as the old design based upon energy, so here you have it anyway.

But now when this is written, I am calm about this, but when I experienced this, it would be a shame (if I did not do this as I am now told) to say that I was calm, because my foundation was that I earlier in the day had decided that we would receive both the new and old setup of our New World for everyone to see, and now this decision was challenged, and I decided rather quickly to say that if we can get both (with and without energy) and we can make this “perfect”, this is what we will do, and if we cannot, we will make the New World entirely without energy if this is what it takes to make it perfect.

I was told that this is about tearing down the house of everything we have done, this is what we ask for, and you may understand that this is a decision, which could make me “nervous”, because I was asked to tear down the world and how could I be sure that this was not darkness first destroying my computer symbolising the world and now asking me to end the world as it really was (?), but on the other hand I was 99% confident that everything was following the road of God and that this was about having faith to do the right thing to bring our “perfect” New World, and it meant to approve to tear down the house of energy as we had build up, so this is what I did but ONLY if this was the wish of light.

After this I felt darkness to the front/right of me and I was told that if the truth has to get forward, it was almost impossible to get out all life tied up in this darkness, but we continued as long as you asked for it, but now when there is nothing physical in the old sense but in our minds, it is no problem for this life to get out because we succeeded to isolate darkness in the old cells (now dissolving), and it did not know what was coming, so now we are everything with all previous darkness being “welcome”, and do you know what, Stig, then we are no more with no Source producing energy.

And I was told that this is because of my decision that ”everything has to be light without exception” and we are using all of this energy of darkness provided by your mother, not so much Martin, to do this movement to become free of mind and much else, this is about a life without DNA and every other code.

At 21.15 I was told that it is still not to late to return (to life of energy), and this would be the “safe” way to play this game, and all of this came to me as a surprise so I was till influenced by this, but no, we will do what it takes to make our New World perfect, and that was to play the highest possible game, and I had to continue telling myself “we will go for two as one if possible to become perfect, otherwise only one” (with/without energy).

I felt life of darkness being liberated (when energy was removed from it) and told that this will also mean that we will no longer have “a left and right ankle” any more of our New and Old World.

I was told that we collect all knowing with “one” and the longer you can stay up, the better, and yes my starting point was that I was completely broken down not being able to work and certainly not to stay up late, but I thought that maybe I can stay up to 01.00 or 03.00.

I felt how more and more life of darkness was liberated and coming in and I continued receiving these “plop” feelings as if a soap-bubble opened in the air, and I received the feeling/words “we will become equal”, which you know was the condition included in these cells of darkness, and when they cease to exist when energy is removed, this condition also vanishes into air where all life simply will “be”.

I felt how orange came together with the opening of one of these “bubbles” and I felt Michella (another part of the spirit of my mother) and was told that this one included the code for her and me to be together as my “old nightmare” and I was also told “there it was, the part we missed”, and also that darkness was standing in line for its energy to be removed.

I re-opened my computer a couple of times during the evening, but it was still “broken down” and “impossible” to work on and also to get access to its files.

I was shown a GIANT frog and told that this is what is still inside of here – MUCH more darkness than what I thought – and inside of this is your mother and that is because when she “cannot” understand you, we thought that we cannot open this energy, and instead we would use it actively to start the New World, but this is when you moved inside “no energy” and survived and brought back darkness from the New to the Old World to change it from within, so now we have installed “nothing” (no energy) inside, which will make all of this “nothing” without igniting anything, and later in the evening, I was told that this was the decisive part of this work.

I was shown other darkness becoming free with this darkness being born with my mother becoming bride.

I was shown a lorry unloading a bicycle and a ring including the message “to be read in the New World” (i.e. darkness exploding), but now when I am where I am living without energy, this life is released and return to me, which makes me everything, which in reality is the only way to do this. I was told by released darkness that we did not know that it was so easy to get out, and I had to be strong in my faith to repeat that everything will still be as planned in my scripts, nothing will be changed – this is still the starting point of our New World – and with this “you can get out all of you”, which was to life inside darkness, and with this I was given darkness coming from Martin, which was followed by extreme nervous feelings given to me, because even though this is “logical” when writing it down and reading it, it was a VERY tense moment of time when experiencing it and trying to understand it.

More darkness entered me and it wanted me to accept that this and this person of my family/friends etc. will “not be”, and I had to cut through saying that everyone will “be”, and I was told that we will now perform an entirely new baptism over you, Stig, as our new father, and I received strong feelings and speech that I will now become the father of everything, and I had to be very strong to say that everything is to be as it is said in my scripts meaning that the original creator is still my father.

I was shown zooming in layer after layer of all this darkness until the most inner layer, which included a bride and groom (mother and son!) on top of the cake, and I was told that darkness did not at all see the option of being totally dismantled without being assembled again, and I had to repeat to myself that all life will be as is today with the only difference being that we take away energy, which is not needed for life to exist and develop.

I was asked to imagine our New World with life of darkness being released as when families of East and West Germany met again after many years of separation after the Berlin wall was torn down in 1989, which is now what is happening here. Everything becomes nothing without changing life other than removing the “energy” factor.

I was told that we can develop and become better, and I was thinking if this means that we will open all “eternity of cells” at once and get access to all future development now, which otherwise was in store for us, and I was told “yes, not no”, and I thought that all life will feel as “is”, which is as God.

I did not write yesterday, that I was told about this energy of the basement that we have been here before, which is what you now see unfolding.

I was told that this development has been on the board meeting of our New World, which approved this to be done.

I received a very strong pressure of darkness including many notes to be written down until 22.20, which was a hell to go through, where after the pressure and nervousness following it decreased, and I was told that this is why we sent darkness back (from our New to our Old World) and now you know.

For days I have received the words “balloon dance”, which is a VERY funny dance (to me the “original” is made by Sven Melander & Co. for Swedish TV in the 1980’s, but I cannot find this clip now) without writing it down, and I was told that this was coming from life inside darkness knowing what it meant to return to our Old World (to be released from darkness, and to survive), thus being a call out of happiness, and this was because I opened the impossible knot of darkness also learning that it did not want to die, which is also the feelings of the secret government of USA, so there you have it.

I received more life of darkness being released and it told me that there was nothing you could do, you would be killed, and yes as my old or new self before becoming my final new self (?), and here I am shown an actor inside a pink costume of a teddy bear, and I am told that the worst is that all of this was just “an act”, but we could not get our of this darkness because of the rules of the world telling us that the strongest will win, and yes when you could not open to the last darkness, you could not make your mother believe with her awakened mind whom you are, and this had to become the end of not all, but some life.

I was given pain several times to my left foot, and I was told that we are following out in couples of left and right, and I felt it too, which was to say that energy of darkness of my right side together with energy of light of my left side was paired together to leave energy and simply become “beings” without energy, and I was told that we are not the stronger with this life of darkness also being released.

I received more sexual torments of darkness, and then I was shown a drawing in front of me, and told that this is the drawing of the New World.

I received a quote I have received MANY times, which my old colleague Charlotte from Accent/Fair always said, which is “we have not been unlucky with him”, which was followed by “where have we dug him up” (?), which is about my new self standing behind this development of life.

I was shown Niclas from the meditation group inside of darkness to my front/right and saw how he was released and went to my left side bringing out part of this too, and I was told that this is what the pain to my left both hand and foot is about, and it also made me understand that Niclas would become terminated of our New World (?), which Michella would too (?) because they were locked up inside the darkness, which would explode, and the question is what would we be able to save when this would happen.

I also felt how Jack was also part of this darkness, and when he was released, I was told that his roll was to set up sexual torments for me.

I was told that none was prepared for this situation, we believed we had to terminate parts of life to make other survive, and I was thinking about “secrets of darkness”, and that I will have nothing kept/hidden from me, because we will have to save EVERY LITTLE THING (including) my friends.

I now watched a couple of films on TV, which is very rare that I do this, and I do understand whey Al Pacino is a renowned actor, I saw him and Michelle Pfeiffer, whom I also like much, in Frankie and Johnny (notice the MANY elephants on the shelves (of God)) and the parts of the movie I liked the most was their strong acting trying to overcome obstacles of darkness in order for love to flower and for them to stay together instead of breaking up (I liked the ending scene much), and in this term, this movie is also what this game of the judgment was about, which was to overcome obstacles of darkness in order for love to flower and for all life to survive and stay together, and yes LET’S STAY TOGETHER, and this goes out both to Karen and every single being of our New World.

I become more and more broken down going through torture once again trying to stay awake, but because my starting point was at a low level, I could only stay awake to 01.00, which is when I decided to go to bed also thinking that there is also a day tomorrow with a new script and I will probably need to generate even more energy to bring out this darkness inside energy in order to liberate it, and I was told that the most important this evening was to having installed “nothing” to spread from the inside of this energy of darkness.

Except from Meshack, my LTO friends cannot be trusted and cannot communicate the truth directly, openly and honestly

I had this chat with David today, which I still appreciate much, David, but it makes me wonder that John “could not” bring Eljah his share of the cash help, which I understand that Meshack asked you to do, John, but were you too tempted by the Devil using the money yourself (?), and yes it makes me wonder that you cannot do this simple task to share my money equally, and it seems as if Meshack is the only one being able to do this if you decide to do it without involving the others of the team, Meshack. And I wonder why John “cannot” tell this and also why Elijah cannot tell me himself, and yes “poor communication” is what this is still about and darkness being the obstacle, which these friends of mine find it difficult to come through.

Later I read this email from Meshack, and this time I was NOT happy to receive this kind of news of the team yet again not being able to withstand the Devil working inside of you, and yes yes yes here it comes, first of all, John my dear, dear friends, I know that you are in a very difficult situation, but how on earth can a gentleman like you, the kindest man I know of, do what you did and first you have shown me and the world that you are not to be trusted as a friend because of your poor ability to communicate regularly, and now you show that you also cannot be trusted as a friend and bend under to the power of darkness tempting you with money, and furthermore instead of speaking the truth and walking the path as promised, you tell lies to Meshack and the team because of your own wrong doings, and John do I have to tell you that you have now only let the team down, you have let me/God down because of your own weakness, and when it comes to money matters, I can only say that for the time being you are NOT to be trusted. And from Meshack’s email I can see how darkness of Elijah keeps on working when this also loving man continues to act wrongly not speaking to me, but behind my back attacking the only man of the LTO-team who can be trusted demanding your share of the cash help from Meshack even though you know that Meshack is not to blame, but John is, so Elijah, I kindly ask you to apologize to Meshack and to make an agreement with John, which both of you will keep regarding the payback of the money, which John owes you, and if John cannot pay, it is for John to speak the truth that he cannot pay – I do NOT like people lying, John, you HAVE to learn to speak out the truth directly, openly and honestly – and do you think you can apologize to Meshack when you cannot apologize to me, Elijah (?), or do you also feel to “fine” or “raised” above us making this “impossible” for you to do (?), and we know, Stig, Elijah is also NOT to be trusted with money matters, you see his selfishness shining through his loving façade, and David has shown the same, so there is only one person of the LTO team to be trusted, and that is Meshack, and what you see here is darkness and wrongdoings of the three other in the team almost breaking down Meshack, and do you have any idea of what this means to me (?), or do you still NOT care and NOT understand that when you “cannot” follow my simple basic rules for you to share my money equally and to communicate speaking the truth and listening/understanding yourselves, you are bringing me darkness also bringing me down (?), how many times do I have to tell you (?), and to Meshack, my friend, I can only encourage you to do the same as I, which is to NEVER be weak and give in to darkness because if you do as you here shows an example of, you are really bringing me down to to darkness, or making it EXTREMELY difficult for me to follow the last part of my road, so what I have decided is this. I will continue sending ONE PORTION of money the last day of each month, and I will continue sending it to you, Meshack, because I am sure you will find your strength again because this is what I am sending you, and when you are back in Nairobi, I do hope you will all do as I have suggested you to do for months, which is for the team to meet for example over a good lunch – please send my kind regards to both of our old lunch places, you know, and that goes to everyone remembering me and you can tell them that I miss them all and also their fine cooking, I think about them too often – and when you meet, Meshack will personally give each team member his share of the money, and you may remember that I have told you all along to NOT let money come in between you and the importance for you to stay together as a team and good friends. Do you think you will be able to do this for me (?), I am sure you will agree that nothing should be easier in the world than this to do? The alternative is that I will send nothing to you, which would make me VERY sad, and also make darkness win a “set” having potential negative consequences for the entire world – is that what you want, to bring me down? And you are all still my best friends, but I cannot tell you how sad you make me when you “cannot” walk the right path even when you know it, how can doing the right thing be so “impossible” to do also for you? Meshack is your true role model, look at what he does, and learn from him. He is indeed a true leader!

Here is his email:

Hope this mail finds you well. I am okay and doing well. I just wanted to inform you that John has not been able to send Elijah his cash since the day i send him the cash for the three of them. I have personally met him twice and raised this issue with him and he promises to address this issue only for him to do the opposite. I met with David this week and we discussed this issue in detail but Elijah as i had told you has continued to press me alot demanding his share from me as though i had not send money and have told him to talk with John but he has refused. Stig as you know i hate controversy as both of these two guys have put me in an awkward position and for this matter i feel i will not be able to receive the cash from you because the best way to do is to let another person or even Elijah himself to receive the cash because if Elijah has lost confidence in me despite telling him the truth, then there is no point for me to be the recipient Elijah’s misunderstanding has caused me alot of suffering which i didn’t deserve because when i send the cash to John i didn’t expect this to happen but they have failed me on this considering the efforts have put in the last two months to make sure each member is satisfied .

  I am sorry to continue receiving complains from us but it is due to people who are not ready to do simple things which is expected of them but i had no other option but to tell you as my guide. I remain hoping to hear from you.

     Kind regards.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jimmy said “That is how to do it. Now it is secure”, and this could be the door to Selvet NOT wanting to read/listen and understand me, and I thought that this is about “the weakest link”, which seems to be Kim at Selvet – the one translating and publishing Matthew’s scripts in Danish – and that is because Kim has now decided to subscribe to me, so you are starting to believe in me and to open the door of your darkness?

  • My sister liked this post, which is really good advice for her and everyone else to follow, and yes that is not to get scared, but to learn through reading me.

  • Tobias received “the new iso6” for his iPhone, which made all of his contacts disappear, and Piet – my old Facebook friend abandoning me as one of many – said “maybe Apple thought that you should receive new friends”, and I was told that this is about replacing the old selves of people with their new selves of our New World.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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3 Responses to September 21, 2012: Removing all energy, liberating life from darkness and creating all life without energy as beings of God

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  2. Tak, Jette, det glæder mig, og respons er altid rar at modtage :-).

  3. jette says:

    TAK! Selv om tiden er diffus har jeg fuld forståelse for, at du er booked helt op. Det har været meget interessant, at følge din – og Else’s historie om Tvind – og om Mogens Amdi Petersen – som jo er fra min samtid. ❤

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