September 23, 2012: Landing and recovering after “a head jump into Egypt” of our New World without energy


Summary of the script today

22nd September: Landing and recovering after “a head jump into Egypt” of our New World without energy

  • Dreaming of being at the very source of life changing the direction of the Source to become life without energy
  • The decision yesterday evening to create our New World without energy corresponds to taking a head jump into Egypt not having any idea of where we would land and from here it takes some time to find all of our old selves again. A part of my old school burned down because of extreme darkness of my mother coming to me symbolising the end of the world, but still we are surviving. This darkness was used to turn around everything again meaning that I am now darkness at the Old World – old God you know – with my new self and New World coming from outside still on its way in through darkness to liberate me. This was an “impossible” road to take, but we created the bridge via Else to the Old World and returned much life inside darkness to be saved/released before we will start our New World without energy but with a “whole lotta love”.
  • Short stories of “egos” like Henrik destroying the world when not focusing on the collective, Martin and Jack did not show commitment to learn about “the highest truth”, getting rid of the Old box/World of energy, I will accept no losses of life if we can do without and the way forward is for me to continue producing energy, the hypocrisy of the “gossip-king” not liking to be treated in the boulevard press as he treats Kate and other celebrities, and how to avoid zombie-attacks.

23rd September: We are again saving life of even deeper levels of my old self, which I can enter as a being without energy

  • Dreaming of cleaning the knot of darkness saving all life and items inside of it.
  • I was exhausted to my extreme today but kept on exercising/working. Darkness is now feeling both stronger in content and weaker in volume, but it gave me a strong test with strong heart pain and an ultimatum that nothing crosses this line, but when I decided that this is what I do, this is what happened. We are still saving life of even deeper levels of my old self, and it happens with great speed because of the power of our New World pressing on.
  • Short stories of more celebration because of creation, more about the “pretty high” number of readcasts of my Scribd 9/11 documents, I am cold because of poor behaviour of man not understanding/supporting me, continuing my pinball-game against darkness of politicians to “save all pigs”, Ekstra Bladet recommends me to show “an impending miraculous appearance”, which I will consider, the new no. 2 chairman candidate of the Socialist People’s Party is symbolically my candidate to avoid a bloodbath of darkness, Søren from the meditation group brought me darkness, and poor people will receive normal life in our New World.


22nd September: Landing and recovering after “a head jump into Egypt” of our New World without energy

Dreaming of being at the very source of life changing the direction of the Source to become life without energy

I went to bed at 01.00 and slept until 09.00 this morning, where I woke up to what seemed like a nightmare when my memory returned together with the discouraging feeling “oh yes, that is right, my computer does not work, and I still have more darkness coming to me – how will today and work be like” (?), and I had this dream.

  • I am Deep inside the desert of Australia where people arrive in the last minute before it becomes dark after having crossed the desert in sandstorms, where they could not see. The next day a friend of mine and I photograph the beginning of a stream and the bed around it, and I am surprised to see that there is no life at all inside the bed before the stream, and only a very thin layer of green at the beginning of it, and very little life underneath earth, and we are watching how the stream itself now changes direction.
    • We are back at the very source of life at the deepest inside of creation/our New World symbolised by Australia changing the stream of life itself to become “life without energy”, which is now what is “photographed” as the life of our New World.

My computer symbolising the world is still partly working despite of many error messages

I was excited to see if my computer would work this morning – if it would survive the extreme darkness sent to it – and I saw how it opened again with a dark background screen with most programs being invisible, but I was surprised to see that I could open the file explorer, and also that some, but not very many, files of the hard disk was now visible, and my thought was “I wonder if I can open Microsoft Word and my script of yesterday” (?), and yes I could open Microsoft, and yes I could also open my script of yesterday, which I decided to save on my external USB drive for me to be able to continue work on this at the library if I could not work on my computer, and gradually I found out that my computer is only working on reduced power really, but I could continue working on it when not using the hard disk of it, and the “fun” part is that the operative system is saved on the hard disk, and this works (a little), and I could open my script of yesterday, which may be to say that my computer is gradually recovering (?) – we will see – but when I continued working to finalise my of yesterday, I continued receiving the same error messages as yesterday, which I copied today for you to see:

I received this error message exactly every 10 minutes, not once but 24 times each time, and I had to manually click them away, do you have any idea of just how annoying that is?

Here are the other error messages I received in a steady stream – and at 22.20 in the evening they kept on coming with a “plop” every 10 seconds, and even though this is basically good, i.e. to open for life inside cells opening, do you have any idea of just how annoying this also is?

Landing and recovering after “a head jump into Egypt” of our New World without energy

I was told that this corresponds to taking a head jump into Egypt not having any idea of where we would land, and from here it takes some time to find all of our old selves again, “this just means that the first steps are the most difficult”, and I was told with smiles “thank you for having the courage to do this”.

I was told that this is then the end of the Old World (of energy) and the beginning of the new, where there will be no castes and tribes; we will just “be”.

I was shown a very little hill inside the forest with the feeling that the forest is created from within this hill, and I saw a bus driving into this hill, which we did not even know was part of us, and from here we are now going through the first branches to find the forest again as it was.

I was given the FINE song by the incredible James Brown “Papas got a brand new bag”, and I thought that this is the bag of everything after retrieving the bag of darkness.

I was told that there will be no voice control anymore (spiritual voice of God to man), because everyone will “be” and simply “know”. This is the extreme form of “I’ve got no strings attached”. There will also not be any ovulation and so on. 

I felt more darkness being released and was told by this that it will be like we have never existed before, but still know about everything which has ever been.

To my surprise I was given a new out of this world pain to my right ankle, and is this about life outside the Old World, which is now also coming in (?), I don’t know, the only thing I know is that every little thing will survive to “be”, and I will accept NO LOSSES of anything.

I finished writing the script of yesterday at 13.30, and I had not yet checked to see if my internet was able to run without the computer breaking down, and I thought that I will probably need to go to the library to publish this script, and today is Sunday where the library and the swimming hall closes at 16.00, and I thought that I will not be able to make both, so I decided first to continue writing the beginning of the script of today, and to go to the swimming hall instead of the library thinking that I will probably be able to afterwards to publish the script of yesterday either via my own internet connection, if it works, and alternatively via the computer of Hotel Marienlyst, and yes I will also visit my mother and John again this evening, and I could ask to borrow John’s computer, but no, I will NOT publish my script from there knowing about their feelings of my writings, and so it is.

I was unhappy when seeing the front page of Helsingør Newspaper with my old school, Mørdrupskolen, in flames yesterday evening, which according to the article was a fire, which had spread from a container in the school yard, and yes it burned down our old gymnastics hall, where I have played many football and indoor hockey games, and this happened at the same time as we were ending the Old World of energy and liberating even more life inside darkness, and I was told that this was an “unlucky” combination of extreme darkness coming to me from my mother together with Vera, my old class teacher from this school, whom I became Facebook friend with a couple of months ago, and not easy to understand one of your old pupils if you “cannot” read and understand, Vera, and yes for days before this I have been told how she is also speaking wrongly about me behind my back. And I also do remember when I was with my old school class playing sports in the hall one day at the end of the 1970’s where Fuggi was sitting at the top of the “stretch bar” (I cannot remember what they are called) attached to the wall, and it was maybe 2/3 up and above him the last 1/3 was a window, and I don’t know how it happened, but I remember seeing from the floor when this large window glass broke in thousands of small pieces and it was as if it happened in slow motion when watching it, and it fell out over Fuggi and the end of the hall, but as a stroke of luck, nothing happened, and to me, this gymnastics hall somehow symbolises the world, which ended its life, but still everyone survived, which this is really about, and yes this story was prepared since the end of the 1970’s, see?

The gymnastics hall of my school Mørdrupskolen in Espergærde burned out because of darkness of my mother and my old teacher, Vera. This symbolises the end of the world, but still we survived 🙂

I still felt darkness coming to me so the liberation process is continuing, and now I have not only new scripts to write and publish, Else’s script to read and comment (if more is needed), but also a so drastic change of our New World that it will require amendments to my website, and yes there is something about amendments coming into force when I publish a script and bring important information on my website, and here I am told “don’t worry”, and that is because this will be “impossible” for me to do “here and now”, but I will write it down and to it over the coming days whenever I get time and energy to do it, and yes “let’s be careful out there” is to be careful about the darkness still coming in, Stig, and yes because of this.

I was told that if I should “lose it” now, everything will not become perfect now, but it will later.

At 14.00 I checked to see if my Internet could run, and no, Firefox could not open because it is already running as a error message said (!) and I could not disable the ongoing process of it because my ctrl-alt-del command function did not work, but I could open my Opera browser, which works, and yes with this I can both go to the swimming hall, publish my script of yesterday and also visit my mother and John this evening. 

I went to the swimming hall in the afternoon but when writing this I seem to have lost my notes from this tour – very rarely this happens – but I do remember that darkness tried to play a game on me as if there was more darkness coming to me from out of this world, and I asked it to speak the truth, which immediately made it say that of course it is with me, and I felt it as part of me, so there you see, and the exercise was not very difficult to do today, and when swimming afterwards, I was shown light away from me, and darkness all close to me, and I was told that we have now turned around everything again meaning that I am now darkness at the Old World – old God you know – with my new self and New World coming from outside still on its way in through darkness to liberate me, and yes “you are welcome” is still the name of the game being stronger than the voice of darkness.

I was told that you simply do not come back after having transferred the last of the Old World to the New World, but we did because I will accept no terminations (only “parts” of us if we cannot avoid it) and because Else helped building the bridge leading back, and I was also told that this is extreme darkness of my mother bringing energy to doing this.

As mentioned recently, I was told that because my mother has decided not to believe in me with her awakened mind, we were on our way to exploding the inner parts of God/life, but on the other hand we would not be able to continue this game without the darkness coming through my mother, so in order to come through this knot of darkness, she has to not believe in me, and first at the absolute end, there should be a chance that faith will come to her too.

I was told that when providing more energy, my computer will start working again, and yes it is still half-working even though it should not be working with all of the errors it constantly brings, and I have now downloaded a couple of programs and saved and run them from the hard disk, which the error messages say don’t work!

I was told that we will keep having darkness throw in the towel to the ring giving up and releasing life.

I was told that what we are doing corresponds to sending the car to the repair shop with the car being the entire world without knowing what will come out of it, and yes the idea was for you to continue and complete your script of yesterday to tell the world that “I am in control, I just changed the world upside down once again to do this, but this is now the last time” and hereafter we are no more, we have become nothing, which is our ultimate dream, so there is nothing to worry about, see?

I was told that the road home is shorter than you should think (?), and yes isn’t this your thoughts, Stig, and yes a few add on’s to my website and for me to continue work, exercise etc., which should not be the most difficult in the world from here, but of course “surprises” may come, but we will include those trying to make the best out of everything.

I heard were you not almost falling down into the big black pot when moving (?), and no, because Stig decided to do everything, and not to come behind with work, which is what is making everything come through.

I went to my mother and John again this evening, and we had a fine evening again at dinner, where John said that he is now coughing less after having stopped receiving blood diluting medicine and John is eating a cocktail of pills, and who knows if this is good or bad for him (?), and for all I know, he has become better every time he has stopped with chemotherapy or a pill, and I feel and am told that this gives my healing of him better chances to work, so this is what lack of faith do to people, doctors and themselves are what is killing them, and yes John really don’t like pills, but what do you do when you believe in the authorities of doctors prescribing this and that because they don’t know better?

My mother has told me many times that she is concerned that John does not become better – he does, but only slowly – and that is despite of “fine numbers” on samples, which the doctors have taken.

I was told that my mother did not say but she is thinking a lot about me and my rejection of her gift and is that because John does not like to be open about this, so what is the most important for her, to “obey” John or to accept my writing on it (?), and yes not easy, and I am sad to say that if she will read my script of yesterday, she will probably decide not to see me again because I have done “wrong” when writing the truth, and yes she would probably also do the same when I tell you that we had homemade lemon mousse for desert, and you do know what “lemons” symbolise (?), and yes “cells of sleeping life” absorbing the energy of God and the world, and what do you believe my mother does when she is more than sad almost breaking down because of my rejection of her gift and my “unbearable” writings (?), and yes of course she is pulling out energy of me, and this is why it is important for me to continue working and exercising, see (?), and yes we had a bottle of wine where I had ¼ of it and my mother the rest, and I was sad when I saw that she opened another bottle of wine after dinner, because it was not needed, but you see that she uses wine to “calm” her down (?), and yes she had collected it in the basement not knowing which wine it was, and it was a Châteauneuf-du-Pape from 2004, and I told her that everything else, which we normally drink, which can be good to the price, is nothing compared to this, because this was truly QUALITY wine, and it made me think that this is the content of what is inside of these “lemons of darkness”.

We watched both the tv-series Matador together – I thought that Mads Skjern moves into an old and sleepy town and wakes it up and yes the New World entering the Old World is what this is also about – followed by “the voice”, and yes I was happy to be hearing the other Led Zeppelin song of two that I LOVE, which is “whole lotta love”, which Christoffer really sung through so it could be heard, and after Xander and Lene had been fighting each other not listening to the other part (a game to fight the “Barbie Girl” of Lene you know), wasn’t it “funny” when the judge Xander told Lene that when Lene broke through (in the 1990’s), he played in the kindergarten and was to children’s birthdays playing BALLOON DANCE (!), and yes this was truly what he said, and even though this was not a live show, you had prepared this little “session” for us, and that is because there is a “whole lotta love” on the way to the world ♥♥♥.

I did not have much negative speech, but I received periods of the worst sexual speech, which is truly still not nice.

I returned home at 22.10, where I continued writing the last updates to my script of yesterday until 00.05 and I knew that I would still have approx. 3 hours to complete the script of today, but this will have to be done tomorrow, this is the end of the line today, and continuing tomorrow I will.

When I wrote my chapter to LTO in the script of yesterday I was told “I do believe I heard birds singing from above”, and yes the old temptation to me is to keep the money I send them because of all of their eternal bungling, and when I do not even though they give me all opportunities to forget about them and think about myself, this is to work for light, and I can now only hope that Meshack will decide to be strong fighting darkness together with me, and that is because this is also a symbol of the strongest darkness, which was very close to breaking Meshack, thus me down, this is what I have just gone through, and had I decided to keep the money for myself, I would certainly not be able to continue my journey. After sending my script to them at midnight today, I received more negative and sexual speech of darkness again, so these are my friends who “cannot” do what is easy to do, and with this, they are really helping me to go through this darkness too, and I was told “think about that, we can use this as cat food, in time to come”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The other day I wrote about the balance between collective and individual work and decision taking, and if people are 100% free without consideration to the collective, you will receive anarchy, and this seems to be what Henrik as so many other “egos” of this community is about, and here he brought the ultimate song with Sex Pistols singing “I am an anti-Christ, I am an anarchist”, who wants to destroy, and this is really what you do when you do not focus on the collective, and I decided to bring Rikke’s comment to because “Israel” is one of my favourite songs of all – together with “Arabian nights” by the same band – and here it is connected with “anarchy”, so I wonder, my dear friends of Israel if you know the feeling of thinking of too much about yourselves being “difficult” to understand your neighbours? And this song also means to “turn blood into wine” for me.

  • In continuation of Martin’s thread yesterday, Jack wrote that “there is without a doubt many good things in what you say, but that the only road to “the truth”, whatever it is – only should go through you and your website is simply not true. There are many ways, and everyone can go their own way” and “I feel it is better to ask constructive questions than just to give finished answers” and “there IS probably one fundamental collective truth which Deepak Chopra as example speak of with an endless Universal energy, which through a feedback-loop become self reflecting” and more and he ended by saying “as you see I many be ignorant, but not lazy”, so what you see here is truly an ignorant man, who “cannot” understand “the truth” as I present it, and his personal belief that “everyone can go their own way”, but this is where you are WRONG, Jack, because there is only one way to our New World, and that is to show a clean heart, which you would understand if you decided to read and believe in me, but your own voice is too strong so instead of understanding, you are telling me of your misunderstandings, which is not right, don’t you think (?), and I told him that he has an ability to twist my words meaning something else for him than they are meant, and this is because of the “process” inside his head where he does not fully allow “the highest truth” to get through, and yes this is about wanting to understand and not wanting to misunderstand, and with this I included the story of him, Jette and Martin and their meaning in relation to the final design of our New World as a world without energy, where everything “IS” like God is, and still in a physical world maintained by our minds and not via physical laws, and I tried to motivate them by saying that this is part of my total story of more than 6,000 pages, which they can read a summary of at the front page of my website, but apparently this was not “interesting” for them to do because I received no feedback on this, and as far as I could see, they did not “feel like” reading my website or the script I enclosed, and yes I felt “nothing” going through me here almost without feeling it, and this is what you are to me, “nothing”, i.e. darkness for me to enter. And when I wrote this comment and after sending it I was given much shiver because of their and especially Martins “feelings” about me. Later I was told that when he said that “I wonder if everything isn’t like those Russian dolls with things in and out of each other for an eternity” it was because this is what he and Martin is helping me to do, to open up for even deeper inner levels of me. 

  • There was more about Deepak Chopra today, and to me “the box” is our Old World of energy, which we are getting rid of.

  • Helena was depressed to see how many houses being set on sale, five on her road alone mostly because of economy, and they spoke of how much prices on houses increased, and how pity it is for those having to sell now after having bought at over prices meaning “losses”, and it gave her a desire to “hold everything together – isn’t there anything you can do”, and to me this is symbolically about not selling house with a loss but to wait until we have enough energy to make sure that 100% of the Old World will be saved and become part of our New World without energy, and yes I will accept no losses of life if we can do without.

  • And she brought the answer to how this is done and that is when she said “either I will get up training, which I cannot with this stupid foot, or I have to commit suicide”, and apparently she has hurt her foot, but her friend Søren brought her to training after Claus wondered if Falck could drive her, and no, I do not believe they can, and this is to say that I will have to do my exercise without help, and the more I do, the more life I still save, and yes a long way to Tipperary.

  • Helena says what was on the front page of Ekstra Bladet about the “gossip king”, the editor-in-chief of the weekly gossip magazine Se & Hør, and that is that he does not want to speak about his economy, which he believes is private (!), and yes this is a man without moral in relation to exhibiting others and double moral in relation to himself not liking at all to appear in the same columns of the boulevard press, and yes this is an example of hypocrisy as I wrote about the other day.

  • And it continues here when a man decided to create a Facebook group with the aim to show the topless wife of the editor-in-chief if possible, but this was “not funny” for Kim – or something to be “proud” of (?) – so the legal manager of the magazine contacted this man threatening to report him to the police if he did not close the Facebook group, and yes Kim, welcome to the front page (!), and yes I can hear that you would like me to bring the picture of KIM AS THE KING, and yes because this is what he is “helping” you to become and that is for even more because of the darkness he sends to you too and yes enabling me to save even more life, so because of this, I also bring you Kim as the king below. Later: This picture is of course to say that the king of darkness is on his way down. 

  • Ekstra Bladet said that the health agency has no plan in case of zombie-attacks, and to me this is about avoiding attacks from monster-darkness, which more energy will do.


23rd September: We are again saving life of even deeper levels of my old self, which I can enter as a being without energy

Dreaming of cleaning the knot of darkness saving all life and items inside of it

Before going to bed yesterday I felt the strongest darkness still – extreme darkness (!) – and I was told that my spiritual friends would only last a few seconds to support me if I should “lose it”.

I went to bed after midnight and slept until 08.45 with these dreams.

  • I am cycling out packages together with Fuggi from stores in Copenhagen, and Fuggi tells me that I don’t need to deliver all today. It is beautiful old buildings in Copenhagen, which almost feel as good as Stockholm. I am getting to learn town and I enter a large naval museum, which is visited by many tourists, there are very many items and I do not have time to look at all, Else is annoyed that people are not careful with the items, I walk through an incredible beautiful Viking ship from the 16th century, and Anders Fogh is a regular speaker, and they discuss if he can receive pay for his work.
    • Copenhagen is here the knot of darkness, which we are opening in order for it to become as clean as Stockholm of our New World. The packages are my work, which I cannot finish on a daily basis and the museum includes all “ships” of previous life/worlds not yet being released.

We are again saving life of even deeper levels of my old self, which I can now enter as a being without energy

I weighed myself this morning, and the weight was 113 kilos so it is not easy to lose weight, and no, I will NOT go to extremes eating less and less fat than a normal life, and this will have to do.

I was told that he, i.e. me, is right behind us, thus being Italy for us, i.e. joy and happiness, and that is because I keep working and with the script today I will become completely up to date.

I was told that when I think intimately of Karen this is saving her, because she – and other family/friends etc. – could die each of them (because of the strain they believe I put on them) and that is if I did not bring them healing energy, and yes I still take on all of their doses, but bring energy to them to save them, and yes isn’t it ironic?

My computer still claims to have the same hard disk errors, and I cannot see all files via windows explorer, and there are many programs lacking in my start button, task bar and desk, but I downloaded another file manager and from this I have complete access to what looks like all files on the computer, so my computer says that it does not work – still bringing me these hundreds of error messages making me crazy (!) – but it seems to work underneath the cover, and I feel how spiritual darkness is doing this play for example when I cannot create shortcuts to place on my taskbar, which are then removed again without me doing anything.

At 14.00 I had completed and published the script of yesterday, and my goal today is to publish this script before the end of the day, so I soon can find time and energy to start adding to the front page of my website about our New World without energy, and also continue reading Else’s scripts.

During the afternoon I felt how incredible tired/exhausted I still am making it almost impossible to work with my mind working very slowly, but still I decided to cycle to the swimming hall again, which I almost regretted that I did because it started raining making me completely wet at arrival, and I truly felt how I was at a low point completely drained from energy, and I decided to do my 30 minutes of exercise, which at the same time on one hand was difficult and not difficult to do because I did not receive the same obstacles from darkness as before and on the other hand I was the most exhausted as you can imagine, and it was mostly this exhaustion making it very difficult to do, and yes on top of this I felt darkness coming to me, which is both decreased very much in volume, but what is left is the absolutely worst of all, and what comes through gives me some burning marks to my skin, and is extreme in relation to making me give up, so really it is both much decreased but at the same time much stronger, but we will get by.

I returned home after 16.00 and decided to write the short script of today feeling very poorly, and this time there will be no work this evening and no staying up tonight, and yes it is difficult to come back from the extreme extraction of energy the other day.

I was told that it brought desperation to life inside of darkness when it understood that it would not be saved and it was transferred via the jump from the Old to our New World, and yes Stig I can only do my best and keep my goal to save every little thing and that is 100% no matter what, and hope that you can do magic, my dear friends, based upon what I am able to bring you via my energy as a human being.

The truth is that there is no one inside here, who wanted to kill you, and I was shown and told that we are still on our way out of nothing, which literally was shown to the right of me.

Darkness now feels inside a small area to the front/right of me and even though it is the strongest of all, it is now also weaker in terms of me hearing/seeing it, and it made me wonder how I will secure to get everything out, and I was told that I have to go deeper “isn’t this what we say” and of course an encouragement to do it this evening, and even though I use maybe an hour or less to do an update of the script here at 20.30 in the evening, I cannot and will not do more than this today, and what will happen if I am to go deeper than I can do (?), is it still possible for us to lose life, but on the other hand nothing will ever just disappear, but if this life continues to have a negative sign, and we are only positive life in the future, what will the end of this be (?), and for now, I only have one question and that is for me to do the best I can under the circumstances and ask my spiritual friends to do the same.

And I was thinking about what I have been told, which a long time ago was that new life growing inside of this darkness is made of life, and the other day that we have now installed “no energy” inside of this negative energy, and is this the truth, which will come through when we have brought enough energy to bring negativity back to level zero?

Around this area of darkness I feel no sufferings, only calm, as I used to experience before darkness broke lose in 2006 with my negative voice ever since tormenting me.

I was surprised when I once more received an out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I was shown an Arsenal football player (of darkness) with a duck flying out of him with very great speed, and I felt that this is because of an enormous pressure of our New World coming.

I was given a period of time where darkness again was an integrated part of me where there was no doubt or “waiting period” for this darkness to be dark when it was given to me and wanted simply to make me act like this, but no, this is NOT who I am even though this is what darkness has made my most inner self, and it here again put much pressure on me and it wants to destroy and terminate, this darkness is cruel.

I was shown a cleaned baby and told that we went all the way back to when God was new born to clean everything.

I was shown and felt a soul flying towards me and asked with very great convincing power “do you want to finish now” (?), and that is finish the game, and it could have convinced me due to its great strength, but I decided to say “no way”, and I was given a new kind of heart pain, which was a feeling of a power moving towards my chest from the outside, entering me and physically moving my heart so it hurt and I thought that there was a risk of me dying because of this, and this continue maybe 5-6 times, and it was followed by what I decided was darkness speaking as light – coming from the left of me (!) – which was the necessity for me to acknowledge that I was now as my new self what I understood as “the only one” also with the need to change my scripts in relation to the Source and God, and this has come to me many times the last two days with GREAT power, which is difficult to resist, but I have decided every time and also now to keep everything I have written in my scripts because it was God creating the world and yes it was something about me as my new self creating this New World without energy because God is kept inside darkness not being able to do this, and I really don’t care who has done what, all I know is that as my new self I am the result of everything and for me it is fine for my old self as God to have done this, for my new self to have done it or for both my old and new self to have done it, the important part is that we have done it, and yes everything else will be a matter about guessing, and I do not want to do that, and yes I was told that this was necessary to do in order to open for the most precious treasures at my inner, and I don’t care, we will open for everything no matter what, and we will do all of this perfectly according to the wish of light and not darkness, and so it is, and no, I am in NO doubt that this is the right answer.

I was told that remaining darkness was also transferred from our Old to our New World some time ago because we did not dare to go any further because the strength of darkness would kill me, and this is the strength I was given here, but it has to be reduced much because I don’t feel “nothing” as strongly as I did when I am living without energy, and yes this is at least the general idea of what we are doing.

Later the flying ”angel” came back to me, and I was told that no one can cross this line, and yes that might be what you say my friend but if there is still more life on the other side of this line as I do believe there is, this is what we have just done because you said it my friend as I am here told with another voice, and yes bring on the next level, we are NOT done with the game yet.

I was told by new light on the way in after being liberated “thank you, we will never forget what you did”, and I told myself that I will not write this (again) and then I felt Jack coming in and was told “also when it is me coming” (?), and no this changes it, and if Jack reads this and it will help bring him more calm of whether or not he will make it, I am only happy because this is to say that you are now also out of darkness, Jack, and inside our New World, now you only have to show a clean heart as your physical self to get in touch with your new self.

I received some more “kill” words and extreme pain to the absolutely most outer of my left thumb and the feeling coming to me from my new self “miss you all”. When I entered the voice of darkness, I heard “burn it down”, which is its response if I should lose it, which is really not nice. I was also shown my mother’s husband John coming in from darkness.

At 22.50 I was completely and utterly destroyed and had to go to bed.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Shannon shared both “the chicken dance” and “you should be dancing”, and for her it is “cleaning”, which she cannot when she cannot listen and understand, but basically this is still about celebration because of creation, which does not get poorer day by day, and yes do we have 2 or 3 months left (?), and I am still counting down thinking that there is at least less then 100 days and with this in mind, I tell myself that it is not that difficult to continue and yes because this is “once in a lifetime” performance, and with this I decide to continue the game.

  • In continuation of the “so many readcasts that people will understand that this is exceptional” on Scribd the other day, I discovered this sub-page saying that most of the approx. 235,000 reads should have been shared via Facebook, and you may understand that this number is pretty high compared to my normal number of visitors?

  • Dan said with inspiration that he is neither more or less going to Tivoli, and “more or less” is to me about what I call “a lesser of higher degree” on my behaviour and work website (about poor behaviour of people today), which is to say that Dan also shows a very poor behaviour, and Anders said “remember the fur, it will become cold today”, and this is about Tivoli entering a sponsor-agreement the other day with Kopenhagen Fur, and that is because I would shiver to start with when opening the eyes of my new self, and yes because of poor behaviour of man not being able to understand/support me, and this is really the cold I have decided to take on me to save man from sufferings.

  • Dennis compared Joachim and colleagues from Liberal Alliance with the ball in a pinball machine: “If this claim does not stand, I will claim something else in a completely different half of the ground – well, did that not stand, I will claim something else instead etc.” until they will finally fall into the hole, and I may add ending the game, which this is about, and yes politicians all over the world doing the same, playing a game being on the half of the ground of darkness, and these machines remind me about not to “tilt” them, which would end the game, and I don’t want the game to end before we have saved every little thing, and yes darkness is/was truly a hard nut to crack.

  • “Funny Frank” said that he was going to play with the children – “we have pig theme”, and this is indeed what we have with the theme being “saving all pigs”.

  • I received Ekstra Bladet from the 21st September yesterday from my mother, and “the Council of greater PR-safety” as this page is called also had the story of Jesus mentioning his wife, which made this “council” believe that Jesus is “on deep water”, which is really what I am but not so much because of “many different stories” (because “he” does not have a wife according to the Bible), but really because “deep water” symbolically means “deep sufferings”, and this council recommends Jesus for “an impending miraculous appearance”, and I can only thank you for your advise, which I will include in my considerations.

  • Astrid Kragh is the chairman candidate of the top and all ministers of the Socialist People’s Party with Annette Vilhelmsen being the preferred candidate by the members of the party, and Fathi says that he supports Annette, and he believes that she is the right choice to “avoid a blood bath” at the next election, and I have now seen blood or blood bath different places, and the development of Socialist People’s Party may be about this, first the “dark prince” of the party, the tax minister Thor Möger, managed to get one of my supporters out, the soon former chairman Villy Søvndal, and everything was lined up for his and the leadership’s candidate Astrid to become chairman as the only candidate, but late in this game, a new candidate decided that she would run to believing that she has a chance against the darkness of the group of the Parliament really, and with this you see how not the old empire but the grass roots strike back, and that is because I have decided NOT to give up, and when you “could no more”, Villy, I had to call upon one of your soldiers so to say, and yes this is the game as it is given to me when writing this, and I will NOT accept the TAX minister to cut down life, which this is about, see?

  • Søren shared “love of darkness” – bears mean darkness to me – with the meditation group, which now has ceased to exist, and it reminded me that I was told at the end of last year that Søren was also darkness self in relation to his “opinion” about me, Søren?

  • This was meant as a satire, but is actually very seriously meant from my heart, which is to bring all poor people to a normal life of our New World, i.e. the apple.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to September 23, 2012: Landing and recovering after “a head jump into Egypt” of our New World without energy

  1. poker says:

    I checked out your blog and you are a good writer.

    It takes real persistence, but if you like writing a couple
    of times a week you can build a blog over time. You have what it takes,
    so start bragging a little!

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