September 25, 2012: I am being divided into two of darkness and light, and I will meet the world as light saving much life


Summary of the script today

24th September: Darkness is becoming much weaker when it comes to negative voices and feelings completely destroying me

  • Dreaming of having to bring more energy to release more life, I only have to bring a small part of energy to release darkness, otherwise it would kill me, I am saving life, which otherwise would be terminated, I am still working inside the world of darkness after having overtaken it, and darkness is becoming much weaker.
  • Darkness is becoming much weaker when it comes to negative voices and feelings destroying me constantly, and I do hope that this is because it is weak, and not because it is getting impossible for me to enter it. I was told that we have almost made a heart made from previous darkness. At the end of the day, darkness was now again strong because I updated the front page of my website with information about our New World without energy, which needed energy to be consolidated, and I received it from Kristian & Co. via Facebook “laughing” of me as Son of God.
  • The process we are going through is to make my sister and the secret government of USA as examples to stand forward telling the truth also about their faith in me.
  • Short stories of having created a connection to Martin S.O, darkness has given up and is converting into “heart of love”, the symbolic story of Socialist People’s Party and darkness of the Tax minister wanting to “cut off” my meat “not to be” with Kristian & Co. laughing of/ignoring me, and “make love, not politics”.

25th September: I am being divided into two of darkness and light, and I will meet the world as light saving much life

  • Dreaming of extreme darkness via religious extremity and sex attacking me, which was followed by STRONG darkness given to me during the night keeping me up telling me that the funeral of my old self – life inside of darkness – was now back on, which was NOT nice to be told. Eventually I was told that this was about my decision yesterday to keep the Source producing energy and for darkness to return to me with the right answer being that if we are not here, there is no Source, and to have darkness returning to me was pure poison, which would kill me via a heart failure, so I decided to follow light saying that we are ”nothing” without the Source our energy, and darkness was shot off into the Universe knowing that it will be awakened with faith of man and mankind correcting its wrongdoings.
  • Later I was dreaming about a GIANT quality bread, which will go on sale on Thursday, which is about our New World approaching me, and the worst darkness was now starting to leave me again even though it had the strongest voice of my family/friends etc. bringing me the worst sufferings almost losing it all day making this the most difficult to do.
  • Darkness did all that it could to overtake me and to meet the world with darkness and termination to burn off the layer of darkness of me, but because I decided to be stronger than darkness, I was divided into two with light as my inner self and darkness around me, which will make me meet the world with the message that I will NOT become forced to kill because of your sins and that is because I took on so much sufferings and reinvented my self and life making it possible to save all, otherwise many of you were in imminent danger of becoming terminated.
  • Darkness of the Vatican Church – for example when it “cannot” acknowledge the apparitions of my mother in Medjugorje – was also bringing the Devil to me to end the world, and it was the reason why Catholic priests have sexually abused children all over the world for decades.
  • Short stories of Tintin on his way out from the library of Stockholm symbolising that we were about to lose our New World without energy, but Tintin and this New World was kept after all, a war against Iran and Israel could have let to World War III, Anna Karin also sent me destructive darkness, why is Romney running for President (?), Anna Karin received a “fantastic” and not a devilish day after all, and Helena was “finished” already at 21.00 having no more to give just like me.


24th September: Darkness is becoming much weaker when it comes to negative voices/feelings completely destroying me

Dreaming of darkness becoming much weaker, and I use less energy to save much life, which would have been terminated

I went to bed at 22.50 and slept until 07.30 – and I am feeling much fresher today than I have done for a very long time – with these dreams.

  • Something about being attacked by darkness in the bedroom in my old apartment in Hørsholm, and the door bell rings, and a high-rise block including information costing 10 million dollars to bring.
    • Nothing new in darkness attacking at nights, and that I have to bring energy, i.e. money, to bring in more information/life.
  • I am staying at a very modest place in London, which is also a laundry and a clothes store with good and cheap clothes. I have just received five shirts, and I ask for the price of suits, which I am told is between DKK 300 to 1,000, and they refers me to go to their men’s store not far away to have my measure taken, and I think that this is truly very cheap compared to the normal price of up to DKK 6,000 in Denmark. I am riding on my racer cycle, which I have brought from Denmark, which makes me come much quicker around London than walking. I ask someone if I owe him money, which I believe I do, but I am told that I have paid DKK 100 too much.
    • London is our New World, where I continue cleaning, and the clothes store is really to say that I am saving a lot of life using much less energy than normal, which is making me come around London much quicker, and I was here given the new kind of heart pain and told that if this was not the case, the heart pain would be too much for me to bear.
  • I am standing around my car together with people, and to my surprise I see my old colleague Steen from GE Insurance, and he says when looking at my car that “Stig is leading the race”. I say hello to him and ask him if he is still angry with me, which I can tell that he is, and I told him that dismissing him is what would develop him, and I understand that he went to the Faroe Islands to work surrounded by two women.
    • Steen is the only employee I have ever dismissed symbolising “termination”, and yes apparently terminations were inevitable, but here I see Steen again for the first time in many years, which I do believe is about what my spiritual friends do with parts of my old self being released, and the car is me, and I am leading the race or the game against this part of darkness.
  • I am working at PFA Pension at a group now only consisting of insurance brokers working there, the normal PFA employees have stopped working except from Kim A., whom I meet and I forget that he is now at PFA so I say that he is from Danica. I do pension calculations, which the other people also do there, and one wants my help to do a calculation of a life annuity for a married couple of 62 and 69 years old, and it annoys me that she does not know how to do this herself and I feel misused because of this. My old colleague Bjarne O. is also there, and he is smoking.
    • It seems that PFA Pension is the insurance company, i.e. world, of darkness – how many of you in PFA spoke negatively/wrongly about me behind my back (?) – where Danish is the insurance company of light, and I am still working inside this darkness together with others – we have overtaken this place from darkness – and the woman asking for my help is what I have been a “hostage” of most of my professional career, which is that I developed professional know-how, which other people could have done the same, but when they “could not”, they misused my competences, time and energy instead.
  • I am at a discotheque and a group of 8-10 beautiful ladies enter with one of them coming over and laying over me, but when she sees that I am not interested, she leaves again, and I understand that these are prostitutes, and one of my friends ask whom I would bring to ring the door of darkness, and besides from a strong man, I show him a video by Madness playing “our house”, which I believe he will know, and show him the lead singer, whom I would bring, but I hear that this is a new version of the song, which my friend may not know, so I also play the old version.
    • This is about darkness giving up/becoming weaker with my “old nightmare” losing effect, and when visiting darkness I am bringing the singer from Madness simply to tell darkness that it is MAD – and yes I am at the discotheque to bring out content of the lemon, which you know is content of life absorbed by negative energy of darkness.

Darkness is becoming much weaker when it comes to negative voices and feelings completely destroying me

This morning when switching on my computer I was excited to see if it had improved since yesterday, and yes first of all it now shows a white background on my desktop and not black as it has done since breaking down, it still does not run the programs I have set up to run at start up, and also does not show individually adjust menus and taskbars in Windows and Microsoft Office, my file explorer still only shows little of the content of my computer but I can see and get access to everything through the new file manager I downloaded, Firefox and Thunderbird do not work as they have not since the crash so I am using Opera and Google email via Opera, the extremely annoying error messages have stopped popping up all the time (but “file recovery” still reports “critical errors” to my hard disk), which may because I have stopped the process controlling this, and I can now add icons to the task bar, which does not get deleted straight away, so even though my computer is only working partly when seen from the surface of it, it actually works all of it, and this may simply be about the content of the Old World after returning from the New World and yes for me to continue my job recovering what is inside of here. Yesterday my monitor was blinking much at me to say “no energy”, but so far today it looks better.

I was asked if it keeps getting cold (?), and the answer is that it does not because darkness is becoming much weaker when it comes to negative voices and feelings destroying me constantly, and I do hope that this is because it is weak, and not because it is getting impossible for me to enter it.

I was told that we have almost made a heart made from previous darkness, and also that it is not season anymore for killings, but to share love (of previous darkness). We only have to get the rest of our coat off before we can welcome all the love behind it.

There are still parts of us fighting for a 5-1 result, but less, and the others say “just keep on” and that is for me as Stig to continue my work, and yes I would never dream about doing anything else.

I was told that we would have put a large portion of your mother, i.e. the world, into the grave, but now not anymore. This is what this is about, and yes I do hope that darkness will not hide anything from me, and I kindly ask light to help me understand if darkness is yet again trying to play a game with me because I will NOT accept any losses at all if we can avoid it.

I was told aren’t we perfectly camouflaged (?), you will never get to us, because it requires that Sanna should break out and say that there is a UFO (seen from my Facebook updates she has) and Stig is Jesus to make your mother believe, and I do hope that this mean that this darkness will not just disappear into an eternal grave, which I will NOT accept my ladies and gentlemen, but that it will be possible to get out everything together with faith of my family and the world coming in me.

I was told that we brought everything to our New World (now back at the Old World) including this lump of darkness because you told us, and also that we could have decided not to bring all, but no I would have done the same even when having the knowledge that it would have made the world bleed even more.

At the shower I was shown a dark and poor castle on an island with a pigeon flying out, which is about light being released from it, and a dark presence still remaining her told me that this is the most lonely place in the world.

I was also shown a jailer willing to kill holding a prisoner and telling him that it is your turn to get out today, which is more content of this dark castle and in connection with me doing more exercise today, which I truly hope that I will because they have promised MUCH rain today, but hopefully I can cycle the maybe four kilometres to the swimming hall in a break of the rain.

I was told that I have long wanted to hang myself from a bridge, but I cannot, and this is the remaining dark presence of God, and you may understand that it is not nice to live when you cannot escape the prison of darkness and cannot die too?

I was told that if your sister gives in, it will correspond to have the police saying we are sorry.

There is not so wet on the top of the Danish pop for you, but is there for me (?), which is the game I am going through, when this voice of darkness is becoming weaker and weaker – making me feel better and better as Stig – and I can only repeat one thing, my dear spiritual friends, which is for every little thing to be saved and using “magic” if needed, and it both makes me feel good to experience my extreme pain, which I have had since 2006 to become weak and now almost disappearing, but I will not accept this to happen if it means to say goodbye to life, and yes I can only ask light to keep me awake at nights as you have always done when it has been needed, and if you do not, I can only conclude that it is not needed.

I will received some pain to my behind today, but also the feeling of orange, so is this the New World starting to shine through from the outside?

I was told that I also feel better today because my mother has become calm again.

I thought that when I could ask darkness the other day to tell me the truth, and it reacted immediately, that I could also tell it that I do NOT want you to hide or “disappear” from me, and it would have to comply, and yes for darkness – and light – to let me know, and later I was given the answer on this, which is that there is no rent being pulled down over your head yet, is there (?) – energy from me to save remaining darkness – no (!), and yes Stig you can continue saving life when exercising/working and is that also what I may not be able to feel (?), and we know, this is at least what I kindly ask you to do “magic” to do if needed.

I was told where is this cleaning lady coming from (?), we haven’t seen her before, and that is to say that the principle of what has just been saved from darkness is used to help saving the next part of darkness, and this principle is continuing.

I was told that I suppose that my mother will be happy not to receive English homework tomorrow with “English homework” being the knowledge of my scripts, and yes I will call her today not knowing if she will see me or not, I don’t believe she has read my previous writings on her and also that my sister has not, but you never know.

I was asked if Margrethe Vestager has suffered for me calling her “evil”, and it was immediately followed by a new type of pain, which was given to me physically from the outside as a punch to the upper right side of my body giving me much pain to my bones and almost falling over, and later I was given one more of these and told that now this heart is in, but it also has to be turned around, “you cannot avoid this”, so this is about “heavy” darkness entering me.

I decided to clean the apartment after lunch because it needed it and because I found some time and energy today, and when doing this, I felt how I still wear the coat of darkness inside of me making me tired/exhausted, so on the surface I am fresh, but I am dead meat inside of me!

I received pretty much disgust to write the summary of my September writings, which I decided that I would do today also as a preparation to include information of this and our New World without energy to the front page of my website, and it was close to me “giving up” because of this disgust making me think that it was impossible to do, but I decided to get over it, and start the work, and after some time, I had also crossed this barrier, and yes it made me think back on all of my journey and I told myself that I don’t know how I did it, because my journey was impossible to go through – to work hard where I received so much darkness that it disabled and tortured me – but somehow I managed when taking one day after the other.

I was told that the gold necklace hanging on my mother is the heaviest, which has ever hanged there – the most life ever – and yes you want EVERYTHING, we know, Stig.

I cycled to the swimming hall and was told that the pure energy of God entering a cell of sleeping life is what is reproduced by sexuality of man, and I was thinking of new life being created in a cell of sleeping life with “plus” of God and “minus” of this sleeping life making every life a fight between good and evil, and I understood this as when we will have no cells of energy/sleeping life of our New World, we will also not have sexuality (?), and as a human being, I don’t know if there is a preferred setup without sexuality as we know it, but I decided that since I know nothing else, sex will continue to become part of future life, and sexuality will continue to be the way to produce new life with the blessing of God, and if evolution wants it differently, we will see what will come.

I was told that the process we will go through is for my sister and the U.S. secret government as examples deciding to stand forward and tell the truth to the world about their wrongdoings and faith in me.

We are turning around the heart entering me yesterday, and I was given an out of this world pain to my right ankle and told that “maybe this is connected to this pain”, so we are bringing out more from darkness and the process of turning this around is what gives me this pain, and yes piece of cake when you explain it.

When I checked my on-line bank at Jyske Bank this afternoon, my Opera browser went down because of LTO not being able to control themselves and walk the right path even though they should easily understand the path, and yes I have received NO feedback to my message to you the other day, and just wondering I am and here mostly about Elijah and John being silent as oysters!

When writing the summary of September I decided to believe that when opening the eyes of my new self, darkness transferred to our New World would make it explode, but it would also bring faith to man, which would resurrect this or parts of this, and yes maybe all of it for what I know, so what we are doing now may be about avoiding a “blood bath” to make the transition as undramatic as possible.

At the end of the afternoon and beginning of the evening, I amended the information of my website among other including this chapter:

“In my script of the 14th September 2012 I wrote that “I saw what looked like a statue made of gold and silver turning around at ground floor, and I was told that it is the original Source, which we are about to get turning around again”. This was the Source of God entering cells of “sleeping life” to create new, eternal energy and New World’s to become part of our combined New World, which we however decided to leave because later In September 2012, I went all the way back to the absolute beginning of the stream of life/God before the existence of energy and we discovered that energy of “cells of sleeping life”, which the world and all life has been based upon until now, was part of God as the “natural force”, which “is”, and also that “life, which is not life” can be created without energy, which made me decide to do the final design of our New World without energy, thus without the need of the Source as mentioned above, which is revolutionary compared to everything life has been about until now.

Our New World of physical life will now be created without the Source combining God with cells of “sleeping life” to create energy but based upon God deciding “let there be life”. Everyone will simply “be”/ “know” and receive the feeling of having “energy” of what the Source used to be about to cover a whole New World made of energy, and this means to be able to do “everything”.

The chapters below are written before these lines are written at the end of September 2012 with the message being that my writings will be the starting point of our New World meaning that it will be created as structured below, and after the start of our New World, evolution will continue to develop and further improve our New World using the knowledge of my new self.”

When I was doing this work I received the strong feeling of “importance” and when including this information on my website, this is how it will become, and this will also mean the end of the Source as we know it, and yes to replace it with our new foundation of life without energy, which we have prepared for until this day.

And I was told that we have hold an umbrella over your old inner self to make sure that nothing would bleed, and shortly after publishing this information, I was told “that did not hurt did it” (?) and “now there is only you” meaning that the Source has stopped producing energy, and I was told that this is what this new and very strong pain in the right side of my body was about.

I was told that “the umbrella” was bleedings of the world, which has now also stopped with this, and yes I thought it had happened earlier, but it seems as if this is first happening now.

I was told that it is first now that we can see what we have created, and what do we have here (?), were you also red and you are not gold yet (?), and yes we have access to all because we are all and with this we say dissolve all darkness, and I felt how the New World outside of me jumped to the surface of me, and only the surface, so now we have full access to everything, and we just need to have faith of man opening for us, or what, Stig?

And I was told that with this there is also no Old World any longer, now we only are, remember? And I thought that still there is life inside cells, which logically should be cancelled too but maybe not if they are still negative energy but if there is no source any longer, there is also no energy, negative or positive, we only are.

I felt darkness leaving me and now a long way from me, and I heard no we are not lawyer anyway, we have been released from this role “come on children, go away, and not you are allowed to stay, but not you” and this was our task also in our New World if you allowed us (survive or terminate), and this is what we are now released from, but how can it be that I still feel red around me (?), is this a process, which will happen or has it now happened?

I was told that darkness wanted to return to me, and I said that all life has to be released and darkness to disappear and yes when life has been saved, and then it will be time for the actor to stand forward for the first time ever all of him united.

After this I was given a pretty strong – under the circumstances – small heart attack and also physical touch around my crotch, so darkness had not disappeared yet.

I felt the spirit of my father levitating above me with a new feeling and he said that he wanted to enter me, and I said that first when there is no more darkness, and I was told that now we have prepared the New World, so can we start up the Source producing energy again (?), and I said that light will decide, because this information confused me much, and I did not want to take wrong decisions, but I do believe that as long as there is negative energy with life inside of it, it is a good idea to produce positive energy to get this life out, and yes when everything is out, we have a New World and then it is without energy.

And this also sounds much easier than we experiencing this because what was true and not true (?), and what would a wrong decision mean (?), but afterwards and when reading this, this is “nothing”, but it truly made me nervous, and I was told that darkness had returned to me – we need to bring life out of it first – and I was told that this is what darkness of Kristian & Co was about, see the short stories, and that is because we needed energy, and this was released here.

I spoke to my mother on the phone, and I was happy to hear her happy, and the reason was that one of John’s two brothers and his wife had been on visit where they had played cards for five hours, and John participated in all, and also drank coffee and beer as he normally cannot do, so these are clearly signs that he is becoming better, which truly made my mother – and I – happy.

And then my mother said that she was willing to give me a gift worth 5,000 DKK for a writing desk/chair and a bicycle or whatever I decide to use the money for – just as the idea of normal life you know – and she had decided that it was alright for me to write shortly about this, so I could have the gift and that is because she is thinking of me, which I know that she does, and she does it with “only love”.

I was told that we are on our way not only symbolically to fill up the freezer but also refrigerator and that is of life of our New World including what was hidden in the basement you know.

I was told that my mother’s ex-man Ole had not come out of darkness before he decided that how it was time to move it from the Old to our New World and then again later to move back, which was also him – good work, Ole (!), and yes I do wish that it will be possible to meet and speak with you again, if possible, and yes I still miss you after all these years, and he said here that he also misses my mother.

I was told that there is nothing, which has to fall down upon your head again together with sufferings because you took the right choice to accept darkness returning, and we will now use time to the maximum, and what are we to do (?), and yes more work is coming (Else’s script etc.), and the work is quite simply about saving life.

I was told that if I had lost it and the Universe had starting dissolving, it would have been shown with Kronborg Castle started dissolving too as a symbol to show how much of the Universe would be remaining, “but would the world understand people opening up and telling them about this”?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Today I saw that Martin yesterday had replied to my comment of the day before telling me with what I understand as a touch of irony that “I am very honoured to appear in your script – I had not calculated on this at all! I cannot fully read if you mean I am on the right way or not, but I guess this is a start. For the time being I hope that you sometimes will contribute on my profile as the stimulating and original element, which you seem to be” – and eeehhh is this a man showing me “some faith” or a man playing games with me “pretending” (?), and yes I can see a man, whom I believe is Martin, who visited four of my websites the 20th September, which was the day when Jette asked him about me – where he used 8½ minutes to “read” the front page of my website, 40 seconds on my Jesus in Nairobi page, 19 seconds on my photos and then my Signs I page before he “had enough”, and this man also read my script of the 21st September yesterday, so this is what you had “time” for, Martin, to judge me whether or not I am the man I tell you, and I was told that this is a connection, which has been created, and Martin is now also dreaming of me as I was told.

  • Omar said that this is about self-knowledge of Jyske Bank saying “we are so poor to manage your pension that we have set up a heart machine at the entrance”, and Jyske Bank has been darkness to me all of the time, and here they say that they cannot handle “your pension”, which is to handle the world of darkness and instead they have transformed into a “heart machine”, and yes love is coming your way, and this is almost like the story of PFA Pension of the dream, light has taken over darkness, and hopefully 100% of it before we are done.

  • Kristian from Politiken wrote about the Socialist People’s Party and the finance spokesman of the party now putting his “lot” in the dark basket of Astrid Krag, which made Niels say that even though he puts his lot in Krag’s basket, he will have eggs of both baskets (?) – including Annette’s basket – and Hans was inspired to say “we do speak about the egg coming before the hen” (?) “or was it the lot coming before the hen”, and this was clearly an inspired dialogue about “to be or not to be” so I decided to help them to understand (!) by saying that the answer is that “nothing” came before the hen, and we all “are”, and this story of Socialist People’s Party is really about the story of “to be or not to be” – to do what is right or wrong – where the TAX minister (wanted to cut parts of me when cutting down Villy !) put his lot on “not to be” via his and the leadership’s wrong decisions (I am here given an out of this world pain to my right ankle again), but you chose wrongly, Thor, because we all “are” (and I will accept NO terminations of life if I can avoid it!), and I told Kristian that he may write about this story “but you are probably too much a “chicken” – i.e. “to be” – than to have the courage/will” (?), so this is what it meant when Villy was forced to resign by the strongest darkness of this party, but even without Villy we can get by saving every little thing, and yes I do NOT hope that darkness will keep surprising me, because you have heard my decision, which is for you to reveal yourself.
    • Later Kristian wrote to me that “if the ambition was to confuse me, you have succeeded”, and yes I considered to bring my story about Socialist People’s Party in a greater detail here, but no, it would not make them understand “here and now”, and I thought that Kristian apparently also does not know about me judged from his surprised reply – even though he could be “acting” (?) – and I wonder how high you need to go before people will know about me through “the secret network” as I can see exist via the “secret” visits to my website. And it made Anders find my website and proclaim to Kristian that “you have a visit from the resurrected Messiah”, but no this did not bring very many visitors to my site, and no reactions, so “silence” is what most people still show.

  • Later in the day Kristian was preparing a speech for “100 stiff (drunk) lawyer/economist students” and asked what do you say (?), and Morten suggested “cheers”, and you do remember that being “drunk” is the same as being darkness, and yes Kristian is among the worst darkness via his job as journalist, and Lis recommended wisely to tell them why not to become spin doctor, and Ole made the most wise and inspired comment of all, which was to say “make love, not politics”, and yes this is what my slogan is also about, but he may have been ironic because he is a MP of the Liberal Alliance!


25th September: I am being divided into two of darkness and light, and I will meet the world as light saving much life

Darkness has been shot off into the Universe and will be awakened with faith and improvement of man

I went to bed at around 23.00 and I was surprised when I woke up to MUCH darkness at around 03.00 after having received these dreams.

  • First I was told half sleeping that our New World will not be heavy, and that the wind blowing is not new yet, but the start of the New World without energy is coming in.
  • I am living at King’s Road in Helsingør, and have visits from extremely religious family members with a lady telling me that I can only use genuine rasp for the minced pork meat, and not two others, and I don’t know if I can do them as she wants, but she tells me that they are perfectly fried. I am attending a baptism, which I feel is my own, and all family members bring road signs as their gifts in order to lay down on the Roskilde road for us to quickly pass the road, and I can tell that they are extreme, and will not listen to other views than their own. Parallel with this, I am shown a young couple making love, and I feel very attracted to the lady, whom I want to visit, but she lives to close on my mother. I also had a dream about Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler about to make love to a lady, which was the only thing they could think of. I also dreamt of my friend Preben driving in a nice car including a modern internet and word processing programme, and he quickly keys in and print out an address for me to visit; it is for a Honda-dealer and part of the text is written in red.
    • This was clearly a strong dream of darkness because this is what extremely religious people are also about – you need to have a good and healthy balance in everything, which you do, and to worship as the all dominating part of your life is WRONG – so it is not a good sign to be baptised by this group. And the sexual dreams were clearly about STRONG darkness, which the dream of Preben was too.

I am being divided into two of darkness and light, and I will meet the world as light saving much life

After this dream, I simply could not sleep also because I felt far too warm, and I started receiving speech, which would not stop, and then there is only one way forward and that is to write down what I was told, so this is what I did, and what followed was more darkness making me nervous, which may have been a goal in itself, and I have tried this many times so I know the game and thought that my spiritual friends will help me even when it looked the most dark of all.

It started when I was told that this darkness is because of Ekstra Bladet – and the media in general – which will not write about me, and in continued when I was told that your own funeral as your old self was dated, and now it is back on, which truly is NOT nice to hear when you are dead tired, which is really what I felt like, and why was this (???), what had happened since I received this strong attack by darkness.

I was told that this is a Søren Lerby/Frank Arnesen case, where cheating is going on and where darkness tries to move to our New World, and I said “no, this is NOT approved”, and darkness spoke back to me with conviction: “Come on, take the cigarette now, Stig” and I was also both shown and told “cut the right food in thousand pieces”, but no, I will not (!), and yes extremely unpleasant is what this was.

I kept on hearing “perfect boy”, which I understood was the look of darkness on me in relation to my “old nightmare”.

I was told that this may be about the link to Karen, which is the problem, and also that this was a night transmission, which touched me much, but now I know the rules, which is that darkness has to become light before starting the New World, and I was told “we love you for this” (was this light or darkness speaking?).

I was told that around 24.00-01.00 a giant train drove by, which tried to lift you and me up, and I said that I did not have enough money (i.e. energy) to resist this, and this was told with the voice of Chris from the chocolate-factory, and this is what has now hit you, and I was shown the train wagons driving through me, and was told that this train is not endless, but it is strong enough to cause damage, and I was asked if it is Meshack, who is the weak link, or is it my own decision to keep the Source at the same time as the world is now without energy (?), and I said that light may do what is right to do, but to me it seems logical that when there is negative energy, we have to produce positive energy to remove it before we can start our New World, but what is right?

I was told that it is decisive that we cannot afford this crisis, i.e. don’t have enough energy. It corresponds to removing the white cream from a chocolate swiss roll without replacing it with something else. Is it the media deciding to write wrongly about me (?), and I heard something about “not injured, if it can be avoided” and “the Betty Nansen theatre” suggesting that this was also a play.

I was told Mastercard, unite all your business; it is now if you have to avoid the great disappearance act orchestrated by Stig self because how can we be here, Stig, without being here, yes there is no Source (creating energy), basta, and then there is, which we do not like. If we are not here, there is no Source, and I was confused, but I said that if this is the right answer according to light, it is fine by me, because I have given it the authority to make this work no matter what as part of the top rule, and I really don’t know myself other than everything has to be light.

I was told that this is the same as receiving poison, and I was shown shelves with dark bottles around me on its way to fall down over me, and that is over one who has just been converted, and the idea is really for this darkness to convert itself to light in the process to come (where man will stand forward speak the truth, show faith and improve), and I was told “call this an ambulance if you will”.

I was shown and told by darkness that I just sat down in the king’s chair before it was shot out into the Universe and now I feel much better knowing that Stig and the New World will come and open me, this is how it is planned, Stig, and I received the feeling of MUCH love coming to me through darkness, and yes from life still inside of this, and I could only thank for the help I received here, and to say that I was sorry for my decision yesterday to re-open the Source and for darkness to return to me, and that was because I did not know better.

I was told about the secret government of USA, France and the world, and corruption, and that all of this has to be reversed to wake me to life again.

I was shown a boy on a dance school taking the right step to the right to the lyrics “don’t mess around” sung by Shakin’ Stevens and Bonny Tyler, and I was told that we made it without a heart failure, and that this was more a question of coming through the aeroplane to the cockpit to be able to see where we are heading without darkness around us, and at 03.45 I was told that if I can write this now, it is good, otherwise it is no disaster, but despite of my tiredness, I decided to stand up and write it, and publish it at 05.45 (together with additions to the script of yesterday).

When I stood up I felt darkness outside my main door, and normally I say “you are welcome”, and now a game in itself was to find out and get used to what to say, which can be repeated MANY times each day, and I decided to say to darkness “the world will come to you”, and to continue saying to our New World that “you are welcome”.

I was thinking that if it took a few hours from my wrong decision yesterday until I was woken up in the night, it may also take a few hours for this new decision to take effect after being published and I was glad that I did this work as I did, and I decided to stay awake for some hours for the new decision to take effect.

At 06.40 I was told that we are not headed for the shipyard and we will not ever return, and yes yes yes we will wait of the world to come.

I was told that it is not because we don’t want to bring out pianos from darkness, but because we cannot. What is there then to wait for (?), and yes Stig is not finished working, so I hope you will find something useful to do too.

It was infinitely difficult to change habit from saying “you are welcome” to “the world waits” or “you are welcome – later” (with faith of man) or “welcome, the world waits”, and we used hours on this giving me great sufferings. Later it became “you are heartfelt welcome a little later” and finally it became “you are heartfelt welcome LATER”, and these sayings are important because I say them hundreds of times everyday – “more or less” – as I for example still do when I am asked about people as I still am, for example Bo from Dahlberg, where darkness wants to hurt him but where I for the last 2-3 years have said “he is to feel good” or “they are”. And this continued coming during the day hundreds of times and these words of mine have to be so well implemented in me that they come automatically, and this is because darkness WANTS to be with me very strongly because of the wrongdoings of my family/friends etc. thus the world, and it still takes very much to go against this.

And it came to me with MUCH strength and ingenuity trying to cheat me when I was not conscious about it, and I felt once because of my aunt Inge’s wrongdoings in relation to me, and then I was given the strongest of all, which was at 13.45 today when I decided to continue working for “some hours” and that was that the feeling/voice “you are welcome” came to me with the strongest feeling swelled up inside of me, but no, now I have taken this decision, and this is how it will become even though this power coming against me as usual is much stronger than I. And darkness also tried to make me say “you are not welcome” because of potential misunderstandings of family/friends etc. in me and darkness “being sent away”, but it is, but first LATER.

At 09.00 I was very tired and considered if I should take a long bath or try to take a nap, if darkness was not too strong still – but now “some hours” had gone – and I decided to take a nap thinking that this was necessary to do if I should work later in the day, and I slept a couple of hours, not very good but at least a little, and I had this dream.

  • I am entering a large supermarket using a shortcut, and it feels like Favør in Espergærde Shopping Centre. I notice how bread at the baker inside is sold out and also that their normal prices are expensive, but then I see laying on top of their shelves some GIANT breads, and I ask the assistant if I can buy some slices of this for a good price, and she tells me that these bread first will be on sale on Thursday. Later I follow a French Master chef and a lady to a class showing how to make these breads, and the chef speaks about this flower being special “vintage flower” from a single farm, and it can keep for a long time, and the lady is the lady normally on Tuesdays producing the weekly sales magazine of the supermarket, but she stopped producing this because of a new technique making the pictures too small for her, but it is Tuesday today and the lady has decided to continue doing this magazine after all and now for her self, and it will become a thick magazine. Inside this bakery I can see the backside of a man and it looks like he is making love to a woman.
    • The French Master chef is the man inside darkness, who is doing this creation and that is my “inner self” you know, the giant quality bread is our New World, which seems to come to me not long from now. The lady may be the spirit of my mother, who was about to give up our New World without energy if I did not change my decision, but now she is continuing her work, and I can almost see a couple making love, which is about this extreme darkness on its way away.
    • I slept with the radio on, and woke up in a dream where Kim Larsen was playing his guitar, singing and dancing – but the dance was not entirely perfect, which was to say that we are dancing of celebration but will we also get the final part of creation (?) – and I woke up hearing Kim Larsen on the radio, and yes it was almost like summer again (!), because Kim played his song “hvis din far gi’r dig lov” “if your father allows you, will you go with me in the forest” (?), and yes this is where we bring the entire world, and this is of course from his VERY inspired first solo album MANY years ago.

I was shown and felt darkness now far away from me in a good mood asking me if they may enter, and yes LATER!

I used the next couple of hours searching on used furniture on the Internet, and I could have used much more time, but I decided that I have to continue writing and also today to read the front page of my website again and do any additional amendments, and when doing this, I am happy with today’s work, still thinking that I will “soon” come back to Else’s script, and first hereafter I may look into the chemtrail chapter to my Signs III website, which I have now prioritized lower than before due to the development of the 9/11 story and the impact of this alone without the chemtrail chapter, and yes “good to have” but not “need to have”.

I received more out of this world pain to my right ankle because of parts of strong darkness, which I have turned into light.

I was shown darkness on its way out and told that this is the same as before when it jumped to our New World – it is too strong for me to handle – but now it is different because it does not hurt anyone, but will simply “be” and wait to become activated as light, and yes just following your scripts.

Around lunch I did a few extra amendments to the front page of my website concerning our New World without energy, and I decided that I will have to read all of the website again, and not just what I believe are the relevant paragraphs and that is to be sure that everything is fine.

I was told thank you because if I had not changed my decision we could have been forced to create our New World with energy, and it would have been unbearable to go back that road after discovering the revolutionary new road without energy.

Darkness told me that in reality we are not far away because everything is you, and it would not take long if you should change your mind, but no, this is the road forward.

I was told something about the risk of this darkness to influence the mind of people of our New World, and I was told that we have made sure this will not happen, and also that bleeding of the world will still happen (?), and how can this be if everything is (?), but this is what was said, and now when writing this, I see that I was told earlier today that “it does not hurt anyone, but will simple be”, so this is what I decide to believe in.

I was told that we used the absolutely rest of remaining “power”, which was not committed to “projects”, and that is to change my decision, and later that I am now starting the wake up process of my new self.

When I read and did small amendments to my website during the afternoon, I received constant attacks from darkness wanting to return to me, and they were difficult to reject, and I was told that this is also the energy creating me as my new self, and I understood that we are building my new self with this darkness on the outside on me, which will be the first to meet faith of man herewith becoming activated as light, and it was truly great sufferings to come through this work and strong negativity trying to take me over, which however was needed to do this setup.

I continued doing this work until 16.40, and was happy when I had done it. It was NOT easy to do with constant and strong attacks of darkness – an anti-climax after the recent message that my negative voices destroying me had almost stopped, but this is how the game often has been.

At 17.00 I was told that we have now created our New World without energy, which cannot be revered, and eeehh that is because you have finished your website on this, and because you don’t want us (darkness) to return (?), as I am told, and yes I do hope that I will not lose it, and if I should, I am sure you will do everything you can to keep this New World without energy.

I decided to go for a 35 minutes walk to get out of here and my tiring work place, and I was told that it will feel as if darkness does not exist to me, isn’t this what we are doing (?), and I felt how this process is to make red into orange.

While walking I was thinking that this darkness today is peaking at its maximum level as strongly as the absolutely worst I have ever felt, because it was much stronger than I and still I had to decide not to give in, which was very difficult to do, and while walking, I was given “hound dog” by Elvis and the lyrics “you ain’t no friend of mine”, which was what darkness told me, and I felt that it was Elvis self inside of darkness given me this song!

I felt darkness as if it was going into hibernation and while it was doing it, it was fighting for its life trying to overtake me, and this was truly “killing” me because of the strength of it, and so strong that I had to decide NOT to enter a dialogue with it as it constantly tried to, and had I, it would easily have defeated me, so I kept it simple constantly saying “first later” (for it to become activated as light) and also “I have no opinion about that”, but not easy when it really controls both my voice and thoughts, but it does not control my decision taking, so this is what I decided to keep as is.

I received a couple of examples during the day as it progressed where I was almost losing it as I was more or less constantly that I received help by a stronger voice of light helping me to reject darkness, and at the end of the day, darkness said that we have a full day tomorrow to achieve it and that is to overtake me, and that is because the dream told me that I will receive my giant bread on Thursday, which is in two days from now.

I felt how the aim of darkness today was to replace my heart with a heart of darkness, which is what my first expression to the world would have been in a world with energy, which would make me burn off this layer creating a terrible surprise to man, but no, I did not want to accept it and this is the fight you have gone through here where you might as well could have lost it to darkness, and then you would still have us behind you (with the feeling of 100%) or would you have lost it (the dark part) on the floor, and yes who knows?

I was told by darkness that it is like Jesus is coming from behind us and would like to enter you, and what is the right answer (?), and I said more careful/secure this time that if this comes from light, you are very welcome and if this is a game by darkness, you are not, and shortly hereafter I was given out of this world pain to the outermost of my two left fingers on my left hand.

I was shown a chicken walking on the dining table going from one person to another to receive coffee, and this is the dark part of me, who will become life as a chicken based upon the love of man when man will show faith in me and a clean heart.

I received darkness inside of my mind and was told what we could do together – and I was given the zebra about my two colours of darkness and light – and I could only say that “no, I am NOT darkness”.

I was asked if you can pacify torpedoes without exploding them, and told that you can when you are “nothing”, and this is how you will achieve the survival of 100% of every little thing.

I was told that we have divided you into two, and the other part is darkness, which will become the part, you will NOT meet the world with, which it could have you know if darkness would win this one, and it sure was close, and that was the feeling at least.

Isn’t it funny that your genuine self is at the inner of darkness, which you will now show the world with the message that I will NOT become forced to kill because of your sins and that is because I took on so much sufferings and reinvented my self and life making it possible to save all, otherwise many of you were in imminent danger of becoming terminated.

At the end of the evening knowing that I am becoming two parts – with my dark side wakening up with faith of man – it became a little easier to address darkness wanting to enter me, which was still very strong, but a little bit weaker than earlier in the day, and that was to say “I will NOT become darkness”.

I still receive a few feelings of nothing going through me, which I however almost cannot feel anymore.

I also received the kind of pain to my stomach and spinal column as I normally get because of the Commune opposing me, but here I was told that it is because of the thoughts of my mother in relation to me living of “welfare”, and yes “not nice” for her, and yes a killing pain it is – and later I was told that this is in relation to “having” to give me a gift of 5,000 DKK. 

I was too tired/exhausted and negatively influenced by the most extreme darkness during the night and day that I did not have the energy to do an update of the script this evening working approx. one hour writing notes I had received and to publish this script at 22.15, but I decided to do it thinking that this will help me make light stronger and darkness weaker before going to bed, and hopefully tomorrow will not become as difficult as today, which was truly one of the most difficult of all, and still nervous, but of course it is not about termination of the whole world now, but apparently I am still fighting to save every little thing, so this is what I do.

At 22.50 I was told that we are close to have moved all light to you.

Darkness of the Vatican Church brought the Devil to me to end the world and sexual abuse of children of the Catholic church

At 18.40 I had seen that MaryTV live streams would have a lice broadcast of Virgin Mary’s apparition to Medjugorje visionary Ivan Dragicevic from St. Stephan’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, which I watched, and I don’t know what the spirit of my mother told him, but I was there and another channel was established, and it gave me some calm in the middle of the worst darkness as I felt today.

Later I was told several times about the Vatican Church in relation to the apparitions of the spirit of my mother at Medjugorje, and is it “difficult” for you to approve this as “authentic” (?) and would that have to do with the “risk” of your church to lose influence and power (?), and yes isn’t it “incredible” that this church cannot approve these apparitions as genuine, which should not be very difficult for you to understand (?), and also that it cannot stand forward speaking of my reappearance, and isn’t the truth that you have lost your true “call”, my friends, and have become the worst darkness, which is (?), and yes these are my “feelings”, so now they are shared here with you, and I wonder what are your “feelings”, my dear Pope Benedict (?), and yes is it difficult to be the figurehead of a whole “system”, which has overtaken power from you (?), and yes I was told “galionsfigur” in Danish (for “figurehead”), and it was of course a reference to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen – guess who gave this song to me (?), and yes you are right, the Queen mother herself, whom you “cannot” recognize (?), and that is not as the gay Freddie Mercury and also not when I am speaking here through my Son (?) – and these famous lyrics including the word “Galileo” from the greatest rock song ever of the world if you ask me, and yes “the Vatican Church had a devil put aside for me”, and isn’t if funny that these lyrics are about darkness, which “will not let you go” (?), which a whole world has sung out loud without knowing what it was about (?), but at the end, it worked out anyway, you know, right?

“I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the Fandango.
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very fright’ning me.
(Galileo.) Galileo. (Galileo.) Galileo, Galileo figaro
Magnifico. I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me.
He’s just a poor boy from a poor family,
Spare him his life from this monstrosity.
Easy come, easy go, will you let me go.
Bismillah! No, we will not let you go.
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.
(Let him go!) Bismillah! We will not let you go.
(Let me go.) Will not let you go.
(Let me go.) Will not let you go. (Let me go.) Ah.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
(Oh mama mia, mama mia.) Mama mia, let me go.
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me.”

And I might add that I was told that the reason why Catholic priests have sexually abused children for decades is because of darkness of the Vatican Church in Rome, so “now you know this” and yes “welcome on the front page”, and that goes for you too, my dear Pope, see?.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Henrik brought a link to the Swedish newspaper Expressen deciding to kick out Tintin from the Culture House of Stockholm, and he said that this would be the same as the Royal Theatre ending Madame Butterfly and Othello, which of course is “unthinkable”, and he was inspired to bring this link because I was almost throwing out our New World without energy, and Henrik said “Our Lord save us”, and yes Henrik I do my best (!), but what do you know about this?

  • Later another Swedish newspaper reported that Tintin afterall was allowed to remain at the library at the Culture House after “an intense debate during a few hours”, which you know was after I decided to change my decision to stop the Source of energy and to keep darkness away from me.

  • Jeny brought a quote, which to me could ONLY be about another fantastic song by Talk Talk, which to me is to say that people of Kenya do talk talk about me, and I wonder what you do Jeny when seeing my Facebook posts, and with you people of the Hotel Comfort, the rural village of LTO and elsewhere, and that is if you have not forgotten about me? So “life is really what u make it”, and then I better make my best :-).


  • Søren believes that you have to take people seriously – even though they appear crazy – when they say that they will eliminated the Jews, which Hitler already wrote in 1929, which no one took seriously, and this was a comment to Ahmadinejad of Iran threatening to eliminate Israel, and yes the atomic program of Iran could have started a World War III including Israel, USA and its allies of NATO, and Iran may have been able to mobilize the Muslim world against the “infidels” (?), so there was not a long way to bring out the Doomsday scenario in this respect. And I was here shown darkness, which wanted to hand over its dark book to me, and no, I have no opinion about this other than I do NOT want to be darkness, so there you have the reason why this did not further escalate. And you may notice inspired speech from Farshad saying “wake up Obama” and also when Emrys says that “he’s a Zombie”, so it seems that I am not the only one being tired, and I wonder if you can tell when looking at Obama?

  • Anna Karin was swearing in Swedish and bringing the word symbolising destruction, which is really about the darkness she also sent me, which would have brought our destruction if I had allowed it.

  • Romney is running for President, and you may tell me why ….?

  • At the end of the day Anna Karin wrote that they day suddenly and surprisingly became completely different with fantastic support from good neighbours, and yes it started with “destruction” but ended good, and that was just like the Tintin story, and both of them was about destroying parts of our land of joy and happiness you know.

  • Helena said that if you are finished as in finished at 21.00 “this is how it is”, and yes this is exactly how it is also here, and also to use the same words as I so often have used, and yes this is how it is :-).

  • I posted a Facebook birthday greeting for my old friend Fuggi this morning, and it took “forever” to have Facebook accepting this message – with spiritual darkness working as I could tell – and this evening when publishing my script on Facebook, it took even longer – several minutes – where it just waited and waited and waited without being published (!), and I was told that this is because of your family/friends etc. do NOT like your Facebook posts, and this is what is making this “impossible darkness”, which was really dangerously close to become what I would show you to start with, and yes the old song called laziness, and people having “pain in their behind” because of their own misunderstandings. And later – when I changed from the Opera to the Chrome browser I saw that it had really accepted my Facebook posting after all, and yes this is about seeing what is there where the system tries to conceal it for me, and this is the same with the “breakdown” of my computer, where I cannot see most files of the computer using the “official” Windows system and file explorer, but when I use another system, I can see everything, and yes this is again a message to the secret government(s) of USA and the world that I have everything on file and will bring it to the world if you “cannot” yourselves, so you better get started! In this connection I was given “the Theory on Brontosauruses by Anne Elk (Miss)” by Monty Python, which is about a “lady”, who would like to speak out, but “cannot”, but at the end, she succeeds and when she has first started, she cannot stop again (!) – so it is all about getting started, my ladies and gentlemen (!) – and yes this is one of the funniest sketches I know of.




About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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