September 29, 2012: “Natholdet” on TV celebrates Lille Palle symbolising the rescue of the hidden most inner part of God


Summary of the script today

28th September: “Natholdet” on TV celebrates Lille Palle symbolising the rescue of the hidden most inner part of God

  • Dreaming of going through great sufferings, working inside the deepest darkness of “hidden God” and setting up the most beautiful design of our New World.
  • The arrival of the Holy Spirit – the spirit of my mother – will bring wisdom to my disciples to help man understand my messages.
  • I transferred money to Meshack/LTO and was happy for his decision to travel the LONG way to Nairobi to share with our friends of darkness, which makes him a saviour too helping to save my most inner self and much life.
  • I met the mayor of Helsingør, Johannes Hecht-Nielsen, at the yearly “cultural night”, when he showed a group around the town hall. He was visibly nervous to have me there, and the purpose was to show him that I am not crazy, and for Johannes to make us convert even more darkness to light.
  • I was kept on my edge with MUCH work today almost impossible to do.
  • The TV programme “Natholdet”(“the Night team) featured the musician Lille Palle, who is NOT credited to be part of the TV series Matador (“Monopoly”), and the programme had decided to bring Lille Palle the deserved honour/rehabilitation as he has deserved also including his picture on the wall beneath the picture of the director of Matador, a sticker to the DVD-edition saying “now with Little Palle” and a party with Calypso music, which were all a symbol of the rescue of the hidden/most inner part of God from the basement of our old house, which will bring “the warmest feelings of love imaginable” to the world as the result – “now the sun shines again” :-). Darkness did not win this battle symbolising by the Parliament group of Socialist People’s Party, who seems to lose to my chairman candidate of light, which is bringing the Tax Minister out of the picture.
  • Short stories of today being the most “festive Friday” with “divine meat balls” of God, there is still more life inside darkness/Hell, the colour of my mother is yellow (symbolising happiness, wisdom etc.), a man was “speechless” that the media does not write (much) about demonstrations in Spain etc. but does not believe in “stories not being told”, which will make him even more speechless, Helena “cannot contain it” as part of creation, Brian was darkness too because of laziness, Marianne also darkness because of selfishness and love to money, many could have hanged me when I was a laughing stock and Mads shared “the greatest song in the world” to say that “it does not get any better than this”.

29th September: All life inside darkness was transferred to my sister instead of losing it to eternal darkness

  • Dreaming of my old class friend Tine and I having had a crush on each other at school and I was told that there is a curse over this and other connections set up to explode by darkness, and now they are close to become flowers, but I need to do more work to avoid this darkness from exploding making the world bleed, which made me stand up and work this night.
  • Dreaming of almost returning home from darkness but trying to bring the last life with me, Jack’s darkness working for the military killed his father via cancer (!), I will NOT accept armed forces not to be cleaned entirely, I have brought out very MUCH life from hidden darkness and I do NOT like the Danish royal family to be under censorship.
  • I visited my mother/John together with my sister/Hans, and during the first 10 minutes all life inside darkness was transferred to my sister as “another part of me” instead of losing it to eternal darkness of Spain. Love was stronger than pride of my family – after all we have gone through. We received the best apple cake ever made by my sister’s “pineapple apples” symbolising the finest New World imaginable made on basis of darkness provided mainly by my sister via my mother to me.
  • I was completely down after hard work and poor sleep and “forced” to keep working against my disgust in order not to lose life of the structure of the Pyramid, but the short stories of “clowns” are symbols saying that it is not possible for me to save every little thing of life of hidden darkness.
  • Short stories of the official world still reading me in secrecy, Helena works as the Devil disguised as a clown to kill the last of me, Villy Søvndal is the symbol of the last of me being killed when people believes that he is a “clown” (!), my Scribd followers were deleted because life is being deleted now, BUT later in the evening this life was saved when safely being transferred to my sister, and Martin S. O. is an “alien” born as a human being to help mankind solve its crisis’s!


28th September: “Natholdet” on TV celebrates Lille Palle symbolising the rescue of the hidden most inner part of God

Dreaming of working inside “hidden God” and setting up the most beautiful design of our New World

I went to bed at approx. 01.00 and slept until 08.00 this morning with this dream.

  • I have started working for Paul H. and Søren F-J in their insurance company in Roskilde, and I am happy when Paul says that the company will pay for a laptop for me meaning that I my mother will not pay for it as she has offered, and he asks me to buy a laptop of the brand “L-ringo” at a store, and I think about getting the newest/best of its kind. I am looking out over the sea, and notice an incredible current, and before I know it the entire office, which is located on a house boat has torn itself lose and is now out on open sea in VERY large waves, but we make it back safely to harbour. Later Paul says that after all they had a laptop I can use, which is a Compaq, and I think that it is good but not as good as a new, and I feel my sister also having one. I still have my apartment in Copenhagen, but have also a new in Roskilde and together with Søren F-J I go there to collect something, and I tell him that I don’t know how it looks inside of there, and when opening the door I see furniture spread all over, and a very fine kitchen in black colour. Later I have received a new red racer cycle of the finest quality with a very stiff frame by Jack, and he is cycling a black one himself, we are now on the second round cycling together, I cycle quicker than he, and when I cycled the first round, I set a new time record.
    • This is to work inside the basement of our Old World really and that is the worst/hidden darkness you know, and I am receiving a computer getting access to everything, which we can probably improve over the coming time symbolised by the Compaq computer, and Paul and Søren (working for Søren H. in his company, and my former colleagues from Fair) are the WORST darkness – together with my sister – bringing me MUCH sufferings as you will understand from the stream and waves of the sea. The house boat is inspired from this house boat as I saw on TV the other day competing in “Denmark’s most beautiful home”, and to me this truly shows an example of an old dream I have had, which is to live in a home with ONE BIG ROOM instead of the traditional small rooms, and in this sense, this boat is my “dream home”, and this is what we use as a symbol when setting up the final design of our New World, this is how beautiful it is becoming, the city of Roskilde still means “praise from the Source”, and the very fine racer cycle is inspired by Preben’s very fine cycles, and cycling still means sufferings, which Jack is also bringing me via his job, but you are also yourself suffering much, Jack, because of all this story (?), and yes not easy to be be squeezed between two sides (?), which you may like to tell the world when you in practise will retrieve your freedom of speech, which the military has “stolen” from you? And the new apartment in Roskilde includes everything we have recovered from God hidden in the basement, which the spirit of my mother is now using for the final setup of our New World, and it seems that Copenhagen symbolises the 1st floor of our Old World and Roskilde the basement, and yes Roskilde has been given to me several times before, so “hidden messages” maybe for you to find.

The main room of the house boat “Fritz Juel” used as inspiration of my dream
above and symbol of the final design of our coming beautiful New World

The arrival of the Holy Spirit – the spirit of my mother – will bring wisdom to help man understand my messages

I was told that there is electric heat in here and another temperature and that is in this hidden part of God compared to the previous part.

I was also told that this is what Whitsun is about, and we know I am just a regular man of the Western Culture, so I cannot remember what the different feasts are about, so I had to look this up to see that this is about the arrival of the Holy Spirit – the spirit of my mother – to bring wisdom to my disciples to help man understand my messages, and yes I am looking forward to that.

I was told that I suppose that your mother has found a place for your “face in the sun”, and yes this is another WONDERFUL song by Simple Minds from marvellous album “cry”, and I do NOT hope that there is a hidden meaning with “cry” and that this only means “the best music” I know of symbolising the sun and joy of our New World, and yes what was the two letdowns of Peter A. G. about (?), and yes my dear spiritual friends of darkness, I do NOT want to be surprised by darkness hiding anything from me, and I will chase this forever and ever if necessary, because I want every little thing to make it through.

This morning I truly felt that it was mentally impossible to start/do work today and I had to tell myself again and again to “continue the last 1-2-3 months, don’t give up now”, and after a couple of hours, it improved, but it took out much also today, and this was to help the spirit of my mother to take out much to in order to continue the design of our New World, and no I don’t want you to use the dark brush when designing, and that is not at all.

When I was tired of darkness still operating around and against me if it gets a chance, and I was almost entering it, I was met by the spirit of my mother working in there saying “I am just hanging up pictures”, so this is saying that even more life is being saved.

I went to town to transfer money to Meshack at the kiosk of the main square, and I was shown a whole act in front of me directed by my spiritual friends, which was first when a man asked to buy a “speech time card” for his telephone, and he was recommended the supplier “Lebara”, and when he started asking for the minute price, I could tell that he was in doubt, which made me tell him that it is a good and cheap company, and also that he should “just smile”, which is what “Le bare” in Danish mean, so this is what he did and yes to exchange an expensive supplier, and right after this one of the employees drove several cases of Coca Cola through the store on the way to the back room, but he lost several bottles on the floor, which made me smile because the telephone act was about “smiling” and that is because of the defeat of darkness symbolised by these colas, and a lady came into the store asking for cigarettes at old prices, which made the assistant say that he did not have any when the lady were on her way out, the assistant followed up by saying “they don’t exist”, and I saw how darkness was working inside of this lady when this made her turn around instantly preparing to fight (!) and saying “yes they do, they have them many places”, and this was really to say that darkness is about to become extinct.

I went to the library sending my transfer email to Meshack, and I was happy when he later sent me his very kind reply as follows.

My email:

Hi Meshack,

Had I known you were not in Nairobi by now, I would not have asked for your help to share the money personally with the team, but I thank you VERY much, and this comes from the deepest inner part of me, whom you are helping me to save, that is why I call you a “saviour” too. 

No. 8757842771
Q: Team?

Please give my best regards to the team, and tell them that they were darkness wanting to terminate “the deepest part of God”, but he is now saved too and that is because you and I were working for light.

Kind regards

Meshack’s answer:

Dear Stig,

It is my hope that you are doing well. I am doing well and very okay. Concerning your question, i will be leaving the organization on Monday. I have made it my duty to travel to Nairobi tomorrow that is on Saturday and meet the other team members. I had decided to go today that is Friday but i thought i would be late but i had already communicated with David but we all shall meet tomorrow and i will inform you of the outcome of the meeting.

Thank you for your continued support and i promise you my total support and commitment to see this journey we began together to its conclusion.

God bless you and kind regards,


After sending the money, I was shown and told from my inner self that they throw up huge whales, i.e. worlds, and that is much darkness becoming light because of my action and Meshack GREAT help.

I continued to the swimming hall and on my way there I received MUCH speculations about what will become of remaining life inside of darkness if I should give up now – because of speculations of darkness around me – but I decided that I don’t want to waste time on this now, the new goal is to keep the game going also all October if needed, and if there is still darkness remaining at the end of October, we might as well also take November with, and that is if we can of course, and what do you say, Obama, CAN YOU and that is continue doing your best (?), and I know OF COURSE YOU CAN :-). Later I was told that when I say that darkness is not welcome, it means that it will either become light before the end of time or cease to exist, and I will NOT accept the last, and yes this is what I have to tell myself and darkness.

I did the training on the cross trainer, and I received MUCH sexual abuse by darkness, and I was told how strong this abuse would have been if I was not here without energy, and yes then I would simply not be here because I could not survive this.

After the exercise I felt darkness weaker, but it is still there, and when I cycled to the Prøvesten shopping centre, I passed four young immigrants, and I was sad to see that just after passing them, the boy of maybe 12-13 years old (?) ran after me and in a challenging/provoking tone he shouted at me “what did you call me” (?), and when another passed him after me, I heard him shout the same, and this man was devastated about this negative behaviour and I told him “he is learning to become a man”, and I thought that he must have brothers/friends teaching him sad things like this and I was “this close” to go to him and teach him some manors knowing that this darkness trying to challenge me would become weak if I did it, but then I decided that I would not, but this is how it would have turned out, and that is even though they were four, and yes even if they had knives, I did not care.

I was told that we have now had a couple of board meetings, the second was about how to pull you up from there, and yes “place” you inside what was already built without losing any information, and yes it required a new invention and maybe a new archive, Stig (?), and I heard something about the old archive being used with all we had, and I don’t know, I just write, and I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle because we did not know that you could save this part of me too (?), and yes these are the things I think about, was it known that we could live without energy, thus also save the last part (?) and maybe it was.

I met the mayor of Helsingør showing a group around the Town Hall – he was NERVOUS because of me

I was home a little while before I decided to go to the yearly “cultural night” of Helsingør where culture, institutions and shopping were opened for the evening with many activities, which I like much – but many could be much more creative (!) – and I was happy meeting the “new” restaurant Skotterup Spiseri & Enotek at the old Skotteup Inn in Snekkersten, and you may remember that when the masterchef Bo Bech visited the old restaurant a few years ago, the ignorant owner refused to follow the quality advises of Bo, and sent him out the door to continue his “grill oil hell of the 1970’s”, and here I met this new restaurant on the main square of Helsingør giving taste samples of their fantastic pizzas, and yes I was told that because I have written about this example, they were replaced by a new restaurant of people with passion & quality after my heart, and of course because I did not give up on the way.

I went to Danske Bank at Stengade, which I used to come to and have good colleagues working at when I was a bank student in Espergærde (8 kilometres away) from 1984-86, and I was sad to see that there were not any of my old colleagues there, whom I could have said hi to, but if there was, I wonder what they would think of me because of my Facebook friend Per S. still working at the bank here in this area.

I had read that the mayor would show around at the Town Hall, and when I went there to see, I met Søren from the meditation group, and we had a nice, short chat, and by “co-incidence”, he and his wife and I decided to go to the same round tour at 19.00 led by mayor Johannes Hecht-Nielsen, and when he called people together – maybe 25-30 people – at the entrance hall, and saw me, I could tell that he had “second thoughts/doubts” about this because to my surprise his voice was very nervous, and he deliberately did not look at me/my side, which was to artificial that it told me that “he knows”, and I had felt a strong feeling to present myself, and the way I decided to do it was first when we entered a very small and dark room in the cellar with the last remaining of the original building from the 15th century, I asked him if this was his office, which made people laugh and helped to “open him up”, and when we later were at the Council Chamber – where my mother and John were married 22 years ago – he presented all paintings on the wall of previous mayors and the window mosaics, and yes there was not room for one more painting, and I thought about asking him a question about where there would be room for a painting of him after his “service period”, which instantly made him invite people to ask questions – this is how it works here – so on our way out this room, I went to him asking this question, which made him smile and say “time will tell” and Søren was there too also smiling, and I used the opportunity to shake his hand and tell him “my name is Stig, we are Facebook friends” (and I wish I was as funky as the man saying my name is Prince, the one and only, but I am not), and yes he did not reply directly, but he knew (!), and I thanked him for showing around, and this made him become less nervous, and here I am told that the main reason of this visit was to show both Johannes and Søren that Stig is NOT crazy.

We went to a part of the Town Hall, which was the original prison of Helsingør from the 1850’s, and today the prison cells work as offices (!), and even though it is completely modern now, we were at a typical prison hall with three floors, and it made Johannes say that it still has the true San Quentin feeling, and when he said this, I was given the feeling of Johnny Cash, and here it is of course when Johnny was saying “San Quentin, you’ve been livin hell to me”, and the man I was meeting here was the nice gentleman Johannes as the representative of the system, who “could not” accept me and come to my aid when I needed aid, and I was told that he is here a symbol of the official world, who could not stand forward supporting me, and instead showed me silence, and yes YOU WERE A LIVIN’ HELL TO ME, which I am sure that you can see (?), but you were WIMPS all of you, and that is sadly, and when you turn this around, it was really fortunately in order to save the world bringing me energy of darkness to come through, see?

We went outside in what used to be the prisoner yard surrounded by high walls, and it made Johannes say with inspiration that instead of having prisoners here, they now have parties for employees, and yes they can see all the way up in the sky as he said, and that is because I have turned around everything making the former prison my place of freedom, and it made a boy say that it is good that the world had changed, and yes indeed it is otherwise we would not be here.

I felt how grey life was on its way towards me, and I was told that this is because of Johannes and the darkness he brings, and yes you are NOT welcome as darkness at my inner self, but as light, so please make sure to become light before you arrive at my inner, will you?

So it was a good tour, and I said goodbye, and Johannes was kind returning it, and later in the evening, I felt him a few times, and I was told that now he has something to speak to his colleagues about at the city council.

I walked around the city being glad to see all the life and many people out here once a year, and I have started saying again “you are heartfelt welcome – as light” (!), and yes I do NOT want any darkness at all, but I will NOT accent any darkness to be lost, so it is a “standing order” (was it FSPG 181 at the old Danske Bank system showing these, or maybe 183/184, I cannot remember?) to NEVER accept loss of any darkness, and yes that is even though I have shown that darkness self would detach itself and say goodbye, or something like this and we know I do NOT focus on this, because this is NOT an opportunity in my mind.

I was home at 20.20 being completely exhausted, and I decided that it is impossible to work this evening, but at 21.20 I decided to work anyway because of MUCH work given to me today, and I said that better do this now than to start on this tomorrow morning with the risk to get behind.

I watched “crazy about dance” on TV2, and I LOVE the way Claes from the Antonelli Orchestra – the house band here (and he also plays drums at “the top of the pop” and elsewhere – plays the drums, and yes he has a VERY special touch/feeling, and shortly after thinking this, it brought an inspired conversation between Jens, the judge, and Claes, and yes is this the first time Claes has ever spoken in a live TV show (?), and it made Clase ask Jens “can you play drums” (?) and to challenge him to play some of “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire in the next show, and the reason why this “challenge” was given was because September is my favourite song of this fantastic band, and it was my sister loving the band in the 1970’s and through her that I got to know the band, and when speaking to my mother on the phone today, she said that Sanna and Hans will also come for dinner tomorrow evening, and again this brings me sufferings just to think about because is this only to have a nice family dinner or is it still to give me a “lecture” because of my “wrong behaviour” (?), and yes I have absolutely no idea if there is a hidden agenda behind my back, but I don’t care, I will go and hope for the best, but fear for the worst, and should the worst happen, that they will try to lecture me – even though I don’t believe that they have the courage to do so – I will simply decide not to talk about it, but to continue the game/my work, and yes this is what this “challenge” is about. And Saseline told Claes that “you are still in my shine”, and yes the “sun is shining” – and yes WHAT A FEELING of that band too :-).

Claudia and Joakim were dancing to “Daddy cool” by Boney M. – it is TRULY incredible how much good music, which has been made (and is inside of here as love ♥) – and it made the host right after the dance sing “daddy daddy …” and Joakim finish it by saying “cool”, and he also said something like “I have seen pictures afterwards and I looked such like a fish”, and this is the picture, we are still creating, and yes my new self, the fish, and nothing less than 100% is satisfactory to me, we know Stig.

After Mie and Anders had danced, the judges said and showed with gesticulations that the middle part was “YAWN” very boring, and this was to say that this is what people believe of my scripts (?), and isn’t the reason that you “cannot” get started to read from A to Z, but when you only skim without reading as you would read a book, you see text, text and text making you think “I cannot start reading this”, and then you cannot (!), but it is really not very difficult and hopefully not as boring as you give me “credit” for, and the host asked Anders if he was “groggy” after having turned around while lifting Mie MANY times, and yes you could see it in the replay that he was, and I was told that this is symbolising when I have been dizzy and about to lose consciousness, and no, I did not hear one single person reacting to this or asking me “how are you doing – are you alright” (?), and I think about how often I have asked my mother and John about how they are, and yes just wondering I am.

After the dance of Silas and Louise, Silas received much credit and he was told “you make pictures while dancing”, and this was inspired to say that we are saving more life while celebrating, and so it is, and he was also told by the judge Britt that he does “corny”, crazy dance-techniques, “I love it” with MUCH entusiasm, and something about “corny is a code word to play all the way out” and I believe it was Louise who was asked “could you follow” (?), which made her say “it is just to the beer” as we say here – do you say that in English too (?) – and that is when you are on your edge, and this was said because I am on the edge to do work these days, and yes there is MUCH pressure on me, which is coming out this way via your work, and yes just do what you do best my spiritual friends, and “I will follow” U2 :-).

Silas and Louise received the highest points of the evening making Silas say “this is complete twaddle”, and yes there are people out there still thinking this about me, and also “planted stories” of me saying this by the secret government of USA as I feel here, and yes what have you told your network of agents about me (?), and yes I am wondering, and no, I do NOT know if this is a message of light or darkness, but I do know that these are the words I receive, and I do my best to write them down as accurate as possible as you do know, my friends.

Today I have received the name ”Brorson” a couple of times not knowing why and what it means, and it may be about ”brother” and ”son” as the name means, but I have no brother and son, but I was thinking of my mother’s brother – “the man so far without a name here” because I cannot remember (!) – and he is thinking about his sister’s, my mother’s son, which may be it, and is it also about Hans Adolph Brorson, a Danish Pietist bishop and hymn writer from the 18th century, which this name is about (?), and it may be.

I worked until 23.55, where I still missed to write the last handful of short stories and to publish the script, but I am happy with what I have done today, so I will start tomorrow morning doing the last part of this work, and yes if there is not coming too much work to me tomorrow, there should be a chance for me to continue with Else’s scripts, and yes I am also pressured by my mother wanting to hear the progress of looking at writing desk etc., and yes I have used a few hours on this, but this is not my first priority, and I told my mother that I have good time doing this and will let her know when I have found something I like on on the Internet, and yes I know that my mother may decide to become negative the longer this will take, but I do NOT want this to have any negative consequences on the work we do now continuing creation and saving of life.

“Natholdet” on TV celebrates Lille Palle symbolising the rescue of the hidden most inner part of God

During yesterday afternoon I thought “I wonder when Natholdet (“the night team”) will be back on TV2” (I had not seen it a long time, but now I see that it has been on, I have just not seen it), and late yesterday evening it was back, and when seeing it, I understood that this was truly an inspired programme because of what was planned to bring rehabilitation to the folk musician/entertainer Lille Palle and the dialogue of the host Anders Breinholt and the guest the comedian Anders Matthesen. 

The mentioning of the TV programme “Natholdet”(“the Night team) featuring the musician Lille Palle, who is NOT credited to be part of the TV series Matador (“Monopoly”)

Some of the inspired speech of the programme included when Anders M. said that he feels like a fish, i.e. my new self, when he does his stand-up show, and when Anders B. spoke about “Møller øller øller”, with Møller being a Danish sir name rhyming with “øller” as in “beer”, and this is what I remember what we boys always shouted out over what used to be the lake with fields in front of Rypehusene 98 in Albertslund where we lived from 1972-76, and that was “what drinks Møller” (?), and the echo came back with the answer “ølller, øller”, which is “beer, beer” symbolising my own inner self of darkness “wanting” to destroy the world, and yes we also always shouted “hvad er verdens største svinder-firma” (?) (“what is the world’s greatest swindler company”?) with the answer of the echo being “Irma” (the supermarket), and yes this is where my old Fair colleague Margit works today, and you do also remember the story about the CEO Alfred Josefsen, who “had” to stop not that long ago (?), and yes two “special friends” too.

Anders M. also said that his great dream was one day to do a show abroad – which I do believe that you will when the world will discover you, Anders – and he said that he visited the comedian Thomas Eje from Linie 3 when Thomas tried to break through in Las Vegas a few years ago, and he said that Thomas prepared “grill chicken” for him, which is about “creation” you know, and also that “this dream can tickle a little in my stomach”, and with this I felt the spirit of my father and “fear of dying”, but later another inspiration came – I cannot remember the scene – with the message that “God cannot die”, and that is because this “information” will always be saved.

There was an item with the MP Christian Jensen, who normally is very white, but now very sunburned, and when Anders M. said that he is “sunburned, happy and glad” it was to say that they are also part of darkness (“the sunburn”).

They showed a clip of a big run starting where an attendant became very frightened by the gun when the run was shot of, which made Anders M. say something like “I do know when a balloon explodes, I don’t want to be cocky”, and this is in continuation of the “balloon dance” of happiness the other day, and yes if the balloon blows, I am naked, which in this respect symbolises the end of me, and this is what darkness does/did to me, to kill me/us and that is unless I decided for it to be the opposite of its natural force of course.

Anders M. was asked to be very explicit about where he comes from, and he answered “Albertslund”, and he was asked to be “more explicit”, which became “Albertslund North”, and then “more explicit”, which became the buildings called “Galgebakken” (“the gallows hill”) and finally when asked to be even “more explicit”, he said the number he lived in and also “at 1st floor”, and yes this is to say that Danish comedians were laughing of me sending me much darkness bringing me directly to the gallows if I had not been even stronger, and yes darkness coming from the 1st floor of the old house you know.

Anders M. was asked by Anders B. ”do you know about saying things too quickly, and when you have started the sentence, it is out here (he showed with his hands “out here” in front of him) and too late to withdraw”, and “out here” around me is where I keep darkness myself because “I don’t want to be darkness” (because it is far too strong to be at the inner side of me), so this is what he was speaking of and showing also meaning that it is now too late for this darkness to be victorious (!), and it led to a clip about Bjarne Riis’ wife Anne Dorte Tannerup, who was presented by a journalist in a way, which could be misunderstood as a sexual reference, and this was to say that the “official world” – including secret governments, Vatican etc. – who cannot speak out the truth yet just like Bjarne Riis cannot has brought darkness to me and potentially my “old nightmare”, which this symbolised, but as mentioned, now it is too late for this darkness to cause (serious) damage.

Anders B. revealed a piece of scenery behind the “Eleva2ren” scenery as you can see below, which was the façade of “Skjern’s Magasiner“ (“Skjern’s stores”) from the TV series Matador (“Monopoly”), and he had expected a reaction from the audience, which however did not come, which made Anders M. say “it did not create big enthusiasm, where you would have liked an applause” (?), and it made Anders M. incite the audience to give a big applause, which they then did, and this was because people do not seem to be very happy about my Facebook messages welcoming people to our New World, and here the survival of the deepest inner part of God, which people pass in silence!

The TV-series Matador and especially the folk musician/entertainer Lille Palle was truly the main story of this edition of “Natholdet”, and Anders M. said that he did not follow the repeat of Matador on TV at the moment because he has the series on DVD, which made him say that with this, he can watch four episodes in a row if he feels like it, and when he said this, I was given a feeling of “nothing” going through me, which I hardly feel anymore (not many weeks ago, it was “killing” me), and this is to say that because I am now “nothing” without energy, I cannot feel “nothing” going through me meaning that we have saved MUCH in a short time after ending energy as part of creation.

And the story, which has unfolded over the last weeks in the media here is that Lille Palle played his harmonica and sang in episode 23 of Matador, but he is NOT credited at the roll-up titles, has been cheated for payments in years and NOT been invited to parties held for actors of Matador, and this is what Anders B. and Natholdet wanted to make up by bringing honour and rehabilitation to Lille Palle as he has deserved, and yes not to be forgotten, so they had arranged a live interview with Lille Palle as you can watch some of here, where they had also organised that a picture of Lille Palle has now been hanged up on the wall behind him where he was interviewed at the film studio where Matador was recorded, and his picture now hanged below the director of Matator (and Olsen-Banden!), Erik Balling, which made Lille Palle VERY surprised and happy when seeing it, and you do know that “a picture” is the symbol of survival when entering our New World, and this was the symbol saying that we have now also saved the last part of God hidden at the basement of our house and we know Stig, I do NOT at all like that this part of God including life would become “forgotten” life, so this is how it is, and if this does not call for a party to celebrate, I don’t know what does, so this is why Anders B. and Natholdet made a “glorious” party for Lille Palle including steel drums/Calypso music, which to me is a symbol of “the home of God” and here “the warmest feelings of love imaginable” coming to the world as a result of this.

The host Anders Breinholt and comedian Anders Matthesen interviewing “the forgotten” Lille Palle symbolising what could have become the forgotten parts of God/life

Lille Palle has now received rehabilitation of his part in Matador and received his picture on the wall beneath the director symbolising the rescuing of the hidden/most inner part of God

This rescue is celebrated with a party and Calypso Music symbolising “the warmest feelings of love imaginable”

So with this ”now the sun shines again” as Lille Palle plays/sings in this episode of Matador, and yes you can now get a sticker to your DVD collection saying “now with Lille Palle”, and this is the result of events of the 25th/26th September where I was strong enough from darkness to enter and kill this part of me also making the world bleed much :-).

New stickers to stick to your DVD-collection of Matador: “Now with Lille Palle”, so he will never be forgotten 🙂

And after this item of Lille Palle and the survival of this part of God, there was also an clip where the Tax minister Thor Möger from Socialist People’s Party was interviewed by another program, and even though Thor was in the picture and could be heard, the journalist believed that he was not herewith simply disconnecting him to his great surprise, and this was the symbol of darkness ceasing to exist also meaning that the plan to cut down Villy Søvndal symbolising light and this part of God to replace him with his own “not dangerous” and ignorant candidate, the Health Minister Astrid Krag, will not succeed, which this posting by BT clearly indicates by saying “Has Möger, Krag and the other top politicians from the Parliament group made a mistake or will they end by pulling home victory” (?), and no, I do not believe that darkness will win, and the pole, which BT refers to, says it all, because the other chairman candidate, Annette Vilhelmsen, who decided to run “in the last minute” has the double support from the members of the party compared to Astrid Kragh, “so there you have it”, and yes all is “parts of God”, and we are still going for 100,00% of every little thing, which has ever been or could be, and so it is my friends.

Here is the mentioning of the programme yesterday evening on Facebook, and the comments from viewers, who did NOT like the show at all (!), because people believed that it was “embarrassing” and “boring” and these people show both impatience, selfishness and spoiled behaviour not least Rasmus, who believed that Anders M. was “directly rude and does not hide his indifference to Aftenshowet .. he probably only attended to promote his show ..giant clap hat”, and yes this is how strong the inner voice of people can be, and he is only guessing negatively but completely sure about being right, and he meant “giant clap hat” as negative as it gets, but it truly was inspired meaning the opposite being happy that we also won this football victory, and people here truly believed that it was “dull, dull, dull” as Diana said, and this was both to say that people out there believe that I am “embarrassing” and “dull/boring” (?), and this is the attitude of negative and misunderstanding people, who was killing me, and yes I do NOT want to be a dull chartered account (running the accounts of darkness) but a LION TAMER, which is MUCH more exciting, and yes this is about people knowing who I am instead of believing that I am the “dull chartered account”, and yes with this, you also have the hidden meaning of the fantastic “Lion tamer” sketch of Monty Python.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Radio P4 used all of these positive F-words, which I used already back in 2006 when my spiritual voice started speaking to and with me, which the first days was a WONDERFUL experience before it turned into darkness, and so wonderful – this is TRULY so wonderful what you do, Diana 🙂 – that I could not help bringing all of the most positive words I could think of, and it made me smile back then when I discovered that many of these starts with “f” and that is at least in Danish, and now here in 2012 we are “funny enough” in a situation where we are almost starting to become as “positive” as we were back then predicting this outcome – “you were really not in doubt, were you” as I hear and see here behind the curtain inside of me – and this is why P4 were inspired to use all of these positive “f-words” such as (in English) “bold, tremendous, outstanding, colourful, nice, festive and amusing” and that was because it is “frikadelle-fredag”, which is “meatball friday”, because meat balls (VERY classical Danish food) were a subject on the radio this morning, and meat balls are food symbolising life and at 08.20 the P4 radio had an interview with a chef saying that meat balls are “divine” and “food for a king”, and a king is what this is about, and that is the most inner of Old God being liberated and yes I see the whole black kitchen moving forward here with him inside of it, and that is because God is everything and so it is.

  • Later this morning Radio P4 asked if for suggestion for “Friday thread/Friday straw hat”, which must be a musical item they have on Fridays, and here you only saw darkness with “666 the number of the beast”, “hells bells by AC/DC”, “burn to the ground” – but Sinatra (blue eyes) as the “straw hat” – and then Gnags/Peter A.G. (!) with “slingrer ned af Vestergade” (“reeling down Vester street”!) , and is this to say there is still hell inside energy “AC/DC”, which we may or not be able to get out (?) also because time is pressuring me much with the New World pressing on (?), and I can only repeat that I will accept NO LOSS OF LIFE and that is NO MATTER WHAT, so we will continue the game NEVER allowing darkness to win.

  • Susanne was inspired to bring a text about the colour “yellow” – written by Anne and taken from here, it is always good to bring your source, remember (?) – and I will not translate all of it, but as example it says that “Yellow is the colour of the sun” (which is included these days in my scripts) and it is about being awake, active, to inform, and our mood becomes “light” in sun yellow surroundings – we become happy, and I here remember that Janet Parker in her “soul journey” of me as you can read here spoke about “the yellow colour to begin with, because yellow suggests to me the knowledge of mind, it suggest teaching, it suggest all that is of wanting to know more, research, and I have to go very much into this colour with you because that is actually how I see you” and in the text below it says that yellow is also the colour of wisdom and consciousness of colour philosophies of the East. Yellow is also optimism, charm, liberation, future, change, reason, spirituality and more and it made me tell Susanne that the colour of the spirit of my mother (as the Holy Spirit) is yellow, which may not be that surprising taking the text into consideration, and it seems that Susanne – a Facebook friend of mine coming to me, whom I don’t know – is a clairvoyant, because she replied “yes, in the fifth ray, beautiful”, so I guess that she received the ray of yellow by the spirit of my mother when looking.

  • Thomas wrote a message on Henrik’s wall asking him “is it me, or do the Danish media live in a provincial cheese-dish with dome” (?), and he mentioned “enormous demonstrations” in Spain (against drastic cuts made by the Spanish Government/EU), “a serious war between China and Japan brewing”, “the printing press of USA, EU and England points at tremendous inflation pressure”, but here in Denmark (and many places around the world, I believe), the headlines are about iPhone 5 (which people have been lying in queues for here for MANY hours to pay at prices over 1,000 USD, but you don’t have patience to hear about or money to give to the poor refuges of Dadaab as example?

  • It made Henrik say that “the Danish media live in a provincial cheese-dish with dome” (!), and Thomas was truly appalled of how “political and cultural personalities in this degree are able to repress real news” and he is “speechless” that the media is not covering one the large European countries being on the edge of revolution and he asks “what goes on in the head of editors of the country”?

  • This made me tell him – and Henrik & Co. and my own Facebook friends when I shared this on my timeline – that there are all the stories, which are NOT told because of the elite of the world, who do not like them to be told and it is the same stories including UFO’s, crop circles, free energy and still the world pumps up oil destroying the world and the climate, crimes against humanity (poisoning/brainwash of people and the climate, war against Muslims to keep the wheels running of a power-/money sick elite, USA standing behind the 9/11 terror, conscious cover up, staged “alien abductions”, NASA’s deceptions going to the moon/Mars while USA had access to clones of UFO’s, the Judgment and the arrival of Jesus, and yes I could have included ASSASINATIONS as you did with Kennedy, and how many others fighting for FREEDOM of USA and the world (?), and I was wondering whom had the decision to to kill or protect me (?), and yes I am STILL waiting for you to stand forward, and how many of you have started preparing your (defence) speeches (?), and yes let me say that I am interested in receiving 100% objective descriptions of what happened, and NOT twisted stories trying to make you look good, the time for that has STOPPED my friends (!), and I told Thomas that if he is speechless today, it is nothing compared to what he will become when all of these stories will be released, and I also said that when you tell the truth, many “ordinary people” don’t believe it because this truth is “impossible” to believe in but it does not change that it is the truth, and yes what did the “speechless” Thomas decide to do (?), and yes to say “Stig, my point is not as conspirational as yours”, “crop circles, illuminate and Judgment Day are a little too marginal for my taste” and “don’t believe that you can organise a secret world government controlling events”, so here we have yet another ignorant person not knowing what he speak ofs, and instead it is his “interests” – Judgment Day is “too marginal” for his “taste” (!) – and non-belief as I told him, which makes him reject what I told him, and yes this is truly what makes me speechless (!), how can people be so stupid and act so wrongly, and yes because they are lazy, better-knowing ignorants and because of all the “gossip” about “this and that” of people guessing what will happen, and we know a crazy world, which cannot concentrate on facts and speak and understand the objective truth, which is not making it easy for me to make you understand (!), and I wonder why Henrik simply is silent in relation to me, and have you lost your tongue too, Henrik?

  • Helena was in a good mood, she was going to Copenhagen for the weekend (to see Søren Pind probably), but then she received a call from Greenland (from Søren or ….?) and now “I am just a sour hen behind. I simply cannot contain it. At all.”, so now you are not going to see Søren (?), and yes the keyword here is “hen” and “sour”, and for her not to contain it, so a danger of some parts of creation not making it?

  • Brian “says CHEERS, it is now Friday, and think of the cold lager I COULD have drunk” (don’t have any on stock and am too lazy to collect), and you do know that beer is what the Devil self drinks when terminating life, and laziness is what this is about, and that is of Brian to read and support me, and eeehhh I never heard from you as promised, Brian?

  • Marianne really wanted to have a couple of chocolate marshmallow’s from this CHOCOLATE FACTORY, and yes these are also old signs of darkness and chocolate is selfishness and focus on money, and eeehhh Marianne, you also “could not” write about me in your paper (?), and tell me why this is?

  • This is the gallows hill or the name of where the comedian Anders M. used to live, and yes there are MANY people having sent me darkness to hang me, and here because I was a laughing stock, and that also goes with you Jens M. from Danica (?) – former colleague from Aon – whom I felt here, and yes the funny part is that you could not kill me.

  • Mads did not care how “too much played” this song is because certain days advice from Uncle Bob in America is the only thing, which works – is this symbolic from CIA, Mads (?) – but anyway it does NOT get any better than this, this is “the greatest song in the world” according to Rolling Stone magazine, and yes Stig, there is NO ONE stopping you, and this is why we bring everything in the sack and no not the black sack, and yes I am with you in the taxi and very close to the absolutely worst darkness, and Mads knows that you know, and you both know that no one else knows because they are too dumb and yes isn’t this magnificent? And I told him that it was not a poor choice picking the best song in the world and also that I like it even better with the true Rolling Stones, and yes this is to me Rolling Stones at their ultimate best!


29th September: I have saved MUCH life of darkness, but there is still a curse over “old flames” of mine designed to explode

There is a curse over “old flames” of mine designed to explode, but now close to become flowers

I went to bed after midnight, and was woken up with this dream at 01.35 and some speech following it, which “forced” me up to finish my work and publish my script of yesterday, which I did at 02.45, but first the dream.

  • I am together with old class friends from Mørdrupskolen at a reunion, and we speak about old stories of whom had a crush on whom, and I see Tine H. inside the next room, the bedroom where I believe she is taking care of two others lying in sick bed, and when I see her, I throw a crumpled piece of paper after her, and I say that she has had a crush on me since giving me a lovebite at our camp school at Sejerø (was that in 8th or maybe 9th grade?) and I on her, which she confirms. To my surprise I am told that an envelope has come from me, and I see that it is from Hellerup, and I think if it is my aunt Inge sending it, but when I open it, I see that it includes four old invoices of removals, which is taken from debt-collective firm, but these have been given up a long time ago, and I know that I don’t have to pay. Two and two of the class are united, and I see these teams including myself with another, and we have scored two sets of points, first what was expected of us, where we are no. 3 with 80 points, and what we really have achieved where we are no. 1 with 110 points ahead of the two other favourite teams.
    • Tine was “the most beautiful girl” imaginable and it seems that we both had a crush on each other. The envelop is about life being saved, which I could not have afforded if I had to pay for it, i.e. to use energy in a world of energy, and this is about putting together these pairs from our Old World of 1st floor and that of the basement, and it seems as if we have done better than expected, which is always the best really, if possible (=> 0, you know). The envelopes include life saved from darkness brought to me by my dear aunt Inge, who has also taken our MUCH of my energy as the invoices show, and yes not easy to deal with me, Inge, thinking that I am not always right (?), and not easy when the whole family on your side influences you against me as I believe they do (?), so do you have any idea of just how much sufferings you have truly brought me, and yes your sufferings are genuine but as everyone else based on your own misunderstandings and wrongdoings when you “could not” communicate and support me.

I thought that I would be able to return to sleep after this dream, but no, not really, and I was told that there is build in blood plasma in this connection between Tine and I, which has not been released yet, and also that nothing has happened yet, but if you cannot follow (with work), and as time goes by …. 

I was also told that now rests a curse over these connections, if you don’t make them (before end of time), and also that this is almost becoming a flower, otherwise it was designed to be a war machine to explode, and I understood that Tine has to be another part of my mother too and also that there is some kind of connection of darkness to Karen, and yes there was MUCH work yesterday, and I could have finished it, but decided that it was not needed, but here I was told that it would be a very good idea to stand up and finish/publish it, which I as mentioned did at 02.45, and I followed by writing this too and thinking about when to go to bed again, and it may be about darkness of the mayor – and Vatican church and others – being stronger than expected, and this is what the extreme work load suggests, so let us see if I can sleep again maybe at 05.00.

When I stood up I had a new pain to my right ankle – to the bone on the right side – and it felt like “potential destruction” again, and no, I do NOT like that at all, and truly not at all my friends, and I wonder if I can make every little thing (?), and TV2 had a Facebook message yesterday about a boy who cannot make his route as a paperboy because of lack of time, and is this also what I will experience that I cannot save every little thing because of lack of time (?) or too big pressure on me (?), but for now I am still working and playing the game, and for every day I save more and more with less remaining and I will do my best to achieve my goal, and I was told that you just have to reject darkness and do the work given to you to take care of this?

And I decided that my spiritual friends will NEVER receive a direct approval from me to let darkness destroy and make the world bleed and for my “old nightmare” to be carried out, but if you should come in a situation where you cannot do otherwise – your absolutely last option – please do as a top rule what is necessary to do to come through.

When I started the computer it was given this VERY LOUD sound of the fan, which means “out of order” giving me nervousness if I could access my script on the hard disk, where I have saved it again for some days (because there is nothing wrong with the hard disk even though the system still claims that there is still giving me error message and a file recovery scan when starting up, and yes the “official system” still hides most of my files, but my “new system” can read everything, remember my dear friends of the “official world”?), but I decided that it had to work, so after pushing the on/off button for four seconds, it started again and this time it also opened so I could finish work.

Afterwards I continued receiving a VERY uncomfortable pressure from darkness with the feeling that it is closing in on me and it gives me threats of wanting to destruct via me, and I do NOT like this at all, but this is how it is given to me, and I can only do my best to continue saying that I do NOT want to be darkness and to see if I can keep it away, and if I cannot, I am sure that you will learn through scripts stopping and the world bleeding, but much less than what it would have been like if we had not discovered a New World without energy.

I was given out of this world pain to my left ankle and was shown how the spirit of my mother is working from outside to this ankle, which is our New World.

I heard a voice from within darkness, which actually felt more like light because of the strength of light surrounding it – It is about time for me to say goodbye – and I said NO I will not accept it and will not even write it down, but to document it for you, I did it anyway, but only to say that this is a play of darkness I will NOT accept, and if you start talking about destruction of life and yourself and how you are willing to “help”, the answer will be the same, it is NOT accepted, and that is unless it is your absolutely last option.

And later I felt incredible destruction just around me, and said that I will NOT accept such a behaviour (!) – you are NOT coming through to me as darkness, and yes because I have decided to be stronger than you, and eeehhh when I am nothing, how come that I can feel this?

Dreaming of working inside the worst darkness (of armed forces) having saved very MUCH life

I went to bed at 05.30 and I had trouble sleeping because I froze when I should not freeze – a sign of darkness too – and I slept until 10.20 receiving the feeling that this is what I will get today and to make it through the whole day including the joint visit with my sister/Hans to my mother/John this evening, and here are the dreams I received.

  • I am on my way home from Copenhagen, and wonder if I can return with the train only having one clip on my card, which is not enough to cover the road (to Helsingør), and on my way to the central station I cycle up of Nørregade following a bicycle, where I try to read the number plate, and later I see a man selling sausages with a customer asking for jam, but the man says that the jam is not fit to be sold being stiff and many years ago, and I notice how there is also a lump of meat on his desk.
    • I thought that Copenhagen was the 1st floor, but we are finished with this, so it has to be darkness in general, and yes not always easy with “Copenhagen dreaming”, but beautiful it is when this darkness has been made into the LOVE SHOP of our New World J, and Nørregade in Copenhagen is where “more and more people walk” and that is because of the old department store Daell’s Varehus, which used to be there, and it is here that I am trying to save the last life but not easy to read the small number plates, which is inspired by a very small number plate I saw yesterday on the front of a car, which I do believe has to be Italian, and yes I am cycling/suffering when continuing to do this work, and the sausage man is darkness wanting to destruct what remains and bring me my “old nightmare”, and he does not want to sell “the Jam”, which he claims is old, but the Jam is about “THE GIFT of life”, and this is symbolised by the meat, i.e. life, which is still a part of this darkness, so this is why I still carry on – I gotta keep movin’, I gotta keep movin’ – and yes like their new songs too, you know Michael & Co. still learning to rock, just like you Jørgen (“du” og ikke “de”) Mylius.

  • I am visiting Jack at his mother’s home. His mother, Evy, has had yellow people hired to help dismissing two yellow people and they also brought Jack’s father out of this world. At Jack’s room we listen to music on his old B&O turntable, and I see that he has a record by Electric Light Orchestra, which however is bent so much that I wonder if it will play, but I put it on, and it now looks better, and I see that the pick-up is dusty, so I clean it, which makes Jack protest loudly, and I tell him that I don’t care, I will always clean the pick-up because it gives a better sound, and I will continue doing it and otherwise he will have to throw me out. He knows what I am doing to bring down the dreadful system of armed forces, and he supports me, but he does not want to speak about this inside the house because of the risk to be bugged, then it is better to speak in the car, and he speak about military bases in Sweden, and when I ask him where, he says Hanstholm, which is in west Justland of Denmark (!), which tells me that he does not know much about Sweden, and when I ask him to tell me where it is, he says south of a long Swedish lake, and I tell him that the city he thinks of is called Jönköping and not Hanstholm. Jack wonder if I can use a consultant from the military to hire people at my business, and when I speak to a lady at the military, she keeps asking me if this is what I want, and I try to make her understand that I cannot decide this on their behalf, they will have to make the decision of whether or not they want to help me. I drive around with Jack in my old Mercedes C200 in the harbour of Copenhagen, and I do know the road, but because of his distraction I keep missing the right exit and have to drive forth and back, but finally I get the right exit, and see that I am now in front of Helsingør train station, and when I look at the harbour from there, I see GIANT containers of food, and Jack and I see that Prince Henrik’s car driving a trailer of food has been disconnected, and now Jack is driving a motor cycle connected to Prince Henrik’s car, and I tell him that he has now become a royal chauffeur. 
    • It seems that darkness of the military forced the spirit of my mother to act as darkness killing Jack’s father (years ago because of cancer). Jack knows that Electric Light Orchestra to me is the best which is, and this is still how I think of Jack when we were the best friends as teenagers, but it is difficult for you to “take me in”, Jack, because of darkness of the military influencing you (?), and you are close to “kick me out” too because you don’t want me to clean up in the armed forces making you reveal ALL of your secrets (?), and have you not understood by now that I will continue doing this 100% and that is no matter what you say or do – EVERYTHING will come for a day and when you resist me, you are trying to kill what remains of God/life inside of me, and do you really want to be responsible of this (?), and yes I am just wondering, and how difficult can it be for you to stand forward, you chickens (!) – and on the other hand, Jack knows what I am doing and is supporting me and would also like to stand forward helping me to “hire” people for my business, which is really to help me save life, and yes I am NOT do decide on your behalf, but it would SUIT you very much to make a move NOW and that is to stand forward or for example to send me an email declaring your faith/support, which should be VERY EASY for you to do (?) – and this is written at 12.10 where I keep getting HAPPY references to what Meshack is doing today travelling to Nairobi to bring together the whole team again and share my money – and the dream also says that this military brings me the worst darkness, which I work inside to save life, and even though it is difficult, I have brought out HUGE amounts of food, i.e. life, which is now in Helsingør at our New World, and when Jack is the motorcycle chauffeur of Prince Henrik, it is to say that the military controls what the Prince do and says through censorship (?), and yes not to speak about me in public for example (?), and my dear friends, you should be better than this.

It seems that it is not possible for me to save every little thing of life of hidden darkness

I was told that even the newspaper Berlingske is involved and that it is no longer a “state secret” about you, but the story is spread out because of what you did together with gossip of people, and this is why it is impossible to stop the man, i.e. me.

I heard with a low voice something like “have you made your deductions” and “I would like to help to bring light forward”, and NO, I will accept no “kind” offering of life inside darkness to sacrifice your life to help darkness, this is NOT how I have created you, so I ask you NOT to speak like this, and this is for me to be stronger than the voice of darkness, and this life inside darkness also spoke of being the structure of the pyramid, which is impossible for me to save because of people like in the dream (military forces and all other “worst darkness” of the world), and NO, this is NOT approved!

This morning I was down after hard work yesterday and poor sleep, and no I cannot continue working in the tempo culminating yesterday, and I can only hope that pressure does not become as in the coming days.

At 12.40 finishing the script so far deciding to go to a long bath I was told that bringing out much life was done after we had practically destroyed the old washing machine, but as you know, Stig, they were re-established through Else, and here I am brought a pressure to continue reading Else’s scripts to continue saving more life, and yes I would like that very much, but no, I cannot and will not continue working almost around the clock when being awake, so now I will take a long bath, and later in the day, if there is not other work preventing me, I will continue reading Else.

I received the worst and now insisting voice of darkness almost demanding to carry out my “old nightmare”, and I don’t know if I can keep this voice away, but I will do my best, you are NOT welcome as darkness!

I decided to relax a little and when relaxing, the extreme voice of darkness became lower, and yes the easier it is, the worse it is!

Before going to the long bath I decided to write first and also to have lunch, and at lunch I was told “now you know what to do if you want to save the last life” and that was not to take this long bath but to continue reading/commenting Else, and I know how light works when it tries to get me from taking long baths, and that is to “stall”, which we almost do now, Stig (?), and yes not being able to keep the darkness around me up because of the pressure of the New World coming from outside, and yes this is how it is, and by 13.45 when this is written I have now decided to take a shower instead.

At the shower I was shown a very fine box with red velour on the inside and a gold sceptre, which is for me as the new king, and it was placed next to the coffin of my previous/new self, which will be like this until I will open the eyes of my new self, and yes it would be a shame not to admit that I was breaking down today and I was told that you have already gone longer than what most believed, and yes if there is even more life “hidden” inside of there, I can only hope that I can continue doing this.

I decided first to finish the script so far and also to upload it, which is even more important than to read/comment Else, and at 15.35 when I was publishing the script, and thinking of bringing a link to it to Martin S.O. on his Facebook wall, I was given a “strong heart attack”, and yes because of darkness, which he sends to me, and do you know what he will now send you more of (?), and we know Stig, more darkness enabling me to bring out even more life trapped inside of there, and that is if I am strong enough to continue my journey, which today tells me that I am not, but hopefully tomorrow will become better.

I was encouraged to improve the first bullet point of my short stories including documentation of secret visits of the official world (as I have done MANY times before), and after this, I wrote my email to Martin and shared this and more on my timeline too as you can read from the short stories, and I finished this work at 17.00, which I decided was more important to do than to continue reading Else, and I wonder if Martin will be able to receive a little bit more faith in me helping me on the last part of my road, Martin?

I heard – after the short stories saying that life is now being deleted – then you did not get to the final exam, this is what we tried to warn you against, Stig, and I can only say that I have NOT given up on this life, my friends – if possible ….?

I was told that “We will have to go back to Spain with this life too, unless he …”, and I hear music on its way out here, which is a combination of two songs, with one being a famous disco song I cannot remember and the other is a very characteristic bass line, which could only be Supertramp from one of their “new” albums, and yes when checking it was of course “sooner or later” (“it’s gonna get better”), so this is what I believe is the hidden message underneath this darkness coming to me.

And I noticed how floods had caused havoc in the Southern Spain as a symbol of “much sufferings” and yes life returning to “nothing” forever?

And despite of this, I still found my self being inspired to add painters and wine/champagne as new “likes” to my Facebook profile symbolising all life, which we have saved, so it cannot be all that bad?

All life inside darkness was transferred to my sister instead of losing it to eternal darkness

At 18.25 I took my cycle to drive the few minutes to my mother to be there at 18.30, and I saw the phenomenon that there was mostly a blue sky, and then only a small cloud, which however was completely dark, and it “decided” to pour down with rain just when I left the building – and I had to take shelter at the nearby bus shed a few minutes before it was over – and yes I have NEVER seen anything like this before, but it was of course to tell that everything around me is light, and there is only little darkness remaining, which however is bringing me much suffering.

I had been excited most day what would happen this evening, was this really only a family visit and almost reunion with my sister (?), or was it my fear to be “lectured” again by the misunderstanding family?

I did not know what I went into, and the first 10 minutes I found myself receiving pressure from darkness, and I kept on saying that I don’t want anyone to die at all, which I was told was decisive for no life to return to eternal darkness of Spain – therefore the floods of Spain today – and I was told to my surprise that the life inside darkness at the edge of me, which has not yet been paired, was here transferred to my sister as “another part of me” (!) – this is about the separation of me in two as “light” and “darkness” (!) – and this will be used as development of our New World, and also that I will take decisions as Stig in relation to this, and I was told that it was these first 10 minutes, which were decisive.

During these minutes I was also shown how much darkness my father’s wife Kirsten brings me, which in itself was about to break me down, but later it became better, and what I/we went through today was to make it “perfect” as I was told and that is because “perfect” is what I have asked for, and I could have gone down a level making it easier, but there is no need to do poorer than your best.

Our mother told us that this morning she was about to cancel the evening, which would not have been good – small margins as usual (!) – and that is because her cheek had swallowed up (“after-effect” of the dental operation), and I was thinking that it was good that I did not take a long bath, but decided to work, and I was given the thoughts that Martin has truly brought me much darkness to make this happen (!), and furthermore my sister said that she could not sleep during the night and also had had no sleep during the day, so it was “difficult” to say the least to bring together my mother, sister and I today, but somehow we made it and that was because I decided to continue not giving up.

At the beginning, it took some time before my sister melted and “opened up” to her warm self, but she did and we all had a good evening, and that was really because “love was stronger than pride” as I was thinking, and yes amazing to sit here together with my family after what we have been through, and what music is more beautiful than Sade (?), and right now I cannot think of any.

My sister had been looking at a house of 4 million DKK – “cheap” (!) – at the beach road together with Niklas and Isabelle, but it was not good with a pool in the basement, and according to Hans the carport was too small for Niklas’ big Audi, and yes this is my nephew having much success with his IT-company with employees in his stable and “important” customers such as PFA Pension (you do remember that PFA symbolises the opposite of Danica, i.e. “the world of darkness/hell/nothing”) and the “tennis-darling” Caroline Wozniacki (who “cannot” pay her bills before after a LONG time!), and yes Niklas & Co. are creating Android-applications for his clients, and I am “happy” that you are so successful, Niklas, that you can get both a big car and also house if you want to, and yes also that you had a nice holiday to USA and Spain this summer, and eehhh also very nice for you to be chosen to go to Australia with Rotary because your father’s friend (the one who “could not” accept my Facebook invitation) put in a good word for you, and yes this nephew of mine is truly successful, but eeeehhh you did not think about helping your uncle and my dear LTO friends to survive/get a better life?

Sanna and Hans told us that Niklas has received spices sent to him from his previous host family in USA (when he was an exchange student years ago), but also that the customs put an duty of 300 DKK I believe on the spices, which is about about “crazy rules” (there is no duty if they were sent from inside EU!), and dry spices are an old symbol of darkness, and here an extra symbol to say that my own nephew Niklas was bringing me down with darkness because of his own selfishness when he was like a “pineapple in his own juice” to use what Natholdet on TV2 says when people are self-satisfied.

During dinner I noticed how Sanna and Hans kept on asking questions to John about this and that, and I thought that it is incredible that I am “not that interesting” since you did not ask me any questions (?), and it was first after dinner that my sister, when we were alone, asked me one question if I will receive (disability) pension from the Commune because the amount is higher than cash help, and yes this is what she was thinking of, and I told her that of course I would not and I also told her how humiliating it has been when the Commune “could not” understand me sending me to a psychiatrist, who did not know me and still was able to decide on all of his background and text books – “just like your background, Sanna” as I told her – believing that spiritual experiences are “hallucinations”, thus deciding that I am crazy, and yes my sister said that she understood this humiliation, but she did not think about that what she put me through doing exactly the same – to your own brother (!) – thinking that I was/am crazy and here believing that I should receive disability pension, was really the most humiliating of all, and yes I understood that my sister really still does not have faith in me and that it has been darkness telling me that my sister and also Hans believe in me, which they do not. And as I told my sister, everyone knows that I have my full working capacity, and I still work full time, and yes it made my sister think/say “this is also what you have shown at Falck”, and yes isn’t it incredible just how crazy the world has become that my sister is thinking like this without understanding that of course Stig is fully capable to work because there is NO difference to Stig now and before.

When having coffee we all watched “the Voice” on TV2, which we all like – except John, who retreated – and then I was given a show when both my mother and sister “broke down” the young judge Xander being incredible negative and it simply kept on and on and on about his immaturity and how unbearable he is to listen to, and later when watching a little of the gala show on TV2 Charlie, they had extremely negative comments on one person after the other, and yes I thought that it is the whole attitude, which is different, and they also had comments about the dancer Anders, who was dancing with Mie, in “crazy about dance” yesterday, and it was about just how poorly he was as a dancer, and I thought and decided to say “but it is fine that he is doing his best”, and all of this made me think about just how many hours my own mother and sister have cut me down when speaking about me behind my back, and yes in this case they are “easy targets” of darkness because they simply spoke out what darkness brought them and that is instead of deciding to do the right thing, which you by now know is to listen/read and KNOW what you speak of and NOT to be negative but positive, and you may understand by now that my scripts where positive and not negative as you believed, mother and Sanna (?), and yes yes yes, let me also say that my mother and sister are the most loving people too as I have said MANY times, and yes they love me much as I love them much, and this is really what is underneath all of this darkness, see?

I was HAPPY to see that my sister had brought stewed apples from their own private apple trees, and my mother had made rasp to “old fashioned apple cake”, but she told us that she started doing it wrongly but she discovered her mistake and corrected it, and this is how we had this apple cake together, and it was truly tasting very fine, which everyone said and I said that it was the best apple cake I have ever had, and of course the apples symbolise our New World, and the way to do it was for my sister via my mother to bring me energy of darkness, and yes I asked what kind of apple trees they have, and Hans said they give “big apples”, and he looked up the answer, and told me that they are “PINEAPPLE APPLES”, which truly made “sense” to me because it is the combination of “pineapples in their own juice” of my family together with me being able to take their darkness, which has brought the end result, which will become the most perfect New World as you can imagine.

I was told that bringing this life of darkness to my sister also saves negative consequences in relation to Karen, and also the world from bleeding, so this was pretty important too.

I noticed how my mother was looking at my stomach, and it seems as if she has stared herself blind to wanting to help me losing weight, and yes this is indeed what is very important to her – and I am told that this was to avoid the world from bleeding (!) – and much more than I at the moment, which brings me sufferings when I have to suppress my desire for cakes etc., which is difficult to do when you truly want to buy and eat that, but I am thinking that this will not continue like this for long.

During the first 2-3 hours I had constant anxiety that “now” my sister would start a dialogue about me for the family to lecture me, which was in itself a great suffering to come through, but they did not, and I was happy when my sister said that they at any time would be happy to visit me for a cup of coffee and to go for a beautiful walk, and my mother said that she – of course – was very happy to have her children together again, so what we did this evening was “packed in” with the love of our mother, so there you see :-).

I returned home after 22.00, and I continued receiving/feeling darkness/negativity, which made me say that I will continue my journey as long as I can, but I felt a relief to my right ankle, which will now not start to explode, and I thought that I am now the left ankle of our New World, and my sister is the right of everything, which has not been paired yet.

I was told that I can now say anything without darkness making us hurt, but I have decided to keep the same rules as a matter of goof sake.

So the day started with what looked like losing life, but it ended fine with the saving of all life.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My script of the 27th September had 5-6 visitors the 27th September according to the statistics of WordPress. This script included links to my two labour market memos on Scribd, which the same day received 55 and 32 visitors, where they normally receive 0-2 visitors per day (except from the 11th September where I also brought links to these two memos!), which is still telling me that I receive secret visitors of the official world reading my scripts without my counter on WordPress shows it, but my spiritual friends help Scribd showing it (!), and again if the click rate is 1%, there are approx. 5,000 “secret readers” to my scripts per day, and we will see if this number if “way off” when the true number and all identities of people visiting my website will be revealed, and yes because there you do not believe that I cannot bring this information to the world if you “cannot”, right (?), so what are you waiting on?

My script of the 27th September “officially” only had 5-6 visitors the 27th September according to my host WordPress

But my memo “Development of the best labour market in the world” (the green line) suddenly received 32 “secret” visits of the official world after clicking the link in my script of the 27th September where it gets 0-2 visits when I do not link to it

My memo “Development of the best labour market in the world – part II” (the green line) suddenly received 55 “secret” visits of the official world after clicking the link in my script of the 27th September where it gets 0-2 visits when I do not link to it GIVING 5,000 SECRET VISITORS TO MY SCRIPT WITH A CLICK RATE OF 1%!

  • (This is written before the chapter above visiting my mother/sister): Helena has been “close to they sky” – just like Johannes yesterday (!) – when she was chasing some incredible beautiful flowers, and besides from this she is not meant to go out, which 50 doctors have told her (the foot (?) but you were prepared to go to Copenhagen this weekend (?), and yes I don’t really understand), but in return she says that she is just as entertaining as an episode of “clown”, and clown is from a circus, and here about the risk of coming life into the black sack, and no you are NOT allowed to do this, and that is if you can help it!

  • (This is written before the chapter above visiting my mother/sister): TV2 says that Annette Vilhelmsen now brings doubts about whether or not Villy Søvndal will continue as minister if she gets elected as the new chairman in October, and Lars said “he is not to continue – out to the right with Villy”, and yes Villy is the symbol of losing parts of me, and Laily said “he is to get all out of the system – it cannot go quickly enough – such a CLOWN” and you do see the signs that we cannot bring all life with us, and you can almost not write this because of exhaustion and dizziness, so what can you do other than repeating that I will NOT allow life to die, so please do magic my spiritual friends and that is now or later, and it continued with negative people agreeing “Out with all of Socialist People’s Party” and yes darkness of negative, impatient and ignorant people shown to you again.

  • David was nice to say thank you for the cash help.

  • (This is written before the chapter above visiting my mother/sister): I was surprised to see that Scribd continued playing tricks on me today, where my number of followers, which has been 17 for a long time, now suddenly was “deleted” becoming zero (!) – they were there after recovering my Scribd profile the other day, and were first lost today – and I was told that this is life, which is being deleted because I cannot get the last out, and yes we know Stig if possible SAVE EVERYTHING and “part terminations” if possible and if NEEDED, and I am thinking that this life can never become terminated completely, it has to be inside “the mental container”, and I do hope that there is a “back way” to get this out, because this is NOT how I like it!

  • When I returned home from my mother/sister, Scribd had “decided” to bring back my 17 followers to say that now this life is saved instead of being lost, see?

  • Martin S.O. has returned to my website a couple of times finding “interest” in my script of the 27th September, and yesterday evening I decided to watch half of the video below where he speaks philosophy with the Danish philosopher Ole Fogh Kirkeby, and when reading a little about Martin and his resume, and hearing a little of this, I can say for sure that he knows much more than I do on many subjects, and what may be even more interesting is that he says that he is an “alien” born as a human being – just like men are born as women and vice versa – and in the Danish text below taken from the text of his video at YouTube, you can read that “according to himself, he comes with piece, and his main task is to help people on Earth to help solving their crisis’s before 21st December 2010 (which as you know is the beginning of a new time). Martin is unfortunately not allowed to solve the crisis’s himself – even though this would be the quickest – which is because people on Earth have to clean up after themselves as part of their maturity process (it is not the host, who will save the world!)”.
    • When writing this I was told that we needed a man bringing high frequencies to help lift you up to start our New World without energy, and when I was watching the video below, I was thinking that this is sounding as mad as it gets, and exactly as mad that it is convincing to me and yes because he speaks with sincerity and much wisdom, and I wonder how many believes in him or believes that he is crazy (?), and Martin this is the task you have been given yourself in relation to me, can you believe in me because of the exact same reasons or will you also decide to believe that I am crazy as many others have done (?), and yes are you “smart” enough to understand, or is your intelligence losing to your prejudices and laziness in relation to reading and understanding me?

Here is his text from YouTube: 

”TV Fra en Anden Planet (TVfap) er baseret på oplysning frem for underholdning og er derfor den diametrale modsætning til mainstream TV. TVfap bygger udelukkende på ekspertviden og trækker råde tråde gennem verdens mange kriser, som alle forsøges løst hurtigst muligt – helst i løbet af programmet, og i al fald inden 21/12 – 2012.

At programmets vært (Martin Spang Olsen) tilfældigvis er fra en anden planet bør ikke afskrække nogen. Ifølge ham selv kommer han med fred, og hans hovedopgave er at hjælpe jordboerne til at få styr på deres kriser inden 21/12-2012 (der som bekendt angiver begyndelsen til en ny tid). Martin må desværre ikke løse kriserne selv – selvom det selvfølgelig ville være det hurtigste – jordboerne skal nemlig rydde op efter sig selv som en del af deres modningsproces (det er ikke værten, der skal redde verden!).

TVfap er først og fremmest en platform for kriseløsning. Men udsendelserne kan også ses som inspiration for andre rumvæsner til at deltage i arbejdet med at vække jordboerne – et krævende stykke arbejde, som kun få indtil videre er lykkedes med.

Skæringsdatoen 21/12-2012 stammer som bekendt fra Maya-indianernes kalender, der ‘løber ud’ på denne dato, og derfor opfatter mange datoen som begyndelsen til en ny tid. Det bør dog bemærkes, at den oprindelige kalender er skrevet af rumvæsner i 4 årtusind f.v.t. og først på et meget senere tidspunkt blevet en del af Maya-indianernes kultur. Dens oprindelige formål var at sætte menneskelig udvikling på en slags formel, men projektet blev forladt igen til fordel for den mere observerende rolle, rumvæsner indtager i dag.

Datoen 21/12 er ikke vigtig i sig selv, men fordi en tilstrækkelig stor majoritet tror, den angiver et paradigmeskift, virker den selvopfyldende. Der kommer med andre ord et paradigmeskift, fordi jordboerne tror, der kommer et paradigmeskift. Denne udvikling blev naturligvis forudset af de rumvæsner, der i sin tid forfattede kalenderen, og som ønskede at fremme implementeringen af de bevidsthedsmæssige forandringer jorden undergår.

Men det ændrer ikke ved, at der er tale om reelle kriser. Kriser, som nu – i deres fremskredne form – kan danne klangbund for det bevidsthedsskift, jordboerne er på vej ind i.

Det er nemlig ikke længere muligt at løse kriserne uden et paradigmeskift, hvilket på den ene side gør Martins opgave med at “vække” jordboerne lettere, men på den anden side gør selve løsningerne af kriserne sværere, fordi de er så fremskredne.

Kriserne kan derfor ses som resultat af de forandringsprocesser, som indgangen til paradigmeskiftet sætter i gang, men i større perspektiv er de også resultat af den menneskelige hjerne, sådan som den blev konstrueret i sin tid ved hjælp af en gensplejsning af hominoider og rumvæsner for ca. 450.000 år siden. Mennesket blev den gang konstrueret som en autoritetstro “arbejdsmaskine”, der skulle skabe vækst for den daværende rum-minedrift, og da dette i længden blev anset for uetisk – og menneskene efterfølgende blev sluppet fri – fortsatte de med at tilbede alle mulige autoriteter og guder og arbejde for konstant vækst.

Lige så gavnlige disse egenskaber var i minedriften, lige så ødelæggende har de vist sig at være for jorden. Men alt dette var selvfølgelig også forudset og er indbygget i det arbejde, rumvæsner overalt på jorden gør i disse tider.”

  • I decided to send Martin this Facebook email – because he did not allow subscribers to write on his timeline – where I tell him that my challenge to believe or not believe in Martin is the same challenge as I have given him – ”Do I speak the truth or am I crazy”, Martin (?), and if he believes in himself, he has only one choice, which is to believe in me as a normal human being under cover to protect me from darkness, which would have killed me and destructed the world if it had discovered me. And I tell him that I have now shared him and his assignment with the world and tell him about how the elite of the world is reading me in secrecy, and yes aren’t you happy, Martin, to receive this help (?), or do you underestimate too (?), and yes I have decided to subscribe to Martin, which he has not “bothered” doing in relation to me, and why is that, Martin (?), is that because of a “wrong attitude” of yours?

  • I also shared my email to Martin on my Facebook timeline, and to tell people that for many it will probably be difficult to understand that Martin is an “alien” – “does he speak the truth or is he crazy” (?) – with the task to “help people on Earth to solve their crisis’s”, but if people decide to watch the video of him, they will see that he has much wisdom creating credibility, and his challenge to get people understand him, which is “impossible” to do, is really the same challenge I have had to get people to understand me, which has also been “impossible” to do, and the solution for both of us has been to appear with credibility, see?



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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