October 1, 2012: My sister and I are the Source as a mixer tap containing all information of our New World


Summary of the script today

30th September: My sister and I are the Source as a mixer tap containing all information of our New World

  • Dreaming of helping prostitutes/drug users through my old colleague Janne, who do not believe in me and continuing work to merger the two worlds of what used to be the 1st floor and the basement of our Old World, I am not popular by politicians preferring their present power bases and the Old World Order rather than to lose their old jobs in our New World, in our New World “you will be happy about all people starting from scratch on equal terms without punishment – after everyone has been reset”, and I do NOT like dictatorial managers deciding over the majority of people/employees.
  • My sister and I now work as a mixer tap when pairing information from the 1st floor and basement of our house, which we will continue doing for an eternity to come as the Source of our New World. Our New World has now expanded much. We have now started looking into this eternity of our New World.
  • Short stories of the day of rest being old fashioned, the worst darkness of Syria and Naser Khader, the echo of our New World is “only love”, Martin hit me on first one and then the other cheek with strong darkness, which was needed to enter and open life of darkness at the basement, and helping mankind to remove your selfishness.

1st October: Martin S. O. brought me incredible darkness to release life from – he “could not” understand me

  • Dreaming of extreme darkness trying to shut me down, incredible darkness also including incredible beauty/wealth of creation, suffering much because of “the rain of darkness brought to me”, and moving to Copenhagen to continue my game against darkness.
  • We are releasing life from darkness, which has never been done before, instead of having faith of man do it. Darkness tried to make me believe that some life would now start decaying, but later I was told that there are “no exceptions”, we are saving “every little thing” of everything.
  • Martin sent me his reply that ““I do not occupy myself with faith”, so he is an “alien” in a human body not having faith in God, which makes it “impossible” to believe in me – or maybe just a little, Martin (?) (to make the light come through) – and he wanted to hear what my skills are to help to “contribute to a positive development”, and it made me send him a long email to do my best to make him understand how his lack of faith in me sends me the worst darkness to help me uncover and save life inside of this, and that my skills are to create our New World including the foundation self of the paradigm-shift, which he is very occupied with, and I bring links to pages of my website to help him understand, and I spoke in a very direct language asking him if he is “blind or deaf” or simply have a “wrong attitude” to make him understand, but instead of reading to understand, he “could not”, but decided to focus on me being impolite in his mind (for telling him the truth), and it made him conclude – without reading – that I am deranged, and he repeated his question about my skills showing to the world that he “could not” understand my email, where I gave him a full answer. He was “too intelligent” and also lazy and know-all in relation to me to be able to understand, and eeehhh he did not believe in God, which did not make it easier, Martin? And in another Facebook thread, Martin brought the answer self to why he “cannot” understand me, which is because of the “opposite world” making his logics the opposite of mine, and he is WRONG where I am right.
  • Short stories of still trying to open up the eyes of “sceptical people” with stories of UFO’s and spiritual communication, darkness of Socialist People’s Party plays dirty games to cut down “my chairman candidate” (and me), it is pitiful to look at people in “prominent roles” of the Old World fighting to remain in power, Helena loves “wake up calls”, I am freezing and almost dying working inside the worst darkness, Jette brought me much darkness too.


30th September: My sister and I are the Source as a mixer tap containing all information of our New World

Dreaming of continuing work to merger the two worlds of what used to be the 1st floor and the basement of our Old World

I went to bed at 23.30 after having had strong marks to my left ankle, and I did not sleep that great until 08.00 with these dreams.

  • I am working at Vesterbro, Copenhagen, when all other are on holiday. I have written a memo of 5 pages on a social “patient”, whom I have decided not go give up on. Janne (old colleague from Fair) reads my memo, and I tell her that this is only part of the road of my future, there is a fine cycle race on TV, and I invite her to take all the ballpoint pens of my drawer as she would like, there are MANY and most of them are red with some blue too, and there are even more further down.
    • This is about my Facebook friend Janne working to help prostitutes/drug users at the most damaged area in Copenhagen, and I believe that the memo is to say that because I have decided to mentally support her work, my spiritual friends also support her work. The cycle race is darkness, which she brings me when not believing in me, Janne (?), and the red pens I share with her is to say that she is suffering herself because of her misunderstandings of me (?), and I do remember that her close friend/colleague Michael J. was also in this dream, and is that because you speak about me behind my back (?), and what do you speak about, your misunderstandings (?), and yes Michael “could not” accept me as a Facebook friend some weeks ago, and why was that, Michael?
    • I woke up to “Askepot” by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “Det er en lille og krukket dille”, which is a word game about a crocodile, and a crocodile of darkness is what Janne and Michael are.
  • Something about a new law, which has to come through in order to unite businesses. Kim S. is still working on this for a client while Søren from Dahlberg is swearing, which is working against this merger. I am looking inside a file drawer, which I normally am not allowed to, and I find a very nicely wrapped up written proposal to a “prospective” to merger, which I am surprised that Kim S. has not told me about before.
    • So this is about the continuous merger or “pairing” of information of what used to be the 1st floor and the basement, and Sanna was also mentioned in this dream, but I did not get the detail of this.
  • I am having lunch next to Helsingør central station, there are two benches, and I sit on one side of it occupying most of the sitting space, and on the other side sits the new chairman of Danish People’s Party, Kristian Thulesen Dahl, and he does not want to speak to me because I “fill too much”. Søren Espersen is there too commenting on Fair Insurance being the sponsor of the football club Hamburg SV, and he says that “this is the future”. A man of this dream called Nicolai Hübsch demands to receive another table.
    • I am not very popular with Danish People’s Party (?), and why is that (?), and is that because you do not “like” to become unemployed as politicians because you simply love the Old World Order and your “positions of power” of the Danish society (?), and yes, Fair Insurance means “the Old World” and this is to say that you are examples of politicians playing on the wrong football team, and that is that of darkness playing against me, and yes here symbolised by Hamburg SV and this is a reference to Frank Arnesen, the former national player of Denmark, and now sporting director of Hamburg SV, and you may like to speak about just how dirty the football world is at its highest level (?), and yes if you cannot be role models of the football world, how do you think you influence all levels beneath you (?), and yes the same as the political world, Bob, and that goes with the world in general.
  • I told someone not understanding that people will not be punished when repenting punishable crimes that “you will be happy about all people starting from scratch on equal terms without punishment – after everyone has been reset”, and this is to say that when we start a New World, it is a world without darkness meaning that there will be no police and no jails of our New World, thus also no punishments because crime will cease to exist – just so you know of course.
  • Peter A. is CEO and receives papers, which he does not know what they include, for him to sign, which he does, and he asks an employee with the best professional skills about education, and the employee says that he does not understand management education, which he has only had one subject of, and he prefers to work for the community, and Peter understands what he says believing that he is a leader and the employee is not.
    • This employees is me, and it is to say that Peter is NOT a good leader not being a true professional knowing about the details of work, and despite of this, darkness still makes him – and most manager of the world – believe that they are the best managers, and you should understand by now that I value the community to work as a community agreeing on the right solution, or follow the majority instead of having managers as individuals decide on what is “right” for everyone else, which I kindly ask you to remember in our New World.

My sister and I are the Source as a mixer tap containing all information of our New World

I was told “no more Honda now” (?), which is about whether or not I will continue receiving darkness, which I do simply because my sleep was poor making me tired today and I continue using some negative speech of darkness.

I was told that there are some of us who came along as the thin beer, and also that there were no one opening to my open wound, no one knows just how painful that is, and I felt my mother meaning that this was about the potential bleeding of the world.

I was told something like “we dig underneath this”, and I was shown a digger digging deep underneath something standing on the ground, and I was given “our lips are sealed” by Fun Boy Three and the lyrics “It doesn’t matter what they say, no one listens anyway” (about people “talking about us, telling lies”) and “that’s when they disappear” (after our “look right through them”), so this is what we are moving, people speaking lies about me behind my back.

At 09.00 I decided to take what I thought would become a long bath this morning, and there was no resistance from my spiritual friends.

I was told that we – my sister and I – now work as a mixer tap (when pairing information from the 1st floor and basement of our house).

I was told that we will not start the alarm now (to make the world bleed) if you should lose it, and that is because this darkness is now with another person, my sister, who don’t even know that she contains this, and I was told that this gives us time to to continue improving what we got.

I was shown a pork fillet about to reach 360 degrees around, which is to say that “everything” has become meat of our New World after being saved, and now we are putting this in order to make a perfect circle.

I was told that this is how far you could send it (darkness) away and that is inside my sister, and I still felt that this is on the edge of me, and I succeeded doing this instead of sending it to “Spain”, which is what the strong voices of my sister and mother etc. wanted me to do.

I was given a new out of this world pain to my right foot, which is about more information coming from the Source, which I was told and I will have to learn what this is about, but it will have to be the pairing of information contained by my sister as one part of the Source and myself as the other part.

I was told that this darkness can return to me from my sister via a small hole “if you want to”, and I asked my spiritual friends to reduce/remove any negative risks of this.

I was shown that the dark barrel of Elijah has broken, so you are “not with me”, Elijah (?) and that is other than the money, which you have decided to take because it is the “easiest” for you (?), and then you have decided to play the game of darkness ignoring me, and yes did you lose your faith in me too, or is there still some parts of your inner self still alive in relation to me, and yes I feel his heart beating not far from me, so he is still with me.

I was shown a tall marzipan ring cake now being replaced by a much bigger Advent wreath around it, which is our new expanded New World.

I was told that Sanna has now been built, and I felt wood and was told that everything is in there now. And I was told that we just have to find it, which may hurt a little, and shortly thereafter I was given a new pain to my right ankle, which was potentially a out of this world pain, but somewhat weaker now.

I was shown one Champagne after the other on a transport band and was told isn’t this our eternity and told that it is, and I was shown a dark locomotive being completely full of light, and I said that I don’t want the locomotive back, but to receive the content of it, and I was shown a giant ship laying to quay, and also a THICK bundle of fibre-optic cables being installed between my sister and I, and I was asked if we can continue making pairs forever (?), and was told that this is what my sister and I will do.

At 09.50 I received much pressure to get started with work, otherwise …. (!), and yes darkness was getting stronger again, and I decided to stand up at 10.00 – otherwise I can easily lie in bath for 2-3 hours (!) – and to get started, and that is because you never really know about the impact of negative consequences, and then it is better to keep on working, which never is of the negative, only the positive, and here it was to write and publish the chapter of my mother/sister of yesterday in order for this to be consolidated by people reading it.

I was told that we don’t need a key for this, we just are, and this is the first time we look into this vast concentration of eeehhh “nothing” and I was only shown darkness, but this is to look into the basement, and I am sure it will be easier to see later.

I was thinking that I don’t my sister to hurt and I was wondering how this is being set up because how can this darkness become good inside my sister when it was hurting me (?), and we know an answer will probably come, and later I was told “it is almost only light” so is this more a game than anything else (?), which it may be in order to get it “perfect”, and yes I am thinking that I am now one side of creation and my sister the other, which we bring together as one New World, and yes my thought was that this was the original creation around both sides of darkness – the physical and spiritual world – and we have saved both, and yes all of the spiritual world too, which is what was hidden in the basement (?), and yes I am not sure about this, but this is how it comes to me.

I was told that we don’t have to discuss what to put into the closet, because we just are, and have access to everything ever created.

I was thinking that if I had lost it yesterday, if would only have been the last thin edge of darkness, which we would lose and not all the light inside of it.

I finished writing and publishing the chapter of my mother and sister yesterday at 12.00, and at 13.00 I was so tired that I could almost not continue working, but I decided that I have to write the script of today and if possible it would also be good to update the summary of the book of September and to include recent information on my website – especially about my sister and I, which again means that I will not continue my work on Else’s script today.

At 13.45 I was told that we have entered the test phase of our New World, which I understood as the setup of future pairing of information of my sister and I, which we have set up while you have been working, and while working I have received marks to my right ankle/foot.

I noticed how Martin S. O. had visited my script of yesterday at 13.17, but he decided not to send me a reply, not to visit other pages of my website and also not to subscribe to me or become Facebook friends with me, but a couple of times afterwards until 14.30 I was given the feeling of him and also examples of sentences he read of the chapter of my sister/mother yesterday, which may be about him helping to “consolidate” this as the “alien” he is.

At 14.45 he decided to publish this about a dead prophet telling Saint Peter that other prophets have followers with a sense of humour, and yes this is my feeling, i.e. that I do not have followers and only few at least – besides from the official world reading in secrecy – and is this also to say that you are not a “follower” of mine, Martin, or do you have to digest this information of mine first?

I was told that if I had not received the cough attacks as I did a few nights, John would have died.

I was shown that we are now sailing into Venice as the “hidden world”.

I received a couple of new “heart attacks” coming very suddenly and feeling differently to what they use to do, and it is just to say that darkness is still coming to me, and yes I wonder if this is about converting the locomotive now inside of my sister to become light all of it, and it may be.

I went for a walk and I felt how completely “broken down” I am also today and that is physically and despite of all, darkness keeps coming to me with an overwhelming strength and I was told one person after the other resisting me and not having faith in me sending me darkness layer upon layer, and this is what is still blocking me being the worst pain “impossible” to come through and I keep telling myself to continue for maybe two months – if I can – and I was told that we continue the process to convert darkness to light and yes on the edge of me, and no you are not welcome as darkness as you tried by placing one of your dark stick in me, you have to become light first, and I heard some darkness saying “why did you not say this” when it was on its way to become light, and later other darkness told me that this is about picking the mixer tap otherwise eehhhh they win, which will save us all, and yes these are the actors still receiving darkness, which we are still converting, and it will have to be the last frame of it full of light inside.

I was going to play music on Grooveshark and wondered why the screen kept on blinking and an invisible address showing up also blinking at the same time as the key symbol to the left of the address of the Opera browser was also blinking, and it did this maybe 30 seconds and I was told that you don’t need a key, there is a whole world behind this and I understood this as the secret electronic network, which the Internet is build on top of (?) and also that I am going to have access to EVERY LITTLE THING you have here and everywhere else for that matter and that goes with everything, which you have erased too, and just so the world will know of course.

At 17.20 I was so broken down and dizzy that I decided to publish the script, but not to do what I had planned – the last summary of September and an update to my website – and that was simply because this day was also “terrible”.

I published my script at 17.35 and was about to stop work but I received a strong encouragement to at least update the front page of my website with information about my sister, which I decided to do, and this made the previous information about the most inner part of God to be woken up with faith of man disappear, and instead the page now includes this paragraph of September 2012, and yes to consolidate this decision.

“In September 2012 I received the keys of life of all potential God’s of “sleeping life” inside an eternity of the Source of energy, which darkness had tried to hide from me in an attempt to “break off” me to become “nothing”, and I transferred the last part of God and this energy of darkness as the structure of our Old World to our New World while the Universe was bleeding to bring energy and the Yangtze river turning BLOOD red as a symbol hereof, and after this we discovered life without energy, brought the last part of God and this energy of darkness back to our Old World, created our New World without energy and we started pairing information of what used to be the first floor of our Old World and what until now has been hidden information of the basement of our Old World, which would have exploded if it was not for the discovery of life without energy, and this information of “the basement” was transferred to my sister, Sanna,  and together, she and I will work as the Source  as a mixer tap containing and pairing all information from both sides of previous darkness bringing one New World, and this stream will continue for an eternity to come constantly developing and improving the creation of all of our New World, i.e. to make the wine of the world continue tasting better for an eternity to come.”

I was given the “Nazi-feeling” during the day within this darkness coming to me, and I was told that when I at the Jægerspris summer camp as boy wrote on the sheet of one of the others “Sovsen-Jensen was/slept here” and afterwards stroke it out, it was a symbol of coming terminations, which the digital drop-outs to the picture of my TV (always focussed on people) were also about.

I was told that if I should lose it now, it is only a question of when the last darkness enters and not if it enters, and yes it sounds convincing as normal, but is it really?

I was told by darkness “is he still alive, is he not dead yet, we just had to check before we will continue”, and yes I’m alive.

I received an ENORMOUS pressure on me including heart pain, much tiredness and extreme pain to my left foot and I was actively encouraged to stop the game, but no, not yet and yes I also passed this one, and I wonder if Martin S.O. really can send so much darkness to me – on top of everything else – but this is the best answer I have.

Underneath this game I am also often told “thank you” and “this day has also been of great importance” etc., and at some point I felt that I am “very close” to speak directly to the actors self making this game continue on my wish.

During the evening I received much annoying speech and visions, which were not important enough to come to the script, or difficult to understand, and the only effect they had was to bring me more sufferings because of extreme darkness coming my way, and yes to make my temper becoming negative, but even though it was EXTREMELY annoying, I came through.

I was shown Spiderman lying on the floor of the bathroom with the feeling that he is myself overtaken by darkness, and also that this is the absolutely last darkness, and next to me lay my dead mother, which is how it could have been with my mother being the world, and no I did not like this vision, but I may tell you that Spiderman is my all time favourite cartoon hero, and yes I had other visions/speech about death and destruction, so STRONG darkness, and yes Martin sent me an answer late in the evening, which is included in my script of tomorrow, so there you have it, extreme darkness coming from this man.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Denmark has had pretty strict rules about stores having to be closed at Sundays as the day of rest, and per 1st October, this crazy regulation (!) becomes liberated allowing all stores to be open at Sundays too, and this comes as a reaction to my old decision that I really think that having a day of rest is “old fashioned”, and yes man will decide when to work, rest, pray and attend services as long as you make sure always to be “responsible” and never forget about me again.

  • Naser said that Assad’s executioners executed 19 men of his birth town Barzeh including another member of his family. The same day several houses were levelled with the ground including even more deaths among others this small girl, and yes have you ever seen anything worse than this (?), and I gave my condolences and told him that everything will become good after this “the worst darkness” even though it may be difficult to see now, and when writing “have you seen anything worse” and “the worst darkness” I received strong feelings of this being the characteristic of Naser self as a “gentlemen”, who was soaked up by the sour lemon of the secret government of USA!

  • The other day I told you about receiving “beers”, i.e. darkness, as the echo, and here Susanne was inspired to show how the echo of our New World works, which is “only love”.

  • Chanell asked Martin a question “as one alien to another” (!), and it was about “empathy”, “where does all of the Jesus phenomenon come from and should you turn your other cheek when being hit” (?), “what about guilt and sense of guilt as the Jews, who were gassed .. is it their own fault and should they look nearer home when they died in powerlessness” and “has man a tendency to blame others because it because of their own karma”?
    • Martin decided to answer that ”the other cheek does not come from Jesus, it is much older, where you practised parts of what later was collected in the gospels”, “Jesus was a myth before he became a person, but him, you read about in the Bible, has not existed. The practise of none-violence (“turn the other cheek”) has existed with both the Pythagoras’, Neoplatonism, Cynicism and other philosophical schools, which are 300-600 years older than Jesus”. “Sense of guilt is an universal concept probably a part of the collective unknown. Don’t mistake this with “real” guilt – there is no cause-effect in the sense of guilt, but of course it can be activated by an action. The question is only if the feeling released the (self-)destructive action of vice-versa”, and I wonder if this story is “planted” to say that Martin sent me much darkness hitting me on one cheek, and after this I turned the other cheek, and what did you decide to do, Martin (?), to hit me on this cheek too because I was not “good enough” to be Jesus to you?
    • While writing this at 15.30 I I felt Lyngby Library and was told that we are now getting access to everything inside of here, which used to exist, which we had lost hope to ever see again, and I was told look there is a chandelier … – and also that the reason why we can enter this now, is because of the strong feelings of darkness sent to me by Martin.

  • Helena was on the ferry from Århus, Jutland, to Odden, Zeland, so it seems as if you saw Søren after all this weekend, and she thought that 26 DKK for a Cocio chocolate milk is expensive and said that she is locked up with her hangover’s, and these are simply symbols saying that you are selfish, i.e. the chocolate milk, and darkness self, i.e. being drunk, and Anders said that he did not have a helicopter nearby to drop cheap chocolate milks for her, and yes funny that he should chose to write about a helicopter in this situation (?), which makes me think about Jack and helicopters, which is what you work with, Jack (?), or used to work with, and here a helicopter is more to say that I am lifting up the world to avoid the selfishness of Helena as a symbol of most people today, and at least from the rich world, and yes Anders was speaking about a friend of his flying a helicopter to help saving people at distress at sea, and this is symbolically what I speak about, to help mankind in distress, which includes to remove your selfishness. Helena also said that “Cocio is magical”, which is to say that we have transformed darkness to light, and it is about to become magical :-).


1st October: Martin S. O. brought me incredible darkness to release life from – he “could not” understand me

Dreaming of receiving incredible darkness also including incredible beauty/wealth of creation

I went to bed at approx. 23.30 and slept somewhat better than yesterday, but not good really, with these dreams.

  • I enter the computer room late in the evening, and suddenly all power of light and to the computer turns off.
    • I wake up as in a nightmare being very afraid of what is in the darkness of this room, and it was with the feeling that this will end the Old World self, but no, I will not let darkness shut me down.
  • I am together with an EXTREMELY rich Italian man and notice his incredible beautiful wife from Sweden. We travel to Denmark attending a large reception with MANY people, and this Italian man is delighted with Danish sandwiches, which I don’t understand because they are dull compared to Italian food in my mind. I am very close to being together with his wife, who is very interested in me, and very close for the Italian man to discover it. When I look outside from this house, I see the most extravagant building I have ever seen, and there is a VERY long and narrow swimming pool – almost like a stream – MUCH longer than any pool I have ever seen before, and many people are swimming in it.
    • This is “incredible darkness” coming to me, and again this is what Martin S. O. brings me and inside this darkness, there is MUCH suffering life, and it also includes the greatest beauty/wealth of all creation, and I thought about Berlusconi here, and yes a part of “the worst darkness”.
  • I woke up to “Solitudevej” by Elga Olga, and the lyrics “Om manda’n. I regnvejr. På Solitudevej” (”on the Monday, in rain, on Solitude road”), and it is Monday today, and the rain is about the extreme darkness coming to me.
  • I also remembered a dream about moving into a new apartment in Copenhagen (to continue my game against darkness).

We are releasing life, which has never been separated from darkness before, instead of having faith of man do it

I was told isn’t it funny that you are suffering because of your mother believing you take too long to find a new desk etc., so it is also my mother bringing me pain without knowing it.

At the shower I was told that there is darkness, which has never been separated before meaning that this job is “impossible” to do, and yes, if possible, we are releasing life, which “faith of man” should have done, but you know that before “faith of man” would come, you would have to give up, and since you don’t want to give up, if you can, you have decided that we will continue, and so it is.

I continue automatically receiving the words “you are welcome” to which I add “as light” and “you are not welcome” to which I add “as darkness”, and yes more important than you should think.

I was told “are you also one who was going to become “assistance of the lawyer” (?), which is about continuous saving of life inside of here.

It took longer than expected to write the email to Martin – see the following chapter – so it was 15.00 before I went to the library in order to create the PDF version of my September scripts, which I had updated with the last part of the summary, and just before arriving at the library I was told that we are close to a putrefactive process and I was shown how a saw started sawing through my fingers from the top, which was truly uncomfortable to hear, but no, it was NOT accepted.

So I quickly did the PDF-document without problems, and I logged into Facebook and when I wanted to log into Scribd to publish the new document, I decided to use my Facebook login as login here too, and I decided to accept a new link to be made to between my Facebook and Scribd profiles also thinking that I could edit it so Scribd would not post automatically on my behalf, and yes what happened (?) and only as you can see below that Scribd now claimed that I have no document uploaded and no followers, which is the same as “nothing”, and it almost gave me a heart attack to see because of the mere shock it gave, and I felt darkness with me and the feeling of throwing up, and I thought what has now happened, how can Facebook and Scribd mess things up like this?

But I decided to check previous Scribd postings of mine to see if the links would still bring me to my Scribd documents, or if they had been cancelled, and I was happy to see that they still existed and that everything is saved, but Scribd had changed my profile name “Stig Dragholm” to “stigdragholm” and that is because they understood the request by Facebook as a request to create a new profile instead of using what I had, and then they changed the name of my old profile, and no I don’t understand how you have designed this, and is it me being “crazy”, or did something go wrong when you designed it so not even I can find out how to use it?

Despite of this nervousness that it still brought me – I was thinking if I could delete the new link when I came home without deleting my Scribd account, but I decided that it would logically mean that I would delete this new account and to be calm about this – I cycled to the swimming hall, and I was given pretty strong tries to make me believe/accept that I would create energy with the logics being that I am removing energy, and it was almost converting me, but I stood my grounds, and when exercising I asked darkness to tell me the truth, and I was told that there are “no exceptions” and that is to life because nothing escaped me, and this is also why I receive pain to my left ankle/foot, which is to adjust our New World with what we have saved.

Later I was told that we are only those binding together all the meat, which you have already saved, and yes I will fight my best for all life using the same amount of energy really.

When I came home, it was as I thought, which is that I could remove this new Scribd account, and keep my old account even though I now cannot get my old profile-name back, which I do NOT like, and I was told that “we cannot cheat you anymore”, which is really about trying to make you believe that life will be terminated, and yes, it was not because of the will of Martin, but because of the WRONG (lack of) actions of Martin, when he as an “intelligent person” also “could not” understand me, and yes you have to READ in order to understand, how difficult is this to understand (?), and yes Jette, Martin was about darkness as I was told when I answered your question the other day, you see?

I had to work much of the evening to finish the script of today and NO, I still do NOT enjoy doing this, my hands are hurting me making writing very difficult, and I had new pain to my behind when doing this, so my father is still bringing me darkness too, and yes isn’t it amazing that we are in October 2012 and my close family still “don’t know” about me, and yes how crazy can you get?

Yesterday I was told about Berlingske and today the editor-in-chief Lisbeth Knudsen having a “co-ordinating” role in relation to me, and this was said together with the fact that I have no virus protection or firewall blocking access to my computer, and I wonder if this was “too big a temptation” for the media and “others” to resist (?), and that is to break into my “private home” without my knowledge trying to find information “confirming information about me”?

I was told at the same time that “now we have (not) succeeded to open this lock too”, which was both that we had and had not succeeded to save the last life of hidden darkness, and I was told that this is what the game will be about now.

And this plane was designed to crash on Friday, but no, this is now also being released”, and yes because of the publish of this script”. I was told “you came too late with the post – because of China” and “much else”, which we had prepared to tell you when life would be terminated and “too late” to save, but you would not allow us and it required an attitude, which today is also a good example of. I went to my edge also to produce this script.

Finally at 23.10 I had published this script too, and yes it was also one of those “I am not sure I can do it but I can give it a try scripts”.

LTO: There are “no hard feelings” of the team, “and the darkness seems to be going away

Meshack was kind to send me this follow-up email telling me about how the team of three – without John – met and how John had accepted Meshack to give his share to Elijah, so now there are “no hard feelings” of the team, “and the darkness seems to be going away”, which I am happy to hear, but you may understand that this was also not the easiest task to complete, which took out much sacrifice of Meshack to do, which I appreciate much. Thank you :-).

Here is his email:

Hope this mail finds you well. I could not send a mail to you Saturday because i went home the same day. I managed to go to Nairobi after getting the cash which was 35,991 and we met the three of us but we were unable to meet John because his phone was off but i had communicated with him earlier and he had told me he had no problem with me deducting his share and give Elijah which i did and send the rest to him. The meeting was okay without any hard feeling and i can tell you we are now okay and the darkness seems to be going away. I will communicate with you in more details this week.

Kind regards,

Before receiving the email from Meshack, I had this chat with David, and I thought that John was afraid of meeting Elijah, and I wonder if this was the case, John, or if your mother was too sick (?), and I don’t want to speculate in this and only want to say that I send my best wishes for all of the team and all of your families encouraging you to stick together and to do what is RIGHT instead of being tempted to do what is WRONG, which should be “easy” for you.

Martin S. O. brought me incredible darkness to release life from – he “could not” understand me

I saw the Facebook email from Martin below and later I was told isn’t it him who was appointed to stick out our eyes, but you would not let him, and now you have shown his “act” to the world to “get attention”, and yes a man without faith other than “intuition, common sense and experience” as he says, because he is too busy to read and understand “the saviour”, so now you have also shown how bright people believe that they are more than others having the right answers themselves without being “able” to understand because of this attitude, and the only answer is that YOU NEED TO READ ME IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND, “intelligence” will bring you no where in this respect.

I was told that some people believe they can build a New World, a “new Jerusalem”, without me, and that goes with rulers, who don’t want to stand forward and here you have met another example, an “alien” not believing in me.

I was told that Martin has also been in here testing (the world of “hidden darkness”), but “don’t let him know” and yes this is said because he does not want to share his “secrets” with you.

So here we go again, and yes much translation, and what does he really say here (?), and yes it is not decisive for him if people believe that he comes from another planet, this is just the form he uses to get attention, and then he says “I do not occupy myself with faith (!!!). Only intuition, common sense and experience. It is therefore not decisive for me if you are who you say you are. I would rather hear what skills you believe you have – or possibly share with your “alter-ego. Many have called themselves “saviours” through time, and some of them have really possessed skills. Therefore I ask you: Which skills do you possess (?) (and I do not speak about diffuse skills like being able to create light out of darkness). Concrete, what do you want to do to help your fellow people?. And do you have skills, which you believe are not released yet. If so, what does it take to activate them? The world is under pressure – if you can contribute to a positive development, it will be well received everywhere. To show your skills in practise is really better than to speak (and write) about them, right?

When I decided to bring a “proper” reply to Martin instead of only a short reply as I first believed that I would, I was given a strong taste of fish, and yes he is making me “stronger” all the time, and that is when I go through darkness of Martin, and when I was writing my answer, I continued receiving a famous song with lyrics like “I know you”, but I have not yet figured out what song it is even though it is playing actively inside of my head, and this is to say that Martin and I do know each other on the other side, and what we are doing here in the physical world is helping us on the other side to continue/complete this mission a New World (record) bringing together “two versions” of our New World really, and this is my FAVOURITE BAND from the very inspired album “A New World record”, and “music” also means “warm feelings/love”, which is what my inner self expresses through these lines, and actually say when I am just writing the words.

Just before sending my email to Martin I received a new feeling of “nothing” going through me, but it is not strong almost killing me as it was weeks ago, and I was told “much”, and this is life, which is going to be saved because of my decision to “help” Martin to understand, but maybe he will decide to ignore/block me instead of opening to me (?), and maybe he will do both, but my email will still open some more of his heart, which this is about?

So here is my reply to him where I tell him that he is a man of considerable importance, who right now goes through the mission of his life (!), which I try to explain him, and also that I am excited to see if he has the patience, openness and common sense to understand his own meaning in relation to the completion of the creation of our New World, which is exactly what I (my inner self) bring the world by converting darkness to light, which however is too diffuse/impossible for him to believe in, which only is because he has not yet been able to read/understand me, and it is our New World which contains the paradigm-shift, which he likes to speak about.

I tell him that I am the answer to his search and my “skills” appear from my website – and yes I have already told him earlier that I have not opened my eyes to my new self – and also that he can read to understand or don’t to misunderstand, and also that he has an intelligence, which only very few possess, but this is sadly not a guarantee against a know-all and lazy attitude in relation to me, which is what brings him on “thin ice”, and “thin ice” is used because of the shock I have given him (as so many else).

And I continue by saying that his lack of faith and wrong attitude including his high placement in the hierarchy of the Universe has brought “endless darkness” to me including “endless sufferings”, and through overcoming these suffering, it is the opening to an important part of creation, which darkness has kept hidden for me until recently because of lack of faith/support in me, as Martin fully shows, and this is to make this part of creation a part of our New World instead of terminating, and this is the very real “play” I am playing with him.

And I even explain to him what darkness is, which has destroyed almost an eternity of worlds before ours, but now this will end with the end of darkness because our new creation contains light only with darkness, which is really as easy as it is said (including to do this work at this stage of my journey).

I tell him that this is about reading and understanding me instead of focusing on his own narrow interests, and in reality about the “all great picture”, which was really about the full size picture I was developing including “every little thing” because this is what his darkness “helps” me to enter and save.

Furthermore I tell him that my “unimportant” pages is the foundation self of the coming paradigm-shift, which is a subject he is VERY interested in, but obviously not enough for him to open his eyes to the truth as I present him, and I ask him if he blind and deaf, or if it only is his attitude, which is wrong?

I tell him about our New World as the gift of God to the Universe and I give him examples of my webpages, which will be spread by God to all life of the Universe as the foundation of our New World, and I tell him with direct words given to me by my spiritual friends – the Trinity – that he does not believe in me because he believes that a “new Jerusalem” can be created without the creator self (?) and “is this really the reality you experience without understanding that you have been made a fool”, and yes these words were given to me very directly, Martin, so is this how you experience it (?), and not easy when there is “no God” in your world, and that is because God was overtaken by darkness and only partly active on Earth, see?

And I told him that I am the wood and he is one tree of the wood and I recommend him to open his mind and to start reading me carefully because there is NOTHING more important than this, and also to help spreading my words when he understands.

At the end of the email I told him that I am also an “alien” made up by ALL life of the Universe because I am EVERYTHING, and I asked him if he will open up and chose to continue being blind and deaf bringing me even more sufferings from the darkness that he sends me. He should be happy for my email, because these are the feelings I send him, and if he feels anything else, it is darkness he receives.

This is what my “skills” are about, Martin. To write is my sword to defeat darkness, and when I bring this to the world, I am defeating your darkness too because my word is the law. This is how I “contribute to a positive change”, do you understand?

And no, Martin did not understand (!), he did not “have time” to read the pages of my website as I had given him – I checked and yes no visits by Martin (!) – but he was very active in other Facebook threads today, so it was simply his attitude, which was wrong, but “impossible” it is also for “wise Martin” to understand today because he has made up his mind that he is right, and I am not, so therefore he decided to say that he is not lazy (also in relation to me, Martin???) or have a wrong attitude, and he claims that “I really try to understand you” and adds “even though you are deranged” (!), and “but it does not mean that I will reject you or avoid reading your messages. If you keep a proper tone and do not accuse me for one or another, you are welcome here”, but I am not welcome when telling the truth, because the truth is the opposite, i.e. not the truth, in your Universe (?), and he repeated “when this is said, you have still not answered my question. What is your skill? What can you do, which can qualify you to saviour? And to fight darkness is not enough – I also wrote that before”, and yes, Martin, did you not read and understand my email to you, which I had been careful to write to you so you should be able to understand (?), so I answered that I am not deranged, impolite or speak untrue, but try to make him open his eyes, which requires a very direct language as it does to many others too, and I tell him that he could have chosen to focus on the content of my email and do a real try to understand – but “impossible” it was because I was “impolite”, Martin (?), and that is for speaking the truth directly (?) – and I said that I have given him my full answer, and if he cannot understand it is truly because of his wrong attitude, but the New World will come to you too, Martin, “mark my words”, which was to say that I will NOT accept any life to be lost because of Martin’s darkness, and Martin said “mark mine too”, and yes I have, Martin, I understand and have faith in you, but you were “too wise” in order to “be able” to understand and have faith in me, see?

After this I was told that Martin “keeps thinking about this”, and yes he will receive new thoughts/inspiration because this is what you have asked us to do, and yes to tell him the truth because I am stronger than the dark voice/thoughts you bring him – and at 20.43 I saw that he had decided to visit the front page of my website, so maybe it is indeed possible to open a corner of interest of a “spaceman without faith”, Martin?

In this other Facebook thread, which Martin as example had “good time” to comment – following his “interest” (!) – he said “cogito ergo sum” (“I think, therefore I am”), and isn’t it funny that all thoughts that you are thinking are given to you spiritually and it is for you as a human being with free will to decide what to do and what to believe in (?), and this is simply to say that “you think because God created you” and now you have met your creator as another ordinary human being before I will open up to myself to become the man, which also you would associate with a creator.

And this continued by these “philosophy-freaks” with Søren saying “Alea iacta est” meaning “events have passed a point of no return, that something inevitably will happen”, which in my book is about our New World coming, and this quote comes from Sueton’s Caesar-biography, and Mikael said that it was from Asterix too, which Martin confirmed that it was, and yes Asterix is given to you, Martin, to make you understand that the small Gallic village of Asterix symbolises the amount of light and all of the Roman forces the amount of darkness of the world when I started my journey and this is what I had to fight, and this is why I am born as a normal human being in order to hide from darkness, which otherwise would have killed me and ended the world (again), and yes I have already told you once, and it should not be necessary to tell you again in order to understand, should it (?), and yes this is why you have not seen me as the creator yet having the skills of “everything”, which also includes to create a new planet in front of your eyes, which I will do when I will open the eyes of my new self, so do you start seeing, Martin (?), and yes it is about this thing called “openness”, and this was really about this “crazy little thing called love”, which the spirit of my mother here brings me, and that is to say that because Martin thought you were crazy too, Stig, he brought all darkness directly to us, and yes when you did not break down to darkness, it is really easier to look into this compared to not having access to it, and yes Martin, this is also what you brought me, do you start to understand by now (?), and Martin received direct inspiration when he wrote “jacta est alea” is what you normally say, but why not turn it all around to confuse us all” (?), and this is really to tell you, Martin, that the world was turned “the wrong way” in order for extreme sufferings of the physical world (everything from wars to crime and poor behaviour, communication and work) to become extreme strength of our spiritual world in order to be able to go through darkness to reconnect with the Source, to create a New World, resurrect my previous inner self Jesus and save all of the Old World and to do this before the end of time in December 2012, and had we not turned around the world, we would not have been able to do this, and this is also to tell you that you receive “opposite messages” (in relation to me), which are logics to you, but is really the opposite, see (?), and ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TO READ WITH AN OPEN MIND AND OBJETIVELY UNDERSTAND MY WEBSITE, and you will obtain faith in me too, and yes IT IS AS EASY AS THAT, MARTIN, and now you are used as an example too as MANY before you.

The thread continued here and ended with Martin saying “I am sorry, it is me being ignorant”, and yes just like you were in relation to me, and this was a “set up” or inspired story provided by my spiritual friends for me to bring here too to help you and the world understand.

After this I was told that today is the day where Martin’s life has changed, and later I felt and was told that he is sad about me too, and there is really no reason, Martin, you should be sad about yourself and your “inability” to understand because of your wrong attitude and laziness/know-all in relation to me, this is what it is about, and then it is no longer as we say here.

And if Martin invited me to become a Facebook friend (?), no he did not (!), but of course he was open enough to subscribe to you on Facebook and maybe also Scribd (?), and no, he was NOT (!), and even though “it’s getting late” I can say that it’s not too late for you to do 🙂 – and also not too late to say that you are sorry, did you get it – and yes, I do believe that we did, Stig, and yes it is not a big parrot (talking about me), but a giant crocodile (of darkness) you had to pull in, and this required an “out of this world” pain for you to go through, and this is what Martin brought you as a man belonging to “people of other civilizations” as I like to call other people of the Universe instead of “aliens” or “extraterrestrials”.

After publishing my script, I sent this email to Martin where I invited him to bring his comments if he feels that he would like to share something with “the elite of the world” reading us (?), and I asked him if he will now meet me with silence because this is the easiest for him to do as so many others (?), and I told him that he did what was wrong, which was right in order to save the world because the world was turned around in order to save it, and yes will you be “able” to understand, Martin (?), and yes it depends on your attitude and free will to decide and that is really if you have the patience, openness and common sense to read and understand, do ya?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Still trying to open up the eyes of “sceptical people” blocking simply because they do not want to believe what they do not “like”.


  • And it continued here, and yes the power of darkness/stupidity is strong, but not impossible to break. 

  • Yesterday, the top of the Socialist People’s Party had decided to play our a “trump card” – or so they believed – leaking from a “confidential meeting” that “my candidate”, Annette Vilhelmsen, voted blank to the economical policy of the government, and in their minds, this would mean that the Socialist People’s Party cannot continue in government with Annette as the chairman (!), and yes these people are “completely crazy”, and let me say that in our New World there will be no such thing as “confidential meetings” when it comes to work related items, and here I do NOT like at all this dirty political game of people working against each other only because of their own “interests” to remain in power – and yes how many politicians and “secret governments” do the same right now all over the world (?), and we know there is NOTHING you can do, you are all going to close down with our New World Order coming (!) – and Fathi from the party, who is supporting Annette and not Astrid, says that this “demonization and frighten campaign” is ungraceful and damaging to the whole party, and I said that it is darkness trying to fight light at a much deeper level than people can imagine, and it is darkness leading the management of this party trying with all power and shady methods to keep power, and they do it while the world is watching (through my scripts), and I do NOT like to see this at all, Fathi, and yes maybe you would like the party to know, and maybe the party reads Fahthi’s Facebook threads too, and yes “who does he believe he is, this Stig character” (?), and yes the one, I am! Jan said that it is clear that the Danish Social Liberal Party is the fifth column, which has the leadership of the Socialist People’s Party (!), and they are not interested in losing their minister posts and therefore they will stop at nothing, and I wonder if it is Margrethe Vestager standing behind this attack on the Socialist People’s Party to control the Government from within her power bastion as the darkest darkness of all (?), and yes Margrethe, you may come out now, you have been revealed :-).

  • Jens said that politicians coming directly from youth organizations (and others too, Jens?) and into the Parliament don’t have the grace of doubt in relation to their own skills, and they bring their dirty CHRISTMAS games (!) into the Parliament in their own internal power struggles, because they believe that politics is something you “play”, and yes Jens, what you are watching is indeed a play between darkness and light, and who do you think will win this round too?

  • Peter said that it looks like “lamb beating” to Astrid Krag, and he does not understand why Astrid and the party have smeared Annette, and then he speak of different “leaders/ministers” of the old school, who are not to expect a new “prominent role” under Annette, and yes this is the darkness of the Old World I am fighting, selfish people fighting to remain in power, and yes isn’t it pitiful to look at?

  • Marianne sits and wait for the Socialist People’s Party to implode with a HUGE BANG (given to Marianne with inspiration because of the darkness of politicians, which would have exploded the hidden world of darkness in another scenario), because of the attack of the management of the party on Annette, and she says that everyone has seen through the crisis of the party, which the party tries to conceal, which says something about their credibility and here it comes “Spring cleaning wanted”, and yes this is what you are going through and here at 22.30, I received a small double heart attack, and yes thank you Martin & Co. bringing this to me, and maybe there are also one or two MP’s of the Danish Parliament bringing me darkness.

  • Helena loves “wake up calls”, and yes I will try to remember so I will also wake you up, Helena :-).

  • Dan thought this logo was really funny, and it comes from a plumber good with rhyming in Danish saying that “if the madam is freezing, call Mammen. If she is all cold – call 112”, and this is to say that while I continue plumbing inside our New hidden World, I am freezing and almost dying because of the darkness of unbelievers like you, Dan.

  • When I hear the phrase “shit happens”, which I really do not like at all, I think of the Predator movies just before the monster blows himself up with a HUGE BANG, and it made Jette say “hummm, don’t you drink beer at all” (?) and these “hmmm” have now come to me several times lately as this (almost) also is, and this is of course Vivian’s favourite expression, and herewith a threat of my “old nightmare”, you know, and why is that (?), and yes because of “the beer” of Jette, and Jette, you have also brought much “lovely darkness” to me for me to enter/suffer from, and you do know that it was because you were too weak to overcome my positive encouragements for you too improve, which made you do the opposite, which was to stop work and herewith you chose the Devil instead of me, but it was as darkness I (also) needed you, so this was really good even though it was bad – the opposite world, you know – and yes I do not cry over spilled milk with “milk” also symbolising my “old nightmare” and that is because I will NOT accept this to be carried out, which would spill coffee of our world, which is to lose love of the life we would have to say goodbye to, but thank God that this did not happen, and yes you did wrong, but this is what we expected, so this is why it became right, see? And thank you for bringing Martin and I together, so I could enter extreme darkness and switch on this hidden world as part of our New World too, which I would not have been able to do without the extreme sufferings, which he brought me, and yes he still does not understand, but he will “mark my words”.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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