October 3, 2012: I live at ”the Kingdom of Heaven” next to ”the Kingdom of Earth” separated by “the end of the world”


Summary of the script today

2nd October: I live at ”the Kingdom of Heaven” next to ”the Kingdom of Earth” separated by “the end of the world”

  • Dreaming of being on my absolutely last part of my suffering journey and politicians are generally not to be trusted, Lars Løkke and the Old World Order is coming to an end, the Internet is built on top of the secret network of the world, which will also come to an end, I am playing golf and still winning, I am on my way home after going through much sufferings, Fuggi also brought darkness to me burning down my school to stop my journey, and Helena/Søren Pind was attacked by Henrik Sass Larsen again to underline that politicians generally cannot be trusted and play a dirty game.
  • I was told that we have rescued life from the Old World without being there, because our New World started is it almost half a year ago (?), and my spiritual friends have imitated darkness for me in order to locate and recreate all lost information of the Old World. If we had opened the New World without this, it would have brought much pain/sufferings and we would have lost MUCH old life, but I decided to save/recreate everything first.
  • I ended reading Else’s script on Tvind showing how a “totalitarian dictatorship” controlling, dictating and exploiting people removes the personality, individuality, confidence and free will of people making them believe that they are “nothing”. This is NOT how I like you to build a future world. This is darkness at work both for Tvind and totalitarian states like China, Russia, Nazi-Germany etc.
  • I learned from Else’s script that the area where I live at Hellebo Park is called for ”the Kingdom of Heaven” with the neighbouring ”the Kingdom of Earth” being separated by “the end of the world”, which we have now passed bringing the New World to everyone :-). You may understand the symbolic meaning hereof and that it was planned for me to return to this area from where I will arise ad the new King when opening the eyes of my new self.
  • Short stories of Kenneth also bringing me the lemon of darkness soaking out my energy, Naser Khader is suffering much also losing members of his family in Syria, the “completely crazy” circus of media and politicians, Inge is another Facebook friend sending me darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, the white horse of everything of our New World is coming to me, “air-pate” and “garage-cases” of darkness becoming light, this is how the worst darkness looks like, and “rumours” about Helena are spreading again bringing her completely down, and Mads is a killer machine.

3rd October: Telling the ROTTEN PSYCHIATRIC SYSTEM that I am the truth and their entire system will cease to exist

  • Dreaming of darkness still wanting to kill me with a heart attack and also still wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” also to destruct parts of Karen, I am working to avoid small parts of our New World to destruct when opening it, I refuse to follow the wish of darkness to produce energy, and UFO’s fly close to my mother and me.
  • I sent a nice email to Else saying that I was happy to have read and understood her and could have hoped that she had done the same in relation to me, and I received an answer with nice words asking me to stop writing her – she has had enough of me too, and “could not” take God into her life, I was “an intruder”. We will soon prepare two boats to sail out to bring in the largest ship we have ever seen, and yes for the first time ever, everything ever created united in one location, which we call our New World.
  • I wrote emails to the psychiatrist in Hørsholm who WRONGLY submitted me against my will to psychiatric hospital in 2008, and to all the management and many doctors of the psychiatric hospital to let them know that I spoke the truth about who I am, my spiritual communication and that it was them suffering from craziness/compulsory thoughts and not me, and also to let them know that their entire rotten system destroying and killing people will cease to exist when darkness will cease to exist – and until then, this email will also bring me more darkness to convert to light.
  • Short stories of the leadership of the Socialist People’s Party being “desperate, afraid and in panic” continuing to play their dirty games against me, to Socialist People’s Party: “Come on, wake up to reality!”, this party is about to eat their “old hats”, darkness of Thor Möger still wants to make a “small explosion” of our New World, Scribd shows this strong darkness, writing to the psychiatrist Bente, who submitted me to mental hospital in 2008, telling her the truth about me, Anna Karin’s attitude would also have brought “bloody Mary” of the world, “you’re frozen when your heart’s not open”, Helena will give port-wine to the whole world when a miracle will happen :-), Turkey lost their sense to negative feelings when bombing Syria, and I was sad to see that my old friend René visited my website to search for writings on himself!.


2nd October: I live at ”the Kingdom of Heaven” next to ”the Kingdom of Earth” separated by “the end of the world”

Dreaming of being on my absolutely last part of my suffering journey and politicians are generally not to be trusted

I went to bed after 23.00 and slept not that great until 08.00 with these dreams.

  • Something about setting the table, it is unstable and I ask someone after he has been working for 16 years if you can say in general that people are not to be trusted, which he confirms. I am on my way in from the absolutely last snow, I don’t wear any coat and am freezing. I have given my lunch order to Per Tærsbøl (the previous Conservative city king of Helsingør) and he brings me bread and some filling of not the best quality even though I see that he also has cod roe, and I see how young people are cheating others in order to get a job themselves.
    • Per Tærsbøl was the mayor of 16 years in Helsingør, whom the new mayou Johannes Hecht-Nielsen stabbed in the back in 2009 when he ran from an agreement to become mayor himself, and the dream says that Per’s experience is that in general you cannot trust people today, and also that I am now on my way in to become my new self going through the absolutely last snow, i.e. suffering, and my sister was also in the dream and it was because of her that I am freezing.
  • A “Løkke-show” has run for three years with success with the same old judge, but after the first show in the new season after a total of three years and one month, they have to stop because the judge is now too old. I see streamers of many sport unions on the wall underneath the main unions of DBU (“Danish Ball Game Union”) etc., and they appear to be independent unions, but they are all part of the main unions.
    • The “Løkke show” is coming to an end, which is about the show of Lars Løkke of the Danish Parliament – and similar around the world – and yes the end of the Old World Order. The sport unions are Internet providers all being part of the network of the world, which confirms what I was told the other day that the Internet is build on top of the secret network of the world making the “secret world” have access to everything, and this is part of the “Løkke show”, which will also come to an end, and be released by “One System” of our New World as you can see from the New World Order, and I am thinking that you may be able to use the same technique, but to completely change the structure and attitude behind the system, but WHAT DO I KNOW (???), and just seeing that SAGA plays in Copenhagen the 31st October, and yes it sure would be nice to see them, and I might even decide to buy a ticket this time around also because of the money of my mother symbolising that “normal life” is coming, and yes do you know how much I LOVE THAT BAND (?), and I am given strong feelings here almost with tears in my eyes, and yes Stig, the feelings of your mother because you are “crazy” according to your sister, amazing right?
    • For days I have noticed people writing that they are “very old” on Facebook (lately Jimmy) without bringing it here, and this is also coming here, which is about what we are, “very old”.

  • I am playing golf inside the forest together with someone else, and even though I hit the ball somewhat to the right, I am leading because my friend tries to hit large pieces of branches, which are impossible to fly. I see how I get out of the forest around a greenhouse and to Borupgård in Snekkersten, where I am now preparing the next strike. Two racing cyclists approach me on the path, they have cycled for 300 kilometres both today and yesterday and are now tired, and want to go home, and they ask for direction to Helsingør, and I tell them to continue 1-2 kilometres and then right, and to one of them needing to go to the bathroom, I tell him that he can do that on the Shell petrol station on the way, where I later meet them, where I have just poured up fruit syrup and water from an automat, but I spill half of it.
    • I am still winning the gold game over darkness, and the long cycle tours are about much sufferings. Going to the bathroom and drinking fruit syrup/water are normally symbols of my “old nightmare” and destruction, but no, I have no plans to destruct anything, my dear spiritual friends!
  • Fuggi has a cold, the school has burned down and a helicopter has crashed and I feel Lars G. and the message “be strong, Stig”, and Fuggi is infecting with his cold and I see French fries being prepared over oil.
    • This is about darkness of Fuggi also burning down my school, and yes when thinking of it, to burn down the school means “darkness destructing my school/journey”, and Fuggi is about darkness not reading or having faith in me, Fuggi (?), and fat French fries are my temptation and is this to say that you could not keep up your own diet/exercise, which is also making it more difficult for me to do the same?
  • Helena has changed her Facebook name to “Gurli Margrethe” – I like much of her humour – and shortly after writing the dreams above, she was inspired to ask “is there just one honest and decent person in Danish politics (?). Give me one example of a generally good person. Just one. One person, who does not continue to stab others, and don’t lose old friendships in the chase on power. He does not exist. Ugh, this is dirty”, and yes it is the same message as in the dream that in general you cannot trust people.
    • A little later, the thread developed because there was indeed “a hidden message” in this because Helle could see that something had happened because Helena is now hiding again, which made Thomas ask “Henrik Sass Larsen” (?), and Helena said “I am BLACK inside”, and she wanted to kick him in his private parts (!), and she said that it is lighting thundering like never before, so Henrik is playing a new “war game”, Henrik (?), and I wonder what he is up to now (?), is that a new smearing campaign against Helena/Søren Pind in order to “get” Søren (?) not caring about the personal consequences (?), and when reading Helena’s message, my monitor is again “blinking” to say that we are having difficulties to continue my journey, and yes because of the darkness of this new “war game” of Henrik Sass Larsen, and just an example showing that you cannot trust politicians stabbing people in their behind, and I was given more strong pain to my left foot and told “believe it or not, but this is darkness also helping to do the last part of our creation”, and yes bringing me sufferings.
    • Later I saw that she had also deleted this thread, which is “not supposed” to come out in public, Helena (?), and yes this is how darkness is working, but here you have it, aren’t you happy that I saved it for you (?), and yes as I have done with “everything without exception” of the Old World to make sure that our New World will have access to “everything”.

We lost the Old World in May 2012 (!), and have recreated life of this before opening our New World

I was asked where is then the fir tree (?), and told that we are not even here, isn’t that the most incredible (?), yes Stig we have rescued life without even being there, with your faith being decisive.

I was told we also never had ”kærnemælkskoldskål” (cold dessert made out of buttermilk, egg yolks, sugar and lemon) because of him there, and yes more of what could have happened if we had not saved everything.

I was told that my spiritual friends have imitated darkness of the Old World – we have been in the New World for a long time you know, since May 2012 – and also that it was not difficult because you allowed us, and later I was told that if I had not gone through this, we would not have retrieved what was inside the Old World, and then I was told that we have recreated everything which was inside the Old World, which we really had lost, and yes Stig, we did not want to tell you before, but “everything” was lost, but no, you said, I don’t want that as we had hoped for and anticipated, and with this attitude we started looking here, there and everywhere, and yes here is some, and there is some and then to piece together all parts like in a puzzle, and this is really how to save an Old World, which no longer existed, so there you are, now everyone is well and walking again.

And I was told that we would first lose all of this information if you decided to start the New World without this, and I was given pain to one of my teeth telling me that this is what would have brought pain/destruction to the world including loss of old life, and that is if we had to remove this information. And the way to “lose this information” would be to carry out my “old nightmare”, and I was told that all it took for me to do this, was to give a “blink” and it would be done herewith bringing the world what it would believe was the Judgment with the end of the world, and yes isn’t it funny that this is what your wrong behaviour, communication and work asked me to do, but still I saved you from this?

This morning I felt the same as yesterday, which was SAD because of Elijah’s POOR behaviour receiving my money without communicating, which is the same as saying that he has decided not to be my friend anymore, and yes to know that he is fighting over the money I send him with a good heart without communicating, apologising for his wrong behaviour and thanking me for thinking also of him and his family bringing sacrifices myself, and yes such behaviour makes me VERY sad, and how many times have I followed up on you Elijah (?) and still he is ignoring me, and does this make you proud or embarrassed (?), and you do know what is RIGHT to do, don’t you (?), but still you decide to do what is WRONG, and yes a poor role model is what he sadly is despite of his very great potential of the opposite.

I was given the feeling that “we are now over with the game”, but I still felt some darkness, and no, I do NOT want to get into the GREAT temptation to start mentally and physically relaxing now, because for all what I know “the last snow” may last for another month or even longer and I do NOT want to lose any information/life, so this is why we continue working and NOT giving in to darkness, because who knows what will come of new work tomorrow and the coming days and weeks?

I had finished most of the script today at 13.00, and decided to continue reading Else’s script again before I a little later would leave for the swimming hall, and when I started doing this, I was shown a dark angel flying in, and yes there is more life to be saved, and NO I DO NOT WANT TO STOP MY JOURNEY NOW, and the first 20 minutes I received much disturbing speech and visions making it difficult as usual to concentrate.

While reading – there was now no more paragraphs to comment – I was told if you ask me of what I am most happy about, it is to survive, and hereafter comes the beautiful New World you have given us, and yes this is how we feel Stig because we did not feel that we would survive, and now we are also part of everything, and yes also with the help of Else.

I was shown a man walking up a snowy hill carrying a dark sledge, and I was told that his man is myself, and shortly before this I was told that Jeff Lynne has now also been saved among the last parts of all of myself!

I was told that now we only need to do some cleaning inside there and yes the darkness you have brought us today, and that is because you will finish Else’s script today in good time before the deadline the 18th October – as I had done without knowing what I would have to go through before this (!) – and yes I have “chemtrails” on the to do list too, so if I if have time and energy to do this, I will look at this over the coming days and yes before the end of October at least.

I received a mark to my right ankle much of the day today, which surprised me, but I understood that this is what “mark my words” in mine and Martin’s emails of yesterday was about, and it seems as if there is darkness disguised as light, which kindly ask for your permission to move (?), and no my friends I will not allow you to become nothing, and this is about elements of the Universe not having faith in me as I am told and no, I will NOT accept you to leave me, which is the same as termination, and later I felt how this life came to me, and I was told that this was hidden from me too, and yes because of the feelings of my mother because I have not yet followed up on her and John’s gift, and we know Stig, first Martin, then Else and when work allows it, I will look at “normal life” as it is. And I was told that this is the life that I am now saving too and yes this is the “very nice” darkness coming to me motivating me with information that I have now completed my journey, so it could leave me, but no I will accept NO life to hide and leave me, and if there is more life hidden from me, I ask EVERYTHING to come forward, I will NOT accept this kind of behaviour!

I was told that Martin still thinks of me – for example a New World without negativity and about my offer for him to send comments – and also that it is his darkness that I am still receiving today.

I went to the swimming hall again, and again darkness tried MANY times to convince me to produce energy, but NO is the answer, and yes every time I write down notes on my phone during the day, I receive a grey screen which I have to turn one way, then the other, then save, exit and open again and maybe turn around some more before it works, and tell me about what is annoying and NOT to become negative about it, and yes during nights, I am helped by light because when I write down dreams being tired the same phone works without problems, and yes a small thing maybe in your mind, but when you use it for notes MANY times every day, this is as annoying as it gets.

Despite of not being very tired today, I still have darkness and exhaustion inside of me, and when I started exercising it was the attitude to start slowly, because I do NOT have much energy to say the least, and I had to fight and have much will power to continue for 30 minutes, and at the end I was doing this exercise stronger/quicker than ever before making 500 calories in half and hours at level 9/10 and a distance of 4.05 kilometres, and yes on the cross trainer, and as usual I am completely broken down afterwards, and that is for a 5-10 minutes before I continue with the day.

During the exercise I was given the feeling of Thor Möger from Socialist People’s Party and he came to my left hand wanting to take over control of the steering, which I of course said no to, and this was darkness wanting to enter our New World as darkness, and before this I had received many marks to my right ankle, which was darkness trying to escape entirely, but no, I will NOT allow you.

I was told that if I did not save the life inside this darkness, it would be transferred as is, and life would start from the beginning of this, and I thought that it would bring physical destruction to the world and death of many people, but no, I don’t want that, and I have been thinking that it was “fortunate” that I was able to live without energy.

Later I was told that now this also sits fine, and I understood this as structure now saved too becoming structure of our New World – to make the ring of the pork meat 360 degrees perfect really – and this is the last darkness being cleaned as I was told, and it may be, but I am aware of the dirty political tricks at the moment and “new rumours” about Helena/the spirit of my mother, which is breaking her down, and this is to say that we will continue the game, and I will NOT accept any losses to any hidden life of darkness and that is if you have hidden more from me, and if you have, I ask you to bring this to me too, and yes please.

I was told that when Real Madrid won the Spanish championships in football last season, things started to go wrong because of my mother and her lack of faith in me, and also that we could not hold back and thought that we would never see this life again.

During the day I still heard the “kill, kill” voice in the background but in the evening I was told so just to confirm, nothing/no one is to be killed (?), and yes that is basically the idea.

I was told that we are now working on the look of the surface of our New World meaning that everything inside of it is saved, which I do hope that it is, but is it really ….?

I still received some darkness, but it was much easier today because “the coat of darkness” bringing me negative feelings and “pressure” of darkness with the strength of “many people” opposing me was lifted.

I watched “the top of the pops” this evening and was VERY impressed by the young Mads Langer, who sounded to me as having inspiration both from Prince, Jeff Buckley and Thorn York from Radiohead as examples, and just when Sanne Salomonsen started the incredible beautiful song “hjem” (“home”), I was told “we have not yet told you what started that natural being of God, but we know now” (because I went all the way back to the absolute beginning of everything), and one second afterwards Sanne sang the first lyrics of the song “der er intet, der sker uden en grund” (“nothing happens without a reason”), and I could not help smiling, because this is how I receive MANY messages without writing them down, which is “half a line” from my spiritual friends, which comes just before a line on TV, and yes I look forward to understand as my new self the “reason” why God “happened”. And yes, Sanne “even though the road was long, I have returned home” is also my feeling :-).

Later I was told that if darkness had become part of our New World to start it with an explosion, it would have done everything it could to survive – probably still influencing the thoughts/beliefs of people – and no, I do not want any darkness of our New World and my new self, EVERYTHING is to become light, and I do mean EVERYTHING.

I was shown myself coming out of a tooth of a large, prehistoric reptile displayed at a museum, and I was shown the actors around this museum, and I was given this after I yesterday was told that all dinosaurs of prehistory has been saved too as a symbol of having saved everything forever and ever, and yes I do NOT feel sure yet!

Ending my reading of Else’s script, which showed you that I do NOT like “totalitarian dictatorships” controlling and dictating people

I ended my reading of Else’s script in the evening and I did not have more comments other than thinking that this became a dictatorship of Mogens Amdi Petersen with public lecturing/humiliation of people, exploitation of people working around the clock without spare time without or with only little pay, lack of confidence to and not listening to ideas of others and threatening people to become fired, exploitation of public funds and management being “more equal” than others enriching themselves with money, big cars and houses, and this is truly as awful as it gets removing the personality, personal belongings, money, free will, individuality, initiative and confidence of people making them believe that they are “nothing”. This is how to brainwash people to live as one dictator on top wants with only the top being happy as the hypocrites they are after having lost to temptations of money and the love of their own voice, power and decisions believing that everyone else are “stupid”, and in the end it became a fight on power with the leadership against “the people”, which they were meant to work for, and they did everything they could to suppress the people dictating and also controlling them through “secret networks” bringing “intelligence information” to the top, and yes exactly as you have seen in totalitarian states around the world, which are no better than this. This is how people lost the battle to their own inner weakness, i.e. to darkness, and that is even though these people and states from common sense know what is “right” and “wrong” to do, but still they chose to do what is wrong controlling millions/billions of people in an iron grip, amazing right?

At the end Else decided to escape to get back her personal freedom and to decide over her own life, and it took her years to get out of the nightmare, which it is a blessing to wake up from. It should be simple logic to you that I do NOT believe in “totalitarian dictatorships”, and now you have an example showing it.

When finalizing this read – not easy to do with what I went through – I was thinking that Else “could not” read and understand me as I could her, which made me sad, and my experience when reading her is that I was happy to get to learn her, her experiences and thoughts, and this is what awaits readers of the world when you will read me. I am not that “difficult”, “strange” or “crazy” as what some people believe today, which you can easily tell when you just decide to read. And maybe you will also receive the same feeling as I when reading Else, which is that it is nice to get to know me, my experiences and thoughts (?), but eeehhhh you “could not” read me during my journey, and tell me again why this was (?), and yes the same as Else (?), being lazy, having prejudices against me, being better-knowing thinking that “I don’t have to read to know that this man is crazy”, and that is even though you are ignorant (?), and yes “more or less” for “many people”, sad right?

I live at ”the Kingdom of Heaven” next to ”the Kingdom of Earth” separated by “the end of the world”

Else ended her script by saying that “Så nu er jeg endt i Hellebo Park, det mest vidunderlige sted at bo, ved skov og strand. Ja, myterne fortæller at området her kaldes Himmerig og stien, der skiller os fra Jorderig, kaldes Verdens Ende” (”So now I have ended at Hellebo Park, the most wonderful place to live at forest and beach. Yes, the myths tell that the area here calls Kingdom of Heaven and the path, which separates us from Kingdom of Earth is called ”the end of the world”).

And isn’t it wonderful that I have moved into an area, which for a couple of hundreds years as far as I know has been called “the Kingdom of Heaven” (?), and that what separates this place from “the Kingdom of Earth” is a small and very steep hill/path called “the end of the world” (?), and yes you may understand that it was “no coincidence” that I moved to this place and also the symbolic meaning that in order to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth we had to cross the end of the world, which is indeed what we have, and you may remember months ago that it was “the end of the world”, which was flooded making the asphalt of the path disappear (until it was repaired a few days later). 

From the pictures below – taken from this brochure of the gardens of Marienlyst Castle – you can see Hellebo Park, where I live at no. 24 at the map within the area “Kingdom of Heaven” (“Himmerig”), the path “the end of the world” is no. 23 at the map, and the neighbouring area “Kingdom of Earth” (“Jorderig”) is no. 19 at the map, where there is a holiday-city. 

I live at Hellebo Park (no. 24) at ”the Kingdom of Heaven” with the neighbouring ”the Kingdom of Earth” (no. 19) being separated by the path “the end of the world” (no. 22), which we have now passed bringing the New World to everyone 🙂

My mother and John live at ”Lindegaarden”, which is no. 12 at the map.

No. 23 at the map within my ”Kingdom of Heaven” used to contain the memorial grave of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, but it was moved a few hundred metres to no. 3 on the map in year 1858, but isn’t it a nice thought that the Prince of Denmark, Hamlet, has his memorial grave here, and it is from here that I will open the eyes of my new self, the King of my new Kingdom, the New World?

The memorial grave of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is also located here. Hamlet symbolises me, and it is from here that I will open the eyes of my new self as the King of the Kingdom of our New World

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Kenneth said that juice squeezed of a lemon with a whole garlic and much ginger is hard for the stomach after consumption, and “more than one shot cannot be recommended”, and yes this is about “tell me about it, Kenneth”, and you were part of the lemon/darkness soaking out my life energy.

  • Naser has lost eigth family members to the executioners of the Syrian regime, who knocked on his cousins door asking to speak to the cousin, and half an hour later, they threw the dead body of cousin back through the door, and yes the absolutely worst darkness, my friends, and how doyou believe Naser is feeling because of this and also my “attack” on him working for the secret government of USA (?), and yes “not nice” but suffering much, and sufferings is what makes my “special friends”, remember?

  • This is a good drawing by Philip Ytournel at Politiken showing the full circus of the Danish media and Parliament because of the opening of the Parliament today, and yes “completely crazy” is what it is.

  • I received a comment from Inge to my answer to Martin yesterday, where she started with “hmmm” as several have done lately, and this is still direct inspiration give to you to let me know that you are sending me darkness too, and “hmmm” is still about my old friend Vivian, who is “another part of my mother”, thus being a symbol of darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” pairing my mother and me to destruct the Old World, and yes all of this darkness you have received has come to you from your sceptical/concerned/misunderstanding family/friends etc., and Inge is one of them and yes being in doubt about me despite of my “good intentions” as you can see (?), and we know she can see “condemnation and ego about who is right” as she says (!), and isn’t it wonderful that this is what she believes she is seeing without understanding that I do NOT condemn anyone, but simply use VERY DIRECT SPEECH about the truth to make people understand, and yes it is the “tone”, which people misunderstand believing that I am “rude” without relating to the content, which is that I speak the truth, and this is how simple people show their negative feelings, and now you are part of it too, Inge, and yes to help her development becoming a “special friend” of me too, and I am sure that you will understand, not??? My monitor continued blinking when writing this, so darkness from everywhere is making it difficult to continue my journey, but as long as I can and there is more to save, I will continue, and Inge “does not understand” my language, and this is really what is stealing focus from people, so she said that “I believe that it is important to speak in eye height to open the eyes of others – to conclude who understand what is probably more a stop than an eye opener” (?), and yes we are back to the syndrome called “who do you believe you are to tell us what you do” (?), and my dear Inge, this is God telling you that this is how it is, and when you “cannot” and/or do not want to understand as the greatest challenge of man today, I have to speak to you in this language, and not because I like it but to open up your eyes to make you understand and as my tool to save the world, is this really very difficult to understand (?), and yes it is when you “cannot” read and understand my scripts, and when you insist that your “belief” is what is right that you decide to show me resistance instead of understanding/support, so there you have your darkness, Inge, and that is if you have followed me to this script because of “curiosity” about what I write about you?

  • Our Old World was stored inside one of these pyramids as I have been told, thus meaning everything which is/has been, and the white horse symbolise exactly this, everything which is, and this is a symbol of my white horse of the New World coming to me.

  • “Gurli” was following the opening speech of Helle Thorning Schmidt at the Parliament, which I was not, and she became touched when she spoke of helping let down children, which made Claus say that he is afraid that it is “hot air” because “Helle Thorning Schmidt is full of it” as he “knows” (?), and also “do hope that it is more than air, so we don’t get more garage-cases”, and yes this is “air” being inspired by my email to Martin yesterday speaking of how he – and many else – considers me as “air-pate” as we say here for “castles in the air”, and this is what we are still bringing down, you know, and the garage-cases is about Niklas “problem” to find a house with a garage big enough for his big Audi, and yes did you get it, and yes almost ho sharks but here it was a teddy bear making us laugh, and yes a bear is still about darkness being converted to light, so there you have it. And the garage-case is also a referral to a family here in Helsingør, who have had 6 children removed from them by the Commune and they had a number seven hidden in their garage, which the Commune has now also found, and yes a symbol of finding “hidden life”, and that was it really, and yes a much covered case here in the media the last weeks.

  • Here is how “the worst darkness” looks like. Margrethe is “the architect of darkness” and Minister of Economics, Morten Bødskov is the Justice Minister, Morten Østergaard Education Minister and Thor Möger the Tax Minister, who was designed to “cut down” the Government really or parts of it as he had started doing, but I would not let him, so now he and these are history as we say when we will bring in a new and much stronger World Government bringing FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY to the world, and yes these “poor things” could not, but they were good at TALK, TALK and dirty games, and yes this is what they were paid by darkness to do.

  • I liked this message from the spirit of my mother :-).

  • Later in the day Helena wrote “eeehhh … Now I will say something out in the air without knowing who sees it. But I feel that it will reach the right person before or later, so; I understand that the rumours are not dead anyway. When I learned about it, I went in black. Completely. And do you know what? I cannot take one more round. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. A pray from the heart: Stop. Honestly, I cannot and I am really sad about it.
    • So what is this truly about? “The rumours are not dead anyway” (?), I know that this is about Helena and Søren Pind, and that the leak is Henrik Sass Larsen – and I may be involved somewhere too – but what is so terrible that it completely brings you down, Helena (?), is it to be connected to Søren, which cannot be very bad (?), but is it for both you and Søren to be connected to me (?), and for you to be another part of the spirit of my mother and Søren another part of me (???), and eeehhhhh, “tell me about it”, will you, I don’t like all of this secrecy.
    • And when Helena is breaking down, it should mean that darkness is now at its strongest again breaking down my mother/the world, and I don’t receive much darkness today, so I can only say that if something is hidden from me, I will NOT accept your plans to escape me, I have NOT allowed you, and that is at all!
    • This also made Helena decided to delete all previous stories on her Facebook timeline, so afraid is truly what she is.
    • Later I was told “have you thought about that this may be people who want to speak the truth about you” (?), and it may be, but if it is about me I am sure that Helena would say/let me know (?), so is this darkness speaking too (?), and yes it is my actors behind me, as I see/feel, but don’t know if they bring light or darkness to me.

  • Mads presented a “killer machine” and that was this robot-plane and himself, and both are bringing my “kill, kill” voice of darkness, which wanted to kill you all, and this is how you tried to kill yourself.


3rd October: Telling the ROTTEN PSYCHIATRIC SYSTEM that I am the truth and their entire system will cease to exist

Dreaming of darkness still wanting to kill me with a heart attack and to have me bring energy for it

I went to bed after 23.00 and slept poorly finally standing up at 07.45 after having had these dreams.

  • Morten Grundwald is about to die from a heart attack, others are too, and I am writing notes.
    • Morten is a fine actor from Olsen-Banden (and much more), and here he must be symbolizing me about to die from a heart attack (?), and I was strongly given “actor” when writing down this dream, because I have no intention of darkness killing me with a heart attack, because as “nothing”, there should be nothing that it can do. And I am still given small heart attacks in real life now and again.
  • Something about a group on its way to die, but now they are on their way in. I wear an open purple shirt, and sit next to Michella working at a cash desk watching her beauty, and it makes her feel under surveillance, and she tells me off, and I tell her that I only want the best for her. I button up my shirt.
    • Purple is the colour of Karen, but Michella is another part of my mother with darkness still trying to bring my “old nightmare” and potentially still to destruct parts of Karen as I understand this.
  • I was shown Paul having made a giant poster with the poster of “time” by Electric Light Orchestra filling half of it, and I tell him that I would like that very much, which make him tear it off in one go with some damage to the back of it, and I decide to remove small pieces left on the board and to glue it to the backside of the poster.
    • Paul is darkness wanting to destroy, but it is only small things, which darkness can now destroy, and this is saying that the work I do now is to make the surface of our New World look good too. And “time” is what it is “soon” and that is to start our New World.
  • I have two different apartments in Spain with one being very close to a beautiful beach. There is a reception of the building of one of these where I check in with my luggage, and I exchange money and received 1.565 DKK and not 1.555 as I had calculated myself, and we look at the five-DKK coins of the reception and mine, and I see the reception having ordinary five-DKK coins for example from 1965, where I have newer coins including a special “king-coin”, and someone is out after my sister and not me. I order a taxi.
    • It is Spain that we are transforming from the “evil spirit” to light, the money may be about darkness wanting to tell me that it still wants the play to include money, i.e. energy, but no (!), and I am here continuing my work from two apartments, which may be about the pairing of information of our New World of my sister and I, and it seems that this darkness wants to retrieve the information we transferred to my sister, but no, I will NOT allow you, and I have asked my spiritual friends to make sure that this will NEVER happen.
  • I am working for Søren H.’s insurance company in Stockholm, and I have done my own work for an icehockey team and have not credited postal orders of customers to the bank, which makes Søren H. tell me off also after he has received a call from the head office telling him off, and I have even received written procedures from Søren showing exactly how to do this work, which is easy to do. I see how one has paid via three small hash lumps, and I ask Søren if this can be accepted, and he asks a lady who is unsure but decides that it is fine to exchange this to one big hash lump, which I believe is wrong to do, and one employee takes this lump out on the street to a contact he has, who is willing to change this into flowers from Cuba, and he brings these flowers, which now is a Cuban detective film from 1959, and I wonder who is interested to watch such a “special film”, and Kenneth from the meditation group sits next to me, and when I take his hand, he holds onto it.
    • So I am continuing work at the worst darkness inside our New World, and when I don’t want to credit money to the bank, it is to say that I will NOT produce energy to benefit darkness making it impossible for me to convert to light, and the hash being made into flowers is what this transformation is about, and the Cuban film from 1959 is of course about the Cuban revolution of Fidel Castro, which was also an act of darkness eventually almost bringing down the world with the following Cuban missile crisis in 1962.
  • I am at an outside pool area of a hotel together with my mother, and we see how UFO’s fly from the moon, and I count them while my mother is watching 1-2-3 and there are 10 of them in total, and they come down all close to us so everyone can see them clearly, and I tell my mother not to be afraid of them.
    • The hotel is still our “waiting hall” and the water is still about our sufferings, and the UFO’s may be my sister telling my mother that I am posting UFO videos on Facebook and also that they are very clear to see (?), and is this making my mother worried (?), and yes this might be how it is, but of course I don’t know.

I read and understood Else making me happy, and she asked me to stop “intruding” (!), which made me unhappy

So these were many dreams of darkness, and I am thinking that this is political darkness of the Danish Parliament bringing the last darkness to me – both via what you do to Helena and what happens at the Socialist People’s Party as examples, and I am wondering “what’s going on” at the top of the Parliament, and yes “inside their heads” and what they know about me, their acting to the world and why they “cannot” speak out the truth about me, the Judgment, UFO’s, crimes of the official world against mankind, free energy etc.

This morning I ended the final two chapters of the script of yesterday before publishing this at 10.00 and I decided to send these two chapters to Else also thanking her to share her experiences, which I read with great interest, which I am sure she will understand also because of my comments showing the world the difference in Mogens Amdi Petersen’s and my view on how to create “an ideal world”, and when writing these words, I felt Martinus, who is also a part of me. And I told her that I could only wish that she had decided to do the same in relation to me to read about my experiences, which would remove her misunderstandings and concerns, which she may feel in relation to me, and I told her that I hope that I have brought her new thought about life and what will come to us all, and also that “faith” will come to her when she decides to read me instead of confirming her non-faith when not reading me – which the example of Martin S.O. and “many others” also showed you – which will only bring her more sufferings, lack of desire of life and commitment.

This evening Else decided to send a reply to my email and she said that she knows me as a “very friendly resident here” and also that she respects me and “what you more are is your case and not mine” herewith also saying that I have not come through as Son of God of her awakened mind and faith, and she says that she has had a very turbulent life, but has now come to a quiet and calm time with piece with her self – but not her maker (!) – and she feels fine and better than ever, “and this is what I will ask you to respect”, herewith saying that I am an intruder when I try my best to let her understand whom I am to help her out of her true misery now waiting for “eternal death” to come because she does not believe in continuous life, so this is in other words a nice way to say that she has (also) had enough of me, and as usual I had to go to the extreme point of darkness to make it give up, so the conclusion is that I did all she could not – to read and understand her – and as a result she could not accept me and let me be part of her life; I had become an intruder disturbing her life and “piece”, amazing right? And she is hurting because of my “intrusion” but of course only because of her misunderstandings and “deafness”, otherwise she would be very happy as everyone else, and if this makes me sad (?), and as usual the answer is yes, very. A nice, old lady who “cannot” listen/read and understand, and eeehhh have you seen this before?

I was asked “where can we lay down our arms” (?) and felt that this is what we will continue doing, for darkness to be disarmed, and already yesterday I was told that we are now finishing the roof of our New World, and this may be, but there is also still darkness trying to resist me to come along as “the thin beer”, which I will NOT accept (!), and also NOT without my knowledge, so if there is more, I ask all of you to come out!

I was surprised when I received a call from a lady, who was as surprised to hear my voice when I presented myself as Stig when answering the phone, and when she said “who is it” (?) a couple of times, I could hear that it was Ely, one of my mother’s good friends, and she had received my number from my mother, when she has asked for my mother’s mobile number (!), and yes we only spoke shortly and I gave her my mother’s number, and afterwards I received a new feeling of “nothing” going through me, and yes Ely has a “crazy son”, Lars, whom I have offered my mother to offer Ely that I can speak to because nobody understands him (!), and yesterday I was given the thought that this is probably not easy for my mother to do, because how can her “crazy son” help Ely’s “crazy son” (?), and yes isn’t this wonderful that the truth is that it is our mother’s, who are “crazy” when they cannot understand us (?), and yes this is the darkness going through me here to be saved, and I could have decided to offer Ely to talk to her son, but she sounded as if she did not have much time, and I thought that we are now at the end of my journey, where we soon will meet, and yes isn’t this strange as I can almost hear my mother and Ely speak about, and yes first you received a “crazy son”, Ely, and then it was my son becoming “crazy” (?), and yes do you see how the act was working behind your back (?), and yes to bring you as much darkness as possible in order to save us all. Later I was told that Ely may tell my mother that “Stig sounds completely normal” and yes you have to know that I am crazy before you can tell, right (?), and eeehhhh WRONG!

During the day I was shown just how close my “actors” are to come out of their hidings wanting to bring the New World to me, and I have to keep telling them “not yet”.

The last couple of days I have received some coughing, which is to say that I am still removing darkness hurting John, but it is not much.

I used some of the afternoon to update the Google map of my home address with the new information of the area “the Kingdom of Heaven” as I live in (click the pictures within the map to see the content).

I have decided that instead of using time now to read, understand and write about chemtrails, which is not that important in my scripts, I will first focus on looking at a new, used writing desk and maybe a bicycle and more, which I can get for the gift of my mother, and yes this is what I will use a little of today on too so my mother will know tomorrow, when we will have coffee together.

I have felt a lump around my right ankle today, and for days I have been shown a vision of a little dog sitting outside my balcony door wanting to enter, and I was told that if I should give up – darkness still comes at me wanting me to give up – I would receive a list of what we would not bring to our New World, and I understand that this list is now not long, but no, I will not give up, so let us continue work, and yes also today working all day and also the afternoon and evening to write an email to Psychiatric Centre North Zealand and finish this script and that is even though the feeling is that maybe in a few days there will not be much work to do, and we will see about that, maybe a new surprise with much more work is coming (?), and you never know.

When writing my email to the Psychiatric Centre North Zealand below I both received “nothing” going through me and small heart attacks because of the darkness, which this will bring me.

I was shown the Beagle Boys of Donald Duck running out with money sacks with one being bigger than the others and also having a much bigger money sack, and he pushed the others because he wanted to be the first leaving the sinking ship, if anything is to sink at all, and I was told will you believe that this is Elijah leading to bring out darkness and that is because of his own darkness in relation to me – and selfishness – and yes this is making his spiritual self work inside darkness to bring out what is inside, and that is as long as I am stronger of course, otherwise he would destroy.

Hear talk about “expensive gold watches” and “not having received everything” and is there more and now it is “yes, not no”, and we will see about this, and also if my email to the psychiatric centre will release some of this.

I was shown and told that we will soon prepare two boats to sail out to bring in the largest ship we have ever seen, and yes for the first time ever, everything ever created united in one location, which we call our New World.

I received darkness giving me something in the wrong throat symbolically suffocating me, and I was shown a big brown “monster” coming against me as if I am now receiving strong darkness, and we will see what this is about, and no, I don’t believe it is as bad as what it “acts”, so all I can tell you is the same, which is that you are welcome as light, so please stand in line to become washed because I will NOT accept you as darkness.

I continued working until 23.15 where I also published this script, and we know I am going to stop working during evenings, I have had it with far too much work.

Telling the ROTTEN PSYCHIATRIC SYSTEM that I am the truth and their entire system will cease to exist

For some time I have thought about sending my two Scribd memos of June 2012 to and from Alex, the “doctor in psychiatry”, to the psychiatrist Bente from Hørsholm, whom my sister and I met in what should have been a “friendly family council”, but turned out to become my nightmare when she decided to commit me to mental hospital (!) – and also to my old family doctor, Helle from Hørsholm, who was part of this “plot”, and yes impossible to find their email addresses – they don’t have any “public” (!!!) – but I discovered that you can write an email to Benta via the yellow pages, so this is what I did below to inform her about her mistakes, and I reminded her that in 2008 she made me “crazy” in less than one hour without knowing me and my normal life and without “being able” to listen and understand anything else than her own compulsory thoughts, and I said that I here give her the chance to learn and understand before a whole world will understand and spread it to her, and “do you believe that you can read and understand” (?) as I asked her, and also that I look forward to receiving her apology for the sufferings which her wrong decision brought to me when I afterwards came in contact with the psychiatric system and the Commune, which both was “not able” to listen/read and understand to, but “relied” more on Bente’s original WRONG “diagnosis”, and yes I also gave her a link to my website, but I did not see anyone, which could be her, entering it, and yes “completely crazy” is this what you thought again, Bente (?), without understanding your compulsory thoughts and humiliation of me (?), and yes this was vital to happen in 2008 in order to save the world (!), and with this email to Bente I again bring myself in risk to become submitted to mental hospital again with doctors working behind my back, but maybe Bente also remember my long letter to the Psychiatric Centre of North Zealand of December 2, 2008, which I sent a copy of to her and Helle, which exhibits all of her wrongdoings and violations of the law as she made herself guilty of (?), and you don’t want to risk that again by working against me once again (?), and that is because you have your “good reputation” to think about, Bente?

When I was preparing this email I was asked if this is to help refurbishing the bathroom (?) because eeehhh Stig isn’t this already done?

I had not planned on also sending an email to the Psychiatric Centre of North Zealand, where I was submitted against my will for a little less than one month in 2008, but this is how it became, and yes when first starting with the “doctor” above, it was natural also to include all of the management and many doctors of the Hillerød and Helsingør departments, and I wrote that I was submitted with them against my wish, and with this email I wanted again to make them understand their mistakes and to know that I spoke the truth about who I am, which they “could not” understand when they could not listen to and understand me because of the strength of their own inner compulsory voice/thoughts, and I hope they will read the Scribd documents I attached for them and also my website, and to understand that I speak the truth also when saying that the entire world will know about their mistakes and rotten system, which will cease to exist when darkness will cease to exist releasing not only the “prisoners” here but also the crazy “treatment” system, who destroys and kill people even though they believe they help people. And yes, until this moment, this email will probably be received with resistance and negative feelings, which is more darkness coming and yes not to my inner self but my outer self to be converted to light, and so it is.

After finishing this, I received the taste of Christmas cookies :-).

  • Yesterday BT brought this story about the leadership of darkness of Socialist People’s Party being “desperate, afraid and in panic” because they are afraid of losing the coming election and also losing their power, and this is why they use “dirty tricks” now also herewith sending darkness being to me, so what you do is “awful” but still good for me to save the rest.
    • I have also had the thought that some of these politicians know about me and our coming New World, but they continue to play the act of the Old World because this is what is expected from them, and because “individuals” cannot break out from the system even though they know that what they do is wrong, and yes combined with “poor habits”, this is how we are used to act and “taught” by culture or other people and a whole system acting wrongly.

  • To my surprise, Villy, who promised not to interfere in the election, yesterday said that “a discussion of the foundation of government may lose the power of government”, which was really to go up against my candidate Annette, and I was thinking that darkness has overtaken Villy so he is now working on the “badman’s” team – and yes tears for fears you know – and this made people on Facebook tell off Villy seriously, and yes this is “the trump card” of darkness trying to win the election for Astrid, but is it enough (?), and no I don’t think so, because I do believe that light will take a clean sweep, is this how you say it in English?

  • Ekstra Bladet wrote to Villy & Co.: “Come on, wake up to reality!”, and this was about changes to unemployment benefit, but in my book it was to say “wake up to reality of our New World and forget all of your fights to remain in power of the Old World” (!), and “wake up” is what we will soon do.

  • Alright, I will bring this inspired message too, which is BT asking “will old hats be eaten now” (?) and “this is how much they were wrong about Vilhelmsen”, and yes, the answer is YES, this is how to remove darkness, which was not possible to remove if I did not opened the way for our New World without energy, and I was just given a short example of just how much pain I would receive to my behind if we still had energy and I received this darkness, and yes “unbearable”, and this is what you are, my friends, and you “cannot see” it yourselves, because you are both blind and deaf just like Martin?

  • Helena has decided not to “bury herself”, so she is still active on Facebook, but deletes her postings again after some time, and here she brought with a sigh a link with the headline “Thor Möger puts a bomb under Danish relief”, and this was really about the Tax Minister Thor Möger and the darkness working inside of him, which “very much” would like to make “just a small explosion” of our New World when opening it, but no, I will NOT allow you, Töger, who I am shown here by the actors to my right – also showing themselves – and that is NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  • I was encouraged to play Cliff Richard on Grooveshark, and when I opened his page there, it continued opening this site again and again and that was because I saw that his most popular song there is “Devil woman”, and this is what Helena is, so therefore, and yes I love this song too, Helena, and you do know that music is about “warm feelings” (?), and this was the role you were destined to play.

  • Scribd has now for two days started doing the same as before, which is to show “no visitors” to my documents even though there are indeed visitors, and yes this is about the official world, who would like their secrets to remain secret, and I was here thinking that this will also have to cover the wrongdoings of the Danish Parliament at the moment, and yes I am curious to see how long it will take before this darkness gives up to make Scribd “normal” again. 

  • Anna Karin asked if she should skip lunch so she could feast on Grand Hotel (the finest hotel in Sweden) this evening, or if she should eat a little (?) and maybe even drink a “bloody Mary” just before and yes “sheer luxury problems” (!), and I wonder what my Kenyan friends not having enough to bring themselves and their families food think about your “luxury problems”, Anna Karin (?), and yes this wrong attitude is also what would bring “bloody Mary” of the world if I had not stopped it and that is because this drink symbolises the bleeding of the world of my mother, who was used to be known as Virgin Mary as you may remember?

  • Inge “strangely” enough decided to bring this WONDERFUL song of Madonna – one of her best songs of all, and from her best album in my view (together with True Blue) – and yes Inge “this is a message that always will be relevant”, so therefore I will bring the lyrics below, and maybe you will learn the meaning of the first verse and tell me what it means (?), and yes also thinking of your comment to me yesterday where “you only see what your eyes want to see”, right?

“You only see what your eyes want to see
How can life be what you want it to be
You’re frozen
When your heart’s not open

You’re so consumed with how much you get
You waste your time with hate and regret
You’re broken
When your heart’s not open

Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart
Mmmmmm, we’d never be apart
Mmmmmm, give yourself to me
Mmmmmm, you hold the key

Now there’s no point in placing the blame
And you should know I suffer the same
If I lose you
My heart will be broken

Love is a bird, she needs to fly
Let all the hurt inside of you die
You’re frozen
When your heart’s not open

If I could melt your heart”

  • Helena said that she was on her way to visit the tele-provider TeleDanmark to get a new telephone after she “lost” her old “in rage over Greenland” (!), and yes she bought an expensive insurance with the old, and when she now will ask for a new telephone, she is (almost) without a doubt committing insurance fraud because insurance normally does not cover damages because of “inability to control your negative feelings” – feeling Karen here too – and she says “if the miracle happens that they give me as they promised, there is port-wine on Saturday. To everyone in the whole world wanting it”, and yes Helena that will be just about a whole world, and this is to say that you will receive new telephone numbers of the entire population of the world after they have been “coded” as their new selves (wine of the New World), and NO, I do NOT like your language.

  • Naser brought the “breaking news” that Turkey has started bombing targets in Syria after Syria sent a bomb over the border to Turkey, and this made Naser concerned about what will happen now, and also what NATO will do because Turkey is member of NATO, and what about USA (?), and will Iran attack Turkey as they have threatened to do and what will Israel do and he said that he fears total chaos in the whole area also because the International community have been sitting on their hands doing “nothing” really, and yes I was thinking about Turkish leaders not being able to control your negative feelings (?), and yes just like most people and here the difference is that this could ignite the whole powder barrel, and yes bye, bye world, now you are no more, and yes because of negative feelings, selfishness and misunderstandings of people who cannot listen to others than themselves and their own strong voices, and yes we know the song, and Dorte said that it is also now close to the 21st December, which seems to be the date, where we will open our New World – if not before – and with this, you will see much darkness before, and that is as much darkness, which gets out which I don’t absorb here you know.

  • My old very good friend René simply decided to cut me away when I published my scripts in February 2010, and here more than 2½ years later, I had a visit by him where he – as most others – focused on himself, and yes it makes me incredible sad to see that not even good friends were “able” to understand the big picture, and all it took would have been for you to read/follow me, but you could not.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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