October 5, 2012: The view was to terminate LAST life of darkness, but it was encapsulated and brought to our New World


Summary of the script today

4th October: The view was to terminate LAST life inside of darkness, but it was encapsulated and brought inside our New World

  • Dreaming of sufferings to stop, life as a chop trapped inside a dark stone, there is life we cannot save from darkness, is this all of game of the “moviestar” (?), darkness still wants to carry out my “old nightmare” but no (!), and “it‘s a wild wild west, I’m doing my best”.
  • This morning I decided that life inside of darkness, which I may not be strong enough to save myself, will come to me to our New World, if there is a view for us – together with faith of mankind – to save this life or new life to grow out of it, which was difficult to do because it was to change the game I have been playing for weeks of NOT to accept darkness to be part of me, but now it is a new game, and now this is right to do.
  • The P4 radio was inspired to bring the big black pot of the Devil because of the view of the last life inside of darkness to become terminated, which is what would have happened if I had not decided to stand my grounds and send my email to the Psychiatric Centre yesterday, which brought enough darkness to encapsulate it and bring it inside our New World, and this will be awakened with faith of our New World, and I hope it will be done with none or as little damage as possible, and yes we will save EVERY LITTLE THING, and this is how to do it.
  • I was INCREDIBLE tired on my true edge of losing it, and in the end of the evening a VERY concentrated ball of darkness was split in two between my sister and I also coming to our New World instead of waving goodbye to this life.
  • Short stories of Mads commenting the U.S. election as a man of darkness, Spain is on the edge of revolution and the media has decided to boycott it (!), we are still going for 100% perfectly clean, Margrethe Auken sending me darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, you need God as the natural belonging in your life, how long will the World continue to be both blind and deaf not speaking about our New World publically (?), asking the Church Minister to share “when faith is explained and defended” with his colleagues of Parliament, Helena will help “selling” our new Christmas to the world and we will NOT use the black sack of the Devil, and will remaining darkness cause an explosion when opening our New World?

5th October: I found a hidden mountain of God including the most concentrated and fine wine of creation

  • Dreaming of Henrik Dahl speaking about me, Hans – and my sister – was about to bring the end of the world, finding a hidden mountain of God including the most concentrated and fine wine of creation, René would have brought me down had I not included security plans of my journey, Arabian countries bring me darkness and potentially my “old nightmare”, and I may continue my journey inside darkness if I can bear the sufferings.
  • I was incredible tired and disgusted today with darkness of many coming to me, and was on my edge of losing it most of the day where “just” to finish and publish my script was a very big challenge.
  • Short stories of much debate in Denmark of free hash symbolising darkness, Scribd shows life of darkness partly being saved, “of course” I won a ticket for the Helsingør Wine Festival tomorrow, I like people of faith, the Swedish Internet was under attack today because they have WRONGLY closed down Internet sites helping me to reveal the wrong-doings of the Old World, a new book by a fine chef symbolising the finest life of our New World, and Mads both says that conspiracy theories are always wrong but shows through his visit to a bar in Århus that he is converting from the Old World to our New World Order.


4th October: The view was to terminate LAST life inside of darkness, but it was encapsulated and brought to our New World

Dreaming of life inside of darkness, which we cannot save

I went to bed maybe at midnight, and slept poorly until 07.30 with these dreams.

  • I am the manager and hold a lecture with employees for a customer about our New World, and afterwards the employees ask with an expectation to receive a yes if they can get an ice cream, which annoys me – this is not for the employer to pay – but it seems as if there are no ice creams at the grocer, and I notice a dark stone hanging from a line, which looks like a chop, but is a stone.
    • No more ice cream is to say that sufferings will stop, and the chop inside the dark stone is to say that I cannot release this life (?), but we know NOT ACCEPTED!
  • I am on the King’s Road in Hørsholm standing at a parked car, an old lady stands in front of the car on the road and she does not want to move, but finally moves. We are going to buy bamboo at 75-77 DKK per bundle at a store at Rungstedvej in Hørsholm, and that is even though we don’t have any to drag it but ourselves.
    • We are inside darkness, the old lady may be my mother because I have not yet followed up on her gift, which may be darkness in itself coming at me. The car has topped, which is my journey, but will continue driving as the dream says? Bamboo is growing quickly, so what is this, new vegetation/life?
  • I am told about what is covered by depositor guarantee and what is not, and I am told that only one item is not covered. Later I am told by an old colleague from GE Capital Bank that it is only every second Sunday that the wind does not get into Rungsted Harbour and the sea is completely calm, and she tells about how she was grilling here. We have had a meeting and would like coffee, and she says that it is now too late for coffee and also too late to take a sail tour from the harbour, and we are sad not to get coffee, and have not accepted it.
    • The depositor guarantee is about one item we cannot save now or at all (?) – the same as the stone chop above – and this is the same as saying that we cannot continue our sail tour to save the last from the sea, and to bring in the coffee/love of this life?
    • I woke up to Harpo’s “moviestar”, and if there is one very special tune of the 1970’s, which I should point out, it is this one, which gave me such a special feeling back then, which I now know is about the symbol of the act I have gone through here at my journey, and is it also an act these days that there is life inside of darkness, which I cannot save (?), and we will see. But for the moment, enjoy this song until everything will be released and yes of our new life – and by the way, this song is from Sweden, and yes about coming joy and happiness as you know :-).

  • I am working at Aon, where Kim is the manager, and he sits at his office not working, only talking with people, and a man comes out of the office, it looks like Ivan L. from PFA, and he wants to visits clients, and I believe that he wants to bring someone for the meeting and even believes that he wants me as the second in command, but he does not, he wants me to help doing “macros”. I see one of our colleagues looking like “little brother” from the TV-series “Riget”, and he is lying down and destroyed for life. We go to lunch, I take a bite of a sausage on my way out, and at the canteen there are pizzas covered with a heap of salad/vegetables, but I notice that there is not a piece of ham on each pizza slice, and afterwards I sit at a table with colleagues speaking superficial and primitive, which annoys me.
    • Again I do NOT like “managers”, who cannot work, but only talk talk and talk, and at Aon in 1995-97, we had a fight about who was to become no. 2 in the hierarchy in Copenhagen after Kim, which we never settled (!) – there were four groups with four managers fighting to win the favour of Kim – and yes unproductive and in-efficient, and not how to work in the future, and as usual at Aon, I was used wrongly to do calculations/written presentations because “this is what Stig does the best”, and yes better than most, but it was NOT what I did best (communication and leading others is really what I do best, and yes when needed, and otherwise I will simply do my own work), and NOT what motivated me to do most of the time (to say the least), and yes little brother and the lack of ham on the pizza’s are about life, which we cannot save (?), the sausage is about my “old nightmare”, but NO, it will NEVER be accepted!
  • I woke up to “soldiers of love” by Sade, and the lyrics “it‘s a wild wild west, I’m doing my best”, and the wild wild west is about the darkness I am meeting now, and I am really doing my best continuing to be the soldier of love fighting to save life.

  • Half asleep I heard a farewell speech at the Olympics and received the feeling “but we will return at the end”, and yes Stig hoping that we will be able to save this life one way or another so therefore we will continue the game.

I decided to change the game to let life inside last darkness come with us if this will save more life

I was already tired when standing up, and I don’t believe that there will be any exercise today.

I was not happy this morning after yesterday when the media said that Astrid Krag of Socialist People’s Party won a duel on TV against Annette Vilhelmsen and also that Romney – to my surprise – won over Obama (who was “tired”, Barack?), and furthermore that my Scribd profile continues not showing visitors, and also Turkey attacking Syria, and yes MUCH darkness, and I still hope that both Annette and Obama will be able to win their elections, and this is what I support.

We cannot be allowed to put one bank note press into the freezer anymore – to produce energy – and I was told seriously that this is the most important NOT to accept, so what is coming at me (?), darkness to strong that I cannot control it (?), and no, I am NOT looking forward to this.

And it made me decide that I will only accept remaining life of darkness to come with us at the end as the absolutely last option, and I will not approve it directly but this is a general approval, and I will not accept darkness as part of our New World after it has exploded if this is what it will/can do, but life inside of it to be saved, and it is really a condition that there is a chance to save life inside of this or for new life to grow out as light, and if there is not, and all other options have been used, we will not bring this life with us now, but I still ask you to prepare a plan B for us to save any life which may not be saved later. And the most important, I want our New World as the end result to become 100% clean without any darkness no matter what. And on this basis, I kindly ask you to continue the game, and yes I will also NEVER accept my “old nightmare” to be carried out no matter what, and I will not answer specific questions in relation to what to bring and what not to bring if you may have such questions and also not about what to open or close of my right and left ankles, this is it, and every question which may come regardless of this will be answered with “I have no opinion on this”.

And yes, the above is a TOP RULE, which you may use if and when needed, and then I will continue playing the game as usual, which is that light is welcome and darkness is not hoping that I can still convert the chop-stone into light this way, and so it is, this is my decision.

My mother came for coffee this morning, and she had decided to buy me a rain coat and trousers knowing that I have none and that is to protect me against when it is raining and I am driving to the swimming hall, where I have been completely wet a couple of times, and to me this was a symbol about my sufferings coming to an end, and yes while we have coffee I was given physical feelings of my spiritual friends working – maybe transferring this and that to this or that – and yes I have decided to give you my power of attorney according to my rules above, and yes to do your absolutely best, and darkness was still active making me suffer and I was also told that in order for darkness to be active in our New World it would require that I accepted my “old nightmare” to be carried out, and no, I will not, we know that, and yes yes yes we also looked at the adds on desks I had saved on www.dba.dk and yes it was fine – some nice tables among them – and it was fine by my mother to take “some days” more to look at this, because there is nothing running from us, and with this, I can say that I am happy with the prioritization I decided for, and yes my mother thought that it would be a good idea to have calf liver on Saturday – I was thinking of it the other day at the supermarket – and she asked what to have for it, and I was thinking of root crops without saying it, which made my mother a few seconds afterwards suggest root crops, and yes this is how it is here and that is sometimes but not all of the time.

The manager of the Helsingør department of the Psychiatric Center was kind to reply on my email and he was “sorry that you believe we have not treated you properly” and said that it is clear that we look at things with “each our optics”, and he invited me for a conversation if I wanted to, and I wrote back that I have now given them an “eye-opener” if they choose to use it and that I will look forward to seeing him when optics have given him new glasses, which will take a paradigm-shift to do – this is how “crazy” and brain-washed they are – and this is part of 2012, and hereafter we will see each other under different forms, and I was thinking of what the chances are that this system is “looking for clues” maybe feeling threatened by me when speaking as directly to you as I do (?) – “system of Hell” etc. – and yes is Stig negative, and maybe even dangerous (?), and should we submit him to mental hospital again against his will (?), and yes COME ON AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT (!) – but stay at the edge of me of course (!) – and yes, Stig, they have given up on me because of my previous correspondence and who likes to be part of a PUBLIC journal for everyone to see via the Internet (?), none (!), and I wonder if these are some of your thoughts my ladies and gentlemen (?), and maybe my reply to Eric thanking him for his nice offer to meet me helped him to understand that I am really not that dangerous after all (?), and yes crazy, deaf and better-knowing people is truly what they are.

The view was to terminate last life inside of darkness, but it was encapsulated and brought inside our New World

The P4 radio was inspired to bring the big black pot of the Devil which made Mona say that it is funny especially because the man wears a hat, and is this to say that we are losing the last life inside of darkness, or is a miracle happening to save this too as part of “the game” (?), and Leif told a joke about the Devil cooking Americans, French and Danes – one pot for each – and demons with spears were guarding that no one left the pots, but there were not any of the Dane’s pot, which was because the Danes have their own “jantelov” (“don’t believe that you are anything”!) meaning that they themselves bring people back into the pot if anyone should get up, and yes poor behaviour, communication and work is what is killing life, and yes we will see about this one before we are done, and is it possible for you to encapsulate darkness so it cannot escape as darkness and for it to be activated with faith of man at our New World (?), and yes if so, this is a miracle I like :-). Later I was told “this is then what we do”, and I felt how this darkness entered me, and yes if you have encapsulated it, I am sure that it will work out.

And I was told that this is because I have decided to keep on going, and yes not to give up even though I am truly TIRED today and darkness is still coming on to me pretty strongly – and this “operation” is what I needed the darkness sent to me from the doctors of the Psychiatric Centre, therefore.

I have continued receiving “digital disturbance” to faces of people on TV and the computer, and I was told that if I had not done what I have just done, we would have been “non existent” by now, and yes the remaining life of darkness and I wonder how much it is, but I am not kidding – but this is how joyful they are – and here I forgot “the thread” of what to say, which is really to say that this word is included in my hospital journal of 2006, and yes who writes 6.500 pages and set up a “fine structure”, which may impress some of these people (?), and yes as a “schizophrenic” (?), and this is what these doctors wonder about when this is written.

Later I was given a pretty strong pain to my second left finger on my left hand and I felt and I was told “we are now inside of here” and also the feeling that this part of life does not fill much, but I will NOT accept loss of life if we can avoid it.

I was shown the same brown man in full size as the other day, and he entered and bowed to end his role as the actor, and I was told that he is not really there, but we invented him for the purpose, and yes to recreate the last life, which is not there, but you said “let there be life” and that goes for every little thing.

Days ago I was shown darkness self coming close to me wanting to bring me “the kiss of death” and I could tell that it was a monster and that its tongue was both rough and not what I wanted to kiss, and now I was told that this is what this kiss was about, whether or not I would accept to terminate the last part of me, but NEVER, and yes if I can avoid it, and this is why I wrote my comment to Anders below in the short stories.

I went to town to do some shopping, where I found the best meat (Premium from Australia) at the absolutely cheapest price ever – 2 Cuvette roasts of 1.3-1.4 kilos each at a MUCH reduced price of 50 DKK each (normally 130-140 DKK), because it was only durable to the 6th October but FINE for my freezer as the most tender and tasty steaks – and I understood that this was the meat of the sausage man the other day coming to me, and yes the last life before it will “turn over”, and there was also tasting of tomato and Caribbean soups, and the last was with chicken and pineapple, and yes almost coming “home”, which is what “Caribbean” means to me and that is after turning the “pineapple” of selfishness/darkness into the creation of the chicken.

I was told that everything is already inside our New World and should I decide to exclude the last of darkness it would be the same as killing us, which I do NOT want to do, so let us continue the game and if we are suffering (?), and yes to my limit with much tiredness and this weird feeling of the air/darkness around me pressuring on to me and inside my skin and entire body making every second unbearable when it is like this, but we will continue.

Later I was told that the reason why it is encapsulated is because you asked for this darkness not to interfere with the thoughts and actions of people by sending them darkness.

I received strong marks to the inner of my right ankle, and a constant pain to the outer of my right ankle.

I was told that the Psychiatric System feel unjustly treated and offended by me, so again the opposite world of people who “cannot” and will not understand other than themselves.

I received MUCH pressure from darkness during the evening also trying to tell life that “you are not welcome” and to sieve it off, but no I will not accept this even though the pain was great to hold on tight.

I was told where this darkness come from, which is now entering me, and asked if this is coming from my sister, i.e. being the information of life entering my sister the other day, and this made me cold sweat for a short time thinking if this was a play by darkness, but no, I could not be, so I decided that I have confidence in light making sure to pack this life correctly with what is right to bring to my sister and me for us to pair this information of our New World.

I was shown how digital distortion to the faces of people on my TV (not all the time, but actively given many times lately) was about to be cancelled, and I was shown a little flicker around a person, but now not direct distortion, and I was told that this weapon is now about to cease to exist.

I was INCREDIBLE tired – so much that my eyes were running in water – and received the WORST sexual torments when more of this life from darkness entered me, and so tired that I was almost forgetting my simple rules of what to tell this darkness, which was also because now I have started a new game to welcome darkness, which I for a long time have said is not welcome (“you are welcome – as light or encapsulated darkness”) and I thought that this has to be because this darkness is now weaker, and darkness wanted me to answer detailed questions, which was confusing me making me be on my extreme edge, but I also came through this one, and how this feel (?), and yes as disgusting as you can imagine.

I received the words “taking chances” and thought of your fine song, Celine Dion, and I was told that it required much nerve to write to the crazy management and all doctors of the Psychiatric Centre of Helsingør and Hillerød, and I wonder if you decided to share my information with all leaders/doctors as I requested you to do or if you decided that there was “no need”?

I truly felt so poorly that just shortly thinking about the risk of losing it made the spirits of my mother and father still trapped by darkness that if I did it was there responsibility to step forward telling me that they will cease to exist in order to open for the New World behind them, and no way, I will NEVER accept this, despite of the pain.

The U.S. edition of X-factor 2012 started showing on one of the channels I can watch here, and I was totally amazed by the happiness and incredible voice/performance of Panda singing the beautiful song “Bring it on home” by Sam Cooke – which made me think of Joshua Ledet singing songs of Sam Cooke last year – and did you notice the story of why she is named “Panda” – a combination of white/black from when her mother was a prisoner together with a white woman (!) – which makes me think of what I was becoming, light of our New World with black sticks inside of me, and this lady simply made me VERY HAPPY to watch and I was thinking that this is what life is about, and she had just come out of hospital with pneumonia the day before, and after her performance, she almost “lost it” and had to be taken by AMBULANCE to hospital, and I do believe this episode is from September (?), where we had “ambulances” as a theme here too, so you might understand the connection (?), and I was by the way shown how “digital distortion” here kept lifting up Simon Cowell’s arm to make him look like Hitler (!), and yes I both love Simon for speaking the truth straight out, but he also goes too far some times.

Late in the evening I felt the spirit of my mother and a VERY concentrated small ball of darkness to the right of me, and within a few minutes I felt how this ball was shared in two between my sister and I, and that was instead of waving goodbye as I was told, and yes I was also told that if I “lose life”, this will grow out again as new life, but no, to me this is darkness, I will NOT become tempted to life ceasing to exist.

If I did not write it, I felt how this darkness entering me included the feeling of coughing, you know the kind, which has been killing John and also me a little.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mads noticed that Romney was “reborn from his ashes” like a bird phoenix when meeting Obama in duel – darkness is strong now, you know – and Mads was on TV2 News all night to comment, and as Hans-Henrik said “cool that you wore your red tie” and “red tie” is about having a personality of darkness, Mads, and this is because you “love this game” of the political system of darkness.

  • I do NOT like media deciding not to cover important news for example the Spanish population being on its edge of revolution because of drastic cuts of the Old World Order, and yes you “could not” agree or even decide to look at a TRUE New World Order my dear friends, victims of the Old World?

  • Dan was at the waste/reuse site and said that he has NEVER been so afraid and it was because he was customer no. 100 receiving a hand wash cleaner, and to me “100” means perfect and that is “perfectly clean” to clean the darkness of Dan & Co., and yes Stig, this is still the goal we are going for, and yes I remember the one about the “moviestar”.

  • Margrethe spoke about Anders and politics, and this is really just to show you another example of “hmmm” being used and here the worst darkness bringing me darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare”, but no (!), and I wonder if Vivian is thinking of me (?), and yes I thought about her again this year at her birthday the 17th September, and we know it is three years ago that she also decided to cut me away because of whom I am and her own misunderstandings.

  • This was ONLY written in case we needed more darkness to help the last part on its road, otherwise I would NOT do it – because I feel “sick and disgusted” because of how ignorant and better-knowing people treat me – but this is about Søren writing an article in Berlingske called “respect”, which is inspired by Else’s email to me yesterday and really about the lack of respect I meet from “everyone/everywhere” of people believing they are right without doing what it takes to read/listen, understand and have faith in me, thus also Anders & Co., and Søren writes about political extremes meeting in a common critic of what is, and more importantly that politicians of his example show lack of respect to the Queen and God, which made Anders show all of his resistance (of darkness) saying that Søren and Conservatism reminds him of the arm- and legless knight of Monthy Python, who continues to shout “Come back and fight” even though he has nothing to fight with, and I am here told that this is how “strong” darkness is today, and still it continues to “shout” inside my head, and I told Anders and his colleagues at the Parliament – and this is to the world you know – that he uses the symbol of darkness self, which is the politicians of the Old World, and instead of throw mud at everyone else and to point out yourselves as the only truth, you should open your eyes for another truth, which is “mine”, which I bring to you as our New World and New World Order, and the one speaking through my mouth is the one, who Simon does not believe in (as it appears from the article) and who does not fill much in your unimportant talk about the Old World Order, which soon will be replaced by our New World Order. When you reject God, you will float above any reality without a sense of belonging, and this is to say that all people need God as their natural place of belonging – and I wondered for how long Anders & Co. can continue to be both blind and deaf – and stubborn and “stupid to listen at” – without relating publically to the New World, which we stand right in front of (?), and yes “open your eyes and this is with kind regards from the one, you know”, and yes I will probably be laughed of again by some of his network, and maybe there are even people understanding and believing in me, who just don’t speak, and yes there is NO DOUBT about it 🙂 – and just like “the greatest possible silence” in “Circus Scott”, and yes both are “inspired”.

  • My comment made some of these “dumme Dänen/stupid Danes” show their stupidity and darkness for example when Martin repeated my words “from the one, you know” and asked if it was Voldemort (the Devil from the Harry Potter films), and no, Martin, it is not (!), and Jan said that to kneel to God is to “praise ignorance, uncritical way of thinking, which in my world is very un-Danish”, and Jan, you may like to re-think and tell me if your conclusion will be the same (?), and Dennis asked me if my truth is the right (???), and yes it is, Dennis, but this does not “suit” you because you don’t have faith in me, and Anders replied to my post by saying that seven MP’s of Liberal Alliance attended the church service, but you did not have other comments in “public”, Anders (?), and not yet that is? Later Jan asked me to go to YouTube and search on different people, which I have decided not to do not feeling very well when writing this, and he says that he does not want the Danish monarchy to be closed, but “God and the mandatory relation we have to this stupid and uncritical system, the sooner the better” and I wonder if it is God or the system you want to close, Jan (?), and when it comes to the Danish church, you are right, it will be closed down too as all “religious houses” of the world will – except from God’s only organisation, LTO :-).

  • Manu sat at his place at the Danish Parliament saying that the only kiosk of the Parliament is open, and yes liquorice is an old symbol of darkness, and he says that he will expand with tin cola’s next week, which is the worst darkness there is, Manu, and yes a true man of darkness too, and I noticed the reading material he had on his desk called “when faith is explained and defended” and I said that he could share this with Simon and probably many other MP’s and ask them to do exactly this as part of their coming new tasks.

  • When I was together with my mother and sister the other day, we spoke about scouts, and how my mother was a scout as a girl and how Niklas has been it for many years, and this talk made it through as inspiration coming to Helena when her neighbour wanted to recruit her as a scout leader for a coming CHRISTMAS camp with children, and Helena kept saying no, but the neighbour continued and among others said “there are some Christmas trees, which have to be shot of (“sold”!) and you can sell your dead aunt in a black sack” and what the neighbour meant was that Helena is a good salesman, but this was really to say that Helena was bringing me darkness to put dead life into the eternal black sack (!), but instead of doing this, we will now use the same darkness opposing me as light of our New World to “sell” Christmas, i.e. the birth of my new self, to the world, and yes Helena this is about your future work, interesting isn’t it (?), and maybe not now, but it will come to you, and we know she did everything she could to refuse, but the neighbour would not accept refusal, so she accepted at the end which is really the same as saying that darkness did everything it could to make me decide to kill life, but no, I will NOT accept that, so this is why we will NOT use the black sack.

  • Helena liked that Helle Thorning Schmidt was giving Lars Løkke “back wheel” (in the 13 hours unproductive opening “talk talk” debate of the Parliament!) , and Anders said that at least Lars’ suits are not curled anymore, which is about my new suit almost being ready, and then she said that “the hobbit is almost exploding .. SO dear”, and is this what will happen when opening our New World, a “small” explosion or will the last darkness simply convert quietly to darkness because I will NOT accept my “old nightmare” (?), we will see.


5th October: I found a hidden mountain of God including the most concentrated and fine wine of creation

Dreaming of finding a hidden mountain of God including the most concentrated and fine wine of creation

I went bed at 23.00 and slept poorly again finally standing up at 08.10 after having had these dreams.

  • Henrik Dahl wants to play on his speakers but only to have people experience how deep the bass is, but instead I am playing David Bowie on my speakers. I see how he speaks to his network about me, and I decide to fly out over the banister of the 1st floor so they can see that I am indeed the one.
    • It seems that Henrik Dahl is one of my silent Facebook friends speaking to others about me, and yes an “important” man of Danish social life and media he is.
  • Something about “an impossible story” and two siblings being lover because one cannot see what they other sees and this might include murder.
  • Hans is taking my car to the train, there is almost no more gasoline on it, but I am ready with more, when it returns, but now the gasoline is washing powder. Two police officers watch us. The train will take a little more than one hour to reach Rungsted Station, which is at 07.00 in the morning, and I see that the train is now a bus holding on a steep slope, and the first time, it is holding there steady, but there is a new driver on the bus which makes the bus slide down before it stops again.
    • I felt that it is both Hans and I driving on this train to the other side, the washing powder is to clean Hans, the police is his darkness, and the bus is about “making love”, which is to say that darkness of Hans in this respect is what made my bus almost lose it at the steep slope called “the end of the world”, which this is about, and in other words, the resistance of Hans – and my sister – to me is what almost ended the world.
  • Something about my father opening “something”, which receives 6 stars out of 6, which is about the marks I receive for work done lately.
  • I am driving in my car together with Elijah and his wife at Jamaica, and even though there has been very poor signs, I have found the road to an incredible high mountain, which I believe is impossible to climb, but I am told that some Canadians have climbed it, and I see that Austrians are selling eiswein (“ice wine”) produced from the mountain, which is as much at 1,000 Euros per bottle.
    • Jamaica to me is about “Caribbean” and Bob Marley and summer, which is about MUCH LOVE and “coming home” and that is to include this mountain too, and yes there might be more, so therefore we will continue.
    • This is about the very rare quality of this hidden mountain of life of “even more inner parts of my old self”, which I have reached, and the quality is so rare that it is producing the most concentrated and finest wine of the world, and without the darkness of Elijah resisting me, I would not have arrived here, and yes it is a little madness, but it is sure “funny” and one of their best, which is how I love madness the most.

  • I am driving at an ice covered road in Norway with René following me, and despite of driving carefully, I slide and drive off, but fortunately I have a local Falck subscription, and they pull me up, and I recommend some truck drivers to get a subscription too.
    • I was told yesterday that René’s visit to my website brought me much darkness and sufferings, and here I understand that if it was not because I asked for security plans and back-ups to be included at my journey here symbolised by Falck in the dark country of Norway, René’s resistance would have brought my journey to an end, and yes I don’t know yet who he really is, but “important” he is.
  • I am together with Charlotte H. – my old beautiful colleague from DanskeBank-Pension – to an Arabian country, and I am very attracted to her, but she is not attracted to me. People have underestimated my work, but I have received the greatest praise imaginable to work I have just done, and I know that much more is waiting on me, which is making me stressed.
    • Still darkness wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” and here because of resistance to me from Arabian countries reading me in secrecy (?), and the praise to my work is still because I saved the life inside darkness yesterday.
  • I have entered Danske Bank in Stockholm to visit René. It is Thursday and 16.00, I have come without notice, and hope/expect René to leave even though the bank is open to 18.00, and he tells me that if my phone worked, I would not be cold and he did not have to take time off.
    • This is darkness inside the New World, and “notice” is really about the “notice” I included in my email to the Psychiatric Centre when giving them the notice that their “hell of a system” will close down, and it seems that the dark bank will keep open for me if I can bear the cold of sufferings I receive, and yes I will try even though these days are truly impossible to come through, but soon October will have gone too, and then we are in November and not that long to November 22, wasn’t that the date when all parts of God will be united (?), and yes this is what I am still aiming at, i.e. to continue my journey until then, and maybe even longer?
  • I woke up to “yesterday man” by Chris Andrews and the lyrics “I’m her yesterday man well my friends that’s what i am”, which may be about the spirit of the mother and son being forced together “yesterday”, and yes this is NOT madness this time around, even though I love this one too :-).

I was incredible tired and disgusted today with darkness of many coming to me

I was incredible tired also this morning, which is about much darkness entering me, so it truly had an impact to write to the Psychiatric Centre, and yes not nice for these sensitive doctors to receive such “unjust” from me (?), and I am as tired these days as I was in 2010, where I was this tired ALL OF THE TIME, and in this respect, I am at least better generally not being as tired as back then, but still you know tiredness is different this year where I have been awake MANY nights, which was harder in this sense than in 2010/11.

I was MUCH disgusted to start working again feeling the risk of starting to relax without working, but here at lunch time today I have finished the last of the script of yesterday and the script so far today, which I will first upload this evening, and yes giving me time to continue looking at a desk, which is really a combined desk/dining table and really a dining table, I will use as a desk, and “dining table” can only be to say that “dinner is served” with dinner being the opening of our New World, and yes as a symbol, and we will see when I am ready with this work, but in a few days if I don’t receive too much other work to do.

I used the afternoon to search hundreds of add’s on desks and I felt nothing going through me – after feeling Else and the Danish Parliament, and I was told that this is just to keep going, to keep on your feet

I went to town and bought a ticket for the SAGA concert the 31st October in Copenhagen (!), and yes I was happy to see that they are not as expensive as what most concerts are today, and I used a part of the gift of my mother to pay for this, and yes I have been missing good concerts while writing my scripts since 2009, so this is about a new life coming to me and the world.

On my way home I made a quick visit to my mother to print out the ticket for tomorrow’s wine festival – my old printer decided to stop working already in 2009 you know – and I was told that my visits have also been a source of “disturbance” to John, and when I tried to open the ticket from the email in PDF, it did not want to open, and I showed my mother how the PDF-programme was open and when clicking on it, she could also see how it included the wine ticket which we saw moving quickly from the bottom to the right of the screen without opening, and yes it was a symbol of John sending out everything to the right, i.e. “nothing” of darkness, and that is because of his lack of ability to read/listen and understand anything else than his own strong voice, but instead of using the Adobe PDF-programme, Google offered a “show” function, which worked and yes when using this work-around it was possible to make “everything” work and to print out the ticket, and there may be a deeper meaning to say that it is not possible to save everything without the faith of John as another part of my father, but when you insist, there was a work-around.

When I returned home, I was busy until dinner time checking Facebook for updates, and with Facebook chat’s first with Desiree and later with Wilson as you can see from the short stories.

I feel how my voice is on the edge of turning over really to the other side, and when I was balancing on this edge, I was asked do you want to convert all of this to life now (?), which I understand is all the life we have saved (?) and yes this is the process we have also not done yet, which I understand will happen when we light our New World, and it was followed by a feeling to my right ankle and I was given the question if I don’t want to bring this (?), but of course I do, we are NOT finished yet.

I said to my spiritual friends that even though I should give in losing life now, I ask you to have a plan B ready, and yes we would make a burial place in that place (the bunker) in Snekkersten you know, and then it would be simple for you to open and get in, and yes this might be true, and it might also be darkness speaking.

I was shown my right wall lamp first blinking – the one which decided to switch off a couple of weeks ago – and then it decided to light maybe 5-10 minutes before switching off again, and this is to say that we are awakening life, which we thought would be lost forever, and yes there is also my floor lamp, which has not worked almost one year now. Later it worked for a few hours.

I watched “crazy about dance”, and when the judge Jens in the beginning said (about dance) “we know everything and see everything” it was inspired speech to the secret government of USA and all “questionable” (thank you, Janet, for thinking of me!) governments of the world that as my new self I do know and see all, so there is nothing you can do than to tell the full truth, and later the judge Nikolaj said said (about dance) that “I like long limbs because I can see everything” and this was inspired speech too saying the same.

Jens took on the challenge from Claes the drummer, and did a fantastic job as a drummer when he – together with the orchestra – played “September”, which made Claes tell him “You did it” (!), and this was also to say that this is what I did, to bring original life to the world as “drums” mean to me. When Britt spoke about “eternal 8’s”, as I believe the words were, it was about our eternal New World.

I was shown the large Tuborg Bottle with the label working as a door with many people being inside of it, and I was shown and told that darkness of people tried to make me close the label/door to all of this life, which was lost with the closure of our Old World, and the only way to save this life was to open as the New World receiving the strength of my new self and to accept sufferings of darkness to come to me in order to save this life.

Later I received the words ”everything has to survive”, which I say much, and I felt the spirit of my mother as Else and was asked “surely you don’t mean me” (?) and it was with the attitude that she did not expect to be brought out too, but the opening of Else to me is good enough for her to come out too, and she asked “may I enter as darkness” and I said that if it cannot be different, this is alright, but of course with respect to the rules I wrote down the other day.

I was told that this is the process we have now started and I was shown that big brown man of darkness, and yes to turn around everything to life, and the last part of course, which we apparently have not done yet, and I was told that this is still done with the help of Elijah, and I felt a weak heart, but not as weak as before the end of energy. And I was told that this is the last before our New World.

During most of the evening I also received pain now and again to a hole of my right instep, but I decided that this is “only” a threat, and no, I will NOT accept any life at all to fall out through this hole, and I will also NOT accept any loss of life if we will experience a (smaller than before) explosion of darkness when I will open the eyes of my new self, and also this evening I felt darkness as pure evilness – trust me, this is NOT a nice feeling – and it tried to put the words “you are not welcome” in my mouth and yes to life inside of it, but no, I will never accept negative statements.

I am a little nervous about what will happen when I open the eyes of my new self and that is both because of the old feeling “who wants to be God” (?) and also if it means that I will wake to an explosion and also “old nightmare” (?), but no, an “old nightmare” means that I have to accept it, which I will NEVER do, so this should mean that there will become no explosion, and this darkness will hopefully not be strong enough to make the world bleed (now?), but simply to be opened with faith of man coming to me.

There were no more digital distortions to the faces of people on my TV this evening, and at 22.30 I was watching the follow up shown of the Swedish X-factor on Swedish TV4, and they had an introduction to the programme “Xtra X-factor” on TV11 where the male host said “tongue kissing will definitely not happen”, and this was “the kiss of death”, which will now not happen according to this – but you never really know because what if I should lose it now (?), and we will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lately there has been MUCH debate/talk in Denmark about legalising hash including prominent politicians for example Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen from the Red-Green Alliance, who wants to do exactly this, and she has not been afraid to admit that she has tried smoking and inhaling hash, and yes yesterday a new coffee-shop was on TV where they openly smoke hash, and all of this is really one of the clearest symbols of darkness because you do know that hash is a symbol of darkness, and yes who more than Dan Rachlin (?), and yes no one! – And you do remember that all smoking (hash, tobacco and whatever you could dream about smoking – together with medicine) will NOT become part of our New World, because I have decided that I do NOT want man to destroy himself from the inside, and yes this is part of showing a clean heart, so stop using these “drugs”.

  • Scribd has now “decided” to recover partly showing the visitors of the 2nd October, but not the 1st and 3rd and 4th October, so there is more life to be saved, which I will NOT accept losing, and I still feel marks around my right ankle, so there you have this life.

  • Yesterday I read in the weekly free newspaper “Nordsjælland” about Helsingør Wine Festival tomorrow and the chance to win a ticket, which normally is 200 DKK, which I cannot afford, so I decided to enter, and yes “of course” I had to win, so here is the ticket for tomorrow taking place at the music theatre of Helsingør where 25 wine dealers offer tastings of 300 different wines all over the world, which to me is about the wine of everything of our New World. Later I was told that more accurately it is about saving all life of the basement of our Old World, so there you have it :-).

  • When speaking of the Devil – the dream about Henrik this morning – he decided to bring this post saying that this is what the shuffle-feature of his iPod found, and to me “telegram Sam” could be about “Uncle Sam”, so I wonder if you are also on the pay list of CIA, Henrik (?), which is to infiltrate the Danish community with what is “USA-friendly” (?), and Morten said that God is working through shuffle-features, and yes Morten you are even more right than you know, and Niels said that “the Empire strikes back”, which you know is the evil empire of the Star Wars films, and here the evil empire is USA – but we do share taste in music, Henrik.

  • I like people of faith like Desiree, and I cannot tell you how happy this makes me – especially when she started sharing some of my Facebook postings (people have noticed!) – on contrary to all of the sadness, which misunderstanding and silent people normally brings me :-).

  • While this is written the activist group “Anonymous” is attacking public Internet-sites of Sweden with so much traffic that it makes them break down, and the reason is that Sweden has closed the web-hotel PRQ, which used to host Wikileaks and the file sharing service Pirate Bay, and yes I do NOT like Sweden closing down FREEDOM OF PEOPLE – also to help me revealing the wrong-doings of the secret world – and when this is said, I also do NOT like the methods of this activist group, but I do understand the background for what they do and the attention that it brings to the course.

  • Thomas is among the absolutely finest chefs in Denmark – and the world – and today he received the first print of his new cook book “Stone age food”, and the love he shows to his book is for me also a symbol to me saying that my books help bringing the finest food, i.e. life, of our New World.

  • Wilson was a man of “not that many words”, who decided to create a Facebook profile and approx. half an hour later I became his first Facebook friend (!), and yes seen that a few times with others too, and I was told that he was brought to me to help bringing “every little thing”, and yes that is if you have even more on stock of life, but yes of course we have. Later I was told that he is more belonging to the category of removing newspapers from here, and it was good that I started to ask him questions to open up and yes a man of not many words, but a strong passion, and yes I hope that is a passion for God and not a homosexual man with a desire for me as I thought it also might be, and no, I don’t now more than this, Bryan Ferry, but I have LOVED hearing maybe 100 of your songs when turning on “the shuffle” player of Grooveshark, which to me here is about the shuffle of my sister and I bringing together everything which is to bring “new heights” to our New World as we already feel now as I am told, and I was given an out of this world pain to my right ankle – not very great but great enough to make me say say “ouch” – and was told that this is what this pain meant, to bring together the pairs of what once was and can be, and this is what we are now continuing to do with our new set up, and yes eventually it will become painless.

  • I saw the link to the sheep having the head turning upside down – just like the Old World you know – and Mads said that there are “conspiracies in the air” referring to Jack Welch’ opinion on new job numbers of USA today (unemployment reduced from 8.1% to 7.8% in USA “helping” Obama!), and later he said that conspiracy theories are ALWAYS wrong and a waste of time, and Heino claimed that Illuminati, Bilderberg and freemasons stand behind Obama wanting to introduce a New World Order if he wins the election (!), and yes isn’t it incredible what some people want to believe (?), and I told Mads that he is still wearing the yellow shirt (of stupidity) because he should know better by now, and Heino that it is true that Obama will introduce a New World Order – mine – which is only of the good and not evil, and it made Heino say “it is good with you, “new Jesus”, so he is a man believing in darkness but not me.

  • In another thread Mads said that he was in Århus – the second biggest city of Denmark – and he was looking for “some action”, and more precise “bears on one-wheeled bicycles, Bavarian beer, no men in tights, women without beard but doubtful judgment is alright (and also tights) an a bartender calling me skipper”, and yes Mads is pure darkness symbolised by bears, beer and not least “skipper”, and he is now searching for the bar of God because he is tired of the Old World Order, and when he received the recommendation to visit Café Århus, which is known as “the Greenlandic Embassy”, where “there is a guarantee to score” he was “sold” and said that he was on his way, and you do remember that the bartender is the symbol of God, Århus a symbol of my home, Greenland even more so and a guarantee to score is not about meeting women but meeting God when you have decided to convert and have faith in me, and yes “scoring” is to enter our New World, and this is what I have given everyone a guarantee to do, so this is what we will do, and yes my dear secret government of USA and other doubtful “elements” of the world, I will NOT accept your darkness, which is a threat to terminate life, and yes it is quite ELEMENTAL, so there you have more tears for fears if you get such a small one?

  • Helena said that she missed “Wise Åge” quite much, and “wise Åge” is the old voice I have had speaking to me too and that is the voice of darkness, and I do understand that it is not easy becoming “clean”, Helena.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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