October 7, 2012: Bringing “not working life” inside darkness to our New World to be awakened with future development


Summary of the script today

6th October: Bringing “not working life” inside darkness to our New World to be awakened with future development

  • Dreaming of almost crashing when driving with my mother and John because they “cannot” understand, saving HUGE amounts of life from the basement of our Old World with some first to be awakened with faith of man or future development of our New World, darkness of people misusing funds of businesses for private consumption also terminated life, which we are now recreating to the joy and celebration of my spiritual friends bringing everyone a welcome of the greatest love and warm feelings; this was “the gravy” I managed to save.
  • I was strongly tempted to stop the game by now, but decided to keep on focusing on what is not saved instead of the opposite, and instead of going through an easy last road, this meant that I decided to do the opposite to continue receiving sufferings to save what is “not working life” in thousand pieces inside the last darkness, which will not become perfect life now, but will have to wait for development of our New World before it can become liberated. This is life inside “nothing”, which we simply cannot free now. I have a stiff right side of my body symbolising that we did not expect to be able to save all parts of the spirit of my father, but still this is what we are doing.
  • Short stories of the meaning of the greatest hit of C.V. Jørgensen (“termination of man”!), God is “the Soul of Soul of the Universe and your name is love”, I invited my old friend Martin to go to the Saga concert, Dan is the symbol of “shit happens” of “silent people”, who still wants to terminated the most inner part of God, and Anders from Red Cross is “proud” of the collection day tomorrow and I asked him to support me and the concept of “normal life” instead.

7th October: Receiving “not working life” with MUCH enthusiasm of the New World – it may include another life form

  • I was “probably” not allowed to sleep or was it only a game where I could sleep (?), and I could not tell, so I slept half of the night and was awake half of the night, which was to transfer “not-working life” from darkness to become part of our New World too, but I could not really feel it entering me, so I was in doubt for a long time and I received dreams where darkness wanted to overtake me – to kill this life – and it was only saved because my spiritual friends followed my previous decisions to save this life no matter what, and to draw on other resources than mine. Thank you 🙂
  • During the day we brought this not working life from the “workshop” to our New World and the question was most of the day if this part of creation would survive or not, and it was darkness of my old colleague at Fair, the priest Lisa – together with everything else – who brought me so much darkness that I could get this out too. The content of this structure and most inner of all life have been subject to MUCH interest from the Universe, and the first feedback is of great enthusiasm and possibly containing a totally different life form to what we know of.
  • Short stories of Lisa using the F-word and not liking me lecturing her and also not lifting the day of rest, It hurts me to see Lisa and people ”meaning” something without knowing what they speak of, ”open your mind before open your mouth”, a “funny” story showing that it is also impossible for people to understand the lifting of the day of rest, I don’t want darkness of Romney to cut off life of me, I ask the Vatican State to FREE THE BUTLER and bring forward all of your files, I got the not working life of darkness, five Facebook friends have blocked/left me because of their own wrong behaviour, and Anders from Red Cross thanked the Danes for being generous even when they are not.


6th October: Bringing “not working life” inside darkness to our New World to be awakened with future development

Dreaming of saving HUGE amounts of life as “gravy” and now only not working items remain

I went to bed at 23.20 and even though I did not sleep very well, it was much better than previous days, and I stood up at 07.00 after having had these dreams.

  • I am driving with my mother in Helsingør, and am almost crashing and told “was this what you just avoided, werewolves” (?), and afterwards I drive with John, and I have placed a CD to burn in the sun visor of his car because I will burn some music for him tomorrow, and we are also almost crashing stepping on the brakes in the absolutely last second to avoid an accident.
    • When writing down the note of this dream, I was told that it is because of my mother, who do not believe in me with her awakened mind, that we were about to bring life to the hole of the instep of my right foot, and yes this dream tells you about how close we have been to lose life because of my mother and John, who simply “cannot” understand, but “of course” they do “everything” they can to “help”
  • I am in a GIANT hall with shelves full of old and most useless items – jam etc. – and I am looking for the few things still working and giving points. This place worked as a battlefield where the strongest survive. I have now set up everything logically, but have received no support from anyone, and I meet colleagues who are now designing new departments, and I see how they at the very end of the hall decide to have half of a small space to become a Matator (“monopoly”) department managed by Konrad and another by another man, and I can tell that the space is much too small and these people do not have visions, which makes me so annoyed that I decide to leave, but I cannot find my jacket, and I go to the basement, which I am told that they did not have the courage to close, and this is a GIANT cleaner with a HUGE transportation system in three rows of clean jackets, and I try to find mine, but it is difficult with so many jackets. And something about bringing in meat, which the tourists don’t understand.
    • This will have to be items brought up from the basement, which is too old or damaged to be used as is, but just maybe faith of man will make everything alive again, and “Konrad” to me is about an old nightclub in Copenhagen meaning “partying” and “celebration” to me, and Matador is about our new Golden Age coming, so why do I not feel good about these departments then (?), and when I cannot find my jacket, it is to say that we have not sorted out all of this life from the basement yet (?), which I am sure that we will over the coming time.
    • Later in the day I understood that this dream is about life of darkness, which will not become perfect after transferral, which I could decide to leave as here or to keep, and “to keep” is the right answer and to awake this life with future development of our New World.
  • I am working at an office in Copenhagen together with a colleague and a manager, who feels like Anders M. from Norway, and we have decided that the company will no longer pay for pay “private entertainment”, and I have calculated how much this saves us both net and gross using the tax rates of Sweden, and Anders M. looks at the last line of my calculation converting the net amounts to gross with a marginal tax rate of 80%, and even though he believes it is only about 65%, he agrees with the calculation and says that this is all he needed to finish his own calculation. We have decided to be efficient, but still my colleague and I cannot really get started, so we decide to read the newspaper, and when nothing really goes on, I decide to take a nap, but I am woken up and told to get going and to get to Frederiksværk (54 kilometres from Copenhagen) within a very short deadline later today and to bring the recording of a female singer, who is right now recording a full album of Grehte Ingmann together with Birthe Kjær singing one of two background voices and there is also a large choir, and they are recording at the Magasin department store with people dancing, however they dance at genuine carpets and not the wooden floors in order not to disturb the recording, and I am eating while watching, and the gravy truly tastes delicious.
    • The dream is about darkness of people having companies to pay for private consumption of everything from dinners to events like football/concerts/golf to “business” travels at home and abroad with MUCH private content, which is WRONG to do (!), and what we are saving here at this company of the dream is really life, which was terminated (!), but is now being converted to what it was before “the taxman” cut it down. And the dream says that if I don’t continue doing my best work, I will not be able to save all life, but will leave some of it with the eternal newspaper of darkness, and we know different messages of different days, and there is only one thing to do to be sure and that is to continue doing my best work, and Magasin is to bring life, and the recording of Grethe Ingman is to say that she is a late, traditional Danish artist of GREAT TALENT, who together with her husband Jørgen on guitar made “divine” music, and this music here is to celebrate all of the life we have saved with feelings of love and dance, i.e. celebration, to welcome it at our New World, and yes this is what “the gravy” is about, and yesterday evening I made the best gravy ever myself based upon some of the sauces/pesto’s I have bought, so there you have it again again.
    • And what better song than to bring here than “Dansevise” (“dance ballad”) by Grethe and Jørgen Ingman, which won the European Song Contest in 1963, and “I love you” is what they called it in English, but here you have the Danish version, and this one is also not bad :-).

Bringing “not working life” inside darkness to our New World to be awakened with future development

This morning I had pain to my behind again so my father is still active sending me darkness, and I was given s voice of sexual torment, and I was shown my old colleague and LinkedIn connection Søren I. from DanskeBank-Pension and he was an actor almost stopping to act, which was to say that his lack of faith in me is what in itself brings me this suffering, and yes you can put layer upon layer upon layer of many other people.

I was tempted to stop the game and to be happy about what we have achieved, but no, I want to focus on what we have not done yet and I was asked what to do now because have we not saved all life as we can save by now (?) – when thinking of “old stuff” of the dream, which we apparently cannot wake up yet – and I don’t know, and all I know is that there is still darkness coming to me, and when this is the case, we will continue, and I am sure that you will tell me what we will do of good things over the coming days and weeks when experiencing them.

I was still somewhat tired but feeling much better today, but also still exhausted beyond imagination behind this and still on my edge of starting to work because of some VERY hard days, but when I first got started, it was immensely more easy than the last couple of days.

I was given some big sneezes, which I have not received for a period of time and yes “energy of a sacrificing world” to help me (?), and no, I don’t believe in it, and no I will NOT start producing energy again, but I will do exercise today, because I am strong enough to do so, and yes also have time here at 11.15 finishing the script so far today, and we know some lunch, the swimming hall, wine festival at 14.15 and later at 19.00 to visit my mother and John, and yes some more writings/checks of add’s on desks, and this is about it, the plan of today.

I had trouble to enter Grooveshark today and first I thought that it was “maintenance” of their server because later I could enter it, but when I thought about the “trouble” I had, suddenly my shuffle play of Electric Light Orchestra stopped working and no matter what I did I could not get it to work again, and it was completely impossible to reload the Grooveshark site again, and I saw/felt how spiritual darkness was working, and when I decided to create an “auto correct” function in Microsoft Word to transform “gs” to “Grooveshark” when entering these two letters, I received the following “acceptance” in Chinese, and you may notice the Swastika sign in this symbolising monster/Nazi darkness coming to me, which is the message saying that this is what is the reason for Grooveshark to stop playing, and I am here told that this is what lack of faith of my mother and John do to me – and I can probably add my father and sister/Hans too – and yes if only they knew the pain they bring me, but of course this is “impossible” to understand and instead you have their feelings of the pain I have brought to them, and yes we are writing October 2012, and I am NOT making fun of you.

The Grooveshark interruption also lasted for a short while, and then it was like “born again” as I am told, and I saw how light made it work, and yes feelings and visions given to me as it progressed the opening of the site, and yes this is also how it works. And later I understood that this “monster darkness” is what has terminated the most inner part of the spirit of my father so we cannot awake this part of him now, but first later with development of our New World, see below.

I kept receiving the question if I want to stop now and STRONG temptation and encouragement to accept, and first I thought that if I should say yes – to “give in” – I kindly ask light to tell me if there is even the smallest life lacking, and I will continue the game, and then I decided that I don’t want to answer this question at all because when there is no more darkness, there is no more darkness and it will happen automatically, i.e. to end the game, so if you should decide to ask again, you will receive NO ANSWER, and yes just so you know, Jeff :-).

Later I received yet another part of the spirit of my mother coming to me, and I heard “because of him there”, and I was told that this is coming because of the darkness of Søren I.

I was told that I could just decide to “skip the rest” (life) – as in “skipper”, Mads (!) – and also that I would not be able to feel this at all, which I did not (or even know about) when a very large part of old life was terminated when opening our New World in May, and instead it takes more sufferings to recreate whatever may remain, and yes bring it on, I will NEVER accept loss of life (if I can avoid it).

I went to the swimming hall and the first 15 minutes was the easiest exercise I have done for a long time, and it as replaced by the last 15 minutes, which was the most difficult exercise imaginable, which was “impossible” to do, and that was because I was shown darkness inside of me breaking in “thousand pieces” together with the feeling that this is the most inner life of darkness of all – all of the life not working anymore of the dream of the morning – and it came together with the feeling of the U.S. secret government as the worst darkness of all, and here it was with a choice for me to choose the rest of my journey to be like the first or second half of this exercise, with the last part truly being impossible to go through with darkness making me need to slow some down and giving me the feeling “100 times” to give up, and what do you believe I chose (?), and yes of course the difficult road and that is because this is still the most inner part of God inside of this darkness, and no I will NEVER give up on life if I have a chance to save it, therefore, and I was given the question if this life also has to become perfect in order to be saved, and I said in phases that it has to become perfect or “acceptable” sooner or later, and I was helped to decide that this is the end target – for everything to become perfect – also meaning that it may take the time as it take before this will become perfect and that is to be completely released from darkness and that is because we need tools to do this which we don’t have today, and yes the coming period will become “tough” and it was underlined when I looked down into the swimming pool when exercising on the cross trainer because a boy had thrown his ball on a girl, which had made the girl – a teenage girl – “lose it” and jump into the swimming hall fully dressed (!), and yes this told me that this is what the secret government of USA has too, and that is “lost it”, and this is why I was shown the worst darkness breaking in “thousand pieces”, and yes Anne, one of your most beautiful songs :-). I also felt how darkness inside of me would be spit out if I cannot go through this journey, and no, I do NOT want that and that is no matter what.

I was told that it is a condition that I will continue losing weight – which is not easy because I have felt physically how not very fat eating over a couple of days have made me gain some weight – and when dressing after exercising, I told my spiritual friends to bring me protection from myself if I should lose it because I will NOT lose this life no matter what, and I was told with a smile “maybe Nupo powder” (low calorie diet) (?), which also made me smile. And I was told that this will not become perfect life (at least to start with), and since you have told that everything has to be perfect, we had to ask you, and yes it would not be perfect without this, so now it is that everything has to become perfect sooner or later.

Afterwards I went to the Helsingør Wine Festival, and I looked at the program, and headed directly to exhibitors offering German Riesling white wine, which I have not tasted for a very long time, and yes it was “pure” and “clean” and very good – but not world class as Joseph Leitz or Christmann as Lars and I imported a little of years ago – and according to the programme, there were 22 exhibitors, but when I looked at table no. 23 and saw another German exhibitor – the producer Martin Diegel with a young German lady from the producer wearing a diadem meaning that “you are coming home”– I could not help but saying “you are not meant to be here”, and yes this is about the most inner part of God, which we had not expected to be able to save (!), but we are still carrying on, and yes I met three of the best Danish wine producers (!) on a row, and had a very good talk with all of them, and yes Denmark can truly make quality wine too, and when speaking to them, I said that I would not have guessed it was their wine in a blind tasting, and little did I know that this was a hint to one of the neighbour tables where a store had a blind tasting of three wines, where you had to guess country, region, grape etc. in order to win some wine, and yes when I spoke of blind tasting, it was to the Danish producer of red wine from Kvistgård on the grape Rondo, which surprised me much in strength, so it made me think of the Nebbiolo grape from Barolo/Barbaresco areas in Piedmonte in Italy, and at the wine tasting, I was first given a very thin wine, which I guessed could be a Beaujolais, and the next was clearly very powerful and no. 3 tasted as no. 2 but even more powerful, so I guessed that these may be Nebbiolos both of them with a “normal” and “super” quality of the same producer, so this is what I guessed, and the wine-man was kind to say that this was not all wrong, even though I felt on the Lord’s field as we say here, and yes almost wine field, and we will see if I will wine some good wine of this competition – I really don’t like the concept of too much competition and winning – and yes when I came home, I saw the update from Søren below having written a book about “Barolo – the wines from Alba” and the subtitle “Barolo – The Kings’ wines and the wines’ King”, so this may be to show a connection between this fine wine and my new self being the King of our New World, and we will see if I guessed right, or if it was all wrong. And I thought that this was creative to do – also coming after I thought that the cultural night was not very creative for many, and yes “a good balance” is what I am looking for with everything.

My favourite wines of the exhibition was wine 13 from stand 2 (a wine from Chile) and especially wine 2 from stand 19 (from Ribera Del Duero), which tasted like “velvet” in my mouth, but the best tasting experience from this exhibition to me was not from a wine but from a cheese store where I – for the first time in my life – tasted a blue cheese from St. Clemens on Bornholm, and as I told them “if you receive a Gorgonzola, tell it to go home and sleep, and now you can let the birds sing” and that is because this is what they were inspired that they birds will do after tasting this cheese, and yes it was truly magnificent, and yes you know about Bornholm and I :-).

I came to one stand, who spoke inspired about big American co-operations like Microsoft and Boeing, and I understood that you do know what is awaiting you, my “big American bosses” (?), and yes for you to stand forward telling the full truth about your secret operations, and yes “much darkness, Stig”.

At the beginning of the wine exhibition I was told just how tough the coming time is going to become and the importance of losing weight, and at the end I was told that it will not be as difficult, and yes this is the game now, how tough/easy is this going to become?

I was home at 17.00 and wrote some more, and at 19.00 I visited my mother and John again, and I was told that we have tools to complete the final creation too to save this “broken life” of darkness, and an example is that John did not die during my journey.

I was told that there is also a concentrated dark area of the spirit of my father to be transferred to me as I felt with the spirit of my mother the other day – and when writing this at 04.25 “tomorrow” morning, I now remember that this darkness was already inside of me when exercising yesterday.

I was told that Bettina’s Søren has received a back injury, which is truly bad luck for him as an active Yoga teacher, and I was told that this is also to bring sacrifices to him to help us with the last part, and we spoke a little of Yoga, and I said that the left part of my body is flexible but my right is not meaning that I cannot sit down with my legs crossed because my right leg cannot reach the floor but keeps half up in the air, and I was told that the reason why the right side of my body is so stiff is because we did not expect to bring everything from the spirit of my father to our New World.

During the day I was given the impression that when speaking, this broken life of the spirit of my father inside darkness will be able to hear me but not react to me, and I was encouraged to promise this life survival, but I could not do this other than saying that I will do my best to make this part of the spirit of my father survive too.

While at my mother I continue receiving darkness, and it meant that I hundreds of times had to reject negative darkness still wanting to drag me down by becoming negative, and it is still difficult and much annoying, and it also included darkness self to make me reject it instead of accepting it, and I received the feeling that this was both easy and difficult to do, and then I was told that this life is not sheer pork meat, and it made me imagine the worst subspecies of monstrosity, which for a few seconds made if somewhat difficult to maintain my decision to save all life because should I save monster darkness too (?), and I decided to remember my rules of the other day that there has to be a view to make this life survive or alternatively new to grow and for all darkness to disappear eventually, so I decided to stand firm on my “bold” decision, and if there is something I have learned during this game/journey, it is exactly this, to be bold.

Later I was told that this decision means that we will now keep life inside this structure of the world, otherwise it would have been transferred as is but without its original life, and also that we have thought about what the basic structure of life/the Universe would contain, and this is it, life in thousand pieces, and really that it is life, which is impossible for us today to bring out of darkness, which requires development of our New World to do, so yes, this is what we will do.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Marianne and Ole liked the lyrics from C.V. Jørgensen’s greatest hit Costa del Sol, which is one of those fantastic hit-songs coming from “nowhere”, which this song really is about, because when reading the lyrics you will see that it is not only “ironic” about the rich Danes running away from Hell of Denmark to settle down at “our new-Nazi and anti-social solidarity” but truly an inspired song about darkness of “der führer” and if he was present today he would let poor people and twits gas, and you do remember that Spain was the place of darkness keeping all terminated life, and this song is really to say that because of wrong and selfish behaviour of people today, this is what the monster of darkness would have done, to “gas”/terminate mankind and the monster was mankind self, get it?

  • I liked this one by Torben.

  • Martin is my old good friend from commercial school in Helsingør (1982-84) and I lost contact to him in 1994, when Camilly and I moved to Malmö, and I have been thinking about him many times, but quite frankly I have not contacted him via Facebook because his picture does not look like the Martin I remember (!), but I can see via his friends that he is indeed the Martin I remember, and we share a passionate interest for music, and Martin is the greatest SAGA-fan I know of, so therefore I decided to write this Facebook email to him – after the wine festival – asking him if he wants to buy a ticket for the SAGA concert and to join me, and yes just maybe he will remember that I am still “the good old Stig” as I have always been, and decide to focus on this instead of me being Son of God, which can frighten both me and everyone, and yes I hope for the best and a positive reply.

  • Dan brought the link about a drunk young man mistaking the address making a 64 year old woman discover him when she woke up, and it made Bodil say the words, which I will NOT accept here, and that is NO matter what, I will NOT accept any loss of life, and yes my spiritual friends knows and will do their best to fulfil my wish, and yes to go through what Dan and others would normally make me do, which is to destroy as you know.

  • Dan was here called a procurer by Alan, which he did not like/understand and it made Torben ask “do you want me to put a hand through him boss” (?), which Dan liked because he thought that Alan was a disgusting smart aleck, and Torben said that he will bring him to a very deserted area, which made Dan say “thank you” and also “but let it be between us”, and yes this was simply about my new mission to stick my hand into the absolute worst darkness of all, which Dan here symbolises and it is on behalf of all of those “silent people” of the secret government of USA and other “troublemakers” of the world, who “cannot” stand forward and tell the world about me, and yes it is truly a SAD, SAD, world that you have created that you cannot even speak about me, and the worst is that you know it, but each of you feel so weak in comparison to the system, which most of you deeply involved truly want to get rid off, but you “cannot”, because you feel that the system is “too strong”, and yes rubbish it is (!), you could just do it if only you could “communicate” honestly, openly and directly, but it is not easy for many of you?

  • Anders is still holding the banner of the Old World high, which is to speak about the collection day of Red Cross tomorrow, but first he will go to the Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Mary this evening for a price to be given, and yes he is very excited about tomorrow, and I was given the feeling of Anders when I was at wine tasting, so this was meant to be and yes for me to bring my comment below to Anders, and how many including Anders can see that it is simple logic for people to help people directly instead of having a state of organization like Red Cross to do it, and especially when they have shown the world that they cannot because of bureaucracy, expenses and selfishness of rich states and people (?), and yes Anders may be able to understand this too (?), and he is attending TV2 tomorrow about the collection, and now I have asked you directly to work for me helping me to help the world directly from man/woman to man/woman, but you will probably not “be able” to start your new mission on TV2 tomorrow, and yes because it is “better” and more “secure” for your dark selfishness to be quite and to keep on playing the game and follow the Old World Order (?), and yes sad, but true, and let me also say that if you neighbour, Niels Olsen, is THAT Niels Olsen, the actor, he is one of my favourite actors of all, and I especially liked him and the other actors in “Andersen’s family secret” – the TV Christmas calendar of 1993 – when Putte was in love with him as the plumber, and yes one of my dear moments in TV-history (I LOVED this crew of actors with Søren Hauch & Co. also when they played improvised TV-theatre) :-).

  • The Danish speedway driver Nicki Pedersen was “cheated” from winning the gold of the World Championships Christ Holden drove into Nicki making him crash in the semi-finals of the decisive race today herewith making Nicki lose and Chris win, and that is because the judge did not have the courage to disqualify Christ on his home soil, and yes it this about a lost chance to win gold of the most inner self of God?


7th October: Receiving “not working life” with MUCH enthusiasm of the New World – it may include another life form

Transferring “not working life” of darkness to our New World with great difficulties

When I went to bed after 23.00 I had no expectations at all that I would have trouble getting sleep, but I was, but not as clearly as I am normally kept awake with very strong speech and visions, and here it was much weaker and included words like don’t sleep now, the transferral has started otherwise life (inside darkness) will be destroyed, and at this stage I did not remember how this darkness was part of me at the exercise yesterday, so here it was a message saying that it was still part of the Old World (inside the New World!), and I was also thinking how it is possible to destroy without my “old nightmare”, and my attitude was absolutely NOT to stand up also because I don’t need to bring energy to enter and transfer this darkness any longer (?), and with this I laid myself on my back trying to think whether or not to stand up, which was VERY uncomfortable to do – not knowing – and I thought that I did not believe that I could have received that much darkness from my Facebook comment to Anders Ladekarl and my email to my old friend Martin yesterday, and because of this, I fell asleep, but only until 03.20 where I woke up with this dream.

  • I am closing down a building and cannot get out because I have forgotten the password to the alarm system, so I cannot set it. I meet Lars H. (from 3107) and Søren H. and they ask me why I don’t go to a supermarket to buy fillings and margarine for rye-bread sandwiches, and I conclude that I will do this, but I will NOT have margarine, but butter.
    • Is this to get out of the same building of yesterday including all the “not working life” (?), and my spiritual friends keeps me in, but darkness via Lars and Søren want me out?

I was told that my spiritual friends had made this life survive by drawing on other resources than me because I had said that this life has to survive no matter what, and also that if I did not stand up now to finish work of yesterday, we are afraid that we cannot make it, and it made me decide to say alright, I will do it, but also that this has nothing to do with energy, because was this a try of darkness to make me produce energy by staying up at night (?), or is this simply a necessity for me to take on darkness coming to me, but the first message of yesterday was that this is already inside of me (?), and yes it confused me much, and I only decided to do this as a matter of good sake if it should be true.

Not long after standing up I was told that we are now ready for transferral, and I thought fine by me if this is not already done, and also that this is the closest you have been to losing information. I was told that it would be good for me to stay awake as long as possible.

After 15 minutes I was told that this is it, it is now done, but the whole feeling is different to before because I did not feel darkness coming in for example as I did with the small concentrated area the other day, and again I was thinking is this a game (?) but I decided that I cannot afford to take the chance.

At 04.40 I had still not felt anything being transferred, so I decided that it had to already be part of me as I was shown at exercise yesterday.

At 04.50 I was given some smaller out of this world pain to my right ankle, so after all we are bringing out more life from what once was (?), and this made me uncertain again about whether or not life of darkness was entering me, and I also received the same kind of pain to my left ankle as if this was now becoming part of our New World.

But at 05.00 I decided that this had to be a game of darkness trying to make me work hard to bring “energy”, and I decided to believe in the first story given to me coming with the exercise yesterday, which has always been a ground rule of the game, and again I made the same thoughts as while in bed not believing that Anders and Martin could bring me so much darkness giving a need for me to stay up.

At 05.40 I was told that we are now concealing this life of me with a layer of coating, and yes it is NOT nice at all to be in doubt about whether or not this is happening, and not at all.

At 06.15 I received a very good and well known smell, but I have not smelled it for MANY years, and then I remembered that it was the Armani perform, which is the BEST perfume I remember and I have not smelled it since the 1980’s because I found out that I was allergic to perfume giving me blisters both under my arms and also when using after shave after shaving, so I had to completely stop using this – today I use ordinary and cheap anti-perspirants – and as I understand it today I received this allergic reaction because of “toxic” ingredients.

Finally at 07.10 I decided to go back to bed thinking that the first message had to be right – from exercise yesterday – and I decided to reject burning marks given to my skin, and I had had this dream when waking and standing up at 09.40.

  • Johannes Hecht-Nielsen (the mayor of Helsingør) is my manager, and he is not satisfied with my work, and he tells me that I work too slowly, and gives me a warning, which makes me feel the risk of this potentially leading to dismissal, and he asks me to look at a video and to write down the characteristics of a person on a drawing of a human body as the police could have used to describe criminals, but I only see Bev Bevan playing drums after Electric Light Orchestra has been reunited and he plays with much enthusiasm and happiness. Later I am at a farm together with Bev and another from the band, and they have written down on a poster how I joined the band. Even later I am at a bar where Jeff Lynne sits down at a table and a rock band joins him, and Jeff can tell that this is Herman’s Hermits, and he tells them that he loved a song they did in 1984, and they don’t know first who he is, but they know him when told about the Electric Light Orchestra, and they speak about having Jeff playing the drums in their band, but he really does not like them as people, because they are very aggressive Latino people, and I see how original members of Electric Light Orchestra arrive at the bar and how they leave outside, and I walk next to Jeff and ask him about making concert with a big symphony orchestra, and Jeff has now been reunited with his old band and given up on the Hermits, and it makes him ask the band members if they should tour in South America and around the world, and we enter Jeff’s big American “floater” car with the four other band members walking away from us, and I see that the Hermit’s now threaten us and gives us 10 minutes to leave otherwise they will attack us, and it makes Jeff and I rush to the band members and ask them to get into the car quickly.
    • Johannes is about darkness wanting to eliminate last life if possible, and this is what I am given a warning for so it seems that it was true that we were transferring this darkness to me – not easy to tell – and Bev is here this original life being happy to return, which may be the feeling my spiritual friends receive, and the Herman’s Hermits are the accumulated darkness – and not only Martin and Anders from yesterday – going against me with a “hermit” being “a person who lives, to some degree, in seclusion from society” and this is what I do because of many people still opposing and rejecting me, and that goes from family/friends etc. over the Commune, Falck and politicians, media and secret government of USA to take some of them, so this is what is making this the deepest and concentrated darkness of the band of darkness wanting to attack us and to get me, i.e. Jeff, to play for them, but no I will not, and I am here thinking that while visiting my mother and John yesterday, I was also given the absolutely worst sexual torments/talk a few times, so there you have it, and while writing this at 11.20 I still receive the taste of quality wine from the exhibition of yesterday, and yes this is given to me as a prolonged taste to say that we are still saving this (at the moment) last not-working life.
    • “1984” is about the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell “where society is tyrannized by The Party and its totalitarian ideology” and “the Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance, and public mind control”, and it is from here that the saying “Big Brother is watching you” comes from with “Big Brother” being the leader of the party, and this is a novel written in 1949, which predicted what would happen in the future of mankind, where this has become true (!), and already yesterday I was told to remember reminding the world to remove all cameras and surveillance system monitoring people, and this is really also to say that I am still monitored myself without my knowledge, and not least by London if you want to know as I am here told. And I remember just how strongly this Eurythmics song “hit me” in 1984 when it was released as the soundtrack of the film over the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, and yes one of their finest songs and a fantastic (atypical) album too, which I am sure that Julia from Falck likes, and yes a marvellous song too.

    • This dream also came to me because earlier in the night I had been watching new TV-interviews with Jeff Lynne and his very FINE newly recorded acoustic performances with Richard Tandy, the original keyboard player of Electric Light Orchestra, which made me VERY HAPPY to watch, and yes I have not seen Jeff playing like this for many years, and he is not keen on touring, but I do hope that in our New World, he will become motivated to a play a little for his old fans and the world?

Receiving not working life at our New World with MUCH enthusiasm of the Universe

When standing up, I thought about taking a long bath, but no, I was encouraged to keep working instead, so I also decided to write the script of today so far, and received ideas of other work to do – look at more add’s and also to identify 1-2 Facebook friends, who have left me.

I was told that it is still a little bit between left or right ankle, isn’t it, Stig (whether or not this not working life with make it or not), and yes this might be it, and I decided that I will stay up now the rest of the day.

I was asked if we will now avoid the garbage can again (?), and yes because that man there have told me not to use it, and I was shown a simple minded person of darkness telling me, and yes he did it even without binding him, and yes this is the strength of hundreds of repeated messages of not losing any life at all and this is given to overcome the voice of darkness of many people combined – not least my mother – making it say hundreds of times to kill this life, and yes this is still how it is, and not nice at all knowing that this is what my family/friends etc. still do to me and also that they still “cannot” understand that this is what they do, and if “only” they knew, they would not do it, but back to laziness and better-knowing ignorance we are.

I was told that we will never go back down there again (to this darkness) if this can bring you some relief.

When I was “chatting” with Lisa in her Facebook thread – see the short stories – I was told that isn’t it incredible that this is what makes it possible to avoid the kiss of death, and after this chat, my monitor started blinking much because of the darkness and “negative feelings” of Lisa coming my way, and yes “you should know better”, Lisa (!), and it is “not nice” for me to “attack” you because you have done “nothing” (?), and yes “nothing” is the right word because of your poor habits too leading directly to the abyss if I had not saved you, and yes this is the story you “could not” read and understand because of your better-knowing resistance, and no, you “could not” see it yourself, because of course I was unjust to you, and not vice versa? And I was given the strong taste of fish hereafter, because what she is truly doing – without knowing it – is to help me make all of this “not working life” become part of me as my new self, and yes I wonder how long this will take, days or even weeks?

I was told and felt that people of other civilizations were willing to go all the way into the core of the structure/axis of Earth self to see what it contains, and this is the STRONG degree of interest to understand what is keeping us all up, and yes a “strong will” inside of this darkness is what we can best describe, and it is darkness which has completely overtaken the most inner part of God, but this part of me is still alive inside of there but “not working” as anything else than the structure of our world, and yes I will NEVER give up on this life, how could I also knowing that this would become the eternal end of this part of me (?), and yes unbearable just to think of, right?

I received an incredible enthusiastic feeling of my spiritual friends looking into the nothing now arriving – and I receive constant small heart attacks when writing this and understands that these are feelings of Lisa going through my mother influencing her and making me suffer – and I wondered how they could be enthusiastic when this life does not work and cannot be saved now (?), but I understand that this is what you experience, and I was reminded how the Danish wine producer from Helsinge (having medals for the best red wine of Denmark) told me about the first press of grapes and other following and I replied by mentioning the Coeur de Cuvee Champagne by the producer Vilmart, which Lars and I were “allowed” to import a little of by a struck of “fortune”, with the “Coeur de Cuvee” being the absolutely first and finest pressing of grapes, and this is what we are now opening and “looking” into, and the reason of this enthusiastic feeling.

I was told that tomorrow we will not be leaving from the workshop, this is what we did today, and also that this is because I continued working all day and yes also using a couple of hours checking more adds and how to borrow a free trailer at the Silvan DIY centre herewith saving between 500 to 1,000 DKK in transport expenses because a desk is too big to be transported inside my mother’s and John’s car, but a trailer has the right size. I phoned my mother to hear if they have a drawhook on their car, which they have not, but Sanna’s and Hans’ car has, so maybe I can borrow their’s, and yes my mother was not much for it (!), and when I told her that this can save 500 or 1,000 DKK in transport expenses meaning a lot in terms of getting more furniture, her reaction was “don’t tell Sanna and Hans” and yes about where I have the money to by this furniture, and yes Stig we know I have already written and I will say it if I want to, no one is telling me what to say or do when I am responsible, and this will be something to follow up on in the week starting tomorrow, and yes not an easy road to find, choose furniture and how to transport it, and in this sense this is about getting as much furniture our as possible of the last black hole really.

I was told that when I was previously told that darkness did not have the strength to carry out my “old nightmare” – had it really told this (?) – it was not true.

And I was told that we will soon return to giving you the feeling of wanting to open the New World, but first we just have to (and something about screwing and turning what we have found). At 19.00 I was told that it is first now that this darkness is giving up.

I was told that pressure from people coming to my mother is what is making her feel down, and also me feel down.

I was of course both very tired and dizzy today, and had to overcome hundreds and maybe thousands of attacks from darkness coming during the day, my right ankle on the right side still hurts potentially terminating life, and I was given examples of first an attack and then I was told the person being the reason of this attack, and yes it is as simple as that, people not understanding, not having faith, being silent and directly speaking negatively about me behind my back, and yes “these foolish things” are what brings me this pain, and it does not get any better than this, and when I listen to Bryan Ferry’s best songs, which are really almost all of them, I think that he is truly on top of my list too, and we know NO ONE has the incredible feeling as he do, a TRUE “gentleman”, and “blue eyes” is really the one coming the closest to him :-).

I was told that this game was to “fool” me in order not to awake darkness – however that may be – and also not to speak out much last night to keep me awake.

After later dinner I was shown and told that it is first now that we are starting to drive in lorries (of “lost life”), and I was told that we can only do this because of an enormous pressure being put on my mother and I, and lots of praises accompanied this, and I now start feeling the New World on the other side of this again, and I was told that when entering it, it was completely dark so the New World lost sight of me – and I have also been given feelings and speech about “a totally different life form inside of here” (?), and yes this is the question, which we will await to see.

My right wall lamp has now decided to shine most of the time, but I still have “problems” with Scribd showing visitors to my documents.

I was told that this darkness is the same darkness I met in the Easter of 2009 and when travelling to Geneva, which still was the hardest of all, and yes where the term “going to my extreme limit” does NOT cover what I went through, where we really should have been terminated back then, it was “not possible” coming out of this tour alive.

I was told that it is in other words from all the way inside of there that the “feeling” of “kill, kill” comes from, and yes Stig directly from the most inner part of me/us completely overtaken by darkness, and this is what you/we have decided to save, because “how could you not”, so this is how it is.

I felt incredible amounts of darkness entering me all over my body, and I was given feelings of darkness streaming up from my right foot to my right lower leg, and I felt an incredible amount of darkness of my family/friends etc. inside of this darkness, which I constantly had to be stronger than, which is really still a big challenge.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lisa said good morning and good day of rest, and then she used the F-word of darkness to say that she does not like Bilka (giant supermarkets) and open around the clock and that is because she loves Sundays as a priest, and also because of the liberation of the law here removing the Sunday closure of stores, and yes a priest using this F-word (!) and a priest not valuing my decision to bring FREEDOM to people and you are of course RESPONSIBLE to find the right balance between work, spare time and worship (“so you will never forget me again”), right (?), and this made Mette say “agreeee…. You are really making me happy in the lid” (!), and yes a “strange thing” to say isn’t it (?), and yes we know it is inspired speech again bringing Michael Hardinger and Shu-bi-dua back with the song “en glad idiot” (“a happy idiot”) including the lyrics “glad i låget” (“happy in the lid”), and this is to say that this is what you decided that I am, Lisa (?), and yes Martin (another old colleague from Fair, who did not recognize me and whom to me more than anyone symbolises everything of laziness, poor behaviour/language/attitude and work way below your potential, Martin) said that he did not believe that priests were allowed to say F…, and yes people do know that this is NOT a nice word, but still everyone uses it today as an acknowledge word to use, and in general people here “like” that priest speak like “ordinary people”, and Lisa said that she can say “F… Bilka”, and it is first a problem if she should say “F… God, my next of myself”, and yes it made me tell her, that this does NOT sound good in my ears, but she does not care about what I believe and know best herself (?), and I told what everyone knows, which is that this word is negatively loaded, and that it is both a pity and shame that the whole community has taken it in and in addition to see a priest using it – it should not appear (!), and the same goes with all other “negatively loaded” words – swearwords – which everyone knows, but when you first have gotten used to use them, it is “impossible” for you to stop doing (?), and Martin said like a hurting dog of darkness “ouch, ouch, good that I am not in company with Stig, F… I had been told off”, and yes you are truly “funny” in all of your incredible bad manners provoking and going against me, and would it help your attitude if you knew who I am (?) – as it would have done to all people on my journey, who would “instantly” show a completely different, “positive” and understanding behaviour if they knew who I am, but this is how it is when you meet people as they are as an “undercover boss”, so here you have the inspiration for this TV-show – and Anne asked “tell me – has the boy put on a halo” (?), and yes your behaviour also “suggs”, and yes I don’t like words like that too, or rather the word that this name of the front singer of Madness resemblance, and yes the “night boat to Cairo” is where you would like to send me, Lisa, because I am “annoying” you (?), and you don’t have to worry, because I already have a ticket to go there, the pyramids you know, and I just have to bring the last life of darkness first, and when I got everything, I am on my way, and yes you are helping me to dig into this darkness, and furthermore I could have told you about my wish to bring freedom to people instead of “closing down” life of Sundays and holidays, but I don’t believe that this would make you understand me better?

  • Lisa decided to give me a reply, and yes you don’t know how disgusted I am also to write my comments in your thread, Lisa, and this may be what you are yourself, but the problem is as usual that you “cannot” understand and blame me because of your “inability” to read/understand and are totally convinced that you are right, so all of your resistance is what you show me again, and she said that she believes that the F-word can be seen as a modern edition of “sons of vipers” and “pithy language can also be found in the Bible” and yes she said that “I know that you say that your scripts overrule them as the new revelation, but you do know that I am not convinced about this”, and it made me tell her that I am sorry for her lack of faith and will to read me to obtain faith, and had she read me, she would know that it is the wish of God (read: me!) to bring FREEDOM to man so he will responsibly decide when to work, have time off, shop and pray, and that it is wrong to close the community in principle in order to have a day of rest. And I tell her that people using the F-word is about “poor habits” of people, which in general with lack of faith, poor behaviour/communication/language/work is what made Jesus ask “Sons of vipers! How will you escape the judgment of hell?” (Matthew 23:33), and poor habits helping to lead people in temptation is what she shows herself here leading to the abyss if it was not for the Creator saving the world from the end. And I was given the feeling of a hole to my right hand as in being crucified, which I told her about, which should help to make her understand what this is about; i.e. poor habits of her/man killing me and bringing the end of the world if I had not saved it, but this is what she “cannot” understand because of the strength of her own better-knowing voice and dislike to understand what people don’t want to understand in relation to themselves and me, but maybe “a little faith” of Lisa opening a crack for the light to enter (?), and yes this is what it is really about, but you would not understand, Lisa, and that is because it is completely natural to you to read the Bible everyday, but not my scripts, which you could not “dream about” reading, and why is that again (?), and eeehhhh other priests in Lyngby influencing you against me, and why could they not “understand” me (?), and eeeehhhh because you did not have the “time”, Leif & Co. or was it simply WRONG ATTITUDE, which I have now shown you that in practice EVERYONE HAS! Lisa ended by saying that she is sorry to bring me pain and she does not believe that “a discussion between us of better-knowing voices will be fruitful” and wishes me a good Sunday and luck with my mission for piece, freedom and love and “we cannot disagree on the goal”, which is good, Lisa, but still you do not have faith in me (?), and yes isn’t this hilarious, Hillary?

  • I shared Lisa’s and my comments on my timeline to help other people read/understand, and I said that this was an exchange of “beliefs” instead of knowing, which is the case for many “meaning” something about me (and also much else) and I do LOVE people KNOWING what they speak of, and it is a requirement to read me to know what you speak of (!), and it hurts me when people “mean” something (very often WRONG) instead because of “poor habits”, which makes them unable to read and yes because of a sceptical attitude and better-knowing ignorance.

  • When I shared Lisa’s thread (and picture) on my timeline, I knew that she would see it and that it would test her to her breaking point – would she be able to control her “negative feelings” (?) – and no, she “could not” (!), you are truly NOT a good role model, Lisa, so she told me “Goodbye Stig, one thing is for you to do missionary work on my wall, but don’t copy my pictures over on yours. I ask you to delete it and delete you from my list of friends”, so “delete me” as a Facebook friend is what she did (but she was “kind” not to report/block me, and yes she is a priest, see?) and yes I do recognize the Devil/darkness when seeing him, because he is doing the same every single time, which is to make people feel hurt and want me to remove my writings on them and yes ultimately to “throw me out”, so this is what the Devil of Lisa would do in order to kill this life inside darkness, and yes she has to be a very “special friend” too in order to be able to do this, and as usual the Devil is wrong, and I am right and I have to be stronger than it, and this is what I am when doing what I do, which is the swing my sword and to publish her information, and even better for her to know it, and to know that there is nothing she can do about it, and this is how darkness is usually defeated, so will you decide to hunt me down, Lisa, or have you given up now, because you are far too overwhelmed/sad/feeling down and broken because of me (?), and yes you never understood that this is what you are pulling out of me because of your misunderstood negative/hurt feelings, and yes it amazes me to see that this is how people “work” (?), and “work” is what this “not working life” of darkness some day will do again, and “thank you, Lisa” for doing this, and this is also coming from the right to me because of having the “nerve” again to go to the extreme and necessary point of no return with Lisa too, and yes this is the absolute best I know of, but you know of course :-).

  • And I may have been too quick to declare Lisa “kind” not to report me because when I wanted to share the picture below on my timeline, I received this timeline, and I wonder if you “could not” control your negative feelings so much, Lisa, that you decided to report my sharing of your picture to Facebook – because this is “rude” of me to do, eeehhhh (???) – and this is why Facebook has now given me a muzzle on (?), and yes just like Lyngby-Taarbæk Commune did in 2010 and others have tried before and since, and can you see it when reading this, Lisa, that you were crazy and unable to control yourself (?), and tell me again why it was “impossible” for you to understand me (?), and yes now you see, right?

  • This is the picture I “could not” post to my wall – I thought you called it “timeline” by now, Facebook (?) – and I wanted to say that this is what Lisa and almost everyone can learn from, i.e. to open your mind before your mouth, which is to know and not to mean/guess or to use Stephen Covey’s fifth habit: “Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood”, and how often do you do this (?), and yes you can do this more, right (?) – it is not so difficult, all you have to do is to change your poor habits.

  • The fictive news of Rokoko-post proclaimed ”God revealed in Sunday opening of Netto” (the supermarket), and the introduction to the text is “I am just calling to mind the day of rest” insures the opponent to the new closing law, Our Lord, who “just had to get a litre of milk” and after this he ”hurried home to keep the resting day with time for thought – but not praying because it would be strange to pray to himself”, and yes they are “funny”, and apparently it is also “completely impossible” for people to understand that I value a FREE COMMUNITY staying open instead of closing down in principle everything in order to “rest”, and yes in a free community, people can decide to work, be yourself and rest when you want to. And the milk is by the way also about the threat of my “old nightmare”.

  • Here is an inspired story about the yellow bird symbolising the spirit of my mother and freedom of life telling Romney “you find something else to cut off” and the deeper meaning is that I do NOT want darkness to cut off any life of me at all, and yes this is what we speak of, Romney, as a man in love with the Old World Order.

  • The Pope’s butler working for the Holy Spirit of my mother (!) has received his sentence for stealing the Pope’s private correspondence to reveal corruption of the Vatican State, which this closed state of course does NOT like, so what does it do (?), and yes it accuses him of leaking “confidential information” and runs a trial against him, which has now given him a sentence on 1½ years, which he has started under house arrest, but there is a good chance that the Pope will pardon his former butler of his “misdeed”, and my dear ladies (are there any?) and gentlemen (are there any?) of the Vatican State, will you please set this man FREE and to voluntarily bring forward ALL OF YOUR FILES/“SECRETS” or do you want me to do it (?), and yes PURE DARKNESS is what you are witnessing here too.

  • And I wonder if the Pope and Vatican can laugh about this sketch as much as I do, and if you can at all (?), and also if you are also considering to “alter the truth of your actions by painting a false picture of yourselves to the world” (?) and yes, this is what this is about, and you do remember that I have EVERYTHING on file about you, right?

  • Naser has been laughing all morning giving him stomach pain from laughing after having read a film script making fun of everything and everyone, and his job was to consider if the film leans up against an “unnecessary insult of Muslim audience”, which it seems that he does not believe that it does, and it made Maxim say that “you got it”, which is both to say that I got this not working life of darkness and that is inspired by this beautiful song by Roy Orbison written by Roy, Jeff and Tom, and it comes like this after I noticed in one of the clips I watched with Jeff Lynne during the night just how much he thought of Roy Orbison, and yes Jeff made it to work with his biggest idols, and these words may also be to say that “I got it” in relation to Naser’s true work helping to insult Muslims when working for the West against Muslims (!), and yes just a thread like this one, makes Westerners speak about how to treat Muslims and potentially stir up “negative and uncontrollable feelings” of Muslims, and yes it does not take much to make the power barrel go off, you know.

  • I did the check up of Facebook friends and yes my old friend Britt has now left me for the second time (you really cannot stand me, Britt (?), or was it yourself who was out of control and there is nothing I can do when it is getting to the point (?), and here with love from my spiritual friends because this is our feelings on the other side), and blocked/reported me she also has (!), and my old colleague Jacob L. Sv. has done the same (what did I do to you, Jacob (?), did you discover my postings of many of your Facebook postings, which was “unacceptable” to you?), which Marianne Dyhrberg Cornett from the newspaper www.nordjyske.dk also did (even though you were very positive to me for a long time, and what changed your mind (?), was it because I wrote that you were darkness too when you “could not” write about me in your newspaper ?), and Inge Iamlovelight also left me but without blocking/reporting me (she could not handle the apple-juice of me speaking the truth, and yes “twisted” is what she was thinking that this is what I am) and today Lisa also left, and yes five people who “could not” handle me anymore, and a lot of “lovely darkness” and sufferings coming my way as the result, and yes yes yes MUCH sadness too because of your wrong behaviour, but thank you to Lisa for having the “courtesy” to tell me that you were leaving, which you were you only one, who could, and yes I don’t know if people blocking/leaving me is the worst, or if Elijah never having accepted me as a Facebook friend is worse, but it is the same kind of darkness coming to me, and yes from “stupidity/laziness” of people who “cannot” understand anything else than themselves.

  • Henrik commented an article about a prisoner escaping in burka and he said “This can impossible be. The subject does not exist”, and this is about what we are doing these days, which is to help “not working life” inside darkness of nothing to escape, so there you have it again and again and again.

  • Anders “could not” help me telling about his coming mission in TV today (!), and this evening after the collection all over the country, the result is 18 million DKK (a little bit more than 3 million USD) to help Syria and other places, and yes this is about 3-4 DKK per person, or some more because the “interest” for volunteers is always too little here thus not covering all people of Denmark, and we know according to Anders this was “generous”, and is this really what you believe it is, Anders, and isn’t the truth that you thought about how much it would give if people gave 10, 100 or 1,000 times more as most people including yourself could (?), and no, I did not give anything, because I give normally between 2,000 to 2,800 DKK per month to people I know, and yes I like that much better instead of just giving to a common money box not knowing who will receive what, and not to receive feedback from people becoming happy with what I give, and you do understand Anders & Co. why it is “crazy” what you do, right?

  • I decided to bring the VERY HAPPY video of Panda from X-factor to Niklas’ girlfriend Isabelle, who had birthday today, and I watched it again and smiled when I noticed that Simon Cowell said the word “hilarious” as I have used earlier today about Hillary Clinton, and yes the word was given to me, Hillary, and now I know what it is about, the greatest joy imaginable of a New World coming. And I was happy when my mother told me that she and Niklas have started seeing her parents for the first time after four years together, and yes the resistance of her very old fashioned parents not accepting a boyfriend in their daughters life has now change, and it took the violent attack on them a few months ago to do, and now they like Niklas very much, and yes happy to hear that this is what they told my mother, Sanna and Hans when they had a short birthday party today, and no, I was not invited.

  • I received an email saying that I did not win the blind tasting of the wine festival. It was actual the same wine in three different vintages that I tasted, which I could taste from the last two, but not the first, and it was a Bourdeax wine (d:vin) in the vintages 2003 (very thin), 2000 (very good) and 2005 (very powerful), and not a Beaujolais as the first and Barolo as the last two as I guessed, but better to have courage and be wrong in relaxed situations like this than the opposite :-).



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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