October 9, 2012: Releasing original life inside a new life form of darkness, which brings us a new life form of light


Summary of the script today

8th October: Releasing original life inside a new life form of darkness, which brings us a new life form of light

  • Again, I was not allowed to sleep, which was because of part of the chain of my bicycle is out of order, which is this “not working life” inside solid darkness, and I was asked to jeopardise life itself to make a small change for the whole Universe to shout to darkness that “you do not exist” that we want it to change to light, but I kept on saying no maybe ten times because the end of all life for an eternity to come is my ultimate worst scenario of all, and I was told by the Universe how sad this made them, and that this would always bring darkness to the world, which we would have to damp because we would never be able to return to this place. Finally, I accepted to stand up writing down the notes and to stay up as long as I could, and I was helped by strong persuasion to accept the jeopardise of life, which made the whole Universe shout the order to darkness, and hereafter big trunks of darkness started being released, and this solid darkness now started awakening too with hangovers, and I received the first messages of love. I hope we will now transform every little thing – as promised – to light without darkness. Later I was told that it was a “game” to make me believe jeopardising life in order to bring out everything of me.
  • We returned to the deepest darkness to convert the worst darkness of a new life form standing behind all darkness and to bring out all original life without energy from inside of there, which we did not see first because we did not know what to look for. We first created new life with energy, then new life without energy, and this is yet again a new way of life, which is how original life was before darkness, and this is what we are now transforming into when all of this released original life will bring us our original shirts of life as it was originally intended – and I had to pass strong darkness and threats of jeopardising life itself again, which I decided can only be an empty threat.
  • Short stories of God scoring to save parts of himself, a Danish secret agent standing forward telling his story, I got the last part of me, pop stars throwing up symbolising my sufferings, Wilson “cannot” communicate and read.

9th October: Entering an unknown pyramid of original life, which we now spread to all life of our New World

  • Dreaming of saving even more life of darkness, life inside of here “were only waiting for this moment to arise”, I am working inside a hidden and aggressive department of darkness of the Old World, I am sad not having a family and children, and changing the design of life makes us able to grow even greater creation.
  • I am coming out as my new self through this darkness as the absolutely last of all with this jersey of “original life” on, which everyone will now get over the coming days to be their new selves forever and ever because I decided to work my best and quickest to stop this darkness from spreading to the world. I am entering a whole new pyramid with “MUCH new life” (made without sexuality, and only through “thinking”), which we did not know existed, and I was shown how I pulled God up from a hole inside of there while STRONG darkness still wanted me to decide for us “not to be”, which was difficult to get through also still brining me “clammy” feelings of nervousness.
  • Short stories of much darkness still coming in and being absorbed, we are bringing THE GLITTERING PRICE of the deepest love of God to the world, darkness of Martin Spang Olsen not having faith in me combined with our New World without energy made it possible to go through impenetrable darkness, Ole the Crème-King symbolising me is full of VITALITY, Naser was cleaned after a dirty attack by Henrik “the dark pig”, politicians do not dare to support Naser as they are WIMPS not daring to support me, I am still believing that “I’m strong enough, strong enough to be the only one”, darkness of Dan & Co. made me VERY TIRED and wanted to DELETE ME and the world, politicians deciding over others is darkness destroying life self, I TRULY like good habits of people having passion and GOOD IDEAS, people believe that the best is that I am arriving and the worst is that it takes a long time – for example Angela Merkel, I am the one-eyed with a blind world and I am jumping out from the highest and most dangerous altitude to save everything, darkness of the RICH Richard Branson is also pressuring me to launch plan B, the Danish secret agent worked actively to set up Muslims violently as part of the plan of the Western World to make Islam its main enemy, Pia Kjærsgaard “could not” understand this and blamed the Islam community (!!!), I do NOT write anything degrading people, which is what darkness makes people believe (!), Dan is still aggressively degrading Thomas Blachman without listening and understand that his mission is to make this a better world (!), and many people having high hopes of 2012 have now lost hope for anything to happen.


8th October: Releasing original life inside a new life form of darkness, which brings us a new life form of light

I jeopardised life self to change the last solid darkness to light to avoid eternal darkness of the inner Source

I went to bed at 23.00 and had not expected any problems to sleep, but it did not take long before I discovered that this was impossible to do, and first I was shown myself wearing wooden shoes trying to get up first to the top of a steep hill before a boy before me running much faster than I and what could be my sister behind me, and I was shown the master chef Thomas Rode working with a bicycle, and I asked him if he would look at mine and the lower part of the chain – as if it was a loop on the big chain – and he did, and he said that it does not work anymore, and I understood that this is the most inner part of God overtaken by darkness, and also that this is where the watch of darkness (to end the world) comes from.

To my very big surprise I was asked do you want to challenge (jeopardise) life again, and this made me so frightened that I decided to stand firm saying strongly that I have NO opinion about this – at all. And I was told that this was to correct something now otherwise we will be sitting in a wheel chair forever, and I said NO, I do NOT want to jeopardise life again (have done that before) because I do not want to be afraid anymore, and I understood that this is about not working life, and I was so frightened by this also with the very unpleasant surprise not being able to sleep, that I was “this close” to stop writing down notes for the first time ever.

I was told that this is because we see a kitchen of light inside darkness, and if we can change this, we might get this darkness to live, but NO, I continued saying that I don’t want to jeopardise life.

I was shown a man from the most inner room of a ship made by solid tree that this was quick to get out, and I saw him and was told that he brought the drawings of life with him, and I said that light can do what light finds right to do, but do not jeopardise life, and I was asked what if this is the last time we are here and it takes a small change, and I said “no thank you”.

I was told that we can now see what went wrong, what created this darkness, and I continued saying that I have no opinion on this.

I was told with the feeling of sadness that this was truly a shame because it was once in a lifetime opportunity, and I was shown a pair of beige trousers hanging on a hanger, which I did not bring.

I was shown the grave of Hamlet, the dark side of him, and told that he does not sleep at all because he does not even exist, and I was given the sentence “to be or not to be”, and told that “not to be” is the sentence, which is stuck.

I was given the song “sørøver Jenny” (“pirate Jenny”) and the lyrics ”Skib med fem master og fyrre og tyve kanoner” (”ship with five masts and forty canons”), and this was about the canons of the pirate of darkness shooting at us.

I was told that we stand inside creation now also with the feeling that we cannot get out, and again I was almost giving up to write down more notes, and felt tired, but I heard vaguely that it is difficult to get a parking place here (to get her at all), and that this is the place creating all darkness, and I was asked how to get out of here, and yes we were allowed to change minus to plus but not to jeopardise life, and also that we would die to get into the deepest inner, and we are afraid that we will never see this again if you don’t open, and again I said no, and asked you to find another method and if not now so make sure to get access to this place in future, if possible.

And I was told that this is what the story of yesterday of Vatican was about, to get here, which Else, the Psychiatric Centre and birthday greetings to Isabelle yesterday – and much else – was about, and that was to bring the road here, and I thought that without this darkness of the future, I may not be able to return, and I was told that you brought the New World all the way inside of here, but you don’t want to risk everything, and we understand that.

I was told that we cannot guarantee that there will not come a new World War, Stig, without doing this, Stig, and it was truly an inhuman pressure to receive, but I kept saying no, and I was told that this is what cracking sounds given to me for some days are about, and I received one here, and it was with the feeling of strong darkness cracking, and I continued saying that this will have to come with development – as you told me the other day – and you have the drawings, so please do this without the risk of life self.

I was shown the spirit of my mother as Freddie Mercury being nailed to the wall (by this darkness) and I was told that what you will see is not yourself but your opposite self when awakening, which you will always have to live with, but no, I did not want to bring my accept.

I was told that he is very sad and will see one of us at a time, and we could sing all of our force (of the entire Universe) “you do not exist” and then hope that everything would open, but no, we understand – and again I was told that this road will not be opened again, and once again I was asked for permission, but I said no, and I was given a cramp to the backside of my right lower leg, and told that this is darkness as it will always come to us.

I felt sadness again, and heard “be careful, it is the Source of life”, and I was shown a plank of wood from a raft entering me, and I was told that in the future we will not be able to understand that you did not do this, and I said that it is better to make sure that there is life instead of no life.

I was told that this is what Domain Aalsgard was about – the small wine yard a few kilometres from me, whom I met at the wine festival – a pure and clean New World, and I wrote a note saying that I was tempted to give in, but no. I was also told that “everything has to be light” as I now said again is not good enough when you don’t want to jeopardise life, because there will always be a vampire inside of there, and I felt love of this vampire being sent to me together with the message thank you for coming this close.

I was told that we have now already walked out, and I was told that it would also required for me to stand up to write down all of these notes, and to keep awake as long as possible, and no, I did not want to jeopardise life if I would not be able to do this.

I was told that we could also try to do it here from the other side, if you stand up and do it now, and again I said no, and I was told that this is from where Tenerife, Spain, comes from and this will be the power we shall always try to damp, and I added “yes with magic to change” even though I did understand what I was told.

But all of this talk had made an impact on me, and I thought about standing up at least to write this down to “show a good will”, but I said that I will not jeopardise life, but when I stood up at 00.45, I gave in and accepted for two seconds to do this, and I was told that during these two seconds all of the Universe shouted all they could to break this power of darkness, and I was told that we had seen that this power would never give up, this is how it was designed, and now we can only hope the best, and the longer you will stay up, the better, and I was told that now there is again no danger of losing life self.

A few minutes later, at 00.50 I was told told “hey, what was that” (?), and I was shown a large trunk of darkness which suddenly gave up and entered me because “everything” of the Universe told before that it wants everything to be light, so this is now what we are bringing to you instead of darkness, and yes we just made it before it was too late.

I was told that this is the pain you have felt to the right side of your right ankle lately.

I was told by the same but now opposite voice of before about to wake up with hangovers that it is inside of here that the piano, i.e. love, comes from and it made me think of Richard Tandy of Electric Light Orchestra, and I now started feeling “playful acts” between the spirits of my mother and father being in “good mood”, and I said: Thank you to the whole world for helping me to do the right thing, and I only hope that everything will be alright, and that it was not too late to do :-).

I had a few additions to my script of yesterday, and when I started to write the script of today at 01.10 I was told that we risk the return of darkness and jeopardise life but only for approx. half an hour or so, and that is because he wants to bring us all down the wrong hole if he can to end all life, and “all you have to do is to say no thank you”, and yes easy to do but when thinking of life self being at stake, it can make anyone nervous, and this is also what it did to me, but I have been in this situation before, and not only for half an hour, but for months/years, and now it is 02.00, and I am thinking that when publishing the script so far today, this will make darkness lose power, because then it is not only decided that this is how it is, but also communicated to the world, and this will help consolidating the decision as ever and the longer, the better and the weaker darkness gets.

I saw how my monitor was blinking many times and now with the feeling “many times stronger new life” crossing the goal/start line in a motor race for every blink, which is what this is meaning, and it was followed for a short period by a constant grey colour, which is what we would have to live with forever, but now this changed into a complete light and not red at all monitor, this is the difference.

And I was told that the longer I can stay up, the stronger this effect of the future will become, and I am not sure that I can keep it going longer than 03.00 or 05.00, but we will see.

When writing, I also had some pain to my behind, so my father is still “with me”.

I was told that here is the golden watch, and I was shown that it was red, but inside of it, it is really made of gold as everything else, and this now returning, and later I was told “isn’t this what the end of time/darkness is about” (?) and yes it is.

Finally at 02.20 I had uploaded this chapter, and now we will see for how long I can stay awake, and h0pefully we are now over the point of risking life, and yes I felt that I had to publish this too, and I really also know that it takes some hours to make this work, so there may still be some danger, but I will try to keep up and continue not to let darkness take me.

At 02.55 I was told that by now we don’t even know what he would have done to us if he had brought us to the wrong entrance, and yes I still feel poorly because of this, but not too poorly.

At 03.00 I had done all work for now including a few updates to my previous script, and from now it is about killing time again.

I was tested of what to say now “automatically” and yes we have now returned to “everything is welcome” and “everything is to become light” and yes the good old game, you know, and I kept receiving such concentrated life and darkness just to the right of me so strong that I feel like losing it constantly so I had to repeat “keep on” hundreds of times in a row to “keep on” not losing it, and yes exhausting is what it still is, but indeed still rewarding, and I wonder what kind of challenges I will meet from here, because I constantly think that now the worst must be over, but there is always a new surprise, and what will it become this time?

At 03.25 I was given a sudden and strong pain to the backside of my right lower leg giving me a shock and making me say “ouch”, and I was told that “here we achieved to get one of these out”, and that was tools of darkness, which it would use trying to terminate us.

Later I was given marks to the backside of my right lower leg and told that we will now bring down this feeling of darkness to become light.

I was told that we do not expect guests before tomorrow, and later that we are now settling again to make everything perfect, and yes “now” if we can.

At 04.40 I was told that the new set of keys to my mother works much more efficiently because of the achievements of this night.

I was told that this part of God is now almost old enough to stand up self, but still I was shown him as very dark, so we will continue the game, and I was told that now the dog cannot find these keys again, we have taken them over, which took longer than expected.

At 04.55 I was told with “a half smile” that this was only about me to get the feeling of risking all life, which is what was required to open up everything, and that everything behind this room of our New World was not at danger, and yes I remember also being told around midnight that this was about a feeling I should have, and this might just be it, an act.

I was given a new high cracking sound and these are given to the floors or walls of my apartment and now it was together with a brown and not black colour, which was followed by a 50% out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is to say that this darkness becomes weaker, but I wonder how many layers are inside of here, and yes it is MANY months ago I came to what I thought and was told was the most inner God, but there were truly many levels remaining, and how many can you reach in 1-2 months (?), we will see.

As the night started to became morning at 05.20 I felt how the absolutely strongest and most difficult darkness had now eased and that is not to make it easy, but somewhat easier than it was.

I was told that there are now almost no more sour lemons – or what (?), and yes a game it is, but fewer all the time, and I was asked what is hiding here, bottles with names of all ships (names of all worlds, which have been).

At 07.40 I was fighting much with tiredness close to the highest level just below the “completely destroyed” level, which I could not go to today, this was enough, and I decided to go to bath also to allow myself to half-sleep in order to get a chance to get through today without sleeping, which I felt clearly was a “good idea” to do, and first I was told about the idea that we don’t like it much, and that it would mean that “he”, this part of God, will be on his own feet for the first time while going through this.

On my way to bath I was told that what we have done up until now is to make sure that he will not disappear again, and this bath may mean that he will disappear, but we will find him again, and also that if I knew what we are connecting – meaning “great work and importance” – you would not do this, and I understood the warnings, but I was so tired and decided that I will not fight with extreme tiredness every minute to stay awake, and have to do this, so this is what I did until 10.30, and I did sleep/half sleep some time, where I saw Mallorca and a long line of islands going in to the mainland and also how the mainland wanted to connect Mallorca, but that it was difficult.

When I stood up, I was still feeling VERY tired and I was told that this now corresponded to have wrongs labels to match, and I was given the feeling of darkness now inside the backside of my left lower leg and not the right as to say that this is now safely inside our New World, but there is still work to do to “match” it, and did we really start the awakening of all of this “not working life”, which I was told would require future development to wake (?), and yes this is what I was told when we were at the kitchen of it.

At 11.20 I was told that we will now start work again, and first to connect what we lost at bath, and I have noticed that I have now less and right now almost no feeling of anxiety of a lump of life connected to my right ankle, which I have had for a long time.

I was reminded that I have offered to go through the next layers of God, and I confirmed that I will do this with the next 50 layers (if I can), and I was told that we will try to have a look, but no we cannot because all we see is darkness, and yes the most important was to bring this with us to the New World – and eeehhh some day I may understand how this story fits together, will it become “perfect” now or first later with faith of man and development of our New World?

At 12.10 I had written and published an update of the script today and I was told that this is what proves that I will continue saving the next layers of God, and yes “it is not good enough yet” is what I have said many times both today and every day really, and yes I was given another 50% out of this world pain to my right ankle, so this is the game we are playing again, and I do not hope that they will reach 100%, which truly was “the worst” I have experienced.

I was told that we are way beyond the point when we saved life created as “freaks” by Russia.

I was shown and told look at our small club house (a small bungalow of tree at a football club), which is how it looked like when we started, and now we have grown into a giant monster instead.

Releasing original life inside a new life form of darkness, which brings us a new life form of light

At 13.15 I was told that we are now about to come to the point, which we broke at this morning when you went to bath, and we will continue from here.

I was told that it would not be the best time in the world to stop the game because we would very much like to finish this, but if this is what you decide, this is what we will do, and yes it was because I was VERY tired and still had darkness coming to me making it difficult.

At 14.10 I was told that we are now about to come up from the coal cellar, which is what we should do, and yes to get out of this the worst place ever of darkness, remember (?), and yes Stig not nice to be left down there, but never mind we made it through, and yes if you had known you would not have and yes exactly the same as family/friends etc. in relation to you, and thank you for telling me.

Don’t you want us to tell what we brought from there (?), and yes you are welcome, well we brought back darkness, one there and one there, and yes the first was black, and then one brown and all of this will become BLUE too as part of you, and my dear friend not the easiest you have sent us through, and then he goes to sleep in the bath leaving us there, and yes it is said with a glimpse in the eye, and sorry my friends, but I am glad that you came out. There were no liquorices and no black train cards to show, there was something else, and yes we now know what to look for so we went back there to the deepest darkness – with the feeling that we have been there before – and yes before closing it down, you decided to go back with us to bring what we have now learned, and yes all of this life without energy, my friend. And I felt a mark to the backside of my right lower leg and was told that this is the darkness, which we did not know about, which we have now converted to light too, and yes I believe this was it, wasn’t it (?), and is there anything we have forgotten, and yes what about darkness now inside our New World, and to continue producing hit records you mean (?), and yes Stig this is how we feel, and we will tell you more about it one day (soon).

Now we can almost not ask for anything more, Stig, because haven’t you fulfilled all of our wishes (?), and yes there is only one thing and that should be to get you through, and yes I feel a presence to the right of me, and yes my friend it is you remaining there for us to work inside of you, and when you feel you are ready with work, we are too, and yes the signal to stop remember (?), and yes thank you we will see about that over the coming time, I do believe we agreed there was more darkness to convert first?

I was told that you cannot just turn around negativity to positivity of something, which does not exist and this is what required the collective voice of the Universe and “all of you” too, otherwise it would not have be done and we would always have been regretting this, and yes with the attitude don’t cry over spilled milk, which we would still have at least been sad about, but not now, Stig, because you have given us the best of everything including this.

I was told that we have not distributed all of what we have collected.

During the afternoon I thought about going to town to get some air, but I was way too tired/exhausted/dizzy to go, so I stayed at home.

I was told what kind of gift do you bring me (?) and that is because it is difficult to see inside this darkness, and yes Stig, this was just the opening of this, so now we will continue converting this darkness to light too with your permission, and yes for as long as it takes my friends.

I received the absolutely worst sexual talk, and I was told that we were so deeply down that we discovered that darkness had created a new way of life inside of nothing which looked nothing like what we had expected to find, and this is what is standing behind all darkness, so it was good for us to get here, Stig, as the spirit of my mother says here dressed as a man and yes Freddie Mercury, and this is the force doing it (destroying life with sexual disorder etc.), what we have now soaked up, and I feel that it is still coming to me, so it will probably continue to be the most difficult days to come.

Again I was told that everything has not been divided yet, and I was shown myself standing in France just before Spain about to cross the border and start a new fight.

I had an extremely strong pressure coming to me from outside – “Spain” – and I was told that it is inside of here we have once lived as another form of life, and you will here receive one of three ways of life. One was life with energy, one is life without energy and this third way is a completely new way of life.

I replied by saying to take the best knowing that the new way is the best and to create security arrangements if we are not strong enough to win this battle to make life as no. 2 work instead, and I was told that this is what we will do now, and also how do we transform everything, which is to nothing and yes we have done that, and this is now just to convert to another form of nothing. These are the shirts – from inside “Spain” – which we are now bringing home to the whole world, which were originally intended without knowing it before now, and I was told that this is now done, there is no return from here and again I felt the strong and VERY uncomfortable feeling of jeopardising all life once again, which came together with the feeling of diarrhoea symbolising destruction as I also had around midnight – and I can only hope that if I should “lose it” – that the light of our New World is still HUGE to overcome this darkness, but you never really know, and yes when writing this, I am shivering because I freeze, which I should not be doing, but this is darkness inside of me working, and I do believe that this work is done while writing this, and first when I wrote down notes of this sitting in my sofa at 17.30 I also wrote that this will have to be done tomorrow, because I am so broken down that I cannot work, but when writing this, I understood that it is always good to work when being on my edge, so this is why I decided to do this as I am now here at 17.50, and I received thoughts like what to do with all of this darkness if losing it, and yes can it really terminate life also now when there is no point of return (?), and I do hope not, and that this is again part of the game simply because this is the natural ingredient of darkness, which should be logic, but when you receive it, it does feel like a very real threat, which you know is truly the worst, which is.

I was told that this is here where our original selves are, and I felt love and heard “welcome home” from our original selves, and also that the entrance to this is now completely open – and here I am told that without the resistance/darkness of Karen, we would never be able to come here – and what we are doing now is just the final part of work of my journey to restore everything according to the original plan of life, so we are really going back to square one (“ruta 1” in Swedish, and yes this is truly the most beautiful music in my ears too).

A little bit later I was told that this does not require as many changes as expected and I was asked “if you are fresh, we are too” and yes, if this is fine with light, it is also fine with me, and so it was.

And yes I also wrote this chapter, and it came after a period where I was at my worst tiredness level again, which is not easy to come through, and not easy to write after such a period.

I was told that this development is a result of my decision to keep on saying “it has to be perfect”, and yes if we can, we will :-).

I started writing this chapter being somewhat nervous again because of the character of darkness meeting me, but I ended up confident telling myself that of course life is secure and now we are only doing some adjustments to become “perfect”, and it gave me an inner satisfaction, and I thought that we are creating history and still “friends” are leaving me because they “cannot” understand and some are banging the door, and yes I do wish that it would be different, but they will know one day not long from now.

At 19.15 I was told that it was not only the TV, which was repaired was it (?), and yes no more risk of terminations was the answer the other day of the TV, but easy to forget in the heat of the game.

At 20.00 I was told that it goes as planned here, Stig, it is beautiful beyond description.

When we received the “it has to be sensible/equal” voice of darkness we had no idea that this is what it covered inside of it.

I was told that I could have destroyed this life inside of darkness – could I really or maybe never to open it (?) – and I did not like the thought of all and so much that I really had decided not to write it but for you to see my thoughts, I know that it is right to write, only therefore (!), and this would have happened if I had decided to “lose it” to negativity or to watch porn on the Internet (I was given the test of “the most beautiful girl”, whom I had seen on the Internet Old God thought that she only showed herself naturally, but apparently she has been part of at least one sexual activity, which I saw 1/10 of a second of to my great surprise before I stopped it, and yes just to say that if I had decided to continue watching, which is what “layer upon layer upon layer” wants me to do through the biggest urge given to me, it would NOT have been good!).

At 21.45 I watched the TV news on DR1 TV here with the host interviewing the Defence Minister Nick Hækkerup (or is it “attack” minister?) and the first question was “have you taken a cold beer” (?), which is a “funny” thing to say, right (?), and yes just to say that Nick is part of it too, and you know “the worst darkness”.

And I was thinking that if every day from here continues to be as difficult as today and yesterday have been, it will be a very LONG way home.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Olav from BT is a “crazy” football fan of Vejle, and they won over Skive, which made Olav write “God-boxes”, and yes God is scoring (saving parts of himself) today, you are absolutely right, Olav.

  • A secret agent of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service PET and CIA, Morten Storm, decided to stand forward two days ago here to tell his story about being an agent with the task among others to localise the Al Qaida leader Anwar Al-Awlaki, and he was part of the operation to kill Anwar, and to me this is an example of a man receiving “pure thoughts” because of my actions (!) and as a result deciding to stand forward telling his story as an example to the world to show how to do it. The TV news on DR1 TV this evening brought a secret recording of the agent from a meeting he had with CIA being very “grateful” for what he has done and telling that the U.S. President knows his name.

  • This could be about all of my ancestors, whom I am the result of, and Carisha brought the Roy Orbison inspiration here of “just got it”, which is really about the last part of me, which I “got” now.

  • One week ago, the teenage idol Justin Bieber was throwing up at a concert, and I thought that it is probably related to me – and also my family and friends – and mine/our throw up feelings going through this suffering journey, and when Lady Gaga has now done the same, I see the pattern, and yes already in 1988 when I was at Allinge-Sandvig on Bornholm together with my mother/John and Sanna/Hans, I remember when walking at the shore that my mother said “throw up right into the air”, which sounded “funny”, and this was about how sick we would feel when going through this journey, and yes this is what Justin Bieber and almost Radio Gaga show you here.

  • Wilson tried to have a new go to chat with me, and as you can see he is truly a very closed man with only few words but it is apparent that he would like to “communicate” with me even though he cannot communicate, so what do you do when you “cannot”, and yes you decide to break off again, so Wilson is sending me darkness too, and yes I have just checked my visitors from United Kingdom for the last week, and I have (only) had 16 in total visiting 1-4 pages of mine with the longest staying for 1:39 minutes, so Wilson has NOT followed my encouragement to read, so he “cannot” communicate and cannot read, so I wonder how this will turn out, and if I will hear from him again, and what the TRUE meaning of this connection is (?), because is he receiving spiritual communication himself and know about who I am?


9th October: Entering an unknown pyramid of original life, which we now spread to all life of our New World

Dreaming of working inside hidden/aggressive darkness changing the design of life to grow even greater creation

I went to bed at around 22.00 yesterday, which was way above my worst tired limit, and I did not sleep well until 07.00 this morning with these dreams.

  • Something about a toilet and bowling with a nice looking lady, who can only speak about herself, and I see myself carefully coming tape on an envelope with great difficulties before sending it.
    • The bowling is to continue playing against darkness, which still wants to bring me the nice looking lady as my “old nightmare”, and I am still preparing and sending envelopes to save life.
  • I was given the very beautiful “Blackbird” by Beatles and the lyrics “we were only waiting for this moment to arise”, which I understand is life inside of this the worst darkness of all.

  • After having worked for Fair Insurance in its main building at Fredericiagade 25, I have now been transferred to the smaller department at no. 16, which I find is much better for me with not too many people being able to speak to and come closer to the people here, and an Hugh Grant (an actor) is showing me calculations on how much money there will be with and without children, and he strongly wants me to pick the one without children. I do not have much work remaining, Lars G. is working here as a close colleague, and Jack is too, and I am listening to David Sylvian, which I find “too aggressive”, and I hear that Jack is also listening to what I believe must be Japan or at least David Sylvian as young, but he shows me and I see that this is a solo recording by a man called “Jan Cas”, who used to be a member of Japan, and this recording comes together with an Excel spreadsheet providing tools, which I would like to have, but when I find it on the Internet I see that they are not free but cost 30 DKK, which I cannot afford. Later I see the greens of a supermarket and notice how strawberries are packed together with other greens in new variations of packages, and how they sell GIANT carrots, which however look at little bit old, and I think about how to produce as big vegetables like this.
    • The main building of Fair is the main part of darkness of the Old World, and we are now coming to another and hidden Old World of darkness, and the thing about “not too many people” is here also a reference to what I have told my mother, which is that I like Helsingør to Lyngby because there are “not too many people” here, and when you want to look for “sicknesses”, you can make everything into sicknesses, just like the doctors and the Psychiatric Centre, who did not have patience to listen to my “long speeches”, so this is what my mother and sister have been speaking about too behind my back (?), and the thing about children is to say that darkness did not want me to have children, and I was very down the other day when not having children myself when my mother spoke about the chance of Niklas and Isabelle to get children, and yes the biggest miss in my life is the miss of a family and children, and I am sure that my mother feels the same way in relation to this. Inside this darkness, the music is “too aggressive” for me because of the strength of darkness meeting me, and I receive better music by Jack, and yes Jack was the one getting me to know the band Japan when we were teenagers, and yes this is also a band I love as much as the other New Wave bands (Talk Talk, Tears for Fears etc.), and “Nightporter” is certainly one of my favourite songs of theirs, and yes also a “unique feeling”, which is only to be found here and no where else, and this is also what is inside this hidden world. And this is to say that Jack is part of this absolutely worst darkness of all, and he is bringing me tool of opening this place to grow even bigger vegetables/creation of our New World than what we thought was possible and that is when changing the design of life as mentioned yesterday evening. The invented name “Jan Cas” is a reference to one of the two dogs we had from 1975-88/90 – two American Cocker Spaniels – who was named Cas (and not Boo but that is another story of a single my sister loved), and this is the dog we are transforming to light too. The 30 DKK is about providing energy, but there is no energy here, but still I am asked to work hard with little sleep.

Entering an unknown pyramid of original life, which we now spread to all life of our New World

At bed I was given some speech before I decided to stand up even though I had hoped to sleep some more because I was still tired, and I was told that I am coming out as my new self as the absolutely last of all with this jersey on, which everyone will now get.

I received the song “there’s a kind of hush”, which I like the most with Engelbert Humperdinck and the lyrics “forever and ever” and “all over the world”, which is about our new love of creation, which will now spread to everyone all over the world and that is forever and ever, and yes when bringing everyone the design of the jersey my inner self is finding inside of here.

I was shown myself surrounded by file closets and received the feeling of getting the content of these in place now.

I was told that this is about this darkness being knocked out already in the first round because of the work I decided to do and publish yesterday, and if not we would have had to fight the whole world coming against us, but no we did it before they woke up too, and I was given the example of when “Dave Green lost his European Championship (in the third round) to 36 year old JOR-GEN Hansen” in one of the greatest comebacks of 30-40 years as the English speaker says below, and yes I remember this boxing fight from 1979 clearly from around the time I was with my old class sailing on the river Guden in canoes, and yes Dave was one of the strongest fighters back then, and JOR-GEN (this is NOT how to say it in Danish, which made all Danes smile :-)) was at the end of his career, but this is how to defeat very strong and aggressive darkness, and this is an example we have kept for many years, which we have decided to bring you now because this is the aggressive darkness we are now defeating, and yes Jørgen Hansen later decided to become a waiter on Hviid’s Vinstue (“”White’s wine bar”) on Kgs. Nytorv (King’s New Square) in Copenhagen, and PURE “white wine” is what this is about to bring to the King to bring to the world.

I was shown and told that this is about entering a whole new pyramid, which we did not know was there, and half asleep I was told that we have now been there for three years, please give a description of the area of Skive, Ib, and Ib here is a reference to my old business relation and LinkedIn contact Ib from Skive being on my team “liking” my LinkedIn updates with new scripts.

I was told what I do not like to hear, which is that we were afraid of what in another scenario would mean that we had disappeared, and just when hearing this, I felt clammy, and a few minutes afterwards I was told that this would however not be a permanent condition because life inside of here cannot become extinct, and if I had “lost it”, it would have corresponded to be thrown into the lake believing that we would die, but no there is a security also inside of here, and that is also because this is what I asked for. I was told that this is what the throwing up of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga is about, for the sufferings I was going to get through here, which I am still going through also today when this is written, and yes in the shower I received the strong voice wanting me to decide “not to be”, this is what the voice of Lisa, Else, Martin and you know my family/friends and others in general and this is what I still have to be stronger than, and I stated writing at 08.00 being very tired and with VERY strong pressure of darkness coming onto me, which was close to make me stop working because of the feeling “how long can I bear this” (?) and a desire just to relax, which however would also not be good, and I decided to tell myself that all experience is that the first 1-2 hours are the most difficult until I find my rhythm, and this is also how it is here at 10.00, where I am also given a small hear attack, which came after a new 50% out of this world pain to my right ankle.

I was told that there is a living room then, but it is still dark, I cannot see it, and this is the darkness I first have to remove/absorb, and we are here back to before the chicken and egg.

I was told listen very carefully you are not even here and it would require another scenario where you would decide for us not to be to “not to be” and that is if darkness could pursue you into this, and yes difficult to resist this strength of darkness and difficult to continue working, which is what is saving us all and bringing my new self also through this to come back to our New World on the other side, and yes what would happen if I died inside of here (?), and would there still be a New World for me to wake up to (?), and is all of this real, the risk of jeopardising life self (?), and yes here I am given the feeling that I would return to our New World, but the feeling would be to die, but who knows for sure (?) because I do not.

It is Tuesday today, and I was told that on Friday we will have passed the dangers inside of here, and now the work is to share all of the jerseys/shirts inside of here with everyone/everything of our New World, and I was told that they are turned the wrong way too inside of here and will have to be turned around so this is what these new out of this world pain is about, and here I am given the taste of sausages, which are not well anymore, which I actually smelled the other day from sausages of my refrigerator, and I am here feeling that this is a sign of losing life to darkness, but no, not if we were strong enough to make you decide to go through this, and yes my spiritual friends if it was not for you, we would not have done this, and I do believe that this is what my inner self had to use all of his force to make me decide to do, and yes I have the power of decision, so this is what “he” had to convince me to do, and yes not to be a chicken, and yes which I was not at the end, and this is what we are truly not inside of here, because this is as mentioned before the “time” of chicken and eggs you know, and now here at 10.10 I received some relief from darkness, which was putting on ENOURMOUS strength this morning.

I was told “fishing” and asked can you contain so many people as one person (?), and yes a pleasant surprise of how life is inside of here, Stig, it is not that difficult after all to figure out, because when you are not here you are really here, there and everywhere, and yes let us also take this WONDERFUL Beatles/Paul McCartney song and here in an acoustic version with the 1991 band setup of Paul, which is the one I love the most apart from Beatles of course.

What will happen to this darkness if you stop working, this is now what it is about, isn’t it (?), will it disappear or become part of us as what, Stig (?), and yes let light decide to make the best of it and also to protect us from dying if I should not be strong enough, and yes this is a note from this morning before 08.00.

So in other words, there are new and very fine cars waiting for us all inside of here, and yes of course only if you had the courage to enter, and with you all of us, so this is what we do finally coming back to creation as it was thought like.

There is also no cough inside of here, and I have felt this cough coming to me clearly yesterday and the previous days, but not right now.

I received marks to my left ear, and was told that we have now started building a whole New World once again, Stig, and yes based on the original drawings, which we got out of there.

At the shower I was giving my hand to the right side of me and I pulled up (the part of) God from being down this hole. And I was told that it is impossible to stop life now, because this is the original God being set free, and yes quite some pieces of “originals” of God that I have saved on my way, but this may be the first one.

I was told that there is no sexuality inside of here, isn’t this funny (?), and yes creation had to be done a different way, and I am here thinking “through thinking”, so it will become exciting to see how to design our New World in the future in relation to this discovery, and I am here feeling Bev Bevan, and yes think about the thrill of experiencing Electric Light Orchestra in their original setup again, which is the most ultimate and “crazy” dream you can have, and this is what we are now experiencing and setting up in relation to life, and yes ALL OVER THE WORLD, which was the song I was thinking of before, so here it is too.

At 10.20 my monitor was turning “greyish” constantly for some time, which is to say that I am still going through the absolutely worst darkness wanting to bring me down.

And I am given feelings of my father and also Elijah still opposing me, so this is also examples of “the combined worst darkness” and yes “everything” of my family/friends etc. you know.

Later I was told that he wanted to bring you to his “wrong hole” of darkness – and I feel this as “very short” – but we still knew a way out for you, which would be for all of us throwing ourselves, the New World, after you to get you out, but it would not be funny to go through, and yes I would be thrown into the lake believing that everything would cease to exist.

We would “gladly” have continued to bleed (the world) to come to this place, but you did it almost without making the world bleed, this is what we talk about, and later I was given the thought “how did we pass when I was sleeping at a critical moment of time” (?) – and lately in general – and yes this must be about the world still bleeding and is that “when required” (?), and I do understand that this is how it is, and yes EVERYTHING is still to survive, also bleeding parts, and yes we know, Stig.

I was given a mark to the backside of my right lower leg and told that “we are now almost not here anymore” and the reason being that I continue working also bringing several short stories today.

I continued receiving darkness wanting me to destruct, and I continued saying that “everything has to become the most perfect you have ever done”, and yes as physical Stig I am just taking the main decisions whether to make or destroy, and “make” is what I like the most you know, even though this is the most difficult to do.

My monitor continued becoming greyish some time, but there is yellow inside of this, which we will soon see, and yes feeling Paul Jacobs here from the spiritual college of Stansted here, who is “following” me through my Facebook postings, and I wonder what you think and speak of in relation to me, Paul?

I was told that here was also a door, which was closed and would have been impossible to open in a world with energy.

At 13.00 I was told that what you can destroy is the rest of the Old World, but not the New World, and yes nice to know it is.

I have continued reading add’s and desks and also chairs the last days to keep being updated on “thousands of adds” in order to make the right choice about what to buy, and today my mother told me over the phone that she did not believe it is possible to borrow a trailer at the Silvan DIY-store without buying – but it is because commercials pay (don’t like that in our New World) – and when I told her that I will first find out if it is possible to borrow a trailer in Hørsholm before asking Sanna & Hans if I can borrow their car, she said that maybe I can borrow Bettina’s Søren’s car instead, which has a drawhook, and yes it is clear that my mother does not like the idea for me to receive help from Sanna & Hans on this, and I have decided that borrowing either one car or another (paying for the gasoline) is fine with me, and yes it is also fine by me to say or not say directly to my sister and Hans that I am getting this gift from my mother, and yes the most important is that this is how I feel, and I have also told the story here, so this is how we continue this travel to bring out all of the “furniture” or this hidden home/world of God, and yes this is how it is designed, and I told my mother that I have now gone through thousands of add’s, and have maybe 20 in my “ligthbox” as “candidates”, and the only thing I now lack is to critically go through these – maybe also having her to do it to help with me with her input – and to chose desk/chairs and then to do it (!), and yes I do NOT want to take the first, the best choice, which is what this game was about (because this is how my mother do things herself), but I decided to play my game, and to tell my mother that this is how I do things, and yes she accepted, and then it is much easier to do things around here – and that is also inside this hidden world (!) – and yes we agreed to go through these add’s either tomorrow, Wednesday, or on Friday, and maybe we will do the last of this work during weekend, and yes it seems to fit with the time plan of finishing the emptying of this world of darkness, and so it is.

At 14.55 I was told that now we can jump out from springboard without diving into the water becoming hurt, because now we know how this darkness is created, and with this, it is not difficult to avoid “drowning” if you should lose it, and yes this is because of reactions of people to the comment I posted in Naser’s thread, and the love of your mother. And “also your work” today, otherwise we would not have been able doing this. 

I decided to publish my script of today already at 15.00 – and to bring an update later – and when preparing this work, when I am always given extra darkness, I was asked if I want to continue or end the bleeding of the world – that is if this is indeed what it does – and I could only say that this will light/my inner self decide, and then I was asked “but what if you can give a free guess” like in “who wants to be millionaire” (?), and no, this is NOT how we play here, but between you and me, if I was to decide and if it was/is necessary to do for me to end this work, yes I would decided for the world to continue bleeding, but only to make EVERYTHING perfect of course.

At 15.03 when I had almost prepared all of the publishing of my script, and when I was adding the pictures included at the short stories of Facebook not wanting to bring my writings symbolising the dislike/disgust of “the world elite” of me, my browser decided simple to close down and yes another symbol saying that this is how it is, but now I don’t want that to stop me, so I opened the browser to continue work, and I was “lucky” that there was a draft of the work I had done but not updated yet, which I could continue working on, and finally at 15.15 I had also published this script.

I was told that they become much more biddable when we tell them that they are not here, and yes as darkness, which is then what we continue doing, and this is really like removing shipyard subsidies from them and almost like playing music to evil aliens of the movie “Mars attacks”, which makes them explode as the only weapon, which works.

Despite of my tiredness, which I still had today even though it was not as bad as the last couple of day only making me on the edge of exercising, I cycled to the swimming hall, and on my way there, I received another two 50% out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is about turning around this hidden world too, and on my way I thought that I will not be able to stay awake this night, if this is what I am met with, and this in itself made me potentially lose it and become negative because of disgusting feelings of maybe having to do this again, and I thought that if needed, I may be able to do a little, and then I thought that if I do not give everything, bleeding of the world will cover the rest, and yes this is basically the idea.

While exercising – no record today, only 490 calories burned against 527 the other day – I received the voice of darkness still wanting me to accept “not to be” and directly saying “no one is to survive”, but no (!), and I was told that energy was really an invention by darkness, and a little game was when I was given “energy” very directly making me able to exercise harder, and yes darkness wanted me to believe that I am producing energy – which could make it stronger again – but no, this is a “thought” making it and not energy in a traditional form, this is the difference.

I was told about the options if I should lose it of either spitting out this last darkness NOT to become part of our New World – to make it 100% clean – or to accept it being part of our New World, and I was told that in the last case this is what would give the risk of a new World War, and yes while exercising, I thought that for the first that this will NOT become actual because we will save 100% of everything before opening our New World and that is plan A, but as plan B I thought that just maybe I would decide to spit out this darkness if there would be a view to locate and transform it to light later on, and if not thought possible for this darkness to become part of our New World, and yes yes yes at the time of exercise I did not think about the option of encapsulating this darkness inside our New World to protect it from influencing the mind of man, and yes this is still my plan B when thinking of it as I have decided before and yes just an example of how difficult it would be to remember my decisions if I had gone into detail, which darkness would “profit” from. And I was told that I started on Plan A in 2009, when I the day before starting work with LWF in Kenya decided to “escape” darkness, which brought me to LTO, and had I not escaped darkness back then, it would have meant that we would have started using Plan B instead, which would be an easier road to go through, but it would mean that we would not be able to save everything, which I do believe by now is what we will end up doing, and yes always good to have a plan B if your first plan does not work, and yes an example to follow.

I was told that we have indeed been here before, which is what we did when doing the jump in the summer of 2010 to the Source, and since I have returned to bring all of the world back here.

I continued working when I came home at 16.30, and I was busy until 20.00 just to check Facebook updates and write more inspired short stories – and yes much darkness, therefore – and this was a day where I thought that I would have only little work to do, but this is not how it became.

I was told that we found a machine amplifying darkness of people many times, which would have started working if you did not knock it out as quickly as you did.

I was told that there were plans inside darkness of “what do we do if the real Stig enters here” and I was told that I met the strongest defence that it had, which was to make strong darkness of people knocking me out, but the poor habits of darkness being lazy, stupid and slow is coming all the way from inside of here, so when I was the opposite, this is what knocked out this darkness too.

During the evening I received more of the feelings of marks to my right ankle, which means that more life waits to be saved, so we will continue our game from here, and now it cannot be any more difficult, but only easier, right (?), or are there even deeper levels of darkness, which we have not met yet (?), and we will see, Stig, we will see – and yes the beauty inside of this world, which we feel is breathtaking.

I continued working with the update to my script and to finally publish this at 21.30 this evening, which was way longer than expected, and I really have to go through the add’s on the BLUE newspaper on the Internet as it is called to decide what desk and chairs to buy, and I have been waiting a long time to reach this point, and yes hoping that I will reach it this evening, we will see.

I was told more about the plans of darkness, and then it would do everything it could to make you drunk and to kill you – or overtake you.

During the evening, I was VERY tired and darkness came to me with much new strength, and yes we know, Stig, this came after a comment to Martin – see the short stories – and he is truly a formidable opponent bringing MUCH darkness to me, and so strong that it is giving me the worst feelings of all of giving up (!), and darkness tempts me by saying that if I give in, my sufferings will stop, but no, this is NOT how we work here, which only made it even worse, if possible.

I was told that if I had started losing it to darkness, it would also have meant that Elijah would have received a much harder time than he has had also potentially killing him, this is how close we are, so Elijah I helped you to survive, and you helped to kill me, which I am sure you will be able to understand (?), but eeehhh maybe not, because I can be absolutely sure that you do not read this (?), and when you “cannot” read, you “cannot” understand, and you do remember that I have told you MANY times that in order to have faith, you have to read, but you did not take this very seriously because you had trouble understanding and trouble controlling your negative feelings?

Hereafter I continued reading new add’s and desks and chairs of today – and also a combi oven really – and I decided that after going through maybe 2,000 or 3,000 add’s, and my shortlist of approx. 40 adds, I had one favourite desk and one favourite chair (two chairs), and I decided to write an email to these people in Copenhagen telling them about my interest and if they are at home and I can organise transport, I would love to visit them on Sunday, and if I cannot (depending on Søren and Silvan), I will come back with another suggestion, and yes with this, I will visit my mother for coffee tomorrow, and see if this will help to “close this deal”.

I was told that this is how to end the world war, and yes if you manage to get this sorted out, and it is as you have said a symbol of getting our final dinner organised, i.e. to bring all food, which is “life”, to our New World.

Yes, it seems as if we manage to go through all of this without really getting into a storm of darkness haunting us, and to get our without any loss of meat, and I do hope that bleeding of the world will NOT change this outcome.

There is no one yet who has decided to walk out on the bridge to see if they can stop the transferral of themselves from darkness to light of our New World, and yes this is one place we have set up special reinforcement to make sure that darkness would not break through, but no, we anticipated this, and they did not even show up!

It is now 23.30 and I am happy with the outcome of today’s work, and any more inputs will be saved from the script of tomorrow.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd changes “decision” day by day whether or not it “wants” to show visitors to my documents. Yesterday it showed a line of five days apparently without visitors, but it has now started to “correct” this at least showing one day with visitors, so much darkness coming in, which we are absorbing and to make sure that every little thing will become light, and yes this is still the goal and what we are then doing.

  • Here are three “Simple Minds” without any evil at all – just like the Trinity you know – and they speak of the GLITTERING PRICE of receiving the “price of love” of God, and this is also the song with the chorus “Shine On, Shine the Light on me, In all of my Life, So much more I see, Like a Glittering Prize, I saw you up on a clear day, First taking heart then our last breath away, Only on a clear day coming into our lives”, and this is from my favourite album of all you know, New Gold Dream 81-82-83-84, and to me this marvellous song is coming because this is what we are now bringing to the world, the glittering price of the deepest love of God, which is through the opening and distribution of this hidden pyramid of original life.

  • Martin brought a new video in his series of “TV from another planet” where he here speaks about “teacher education” with Svend Nielsen, and below he says that “back when we had the best primary school in the world, the “taximeter system” did not exist. But this is probably a coincidence”, and the “taxi” is about me and my arrival, and when he says that the taximeter system not existing, it is about his lack of faith in me, and he had an inspired dialogue with another Martin below, and the “Von Haller” version of Martin spoke about the solution (of getting better teacher education), which is SEND MORE MONEY (to teachers and unions), and he said “come on further, Martin”, and yes as if it was Martin “collecting” money from me, but yes there is no energy of our New World, but this is what they speak of too (!), and then Von Haller spoke of “the Mozart effect” and “the ABBA effect”, which is about the deepest love of “hidden God” now spreading, and it made Martin, the Spang Olsen version, say that the solution is now more money, but more hours and that is because research shows that this is what pays off and “it is not a black hole you pour down into”, and yes, this is to say that we are NOT pouring down any more money, i.e. energy, in your system of darkness, Martin, now it is a matter of “hours” for me to continue my work to go through the last darkness, which was “impenetrable” in the Old World with energy, and yes he also called Von Haller from an “ignorant”, which is really to show the opposite world, Martin, because this was your WRONG attitude in relation to me, which you are showing here, and he ended by saying “by the way (the MP’s of the Liberal Party) Hjort Frederiksen and Haarder have admitted that the “taximeter system” was a mistake”, and yes this is what was wrong with your attitude, Martin, which was that you did not believe in me, and I am here given a taste of the Danablu BLUE cheese from Bornholm, which to me is about the milk of darkness being transformed to the finest cheese of creation, and also that without this darkness of Martin, we would also never have come this far, and yes this is also how you can read inspired language.

  • The P4 radio had a visit by “none other than the Crème-King above them all, Ole Henriksen”, and yes I thought that this is a King symbolising me, and this man is so very positive and happy that he is splitting the population in two with some LOVING him, as I, and many who “cannot take him” at all, and they wanted to ask Ole questions he has not received before, which made me think that I am going through life of darkness which we have not received before, and Lajla asked him if he has a spiritual guide or direct, and she said “THANK YOU for your fantastic VITALITY ♥ I LOVE IT”, and “I love it”, is what Ole is famous for saying, and yes I love it when he says that.

  • Naser was hanged up on the front page of the gossip magazine Se & Hør in 2007 by the Devil self, Henrik Qvortrup, who was spin doctor for the previous Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen before he became editor-in-chief of Se & Hør where everyone could see his lack of moral and coldness when he betrayed his old friend Naser claiming that he had ordered “black work”, which was also bringing down Naser and his political project at the time, New Alliance (today Liberal Alliance), and I wonder if this was work “ordered” by political opponents with this exact mission to bring him down (?), and yes the Devil self, Henrik (yes the man who was forced to eat his own hat on live TV in 2011!) was the mean to do this, and yesterday, Danish TV showed the story of this, and at the time Naser called him for a (dirty) pig, and here he says that “maybe I should have called him a chicken, and now what I don’t eat”, and this is really to say that we have used the energy of the worst darkness, which Henrik is also part of (today as a political commentator on TV2, a part of “the circus of darkness” you know), and transformed that into the chicken of our New World, which now is “nothing” but still “everything”, you know. And by the way, I do believe Naser has now been “cleaned” from this, and the population knows that it was a dirty trick by Henrik.

  • Here Naser said that he would bet 3 bottles of wine that no MP’s will “like” this thread – as there have been none liking the two previous threads of the same subject and the reason is that “they don’t dare” because “they are afraid of becoming enemies with Henrik Qvortrup”, and this made me comment that this is the story of THE WIMPS choosing “silence” as WRONG reaction, which is what Naser experiences the same way as I have done for a LONG time when the WIMPS of Media & Politicians have been afraid of supporting me because they are afraid of “the system of darkness” and that is of “the elite of the world”, who has deceived the world when committing their crimes against mankind including cover up, lies and brainwash, and yes my friends don’t you believe that it is TIME for you to stand forward support Naser in this case and me too, so people will finally understand that “Stig was not crazy after all then” (?), and yes just wondering I am that a whole world can decide to act wrongly, and to let me take the burdens of your wrong actions.

  • After sending my comment above, I was given a strong shivering tour of darkness all over my body, and I was told that Naser knows what I am up against (the criminal “world elite”), which is what brings darkness to me, and I wanted to share his post and my comment on my own Facebook timeline to “influence” people still believing that I am crazy, and “still believing” is what I am that I am “the only one” as Erann DD sings, and yes this is the song, which I was given when I was awakened with spiritual speech in 2006 through some VERY long and DIFFICULT nights (also including many songs of the Violator album by Depeche Mode), where I had to “tell me, if I’m strong enough, strong enough to be the only one”, so this is what I did back then, and what I STILL AM, so Erann, there you have it, this is why we are still carrying on you know. I was “allowed” by Facebook to share Naser’s post, but when I wanted to bring my comment to it, I received this error message, which I saw as “the world elite”, which does NOT like my writings to force you out of your “winter lair” (?), but later I was allowed to comment.

  • And the short stories kept “streaming in” – yes Stig, this is still the narrow stream we are following before we will open up the wide sea of our New World – and here Dan asked people to guess which voice you hear as the first in Jonathan Spang’s first film, which made “funny Jes” ask if it is Marcel Marceau, and yes “funny” it is because Marcel was an “an internationally acclaimed French actor and mime most famous for his persona as Bip the Clown”, and to me the clown is darkness, and here “nothing”, which decided to be everything and speak (!), and Bent asked if it was Egon Olsen (from the Olsen Gang), and yes he is the one always having “genius plans”, so the Voice of life, Dan, was because of the “genius plan” of God, and here you have the origin of the name of the radio station “the Voice”, which Dan has been a DJ/host on for almost 30 years, but Daniel thought that this was a boring question, so he said “yawn” (!), and yes Dan is NOT a man, who likes to be “criticised” – he “cannot have it” – so he asked Dan if he felt that this comment was worth one minute of his life (?), and yes “yawn” is about my tiredness, which is also coming because of the darkness and “misunderstandings” of “sensible Dan”, who cannot control his negative feelings, and Krista felt that “Daniel is stupid” and Dan that “Daniel is bored” – just like the “lion tamer”, you know – which only made Daniel say “double yawn”, and yes becoming even more tired with even more people opposing him, just like me, but still it did NOT make him give/shut up, and Krista had by now lost her patience, which darkness has “none” of, and she encouraged Dan to DELETE him as a friend just like darkness of my misunderstanding and aggressive family/friends etc. wanted to DELETE me and all of us, and it made Dan say that “Daniel is travelling tonight on a plane”, which is to bring one of my favourite songs of Elton John, and yes Elton you have also made 100 point songs in my mind and this is one of them, and this is NOT about Daniel as a symbol of me leaving you Dan, which you and my family/friends etc., i.e. mankind, wanted me to do because of your WRONG behaviour and work, no this is about the plane of our New World, which I bring to everyone, and yes giving you the best that I got :-). Later I was told that “Daniel” – the Son of the newcomers of Korsbæk in the TV-series of Matador – is the one symbolising me, and yes he has a strict father not understanding him and a very loving mother just like I do. 

  • In the Facebook group “crazy about Helsingør”, I have enjoyed seeing the passion and VERY GOOD ides of this man below, Kim, and here he speaks about a regional council deciding what to do with our local hospital (to close it down) and other questions too also including the close down of the local cremation, so now they refer to the hearse driving “taxi tours” to the cremation in Ringsted 100 kilometres away, and yes this is about the “crazy system” of politicians a long way from people deciding over their heads often not knowing what they really do, and also often going against what local people want, and this is also why the taxi of me was going towards eternal cremation, and as Kim says about the chairman of the region: “It is a blacksmith carrying out the work of a baker – where is the common sense in this puzzle” (?), and yes just to say that this is removing the creation of the baker, which is life self, see?

  • And to give you ONE of MANY good ideas, which this group truly appreciates – and what MANY more people should do if only they had the “good habit” and passion – here he suggests to offer buildings next to Kronborg Castle to the girl majorettes of Helsingør, so when people go for an evening walk at the beautiful castle, people can hear them practising, and every Friday they could start their march from Kronborg passing the sights of town all the way into the city centre, and yes “it could be fantastic if you could bring this into the real world” and “you are genius, Kim” were some of the reactions, and yes I TRULY like GOOD HABITS like this :-).

  • Here Kim asked the 2,023 members of this group (which is pretty good for a town of less than 50,000 people) what they believe is the best and worst of Helsingør (?), and John said that “the best is to be close to the water when you are going out fishing”, which here is also about me arriving as my new self as “the fish”, and he also said that “the worst is Helsingør Taxi taking a hell of a long time to come when you are going home” and you know that I am arriving symbolically by taxi, which is taking a long time to do and that is because I am driving through all of Hell on my way home.

  • Peter said that he does not know what is the most “crazy” – the man jumping out from an altitude of 36 kilometres or the government “flirting” with the non-socialist parties – and he says that it is “impossible” for the government to meet the wish of the Red-Green Alliance to protect people falling out of the unemployment benefit system, which the Danish Social Liberal Party is blocking (Margrete Vestager …), and he says that Johanne and Frank from the Red-Green Alliance has brought themselves “unwisely” up in a tree crown, and “tree crown” is the symbol of me, you know, so maybe not that “crazy”, Peter (?), and is this what you also think of me (?), and he said that he was “dropped to pieces” – with “pieces” being the “dark pieces” originally planned to explode inside of me when opening our New World because of the darkness you bring/symbolise – and that is because he was watching Angela Merkel arriving under protests to Athen, Greece, with people walking around with swastikas in the street, and he says that it is a “strange feeling again to see an unpopular German swinging the baton of the whole EU” and also that “this is a role, which you will have to believe that Merkel wants to get out of as soon as possible”, and yes it takes “a hell of a long time for the taxi to arrive”, is that what you feel too, Angela (?), and Peter ends by saying that “maybe it is still the daft jumping out from 36 kilometres, who is the one-eyes among the blind”, and yes this jump symbolises the danger of the journey I am going through – not least these days – in order to set a new record saving everything, and yes “a daft”, is that what you are thinking of me too, Peter, not understanding that I am the sane seeing what is RIGHT and that the world are the blind seeing what is WRONG?

  • Richard was inspired to say that “business needs a Plan B”, and yes Richard, your darkness as a VERY rich business leader living a “more than good life” when the world is suffering is also giving me pressure from darkness to lost life inside of darkness as my plan B, and yes can you see this “my friend”? But I do like to have plan B’s in general, if plan A does not work out, which you know I have had myself all along my journey.

  • Anna Karin hoped that her next meeting will be without “hole-in-the-stomach-control” because she had bought too small tights, and this has made her feel poorly all day, but luck be that it was a good day nevertheless, and yes Anna Karin seems to be influenced by how things are going here for me and that is because I have also felt poorly today, but luck be a lady really to bring BLUE EYES into this game, and yes luck be that it was a good day too here.

  • The story of the PET-agent Morten Storm, who decided to stand forward telling his story as a notice of what the official and un-official (!) world soon will do, developed with this story about how he encouraged Muslims in Denmark to do violent actions against the Danish society and to support militant Islamism abroad, and of course it was a shock for the Muslim community to learn that not only did he try to “promote a radical understanding with some of our youth” but that he was “an agent for PET at the same time”, and yes do you see the pattern of the Danish PET working together with the American CIA to “promote radicalism” among the Muslim community to strike against targets in the Western World (?) – and I wonder how many countries did the same (?) or also about how you, Jacob Scharf, “my old school-friend”, who is the director of PET, are “feeling” about this story spreading, and don’t you believe that it is about time for you too to come out of your winter lair and support me instead of being “silent”, which is the same as working against me?

  • Pia from the Danish People’s Party brought a link to the article above, and decided to misunderstand what it is really about (!), and instead of focusing on why PET wanted to do this, she focused negatively on why the Islam community did not speak out when it happened herewith setting the community in a poor light, and yes, this is what “brainwash” and racism can do to people, Pia (!), and it made me tell her to turn around the question – as in “turn around the last part of God” from darkness to light (!) – and ask why PET, CIA and the Western World actively carried out actions – like this, the 9/11 “terror”, bombs against U.S. embassies in Africa in 1998 etc. – to make Islam its main enemy to keep its war- and industrial machine running, and I asked her (still tasting the finest wine here) if they are completely deaf and blind at the Danish Parliament or if you are playing a poor act (?), and yes once again (to “honour” the blind and deaf people) I told her that this and much else soon will be revealed to the world when the world elite self will tell ALL ABOUT ITS WRONG/SECRET ACTIONS to the world and why they did it (money, power, sex and drugs!) and because of this they terrorised the world, started wars, killed, systematic brainwashed the world, had Media & Politicians on their pay cheques or threatened them to be killed like Kennedy and others, who wanted to change the world for the better, and this is really it, Pia, got it?

  • I also shared Pia’s thread and my comment on my Facebook timeline to help making people understand, and Jette decided to follow a thought given to her, which was that “you write fine and truthful, but I would like you to avoid your degrading “got it” comments, which work opposite to what is wise for a man in your situation at the moment”, and yes more work coming my way (!), so I had to take this on my coat too, and I replied that it is about reading OBJECTIVELY and to understand that there is NOTHING degrading in what I write, but if this is what people “feel” when reading me, it is ONLY about their own negative feelings (of darkness), which is what I show the world to understand just how deeply darkness works inside all people, and “got it” is really about this beautiful song and symbolically it means to save life out of darkness every single time I write it, and when I write this and “see” as examples, it is the voice of God (my own inner self) actively speaking to me while writing, got it (?), and the right feeling to get is a SMILE and if you feel differently, it is God’s cousin, the Devil, who is working through you, but not for long any more because he is about to cease to exist, and yes Jette really “got it” – it is about reading and understanding, see (?) – because she said “ok – then go ahead and write GOT IT”, and I told her that this is to show the world how deeply darkness works inside ALL PEOPLE and when she was inspired to give this comment, it makes it possible for me to tell the world about this (as I have done how many times before???) and to make people understand me instead of being negative about me, which is ALL WORNG, and yes this is how God’s ways work, so now you know (got it?).

  • Dan commented about “lack of talents” to include in X-factor, which is not surprising in a small country like Denmark, and then he added “if anyone believes that I again and again and again will point out that the giant ego Thomas Blachman NEVER has made a real hit by himself … they are wrong”, and yes Dan will NEVER give up on the negativity, which he ALWAYS sends out about Blachman without listening to and understanding the man – as most others – but here was an example of a man, Lars, who had changed his view on Blachman and he said that “Blachman is cool. He has a completely different mission than pointing out talents in divers shows. Should be possible to see”, and Dan laughed as darkness normally does (!), when he agreed that Blachman has a completely different mission, but he did not agreed that Blachman is “cool” – which you WILL, Dan, when you will OPEN YOUR EARS and listen – and yes I could decide to go directly and aggressively against Dan, but this would make him throw me out a long time ago, so Dan is one of the few where I have not done this – using other doors to open, you see – and Lars brought a not-working link to a radio programme with Blachman, which made him change his negative view to positive about the man, and I decided to thank Lars and confirm that Blachman has a different mission, which is to help make this world a better place, which should be easy for everyone to understand if you do the same as Lars, which is to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND (!) instead of being negative and reproaching, which is WRONG, and I also used the old story that it would be a DULL world if everyone plays the same hit-music (as Dan does!), which is the same if there was only one colour of the world and it would be black example, and VARIATION of life is ENRICHING life, and you can also do that in X-factor, can’t you?

  • Kenneth brought this, which is about many people having big expectations about what would happen in the year 2012, and because “nothing” has happened, many have now lost hope for anything to happen (!), which is also bringing darkness to me, and yes is it only my Facebook timeline, which ALWAYS enlarges text and photos (?) and ONLY on the timeline, or is this to show you how spiritual darkness is also working with me (?), and by the way, I have wondered whey I have not seen new posts of Jimmy for a long time, and yes yes yes, Jimmy also “had it” with me leaving me as a Facebook friend, but without blocking/reporting me as Niclas did, and yes “darkness disguised as light” was “impossible” for them to understand when they could not and would not understand, and yes sad sad sad is what you all made me of this meditation group, and yes also them. And eeehhh, do you believe I am active on Facebook (?), and yes this is NOTHING compared to Kenneth, who today so far at 21.20 have posted 31 posts (!), and if I am not wrong, I have only received two of these as I remember, and just asking Facebook, eeehhh WHERE ARE THE REST (???), which may be a hint about more hidden life at even deeper levels to come (?), we will see.

  • Martin asked if people would help him translate his videos to English (for subtitles) and it is without pay “unless of course you consider the survival of the globe for payment”, and yes not easy for him to make selfish people wanting to receive pay do this as Bettina is an example of – completely deaf she is – and it made me tell Martin that it is about FAITH, which he does not believe in, isn’t this funny (?), and this is when taking his purpose above into account, which he is working against himself, and yet he is not, and yes the truth is more than he shows, which it requires openness to understand, and we know, he sent a reply saying “thank you, Stig” (!), so nice is what he is, but open and receptive to me (?), no because he is from a people of another civilization not having faith, amazing right?

  • Naser was inspired to use the phrase of Monty Python “And Now for Something Completely Different”, which is really to turn around “the worst” to “the best” when he said that “we all need a goodnight smile” (tell me about it, my friend) and “here is the most happy and positive man I have ever met – Ole Henriksen”, and yes he is INDEED exactly this, so there was only one thing I could say, which is “I love it” :-), and I do look forward to experiencing exactly this instead of the killing darkness, which is really not very nice, you know.

  • Felix is the man planning to do the big JUMP from an altitude of 36 kilometres, but because of poor weather, he decided to postpone the jump at least two days, and he says that “we have reached so far that there is no way back”, which is also the same as I said the other day when entering this pyramid, there is no way back, I have to go through it, so hopefully both I and Felix will be able to do this without dying really.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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