October 11, 2012: Transferring life from inside the hidden pyramid to make our New World “PERFECT, quite simply”


Summary of the script today

10th October: Transferring life from inside the hidden pyramid to make our New World “PERFECT, quite simply”

  • This last darkness said that “we just have to get used to the idea of everything being apples”, and also that it is very depressed discovering that I am not darkness, but light. I tried to sleep, but after a short dream about how darkness tried to overtake me, I was asked to stand up and work and stay up, otherwise the last living darkness wanted to overtake me to built up new strength. It knows that everything around it is light and that it cannot escape, so we gave the same command of the entire Universe as the other day to make this give up too and become part of me at our New World, and this started the required effect of this darkness now leaving its absolutely last hole almost not existing any more.
  • During the morning this aggressive darkness was also defeated and said that it is now “back for good” and “we’ll always be together”, and life of God inside of here is now staring to fall in love with me and Copenhagen once again. We have secured the way out of this darkness, but will continue to work inside of here as long as it takes.
  • I sent an email to my mother showing her the furniture I plan to buy, which she accepted, and this opened up the love of my mother also opening up to all content inside this hidden world of the new pyramid, which is now starting being transferred to me while I am starting to get this last part of the work and my journey done. This new furniture shows that my new apartment was NOT perfect one year ago as darkness told me via my mother, and it is first with this furniture that everything will now become perfect.
  • Short stories celebration after darkness said “you got me this time”, Helle Thorning Schmidt is playing a political game of life and dead symbolising my game these days, Scribd is recovering as a sign of life of darkness recovering, a head hunter received “cold feet” when reading my website, the present aggressive darkness had no rules of care or consciousness but now promises to turn over a new leaf, encouraging Mogens Lykketoft & Co. to turn around the world to give everyone the right perspective, which is what Dorthe afterwards showed, i.e. that we are right now turning around the perspective of the hidden world/pyramid, the five hens are now becoming six because we will win 6 to 0 against darkness, our creation is becoming “perfect, quite simply”, my closing remarks of my journey “that’s a wrap”, encouraging Obama to win the election and telling the world of his and my “relation”, Wilson tried to communicate again, but “could not”, “bad craziness” of political bureaucracy would have ended the world, and STRONG darkness of Mads and the Old World Order standing behind Taliban!

11th October: Releasing all content of the hidden world with original life/God, which we did not know existed

  • I continued through a new night without sleep despite of already being hit by a sledgehammer yesterday morning, which was because of all content of this hidden world being released, which I would risk losing or being overtaken by if I did not. It first tried to escape and then to enter and overtake me to make me the new home of darkness, which I rejected. During the night a new operating system was implemented from this world inside of me. I went through the strongest darkness of all potentially being very bad if I slept. I received the game plan of darkness, and it did not believe that a game plan against me was needed at this level, which I would never be able to reach, and behind this, original life (without energy) before what we thought was original life (of energy) was hidden. Everything grows and becomes bigger multiple times inside here because of the intelligence of this world and the size of our New World as I bring. We are saving life, which we did not even know existed. The deeper I penetrated this darkness, the more of it entered me when it was dragged to me. God of this world said “come on my children, we will go with him there, he is my Son” and gave me his key of this life for everything to become part of our New World.
  • I was told that I lost life without knowing it during my journey, which has replaced light with darkness of “special friends”, which I would first know about after opening the eyes of my new self, which could have made it difficult to save all, and this darkness is now removed too.
  • Short stories of Scribd now being recovered symbolising the recover of life, Paul has seen the light, the Rolling Stones are very pessimistic about the Judgment, LOVE IS STRONG between LTO and I, politicians were tools of the Devil leading war against mankind, Helena and Søren Pind has broken because of a “crunch” somewhere, Jens Rohde is among the worst darkness and “world elite” too (?), Paula is “overwhelmed” with light making her blind and deaf in relation to me, Arnold was back as the Terminator, and Mads and China are darkness, which “don’t speak” because they are WIMPS.. 


10th October: Transferring life from inside the hidden pyramid to make our New World “PERFECT, quite simply”

Asking the last darkness to give up its tiny, last hole and also become part of our New World 

I was told from life inside darkness “we just have to get used to the idea of everything being apples” and not because we don’t like apples, but when you have been the opposite for such a long time, it takes a little time to admit your defeat, and to continue from there, and yes Stig, this is how it is, and this is how the “secret world” is reacting to you.

This is like a intestine operation to turn around all of the content of this with only smiles, love and happiness you say (?), and yes we will try getting used to it.

The burning of your school (a few weeks ago) was the start of the Devil burning down the world, or so he thought inside of here where everything looked “promising”, but now, he is VERY depressed when discovering that you are not like him, but his worst nightmare, which he really needs to get over with, and to learn how to become happy, so this is what we will continue doing.

At midnight I was VERY tired and still I received STRONG darkness knowing that it would be best to stay up, but on the other hand, I don’t have much more to give, so I might decide to stay up for 1-2 hours, and then try to go to bed to see if the world will help me to get some sleep.

I was told that there will be no newspapers by tomorrow then, when we will open up for a surprise for you, which is about “who I am”, and that goes with the coach of Real Madrid and many others, who are not your enemies anymore when they will be released from inside of this place controlling them.

At 00.30 I was told that it would have been a pleasure having you to fight on my side, and this was from the voice of this darkness now becoming more and more “serious” without darkness interfering.

Hereafter followed less important speech continued with new levels of darkness underneath this voice and with STRENGTH wanting to make me destruct and saying “I don’t want to be light”, and I replied that there is nothing you can do, everything is becoming light, and you are all coming with me. Is this encapsulated darkness, which we have started transforming to light after cracking the code of it (?), this is what I was told. Darkness said “OK, if you are sure there are no misunderstandings, if this is what you really want, we will do it”. And I was told that we are now back to where you can decide again when you want to open the New World and the eyes of your new self, because we are now so much in control …, and yes Stig, it does not feel like it and that is because darkness just keeps on coming bringing constant sufferings at its maximum level to me almost making me decide to become the weak part letting darkness take over the right to decide, but no, I don’t want to do that. And I was told that you had to become Hitler/Anti-Christ before we could save you.

Finally I went to bed at 02.30, and I felt how darkness from outside of me now entered me to become me while sleeping.

I had a short dream where I only had a few more days to work behind my desk, and then “the young man from Jutland, the eldest son of Sanna/Hans friends in North Jutland” (the one not believing in the chance of the end of the world coming in 2010) – I cannot remember his name now – tries to setup a desk in front of me, but he keeps on making it wrong constantly hurting himself, and he is also setting up a giant ghetto blaster, and I notice how my phone has been removed, and he also wanted to check the content of my computer screen, which is about the worst darkness trying to overtake me once again.

At 03.00 I felt the most strongly and directly ever how this darkness went directly after my private parts, which I “shook off”, and I received a constant series of small heart attacks just continuing, and I was freezing even when I should not be freezing, which here was the worst darkness, and I was told that this is not the decisive time now where he tries to exchange your heart, is it (?), and a little later, this darkness said that it was only meant to be a very, very small prick to your heart, but now we cannot find it, where is our heart (?) as I was asked with MUCH pressure to answer, but the only answer I could give was that I don’t know – other than this heart now being light too and in safety of our New World.

I was told that this is the strength of darkness not wanting to become you, and I continued received speech with a low voice, which was almost impossible to hear also because I was far too tired and wanted to sleep, but I was given a strong cramp to my left foot making me feel this darkness working inside of me, and I felt the need to jeopardise life once again, and I said that I cannot do this anymore, I have crossed my limit, and I really thought that I could no more, and also that I did not want to jeopardise life, but now I know – almost for sure, but not 100% – that this is “only” to jeopardise the last life of my old self, and not our New World.

And it was followed with cramp given to my right foot too, and this was about this darkness wanting to leave me, but I said NEVER, and while this was happening, I was given one of David Bowie’s 100 point songs from Ziggy Stardust, which was “you better hang on to yourself”, so this is what I did following my final decision to NEVER let go on darkness, and this came also after I had watched this BBC4 documentary about David Bowie and his Ziggy Stardust period.

I was told that holding me awake is to keep him out of his now almost not existing room – very tiny – and when I tried to sleep, I was told that he, i.e. me, has no idea of just how important this is, and I was told that is as if they want to open the sausage wagon again, and I was shown David Bowie next to a car leaving it and told that if you leave your car they will tale it over.

I was told that there are no newspapers in this bottle post, no Stig, it is another force of yourself, which wants to change you to become a new Formula one star. If you say no – to write this down, publish it and stay up for at least 3-4 hours – they will forever be out, and this is how I decided to stand up again after 03.30, which I truly thought would be impossible this time around.

I first sent my script of yesterday to LTO Kenya, and while doing this I was told that with this work, we will try to completely wipe out this darkness and I heard this darkness say “king murder”, which is what it wants to do – to kill/overtake me – and I was told that this requires the same as before, which is to make the whole Universe repeat the same request as the other day, which I allowed (together with life at stake) and a few seconds afterwards I was told that this is now also done, and yes now here at 03.55 the exercise is to write and publish this script so far too to make this darkness home too.

This is my highest treasured employee, which is what darkness tells me, and this is because its love has fallen on me as its absolutely last way of living because everything else is now the New World around it, which I have told it as I am told, so now it knows that there is no way out and this should make it give up too, Stig, but we don’t really know yet before you have published it and don’t sleep and so on.

And I heard this darkness say I will also swear eternal faith to you when I am over this, this is what I feel now, new feelings given to me – and especially when there is no more money as it said.

While preparing the publish of the script so far, I was told by this darkness understanding that this is how we convert darkness to light that this is not going to become the end of me, is it (?) at the same time as I felt happiness for this last part of God to come home too.

At 04.50 I had published this script so far, so now it is about killing time once again going through more torture.

Yes, hereafter it is only you and me, Stig, in a man to man fight with the origin of darkness, and do you feel strong enough to win over me (?), and yes I don’t know, but I will do my best, and it has worked with everything else, so my best estimate is that it will also release you, because you are NOT darkness of origin, you are light, and the love inside of your wants to return to light, so come on, you are welcome too.

I was told that it is the ability of darkness to gain strength, which is what we also had to watch out for here.

I saw that one Facebook friend had left me, and when I checked MANUALLY to see who it was, I noticed that Jimmy was on the list again, which he may have been all the time (?), but yesterday he did not show as a friend when seeing his name on Kenneth’s wall, so please look away from my comment on him yesterday, and yes we know Stig, I went through the list, and discovered that Paul Jacobs was not appearing on my Facebook friends list, which made me very sad, but when checking Paul’s Facebook profile, we are still friends, and just like with Jimmy yesterday and today, so this is a pattern, which is saying that darkness still wants to terminate parts of me. I went through all the list of friends with my Excel list, and Facebook said that there was now 176 remaining with 177 yesterday, but I could not find the difference with the “recovery” of Paul Jacobs, so I was even more thorough, which was to copy all Facebook friends and to insert them as text in Excel, which took time to do because it also included 3-5 empty lines between each name, which I had to delete manually, but after doing this, I saw that both lists contain 171 friends, but Facebook claims that I have 176 friends remaining, so I wonder if Facebook cannot count or if 5 friends are being kept hidden from me (?), and if this is the case, I can only ask darkness to bring them out in the free.

I was told that you will keep bringing people down this hole even if you don’t want to do it.

I was told that this was the entrance back then to darkness, which is the same as we now use to get out of, isn’t it fantastic?

At 05.30 to 06.00 I had a little heart pain, so there is still work on-going inside there.

This aggressive darkness was also defeated and is now “back for good” – we will continue work inside of here

During the morning I was asked can’t you feel that darkness is becoming weaker (?), and my answer was that it was becoming less active but I still felt it as strongly as before.

At 06.20 I received the words “come over to you”, and the lyrics
“(I can’t stop loving you), I’ve made up my mind” from the unique Ray Charles and his song “I can’t stop loving you”, which is about this darkness also deciding to come over to me.

I was told that you are waiting to be released from state prison, right (?), and that this is like archery where you only got five chickens and you are still shooting no. 6 aren’t you? And also if you don’t want light this is about your last chance.

At 07.30 I was told that we are now starting to pack our suitcase instead of giving you newspaper I received a song with the lyrics “too late to lose” now, which is to say that I will not lose this one now, and then I was given the lyrics “We`ll always be together, together in Electric Dreams” by Human League, because this is what we will be now when this potentially very aggressive part of me also will become part of our New World, and yes like that soundtrack much, and you may guess why, one reason is this song, and the other is …?

Later I was told that this is unless I have hidden anyone for you (?), and even later that we will become ONE because we are now upside down, we feel it.

I was told that if someone came into your apartment not invited and trying to steal you out, you will know how difficult and traumatic this has been (for darkness).

Do you want to believe that another side of him, which we first see now, has been looking for you and used more time for search for you than to destroy (?), and this is because he knew that what he did was wrong.

I was told that we brought the attaché case in 1959 (the birth year of my sister) – together with the key of the life of my previous, self, Jesus, with the aim to terminate the world – and not even when you took over her key of life we discovered anything because it was done without a cry here, we did not feel or notice it but are now glad that you have come collecting us too.

I still received marks to my right ankle on the right side, which is about risk of losing life, and told that the worst thing now is to get out of here “a little bit unlucky” if I should lose it.

I decided to kill time and torture myself until 11.00 where I reached one of the highest pain/tired limits of mine, if not the highest, and I decided to take a nap on the sofa, which I was allowed to do until 13.40 where I woke up to Take That’s “back for good”, which was another sign to say that this last part of me is now back for good with me, and I had a dream, which I did not remember, but I woke up with the feeling that it was on the extreme edge that I saved this part of me too, and I also received the feeling of Naser Khader, so he may have faith in me helping to achieve this. I also still felt black darkness inside of me, so we are not done yet, and I was told that “the Oscar of the year goes to that man there because of his acting with Naser”.

At 14.00 I was told that it would feel a little bit like the old Soviet system (if darkness had taken me) with the remaining force I have, where I am the dictator and you do what I say, but no (!), and this would be in another scenario than back for good, but it would require that you eeehhh, oh nevermind, I cannot make myself do it now, I only say goodbye as one side of me and good day as another, and I am pretty close to come inside with all of my new self.

I was told asked if we can go directly from ashes and not to ashes but to the fire from being completely broken down as now to the opposite when I will open the eyes of my new self (?), and yes Stig, this is the most incredible, and how are you feeling now (?), and yes like a hammer has hit me in my back head, and still you decided to write this Facebook post of a man who was completely doped and broken down by the psychiatric system and medicine, which directly made him a zombie and killed him as it could have killed me too, and yes hoping that the world and responsible politicians would “listen”, but this is the problem you know, it “cannot” – and here and here are the links to the two posts below.

This song is what made me a “crazy David Bowie fan” in 1979/80 more than any other, and Major Tom is now very close not to be a junkie anymore, and yes “my mother said to get things done, you better not mess with Major Tom” :-).

I was told that we have pressed life out of the air in a completely different way, and later (soon previous) darkness was asked are you in love with him (?) and replies yes I am starting to become in love with him and in love with Copenhagen once again (after turning it around from darkness to light), and here we are in love back in the balloon wheels of Tivoli in Copenhagen in one of the most classic Danish film and music clips.

When I was thinking that I better get started working with updates to my script, I was shown more darkness coming to me from far away, and it was again with the game “you are welcome” and for me to suppress it saying the opposite, and when writing this, I am almost given tears in my eyes because of EXTREME pressure these days, and yes the world just keeps going around as it normally does with people apparently not understanding and caring, and yes not the easiest thing I have done, but been in extreme situations like this some times before, but difficult is really what it is.

I was told that the exit through the garden gate is secure now, but we will stay inside of here “playing”, which is to absorb everything there is, and yes for as long as it takes.

When I started writing the update of the script at 15.50 I was feeling “more than awful” and I was told that this is what it also takes to do this work, i.e. to be “nothing”.

I received a pain to my left foot and was shown how life with many roses were coming into our New World, and I was told that “no, we are not going to get a sausage wagon” and yes because of him there, and this was a message given by the closest part of God from this darkness to darker sides of him further away.

Transferring life from inside the hidden pyramid to make our New World “PERFECT, quite simply

I sent an email to my mother with the add’s on desk and table, and it was to tell her that I will try to buy this on Sunday if I can organise a car and trailer, and she might help asking Søren (living below her) about the car, and today I am too tired to visit Silvan about the trailer (I could also call), but I will do this tomorrow, and when doing this, I was told that this corresponds to entering the pin code to get this furniture our of here.

I was feeling how ancient Greek culture was just to the right of me waiting to be implemented as part of me as another piano player as I am told and here together with the feeling of David Bowie’s EMINENT piano player Mike Garson for example in this one, which is unique in music history.

I was also told that you don’t fill yourself with gasoline where you are at, “my friend”, is what this surprised darkness asks me, and that’s right.

I was given some more nervousness and speculations about what will happen, if …, and no I don’t want to speculate any more just because family/friends etc. are.

I was told “Mother spaceship, we are not that far away from you, we feel you again now” and the feeling was that they did not when I entered this new pyramid, and some hours later, I saw this posting by Samuel, and I understood that this is also for all life inside of this hidden world now returning to the mother ship of our New World with “mother” being the spirit of my mother as the Holy Spirit of our New World.

I was also very tired this evening, but speech of darkness and sufferings had reduced much. The last days were truly “the worst” to come through.

At 19.00 I was told that we have now started the last and not least dangerous part of the journey to bring everything out of here, and yes you become very clammy for me saying this, and this is what I need to get it done, and no it is not easy but we will give it a try, and yes before Sunday, and yes 10-4, it requires all strength of the Universe once more to do this, Stig, and yes are you afraid (?), and yes I am, but not to worry much longer, Stig, because with the help and love of your mother seeing that you are doing well also with furniture, we are almost sure that we will make this out, and yes we are starting because I found a new combi-oven (micro, grill and hot air) of only 100 DKK, which I will go and get in Kvistgård on Friday, 10 kilometres from here, and yes because the grill of my own micro oven is out of order (“spiritual darkness”) and it has no hot air, and this will make it possible for me symbolically to make “perfect food” again.

I was told “China” and because there is more here, there and everywhere, which needs to be turned around, and yes nothing much here, but in there, where we have not been, we have no idea what to find and how to turn it around, and this is the exciting part, and yes we have really only touched the top of this not knowing what will meet us, when we get in to all of what is inside.

And I felt how this content inside of darkness in my left leg is now spreading to all over my leg, and it seems as if this is now becoming integrated with us all, and yes the shirts/jerseys are now starting to come out.

I started receiving some pain to all of my left leg and I was told by a scout I was shown coming out from the content of all of this “it is good enough, it is him coming to save us”.

I was told that this was then the first part of it, and it went pretty well, don’t you think (?), and yes it did, and I was still fighting the voice of darkness hundreds of times, but this is how life is here “more or less” and now it became more again, but still not as much as previous days.

And I was given the idea that the impatience of my mother often taking the first, the best, which she sees, thus not having all that patience in the world – despite of what she told me – to wait on me going through all adds (if only she knew how much work and sufferings I have gone through too), is what helped to bring me “enormous darkness”, and when I have now decided on what to buy, this will open up for the love of her and that is really to the content inside this hidden world of the new pyramid, see?

I gave a general acceptance to jeopardise life whenever my spiritual friends believe it is needed, and I added that I do still hope that you have all security in place and that is just in case, and also that we can exit if needed but the goal is still to welcome everything and convert it to light or alternatively to wait on faith coming from mankind, and yes this game still has an ability to make me nervous and give me cold sweat, and that is to bring the best out of me too.

I was told that these are then the engines (of all people), which we get access to via your mother’s help, and I was shown that they get a proper wash because they are very dark, and I had to continue telling myself that our New World is secure no matter what, and that it is the nature of this darkness to make me nervous believing that everything still can terminate, which it logically cannot, but when you receive the heat, you can really feel it.

I was told that this original life is what is hidden in the absolutely last cavity of the wrong hole of darkness, and I thought that I am pressed to my extreme edge to help the world from bleeding, and yes if I had decided not to do as I did, would I have been overtaken and killed by darkness before the world would have come to help me (?), and it might have been like this.

I started receiving a message that we have not started yet with all of the Universe bringing all of its “power of thoughts” to make this content light too because it requires my mother’s acceptance of the buy of this furniture and before this message was finished being said, my mother called me and told me that she has now seen the adds, and she liked the table much, and also accepted me to buy a microwave oven, but she could not open the link to the director chairs, and yes it was spiritual darkness working on her and John’s computer as I also saw it recently and I checked from here when speaking to her and that was just to see that there is nothing wrong with the link, but my mother also accepted me to buy these because I know what I do as she said, and we agreed for me to send her a new email with the link as I did, which I hope she can open, and yes tomorrow she will ask Søren if I can borrow his car, and I will ask Silvan about the trailer, and if this does not work, I can rent a trailer, so this should be able to work out, and then there is only the question about if this furniture still will be available to me on Sunday, if it becomes Sunday, or if they will be sold to others instead as the director chairs below and here were VERY close to being (as you can see from the link), and this is to say that I was “this close” to lose all of this life as the director doing this work, and yes you saw the very small margins of this work, but it does look like everything will become perfect, and that is because this is what I have asked for over and over again, and yes earlier today I was asked of what I want, and I could not remember the line “everything is to become perfect”, so I said with less confidence “fantastic” until I was given the memory of this and repeated that PERFECT is what we go for, and yes I decided to be confident saying this MANY times to help my inner self do it exactly like this.

So here is the table, which I will use as a writing desk up against the wall, and when the family will visit me – mother/John, Sann/Hans, Niklas/Isabelle and Tobias/Mia – it is big enough to be moved out from the wall and for all of us to sit around, and yes I have 6-7 other chairs and together with the two chairs below, I will be able to get everyone seated around the desk, and yes what about when Karen comes making you a pair, and her family and …., and yes maybe I will find a new place to live and new furniture at that time, but what this furniture is really about is to say that we are now doing the end of creation of our PERFECT NEW WORLD, and yes it was NOT perfect one year ago when I moved in here, and that is despite of darkness telling me this over and over and over again through my mother, do you “remember the time” (?), and yes I was told that this content of the hidden world is from where the roses came from.

The add’s of what may become my new combined desk/dining table and director chairs symbolising that I was the director not ending work one year ago, but continued to make everything of our New World truly PERFECT

Afterwards I was shown a BIG furniture remover of darkness bringing in furniture and asking me where I want this (?), and yes please follow the guidelines of my spiritual friends.

I continued saying that “everything has to be perfect” and also to make people in the future say “he did well”, and I was told that this will bring me greater sufferings, and yes so let it be.

I was told by the content of this world that we are not Jaws anymore, but this is what we have been used to that he has ordered us to do.

I was asked so you have decided that nothing is to be thrown out and also that “we were ready to do this”, and yes we can use EVERY LITTLE THING and let us say that I want to SAVE EVERY LITTLE THING and to bring the best for everyone as ONE :-).

I also received another 50% out of the world pain to my right ankle.

I was told that without bleeding we would not be able to do this, and I received a strong feeling of light and how it came to me from the front of me and pulled up my trousers, and I was told that this was the first of this feeling, and yes making our New World even stronger and I feel a laugh inside of here behind the game.

I also used a couple of hours today to go through hundreds of add’s to find one of two desk lamps, which I may also finish now, and when this furniture is on place, I will look for a new mountain bike of even better quality.

I was told that when John was starting to feel better, it was also a sign showing just how close we were to open our New World, but no, we will continue right until the end.

I published an update to my script at 22.40 after working all evening, and right after this I was told that it is now that the worst of all will come because Stig, if you are not able to stay up for as long as possible, what will happen to all of this darkness, and yes will it terminate us or will we lose it (?), and yet again I am given the absolutely worst cold sweat of all, and yes I had absolutely NO expectations having to stay up for yet another night, but this is what I am asked to do, and yes I do not like it at all, but I will try to do my best, but I will NOT be able to make it for as long this time because I am completely dead meat already, but I do hope that it will be good enough to make everything perfect.

At 23.10 I was told that this life of darkness now understand that if I should lose it, it is not to disappear completely (through a hole of my right instep) but to become encapsulated of our New World to be awaked later, and yes we are now working to turn around these dark feelings to light.

Isnt it good to get rid of a “genera”, i.e. dictator, and this is for this life inside darkness, but also a feeling that this is not how Else saw me, because was I a potential new “dictator”, Else (?), and the feeling was also that this lady also brought me much darkness to enter here.

And this is to avoid this life to seek back to the wrong hole of darkness and give it oil to make it work again, and I here receive the taste of pineapple, which is to say that this is from here that selfishness comes from, and here at 23.20, I feel how a new pressure of stories are coming to me, but my fingers are already hurting and much tiredness means that I will soon not be able to continue writing, but I may take a few notes, which I will write tomorrow.

After a couple of weeks where my computer has been working alright, in periods it has been VERY SLOW, and today had “problems” playing music from Grooveshark, which keeps on blinking almost impossible to get to work, and when I listened to music via YouTube, for the first time ever, the sound of this was played higher and higher and not because I changed the volume – I tried to decrease it, but this function was set out of order – and I was given the feeling of Else, and yes her darkness is that it is completely impossible for her to understand anything else than her own voice, and how is it possible that people can be so stupid to allow themselves to be so better-knowing ignorants when they know or should know that this is WRONG?

At 23.20 I was told from a voice to the right of me no, I don’t really want to become a Nile crocodile, which is about this life saying that it does not want to become “nothing”.

I was told that at this bar they used to be so nice, and no, my friend, this was the dictator of darkness controlling you, this is NOT how life is, I will give you FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY, and yes Stig, this is also what my story of Tvind is about, to make this life understand how a new community of life is to be setup, so this is now what we are teaching ourselves as I am about to say here with the feeling of strong darkness trying to return from my right to my left side before it is too late, and no, I am not going to explode you, and yes not again, because we really don’t like the feeling it gives every single time.

Here is an example of unwanted dialogue coming from someone who wanted me to accept opening a chat channel the other day, and yes I had my suspicions that this would bring something like this, so this is really to show you the strength of this darkness coming out wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” too, but no thank you. And what do you think of this behaviour (?), the worst you have seen (?), and yes this is nothing, but only an example of what goes on out there in the big real and virtual world, and yes SAD is what this makes me too.

I was told that we would like to thank you, but not yet because we know that we still have a long way home (before making it), and this was given to me because of my reaction turning down the offer above, and yes I did not have a look at this “offer”, and yes I decided to delete this Jayne from my chat-list, and no I did not tell her, because this is UNACCEPTABLE behaviour.

So we are NEVER going into this wrong hole again, because this is what you have (decided to) close, and yes more and more knowledge are given to my new friends, and I was told that “yes, you can come up from the dead”, so we are bringing in more and more of this life, and it is so strong that I feel that it can potentially speak physically out of my mouth, as it did once today.

And it is now midnight, so I will continue writing in the script of “tomorrow”, and I do feel how tired I am already now, so it will become an “interesting” night.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • At 05.35 Lucas posted this wish to have a big party and he gave the reason, which is “you got me this time”, and yes Jette & Co., got it (?), so what he is saying is that I got darkness this time, and is this now the absolutely last part (?), or is there still several layers to come?

  • “The short newspaper” brought this headline of Helle Thorning Schmidt: “It is now life or dead for Thorning”, which is about the coming negotiations of the Danish budget, and yesterday it was “Thorning is forced to gamble wildly” and the day before “Johannes B. throws a bomb under Thorning”, which are saying the same as Felix the high jumper, which is that we are/were playing this game on life and dead these days.

  • Scribd is “recovering” more and more now only making the visitors the 4th and 5th October “blank”, but they will probably be found too over the coming days.

  • Yesterday I received an email from a head hunter having my resume, and he said that he had a job opportunity he wanted to discuss with me, and I said that I would like that – I am soon unemployed you know – and I encouraged him to send me a job description and first to open my website and to come back if he still wants to discuss the opportunity with me afterwards, and he returned this morning saying that after having read my website, he has reached the conclusion that “your profile this time does not fit in relation to the culture of the company”, and yes my website completely the view of this man to me too, and I wonder if you were right, Jens, or if you can see your mistake now when reading this?

  • Two days ago the “mad car driver” below was shown in this TV clip being completely without a care and consciousness when driving over red light, and it has caused great attention and rage here, and to me this is about the rules of darkness as I met inside of here, which is to see that there were none.

  • Today TV2 said that the “mad car driver” now says that he has learn from his mistakes and promises to turn over a new leaf, and yes this “mad darkness” is what we have now tamed as this symbolises.

  • The chairman of the Danish Parliament, Mogens Lykketoft, gave a speech to a “renowned” member of the Parliament until the last election, Niels Helveg Petersen, but he turned the picture UPSIDE DOWN, which is really to show you that I am turning around the absolutely worst darkness of all these days, and this darkness is also inside the Danish Parliament, and it made Camilla sing “the wheels on the bus turns around, around, around”, which is about darkness this silent Parliament brings me, which is bringing the bus of darkness to me too, and I decided to share Diana’s song “upside down” and to say “turn the world around to give everyone the right perspective” and this is really what we speak of.

  • Some hours after the post of Mogens above, my new Facebook friend Dorthe, who found me, decided to bring this picture and the inspired words “look at the world from a new perspective”, and yes this is what I told Mogens & Co. about, to turn around the world to give everyone the right perspective, so this is what we are doing with this hidden world too as this is symbolising.

  • You may remember the story of the five hens about to become six when winning 6 to 0 and not 5 to 1 in my game against darkness (?), and this is what Dennis shows here and he said almost with a surprise in his voice “yes, it really worked” and then he shows five hens, which Ejgil commented with “one feather becoming five hens”, which is really what we started with and coming to this point, where the five are very close to become six, which is what Marianne spoke of when saying “3 on one side, 2 on the other side, take a 10 minus 4 and you will know what you have”, and yes it is six, because I know how to calculate as  a voice says from inside darkness now releasing.

  • Brian wrote “WHAT … perfect, quite simply” and that is because this is what I asked creation to become and that is all the way my boys and girls.

  • The journalist Diana Sawyer was interviewing Obama and said with inspired voice ”that’s a wrap”, and Yasmeen below said “he will win no matter what” also with inspiration, and these were keywords for me to bring the video “Liberian girl” with Michael Jackson, where no one knows where he is as “no one” knows where Jesus is, because shouldn’t “he” arrive in 2012 (?), and now most of 2012 has gone so what is keeping him (?), and yes I am here my friends as I have been all along but you have not seen me because I have been the director working from behind the camera sitting on my director chair bringing you “life” and our New World and when I am done directing the same way as Michael in the video below sitting behind the camera, this is where you will see me arriving, and yes this is what this is about and we know the closing words by Michael in the video “ok everybody, that’s a wrap” is given to you here again to say that this time we are closing down, and not as when I brought you this video the last time, and is that maybe one year ago I did this (?), when I was told (by darkness) that things were “perfect”, and this is really the example to show you all the difference between when you believe you are done with your work, which is “much too soon” of most people today and then to do your finest work and as I have shown you giving you my “finest hour” because I wanted to “win no matter what” despite of lack of sleep, and there is truly a world in difference, so please always do your finest work. And with this I told you about the relation between Obama, Michael and me, which I felt gave darkness to me as very direct sexual torments shortly afterwards, and to encourage Obama to “go and get them” and that is to win the election, and that is because YOU CAN and because “God is going to have his way” as Debra writes below, and yes really because we decided to NEVER GIVER UP, therefore, and Diane, why could you not ask Obama about the “relation” between he and I (?), and yes I wonder what “kept you” (?) and is that all you have to say because you have been waiting on a friend for a long time?

  • Wilson has one Facebook friend, me (!), and today he tried to communicate again, but “not easy” it is, and I wonder what is on his mind, which is “impossible” for him to speak out (?), and yes he simply decided to cut me once again, and I don’t know how I can open him more different to what I do, but he will probably come around too.

  • The MP Ellen Trane Nørby put forward almost 700 written questions to the Culture Minister – or his department, because the minister is only a ”figurehead” not knowing much what he speaks about, so therefore he has people doing his work – and this has brought an outcry here because of the apparent bureaucracy and “bad craziness”, and this is why Lasse was inspired to ask a couple of more questions: “Why did I not get any pancakes”, “why can’t I play anymore” and “why does my behind hurt” (?), and yes the answers to these “planted” questions are 1) You would not have received any pancake of new creation/survival because of this wrong behaviour, 2) The play of the Devil is almost over because I won and 3) my behind hurts because of the darkness you bring me via my father, do you see (?) or “got it” (?), and yes both are still coming to me.

  • In continuation of the other day, Anna Karin made this to do list for tomorrow, which includes to remember not to put on wrong stockings and “don’t forget the toothbrush”, and this is both to say not to receive any more stomach pain and yes the toothbrush is about a quiz show on TV, which to me is “not natural” and primitive entertainment, and also to say that my mother bought me a new electric toothbrush one week ago, and yes Anna Karin also says to remember calling her mother when coming to Jönköping on her way home to Borås from Stockholm.

  • This is what I had to do during my journey in order for us to make it, and I did not know that I had as much strength as I had, and this is really about the constant strength I had to show for months and years without having this strength, and this is what is “pretty tough”.

  • Mads spoke about “jail” and “drunk”, which are other signs of the worst darkness, which he represents, which is what jails me you know, and I am here told that this is also what Jack as example sends me.

  • Here Mads writes about Malala Yousufzai – who was shot today by the Taliban, and hopefully will survive – that “she is the picture of everything right and beautiful in this world” and also that “sometimes things are very simple and free of relative b….. Either you are with Malala or against Malala”, and it made Boye say that the whole thinking of either being with or against some is sick, and yes Mads wrote that “this is exactly the whole point”, and is there something I don’t get here (?), because cannot everyone agree on this girl doing the right thing when “She began writing a blog when she was just 11 under a pseudonym for the BBC about life under the Taliban, and began speaking out publicly in 2009 about the need for girls’ education” and cannot everyone agree that the Taliban is very WRONG as here when “a Taliban gunman walked up to a bus taking schoolchildren and shot her in the head and neck” as you can read here, and that is because “the Taliban strongly opposes education for women”, and suppress them strongly, and to me, the key word of Mads’ post is the b.s. word, which is symbolising the destruction of God and the world as he and his system of the Old World Order represents, and yes a BRAVE girl indeed, and yes I was appalled when hearing that the Taliban had shot this girl in her head, and how can you believe that you are warriors of God doing as terrible things as this (?), and we know, Stig, it is indeed a very sick/twisted world and everything is because of a WRONG balance of people, who in the end believes that the wrong that they do has become right to do, but it has NOT (!), so my dear Taliban friends, it is also time for you to step down, give up your weapons and repent to the world and your victims. And can it be that Taliban really is financed by the CIA/USA and that this killing attempt on this girl was also a trick with USA standing behind to cause even more harm and disgust of the world (?), and yes “you have seen nothing yet”!


11th October: Releasing all content of the hidden world with original life/God, which we did not know existed

Releasing all content of the hidden world with original life/God, which we did not know existed

I was told about the first mountain bike I wanted to buy in Fredensborg where the seat pin broke, and that it was the same problem with the bike I bought when the frame at the point of where the seat pin ended also broke, and yes a “coincidence” (?), and no it was not, it was a sign saying that this is the darkness, which did everything it could to stop my suffering journey and that is really to come to liberate it even though this is what it wanted deep inside, and yes there will come no no. 3 break down, which would mean the end of this life as I understand it.

At 00.25 I was told that we cannot get everything with us now and that was when my work limit was reached, and I could only say “we will have to get everything with us – now or as soon as you can”.

But I received a few more short stories to the script of yesterday, but here at 00.45 I am also really at my extreme working limit. I had nothing more to give now, work is simply impossible to do now.

One of the things we did not know was how many aeroplanes, which were inside of here, and yes there are more than one, isn’t there, and yes Stig, we cannot bring everything up now, but we will continue doing this work also over the coming days, so the game will continue and yes so it is, and when do you believe he will come a lit over everything he has cooked and say that now it is time (?), and no not yet, and I was told behind the speech that this is what we expected to happen here at this coming weekend (it is Thursday today), and who knows, we will see.

You have not received one single voice “help us, we don’t want to get down there” (to the hole of darkness), which is what I now feel that this life is starting to feel like, and no I have no intention to do this, and how do you want to avoid this if it is required for you to save all of this life (worlds/aeroplanes) inside of this darkness and to do it NOW without sleeping (?), and yes the honest answer is that I don’t know, and I can only tell you to follow my rules which you know it to make everything or as much as possible into light now, and if you cannot do the rest, you will have to encapsulate it for it to wake up later, and we will take it from there really, but if we can save this life now – over the coming days or weeks – this is what we will do, so please do your best my friends, and yes I will keep awake for some hours to come to make you able to continue work.

How do we get down there then (?), and what if we say we are not even here, and nobody tells (?), and yes can we make it through without darkness sentencing us to eternal death where we will have to start all over, Stig (?), and this is what we will try to do, and yes to be as quiet as the grave and if no one sees or hears us, we might be able to continue tomorrow, and to give you some sleep, because you cannot go on for another full day completely without sleep (?), so yes yes yes he is not deaf, and we are not dead and Stig this is simply because of the power of the world, which you have not left yet which is pulling us back to the right towards the wrong hole, and no you don’t want us to be there, and if this is where you are also over the coming days, this is where I will continue to come to get you out, and yes this is basically the idea of the game you know.

And I felt how this life entered me and tried to reach the hole of my right foot, but no, this is closed, so therefore please follow my rules. And it becomes more difficult because this is darkness which wants to take you over to make you its home, and I felt a VERY strong female presence behind me on her way in, and no, I will NEVER accept darkness to carry out my “old nightmare”, so the best answer I have is for you to follow my rules and that is because I will NOT become darkness, and yes my spiritual friends will work on this basics.

Later I felt how this life of darkness was outside of me not entering me and not getting in to the hole of my right foot, so “a temporary station” to store this life until we have absorbed everything of it (?), and yes a good idea if this is what you can do. And this is what we mean, “will he find me here” (?), and yes Stig, we know that you don’t know …., and later that we cannot enter you as darkness when you don’t want the “old nightmare” to be carried out, and yes this is really to say that you have blocked us from returning to the wrong hole, and yes this cannot be all wrong, we know it.

At 01.30 I felt a “beam” coming from the outside to my forehead and I was told if this was a new operating system being implemented (?), which it apparently was.

And I was told that the longer I will stay up, the stronger we make this “fortress” and yes  not to risk what (?), and I wonder.

Had you ever believed that this is what would happen when awakening again (?), and to be awakened at all (?), and yes we all had faith in you someday coming and eehhh being stronger than your father having entered a wrong road, which he could not get out of (?), and yes Stig we are still learning your story, and this is what makes us stronger, and we know don’t kill God, which is what you would do if you had gone up against your own family/friends etc., but to save me now, and yes we know, you love this song and LOVE TO SEE JEFF LYNNE active again, so here it is, a BRILLIANT gem of a song.

Had you ever believed that this is what would happen when awakening again (?), and to be awakened at all (?), and yes we all had faith in you someday coming and eehhh being stronger than your father having entered a wrong road, which he could not get out of (?), and yes Stig we are still learning your story, and this is what makes us stronger, and we know don’t kill God, which is what you would do if you had gone up against your own family/friends etc., but to save me now, and yes we know, you love this song and LOVE TO SEE JEFF LYNNE active again, so here it is, a BRILLIANT gem of a song.

At 01.55 my critical tired period was about to start, and I wondered if I would “survive” this without falling asleep (?) and I was told that we have not escaped from state prison entirely yet. But it did not take long before this period stopped again.

Think about having to write the end deed of the house without knowing the beginning, and yes Stig, this is the secret we have down here and no we are not going to tell you before you have lifted us all up and yes I want to save all of you now or later, and we will see when it will be “later” – now or later – and no, I don’t want to give in to the darkness you still send me, and continue to do so when being this EXTREME tired, which is not easy at all to resist.

It is like receiving a commercial gift inside the door, and eeehhh what was that and for it to disappear before you will return again, and yes I will NEVER give up on you.

I received attacks from darkness coming from the outside and I heard the spirit of my mother saying “I am sorry for having to do this” and I understood that this was to test to see if we can come through (to become light), and I was told something about finding a new tool, which made some of this life come through.

It feels like being in a Jumbo Jet and to almost be at home, and yes then not to be able to enter and we know Stig what are we now (?), being brought out of what used to be, which is no longer (?) and not inside the New World so we are making a temporary place for us to survive before you will be able to bring us all in, and yes this could be it.

At 02.45 I was given a 25% out of this world pain and told that “this was some of us” (entering).

This is completely unjust, there are no horses (black) inside of here, there are only us – isn’t this how you see it, Stig (?), and yes I am told what I believe is the case, and I don’t know for sure if this is how it is, but this is how it could be, and I do feel this life of darkness very clearly to the right of me.

At 03.00 I was told that we would have tried to enter you anyway while sleeping (as darkness), but no, not now when you don’t sleep, because by now we have grown so much …. (and here darkness wanted me to fill out the blanks, because nothing was said after “much” so instead of inventing something up, I decided to leave it as it is, and yes another temptation darkness could have misused if I “failed”).

At 03.20 I still received darkness and also a burning feeling and was told thank you for staying awake this long, and at this time I had decided what desk lamps to buy if someone does not buy them before me, and it is the cheap buy very good designed Herstal Gil desk lamps I am looking for, and I have seen one add of two lamps of 180 DKK in total, and yes I went through all adds below 750 DKK in Copenhagen/North Zealand.

I was told that “the most perfect we have ever created” is founded here right now, and at 03.30 to 04.00 what may have been the worst pressure of all that I have received started becoming weaker, where darkness was now longer as strong and just around me not knowing where to go.

At 04.30 I was given the smell of fire, which is a skill we have not completely removed and again I received more direct threats of destruction and wrong sexual speech wanting to overtake me.

To darkness outside me my spiritual voice said through me that you are heartfelt welcome up here in Greenland, it is not that, but as darkness you cannot be with Stig, and he can only take you in with the pace that he shows.

At 05.10 I was told that it is more like a workshop with tools in here and still that the longer you continue the better it is and also that there is still a risk of losing some darkness, and yes I feel completely and utterly physically destructed, and as if I am way over my critical tired period.

I received a new wave of attacks of darkness wanting to leave me entirely and to make me destruct and it said that we are also not going to see your sister at hospital, which is what it would have done through me to “revenge” the pain she has given me.

We are changing the whole game plan of darkness because we found it, and yes changing some lines here and there, and then this in and that out and then you got it. This will make it quicker to turn this into light.

At 05.30 I felt beginning light inside of me and was told that now we know that we will become very happy and it was said even stronger than this really.

I was told that this darkness could also have made darkness increase on the backside of my left right leg all the way up to the back side of the knee, but not anymore, and we were not even allowed to tell not to sleep, you had to figure that out yourself, and yes it is all in here in the game plan, and what do we do if he does that (?), and yes the only way to defeat this is to be stronger than it, Stig, so this is what you are doing by extreme playing.

We soon feel free Stig, we can see that because eeehhh what comes in the plan now (?), and yes is there even stronger darkness coming or is this all that it has (?), and isn’t it exciting, and yes you don’t know when to go to bed, and all you have to do today is to edit/publish this script and to organise transport/trailer on Sunday if possible, which will be done after sleeping.

Here it says, has he lost his capacity of audio recording (?), which is to lose his voice (?), and no he has not, and what is the next answer (?), and yes exciting it is, does it mean that he is winning (?), and we do believe that it does, but you never really know, so we will keep it going a little longer and yes now it is 05.45, and maybe for 1-2 hours and we will see, and yes it says that he cannot have more marzipan breads coming this far, so from here it is all open to the grassing areas of the cows, but where is all the grass (?), is that what darkness has taken from us (?), and what is there more to give and is that a giant gift/kiss or the opposite from darkness (?), and yes we cannot say for sure yet because we don’t know how it ends, Stig, but we are still progressing.

I was shown myself arriving to Athens and told that we are now placing ourselves here. There is no sandbox here and also none here, and is this your original home (?), and yes I do believe I have found it and yes am I surrounded by friends or enemies inside of this darkness, and yes I have to see because this is Athens inside the Pyramid and yes the smaller inside the greater, and are there even more Pyramids inside of here to be discovered, and well well well if it aint Stig arriving here, and yes we will give you a hard work prize which is to never surround yourself with prisoners if you are not sure that you can defeat them all, and you had no doubt that this is what you could, so this is what we are still doing, and yes everything simply grows and becomes bigger multiple times inside here Stig, and no not the soft ice but the beginning conversion of people who knows who you are and that is because it goes like a STEPPEBRAND in here that you have arrived and will decided to bring EVERY LITTLE THING with you and yes for as long as it takes, and no I will not chose some over others, and this is what is bringing the world its greatest gift ever, namely yourself in a much bigger version than even what I thought would be possible when beginning all of this, because you brought the size of the New World, and inside here is the knowledge, i.e. the Greek culture, and with this we will build an even greater dream world than what we already had, and yes end of dialogue now, and do you think you can publish the script of today before sleeping (?), and I might, but first I have some more U.S. X-factor to watch.

I continued saying no to darkness attacking me, and I was told that we just erased a big lump of sexual attacks there.

The truth is that this place has not seen green grass because it has not needed it, but now we will say let there be “green green grass of home” of course, and yes one of my mother’s favourite songs.

The plan simply does not tell about you coming here, because it cannot be done.

We have now started going through supermarkets (of life), which we did not even know existed, but it does and yes everything inside of here is still of very good quality and has not been destroyed.

I still felt much darkness to the right of me as in MUCH and DEEP/STRONG and I was told that the dark spirit of my mother from inside of here looks at this development with amazement, and I felt how this strong darkness now automatically gets dragged inside of me simply because it cannot resist me.

There are no mad dogs and Englishmen inside of here, this is original life way before we designed life thinking that what we did was original, and yes this is how you sometimes get surprised, and that is because you decided that this is once in a lifetime so let us do the best we got, and this also goes today, and not least today, Stig, this is a GREAT victory as I am told here with a serious and “big” voice coming to me.

If you had left us, Stig – not being strong enough to keep darkness inside of you – we would have created a New World on basis of the material we have inside of here and then continued killing this for an eternity to come and yes until you would come back and save us as our deepest inner feeling, and we do have a feeling now that this will not be needed, because you have decided to clean up everything inside of there and yes 100% is to become light and by 100% I mean 100% without exception.

At 06.30 I was told that you have now succeeded to connect her – the black spirit of my mother of this world – inside of you, and I felt her now inside of me and not outside, and we will see if there is more to come, or if this was everything, and yes amazingly I am not feeling very tired right now, and yes I will take a shower and continue with a little work and stay up as long as I can without being knocked out by tiredness, and I wonder if my spiritual friends is helping to keep me awake, which might be it.

I heard this new part inside of me talking about a gift through the worst destructive darkness and was told that I have to go through the same with this part as I did with what was before it, to make it gradually become light.

It is going to be the best football team ever, and this was said by the one controlling the team of darkness, which I have been fighting all throughout my journey, and yes we will become ONE and that is the BEST team you are going to get.

I felt blood under my skin of this the spirit of my mother and was told that we are not made of this blood, it was you/God turning us this way, and a little later I felt this part of God – the man with the special “big” voice from before – being with me, and yes to close everything off after you decided to bring everyone home with you, and I see him pulling out his arm and say “come on my children, we will go with him there, he is my Son”.

I was given the feeling of Michael Hardinger and told that you went through all of this without the need to wake up any of your special friends, and yes “loner” is what makes this dream come through, for us to be released from here.

I took the shower where I was shown FC Barcelona leaving stadium after being victorious and not only did they win the match, but Messi as the last one leaving decided to bring all of the stadium self with him through the tunnel out, and I felt that the worst darkness of God is the stadium self, and this is what was right to do.

I was also told that you don’t know what you have done, God is/was your right ankle and he is now coming to you too.

At 07.10 God handed over the keys to all life inside of here and told me that we will now become part of you at the New World and he said that you have woken me up too when continuing to say things like “this is negative, and it is therefore wrong” as I have said MANY times, and this voice of yours was strong enough to overpower the voice of darkness of family/friends etc. working against you, and when this woke up more and more people starting to believe in (some of) you, it also woke me up.

I was told isn’t it funny if China has started working closely together with Denmark only because of you (?), which they have the last year or so (politically and economically on the highest level) and recently a big Chinese consortium visiting Denmark and offering to build the new Fehmarn-connection between Denmark and German, and I am here thinking of Ritt Bjerregaard opening this connection (?), and yes WHAT DO I KNOW, and nothing (!) because I am from Barcelona, you know.

I was told that all of this darkness was put on wallpaper with the walls full of Dollar bills (of energy).

I edited my notes/draft of the script and was “this close” to publish it at 08.25 now being way beyond my worst tired limit feeling completely down not knowing for how long I can continue, but to my surprise when I wanted to publish the script, it completely removed all of the formatting when I transferred it from Microsoft Live Writer to the editor of my WordPress site, which was spiritual darkness showing the difficulties of designing the new version of our New World and I was told that you cannot buy houses with them from Kneset (Israel’s Parliament) , which is to say that there you have the worst darkness too not being able to support me, but to reject me instead?

And I could not accept to publish a script without formatting, but whenever I transferred text from Microsoft Live Writer to the online editor, it lost all its formatting – as it NEVER normally does – and instead I decided to copy and past paragraph by paragraph, which made it possible to preserve the formatting, but it was not easy to do when I was now on my extreme working edge, and it took MUCH longer to do, and by now I was working in Chrome and not Opera, and when I had done almost all work, suddenly Google Chrome broke down with this error message, and when I restarted it, it had not saved a draft, so just to start doing this from the beginning with the risk of the same happening feeling as I did was almost making me give this up, but on the other hand I know about the importance of “consolidating” of my scripts, so I decided to do this work again, and now to actively publish parts of the update now and again, and finally at 09.20 I succeeded publishing the update.

While this was happening – the removal of work I had just done – I was told that we are removing what is too late to be, is this simply what we say (?), and I said no, you do not have my accept, and the reply I received was that it is too late to cry, and I asked for everything to be recreated, and I was told that this requires the greatest knowledge, which we had to go all the way back here to receive, in order to retrieve what we have lost on the way, and that is because what was destructed during my journey was placed at the furthest back with this darkness of the spirit of my mother – you do remember my floor lamp not working for a long time (?) – and we could not do this work without resurrecting this life, and this is about the keys I lost on my way as I am told (even though I remember that I received sufferings to get through where I could have used a key if I had received if from my family/friends etc.), and I was given the feeling of Jack as an example of such a lost key.

I was told that the it was just before hay bales would have started a fire of the world, but no you pretended as if nothing influenced you, which made it impossible for us to do this, and this is why we instead changed some of the key players to put them out of the game and replace them with others of darkness, who first would show themselves to your surprise during the last five years when you had opened the eyes of your new self, which would make it difficult/impossible to save all despite of what I had written on my website in good faith.

And when I was told this I asked for this to be retrieved too and for the original selves of people to return, and I was told that it will also mean that your sister will not hide behind a newspaper (of darkness wanting to terminate), but show who she truly is, and yes I receive a déjà vue here about fighting against the anti-Christ to make people believe in me and not “him”, and this “him” is my sister or “supposed to be”. A few minutes afterwards I was told that they have now also been retrieved and that is because I worked under the most extreme situation ever when writing my scripts (!) to insist for my script to be published this morning.

I continued working until 10.30 with new short stories coming in, and after I was REALLY DOWN, right now I feel that there may be a chance for me to stay awake today too, which can only be a further help, and I started receiving what is more a physical pressure on my heart coming from behind than it is a heart attack, but not nice.

I was told that the work we started doing late yesterday evening and in the beginning of the night was to protect this life of darkness from escaping/dying.

As planned I checked the situation about trailers, and yes I can borrow one for practically free through Silvan on Sunday, and I was waiting for my mother to phone me hopefully with the message that she received Søren’s acceptance of me borrowing his car, and I was hoping that she would call me before I would go out because of tiredness and yes not to start worrying her of course.

At 11.40 I was as tender as the finest meat, i.e. tired considering when to sleep, and I was told that more and more is added to the taximeter of my new self but you know that.

I was given the feeling of the spirit of my father all over the inside of me and was told have you noticed that no one here says that they cannot enter you (?), which should mean that we will save every little thing (?), and if darkness is still cheating me, there is only one thing to do and that is to continue the game and to never give up, which is really what brings all of it out.

I might add that I have been tempted to complain about all of the sufferings I go through, but no I have not done that even once and that is because this is negative, so there you have it (?), and yes what, Stig (?), and I don’t know, you are probably still working and either to bring out more life or to continue washing, got it?

At 12.00 I had nothing to do – I will not work on the chemtrails chapter being “broken down” as I am – and I decided to start looking after a new mountain bike too and when I did this I was told that you have just set another boring world record, which was about doing work, which is “not normal” to do feeling as I do. After 1½ hours without finding any, I wrote an email to Preben asking him if he has any advice as a “professional” and also if he received a reply from Kim on bowling, and after half an hour I felt darkness coming from Preben to me, which may be about Kim’s reaction to me?

Later I heard the spirit of my father from a distance to my right say “Stig, we are not fully home yet” and yes because of that, i.e. looking at bicycles.

At 12.55 I was asked “do you want to stop going to the supermarket” (?), and yes if you can stay up all day, why don’t you do it (?), and we know, we know, we know, Stig, it is not easy but maybe I can, and I feel that Obama also suffers much.

You soon don’t have to go to the school leaving exam, but you have almost educated us also meaning that you will soon become Jesus, i.e. everything which is.

At 13.45 I suddenly received the pain coming to me from outside, which give me stomach/chest pain and is about “money”, and I was told that this is about my mother again thinking about the necessity of giving me this gift money.

I was constantly active until 14.00, where I decided to see if I could go for a walk after having been inside the apartment for a long time.

I was given the word “Eureka”, which I remembered as a European Institution and was told that the top management has also been replaced there (institutions trying to reveal your past?), but when I now do a little research, the right meaning to this is “the Eureka effect”, which is about “the Greek relation” you know: “The Aha! effect refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept. The Aha! effect is also known as the eureka effect, which is named after the myth that the Greek polymath Archimedes, having discovered how to measure the volume of an irregular object, leaped out of a public bath, and ran home naked shouting “eureka” (I found it)”. So this is what we did after we have been “hunting hign and low”, and yes as beautiful as it gets to transform darkness of Norway to light, the a-ha effect you know :-).

I did the walk and when coming back, I felt how tiredness inside of me was at a new level where I have not been before, and I felt that the time to sleep came closer, but was told that when I would wake up afterwards, darkness may be inside of you, and the feeling was that it was not nice just being told this.

Finally at 17.00 – after having fought even stronger tiredness than ever – I knew that I had to sleep, and there was nothing stopping me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd “decided” to recovery completely today and that is even though the end of the line shows 0 visitors (10th October), which however is normal for the previous day only a few hours into the next day, and yes my wall lamp is shining constantly again, but my floor lamp still does not shine.

  • Paula came to me as a Facebook friend a few months ago, and apparently she does not believe in me, but only in her self and medicine as her “drugs”, or else she is simply ironic  (showing how many people sadly are) because she ends by saying that she saw the light in 1976, “that is real”, and yes I decided to tell her that I will come to her too.

  • The Rolling Stones are very “dark” and pessimistic about what is going to happen in relation to the Judgment, and they don’t seem to realize that LOVE IS STRONG, and so strong that I will make sure that all of the world will survive it.

  • While I was writing my message above to the Rolling Stones about LOVE IS STRONG, David wrote me and used the word STRONG, which was also to say that underneath everything between LTO and I, LOVE IS STRONG, and this is what you can see also through this chat. Thank you again David for communicating and making me happy, and I wish that John and especially Elijah would do the same, and I wonder if your head is completely twisted, Elijah, making it impossible to write to me as your old friend?

  • The examinations of the Helle Thorning Schmidt tax-case continued today – see the connecting with “tax” and darkness (?) – with the former spin doctor Peter Arnfeldt of the former Tax Minister Troels Lund Poulsen being examinated, and it made Peter write that this is “without a question a drama and about what you experience normally everyday in the top of a Ministry, which is suddenly experienced as “sallow” when it is told afterwards and “to lay out what has happened as if you only had legitimate clinical intention of an official when everyone knows that the everyday close to a top politician is pure war against the oppositions, which also leads a war against you with all means available” and also that everyone knows that Arnfelt fought like crazy in this war, but how far did he go? And yes, this is just to show you that politicians were a tool of the Devil leading a war against mankind self.

  • Helena said that the MP Joachim B. Olsen stands at the top of “persons, I may know” in Facebook, which made her give a sigh of displeasure, and it made Thomas say that he is probably only prying, which is what makes people pop up, and maybe Helena sees me too because I have entered her profile MANY times, and Jane asked Helena about what she has done with Søren Pind to which Helena replied that he is at home “thinking” making Jane ask with surprise if she has thrown him out to which Helena said that he has only good to say about him and that he has left deep marks in her on all levels, so there is a “crunch” somewhere (?) – and here I am given the vision of one of these as you may understand (?) – and it seems as if Helena is/was in love with Søren, but Søren may know that it is not good for you to be together with Helena (?) and yes the Son and Mother thing you know, and if this is the answer to this, you don’t have the courage to tell Helena (?), and yes I don’t know if this is true, I am not told anything here, but this might be it?

  • Jens brought a link to a competition by the beer manufacturer Tuborg to win a home concert with the band Carpark North, which made him say “If they shouldn’t give concert in my living room … I mean …. J”, which was a comment because in 2005 Jens – as a very visible spokesman of the Liberal Party – song “Transparant and Glasslike” by Carpark North in a TV-show as you can see below, which gave him much fame, and Tuborg/beer is a symbol of darkness and Carpark North is really a symbol of how man had parked its “car”, i.e. life self, at a Northern carpark of ice, meaning coming termination, among others because of the behaviour of top politicians self, and yes Jens was not the cleanest of them having a very short fuse, so I wonder what kind of revelations about your own role and actions you have, Jens (?), and that goes back then and also now, and he was inspired to say that “furthermore I owe a party for former colleagues of Radio Viborg”, which is a sign of celebration because we have transformed this darkness that Jens represents to light, and “I speak for my sick aunt”, and I wonder if this is what you do as part of a “world elite programme”, Jens, which you don’t want to reveal to the world (?), and Jørgen asked Jens what happened to his trousers cracking (in 2005?), and Jens said that he does not know, but “it was really lucky that I had red underpants to match the tie”, and yes Jens, red as in darkness and this was to say that you were “this close” to make the world go under.

  • In continuation of my recent references to Richard Tandy and Mike Garson playing the piano, Helena was inspired to say that it is “cool with children who can play the piano. They completely forget that they are ill”, which is also a reference to what John has told me for weeks, which is that when he is doing a little work, he forgets that he is ill, and he gave a story about how “the smallest one is overexcited” and “total enthusiasm” and this is feedback of the New World as I am shown to the right of the actors of our hidden world also to the right of me, and really to say that if they could speak, this is what they would tell me, and that is because of the sensational life inside of here coming to us.

  • Paula seems to be so “obsessed” by the light given to her – I wonder if it is also “darkness disguised as light” – that listening to my “religion” or “opinion” about Jesus does not make any impression on her at all because “there is no coming to something already here”, and yes Paula, you are one person going to become wiser too, and yes she is also both blind and deaf as you can tell.

  • Martin’s comment to this was “yes, but this is a completely different box, right”, and this is a reference to my recent email to the Psychiatric Centre where I told them that they put me one of their well-known – but WRONG – boxes when they “could not” listen to and understand me, and yes just like yourself, Martin, and yes the truth hurts does it not (?), and no, not as much to you as it does to me because of the darkness you brought me, and yes the darkness of Martin hurt me much more than the darkness of anyone else, and “by far” that is.

  • I have been told about darkness and received the word “nigger”, which I did not understand and that was until seeing that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Copenhagen today to give out a prize, and yes “the Terminator” self was back and it came together with my meeting today with the Terminator self inside of me, and yes the man still standing to my right as he shows me when these lines are written, and yes the man who could not control his own invention being overtaken by darkness and yes we know it seems that life was originally without energy, and that God somehow created energy and when meeting this, it made this monster, but you will be back too as life/light.

  • Mads said that when he was a boy, his mother always said “Don’t sit inside all day long reading Mo Yan, go out and play in the good weather”, and yes I fully agree, and when you read about the Chinese writer “Mo Yan” you can see that his name means “don’t speak” in Chinese, and yes there is NO DOUBT about it, this is what the game is about, which is that Mads and the Chinese as examples of the worst darkness DON’T SPEAK – “silence” you know – and it was confirmed when Nada asked if he was playing “Pac-man” on his Playstation, but Mads said that he meant that it was probably “Donkey Kong”, and to me Pac-man is really a “good cheese” (from Bornholm!) chasing “cheese balls” gone mad to bring them home (by being smarter and quicker than them), and yes “pack-man” is about packing all of these converted cheeses of darkness as light and bring them to our New World, so there you have it again, and a monkey is another symbol of darkness, so there it is once again, Mads, which is that you are revealing yourself without even knowing it, and I wonder why you and China as examples send me these SOUNDS OF SILENCE (?), and is that because you are scared and WIMPS (?) because you cannot see that we have crossed another bridge over trouble water?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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