October 13, 2012: I continue the plan of new furniture symbolising the rescue of God of the hidden world


Summary of the script today

12th October:  I continue to carry out the plan of new furniture etc. symbolising the rescue of God of the hidden world

  • Dreaming of what used to be darkness now full of the most dense wine of creation, doing my finest work, the media suffering when they “cannot” write about me and organising all new wine of creation the next 14 days.
  • I was helped to sleep by the world sacrificing and darkness was not strong enough to hurt me while sleeping. I first received sadness by this imprisoned part of God for coming, but then his true emotions underneath darkness, which is happiness of this coming, and this is Satan self speaking.
  • I am continuing to organise and now carry out the plan of what to get with the money gift of my mother and John, now also including a NEW mountain bike offered by Preben without profit, and to buy a new oven today, so I can make all kind of normal food for my family, and I am waiting on the answer of Søren to borrow his car on Sunday to buy the furniture I plan to buy, and I hope all will go through symbolising this part of God being converted to light.
  • I am doing this work to free all life inside of here including this part of God “with the closest tennis ciphers in history”, and I bought the biggest and cheapest ever smoked salmon symbolising my new self including everything, which we have saved on our way.
  • Let’s enjoy the wine and the singing, the beautiful night, and the laughter. Let the new day find us in this paradise” – this is our New World coming.
  • Short stories of still carrying on now as the only one pacifying this part of God, if my mother did not agree on my plan of new furniture we would not be able to bring new selves of this world to man, this hidden world and God was destined to die but survived via a miracle, we are coming very close to the terminal date of darkness, it is impossible for the psychiatric system and the media of today to see where the shoe is pressing, darkness of media is giving me “challenges” and tiredness, MUCH extra love comes to our New World because of the release of our hidden world, telling Martin that he is the Devil self bringing me the worst sufferings of all, and Shannon also brings me darkness wanting to burn the bridge.

13th October: Cleaning God of the hidden world saving many Old World’s also inside of here – with GREAT difficulties

  • I stayed up another night again and was told that the most important is that my mother has approved the furniture plan, and now I depend on other people to get transport on place and agreements with sellers. I continued organising the buy of furniture tomorrow with difficulties now receiving confirmation of borrowing Søren’s car tomorrow and having 1½ of 3 agreements with sellers on place. I hope it will work out symbolising the full save of everything of this hidden world.
  • I was cleaning God of this hidden world including mother and son not to become sweethearts again, the world no longer to bleed because of this, remove his desire for stars and planets on the sky and we discovered several layers of this God having hidden Old World’s also inside of here, which we started locating and recovering, and if we did not, these worlds would simply disappear. In half an hour we made even greater creation because of this than the greatest we have done so far. More and worlds told me “we will never again become negative” together with the feelings of accumulating the help to search for even more worlds, and also enthusiasm for what we are doing.
  • I visited my mother and John where my furniture plan of tomorrow again was confirmed, which is about breaking the lock of this last fortress of God to bring everything out of this hole still remaining inside of it, which we continued doing this evening. This is the WORST challenge I have ever gone through in terms of tiredness – can I make another night and new tomorrow without sleep or will these parts of God terminate?.
  • Short stories of a sign of Donkey Kong (and Mads) of darkness killing the plumber of light if/when I sleep, “monkey sounds” against a Danish football player because of the same, Dan dreams about darkness converting to light because I force it, Helena showed a symbol of life being caught forever by darkness, despite of great difficulties there is MUCH beauty of our New World, if I sleep we will lose life to darkness and if I stay awake it will be saved becoming part of our New World, I would not being able to do this work without my sister taking me into her heart again, my candidate of the Socialist People’s Party won the chairman election meaning no terminations of life (?), Thor Möger is now about to be fired as Tax Minister symbolising the end of darkness wanting to kill a part of me, the new chairman Annette knows that she will have to resign soon again, Annette helps Godfather to unite all parts of God, it was James Bond symbolising me, who saved God from the hidden world, who did not want to die, God’s eye TRANSFORMED to light.


12th October: I continue to carry out the plan of new furniture etc. symbolising the rescue of God of the hidden world

Dreaming of what used to be darkness now full of the most dense wine of creation after doing my finest work

As mentioned I went to bed at 17.00 yesterday and I woke up at approx. 01.30 thinking that this was the sleep I was allowed to get, and when I still was tired I tried to sleep some more, which I was allowed to do, so I finally woke up at 07.00 this morning only having written down these dreams.

  • Something about Russia not winning the others medals. 
    • The totalitarian system of darkness did not win.
  • At work I have changed place with Anja (from Aon), so she is now at my old place at ground level and I am at her old place at 1st floor, which is where GE Capital Bank is located, and I am surprised to see that there is wine simply ALL OVER the floor, which is meant as presents for customers. Johannes (the Helsingør mayor) is the manager and he keeps on promising but never delivers as promised, and this time about a Synoptik proposal, which Ole (from Aon) is meant to do, but this is also not delivered on time, and it makes me say that if I was him, I would stop being a manager. I see Johannes receiving a new wine delivery from the small Holbæk wine club, and he tells the delivery man that they have more suppliers, and consider choosing only one, and this one is not on Johannes’ mind, and this wine club shows that one of their wines has received a very fine review from Søren Frank because it is a very concentrated wine (and when writing I am told as concentrated that you can almost cut it out!), and the task is now to place all of these wines the right places including a girl and cognac (yes, this is what my notes say!) and we have 14 days to do this, and something about taking the lift down, and I sit inside the new BMW 520 car and it is raining HEAVILY outside, and the press are in the rain seeing me sitting in the car.
    • Anja has moved from darkness of 1st floor to ground level because you believe in me, Anja (?), and I am surprised to see that I am on the 1st floor on not the basement (?), but never mind (reference to Sex Pistols, I just don’t write the last word), but what it says is that everything which used to be darkness here is now creation of wine, and also a repetition that it is WRONG to give business gifts (but private gifts are always fine J), and Johannes may be one of those managers full of good ideas but very poor to write them down and do something about them, and eehhh how many managers have I had having this poor habit (?), and yes all of them with Jens-Erik a brief period at DanskeBank-Pension being the worst of all and yes nothing wrong with the ideas, but with the organisation and both him and the whole department (!), and Synoptik is a chain of glasses, which is again a reference to my email to the Psychiatric Centre saying that they will receive a new sight, and yes does Johannes know who I am (?) or was his reaction that day because he believes that I am crazy (?), and I really don’t know, and the wine club is a reference to Sten with the same sir name as the city Holbæk (but with an “e”), and he was a pension adviser at Danske Bank so a “special friend” of mine too, and the wine is to say that you don’t get anything more concentrated than what we recover now, so 100% it is, and the car is because I am still doing my best, and after some years where the design of BMW has suffered in my mind, their new 500-series is really the best looking design again and in my mind the most beautiful car to look at today, and the rain is the sufferings I go through, and the media knows about me and are suffering when they “cannot” write about me, and is this the reaction of Diana from ABC News and your colleagues (?), and yes Diana, you may remember this fantastic song from Michael too?

My sister and I are the Source as a mixer tap containing all information of our New World

I was told that what I did yesterday was not for a grade of 8 but 12 (on the old and now the new Danish scale with 12 being the highest grade), and this is why I was allowed to sleep long even though it hurt much (sacrifices of the world), and if I can do a new tour (like this) it will be good, but I cannot because I will visit my mother and John for dinner tomorrow evening, and cannot stay up without sleeping, but maybe I can do it with a nap of 2-3 hours tomorrow morning, we will see.

I was told that we discovered that we could not hurt you when you were sleeping, which is because there is almost no terminator force remaining.

I was told that this corresponds to driving a bus to Boris Jeltsin without anything happening, and here the bus is “beautiful ladies”, whom Jeltsin simply could not resist?

I was givent the traditional song “Jylland mellem tvende have” (“Jutland between two seas”) and I am standing in the middle connecting these two seas, which can really only be on Grenen at the very top of Jutland, and this is of course about uniting our New World with this hidden world.

I was told “no more tongues kisses, we could no more” and something about “replaced with high school” , and I understood that this was also because the world absorbed darkness when I was sleeping, which I thanked it for doing, and that is because this morning I still feel darkness strong inside me, and here I felt that this darkness returned to me (from the world) 10 minutes after standing up.

Isn’t it funny that we should almost get married in the last episode before becoming your new self, and that this was the strongest of them all?

I was told that he would have continued with sexual torments if you did not stop him which is why we decided to take on these sacrifices now. They would also try a new Richard Nixon (doomsday weapon), but it was not there, is this how it is, Stig – and yes I do believe that our New World is safe.

This is the world we are now awakening Stig, and if not, it would sadly become dust/nothing, and yes many messages and what is the right (?), and yes if I did not accept my “old nightmare” or to become negative, and if darkness was still part of me without being spit out, he would survive – until faith was strong enough (?), and yes something like this.

This corresponds to closing darkness of Iran (strong!), with the feeling almost done.

I heard this means that we will live on because of the man down there, whom we did not know about because dark God did not warn us? And I felt sadness, but now we have lost, right (?), and there is nothing we can do about it (?), and yes the last of darkness which has not yet joined you is saying this.

We don’t correspond to Satan, we are Satan. We are what you call the absolutely worst, and yes my friends, you will become light too.

I was told that this corresponds to Helga Larsen (from Peter Justesen company) coming in with all her cheques (to 3107 Danske Bank Freeport when I was there 1986-88) saying we don’t like what we are doing will you please make us stop, and this is what you do, and in return we bring you all original life which was here before darkness took over.

I used until 09.00 to go through MANY updates on Facebook and a shower, and hereafter started to write the update of my script of yesterday, which I published at around 11.30 I believe.

When I looked at my telephone this morning, I saw that my mother had called twice yesterday evening, and this is what I would have avoided knowing that no answer would make her concerned, Jeff, and I decided that I would call her this morning at 09.00 but she called already at 08.45, and no, she had not asked Søren if I could borrow his car as agreed, and yes because John had interfered saying that it was better that I asked myself, and yes he is really right, but this was an agreement between my mother and me, which he did not respect, and my mother told me what he had said, and yes one thing was the agreement, and he had noticed that the new desk was almost sold as communication below the add said, and no, it was not the desk, it was the chairs, and had he read carefully as I did, he would have seen that they were not sold, but “very close”, so I had to say that I have an agreement with the seller to come and buy them on Sunday (if transport works out), so this was another thing, and yes it was also a problem to transport a glass table, “how do you want to do that” and we know I will come blankets around it to make sure nothing happens, and Hans and I did actually move a glass sofa table in 2009, so another obstacle out of the way, and there was more because my mother said that John has also said that you don’t sit well in an instructor chair, so maybe you should look for a special office chair instead (?), and yes MUCH darkness coming from John, and no mother, I have decided for these two chairs, which I believe are better to sit on compared to my old dining table chairs, which I have been sitting on for 10-15 hours per day – or even longer – and if I should decide later that I may need a special office chair, I may buy one, and yes I could also have said that I would like these because of the nice design and that they can also be used on the other side of my sofa for all family to sit around the sofa too, and when all of this negativity continued, I finally told my mother “don’t anticipate sorrows” (!), and yes all of this negativity and “problems” made me sad to hear, and I knew that it was the voice of darkness speaking right through John as the play to work against me – and I also felt darkness of my aunt speaking through my mother (!) – but we sorted it out.

We agreed that I would call Søren myself, and what John and my mother does not know, is my phone call with Søren and Bettina a few years ago – did I write about this (?) – where we spoke about spirituality and “healing” (to help many people to be healed via a STRONG co-operation, and yes for Bettina to work together with Pia from Hørsholm if possible), and yes this went out the sink too and I told Bettina with a spiritual voice, which may have been darkness, that she would receive a strong mark to her toe/foot, and I don’t believe that she did and this was probably the test given to her to question who I am – the voice of darkness because of her own attitude of being “too cautious” – and I have felt that Bettina has been “cautious” about speaking to me alone since, but together with others, there have been no problems, so I just had to call Bettina and Søren, and yes as I did, and Bettina answered the phone because Søren was not at home, and I decided to ask her straight away instead of “how are you” etc. to start with, and really to remove any potential nervousness from her, and yes it was fine with her for me to borrow the car, but of course Søren would have to decide and call back when he would come home, and yes when this was done, I asked her how she was doing, and now I heard her hesitation because would this lead into a “spiritual” dialogue, which could make her nervous (?), and this is how we ended the talk quickly, so now I hope that Søren will get back to me and offer me to borrow the car, and yes I will pay the gasoline was part of “the deal”.

And I was told that if it does not work out borrowing Søren’s car, we may use plan B, which is to ask my sister to borrow her car on Monday evening – they are in Sweden during the weekend – and I understood that this will mean “loss of original life of God” if not using plan A, but no matter what, this I will not accept just hoping that there is an alternative perfect way if required, we will see, and yes I also felt my sister inside Bettina speaking, so also the worst darkness there, which I had to come through, and I thought about whether or not Bettina and Søren TRULY have or have not faith in me, and if they do, this may be to help me on this last journey of the part of God inside of here.

Afterwards I spoke to my mother and yes yes yes I had to get all of these “obstacles” sorted out, and another one is to “borrow” this trailer from Silvan, and I had told her about the conditions, which is that it costs 39 DKK in insurance to cover a self risk of 2,500 DKK if damaged, and 19 DKK in handling fee, and then an option for the store to further debit the credit card with 1,000 DKK in deposit if the trailer is stolen and yes as part payment of a self risk of 2,500 DKK, which the insurance obviously does not cover, and yes “dreadful” in the eyes of my mother, so now her order is to collect the trailer on Sunday, for her to drive with me to make sure it is not stolen on the way (!), and to return it before 16.00 when Silvan closes (because it may be stolen here if we wait returning it Monday morning), and yes the seller of the chairs has said that she is home after 13.00 in Copenhagen on Sunday, so this means that I have to make an agreement with the other seller before this, and yes first to have Søren call me and make an agreement with me, and yes to come to Helsingør maybe at 14.00 – 15.00, to unload and move up the furniture to my apartment, and to bring back the trailer before 16.00, and just saying that it is a very narrow window we are setting up for this final transport of what I believe is the last part of this part God self after having emptied all of this world, and yes when there is a will, there is normally also a solution, so this is how the plan looks like today.

I noticed how John was visiting my website this morning (noly the front page) – my mother was at the dentist, so it had to be you, John (a TRUE favourite too J) – and I thought that maybe he had decided to read my short monthly updates in the beginning of the website and maybe also to see if I am still active, and yes is this a “maybe Stig tells the truth” (?) and yes because he does not tell us anything any more, and maybe a symbol of the light inside even the most dense darkness of God, and yes YOU BET my friend as he tells me here.

I received a new wind bringing sexual torments/temptations, and yes it was truly like a wind blowing with this content coming to me.

After 20 minutes the sadness and threats were replaced by happiness and smiles of the same who knows what you are doing – to replace everything inside of here with you/light.

I was told that we cannot get the gift out without the last help of your mother, and I received a 25% out of this world pain and was told that this is because of my mother.

This also means that we avoid to receive a Lyngby relegation ticket for an eternity to come, meaning that the world with guarantee will survive forever and ever.

I received Sinead O’Connor’s “nothing compared to you” and I was told that this is given to me because I decided to make everything perfect instead of having dead bodies and destruction coming from my right.

I was told that there would only be darkness inside my sister and others, if I did not spit out darkness, so faith in man had to remove this darkness working against me, but now we will make everything 100% perfect before opening our celebration tour, which is indeed what I hope it will be believing that nothing has been hidden for me, and if you have, I will continue until we get everything out.

I was told that when everything is to become “completely perfect” for all, now we will start making the new kingdom of angels too, and yes I believe in angels too :-).

I also received “happy to be stuck with you”, which is no news now, but maybe it is to Huey & Co., and the lyrics given were “We thought about breaking up, but now we know, it’s much too late” and “too strong” really, and that is the power of our New World also overtaking everything inside of here.

I felt Lars and was told that Lars was the only one being in contact with this part of God – the most inner of all – “and now you”, Stig, and yes I had to take the long way home not including Lars to get here, but somehow there was no other road than to open to you because this is what you asked me to do when asking for everything to be “perfect” as I am told by this the very man self, and he shows me that he is leaving/escaping – or would like to – which is the genes he sent to Lars in 2003/04 when Lars could not stand me anymore after I had criticised his WRONG behaviour when he exploited me on what should have been a friendly tour to France in 2003 I believe to buy wine, which became a “nightmare” too because of extreme tiredness when driving home, and carrying all of his wine out of the car to protect it from theft and yes as tired back then as when I am the most tired now.

And I wonder if we would always have to resist darkness coming from this place if we based creation on top of this, or if faith of man could change it, and also if it was possible at all to spit  this out, and yes the truth will come for a day.

I was told that the new engines coming to us is symbolised by a new and even better racing cycle/mountain bike, which is what a new bicycle means to me, and did I write that I sent an email to Preben yesterday asking for his advice (?), and yes later today he sent me his answer where he advised me not to buy a used one – I also cannot find one in my size and taste after having looked through all cycles – and here he said that he can sell me one of the mountain bikes in his range for DKK 2,950, which normally is 4,900 DKK and it made me calculate that I have used 300 DKK for a concert ticket, 100 DKK for a microwave/combi oven to collect today and if I am able to buy the planned furniture, 700 DKK for the table, 600 DKK for the chairs, 180 DKK for two lamps, which is a total of 1,880 DKK leaving 3,120 DKK, which will cover the small transport cost and what Preben asks for for this bicycle, and yes now I only have to get the last things on place for this “perfect plan” to be carried out, and here at 18.30 when this is written, I have still not heard from Søren, but I do hope to hear from him today or tomorrow, and then we will “just do it”. I was also thinking that this is an example of how our New World will become “without profits”.

The challenge given to me by darkness this morning was a GREAT desire to “day dream”, which is what you do when you decide to “day sleep” having your eyes opened but you only have a blurred sight because of day dreaming, and yes what many people not having anything to do, do around the world, and what Elijah often does, and yes this is his attitude sent to me because of his darkness, and I was told that to avoid dropping to pieces is my ticket home, which is coming from Elijah too, so there has to be faith still remaining in him.

I wanted to bring “smile” by Jeff Lynne on Facebook, but whenever I tried, I received this error message, which I normally don’t get and also did not get when trying others, so this may be to say that it is too soon to give a full smile with this song, which requires that we will first have to save 100% of everything first, Stig (?), and yes this is how I see it, so I will come back with a Facebook message, when it will open to me.

I was told that my old music teacher from Mørdrupskolen, Holm, knows who I am (from meditation as I felt), and it made me wonder how many knows about me without telling (?), and here I am given a taste of wine too, which may be because of the support of people of faith meditating.

I was told that to come here was done with the closest tennis ciphers in history, and to make everything get out of here alive with the acceptance of God of darkness required the same, which is what my tiredness these days are about.

As mentioned I still felt the strongest darkness inside of me, and it is incredible unpleasant to have this feeling of this existence inside of me being so completely negative/destructive about everything and yes completely dark is what he is, but not for long.

I was told think about getting the gift of new life from yourself, whom you did not know existed (!) and also that he does not like to be photographed (i.e. become part of our New World) because he has never tried it before (to be “good”), the only way of life as he knows it, is to be mean, but “I do look forward to it now” as he says with a simple minded and dark voice to me.

I was told that these strong temptations of going into a day dream mode, which continued with me continuing to reject it because my discipline is stronger, is really the last and not very strong darkness as he sends me trying to resist me.

I also received cry of happiness, and I was asked do you know how many times Kim has checked to see if he has forgotten his keys (?), and yes this is what I was told he would experience when seeing him and Preben in the middle of 2010.

This corresponds to taking birth control pills not working because it was impossible to terminate life because of the existence of God self which cannot terminate.

I cycled to the swimming hall early today because Bettina expected Søren to come home and to call me between 14.00 and 16.00, and on my way I saw a very BEAUTIFUL sight, which was three swans flying above me, and I have seen a swan flying now and again, but I do believe this is the first time ever I have seen three swans flying, and yes to me they were a symbol of a perfect Trinity, and it almost took my breath away, this is how beautiful it is, and I am given some feelings that this is how it is on the other side of this darkness of this part of God, who is the motor of all of these engines we have placed inside people now, and yes much can make me nervous, but I will not accept any failure here and that is no matter what happens.

I was told that this is where this part of God took roots – the beginning and for me the end of his wrong tunnel – and this is from where he is now becoming released.

When exercising I was told that this is where we jumped to in the summer of 2010, and it required to make the world “nothing” – barely surviving – and it is from here that I went back to bring all of the world into this place too, and I was told that this is when this part of God approved to kill him if we did not save everything, but no, we will not accept this.

I thought about the symbols of “tax deductions”, which you know is about darkness, which easily could have taken big lumps of life if I had followed another road, and finally I understood it (!), which is that taxes is what the world does today (practically all countries), which is to steal from man and setting up systems of bureaucracy and “standardisation” as I have shown you, which are NOT sustainable for life to survive, so this is why I am telling you to create a New World Order WITHOUT taxes, and that is except from what I decided to have as minimum requirements for everyone to belong to, and yes as part of life of God self, and there is a difference you know, and this will not be taxes as such, this will be direct collections of direct expenses visible to everyone, and not “a large portion of money” to cover “a large portion of expenses”, which is what makes politicians/darkness of today “happy”.

It was hard to start the exercise today, but at the last 10 minutes I was given much extra “energy of thoughts” – and not energy in a traditional term – and so much that I decided to go up to level 12, which is the highest so far (normally I start on level 9 and ends on level 10 and sometimes 11), and these 10 minutes were the absolutely toughest of all I have done both quicker/harder than ever, and it was so tough and unusual tome that I wondered if I would last, and when there was one minute remaining, most of this extra energy given to me was removed, which symbolised my day today after having given everything I got, and yes who helped me (?), and that was the original God inside of this darkness, and yes the first 20 minutes he brought me darkness as usual to overcome, and these last 10 minutes was simply to say that he wants to get out too. I did not set a new record of the 30 minutes in total, but I ended with a pulse of 185, which is higher than I have noticed on this cross trainer before.

I have been thinking that the game of this hidden world was that this darkness could destruct everything of not only itself but our New World, and that it used my fear of this trying to make me say no, which I really did many times, but I was turned around by my inner self as you remember.

On my way home I cycled to the Lidl supermarket, which had the biggest smoked salmon to the cheapest price I have ever seen, and yes normally you cannot get smoked salmon below 140 – 150 DKK per kilo, and often it is much more expensive, but here they had packages of approx. 1 kilo of 88 DKK per kilo, and yes I could afford it and bough one of nearly one kilo (normally it is sold in 100 to 200 grams packages), and to freeze much of it, and when buying it, I was told the obvious answer, which is that this is a symbol of the size of my new self, and yes getting the biggest part of me almost costing nothing, which is also what this is about, and to mark this, here you have a picture of this salmon at my living room.

The biggest and cheapest smoked salmon I have ever bought symbolising the size of my new self after saving everything

I was told “La Traviata” to bring variation of music in my scripts, and yes by Verdi, and which song to bring here if not for the drinking song “Brindisi”, and “drinking” is normally an act of darkness, but to me this will have to be a celebration of life self with “Ah! Let’s drink, and the love among the chalices will make the kisses warmer” and “Let’s enjoy the wine and the singing, the beautiful night, and the laughter. Let the new day find us in this paradise”, and this is what this “kiss of death” will now transform into, “the wine of paradise”, and if I like this song (?), no I LOVE IT, and yes saw that in a Monty Python sketch the other day, I believe and yes THE BIGGEST SMILES are coming to you, my friends.

I was also told that the Psychiatric Centre was close close to call my family to hear about how I am and whether or not I should be hospitalised (?), and yes is this light or darkness speaking?

My mother arrived at 16.40 as agreed and together we drove to Kvistgård 10 kilometres away to buy my new/used combi oven of only 100 DKK, and yes as cheap as it gets, and I should now be able to prepare all food and also to invite the family again as I told my mother, and yes thinking of getting the new desk too one of the next days.

My mother said that the local furniture store on Fabriksvej had a 50% sale, and we could see if they had tables on sale, and yes I am open to all opportunities (even though I have made up my mind on what I have seen so far), so we went there, but they did not have a table for me as expected, but they had a wash basket for clothes to be washed, which my mother strongly wanted to give me one year ago when I moved in, but we could not fine a nice one back then, but here it was and yes after all the clothes of the world has been washed, but better late than never, and yes it is a very nice looking weaved basket in white.

And I told my mother about the cheap salmon, which made us also go to Lidl, and yes my mother loves salmon, and she loved doing this bringing her salmon for the entire Christmas, and yes she brought two, so now we have three in total, and just a symbol of course.

I carried the microwave-oven up using my both hands and giving my mother the key to open the head door at the ground floor and my door on 4th floor, and yes it was almost impossible for her to find the right key and to open the doors, which I understood as difficulties to open for everything inside of this hidden world, and later I checked very briefly the oven, and it does seem as if both the microwaves, grill and hot air function of it is working.

My mother told me that my sister has decided that I will be invited the next time they will visit her and John, and yes it is nice to know that my sister has accepted me again, but not because of her understanding in me, but because of the underlying love of the family.

I was told by darkness think if I have had a pelvic pain when carrying you and I received a miscarriage, which would have made the world go under, yes MANY plans inside of here and if not this way, we would terminate the world like this, and yes depending on the moves of light, and quite clever he was, but there were many variants of what I did that he did not see and that is because he did not know life self, but did everything based on “feelings” and yes the negative feelings you see among people not having to think before deciding, and yes this is how darkness look like.

I was told with a deep serious and far dark voice “I have not left school yet have I” (?), which is the deepest part of God still trapped, and no you have not, but we are getting there, so a little more patience, please, and we will get you out too.

I was told that there are people related to the Inca’s knowing about me.

This evening I watched “crazy about dance” and noticed how the judge Nikolaj told the dancer Jeanette (an elite swimmer) that normally her performance is under water with no one seeing her, but she has a natural talent to stand on a stage, and he gave her MUCH praise, and this is about my mother, who will have a “natural talent” to be on the world stage soon, and Jeannette said shortly there after that it was “fat, fat, fat” as in “cool, cool, cool” and “fat” because this is what my mother was designed for, and that was to help tearing down the world, which she would have done if it was not for me converting her darkness (of the world) to our New World.

The judge Britt said to the dancer Louise something about where it all started and I was told that we thought that life started with darkness, but no it started with light (without energy), and I thought that here is an addition to the front page of my website, so it is now included on my to do list.

The dancer Mads was “proud as a Pope” about his dance partner Louise, and this was about the Pope in relation to the spirit of my mother and her apparitions of Medjugorje, and I was told that this is also because of my mother’s acceptance this weekend without which the last part of God would not come home. And Louise spoke about “magic” when receiving beautiful new dresses to dance in, and “magic” was repeated much to say that this is what my mother too will receive as her new self.

I felt darkness of this God who used to be far away from me – and at the same time at my right ankle, and both is right – now entering me via both my feet, and that is because I started buying for my mother’s and John’s gift today, and my mother and John accepted my plan.

Britt said to a couple that they had the “Charleston effect”, which is the original effect of the Quickstep dance, and Britt said with strength as only she can do “FANTASTIC”, and I was told that this was a reference to the a-ha effect.

They started showing a clip with the dancers Camilla and Michael, and I was told that this is about Karen, and it was about Camilla acting as “fine on the outside, but crazy on the inside” because of how she was acting and in relation to Karen’s attitude in relation to me, and Camilla said “don’t speak, don’t speak”, and yes “to him”, which is then what Karen does not, and I was till given marks to my right ankle at this hour (20.00 to 21.00) which I was much of the day meaning “potential loss of life”, and I was wondering if Søren will let me down since I have not heard from him (?), and maybe he has simply been busy all day and evening with his Yoga-school, and I am thinking that time becomes more and more narrow with Sunday coming the day after tomorrow, and I was really hoping to phone or write the sellers today, but it can first be tomorrow at the earliest now. And Camilla was asked about how it was to learn two dances in one week, and she said that one becomes double as tired as one thought possible, which is really what I have gone through this week to save this extra world too.

I was told that the Council has no idea of how you are doing inside of this world, and that it makes them suffer, and I was asked if I want them to know, and I said “I have no opinion on this” not knowing if it would have a negative impact on my journey here so there “let light decide” was the right answer.

I was also told that you have no ideal of how many plus points you receive because your physical father did not die, and if he had the feeling of darkness given to me “I don’t care about you” would become so strong making it impossible for me to reject herewith accepting termination of life.

Louise no. 2 was asked how it was to dance standard dances, which made her say that it was “fantastic, a whole New World opens”, and also that she broke some codes yesterday, which is really where I went to my extreme to do the same to open this New World to us, and the judges Britt and Jens were enthusiastic about Louise and Silas saying “completely fantastic” and Jens went cheek to cheek with Britt, which however was too close for her asking him to get away, which is really what is symbolically making this “fantastic”, and yes no “old nightmare”, which is what is making a “party of family Denmark” as they said and yes the whole world is the meaning of this.

The show dance of “Top Gun” included suggestions both to have fire in the floor and confetti canons, and yes this was from recent days, which could have brought either fire of this world or confetti because of celebration, and it does looks as if it will be confetti, which was confirmed when the Judge, Jens, said that this was like a bottle of Champagne in the stomach almost going off, and just to say that the stomach pain of Anna Karin, which means “nervousness of what is to come” (?) the other day is transforming into celebration of Champagne.

Later in the evening I felt all of this part of God now being inside of me and I was told that he will join us no matter what and now all of his house is inside of me with the task being to make everything light. It is like bringing the eye to a gold fish we did not know existed. And I was shown a robot of darkness waving an American flag and was told that when darkness was first started, it was impossible to stop from the inside, and that it required action from the outside as we have done now to make this stop. Now everything around me is light, and I remembered that I asked for darkness to be encapsulated (if not becoming light) of our New World not to interfere with the minds and thoughts of people, and yes wondering what is really the right story of what would have happened if we do/did not make this creation perfect before opening it. And I thought that this God is now practically at home either with my work or faith of mankind coming, but I will continue the game NOT becoming my new self yet.

I still received sufferings/pain of the New World coming to me from the outside and was told that this is because it is going through the darkness of this God of me, so I said to our New World that you are welcome but let all of me be light before we start the New World.

At 23.33 I was first given STRONG and rude sexual speech and then told “we have only started cleaning up inside of here”, which is inside this God self. And I felt how the New World is coming closer and closer to me meaning that the layer of the Old World now only consisting of this part of God – unless there is something we have left behind (?), which we of course will bring too, if there is …. (!) – meaning that he becomes less and less darkness and more and more light, and that is also because of the lack of faith in exactly this of Martin as I am told.

I heard the spirit of my mother from our New World coming closer and saying that your father was not dead at all, and also that this is only possible because of the survival of your physical father, and yes I do hope that this is really the case, but you never know when this part of my family will not communicate with me because of their own misunderstandings.

At midnight I was told that God by now is no longer at my right ankle, which should mean that the rest of him cannot disappear now.

At 00.45 I was told that we have not hired enough sewing ladies to create clothes for all of this new life entering us, Stig, and yes it will become hard work to make the right dresses and suits for everyone to fit perfectly, but this is still the aim for us before we open our New World (?), and yes it is, and this means that we will further prolong the game, and yes completely and raving mad is what they are up there on ground floor and yes this is coming from darkness of the basement, which is making this clothes for us, and yes so it still is, darkness preparing our New World.

And I was told that this – this God inside of me – is what is powering all engines of man, and we will tell you about this power as it develops, and I was told that at the moment it is like a Volvo.

I received some pain to the gum behind my lower left wisdom tooth, which may be about new (Greek) wisdom coming in?

I did not receive strong sufferings because of Martin as expected – see the short stories – so not much strength of darkness remaining.

Today I bought two small bags of liquorice, which is the first bag of candy I have bought for years, and at the recent wine festival I had a glass of Cognac too, and yes very clear symbols of darkness, and no, I will NOT avoid them, but go directly to the throat of them in symbolic meaning, and yes thinking that I am Pac-man eating this darkness.

I was told “we are not only the motor of all life, but living as life self” and “this is completely madness” (with the feeling that it “cannot” be done), and yes this is about darkness of this God learning how we have decided to structure our New World, and yes because this is what I asked for, so this is how it will become, I am both a man living a normal life at the same time as I am everything.

I continued working/being active all day long except from when watching “crazy about dance” on TV, and first at 01.50 I published the script of today, and yes much work too, and now I will take on some extra torture, but it will not become as hard as the previous tour ending yesterday.

I was told isn’t it wonderful that what you do now will decide the degree of the motor of love of this part of us for an eternity to come, and yes depending on how much light you can generate to this part of God, and here with the understanding of how great sufferings I can take on me, and yes my plan is unchanged, , and I still ask for everything to become perfect “now or later”, and yes this may be the truth, and it may be a play to make me do as good as possible now but still with the chance to improve later.

And yes isn’t it “wonderful” that it is still impossible for me to do the design of new scripts when publishing on my website, and that is because all coding disappears when pasting it to the editor of WordPress, and yes instead of using maybe 10-15 minutes to do the edit here, it will prolong the editing time to maybe one hour or even longer copying and pasting each paragraph as the only way to keep the formatting codes, and yes Stig, this symbolises the difficulties of setting up our New World with the codes of original life, and yes mentally impossible work to start here at 01.50 as it is now being TIRED and without any motivation to do this work, but let us get it done if possible and that is to get over this hurdle.

At 02.05 when carefully publishing my script chapter by chapter I was told that I will now never play like Lyngby Football Club again, this is a promise.

I was told that darkness of Mads from Fiat (!), and Martin were completely unavoidable in order to go through this.

I was told that Bernadotte is also watching you and your every step, and I felt darkness and this is the Bernadottes known as the Swedish Royal family.

I have several times and for years really been given the name of former Minister Elsebeth Kock-Petersen and the understanding that there was a special story when she many years ago tried to make her self invisible running away from Denmark settling down in Great Britain, and today the name popped up again as it also did the other day.

I was told that opening the door to this God is exactly what the spirit of my mother is doing now.

When coming here you are not at a wine bar, but at the origin of life self, which essentially is not about wine, because wine is creation but what caused this creation to take place (?), and yes this is what we are wondering about, which will also come with this content.

I finished doing this work at 02.30 and the last updates at 02.45 and I am now becoming so tired that my eyes are wet and I am being tortured now again because of extreme tiredness, and good that I have some experience in this, and yes you can really mobilise strength via extreme loads, which I did not think possible, and this is how this dark God self has gained strength.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • When seeing this at 07.45, I was given the song “I still carry on”, and heard yes is it “that man” who has returned now, the only one who can pacify me (standing behind the fighting of man as the drawing shows), and yes everything is to become light and perfect and sure it is.

  • This also came in the morning from my old colleague Nanna from Fair, and it said “the most evil mother in the world, who does hot give out iPhones”, and I thought at this point if this is a threat of darkness not delivering out new selves, or only the new selves of this world if my mother does not agree with my plan to buy new furniture, and yes this is how it is screwed together, and yes we are here at 21.55 looking at how God of this place decided to hook himself up, so we can help bring him down again, and yes not easy, because as usual it is the absolutely best work that he did not thinking that he would ever get out of here again, but he will because this is what you, i.e. I, have decided.

  • Yesterday DR1 TV brought a documentary of Carina who the doctors had given up on, she was left to die, the respirator keeping her alive was closed down and her parents were asked for and accepted for their daughter to become a organ donor, and what happened, Carina woke up as in a miracle, and this is the story about how this hidden world/God was destined to die, but a miracle happened, and I am told that this miracle is the man writing this and yes this is what I am told so this is what this said, and I was given “I want to break free” by Queen here, but I decided to bring the song ““it’s a miracle” Culture Club because this was the title I had on my mind (!), and I have brought too little of Culture Club really, and yes Boy George was also a mega star in my home in the beginning of the 1980’s.

  • I almost did not bring this, but when I was given the smell of a smoking pipe, it was a sign to say that “it is good enough”, which is about darkness of Martin, and really the story, where he encourages people to send donations to his “TV from another planet” and for people to create themselves as users so they also can return money if not all the amount is received before the terminal date, and yes this is the terminal date of darkness, and when is the termination date inside the head of the last part of darkness of God (?), which is what we fear is coming very close now making it too late to bring in the last part of him, and yes given to me as a question, but there is probably something about it.

  • I saw the article below and here about “the psychiatry needs a thorough inspection” and “Have: Compulsion and over medication. Want: A dignified treatment” written by former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and minister Palle Simonsen, so even “laymen” (having had family members being victims of the system) know that there is something completely wrong in the kingdom of Denmark, but “impossible” it is for the system self to see its sickness, and yes I tried to make a comment to this, but it required that I filled out my user profile on Politiken, which I did but spiritual darkness made it impossible for the system to update this, which is about the crazy behaviour of the media including Politiken, which is “impossible” for the system self to see, and yes it is not easy for anyone to look into the mirror to understand where the shoe is pressing.

  • Torben said that it is now time to pass a law against the word “challenge”, which he believes is worn out, and he likes the word “problem” much better, and then “if you are a really, relly fat person in Denmark of today, you have to love challenges. Yawn, yawn, yawn”, and isn’t inspiration funny (?), because I am still a fat person and yes I love the word “challenge” and that is way above “problem” because there is the attitude in difference and that is at least of the Old World where people had “problems” often impossible to solve because of their wrong attitude and people having “challenges” said that they had a “difficult situation” but they believed that it would be solved, and that is because of their attitude not giving up, and yes “yawn yawn yawn” is what such an attitude brings me, and why is that (?), and yes because of darkness coming to me from the media as example, and Torben is one of those people.

  • Denmark was playing against Bulgaria in football this evening – 1 to 1 – and I did not see it (no time) but it made Henrik ask who told the Danish players that the field is formed like a funnel (?), and a funnel is what I have gone through on my journey when bringing the Old World to our New World when it has kept on becoming more and more narrow/concentrated.
  • And Helena confused me saying that she is in a relationship (?), so maybe you have a good talk with Søren today and agreed for you to continue seeing each other as sweethearts? And later she wrote that she was out on time partying with friends, and spoke about “scoring” as an opportunity, and yes I don’t get it, Helena?

  • Maria decided to become my Facebook earlier today after having seen my comment in Naser’s thread, and she is really the symbol of what we are achieving here because she says “FINISHED – 3 hours of sleep and several litres of coffee later I finished our first 48 hours design of E-design”, so she had approx. the same little sleep as I, and she designed a coffee cup formed as a heart, which you know is about MUCH extra love coming to our New World because of this marathon work of ours.

  • I saw this post from Martin late in the evening and thought about answering it, because would it be a good idea to receive an extra dose of darkness to bring all of Satan to me (?), and yes this sounded like logic, so this is what I did, and first Martin brought an interview about “research of the future”, which I had no time to see, and then he asked if the future can be ordered and if so, at whom (?), and it made Chanell say “all”, and he asked Martin if he has been through religion to which Martin said “no, only religion history, but I have studied many kinds of spirituality in my life”, and Chanell referred to a documentary of religion made by an atheist (!) and said that he is not an atheist himself, but “hate religion because I feel that everything is about choosing a private school, and I have still not found out what I expect of them, they expect too much of me and not because of their God but their purse and political conviction etc.” and then he talks about the possibility of mankind being a genetic experiment and slaves of aliens (!), which made Martin say that he will take up this thread when coming closer to the terminal date.

  • And isn’t it wonderful that you now also have my input to consider, Martin, and yes I am here given a confused feeling of God who developed into Darth Vader as he shows me, and this is because of Martin’s reaction to what I wrote to him and Chanell below, and I told Chanel that he has not found the real SOURCE free of the temptations he speaks of, and also that there is only one Source of all life, who has created everything. Without God = NO life. And I said that I try to bring them faith here, but until now they have been too clever and “lazy and better-knowing” in relation to me and this is even though I tell them about our origin, the past and future after the terminal date on my website, which Martin “could not” find out, which has already made him famous with the World elite as he will become famous all over the Universe after the terminal date, where I will wake up as my new self and the world will be lifted to new heights including eternal life without darkness, and yes I wonder how Martin “feels” about this (?), and I told him about the STRONGEST darkness of all that he brings me as the Devil self (!), and how this is almost bringing me to my knees because of who he is and his wrong attitude, so why do I now “challenge” (like that word) him again (?), and yes to save the last part of our Old World, which is the Devil self of a hidden world underneath ours, and yes he might get it all wrong when this information goes through his “filter” inside his head making it impossible to understand me, or does it because are you really not smarter, Martin (?), and yes hoping that this will also bring his mind swinging, because these are the vibrations, which we love so much because these are the waves of survival really. And if I like doing this (?), and no, this is still the worst I know of, but if it is required or a good idea to do, this is what I chose to do, and no, I do NOT look forward to seeing his reaction probably making me unhappy again followed by extreme suffering and that is if this will become the same as before, but maybe he does not have so much strength left to make me suffer?

  • And it did not take Martin long to conclude and that is because he has already made his mind up on me, and that is to try locking his contact on “minus” of darkness, and this is because he said “whatever – I suspected that I would end up by being called the Devil self in your Universe. Allow me to disagree”, so this is really just to say that I cannot “shake” this man anymore, or is it possible that this included just a small relief for me with more orange streaming into me from the outside of our New World to make it easier for me to take the final decision of whether I want to become only light and yes 100% member of your New World, and yes let us day our New World and that is because you were the creator my friends, and this is to say that Martin also makes the mistake of thinking that I am “too much” to listen to, and with this, he “cannot” understand me, thus rejecting me and yes the worst darkness, Martin, and it is now 23.30 so we will see if this will bring me much sufferings during the night, and so far it has not started. By the way, my link brought no new visitors as far as I could see.

  • Shannon is also sending me darkness wanting to burn the bridge, isn’t it “wonderful”?

  • This mysterious giant eye was washed ashore in Florida, and I wonder if this is a symbol of the eye of this God I am opening right now.


13th October: Cleaning God of the hidden world saving many Old World’s also inside of here – with GREAT difficulties 

Cleaning God of the hidden world saving many Old World’s also inside of here – with GREAT difficulties

After publishing the script of yesterday at 02.45, I was told that this was it, we are now going to further refine the Charlemagne white wine, and we are here on some of the very best and purest white wines of the world, and yes from the very heart of Burgundy white wine, which I appreciate VERY much, and here there is not a long way to the absolutely finest Montrachet wine.

I was told what is the most important, to get approval of your mother to buy these things or to buy the things themselves, and yes I understood that the first was the most important and I have just left Friday and turned into Saturday, and I do believe that I was told the other day that the game was to go on to Friday, and yes today she approved all of the plan, so now I just have to carry it out meaning that we have secured everything, Stig (?), and yes this might be it, but you asked me to do a new tour, so I will continue probably to around 05.00 and see if you will give me a little sleep, and yes isn’t it funny that you are starting to shiver some now (?), and why is that and yes the feeling of light is stronger than darkness, but is this Martin waking up thinking of you, which is about “coming home” and is this the idea he is getting and yes “who is Stig” and all of my body here is tight like a bow right now and I am not the one doing it, so Martin was truly a key.

This also means that we now have the full code of this God and yes knowing how to turn everything of him into light as I understand it.

At 03.25 I was told that you are now depending on other people after having done your best and isn’t this what you normally say, i.e. that the most important is what I write in the scripts (?), and yes it is, and we will see if this is light or darkness speaking, and yes the auto correct function of Microsoft Word which I use MUCH has also decided to stop working, so I am wondering if I am going through a new game of darkness not knowing the outcome of this yet?

I felt the spirit of my mother around me telling me that they are now very close to me, and later I had to repeat that I am NOT going to open the eyes of my new self yet, because we have wine to place of the new selves of everyone, and we would really like to do our work perfectly, so we still carry out with the game, and yes I do believe we have to include the 22nd November in this game too to unite all parts of God, but of course I don’t know for sure.

And I feel the New World trying to enter this darkness of me, which is fine because we are still converting this to light, and it still gives me the experiences of much displeasure and really the question now often if I will quit the game, and no is the answer, which I will probably have to repeat often from here.

So the answer is to the New World that you are very welcome, but please make sure not to wake me up until we have converted all darkness to light and cleaned up everything.

At 04.00 I was told that we are now starting to realise and getting used to the fact that we have no money in the purse, and yes if you let us stay up for a couple of more hours, we will tell you what this will mean to our New World, but if you do not …., and yes yes yes what do I believe in and which balance will I decide to show when I thought that I would take a nap at 05.00?

We are also preparing the first evening in the cinema, which will become beautiful, and we will open without an explosion.

Yes, I will accept no destruction of my inner self, only darkness to be converted to light sooner or later, and that is no matter what, and if possible of course.

I have now seen and heard Jeff Lynne speak about how he decided to re-record many of his old songs of E.L.O. included at his new album “Mr. Blue Sky” because when hearing them on the radio he could hear the imperfections of the old versions because of old technology, which he now wanted to improve, and this night I was told that the inspiration coming to him is because I have ALWAYS been searching for the best sound of E.L.O, which was mostly when I was younger and knew that I would get better stereo equipment with time, thus better sound and yes when I got some of the best then, I still had the feeling “these songs can sound even better”, so this is what Jeff now decided to show the World and yes this is how it came about and really the gift of my favourite music to tell the world, that it is indeed possible to improve what once was. This is it :-).

At 04.20 I was told that we are still in the lead 1 to 0 over this darkness, you have no idea of the fights we are going through now, Stig, and a little later I was told that we are now close to never again become sweethearts and that is mother and son.

I was hereafter thinking that this darkness can now “not hurt me” (thinking of my last sleep) and also to ask the world to help me again to get a nap this time, and to make sure that we don’t lose any wine or what is before this, which I don’t believe is the case if I understand this correctly.

I was told hereafter that we will also no longer be blood donors, i.e. to make the world bleed, which follows naturally after mother and son not to become sweethearts again, and I was told that we are now working quickly, which I hope is because of strength and not because I hope to get some sleep maybe at 05.00 and maybe at 06.00 or 07.00 we will see.

I was told that my mother will receive not only one but potentially many flowers out of this if I wait for many hours to go to bed, and I wonder if I really can go through the whole day including the evening visiting my mother to make this dream come through and yes to never do it again if this is really the situation (?), and I may be, but I don’t know and the risk is that I suddenly will go out having to cancel dinner, which I would like to avoid, but let us see what will happen.

No stars and planets on the sky was my goal every time, so with this, we will also place this high on the list to make sure that his ability or thirst to recover this ability will be taken from him too, and yes that was it, and what else do we have, and yes yes yes it goes quickly when you have “everything” of the world working for us.

There are deeper layers inside of God is what we see now, and this is what will bring out all flowers saved inside of there, and yes worlds below this one too maybe?

We cannot say it more clearly, this is what is required to make this perfect, and for the spirit of my mother to never again experience darkness, because Stig let us face it – and then I was given sexually abusing words – and yes is this the truth?

I was told that there was none flowers/worlds under the hood but we know he has hidden more levels of him, we feel it so we will look more carefully.

Isn’t it fantastic that we are allowed to do this because he did not know that we had to stop if he stopped too, and yes this was the answer.

I was told “Slotsherrensvej” and told that it would feel like a whole home being taken from us, and this road of Copenhagen is where my furniture from Amager in 1991/92 was removed to without my knowledge when I “could not” pay my rent and was thrown out from my apartment, which is truly NOT a good experience.

I was told that this is one of the Kent’s, we thought that it is impossible for it to be squeezed into such a small area, but this is what we see now.

It was almost going wrong for me, and for you too, I see. Yes we are now without blood donors and about to do the impossible making this man/God into light and yes trying to turn him around, and this is when we experience the most odd hiding places, which we never thought that we would find Stig to tell you the truth, and the criteria of darkness is that you would never be told about its disappearance in our New World so this life would never be searched for, and yes we know it does NOT match with what I have asked for and also about what you just told me of the feeling of having a home being taken from us – I set the rules (!) – but this is what we are told.

Now you are also no bent man from Køge, which was a reference to Bøje Nielsen and his life where darkness broke him and yet another world saved here, and yes no need to know is also no kiss of death because this is how he wanted it, for us to become nothing, but no Stig you will NOT allow it, and the deeper we get, the more secrets you get out of him, and for how long can we go on (?) and yes here at 05.10 I have a crisis, but still continuing and who knows if this is for minutes or the rest of the day?

I received a new spirit of my mother and was told that she has expressively asked to never be found because of what he did to her making her feel embarrassed, devastated and so strongly that she will NEVER have this to be of the attention of people, so here was another former bleeding version of the spirit of my mother who was released and she came out together with the feeling of Else given to me.

Would this life be destructed or would we forever believe that we could hear “vandals” being shouted at us (?), and yes I am the one setting the rules, my friends, and I will NOT accept anyone leaving me, there is no exit for you, and I will hunt you down forever and ever to save you, and that is my wish, and so let it be, and yes deciding to be confident cutting through all of this talk talk.

I was told that these worlds are what I felt yesterday at the right side of my right ankle with the risk of losing them, and yes just to repeat you are NOT allowed to terminate and leave me!!!

Do you want to believe that what we have just released the last half an hour includes even greater creation than the greatest we have done so far (?), and yes Stig, this is the tempo we are doing now, so who knows where this will end?

Isn’t it funny that there are also Omega watches inside of this world with each world going down also in here?

I was told that still we cannot test these inventions in practise because to go into Tivoli would be the same as going into space and then for it to vanish, we have to end everything first before experiencing them.

And I hear more and more worlds telling me “we will never again become negative” together with the feelings of accumulating the help to search for even more worlds, and also enthusiasm, which we don’t have time to express.

I was told that this is still being recovered and coming out of the hole of my right instep, which was surprising to me because you have told me before that everything was inside me but I still stand by my own rules about this if needed (alright for old life outside to come in if there is more, but nothing inside to get out).

I was told that what remains is to turn around all of these worlds, every single one of them.

This morning I was happy to receive a text message and later at 09.15 a phone call from Bettina saying that Søren has accepted for me to borrow his car tomorrow, which was kind of them.

Before this at 07.50 I had been fighting with much tiredness for a long time, and decided to go to sleep until 12.00 hoping that the world would help to pause our work and continue when I would wake up, and I was told that we have only arrived to the southern part of Jutland (coming with car from wine regions of France) and we have to go approx. 300-350 kilometres to the Northern part, which is what Lars G. and I did in 2003, I believe, where I was driving also having the absolutely worst tired period making it impossible to keep my eyes open, and to drive this long in such a condition is what either makes or breaks a man, and this is what I was asked again here, but it was not with much strength, so I hoped that my spiritual friends would find a solution.

And before going to sleep I was also told that we were about building a much bigger house, and do you want to destruct or keep this continuing development of our New World from there (?), and no, I will not destruct anything. And I received the lyrics from Take That’s “back for good”: “Unaware but underlined I figured out this story, It wasn’t good, But in the corner of my mind I celebrated glory, But that was not to be”, and yes first now at 11.50 when this is written that I see the full meaning of these lyrics.

I remember dreaming about things being thrown over the wall from the old Helsingør Shipyard, which was not a good feeling, and at 09.20 I was woken up with the worst cramp in my left big toe as I have ever received, and I felt that this came with all of the strength of remaining darkness of my left leg, which did not want to become terminated as a result of my sleep (!), thus waking me up like this as a last cry out for help, and when I stood out of bed and stood on my foot, which normally removes cramps, it did not remove but continued for a few minutes, which has NEVER happened to me before, and yes painful it was, and I was told that this is because we believe that you are able to keep awake and “we don’t want to be sent to eternal termination”, and also that you have said “no one is to die” enough times to include this as security to prevent it.

I was told that we are now returning from my right on way to destruction and we can now continue work where we ended it, and I was told that we cannot bear living without light any more after having gotten to learn you, and I was told that not one restaurant was closed because of this, but it was very close. And I wonder if this eternal destruction is about darkness ceasing to exist or continuing to be darkness and yes leaving to my right meaning that we will never see it again (?), and also that faith of man cannot wake it up?

I was told that this can only be done because you did not accept your “old nightmare”, and that this means – or will mean – that we have completely emptied (or will empty) the treasures of Aladdin, and then I was told how this hidden world is connected with our Old World and New World maybe (?) and how this otherwise would have started termination, which was said in a very rapid pace, and I decided to believe that this was not true.

After a shower and after 10.00 where I believed that people would be up, I decided to call the sellers of furniture, and I could not get in contact with the lady selling the table, but left a message for her hoping to hear from her again, and if I do not, I may decide to have a plan B ready, to find another table to buy instead tomorrow, and I called the man having the two Herstal lamps for sale, and we made an agreement to meet at 12.00 +/- at Brønshøj, Copenhagen, and I have an agreement to meet the seller of the two chairs “after 13.00” on Østerbro, Copenhagen,  which I confirmed via an email, and asked for her address, and yes she will come home from Madrid tomorrow morning, so this is indeed a very narrow plan, and I am mainly short on the table right now, and I would REALLY have liked to enter into this agreement now, so I could go to Silvan to reserve a trailer for tomorrow, but we will see how this will work out.

I was told that they are not only Kings, but only become Kings when you complete this transaction, is this how it is, Stig (?), and yes is this a matter of saving “all or nothing” of this hidden worlds including previous worlds (?), which Jette’s wife Kirsten yesterday showed me that it was when sharing a link called “all or nothing”, and to me this is about my old motto to save everything, but if I cannot doing my best, it does not mean that I will ask for nothing instead because in this case we will save all of our New World including what we have saved from this hidden world, and yes the car of this hidden world was a Volvo, which must be quicker by now – and I was here told with a smile “what about a tuned Volvo” (?) – and also that it is almost the purest white wine, which is, so this is what I believe in, which is that we continue saving parts of worlds and God.

Isn’t it so that he, i.e. darkness, is counting down on his watch too together with you meaning that this is truly a battle on live or die, and if I don’t save all of him (all of these Old World’s), and time runs out, it means “destruction”, which is for this life to return to “nothing” until it will automatically generate new life, which is how it is (?), and if this is so and should I not save all, I can promise you that if I can in the future, and you are still someone, somewhere in summertime, I will come and get you!

At 12.05 I was told from the right that I thought that I would not wake up again, this is how bad it was, Stig, don’t do that to us again, and yes I will do my best, but as I have told you already, I will NOT be able to stay awake this coming night and to carry out the program to drive more than 100 kilometres and to collect furniture tomorrow, I will NOT do this work being even more tired than when driving in Jutland with Lars in 2003, so will you please do your best to save everything before I will get this sleep?

At 13.30 just after Annette Vilhelmsen to my happiness had won the chairman selection of Socialist People’s Party – see the short stories – I received a 1/3 out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is about turning around the worlds, which we have saved, which is a process beginning now.

During the afternoon I was thinking about the contradictive messages I receive for example with the power of termination being removed from this God, and still the Terminator of Arnold was in town and what was happening when I slept (?), and what is true and wrong (?), and yes normally the worst messages are the truth, meaning that when I will sleep tonight, it will destruct life unless you have managed to save everything beforehand, my dear spiritual friends, which is what you have foreseen (?), and yes I will NOT give my direct acceptance of terminations and only say that you have my decision to make everything survive as light “sooner of later” if possible, and only it this is truly impossible to do, you will have to do what you cannot avoid doing, and you have my general acceptance of this, and should the worst possible scenario in my mind today take place (still “nothing” compared to before), I can only say “hopefully see you again later” and that is if you will survive as darkness somewhere, and if not, I am sorry, but I did my best to save everything, and if I cannot save you, I will say GOODBYE and say I am sorry that I did not get to learn you, but this is as mentioned ONLY in the worst case scenario because I continue saying here that I will NOT accept terminations and the goal is still to save 100%, and so it is, and yes to answer your question my spiritual friends, my focus is to save everything, and not to start becoming sad because of what we may not be able to save. We are still going for everything! And we know I was reminded about the option for new life to grow on basis of this old life, and yes if it is impossible for you to save old life, but this is what I ask you to do your finest work to do based upon what I give you through my work.

Some time ago – the day where I printed out the wine festival ticket at my mother’s and John’s home – this decision came as a surprise to me, because I had decided that day that I would go to the Aldi or Lidl supermarkets to buy their “gold coffee”, which is the best coffee for the price here, but when I was suddenly inspired to go there after meeting my mother in town, I knew that I had to find coffee at the Spar supermarket on the way, and yes I bought a package of Merrild Special roast, which sounded “fine”, but when I tasted the coffee, it tasted exactly as bad as the absolutely cheapest coffee, which I have bought once here and will never buy again, and still I have been drinking all of this coffee, and the last couple of times going to the supermarket, somehow I was made to forget buying coffee, so yesterday with my mother I forgot once again, which I told her on the way home after having been to Lidl, and she said that she would go to a supermarket today and was kind to offer buying me coffee, and this morning when speaking to her on the phone, I asked her when she would go because if it would take some time, I would go myself, and to my surprise, she was very kind offering to come within 15 minutes with our favourite coffee, Zoeagas, as she had a spare package of, which would save me from going out in the rain, so this is what she did, and yes I received the worst coffee, which is “the worst feelings of darkness”, and no it cannot be from my family – other than my mother being impatient with me so maybe this and darkness of the secret government of USA symbolised by Mads and China, Russia, Japan, France, Denmark and all dark secret governments are part of this choir (soon to be of light) – and when my mother brought this coffee today it is at least to say that her “LOVE IS STRONG”, which is what we require to do the final move of this hidden world to our New World, and yes look at Mick, he is all the way up there with the highest stars.

I was told that it is when liberating this God from his fortress at the wrong tunnel that we discover these Old World’s, and yes we will continue or are we continuing this work now (?), and yes did your mother’s love came too late or right on time (?), and yes yes yes we don’t speak because this is how darkness is, right (?), so what do you believe, Stig (?), and yes I don’t know, but I have given you my list of prioritisation for you to follow, so this is what we will do and yes according to what is possible to do, and this is what has brought us here, and is this also STRONG ENOUGH to release everything here at this last fortress?

Who is going to overtake Søren H’s bag, no one wants it because it is the darkness and hottest bag of the Universe, and this is how it works here. And your mother’s (of darkness) bag is just a small part of this, because far the most is located down there, as we can tell because it truly smells rotten, but also the opposite because we know that as rotten and dark things are, as good and light they are on the other side, and yes it would be a pity not to get to know all of you down there.

Later I was told completely without excitement from my right that we managed to dig another Old World out.

I tried to call the seller of the desk/table again, and when she did not answer again, and also did not answer an email from previously in the week (maybe she is on holiday?), I understood that we are out in a Plan B here, and it does not mean that I have accepted terminations – hoping the best – but it meant that I decided to overcome tiredness and time becoming less and less (having to see my mother/John at 19.00 this evening) and I went through approx. 500 adds and the ones that I had stored to find an alternative, and yes at 16.15 I received a text message saying that the table was already sold (!), but you did not “bother” to remove the add again (?), and yes just wondering, and by this time, I had narrowed down my alternative tables to probably two.

And after two telephone calls I narrowed down the two tables to one, which however is in Tåstrup, so instead of going to Brønshøj and two places in Copenhagen, the plan is now to go to Tåstrup at 11.15, Brønshøj at 12.00 and Copenhagen at 13.00 and these are approximate times, where we will have to start at 10.00 at Silvan to get the trailer and to get out of Helsingør before 10.30 before the plan will work.

I was told that to me this corresponds to getting a new colour on the delivery bicycle because this table is ALSO very nice to look at, but instead of having a chrome frame, it has a metal frame in grey, and I would have liked the chrome alternative, but if this new plan goes home, and yes if there is a trailer to rent tomorrow morning now when we have not reserved one (which the assistant said that there should be when I called Silvan the other day), I do believe that we can pull it through and to get everything out of there, but the colour may be a little bit different than the first plan, but the table is truly still a very good looking table as you can see here.

And because the frame of this table is not chrome, it means that the director chairs do not fit entirely, but the chairs still fit to my living room, so maybe I will some day buy a dedicated office chair for this table instead, but to start with, this is also “perfect” in my mind.

Instead of going a total of 93 kilometres, this new route means a total of 130 kilometres, and yes also a little bit added costs because this table is 1,000 DKK where it was 700 DKK of the other, and yes let us run the calculation again because since the last calculation, there is this change, and my mother has decided that the SAGA concert ticket will come on top of the amount of 5,000 DKK and I forgot expenses for gasoline, so here it is (it is the WORST when people “cannot” find out right margins as I cannot here bceause of a poor editor, and normally it is because of laziness and carelessness of people – I would NEVER do such in Microsoft Word as you can see from my coming PDF-file):

Microwave oven:  100 DKK
Wash basket:        150 DKK
Lamps:                   180 DKK
Gasoline:               130 DKK
Chairs:                   600 DKK
Table:                  1,000 DKK
Cycle:               2,950 DKK
Total:                5,110 DKK

So this is really as close within the budget that I can do, so I am just hoping that this will be fine both with my mother/John and also Bettina/Søren tomorrow morning, and yes I called Bettina (Søren is a busy man), and she said that it was perfectly fine, and then I hope that it will be the same for my mother and John.

After this I received what may be a 20% out of this world pain to my right ankle and I was told that the dinner table / writing desk was the most important, and do you see how darkness was almost destroying it for you, and it took this much work to get it planned (?), and now you “only” have to execute it tomorrow and of course without executing any life, we mean, or ….?

I decided to write down a plan, which was also to help my mother and John to get a total overview of the details and to help them agree to the plan this evening when visiting them, so this is how it looked.

I was told that there will be no one turning in their graves when you get this done – collect the furniture – and yes this came when I thought that to receive this gift, I had to take on MUCH sufferings.

I was told that original life inside these worlds did not quite realise that it was energy of darkness overtaking them, and I was given a feeling from out of space, which was energy of darkness as a last time as I was told trying to destroy me, and I felt a little pressure of “nothing” going through me, but not much.

And the worst of it all – seen from a dark point of view – is that we will not have to go out cleaning up after us and yes there is nothing worse than to remove life which used to be.

I decided to call my mother saying that I had sent the plan to her, and not long thereafter she called and said that she had noticed that it costs 300 DKK in fee to have the table transported to me, so this would now be much smarter, she said, and yes “an attack of darkness”, and I said it as it is, which is that we don’t know which company provides this, if this is for the seller or me to set up, and I have now used a LONG time to create a plan, which seems to work, and I would be happy to do this tomorrow – with or without her – because then it is done, and yes my mother believed that we could have the chairs and lamps in the car (her car), and to have the table transported, but I told her that I did not like to make a whole new plan but to carry out this tomorrow, and yes it was alright then, so now I do hope that it will truly be alright with the biggest question now being if there is a trailer tomorrow morning, and if there is not, we will consider other options, but I do hope that there is.

And we know Stig, how will it be to have your mother in the car tomorrow with a trailer behind, and yes let us say that you mother is not concerned, but absolutely TERRIFIED for driving with both you and John, and that it takes NOTHING to make her concerned – yesterday she was concerned when she believed I drove too quickly, which I did not, and I was too close to the car in front, which was 100 metres from us – and yes I was told that it is required for your mother to go with you tomorrow, because it is with her love that we hope to be able to pull up everything still down there in this hole, and yes “difficult” is not the question, try “impossible”. And I was told that it was the voice of life down in this hole, which woke me up from when I tried to sleep this morning, and no, I will NOT keep awake tonight, I cannot go through it without sleep, and no, I will NOT try, and we know Stig, if the alternative is that you die, I may do my best, but it is impossible even for me to come through this without sleep and to drive tomorrow, which is life dangerous in itself, and will you please get back to me later to tell me if this is the ONLY way out (?), and yes Stig, it is now 18.10 meaning that if I can make this, I will be home with the furniture in approx. 21 hours, and no, I will NOT write a script when coming home in 21 hours, if I am physically still alive as old Stig  …..

Breaking the lock of the last fortress of God to bring everything out of this hole still remaining inside of it

At 18.55 I cycled to my mother and John being “more than tired” making me feel warm inside of out, and when I arrived I saw how my mother was stressing making her lose her temper both with John and with me because of “nothing”, but it became better when sitting down, and I was told that it was also “impossible” coming through darkness resisting me and trying to lock me out – with my mother/John and Bettina/Søren – but now the road is open to me (if Silvan has the trailer ….), and later I was told that this is what it took to break the lock of the fortress of God at the end of the tunnel is this hidden world, and trust me that I am playing on a new high level I did not know I had in me this week, and it made me think all evening “how in the world am I going to get through this”, but my mother and John did not see my pain, but my mother spoke to me about the pain of John living a life not worth living (!) because even though he is better, he is still not feeling good at all also on his edge because of this “game”, and I am here given one of my TRUE David Bowie favourites as I also was at the end of the evening at my mother, and that is “cracked actor” and they lyrics “Crack, baby, crack, show me you’re real”, which to me is about the actor of this God, which I have broken through, and yes the margins were almost not existing and they are still not, but I am still in the game and right now I am winning it – and here is one of my favourite concerts with David Bowie – I often like the small and intimate concerts the most, because you are closer on the performers – which it has been since I heard it the first time, and I LOVE this performance of “cracked actor”, which you can listen to at 48:20, and ENJOY all of it on the way there and yes after this there is only “I am afraid of Americans”, and yes the worst darkness of all you know.

My mother told me that she was also feeling poorly with signs of a cold/influenza, and we will see if she will be strong enough to go through tomorrow with me, and as she said, when she feels like this, it takes absolutely nothing to make her lose her temper, which is what she has the most of when driving (!), and yes where I will have to be a more living dead than ever before taking on the darkness coming to me constantly craving me to terminate it, and yes the most extreme of all situations I have been in, but now when this is written it is 23.20, so 15-16 hours remaining before I will be done with this, and yes I will meet my mother and also Søren going with us to Silvan to hook up the trailer just to be sure and that is at 09.30 tomorrow morning, and I do believe that the worst test of all will be tonight, will I be able to come through it (?), and if I do, I will probably be as tired tomorrow as I was on the third day the other day too meaning that I am too tired for my eyes to automatically close, and here you were again, Jeff :-).

Darkness came on to me also pretty strongly this evening – with my tiredness however being the worst – but still it kept on coming hundreds of times wanting me to be careless about these last parts of God living or not and to make me change my decision, but no we know all of us, there is NOTHING darkness can do to make me change my decisions, this is know – you can come on with all of your strength, it does not make me change my mind – but what I fear is really if these parts of God and MUCH life will simply cease to exist, because when I fall asleep, will I wake up as my new self with darkness not existing anymore because it is not part of our new creation and if I don’t get everything out, it will simply “not be” (?), and yes we know I have decided to stick to my decisions so if this is the greatest act in the world ever, it is MY rules darkness will follow instead of having me accepts its ways, so hoping for this as security really.

Half way through the evening, I was given an incredible concentrated and loving feeling of the next layer of the spirit of my mother being released, and I was told that it is first now – with the love of my mother – that we are continuing to dig out the next layers of God/life and that is because of the fear I brought life inside of there, and I felt how everything of this hole is now streaming to me again and how it was standing in queue to enter, and I was told that what we are doing now is really to unite all parts of God, which will be done not on the 22nd November, but BEFORE 22nd November, so now I know that, and I was told that there is now practically no resistance of this darkness to me because I have opened it via my plan of tomorrow.

We had a WONDERFUL dinner with the most delicious salmon I can remember tasting and yes a full salmon baked in the oven incredible tasty and juicy with one layer after the other automatically being easily peeled off, and just like parts of God still entering me, and yes they will believe that I am crazy making it this far as I am told.

And we had ice cream with strawberry for desert with a new kind of strawberries as I have NEVER seen before only half the size of normal and tasting better than any strawberries I have had before, and yes strawberries and Champagne means celebration, but until this point, my mind is with parts of life/creation apparently still in danger to be lost – even though you “cannot” terminate anymore, or ….?

I was told that we now finished the new house, which is not even a house, as we stopped working on earlier, and now enter the next level to build the next even more fantastic, and yes we truly needed the love of your mother to continue.

I presented my mother for the budget, and she accepted it including for me to order to bicycle through Preben, so this I will do when finishing the script of today, and yes also to include this part of the job, which was also on a very thin margin to be included at all. And when my mother accepted the updated and a little bit more expensive budget, I felt like entering a hole (?) as I am asked, and yes not quite, but an opening at least.

I was given feelings of Martin the “spaceman” and told that darkness had hidden his feelings from me, but now they were given to me, and I was told that writing my last comment to him was also of great importance to this play, and yes what is Martin thinking about (?), and also that you are bringing me much darkness/sufferings because of the importance you have, Martin?

My mother has already bought my Christmas gift, a nice couple of shoes, which she wanted me to see if I could fit, which I could not so now she will exchange them, but Christmas gift, and yes will I open my new eyes after this last darkness of all, which will either make it or not before the opening of our New World (?), is this how it is (?), and what about the time we need to put all new wine bottles and shirts right (?), and yes I am at least happy that we have started receiving new flowers/layers of God making everything improve each time.

I had asked the voice of darkness earlier in the day to tell me later if it is really true that it would terminate and if there are other solutions than this, and it came this evening when a very serious voice of darkness told me that if you sleep, you will kill me, and yes it was so strong so how can this be anything else than the truth, unless of course this is the biggest lie ever in the world (because of the strength of darkness), we will see.

We watched both Matador – how I LOVE that series (!) – and also the Voice, and when Xander as the judge find it completely impossible to chose with one of two to send home making him “hurt”, this was of course a symbol of my destiny to choose which life to survive and which to terminate, and so far I have not decided this – did any really terminate before resurrection again (???) – and I do hope that I will not get into this, and yes darkness told me many stores about how it will force my “old nightmare” on me if I will sleep/lose it, but no, I am STRONGER than you, so this will NOT happen, and this is what is required to terminate as I have been told so many times (?), so you should not be able to terminate should you (?), and yes yes yes we will see …., and yes they also spoke of “out of this world” on this show and you may understand that this is about my out of this world pain?

I saw this posting by the Voice on Facebook saying that “the Technician God was not with us today” and “We will be back with full strength next week. We are as sorry as you”, and eeehhh what was the matter because there were NO problems on my mother’s TV at all, so if God was not with you, it is to tell the world about DARKNESS OF TV2 BEING COWARDS NOT INFORMATION THE WORLD ABOUT ME, and when many people around the country including TV2 selves had trouble – as Amalie said below “several drop-outs while the show was sent” – it simply means that if it was also up to you, darkness would terminate life, but no, there are no drop-outs on my mother’s and also my TV, which should mean “no terminations”, so am I really going through the worst darkness and acting too in order to save the world from bringing sacrifices (?), and yes it might be it, but then again who knows?

I was home at 23.00 writing this until 23.50 where I published this too, and yes now the torture will start, and maybe the worst of all?

At midnight I sent this confirmation to Preben to say that I look forward to a completely New World and new self being “much better/easier” for everyone including myself to “tread”.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • You do remember Mads playing the game of darkness symbolised by the Donkey Kong game (?), and this was brought to the next level with this “funny” article from the Rococo-post with the headline “Italian plumber killed by a barrel throwing monkey”, and this happened according to the article when the plumber (“Super Mario” – the one scoring goals for me, you know) was on his way to free a royal lady from this aggressive monkey, and a witness says “The princess could not escape because the furious monkey stood in the way. I could clearly hear her heartrending screams of help, but no one did anything before him with the moustache showed up”, and the princess is here the spirit of my mother of this hidden world, which I am still doing my best to liberate (via the liberation of God of this world now) jumping over the barrels thrown by the monkey until it went wrong and the plumber tried to jump over a barrel a little too late, which meant that it was “game over” and “terrible to look at” according to a spectator, and this happened shortly after a bloody massacre had taken place a few kilometres from there (!), and this was a sign given to me because I decided to go to sleep, and yes this is what the absolutely worst darkness of the secret government of USA is doing to me if I don’t go through extreme sufferings.

  • This was the Facebook posting of the article above, which made Bjarke with inspiration say “love it” – which is the saying of Ole Henriksen shining through – and Danni laughed as darkness does saying “fat” (wanting to cut off fat of life to destruct it), and Mikkel said “hat off to the try, but reality surpasses satire”, and “hat off” is really to remove this monkey of darkness forever and ever, and yes NOT to destruct any life of darkness, which I many not be able to save, but to remove its watches please.

  • When Denmark played in Bulgaria the other day, the “dark” Danish defende Patrick Mtiliga (in the red jersey) received “monkey sounds” by the primitive and poorly behaving audience, which is also because the darkness of Mads and what he represents and because he loves to play the game of the monkey, and yes isn’t the Bulgarian player as dark as the Danish (?), but he was not booh’ed at (?), and yes simple minds also there and race discrimination, and you do remember my story about black, red and white cows being the same/equal in the eyes of everyone, thus also man, and variation being a strength of life?

  • Later in the morning, Dan had a dream about being in a radio studio where the comedian Jan Monrad was about to read up the news, but he was forced to play the new single with Tomas Ledin (the Swedish top singer) instead as the first story, which he disliked much, and since he asked for dream interpreters, I decided to tell him that this is about “not good news” (of darkness) being converted to “good news” (of light) because Jan means smiles and good mood (I did not write that he also symbolises darkness, which is why he is unhappy being forced by light), and these good news lead to joy and happiness, which is what Sweden means, so in other words, we are leaving a poor summer to the most beautiful new summer coming not only to Dan but to everyone, and with this I encourage everyone to sing along with Tomas Ledin and one of his greatest hits “the summer is short”, but as mentioned it is going to become much better for everyone, and yes no matter what happens. And no, Dan did not give me a comment.

  • Helena showed a symbol of being caught forever under water of darkness really, and it made Jane first say that she wanted to join, but when she thought about sharks (of darkness) coming she regretted because this is “a total anxiety provoking place”, so I do hope that we will avoid this for all life trapped by darkness. Later Birthe said that it is a realy dream bed but she believes that she would be far too curious to follow the fish to get any sleep, which is really to say that if I sleep, I lose life to darkness, and if I stay up, this life will become part of my new self as the fish.

  • And despite of the great difficulties today, this is the symbol of the beauty of our New World.

  • I was recommended to include this post of Tobias from yesterday when he was on his way to Sanna and Hans’ derelict farm in Sweden, where I wished them a good tour/weekend and to give all of my regards, and the reason being that this is also of importance in relation to this part of creation, and that is for your sister and her family to take you into their hearts again, otherwise we would not be able to do what we do now.

  • Today was the day – of all (!) – where the new chairman of the Socialist People’s Party would be announced after all members voting on either Astrid Krag or Annette Vilhelmsen, and you do remember that if Astrid would win, it would mean the victory of the Tax Minister Thor Möger after cutting down one side of me to darkness with only the other half surviving, but since we have now saved almost everything of this other side and a hidden world underneath it, the outcome could only be for my candidate Annette Vilhelmsen to win, which is then what she did receiving 2/3 of the votes also meaning that there will be no tax deductions of all (?), and yes if this is what you can do, this is my decision, I do NOT want to terminate any life!

  • Not long thereafter “reliable sources” say that Thor Möger is about to being fired as Tax Minister, so this is to say that darkness wanting to kill “the other side of me”, is now on his way out, and yes of course only symbolically, and you do understand this, Thor, don’t you?

  • Annette received congratulations from all Media & Politicians and Kristian decided to be “funny” sharing a “live feed from Annette Vilhelmsen’s confession of the promise of gathering”, and this “gathering” is to share EVERYTHING of God from forever and ever by pulling up the last of this hole, and yes the clip is to the Godfather movie of course, so it was “good seen” as we say here.

  • Mikael Wulff was quick to say also with inspiration that Annette won and she withdraws straight away, and that is because she “only wanted to proof that I could”, and yes these are made up news, but probably based on the true story that you do know Annette, the Socialist People’s Party and the Parliament that this will only be on “borrowed” time before you will all close down the Parliament of Denmark and all others of the world?

  • Maria used the James Bond title “Never say never” (again) in relation to the girl, who did not want to die, which is to say that being James Bond as the old symbol, I saved this part of God and hidden world(s), which were destined to die, and this is how it comes strongly both with this symbol and when I tried to sleep this morning.

  • Dan asked if this big eye belongs to the MP Bertel Haarder, and Paul said that it will have to be from a squid “or otherwise transformers are real” and he was thinking of the film, but he was inspired to say that this is the eye of God of this hidden world, who is being TRANSFORMED into light too.

  • Brian said goodnight and also that he will be off and nowhere to find, which makes me concerned that more darkness is hiding from me, and will I receive obstacles of darkness tomorrow (?), we will see.

  • A script of approx. 19.870 words, one of the long ones …. 

About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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