October 19, 2012: I am placed at the centre of the Universe as the natural force of God and my new self, the resurrected Jesus


Summary of the script today

18th October: Improving God with original gifts from life inside of darkness and gradually ending my school

  • Dreaming of coming to much new darkness, I will receive more sufferings and leaving the Old World, which is now the New World.
  • I have returned as my new self to God as a natural presence outside the New World, and I will use the rest of life of darkness to improve the presence of God including more love and a communication channel between God and all life of the New World. My school is ending with channels of darkness from people to me gradually closing down. My new self is the absolutely strongest according to my spiritual friends, but I still bring even stronger parts of me.
  • Short stories of an inspired Mads saying that the world was ending because of tax-systems (!), the dictatorius Danish national coach banning a player because of his own misunderstanding.

19th October: I am placed at the centre of the Universe as the natural force of God and my new self, the resurrected Jesus

  • Dreaming of darkness still wanting to carry out my “old nightmare” and give birth to Anti-Christ.
  • I am still bringing out much concentrated creation from “the wrong hole”, which keeps making everything even purer and may continue for some time, and I should be able to get some sleep now while this continues.
  • I felt how the New World was “attached” to me again, and I am now placed at the centre of Earth and the Universe as the natural force of God and my new self, the resurrected Jesus – as “the Ministry of Love” – and this natural force of ours have now developed the ability to speak, and we look forward to receiving visitors.
  • I was “the worst Pirate” a couple of days ago taking on the worst darkness of the dark fortress of God upon me, which the New World has now helped removing much of. The New World is still coming even closer to my inner, and I now see the first of our New World with people celebrating.
  • Short stories of bringing the gravy of God to the world, the whaleincopter lifting up the hidden world, telling a new Facebook friend about whom I am, transforming monkeys of darkness to butterflies of light, I worked as a shield saving the Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousufzai’s life from bullets of the Taliban, the world did not experience “real blood rain”, am I still welcome in Elijah’s home (?), I look forward to FREE CULTURE of our New World.


18th October: Improving God with original gifts from life inside of darkness and gradually ending my school

Dreaming of coming to much new darkness, I will receive more sufferings and leaving the Old World

I fell asleep on the sofa at around 14.00 yesterday – I should have gone to bed, which is ALWAYS the best – and I woke up at 02.00 thinking of sleeping more, but I decided to stay up and do this work instead, and I remember brief content of dreams.

  • I am coming to the city of Sorø and see that Lars Larsen is the local director of the bank making him a “city king” here, and I drive around the city centre, which is beautiful and notice a pharmacy. 
    • Lars Lars is a VERY rich man and the director of this bank, which is about a new city of darkness I enter, and the pharmacy is about pills etc. of darkness too.
  • I am on my way in to a room, which feels like a beach, and I will therefore enter it without clothes on but hold a towel around me until I will come to my spot, and I see Angie (old friend and colleague from Fair) inside of there, and she is pregnant and has received many gifts of fruit I believe, and I feel that we are not speaking together.
    • Beach is about more sufferings coming, and Angie is one of the people of darkness sending me these sufferings and yes she broke with me in 2010 after I published my wesbite and scripts, and the fruit is to say that she has also helped the creation of our New World.
  • I am working at Fair Insurance, which is about to end its round of dismissals, and I am surprised when Peter Belli working there as a manager “pricks” at me saying that I am the next to meet the manager, and I am surprised to hearing this, and I understand that this means that I have been dismissed too, which I am VERY surrpised of hearing because how could they be so wrong about my skills?
    • Fair is the Old World, which is no longer there, it is now converted to a New World, and I am now out of this world (but still there anyway).  

Improving God with original gifts from life inside of darkness and gradually ending my school

There was so much darkness and we had all of our wishes complete for the New World so now we will use the rest for God, and we feel the same here as with the New World not to let anything go to waste.

At 03.00 I was told by my inner self acting as one of those simple “childish” minds you know that he has kept darkness back while I was sleeping and now “he” was coming forward again, and it came together with a fear that I will have to stay awake for a long time in a row again, and I truly don’t hope that.

Everything will become love also here, that is my wish. And a little for the board meetings, which you have also been invited for by the New World as I hear now.

I kept on being shown our New World to the right of me and darkness was still coming out of it and I was told “here is another tool” and that is for setting yourself up as the last.

And yes “you are welcome” had been replaced by not only “good luck” but also “darkness is welcome” and that is what the New World sends to me being the building stones it is.

I kept on saying that my new self is welcome, and good luck to the New World, which was really about getting my new self all the way from the New World to me, and I felt “him” coming and sticking as a new coat  to me, and he brought darkness, so a coat of darkness it is to start with.

I was told that we will now build on top of Greenland, this is what we meant, and this was not part of our plans/expectations. 

At 05.25 I was told that we have saved the greatest discovery of all to the end, which is about being you and how everything started, this is what we are bringing too, Stig, and yes because you were crazy enough to go through all pain to make this possible, and now this has been installed too, and this is because you are now about to publish your latest “creation”, the script of yesterday.

And I was asked if we would have lost this forever or if we really would be able to recreate this being the natural force (?), and I have been told both, so I really don’t know “but if you were to guess, Stig” (?), and no, I don’t believe in guessing when not knowing, but normally the worst alternative is right.

I thought about taking a long bath after finishing work this night, and I received pressure to do final edit of front page of website first – to receive all darkness of my previous self still coming to me – but no, we have good time, I have a full day ahead of me and so far I am all up to date except from this edit (and yes if time and energy allows it, I may look at chemtrails too, but it is really nice and not need to have) so I will take a bath first, and no, I will not accept this last part of me to go up in dark smoke, so I better keep this life safe as someone telling me way above, and I am also given feelings of “it takes absolutely nothing, to make me cross/sad”, which is coming to me from other people, and for example your sister?

At 05.40 I published my script of yesterday, and yes happy to have done that too, and yes still COMPLICATED to do copying and pasting each chapter.

I kept receiving tries to bring me out of this world pain to my right ankle, but now there is nothing of the world to change, because out here we just are, and yes let everything be good out here.

I still received darkness/resistance of more of my new self on the way in including feelings of disgust and words like “I cannot take care of that”, which is how darknes still wants to influence me, but no, and yes these days I am reminded of old VERY good dreams with a “very good” feeling, and here about a very beautiful road of a small city with a big green lawn and a castle I feel, and the grocery store at the corner of this road.

And I had to repeat MANY times to my new self “you are welcome” and that is NOT to the New World, which I say “good luck” to, and if I did not, it would bring the New World here, and that is not the idea, so pretty important too to get this right.

Before going to bath I received more anxiety together with “don’t sleep” and told that “this is how we feel it”, but I will take this chance.

And you do want everything which remains of the four back chain don’t you (?), and therefore do as I say, and yes this is darkness wanting to dictate over me.

You have no idea of how bad sleeping is, but when you did not accept your “old nightmare”, we invented a way to get through it but of course without telling you, because you had to go to even deeper levels of sufferings to bring out this part of you, therefore. 

The pressure of constant negative speech coming to me from outside, decreased hereafter making life a little bit tolerable again. 

He does not understand himself that he is alive, and this is part of the original God coming out via my new inner self, and it is first now that he understands that it was his own fear of losing everything, which made him turn into exactly this monster trying to destruct everything. And he said “I don’t want to be like that now” he gave me the feeling of guilt and said “can you forgive me”, but of course we can, and yes I can, and I am sure that the Universe and man can too.

And the worst is that you are not conscious about this, and there you have darkness in a nutshell, and yes it was not strong enough to kill itself because it truly did not want to destruct itself as its most inner feeling.

And Sanna was his way to hit us all, but underneath this was his desire to come back as his old self, so this was essentially also a plan of his and his inner love, which made this possible. 

At 08.45 I was told that we will now beging the travel to implement this new layer of God inside all life everywhere, and later also that my “control board” will be implemented as part of nothing, and I was thinking about this “nothing” of “nothing” with the lyrics from Monthy Python’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” coming to me “You know, you come from nothing – you’re going back to nothing.  What have you lost? Nothing!” and it could not be more truth than this, Eric & Co. 

I was told that we will now do what is impossible and I was shown a wheel chair being wrapped up in a newspaper, and I thought that this is being made with parts of God, which was destined for destruction.

I was told that we will also include the “no destruct” command in all life (remove the possibility of darkness ever to be created), and I felt my new self now all the way inside of me as darkness and that is outside the New World you know.

In bath I half slept a little and remember a dream/vision where I am working on my laptop and my mother lays in bed where Tommy Körberg visits us and he checks the gasoline meter, and I am surprised that my laptop keeps opening pop-up windows to porn-sites, which I keep closing but they keep opening, and I see that Tommy likes being with us, but also that he is exhausted and he falls asleep, and yes I wonder if someone knows about me giving Tommy the message that his “poor farmer boy” plays an “Important” part of my scripts welcoming man to our New World, and yes “plays” is a keyword about Tommy being an actor himself, and yes on the other side, so a “special friend” he is too, and if this is the case, he may not like it herewith sending me darkness bringing me tiredness and threats of my “old nightmare”.

I was shown the drive in to a wine producer in Provence, France, and I have been in St. Tropez in 2000 with Camilla, and did we not visit a wine producer, Camilla (?), but at least to me this meant “bringing new wine to the New World, which we have never tasted before”, which is something completely new, and yes to invent God and the New World to communicate together and for God to see in to all New World’s of the future, but this is what you ask for, so this is what we do.

I was told that there is a time limit, and if you don’t want to do this – still because of tiredness (still!) and not much motivation to work – we will never do this again, so it is really now or never, Elvis, and no I have no plans to stop working now, and I will do my best no matter how little or much work you give me, but I sure hope that it does not include 3-days tours without sleep again or even 2 days, which I don’t believe I can take and that is right now at least, and so far when this is written at 11.40, there don’t seem to come much work in today, and there is also not much pressure from darkness on me, so it may not be that much, or suddenly it may open and come (?), we will see, and yes a blurred view is what I have today. 

I was asked by part of my new self “can I stop this school now”, and I could only answer “I have no opinion on this – let light deside” and yes I don’t want anything of the school to end now if I still need more darkness to complete the school, and even with this answer I was told that the school of Torben (Christian E.’s friend) has now stopped meaning that he will no longer send me darkness, and yes this was my friend too asking for my autograph when I told him in 2008 I believe at a dinner together with Christian that I will be famous, but maybe you lost your faith too when hearing about me from Christian, who is a silent Facebook friend of mine, which Torben is not.

Later I was told that this is a process, which has not started “and there is nothing you can do about it”.

I continued receiving some out of this world pain to my right ankle, which can only be my new self still turning around.

After lunch I decided to carefully read three chapters of the front page of my website – about creation and darkness – which I have changed over and over again, and now once again, and that was to do the final edit of this part, and when doing this with much disgust, I still received darkness from the New World to my right and I felt it sweeping around my head, and also that the New World hereafter is (only) sending our light, and this is because when doing this edit, I again received the feeling of condicence and yes this is how it is, and this is what I am satisified with.I was given the “Nazi-feeling” during the day within this darkness coming to me, and I was told that when I at the Jægerspris summer camp as boy wrote on the sheet of one of the others “Sovsen-Jensen was/slept here” and afterwards stroke it out, it was a symbol of coming terminations, which the digital drop-outs to the picture of my TV (always focussed on people) were also about.

Later I decided to cycle to the swimming hall even though I was on the edge of being able to exercise, and on my way there I felt my new self inside of me as darkness with people around me saying that “this is dangerous” and I was shown and asked “shall I break off a branch”, and yes a dark tree is what I am, but no, you are not to break anything off, and this made me wonder for how long I will be kept awake this time, and that is if I will be kept awake.

I was told that we transferred you and the small room of darkness, and later I was given a STRONG smell of sea together with a fishing cutter at Hvide Sande in Jutland and I was told that we keep believing all the time that now it cannot get any stronger (my new self), but it does, so don’t give up, and given up is what was close to me here this afternoon, and darkness was still given me a hard time swearing at me, and when I was close to enter it or to let it overtake me, I was told by the actors inside of there that in this case I will only go through a strong breeze (and if not, it will be stronger).

I did the 30 minutes of training on the cross trainer, but it was the slowest for a long time, and I had an INCREDIBLE strong feeling of Jack inside of me, and I wondered if it was because he sent the helicopter at me the other day, or if he is still the rear party I have pulled out too?

During the day I received periods of STRONG pressure of “something” coming from my right, which wanted to come to me, and I thought that it was the New World, and I was told that it would only come to help me with light, but no this is not how we play, so I decided to say that God and darkness was welcome, and that is because this is now the right to say, and I do believe that I would be fooled if I did not do this.

My nephew Tobias is having haemorrhoids operated away today, and they are a clear sign of darkness because of his living, and my father has “always” suffered from them too, and I have had very little of them a couple of times, but only briefly before they vanished, and yes they are truly painful.

I was given the feeling of Karen and also that her darkness is the next, which will lose its grip on me, and can it really be that when coming outside the New World that darkness gradually loses its grip on me (?), and I should be happy if this is the case, and I heard that it is not himself de-attaching darkness is it?

I kept on receiving the word “leprous” and when I wrote it down, I was told that this is how I have been treated, not least by Karen, and it is also not least from her that you receive sexual speech/torments.

I  heard “who will have this Stratocaster” (a guitar) and told that you are still handing out gifts to us.

The game this evening is if life inside darkness will “rot” when I sleep as I was told at bath this morning, or if it will survive until I have converted all to light (?), and yes the question about sleeping or starying up, and yes we know Stig, normally the worst alternative is the right, so I might stay up some of the night, but I do believe that it will be impossible to stay up all night and all tomorrow without a nap at least, so we will see.

I received a thank you from the spirit of my mother at our New World after learning about it, and she really gave me her hand in front of me.

I used the hot air function of my “new” microwave oven to do a pork filet, and when it was almost done, the display showed an error message, and was stopped, which was spiritual darkness trying to stop me from cooking “the best food of the world” in terms of new life, and it worked again with unplugging and plugging it.

Very unsual warm weather for the season is coming these days to Denmark with up to 20 degress tomorrow, which is NOT normal at the middle/end of October, and we know it is the old “unusual weather”phenomenon, and here to say that we are still following the road of God.

I decided to call on an add of a new wireless keyboard and mouse of only 60 DKK, and it was of good quality by Logitech, the same brand as I have just thrown out one keyboard and two mouses I had myself, and yes I was really far too tired and had far too little money left to buy this, but I thought that I could do it – both really – so I borrowed my mothers car and drove the approx. 15-20 kilometres forth and back to Dronningmølle, and yes it looks very fine, but if it worked (?), and no it did not, so the problem is not the keyboard and mouse, but my old computer, which to my luck survived the worst attack of darkness, but it is not “capable” of working together with a receiver wireless revceiving signals from the mouse and keyboard, so there you have it, but now I have a new set I can use together with a new computer if this is what I will decide to use the rest of the money for, and that is if it is possible to buy such used of approx. DKK 500.

On my way I was told that it is incredible what we find here, for example how you can recognize a son, who wants to save his father – yes I was recognized in the summer of 2010 when jumping to the (darkness of the) Source.

And I was told that we have seen the notes of a whole New World, if he was lucky succeeding to burn the entire Old World down. And I was told that people of my family/friends etc. have not only worked to end the world because here and also here and here and many places are deeper layers of information, which the dark side of him cannot get access to and it is about a New World, which we have now copied and included in our database over future development options. And I was told that this would be a whole New World without darkness and all it required was for us to get this far without destroying his life of darkness and to help him out, and to destroy everything and start up a New World, and no thank you, this is NOT what I have in mind, and this is “too thick” as we say here, so there is NO way you can get me to do this, and also no way that this could be done at all with all light around us.

I was told that the name “Kent” is the other side of Gert really, which is the new system of light, and when I came home I was told “boo, this was what you were supposed to believe, for everything to destruct and later a New World coming on the other side”.

I was told that we have now started also to remove darkness, which your mother sends you, and I heard “can’t I keep my Barbie doll” (?), and no every little thing is going to become light.

And I was told by the spirit of my father that darkness would not follow me, but it would with you.

I was told about Obama and his campaign, and the staff wanting to take rough/illegal actions playing “dirty tricks” on your opponent, and also people close to Obama trying to “set him up” by tempting him, and let me here say that I will NOT interven in this campaign, but I kindly ask Obama to play a CLEAN game, and of course to be the best salesman and also aggressive if this is what it takes, but to NEVER compromise on the truth and to NEVER accept dirty games coming as “good suggestions” from your own sake, and yes just a piece of friendly advice of course, because tempations of darkness can be VERY hard to resist.

I decided to look on adds on a new, used computer this evening, and I might be able to get something a little better than what I have for 500 DKK, but I have decided to wait, and yes I will take my laptop (as I bought in Kenya) to a repair shop in town and get a quote of what it will cost to repair it (the screen does not work) and I am excited to see if they can see what is wrong with it because all I know is that it is spritiual darkness putting it out of the game as so much else.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mads was inspired again again when saying that taxes leads to self destruction, and yes Mads because it is NOT meant to be for people to establish bureaucratic states deciding on behalf of people and removing their freedom, and which country in the world has the highest tax pressure of all (?), and yes Denmark, welcome the the worst country of Hell in this respect.

  • There was a ”dispute” between the national coach of Denmark, Morten Olsen, and the defender Patrick Mtiliga – the one receiving rascistic shouts in Bulgaria – and Morten asked this player the other day when meeting Italy to warm up so he could play if Morten Olsen’s first choice of this match Simon Poulsen could not play, and he understood that Patrick did not want to do that, which made Morten ban Patrick from ever playing on the national team again (!) and also to say that this is the worst he has seen in his 40 years in football, and “a giant majority” of Danish football was quick to support Morten in this case, and the problem however was that Morten MISUNDERSTOOD Patrick not hearing what Partrick said when he was honest when saying that he did not feel 100% ready, but of course he was at disposal to play (!), and yes miscommunication also here, and what is it normally that creates misunderstandings of people (?), and yes people who are used to only hearing themselves, and do you believe in Morten Olsen being an “expresser” or “dictator” (?), and yes a dictator, so Morten is there a chance that you are NOT a very good communicator and also do not communicate when you should communicate as this article where Patrick shows “a remarkable lack of communication on the national team shows”, and yes I am NOT surprised that this is how it WRONGLY is.
  • Dan writes below that “communication helps understanding”, and yes you may take your own “medicine” opening your ears, Dan (?), and Jeanne said that she is with Mtiliga and that “the Danish Football Association should wake up and see that the closk has beaten 2012, and Morten Olsen is not Caesar, who can do whatever he likes”, and yes this is what she says meaning that 2012 is a year of change, right Obama (?), and we don’t like dictators like Caesar – and yes I am still given dizziness of nothing going through me, just got one.

  • At the swimming hall today I heard three teenagers speaking again and again about a HALO, which made me recommend them to watch/hear the beautiful song HALO by Depeche Mode, which was one of the songs played to me over and over again when my spiritual voice was awakened during some very long nights in the  spring of 2006 emphazising the lyrics “And when our worlds, They fall apart, When the walls come tumbling in,  Though we may deserve it, It will be worth it” – thus being a very special song to me and here was also about a HALO, and is this what is being built around me now for all people to recognise/feel me? (and no matter what I do, this picture is NOT visible here and at least not today even though there is nothing wrong with the picture, which simply may be to say that you cannot yet see this halo because it also takes other glasses for you to see it).


19th October: I am placed at the centre of the Universe as the natural force of God and my new self, the resurrected Jesus

Dreaming of darkness still wanting to carry out my “old nightmare” and give birth to Anti-Christ

I had decided trying to stay up as long as possible, but at midnight I was again incredible tired and also had some coughing – as John also still has some – and I thought that I cannot hold on for long now, this was at its worst level, and darkness continued to let me say “you are welcome” to the New World, which is difficult to resist because this is what I am still used to say from many thousands of times the last couple of years, and I still tried the “God and darkness are welcome and good luck to the New World”, but difficult to say when the other line is part of your automatic reflex.

My tiredness only became even worse, and we here talk about the worst I have gone through with a new level of restlessness given to me where I could not be anywhere, and still I decided to fight my best and was also receiving appreciation for doing this, but finally at 03.00 I did not have anything left to give, and decided to sleep, and yes I should have gone to bed instead of the sofa, but it was “too easy” just to keep my eyes clothes and to sleep here, which I did until 09.50 with this dream.
I fell asleep on the sofa at around 14.00 yesterday – I should have gone to bed, which is ALWAYS the best – and I woke up at 02.00 thinking of sleeping more, but I decided to stay up and do this work instead, and I remember brief content of dreams.

I am together with three beautiful women, who know that they are some of the most beautiful of all. One is called “the Greek”, another the name of another country (was it Russia?), but they don’t appeal to me as the third one does, which gets under my skin giving me feelings I don’t receive with the other two. I speak with this woman about becoming sweethearts, and she tells me that she is pregnant after having slept with the captain of a small ship, which I see and also how the captain finds and pour out a bottle of whisky, so inspectors coming to the ship don’t find it, thus not stopping his work because of drinking. 

    • This is about darkness still wanting to bring me my “old nightmare” with the spirit of my mother acting as this Devil in disguise, and he wants to make this lady pregnang via me to give birth to Anti-Christ, and yes this is all in his script inside of here, and there is only one problem for him, and that is that I have decided NOT to carry out his dream simply by saying NO, and the captain will eventually be caught and taken away from his old work of darkness. And the Greek is really about the Aha-effect.

I am now placed at the centre of the Universe as the natural force of God and my new self, the resurrected Jesus

I was told that no one knew how it would go, and how you would get out of the wrong hole, but until now it has gone “meget godt” (“pretty good”), which was a sign saying that Buddha is still here and I am receiving much extra of Buddha from this the previous fortress of God of the hidden world as I continue to fight with.

Until now there is no end to it, which is why we let you sleep, and it looks as if we can keep on for days, which is why we have decided to continue the game and to let you sleep.

Now we will just have to watch out that your mother will not fall off the bridge when your sister will know with the feeling “and your mother through her”.

I was told that your victory did not come surprising, and it came with the feeling that what comes to us here does, and also that you could keep on so long being undetected by the mainstream world.

It may be that the world war ends in five minutes or one hour (the fight against this fortress and minutes/hours are symbolic, which may mean days/weeks) we cannot tell, which is why we have accepted doing it your way.

I was told that we can almost not endure any more beautiful creation coming to us, and also that you are the only one who can do this, because this darkness had overtaken your father.

When darkness continued pretty strongly for me to accept the New World coming to me from the right by putting the words “you are welcome”, I decided to change, and simply say “no”, which is easy to say and remember, even for the simple minded, and this broke down this strength of darkness, and I was told that this was the key for this darkness wanting to use its destructive power on the New World, and yes instead it gave me the feeling of giving up over the coming hours.

I was asked do you think that when Benny Hinn says “fire” and heal people (via us) that he receives your words “I have no opinion on that” (?), and yes you may like to tell the world, Benny (?), and also about a feeling of a sudden change of energy and almost as if there isn’t anymore?

I was still tired during the morning and afternoon and was on my edge of wanting to exercise, but after lunch I decided to go to the swimming hall to see if I could take one more round of exercise, and yes certainly not because I am feeling good, and let us say that “broken down” feeling warm inside of me better covers how I feel.

I was told again that I am only winning this one for being quick and efficient compared to the slowness of darkness, and that this is also the secret why we can let you sleep, and it is not because we can build up a reserve, but … and the feeling being that I am catching up when I start to work again, and the only “problem” is now that there is not much work coming my way, and we will see when I will also start to look at those chemtrails, which I will do when the combination of not being too tired and not having too much work comes, and this might be later today, we will see.

I was told that this was not meant for Obama to win a second term, but only to become President once, and that is because we are now coming close to the election day the 6th November, and yes do you believe we will make it as long as that, my friend (?), and yes I do!

During the afternoon I decided to bring my laptop to the repair shop in Helsingør, who offered to check it and give me a free offer of the repair costs, which I can accept or decline (I don’t like “free” services really, but this is how it is here), and they will calle me in some days from now.

I decided after all not to go to the swimming hall because I am really too tired/exhausted, but instead I cycled to the Commune to deliver a signed “declation” about this or that to keep my cash help in force.

On my tour I was told that the spirit of my mother was an amateur fencer not long ago compared to now, and I was thinking that I am reparing an old computer of mine (if it is not too expensive with around 500 DKK being my limit to pay) and that this may symbolise that we are bringing the new layer of God to all people of the world.

I was told that we told you that you were away from the New World and it is really more accurate to say that we are still here, but as another force than the New World.

I received great enthusiasm when a piece of sandwich paper was turned around without burning, and I was told that it is now at the most cold on the sole of my feet and not all over my body anymore.

And I felt how the New World somehow was “attached” to me again, and that I am now in the centre of it, and yes in the centre of Earth of the Universe, and I was told that you could have believed that you would say nothing as “nothing”, but oh no, I have now also changed the natural force of myself enabling me to speak, and we can now call this place for the “Ministry of Love” herewith making me everything, which is ♥♥♥, and I was thinking that darkness may now be too weak to cause any harm to our New World and even to reach it, and yes of course everyone is welcome to visit me here :-).

I was told that you will discover how impossible it also was to enable the natural force to speak.

To my surprise I was told that it was our New World, which removed darkness from me, and eeehhh how was that again (?), and yes this is what I am told, and another game changer is coming today when intergrating my new self with the New World.

I was told that it is a problem how to use the last last life/light of darkness, and of course I said that I will NOT accept any destruction.

I had someone coming to me from the right saying that I/we did not mean to prick you on your shoulder (to dismiss me from the New World as I had a vision or was it a dream about the other day), and this was to bring away darkness from our New World to convert it to light as I understand it without risking to destruct the New World.

I still had some pain to my behind, which is still coming from my father, and yes father, how are you (?), and still depressed that I “deserted” you when you were going through pain and sickness, and it never occurred to you that I was speaking the truth going throuhg even bigger pain than you with the difference being that it was you deserting me, when you “could not” understand me?

I was reminded that I as God will not carry out surveillance of man unless there is a reason for it (if man loses sence of responsibility again), which is also to say that my basic rules is what will keep our New World together with man also not carrying out surveillance of man, but if/when you face people losing their sense of responsibility, I will of course value the help of man to disciplinise people by first removing, then “surveilling”/helping people to be brought back to good behaviour and work and when they have, to bring back their freedom, and yes you do understand this, don’t you?

Stig, have you noticed that you almost do not receive any more out of this world pain to your right ankle (?), but I still here receive pain to the finger tips really of my left hand or just inside of them which is to say that we have filled up our New World completely.

Stig you have been out in space to collect Obelix, which is a whole new strength, we have not presented you for yet, and yes Stig here at 17.15, you are truly COMPLETELY and UTTERLY destroyed, and there will be NO start to chemtrails today, and instead I will bake some pancakes, because I have some more eggs to use before it is too later and they become too old, and yes this is how it is here.

I was told something about the Devil does not have to dry off his shoes, because we are now using this part to create the path for the world to come and visit me/us here at the centre.

I said that we wil continue the game for 1-2 more months, and was told we know Stig but what if there is no more game to continue (?), and it seems as if there is nothing much left, this is also how it feels, and that is right now at least, so we will see what happens over the coming days.

I was told that we have not moved in yet Stig because it requires your approval, and eeehhhh I see some with their backs out there, and yes when you are light, you can move in, so this is the game we will continue and that is for everything to be light when we will start our New World, and we will not start before everything is in place and yes without anything been sorted out.

Later I was told that it is only some more Piper Heidsieck Champagne bottles we have to bring in, which I was then showed.

I was told that only by thinking that I was away from the New World it was possible for it to clean me, and yes this is what I am told!

For a long time I have been given visions about previous runs I have done in my life running maybe 20, 30 or 40 minutes not having the energy to do it because of darkness given to me all of my life, and these runs were also part of saving my life as someone tells me here, and yes the rest of the simple minded man, which is the rest of my inner self.

I was told by my inner self that he is almost nothing now, and then it is like I have never been here, but still I am everything.

We have practically no luggage here, otherwise we would not have moved in, and I was given the feeling that I have to dare starting the New World, but no there is still darkness, so there you have it.

I have been given examples of old friends thinking about calling me after February 2010, but no, it was “too difficult” for you to do?

I was told that now the worst, which can happen is for darkness to say “you are also really ugly”, and yes we will have to see about that, normally there is always a surprise and if there is no more darkness now, what will we use the time for until December 21, which is the day we will open our New World, or we may decide to do it before if we are ready?

I felt the New World coming and felt inspired to say “but of course you are welcome again – if nothing negative happens” – the games changes again.

And I heard the New World saying that we will just check to see if everything is alright in there, and I heard; did you give the New World the task to create yourself without yourself knowing, and I was told yes, and I received the feedback that it looks like we only have to do some final adjustments.

I was told that we did not bring a sack for this darkness because there is no where to throw it. And I heard a voice from above asking if it is Stig sitting down there, yes him the worst pirate a couple of days ago. Later I was told that we also have to develop a channel for future development of our New World from me, and right after I heard that now this is done.

For some time when using the remote control for my TV shifting channels up or down, it has VERY often jumped over one channel, and this evening more than ever, which made me say that if you had hidden life of darkness from me, it is NOT accepted!

I now heard darkness wanting to repeat “you are not welcome” to the New World after picking up a new habit from the last couple of days, and I was told and given the feeling that darkness sits inside these exact words, because it is truly again “you are welcome”, which is the right to say.

I was told that it was impossible to come close to you because of darkness, and I felt how the New World is still coming closer to me literally crawling closer to me over my body, but I also felt that this is still difficult, which is because of lack of faith in me from family/friends etc.

I was told that you have just used a life annuity, and there will come not much more, which is about what I was told in dreams years ago, i.e. that I would receive a life annuity, and yes it will be replaced with a normal life.

I watched “crazy about dance” and Britt, the judge, told Camilla, the dancer, about her dancing moves and “making everything live again”, and afterwards Camilla spoke of partying and you may see her jump of joy, which is about what she is given when everything lives, and yes I was told that this was an answer to my TV jumping over channels, and here when writing this, I am given hesistation because what if there is really something missing, and yes Stig, you will accept no losses of life and that is at all, so please make sure that I will not get surprised later finding out that darkness cheated me without knowing it, and no, I will NOT accept the solution never to know – if there is more life not found, now is the time to find it my friends, and Camilla was asked if Jive is her favourite dance, and she said that all dances are, which was inspired to say that I value all life equally as much.

I was shown and told that we will now bring down the cross too as the absolutely last and that is because you first set up yourself after having saved everything else, and later I was shown that yellow is coming in instead (the love of my mother).

I still had the worst darkness wanting me to speak negatively still making me feel the most disgust and truly being on my limit to break down a long period today, which I smiled at because I was “only” at my extreme limit, and not over it, and yes we have been there many times before knowing that somehow I always come through this, thus also today.

The dancers Louise and Mads – my favourites this year, an elegant couple – were very eager to do their best with the result that Louise did not, and it made the judges say ”never mind” (!), and still they scored the lowest this evening, but they were saved by viewers voting on them, and this was a yellow card to say that they were on their way out but was saved at the very end, just like this hidden world too.

The dancer Joachim was told by Jens the judge that the audience is wise because they don’t care about his small mistakes because we have a party, and another dancer was happy for Joachim dancing fine with his partner and that was because happiness is spreading to all, and as Jens told him with much inspiration “I think you are a FAT (cool) guy” and this was to say that happiness is spreading because of the fat guy, and yes this is still me, but I can promise you that I do NOT like to weigh too much because I have a VERY strong desire to be in good form and a physical body in form, and darkness makes this impossible now but it will come also to me, and I feel Obama with me here, so you have noticed too “my friend”?

Klaudia has been sick, and gave a little cough from her, which made the male host cough three times “just for laughs”, which is about the little cough that John – and I – have left.

Joachim is known for his “funny face/mouth expressions” and when they ran one in slowmotion where he was dancing with his mouth open in a round form and asked him what this was about, he of course said that he was a fish, and yes what else?

To my surprise I received a quick 1/3 out of this world pain to my right ankle followed by a small heart attack and also physical touch around my private parts, which is to say that we are not all done yet.

I was shown that I have walked through a dark tunnel with a SUPER SPORT CAR of darkness – in the “super heroes” class but of darkness – together with the worst sexual torments, and this is because all of my family/friends etc., thus the world, is blocking because of their lack of faith and wrong behaviour and work, and I was told that if I did not handle this, we would have to do with what we had (as God of nothing), but this part is now also becoming much better.

I was shown the trace of a GIANT room with the feeling of an elephant surrounding it and a lot of people celebrating in there, and this is where I am headed.

The dancer Jeanette said ”my dream came through” and at the same time I was given the name of the singer “Sebastian” and his album “Skatteøen”, and here is “the cheese song” from this after 04:40, which is about “cheese, I want cheese, I want cheese”, and yes the best which is, which is now all saved on the island of Bornholm, and that is the best life I was able to produce.

I was told that you went through one part of light with the other part of darkness on the way out of the tunnel at the football stadium, but still we saved both sides, and yes because there both sides of the story are always important, right Phil?

I was told that the New World is in other words still on the way to you and now opening into the absolutely last. You decided to save the drill sell drilling into this, and this is where the most important was. I was shown newspapers being removed from the inside of an empty carafe, and there was nothing there, but still there was a whole hidden world.

You will probably not need any lawyers assistance also not for this operation, and yes I was shown earlier that should I lose it, the closest part of the spirit of my mother to me would destruct.

An old story maybe not told before in my scripts, but given to me several times is that my mother’s adoptive mother lived on Istedgade 98 in Copenhagen until her death in 1975, and the story is that it was her darkness creating the red light district of Copenhagen at this street, which now is about to become clean again with good café’s, stores etc., and Denmark was the first country in the world liberating porn, so there you have this story too, and yes you do know that porn is the same as saying “we don’t want to live anymore”, and this is still how it is.

I decided to write the notes I received this evening late in the evening despite of truly being too tired/exhausted, and just hearing about staying awake tonight can make me almost scream, and no I am not going to stay awake this night, and that is because I cannot, I am feeling even worse than the previous night where I could only stay up until 03.00 even though I gave simply everything I had.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Christian Newspaper (which removed my freedom of speech, remember?) said that it is lunch, the time is 12 (it is “up over”, now) and here is a small article about what to serve and yes the article is called “the gravy has to get back on the dinner table”, and yes I have both, i.e. both the gravy of the hidden world and my new dinner table, so sure, we will do that, i.e. to bring everything which has ever been to thw going all the way back to the beginning self.

  • Helena showed the “hvalikopter” (“whaleincopter”) in front of the Aros art museum, which she visited the other day, and yes this is about having lifted up the whale of everything making sure that everything without exception survives, this is what this is about, Helena ♥.

  • Lesley is a new Facebook friend, who found me not that long ago, and she is very passioned about community, and writes many messages daily, which gets none or only little attention – almost like mine, but she writes more – and here she spoke about giving cash help to everyone, and I decided to tell her that there will come something even better, and I shared the New World Order with her, and yes “Stig, do you mean that you are MESSIAH” (?), and we know another person receiving another great surprise, And I told her that I am the one as it appears from my website and until now as an ordinary man who has not yet opened his eyes of his new self, and I hope that this will inspire her to read and understand about our coming New World – but no, I did not see her enter other pages than my New World Order, which I am also not sure that she understood (?), so were you blind too, Lesley?

  • Helena is having holiday with the boy Oskar being with her this week, and they went to see Randers Regnskov (a tropical rain forest) and she said that Oskar is almost not afraid of the monkeys any longer and she does not go in black over the butterflies, and yes we are almost not afraid of darkness of the monkeys anymore, and the darkness of Helena is almost not afraid of creation of the butterflies, which is about turning around the world, and Mads believed that this is where Thor Möger has moved, and yes to transform from a monkey to a butterfly too.

  • Just after bringing my comment below, I was shown and told that it was almost as if I was working as a shield when this young woman was shot by the Taliban, and only survived because of a miracle.

  • Mikael Wulff brought the following “breaking news” that the coming “blood rain” coming this weekend (sand brought from the Sahara to her from tomorrow) is not to be confused with real blood rain as the first plague of ten hitting Egypt, and he says that this blood rain coming now you only have to dry off your car windown with a cloth, and with real blood rain, cascades of dark red blood will pour down from the sky creating an unstoppable flood where nothing will survive, and yes an inspired man, this Michael, and here he speak of what I saved the world from going through, “real blood rain”, which would have continued until the end of the world or until we would be able to switch it off at the centre of creation working as darkness.

  • I was happy to be hearing from David, and I was thinking of darkness of Elijha “helping” to make my old laptop stop working, and yes I am thinking of how your children are doing, Elijah, and if I am still welcome in your house should I knock on your door tomorrow? You can also find songs of Electric Light Orchestra and Lionel Ritchie in here.

  • I brought this link to Jeff Lynne’s new album on Grooveshark also to say that I look forward to FREE CULTURE of our New World, and when I listen to Grooveshark, I have trouble receiving “pure sound” because in the Opera browser, the picture keeps blinking taking out all memory of the computer making it VERY slow and eventually difficult/impossible to listen to, and in the Chrome browser, it plays fine when I have the browser as the open window, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I change to the Microsoft Word windown, the sound starts “hacking” also making it impossible to listen to, and yes this is a sign of all darkness still coming to me hiding the underlying love.

  • Jeppe is crazy about his son, wife and unborn. Crazy about his colleagues and company. Crazy about (et cetera) magazine, which he is the CEO of. Crazy about his new house and so crazy about life in general that only admission to the closed department is an option, and he asked are you crazy too (?), and I wonder if this is what you think I am as my Facebook friend, Jeppe?

  • Are you thinking about not seeing the forest because of mere trees, Martin (?), and yes still thinking of me you are?


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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