October 21, 2012: Creating a connection between God and the New World enabling eternal CREATION of our New World


Summary of the script today

20th October: Creating a connection between God and the New World enabling eternal CREATION of our New World

  • Dreaming of watching the New World with the warmest feelings of love of God being sent out, and God should not be able to exist.
  • I will soon leave my school/end my journey, but for the moment I continue receiving darkness/sufferings, and decided to start working on “chemtrails” – the Secret World poisoning and brainwashing mankind to remain in power which all started because of “oil interests”. We are creating a new building of God using the last life of darkness for everyone being able to visit me in our New World. I am being placed on the throne in the middle of everything with the kingdom of our New World around me.
  • We are creating a road for people to visit the home of God in our New World, and when I had a nice evening with my mother/John and Sanna/Hans, I was told that there has now been created a connection between God as the natural force and our New World making CREATION and not only “development/evolution” continue to take place forever, which I was told is among the greatest of all of our achievements.
  • Short stories of dark matter holding the Universe together, Holger K. Nielsen being a Zombie absorbing darkness symbolising me, Lesley guesses that I might be me (!), Søren Espersen is also a silent man of darkness, Lasse was a man of pure darkness almost making me spit out life of darkness, chemtrails brainwashing the world is as sinister as it gets, my body is rumbling because of selfishness of the rich world, the world is not bleeding anymore, and Mads is ready to retrain for our New World.

21st October: God entered the last solid darkness of my inner self to free me and he brought Karen to be by my side

  • Despite from a couple of hours of sleep to test the game, I did not sleep this night too going through Hell once again, and we are now entering the “premier beans” of creation, which is what the spirit of my father is helping me to do, and he has started unscrewing the now small remaining of his previous fortress, and he has brought the spirit of Karen with him for her to be “by your side”, and she will first become my queen, when we will get married.
  • Short stories of asking the director of the Danish Intelligence Service to stand forward telling the truth, the gold apple of our New World symbolising fertility, reading me will “install new software into their brains”, there is plenty of bacon at our New World. I am continuing to produce gravy going through darkness, now coming to the end of the 360 degrees journey of the rainbow of creation.


20th October: Creating a connection between God and the New World enabling eternal CREATION of our New World

Dreaming of watching the New World and God should not be able to exist

I was really allowed to sleep, which I did until 09.00 this morning, and I had this dream.

  • I am in the cinema showing a documentary of Electric Light Orchestra and part of the audience are the original members of Electric Light Orchestra, and it annoys me that 3-4 of them are speaking, and I notice that they have truly become old. At a break, I think about playing a CD with the band, and Bev gives me one of their CD’s encouraging me to play it, and I meet Jeff at the CD player, he had the same thought and shows me that he will play the Xanadu album, but to my surprise it is traditional rock’n’roll music coming out. The sound is incredible good, Jeff has built these very loud speakers himself, and he tells me that they were cheap to build, and that they do indeed sound terrific. He also says that they should not be able to work, they should break down. 
    • This is about a BBC4 documentary of Electric Light Orchestra, which they showed a couple of weeks ago, which I cannot see because BBC does not allow visitors from abroad to watch their Internet TV and it is not on YouTube yet, and if I like this (?), and no, I do NOT (!), which should be obvious, right (?), and being in the cinema is to watch our New World, and the music is still the warmest feelings of love of God being sent out, the traditional rock song is because there is such a song on Jeff’s new album (also thinking of the old Hold on Tight and Rock’n’roll is king), and the speakers with the “perfect sound” is God coming through and the dream says that God self should not be able to exist, and when I woke up, this is also what I was told, that God should not be able to exist, which is also what we see inside of here. 

I am being placed on the throne in the middle of everything with the kingdom of our New World around me

I was told that soon you will not any longer have English homework to do, which will be the end of my school, and yes how much do you believe I look forward to this (?), and if I am tired of being tired, suffering and continuing to write hundreds of pages of scripts (?), and yes YOU BET (!), but if there is 1-2 months to go, I will try to get through these too, and if there is less, I will take that too.

I was told – still by a simple minded voice – that without my studies I would not be alive, i.e. the life inside darkness.

I was told about “diving” and told that this is also what Obama does when being tired helping be to go deep to bring out life.

When I felt darkness coming to me, or let us say darkness between me and the New World, and the feeling of being tired of this, I felt that this my deepest inner layer of darkness does not want to carry out my “old nightmare”, so also because of this, I will continue my work, and yes what is worst, to continue working/suffering or to relax/give up and accept my “old nightmare” (?),  and yes I have not even been close to the latter, but I have felt the pressure and nightmare having to continue working/suffering because there is really no alternative – and I was told that only if I truly want my “old nightmare” to be carried out, this is what I will receive, but no thank you!

And if I am still tired this morning (?), and yes I am (!), and I was already from the morning told about having to stay up the next night, and do I really (?), and we will see when I get this far.

Already at 11.30 I had finished the script so far, and yes I will go with my mother and John to my sister and Hans this evening, and I am still feeling like rotten fish as I am told here, so what to do now, to relax (?), no it’s no good, and to start reading about chemtrails, which I am not at all motivated to (?) or to go to the swimming hall, and yes I will start searching on information on chemtrails and see what I find, and I will go to the swimming hall this afternoon, and yes this is the plan, and we will take it from there really.

I was told think about that we will not have to give out candy from the grave, and this was about the mortal remains of my old self, and I wonder what will happen at this place? 

I was told that you have not entered the steering house yet because you have decided that you don’t want to give up, but will continue right until the end of everything, and that is to bring everything first, you know.

This is the same as taking place in the grave, which you will do just before awakening.

Your mother can also hear voices of the space speaking to her if only she cared to hear “what is that sound coming to me” and your sister too, and yes Stig, many are beginning to wake up without knowing what it is that they feel, and just like yourself in 2006.

I was told that hangar ships keep coming in – instead of being destroyed.

I was asked if you want us to bring your greetings to Nelson Mandela (?), and yes Nelson if you are “online” too spiritually, please do :-).

I was told that we will use your work on chemtrails, as I had now started looking into – there might go some days and maybe a week doing this – to make the new building of God perfect, and yes the building we will design to make everyone able to visit us.I was shown one Champagne after the other on a transport band and was told isn’t this our eternity and told that it is, and I was shown a dark locomotive being completely full of light, and I said that I don’t want the locomotive back, but to receive the content of it, and I was shown a giant ship laying to quay, and also a THICK bundle of fibre-optic cables being installed between my sister and I, and I was asked if we can continue making pairs forever (?), and was told that this is what my sister and I will do.

We are using the absolute most outer of the socks underneath your feet to produce this. This is the darkness the absolute closest to you, which we transform into this. It is doing this or bleeding.

And still I also receive a “thank you for stopping us, it came out of control” and yes chemtrails is the Secret World directly poisoning mankind to stay in control of power, money, sex and drugs, amazing right (?), and yes a voice inside of this darkness says that we would like to get out, but you cannot do it yourself when the system has first started (?), do you see the resemblance?

You have only just woken to the monastery where the Devil had his first shoes on, which is what we are going through once again to make this done. 

I was asked how does it feel like to having been swallowed and now returning to the surface (?), and I was given the understanding that this is what is the destiny of this life being released from darkness, and also that we never started a drying programme to make me forget the pin code of this life. 

At lunch I watched some of the European Championships in table tennis on DR1 TV, and the two commentators were inspired to speak about a young Danish player having an obvious talent, but he TRULY needed much mental work, which was a symbol of family/friends etc. believing that Stig is not dumb at all, but craze he certainly is!

I was told isn’t it wonderful if the increase of people taking psychoactive drugs – because of the whole system being “crazy”,  the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, treatment centres etc. – is because of a deliberate plan to “calm down” people to make the rulers being able to continue in power (?), and yes this is not a plan about a New World Order of evil, this is what they have actually rolled out, and yes they got to be crazy these people, and yes HELLO (!), who are you – how many were involved deciding this and operating this (?) – and would you like to get out from your hiding places now (?), and eeeehhhh not before I have opened the eyes of my new self and started our New World (?) and that is because you are the GREATEST COWARDS in the world???

And I was told that BP is/was not one of the smallest of them, and that it all started to protect “energy interests”, and yes OIL WAS THE WEAPON “THIS CLOSE” TO DESTRUCT THE WORLD. 

I was told that if I had given in to my “old nightmare”, the world would have seen the Devil on the sky and evidence of mother and son being brought together as my “old nightmare”, and people would see the Devil satisfied saying “this is it, the end of the world” as he has done so many times before (of previous worlds), but no I will NOT accept this, and this might be what would still be brought to the world if this last darkness had been burned off this way, which would bring fear to everyone before the New World would open behind it, but no, we will not do this act now. And the button to switch this off, is placed all the way in here almost impossible to reach, and I here see the New World reaching in its arm to me inside of this solid darkness – as solid as a dark mountain – as I am inside of trying to push it to switch it off. 

I decided to cycle to the swimming hall even though I was almost as much on my edge today – physically and because of darkness still tormenting me – and I received a STRONG approach from a man of aother civilization telling me that he is reporting to me that the last of the Universe has now joined me.

I was truly on my edge giving up work today, but I decided to be disciplined telling myself that October is now soon over, and if necessary I will also take on November and even December, and that is if I can, and right now, my goal is to last to the U.S. election the 6th November, and please remember Obama to play the game straight even when you are behind in the polls.

When exercising I felt that darkness around my right foot is now only around two toes, which is to say that there is not much remaining.

I had no energy to start with when exercising, but I was given much VERY directly from the New World to my right, and it was given to me from the left side of me, and this made me increase the tempo, so I reached a pulse of 168 – I had over 180 some time ago – and used 480 calories, which I was satisfied with today.

I was shown how the New World is placing me on a throne – I still felt myself as darkness – and it made sense to me that I will be at the very centre of everything with the New World being the kingdom around me. 

I was told that this evening it will be darkness of my father, which will be removed from me.

When I came home I wanted to listen to SAGA, and I felt – for the second time today – a strong desire to listen to their FULL CIRCLE album, which is to say that I am ending my 360 degress journey around the world to save everything, and I like “follow me” from this album, which is what the world did you know.

I was given the taste and vision of a big layer cake, and I was told that this is the cake of our New World now given to the spirit of my mother, and I felt her happiness.

My mother called me this afternoon saying that if I have enough wine – as I do after having bought some bottles on sale – it would be a good idea to bring a bottle to Sanna and Hans “because this is what you do when you come for dinner”, and yes part of the game for me not to bring my family gifts after returning home from Kenya in 2009, and I wonder how much this has “offended” my mother when I have NOT brought her flowers or wine etc. when coming for dinner since (?), and yes we know not easy ….I was given the “Nazi-feeling” during the day within this darkness coming to me, and I was told that when I at the Jægerspris summer camp as boy wrote on the sheet of one of the others “Sovsen-Jensen was/slept here” and afterwards stroke it out, it was a symbol of coming terminations, which the digital drop-outs to the picture of my TV (always focussed on people) were also about.

Creating a connection between God and the New World enabling eternal CREATION of our New World

I continued working until 18.00 where John and my mother collected me, and I had asked my mother who would drive – if I should drive, which I would feel the most comfortable with – but she said that John would, and yes I accepted this with no objections, and even though he is better, he is still very weak.

On our way there I was told “Royal Carribean” and also “Iberian Ham”, and the thing about Royal Caribean was that John has now his mind set on a new cruise asking Hans for new brochures from this company – Hans is a library of everything which has to do with travel, which is his great passion – and yes my mother said that they truly need a vacation, and yes I said nothing, and later in the evening I sat with my mother and Sanna, and heard how my sister prepared my mother telling her that it was NOT a good idea to cross the Atlantic if the ship did not come ashore every evening if something should happen, and yes she “could not” tell John directly, and yes this is how things are done by many “managers” and that includes politicians too, and if I like it (?), and not this is very WRONG communication and against my basic rules saying that I like you to be DIRECT, remember?

Sanna and Hans has bought a new kitchen, and yes much money “but it was needed” – but of course it was (!) – and I could not help smiling because the brand of the kitchen is of course SWAN and how could it be otherwise (?), and yes my sister prepared the most delicious and homemade meal, which is how I liked it the most, and she does it with style and “elegant”, and I thought that she is truly a master chef, and yes part of me as the swan you know.

She had also decided to open two of their best bottles of wine because I was there too – since they know that I appreciate good wine too – and it was two bottles of Amarone from 2003, and as I said “it is the most concentrated wine of the world” and furthermore it was also “soft” because of age, and my mother received a conscious slip of the tongue when she spoke of “a slice of wine”, and this is to say that this is how concentrated creation is at this point where we peel off one layer of the solid rock of darkness at a time, which becomes solid rock of creation and yes as concentrated that it almost “hurt” and yes just to think of, Sanna, and yes if Stig truly is the one, see?

I was told that the breakthrough this evening was when a new access was established for the New World directly to the natural force of God/me meaning that creation will be able to continue for all eternity to come, and I understand “creation” different to “development”, and yes much more profound and quickly, and I was told that we don’t know what is the greatest of all, and if this is it, and just to say that this goes beyond comprehension today.

We spoke about my new table, and I cannot tell you how much joy it gives my mother that I now have space enough to invite the whole family for dinner, and also an oven to prepare food, and yes for the first time since 2009, I now have “the tools” to do this, and really only need a normal life to make me afford invitiving. And this is also to say that it was been a great pain of my mother that I “could not” invite for such a long time..

John and Hans spoke for a long time about their Ipads, setup and how to let their Ipads communicate with Windows PC’s, and yes I thought that it was a waste of time, and said why don’t Microsoft, Google and Apple sit together deciding to create the best operating system including the absolutely best of all platforms, and yes how difficult can it be?

During this John spoke about a programme where he kept codes – including pin codes – and later the speech was inspired about how people can break in to Sanna’s and Hans’ house if they really want to and John spoke about an explosion of their staircase once, and this was really to say that all codes are still intact and that is because darkness has not stolen/exploded any, and this is to say that this is only possible to creat because I decided not to accept my “old nightmare” and to continue my journey all the way to the end, and yes I was told that if I had not done my best to bring out the accelerator of darkness before it really got started, we would have had to blow it off also not coming to this stage, so this is how things fit together, and yes also between my sister and me, because we had to transfer some information between you for our future.

And I thought again that there is only maybe 30 or 60 days remaining of my journey, and what inventions may be possible if I can keep it going, and this is really what motivates me the most when I motivate myself to continue going through my sufferings, and yes I am not happy for not being able to be myself because darkness still puts so strongly a pressure on me with constant distractions/negativity and also difficulties to speak without some hacking, and I wonder if this was also my sister’s experience, or if she thought that I did fine?

Besides from the normal focus on material goods – you have to have experience poverty as I saw in Kenya before you will truly open your heart in this respect – I enjoyed the evening, and my sister had done her best to make this a good evening, which it was, and my mother enjoyed it so much for her two children and her to be together again that this was the main ingredient for us to continue creation as we did today.

After dinner I helped bringing items out of the table, and John tried lifting the half full pot, which was too heavy for him, and I took it and my mother said “Stig has plenty of power”, and yes this is what she believes I have and that is because I do all the exercise I do and also lifts heavy furniture, and then it must be like this, right (?), no wrong!

I was asked already before coming if this is going to become “perfect”, and yes there is NO DOUBT, it has to become perfect, we have never been told differently so this is what we do, and yes my mother spoke of “talking heads”, which is what she and my sister is taking care of the “world situation” based upon their criteria, which can be positive, but very often is negative/misunderstood, which I also understood when they did NOT like the judge Jens Werner from “crazy about dance” being “too much”/selfsatisified, and yes it made me wonder once again how people can see things so differently because I love the way he is only seeing his good behaviour, humoure and clear language, and this is as mentioned OFTEN how it is when people – also my mother and sister – understand what is positive as negative, and this is what made the world survive, the misunderstandings of my sister and mother!

While speaking to my mother and Sanna after dinner, I was told that it required me speaking my absolutely loudest to make my words come through to my completely deaf family/friends etc. This is why I have spoken so directly in my scripts.

Sanna received one of my mother’s old dresses, which she will use for a coming “James Bond Christmas lunch”, which she will go on together with her work, and my mother said “this is exacly James Bond” and Hans asked “but where is James Bond” (?), and yes inspired about me not having showed to the world yet, so where is he (?), and how many people think and speak about this around the world (?), and yes RIGHT HERE (!), and tell me again why you “could not” find me (?), and was it that difficult for you, and yes you could not see the forest because of all the trees standing in the way for you?

I received STRONG feelings of Karen through my sister and mother, for example when they put their hands on my arm, and I also received strong feelings of my father, but I did not receive anymore than this – but of course including the usual sexual torments of darkness, and I felt how this darkness now also wanted to attack my sister, and I was told that “there can be only one” meaning that when I am victorius, my sister is not to survive, and yes rubbish is what this is today because I will NEVER allow this, but if darkness had succeeded to escape from me and if I had not reached the stage of a New World without energy, I wonder if I would ever see my sister again, which I am not sure that I would, and this made me feel very uncomfortable.

I was told about Greenland as the old part of the natural force of God, and I was asked about the name of the new one coming in, and I was told “Pasadena”, and also that this will also not be possible to believe in in the future, and I did not know what Pasadena was, but I now see that it is a city of California, and why did I receive this?

I was told that I am seeing Sanna again because my mother has told her that I am doing “fine”, and I received a couple of ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, so we are still turning around some of the last parts of me.

On our way out to the car at approx. 23.00, John suddenly received difficulties breathing, and yes “I should not think about it” is his reaction still thinking that this is yourself doing it, John, and you could not dream about listening to me (?) – well DON’T DREAM IT’S OVER, which was the song I enjoyed the most of the Voice this evening, which we watched – and this was really about having faith in John driving safely without receiving a new indisposition, and no he would not dream about asking me to drive, and yes I do believe that I would have done this in his situation and if not because of him, then because of us.

When I came home, I saw how my amplifier for the first time in a very long time “decided” to click off and on, and I understood that this is about my father again being in danger of losing his life (?), and if this is the case, I can only repeat my old rule, which is that I will NOT accept any of my close family to be lost during this journey, and yes that is if I can help it, and yes this is also to say that we listened to my old soft CD’s this evening also including this song, and yes my sister, mother and Karen each have approx. 60-70 of these, which I have burned for them, and yes Karen received mine in 2009 when I was leaving the country for Kenya, and I wonder if she is still listening to these, and how many times this has made her think of me, and also that I was not a complete fool after all, Karen (?) with the truth being that this is what you were too without being able to see it when you did not want to look carefully in the mirror to see that I only spoke the truth about you too.

Finally at 01.05 I published the script of today, and no, it was also not easy doing this one feeling POORLY, but counting down we are and yes let us say 60 days left, or 59 now and maybe even less.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dark matter holding the Universe together as it says below is what I also showed you in my scripts (without knowing it).

  • Henrik linked to the “funny” arcticle about Holger K. Nielsen from Socialist People’s Party becoming the new Tax Minister, and the article is called “Zombie overtakes the Tax Ministry” and further in the article “a living dead – a so called Zombie – have, directly against the order of nature, risen from the grave and walked with little ravaging through town” and “it looked like it had been buried for around a decade, and it was clear that it will unsure steps staggered towards the Tax Ministry. It smelled nasty of old velvet and pipe tobacco, and there was dust in its moustache. When the Zombie reached the Tax Ministry, it attacked two teenagers, who until now only are identified as Thor and Astrid” (Möger and Krag), and yes this is about Holger risen from the grave of the past symbolising me, and while being a living dead, I consume darkness, see? 

  • Lesley has now decided to “guess” that I might be the one I am, but she does not have time to read me because she is so busy, so busy with the community, and if you understood Lesley what my New World Order is about and that all governments and existing systems will be replaced with the New World Order, you would automatically use all of your attention on me, but not easy to do when you are “a generalist at skim texts” as you say? During the day today Lesley decided to see a few of my sites, and found especial “interest” in my Signs IV page on the Jerusalem UFO and the decoding page of it, and yes this she had “time” to look at, so it is again “interests” driving people, and I would hope that you had the same interest to read all of my pages, Lesley.

  • Søren from the (potential) Nazi Party of Denmark (!) received a message from Robin asking him (for fun) why he has not told that he plays a police officer in the series “Breaking bad” (an actor looking like Søren), and Søren replies that “you have no claim to know everything …”, and Anders says with inspiration “the ways of Søren are past understanding”, and yes yes yes, a police officer is a man of darkness – after having “breaking bad” – and when Søren says that you have no claim to know everything, it is the same as saying that it is “impossible” for you to speak publically about me, the Judgment and our New World Order, Søren (?), and yes this is the Monty Python syndrome, as you also suffer from, i.e. “silence” you know, and normally it is not the ways of Søren but of the Lord, which are past understanding, which is to say that I am coming out via darkness, which is what is “past understanding”, and yes Søren a dark and racistic man, which you “could not” admit to, Søren, and why was that?

  • Lasse was at a concert where someone filmed it right behind him, and he says that you can seen him becoming angry and turn around asking people to get into the concert because “they all stood spitting in the beer”, and you may understand that this is about spitting out darkness not becoming part of our New World, and who was one of my strongest opponents on the way (?), and yes Lasse was also being very close to bringing me down, but for you it was nothing else than “entertainment”, Lasse (?), and yes he does NOT like Jutland symbolising my New World, and yes Lasse, a man of pure darkness.

  • Of all days, Brian was inspired to write about Chemtrails and a Swedish politician recently saying that CIA is spraying out poison over Sweden, and Mogens is one of the ignorant people who does not want to believe in the truth saying that this has to be one of the more “muddled conspiracy theories”, which it is not, and I said that I am writing about this myself for my website, and it is so cruel that most people don’t even want to believe it when hearing it, but this is how cruel the world has become, but soon we will reach the end of time and also the end of this old world order to keep up the industrial and war machine of the USA/West and this is done as a collective brainwash of people to make them slow/keep them down so the rulers can remain in power.

  • Jan has bought himself a new “pet”, “258 horses raises in Germany”, and yes he is SO MUCH looking forward to getting it on Wednesday, and how much do you think this makes my whole body rumble because of disappointment of his selfishness as a symbol of the selfishness of all the rich world including myself until 2009.

  • Mads said that Obama has stopped the bleeding of the polls, which is to say that the world is not bleeding anymore as I understand it.

  • Mads said that the Red-Green Alliance was right. “The revolution is here. I will walk in to change to make me ready for political retraining and work camp”, and yes you will have to forget about the Old World Order Mads and train for our New World, and Rasmus told him “remember the tooth brush”, which again is a referral to a “brain dead TV show” symbolising darkness of the Old World.


21st October: God entered the last solid darkness of my inner self to free me and he brought Karen to be by my side

God entered the last solid darkness of my inner self to free me and he brought Karen to be by my side

After publishing my script of yesterday, I continued staying up for a while and at 02.00 I was told to stay awake because of my father, and yes Stig is this a game now because I should be able to sleep shouldn’t I (?), and yes when you are not sure about the result of the game, there is only one thing to do and that is to test it, and I truly don’t feel like staying up this night, because I am truly too tired doing this.

So I tried to sleep, and I remember something about a lady by the name Astrid who can bring back my father if I want to, and at 02.45 I was asked to stand up, which I was “almost doing”, but I was truly tired so I feel asleep again until 04.45, where I dreamt about Kim S. having promised me or Preben to become deputy head and in a dream (inside this dream!) I understand that he has hired Hans Henrik as a new employee and offered him the post instead herewith “cheating” us, and I also dreamt about driving inside a nice BMW, and something about pushing a button herewith loosening the nice looking alloy wheels just before arriving at the large garage facility, and afterwards meeting Sidsel, who is very interested in a fitness trained man inside a very small car, and not in me rejecting my offer to come with me home. When I woke up again at 04.45 I felt surrounded by a rocket, and I understood that this was about Russia because the other day I was told – without writing it down – that Russia uses “UFO-technology” for its rockets.

I was indeed very tired, but decided to stand up by now having confidence that it was a good idea to stay up, and it was no good signs that I had received, but I decided to try making the best out of the situation.

I was told that it corresponds to not getting the Neanderthal elephant in place, doesn’t it (?), and also that mother used brown soap trying to get me free, so what do you want now (?), don’t give up (!), and it was as if something escaped me, and I found it, which is like losing alloy wheels while driving.

I was told that I would get a second chance and only because we know Glistrup from many years, “try again and again and again” – about me -, that we will also not give up on this one,  and yes let us continue as long as we can, Stig, this still stands (with the addition “they must believe he is wacko doing this”).

I was told that we have not added one premier bean yet, which still lacks (the most inner), and I was given the feeling of my most inner darkness being spit out and was told that it is also because we don’t want this to happen. It would feel like falling but soon to get up, and this is after having set one stadium record after the other as I was told.

I was told that normally you will feel things become more and more heavy to move, but not here, where they get lighter – because this is my second round (?) – and what do you want us to move now, Stig (?), and yes please do your absolutely best using what I can give you via my own work.

I felt how my spiritual friends wanted me to continue staying up and also work on chemtrails, but no, not when being this tired, and I have a week set off for this and maybe longer if I am kept from working. And I tried to do a little of this work, but I was way too tired as expected.

I heard the New World speak he cannot fall into the lake himself, can he, haven’t we removed this ability from him (?), and despite of receiving my second chance – or maybe because of it – I received the worst darkness for the next couple of hours inlcuiding the song “I’m so excited” by Pointer Sisters and the lyrics “I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it”, and no, darkness will NOT get away with this.

At 06.15 I felt the spirit of my father and he was saying “I will get out anyway”, and also if you are going to read night newspapers, you are deceived, so now you know that, and I felt heartbun coming from my deep, and it felt like sickness coming, and I was on the most extreme edge of losing it this night/morning with my voice acting as if I had already given up, which was DIFFICULT to resist, but no I have not!

At 07.45 I was told that we are now back on track transferring your father (???), and yes this is what I am told and feel, so this is the last part of darkness of the spirit of my father now attached to me, which we continue transferring, this will have to be it, and I was told that you know what this is about and yes to stay up all day, which I thought was impossible to do half an hour ago, but then I found the BBC4 documentary on Electric Light Orchestra and Jeff Lynne at my favourite fan site, thank you J, and yes it makes me smile seing Jeff Lynne close up as never before and also hit humour.

I was told that we just have to learn how to drive out from you, so this is what we do, right (?), and I felt smiles for the first time this night.

At 08.15 I heard a clicking sound from the kitchen and was told yes Stig there is no key to enter here, because we just are, and I felt green all around me, and that is the colour of the Trinity and where are we (?), and yes to the back of me while working at my new desk almost 270 degrees that is and at the kitchen, so still improving life we are, and that will have to be of the Trinity – the combination of Greenland and strangely enough Pasadena – and yes also to let the New World get access to us.

I was told that it will first be this evening that we can see what we have created right here, and I was given so tiny a feeling only to the surface of one of the toes of my right foot telling me that this is the absolutely last darkness we are using.

I was shown how the last small part of darkness was pulled out of me and placed on my legs as a small man, and I was told that we just had to see how it looked, and then it was returned to me.

At 08.50 I saw this posting from Jeppe saying that he might change his password to “incorrect” to let the computer remind him of it when keying it in wrongly, and I wondered if I am going through a game saying that I don’t need a key now for the last part, and that is if this is “incorrect” because I slept a couple of hours last night (?), and yes we will see about this, and didn’t I get all passwords saved by John yesterday evening? Or is this about Jeppe being darkness having an incorrect password?

I continued “killing time” and also taking a shower until 10.30 and even though I was tired, it was not killing me, and the dark voice was now not as difficult as most times making me feel on top of the situation, and I decided to edit/write the script of today, and if my strength allows it also to continue researching on Chemtrails, which I am however not sure that I can, and no I will NOT stress myself and finish today as the voice asks me to and that is because it will take the time it will take, which may be up to one week.

At 10.45 I was told that we have not even brought the furniture van yet, so still much life inside darkness to be moved.

I was shown a number of canon balls and was told that we were willing to put them down into the centre of everything, and now all of this will be light and I am placed there instead.

I was told that we cannot open our new garden without you and you and you.

So in other words, you became the wrong hole without being in the wrong hole – when I moved away from the New World, and this is what broke it down, but still it was the New World removing it as I am told. And this is the reward you get by digging in the wrong hole.

This is here we have/could have hung up our rain coats, and yes Stig people would probably understand if you had decided to give in now and again and use the opportunity to send life to this place to bring yourself energy to come though, but no you NEVER accepted this, so this place is simply empty and when this is the case, it is possible to get here and to bring out everything inside of here, but eeehhh it is empty and what to do then, and yes to turn around the place itself also becoming part of my new self.

I felt the spirit of my father and was told that you don’t know what you have done, you have not brought us the sun in a new edition, but a much stronger edition, which I understand is about turning around this last part of darkness, and is it the last (?), or do we have maybe 30-60 days to go like this?

These football boots are completely priceless, which is what we are discovering now.

I was told something like it does not feel like receiving new children, but a whole new set coming to us from the right.

Who will take the last dish wash (?), hiccup, yes this is what I am doing now, and that is the simple minded man inside darkness.

I used maybe half to one hour doing a little more research on chemtrails, and I could not continue beyond this point having to stop work here at 13.05 today, and I was now so tired that I could truly use some sleep, and yes I am tired of being tired making my patience and edge shorter, but let us see if I can keep this going until this evening.

At 14.45 I was told I am not closing down everything now am I?

I decided to watch TV during the afternoon being extremely tired and until 18.00 I had another of the worst torture periods to go through, where I also noticed some distortion given to the picture of people, which is about darkness still wanting to terminate, but it has to be a play by now.

I received the song “tænk på mig” (“think of me”) by Sanne Salomonsen and the lyrics “defeat every day”, and I was told that this were the feelings of my mother when she suffered defeat daily when reading my scripts, and yes this is how she felt and “you know how hard it can be, you know how difficult it is”, and so it is, or was, and yes this is from my favourite solo album by Sanne, I LOVE IT :-).


At 17.10 I was told that we have started and still are moving things out of here, and also that there is a need for me to continue working, and I accepted to write this update to the script here at 18.50, but I cannot and will not continue work on chemtrails.

I felt someone entering me getting something out from my innder self of darkness, and I was asked who this is as in a riddle I had to answer correctly, and I could only think that this is the New World in the last darkness, and it was followed after a few minutes when I was told that no one has died yet.

I was asked if the New World can get access to everything of God, and I said that if this is fine by light, it is also fine by me, and yes making me become a “DIY hardware store” really, and we will see how this will be carried out in practice and yes to see how we will divide responsibility between us, and I can only do this as my new self, but FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY also goes in this relation as a general principle.

Later however, I felt the spirit of my father together with Karen entering me, while darkness of me actively worked against this, which I had to go up against, and I was told that my father is searching for the switch to turn off, and a little later I was told that he cannot switch it off yet, because there is still more darkness to handle first, but this darkness is now as little that it only fills a circle around one of the toes of my right foot, which I was given a feeling of – and we only continue because I have decided things to be “perfect”.

I was told that in other words there is hardly any fortress here anymore, but the last of it is very concentrated. I was also told that there is an even greater door leading in to Satan, which he and we did not even know about, because as nothing there is nothing, which can stop us when I decide to keep on.

I was told that we will enjoy the view over the sound from here and to lead you safely to harbour, and again I felt my father and Karen. I was shown the prick above an “i” as in a isenkram (“hardware store”) meaning that there is now only the small prick remaining to have all the tools/life/light inside, and I was shown Tom McEwan (in a song, which I love, but it is about freedom being restricted) playing drums as in “original life” and was told that it is inside here that my father was trapped so he know it well, and I was told that we do not enter here without a key, isn’t this what you believe (?), which is why Karen is here too to open for you, and I was told that this is how Karen is transported to you to be by your side – which is TRULY one of MANY beautiful songs by Sade bringing out all of my feelings and here almost tears too because of Karen’s wrong feelings about me “following/”stalking” her (!), and yes I love her much, and I was told that in order to become my queen we will have to be married first.

Later I was shown God using a adjustable spanner to unscrew nuts in here and yes because he knows it so well and now he is FREE to do it.  I was told that this also means that a large Ford Taunus will be pulled over the head of your mother and I saw it changing colour from dark to yellow, and I thought a Ford Taunus (???) with a sceptical mind, because this is both an old and not very quick car, but still I was told that this Sunday is also priceless, and I was asked how much do you think we will pay you for this car (?) and given the answer that it is as irreplacebable as what we have brought out before.

And I was given a 1/3 out of this world pain to my right ankle, which was about my father turning around darkness inside of here.

I received a sudden outburst “one more night” (!) and of course only if you can, and if I can, we will wait even longer to expose what is inside here postponing the plan of this evening, and this will of course only make us dig even deeper doing the work even more perfectly, and yes I am so tired, exhausted and feel warm inside that I cannot, but maybe this is exactly why I may be able to stay awake up at least some time (?), and we will see, and yes I have no agreements tomorrow, so I don’t believe I can keep as long as the previous three days periods (almost) without sleep.

Later I received what was close to a 100% pain to my left foot, and I was told that we have waiting to bring you this, which is about new creation, and it kept on for 4-5 times with burning feelings, which was NOT nice, but necessary.

While God entered my dark inner self, darkness wanted to speak about “stille i verden” (“quiet in the world”) and that is “when we have gone”, and this is how an alternative scenario fully or partly could have looked like at the same time as it is also one of Kim Larsen’s VERY beautiful songs, and yes thank you to Madsen too for the text as I remember it :-). And later I was given the kind of marks to my right ankle, which tells me that darkness wants to escape me, and yes this is still the feeling of it, but no, I will still not allow you.

This was yet another EXTREMELY tough day – there are no easy days – and if there is 59 left of the same difficulties, this is still a nightmare to come through.

I felt the spirit of my father and Karen and was told that we have not even come far inside of this last darkness of me also telling me that the longer I will stay up, the longer they will get.

I was given the feeling of the spirit of my father and Karen right in front of me and at the same time I was given a strong mark on the backside of my left lower leg telling me that they are also there at the same time, and both are right.

I was told that Stonehenge would cease to exist had the force of darkness being released, which would also have made it impossible of the last people of other civilizations to locate and join us with their faith.

I was told that after accepting the New World to get access to God, I have opened my head for access as I am the only one possessing, and I felt it as red, and this is about what this part of creation includes of information on creation self.

I still feel the approach now of the spirit of my father and Karen as disgusting and painful every second, which I constantly have to resist with a strong feeling to say no.

I received another brilliant song by SAGA, mouse in a maze, and the lyrics “there’s only one way to get out”, and while writing this I received a maybe 50% out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is about even more darkness being turned around, and yes not long to the SAGA concert in Copenhagen the 31st October, and I wonder if I will meet people I know there (Fuggi or Martin maybe?).

At 22.00 I was told that this will have to be the most fantastic/perfect work too, which was from my spiritual friends knowing that I would do what I can to keep myself awake and that is as far as it goes giving them the chance to further improve.

I was told that we have the feeling that there is someone more inside of there, whom we have not seen, and I only felt my own inner darkness.

I was told that we met Dodi Fayed, who first set up a barrier beam to lock us out, but now bits us welcome home, and I was told that he was another part of me, and yes the boyfriend to Princess Diana also herewith telling you that it was wrong – but right (!) – for these two to be together as other parts of my mother and I.

I received three smaller heart attacks and was told that we just had to go through this darkness, and I was told that this is also here because of the darkness of my own father.

I was asked do you know what comes behind him (?), and I felt something red and even greater, and I received another small heart attack, and then I heard that no one is going to kill my small kitten, and this is the stage before us all, and also that we felt it but could not see it, and you led it to us by not giving up staying awake. And I was told that there was no.bathroom then, thus no life and I was asked if we can use this layer and received the answer yes because this is still part of us all without knowing what it is for, we will see.

I was encouraged to write that I have not said no to continue this journey, and to accept this is still a pain going through.

I was given the smell of food coming to me and was told that this is from life, which was not created back then (because of lack of a bathroom), and I was asked if I want to create this, and I replied by asking you to make the best of this too (using all tools required) and we are now out at the furthest creation inside this the wrong hole, and I was told that we can only do this with a “wife” with us, and this was discovered by Karen.

I was told that people of other civilizations not having darkness also operates inside of this inner channel, and you had to get here to start communicating with all life of the Universe, therefore. This is what we find at the end of the stream, and we dont know what else to find here when it is 23.00, and yes we will see for how long I can stay awake . And I was told that we can also use this part as magic between people of other civilizations, and it corresponds to letting your telephone number being at home.

At 00.20 I felt some of the strongest throw up feelings because of tiredness and writing a new update to my script, which I really could not do – but decided that I would to help getting deeper – and I was shown a large building full of light with dark girders over it and I was told that we don’t know yet how to enter this house.

At 00.30 I was told you are also welcome here, have you come such a long way to save us too?

Later I was shown that we are already at this castle, and I received an envelope saying that we cannot invite for dinner before tomorrow evening and that is if you don’t sleep before that, Stig (?), and no, this is above my limit, but I do hope we can catch up after my sleep.

At 01.00 I had finished this update going to the most extreme of my working capacity, and dreadful it is, but the prize is worth it.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jyllands-Posten brought this recorded telephone conversation between the now previous secret agent Morten Storm and the Danish Intelligence Service PET, which offered him 1.5 million DKK (260,000 USD) to keep quiet and “of course” to keep the money hidden from the tax authorities (this is an official government body!), but Morten decided to come out the closet really, and I decided to do the same again when I brought this post telling my old “school friend” Jakob Scharff, the director of PET, that it is about time for him to open his mouth telling the truth, which will suit him and his CIA-friends – and also your colleagues in Russia, China, Israel and elsewhere – and I told them that you should be ashame over your poor behaviour, which this is about and for the USA/the West to set up Muslims as your new main enemy in order to keep your war and industrial machine going , and yes you are “nice people” and difficult to believe that you were THE WORST DARKNESS when ALL OF YOU WITHOUT EXCEPTION will stand forward telling the world exactly what you did and also why you did it, and maybe an excuse to the world together with your repentance (?), and yes I wonder who feels the worst about what we are going through right now, you the bad guys committing these crimes knowing that you have to stand forward or Obama and I taking on your darkness as our sufferings (?), and you might guess (?), and yes you don’t need to think twice on this one!

  • Dan was inspired when encouraging all to avoid the terrible sprayed foreign eternity apples and to by juicy Danish instead (which are not sprayed, Dan?), and it made people speak of apple cake, and Kenneth of quinces, which are “the gold apple of ancient times, a divine little tree” and that it “symbolised fertility of ancient Greece, and dedicated to the goddess of love, Afrodite”, and here you have Greece again, and this time I will call if for the Bryan Ferry-effect as you might understand and yes a sign of our New World :-).

  • Henrik wrote that either a new taste variation called “cynical pepper” has arrived or else a lady called Karen has to write a little nicer, and this was a reference to “turkisk pepper” – “a strong liquorice candy” – as well as Karen being cynical without a conscience also in relation to me, which is why she often has had problems writing nicely to me, and yes she believes that I have hurt her not knowing that her WRONG behaviour losing her temper/conscience and speaking about me wrongly behind my back has caused me much more pain, and yes torture is what she gave me. And Steffen says that “she probably only wants to be a doctor”, and yes just like Karen, who “could not” contain me in her life when it came to the point.

  • This is what will happen when people will read me and show a clean heart in order to let the final stage of our New World open to them.

  • Nicolaj did homemade bacon “and there is plenty of it”, and yes BACON has been said here, there and everywhere for a long time, which I don’t believe I have written about before (?), and yes as a symbol of plenty of life of our New World, and one of them things I did not get to write, but here was the chance.

  • Helena spoke about the advantage being fat and alone that you can eat chocolate, i.e. be selfish, and liquorice, i.e. be of darkness, and that is without feeling wrong, and she is proud of also not having killed anyone today, and yes Helena it is not because your power is not strong enough, but because I am stronger than you representing darkness, and Rikke knew the feeling and said that it also takes snowballs, i.e. more darkness, and then it comes grandmothers food with GRAVY, and this was about Helena being “excitable”, and even though she knows gravy as she said, she still wanted something to complain about making Helle almost afraid of her, and yes this is how darkness works, through “completely normal” people behaving wrongly, and this is what sent me the gravy of 100% creation/saviour.

  • I am coming to the end of the rainbow, and yes where the gold is, which used to be energy as condition for creation, and now it is simply creation/life self.

  • Helena brought a picture of the rainbow over the Aros museum also symbolising the end of my 360 degrees round tour of creation, and it makes Helena warm inside every time she sees it, and when it was opened in 2011, she was very, very sick, which was really before we saved the Old World, so there you have it, Helena.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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