October 23, 2012: Erasing the foreign body originally creating God/life and basing everything on “perfect nothing”


Summary of the script today

22nd October: I am still following the very thin stream of creation saving life of what was pre stages to life of God

  • Dreaming of meeting the leader of the secret government of USA, who is suffering because of me and controlling even the largest media networks.
  • God is being put on place like a helicopter, which will lift up amplifying everything. We are still following the very thin stream going back in creation saving life of what was pre stages to life of God, and the age of God was multiplied by 10 times. This life is the deepest feelings of man, today negative feelings and when turned around in our New World the strongest positive feelings, which are. I received signs that I may not be able to save all of this life inside of here because it requires more physical strength than I can deliver.
  • Short stories of a clairvoyant seeing a fire coming – because she did not have faith in me, the media knowing that Obama is God, life should have ended when no one could “poke” me if it was not because of having the “opposite world”, the fall of the King Lance Armstrong, who was not on my team afterall (?), but then again I received a sign that he is another part of me as the “postman”, I am sad because of Elijah’s complete letdown of me, I am in prison of darkness until I will open the eyes of my new self.

23rd October: Erasing the foreign body originally creating God/life and basing everything on “perfect nothing”

  • I had a new night and day with only very little sleep again bringing me on my edge now to bring out the first kitchen of pre-stages of God.
  • There is only one way out for the tiny rest of darkness, and that is as light because I will NOT accept destructions, which would dissolve it, and this is despite of having Attila, the leader of all dogs, with me wanting to destuct the last. The official world has known about my arrival even since I was a boy, but selfishness made it impossible to inform the world.
  • We continue entering deeper and deeper inside “nothing” where there is no life, but we saw sketches of our lives before we were created, and was asked which original force inside of nothing, which created everything. This is the force attracting the New World very strongly, and when entering it, we create new inventions to bring my new self as this original force a new lifeform being able to see life of our New World after transformation as well as the original force, and to unite both sides in a new life, which is what we are now going to create.
  • The spirit of my mother of our New World entered the last solid darkness of me and received confirmation that there is life inside of here even though this is nothing, and I was told that I am the foreign body itself, which originally created life, but also developed as darkness, and we decided to base life upon “perfect nothing”, which is love and the natural presence of God and to erase the foreign body, which is what brought us life, but also to keep everything which has been created turning it around one last time to be “nothing” now as “everything”. This is to bring the Trinity perfectly in place.
  • Short stories of Özlem Cekic receiving rehabilitation, Pia Kjærsgaard painting creation of the Trinity, a “blessed” clairvoyant not by God but the Devil, the previous Tax Minister of Denmark “could not” tell the truth of attacking Helle Thorning Schmidt, Never Give Up to win the chess game uniting all parts of God, the world has gone crazy with crazy prices blown out of proportions, people had pain in their behind procecuting the clean Lance Armstrong.


22nd October: I am still following the very thin stream of creation saving life of what was pre stages to life of God

Dreaming of meeting the leader of the secret government of USA, who is suffering because of me

I was on my most extreme edge finishing the script of “yesterday”, and I was told something like that it also feels like creating here, and I received a series of small heart attacks because of strong darkness here, and I was told that we may get a new freezer after all, which is about awakening this life, which never made it into life.

Finally at 02.15 I decided to go to bed, and yes there was no doubt at all, I was at my most extreme edge, and could no more. I slept until 10.25 with these dreams.

  • I have a meeting with the CEO of American Express, who have taken a decision over one of his employees, the journalist Diane Sawyer. I am drying up water, which I have spilled on his floor, I wear no shoes, and I tell him thank you for meeting me, I really appreciate it, and we bow so much that our heads with, and I think about telling my mother and John about this experience. When I look into the refrigerator, there is hardly any food remaining. 
    • This is the head of the secret government of USA – I wonder who you are (?) – and the water there is that he is suffering because of me and my “threats” to bring him down or “opportunities” giving you a new life – how do you see it (?) – and yes he does not like it at all, and he – or this system in general – is in control also over Diane and the media of USA including the large networks over there, I don’t wear shoes and there is no food in the refrigerator is about what your darkness was leading to, i.e. the end of all life.
  • Something about having written 60 pages to a report in one day, and people believing wrongly that what I do in private is work without understanding that what they accuse me for wrongly is what they do themselves. I am going to the centre of Århus, and believe I remember the way.

I woke up to “Geronimo” by Aura Dione, and yes “let’s go Geronimo”, which of course is about the Apache leader symbolising me as the leader of “original life”, and I like this song of hers, but this one is even better :-).

I am still following the very thin stream of creation saving life of what was pre stages to life of God

I was told that there is agreement here in the camp that you have done pretty good, and I was told that your mother was so sick (in 2009) that a lung machine could not keep her lungs up, and this is about coming throuhg this until where we are now.

I was told that we will count on doing something today not having an influence on gearing, but we cannot because this is not on place, so God is working.

I was told that when I lived together with Camilla, and could not pay my bills receiving reminders and also the bailiff knocking on my door pretty often, it gave her so much distress/pain that it brought much energy to the other side.

Yesterday evening and continuing today I received so much of a speak pressure by my spiritual voice that it was unbearable, and yes the normal reaction would be to ask it to shut up and to become negative losing my temper on it, because it just kept on and on and on with many new notes to write to my script, but no, I know the game too well to let this happen to me, but if it made me suffer (?), and yes this is surely what it meant too.

I was told that we are now about to have God being put on place being a helicopter lifting up everything, and I understood the helicopter as an “amplifier” of everything good, and I was shown a large elevator inside a building with a staircase next to it, and there are still coming zombies down the staircase to improve creation, and I felt people on ground floor cheering, and I was shown a vague sight of busses driving and told that life of our New World has already started, can’t you see it (?), and no almost not.

I was told that we will be let off the process of Sanna telling my family/friends etc. “see how you have treated him” to make them understand, which would have happened if I gave up, and yes this is what I am told, and eeehhhh she was my dark side (!), but this is what I am told would happen.

I was told that we have just multiplied your age by 10, Stig, and we are still looking inside of there, and that is the end of the very thin stream we are still following. 

This will surely overturn will it not (?), and I see a wall lying down being put upright, and told that light came later. It is almost like going out on town without wearing the right clothes, so everything did not all come at once, but was made at diffirent stages, and yes all of these building blocks, which today form life. Aren’t your mother involved in this (?), no she first came much later.

You have not judged anyone away to come here, which will become not the least unimportant for people. I felt death and was told that it would really require someone to die to come here, Stig, because it is not possible to live here.

You are not undermining the whole cinema – again – are you, Stig (?), and I received smiles and also “difficulties/pain” going through this phase, and undermining as if to say that these layers cannot stand on their own, but still they do as part of us.

I was told that it is 100 times colder here than just a few days ago, life cannot exist here. It is like a Christmas Present collapsing because it cannot sustain itself.

So everything was not shot out of a “hornlight” at once, it took “forever” to do.

I was both told that I can continue my journey here sleeping, and later that you will look like “the worst” when you are done here because how can you get in there (?) and that is without going to your most extreme to get it out.

So there is no bar code so no one could buy anything, but still “you are”, and yes as God forming into his natural presence.

I was told how did you know what was missing (?); and yes you had to do some tests then, which is what “I” did. And it is down here that we can see what you would have become if you had done this and not that – and with the feeling that this will bring new pieces to the puzzle of life, and bring additional future development options.

We are inside here “living” on the premises of life here, which means that we only survive because of will power, because life is not possible here.

It feels like the biggest reward of our career waiting for us further down, this is how we feel like. 

At the shower I felt that darkness as a possibility goes all the way back here, and I was shown another kitten being taken up, and of course this can also be used to do “magic” with. 

I was told “it is nothing like what Horesta did” and asked if Kim S. (my old manager and friend) is now also out on life & pension of Dansk Erhverv (the large association “Danish Trade“) because he could not develop the right solution/distribution, which is what Dansk Erhvev decided to believe after I sent them this memo in 2010 (first on general insurance, and now I do see that they have also removed Kim as their adviser, yes Kim you were not good enough setting up a too complicated/wrong solution in terms of distribution) and that is even though they thought that I was crazy (?), and yes this is about people believing in what I said but still believing that I was crazy, and yes completely crazy is what this is (?) and also what they were. And I thought that this is coming to me now because Preben has asked Kim about Bowling, which is making Kim think of me as the one “destroying” his chance of living a life in luxury without doing anything if he could set up this business opportunity to provide him with exactly this, and is this more important to you, Kim, than to accept seeing me again (?), and yes his test was “money”, which was more important than me?

I received less speech when writing my script, but still it was with the constant fight “continue the game or stopping now” (?), and yes I only have one thing on my mind, and that is to continue right until the end, so we will take another round, and I wonder if we are out in 2-3 new days with little/no sleep (?), we will see.

I was shown a dark triangle inside an office of light and told that this is where we are looking into and I saw a cake being brough out, and also a fine dish of clay, which looked like having some yellow on it, which is also to say that pieces of the spirit of my mother, i.e. the world, is found inside of here. 

I received a combination of speech and feelings that there are millions of not cartoons but “pieces and bits” inside of here and yes if only we cared to look, and yes that is because they are all inside of there and intact, and now we see them – and you don’t, and this would have been impossible if we had relegated together with the elevator team FC Köln. 

Something about a bridge and “we have been looking for this for weeks”, which is apparently coming now.

I was told that the longer we stay here, the more secure the location of Karen will be with me at the centre.

I went to the swimming hall again and on my way I was told that it is just as incredible as being here that we can keep sending darkness.

I heard parts of a well known song including people speaking at a party and after a while I recognised it, and yes “all night long” by Lionel Ritchie, so this is what I will do one more night, Phil.

I received a voice inside darkness saying that we new that we had a chance when you did not have to be a millionaire to come here, i.e. after the end of energy, and I was confused because who was speaking here, surely it could not be parts of life before becoming life (?), but yes I was told that it was after having received the voice to speak, and also that this is life in the sense that it is the deepest feelings of man and today the worst, negative feelings of all, which will turn around and become the opposite.I was going to play music on Grooveshark and wondered why the screen kept on blinking and an invisible address showing up also blinking at the same time as the key symbol to the left of the address of the Opera browser was also blinking, and it did this maybe 30 seconds and I was told that you don’t need a key, there is a whole world behind this and I understood this as the secret electronic network, which the Internet is build on top of (?) and also that I am going to have access to EVERY LITTLE THING you have here and everywhere else for that matter and that goes with everything, which you have erased too, and just so the world will know of course.

I was also told that I have not yet received warnings about life going to be lost, and if it should happen, we will first be sent to work camp before terminated, and I was also told that this would this life of darkness also let me know, and I wondered if this is what will come over the coming days where I need to give more than I can to save this life (?), and if this is the case, my old rules still stand, and that is I do not want to terminate if there is a chance to keep this life and to awake it with faith of man, and yes I don’t know for sure if this will or will not work because I have been told everything really without knowing what is the truth.

And when writing this now at 18.30, for the second time I am given a strong out of this world pain to my right ankle, so we can be happy that we are still saving life, and yes here at the end of October 2012.

When exercising I felt that I gave the most I have ever given on a cross trainer before, and I started at level 9 and ended at level 13, a new high level symbolising that this is required of me too over the coming days, but no, I cannot do better than what I do, and I burned 515 calories, which was the second highest I have had but still it felt as this was when I gave the most of me.

I was told about talks between “secret governments” of USA and China symbolising the hidden world underneath our Old World, and what do you talk and agree about (?), and is that alos how to control the elected politicians (?), and eeehhh sorry about that China, you don’t have such a system, but still the people in charge believe that what you have is the best (?), and no, you are as ROTTEN as the Tvind school society as I wrote about some time ago, and yes KILLING PEOPLE is also your part of the game, which I do NOT like.

After exercise the game continued coming strongly to me tempting me to accept destruction, which will be one second of my “old nightmare” to explode this darkness, but no, despite of the strength of this, I will NEVER accept this!

I was told that “antipsychotic medicine” does NOT remove “voices” of people or “hallucinations” as the doctors believe this spiritual communication is, but I was told that when it happens, it is ONLY because of the wish of people and the “placebo effect”, and also that this is what I showed myself where I was pumped with medicine, which could not remove my spiritual communication because of one single explanation, which is that I did NOT want this to be removed, and I was told that I received this information because doctors speak about me and my case?

I was told about the ancient Greek city Ephesus (in Turkey), which Camilla and I thought about visiting when we were in Marmaris on holiday in the 1990’s, which we did not do, and I was told that instead we sent Shannon to Turkey – she is living there now – and this is because I needed “something” from Ephesus, and when I did not collect it directly myself, it was transported to me via Shannon, and this is an example of how we have made things come together when there was a need.

I was told that you need to be awake 3, 4 and 7 days (to be able to pull out the last of the stream of darkness) and I could only say that this is NOT the way to do it, but if this is the case, you are allowed to explode the rest because I cannot and will not try doing this, and the message is really that I ask you to find another way out.

I continued receiving negative speech about everything and everyone, and it is still as difficult/impossible to go against this instead of giving in, but I have decided to never give up ….

And yes, we know Stig, it seems as if there is nothing to do, when copying HTML-code from one script to another, there is no problem transferring the format, but when copying HTML code from Microsoft Live Writer, which is a little bit different code, WordPress will NOT accept it making all format lost, and I wonder if this is WordPress having changed their system, of if this is also spiritual darkness almost making it impossible for me to finish my work, and yes it might be the last.

So there is nothing to do, I have to copy and paste paragraph by paragraph once again – or maybe I will try to find another editor to use the coming days, and to see if this will work, we will see.

During dinner I felt “someone” entering me all the way at the centre of me, and I wondered if we have started closing down (?), and I received a vague smell of a storm match, and I thought if you have started terminating the remaining life of the stream (?), or if this is a warning about what is coming because of my decision above?

During the day I was shown the entrance to different call centres I have worked together with, and when writing down a note on this, I was told that this is because I will get access to all life because I am everything.

I was feeling someone coming to me from my hall, as I often do and most of the time really because life is coming to me constantly and I was told isn’t it Attila the master of the dogs (?), and I did not know who Attila was, but I now see that he was the ruler of the Huns and “one of the most feared enemies of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires”, so is this darkness arriving to destroy what remains of life because I cannot get to it (?), and if this is the absolutely last option with ALL previously mentioned options not being possible to do, you have my accept to do what you have to do, but for now I will continue playing the game, and yes because there is still more darkness, but I received a relief of darkness around this time after the day today up until this time had been AWFUL to get through receiving MUCH negativity coming to me, so we will see if this is it, or if the game will continue.

I was told that there is not at all closed inside of here and that was in relation to the secret government of USA and I was told the same as the other day, which I did not write down, which is that the most inner of the secrets of the USA was stored in a “safe Internet system”, which was hacked and now these secrets are also online for mankind to find, and yes but still you cannot tell what is already spreading out there, and yes the Internet and openness is what killed darkness, it did not have a defense system against it.

I was told think about surviving without having proper circulation of blood to her head, and this was about my mother, who has not had an easy time.

During the evening I decided to search for more information – videos and text – on Chemtrails even though I wished that I could relax without doing this work, but then again, if this is the last I do on my journey of “big jobs”, I better get it done instead of “complaining”, which is not my cup of tea.

I was told that we will only use Attila if I decide to give up.

I was told can you include what has not turned around (of the Old World) as part of your mother of your New World and was told that no, this is not possible.

I was given the taste of an ash-tray, so more bad signs coming.

I continued receiving “something” from my right, and I continue saying “you are heartfelt welcome” and “everything is to be light”, and no if this is Attila also coming, I am NOT given you a direct order to destroy, and I would become very surprised if I will be forced into that, we will see what will happen.

I was told that I was also balancing on a knife’s egg on the mental hospital in 2008 receiving so much drugs that it could destory my abilities to develop into my new self, but I had to go through this way and yes hoping that it would not take me too long to get out again, and that we could repair the damages done to you by “medication”, and it seems as if you succeeded.

When seeing the documentary “What in the World Are They Spraying?” it came to me over and again that “this is the worst to life” and I understood that this is also why I have the company of attitala, because man’s wish to control the weather and also the minds of people is done apparently without any considerations to negative impact on the environment and life self.

I was told “what will you receive when you are able to this work too, the worst of all” (?) and the answer should logically be “the most important of all”, but haven’t I got this already?

And darkness is surely still with me, and as always it is attached with a nervous feeling about negative consequence if I should give up, and this nervousness itself is disabling, and disabling is what the world is doing to mankind via this – and other – programme(s).

I was shown something being pushed forward to me and told “no, this is not going to get burned – because he does not want to”, and yes Stig, “the crib of life” is what we could call this, where we have united all the last pieces of the puzzle for you to bring with you, and yes unless you will accept destruction, which you know includes your “old nightmare”, and you will NEVER accept this, and that is NO MATTER WHAT.

I was thinking HOW IN THE WORLD COULD ANYONE BE CRAZY ENOUGH TO SPRAY MANKIND, destruct the planet and kill life – including themselves (!) – and the soil, plant life, crops and drinking water, and I was told that this is part of their plan to control Earth and that is to play Gods, but there was one thing they did not include in their plan, and that was me, and I am telling you to LIFT all of these bad plans/operations away, and to do it NOW and step forward taking responsibility for what you have done.

Again I received pressure to finish my work and now with the threat that if I do not, Attila will explode what remains, but no, I will NOT accept orders of darkness like that, I will NOT speed up, it will take the time it takes, and you are NOT allowed to destruct anything unless this is the only thing you can do as your absolutely last option, and yes this means to hold together on everything until we will get it out.

And yes, what did they see and I understood these CRIMINAL LEADERS/SYSTEMS (?), and yes a man being stopped by the system believing that I was crazy, and would this make it possible for them to continue their plans (?), and eeehhh what if we are killing everything as in “termination of life” and yes back to square one about the EVIL SYSTEM knowing that what it does is WRONG and would like to get out, but it cannot do so without my intervention, so I am telling you again – and I feel Obama with me (good luck too with the third TV duesl with Romney in a few hours!) – STOP THIS NOW, I DO NOT WANT TO SIT WATCHING YOU DESTROY WHAT I HAVE CREATED, and which part of this is difficult to understand (?), and yes nothing, well do it!

You cannot lend us any money can you `(?), no (!) and no I am also not a pawnbroker, well in this case, if you keep your promise to us not destructing anything as I hear one of the actors sticking his head out, we are almost sure now that we will go through anything without the force of darkness forcing you do destruct what you and neither of us want to destruct, but this is how darkness is pressuring us, and yes darkness of mankind taking the WRONG decisions.

I was told that we are now installing the absolute last light, and it is almost as if we are standing up in here, Stig with the feeling that we are not.  This is also what Karen is doing, which is to clean up inside of here, and I felt this “inside” as light, and yes Stig “almost done”, and I received light again and “no darkness of Thomas” (Ole’s son who ran away from me too months ago) as example of all the darkness I receive.

I was told about my mother’s teeth operation, which was also a symbol of how close we were to termination – full or partly, what do I know – and I was given fear and warmth all over the inside of my body again because of the mere feeling of coming to a new obstabcle once again jeapardising life, but I was told that this is what we would do if you would “lose it”, and yes making me think that we would now go under, and yes this is the strength of my spiritual friends.

And yes, Stig, there were people of the secret government of USA/the west fearing that you would not make it all the way to the end to stop them (!) and to stop the world from ending!

I was told that it might hurt a little and I felt that it was to turn around the last, but writing about Turkey and Shannon helps.

I was told that the box is now empty (“Tom Bogs”) and we had expected to loose some and were thinking about what we had to reinvent.

I was told that it will be with bagpipes and everything and will become very beautiful, and we did not even have to cool him down.

So now it is 00.30 and it was yet another day working all day long, and now comes the all night long, Lionel, and yes I said “thank you for last” as we say here via an email to my sister, and she was kind to let me know that they are now looking forward to visiting me and see my new table, and yes I would like to offer them dinner, but that will have to be after the return of normal life.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Maya is one of the best known clairvoyants of Denmark and my “silent” Facebook friend not reacting to – or understanding (?) – my Facebook posts, and here she writes a story about how there was a fire in her apartment building, and all of the discomfort of smoke and smell, which this brought including the need to clean everything, and she said that she has seen fire engines in the yard for her inner view, so this was meant to be, and now you have the reason why, Maya, when you “could not” understand/support me.

  • Mads showed that the media do know about who Obama is – as the dream of the night really also said – but they “cannot” write it or ask questions about it, amazing right? 

  • Mads asked about the “poke” function of Facebook, which no one uses, which I believe means something like “I like you and would like to get to know you better”, and Juma understood what this was about because this was about “to poke/be or not to poke/be”, and no one could poke me, which should have killed us all, but when it was the opposite world – to the spiritual world – your wrongdoings were turned to the opposite herewith saving us all, and Mads was even “funny” when saying that he believes that the poke function was the try of non-Earthly people to get in contact with us, which you know that it was and yes when we had the “not to be” situation at the most inner of me, they did not get any signals/pokes from me, and now I have started transmitting again bringing the whole Universe close to my heart again – I feel these people just outside of me here – and Lise asked if it was one of the Non-Earthly people just pricking me (?) and she is close to Pentagon and asks if this makes her more exposed (?), and yes “pricking” is what I was the other day being sent away from the world to handle the worst darkness, and the worst darkness is inside the Pentagon, so there you have it, and I do believe that this is also to say that people of other civilizations in the “possession” of the US Army have had an influence on this game of “to be or not to be”, and we will see when they will get out alive.

  • A long time ago I was told that Lance Armstrong was “clean” driving only with the strength of God, and the International Cycle Union had now brought the King to fall, banned Lance on life time, removed his seven Tour de France victories, which comes after a 1,000 pages long report, which in detail describes how he for years apparently used doping including people close to him witnessing against him, and yes I am wondering what is right, Lance or the report (?), and I hope Lance is clean, but if he is not, this may symbolise the opposite, the end of the King of darkness, and yes I really thought that he was on my team, isn’t he?

  • Olav wrote here about the postman always ringing twice, and now at Lance Armstrong, and yes he writes about how Armstrong has degraded and persecuted other cyclists, journalists, masseurs, mechanics, and former employees telling “the truth” about him, and the worst of all to make victims of cancer all over the world believe that a former cancer patient could become a phenomenal racing cyclist without the use of EPO, and yes this truly looks like another case of “the opposite world” because who were persecuting whom, Olav (?), and isn’t the truth that everybody thought that it was “impossible” to do what Lance did, and he had to be cheating, which is what made up “evidence” against him (?), and yes this is at least what the inspired words about the postman makes me believe, because the postman is actually myself (meaning: “save life”), and this will have to make Lance “another part of me” too.

  • I sent my script of yesterday to my LTO friends, and as usual I was sad when doing so, and this mainly because of Elijah – and also partly because of John, who “cannot” speak too – and I decided to write my feelings/thoughts as follows, and yes how can a man let you so utterly and completely down (?), and that is despite of his former promises.

  • Johannes spoke about the next 14 hectic work days on TV2 with all of the programmes he will be working on, and then he said “everything comes to a TV near you shortly”, which was inspiration given to him because our New World will come to a cinema near you shortly as I normally say.

  • Helena wondered if it is attractive being in prison, and that one should almost believe it is because we have “favourable conditions”, and Jesper said that it is like staying at a hotel, and a prison is what your darkness have sent me to, and it is a hotel in the sense that I am in prison until I will open the eyes of my new self.

  • I was given the song “nothing compares 2U” by Sinead O’Connor (written by Prince) – one of the best female performances/voices of all time – and a few minutes later I sat down to the computer, and saw that Dan had decided to bring exactly this song as a warm up to his radio show of cover versions, and he asked of the favourite cover song of people, and I decided to bring “it’s your party” by Bryan Ferry (still my videos are not visible), which I ALWAYS smile at when hearing, and yes once again this party of our New World (without crying that is!) is because of the decisions I took, which this is about.


23rd October: Erasing the foreign body originally creating God/life and basing everything on “perfect nothing”

There is only one way out for the tiny rest of darkness, and that is as light because I will NOT accept destructions

I tried to continue being awake also this night even though I felt “metal fatigue” and I was shown a bulldozer breaking through the wall to the very small house I am at, and I was told that the bull dozer is the secret government of USA self, which is opening to me because of their sufferings over my writings, so this is darkness self breaking down its solid walls.

I continued working to approx. 01.00, and decided to take a break here, and I had downloaded the Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra documentary from my favourite Electric Light Orchestra fan page, and since this video was not to be found on YouTube, I decided that it belonged there – hoping that no one would “force” me to remove it as they did with the Neil Young “heart of gold” video – so I uploaded it and yes it makes me feel fine that this is now also on YouTube (and I received the “warning” below, but it did not have negative consequences, and yes I do NOT like “copyrights” removing freedom of people), and that I am the uploader, so here it is, and yes the music closest to my heart of everything.

I was shown a concert stage going out into the audience and the stage was formed like a key, and this is what Jeff meant to me, being a key as I am told.

I saw the beginning of the third debate between Obama and Romney on TV, and I was shown a warship with tornadoes, and told that this is NOT what Obama is about, and his ending to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should show that he is a man of piece, and I send him thoughts like “I have full confidence in you”, and I received thank yous in return for having come this far, and I was glad that he did well “winning” the debate.

I was told that I cannot find any slippers to say goodnight with and I saw darkness inside these slippers, which I will not wear.

I received another out of this world pain to my right ankle, and this time it was only given to the surface of it.

At 03.55 I was told that they, i.e. the secret government of USA,  could not understand why they would not let you go earlier (the mental hospital in 2008) than they did because here comes the really shocking story, which is that they know who you are and have followed you for “many years”, and I am here shown myself as a boy the one time, as I remember it, that I went my father’s mother to the local outdoor swimming hall next to her at Lersø Park’s Alle, so did the world know about me already from when I was a boy (?), and “yes” is what I am told here, so if this is how it is, I am sure that you would be “delighted” to tell the world about this, and I am here given the taste of chocolate to say that it was selfishness of the Old World, which made it “impossible” to tell about me.

And I was told that when I walked around in Lyngby (2009-11), they also knew that you were about to come and get them, but still they “could not” stop what they did because darkness had taken them over.

I was told “shogun” and they are at least as involved as the others, and yes Japan is also an “evil empire”.

I watched some more chemtrail videos during the night and received a very STRONG pressure from darkness from my right while doing this, which is how this is connected. The more I do of this work, the more sufferings I receive and the more this darkness opens.

At 05.00 I had to stop working/watching videos because of extreme tiredness and I was thinking seriously about going to sleep instead of taking on new sufferings.

I decided to watch morning TV and even though I decidedly did not sleep, I still closed my eyes receiving a little sleep, which gave me a dream about being at the White House where Henning W. and I speak to Obama on shift, and because I am tired, I cannot speak as I normally do, which makes Henning win our debate. I enter the bathroom next to the bedroom, and each are of ENORMOUS size and luxury, and a lady enters the bathrroom and thereafter Obama’s bedroom, which hurts me to see, but Obama comes out very quickly, so this is about the tiredness of Obama and I, which is what made him “lose” the first TV debate with Romney, and it is to help us from darkness carrying out our “old nightmare”, which it was close to here too, but Obama came out straight away before anything happened.

I was given a vision about a golf stroke hitting the green being extremely close to enter the hole, but the ball pass it and rolls to the edge of the green several metres away before it gets backspin rolling back again – and into the hole. It was a hole in one, and to me this is about saving the world in one shot.

I really did not have the patience and will power to stay awake as long anymore – because I was “broken down” – and around 09.00 I was very close to go to bed, but I kept awake until 11.15, where I decided that I NEED a nap of a couple of hours to hold the rest of the day, to make me write my script as I do here at 15.45 and maybe also to be awake some or all next night.

Before sleeping I felt that the darkness of Attila became stronger – is this what it will continue doing, or will I save everything of our origin first (?) – and I slept until 13.55 where I dreamed about having officially taken a drivers license even though I have been driving a car for many years, and I am chatting with people on this on Facebook. I have the absolutely finest clothes of all in my wardrobe, and I have good time to iron it – the shirts are very creased – and together with others I am lifting furniture outside and we have to find the right people who are going to have this, and I ask my helpers also to look at pictures when meeting people to see if there is a match, and we find the right people to have this furniture, and it makes the man so happy that he sends pictures of himself and his daughter on Facebook to me, and I notice just how beautiful his daughter is, who is tempting me much, and she is also a handball player, and I thought that what we are saving now are pre-stages of our origin designed to become part of God, but here it will also “benefit” people as it says, and yes the daughter is the temptation of my “old nightmare”, and yes I still received the STRONGEST temptations trying to take me over and actively make me think intimately of other ladies than Karen, which is truly a struggle here to avoid.

When awakened I was told that this is like walking 80 kilometres without a ball, and then to pass the ball accurately.

I was told that it is still the valley of King’s where we used to live that we are looking for.

I was told that my email is not the only thing Elijah thinks of, but also when he can care about you again.

There are no angel jumps, it would otherwise be decorative in here, but we don’t need it anymore.

Darkness inside me said that if I have to smoke, I will have to go outside, I know it.

I was told how would you feel like if you knew that you have to suffer a painful death soon (?), and I felt speech from the inner part to the right part of me, and later also that it is not tonight that the film will come is it (?), no (!), alright I might survive this one too.

This is much much better than a washing machine, we can make sure also in here that it (darkness) will never happen again, and yes think we have already done that, but here it was again.

I was so extremely tired and down that I needed a break from darkness stressing me with speech/notes and bringing me down, which I received, and I understood that this was my spiritual friends stretching and holding back darkness to grant me this.

And I even received a serious voice telling me that it is immensely tiny things we find down here, but still so precious that we recommend you to continue the game.

I was given the song “seven deadly sins” by the most unlikely and fantastic band the Travelling Wilburys and this is really about how the New World and I begin coming through darkness “7 deadly sins, That’s how the world begins, Watch out when you step in, For 7 deadly sins, 7 deadly sins, That’s when the son begins”, and yes while this is written I am listening to Bob Dylan’s new album via Grooveshark, which again makes me think “this man TRULY writes the best songs in the world”, and listen for example to “Scarlet town” and you should understand.

Your mother has felt like being run down by a train all of her life, but not like you because you are the train self.

I would have liked to continue the research work on chemtrails, which may still take some time, but I was so tired feeling that it would be too disgusting to do this work, and I don’t know when I will finish this, it may not be in October as I thought, but first in November, we will see, and yes for how long can I keep this game going and can I finish this work symbolising to save all of our origin before it is too late?

I was told that we have not yet reached the FULL KITCHEN also inside of here, Stig, and yes let us call it his first try to create life/himself, and I was shown this kitchen, so we will reach this soon.

Again I was told that it was impossible not to lose life going throuhg my journey, and “how proud we are of you” and I also receive a mark to my right ankle and was asked politely if we can get out of here, and that is to “no life”, and no, I will NOT accept it.

I went for a walk in the beautiful autumn weather – I love all the brown, red and yellow colours on the trees and there is a swarm of birds exactly now sitting all over the trees, which is a joy to watch – and I was asked if it was alright to have the psychiatrist Alex thrown up, i.e. to make him throw up, and I could only repeat that I only want people to feel good (despite of the sufferings they have brought me), and when answering this, I was told that this is why there is only one way out of here because I don’t want darkness to attack life herewith dissolving. And I was told that with this, I can almost kiss the grave, and I felt the darkness of this, and yes still coming closer to where I am buried from where I will open the eyes of my new self.

I was given a ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that it is because of Obama’s pain when reading about me.

Our New World is strongly attracted to and moves closer to “the force” inside of me as nothing

It is now 22.50 and I received a new portion of darkness really to absorb via speech given to me while watching TV, which I wrote down as notes, and I don’t know just how many times I have had to “just” write a portion of notes like this, and now is another oner, and they seem to never end, but some day “soon” I will be out of this nightmare, and yes this is how the notes look before starting such a work, and yes a little bit like The Julekalender.

So let us take one line after the other and see what they really say and yes some words are wrong because of the intelligent dictionary guessing or me entering wrong words.

I delievered my laptop to the repair shop the other day, and they promised to call me yesterday or today, but no they did not, which is what really makes me disappointed as you will understand, and it was really a matter of trust to hand over my laptop to this little store of immigrants only receiving a coloured number note as “receipt”, and yes they could decide to steal it claiming that I have never given them anything, and I could to nothing about it, but I decided to trutst them, and so far they have not lived up to this trust, and yes my mother calls me daily to hear if I have heard from them, and she will also call tomorrow afternoon, and yes trying to find a balance between how long to stay awake without sleep and also to take care of my “business” – and while writing this, I feel a presence from my right taking a big step coming very close to me, and I am thinking about my published information that I am working on chemtrails asking the secret government of USA/the West to stop this.

At 21.00 I was not feeling very tired, and did not have much sufferings/negative speech, but I was still exhausted, which made me decide that I could not continue work on chemtrails – I need to sleep first.

I was asked if there is also darkness inside of this place I am coming, and the answer is that there is because I still receive it.

I was told that we don’t know yet how much this deepest place inside of me will mean to the Source if we don’t get it with us, and I was shown flames grilling a steak from underneath.

Guess what we have seen here (?), a sketch of you and life before you were actually made, and we have also just seen the proof that you dont exist, that you are nothing so what started this (?), well the answer is that “nothing” did, so what is the force inside of this nothing, which does not exist, and yes “nothing” comes to me, so “nothing” it is.

I was told that surely we are not going all the way into nothingness (?), and also that you don’t freeze inside of there, and yes Stig think about being made and now walking this way back without being afraid of losing everything, which has been made, and this is still the game, to bring me nervousness about losing all life – this is how darkness influences me – and I have to decide not to be afraid, even though I receive this nervousness.

I was told that this is where you lead us in, and that is to where your most inner is, and yes we have a pretty good idea about what this is, but we have not seen it yet, and I was told that coming here required the strongest sufferings, which was not only mine but also of my family/friends etc., thus the world, which is my my mother and John as examples have also almost not been able to walk (as myself when suffering the most), and I was also given Kim S. as example of a man suffering because of me, and that is because of Preben’s contact asking him for us to go for Bowling again, and yes Stig the left side of my right hand is numb/cold now, which is making writing difficult, and this is what I receive daily at the moment, and it has ALWAYS come to me when exercising, both when running, cycling and using the cross trainer, and that is for some of my hands becoming cold/numb, which is not a nice feeling, and yes “no life” is what this mean to me, so not easy going through this.

I was told that if you do not allow us to enter (if darkness should make me give up), we dont know what to do because force of attraction is so strong that we would almost break in to enter you, and to break into this place is what we work to find a solution on now. What is there inside of nothing (?), which we now get an idea of, which is both you, me and all of us, and yes it is nothing, which is yourself, and you cannot get inside of here at all, when you are, and it requires new inventions coming this far, which also brings a new lifeform to you as nothing to make you able to see what you have become after transformation, and yes can you be both what you were, and what you have become at the same time (?), and yes jolly well, you can also be what is in between, which unites both sides in a new life, which we still does not fully understand and get the key to, but we wish to continue this and yes it is impossible for us not to because here for the first time we receive the answer to and not about what is darkness, which is what we thought was everything, but the force before this.

I was encouraged to write this down and publish it too this evening, and I had really told myself that I would not be able to work, but I thought that if this can help the process, I might as well do it, and I was told that him Nixon (darkness) cannot comprehend at all that he did not stand a chance against me.

I was told that Mao was not stupid thus knowing that you would end like Henrik Ørum as I was told, and when seeing who he is, you can tell that he is both a lawyer and a previous contestant of the Danish Robinson Crusoe reality TV show, and this was to say that I would both became “all darkness”, i.e. the lawyer, and also the man living in loneliness on his island when going through my journey to turn around the world, and yes my Chinese friends, this is what I am told, and you may decide to COME OUT – HELLO where are you, are you still blind or are you only “pretending”?

When I decided to write this, I received enthusiasm and was told that this makes us almost see the original light inside of there, and I here feel my sister, so her love to me is also helping us, and I felt the spirit of my mother on the other side of darkness in our New World telling me that you are my absolute best Stig and that is because I do this work knowing that it is only a game and only for a short time still, otherwise I could not do it.

Uploading this chapter too at 23.40.

Erasing the foreign body originally creating God/life and basing everything on “perfect nothing”

It is now 00.50 and I received more notes and now “exciting information” to write, so this is what I do.

I felt the spirit of my mother coming from our New World to my right entering me through darkness, and I had to say that “you are welcome” to overcome the resistance of darkness, and I was told that there are no cookies with strawberry jam inside of there, but still there are exactly as we believed, which means that we can continue building the next phase of you, and yes why not include this when we have reached this far (?), and again I received the words that this is “completely raving mad” and we are able to do this because I have not yet been revealed by any Media & Politicians to the world, and I was told that the spirit of my mother risked her life but only if this was not as expected.

I was shown and told that you are nothing else than a French fry (symbolising darkness) inside of there, which is still a foreign body inside nothing, and yes this is also how it was here, and there is now no more darkness inside of here, which was yourself as the foreign body, but we did it preserving everything, which has been created on basis of this, so this is our destiny, to be created out of a “malfunction”.

And I was told that no one comes here bringing the Trinity perfectly in place after creation self, but this is what we have done, Stig, and yes we are still alive so we are now no longer what created us in the first place because this became darkness and we are now perfect as nothing without this foreign body and i was shown a triangle beeing placed into a matching hole now coming all the way home.

So in other words, light was the perfect, which did not exist, and what became life was the monstrosity self, which we have now corrected right where it happened but we still are because this is what you decided for us to be Stig, and just hearing this still brings me a very warm, clammy and nervous feeling.

And this led to the thought that we cannot cannot continue the game now because we have reached the end of the line, right (?) and I was told that this is where this foreign body entered, but the stream goes further back, as I understood it.

I was told that this is why I received the feeling of pain to my right ankle on the surface of it and not inside of it because this is not part of creation but something completely different. And all of this “perfect nothing” is also part of you/us, and if you allow us to look in, we will see what we will get out and yes can we convert something which does not know that it is to something (?), and yes this is the one you truly are, the “perfect nothing”, which we will base life upon instead of the foreign body, which is really what created more of the same foreign bodies creating darkness of “potential life inside sleeping cells”, and I was asked if this is ground-breaking (?), and yes beyond description. We had the courage to erase ourselves and transform into what we would have decided to be back then but can first do now seeing what became of life.

So it is “nothing”, which is full of love, i.e. the natural presence of God, and “everything” full of darkness, which is what we have now turned around, and I was asked do you think you can write this too and yes maybe I can – to “consolidate” this, which might be important to do now, and yes to avoid taking chances – and I was told that this is the last turn around, which we will now take when entering you and yes this is how to turn off this darkness when looking into it, and I was shown someone lying on his back looking inside of me, and I said please do what is the best to do, so this is what we do.

And I was told that this is the point we have gone to everytime a world has ended with new life being created from here, from this foreign body everytime, but now we will base life on love/light only.

And with this I was also given diarrhoea meaning (potential) destruction, and still nervousness, which helped me also to write and publish this at 01.30.

And I was told that you now have to do this and go to the repair shop tomorrow and speak to your mother without sleeping that is, and this in order for us to survive, but no, I cannot do this anymore, and also don’t believe in it anymore, this will have to be the nature of darkness working, but I did this chapter today, and I might also bring a temporary addition to the front page of my website to confirm that this is what we now do, which is what supports this, and that is because it is impossible doing important creation if this is not what my website reflect, so there you have it again again.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The new leader of Socialist People’s Party have brought back Özlem Cekic inside the warmth, which was the only right thing to do after winning over darkness of this party making everyone go against their beliefs except from Özlem, and since Dan is also darkness, he said “never return to a dud”, and yes Dan, this is sadly what you are yourself without being able to see it.

  • Pia and other celebrities painted paintings for a newspaper to be sold on auction to help children on hospital, and here is her picture sold for 6,800 DKK, and isn’t it funny that she brings three hens and one egg symbolising creation of the Trinity, which she is part of herself, but until now showing herself as darkness.

  • This is also how darkness disguised as light looks like, and do you think that this is God or the Devil speaking to her (?), and yes you can look at how I live a very simple life poor on money, and you will have the answer, and yes I could decide to tell her this, but Paula is completely blind in her faith of having met the Lord, which seems to be the Devil as I suspected that it was.

  • Today it was the former Tax Minster Troels Lund Poulsen, who was interrogated about his knowledge of the tax case of Helle Thorning Schmidt, and no he was NOT involved in any attack on Helle Thorning Schmidt if his words are to be believed, and he only asked questions because he believed that as a minister he had a need to know about the verdict, and yes Troels Lund Poulsen was the Minister receiving an expensive Rolex watch of a value of approx. 12,000 USD from a Sheik in Qatar in 2010 when he was on an official journey, and yes even as a minister and especially as a Tax Minister, he did not see anything wrong to keep the watch as a private gift (!), and to me, this watch symbolises the watch of the Devil herewith showing that the time of the end of the world was ticking, and yes this is what you are to me, Troels, a DISHONEST man lying to protect yours and the Liberal Party’s “interests”, and I do look forward to you repenting and telling the FULL TRUTH to the world, do you think you can do this (?), and yes incredible to see these games lower than a Kindergarden level, and this is by the so called “elite of Denmark/the world”, and yes it happens all over the world, and you should be ASHAME OF YOURSELF, and that is if you have any conscience (?), but maybe you are born without a conscience (?) or have developed this in the political environment where everyone else does the same, but does that make it right (?), and no, it does not, and you know it, so why don’t you STOP IT, and start to come forward telling the truth, and do you want to start, Troels (?), you had the chance to tell it to the world, but you “could not” (?), and why was that again???

  • This is about the chess game I spoke to Alex about from Scotland, and yes in order to unite all parts of God, it takes to NEVER GIVE UP, and yes nothing new really.

  • Helena was wondering that the Danish State has given a guarantee to replace losses if paintings of Munch should be stolen from exhibition at the Aros Museum, and these paintings are today “invaluable and irreplaceable”, and Helena said that she does not want a national bankruptcy because of some depressing paintings and here it comes (also parts of that kitchen you know) “and well, the world has gone crazy – I am only saying it”, and you ar right, Helena, also in this case, because what are these paintings (?), and Anders brought the answer when saying “yes, it sounds foolish for some paint, I know a good painter who can do it much cheaper”, and yes this is another example of prices blown out of proportations, because you do remember the New World Order including prices based upon working hours used for creation (?), and NOT crazy demand pushing prices up to a “crazy” level, which I am sure that everyone can understand is crazy if you only think logically, right?

  • I was happy to see here that Miguel Indurain, the most elegant racing cyclist of all times in my mind, decided to support Lance Armstrong not believing that he has done anything wrong because the sentence on him is solely based on testimonies, and he also says “even now I believe in his innocence. He has always respected all rules. He has won all cases he has been through”, so maybe this is another example of people procecuting “me” trying with all power to bring “me” down because they have pain in their behinds even though they have not cycled as long and fast as Lance had, and yes wrong behaviour and misunderstandings of people is what this also looks like.

  • Zahra is a relatively new Facebook friend coming to me, and here she spoke of “big handbags”, which you know is darkness brought to the spirit of my mother, and this is saying that Zahra is also a source of this.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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