October 25, 2012: Bringing the New World through my solid darkness to “perfect nothing” ending the “foreign body”


Summary of the script today

24th October: Bringing the New World through my solid darkness to “perfect nothing” ending the “foreign body”

  • Creation of life is returning like darkness to the light of “perfect nothing” inside of me asking for it to take over creation, which I accepted. I received yet a new heart with this new life form, we have created. If I was not strong enough opening to life into this “perfect nothing” inside of me, life would break in through the solid darkness around this. Life inside of here is beyond what we can GRASP today.
  • Dreaming of darkness wanting to stop my access to “perfect nothing” and to remove the last life/love of this, which I will NOT accept.
  • The spirit of my mother broke through the most solid darkness of the inner of me and brought via incredible strong sufferings/darkness the whole New World through me to my father of “perfect nothing” on my most inner side herewith changing creation of the New World based upon the original “foreign body” so everything is now ““perfect nothing””. Our entire creation of “almost an eternity of worlds” since inception only fills one drop of blood of our new “body” of “perfect nothing”, where we have met our perfect selves in a much bigger edition!
  • Short stories of Obama also liking cheese of our New World, darkness and fear of my old cohabite Camilla was sent to me, Donald Trump is the WORST darkness working against Obama/me but for the secret government of USA (?), and Martin told Jette that there is no information in her Google Earth clouds and it did not help telling Martin of his misunderstanding!

25th October: Everyone will become “perfect” at our New World at “perfect nothing” without any Basic Rules!

  • I had a new night awake only receiving little sleep and was told that I will now receive as important a task for me as when leading the New World into “perfect nothing”. I received a key and was told that “you are not even here” meaning that I can still form this New World inside of “perfect nothing”; I am at the back of a very long train, and when being outside, I can change what is inside of this “perfect nothing”. I was told that my Basic Rules inside of “perfect nothing”, which we did not know about, are like pollution bringing a constant feeling of the Devil still being alive and bringing us pain even when he is not and the risk of him to become a “slum stormer” to occupy our house, and this is because we are now at “perfect nothing” before creation, and later came something, which was not perfect, which we made rules for, and now we go back to what is perfect meaning that we can open the whole world without these rules, and I was strongly encouraged to remove my basic rules, which brought me a true challenge because how can I do this now when my website is as it is, but eventually I decided that I will try to amend the website to make these “rules” into “recommendations”, which ought to do it. When eliminating darkness and the foreign body as if it has never existed we also need to remove the snarly strings of these rules, which I will do. Everyone will automatically be accepted in our New World without a need to show a clean heart, which is because everyone will become 100% clean/perfect when we open up the New World and the new selves of all people.
  • Dreaming of darkness trying to winning a part from me, which they might do if I don’t do my work.
  • I was completely worn out and had to get some sleep/relaxation, which darkness used to attack me giving me the worst cramp I have ever received. I was told that if I could not amend my website removing my basic rules, my spiritual friends would do it anyway when fighting darkness and this is because there is incredible life of a magnitude beyond imagination inside of “perfect nothing” waiting to be awakened, which we will not do with a potential risk of darkness attacking us again potentially taking over this life.
  • I went to Lyngby to watch the new James Bond film – including his resurrection and fighting an impossible to win over IT system of the bad guy, just like me – and this film symbolised my vistory over all darkness. I received the weapon to defeat the last darkness from the wine dealer Christian Philipson making the last of me avoid starting to dissolve, and I received the key of life of my mother after going through all darkness, and with this, I entered “perfect nothing” perfectly herewith bringing perfect access of the future, and the best gift of all to my mother giving her a much clearer view of our New World. When the film started, a spirit entered me and received a skeleton, which was God of “perfect nothing” for the first time ever becoming a human being inside of me. Everything, which used to be part of the (foreign body of the) spirit of my mother is now being transferred and becoming part of (“perfect nothing” of) the spirit of my father, and I received access to hidden, terminated life, which is now being cleaned too when the game will continue until all darkness is absorbed/cleaned and I will open the eyes of my new self. The most important of my journey was that I had the courage to go through all darkness for all life to enter God of “perfect nothing” at the most inner.
  • Short stories of people not understanding me and creation because of their own weaknesses, receiving much work/stress as part of the present game, Dan brought me MUCH darkness not being a “fan” of me, Gordon Ramsey’s scrambled eggs (of creation) is the most amazing way waking up, Nazi effects stolen from the record office and now refound symbolising life terminated by Nazi darkness now refound.


24th October: Bringing the New World through my solid darkness to “perfect nothing” ending the “foreign body”

Creation of life is returning like darkness to the light of “perfect nothing” inside of me asking for it to take over creation

Yesterday evening I also watched Brian Mørk returning to “Natholdet” on TV2, and the “ping-pong” talk between the host and Brian was about players of darkness, the “pig” was about survival of life, and Brian LAUGHED when a clairvoyant said that she was given the sight of a dog, which had ran away, but when he saw that the dog was found via these sights, he said something like “It is truly a miracle that God could not save people in Africa, but this dog”, and yes Brian, the dog is symbol of darkness just saying that I saved everyone including you, and that is despite of you acting like a dog, and yes making me embarrased because of your WRONG speech of sex both in this show, and also in the “Live from Bremen” TV show, which is WAY below the belt and NOT funny when you cross the lines of decent (sexual) behaviour, and at the end, he spoke much about Germany, which is really my end destination, you know, and yes I wonder how we will get there, where and when, and we will see about that too.

After publishing the script of yesterday I was told that this could not have been done without ”the Greek relation” of knowledge.

I was told that we have started the process to get (physical) Karen return to you by “softening” her and opening her eyes to make her understand instead of misunderstanding you.

We have not lost a lamp into an eternity of nothing being impossible to pull it up again, but this is how it feels, and yes Stig, we have brought everything of nothing as light into our creation of darkness not understanding before now that the right thing was to turn everything around, and when writing this, it gave me fear that I would receive physical pain once again to turn around everything of our New World to “nothing”, but haven’t we already done that when deciding to create a world without energy some time ago (?), and yes I believe we have.

And yes it is like darkness is returning to me (of light of nothing) with a postal package saying “we are sorry for having created life as we did without understanding that we should have based it on you, and not ourselves, so this is what we now kindly ask you to do, to become everything which is as life taking over what we had developed into”, and yes to make everything perfect, do you think you will do this (?), and yes Stig says I am the one, so this is my decision, and I have accepted so this is what we do.

I also did the temporary addition to the front page of my website, which I have to read and edit more carefully when I have slept, but I did it, and this is how it is now 01.50 in the night, and yes at 21.30 yesterday evening I was extremely tired again believing that I would not last for long, and now it is really about deciding what to do now because the longer I am awake the better for creation, but I also need to get some sleep and to continue work “tomorrow”, so I might stay awake a couple of hours before going to bed, we will see, and yes Stig, I feel the taste of fish going through the inner darkness of me, which is to say that we have now started the transformation process of this solid darkness too.

I was told that we have collected all remaining darkness on Earth and given it to you, and yes this is what I understand Attila is about.

I was told that the (possible) turn around will now only be in my left and not right foot.

I was told from my right that there will be no airports closing at all and yes I do NOT want any destruction if we can avoid it, and so far so good, lawyers are not very demanded right here, because the ones remaining are really on our side working to get everything right.

We thought that reaching the end of the motorway (of life) was fantastic and tra la la, but it is nothing to what we have now started to grasp, Stig. And there is a picture there without a picture really being there but when you say there is, there is, and this is where MAGIC truly comes in because how can you sustain something which is not there, and yes it is all in the mind of what used to be, which is no more, and let us say that this is now part of love/light and that is as I understand it, because EVERYTHING has to be perfect light and NO darkness.

I received the song “I’m outta love” by Anastacia, whom I like very much too, and I do believe that it will have to be about the lyrics “set me free and let me out this misery
Show me the way to get my life again“, which I am looking much forward to, and this might come in 1-2 months from now (?), and I received the feeling of “take this off of me too” (solid darkness) combined with this song, which is bringing much enthusiasm to my spiritual friends.

And I was told that now the LONG TRAIN RUNNING is what we truly will see.

I also understand that this will bring me yet another new heart (?), and I received a package from my left, which includes Danish pastry with not yet tried yellow cream, but since we/you have asked for it to be perfect, this is what we expect that it will be, and yes darkness tried to bite it here, which is to say that there is still more darkness coming, and I feel Obama here too, and I wonder what you feel and don’t feel (?), and how it is to be you with this important creation still taking place while you are running for Presidency once again going in to the last 14 days of the campaign, and yes you would rather have this over with to end your sufferings, Obama (?), is this a feeling you also know of (?), which is also sending me darkness, and yes the source of darkness is great, and yes yes yes we know Stig, you have really pushed much forward, thus receiving much work yesterday evening and this night.

I was shown dark people in front of me and told that you saw yourself what you were about to design, but still you decided to design life as you did, and yes because you did not know otherwise, which is what we do now, so it was “the Greek factor”, i.e. knowledge of life, which made this change possible.

I was shown a large knocked in hole in the wall and I was told that this is the hole we were planning to create by breaking through the wall and I was shown wires, which we would bring with us trying to connect them to what is inside of this darkness, but because you allowed us to enter, and because we could, we did, so breaking in was not needed afterall, and this is Århus, where we were heading to, which we did despite of you taking a nap on the sofa, but based upon your only little sleep.

And yes, Stig, this is what the laptop was supposed to symbolise, and you still don’t know if you will get it to work or not, but this should indicate that it will come to work.

I was told that you (the death’s-head) are not dead yet, and this was an example of what you can do with this darkness as long as it is not destroyed, and I wonder if we can do even more, only time will tell really, and yes now only 7 days remaining until the SAGA concert :-).

And I was told that we have even greater gifts waiting for you – in two days – if you can go through it, and that is a future life without the feeling of a watch, because this is the feeling this remaining darkness will always give us if not converted to light too.

I heard from light at my very inner with the feeling that this is the voice of darkness having become light after converting – because the spirit of my mother broke through – that I WILL CONTINUE and yes no reason to start giving up now, and yes Stig we have entered here without giving you the kiss of death of your mother.

Give it to him (!), no this is far too poisonous for him yet, and yes the gift of your father when he will arrive here too, and I wonder what this can be, and maybe a totally new form of life when we are not tied by the limitations of what used to be creation (?), and yes Stig, you have seen nothing yet!

And yes I see Bent from Bolbrovej as an example here as a “bump on the way”, which is what life used to be about because this is about making everything into “nothing”, and I thought we already had done that?

I received the voice of Ole – my mother’s ex husband – saying that we could have reached here also later when coming back to this point, but eeehhh would we ever again receive the courage to do so?

I was told that you have also not seen an UFO yet (close up), which is delayed because of this development.

Yes, this means that it will never again stink rotten inside of here, and yes Stig this is part of cleaning your new house, the final home of God with his New World around him.

Previously in this script I wrote “it is nothing to what we have now started to grasp” about our new life based on “perfect nothing”, and “grasp” became a key word because before writing this sentence, I ad written this email to LTO in Kenya also receiving the word “grasp”.

And I read this interview with Jeff Lynne from the Sun (and my favourite Electric Light Orchestra fan page), and this was also about getting “the experience to grasp it”, so this is truly a MAJOR step forward in creation, and so much that we can hardly GRASP it.

Dreaming of darkness wanting to stop my access to “perfect nothing” and to remove the last life/love of this

I believe it was around 04.00 when I decided to go to bed, and I received pretty strong encouragements to stay up, but no, I am not going to do even longer 2-3 days stay up marathons because this will break me down (as I am VERY close to being!) not being able to continue my journey after not that long, and yes I was told that we would like to get everything out of here before the bulldozers make it into lose soil/sand from which life can start again, and yes I understand, but this is how I will play the game – doing my best without totally destructing my self, and yes there is a difference. I slept until 10.40 with these dreams.

  • I have decided to buy a property, which I tell the real estate broker, and he shows me that I have four mortgage deeds, and recommends me to sell one of them to get money for the down payment, and I have until Sunday to decide on this. But somehow a force is trying to overrule this, which demands to buy instead, and I believe I am at a burger restaurant – feeling McDonalds – with Coca Cola on the floor running into the crack between floor and wall, and something about a new system I have designed, which can identiy people arriving, and say that we will win. Later also something about driving slower and someone having won in the card game “hearts free”, and something about meeting people at work Friday after 16.00 where Rikke H. and another have brought home Danish open sandwiches not believing that anyone would come this late, which annoys me.
    • This property will have to be the property of “perfect nothing” inside of me, which the worst darkness of all does not want me to have, and “four mortgage deeds” may be what “four backs of darkness” is about, and they want me to sell one to get money, i.e. old energy, but no my friends (!), and I felt in the dream that the system is about a system tracking people, who VOLUNTARILY wants to be “tracked” in order to receive customished information, links and offers brought to you, which is a system I like much, if it is based on VOLUNTARY attendance that is, and here this new system of mine will win over darkness, and this is about working at the very end where darkness is about to pack down removing the last food and love inside of me, but no, I will NOT accept it, so we will see if my will power is strong enough to break the desire of this darkness, and yes my dear spiritual friends, I understand what you say about “breaking in” if necessary, because we don’t want to lose what is inside of here, but the best is of course to let darkness dissolve by itself, and we will see how far I can get through work and little sleep.

Bringing the New World through my solid darkness to “perfect nothing” ending the “foreign body”

I started the day by receving negative stories about what would have terminated if this and that happened, but I decided that I don’t want to write this down because I don’t want to focus on negativity, and it was given to me because darkness is “on” when I sleep.

I received the fine song “I want it that way” by Backstreet Boys including the lyrics “tell me why” and “I want it that way”.

I was told that we will now continue bringing in your father, and I really thought he was here, but since he is not, please do, and I was told “this evening”. I also felt and was told that your heart is welcome.At 09.00 I decided to take what I thought would become a long bath this morning, and there was no resistance from my spiritual friends.

In periods these days, I receive incredible strong physical touch/pain around my private parts, which is deeper and stronger of darkness than ever before, but there is nothing it can do to change my decision, but it is truly both strong and uncomfortable.

Darkness has already thrown in the towel given up MANY times, which this darkness however does not know, so this is how I constantly meet new resistance doing its best to reject me, but no, I am the one deciding also being it, and this is really something, which darkness has no defense systems over, because I am its “master” and it has to comply with my decisions.

During lunch I received the feeling of Vrillon inside of me, which is where he is now, and I was told that he is also the spirit of my father really, and he said that his interference bringing in Radio 24/7 over all radio channels of the DR national radio a few months ago was also to bring ATTENTION to Danish Media & Politicians about me, so you have a SILENT “official system” of Denmark, who simply don’t know what to say or how to react, and therefore you see them going on as if nothing has happened, and yes isnt this the most magnificent and totally untrustworthy and irressponsible behaviour you have seen (?), and yes this is how it is connected. 

When I had had lunch and finished the script so far, I could have decided to go to the swimming hall, but instead I decided to cycle to town to have a word with the repair shop, and to return at home because I really want to continue work on chemtrails, and yes there are many webpages and videos I still have to see, and as usual I am collecting much information almost taking my breath away, before I will try to collect my chapter on this using the best information, and yes doing it the same way as I did the Signs III and IV pages, which were also not easy to do, and in comparrison, this is less work, but still much to do, and yes it may take some time to do still and that is also into November maybe.

And if I like writing at my new desk and also sitting in my new chair (?), and yes “perfect” is the feeling.

When I met the man of the repair shop, he told me that they have located the problem, which is that the graphics card was burned off – so this is how darkness attacked my computer symbolising our world trying to “burn” it down – and he told me that they are waiting for a sub-supplier to return with an answer on a new card and prices, and yes he knew that he had promised to return to me not later than yesterday, but this is how it is when you depend on others, so in this respect you can really only answer the question of a deadline when you know the deadline of sub-suppliers, and yes so it is, and when I check to see what graphic cards cost, it looks as if most cars are too expensive for my budget, so it may be out of reach to update this computer, and that is unless I will use this knowledge asking Niklas to help me find a graphic card, which will work and maybe he will install it for me (?), and yes this is very WRONG to do in our New World (you have to pay people according to working hours), but if you try to find your way in and this is the way we are working, this might be the symbol to get this world working, and we will see what will happen.

I was shown a very little prick to my finger with one drop of blood pouring out, and I was told that this is what the sum of all old creation is about, i.e. the blood drop, and there is a whole world (much larger) behind this, which has been invisible until now, and it is the most perfect you can imagine, and I heard the spirit of my mother smiling and telling me that “you make me happy.”

I was shown and told that our New World and “perfect nothing” now are being sewed together, and I was told that you don’t know the degree of sufferings we went through while you were sleeping, but never mind, and yes thank you for doing this my spiritual friends J.

While cycling I was given my favourite song of the collaboration between George Harrison and Jeff Lynne, which is “that’s what it takes” and the lyrics “If that’s what it takes, Then I’ve got to be strong, Don’t want to be wrong, If that’s what it takes”, and yes the meaning was that I had to be strong to come to this part of creation, and may I say that I simply LOVE this song as one of the finest of Jeff Lynne of all, and George Harrison is “not bad” too as we say around here :-).

When I pulled up my cycle from the small railway uphill of “the end of the world” passage (between the Kingdoms of Earth and Heaven, where I live, and yes this is what they are called, remember?) I noticed how many large trucks and machines were gathered and men working, and I asked what they did, and yes we know they are renovating the sewers running here, which of course is a symbol of the world not ending after all.

I was also told that we have not collapsed yet in this placebo of the Old World, which is also because of sufferings of Jack as I am told.

I often receive the word “England” or Britain if you will, and here “England” and “a new record”, and this is essentially about STRONG DARKNESS of this country too, and their knowledge – but still silence – of me, and yes how are you doing over there, you may be gentlemen lifting up your bowlerhats but first when meeting me, is that it?At 09.50 I received much pressure to get started with work, otherwise …. (!), and yes darkness was getting stronger again, and I decided to stand up at 10.00 – otherwise I can easily lie in bath for 2-3 hours (!) – and to get started, and that is because you never really know about the impact of negative consequences, and then it is better to keep on working, which never is of the negative, only the positive, and here it was to write and publish the chapter of my mother/sister of yesterday in order for this to be consolidated by people reading it.

And no, you have not forced us to pour even stronger fluids into the tank” and I was shown and felt that this is liquid of darkness, which you could also have asked us to fill the tank with and yes Stig to make sure that we would never get access to this fine place, but no, I want you to make sure that we will get perfect access for our entire New World.

I continued searching on more information on Chemtrails, and yes this is a mountain too including the armed forces in their fight to remain in power using all scary means available, and yes much to read/watch in order to understand what and how, and when doing this work, I was told that they would come out at the end to help you up from the hole of doctors, and that is if they had to if I had not gotten out myself, and yes there are “plans” to help the Son of God to reveal our/themselves as I am told, but when I can myself, they have decided to let me do so, and yes this is what I am told, so there is goodness too inside of this system of hell. 

And yes when I am doing this work myself, I am really opening the most solid darkness inside of me, and that is when saying that I do NOT want you to do this, so my dear world, STOP ALL OF YOUR SECRET OPERATIONS AND COVER-UP OF HELL, I will NOT have it! 

Again when working, I received strong darkness making this work feel disgusting and giving me the desire not to do it, and when “not giving up” – to ignore darkness and just to continue working – this is not just removing darkness inside of here, it makes us see what we have created inside of here.

I was told something about a machine gun inside of me, yes this is what we, i.e. the spirit of my mother, were ready to take if this is what you had decided to fire against us (if I had lost to darkness still wanting me to be negative/destruct).

I received cracking sounds to my kitchen and I felt my spiritual friends behind a little darkness inside of this “new place” and I was told “we are already there”. 

This is about getting all of our New World into this perfect nothing, and if I don’t make it on time, and don’t accept it to be done, it means that these parts of the New World will not make it, and no, I don’t believe in you, and no, I don’t want to be taken with fear or forced to work too quickly, this will take the time as it takes, and incredible STRONG feelings/fear was now coming to me. 

I felt the New World coming to me from right, and was told so what you are doing now is to separate our New World into two if you don’t make it through (?) – of ““perfect nothing”” and the old design based upon the “foreign body” – and we will end this some time tomorrow, and yes because we want all of this to be included in our “perfect nothing”, which I feel is to my top left, and this again gives me new fear and the feeling of MUCH warmth reflecting this coming to my inside, which was VERY uncomfortable.

So the question about whether or not you will get your laptop to work is the question if you will get this new world of “perfect nothing” working, and yes you decided to ask the repair shop today, and your mother called asking of this and the costs, and yes it may become too expensive (most graphic cards are over the budget), but maybe we can get Niklas to help us, if needed, and yes she is still with you on your side to work for this plan Stig, and yes already here at 19.30, I am very tired indeed, and cannot go on forever and question if I will make it through the night without sleeping.

I had dinner and I decided that I have been working so much that it should be fine to watch a TV programme of less than an hour and to continue work thereafter, but I was asked with a low but serious voice to please continue and not to watch TV because of sufferings and our will to get everything out, and a couple of minutes later it was repeated together with “please, Stig, I am almost breaking down”, and I did not understand because in my mind, we have still weeks of work to do, and I did not know what would happen during the evening.

I received enthusiasm and was told that it is like being explorers or treasure hunters inside of here, and what do you got (?), yes platinum espeically in abundance of an incredible amount of New World’s here.

I was watching videos on HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Reasearch Program) as part of my study of Chemtrails (!) – HAARP is the new weather modification and mind control Star Wars Defense Initiative (SDI) weapon of the US military capable of creating weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis and earthquakes, altering peoples moods, work as an active mind control system of mankind working on the same frequencies as the mind bringing temptations, fear, passivity etc. – and was here receiving EXTREME DARKNESS trying to make me believe that the world could end again or parts of this if I am not strong enough doing this work, and I was told that there is enough force to destruct us while going through here, but you will not point it against us, and yes I am thinking is there really because there should be almost no darkness remaining (?), and if I enjoy doing this (?), no it is HURTING me much because of MUCH nervousness and tiredness given to me together with an enormous pressure to finish this work, but it might take weeks my friends!

Later I was told that we are sorry but this is what we needed to do to break through, and yes I received some of the absolutely worst sufferings/darkness because of this HAARP system, and yes CLOSE IT DOWN too, my friends, and how could you be such MAD MEN even to build a plant like that experimenting with life and creation self without knowing what you were doing (?), and you can watch this video and with a little patience as I decided to have too, you will get an idea of what it is capable of and yes a potential Doomsday Weapon if getting out of control, and I was told that this is what the Coca Cola of the dream was about.

At 20.15 I received more out of this world pain now to my left foot, which is about restructuring our New World to become part of our “perfect nothing”. Yes you have herewith created a hole leading from one world to the other, so now it is only about keeping your tongue in the middle of the road/mouth, and to make sure that we will all arrive safely, Stig (?), and yes I will continue doing my best work, which includes NOT to be overtaken by the negative voice, which is with me as usual wanting to destruct, and yes it’s got to be perfect is what we continue saying and that is all of us. 

Only a few minutes afterwards I was told that “now this is practically done” and I received a feeling of light passing me, and yes as if the New World was transferred from my right side to my left and really almost at the middle in front of me, because this is where we are at, directly in front of you, my friend.  And now we will close after us to the right or we don’t have to (?) and yes your call, Stig, and I don’t know, but maybe this is to say that this is the end of the old creation based upon the “foreign body” and now everything is based upon ““perfect nothing”, and yes “sometime this evening” is when my father would arrive, and it is now 20.25, so is this done now, or first sometime tomorrow (?), and I don’t know, all I know is that I will keep on working and staying up for “as long as I can/will” and see what will happen.

And around this time, my extreme sufferings and fear were reduced much again, but I felt more coming to me from my right, and who was he (?), and yes the end troop with the feeling that we have now transferred 360 degrees of everything from what used to be to an entire New World also to us, Stig.

And what do we find inside of here (?), and yes Stig ourselves in a much bigger edition and “perfect selves” you might add, and yes this is TRULY like coming home, and I cannot see it yet and that is because I am the last one myself, I am still the large “monster of darkness”, who cannot see before I have changed all of what was into all of what will be for everyone, a world, which no one was prepared for and did not know existed, and yes I would like to see it too, but I am not done with work here, and we might have 1-2 months extra time, so I wonder what kind of new miracles will come to me (?), and we will see.

I was told that we could smell (the storm matches) that you needed a change of air, and yes we succeeded to change this too, and yes not completely without danger as I am told here. And this is the force, which would have come to our help if something went wrong, we can just “feel” it here, and I received a new clicking sound from the kitchen saying “welcome”.

I was hurting so much that I was “this close” to stop working, and yes the New World is made of light only and how could darkness of you hurt the New World (?), and no this is not possible, so was this a “game” or was the danger real (?), and yes it was served to me as not grilled fish as you say from my left, but as a very real threat, and it came together with these strongest physical feelings of darkness around my private parts, the strongest ever.I was told that if I should lose it now, it is only a question of when the last darkness enters and not if it enters, and yes it sounds convincing as normal, but is it really?

I received a new feeling to my distant right, which is ”perfect nothing” spreading, so eventually I will also receive this feeling to my right. I continued receiving strong darkness from my right and now it is not the New World pressing on from here, but what remains of me, and yes this will not change my game saying “you are welcome”, so behind this will still come our New World, but now as based upon ““perfect nothing”.

I received some potential marks to my right ankle, but no there is nothing to destruct and also almost no darkness to potentially escape, and yes it is only you and me now, Stig, while you continue your work, and yes everything else is no longer here, it simply passed right in front of me, and yes there was nothing we could do to attack it because we did not want that to happen, remember?

I received a new cracking sound from my kitchen and this time it was about something being set up on a tree, and I was told and felt that it was a sign saying ”My dear home” also with the understanding that this is all we need to do now before we will receive you, and yes this might be, but there always come surprises, so we will see …. :-).

I was given the feeling that I am now very close myself to come to this New World because there is no longer anything here than my self and darkness (?), and yes there might be something inside of there, so let us be patient and that is for weeks to come if possible.

Yes, Stig, another of those “worst” days it became, which you did not think or feel in the morning, and yes to be taking with surprise is really part of the game every time something big happens, and finally at 22.10 I had published this script too.

At 22.15 I felt completely blown away with nothing left to work with.

I was told that this “perfect nothing” is what was inside the long end of the thin stream, which we would like to save before it was too late, and this is what we fought with, and yes to secure our future lives based on this light.

I was shown a toy of darkness coming to me from the right, and this together with a little boy soaking his thumb, and no there can be no darkness of our New World, so our target is to make everything light, and yes Stig, it seems as if we were close to cut away this “perfect nothing”.

I was told by my new heart (!) that we can wait for you, Stig, and yes you are not done yet as you say.

I received a voice of my father inside of this darkness to my right saying that “I am not dead yet”, and yes Stig I see him holding prison bars trying to remove them so he can come out too, and what is inside of here, and yes he walks right in front of me looking at me, and yes as if he has walked out of prison by now (?) after we have set up our New World of “perfect nothing”?  And he was giving me the prison keys as if to say that I am now alone in prison of darkness, and yes he returned to carry this out, and yes going back in time to bring this with us, so thank you FATHER for doing this, and yes you are welcome too, Stig, but we know, not yet.

And he said that he will now continue doing the setup of Obelix here, and yes he might as well “because you are not coming to help me now are you”, and we know I will be working from here, so this is how we have divided our work.

It was “photographing is not allowed anymore”, which is what we were the most concerned about, but not anymore, and yes this was done while you simply decided to go through yet another “normal” working day.

And this is what we used Attila for, yes to create all of this by uniting all darkness, and no it was not very difficult, but suffering I was, but I have been this during my entire journey, so this was “one of those” you know. And yes Stig, this is what could have destructed all of this if you gave into it – my “old nightmare” of incredible but short strength – and yes I know when I slept, the world had to “cover” me by taking on much sufferings.

I was told that now the effects of my mentioning of HAARP above will do its effect – as chemtrails did before – and this is really what is bringing the most darkness to me, and yes from the secret government you know.

And this is about if you want to bring your full sofa (?) and that is instead of going to India to ask a fortune teller what will happen, and here with a reference to the short story about Martin “reading in coffee grounds”, and this was here a sign to me via Martin to say that he knows or “think of” that I know what will happen after December 21, which he does not himself as I understand it, but no, it is “impossible” for him to listen to me despite of telling the truth and what should be logical for him too, and yes raving mad is what he is too.

I was told that it will now not take long for the pub to open, or is it additional pub (?), and yes I have been given signs of a set of two (when I by mistake entered two pictures of the same twice today without thinking really, which I had to correct), and yes a set of two of what (?), and eeehhh I don’t understand but you will probably let me know during the night if I am not wrong, and this is where the big surprise truly will come, which will make you proud as a pope, and yes one for you and one for me, Stig, so you are God yourself by now and God is still God too, so we have each of our homes, and yes this is what I am told, so this is how it must be.

We are now setting up a system, which will make sure that neither one of us will ever dry out – and yes new life as I understand it, and later I was told – via another new cracking sound to the kithen and yes MANY of those today – that this is about “energy”, and that is to help THINKING/CREATING this when needed, and yes to work as each other’s back up system, and yes that’s very smart, father :-).

You are no model student, Stig, because what I will tell you is and yes I have said it, and no he did not get it, and yes many of those almost impossible to hear and write down messages and others only half messages, which is a phenomenon I have received before about saving life, which was unclear/difficult to find, and if there is more, I feel fine by doing a more thorough clean up.

I was told that it is now completely impossible to stop us from playing handball, and I felt it with excitement, and not as a game against darkness. And that is because there is nothing falling to pieces inside here, it is as if we have always been here. So we will no longer be going to China to wash up again.

You are not a snail on the road, which also still has some importance with the feeling not so much because of us, who are now safe, but more yourself, and yes Stig, this is why it is a good idea for you to keep on working all the way until tomorrow morning at least (?), and yes I know that you put much pressure on me, and it is now 00.30, and I don’t believe that I will do that, but I will stay up. We will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Obama likes cheese too, and you should try the Danablu from Bornholm :-).

  • My old cohabitee Camilla decided to search for the combination me and her, and she skimmed the webpages below, so she sends me much darkness/fear too, so there you have the connection also to what I received MUCH of this evening as mentiond in the script.

  • Donald Trump had announced a “Big” Barack Obama statment, and it showed to be $5 Million to Charity for President’s College and Passport Records, and yes this billionarie still questions Obama’s citizenship, and believes this is the best way to serve the country, and that is to do his best to make sure that Obama is not re-elected, and yes a man of the worst, solid darkness attacking Obama herewith attacking me, and don’t you believe there are more important subjects, Trump (?), and yes this means that he can only be working for the secret government of USA having completely different “interests” than this, and yes Donald “a man you cannot reach”, and that is what you may believe, Trump (?), but people like you will go down too, becuase your likes will NOT be seen in our New World.

  • I liked this one and just saying that behind Trump’s cover of darkness, he is also one of those nice cats of our New World too.

  • Jette asked Martin some time ago of his view on the clouds, and today he wrote that there is no information in them (!), and that the reason why it may appear like this, is because the clouds start her inner pictures thus making the clouds an excuse of a vision, and he compared this with coffee grounds as others look in, and said that it is not what people look at but the visions that they create, which are important, and yes this is TRULY what he said, and it looks to me that Martin does NOT have the ability to see what Jette sees, and instead of taking his time and asking Jette open questions about what and how she sees as I did, he decided that this was WRONG or “a tool to start her visions/imagination”.
  • And he said that it was a waste of time asking her to do use her skills on something, which “moves something”, and yes herewith making Jette sad, I am sure, but Jette decided not to tell him and instead she thanked him for his reply, and instead I told Martin that it is a shame that he is deceiving himself not having the “ability” to understand the truth (lack of skill to see or openness to ask/listen/understand) and I encouraged him to look deeper and with another attitude, and you may have fooled yourself because I am a visible part of the group, and because you have decided that I am a forgery, there was only the same answer to give to Jette – but packed in “nicely” of course – and I told him that he will soon understand the degree of (self-) deception as he is exposed to, and yes he also encouraged me to “use your skills on something, which moves something. Let me see some real actions out there in reality. I have not seen this side of you yet, but it is likely there”, and yes Martin, you are going to look like a complete fool to the world, which is also what you were in relation to Jette and me, and that was because of your own ego and far too powerful an inner voice making you guess wrongly without knowing, and then you decided to pass on your ignorant guess, and think about how our world would have looked if Martin had done as I asked him to, which was to READ carefully in order to understand, and yes without his darkness, we would never have entered our New World now based upon “perfect nothing”, so do you understand now, Martin, when reading this as your new self (?), and yes it would not have been that difficult for you to do back then, but you were too lazy and better-knowing, right? Yes it is impossible for the layer cake to grow even bigger now, isn’t it is what the spirit of my mother asks me, and I feel it as red when going through the darkness to me, and yes I am thinking that this darkness around me is the same darkness as the filter inside Martin’s head, and this is what I am told here, so yet another special man, and both very clever he is but also extremely dumb.


25th October: Everyone will become “perfect” at our New World at “perfect nothing” without any Basic Rules!

Everyone will become “perfect” at our New World at “perfect nothing” without any Basic Rules!

At 00.55 I suddenly felt a wind blowing in over me making me freeze, and I felt a large dark shadow entering me, and yet again I wonder what this is about, and I am shown an old forgotten class friend from Helsingør Commercial School (1982-84), and yes Stig, I have holes in my memory because darkness has wiped it out, and when this memory now returns to me, it comes from my left, it is to say that we found more life inside darkness on our way and yes this is what you asked us to do, and we know please do the BEST CLEAN UP you have ever done my friends.

I was shown to the right of me and told that now it is more a matter of polishing the window to make us see through to you inside of there, and yes from our New World, and at the very end to bring you in to, and yes I don’t want anything else inside of here and yes please make sure that I will be the last of everything, and it seems that you will will be fulfilled.

I was told that now comes what is as important to me as the recent task was to the New World and this is the difference between now at 01.20 and sometime tomorrow.

After an incredible work pressure with much information coming to me, which is REALLY tiring and potentially making me negative, the pressure started reducing.

I felt Elijah and was told about his desire of steaks, which is coming to me as poision to drink, and yes “impossible” to control your desires, Elijah?

I was also told very quickly about sending people away in a rocket, which we had started doing, or almost that is, because we will not do this now.

At 01.40 I stopped working on the research on chemtrails, and I was given a maybe 15-20% out of this world pain to my right heel and was told what is this then about (?), and yes there will have to be parts of me still not turned around, which this is still doing, so this is what we will continue doing, and yes Stig, I will now stop working and start to kill time and I may be awake to approx. 05.00 today, we will see, and I will also probably take a nap of 2-3 hours to get through the new day going for the same strategy as the last tour.

I was shown a whole line of CD’s (symbolising love) and told that we would like to bring this to you, but unfortunately we cannot do this yet.

I was told that with the kiss of death of my mother, we would also have entered here, and received help and yes to make this dream come through anyhow (?), and yes this is what you tell me now and have told me earlier, and if this is the case, the difference is about the sufferings of the world getting there, and I might as well do my best job (to reduce the sufferings of the world), which is what I am still doing and that is under the curcumstances, because the edits of my scripts are FAR too poor when having this much work and little energy to do the edit, which often is reduced to a minimum because I am on the extreme edge of my working capacity.

We could not continue being in the aeroplane, which is also why we have left you.

I was shown a smaller figure arriving on my right side bringing a key and I felt the right side of my throne.

I heard life telling me that tou are not one of them are you (?), yes I have just met him again, and yes it is good enough, we can see into the New World and we are (now) going there too, and yes, Stig, this is about more life being discovered/saved and you have NOT accepted darkness to hide life from you, so what is this about (?), is this only about your ability to locate/find life has further improved, and yes while we are here, let us look underneath every stone and bring everything with us, and yes I don’t care if we have been here and there before, let us look everything through once again.

I was told that things only become more and more important the closer we come to the goal, and now also this part of me without really knowing yet what this is about, and I was told that this is what the lack of the computer and not yet completed work on chemtrails is about, and yes we will see what is so important, I am sure you will tell me.

At 02.35 I was told that we have now made sure that people can come here both ways, and is that to visit me as well as my father?

I was told have we not worn Swastika before (?), and it was me returning to you, so it seems as if it was my own inner self returning after having led the New World into our new base of “perfect nothing”.

I was told that we will take him as he is, he cannot become much better than he is, which is really the game here, because I thought that something very important was coming to me too for me to go through?

And then I was told that here comes the surprise, you are not even here yet, it is as if you don’t exist, or a workmen’s hut in darkness coming to you, who do you want the most to be in the whole world, Stig (?), and I said “my self”, and I was shown the workmen’s hut of Brede Park, and this park symbolises “paradise” to me, so we will make a new paradise for Stig; you are not even here, which means that we are inside everything, which you can still form, and yes if not you, who or what would you be (?), and yes your writings are the foundation of life, and if not these (?), yes everyone had to be perfect as they are, and it brought me the idea to scrap my writings, which my first feeling was that I could not, but it can be a development opportunity to scrap my writings over time, and that is the basic rules of them.

I was told that you are part of a very long train as the last part of it – understanding that the first part of it is inside the New World – and you can decide how the whole train is going to look like, and yes is this your final decision (?), and yes unless you have more inputs to give me, and I heard that we can now start you up to which I replied no to, please wait and let us improve also on this over the coming weeks, and I still have more work to do (!), and later I was told thank you for this decision.

I was told that we could not do all of this without Michael Bundesen – the lead singer of Shu-bi-dua – becoming ill from a coronary in 2011, and also Michael Hardinger, who is my old Facebook friend you know, who could not bear me herewith deleting me, and yes I still miss his Facebook comments and humour, but he may not miss me that much, Michael?

I was asked what is it that we can bring, which is not there already? I felt someone from the left of me implementing my heart, and I was told that Stalin is also “on that list there” (or “other parts of us”), and here with a reference to my sister (the darkness of her).

I was told that we are not like slum stormers yet, Stig, and what does this mean (?), and yes to occupy a house, and this house is you and you are not me, but yes you are still without being yet, and let us try again, what would you like of everything, which you don’t already have today (?), and yes a life of freedom without rules, and do you have the courage to give up your own rules, Stig (?), and I thought that as part of the future, yes, but still people have to read me and show a clean heart, which will not be changed, and I was told that your rules are like pollution here, and yes we did not know that we would come here, and if everyone becomes 100% clean here (?), and yes this was impossible for me to answer here this night, but I said that it is fine if this is really what light wants – because this is not a game of darkness is it (?), and yes I had some doubts, but decided that it was not, otherwise light would have come to my rescue – but I thought that I cannot change all of my website by now, and I was told that what are you (?), and yes “nothing” from before creation and here nothing is perfect, and later came something, which was not perfect, which we made rules for, and now we go back to what is perfect meaning that we can open the whole world without these rules, and that is if you have the courage, Stig (?), and I said that I cannot change everything, which is IMPOSSIBLE to do and I still have much research and work to do on chemtrails, but I decided that I will think about it, and yes I understood the message.

And yes, our New World becomes 100% perfect, and these basic rules may now become “recommendations”, and this is the last great gift we have been allowed to wait for until you are ready, and I was told that we cannot yet tell you what it means, but something about being “nothing” without being it because it – if unchanged – will always feel like pain from darkness pressing against us, as if a Devil exists without being, and he would attack and destroy trying to come back, and yes when eliminating darkness and the foreign body as if it has never existed we also need to remove the snarly strings of rules and I thought other than encouraging people to behave and work their best and to be inspired from my website and scripts.

It was now 04.00 in the morning, and I was far too tired to start changing my website – there was nothing I could do to do this now – and I felt that I truly needed sleep.

I was told that this is how to recover all of God’s house, so this is the decision and that is to amend my webpage over the coming days, and yes I will do this work before I will continue the work on chemtrails, and that is if there is time to do it.

No, Stig, we are not star crazy, we only did not see this coming.

I received “steppin’ out” by Electric Light Orchestra and yes nothing better (!), and the lyrics “They thought I was a fool”, but “now I am steppin’ out and that is because “I’m moving on, I’m gonna see the world, Like a rolling stone, I’m gonna be somebody”, which you can see with Jeff and Richard below after 17:00 minutes.

I was told that the New World is perfect and that is without a key, which will be like never receiving a cramp in the foot again, and I was shown the last key of the keyring, which is the key into this to free us from all keys and darkness, and this is the darkness now stading between you and the New World, and I was thinking that everyone will automatically be accepted in our New World without a need to show a clean heart, and that is because they will simply become 100% clean when we open up.

Dreaming of darkness trying to winning a part from me, which they might do if I don’t do my work

I was completely worn out at 04.30, I could no more, and I decided to get a nap, which I was allowed to until 08.30 including this dream.

    • Kim S. and Tryg Insurance are fighting to get the same bsuiness customer, and the question is about how expenses are calculated, as a percentage of the balance or payments, and Lars and a colleague from Tryg work on the customer to convince him, and I think that they should know by now how it is calculated the right way, and I am sad to see that Kim S. has not spoken to the customer for three months, which he could have, and this brings a risk to lose the customer, and instead he tells us as his colleagues that he will not accept a deadline to do this work if colleagues commit him to a deadline without having air in the calendar to do the work.
      • I remember the actuarian Lars from Tryg, who was very sceptical, better-knowing and arrogant/closed when we tried to work together with him in the beginning of the 1990’s (when we received PBS as a client at DFM), and these are signs of darkness, which is trying to win this one, which they have a chance to do even when not speaking the truth to the customer and that is because of Kim’s laziness to do his work, which may be about the need for me to continue my work, and yes also to amend my website – and I do not believe in people giving a deadline on work on behalf of others.

I was completely worn out with darkness attacking me and if I did not remove my Basic Rules, my spiritual friends would

I was still very tired and worn out, and decided that I could not continue work directly from the morning, and even though I knew that my spiritual friends would not like it, I had to take a long bath to get over this and I thought that I would be able to work again later in the morning and afternoon, which is also how it became – it is now 14.25 – and while in bath until 11.00, I was shown two almost identical pictures of fog entering, and I knew that I had to re-draw one of these paintings, and this is about darkness of the U.S. secret government creating “false chemical clouds”, and this is darkness coming in over me attacking me when sleeping/relaxing, and I was told that this is also what Graham Bishop (the clairvoyant stabbing his daughers because darkness attacked him very directly) was about.

At 11.00 still in bath I received the WORST pain/cramp I have EVER received, which came to the backside of my right lower leg, and it was so strong that I thought that it would bring injuries to me, but somehow I succeeded to come out of the bath tub and the cramp disappeared, but this was of course remaining solid darkness attacking me very directly. I was also shown a completely withered tree where there is only one orange left hanging on it, and this is showing the right way back, which is connected with the amendments to my website.

After standing up I was still feeling poorly and I had very strong feelings that “I cannot do this”, which is because of having too much work to do in too little time and to do it based upon only little sleep and energy with darkness still attacking me, but when writing this, works still gets done without the greatest difficulties and also without the greatest sufferings, and yes mother, I still sit comfortably in the new chair, and no, I will NOT give in before all of this work is done, and that is unless I will become surprised again of course.

I still felt completely broken down and I received quite some negative speech before starting work today, which as example included the question “Can I take some chloroform and ….” (?), and no, you cannot (!), and also “he is not the bloodred Judge is he” (?), no, I am not (!), hmmm I wonder where he is then, and yes my friend it could have been me if darkness had overtaken me, but it did not, so now you will become light too, and yes Stig, this darkness is truly “impossible”.

You don’t float out in “nothing” do you (?), and how do you know (?), and yes I just met him, and that is no one else than myself who is not yet part of me, and yes this is how we feel Stig, and this puts much pressure on me because for how long can we continue like this (?), but no, I will not let anything stress me, my work will take as long as it takes, but I will try to do the first amendment to my website today, which may become temporary until I have time and energy to do it properly, and just thinking that the message is the most important, and yes to publish this script, and to follow up by amendments to your website, and then there is no light in this old horn lamp anymore, and yes we were going to change it anyway, Stig, with or without you as you will come to learn when you will see the size of the enormous whale just sleeping inside of here, and yes we will not wake this or that one up with a risk of this to become darkness, so there you have it again and again and again, and not ten times yourself today, but an eternity of even greater magnitude than even we could imagine, so welcome to the party when you will get to it, and yes this is about the new James Bond film, which I have received a free ticket to this evening in Lyngby, and yes Philipson Wine on Facebook sells the Bollinger Champagne, and as everyone knows, James Bond is (also) about Champagne, so I decided to get one of these free tickets and yes to celebrate our New World with this party and Champagne, and that is even though I am really too tired to go, and yes it is first at 21.00.

I was told that it would feel like a rubber stamp taking you in, but you also allowed us to do “what is required” to make this new setup work and yes no matter what, and I understood that if I cannot do this myself, my spiritual friends will do “what is required” working within the last darkness, which would “crack”, but let us see if we cannot avoid this and yes by doing some “work arounds” to my website, so my “rules” will not be “rules” but “recommendations” for people to follow, and I hope that this should be able to do the work, and that is because I cannot completely change the structure and content of my website, but a “technical change” should be possible, but what will I do about the “clean heart” part (?), which may be difficult to amend, and yes we will see when I will get there, and yes two meanings because I am also soon getting to our New World myself as the last.

I was given thoughts about the armed forces of USA and the HAARP weapon, and this gave me a small heart attack, and yes I received the feeling already yesterday that people involved are reading me, and yes how many natural catastrophes are you responsible for having created (?), and is it really true that it was Russia doing something similar from one of their electronmagnetic “plants” to kill more than 600,000 Chinese people in a provoked earth quake (?), and yes I am totally appalled over how cruel man has developed, how could you do this when using your full minds (???), and yes people so passioned about their work to create weapons that they decided to build the most scary of all even when everyone knew that it was wrong, and yes how in the world could you seriously decide to spary chemtrails on the world and to do it in secrecy (?), and yes is it also to reduce the population of the world to fit the elite, and yes to brainwash people and to destroy all crops making people forced to eat GMO food capable of withstanding the New World poluted with heavy metals, and yes with GMO in itself being a great killer, and yes my friends, could you really foresee the monster you let out (?), and you may understand that life simply cannot exist when you play not God but the Devil, and yes you were destructing life in your crazy battle to win control over the world and eeehhh tell me again why you decided to do it (?), and was that to creat a better world for you and me and everyone?

I was told that if I do/did not decide to do the work changing my basic rules into recommendations, we would still find a solution via darkness, but it would not become as clean as what we/you are doing here, and we ask ourselves do we dream or is this really it?

I was told that inside of here we are not even Indians, and are you prepared for a shock (?), and that is that we are not even here, and yes heard about that one before, but now we just are, and that is without any code, keys or anything, we simply are, Stig.

And yes Stig, we are trying to keep the main door open to you, but it is not easy when you insist to keep on working, and I receive BIG SMILES for you to even come this far and that is today, and yes we know the day has not gone yet, first I have to publish the first part of the script here at 15.25, and then a plan to get to Lyngby this evening, and then a the first amendments to my website ….

I received another 15-20% out of this world pain to my right ankle, so there is still more life being found and turned around, and yes you asked us to continue looking so this is what we do.

I was told that what we are going against is a new life totally different to everything life has been about, and yes I don’t know more than this, Bryan, but ALL IS FULL OF LOVE inside here, Björk :-).

When I was about to publish my script, I was told that “this is some of the way” and I was told by the spirit of my mother that you are making all of my dreams come through.

I was told that the way we would do it would be to transfer some life over “the iron bridge” back to darkness while we were working to make sure that it would never be able to connect to us again, and yes herewith saying goodbye to some life, which we value as much as everything else, and yes this would of course be totally unbearable to us, and yes Stig, I don’t want to accept any terminations if we can avoid it, so this is what we are still working for.

And I was told that this was also again to bring me nervousness, because we would make it, and “only” had to accept some terminations, but no, everything has to become perfect, we know. And this is what would truly make my mother hurt/bleed, which she has really not done, Stig, and is that “as much”? And yes we would make you believe that this bleeding would never stop again, but it would and yes when we had get everything sorted out and done underneath the surface of it.

I was told that there is still the issue about accepting your “old nightmare”, which you would never do, so maybe the pressure would become so strong – which is easy to do for my spiritual friends if they are “forced” to do it – so I could do nothing else than to give in, which is the logical answer to this.

I decided to start working on my webpage behaviour and work, which is the one requiring the most work to “comply” with the new rule of having no rules of our New World J, and when I did this work, I was told that it would be impossible to open up for darkness without doing this, but Stig, if you believe you do this right, we are also almost certain to be on your side, and I see a horse and “everything” coming closer to me from my right, and yes the horse of our New World, but first there is work to do, and yes it requires MANY small changes here and there, and if I like doing this work (?), and no it is as disgusting as it gets feeling as I do and having to amend what I have already been working on many times before thinking that it was “perfect”, but now were are back once again.

I was told that you should not even be able to live at all both as a hybrid human being and because of the density of darkness given to your inner self, but somehow we made it possible and I understand by transferring energy to you from the world, and yes remember that you were darkness self, so it had to go one way and that was to the inner dephs of you, which is where we have to release it from again, and yes just to bring added information on this of course.

When I was finishing the edit of this webpage almost giving up on the way, I was told it is not Christmas yet is it (?), but this is how it feels like.

And this is because there is still part of my mothers ovulation, which is lose, and yes Stig because we don’t need this in our New World.

I received a new cracking sound to my kitchen and again I was shown and felt a tree, and how it has becomne stronger and stronger and very juicy from the inside and out, and now only lacks the last of the outside, and yes was it part of the New World Order also to kill all plant life and forests because of your spraying of chemtrails (?), and yes I saw how trees at Hawaii was dying, and did you believe that you could “save the world” with GMO technology and to keep an iron grip of man like this (?), and yes my friends HOW COULD YOU (?), and yes I am shown a picture of the SILLY Italian solidier from “HELLO HELLO”, and yes to show how silly you were, and also to say that you were led by darkness self with the underlying motive power that you would lose the fight to me, because you did not have what it took to kill me herewith setting me out of the picture (?), and yes because of your fear of losing life and the world self, and yes you know what you have done to the world, and even when you know that you are bringing the world directly to an end, you keep on doing what you do (?), and yes completely and utterly raving mad is what the world became.

I was told that the boy will now not be allowed to make any trouble at the supermarket of Netto, and also that I would not make it to the SAGA concert the 31st October if I did not come through this, and yes I am not there yet, but I am getting there.

I was shown or rather felt “an invisible dog” outside my balcony, and how it entered me, which was to say “hidden life of darkness”, and yes if this is true, fine (!), but is it really because I have NOT approved darkness to hide from me.

Creating perfect access for our New World inside “perfect nothing” and God becoming a human being

I took the train at 19.18 from Helsingør and arrived in good time at the cinema in Lyngby before there would be a glass of Champagne at 21.00 and first at 21.30 the film would start, and yes a long evening it was going to be.

I was very tired already when going almost falling asleep at the train, and here is what I wrote down of the evening.

First I had taken a note about feeling for days the very uncomfortable feeling of the yolk of my fingers being very close to be cut off, which is truly a sign of terminations being close.

We have said that we could not understand that there was no room for more at our Old World, which was because it was based upon the foreign body not meant to expand, and in reality there are no limits inside “perfect nothing”.

I was told shortly with a serious voice that I will make it up to you because of your sufferings, and yes the pressure from darkness was enormous together with much tiredness, work and potential stress making today unbearable too.

I was told that isn’t today watching the new James Bond fill a symbol about your final victory over all darkness meaning complete termination, and I was told that it was not just luck bringing me a free ticket this evening.

On my way to Helsingør Station I was shown four UFO’s making me happy, and one was even showing me in high altitude a long trail as if it was chemtrails of course inspired by my work recently.

I was told that hidden life inside darkness is really only because of the last darkness still coming to me, which has not been cleaned yet.

I was shown a hand from the inner of me reaching out grabbing a card game every single time without missing.

I was told that you woke up as a lonely father with your mother almost entirely gone, which is about my spiritual wake up in 2006, where the spirit of my mother was already almost gone and the spirit of my father still at the most inside of me.

If you had received the medicine closet by your mother, it would have been a sign saying that the world was still burning, i.e. bleeding, but no, the fire was put out.

So all of this darkness is really the foreign body growing big with God being “perfect nothing” in the middle, and this brings the question about how the foreign body was created and how life was created on basis of this, so the “perfect nothing” has always been there, and the foreign body of the spirit of my mother was created somewhere along the road. And when I have said “you are welcome” all of this time, it is God as “perfect nothing” at my inner welcoming life with the question being if creation would dare to enter all the way home – and I was thinking that I have been told that the foreign body – and later sleeping cells of darkness – was also part of God, so something must have gone “wrong” during the road.

The train connecting me from Hillerød to Lyngby was giving VERY LOUD noise from its wheels part of the time, and so loud that it made me and other people afraid of what would happen, but nothing happened other than giving me much fear also because of this.

I was told that darkness saying “everything has to be equal” actually made it stronger when I agreed, and yes there was nothing else to do because this was right.

When I arrived to Lyngby and stood off the train, I was told that we are also going to collect something here, and I was told that it was not a co-incidence that I lived in Lyngby from 2009-11, and without getting this “something” today, the result would almost become 5 to 1, which gave me new nervousness just to hear, and I was told that we could have “regulated” this with loss of life,  but not now, and I was told “fine final spurt” (work these days).

I was told that what we are collecting is a weapon fighting this darkness and really to use its own weapon to equalize/remove it, otherwise I would start to die if I did not do all outstanding work here and now.

At the cinema at 20.30 I was told that we have just done an amazing (really “sindsvag” in Danish) discovery, which is about how we can combine all of this life coming in to only one, and that is because there is much different life, and it is much different from what is here at “perfect nothing”, and I was told that the answer is really just to say that this is how I am. I was also told that this is what was the risk of losing life hidden inside the last darkness, and you would have felt it like thousands of atoms dissolving while we were collecting everything behind it all via a new invention, but now we will get to the original, which we are very satisfied with.

When standing in line to get my ticket, I saw that the founder/owner of this VERY SUCCESFULL wine store Philipson Wine, Christian Philipson, was coming, and just when he passed me, I gave my “invoice” to the assistant, who loudly mentioned my name twice, which Christian may have heard, and may have remembered this “crazy” job application as I sent him in August 2011, and when I saw him, suddenly it “stroke” me that he was the man bringing me this “weapon” to eliminate the last darkness, and I could not help smiling that this man of darkness is making MUCH money on his business as the most successful wine man of Denmark, and that he is indeed a very “special friend” of mine hiding under this cover of darkness, which is really creation of everything symbolised by all of his fine wine.

I was told that my spiritual friends are very pleased, and that this was the absolute last moment before I had started dissolving, which of course would only be the remaining part of me inside darkness, and it would feel like “lumpy play” in the penalty area just in front of the goal, but maybe you would have been strong enough to reject it, but we decided not to take this chance. And I was told that it would require for me to edit all of my webpages with the new text on “recommendations” instead of “rules” before sleeping, which is truly impossible to do, because there is still hours of work to do before finishing this.

I was told that my mother has a deep feeling inside of her, which is that she does not want to be a “nod dull”, and later I understood that this is connected with darkness, which was “clear” to me when I was told, but later I could not remember the connection.

I was told that your mother knew about this lumpy play – I understood via spiritual information given to her, which she did not discover – as she also did the previous time and many times before this (of previous worlds).

I felt a drain inside of my throat leading up to my head, and it was like the content of me was soaked out, which was truly a “special feeling”, and I was told that this is almost the most important of everything, which is to arrive at “perfect nothing” via the right road, which was used by the foreign body, and this is to avoid always having to fight to find the right road.

It was now around 21.00, and there were many people here, and we had a glass of Champagne, and yes I LOVE Bollinger’s special cuvee very much, and this was the first time in maybe five years or more that I tasted it.

I was shown and told that you will soon be like shot out of a golden calf, and I was told this because the TV host Thomas Skov Gaardsvig was also present and this was really the symbol of “the return of the lost son” and to  “kill the fatted calf”, which is what he showed in the TV-show is it 1 or 1½ years ago?

I was told that you have herewith received the key of your mothers life self – going through all darkness to reach it – and it is via this key and the amendments of your website that we will get a perfect access to “perfect nothing” of our New World.

I was told that I received enough darkness from family/friends etc. via Facebook (and LinkedIn) to go all the way through this darkness, and yes I decided the “volume” of friends myself (except from when friends were leaving me).

Darkness was so strong around me and pressing on me that it wanted to make me become desperate and scream really as it has done much the lastest days, but whenever it is just about getting out of control, I literally seek underneath it simply by saying that I don’t want to be like this, and yes it is an energy coming to me forcing me to be as negative/desperate as it, but no, this is not how I play the game.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that this is without doubt the greatest gift you have given me because I can now see verything much clearer inside of here, but to me I was only shown darkness, but it was “very pure darkness”.

Finally at 21.30 I sat in the cinema together with “some hundreds” of other people – I like that – and the film started, and right when it started, I felt a spirit entering me, and I saw how this spirit receiving a skeleton, and I was told that this is the first time that God – of “perfect nothing” – is not becoming a human being, and I was told how the spirits of my mother and father, i.e. God, met for the first time like this, and also that this is what was meant when Virgin Mary gave birth to my previous self after the power of the Highest overshadowed her without physical being fertilized.

And I was told that a negotiation has started about whether or not life of creation would be acceted by the spirit of my father, and it made me very nervous for two minutes until I thought that I have already received the answer on this – as I have done previously too before the event self to prepare me – and the answer is that I am everything as Stig, and it is only for me to accept what and who I am, so this is what I did deciding that I will be confident instead of listening to the voice of darkness with me still wanting me to reject everything and making me nervous.

I kept receiving much speech and visions the first 10-15 minutes of the film including an incredible pressure of darkness bringing me on my extreme edge of giving up, and should I write down everything, which I would like to, or not (?), and I decided that I would not – but to try to remember the events as good as possible afterwards – and that is because the light of my phone would light up in the dark room, and I did not want to annoy the people of the cinema.

I was told that the message of Donald Trump was part of a game of darkness to say that we are not as dangerous, and I was told that he was a “test canon” of Romney, who is playing on my team too, and he is only playing a game of the Presidential election.

I was told that the previous British Prime Minister Magaret Thatcher knew about me and was thinking about how I would save the world – it was a “mind game”, Maggie J – and she should have thought that the most important of her work was information about me, and yes going back to the 1970’s/80’s, so the official world somehow knew about me already before I did so myself (?), and yes this is at least what I am told here, and still they were SILENT.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that she can now remove the connections to my left and right ankles, and I was told that this is how she connected to the spirit of my father, and I was shown a red button behind a plastic cover, and I was told that she as the foreign body did not have the courage to push this button to open for the spirit of my father,who would have welcomed her, and this is because she was afraid of dying, and I decided to say that light will decide if we will remove these connections now, but later I was told that we will keep them for now because I have more work to do – and more life of darkness to save first.

I was shown a whole football field lifted up and darkness said “no i dont wantt to become light”, but there is nothing to do, this is the road I have decided on.

I was told that we have now started the transfer of everything from the (foreign body) of the spirit of my mother to “perfect nothing” of the spirit of my father, which I really thought that we had done, and I was told that life of darkness had been hidden from me, i.e. “terminated”, and this was also because I have watched “too sexy” vidoes on the Internet (when not having a girlfriend, but NO porn!), and the only reason why is that I could not find the “natural look” I was searching for, and this life is saved by the spirit of my father of “perfect nothing”, and this part was true, which was to get here, and here everything is saved for us to resurrect, which is what we are doing with this life too, and yes by cleaning it from darkness, which is what we have now started doing, which can only be done while I am still connected the old way and still being inside darkness.

During most of this evening I received much heartburn and just underneath my cover, I felt a very strong flu, which however did not outburst, but it made me weak, which is why my mother and Bettina also have had this for days, and darkness was so strong trying to overtake me as usual and to complicate things asking me on this and that detail, which made me do the opposite, which was to focus on keeping it simple and use my old rules, which is also good enough here, which is “everything is to be light”, and “I don’t want to be negative” etc.I received a very strong feeling of a big hole to my forehead, which for now is red but will be filled with the new Unicorn.

The James Bond film was VERY good – but too much violence of course and in this respect this film will not be made in our New World and I will not watch “too sexy videos” too, and it will give itself when I and the world will open the eyes of our new selves – and as James Bond said, this is about RESURRECTION and yes James really died and returned from the death, and you may have heard about this in another relation too (?), and yes it was simply impossible for him to win this game against the bad guy and his incredible advanced IT system, just like the darkness I have gone through, but in the end, James did it as I did too, and yes you may understand the inspiration of this script?

I was told that the development this evening was done on basis of what I did of work earlier today amending my behaviour and work website, and I will continue this work also amending the other sites over the coming days.

At the end of the film, things had calmed down, and I was told that the most important was to have the courage to come here, where everything is saved, and because of this, my journey ends with the result that we will save every little thing defeating darkness just like James Bond also did.

The film ended at 23.50 and I caught the train from Lyngby at 00.01 to Hillerød, and it took a little longer than planned only giving me three minutes before the next train left for Helsingør, and yes I was fearing that we did not catch this the last train, which would have forced me to a COLD night in Hillerød, but as luck was, I made it just in time.

I was shown and told that old school friends met – one being resurrected from termination – and I heard “where have you been” (?) and the answer “locked up, but I knew that he would make it”, and yes this was about me.

I was told that no one here has ever seen a watch before, and it made me think that the foreign body was not meant to survive when being a foreign body, but still it always survived without a risk of completely terminating, and yes I still don’t understand this, and now it has become part of “perfect nothing”, or is still becoming because we are still transferring old life.

I was told that we will now correct everything of the world, which could have been if it had not been terminated because of me.

I was shown people looking up and seeing white vaults entering and they said that “it is incredible” and this is light of “perfect nothing” breaking through, and it only needed a mind to think, and this is what I do from darkness, and “yes, it works”!

I was told that we have used a system with a prison without knowing what became of terminations, but they became part of nothing, and then you are all here again :-).

When cycling home from Helsingør Station, I was shown a couple of UFO’s blinking to me once, and then hiding to symbolise that this is what terminated life did, and yes I suspected that it was the case.

I returned home at 01.20 now being VERY TIRED but still I tried to start working even though I am really on my outermost edge of work, and I did it because I know that this is normally good to do when being on my edge, and yes coming to here at 03.40, and let us see if I can do one edit, summary and also to publish this before going to sleep, and yes I am exhausted but beyond the point of extreme tiredness right now.

Finally at 04.25 I had published the update to the script too, and yes I did it (!), and I did not think that this would be possible to do.

After publish I was told with a smile from the spirit of my mother that this releases me from even more rope of darkness.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Henrik did not understand this headline of “Bond-babes and butterflies at London-premiere” because “butterfly” as we use in Danish is called “bow tie” in English, and Kristian said that there were also butterflies (at the premiere), and yes the flying butterflies you know symbolising the creation of our New World, and this is what Henrik does not understand as so many others, who “could not” understand me because of their own weaknesses.

  • Helena said that she is now having stress even before she has checked in to reality, and that is because she was tempted to play the word game “Ruzzle” by the hotel, and yes Helena, here you are again again, did you not notice/disover (?), and here it is about the stress I am given with much work before checking in to reality of our New World, and yes I am still playing the game at the hotel, which is still my waiting hall to become my new self.

  • Dan said that he is not a great Bond-fan symbolising that he is not working on my side, but for darkness (“I could not and would not understand”, is that it, Dan?) and the only thing he notices from one film to the next is about the Bond-girls … well nevermind, as he said and yes “nevermind” came to him because he is bringing me the greatest sufferings too when not being on my side, and yes because of whom he really is, and “nevermind” is what was used by the world bringing sacrifices recently when I decided to have some sleep, and yes Dan, welcome on the front page too, and how many front pages have you prepared, Ekstra Bladet (?), and just wondering I am.

  • I “liked” Gordon Ramsey’s Facebook site the other day, and today Maria was inspired to rbing Gordon’s scrambled eggs – symbolising creation – which is “the most amazing way of waking up”, and yes we are all looking much forward to this, but first we will take some more torture to further improve.

  • The public record office of Denmark has had an organised theft of Nazi effects, which have now been revealed and much refound, which is to say that monster Nazi darkness had terminated life, which I have now retrieved via the spirit of my father at “perfect nothing”.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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