October 27, 2012: The end result of the Judgment: I absorbed all darkness saving all, who will receive a perfect, clean heart


Summary of the script today

26th October: The end result of the Judgment: I absorbed all darkness saving all, who will receive a perfect, clean heart

  • Dreaming of Kim’s wife Pernille no longer opposing me as she has done, and new wine/creation based upon resurrection of terminated life.
  • I was completely broken down/exhausted today and only by using the outermost of my strength/will power, I did the script and amended my website changing the previous “basic rules” to maintain eternal life of our future to “recommendations” because everyone will received a perfect, new heart because I absorbed all darkness making this possible, which also mean that it is now no longer a requirement to show a clean heart to enter our New World. EVERYONE WILL AUTOMATICALLY SURVIVE AND ENTER OUR NEW WORLD – this is the end result of the Judgment.
  • I continued saving previously terminated life, and am met by a conscious last part of the spirit of my mother inside darkness who wants to be rescued too from darkness, and we are about to start the next game whatever it may be.
  • Short stories of people of today who “turn to escape, lie, deceive and “the silent treatment” to cover the crackings of one’s own image, salvation of my spiritual friends – will Jette bring more Google Earth pictures (?), brain dead darkness still threatens to kill/terminate, will the clairvoyant Paul Jacobs believe in me or send me darkness (?), and asking Donald Trump to support charity WITHOUT any obligations.

27th October: The Source helped to transfer and clean the “foreign body” of my mother originally creating life

  • Dreaming of doing my best work defeating most darkness but I now face darkness impossible to defeat, find the right balance not talking “too much” about business to others, which on the other hand everyone has access to, I like to measure everything in business including personal performance so no one will “hide”, I still work inside darkness but not for long anymore, I am still suffering while continuing my journey.
  • I was COMPLETELY broken down by tiredness/exhaustion and could not complete my work plan today having to take a break of some hours after lunch, where strong darkness wanted to make me give up on the last life of darkness and to release me from my sufferings, but I decided that I will continue working after my break, and will NEVER give up, which made this darkness, i.e. the original “foreign body”, say that it could not do anything else than to follow me to our new birthplace, and I was shown how this the worst darkness was transferred to our New World while I was told that she was not willing to explode, but I decided that this cannot happen when I don’t accept it, so this did not happen. This worst darkness was stronger than I could handle, I had given everything I had and could no more, but because I did not give up, and wanted to save this too, the spirit of my mother at the New World inside the Source of “perfect nothing” chose to save the part of her inside darkness, and it was this force helping the “foreign body” self to be transferred to our New World. During the evening the darkness of her was corrected, and there was wild enthusiasm. She survived too, and she knows the secret of how to optimise the access to the Source receiving even stronger light/concentration of our New World. This was the worst darkness ever, which I could not handle without the Source, and “now we only lack you”, but no, I have more work to do while you further improve our New World.
  • Short stories of politicians escaping, lying and being silent brining me darkness of desperation, my mother’s new shoes are priceless and without a clock to end the world, Helana again symbolises that wrong (sexual) behaviour is what was hanging the cat of the world, Helena cried out her “help” to bring her “bacon”, i.e. for the “foreign body” of the spirit of my mother to survive, the new 21. Dec. Facebook group allows guessings/feelings about what will happen to be posted but not facts of Jette’s Google Earth pictures, Helena speaks symbolically about darkness and my “old nightmare”, this part of the spirit of my mother was not meant to survive, and this darkness wanted to make an explosion, which a hash explosion showed.


26th October: The end result of the Judgment: I absorbed all darkness saving all, who will receive a perfect, clean heart

Dreaming of new wine/creation based upon resurrection of terminated life

I went to bed at 04.45 and slept only to 10.15, so I don’t get much sleep these days really, and I also had a dream.

  • Pernille S. has asked me to prepare a Powerpoint presentation for her, and I tell her and her colleague that I am willing to do their Powerpoint presentations either making them on basis of their written drafts herewith just making me a secretary or from the bottom, but I was not employed (by Pernille) to do this work, which I hope that you will remember, and while saying this, Pernille to my surprise shouted out loudly to an employee making me fear that she was shouting at me not agreeing that she did not employ me for this, but it was for something completely different. 
    • This is a dream saying that Kim’s wife Pernille no longer opposes me as she has done (?), and is this because I told Preben, who told Kim (?), that I am the same old Stig as usual (?), and when writing down this dream, I was given a very old dream – maybe 20 years – which I do quite often, and this one was about cycling in the countryside up of an extremely long road going uphill, and I only remember the dream as good and that I did it “without problems” and this hill is what I have now driven up of and yes “without problems” is what it may seem, but it was not easy, and also not very difficult, but then again impossible, and yes everything is right.
    • And it is also to say NOT to exploit people making them do the work, which you don’t bother doing yourself, which is what both Kim and Pernille did when I worked for them at DFM (1991-95).
  • Something about being in a cottage house and feeling Burgundy wine, and a completely new wine feeling like a Northern Rhone wine, is poured up in my glass, and I can tell that it is good, but it is not yet as deeply concentrated in taste and colour as it can be, and I feel that the producer tries to keep this from me, but it tastes lovely. Also something about restaurant reviews with restaurants service three kinds of meat/fish receiving top grades.
    • On some occasions I may prefer Northern Rhone wine as my favourite of all and yes even more than Burgundy, and this is about new wine being created or rather resurrected because this is what it is about, resurrection of life, which was “terminated”, and there is still more to come. The three meats/fish are about the Trinity creating life of the best quality.

The end result of the Judgment: I absorbed all darkness saving all, who will receive a perfect, clean heart

I was told that no white balloons (of “perfect nothing”) have bursted, but the bad news is that we have not yet brought you in, and yes I have more work to do here, for example to resurrect every little thing, and I received a 15-20% out of this world pain to my right ankle, so there you have it, more life to be turned around.I was told that there are some of us who came along as the thin beer, and also that there were no one opening to my open wound, no one knows just how painful that is, and I felt my mother meaning that this was about the potential bleeding of the world.

I felt VERY tired/exhausted and too much to exercise and also to do too much work, so I told myself that I will just do what looks like a short script today and also try to overcome this tiredness and use “hours” to read/edit the front page of my website and other main sites to change “rules” to “recommendations”, and I was thinking about how to solve the question about asking people to show a clean heart, and then I was told that there are no judges here (at “perfect nothing”), so there is no judgment, everyone will survive (there are no bales of straw, which can burn here), and when this is the case and everyone will wake up to a 100% perfect new self, there is really no reason to show a clean heart, so this will also become a “recommendation” and not a rule, and yes not as difficult as it looked like, but still it has to be done, and that is the difficult part really – and yes I have NO plans to continue work on chemtrails today.

I was told that “Greenland” – the previous version of God before upgrading with “perfect nothing” – was not good enough as we can see now, because it included a risk of future disaster due to coherent connection of events, which is now corrected too.

I was given a new cracking sound to the kitchen and again it came together with a feeling/vision of a tree, and I was told “we have also not opened yet”, which is about the great new forest of our New World, which is wating to open, and I received a VERY STRONG desire actually of the spirit of my mother in front of me at our New World at “perfect nothing”, who wanted to get me in, and I had to tell her many times “it is not good enough yet”, which is what I have said hundreds of times over the past weeks/months, and yes we have more life to save, and yes it is now past lunch, and I am EXHAUSTED, and can I really also do the rest of my website today when feeling like this?

With a much lower cracking sound and voice I was told, please continue following the stream, there are still many things we have not seen yet, and this is because I am again on my extreme edge of working.

When doing the work to edit my website, I was told that this is also connected with ”no terminations” – “no undertaker blanket for you” as I heard to life being saved, and also “there are also no (tax) deductions there”. 

Again I was told that we brought everything through to our New World via the crackings I made to “completely deaf” people of my family, friends, system etc. and I was here given the example of psychiatric doctors totally convinced that “voices” are hallucinations/sickness, but I understood that it was also possible to let light come through via crackings/openings of these people, and that was because I SPOKE OUT VERY LOUD to make people hear me, otherwise they would not have.

I was told that if I had not written the last part of my script yesterday when I returned home from the James Bond film, it would have become almost impossible both to do this and the amendments of my website today, because I would have become equally as tired as I am now, and yes making it even more difficult to save the last, hidden life.

When working on the front page of my website, I saw that the links included in my summary to chapters further down the page did not work, which I did not understand why, because I have been VERY careful setting this up and testing it on ALL of my sites, but I saw that the destination code was removed by spiritual darkness and yes I changed it, saved it and still it disappared and only on the front page because the same code works on the other of my sites, and right after this I was given maybe a 30-40% out of this world pain to my right ankle, which was more hidden life finding the destination really now coming home too, see (?), and yes I did the same change to my website, and this time the code was saved, and voila, now this function of my website also works, and yes it was hidden to me that it did not work.

And I was told that this terminated life may be because of my previous sinful life before 2009, which I believe more in, and I was here shown Ingemar Stenmark, who will have to be my greatest sport idol of all time (!), and yes he was so much better than everyone else when running downhill the slalom loapes at the mountains, and I was told that he is a symbol of me going through my sufferings with snow symbolising sufferings.

And it took some hours to get in a working rhythm, which was VERY difficult to do today, but when first getting here, it increased my confidence to also do this work.

When my work progressed I was told by the spirit of my mother that she will not be forced to carry out (or try to) our “old nightmare”, and I was told that if terminations would take place, it would “only” be parts of us, and not full lives because we remember your old rules.

When I was “a little too smart” or reckless when playing against darkness today – seldom that I am – I was shown Russia in the winter of World War II when fighting Germany, and yes this is about the darkness of Stalin, who would like to bring me out for good.

I was shown darkness coming to the back, right of me asking me to kill, which of course was a no, and instead I was shown a dark ox and asked “maybe you would like this instead”, and yes thank you, and that is another God being terminated, and we know we will bring everyone not forgetting anything, and this is what you have asked us to look for and yes we are now even better looking, which is because of him there, and darkness pointed to the New World in front of me, and that is inside “perfect nothing”.

You were not asked if you wanted to have a duvet down over your head, which is another way we could have asked, and yes tiredness and exhaustion could have made this work impossible making me take the easy way out, but no, I want this to be perfect, and when I do my work “perfect”, I still save every little thing, so this is how it is.

I was shown my old school friend Søren D-N on his way in to a GIANT room full of big computers, and I was told that this is how our Old World was, and now there is “nothing”, and this is what I had to accept, to give up everything to get nothing, and to believe that we would still survive, and yes were are still here, right? 

I continued changing the old setup or rules to the new or recommendations and I was told that this corresponds to getting cleaned the air, and I was shown sheets being taken down from the clothes-line and aired. They are now clean. 

And I was told that this is what my strong heartburn and sickness underneath the skin was about yesterday – my setup not matching our new location of “perfect nothing”, and yes most was taken yesterday, which was truly an extreme day, and hopefully the rest of this, is taken today, and yes I still have a little heartburn but no longer sickness underneath my skin.

I continued working and saw that the links to chapters on my websites normal life and New World Order were working, but not on behaviour and work, and yes I am 100% sure that all links were working when setting them up many months ago, and yes now they work again also at the behaviour and work site, and we know more hidden/terminated life saved.

I was told that when doing this, it will end the “kill kill” commands – will it not (?) – and also make Karen become interested in me (?), and yes when you will no longer receive heartburn, and we will see about that, and I am really only waiting for the next surprise to come, which may be even more important than what we have gone through, but I do hope that this was the worst of them. 

I was told about my old friend Lotus, and her attraction to me, which is also darkness given to me, and then we will loosen the tie, and make one last powerful cough, which should do it to losen us all inside of here, don’t you think.At 14.45 he decided to publish this about a dead prophet telling Saint Peter that other prophets have followers with a sense of humour, and yes this is my feeling, i.e. that I do not have followers and only few at least – besides from the official world reading in secrecy – and is this also to say that you are not a “follower” of mine, Martin, or do you have to digest this information of mine first?

After dinner I was really completely broken down – and here receiving “Rose” both as a flower from the spirit of my mother inside of darkness, what remains of her, together with the picture of Rose from Upstairs Downstairs, which is how I believe she would like to see herself without darkness, she is coming close/awakening too – but I decided to continue a little and I updated a total of seven of my webpages today to remove what before were “rules” to “recommendations”, and yes also to upload back up files of these to my library, and I received an error message of Mediafire that 6 out of 7 had not been uploaded, but when I tried again, I was told that they already exist, so is this to say that terminated life already exist inside “perfect nothing”, and we are only playing a game to clean this life too (?), and yes I believe this is it.I was shown that we are now sailing into Venice as the “hidden world”.

I watched “crazy about dance” on TV2, and the dancer Louise said “I am only human”, which was inspired because of the FANTASTIC hit by the Killers, and I received darkness coming from my right wanting to become the “killers” of humans, and she said that her dance partner Silas has made a “dance bubble”, which she hopes will never break, and this is about our new location inside “perfect nothing” of God, and afterwards the host had an interview with the director of an auction Internet site and he said that there are still people nervous about buying via the Internet, and he asked her if it is secure, and she answer “yes, completely secure”, and this was also an inspired answer to what our New World is, and all nervousness/insecurity brought to me is brought by darkness still wanting to be killers, but really not that much anymore.

I was thinking about continuing my journey via this narrow stream, and I was shown a small town in the darkness of evening and coming to a small square where I continue at a narrow passage to the left, and I felt how a dark sould entered me, and told me “you don’t want to get to know me” and I was given three small heart attacks, and yes tried it before, so it will probably work out this time too. 

Darkness has tried to bring me much temptations to watch porn on the Internet because “what can happen now” when everything is on file in our New World of “perfect nothing” (?), and yes I don’t even want to speculate about this – despite of the great hormones and temptations still given to me – and yes because my will power is stronger than this, I will NOT do this, and that is NOT AT ALL!

Isn’t it funny that the spirit of my mother – of darkness – says that there is nothing wrong with her, and then she was the Source self to both life and darkness, and this is the darkness you are going to meet inside of here, and I was given more darkness of her.

The Judge Jens, whom I like much (!), took off his shoe to show a dance step, but the Judge next to him, Anne-Margrethe Laxholm, decided to take off her shoe for Jens to take his own on again, and it was because he was explaining a female dancer, and underneath this game, it was to say that the spirit of my mother has taken off her shoe and brought all of the world to become part of the spirit of my father (from “foreign body” to “”perfect nothing”).

The couple Louise and Mads, who were very close to leave last week when receiving the lowest grades, were very good this time, and it made Jens say that he wanted to get out and dance with them, and this was the spirit of my father saying that this is what he wants, to get out and dance to celebrate and show his excitement of the New World, and they received 33 in grades and the host said something about “3-33”, which to me is about the code 333 being the code of God instead of the code 666 of the Devil, which is where we come from, and yes this is about “breaking the code” of the last darkness as this show was also collecting money to help breaking the code of cancer, which it was said that we are very close to.I was given the “Nazi-feeling” during the day within this darkness coming to me, and I was told that when I at the Jægerspris summer camp as boy wrote on the sheet of one of the others “Sovsen-Jensen was/slept here” and afterwards stroke it out, it was a symbol of coming terminations, which the digital drop-outs to the picture of my TV (always focussed on people) were also about.

And last week – or was it 14 days ago (?) – Mads and Louise were doing their best to receive high grades, but received as mentioned the lowest, which was about how close I was to lose the game and be sent out of darkness, but still Mads & Louise were allowed to continue because of support from viewers voting on them, and this was about my attitude being the same as these dancers, which was “I don’t want to stop the game”, so with the help of love and support of my family including my sister, I came through these difficulties too.

I received another cracking sound from the kitchen, they are very loud (!), and I was shown both a tree and cone, and how everything is becoming even stronger.

The Judge Britt was enthusiastic of the dance Joachim, and this made the normally “cold” judge Anne-Margrethe – in comparison to Britt, as Sanna is “cold” in comparison to my mother not being able to show nearly the same enthusiasm and genuine, warm feelings – say to Joachim “you come all the way in to my heart”, and this is what I do in relation to my sister, and yes when she is sending me her love, she is opening to this last darkness helping me to continue my journey, so there you have it again.

Joachim and his dancing partner Claudia were called for “Toyboy” and Barbie, and Claudia showed at the training room with a smile that she had given Joachim two iron bars horizontally and vertically to block him, and this was about the beautiful Claudia symbolising “Barbie Girl” or the Devil in disguise and what would have happened to me if my “old nightmare” had been carried out if I had been misused as a “Toyboy”, get it (?), and yes this would have given “den allersidste dans” (“the absolutely last dance”) for life inside of darkness and I was told by the voice inside of darkness that we also refused this and yes the will power is strong inside of there to be rescued, and stronger than ever before and a new feeling really – and eeehhhh we could also restore this life inside “perfect nothing”, but that is another story, but then again, this may be what we are doing – and yes Joachim did not know this song but found it VERY BEAUTIFUL as I do too, so here, the microphone is given to you once again, Kim Larsen :-).

I was told by this darkness (which was supposed to be terminated) that we did not know at all that we were going to be terminated because we were busy throwing up in the toilet.Underneath this game I am also often told “thank you” and “this day has also been of great importance” etc., and at some point I felt that I am “very close” to speak directly to the actors self making this game continue on my wish.

The professional dancer Silas said about two of the beginner dancers, who were going to dance a dance together that it cannot go completely wrong, otherwise we will use Plan B, and then he said that if you see Indians building tipies, it has gone all wrong (!), and yes this is what he said, and not very normal to say in this connection (?), and the Indians and their tipies are symbols of “original life”, so you were really wrong here, Silas, and yes darkness which could have made me use Plan B, if the last part of darkness had exploded so we did not get a perfect access to our New World and if I had not changed “rules” to “recommendations”, and Plan B would have been “good” but the original (plan A) was much better, so this is what we took, and yes without becoming ill as I was becoming.

I received the dark feeling of the spirit of my mother inside darkness again and then a LOUD deep voice inside my TV and she told me that if she is to become terminated – if I cannot go through the last of the game – this is what will happen, and yes for her to enter the TV, and eeehhh what then (?), and yes still to be awakened inside “perfect nothing” (?), and are we still doing our best in order to save the world from sufferings, and I do believe that this is what it is about, and yes I will continue doing my best for example writing the update of my script this evening, which I thought was impossible because of EXTREME EXHAUSTION and yes I do still feel sickness inside of me, but less than yesterday, so I can only hope that what I did amending my website was good enough.

I received a new cracking sound to my kitchen – they are truly very loud – and I was told by the spirit of my father to believe it or not but I am keeping you alive because I have decided myself as (old) Stig, who still is, that I don’t want to give up bringing out all life of darkness, and yes, if this was not the case, this last darkness would have collapsed/dissolved by now, and I saw how a camera from “crazy about dance” twice went in black and then “Toyboy” was shown or even mentioned (?), and yes just to underline that we are working on our most extreme limit and just to bring darkness to me is really amazing and only because of the spirit of my father of “perfect nothing” because of my decision inside darkness of the last “foreign body”, which has not yet entirely ceased to exist, but “soon” and yes when there is “nothing” inside of it anymore.

I received the next part of darkness of the spirit of my mother strongly together with the understanding that the next game is on its way, and what will we play about this time, and can anything be even more important than what we have already done (?), and yes I wonder, and do you too, Paul Jacobs (?), which this is a reference to, see the short stories.

I was shown Søren D-N inside a large football (of darkness), and I was told that we are opening this football itself with the task to have it open as a flower, which I understood is not easy to do.

I was shown Mimi Jacobsen – the secretary general of Save the Children in Denmark – and I saw her walking through a casino and inside the darkest room next to the casino, and I understood this as Mimi also being “a very special friend” and that her love of money is pure darkness, and she will somehow help me coming into this the next level of darkness (?), and how will she do this, because she is not on Facebook and I am not in contact with her, but I was given the thought about Anders Ladekarl from Red Cross and “speech about me behind my back”, and I am here given a taste of Cognac and given the thought that Mimi loves money so much that she is stealing from the money tank of Save the Children herewith prioritizing her own desire of luxury and to do this on the back of children dying because of her “obsession”, and yes, Mimi, now this is coming out too, and do you like this story (?), and yes I am given the word “see”?

Finally at 00.10 I had published this script too, and yes I was ABSOLUTELY sure that I would not stay up this night – I have to be closer to death than ever before – but here I am encouraged to do my best, and yes Stig, I may not be able to take more than a few hours, and yes I receive sickness inside of me together with speech about diarrhoea, and this has to be darkness because I do believe I have done today what it takes to continue the game, and yes this is my attitude so this is what we do, and here I see an ancient Egyptian head, and yes we could continue forever, Stig, but I cannot and it is only a question of where I will set the line in the sand.

I have received feelings/visions about James Bond the whole day today, which is coming to me because of people of the official world reading my scripts (in secrecy) thinking about this film, and yes it was probably the best James Bond film ever.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Maria brought this, which I liked, and she said that if you cannot live up to what you preach, it is what it is (no, I don’t believe in this part), but then she said “something completely different is when you turn to escape, lie, deceive and “the silent treatment” to cover the crackings of one’s own image”, and this was much better and very precisely covers the WRONG attitude of people today, which I have shown you again and again and again, and yes this is darkness, which this song – and TV series (because of OIL and everything following with it destroying the world!) – of Shubidua is also about.

  • It seems as if I tempted Jette to come out of the closet again again (!), and she brought a new Google Earth picture saying that “every single day there is something exciting to look at on the sky, here is a picture of salvation – maybe they are at Lalandia (Stig: which is a water park, i.e. suffering!) – smiling and happy”, and also that “all figures are “heads”, the white – souls seeking up – the grey – some who need help”, so Jette is still watching these pictures “every single day”, but has decided to be “silent” not sharing them with me and the world, thus working for darkness, Jette – this was your choice – and I can only hope that she will decide to start publishing pictures again in the tempo, which fits her, and I decided to write to this new Facebook with approx. 600 members per today that it is indeed the truth, which Jettes says, which is that the development towards our New World can be read from clouse, which she has an expanded view to decode, and yes you can watch many more at Jette’s Facebook group, where I am still not a member after being kicked out (!) and where no new pictures have been uploaded for two months, but maybe Jette will start working again (?) and not for me, Jette, but for yourself, the world and all life, and who wouldn’t like to do that?

  • The “dark man”, Lasse, was receiving a THRILLER when he played a game also with me, Lasse, which you did not “discover” (?), and yes he says it himself “just received a brain dead Battlefield 3 this morning, and I also got it recorded”, and yes your attack on me some months ago very close to bringing me down, was BRAIN DEAD, and that was because of your laziness to read/understanding and your strong inner voice making you believe I was an impostor, and yes sad but true, and this is the darkness still coming against me threatening to kill/terminate whatever is left.

  • When I went through my main websites checking for texts on “basic rules” and “clean heart”, I also checked my site of clairvoyant readings, and since I have been here last, I have become Facebook friends with Paul Jacobs, who was an important opener to me in 2006 when he did a sitting with me and recommended me to also take a sitting with Janet, and yes he received a special sense about me, and I decided to send him a short message about this, and I wonder if he will decide to be open/receptive to understand/accept who I am, or if this is also “impossible” in your mind, Paul (?), and yes will you send me darkness as Janet also did when I told her about my writings on her sitting with me in 2011 I believe? 

  • A short message to Donald (Duck) with a smile :-).


27th October: The Source helped to transfer and clean the “foreign body” of my mother originally creating life

Dreaming of doing my best work defeating most darkness but I now face darkness impossible to defeat

And yes, Stig, you have not received feedback yet on the price of repairing your laptop (?), why do they take so long and should I request to have my laptop back before receiving the offer (?), and what if the offer is the right to wait for – or the wrong (?), and is this next game about whether or not our world can run at all at “perfect nothing” of the spirit of my father (?), and yes this is what I am told, but no, I refuse to become nervous anymore, I don’t believe in it.

At 00.20 I decided that I would do NO MORE WORK but still I was encouraged to continue, but no not today, and I received pain to the backside of my right lower leg made by the same giving me the cramp in the bath the other day, and I was shown a path of darkness and the last on its way out, and yes I have to go to extreme to get it out, which is really the problem, and I was here at my furthest edge just to realize that you can go even further killing yourself, but I decided to stop it here.

We thought all of us that you would smash into the radio store trying to get us out, but it looks as if there is another way called “extreme suffering”.

I tried to watch some TV but was EXTREMELY tired not making me watch much, so half sleeping I was shown the entrance to the basement of Copenhagen Jazzhouse in Copenhagen – wish that I could have gone their more in my life, I have only been there a few times, but it is a wonderful place – and in the basement is a blue door to get in, and I have a stack of LP’s, which I would like to bring in, but the door is hermetic closed, and I was told isn’t this how you believe it is?

I was given a few sudden jumps and in such a jump I felt as if everything “jumped” with me and as if I brought the last life out of darkness and everything opened of our New World, and yes of course this was only a crack of it, but is this how it will happen, that I will “jump” into the New World as when you jump from a chair New Year’s Eve into the new year?

At 01.40 my tired crisis was now so big that I simply had to go to bed – but even when being on my most extreme limit, I felt that there are even deeper levels, but no I am not going there because I would never get up and continue again – and I slept until 09.25 with these dreams.

  • I am flying around inside the company for everyone to see, and the canteen is on the first floor, and I try to fly up to it via an open assembly hall, but it is difficult to get there, and I feel that people are annoyed when they see me flying. I continue flying outdoors and have difficulties flying higher than items on top of roofs of buildings, and there is a very high fence, which I believe that I fly over, but the lose top wire gets hold of me, and it makes two twins coming to me trying to use magic to stop me, but I blow at them, which makes them pass out, but there is a third one coming, who does not look like much, but my magic has no impact on him, and I know that he will give me trouble.
    • Flying is to do my best work, which still annoys people when seeing it on Facebook and LinkedIn, and it is the resistance of these people, i.e. darkness, which is catching me at the fence, and the last one is impossible for me to defeat, and this is the one I am meeting now, so I wonder how it will go.
    • I was asked “has anything developed on the photograph yet” (?) – feeling that it is about my new self – and I heard “no” and something like “he has shrunk into a frog” with the meaning “now being much smaller than before”, but frog is also about darkness (?), and when you kiss the frog, it becomes a Prince as everyone will know, but no, I am not going to receive the kiss of death – followed by new life – I will do just fine without it, thank you.
  • I have a meeting with an employee from PFA Pension and he shows me a proposal he has prepared for an insurance broker, which he thinks much of, and it include special services to combine investments in pools as normal customer cannot, and it makes me think why he shows me this.
    • There is no reason to be directly disloyal showing everyone this or that, which on the other hand is no secret, and yes it is about keeping the right balance to make sure that the proposal as here will be delivered directly to the receiver, and in our New World to be kept on open files for other to gain access to if there is a need, and yes I do not like to see “special services” and “competive advantages” if you buy products via us – “can only be taken out via us” etc. – and that does NOT go in an open world.
  • I see that two of my colleagues have delivered their monthly accounts (business turnover etc. because of their personal contributions) to Kim S., and I have also delivered mine and am surprised that it includes the same, which I did not believe that it did, but I think that mine should be the best because I am in control of work because I make it early on contrary to the others, and I see how Kim S. continues to talk, talk and talk on the phone. All employees have given their vote for a new leader, and it is about me or Ivan L. from PFA, and I notice that the administrative employees have votes on Ivan, and even though the result is close, he is elected, and it makes me wonder, because it will mean that we will not use the business opportunities, which I know that I see and Ivan do not, and furthermore I feel that I am about to stop working here.
    • It is a VERY good idea to measure your results and contributions per employee, team etc. so no one will “hide” and become lazy, but everything is out in the open, and no, I do NOT like managers talking without working and controlling/dictating others IF they are responsible and skilled themselves, and here it is darkness that I work for when the employees choose Ivan from PFA symbolising darkness over me, and that is because of a mistake when they believe that I am not as administrative oriented as Ivan, which I ALSO am, and the difference is that I am also oriented on sales and development, which Ivan is not.
  • I am standing outside on a station in uptown Copenhagen, there are no trains, it is raining, I see Fuggi here too, I am thinking of getting in to Nørreport in downtown Copenhagen, and I see people partying in a taxi driving by but I cannot afford a taxi or even a bus ticket, so I decide to walk the long way to Nørreport, and on my way I enter a kiosk, which is about to close and something about a Toblerone, which is too expensive here, and later I change my clothes, all of it, at the Magasin Department store.
      • No more trains or busses to continue my journey (?), and my new self in the taxi is close to me, but I am still suffering, hence the rain, which Fuggi is too (he still does not read me), the chocolate is selfishness of the Old World about to close down, and people see me naked when changing clothes, which is about suffering too before becoming dressed as my new self.

The Source helped to transfer and clean the “foreign body” of my mother originally creating life

I was told about Russia having changed its name from the Soviet Union but the old power structures are still the same, and also that they are 10 times worse than the USA, and I don’t know in which respect, and I don’t believe that I can find information on this, but on the other hand, I have not tried, and yes it is also out of scope of my work, but here it was confirmed again, and yes Russia has absolutely no moral standards keeping you back (?), and that is at least the strong impression that newly rich “business people” of Russia gives me when they cannot handle their money responsibly, which may be the same when you “indulge” in “power”?

I was given a constant very yellow colour to my monitor for some seconds saying that this is about our New World, “but not yet” (?), and no, that is right, we are not finished yet.

This morning I had doubts if I have what it takes to get the last out of DEEP darkness (?), and it made me me feel poorly, because how can I give more without breaking down?

I did not feel as much sickness inside of me today as yesterday, so things have improved because of my work yesterday.

I was VERY tired/exhausted after having gone to an extreme limit of work yesterday, and it made it very difficult to work today, and it also meant that I for a while was given the same question over again, which was “will you continue or decide to not care about us and stop working” and if you imagine having done your absolutely hardest work – really for a long time – and you are completely down in the coal cellar, and have to continue working there without breaks, it is not the easiest to do, and this question came together with the active desire to stop working because I was almost desperate just to relax and do nothing, but no, I know that this is wrong to do, so my mind had to be stronger than the desire – of others – given to me, and to promise myself to NEVER give in to this temptation to stop, and to keep on because now it is only 1-2 months remaining (?), and really to focus on TIME and not “the distance” in terms of how much I have done or will do, and this is how I have always focused when running, which you know has been very painful for me to do always, and instead of focusing on running to there or there, I always disciplined myself to run for “another five minutes”, and this is the same as I do here becase now the very impossible October has almost finished, and the next “five minutes” is now November as the next goal.

And I felt the risk that if I gave up now, the voice of darkness would simply vanish, and would it ever be possible to bring back the life inside of here – when trapped in darkness (?) – and it may or may not be, but I cannot take any chances, so there is only one way forward, and that is to continue doing my best and to do it without working beyond my “ultimate limit”, which is possible to do, but this will bring a risk to “kill me” the day after not being able to continue work.

I received “It’s got to be perfect” by the voice inside darkness and this is what it has learned from me being stronger than the combined dark voice of my family/friends etc., but the voice was also still negative because of these family/friends etc., but still the life behind this voice wants to get out because of the love of my family/friends etc. to me, which is the driving factor of it.

I have several times been told about Ipswich FC most times without writing it down, and they play in blue jerseys, but I was here told that this was a setup, which would have led me a wrong way and behind it would be hell.

I was shown and told that one bubble inside “perfect nothing” is so much more than we ever were, and there is a full room of these bubbles.

I was told that the times I visited Berlin – once with Lars G. in the 1990’s and maybe twice with Camilla later in the 1990’s – was “to maintain world peace”, and yes nothing less.

I heard darkness saying that we cannot give birth to a new airport because of him “the crazy one”, i.e me, and the only thing we can do as we have just realized is to follow you to your and our new birthplace, so this is what we have decided to do, and with this follows the most beautiful music in the world, which Tommy was inspired to bring, and the first piece is NOT by Beethoven, but Tchaikowsky and incredible beautiful, and the second is as you know my mother’s favourite song, and that is because this is her.

I was shown the small ring of darkness remaining and told “isn’t it incredible that all was inside this”, and I thought about the perfect access to “perfect nothing” of God, and here comes the “foreign body” too.

I was reminded about the dream of the night and darkness impossible to defeat and this darkness challenged me and I said that I will NEVER give up so come on and give me your best shot (!), and I am here given a not nice smell of seaweed lying on the beach and yes a rotten smell, which I understand is what this life will become if I am not stronger than the darkness of it, and yes I will do my best, and no I will NEVER give in to this darkness, NEVER!

I was shown a stamp inside my head and was told that it is inside the most concentrated tar, which is, and I am welcome to come and get it and that is “if you can” (?), and yes I wonder if I can, but I will give it my best try via the strategy I have decided for as mentioned before.

During lunch I was surprised to see transferral of the worst darkness inside of me from right to left, and was this transferred to our New World and as darkness (?), and no, I don’t get it, but this is what I was shown, and yes everything will become 100% pure/clean, but this made me wonder, and I was told that this also included the worst darkness given to Karen against me.

At 14.00 I was COMPLETELY DOWN having the greatest difficulties to continue work, and I was seriously thinking of taking a rest for some hours, and I was told something about “break a giant egg to get into you”, which is to get in to the last of me (?), and yes light please do whatever it takes, and please also take into consideration that I am NOT done working just because I might take some hours off, and what if the pressure of darkness is greater than you can absorb via work and lack of sleep (?), and yes let light decide my friends.

I wa given the beautiful song “Get to France” by Mike Oldfield and Maggie Reilly, which clearly meant that we are not going to the worst darkness of hell, and I was told that this is what we have tried to avoid, but we have now reached the bridge of it. This is the only way she can come home, and she is prepared to do it, and yes this is when you reached the end of the line; when you are broken down, and yes Stig, there will be no explosions without my “old nightmare”, and you will NEVER give this acceptance, and with this, I do believe that we should be able to continue the journey when I have received some proper sleep not making me as tired/exhausted as I still am.

I was also given the song “Moves like Jagger” by Maroon 5, and this was clearly this the worst darkness of the most inner of “her”, i.e. the “foreign body”, who wanted to carry out my “old nightmare”, which is what Mick Jagger symbolises to me, but I have already said no, so there is nothing to do about it, and yes was it yesterday that Rolling Stones did a “come back” concert at a small place in Paris (?), and yes because I like small concerts and Paris is the eye self inside darkness of France, so just saying that we are not going to France, but to Paris inside of France!

I was told that it will not feel like hurting your foot, but like not being, and I was thinking what will happen if I cannot get her out and also will not allow an explosion (?), and yes this is where my final rule “do what it takes” will come into effect.

During the afternoon I considered seriously to try to take a nap, this is how tired/exhausted I was, but instead I decided for the “less relaxing” long bath because I needed to relax more than ever, and in the bath, I was told that you have come to a room only washed in gasoline, and yes still it has not exploded, and I was told that the only reason why is because of what you bring from “perfect nothing”, otherwise we would have broken down a long time ago, and I felt the spirit of my mother (which is most parts of her by now) coming to me from our New World to the left of me and she said that we have chosen to take this one on us too because you said that we had not finished work, so this was really the Source self helping to make the most inner part of the “foreign body” survive because I have decided that this is how it will be, and it made me think of the time in 2010 when I had reconnected with the Source where it helped me and all of us to survive when I really had lost it, and here it was again saying that the same happened here.

I was also told “do you remember your right leg” and that is the backside of it the other day at bath when I received the worst cramp ever, and this was a threat to give the same to me again, and somehow I knew that this would not come today, and I said “come right on”, and it did not come.

I was told that the spirit of my mother of darkness not only works with Roman chariots, but also has an incredible wish to die, and I was told “and now anxiety”, which was herself saying this inside darkness. So now the Source was absorbing darkness when I could not anymore myself, and I could only hope that this will not have any negative consequences and I was told “for example receiving a cramp in the left foot”, and I was given a little cramp to my left foot.

I was told that Russia is responsible of having killed much life of plants and animals because of what they release to the atmosphere.

I was told something about if we do not get original access (via this inner part), we will lose life.

I was given the active thought about dividing this part of her into millions of parts and to collect her again perfectly, and I was told that this is with kind regards to her in darkness from her in light of our New World to make sure that she will not die, and I was told that an invisible force has been with you all the time (since 2010 that is) going through the tunnel, and now this force stands forward, which is why can can transfer the content of this darkness, and this can be done as long as I don’t give in to darkness, and also because of the principle “one for all, all for one”, which has been transferred to here.

I was given the feeling/vision of an African dictator – been quite a few of those – and told that they are/were also fed directly from this darkness.

I was told that the light of the Source is created on basis of my telling off darkness how to behave.

I did not have energy to go to my mother and John this evening, but still I did, and John also did not have his best day, and I do believe that we all felt poorly, which made us suffer and not speak as much, but still we tried to get the best out of it.

John spoke about finding some old walkie talkies inside the shelves of his office, which he wants to sell, and he said that he and my mother used this on a cruise in 2001 to find each other, and to save on long distance call via mobile to Denmark when calling each other, and I understood this as a sign that I had to give everything I had – and still do – and then the Source helps to bring what is needed to make the Old World continue, which is really what we still do and if the Source did not, it would have collapsed by now and been replaced by our New World, and I was told that the Source has been here all the time also helping to keep John alive, so it is not just me together with my family/friends etc. and the world absorbing darkness, it is also the Source and the reason why the Source is not bringing even more is to “save on calls”, which is because this “costs” parts of our New World, which we will have to recover in the future.

I was told that it was first possible to save the most inner of the spirit of my mother after having created the perfect access for our New World to “perfect nothing”, which we did during the James Bond film.

I was told that what we are transferring now is the “motherboard” self, and we would lose important knowledge if this was not done.

During dinner my mother said that she has been dreaming about me the last two nights, and no she cannot remember the dreams, but it was something about me as a boy going to school, which is about my journey (!), and I said that if she wrote down the dreams, I could help telling her what they mean, but no, it is impossible for her to remember dreams – even though she receives clear dreams as I (!) – so she cannot write them down, as she said, but if she changed attitude and started doing it, it would become easier and easier for her to do because our spiritual friends would help her, but when she “cannot”, I cannot help her, which still makes her in the “fog” about me, see?

John received a “good idea” that I could sell some of my many business suits, and yes “you can easily get 500 DKK per piece” and that is because they are of good quality (some of them at least), and I said that I am losing weight and look forward to wearing them again, but no, Stig is NOT working anymore, so how in the world could he have a need of business suits (?), and yes this is what compulsory thoughts do, and yes we also had beer for dinner fitting to the “browned cabbage” with smoked ham, which we had, which was also to say “strong darkness”, and this is how it is when you “cannot” understand.

I was told that the reason why this part of the spirit of my mother could not explode is because she no longer has the watch of darkness.

I was shown a row boat being transferred to me from the front, and also that we would do anything to bring this with us, and I was wondering that it came to me from the front, which is from our New World, and not from the right, but this is how it was, and I was told about this being the original “foreign body”, and there was wild enthusiasm, and this could only be done because I am still connected via my ankles as I was told.

I was told that this is her original car, and I received nervousness now for her to become nothing because will this not mean loss of her life self (?), and again I had to decide (on her behalf) that we will do this, to make EVERYTHING become light, also this part, and it was not as easy as it may sound, because of pretty strong anxiety, but I have done this before meaning that my anxiety was less, and I was shown and told that she knows how to drive into the purest light (of the Source).

I was also told that she includes the original button of life, and we could not start the New World originally without this – and yes had to use a new design instead.

During all of this I received an EXTREME pressure of darkness, and had to repeat over again “you are heartfelt welcome” and suppress all negativity coming from darkness, and yes this was truly bringing me on my edge, and still I had to “act” normally speaking to my mother during the TV evening, where John as usual decided to watch other programmes at his office, and I have decided only to write down notes on my telephone when my mother is in the kitchen getting coffee etc. – because of her anxiety of what I write – but this time she “cheated” me because she went to the kitchen, and I started writing notes, and then she came back straight away to listen to something on the TV herewith seeing me writing, which I stopped, and when I resumed when she finally left, the notes programme on the phone now did not work entering a setup menu every time I wanted to write, and yes spiritual darkness coming from my mother doing this, and here I was given a 5% out of this world pain to my right ankle because of the same reason.

After some time I was told that now the leaning tower of Pisa has been straightened, which was to correct the error of the foreign body, and it seems that this world famous tower and the risk of it to fall for centuries is a symbol of the risk of the world to collapse for centuries, and yes it was not very easy to keep it going all the way to the very end.

I was told that it is the most fantastic what she brings, and I heard her being bit welcome “because he would not give up”, and also that she knows exactly where to place the light, which means some changes here, which will bring out even more light of the world than we could do without her, and yes this change of her from darkness to light happened inside the New World at “perfect nothing” (“the Source”), and I was told that now we only lack you, and yes, I wonder what is left of me here, if anything (?), but still I have more work to do, so there has to be even more darkness here too (?), and yes I am still suffering, so there is, and I wonder what this can be about then?

For a long time I have been given the words “it has to be FANTASTIC” and not “PERFECT” as I normally say, and here I was told that “fantastic” is the word, which came from the spirit of my mother inside darkness, isn’t it magnificent?

We watched the collection show on TV2 to the benefit of cancer reasearch, and they had a call centre of celebrities answering the phones for “family Denmark” to call to with their contributions, and my mother said “call centres are what you know about”, and yes I do – also meaning the “connections” of our New World – and TV2 had an interview with Lars Løkke, and he was “proud” to tell people calling that they could withdraw their contributions in tax, and yes this came when I was thinking about “what do you really know about “the evil world” and me, Lars” (?), and yes he is SILENT too thus bringing darkness to me, which should have demanded life to be “withdrawn” as in “terminated” and yes until we would get to “perfect nothing”, which was not a given fact that we would reach.

Lars Løkke wrote about the “lovely experience” of having children sending money to benefit cancer reasearh this evening – and this money can be withdrawn in tax meaning that he sent me darkness too, which could have terminated life

I was home at 21.45 and instead of watching a Jamed Bond film on TV starring Sean Connery, which I MUCH would have liked to do, I decided to do the sacrifice to finish the writing of my script today “so this is at least done today”, and no, I do NOT feel very good, but it has to be done, and I was thinking that now now the original part of the spirit of my mother probably has a lot of work to do to set up everything perfectly of our New World, and yes to make everything shine by polishing it (again again), and this will fit with the much work I still have to do.

And this is (her doing this) without knowing that your heart had arrived, so she thought it was still a battle of winning or losing.

I was shown the picture from The Jam’s album “Setting Sons” and heard this part of the spirit of my mother say with much surprise in her voice “but you cannot set a son like this” and “you did it without I even had a clue about it” (?), and yes there is much smiling inside here, and “Saturday kids” is what we were today on this Saturday.

At the end of the evening I was told that this was then the worst darkness you did not want to get to know, and yes self confidence and “help from above” made us go through this too.

I gave EVERYTHING I had and received much help from the Source to transfer and clean the “foreign body”.

It will say that there is now no one who can close the door to us here, and open the other one to Hell (?) and yes Stig, you are now a ”sole rider” of what used to be, and yes no sun there with you, but very soon we can say to everyone that HERE COMES THE SUN, and yes this is the best and warmest song of George Harrison ever and in my mind it is.

There is a desperate lack of blood donors inside of here, and yes do you want to give, Stig (?), and no, I don’t understand the question and cannot answer to what I don’t understand, but I do understand that you want me to accept darkness making the world bleed, and I cannot give you this acceptance.

I was told from the foreign body of the spirit of my mother – now all the way to the right of our New World “on the other side” – that she did not know what she was doing as darkness, which had completely overtaken the power of her, and I was shown and told that this is part of the short tunnel on my way out.

Later I felt that this part of the spirit of my mother is now also an “actor” to help me come through as she tells me, and yes it did not take long for her to come into her new role to help building up what she tried to break down as her old self.

Finally at 01.50 I had also published the script of today, and yes this was not a given thing after events of the day, but I did it.

Finally, I was told that I am not the great avenger anymore am I (?), and no you are not, mother.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I have started subscribing to Suzanne Bjerrehuus, who is famous here as a TV host and wife to her famous business husband and mother to her famous model son, and that is because she is committed, which I like to see, and here she speaks about Danes buying much in Germany because Germany offers much cheaper prices because of lower taxes and probably also higher competetion/lower profits (?), and she said that Holger K. Nielsen is back as a Tax Minister in the good old style being a “talking head”, and yes I know about these ones, and she says that the Socialist People’s Party are very good at complaining, but when they have the responsibility “they fly beneath the radar”, and this was inspired because I am myself going beneath the “desperation” given to me very directly via pressure of darkness coming to me via the air meant to break me, and this is also because of the WRONG behaviour of politicians acting as Maria said, which is trying to “escape, lie, deceive and “the silent treatment” to cover the crackings of one’s own image”.

  • Dan wanted to get Medina’s mega high bling bling shoes, which made Dorthe ask him also to “bring her clocks to me”, and this is about my mother’s new shoes “sprinkled with precious stones” as Dan said later and that is without the clock of darkness counting down to the end of the world, and these are the shoes she is receiving from the spirit of my father inside “perfect nothing”, and yes they are priceless as Frank/Dan was smiling about.

  • I really did not want to bring this, which is one (out of several), where Helena also speaks about sex, and she was out partying yesterday and said here at 11.30 that she had to become sober in a rush, and she has tried with youghurt, fruit syrup and water, and sex, but it does not work, and yes another one-night-stand, Helena (?), and yes this is what I do NOT like, but I decided to bring it when I was told that this is also meant to bring me sufferings because of her irresponsible and wrong behaviour at the same time as I miss a girlfriend myself VERY much, and this gives me threats of my “old nightmare” just thinking of it and who she really is, and yes her friends treats her as a “star” and “the most beautiful women”, which I cannot see, and yes she said that “a just as hung cat laid next to me when I woke up, God know how she got there”, and this was her friend Jette, so Helena is both for men and women (?), and she was so drunk that she did not even remember it, and yes, this is NOT how to be in the future because this is what creates “hung cats”, which is to kill life because of wrong (sexual) behaviour. And I was given a sour burp here, and told that just writing this story and to continue my work is bringing up more darkness, so this is what I will continue doing.

  • This one was brought before I knew about the plan to bring out the “foreign body” of my mother from darkness, which was depending on my decisions, and it was Helena saying that “these simply don’t taste enough of bacon, help”, and she had an acute need of bacon, which she repeated again and again for everyone to understand, and Jane offered to bring her to “Ziggy”, which is really what this was about, for the last part of the spirit of my mother to come home to the Source of “perfect nothing”, which is what David Bowie aka “Ziggy” is about, and this is what she needed help to do, and yes to become “bacon of life”.


  • Jette brought a new Google Earth picture and here as her new profile picture, and yes she is trying to bring new pictures, but it made ignorant Peter ask  if this is a toilet picture, and Jette say that it is him with the head in the bowl, and yes just to say what darkness would have done if it could, and this is the darkness, which you also brought Jette, when you “could not” continue your work and gave up, and yes a feeling given to you from darkness, and you may remember that I told you to not give up?

  • As far as I understand Jette has tried to post more Google Earth pictures of clouds to the new Facebook group about “21st December 2012 – Oneness – co-operation”, which she and I was invited to attend, and apparently this was rejected, which made Jette ask why some are more welcome than others (?), and it made Mariah, who created the group, say that all postings have to be about the 21st December – or “the time now with the portals 11 November and 12 December”, which I don’t know about myself – “otherwise we will be flooded with everything else” and she asked Jette “not to take this personally but I tried to write you about all of your postings about the clouds, which do not belong in this group” (!), and yes it made me wonder ….

  • And Mariah said that “there were several about to leave because of other material”, and yes people who “could/would not” try to understand Jette, and I decided to write my comment in the thread continuing below, which is that Jette’s pictures tell the truth, and if you decided to be open and let Jette share these pictures and to read and understand them and the truth behind, you would receive direct information about what will happen, which you also can read from my website, and instead you allow “guessings” to pass, which is wrong and a shame, and I was told that this is part of the plan to bring even more darkness to me with ignorant people rejecting the truth, and some of them having noticed that I am the one standing behind Jette’s pictures (as they can see from Jette’s group and my website), and of course it is totally impossible to believe in me, which is also why Jette is not welcome to post her pictures, so this is how I and the truth are also rejected here by many people seeking the truth without “being able” to understand it when it is served to them on a silver plate. And I was told that it isn’t darkness from this group being the main provider of the worst darkness of all today, is it (?), and yes many people here not “liking” me.

  • And here Tommy wrote in the same group that in his view about the event 21 Dec., the solar system will enter the Northern hemisphere in our Galaxy, and we are on our way into a completely new time, which is also fitting with the entrance of the age of the Aquarius, and here Mariah was VERY kind thanking Tommy and she encouraged everyone to share their “feeling” about the day and the time leading to it, and yes Tommy was “guessing”, so this and “feelings” are welcome, but facts about what will happen is NOT welcome because these people “cannot” read and understand, and yes you have seen this attitude hundreds of times before, and this was one more for the record.

  • Helena said that she gets “such a desire for beer and salami when I watch Matador”, and this happened when I received the WORST pressure/sufferings of darkness being together with my mother, and “beer” is darkness and “salami” is my “old nightmare”, and the thread also confirms that she does not see Søren Pind anymore, and also left her bracelet with him ….

  • Suzanne brought this video about the saving of a young whale caught in a fishing net, which thought that it was going to die, and I believe I have brought this video before, and here it is again to symbolise the saving of this last part of the spirit of my mother, who was meant not to make it, and yes if it was not because of …. :-).

  • A young man was producing has, which ended in a powerful explosion ravaging his flat when a spark from his cooker made lighter gas explode giving him burnings to his face and arms hospitalising him, and you do remember that “hash” is about darkness, and this is the worst darkness, which wanted to bring out an explosion, and this is what this shows.


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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