October 31, 2012: The Source would have saved the world no matter what; the Judgment was “a game” to secure eternal life


Summary of the script today

30th October: The Sandy storm was CREATION exploding solid darkness to free the original Creator of my mother

  • While the Sandy storm was hitting New York during the night bring sufferings of Americans including Obama doing his best to help me, the spirit of my mother started a new creation to recreate terminated life, i.e to give new new birth to this, which was based upon my decision as the Source to make this life of elephants survive even though darkness opposed me much. I continued working to improve the information on my website on the roles of the spirits of my mother and father in creation, which helped this process, and terminated life was reborn, and now has to grow to its right age when it was terminated. Some life could not be saved as a result of the behaviour, work and actions of the world and I and because I could not endure even longer than I did, which was repeated to me even though I did/do NOT accept loss of life. All recreated life of the night is now part of our New World, and even though life continued to be saved today from darkness, the yellow light of our New World is now so strong that I can hardly hold it back from penetrating the very thin almost not existing thin layer of darkness of my cover.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures show terminated life, which we are now recreating – with the help of a suffering Obama and the world not least the victims of the Sandy storm – and I told of the story of “keeping up appearances” which is for Obama and I to make darkness of our surroundings believe that everything is fine even though we are Zombies working inside darkness to save life. Jette received appreciation and love from the spirit of my mother for helping to make this come true. The Sandy Storm formed a Fibonacci spiral – the natural design of God – telling me that this storm was about “perfect creation” and not destruction as the script of today ends up by saying.
  • I was shown a very fine room being turned around and was told that this was then the only way to do it, which was to collect and explode all remaining solid darkness to atoms in order to find and recollect the grain of sand of original creation of the spirit of my mother inside of it. Darkness is now decreasing bringing me this story to say that this storm/explosion was part of creation and not destruction, and I do believe that we will still save all terminated life too. STRONG arms of solid darkness held my mother tight and forced her to create New World’s of imperfection created by mother/son and not mother/father (the Source) in order to have me returning to free all creation including the most inner of herself. The darkness of the Sandy storm, i.e. the explosion of darkness, was so strong that I could have given up, which I did not, and still we would have found and recollected this inner part of the spirit of my mother. I am now arriving at where the original heart of creation is beating, and I was shown chickens (later creation) walking around a hole of floating mass of the yolk of egg, and this is the original creation of the spirit of my mother and I was told that “you are now the chicken yourself”, and yes my mother now being part of me as the Son.
  • Short stories of the Sandy storm bringing much damage with it making some believe that Judgment Day is near (!), darkness of people believing that I was “funny, funny” chucked off heads of chickens of creation, Helena ordered new sunglasses symbolising the win of darkness, but she also had delicious food nearly forgetting how good it was symbolising recreation of life, the Sandy Storm was the much reduced Judgment Storm where we did our best to save life as we could, Jiro brought me even more darkness, it is not the will of God but of the Devil when raped women become pregnant, “hot air in Canal Grande” is about MUCH destructive power being let out in the Sandy Storm, people judge me wrongly by appearance, and the newspaper of BT showed that they were the Devil’s also almost ending, but really saving, the world!

31st October: The Source would have saved the world no matter what – the Judgment was “a game” to secure eternal life

  • Dreaming of bringing out creation from darkness with Lady Diana/my mother without darkness discovering it.
  • Google Earth showing a baby of released life in the arms of my mother about to become liberated and also an axe of ice including suffering life.
  • I was told in the beginning of the day that “You have not one single of the original four backs against you anymore – because of your work yesterday”, and later I was shown a pipe from above made by what looked like black carbon to me, and I understood that this is the pipe leading to us from the Source, and it is from this pipe that the spirit of my mother as the “foreign body” was literally poured out, and yes coming from “nothing” with the task to start up a new life form.
  • When the spirit of my mother feared to return to the Source and her fear developed darkness, it made the Source protect itself by forming into “sleeping cells of potential life” in order not to burn everything off.
  • I went to a FANTASTIC concert with SAGA, which made me, and the spirit of my mother inside of me, almost cry of happiness because of the beauty of the music and for us to have made it this far. The Source told me that all of my journey was “only a game” – as mentioned many times in my scripts – and the Source would make us survive no matter what, and the true purpose of my journey was to make sure that the same error of darkness taking over would never happen again – and this would include ALL LIFE FOREVER! Darkness was the lesson cost when giving birth to life in order to create perfect life for an eternity to come. This came as a surprise to the spirit of my mother knowing that this was our last try to save life and believing that if we did not, we would return to nothing without life, which the inner part of her was convinced that she would do herself causing her much sufferings. But I decided NOT to stop the game because of this guarantee as a matter of honour for the spirit of my mother working through me to save every little thing including all terminated life, and this made the dark side of her enter me – it was impossible for this darkness to hide from me, and this was ONLY possible to do because this music brought the deepest feelings out of me. The Source offered to help improving the motorway of our New World, and not long thereafter, it had brought new life to all of the Source.
  • Short stories of the King of Stansted, Paul, being the anchor of darkness trying to remove the attention from man of first the end of the world and now the coming of our New World, Klaus from the meditation group and my sister are “learning with a view” about me via my Facebook postings, David Trads is steppin’ out apologising for an error breaking a man symbolising that all darkness of the Old World will stand forward apologising, and Helena worked for a phyciatric centre thus making it “impossible” for her to believe that I was sane – or maybe it was not, Helena?


30th October: The Sandy storm was CREATION exploding solid darkness to free the original Creator of my mother

Sufferings of the Sandy storm victims, Barack Obama and I helped to recreate terminated life

Another new night without sleep continuing after midnight from where I left “yesterday”, where I right behind darkness received the words to put in my own mouth as my wish “you are allowed to switch on our New World”, but no my friends, not yet, and no I will NOT give you a wrong decision.

You have not started a whole new process giving birth to this life again have you (?), and this was to the spirit of my mother, and yes we have, because this is what the Source is asking me to do, and yes I, i.e. Stig, will accept no loss of life, so this is what he is giving me, and when receiving this information it is easy to do, but had he decided that he would not, we would have lost this and that castle, and only had it in our memories never being able to bring it back, so you were right, my friend, Stig, there is really not any darkness underneath this, because it is all in your mind, and when you say that all life is there, it is there, so this is what you bring us, thank you and also to Jette as I hear here, and I felt small steps of a mouse of embarrassment suddenly changing to big steps of a new born elephant, and yes what a God coming there, and there might be more around us as I am shown.

How can we photograph through what is solid darkness (?), and I understood that this phase is bringing difficulties too, and yes how to decode this?

I felt the spirit of my mother in labor pain and a messenger was sent to me to receive my decision, which still is “everything has to be perfect – the most fantastic you have ever made”, and yes Stig, this is how it is to give birth to this life again, and yes this is what you tell me, but I wonder why you do it the old fashioned way instead of just deciding “let it be”, and I received a voice of darkness telling me that this does not work out, and yes let light decide what is right to do.

It was quick that HK received dry clothes on, and yes completely soaked is what they were, and this is about life which was terminated because of strong darkness of Falck opposing me, and I was given the feeling that it now returns to me because I have decided to ask darkness wherever you are – and not only in front of me – to return to me, and yes you really have no other choice.

At 00.35 I felt a big knot being opened at the backside of my right lower leg, where several times today have felt that this terminated life is located, and I felt the process of giving life again, and this time as a new creation, so what is taking place now is really the same as we also went through in 2011 with our new creation of light only, and this is exactly the same as we do now with this darkness trying to remain darkness – “we only want to lie” was said as example – and no all of you are coming with me, and all of you are going to become light, and yes because this is my wish.

Now we have already made the first little crib, and now this really only has to become big, and yes starting life all over is starting here, and yes can this become the age that it had including everything in it when it was terminated (?), but yes of course it can, and we know when we take off the hood of the Monk of the Jerusalem UFO 6 that is, and that is because he brought much darkness, which we are now eliminating, and yes receiving in New York while you continue going through your website, and yes you have just cleaned your Signs I-IV including the Decoding pages (terms of “Creator”, “rules” etc.), and from here, there is more to do on more precise information to add to the front page of my website, and yes maybe one more hour of work to go here at 00.50, and this will have to be the work I will do this night.

I was told that everything will be equal and based upon the design of life in my scripts, and yes it may be darkness saying that everything will be equal, but this is as it has to be, so nothing to change here, and yes part of this new creation.

At 01.30 when I could see that it would not take very long to do the amendments/additions to the front page of my website, I was given a feeling of darkness running out of my right lower leg and over to the left, and it seems that this work is calculated to fit together with this new creation because this was about emptying terminated life of this container of darkness and bring it in as part of this new creation, and yes Stig, which will become part of our New World as ONE creation.

I was told that Japan will not receive one single record to play, and that is “records of darkness”, which they have had plenty of over there.

I was given more and more calm when I decided to change more parts of my text about who did what in creation – the spirits of my mother or father (?) – in the chapter “A “spark” of a foreign body originally entered and switched on “perfect nothing” of God to create life, which developed into darkness, which has now been corrected”, and this was part of the turn around phase where I before had written that the spirit of my father was the Creator and “good”, which is really what the spirit of my mother was when converting darkness of the spirit of my father trying to ostracize her with darkness.

There is really no “best before” date on this life because this is now part of everything, which is – no watch anymore right – but the problem is as you say that it is “nothing” and when we will be everything, how do you return to “nothing” later to save it (?), so this is why we have decided that we better do it now.

There will never again be a need to build airports or hospitals as this to save what used to be.

Think if we had had to really deliver one of these airports, which we gave in return for something else, and yes it was “exchange” of what do you have, and can we get that in return, and yes negotiating with the Devil and you may remember that you did not always dare to give 100% when writing about or speaking with your mother, and yes this is also part of it.

At 02.30 my mind was working slowly and I truly felt much tiredness/exhaustion, and when working on the next chapter of the frontpage of my website “Darkness of “sleeping life” overtook God creating the Devil as “negative life” and forced mother and son as creators of “almost an eternity of worlds” I could see that there was more of the same exercise to do to turn around the roles of the spirits of my mother and father, but I was now so tired that this was extremely difficult to do and simply because logical thinking was now more than difficult, and it made darkness bring another tennis player to me Ilie Năstase together with a rubber stamp apparently ready to brand me with darkness, but no there was not much force of this darkness, and on the other hand I was told that it will take “some time” before this has vanished too.

I sorted it out and at 02.45 I had done a few changes to this chapter too deciding that it has to be right that the spirit of my father developed into God of light on one hand and the Devil of darkness on the other and much larger hand, and that this darkness is what surrounded the spirit of my mother at the core of it all, and yes I am not completely sure of this, but it is the best and most logical answer with the information I have today, and yes this is the final information we will base this new creation on, and yes Stig, it has got to be perfect, and no reservations as you tried to bring me here. And with this, I had really ended what was my work goal this night.

At 03.00 I was given another maybe 15-20% out of this world pain to my right ankle.

And I was given “a very short vision” of the chef René Redzepi from Restaurant Noma – the best restaurant in the world – and told that there was probably a good idea to bring the best restaurant in the world to Copenhagen because we had a feeling that you would be able to make it, and yes a PERFECT result, and that is because you are FULL OF resistance to destruction of darkness, which you will never accept, thus also not here, so this is what we are now coming even closer to.

At 03.30 I received one of the a little greater ”small heart attacks” making me a little nervous together with a strong man of darkness arriving trying to intimidate me, and I was given the feeling of Camilla’s parents John and Inger in Hareskoven, so this is also part of the darkness/terminated life I am receiving now, and it was followed by a new short maybe 30-40% out of this world pain.

There is now no one to receive you at the head door, and yes Stig you are shown from the front, so does this mean that we have now recreated and transferred all terminated life of darkness to light of our New World (?), and “I should think so” is what I am told, but there may be more darkness coming, this is the normal pattern, but one day of course it has to stop so we will see.

Most of the night the New World had reduced its power calling for my attention, but at 03.45, the voice of the New World started coming to me strongly again wanting me to say “you are welcome”, which were words actively put in my mouth, but no, we will first wait for the end of darkness.

Even though I had decided to stop work, I decided also to do the summary of my October book because then it was made not knowing when I would be able to do it otherwise if I now again will only receive little sleep, and yes this was on my extreme edge of disgust again.

At 04.05 I felt that terminated life which was in front of me has now been placed back to the right of me, and I wonder if this is now part of our New World, or does it still contain darkness waiting to become clean, and yes you better think (!), because new creation of light means light, so what is this darkness around me I am still feeling (?) and yes are we running out of petrol here too (?), and I was shown the previous Danish Defense Minister from 2010-11, Gitte Lillelund Bech, and the understanding that she knows too about who I am, but she also kept her mouth shut, “I will not risk anything”, and yes this is how this terminated life was also made, and we know Stig, when there is NO MORE DARKNESS, you can switch on the New World, and when there is, we will have to wait and yes receiving here STRONG pain to my left hand – maybe 50-75% out of this world pain – and this is about restructuring our New World, so if there is more to do, and more to set up, please do it.

I was told that the train I was shown in front of me recently was a dark train, which is what contained terminated life, and apparently there is now no more of this, so I wonder for how long I will continue receiving darkness – here feeling an actor almost breaking up – and yes is the SAGA concert tomorrow to say that this is what it took me to reach to save every little thing (?), or do I still have 1-2 months of hard work remaining?

I was also encouraged to improve my website on what it was that left me as a teenager when I started sinning and first returned when reconnecting with the Source in 2010 (?) – the Source or the spark of life or both (?) – and yes I cannot because the other day, I was told that the spark of life was part of me making my body move physically without my will when I was woken up spiritually in 2004/06, so this will have to await more information before I can do more work on this.

I was given a vision of darkness flying away from me to my right until it was no more giving me the understanding that there was some terminated life, which could not be saved, but no, you are NOT allowed to leave me, and that is NO MATTER WHAT, and yes we know Stig, and I will hear no excuses, the goal was 100% and I hope you were able to do it based upon my behaviour and work, and if not, I will take responsibility for my actions, but we will always go for 100% and that is now or later, so if this is not a game, please include on our Action Plan of the future “reach 100% of what used to be”, I will NOT accept this life leaving us. And then I was shown that it was out to be fed with yellow, which it now returns with (?), and yes where does this information lead (?), and no where (?), we will see.

I received a smell of a storm match and was told isn’t it a shame, it was so close, and no, I will still not accept to have lost life, this has to be located and recovered NO MATTER WHAT.

I was told that this result is depending on all of my actions and thoughts together with all actions and thoughts of my family/friends etc., which are designed to represent the thoughts and actions of the world, and yes 100,00% my spiritual ladies and gentlemen is what I ask you to do your best to save, will you please show all life to me, because I have not spitten anything out, and yes IF YOU CAN of course.

At 04.50 I was still awake, but not sure that I would make it through the morning without a nap.

I was shown a parking assistant and told that this loss corresponds to a couple of cars of the spirit of my mother which she has never tried before, and no it does not make it any better.

And I keep receiving negative voices from my right, so this might be part of the game of darkness trying to escape by making me accept that it is no more, but no, this is NOT how we play here.

I was encouraged to do more work, which was to bring this information to one of Jette’s new picture of the Sandy storm, and what it means to me – and during the afternoon Jette and I gave added comments.

At 05.00 I could not continue sitting in front of the computer, and decided to watch some TV hoping that I would be able to outlast extreme tiredness, but at 05.50 when I was on my extreme edge, I felt that it was impossible for me to overcome this crisis, and this is despite of being told to endure this because the result would not be perfect if I started sleeping.

I was told that if anyone had asked us how to get into the last room, this is it. At 06.00 I felt darkness being back in front of me – was there more (?) – and I was shown the spirit of my mother of what has been recreated now as a 13 year old girl about to take off her brace, and becoming older.

I fell asleep without noticing it at approx. 06.15 and woke up at 10.15 only remembering fractions of a dream where four ex-colleagues from Dahlberg play cards and something about them not wanting me and changing their tricks to 13, 26, 52 and 104 I believe – or something like that – in order to be out of reach of me, but also about Bo being the “weak link” not being able to reach his number of sticks, so this was telling me that when sleeping, darkness tried to get rid of me again, but there may still be an opening with Bo.

When waking up I was told that it is about my purity in relation to the first place, and I receive a grade of 9, and also something about “I screamed because of laugh, but no one knew that this was impossible, when you did not know it”, and I felt that “screaming” was not only about laughter, but also about losing life, but no, I will NOT accept it if we can avoid it.

I was told that if this is about saving a 30 kilogram lamb, there is 1 kilo remaining, and I was asked for permission to destroy this with the feeling given to me that this is impossible to save, but no, you will never get such a direct approval, this has to be saved now or later – if we can.

I was shown a crown of people in Kenya and told that you had to go through all of these people – feeling all being the spirit of my mother – and when you decided to sleep, we did not have enough time, which was a problem. And everything coming to me here was about “not making it” – losing some life – and I could only hope that the Source would also help, and if everything else is impossible, you will have to terminate this life but only as the absolutely last option with everything else being impossible, and we are not there yet.

I was given the spirit of my mother in front of me still inside darkness looking at my feet and asking me “difficult to get me down there” (?), and yes it is, and it was an emotional moment, and I could only say that I do hope we will make it.

I was told that when Sanna cannot bear losing, this is also impossible, and also that we have never seen you with so many Zombies around me, which is about people opposing me making me a Zombie, and yes Mariah from the 21 Dec Facebook group, this was your role because you are “so kind, so kind” and only about light, and whom am I “annoying” you (?), and yes everyone can see that, but no one can see that it was darkness disguised as light speaking through lazy and better-knowing Mariah and that I spoke the truth.

I heard this part of the spirit of my mother saying “I would se much have liked a lovely little apartment”, and yes this makes tears come to my eyes because it is not easy to saying goodbye to life as it seems that we are doing here, and yes had I only been able to stay up longer to give her this little apartment, and I can only hope for miracles of my spiritual friends somehow also making her come through and that is because this is my wish, and yes when I could not go deep enough, maybe you arranged for the world to do so (?), or for us to still be able to make it?

I was shown a VERY long train entering me, which is the life we have recreated during the night, and I was told that a quality check showed some dark wagons here and there, and I was asked what to do about these (?), and yes to repeat the process or to clean them differently, please.

I was told that purity is to reject darkness, which I have kept doing, and all other parameters are nearly in top, but I should have been more enduring, and we know Stig, I was at my extreme edge, but maybe I could have opened the balcony door having cool air removing some tiredness trying to come through the crisis (?), but this is what I could do, and again, I will NOT give up on this life now or later, so if we cannot save it now, I ask myself to always remember this life and to rescue it some day in the future of our New World and that is if possible, and yes I feel Obama here, and I listen to Grease, so did you have enough of “Sandy” too, my friend (?), and not in terms of the music but of the storm and the sufferings it brought not only to USA but to Obama also doing his best to help me and us all to save this life, and thank you is what I send and also receive, and yes he knew about this darkness and what it meant to me, and that is because I would NOT allow this to terminate, and I still feel this darkness, so it is here, there and everywhere, and yes is it broken in atoms and possible to unite one day (?), we will see.

I was told that there may be an unauthorised way by killing people (bringing sufferings/darkness), and no you will never get a direct approval of this, I have given you my rules as they are and the best protected are my family/friends etc. and if it takes more to absorb darkness than what we and the world give, please do what it takes to make everything perfect but no, I will NEVER directly approve plans of darkness.

I was told by recreated life of the night that we never thought you would get us out of darkness, and even though I liked hearing this, I decided that my attitude is to focus on what we did not save, and not to be happy before every little thing is saved, so please do not celebrate yet, we have more work to do.

Again I continued receiving the New World putting the words “you are heartfelt welcome” in my mouth, but first at the end as I repeated and yes MANY times today, and I was told that we know, one more try, and if this is not enough you will do one more and one more and we can go on forever, and yes this is how I am, this is my wish, and the only thing which can stop it is when we have saved all darkness, or when it is impossible to keep the New World back.

And yes Stig, this is about being stronger than the power driving the New World to me, and we might have 1-2 months remaining of work, because the New World will first open the 21st December, right (?), or some time before if I am not able to play the game right until the end (?), and yes if this is the case, there is ONLY one right answer, and that is to keep playing, so come on, give me the best you got, but that goes to darkness and not to light, and I still have an outstanding with my laptop with the repair shop not calling me, so are they just slow, or are they about to steal it (?), we will see.

And I still receive the voice of darkness, so the process is still ongoing, and this is how I want it.

Later the voice continued wanting me to be happy with what I got and more of the same kind trying to negatively influence me, but no, I have made my decision, we are not done, so I just have to be stronger than this voice coming to me with the strength of many people.

And then I was told alright then, I now have a small and almost empty beer barrel standing next to me at my right side, and that is if you insist, and yes because of this, we have decided to release this for yet another try and I am told “the last”, and we will see about that, and no, I will not stay up the whole coming night and tomorrow, because I need sleep before going to the concert tomorrow evening.

At 12.50 when writing the script of today I was told that “now we have also almost re-united”, which was about more life being rescued, so the process is still on-going, and yes never give up still brings results.

I was told isn’t it incredible that all of this was located at the very edge of very thin nylon stockings?

At 13.30 the spirit of my father came to me giving me the feeling that we have to stop this game and he said that “this life does not live anymore, the last she said was “good luck”, and this might be it, but it also might be possible to save this afterall – never give up (!) – so we will keep bringing out more life, and yes as long as there is darkness, and as long as it goes, and yes if we have lost life, it is “part of lives – but still life”. And I felt how the New World is starting to enter my body, which still also contains darkness, and it wanted me to “give in”, and no my friends, we have to get all life of darkness with us, but difficult it is because it is insisting more and more, and I see how it is yellow all over and almost impossible to keep from penetrating the extremely thin dark cover of me.

I was told that is not one single – of rescued life – which has tuned wrongly into our New World, and I was shown this life to my right now part of the New World, and yes we can be happy with what succeeded, but still ….

As an example I was told about when I studied at the EFG school in 1981 (first year of Commercial School) that you have no idea of how much gold we put in there to make you survive, and gold was about “energy”, so I have met “special friends” all of my life bringing me energy otherwise darkness inside of me would have killed me/us.

I received another out of this world pain now to the big toe of my left foot, which may be some of the last restructuring of our New World.

I keep receiving feelings about content of recent scripts for days after having written them, which I only tell you about now and again, and here it is about Jimmy Savile coming to me over again, which is about people reading and reflecting on this story, and yes how in the world could communication be so poor that he could continue abusing children for decades, and yes I will not repeat stories like this, but it brings me daily confirmation that I am read in the hidden by the official world.

I was told that there is neither a giraffe (of the spirit of my mother) or a monkey (of darkness) there where we are sure that we left remaining life, Stig.

I received a mark to my heart and recived the idea that this life is now part of my heart, and is that as life without its old code, which will now become new life (?), and yes Stig, if there is no other option, this is what we will go for, but please remember my friends my wish to save this life “now or later” if it should become possible one day.

I was told don’t you have a swim teacher to follow you (?), and yes when this is the case, darkness simply vanishes into nothing, and yes it decided to spit out yourself when you were sleeping, Stig, sadly this is the case, which is what we had hoped that you would not do, and yes my friends, I know, I know and I know, and I will always know, but then again, I am EVERYTHING, so this life has to be somewhere out there even though you say that it has vanished, this is what I decide to believe in.

I received a new strong out of this world pain to my left leg this time, which was about new life and I was told that this was only because I have decided not to give up, and yes Stig, there is no watch, and you ask us to look with a flash light to locate and unite all life, which apparently is lost, and yes I do NOT want to open the New World before having done this, so please carry on, and for all I know, we may have 1-2 months of work to do, so the task is to FIND ALL LIFE AND RECREATE IT!

I felt darkness now to the back of me and I was told isn’t it funny that it was darkness pressing on so hard to make you start the New World and yes to make it vanish, and yes I do believe that this could be the case.

Google Earth shows terminated life, which we are now recreating – and the Sandy storm was about “perfect creation”

More of Jette’s Google Earth pictures show how souls have broken in pieces, but when I decided to go against darkness NOT giving in, we are continuing to locate and save this life, which Obama is helping to do “keeping up appearances” as I – with Ms. Bucket of this TV-series symbolising my physical mother – and the condition to do this is Jette’s decision to resume this work, which she receives the love of the spirit of my mother for doing as you can see here.

I also had a visit by the Devil, and instead of having a good converstation, Jette did not like him at all, and yes POOR BEHAVIOUR is what characterizes darkness of Devil’s and there is more of Jiro in the short stories, and yes bringing even more darkness to me today.

When I saw this picture of the Sandy Storm forming a Fibonacci spiral, it made me think of CREATION of God, which this is about, and that this storm was not with the purpose to destruct, but with the purpose to create, which was confirmed to me later as you can read from the script of today.

At midnight I shared the picture above with Jette’s Facebook group and my own timeline as follows.

The Sandy storm was about CREATION exploding solid darkness to free the original Creator of my mother

I was so tired/destroyed that I decided to take a long bath around 18.00 because I simply needed to relax, but not easy when the speech continues and you cannot switch it off knowing that you have to take down notes because this is the only right choice and yes feeling that I could explode here because of disgust and throw up feelings having to do this, but this is life, and with this, it is now 20.00 and I have decided to finish my script and upload it today, and maybe this update is not evey the last of today, but we will see.

I was shown a door opening to a dark closet with MANY dogs running eagerly out, but only because you believe it is so (?), and that is because I am everything, so logics is that this darkness have no place to hide “outside” of me, because there is no such place!

I was shown a very fine room being turned around and was told that this was then the only way to do it, and yes to explode solid darkness to atoms, and not exactly what I had expected after being told the other day that an explosion was not possible, but wasn’t this one of the messages recently, about splitting the spirit of my mother into atoms (?), so not that surprising when it comes to the point maybe.

I was shown and told that it is now like coming out of oatmeal porridge – eaiser than solid darkness impossible to get out from – and I was shown and told how life is now forming of this porridge like a magnet collecting particles.

I was half sleeping and remember a vision/dream about entering a restaurant and sitting down at a long table, and first after starting to eat I see that this is a dinner party for a bride and groom, and it makes me apologise and offer to find another place to sit, but I am allowed to sit, and I feel that I am in Fredensborg, which is the residence of the Danish Queen, i.e. another part of my mother, and yes this is about entering darkness wanting to marry my mother and I, and instead of accepting this, I am eating the food of life here, which is to save it.

I was told that there was just another 20 policemen giving up, which is about darkness now releasing its strongest grip of me.

I was given the nothing less than OUTSTANDING “the Støvledance” and was told “it was another success then” (?), and yes there was just some darkness or let us say MUCH of it coming my/our way trying to confuse me, and yes TRUE FAITH is what this is about, and yes told you so – and this is how it is here when we speak to each other while I am writing, and is it the same with you Obama (?), and I do believe it is.

I was shown myself on my way in to where the original heart is beating, and it is from here that everything is created.

I was told that this is like blowing firecrackers in dog’s droppings to blow away darkness and getting out the grain of sand, and this was about what Allan, Stone and I did in primary school in the end of the 1970’s where we were louts having bought “kinapuffar” (large firecrackers) in Helsingborg, and in school breaks we put them into dog’s droppings and fired them off, and now I know why we did it, it was a sign of doing what we just did, and yes very late compared to what we believed we had to do “a couple of months ago” if not before if I had lost it.

I was told that I was standing on crossroads when your mother was leaving you in 2010, and this was about having been where we are now before back then creating a fine small platform of marble at the side of the (impenetrable) mountain, and I was told that we knew what we had to do with and we are now collecting contents of this mountain, and yes all the dogs from before.

I was told that a post I had noticed that Christian Stadil brought the other day was also inspired, and it was because of the spirit of my mother setting up the finest table imaginable when we will open life of our New World, and this is what this picture is about with the absolutely finest porcelain of Royal Copenhagen at a luxury dinner he went to, and yes VERY rich is what this man is ….!

I was given the understanding that the Source is really helping me and covers what I – and the world – cannot bring ourselves, but I must say that you are fantastic actors and invisible you are, but this is how it is.

I was shown Fuggi as the finest chef bringing out pizzas from a fine wood oven, and I was told that the recent Facebook message referring to everyone becoming creators of our New World HAS started.

I was shown and told that it is first now that we see how the first creation took place, and I was shown pouring metal and giving the feeling that this is coming from the Source self and then I was told “and then suck ALL you can on the nut and continue until it is torn off, and then it is there”, and I felt how this original creation was now entering me behind my right ear of all places.

I was shown how all pistols of darkness were collected and put around my body, and this is what brought this little “Judgement storm”, and I was shown two tunnels and told that we were waiting which one you would take – the one of darkness or light – and had I chosen the wrong one by giving up, we knew the road in, and we would quickly liberate her, as we have now done, and I was asked if it isn’t time to continue, i.e. opening our New World, and no there is probably much to be cleaned and also implemented of our New World and yes there is ALWAYS new tasks following, so let us say that I am absolutely sure that we are not done yet.

I was also told that had I chosen the wrong road, I would have been told that it was impossible to collect this the inner part of her, but we would have continued doing this work collecting her underneath the darkness you would have received keeping you in ignorance.

I was told about Jeff Lynne and his experience of playing with several bands, and agreed that this is FINE to do – as you will also work with different employers – and to be happy being with and later again meeting friends, and then “but there is nothing like the original” here referring to the original line of Electric Light Orchestra, which to me is ALWAYS special (the 1975-78 line up that is), and this is how we feel about the original self of creation, the first part of the spirit of my mother.

I was shown chickens (later creation) walking around a hole, where I saw items kept on being pulled up until I was shown a floating mass of the yolk of egg, and this is the original creation of the spirit of my mother and I was told that “you are now the chicken yourself”, and yes my mother now being part of me as the Son.

I was told that she had decided to turn everything around also to make you believe that the spirit of my father was the Creator in order to protect herself, and I was shown her hiding behind a giant Sombrero and she also showed me Prince John – the WRONG king – of Robin Hood.

I was shown myself – as my mother – sitting inside this mountain with GIANT arms of octopus’es to enter the mountain, which kept her stuck, and “what a welcome to receive to create life”.

I was told by the spirit of my mother that it was one of these arms, which kept me tight making it impossible to do anything than deciding to create imperfect worlds – created by mother and son, and not mother and father of the Source (keeping her tight) – and eventually for you to come and liberate me in here.

I was given the comments of Svend Gehrs to when Michael Laudrup scored one of Denmark’s six goals against Uruguay in 1986 “and then he shoots, no he waits …, this is genius”, and this is to say that the longer I would wait before deciding to become my new self, the better, and yes “genius” it is to go all the way as I am told.

I saw how we are working extremely close to the New World on my left side where the light is shining and that is to bring out the parts of the “foreign body” of the spirit of my mother.

I was also told that isn’t the truth that you went to the outermost of your limit before sleeping this morning (?), and it might be, but you always have the feeling “if only I could push it even further”, but there was no more to give, and yes Stig, just to settle it.

During the bath I also received a STRONG feeling of a presence of people of other civilizations, and I was given a BIG portion of darkness, which is coming after we have received contact to all civilisations.

As sad as Elijah’s wrong/missing actions make me, as happy,  Meshack makes me

Whenever I think of Elijah and his WRONG behaviour he makes me VERY sad and whenever I think of Meshack and here when receiving news from him, it makes me happy and smile, this is the very simple difference, and is it so Elijah that you have decided to make me suffer because you like to make me suffer (?), or is it simply thoughtlessness not making you think about the consequences of your wrong/missing actions (?), and yes it may be the last, and it makes me wonder how people can act as he does, and yes I am thinking of this because I wrote this in my email to Kenya when forwarding my previous script:

Here is another new script, and an example of how you easily can become sad when sending your warmest regards to a man, who “cannot” send anything in return – do you think you know him, or can guess who it is (?), and yes one of the four of you.

And this made Meshack write these very warm words, and yes I almost feel like being in your village again, and I am shown it and feel it in front of me, and it comes together with darkness, but this has to be darkness of the Source distorting the original warm feelings of your village, and this is what I understand is working with Elijah’s feelings so strongly that he cannot free himself from being a slave of darkness, and yes he is the most warm and caring man inside this darkness, and this is really what I have been trying to get you out of all of the time, Elijah.

And to Meshack, your old man and the whole village I can only share my warm feelings with all of you and thank you for also thinking of me and sending me your regards, and I kindly ask Meshack – and also Elijah and his brother Mischeck – to share my warm regards to the whole village and you can repeat my saying that meeting the school children is still the biggest and happiest experience of my entire life (!), and not far behind this was the meeting with the old man, Elijah’s mother/family and all of the people of the church. You are ORIGINAL PEOPLE of joy and happiness as no people understand here, and I am still very sad to know that you are suffering not yet having a normal life, but it is all coming to you not very long from now – we just had a New World to build first :-).

Here is his email:

Hi there, hope you are doing well. The same is with me here in Kenya. The reason have been so quite for some while is because i went home the whole of this month and i could not access net to communicate with you but the beauty of it is that i always read all your scripts to get updated on the latest happening from your side. I know how it hurts for Elijah not to communicate with you but we shall not get tired of telling him to do so when he can.

  Much greetings from the old man and he is doing well. I will be able to see the rest when you send the cash because i am in Nairobi as we are communicating. We are still together and the faith gets stronger with each passing day and don’t forget that the Christmas is around the corner and i can see from a far shinning Christmas trees.

  Kind regards,

While working on my absolute most extreme edge this evening, I was shown all content of the “foreign body” of the spirit of my mother about to being pulled up from my right side, which this work is helping to do, and it felt like “heavy”, and yes I might have the spark of life, and (almost) the heart, but there is still a very strong part I do not have yet as it seems.

I was told that it is now “guaranteed” that I will get this original creation, but now only a matter of how much it will hurt doing it …..

Finally after working all evening, I published this script at midnight, and yes I was SERIOUSLY closer than ever before to give up working today, and yes MUCH darkness because of this storm, but I did it!

When I was about to publish my script, I was told by the spirit of my mother inside her prison that I cannot see the lock anymore.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • An overview of some of the effects of the Sandy storm effecting millions of Americans with flood, fire, power failure and destruction costing much money/resources to clean up, but there were only few casualties.

  • BT said that “several Americans proclaimed yesterday that Judgment Day is near”, and to this I can only say that you have passed it, and you did not notice it (!), and that this was nothing compared to what you could have experienced if I truly had released darkness upon you – try to imagine what is “millions of times” worse than this, and you might get an idea.

  • Toke is amoung the young, previous high school students here saying “has anyone wondered how head-less chickens look like? Try to imagine a 20-man big office where the Internet connection is lost”, which was “funny, funny”, Toke, and this is also what some of you thought that I was when speaking of me (?), and this is the kind of darkness chucking off heads of chickens, which is to kill creation as you have just witnessed through the night, and yes this is also about darkness still bringing “sweet” to the world in the form of child abuse.

  • Helena met an optician offering her to make new skiing/sun glasses for her for free, and she just had to decide and order it paying for the frame only, and this is about darkness winning this one because sun glasses are about darkness, and first now I wonder why Jeff Lynne ALWAYS wear sun glasses, and yes there is a story here about Jeff also being a victim of darkness, which will have to be about being rich and spoiled, Jeff?

  • But Helena also posted this one saying that she had forgotten how delicious fresh ryebread with hot liver pate and beetroot is making her “almost happy”, and yes this is about all life we recreated almost making us happy, but not completely because there was life we did not save, so this is what this HIT of TV2 is about, one of my favourites of MANY fantastic songs of this band.

  • Henrik repeated the same line over again “I am not allowed to do crude postings”, which inspired people to repeat the same type of nonsence as he, which is about how darkness continuously attacked me saying the same negative things over and over again MILLIONS of times making my head feel like exploding, and yes the driver of this was lack of faith of lazy and better-knowing but ignorant people and especially when having wrong and negative emotions of me like my mother had and many others, and yes Flemming said that “this threads is judged to go up in hat and glasses”, and this is what you saw with “hat and glasses” being symbols of darkness. The Sandy storm was the Judgment Storm sent to the world including terminated life where I did my best to save what was inside of this, and yes it could have been “thousands/millions of times worse” truly making the world feel like the judgment coming, but this is what it was reduced to, and the darkness carrying it was mainly this wrong attitude of people who “could not” understand and “could not” control their negative emotions, and I am here given the feeling of you, Elijah as example, see? And right after this storm, should follow our New World – so HOW LONG now?

  • I gave the same comment to Jiro as he had given to me trying to be share a smile with him, but this was not possible to do with the Devil as you can tell – herewith receiving even more darkness from a better-knowing ignorant. And I was told that people cannot understand the difference between PURE negative attitude of MANY people as Jiro shows an example of here and my strong and direct attitude telling the truth to people of their poor behaviour in my scripts, and yes not even my mother could understand herewith identifying me as one of these incredible negative people, but eeehhh we NEVER saw him negative when speaking to him – on the contrary, I am NEVER negative – so could it be that he suffered from a personality split maybe (?), and yes how many “theories” is what my sister and others had about me without understanding that I simply wrote the truth to help people to improve, i.e. a positive attitude.
  • And Jiro speaks about “God’s will” as if it is to make raped women pregnant (!), and serial killers accomplishing my will, but no, the simple answer is that it is the will of darkness/the Devil, when examples like this happens, and yes this should be “pretty easy” for everyone to understand, and we know Stig, you decided not to answer this some days ago because of far too much work and too little energy, but here it came again, so here you have the answer, and maybe the Republicans – and also Democrat’s – will be able to understand and change your position on this?

  • Dan brought a posting about “hot air in Canal Grande”, which is really symbolising destructive power of darkness being let out via the Sandy Storm – this was the inspiration given to him, and what this thread is really about.

  • This is inspiration in continuation of my mentioning of “keeping up appearances” earlier today, and this is also about the view of most people on me judging me wrongly not understanding the size of “the roots” of human beings of our New World as I bring to you.

  • Today it was the newspaper BT receiving questions aboptu they story of Helle Thorning Schmidt’s tax case, which they leaked one week before the election in 2011, which could have overturned both Helle, me and the world (!), which it did not when we walked through very small margins following the road of God herewith bringing Helle to power – which was important for the saving of the world (!) – and the newspaper insisted to “protect its sources” herewith being silent as the grave (!), and yes BT was the newspaper of darkness, which could have ended the world with this story as everyone will come to know when the full truth will come for a day, and yes Olav & Peter – present/previos editor-in-chief of BT – what you did today was VERY WRONG, and there is NO excuse not to speak out the truth, and when you do not, you are working on the Devil’s team playing directly against me, so will you please remember to speak the full truth to the world and tell why you decided to act as you did back then and also now (?), and if what you did made you proud (?), or do you see yourselves as marionets in a game, which is really what you are because on the other hand, we could not have saved the world if we had not gone to the very end of the Old World, and yes Helle Thorning Schmidt is another part of my mother, and it was vital to bring her to power and I don’t know more than this today, I am not told anymore when writing this, but it will come with our New World when everyone suddenly will have no problems speaking out the truth.


31st October: The Source would have saved the world no matter what – the Judgment was “a game” to secure eternal life

Dreaming of bringing out creation from darkness with Lady Diana/my mother without darkness discovering it

I still received marks to the backside of my right lower leg, which is where terminated life is hidden, so we are still saving more of this, and did we recreate all of the orginal part of the spirit of my mother (?), or is it as I believe that it was her doing a new creation together with me to recreate life lost to darkness during my journey, and yes I believe this is it. I also still received small series of small heart attacks, which is still very uncomfortable.

I went to bed at approx. 01.45 with the feeling that I could have stayed up some hours if really needed – even though I was completely broken down inside of me – but I was allowed to sleep until 10.00 with this dream.

  • I am at a rehabilitation home of “crazy” people in London, where I first see Lady Diana inside being borred, and later she stands outside the building and now looks like a famous British character actress, and there are three young men/big boys also there, whom she speaks to and she would like to enter the home, and one of them brings her to the double main door with one being closed and we believe that the other also is, which it should be, but it is open, and she enters and now she is my old colleague Charlotte D. from DanskeBank-Pension, and I am walking with her, and I see how the employees of this home are having a meeting sharing a bar of Danish pastry, and we enter the kitchen where I see that two pieces of the pastry bar remains, which I put on a plate and am about to bring out, but I don’t know if we will be stopped by the employees seeing the pastry, so I cover it with kitchen roll, and when we leave, the employees ask Diana/Charlotte what we will do on the Louisiana Museum where we are headed, and she replies that we will have good food and drinks. 
    • This is the actress of the most inner of my mother, and we are on this home because of what many people still believe of me – “Stig is crazy” – and this is darkness we are entering to bring out the cake of creation, and even though it should be locked and impossible to do, this is still what we are doing, and it is without darkness even knowing about it when it cannot see what we do, which is again because of people in real life believing that I am crazy, so there you have it.
    • I was told that this corresponds a little to hiding Gold Beer.

Google Earth showing a baby of released life in the arms of my mother about to become liberated

Jette saw the spirit of my mother with a baby in her arms yesterday, which I commented this morning as follows, and the hat is normally a hat of darkness, so more of this for us to work with.

This is another picture and comment, which I decided to share on my own timeline for people to know about, and that is if they care at all?

The four backs of darkness have given up, and I am entering the football of darkness including the pipe to the Source!

I was told that the work I did yesterday was to bring knowledge to the world about the Sandy Storm, and I was told that this is a little bit like Eckersberg (a Danish painter) and necessary to do to open up to this place.

I was told do we really have to avoid going to the toilet (i.e. to end destruction of darkness) (?), and yes it looks like it Stig, and we just have to move this a little bit back and forward (furniture as I am shown) and yes I am to the right of you, which is the New World remember (?), and yes thank you for telling me, I had forgotten in the script of yesterday thinking that you were still on your way in with your “heavy” furniture, which is the best way I can describe the feeling, and yes made from dark wood.

I was told that also this time it was important to be quick to defeat darkness, which is what I did with my script of yesterday, and yes to use the opening of Bo in the dream of yesterday.

It’s got to be the most fantastic”, this is what the SAGA concert is to me as I am told, and yes just to reach this place at the other side, is what makes our New World “the most fantastic”. There were not many here believing that you would have WHAT IT TAKES to come here as the true ticket to the concert of today.

You have not one single of the original four backs against you anymore – because of your work yesterday, Stig – and yes I saw it myself as I am told. And this will save us from “drowning” you and Karen, which is to give us GREAT sufferings to open for this darkness, and apparently it is/was difficult to open even after being exploded, and yes it has a tendency to get back to its old form, so this is why we had to work while the iron was hot so to say, and yes with the biggest sufferings.

There is not one single picture hanging wrong in here Stig, it is as I (me, i.e. my mother speaking) / we (now having you with me) left it originally.

We were prepared to start repairing what would be lost in here, but you know what, when you are not here (the Source as darkness) and I imagine how it was, this is how it is, and yes the power of thought, remember?

And it was her kicking when you were “prepared” to open the New World without her a few weeks ago and yes when you were not prepared to risk life self, but we “helped” you doing it.

I was told that this is the finish of the blue job, well done, and that is the end of forming my new self.

What is there to do now (?), there is probably something about sharing the egg yolk with all of our New World, or something else to which I was told “no” with a “teasing” voice, so what is really left (?), and yes maybe a new surprise because I never know what will happen, and one answer which is NEVER wrong is that as long as I receive darkness, we continue, and this I still do.

I received a quick 25% out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told “maybe one of the last”?

I have now received a habit to say to all feelings coming to me from right, which is “first darkness, then light”, and I was here told that it is not because we are not welcome but he has said that he wants all darkness first, and yes what do we see underneath this duvet (?), and yes a golden watch (tool of explosion of darkness), and how can there be a watch this late when you were told that there were no more watches (?), and yes is this what we triggered causing the explosion (of the Sandy Storm) (?), and you know, it is not easy when you receive information both from light and darkness, and there was as you saw a new watch, and yes this is also converted into a small (dark) baby as I see and I love this watch too, and yes watches are “collections of life” tied together by darkness in one of these arms of darkness (which held my mother tied in a STRONG grip), and when releasing an arm, they explode and what do I see now (?) and yes the same arm and baby turning into a treasure chest with gold and Glitter – and yes he is also on my team as “the leader of the gang“, and Gary Glitter, that is, and yes he is involved in the “Jimmy Savile scandal” of abusing children, and this is about “the worst darkness” you know, which is also “the strongest light” when being released from the prison of darkness and turned around, which is what we are now completing, and that is the final parts of our New World.

And I was told that every single time your mother all of her life and I – the last year or so – have received “characteristic sneezes” – it was about termination of life, and yes Stig, if we have not located and recovered all life yet, this is what I kindly ask you to continue doing because I will have NO LOSS OF LIFE!

My mother called me this morning, but again when answering my phone, it did not want to answer, and yes I have to “slide the screen” to answer, which often does not work, and when I tried to call back, the phone was just bringing me a busy tone not coming through, and this is about darkness too because I ran out of credit on my phone a week ago, which has made my mother call me maybe 4-5 times in a row, and when meeting now four days ago, she gave me 100 DKK to fill up the phone with new credit, which I decided to do the day after – even though I had no more money and could have decided to use it on groceries, but I really did not lack anything – and yes I have not called my mother yet, and what does this bring to my mother (?), and of course “concerns”, it does not take much, so I will call her later to bring out these concerns too, and yes just thinking that it is these concerns making the phone temporarily out of order as it also was with my note programme on my phone when she saw me writing notes, and yes later it worked fine again, and this is really how it is here.

I was told that “the greatest sexual tool is not even here anymore” and yes can you see it (?), and no, we are moving further down the hole of creation, and we cannot see it, but was is this we show you here, Stig, and yes something about a very disgusting animal all over my inside, and yes this is about fear, and that is my fear to become part of “perfect nothing”, which is from where I origin, and when I did not have the courage to do this, it was my own fear, which made the Source change into darkness trying to terminate me, and yes this is how it is, but now we are this perfect nothing, so there is nothing to fear anymore, and this is why I only feel reminisences of what once was all the way down here, and yes my own fear using infinite resources trying to terminate myself, and yes “crazy”, right?

And I was told that your father is in other words a part of me, and I was shown him moving from right in a half bow of a heart coming to me from the front, and yes he is “everything”, and I am life, and together we are “God”, and you are our creation, and so it is.

I was given a strong feeling to my face of “fear” holding me down and I felt that it was about to break me completely, and this was to show me that it was fear of my mother self making the Source act and yes as she “wished” for also creating all of these “cells of sleeping life” everywhere, which the good side of her turned into light, and it was really herself playing a game against her own fear.

And yes, Stig, you receive more “final pieces of the puzzle” to improve your website about creation and darkness, which is making it “perfect”, so we are coming to the very end here.

I was told that this feels like removing armour from your chest – also symbolised by David Trads, see the short stories – and yes it was really my own mistakes in creation, which tried to terminate us, and yes is an apology the right to bring too (?), and yes if you made overlaid mistakes, but not when you did your best taking what you believed where the right decision, and no, mother, I cannot see it differently, and this was my mother asking me as a human being,so this is how it is, and that is unless my mother will bring me more information and later also apologise as my father did when he could not control his desire of entering temptation of darkness.

And yes, Stig, this is the “fume of gasoline of darkness”, which you are now running on, and that is reminiscenses of the darkness, which used to be, so now you cannot keep it going any longer, can you (?), and that is before you will decide to switch on your new self and New World (?), and yes we know Stig, as long as you bring me negative voices and torments of darkness, I can and will, and I feel the actors to the right of me, and there may be closets of darkness, which you have not entered yet (?), and yes I am thinking about recreating terminated life (?), and for all I know, we are not done with this work, and I would also like to see signs of Jette’s Google Earth pictures before I can ask you to stop the game, so come on and give me the absolutely best you got, and please continue searching through EVERYTHING inside of there to collect all atoms of ALL LIFE.

There is now almost no more nothing like this – and I was given “nothing” blowing throuhg my head – and instead it becomes “everything”, because this is what we decided to it to become, and yes FLEXIBLE is what the Source is, a wonderful tool, and you just have to behave, communicate and behave well, and when you do, you will live forever, and when you do not – as man “could not” – it will end life, and yes which happened every single time, and that is until now, when I got “the medcine” right, and yes I had to go through my own sufferings to get me out.

And I am just thinking that when the spirit of my father apologised for his behaviour being tempted by darkness, and he is part of the spirit of my mother, it is the same as saying that the spirit of my mother is apologising isn’t it (?), and it may be, and we know Stig, this does not change your view about the need of apologisign, and yes when you have done your best in a given situation, this is as it is, but you can of course learn from your “unintentional mistakes” so you will not make them again, and yes you can also say that “if I knew, I would have done it differently” so this is what we will leave it at.

We can now almost stand on the motorway without a disaster happening, and yes we just have to get used to the fact that we are not here anymore, but still we are.

Before leaving for the swimming hall during the afternoon, I called my mother – the phone worked now – and I was happy hearing that John’s “kidney numbers”, which have been just above a critical limit, now are better and the doctors have allowed him to travel, which makes him and my mother very happy, and also me on their behalf, and I had decided to be a free passenger again when I would later take the train to Copenahagen via Hillerød hoping that no conductors would show up, and yes not to use the direct line where there are always conductors, but my mother said that she would pay for the train card, which was really a symbol saying that there is no risk that darkness will throw me off the train.

I was so occupied with work that I forgot to have lunch, which is really the first time this has happened, and I was even reminded of it, but still I forgot, and when I left maybe at 15.30 or 16.00 and arrived at town, I was reminded again, and yes I knoooowww (!), but now I was here, and I had promised to transfer money to Meshack and the team, which I did sending the usual DKK 2,800 gross leaving approx. DKK 1,400 net for my self this month and yes to keep your promises was also vital to do during your journey – and I was happy when Meshack later in the day sent his thanks “I will be able to get the cash tommorrow morning and share with the team so i will give you an update tommorow evening.  Thanks and God bless”.

When transferring the money in the regular kiosk, there were two young ladies asking for a telephone start package, and the assistant recommended Lebara as the cheapest, but for some reason they chose a brand called “Leica” (?) – I cannot find it now – and yes one of the ladies already had Lebara, and to me, this was about when you smile (“le bare” – “just smile”), the next step is to do perfect photographs of people for our New World, which is what “Leica” means to me.

On my way I was told that the spirit of my mother originates from the spirit of my father – not vice versa – and that it is really God as the Source or the “perfect nothing” of everything, who is changing life form from “nothing” to “everything”, but the spirit of my mother did not have the courage to return with the spark of life to create new life on basis of “perfect nothing”.

I went to the repair shop asking for my laptop, and no he still did not have an answer, but offered to go to their repair man to get and return my laptop, and I told him that if they have not given me an offer before Friday – two days from now – I will come and get the laptop on Saturday, and yes let us see if this will make them “wake up”, or it this was a “setup” of darkness to show that it was impossible to setup our New World thus also impossible to repair my laptop within the budget, and maybe they would even run away with it perhaps symboling terminations, but no this is NOT how we work here, and yes I started three paragraphs ago to do this update of my script today and it is now 00.45 after returning home from one of the most fantastic concerts in my life, and in some respect actually the best I have ever been to (!), and yes more about this later, and I might work until approx. 04.00 to finish my script and to publish it before 05.00 (?), and do I still have strength to also do a new update to the frontpage of my website to bring the most accurate information on the relation between the spirits of my mother and father leaving out darkness (?), and yes to finish my journey “perfectly” (?), and we will see.

I was told that you will become shocked about where “everything” (of creation) has been hidden to protect us from darkness, and that goes via faith of people in me, and sometimes people losing or gaining faith – or parts of – and yes we used people having faith in you to save everything/all life inside of them to protect us from darkness wanting to terminate us, and all was based on your work and your Facebook and LinkedIn postings.

I still received negative voices of darkness, but it is now changing, and I heard “you called, master”, which was darkness wanting to carry out my “old nightmare” if it was allowed, and then it told me itself that “no, I cannot even do it”, so darkness is truly becoming weak.

I was hungry, and decided to go to the cheapest place in town on Stengade to get a Pita Kebab (20 DKK), where I also was a few months ago, and I knew that I was driven here when I was made to forget lunch, and that was because of this ”funny” owner of the store telling me the last time that I could order a kebab with with “hele moletjavsen” or “hele molevitten” (“everything” in this or that way really) with the difference being that the last one also includes chilli, and yes I ordered the last one knowing that this was about saving all life including terminations, and I told him that no one will remember this and I therefore recommended him to write it on his menu card, but everytime I wanted to say “menu card”, I was saying “business card”, which were the words given to me meaning for ALL LIFE to be exposed and yes “hele molevitten” (“the whole lot”), or “the entire gang including stock and barrel” as I normally say. And the owner asked me if I am a FCK-fan as he and not Brøndby as I told him that I was, but also that we would not do without Brøndby, which is on one of the relegation places now (for the first time ever), and that is really to say that I want EVERYTHING including the worst darkness and its prisoners to survive (as light).

Even though I had slept during the night, it did not mean that I was fresh because I had no energy before starting the exercise today, and it stayed that way all of the exercise, where I simply was given constant darkness making every minute from the beginning to the end “impossible” to go through making me want to give up constantly , but somehow I made it through all 30 minutes and used 475 calories, which I was satisfied with under the circumstances, and I was told that this was to symbolise my entire journey where I have been on the edge of giving up constantly, and yes already before starting the worst part from May 2009 until today, I was completely and utterly broken down, and still I had approx. 7,000 pages to write, so this is what I did.

I was given the feeling of Elijah, and then I received a small heart attack, so this man having terrible “troubles” when using far too much time thinking negative thoughts instead of just doing what is right to do, is still sending me darkness.

I was shown that I am stepping into the football self, and I was shown a pipe from above made by what looked like black carbon to me, and I understood that this is the pipe leading to us from the Source, and it is from this pipe that the spirit of my mother as the “foreign body” was literally poured out, and yes coming from “nothing” with the task to start up a new life form, so who is the Creator by now (?), and yes the spirit of my mother is the Creator of the world and all life, but it was the spirit of my father creating the spirit of my mother, and this is information, which was tried being kept from me, and who would do such a thing (?), and yes darkness. And it made me think that we are now cleaning and soaking up all darkness to become part of the Source as “perfect nothing”.

I have been told that my mother – and maybe sister too (?) – does not even want to think about what “sex crime” I might be committing (?), and yes do they know about my sexual nightmare from book no. 1 (?), and they may, and what does Stig do today (?), and still the same (?), and no, not easy to understand that I am purity myself resisting the strong tempations of darkness still given to me. And when I head this song “sex crime” by Eurythmics from the very inspired 1984-film, it was with the feeling “one of the strongest songs influencing me the most”, and yes you do understand that “sex crime” was the name of the game of the Devil wanting to destroy us.

I was told that Donald Trump wanted to hurt Obama at the election with his “silly stunt”, but when I decided to go against him, this wrong purpose of darkness was turned around to help Obama instead meaning that Donald Trump via my modification is actually helping Obama to become re-elected, and yes funny, funny isn’t it, Donald (Duck), and yes what do you believe Donald’s three nephews symbolise (?), and yes the Trinity including their book with all answers of life symbolising my book, see?

When I was cycling home, I was given the thought of David and his sir name not being his, i.e. “not the truth”, and two seconds thereafter, my bag on the carried fell off, and I was told that we almost lost the rest of us there, and yes when David decided to telling lies instead of the truth, when he cheated me and the team stealing my money, and yes he was “too proud” to admit this, and yes even to me!

I was reminded that John gave me a small flash light after he had cleaned up his shelves the other day, and yes receiving light from the spirit of my father is what it is about.

I was told that this is the different of creating our New World on basis of a “foreign body”, which we were VERY close to doing, or to bringing all children ALL the way home to God.

The Source would have saved the world no matter what – the Judgment was “a game” to secure eternal life

I took the train from Helsingør at 18.43 on my way to the SAGA concert in Copenhagen, and I received MUCH information on my way – taking approx. 45 minutes for the journey of 45 kilometres – and it started when I was shown darkness driving towards me on its motorcycle having the colour of Orange, so not much darkness of it anymore.

I was told that even my own mother believed that I had schizophrenia, and if no one had taken me seriously, it would also have become the end. And I was by the last people of other civilizations which I was told the other day that we have received contact with again that they have now spread faith and without this, we would also experience terminations because it is a condition to have all the Universe with us.

I was shown copper and lego bricks, and was told that we are not lego bricks anymore, and yes in our New World we simply are and use the power of thought to create.

I was told that you are the only one in the world who could take the pressure of darkness brought to you from the Sandy Storm.

I was shown a castle, which is the town of Copenhagen, which we will conquer with this concert, and I was shown the rotor of a helicopter receiving the last oil before it will switch on and lift up the entire world.

I was shown the pipe of darkness from before, but now as a giant snake having its mouth open, and the spirit of my mother told me that it was her fear of entering the mouth of it to return from where I come bringing the spark of life to start everything, which was the original meaning, and I heard her almost saying “I am sorry”, and yes you can be sorry for negative consequences even when you did your best under the circumstances, we all can.

I was shown and told that we can now see the rubbish chute from both sides – from the New World of perfect nothing and what remains from the old – and this was the only way to get the most inner of the spirit of my mother to join us and that is because you already knew from previous experiences that we would survive when entering perfect nothing, otherwise we would not have made her do it because of her fear that this would terminate her, which is a little bit like putting your hand into a glass of wine believing that the wine is far too hot and to remove the hand.

I was shown skiis inside dark protective bags making me think of “sleeping life inside cells”, which are now being removed, and we first remove these bags now, which is how we protected the Source from the spirit of my mother chosing wrongly and this was not to burn off everything, and I felt the spirit of my father and heard “he is now getting in control, is he?”

And this was a way to hold down losses of life to ”a drop of blood” and not everything, and I was given the feeling of life starting all over from scracth if needed including a new ”spark of life”, and here I understood the feeling I had for example once at the bathtub in Lyngby in 2010 or 2011 where I was thinking of the possibility of the Universe being part of a larger Universe, which we did not know about, and how I “spoke” to this Universe, and I now know that this was not a Universe above us, this was simpley the “natural force” of God at the Source of “perfect nothing”.

I was told that the process of bleeding was first stopped when we reached 360 degrees around, and yesterday I was told that I was the last chance to save the world, there was no New World’s automatically coming after this with new versions of me trying to save everything, which would make the spirit of my father start the process all over again from the beginning, which made me feel so bad – still – that I did not write it down, but here this information also is (and also a feeling of locating more terminated life when this is written now at 02.05, which we are saving, and I hear nice words given to this life, and yes please give it my warmest welcome too).

For a couple of days leading up to Shannon’s comment to my thread with Paul, I have received information from my spiritual voice stopping halfway without finishing sentences, which gave me the choice to finish the sentences “guessing” what the finish would be, which was FAR the easiest to do because I “wanted” to finish the sentences, but I decided to stop when the information stopped, and yes a clear sign of Shannon thinking negatively of me bringing her own POOR HABITS when working with the spiritual world to me, and NO, this is NOT a way to work, Shannon, and yes she is one of the “finest” mediums in Denmark if you ask herself.

And I was thinking what would have happened if we had not made it all the way home to God; if we had created a New World based upon the “foreign body” (?), and yes would the rest of darkness be terminated (?), and would God bring the survivors all the way home?

I was told that by the way, there is also no Kent inside here.

I figured out what this was leading to, which was a new night without sleep in order to bring all life of darkness with us, and yes I could have decided to say “oh no”, and I did not become happy, but I accepted so this is what we are doing.

In the bus from Copenhagen Central Station to the concert venue of Amager Bio – this was the first “real rock concert” at a traditional concert venue I had gone to for a LONG time – I heard a young man speaking about a new tunnel in Århus (?) and where cars surprisingly get out of the tunnel, and to me that was about getting out of darkness, and that is to save terminated life.

Finally, I made it to the venue, and yes this is a small venue as I also like – I also like the big ones (outdoors) for the variation, but there is an atmosphere of small venues which you cannot get with GIANT concerts – and before the concert started, I thought that I have not looked forward to any concert as much as this since the Electric Light Orchestra concert in Copenhagen in 1982, and no, I could not think of one I had looked more forward to including Michael Jackson, U2, Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen to take some examples, and at 20.15 the band entered the stage, and yes I stood in the middle with tree-four rows of people in front of me meaing that I was maybe five metres from the band and front singer Michael Sadler, and when they entered, and started playing the amazing “Anywhere you wanna go” from their new “20/20” album, which I LOVED from the first time I heard it, I was simply about to start crying from happiness, which gave me a new feeling of almost fainting, and yes I cannot remember that music has EVER touched me as much as this, and it was MUCH strengthened by the spirit of my mother being with me bringing me STRONGEST feelings of having made it all the way to here, and I listened to the words of this inspired song “I’m gonna take you, Anywhere you wanna go, You want it, you got it, You’ve got to let me know, Anywhere you wanna go, You want it, you got it, Just tell me where you wanna go” and thought that this is what I am bringing all people of the world, and yes there is something special about this front singer of the band, Michael Sadler, who made such an incredible strong performance that I told myself that he is among the absolutely greatest rock performers in the world in line with Mick Jagger, and yes I could not compare him with less than the best, and I thought that SAGA sadly only have few fans where they should be one of the greatest bands in the world (!), and yes this song is about “the return of Michael Sadler” to the band as this video shows herewith symbolising “the return of Jesus/Stig” after I had almost not made it making me leave the band, but I made it in the end.


And then I was told that all of my journey was “only a game” –as mentioned many times in my scripts – and that the spirit of my father would make us survive no matter what, and the true purpose of my journey was to make sure that the same error of darkness taking over would never happen again – and later I was told that this would include ALL LIFE FOREVER!

This gave me the thought of whether I would now stop my journey and start relaxing also meaning that I would not do this work in the middle of the night, but I decided NO, because this is wrong to do, and when I kept on saying this – I cannot and will not change the way I play the game, and I have promised to go to the very end of this game – the spirit of my mother told me that this is a question of honour, and that is for her working through me to save 100% of everything and that is to make up for the error of not basing creation upon “perfect nothing” herewith bringing darkness and destructions of worlds and life, so this is what “we” have continued doing, and yes Stig, it would be “too easy” to stop and say “that was that” and only because you now know what I was also told, which is that ALL LIFE WITHOUT EXCEPTION would be saved and our New World would be created as a perfect New World, and this would also happen if the bomb of Nixon had exploded to terminate this world too, and yes the spirit of my father would have taken over giving us all perfect life.

And shortly after this deciscion, Michael was inspired to ask the audience for a song from their first album to play – I truly like that musicians remember their songs knowing how to play them, and can play them by request – and it made one shout “perfectionist”, and yes inspired it was for me to end my journey creating our PERFECT NEW WORLD and yes also with help of the Source, but invisible it was to me.

Michael was inspired when he asked the audience to sing along to “you’re not alone” when he first asked one half of the venue to sing one part, and afterwards the other half sing the other part, but instead he decided to do something new as he said, which was for all ladies first to sing no matter where they stood, and afterwards all the men, and yes “never seen before” and that is in this meaning making the whole room survive really.

I was enthusiastic about this show, one of the best concerts I have ever seen as you can see from my Facebook posting below, and I thought that this is a modern version of the most beautiful traditional choral music in a church, and yes this is how beautiful hard rock can be, and that is when you bring out everything you have as Michael – and the band – did, and the band was also amazed by the reception in Copenhagen saying that “you are the best of all”, and the FINE drummer – I loved them all, also on keyboards and the bass – took pictures of the audience including me (!), and not very often this happens, the first time I have seen it.

Afterwards, Michael took on the bass, which he was going to play, which fans knew was about one of the band’s greatest hits, “Humble stance” to be played, but Michael decided to joke saying that it could be other songs he had played bass on, for example “another one bites the dust” (by Queen – brought here because of the spirit of my mother being Freddy Mercury) and “smoke on the water” (by Deep Purple – because this is about Helle M. leaving me as a Facebook friend recently), and he played a little bit of each song on his bass, and then he and the band started playing Humble Dance of course, and these two songs to me are about people biting the dust because of “a fire in the sky”, which is about termination you know, and Michael kept on singing “You know, you gotta know, There’s no one going to help you”, and during this song – one of their absolutely finest, but here about termination – I felt how the insect as they had on a large cloth behind the stage, entered me, and I felt its long tale , and I was told “have you forgotten about me” (?), and this was the spirit of my mother of darkness entering me, and yes the one inside the football, and we know the Devil self, which was not “the cousin of God” but “the cousin of the spirit of my mother” – because God and the Source was not interfering directly with the world – and an “insect” to me is about the worst sexual torments/sufferings of darkness, and this insect is among other albums used on Full circle, so this is part of making a full circle to save everything we met during the road including terminations we had to accept, which are now being called back with the end of the world bleeding. And if you forget the story above about the meaning of the song to me today, and simply watch and listen to this song, you have the whole essence of why I LOVE THIS BAND as much as I do, and yes based upon how much they have been with me since approx. 1980 and especially when writing my scripts here, I can only move them up on my Top 100 list from no. 27 to no. 11, and when it comes to “strong impression” on me, I believe they are on the very top of my list.

This was an inspired concert, and when they played “on the loose”, I saw how Michael sent a sign to a beautiful lady standing close to me with the meaning “I want to have sex with you after the concert”, and yes this is how the Devil is working and directly in front of me, and I was tempted myself when asked “do you want her yourself” and told that this is the power of darkness, which is what “helps” Michael get what he wants, and I answered no knowing that this is how it is, and you can ask the beautiful lady from Martin’s (from Dahlberg) private party in 2008, who was “crazy about me” wanting to make love to me and that was right until light made her cold again, and yes I was only looking for a girlfriend doing my absolutely best at this and other occasions, which was a GREAT stress to my spiritual friends, and yes I was also told today that it would have been the best if I did not make love to any woman as my old self at all (to keep me completely pure), but this was impossible to grant, and yes because of the work of darkness!

Later when the drummer started a song playing a hi-hat, the audience went “crazy” shouting “don’t be late” – they could hear it instantly – so this was then what the band started playing, and it made Michael put the finger to his head showing that he shot himself, and yes just another sign of what darkness would do to us all if we were late – and of course if the Source did not plan on saving us, and I was told that the spirit of my mother did NOT know about this plan because all knew was that we had ONE MORE CHANCE to save the world, and if we did not, she thought that it would be the end of life for all of “everything” returning to “nothing”, and she was “absolutely certain” that it would be the end of her own inner self because I would not be able to make it to her liberating her from solid darkness, which we also needed to explode when starting our New World, and yes I was told that this was NOT easy to bear, but she tried to find comfort to raise a son, who would take over after her, and yes MUCH sufferings because of this, and “fear” is what made much of this come through, and that is also fear of the official world knowing about what is coming including the relation of their own deceptions of the world.

I was told that it required these feelings of me to bring the dark side of the spirit of my mother to me including terminations saved with her.

I heard how life of these terminations – felt like full lives, but it should only be “parts of lives” (?), but then again, it is normally always the worst case scenario which is the right with darkness – was asked “which coffee do you prefer” (?), and I heard myself saying that “Zoega coffee is the reference of me, and you have three millions different tastes to choose from”, and coffee is about “love” and this is about “new life” returning after recreation, and I was told that this is how it is and yes when life is created.

I was given some examples of why these terminations happened, which was because of loss of faith of people in me – remember when Paul a long time ago lost his faith in me beinging a big part of me down (?) – and I was told about Karen’s reactions to me, and people who “could not” listen and understand, and yes lazy and better-knowing people terminating life and not because this is what they wanted to, but what darkness inside of them made them do.

I was told that my decisicion to carry on the game will bring invaluable information from terminated life to us, and I heard rescued life asking “are you still alive”, and yes I am, and now you are too.  

I was told that the spirit of my father CANNOT stand sexual misconduct, and later also not hunger “but not half as much as sexual misconduct” and “misuse of power” etc., but in this order.

During the concert, I was reminded that it was at this very venue that I watched Kim Larsen Jam in 2006 not long after my spiritual voice had started making my life the worst hell imaginable for every single second, and I reminded how I told the voice back then that I will NOT accept this behaviour, but what do I know (?), so it was impossible to stop this hell back then, but today I returned here and this time I was more lucky, because this was about putting an end to the last darkness saving all terminations too, and even though I still received the voice of darkness, I received a more normal voice COMMUNICATING with me, which is a new experience really.

I was shown how this “heavy” furniture to the right of me was now moved to the front of me, and yes it was of course darkness including all terminations trying to hide from me, now moving back for it to become cleaned and saved too.

I loved most of the songs of the concert, but was still believing that there were too many songs from the first albums of the band, and I missed several fantastic songs from their later albums, which was only played little, and I thought that it was too much “greatest hits” being played, and I would have liked a greater variation.

This was more or less what happened during this concert, and yes here are the impressions, which I shared with SAGA’s official Facebook group.

On my way home I was shown how a long tunnel including a snake transforms into a rollercoaster including happy people.

I was shown a pen of darkness, which is now empty, and it was used when darkness said ”you have been erased”.

I was shown a car driving behind a truck with so much rain and mud that it was impossible of the car to keep the front window clean, and at the end, it was impossible to see light with everything only becoming more and more dark, and this is how life gradually entered solid darkness, but we will have no more of this.

I was shown darkness on top with light spreading underneath and so much that it also entered and overtook darkness and that is because we love you and will not leave you, and I was shown a giant beak of a duck coming out the bowl of the toilet, and I was told that it is completely impossible to hold back.

I was told that if my “old nightmare” had been carried out, we were afraid that the Source would punish us by removing all of our life and to replace us with other life because we were a failure.

I was told that you have already been all the way down at the end of the tunnel of darkness, and you only had to decide if you wanted to be light or darkness.

I was shown a suitcase being placed at the bottom of one of many white closets in an all white apartment, and I was told that it is impossible to hide darkness inside of light, because light will discover it, which I really also did with the darkness to the right of me, which really was in front of me.

I was shown and told that the dark side of the spirit of my mother had overtaken the largest part of the library without knowing how she came here and became darkness as she did. And she said that we thought we were invulnerable and unruly, and I was shown a line of ice cream boxes now all of them empty except from the first one, and darkness did not know that the others had been emptied.

I was shown a carrier firing at me, and I saw how the fighter planes of the World War I of it flew towards to become part of me again.

Today and yesterday I have felt the same hole to my right foot as I have felt previously when I was told about warnings of termination, and I understood this as letting out what had come in, and yes I was shown an empty container of darkness previously, but this had to be darkness hiding this life from me.

I was given the question “why did the Source not intervene to save us from sufferings” (for “almost an eternity of worlds”) and I was given the anwer “to learn life in order to bring everyone perfect life”, so what we went through, was “birth trouble” as lesson cost.

The spirit of my mother told me that we put our doctors and a helicopter to look after life inside the explosion, and we found ourselves the Source and the answer of the Source bringing eternal life of everything as we would also have found out if the bomb of Nixon had exploded before.

I was told that the specialist declaration of Axel the psychiatrist and my memo to him was “decisive for me” and my chances to make it, and that is if people would believe in me or Axel, and at least my memo was more interesting to read because by today 582 has “read” my memo and 380 has read the declaration of the psychiatrist, and maybe some decided to believe in me because of my memo?

I was told that we are welcomed with open arms by the Source.

I returned home at midnight feeling like living without living knowing that I now had a long night with MUCH work in front of me, and yes can I make this too, which seems completely impossible to do, and yes the website on top of this, and maybe also new pictures of Jette to comment (?), but no, she had not posted any new.

I was asked if the Source can help improving the motorway (?), and yes he is of couse welcome to help making this the best of what he can on basis of all of his experiences.

And yes, chemtrails are still on my task list, which may become later in November when I have time and energy to do it, and that is if I am still playing the game.

I was told that darkness over the last days tried to make me change God from the Source instead being the spirit of my mother, and yes to make it impossible for me to do the last setup also saving terminated life, but no I did not buy it, the Source is still God on the front page of my website, but I changed the Creator from the Source to the spirit of my mother and this is right in terms of the Creator of life and our (new) world, but the Creator of the spirit of my mother, thus everything, is truly the spirit of my father, so this is what I will have to change in order to do this last bit too, and I am thinking of both as Creators together creating the son and the world.

At 02.20 I received the taste of blood in my mouth, and was told that I only get this “the other way around”, which is when terminated life is returning, and yes also meaning that terminations did not bring me this taste!

This means that we will never go to the petrol station to get cigarettes again, right (?), and yes right you are, and I was told that this darkness still does not know yet about the guarantee for everything to make it.

When I wrote the chapter on the SAGA concert, I started receiving shivers of darkness for some minutes, and where is this coming from (?), is it stored (?) or is it about fans of SAGA having read my Facebook posting and afterwards discovering who I really am by opening my Facebook profile?

So we first had to stop the bleeding before we could start letting you out”.

I was told with MUCH amazement and almost an speechless attidue that they, i.e. all potential life inside the Source, have already taken the liberty to create all of themselves as new life.

I was told that when I did not get my instructor chairs recently, quite a bit of life was also terminated because of this.

When I was doing the edit/summary of my script today believing that I will be able to publish it with great sufferings surpassing the greatest temptations to stop work.

I was given the song “love will keep us together” by Captain & Tennille where the lyrics “I will, I will, I will” were replaced by “I win, I win, I win” and I was shown life being cut lose from darkness, and yes “love will keep us together” – also because of hard work.

At 05.30 I was told to take your time, I can do nothing when you don’t sleep, and to write and publish this script is truly “pulling out teeth” as we say here, and yes “not easy” to do.

I was told that the real sign of terminations was when I received marks around my right ankle.

After having a couple of crisis during the night making work slow, finally at 06.20 I uploaded the script too, and yes now I will only make a small amendment to the front page of my website to make it clear that the Source is the top Creator, and I have one page of notes to do amendments from, but they are not as important now and will have to wait until I have slept..

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I received this update from Shannon commenting with a “wow” to my chat with Paul, and yes she decided to “like” his first comment, but not mine (!), and why is this again, Shannon (?), and yes because you were BLIND in your total admiration of Paul as “the King of Stansted” (?), and yes this is where Shannon has been MANY times and there is none above Paul (!), and Paul decided that he wanted to correct me again – instead of understanding (!) – so this is what he tried to do, and yes not easy to forget about me, Paul (?) and this is to show what the most developed medium’s of the world think of me, and that is to think of themselves and their own “personal interests” first. Paul is the King, who Shannon and MANY “adores”, and you don’t speak against him as I do! And it made me wonder that Shannon says “wow” to this post and not my post on the Sandy Storm being a Fibonacci spiral as example, and yes it is all inside your mind, and not even at “the top” of this spiritual community they “could” understand me, but THE CURE is on its way.  And I was here shown Paul inside darkness of a room, and told that he was the only one who could lead you to this darkness. And I kept on feeling Paul during the morning, so is it so that you “cant get it out of my head”, my friend? And how sad do you think this makes me feel (?), and yes VERY sad! It is of course completely impossible to think that this is where darkness had placed “it’s anchor”, and yes inside this “king” having a fantastic reputation among mediums/clairvoyants of Europe, and yes the culture of mediums in the UK is MUCH different to what it is in Denmark and most places around the world, because there is a tradition and spread of mediums in every single small British village and hundreds of spiritualist churches bringing platform demontrations every week communicating with deseased people on the other side, and yes this is what Paul & Co. decided to focus on at this spiritual college of Arthur Findlay as what “spiritualism” is about, and yes to conceal what is really much more important, which is to decide communicating spiritually about the new age coming, and this is how this “king” tried to bring the plague to the world, and yes not believing much in my “new age” and being the Son of God, Paul (?), and in this respect, I met the Devil self, and that is the anchor of him, and “not nice” to know, Paul, if you should decide to read this (?), and you do know that I love both you, Janet, Billy, Stella and all of the teachers/mediums of Stansted (?) and that is more than most people because of your happiness and very nice personalities, but I have to say that what I have seen from you now and Janet before trying to protect your “good name and reputation” from somebody like me “misusing” you (!) – in your mind, that is – is to focus on your personal interests instead of understanding the big picture making me sad, and yes you are the Devil in disguise as light working to remove the attention of man from the end of the world coming, and now our New World and instead you would like to SILENCE me – the trademark of the Devil – and  “like” to work as mediums speaking to deceased people and “heaven” to help you you to do personal sittings about the lives of people like mine, and yes Paul, you do stand with what you told me in your sitting of me (?), and despite of what I have developed into (?), and it is truly “impossible” for you to understand now, but easier when you will wake up too discovering whom you truly are yourself.

  • From time to time I receive Facebook posts like this repeating that Klaus from the meditation group and my sister likes the Facebook group “læring med udsigt” (“learning with a view”) and their postings, and I may have received approx. five of these postings making me think if it is my spiritual friends giving me a message, and today I decided to look who actually liked the posting of this Facebook group, and as you can see from the list, neither Klaus nor my sister “liked” it, but when I am still giving information that they do, it is to say that there are LEARNING about me via Facebook, and maybe we can include “faith” coming to them, or at least crackings in darkness for the light to get in, which this is about.

  • My previous Facebook friend, the journalist of Berlingske in USA, David Trads, was the main character in a TV programme I did not see, which was about when he was an editor of the newspaper Information where he accused the political adviser Henrik Gade Jensen to be a “right wing extremist with Nazi sympathies”, and he was “too busy” to participate in the TV programme to apologise for his actions, but on Facebook – which I cannot read anymore, David, because you lost your temper when blocking/reporting me (!) – he has now apologised saying that “Nine years ago I made a big journalistic error, which I should have apologised for a long time ago”, which he then does now also saying that it was “a coarse, groundless accusation costing the man his work and tormented his family. My excuses today cannot repair the damages I caused Gade Jensen”, and he also said that he should have decided to participate in the TV programme, but he thought that he would be too busy covering the U.S. election, and the result of playing a “straight game” now is for his Facebook network to accept his apology and courage to admit to his own errors. And yes my friends, this is another inspired story to show you how darkness is admitting to its errors, and there is MUCH more underneath this story about the secret government of USA coming out of the closet too, and maybe you would also like to excuse your wrong behaviour and actions in relation to me, David (?), and everything else, which you would like to get off your chest. And yes this is about accusing a man of having “Nazi-sympathies” with the truth being that it was the Nazi/monster darkness self working inside David and his “loving” (secret) USA.

  • I have often wondered what Helena works with and here was the answer when she invited her friends to an open day of the Psychiatry of Region Middle Jutland the 8th November, and yes this “crazy” lady works at a Psychiactric Centre similar to the centre bringing me their sentence of being “crazy” when they could not read/listen to understand, and just like Helena, and yes with a background like this and NO faith in God, it is of course impossible to make her believe someone like me, isn’t it (?), and what was your verdict, Helena (?), did you believe I was a “total maniac” or did I make sense in what I also told you (?), and that is before you had had enough of me kicking me out as a Facebook friend (today I am not a friend, but a subscriber, which she “allowed” me to be, and that is if she noticed at all, because this is what happens according to the “rules” of Facebook when people “unfriend” you but do not “report” you, and yes that is people offering you to subscribe to them, and here was the answer to why I continued to “hang on to” Helena).


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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