November 2, 2012: Darkness should have killed me bringing the worst desire to man to terminate life, but I outlasted it


Summary of the script today

1st November: The Devil becomes weak when I work hard, sleep little and am firm, which releases terminated life

  • Dreaming of meeting the dark side of the spirit of my mother, who becomes weak when I work hard, sleep little and am firm, and I am working so hard as if Keith Richards was overtaking Lance Armstrong in a cycle race.
  • I had another tough day to go through mainly focusing on staying awake, doing my work and to continue being firm over darkness asking for terminated life to be released, which we continue doing.
  • The SAGA guitarist returned directly from hospital to play “one of the GREATEST guitar solo’s in the history” symbolising “perfect creation” – I bring your freedom of our New World to choose “anywhere you wanna go” – where do you want to go?
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures shows the Devil self raping and showing poor behaviour, and also light persuading darkness to behave, i.e. become part of the light. This is about uniting and recreating terminated life.We are releasing life from darkness, which has never been done before, instead of having faith of man do it. Darkness tried to make me believe that some life would now start decaying, but later I was told that there are “no exceptions”, we are saving “every little thing” of everything.
  • Short stories of THOUSANDS of people “liking” a posting on Jesus and “no one” likes the real thing, telling the newspaper of Hell, BT, to speak out the truth, “Nazi darkness” of the media made it “impossible” for them to tell the world about me, Shannon is “fed up with negative unaware liars” unaware that she is one of these herself, all terminated life is intact, Helena could not stop laughing instead of thinking of dead in relation to pinworms because we now know that all life will be saved no matter what, more on chemtrails, brainwash and the old evil world order.

2nd November: Darkness should have killed me bringing the worst desire to man to terminate life, but I outlasted it

  • Dreaming of darkness still wanting to take out my energy and bring me my “old nightmare”, I am continuing to suffer voluntarily to bring “learning experiences” and my mother, i.e. the world is still bringing me down.
  • I met and saved MANY parts of the spirits of my mother and father, but in reality there is only one part, which we are uniting now.
  • The spirit of my mother put a cork into the hole stopping the entrance to the Source because she was afraid that this would be the end of her. And the cork to the hole is placed at the worst darkness of all, which is at darkness of nothing.
  • The dark side of the spirit of my mother said “I cannot tell you how sad I am”, which is because of her misunderstanding believing that the Source would terminate her.
  • I was told by the Source that we did not know better and that it should have been perfect and that is when turning around part of the Source becoming life of the spirit of my mother, which is why we waited until it would find a solution to life itself, which you did to our full satisfaction too, and I was told that “we are the light self”.
  • I was meant to have been killed by darkness via my “old nightmare”, which would have started burning off the rest of darkness literally bringing darkness to the world via volcano eruptions and other events of the Doomsday Scenario including TERMINATIONS of physical life, and it would last until the end of 2012 where our New World would start on basis of what remained – and it would have been Barack Obama’s task to help saving as much life as possible via faith, instead of having darkness killing people deciding to indulge in lust, killings and more.
  • Short stories of the secret government of USA bringing darkness to Obama and I, the Big Apple was infected by a pinworm of darkness, Facebook is “messing up” my postings mixing darkness in between everything, the worst offense of the media was not reporting about the New World Order and me, sending my greetings to the spiritual teacher Lars Muhl and Medjugorje, who receive special feelings about me, informing the European Union that they will be replaced by our New World Order, Dan sends me darkness not realizing that I will shine a light on his road, Klaus and my sister still learn about me as a teacher, Obama received “help” from the Sandy storm to be re-elected, “the show must go on”, which is what both Freddie and the spirit of my mother thought when they “knew” that they would not make it, and Obama is fighting simple minded people believing that he is Satan!


1st November: The Devil becomes weak when I work hard, sleep little and am firm, which releases terminated life

Dreaming of meeting the dark side of the spirit of my mother, who becomes weak when I work hard, sleep little and am firm

After publishing the script of “yesterday” I was told that we told you that he had it in him and we know Stig, one of the most difficult of all scripts to write, but still not too difficult.

For some time I have kept on receiving thoughts about Pia from Hørsholm, which is coming to me because she thinks about me – and maybe she is also receiving spiritual information about me?

At 06.40 I was told that we will just go for a tour around the Petrol station to make sure that we have all with us.

At 07.15 I had gone through the same three chapters of creation and the description of the Trinity on the front page of my website as I have done I don’t know how many times, and yes it was impossible to go in detail with these because of my tiredness and inability to concentrate on details now, but I did a quick edit making quite a few changes about the roles of God and the Holy Spirit, and even though this is not yet perfect, it is better/more accurate than it was, which can only be to the benefit of terminated life to be recovered, and yes with this, I will now watch some TV, and should I fall asleep a few hours, I will do this, and yes to continue the game afterwards, because we are not done yet.

I feel asleep somewhere between 08.30 and 09.00, I was freezing much and had to have much clothes on, which is because of meeting the Devil self here, and I slept not very well until 11.30 having a couple of dreams.

  • I am at a course, where people are divided into teams. I live with my mother, and I move into a place where I am not supposed to be passing a cat on the way, and I see a face of my mother on the floor, it is only a face and I can tell that it has been made today, it still bleeds from part of the face, and when I speak to it again and again and again with a firm voice, it becomes more and more invisible, and something about me working with something in only 45 seconds, which is VERY quick. 
    • There is ONLY one team and that it the team of light, I will accept no team of darkness, and this is what I meet here when I am entering the dark side of the spirit of my mother, and this darkness grows when I sleep and becomes less when I am firm when addressing it – I am making the decisions, darkness is NOT, and we are saving every little thing (!) – and still it is about doing much work quickly to prevent darkness from growing, and “seconds” is given to me because Michael Sadler said many times yesterday to the audience “just a second” and that was asking the audience to LISTEN to him before making noise, and this is really what all of this is much about, i.e. to LISTEN and UNDERSTAND.I am driving on an ordinary cycle having my old friend Lisbeth F. sitting on the carried slowing me down, and still I overtake professional racing cyclists cycling uphill, but later I cannot keep up the pace falling behind again.
      • This is about how impossible it is to work as I did yesterday as example, and this is the same as Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones overtaking Lance Armstrong in this picture.

Focusing on staying awake, doing my work and to continue being firm asking for terminated life to be released from darkness

I was told that before “sexual activities of darkness starting” (I do not want to write the VERY direct sexual language I am often given), there was no one to get outlet on, which was yet again about working quickly to keep these torments of darkness from me.

Yes, “post human traumatic” is what your sister first believed was the case about you, but now she is not that certain anymore.

Darkness was thinking and asking “so there is no ship to go down anymore” (?), and yes you are right.

I was told that we love you for doing this, but – there is a but – and that is that many did not make it, and yes we know Stig, we better make sure that everyone then makes it meaning that the game is not over yet.

Later I was told that there are not any more keys (for terminated life of darkness) or “now I shall find the key hole for you”, it is up to you to choose, Stig, and yes we know, this is still about Shannon thinking of you, and she would take what fits her not being objective/truthful, and we know, Stig, this is to show another of my attitudes, which is that I DON’T CARE (!) because I am playing my game regardless of you, and my game is to free all prisoned souls as darkness, so please open up and let everyone out, and yes because this is what I want, and then it is no longer than this, and that is because I am everything, so there you have it – and yes Stig, you have received more of these double messages the last day or so without writing it, but here was one.

A little later I was told with a KIND voice “then you run down there, there and there”, which is about life being saved.

Again I received some but not much pain to my behind, and yes the Source of this is coming from my right from darkness still trying to hide, and no, there is nothing you can do, I am you no matter where you are, so you only have one option, and that is to return to light, and no, you cannot escape by trying to make me “spit out” because I am everything after having gone through everything 360 degrees.

I was extremely tired of working this afternoon and received strong temptations to start relaxing and to work less, which would quickly develop into much less if I first got used to relaxing, which would totally remove my working capacity (!), and yes it would be impossible to get back to a rhythm of working as I do, so I better try to keep working my best even though it is difficult today going somewhat slower than normal, and yes beaten black and blue is a term not covering how I feel.

I heard my mother calling me from a distance and I was half told, half felt – also what Shannon does, but here I was sure of the message – that the dark side of her is terminated herself, and that it is from inside the solid darkness of nothing that she is soaking in life, and yes this has to stop now, and for you too to be released and yes together with EVERYONE else, and that is FIRST when you have made sure that all other life has been released, and that is of course.

For a long time I have been sad about lack of feedback of people to my scripts and Facebook posts, I almost only receive “silence”, but this afternoon I was told that my scripts have “massive impact”, and how important it is to continue doing this work – despite of the difficulties of it – and that is to continue the game really.

I was told that Russia has combined missile heads with a weapon destroying flora and life, and also that it has been tested, and “almost” installed in submarines (?), and this should be the “Doomsday weapon” capabable of destroying all life by yourselves, man (?), if that is what I “helped” you as I hear a distant voice telling me – feeling like God on the other side of darkness – and yes if the world has nuclear weapons, why not such a weapon, and you bought it too, Putin (?), and a “surprise weapon” for the west if needed and if you “felt” threatened?

Around dinner time I cycled to the library to create the PDF version of my October book, which I uploaded to Script when returning home at around 20.00, and I still had Jette’s pictures to comment and this script to publish, and I am running on absolutely nothing on very outermost limit.

I was asked that there is not a debt trap anymore (?), and no there is not, we have no energy here – in two meanings really – so you can come freely out :-).

I was told that we receive valuable information for the first time seeing how life looks like after returning from being terminated, and I received this information while speaking to my mother on the phone – not always easy having two conversations on-going – and this came after I sent her an email telling about just how fantastic the concert was yesterday, which made her happy and with this, she sent me much love because this is how my mother is more than anyone I know and that is to wish the best for other people, and yes yes yes the ones she likes, and this is the love helping to save terminated life – at the same time as her lack of faith in me sends me darkness, which is the winning recipe – and yes they will now go on a 12 day cruise to the Mediterranean from the middle of November, and it must for sure be nice to have something to look forward too, and yes it must be ….

I received pain spreading out in my the backside of my left lower leg, which felt as darkness entering.

I still received “feelings of desperation” coming to me from darkness because of family/friends etc. misbehaving and also negative speech, but the challenge today was truly to be able to carry out work, which I did.

I was told that the feeling of God above darkness is really God of perfect nothing speaking to me through this darkness and that is because I am now entering this pipe of darkness leading there and that is where our New World of immense happiness is.

I was told that the “absolutely most perfect”, which we have ever made is now being improved with terminated life being saved, and I was given a calculation to say that this is a difficult calculation to make it fit – but I am glad that you do it, and yes feeling Jette here, and you are helping this process via the renewed faith you bring me, and your work influencing others bring me :-).

I was shown myself inside a dark train close to the cockpit of it, where I am heading and that is to overtake the last darkness, and I was shown myself looking at a map of darkness inside this train, and that is even thouhg darkness cannot see or hear (?), and yes one of my old questions really, and yes darkness is working via “feelings”, and this is the force pressuring us and yes “the actors” and there is nothing else to do because of the old rules of the Universe, and I am here rececing a feeling of dark red from the right entering my head bringing me headache, and yes this is “old nothing” entering me, and with this, there is nothing to do, the only thing we could do was to divide darkness to the world not liking it at all, and yes “many feelings” could be mentioned, but no, this is not what is my, i.e. Stig’s, focus now.

I bring your freedom of our New World to choose “anywhere you wanna go” – where do you want to go?

A follow up to the SAGA concert of yesterday showing you that Dean, who works as the “guitar tech” of Ian, the guitarist of the band, was completely “blown away” after Ian played “one of the GREATEST guitar solo’s of history of guitarists” as you can see from the video below and this was done by a man returning directly from hospital to this concert (!) making it very close that he did not make this unique “guitar-play” symbolising that it was very close that I did not make it to here in order to do “perfect creation” as this guitar-solo means, and yes of course he had to be this inspired when playing the song “tired world”, which is about “A sleeping world, just waiting, A tired world”, and yes the official world is “tired” waiting on our New World and me, and still it “cannot” speak the truth to man, and yes, this is indeed “out of this (tired) world” as Johan says, and that was to turn it around the right way really – and yes “no one can do it better” :-).

If you listen closely, you can hear me shouting (not that loud) “what do I know” when Michael asked what to play, but sadly he did not, and yes you can also hear “what do you have in your task (i.e. bag) today” (?) with a Villy Søvndal accent (!), which is about MUCH DARKNESS both here and also what overtook Villy making him go against his own opinions.

Mikael also uploaded the BRILLIANT song “anywhere you wanna go” as you can see here, which made me write this comment.

Mikael also brought “humble stance”, where you can see how Michael Sadler and the band was inspired with the little play on “another one bites the dust” and “smoke on the water”, and yes I stood just next/back to Mikael recording this, so his view as you see here was my view at the concert.

Finally, I decided to share the message with the world via my Facebook posting asking “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO” (?) and yes it is entirely up to you?

Jette’s Google Earth pictures shows the Devil self raping and showing poor behaviour

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was just wondering what understanding and misundestanding do to people and their attitude.

Isn’t Cher simply fantastic?

  • Olav from BT was “happy” when bringing a verdict protecting sources from being revealed, which makes most people here – because of brainwash – believe that this is right to do, but as you know from my scripts, it is ALWAYS right to tell the truth, which I then told BT and that is instead of acting, and it makes me sad to see how this newspaper of darkness as example still lives highly on old and very wrong “values”, which in reality is a DISGRACE to the world of today, and I look forward to Olav and Pter to step forwards telling the truth to the whole world, and all he has to do is to be as genuine and honest as when he comments football (which he often does with his “beloved” football team of Vejle), and this is true in all relations of life. There are no other considerations to take than the TRUTH, which is ALWAYS right to speak and I repeat: ALWAYS! I do NOT like “secrecy” and “political games”, which are games of Hell, “got it” (?), and “got it” simply means “do you understand”, do you understand (?) thus being an open and objective question and it is also given to me spiritually as one of those “secret messages”, which is my spiritual friends asking me if I “got it”, and that is recovering terminated life (?), so it is really about deciding to understand and not misunderstand, which should not be difficult to do, got it?

  • Jeppe is another of these “silent media people”, and he was inspired to bring a funny clip from the 1990’s about “satire” also an item on “Jeppe Søe kneeling on the brink of eel”, and as you can see from the video below, they speak of adding “just like Nazi’s” to all sentences, which should bring the desired “satire”, and this is really to say that Jeppe another of these silent media people in relation to me is also struck by the worst darkness, which I normally call for Nazi or monster darkness, and a “monster” is what he is when he cannot help the world to understand the truth about the most important story of the world, and he said that “it was pure “python”, this show”, which was both about “the snake of darkness” terminating life with Jeppe being one of the snakes and also a reference to the Monty Python kind of humour of this show to say that we are smiling when recovering all of this life.

  • Isn’t it “funny” and “entertaining” to see that Shannon – of all – feels like this (?), and yes I considered bringing the picture of a mirror as my comment without any text, but this would probably have made you lose it and throwing me out as your Facebook friend, Shannon (?), and that is because you are not exactly like what you say other are (?), and no VERY easy it is to see other’s mistakes and IMPOSSIBLE for you to look into the mirror seeing the same.

  • Helena said that even though it is nasty – but completely harmless – she cannot help laughing when grown up people have symptoms of pinworm, and even though she tries to think of death, accidents and pain, it does not work, she simply laughs, and it comes after a man above 40 called her threatening to commit anal suicide with a bottle cleaner, which made her split her side laughing, and yes I still have some pain to my behind today, which this is about, and yes to clean up the toilet bowl really and make sure that all life is recovered, and we now know that “pinworm” is completely harmless because all life will survive no matter what, which is why Helena was inspired to bring this post with her laughing, but still we are continuing the game in order to learn from life as it was to make sure that it will never return in life as it will be.

  • Desiree was inspired to ask me about chem. trails, and that is because I have thought that mabe I will open the eyes of my new self without having written this chapter to my website, so here was a brief explanation to what I have understood that it is about about today and that is of course with reservations if I have understood it correctly not having work with the subject as detailed yet as I would like to. After this I received quite strong heartburn and coughing was told that when writing this, it will trigger even more darkness coming to me from my “good friends” of the U.S. secret government, and by the way, how are you doing over there (?), are you still scared about your destiny having to stand forward telling the world what you did and why you did it (?), and yes this should be the easy part, but it is not for you? And I do like the “gentle” feeling of Desiree much and her communication/understanding, which is a kind of understanding that NONE OTHER THAN HER brings me, and if it was not because Karen is waiting on me, this is what brings love to people, and the warm feelings I get, and yes because I am normally used to sceptical and negative people, and when experiencing this understanding, it makes a GREAT impression on me. Thank you, Desiree :-).


2nd November: Darkness should have killed me bringing the worst desire to man to terminate life, but I outlasted it

Dreaming of darkness still wanting to take out my energy and bring me my “old nightmare”

I went to bed at 23.00 and slept until 08.10 however still feeling tired when awakening, and still having difficulties getting into a working rhythm, which requires CONCENTRATION and FOCUS, and yes the most in the world, and it is made even more difficult when knowing how close I am to finish all of this work, and I feel MANY SMILES inside of me, which are impossible to hide, but still I have the last road forward to the cockpit of the dark train to overtake it and bring ALL LIFE – every little thing – home to my new self inside of me. A couple of dreams.

  • Something about paying either with a credit card or a Danish bank note, and 2,880 DKK is returned to me by a very beautiful lady, who is also leaning up at me, and I can almost not keep myself from her because of my desire of love, but before anything happening I decide to reject, and that is also because her skin is not how I like it the most with a lady.
    • Money used to be about energy, so this is what darkness wants to pull out of me, and it still tempts me with my “old nightmare”, and here is NEW information, which is that I also have a “thought” implanted, which is that I can see “errors” with even the most beautiful ladies of the world making me decide to reject saying “no, she is not perfect”, and yes happened in real life too during my life time, and that is really light protecting me to make me as pure as possible, and you could have told that this was darkness, but the opposite world, you know, therefore, and this is also part of the explanation to how the man with the strongest hormones in the world having many ladies “liking” him, “could not” meet ladies most of his life creating immense sufferings.
  • I am at the beach, and I see how my mother speaks to a “beach lion” (gorgeous looking man) as we say here – do you say this elsewhere too (?) – but there is “nothing” between them, and the man says that he does not want “anything” with women, and he is tired of men looking “hungry” at women. I really intend to leave the beach, but am surprised to find myself taking a walk at the beach. A man and a woman at the beach plan to walk six kilometres, and they expect to run at a pace of 4½ minutes per kilometre, which is too quick for me because I run with 5½ minutes per kilometre, and 6 kilometres are really also too long for what I can do, but still I tell them that I would like to run with them thinking that I will try to keep up. Later I am wearing very nice, new clothes, but I am falling in the edge of my own trousers. I am surprised to see a married couple having an incredible amount of nappies, and I tell them about a coming competition.
    • The beach is still about “sufferings”, and I could decide to leave, but I have chosen to continue my sufferings for us to “learn from”. A part of my sufferings since I was a teenager was darkness bringing me this incredible desire for women also meaning that when I saw a very beautiful woman, I could keep looking at her, which I knew was not right to do when I had no intentions or courage to speak to her, but this is how my life has also been and that is every day and all of the time, and yes this is still with me because I am still inside darkness. A part of my sufferings has also been that people “cannot” understand that I have physically much less strength than other people making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to run as quick/long as others – or to work as hard (!) – and it is like having the strongest dynamo slowing me down, which is darkness removing my energy and bringing it to itself and yes WRONG behaviour and work of people, and this is the difference between being able to drive “fast” or “slow” in a car, and yes I do my best, and I feel Obama here too. The nappies are about much terminated life being released from darkness, and I felt my mother in relation to the competition, which was on TV, and I was also given “running up that hill” with Kate Bush and told that this is also because of my mother making it difficult to make “a deal with God”, and yes my mother is the “dynamo” of the world stealing my energy and we know there is really not any eneryg more, is there (?), or is that only in the New World and we are still on energy in the old (?), and yes WHAT DO I KNOW (?), and was it wrong of me to stop watching Benny Hinn because of this reason (?), and yes you never know, I am only playing the game.

Darkness should have killed me bringing the worst desire to man to terminate life, but I outlasted it

I was told that it was “the spaceman” Martin’s strength making it possible for us to reach out to the last people of other civilizations bringing them with us too.

I was told that there is now not any more money or gold watches, and it was said with the feeling of light/gold and by the same voice just saved from the Devil, which is the voice of “the actors” forced by darkness to play the Devil, so yes there are different parts of us affected by much darkness, but when it comes to the point, there is only one part, and that is the one we are now uniting 100%.

I was told yesterday, which I could not understand, and it was repeated today, which is the evilness of Britain/England was because of lack of faith in me for a long time, and yes how could this be possible also with the story of Margaret Thatcher reading about me (?), if that story was true that is, and yes the UK did not want to bend in to me (?), because “who is he” (?), and yes you “could not” understand when you “could not” read me carefully?

It has given me some rankles to my mind that I was not able to make a perfect New World saving every little thing without the help of the Source, which has saved me now and again without my knowledge, but still better to do this than to “lose it”.

It is first now that I truly understand what TIRED WORLD of SAGA is ALSO about, and yes I AM TIRED, thus making the TIRED WORLD, but not for long now.

I received difficulties writing making my fingers automatically slow down with the feeling that a connection between my mind and fingers is missing, and I was told that ”the most difficult of all is now awaiting”, and this is “the competition” with my mother when I will run up that hill again, and I am here thinking of her and John again going on cruise, where she knows that I am just staying at home never going on holiday, and we will see that this “hill” is about.

And yes, Stig, you cannot avoid from running into your mother here at the end, and this is the dark side of her, and this is about turning her around too, and this is what this cruise, which your mother and John symbolises, and that is because she knows that you are staying at home and has “poor conscience” for going on holiday knowing that you will not, and I feel my sister here too, and yes “inspired by her she is” and John too, but mostly Sanna, and this is then why my mother plays this game too, and yes knowing that what she does, is wrong. And I was given a small heart attack because of this.

It is her old fear and resistance to become part of “perfect nothing” of God, which made and put the cork into the hole to God, and this is what we are now on our way to remove, and yes Stig when we will remove this cork, there is open to our New World meaning that we are our New World, but we know, not before I am finished with my work! A little later I was told that this cork is placed at my right ankle, and yes a cork stopping the entrance of all good and love, and instead the spirit of my mother decided to create life her own way, which was not how it was meant to be, but yes we have learned a lot on our way back, and that was really the point of this, Stig, wasn’t it?

And it is here of all places, which is the darkest of all, and yes the spirit of my mother decided to receive our love and “energy” from “somewhere else”, and this means that it is completely dark here, but then again this is the last room before removing the cork blocking for – or opening the door to – the Source self.

I still received more of this darkness, which is still the spirit of my mother – i.e. the world – but now without love and energy making this “solid nothing”, and I received a small heart attack and was told that this is what is killing me, which is “nothing” and yes because this is where there truly is “nothing” when the Source has been blocked out, and I feel Obama here and I am given even more small heart attacks and I am told that this is the worst darkness I went through, and Obama decided to help me come through this taking on sufferings and that was while doing his Presidency campaign also telling you what kind of man he is, and yes to decrease my sufferings making it possible for us to come through the last solid darkness to make this a perfect New World, and yes we played a high game, and it worked, so thank you, Obama, my friend, and yes I cannot wait meeting you and your family too J.

So I am not going to stand on goal in my next life (?), and this is the part of the spirit of my mother believing that she and all life would be terminated if opening to the Source, and yes it was simply a “misunderstanding” but done in the best meaning believing that this was needed to secure life, and no, you will not be killed and you will no longer be needed to stand on goal, and yes I have VERY often received this symbol of darkness “standing on goal” – without writing about it (much if at all?).

Several times today I have been given the feeling that my mother knows – or should know – about who I am, and that is when coming to this point of normally no return, which is where she is herself, and when I ask for light to shine inside of this the worst darkness, it will also reach my mother, and yes as the absolutely last of everyone, otherwise I could not be here, so this is how it is.

I heard the darkest part of the spirit of my mother telling me with a very low voice and that is from inside darkness “I cannot tell you how sad I am”, and we know, Stig, because of her misunderstanding, and yes we know all of us SHE DID HER BEST and when you do your best, there is nothing to blame, but of course you can always learn from your mistakes, and yes as Stig, I have done MANY mistakes – also in my scripts – and that is even when doing my best, this is also how life is, and yes I am given the active thought “but what about the great consequence of this” and yes the answer is that there is no need to cry over spilled milk, we have learned from this, and will put this behind us.

I was told that this is what made your mother’s lung collapse in 2009 and that was when moving closer to darkness making life more and more impossible when there is less and less light inside of here, and yes feeling Obama again here, and I am almost about to cough, but I do not, and that is because Obama also took parts of this pain from us, and yes “I know” as I am told here, and that is Obama you know.

Darkness was not very strong during the morning and afternoon, and more like “we know you are coming and can do nothing about it”.

I received “a throw of darkness” from the front of me bringing me instant pain to my stomach – I see the throw and feel it moving inside my stomach – and I also feel “orange” inside of it, and I am told that this is what this darkness contains, “the orange” self, and yes Stig everything of the Source has been packed in by darkness of the spirit of my mother because she feared us, and this is what you are bringing out, and yes we are “nothing” inside of everything around it, this is how it is, and it came together with the information that I will now go through the worst to bring this out, hence the stomach pain, and it came together with the feeling to stay awake the longest and work my hardest, but no, I will not and cannot take new 2½-3 day turns, so it will be 2 days turns with a nap in between, and yes with the Source helping us to do the rest.

I was told that this is “just” where terminated life is placed and that life can never be terminated for good, and I was told that this is where Gösta Berling is, and all I know is that this is a novel by Selma Lagerlöf, who has come to me before a few years ago, and yes the novel is called “Gösta Berlings’s SAGA”, and this is given to me because I have decided to listen to SAGA’s entire works one album after the other starting with the first (what is available via Grooveshark) and I am now on my fourth, which is “Behaviour” and still my favourite, even though I have learned that “house of cards” and “network” – some of their more recent works – are also of the same high class, and yes that is to make my own Greatest Hits of the songs I like the best, which are NOT on any official greatest hits albums and we know I am looking forward to hearing SAGA again playing some of the songs they never play, and that is really what we are doing now, Stig, which is to go through everything from the beginning once again with a fine-toothed comb to find what was inside solid darkness to make this life “play” again, and yes I LOVE THE SONG “BELIEVE” BY SAGA VERY MUCH – as one of many examples – but appropriate here, but only available to listen to in original from Grooveshark, and yes listen to how grandiose this song is and the beautiful chorus, which is what SAGA is all about to me :-).

I was told “not one single wash of clothes by me”, and this is about my mother not having to wash any clothes herself to clean this world and the next, and given the feeling that she will become happy/surprised when she will learn.

I was asked what to do with the solid darkness of the spirit of my mother, which I cannot reach, and I felt the voice of God on top of this as if he would take over, and yes because I will not do three day tours, but for all I know, this darkness is exploded and in millions of atoms, so I will keep on playing the game as I play it, and this is how it is, and NO I will not accept any loss of anything.

I was given a loud “dark” cracking of my kitchen and told “You will never pass me”, which is what this dense darkness tells me, but no, I don’t believe in you. And later I was told that it is more important that I don’t allow any darkness to terminate, so what is the right in this play (?), and yes Stig you still do your best, but it is impossible not to have the knowledge of knowing that we will get a perfect New World no matter what to have (unconscious) impact, but I will continue playing the game the best that I decide to play.

I was inspired to play AC/DC and it was no coincidence that I thought of the guitarist Angus of this band the other day, and yes they are the ONLY hard/metal rock band that I like, and yes the ONLY one, so it takes something to make me come through this barrier, and this is what these God divine fellows do with a force/power so great that it makes also a great impression on me, and what to play with these guys (?), and yes I don’t know your albums, only some of your greatest hits, and yes we know Stig, there is ONLY one song fitting here, and that is of course HIGHWAY TO HELL, and that is the road I took by accepting to go all the way through Hell first alone and afterwards to bring all of the world and yes through Hell to reach Paradise on the other side, and the true paradise is at our New World at “perfect nothing”, so this is what this song is about – and yes amazing it is :-).

I went to the swimming hall again and on my way I felt how I received darkness coming to me as the last part of a complete suit of armour, and this time around both of my legs, and I was told that this will receive the protection of the world deciding not to stand forward, and yes you will receive new thoughts my friends, so I am excited to see who will be the first daring to report about me, who DARES to break the ice?

I was told by the Source that we did not know better and that it should have been perfect and that is when turning around part of the Source becoming life of the spirit of my mother, which is why we waited until it would find a solution to life itself, which you did to our full satisfaction too, and I was told that “we are the light self”.

They have two cross trainers at the motion room of the swimming hall and I normally use the left, which has a better float than the right, but since the left was busy today, I used the right, and yes I started soft but received more and more direct inspiration/strength given to me and continued to increase the level and speed, and this trainer has a different setup than the other meaning that I could end at level 14 here approx. corresponding to level 12 of the other, and even though I did my best, I would not have received the same high calories burning number 560 as I did with the other, but nevertheless I did good today, and this was to say that when I received more and more darkness, I decided to give the answer by working and exercising even harder (when possible) and to exercise as much as I could, and yes in order for darkness not to kill me, and I received first a small heart attack, and then I felt a new one coming to me from outside again, but it was stopped right in front of my body, and I felt that it was Obama stopping it because of the sufferings he has taken on him to help me – thank you J – and I was asked why he did this (?), and told that it was truly to help me from dying and instead of going through the re-election campaign as he is doing now, the prepared setup was for me to die because it would have been/was impossible for me to be stronger than darkness, but the combination of my rules protecting me as the best protected of all, help from Obama and Meshack too as examples, faith of others, however not very many, sufferings of the world and my own hard work, I managed to come through this darkness and yes I was “lucky” when discovering that life could continue without energy giving me the chance to come through the last couple of months too, and had I not, I would have been dead a long time ago, and the scenario would have been for Obama to work for the campaign “saving as much life as possible of the world” speaking of me and my scripts to bring as much faith of people as possible to reduce what would have erupted, which would have been of a magnitude “thousands/millions” of times worse than the Sandy Storm, which would have been the last darkness, which we would start to burn off meaning that the world would literally become dark with dust of volcano eruptions removing the light of the sun, which you saw the beginning of when the volcano of Iceland erupted in 2010 starting what would have become TOTAL DARKNESS of the world following my death, and yes when there was not enough faith in the world to support me and to uphold life, it was the same as deciding to cut away what could not be lifted, and this would mean MANY deaths/terminations of people all over the world and the start of many other events of the Doomsday Scenario as you can read from my website, and I was given the song “rock your body” by Justin Timberlake and the lyrics “Talk to me, boy, Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song”, and I was told that this would be the spiritual voice of the dark side of the spirit of my mother, which she would send to the world together with the greatest desires of immoral/obscene sexual behaviour, which was her tool to terminate life, and only the strongest in faith would survive, and the people believing that it was the Judgment and that God had left the world deciding to “get the best out of it before dying” herewith giving in to lustful behaviour and other crimes, they would indeed become terminated, and I was told that this darkness would go on from the day of my death until the day we had decided on in any case to start the New World and yes it may be December 21 or maybe before (?), and this time would be where Obama would show you who he really is doing his best to bring faith to everyone and to make as many people as possible survive, and yes this is the campaign we saved him from going through, but I bet that he still can tell you that a normal presidential campaign is also not easy to go through without the public discovering that he was unfit to do this work because of the sacrifices he brought to help me to help all of us to get a “perfect world”.

I was told that if I had accepted my “old nightmare” to be carried out, this is really what would have killed me, and also that this darkness could not destroy parts of our New World because you refused access for it. And I was told that terminations also happened when I did not have a “green key” somewhere to open for darkness, and it also happened when I could not write down all information I received, and yes not much that this happened.

At the exercise, I also felt that this darkness is really the strongest ever, and yes I can only tell you that it is the feeling of burning and destruction and even worse than you can imagine.

At home I was told by the dark cracking sound to the kitchen – at the same time of it – that this is what we have planned to do all the way until recently, which is also what the dark feelings spreading to your left leg a couple of times lately was about and I was also told the other day about the children rhyme “all the children were …, but not Stig he was a corpse”, but no, I will NOT have it, and that is under any circumstances, and when you keep saying this, Stig, at the end there is only one thing we can do, and that is to stop the plan and to convert all of this darkness/killings into light.

I was also told that coming here to the very end is also what has made it almost impossible not to wake up my mother and John and probably my father and many others too, and that is if my father is still alive, and I don’t think that you will tell me, Inge (?), and even less you Kirsten?

“Copyrights” made YouTube TERMINATE my ELO-video, but I “saved” it at Vimeo symbolising recreation of life

When I opened YouTube late this afternoon, I was surprised to receive this message from YouTube saying that they have received copyright complaints about the Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra documentary as I uploaded a couple of weeks ago (!) and this is really to show you how darkness works when it terminates life here symbolised by the music I love the most, and I had to confirm that I understood this message in order to be able at all to open my YouTube channel, and I also had to watch a video about a pirate, which YouTube claims is me publishing material I do not have “copyrights” of with the truth being that it is YouTube as part of the world doing what is wrong, who are the pirates, and yes how can you be a pirate sharing what people LOVE as many comments to this video showed me (?), and how can you claim to be right when deleting what people love because you value money higher than life and happiness (?), and yes the video from YouTube is some of the worst I have ever seen, and the tone and threats of it is truly the worst darkness, and yes my dear world, you could have done so much better than inventing a system of “copyrights” instead of freedom to make all businesses and people happy, and all it took for you was to use common sense doing what everyone can see is right to do instead of being selfish and tempted by money.

So I did not accept this video to be deleted, but this is what it was, and YouTube threatened to delete me for lifetime on YouTube if I do the same again (!!!), but what I have learned is that God will save all life, and when YouTube don’t want to host this video, I only have one answer and that is to post it to another host, which I respect, and that is VIMEO, which to me is a very good video site without porn and probably violence too and generally high quality of its videos, so this is the host I will continue using, and yes what I really should have done in the first place instead of YouTube, but better to learn late than never, so there you have this story anyhow.

When searching for Jeff Lynne and Richard Tandy playing live at Jeff Lynne’s Bungalow home studio, which I have watched several times on YouTube, I noticed that this is now gone too, so the pirates also made this disappear, and this is really why I decided to find this video at my favourite Electric Light Orchestra fan page, download it from here and upload it to Vimeo and just hoping that it will be allowed to stay there, and if not, I will upload it again until it will remain “safe”.

And this is what is causing me uncomfortable stomach pain because this is of course symbolising the recreation of life from out of nothing.

YouTube DELETED my beloved Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra documentary because they had received a “copyright complaint”, and I had to upload this and another Jeff Lynne video also deleted now to Vimeo instead, which is symbolising how some life was terminated and now recreated while doing this.



I was told that this corresponds a little to taking a picture of you in a bathing suit without anyone being there, and yes this is how well she decided to pack herself in so no one could reach her, and that is because of fear of “perfect nothing” which she thought would kill her.

Later I felt the last darkness coming to me and I was told “I can enter now, can’t I” and that is as darkness, but NO YOU CANNOT (!), and yes Stig, this is how it is here, I will NOT accept you to escape me and that is regardless of any excuses you have, and when I have said that I will get you 100%, this is what I will do, so the game continues, and yes for all I know, what I was told above could be the clever game of darkness, and no, this is NOT how easy it is, I will NEVER allow you to enter as darkness, NEVER (!), and I was told that this was the game of darkness, which is that it wanted to get my accept of this after having convinced me that it was impossible to make the New World work, but no!

During the evening I kept on receiving some of the most uncomfortable stabs of pain to my stomach.

I was told that it was also impossible for darkness to kill me also because I continued my work when it was impossible to work.

Crazy about dance” brought PERFECT SCORES symbolising PERFECT CREATION and it also included the voice of God!

It was time for “crazy about dance” again this evening, and the judge Britt told the dancer Louise about the Shirley MacLaine Special “Every Little Movement” – bringing a reference to Shirley also being a spiritual teacher – and said that every little movement has a meaning of its own and that Louise’s acting talent is great, but she cannot use it if the dance talent is not great, and this dance of Louise and Silas got a PERFECT SCORE of 40 from the judges, which was really to say that the acting was “perfect” creating a perfect New World, which is what makes us dance of celebration. Jens was also inspired when telling Louise that “she cannot be a human being, but a … robot”, and this was people of other civilizations almost making Jens say “people of other civilizations” and I was told that this is because we want to be party of everything too, and yes you will, and yes I do also look forward to meeting all of you, and wonder how it will be like meeting life completely different to what I know of here.

The judge Anne-Margrethe told the other couple Louise and Mad that she loved the way that all started with a “bang”, which of course was about the start of life with a big bang.

I received a new cracking sound of darkness to my kitchen and I was told by the darkness of it “no I don’t give up, I will not open to him”, and this is what it said, but I felt how it is becoming weaker, and the reason why is because of what I am doing here, which is more work and the reactions that it brings. And I heard darkness saying “we are also not allowed to escape, what will we do then”?

The dancer Joachim asked the judge Anne-Margrethe “am I still your boy-toy”, which she did not want to tell but it was apparent that he was not when she said “we will speak about this”, and I believe it was Jens telling him that if he was not leading his dance partner Claudia, the judges would see it straight away, but there was not even once where he did not lead, which was to say that I did not once allow darkness to enter me, and he was asked about his everyday, to which he said that he only sleeps, eats and trains with Claudia, and he was shaking all over the other day (because of exhaustion), and they receive their marks, which were also perfect 40, which made them completely wild saying “this is wild” and “completely indescribably”, and this was the reactions to what I have done working to my extreme limits and beyond them really.

I felt how darkness having orange inside of it came to me and I was told that it is because we cannot stand ourselves to be darkness, and when you tell us not to die, we can only come with you, so this is what we have chosen to do.

Silas and Louise danced again, and Jens told him that he could see Silas thinking when choreographing the dance “I cannot do this, can I (?), but yes I can”, and he said that this was wise of him that he dared doing, which brought him all the way out to the abyss, and when they danced, of all things they had placed two bales of straw, where they had ended their dance, and the judges thought that it was funny saying that Silas got Louise with him in the hay, and this was to say that I decided to challenge darkness going to the limits of it when challenging family/friends etc. and the secret government of USA as example, and this is what saved us from ending at the burning bales of straw, and Britt also said that the start of the dance to her was reminiscences of the movie Oklahoma, and I do believe that I have written about Oklahoma before in relation to the secret government of USA, so this is really what was close to burn off the bales of straw, i.e. the world. Britt also said that she knows something which they others do not, and she really has knowledge about what she spoke of, and this was a reference to when I have told you that “I am right, and you are wrong” and yes because I know what I speak of, and sadly I was alone and had to go against in principle everyone else, but this did not change who was right and wrong. And this dance ended with Silas receiving a cowboy hat by the host interviewing him and Louise, and yes this dance was about darkness trying to take me over, and Louise said that for her it was about getting her man in the end, and I felt my old friend Britt, who wanted to get me in the end, this was her dream (!), and now she has left me not once but twice on Facebook the last two years, so just saying that she was part of the chorus against me.

Louise and Mads did another dance, and it brought many laughs with one judge saying “this was then the photographs laughing”, which in my language means that we are smiling because everyone will survive and become part of our New World, and suddenly from out of no where when a judge was speaking, a voice (maybe from a member of the band, was it you again, Claes?) said something like “I believe that Mads and Louise should reach the final”, which made everyone cry so much that they were almost crying, and this was of course symbolising the voice of God to say that this was my favourite couple, and also that it was God above us all, who has decided to make everyone survive, and yes Louise and Mads did not reach the final, but became no. 3 in the competition. Louise also had a scarf, which broke during the dance, and afterwards she held it up against Mads’ face just like Muslim women have scarves covering their faces, and this was to say that it is my wish to have Muslim women to remove their scarves instead of having men of darkness destroying their lives, and yes to remove all oppression of people.

I received yet another clicking sound but now it was no longer in the kitchen, but given together with a feeling/vision of coming from a watch hanging on the wall just next to the kitchen, and I was told that darkness has not realised that its watch to destruct life (hence being in the kitchen) has been removed, and this is showing that we are now removing this watch to recreate life from the kitchen.

When continuing to work after dinner and crazy about dance, I was shown the worst darkness now coming to me flying as a witch on a broomstick potentially making me nervous, and when I decided that this is nothing, this is not important enough to write down, I was given a out of this world pain to my right ankle and told “what about this one then” (?), and yes just also to say that I have received these pains a few times as if they were punishments when they were the opposite.

To my surprise I received strong heartburn when continuing to work this evening, and yes I cannot tell you how tired I am of working, it goes beyond description, and it is very hard coming into a rhythm to finish the script of today, and now also having 3-4 pages of potential additions to my website, which is meant for me to look at too, and yes I might decide to do all of this too, and that is because I don’t like giving up you know.

I received a big large shape coming to me from right feeling as the Source and I was asked if it is alright to install this in me, and yes it could potentially make me nervous just because of the shape around me, but I decided to say that everything that light wants to do is fine by me.

When preparing to publish my script, I was given a new cracking sound to the watch on the wall (which is not there), and I was told that it was only made by plastic and I am now on my way out of here. 

You are now receiving what was the most aggressive darkness of all, and it is now entering me from front/right as a pig also giving me a 25% out of this world pain to my right ankle at the same time being turned around. 

I was told that INCREDIBLE sadness of my mother if I had died would have helped picking up drawing pins of darkness from the floor, which is that her sufferings would have helped reducing the pain of the world.

Finally at 00.45 I had finished and published this script too, and now I will start to do some amendments to my website, and yes I am now inside a working rhythm, but it is still disgusting working like this, and I might continue 2-3 hours, we will see. 

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mads said that because of a little, unhappy girl (about the much media coverage of the U.S. election – see here), this is now the man they call “Bronco Bama”, and Kristian said “how ridiculous with that hat … Anyone knows that he hates everything what that hat stands for.. I don’t believe that Obama is grown up with John Wayne movies”, which was inspired to say that Obama does NOT like darkness, which is what the darkness symbolises, and Mads was revealed once again (of his true U.S. background) when saying “He is grown up in Kansas, so I can guarantee that he is”, and this is darkness of the U.S. secret government bringing Obama – and me – the hat of darkness, and still Kristian says that he has difficulties seeing a little Obama begging his mother to go to the cinema to watch his great hero John Wayne shooting against the Indians, and yes “mother” is the world so what he was really saying that it was darkness of the world making us “shoot Indians”, which was to kill “original people/life”.

  • This is about a book called “the worm in the apple”, and yes this is about the (pin-) worm of darkness entering the Apple of New York, but now you will soon get a New World so what you will you call New York for there (?), and maybe “double New York” and yes you will receive two God’s, both the good old man you know, and next to him my new self.

  • For weeks I have noticed how Facebook often have “messed up” its postings bringing me a mix of old and new messages, and yes VERY clearly and MANY times, and here is only one example of hundreds where you can see a new post 26 minutes old followed by an old post 18-20 hours old, and this is about darkness being spread all over and in between, and this is the darkness of terminated life, we are now locating and recreating, and yes Facebook is a tool of darkness, which I look forward for someone over there to come out of the closet where you don’t belong and tell the world what is the true purpose of?

  • Kim Larsen is sending out a new album the 19th November called “you happy world” and is going on tour with this, and yes it seems as if the national bard of Denmark – and the world soon (?) – has an inner voice telling him about our coming HAPPY NEW WORLD, and yes let us celebrate this with a “sød symfoni” (“sweet symphony”) and “try to listen how the birds sing like a sweet symphony with tones within while life gently swings by” and as you can tell, Larsen is back at his very finest and that is again again J. And when I listen to this song, I get the same feelings as when I heard the first song by SAGA at the concert, and yes the feeling of INCREDIBLE BEAUTY and that is including the spirit of my mother inside of me bringing this feeling, so there you have what my mother is TRULY about, which is to bring feelings of love and beauty to you happy world.


  • In continuation of my comment to Olav from BT encouraging him to SPEAK THE TRUTH, I received a supporter and also new Facebook friend in Daniel telling about how B covers over abuse of power, leaks and attempts to destruct democracy, and he refers to a Facebook site with more than 11,000 people, who are tired of BT’s campaigns and scorn against “everything” really, and Daniel is a man of passion NOT liking how BT tried to bring down Helle Thorning Schmidt – thus to bring down the world (!) – and he asked “what will be the next” apparently fearing even more to come from this newspaper, which made me tell him that everything has an end (this is the end I am reaching myself these days) and a new beginning, and I told him that the worst is that BT and the media world knows that a New World Order is coming but still they “cannot” write about this and continues their own games of hell, which is an act soon stopping, and yes this made Daniel to send me a Facebook invitation, which I gladly accepted. And I was told that this is what “give them enough rope” by THE CLASH is about, i.e. what BT does,  and yes I love punk/new wave music, but some of the very early of it, is too rough even for me (also on this album), but let us bring TOMMY GUN here from this album, which is one of my favourite songs (where it is all coming together bringing the sound I love) by the Clash, another one of the greatest bands of the world.

  • The spiritual author and musician Lars Muhl brought this beautiful music, which made me tell him about a concert with the Jam in 1981 in Copenhagen, which I am sure that I went to together with Jack, where Lars Muhl and his band “warm guns” were the opening act, which the crowd did not like much booing at the band saying “we want the Jam” and yes this is really the same as what many expresses when they don’t understand what we work with when communicating with the spiritual world, which is what I call “better-knowing and negative ignorance”, and I told him that unfortunately I have not had the time to read his (important) books because I have been busy with my own work, and I wrote “but still I have a “feeling” that we will soon meet in a New World”, and I received the feeling that this is the feeling that Lars will receive when reading my words, and yes a feeling of “who is Stig”, and “something indefinite”, and yes so far he will feel the worst darkness as I am inside, and no “not easy” for you too Lars to understand me because of course I cannot be “good” because of this feeling of yours, see (?), and yes this is also what Pia’s Peter experienced when he tried to give me healing in 2006, which woke up “the inner beast” of me, i.e. the Devil self, saying “no thanks” to be healed, and yes WHAT DID I KNOW about that (?), other than showing him and Pia the darkness I have carried on as part of my entire life without knowing/understanding that the darkness was about myself blocking out life, and yes that’s life, my friends, but soon no more.

  • And this feeling is also what will be picked up by visionaries of Medjugorje making it “impossible” for “enlightened people” – receiving the light of me from my other end – to feel/understand who I am, but just maybe there is something inside of this darkness, which is the gold of life self, which I am also sending to them (so they could/should know after all), and it comes together with words “I should be able to make it work, but no, I cannot” and yes this is the feelings I would give to you as part of getting us out of here, and yes to let you know that our new life would not be able to work out after all, and is this also what the repair shop will tell me about my laptop (?), and yes it is Friday today and no, they have NOT called so there you have it, irresponsible people in relation to me when not making their agreements, and will I be able to get the laptop back at all (?), and we will see later.

  • Chris from Florida is another example of a man joining Facebook, and 7 minutes later, he chose me to become his first Facebook friend, and maybe it is Desiree – also living in Florida – who recommended me (?), and no, I don’t know, and I was sad to make our chat short today, Chris, which was only because I am tired and still have much work to do, but THANK YOU for finding and connecting with me :-).

  • Morten from the Danish People’s Party is member of the European Parliament, and here he said “Dear friends, while the leaders of EU discuss where EU will go, I just want to wish you a good weekend”, and I told him that these stars (of EU) are the wrong stars to follow because in reality there is only ONE star to follow, and it does not lead to Bethlehem this time but much closer to him and his native country, so it is soon “goodbye EU” and “good day NWO”, which I asked him to tell everyone at the Parliament, and yes this is also inspired about “WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO” (?), and when seeing this, I received the words “øh, hvor skal vi hen du” (“eeehhh, were are we going”?), which also came to me directly/strongly when writing about “anyway you wanna go” with SAGA the other day, and this is about “HUGO – the monitor troll”, who became “world famous” here in the beginning of the 1990’s when he was a main character of the TV entertaining show “the elevator” on Danish TV2, where he kept on saying these words, whenever he was in trouble to get through the labyrinth inside of the mountain being careful not to let any bombs go off or to fall down the holes of the bridge leading to the gold of everything, and yes a difficult road it was, but as Hugo says “take it easy, we will make it, us two”, so this is what we did, and yes this game was about my coming journey too.

  • Somehow Dan succeeded to add this misunderstood/strange picture, and yes symbolising a view of the world, which not is – which is coming from the worst darkness, which is also blowing inside of Dan’s head – and this is the darkness creating the Sandy Storm, and Dan was “funny, funny” when saying “God tries to shine a light on me, when I am on the road”, and yes, Dan, this is what I will do when I am on the road again bringing you too, but at the moment you are still belonging to the darkness of Sauron, which is what is “shining” over the landscape as Paul says and this is about “the absolute Satanic rebellion and evil of Morgoth and his satellite Sauron” from the Lord of the Rings, and this will soon be replaced with the angelic powers and light of Gandalf & Co.

  • Here is another of those posts showing that Klaus and my sister are still learning from my Facebook postings, and no they have NOT liked this post, but still it is given to me, and yes this is about a teacher and eternity, which you might understand what is really about?

  • This was exactly my thought too – Obama has done well showing true leadership through the storm.

  • Pia is still in New York saying that the everyday has now returned to the city after the storm, and this is because “the show must go on” as she said, and yes one of the most beautiful of all Queen songs when Freddie knew that he was dying from AIDS, and still “the show must go on”, and here it is representing the feelings of the most inner of the spirit of my mother, who decided to take the same attitude, and yes not easy to create the world and not make it yourself, but yes, you will make it and I am here seeing the part of her still in darkness pointing from the right down to my right ankle giving me the understanding that she knows that it was wrong to put a cork into the hole of the Source.


  • Mads said that Obama at an election meeting received a shout “Obama is Satan” to which Obama said that the man had had plenty of coffee, and really just to say that it is not easy for Satan self to understand how is God and who is Satan turning things around believing that he is good himself and Obama Satan, which is the same I have been fighting against.

  • This is one of Jette’s pictures from yesterday, which I commented today. There were no new pictures today.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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