November 6, 2012: Creation was split causing “non created life” to become darkness, which we now correct and join


Summary of the script today

5th November: Creation was split causing “non created life” to become darkness, which we now correct and join

  • This next level of new life coming in brings not only 30% extra light/life to our New World, but also has the task to exchange the football of the Devil with the Orange of God providing a new tight connection to the Source instead of the ankle connections of the spirit of my mother this way connecting to the Source.
  • The coconut of creation was split over in two halves, which is really what caused darkness. And it is because of this split, that it should not have been possible for your mother to create life, but when you are a soul never giving up and believing that you have found the winning recipe, she decided to do what she felt was right, and yes we have since been stuck in here waiting for this day to arrive. So darkness/negativity/aggressiveness is a defect of character because it lack parts of what should be included in creation, and when it was not, it tries its best to solve what it has not, but the replacement of it was not perfect allowing it to evolve in an undesired way.
  • The spirit of my mother did not want this development of darkness at all but what could she do when she was trapped herself only wanting good and waiting for someone to come and liberate her, and yes it has been the worst pain imaginable to all of us as you may understand. A needle and thread was used to join these two parts of creation and what should have been created too, and now we only have to get them co-operate again via “voice-control”. Yes we had expected that the spirit of your would receive so much disgust/throw up feelings that she would return home to do a new try, but when she “could not”, creation had to develop as it did for almost an eternity of worlds.
  • I was told that there is not only one, but two, and I was shown the entrance to two rooms at the inner of a boat including Karen’s library at one room, and I thought “fine” if Karen is meant to be at the same level as I and yes I like equality also between gender.We are releasing life from darkness, which has never been done before, instead of having faith of man do it. Darkness tried to make me believe that some life would now start decaying, but later I was told that there are “no exceptions”, we are saving “every little thing” of everything.
  • I finished my work of creating Grooveshark playlists of my favourite SAGA songs after I have been listening to this band day and night – with the deep feelings it brought me to save terminated life – and I posted it to the SAGA Facebook group, my timeline and also directly to the band with the purpose to bring happiness to all and to lift up this band to where it belong, which is among the greatest/most popular of the world.
  • We entered a new room – the smallest but still the largest of all – of the spirit of my father as “not created life”, who was responsible of making each New World explode because he wanted to become part of creation too, but every time he was not discovered by the spirit of my mother herewith developing into darkness again, which was because of all parts of him did not come down correctly. This new life is now being transferred to me too as light and NOT darkness. This was darkness stopping my mother asking her to bring energy to “nothing” as it was, and we did not even know that it was there.
  • Short stories of darkness wanting me to “spit out”, Obama will win the election when relaxing and thinking “BLUE”, everyone will become part of our New World despite of lack of faith and poor behaviour today.

6th November: Darkness was life falling out of the original heart of creation, which has now been saved

  • Dreaming of working inside the smallest room of darkness, which wanted to kill me, but now I am disarming it, and we are receiving new versions of all life from here, which my mother now brings on place in our new life.
  • I have received the blue stamp from everything which was inside darkness, and this life of the spirit of my father – including original parts of ALL lives – has now been transferred to our New World. There is now NO sack of darkness remaining, but I still receive darkness coming to me from inside of “nothing” from before creation. This darkness was creation, which fell out of the original heart becoming the opposite, i.e. darkness wanting to infect everything with darkness to destroy life without being infected itself. At the end, it was the will of negative life of the spirit of my father inside of this darkness (which started life every single time a world had ended!) and positive life of the spirit of my mother, which both wanted to reunite “feeling” that there was more, which made my journey to save everything possible.
  • Short stories of Lucas symbolically speaking about darkness of the cellar now emerging, Ivan, the visionary from Medjugorje, speaking of the tired world, has Mick Romney by now learned where the reappearance of Jesus is taking place?


5th November: Creation was split causing “non created life” to become darkness, which we now correct and join

Creation was split causing “no-creation” and darkness, which we now join – and Karen is like me!

Again I continued staying up and working after publishing the script of yesterday, and after having written down quick paragraphs and notes during the day, it is now 15.00 when I have decided to write/edit the script of today, and there are NO limits to just how disgusting it is to work as tired/zombiesh’ed as I feel like, and no, I don’t do this because I enjoy it.

After publishing my script I was shown and told that this is about exchanging the football with an orange, this is also my task as life of this darkness said, and that is because I can do it.

I was told that what at lunch was a pillow in size is now a duvet, and it will continue growing in size, so please do not sleep as I was told, and yes we will see, but I don’t believe that I can go through the same tired pain level once more.

The original Greenlanders would laugh in disbelief about what we will now gone through, which is to open the entrance to our New World via this road, which is impossible to open when you are only one without the faith of your father, he he, where has he gone to, Stig (?), and this was darkness asking, and yes part of the game not knowing if your father is alive or not.

I was told that the reason why these parts did not become part of creation is because we established these shields to protect the Source when discovering that creation went wrong meaning that these “vital parts” of life was not included in life self.

I was told that we don’t even have a bell on our cycle, thus not being able to hurt you, but I still receive negative sexual talk.

At 02.00 I was told “and then we can take out a couple of goal keepers from there”.

For a period of time I received very quick information impossible to get the full meaning of for example also about running around naked in the apartment but NOT with the key – and there was something before about Nefer also having helped in this process back at the origin.

I was told that what we are doing now was also picked up at my latest visit to Helsingborg during the festival when passing the library.

I was told that it is first now that we are opening the new closet in the kitchen.

When we learned that the bank had closes (we were thrilled of excitement) because we also learned that you would also come here.

We were also partly starting darkness, Stig “together with a number of unlucky events”.

And yes Stig, you have almost not listened to anything else than SAGA all day (and night) long since the concert, and you are now coming to an end of this work, and yes you have enjoyed it all the way, we know, and the deep feelings, which these songs have exposed in you, is what we based this saving of terminated and not created life.

I was told that we have now found a way and also that it was a voice of the spirit of my mother which left us out of creation, and yes it does not fit with what was told before.

I was told that it was also because of the creation going wrong, that the expected love relation between you and Karen went wrong.

This work means that no one can move the picture, which you have just set up here, and yes my friend because of your decision to publish these playlists at SAGA’s official Facebook group, my own timeline and in a Facebook email to the front singer Michael Sadler, and yes I wonder how many will react to this as it is meant, which is with happiness and how many will dislike me and maybe even ban me for doing this because it removes income from the artists (?), and yes you might notice from my posting below that I write that I like to see a system of FREE culture as part of our New World Order also providing income for the artists, and yes I wonder if the band SAGA will be able to understand who I am, and what this will mean to their career and that they have nothing to fear in relation to loss of income (?), and yes a new fight between light and darkness and that is whatever darkness may remain.

This is the post I shared with SAGA’s official Facebook group at including my Grooveshark playlist of 55 songs here, and the comprised playlist of 20 songs here, and yes Stig, this is really to ask for the football to be replaced with the orange, and to say “open sesame!”, and we know I still have more work to do, so this is what I will continue doing before opening the gate and yes until the point where there is NO more darkness and I have signed off my website, and yes, Stig, you decided to take good time doing the finishing touches to your SAGA playlists and to write the Facebook posting, so it is now 05.30, and I did not get to do anything on my website this night too and also not on chemtrails, but when I get a chance, this is what I will continue doing, and if I am satisfied with this work, I have done (?), but of course I am, and this is also a vital point, and has been all throughout the journey, and yes I did not even want to experience how darkness could have been if I did not have discipline to continue doing my best work under the circumstances and not least to always deliver without breaks, and yes I am shown Michella here meaning that it would have created a much bigger pressure of darkness to carry out my “old nightmare”.

This is what I wrote to the front singer Michael Sadler and the band, and will they be able to understand or decide to ban me/send me darkness because they focus more on money than to spread happiness to many million of people (?), and you might understand that I value happiness endless more than money (?), which common sense should tell you that people should also do, but what about a band liking to have money and luxury and everything that money can buy?

And I don’t know why, but shortly after this publish, I started receiving a new shivering tour, so something is happening inside of me because of this.

I was told by darkness to the right of me “yes, I know that I am  heartfelt welcome” but the feeling is “it is not this easy – or is it” (?), and yes if he has decided not to give up, and simply continues to work, he is sure that he will make it, and yes defeat is not part of the options in his mind, and this is gold worth.

I was shown a 20 DKK coin entering what could be the inner of a coconut, where it is turned around, and I was told that it is the same coconut producing two very different results; light/happiness or darkness/evil, which we now understand much better, which this “play” of sharing the music of SAGA is also about.

This will help him wearing pants again”, and I received the feeling that I am (almost) not sick including heartburn while going through this game, which is because what my website says is (almost) correct, and all of the additions I have are good to have, but not vital here and now, but still I will not decide to stop doing this work just because it may be easy to do.

I was told that this coconut was split over in two halves, which is really what caused darkness.

And I was asked BUT how is this possible, and yes to split the bacon from the egg, which is what happened (?), and yes we wish that we knew, and now we know, and no, it was not about overload or working too quickly/slowly or what you normally know, but ….

This is about getting all of the old coins back on the string. And yes it is now 06.10, and I receive a little but almost no coughing or annoyance to my throat, and this is what we are going through now, and yes the coconut, and I will now hold a break and see if I can get over a serious tired crisis when it comes, and no, I am not sure that I can.

And it is because of this split, that it should not have been possible for your mother to create life, but when you are a soul never giving up and believing that you have found the winning recipe, she decided to do what she felt was right, and yes we have since been stuck in here waiting for this day to arrive, and this is why we ask you to stay awake the whole day, and yes it is part of the game of not giving up, and you probably have all information by now, but since I cannot know for sure, we will see if I can and will go through this without a nap, and a nap may be what I decide to take deciding to continue the game after this, we will see.

I received the words “washing underpants” and many smiles, and this means that I have gone through potential strong sexual sufferings once again, and yes this is what we told you would take some time earlier in the night, and now we are on the other side of this, hence the smiles.

So darkness/negativity/aggressiveness is a defect of character because it lack parts of what should be included in creation, and when it was not, it tries its best to solve what it has not, but the replacement of it was not perfect allowing it to evolve in an undesired way.

And yes the spirit of my mother did not want this development of darkness at all but what could she do when she was trapped herself only wanting good and waiting for someone to come and liberate her, and yes it has been the worst pain imaginable to all of us as you may understand.

I was told that now this hole is fixed and both that it takes everything and on the other hand nothing much because this is about using a needle and thread to make these two parts join, and now we only have to get them co-operate again via “voice-control”. And I was told that this is also not possible to do alone, but this is the game you have decided to go through.

We have just looked inside the grey/dark hole of nothing, and there is nothing there, which is why Jette does not see it on Google Earth.

Yes we had expected that the spirit of your would receive so much disgust/throw up feelings that she would return home to do a new try, but when she “could not”, creation had to develop as it did for almost an eternity of worlds.

You don’t have to be concerned, you will not get cold again.

And this is basically why we keep on saying “wrong” to what is essentially good.

And this is also how it is to be a tear in the eye who cannot get out as we were.

So if this is 30% more light to the New World, you may understand that this is MUCH, which we are bringing in.

It feels like we have forgotten our clothes in here because now we remember how it all fits together.

At 07.45 I still received sexual speech, and I was told that we had looked forward to receiving sparkling notes (of energy) in our hands.

I was told that it is the spirit of my mother now inside of me (this part of new life) trying to kill me – I kept on receiving negative words, and I was told that we are also in Karen’s land, and he is doing this without coughing.

I watched TV and after having taken on some sufferings because of tiredness, I decided that I did not want to fight it – difficult when you are on your extreme edge – and I received a nap of maybe a couple of hours until 12.00, and when I woke up, I was given marks to the backside of my left lower leg and told that this is because we are already here.

I killed some time, and at 13.45 I was told that we are proud to say that we have now connected the one side and the other will happen during the coming night, and that is because now I received this nap meaning that this is what it will now take.

I was told that if Nefer was not the queen of the night, I don’t know who was.

My ankle connections are not needed when there is no more darkness, this is also what this is about , to create our new connection to the Source.

I was told that there is not only one, but two, and I was shown the entrance to two rooms at the inner of a boat including Karen’s library at one room, and I thought “fine” if Karen is meant to be at the same level as I and yes I like equality also between gender.

I was told that the worst is not to be terminated, the worst is not to be living/created at all.

I was shown a dark horse and told that we don’t have a riding whip anymore.

I felt my physical father to the right of me and he said that I have also been wondering why you did not come to get me, so parts of him too inside this new life.

I heard a voice saying “Come and see what Stig has created” and also “not yet” and “this is how we feel”, which will have to be the feelings of our New World to see what we have done.

Now we hardly need to call home anymore, because we are connected.

And no, I don’t have any more music to thrown on the fire, do you (?), and I was told that this is because I have now finished the setup of my SAGA playlists also bringing them on the right column (at the end) of my website.

Yes, this is also a way to do it, and I was told that this setup by the spirit of my mother was her try to bring flowers to open up for the Source.

Your mother was willing to let the blood run out of her, and to analyse everything once again to avoid this error from happening.

Does this have something to do with having patience for all of the string/stream to get out before creating (?), and “oh yes” it was as I am told using the same words as Shu-bi-dua here.

I received pain to my behind again, and I am really more surprised than anything that I am still receiving darkness, and yes I wonder if this is coming to me from SAGA self and some of their supporters not at all liking my posting (?), and yes I did not receive many “likes” on it and no comments at all, and even though I was told around lunch that Michael Sadler had now read and understood my email to him, I told myself that “this is too thick to be true”, so probably the love of money of this band is greater than the love to TRULY share their music with the world.

I was told that there is one name I have always wished for my birthday, but nothing more came.

At the end of the afternoon I decided to overcome tiredness and cycle to town to pay the repair store a visit, and instead of staying at home I went out in the cold, dark and raining weather, and was at the store at 17.00 only to discover that it was closed even though a sign on the door clearly says that it is open until 18.00, and hhhmmm we know Stig, this is the most irresponsible behaviour you have ever seen in Denmark, but nothing compared to the (black!) slave driver of the Kenyan Immigration Authorities, which is why Meshack was inspired to write about him in his recent email, so I have now been there three times without receiving help.

The inner parts of God was not brought down correctly developing into darkness, and now corrected

I returned home after some shopping and wrote my comment to Jette’s pictures below, and at 18.20 I had to let work go because I had reached my ultimate work level, but still I am here again now at 21.50 deciding to write the last of the script and also to publish it today, which was truly impossible to do, and yes my ultimate level as I had to cross because of what you can read from the following. 

I was told that we have found a new room also including the original bag made of leather, and I was thinking not the bag of the spirit of my mother, which was the bag of darkness.

It was nobody special making the layer cake explode every single time, it was the one holding the cake now and speaking these words and also giving you new out of this world pain to your right ankle and that is the spirit of my father because “I want to be part of creation too”, but no, every single time I was forgotten when the spirit of my mother did what she was used to and yes feeling me but not being able to get me, and this is approx. the story Stig.

And while this happened, I kept on hearing “I’ve been framed” by Saga, which is what the spirit of my father was, framed as darkness exploding the world ever single time.

I was told that you, i.e. this new life of the spirit of my father, was about to be discovered, she turned off.

I was told that Karen is created without poor conscience (in relation to me as example) because she did not have access to this inner part of her at the inner of the boat, and I was told that this is not the last king (or queen) coming out from here where everyone will be as me, and yes there is still darkness because I am everything so it is impossible for everyone to become like me, but they can become creators in their own right.

I heard “shouldn’t we get layer cake now” (?), and was told that this is a little bit like your, i.e. my, feelings when I have been tempted to stop my sufferings to start our creation to avoid going through more sufferings, and I was told that this is what happened originally when creation simply started too soon without having received everything yet, and I was thinking that this is also like I am now having the greatest part of me in our New World and the least part writing these words still working inside darkness, and of course it is right to do creation 100%, but not easy it was.

I was shown my physical father sitting in his old armchair called “the egg” (!), and he turns around and I see him as Osama Bin Laden and told that he was also him, and that is to say that darkness of the spirit of my father “not living” is what created evilness of Osama Bin Laden. My father also had the chair “the swan” and these may be the most well known pieces of Danish furniture, which you can see here.

I was told that Obama is going through his campaign having the worst darkness working against him, which is making it “difficult” to get re-elected, but when we don’t give up, there should be a good chance that we are stronger in the end.

At approx. 19.00 to 20.00 I was so broken down that I could not even write notes on my telephone when watching TV fighting a new tired crisis, and darkness tried to make me agree “we will then throw this away too” meaning that I did not have to do this work but also meaning to throw away life, and even though it was EASY to say yes and impossible to say no, I decided to say no, and yes this is how it has been all throughout my journey.

At 20.00 I was feeling so completely destroyed that I was about to rise up from my sofa and go directly in bed because by now I could no more, but still I stayed in the sofa fighting to keep my eyes open, and gradually I made them stay open.

I was told that the last/not the last (I was told both to confuse me) thin membrane of darkness has now been put over me by the New World pushing from the other side.

I was shown a hole being knocked in through a part of the door being made by glass, and I was told that we are now working inside the smallest hole, which at the same time is the largest of all, and I showed many treasures inside of there and also TinTin and Captain Haddock lifting and carrying out a stretcher, and I was told that this life is the first to be brought out because of the insecurity of whether or not I can continue to stay awake in order also to bring out the treasures.

I was told that you, i.e. this life, are not alive yet because we need a spring as I saw inside a can of what could have been tomato soup and to make this spring bring this life alive, and again I was given doubt to whether or not we have this spring, but to my knowledge, this is the same as the spark of life of the spirit of my mother, so when connecting this potential life with her, it should give a good result :-).

At maybe 20.30 I was given a feeling of Michael Sadler, and I knew that he was now standing on the stage in Oslo playing a new concert, and I was told that he was thinking of me, and is this because it would be nice for you to have greater variation in your set list not to play the same at all concerts (?), and yes I showed you an example of how you can also do it via my “favourite set list”.

I was shown a VERY TALL white round stairs and I was told that this did not get down right, which we first see now, and we have thrown toilet paper after you, but it did not help, and this was what made you into darkness.

I was now receiving “listen to your heart” by SAGA, and I thought that this will have to be about a new heart of mine about to arrive together with this new life of the spirit of my father.

At 21.10 I was told that we have now started to transfer what is perfect, but still not perfect yet, which was also to make me in doubt of what to do, and the only right answer is for you to please do this and to continue until everything is completely perfect.

I was shown a cowboy entering a room showing having a black and white gun in each hand, and I was told that he has not decided yet which gun to chose, and that it will take more sufferings of mine this evening to make him chose the white, which is really why I decided to write this too this evening as I was sure that I would not do.

I was shown the purest spring water pouring, which is the origin of this part of the spirit of my father, but I was told that it was connected wrongly, which made it develop undesired qualities, which we see now and can change if you decide to stay awake, Stig, and yes I might do for some of the night, and when this is written I am still given more pain, i.e. darkness, to my behind.

I was shown and told that all of this potential life is coming in small pieces on a transport band and this is because this was also blown to pieces by the explosion of the Sandy Storm.

And I was asked, what do you want it to be, i.e. light or darkness (?), and of course I answered light, and I was shown an actor removing a very small plane attached to him not much bigger than himself, and this is the plane we can now remove without knowing that we were wearing it, and I felt that it will be replaced by a MUCH bigger plane of new life/light arriving, which is what we will now do over the coming hours, and yes this is the most inner part of the spirit of my father, who was supposed to bring light, but it developed into darkness because it could when it was not brought alive via the spark of the spirit of my mother.

I was told that the spirit of my mother came to a road where she was asked to stop and give her energy to nothing, and we now see how this happened. This is how this “life meant to be” came down originally, and this is the heart you are now choosing. This is the room when entered before.

No, you are not like Ole Gunnar Solskjær (a Norwegian footballer previously playing for the red devils of Manchester United) at this stage (I am now the spirit of my father before deciding to become light or darkness), you have not started destructing yourself and life. And I was told that in here it is not necessary to bring your duvet, and also that he was thinking that it was time to start all over again, and every time he was put in the same situation (with the start of a New World) and every time he chose darkness because the spirit of my mother could not enter to help him crawl up the stairs and look out from the tower I had created for you and all life.

And now we only need to dress him, which should not be the most difficult, and this came after I decided to write this chapter today herewith going deep enough for my spiritual friends also to do this work.

I received a smell of burning wood, which I understood was reminiscences of what he used to be about, and I am here given a vision of the old flower store Rio Flowers in Espergærde, where I used to work as a delivery boy as a teenager, and when it comes to flowers, it is love of the spirit of my mother spreading because of doing this work too. 

I was told that with this life in our stable, it is possible to build much larger airports, i.e. New World’s, so this is what we will start doing.

I was told that without doing the “life dangerous tour” together with my mother to buy and pick up new furniture a few weeks ago, I would not have opened to this inner place. 

At 23.20 I heard that this new life of the spirit of my father was explained that “he developed a sweet tooth”, which is about life developing into sexual misuse of children, and he said “no I did not know about that” and also “but I remember giving sexual torments, which felt like a dream”.

And yes, this seems to be the right story of darkness and its origin, which finally came to me here.

And yes, this seems to be the right story of darkness and its origin, which finally came to me here.

No, I also did not know that the world was bleeding. And no, he – the spirit of my father – had no idea that you were his “opponent” and that you were coming closer to him all of the time by rejecting the strongest temptations of darkness which he brought you, and yes via us because we had to bring out this force as sufferings.

I heard a noise to my balcony and was told that this is now this new life of the spirit of my father rolling in drums.

And finally, I was given the information that it is Michael Sadler given me pain to my behind because of my email, also meaning that he is someone very special in order for me to do this.

And I was told thank you and something about the meaning this will have to my sister, and it was her name not being told before now.

And the varying strength you have worked with had not been received and that is because we have levelled it out.

I was told that the bleeding of the world was first and foremost this non-created life of the spirit of my father expressing that he wanted to live too, and this is how it came out, as darkness, and yes to make it right beginning all over.

I was shown a white carpet being rolled out the last few steps up of the stairs inside the Pyramid, and I was shown that the exit leads out to the football stadium, which you know now is the playground of the Devil, and “this is how it is”, or “was”, this is how all life is saved including my new self, which is via darkness.

Finally at 23.55 I had uploaded the script of today, and will now kill time maybe until 03.00 before I will go to bed.

Google Earth pictures show movement of the ice of darkness still working against me

Jette saw movement of the “ice” of darkness trying to shut down the eye of God, symbols of darkness, arguing and much life, and I gave an update to where we are now.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is about Rolf Sørensen, who was also among the best in the world in his active career in the 1990’s, and he has never admitted to taking doping, which made the Cycle Union putting press on him to “spit out” as this headline says, and yes just saying that the doping which Rolf also took was darkness, and the “spit out” is inspired about darkness wanting me to spit it out and forget all about it, but of course this is only on the surface because its inner feeling is to be rescued, which we have found out now, Stig, as I am told, and yes there are more feelings than you know.

  • Kasper brought inspired words also used in the Nykredit commercial from 2011 about just relax and think of BLUE and yes just like OBAMA and me, which is our colour, so with this help, Obama, I feel sure that nothing will go wrong with the election tomorrow. Good luck over there :-).

  • Dan said that “the God’s should know that I am not a big Kvamm-fan” (Simon Kvamm from the band “Nephew), but he liked Simon to stand by his “desire of smoking” as Dan “likes” too, and this made him say “out of the closet with you”, and this was really the same as saying, Dan, that you are not a big fan of me, but despite of your lack of faith and good behaviour, you and the world will still get out of the closet and become part of our New World.


6th November: Darkness was life falling out of the original heart of creation, which has now been saved

Dreaming of disarming the worst darkness and liberating the deepest parts of all life

After publishing my script of yesterday, I was told that we had believed that it would require to put out green colour all over the floor to do this work.

So this voice of darkness was so loud and yes no one knew where it came from, and I understood that it went out all over the Universe.

And I felt how this new life of the spirit of my father gradually entered me coming from my balcony, and at 00.15, I felt this part of him arriving together with a smaller version of the greater heart attack I received the other day. And yes, there is time to bring your furniture too, and please carry on until 03.00, and we will continue tomorrow after my sleep.

Stig, you don’t know what you have done, you have just saved me, and I heard/felt “I stand forever in your debt”, and yes it is nice of you to say father, but this is not how we work her, where we have “no money”.

I was told about “the prisoners of the fortress” and understood that there if more life inside of here being released.

So it is not your mother’s fault that it has been over-clouded.

I was asked in relation to all this life entering about how does it work Stig, do you give each an approval to enter (?), and no, this is what light runs, so please go ahead. And this is still life coming out from the backside of my right lower leg and immediately thereafter I felt it on my left side.

This is the whole meaning of it all coming, because it cannot be that everyone is just going to have a good time, is it (?) – as I am told – and yes it is, this is the gift of God for everyone to receive a happy life.

Still darkness came and asked there is nothing I can destroy here?

I thought I would be able to stay up until 03.00, but at 02.15 I was feeling the deepest like dying, and only been here a few times before, which you know is good to retrieve what is inside there, and I could no more, I simply had to go to bed, which I did and I slept until 11.00 – freezing much in between needing two duvets to keep warm – receiving these dreams.

  • I am on my way home from a discotheque, where I gave my old friend a piece of paper, but it dissolved in thousands of pieces. I am living at an extremely tiny room together with Camilla, my neighbour is Preben (also my neighbour in real life) and he is staying up at night watching TV. There is much noise outside on the hallway, and I close one door to an whole department from where the noise comes. Knud (my other neighbour) is playing table tennis, but is old and has received a stroke and is dying while we are watching, and I see how he in blinking seconds is transformed into the worst black and fearsome dog of darkness, which wants to attack me, but I tell him to give me all of his weapons, and I tell the others watching that this is a sign that he is especially chosen too.
    • My old friend Kirsten “does not get it”, i.e. what I write about, is that it (?), and that is because she “cannot” read and understand. The VERY small rooms are the rooms inside of the most inner of potential life of darkness, and Knud shows that this is the worst darkness of all wanting to kill me and everything, but instead this darkness is now dying while it gives me its weapons because I ask it to do so. And these my special and “not normal” neighbours (darkness messing somewhat with their minds) are of course “special friends” of me.
    • I woke up to “God knows” by SAGA, and I wonder if Else was “capable” of starting “rumours” in my apartment building that “Stig claims to be Jesus/God”, and if these rumours have reached Knud, who “cannot” help speaking about what’s going on without knowing the facts, and yes normally God knows, but in my case it is “not yet”. But the song is one of my favourites and the album “house of cards” may be my favourite album by SAGA.

  • My managers Peter A. and another approve the contract I have signed to get a company car. It is a standard used, Ford Mondeo, the model before the new, and I could have chosen another one too. I am happy to have a car to drive in again. I had an apartment on Lersø Park Alle with the most spectacular view, but still I have moved back to my old apartment in Hørsholm, and I tell my mother “funny that it was free when I needed to have it, right”, and I feel that I still have my old apartment, which I should pay rent for but do not, and need to dispose of. We are now in Copenhagen and an open truck including the winners of a prestigious tennis tournament is presented to people not paying much attention, and the reason is that the new tournament starts tomorrow. I am myself driving with my mother on the back of an open truck where I am careful not to fall out. We stand off at the central square of Copenhagen, which is completely full of MANY people, and a speaker makes fun asking people to take off their trousers and not to be afraid if they suddenly receive pain to their nuts. From here my mother wants to take me for a stroll up the pedestrian street of Strøget.
    • Peter A., Lersø Park Alle where my father’s mother used to live and Hørsholm are all symbols of darkness, and I am here getting a company car, which is also darkness to me (don’t mix business and private matters), but the car is saying that I am now getting forward with greater speed. And it is inside of this the worst darkness that I am meeting all life, which is, in a deeper version, it this it (?), and now people are laughing because it is no longer a risk that people will knock down people in their nuts to rape them, which this was about, and with this, my mother will go on shopping to bring all of this life on place too.

Darkness was life falling out of the original heart of creation, which has now been saved

I was told that my mother cannot bear that I am “unemployed”, which is bringing Thor Möger directly to me, i.e. the now former Tax Minister, with the threat to cut off pieces of me. And also that it was even worse when I needed money to pay for the deposit of my apartment, which she however did not want to say, and if we had not gone through these “challenges”, we would have been living in a an earth cave. But “the worst” was that I put on weight, and to feel that he is ready to be hospitalised again coming from Sanna (but still eeehhh we have completely normal meetings), and even worse was to have my open book writing about Sanna and also herself, which was the biggest nightmare of all, but still she decided to love me, and I was told that this is the greatest story of all, and this was with regards to the media and an recommendation for you to focus on this, because this is what saved us all.

I was told that he, i.e. me, has received the blue stamp from all of us, isn’t it incredible, and this will have to be everything inside of this deepest “apartment” of darkness, and I was told that we don’t know how you have arrived – I was shown a very thin crack leading into milk – without carrying out my “old nightmare”, but now that you are here, you might as well bring out everything from here, and I was told that I entered because this darkness did not have a guard to look out because it was not expecting me.

This morning, I felt the same tiredness inside of me as yesterday evening making it “impossible” to start work today, which was the feeling of being warm and restless all over the inside of me, and I knew that I would get into my rhythm but it was one of the worst day today to do so, and I feel some sickness around me, thus also inside of me, which to me is about the updates on my website, which I have not have time and energy to do yet, but I am told that the much light very close to me is shining through this darkness not to let this sickness break out.

I was told that this is like a tour of Germany without thrashing, and this is to penetrate the deepest darkness without being beating up or killed.

I was told that Niels and Thomas (the sons of my mother’s late previous cohabite, Ole) are not where they should be, and I understand that the deepest parts of life now being released are bringing us changes to the setup of our New World, which we are working on now.

I was told that it feels like we are continuing work without a break (because of my sleep), so this is what we have learned, so now you can sleep again, and yes I do hope you are right and that this is not a game, which we will see in the coming night of course.

I was told that we are continuing to set up all of this content from inside darkness as if “this has not happened”, and darkness that is, “but watch out for the return flight, which we are not in control of yet”, which is about how to get out of this darkness when it is no more?

I was asked did you get his camera to work (?), yes if we only can open this tiny little shutter to it, and I saw someone working maliciously to do so, and this was leading into the smallest room of darkness part of our creation as darkness without being alive, and I continue receiving the word “thank you”, which is floating around me, so is this what is coming to me from the world (?), and yes “just tell me where you wanna go”, and yes I am still listening to SAGA non-stop, and yes this music is still bringing me the DEEPEST feelings because “I am going to take you anywhere you wanna go” as Michael sings right now in his MONUMENTAL song, and yes this mucis brings tears to my eyes because of its beauty, and I here understand the connection from when Obama held his speech yesterday where he received the same tears in his eyes when he spoke about how people welcomed him with open arms when he was an unknown senator, and I am here told that the tears are also for me deciding to go through the last darkness, and then to do it.

Here is a poorly recorded video of “anywhere you wanna go” from SAGA’s concert in front of a small audience in Gothenburg, Sweden, from the other day, and I am thinking of how MONUMENTAL, GRANDIOSE and BEAUTIFUL this opening and the whole song will look like when SAGA will play to 100,000 people at Wembley or the Olympic Stadium in London – or at the Copacabana in Rio – (yes, I love BIG concerts too!) with the crowd going “nuts” just as if it was Freddie Mercury with Queen or Mick Jagger with Rolling Stones standing on stage, and yes can you see it too?

I was asked from now previous darkness being saved/created what about my layer cake (?) with sadness in his voice as if it had been lost, and I heard that he was told that there is still “such a big piece left”, which we have to get in first.

And yes the guitar is still working, what he, i.e. I, also provided.

This now created part of the spirit of my father said that he was afraid to fall out, and he was told that you could not fall out of the basket because he, i.e. me, said no.

A voice still inside darkness asked can we collect enough money also to build the last boat, i.e. to do the last creation of life, and we know, Stig, there is no money, i.e. energy, anymore.

This is now the last “lawyer’s assistance” as we bring, we promise, and why is it that I still don’t feel convinced (?), because normally there are more rooms, and yes I kindly ask you to look for more, but maybe we are emptying it now.

It was his task to infect everything/everyone with darkness, but no he has not infected himself.

Was it also him with the newspapers (?), yes and he did not know about it, because he automatically set himself up as darkness and not light when there was no one to help him select light, which there is now.

Energy and kiss of death comes all the way from here from this “non created life” too, and we know was it able to think or not (?) – different stories given to me you know – and I do believe that “feeling” is what this darkness did, but was there a deeper layer underneath this “feeling” because it was even worse not to live than to be terminated? But how could we create a monster only “thinking” about dying?

These days I am again thinking about how people are completely humiliating me and that is about people shaking their heads when seeing one of my new Facebook postings believing that he is crazy, also seeing that most often no one “likes” or comments my postings, which of course is also “confirmation” to some people that Stig is “crazy”, and yes complete ignorance/silence of people decided that this is what I am, but some may have understood that I am not.

I was told by the voice of darkness coming from my front/right that I now come to you in peace without “a sexual negative word”, which he gave me.

Did your mother go to high school (?), not we never got up there too.

Will you also accept my apologies, because I now see that there was a way out of darkness, which I could have taken if I was not lazy waiting to be freed as now – and I was told about this feeling Romney and his wrong views because of his church – and yes no problems :-).

And I was told that we could do this by going up against negativity of all people – I was told about how Kim S. and Karen as examples have been “dead scared” about me – and to continue doing this until all darkness had broken down, and then I realised that this is what I have done, and yes do you know from where the spirit of my mother received the inspiration to give birth to you to let you go up against all darkness, and yes from this “non created life”, i.e. darkness, self, so there you have it, darkness deciding to get out of here and to continue living, which was the stronger feeling than wanting to die.

I went to the swimming hall not because I was motivated but really trying to get there when I can to keep a good rhythm like I also keep working, and on my way there I was told that your heart is about to be ready and it is time to cancel everything red including all wires of me bringing sexual destructing behaviour to me, this is really how it feels and what I was shown.

I was told that the spirit of my mother did not bring a lunch pack meaning that she had to invent much life herself, and I was told that it was us inside of here starting life every single time (after the end of a world), and that is from inside parts of the Source overtaken by darkness, and I was thinking about what I was told maybe some months ago about the ship being dark but creating New World’s where it was less dark.

And during this I received “help my out” by SAGA, which is what I really did.

When I arrived at the swimming hall, I heard a boy telling a joke about an Indian falling into the water with an Englishman saying “what” and a man from Århus saying “ja, vådt” (“yes, what/wet”) with what it English and “vådt” (wet) in Danish sounding the same, which is both to say that I am suffering because of darkness of Britain and the mix of English and Danish in my notes.

I used the first cross trainer and again I was feeling so down that I was not able really to exercise so it took some minutes before I started to come up in tempo, and after 10 minutes, I had used 150 calories, after 20 minutes 319 calories and after 30 minutes 509 calories actually doing pretty hard exercise (compared to how I feel) to end with.

While exercising I was told that there is now not any more heart and received the question if I want to stop, and yes when there is no more darkness, we will stop, and it would be fine if I can also finish my work (“I am/we are not done yet”), and I thought that there may be “something” before a heart, so I decided that I will keep working, and I was told that we will go back to find out what went wrong before the creation of a heart and to correct it.

I still continued receiving darkness and so strong that it was very empty, and yes this is NOT the word I would write but now I will keep it because it also came to me before, which is saying that there is empty inside this hole of darkness, and what I was about to write was that darkness was so strong that it was very close to make me think negatively, and also to think negatively about people or question, which I have absolutely no knowledge about, and this happens quite often and here it came together with a feeling of my mother, which is about what is given to her making her often decide without knowing, and this is the feeling also coming to me with a strength much stronger than I, but I refuse to be negative about things I don’t know about.

I was thinking about my mother telling me that the family will go and watch the “Crazy Christmas Cabaret” in Tivoli the 22nd December, I believe – it is about Alfred Hitchcock this year, whom I have been thinking as the best film instructor ever (?), and yes also earlier this year, which I understood was the inspiration of Vivienne McKee standing behind the cabaret, and yes it was shocker for me to go through my journey – and it was with the thought that I will probably be my new self this date herewith showing me to the public for the first time (?), and we will see about that, and yes ONLY TIME WILL TELL and that is because “I keep up waking up to something new”, Michael & Co. :-).

I was asked if remaining darkness really could start destroying the New World (?) – hence the dark feelings spreading to my left leg a couple of weeks ago – and that is because the spirit of my father inside of me is stronger than the spirit of my mother, and I don’t know, and I am also thinking that darkness should not be able to enter light of our New World, but if it was strong enough to receive my approval, God knows what might have happened, and I am here shown Ogier the Dane waking up, because this is where the Source would step forward making sure that nothing would be destroyed, or would he because we had to “burn off” darkness first (?), and yes not easy with all of those stories.

But I felt and was told that what now remains – apparently from before the heart – is sitting inside my left ankle, and can this destroy if I give up?

I was told that surely life cannot be on both sides – as life with the spirit of my mother and non-life with the not created part of the spirit of my father – at the same time (?), and yes this is what is bringing the positive and negative sides of people including the spirit of my mother self.

I was told that it was also the spirit of my mother’s decision to keep searching for whatever is in there thus making it a wish from both sides to solve out what went wrong.

On my way home from the swimming hall, I decided to drive via the town to see if I could get my laptop back, and this time it was a colleague of the man I usually speak to, but this man also knew about my HP, and he told me the same as his colleague has also done, which was that the problem was that they did not have a charger fitting to my laptop meaning that they could not get it to start, and I wonder if you decided to pick out the graphical card and test this to see that it did not work (?), or if it was a lie that you were waiting to receive a price on a new card from a supplier, which you never received because you did not tell me (?), and yes I was told that this was why his colleague received the thought when I handed over my computer including my bag and the charger that he only needed the computer because “we have chargers for all computers” as he said, but apparently you did not have for this, and you “could not” call me and ask me to bring it (?), and today his colleague said that the repair man has been sick so he has not yet returned the laptop to the store, so he called the repair man, and they have now promised that it will be in the shop tomorrow for me to get, and yes they are very nice, these young men, but if it is good customer service not being “able” to keep your promises (?), and no among the worst I have seen.

I received a mark to my right ankle and then a feeling, which was to say that the new connection with the Source/everything is now in place, so I really don’t need the old connection anymore, and yes we know Stig, there is “nothing” inside there anymore, it is “empty”, but there’s got to be something before the heart, and this is what we are now looking for, so please keep it open.

There is now no “sæk i” (“sack in”) and I was also given the name of the wine of Tuscany “Cecchi” with wine symbolising “everything” (“Cecchi” is pronounced the same way as “sæk i” – the second time of these today, we have now never existed (as darkness) and are now part of everything as I feel to the left of me.

I received quite a strong pain from my heart to my stomach, and I was told we thought that this is what happened and that was for part of my heart be “on the loose” really herewith breaking off from the heart itself transforming into the opposite, and yes Stig, this is the short version of why everything became a mix of good, which is the heart, and bad, which is the stomach, and no, you did not accept for anything to break off during your journey, and “on the loose” is one of my favourite songs of SAGA and the one working the best when played live, so here it is for you to go wild to.

I was told that this is what we thought would bring the greatest heart pain to you, but it has not, and while this is written, I continue receiving some heart pain, and the feeling that it was not as painful to retrieve what was lost, which we now understand/feel was very painful when it happened, but when it did, it left us with the same premise as it would have done to you, which is that we did not know that this was life originally part of us or that it existed at all. I was also told that I did not receive much pain also because I kept on saying “you are welcome”.

After this break-off I was told that when you cannot join what was, it was obvious to receive the thought to be the opposite of everything, which is nothing.

Can I talk about where negativity comes from (?), and yes who is speaking and with what life/background?

I published my script at 20.40 being very tired, and still receiving pressure of darkness coming to me from right, which is still so strong and I am so weak that it constantly makes me on the edge of giving up, but what is it now putting on this pressure?

I was told that this has got to be one of his hash pipes (?), which is what went before creation of darkness?

I received a mark to my heart and was told that there are still things affecting your heart inside of here?

I was told that after I stopped my own sins in 2009, my family/friends etc., thus the world, have continued living their old lives including wrong sexual desire/lust, “which is making me repulsive” as I am told.

I used some of the evening to go through paragraphs of the last couple of weeks of my scripts, which I have saved to do an update to the front page of my website, and this was about the fear of the spirit of my mother apparently creating darkness, which I was told first, and later I was told that darkness was created when the heart of creation had split when creation was done too quickly before everything had poured out of perfect nothing, and yes I have seen how darkness played a game with me with information becoming more and more clear, so I will decide to focus on the latter when updating my website, and yes I might do a first part of this work today, and if I can sleep, the rest tomorrow, we will see.

When continuing work I was told what if it is both/or (?), so this help is now what is bringing me in on the right track to say that darkness was a combination of fear of the spirit of my mother to return to the Source together with the split of creation, which made the “non created life” into the opposite of my mother reacting to her fear becoming the fear self with the desire to destruct all life.

I was told that you would NEVER have been told this if you were only Greenland, and yes without the other part of me coming when we decided to stop energy of the world.  

When doing this work I also received information in the background of how much the spirit of my mother is looking forward to receiving me at our New World, and this is part of the last work I will do before this will come through.

And when I did this work, I felt how darkness became weaker herewith making me understand that when updating my website with this information, it brings the website and reality in line thus dissolving darkness bringing me sufferings because of the differences. I was also given a small heart attack and told that this is what gives these heart attacks, and again I received appraisal for doing this “impossible” work coming to here.

I was told that it is first now that the dark regime of Russia/Soviet Union gives up, and this is the absolutely worst darkness of all, thus also being the last to give up – also because of lack of faith. SPACIBA over there – what took you so long, was it laziness to read and understand believing in your own superiority (?), and yes just wondering of course.

I was shown one cinema screen leading to depths of more screens, and I was told that creation is much deeper than we thought.

I was told that there are also people believing ”is Stig living and breathing only for his work” not knowing about the importance of it and the sacrifices I have do give to do it, and NOT because I like it, and that is NOTHING at all, and I feel Obama when writing this.

I kept on working on amendments/additions to the three old chapters on the front page of my website you know – about creation – until 00.15 now becoming four chapters, and it further improved this information coming even closer to the truth, but I am not done with this work having to read these four chapters carefully through once again.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lucas brought a quote of Buddha, which made Anna-Maybritt say “and chocolate”, and then Lucas said something “completely crazy” (!), which was “it depends on how long the chocolate has lied to rot in a musty cardboard box from late great-grandfather’s estate. Almost as a lot of truth out there, which is hidden, and first emerges when the worst is over”, and as everyone knows “chocolate” is about selfishness brought to people by darkness, and this darkness if “potential life” not created lying in the cellar of everything, so this is what Lucas spoke about and also showed to the world that he is about, i.e. selfishness, and they continued speaking and laughing about chocolate in this thread, so there you have it – and yes fine I will take this ending again to answer the question I am given, and yes much speech going on behind the words.

  • At Medjugorje’s site here, the visionary Ivan spoke about “world is tired”, and just like the “tired world” by SAGA, so there you have it once again, and no we don’t fight here, which is to my actors almost fighting when this is written and yes because of darkness influencing them. And if I am tired today (?), and yes I am almost having one of those “the day after” having given everything, where it is impossible to keep on working.

  • Another example of Facebook still messing up my postings bringing old and new together, which happens ALL of the time.

  • The video below from 2007 about Romney discussing/arguing with a radio host about where the reappearance of Jesus will take place – in Jerusalem or Missouri (!) – and I wonder if you have learned that you and your church was wrong, Romney (?), and I am thinking about how you feel like knowing about Obama and me, and seeing yourself portrayed as 666 of the Devil on the Internet?

  • Morten wrote about Uffe Elleman calling Obama’s Nobel price for “crazy”, but the one the European Union received was deserved, and then he said “that man cannot see the forest because of mere trees”, and this is what I have been telling Martin the spaceman and others not being able to tell who I am, and I wonder if this is what it is about with you too, Uffe, or if this is because you have decided to keep silent about me, which I was also told?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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