November 8, 2012: My new self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, and God have become ONE combined new God


Summary of the script today

7th November: The “impossible” re-election of Obama created the road to bring out my inner self as the last from darkness

  • I stayed up the whole night following the exciting Presidency election, and it did not take long before it showed to be “Obama’s night” when being re-elected, which I was told hours before the result was inevitable because I have decided that we will win everything no matter what even when we had the strongest darkness opposing us up to the election, which was as strong as George Foreman and “impossible” for us to knock out, but we decided to do what Cassius Clay did in 1974, which was to decide to win and that is because Obama – and I – could.
  • I was dreaming of bringing my sufferings – and the world’s – to an end by entering the worst darkness of armed forces and turning this around.
  • We have now turned around ¼ of the layer cake of my inner self from darkness to light, and I am bringing “endless luggage” in the form of all life, which was hidden inside “nothing” until I would decide to turn around to become everything, where we had placed a copy of ourselves when we became “nothing” when becoming part of “perfect nothing” of the Source. I am turning around using all strength/pain doing this alone, which the spirit of my father also could do if he really tried to avoid being darkness with the creation of each New World. My inner self is now entering the physical world from inside of “nothing”, which is not visible to man via star telescopes. “Cells of sleeping life” of the Source, which were created a protection against darkness, are now opening and uniting, and this is happening in Germany as the home of the Source.
  • Short stories that there ain’t no stoppin’ us now after the win of Obama, Klaus and my sister still learn and still play on the Devil’s team against me, Jane sends me “ugh-ugh” feelings of darkness, Naser’s American friends take care of him, American homosexual marriages and free hash, Ole loves the escalator.

8th November: My new self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, and God have become ONE combined new God

  • I am still very tired but more relieved from extreme pressure of darkness making my life the worst hell previous days. I updated my website with new information on creation and “sleeping cells of potential life” with the feeling that this is starting to make the puzzle “perfect” symbolising that this is what creation is becoming.
  • I made it into the smallest matchbox of all to liberate the first, original life, which was terminated life, which all life since has been copies or “extra layers” of. We are doing the last small corrections of the gift band, and my arrival should now be visible on Earth.
  • My mother’s John is hospitalised again this time with heart trouble (!), which is part of the game to bring out as much as possible of my family too to bring out my inner self from darkness.
  • I received the stamp of all original life, which is approx. 30% of everything, after it has now been transferred from terminated life to my new self. A new voice from darkness asked me “what about me” (?), and he wants to enter our New World too, and it was not me but still it was part of me; it was the original Yoda and keeper of all original life, Old God self, and I was told that following our new creation in 2011 where we were both present, he as Old God and my resurrected soul of Jesus as my new self, we are now ONE combined God and not two, and still we are also our old individual selves too The game is that the love of my mother and exhaustion of me staying awake the whole night and tomorrow evening when meeting my mother, will save Old God too, and if I cannot it will kill him and John as his physical self, and I can only do my best under the circumstances asking the Source to help us if needed so no one will die.
  • Short stories of Obama’s saying “the best is yet to come” about our New World, Sidsel still have negative feelings about me, supporting Syria with my heart but telling Sherin that she should have been inspired by me helping from man to man directly, people who have known struggling are the most beautiful people, I do NOT like paparazzi’s, and darkness of Dan accepts that there will be no “deductions” of life.


7th November: The “impossible” re-election of Obama created the road to bring out my inner self as the last from darkness

President Obama was re-elected creating the road to bring out my inner self as the last from darkness

After publishing the script of yesterday, I had a new tired crisis between 00.00 and 01.00 almost falling asleep and I wondered if I really could sleep now as I was told, but I decided to stay up a little longer to follow the U.S. election during the night here ….

I was told that the story of the laptop was designed to show that you could not win, and if Obama wins this election, it will show that you were able to overcome this darkness, otherwise you have to start from the beginning having God do a new creation.

I received a couple of small out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I was told that this game is about whether or not I would suffer terminations of life doing this game as my new self via the creation of the spirit of my mother. Can I make it 100% “myself” (with help from sufferings of Obama, my family/friends etc. and the world).

I was shown more furniture behind a red colour showing that there is still more life to be brought in after going through more pain, so there was not empty after all, and it was here 01.35 local Danish time, and I was told that this is connected with the win of Obama, right?

I continued receiving strong negativity and sexual talk, and I was asked how much it means that I have continued saying “we are going to get EVERYTHING with us no matter what – I will NOT accept anything else”, and can my decision of this alone be decisive?

I was told by a voice inside darkness “you don’t want to wait on me, do you” (?) and I could only answer yes, we will bring everything, and I was told that updating the front page of my website yesterday was also important in this relation.

I was asked “it has got to be perfect” – can we shout out this so loud that it breaks all rules (?), and I felt that we can – and have done so, and it is with the attitude I simply don’t care what you say going up against MUCH stronger darkness than me wanting me to decide the opposite.

I was told that you cannot come here without receiving the rest / impossible to get the rest because of yellow coming, and it was given to me as a little riddle, and I was told that there is still more to bring out.

I said that I will NOT accept anyone to die, and this made me feel more life of darkness to enter me also because they don’t want to die themselves, and this happened when I heard about the first predictions that Obama would win the important state of Ohio.

I was told by this darkness coming in that we cannot continue being dark, when we really are Indians – and again I was told that this is also because of the additions to my website and people reading it.

I was shown a small dark character in front of me, who asked me if we can enter, otherwise we will get out via your head as stools, and again I did NOT accept anyone to die, and I was told as example “despite of how the psychiatric system treated you”.

I was told that the last we will pull in is yourself as the son, and this is the way out, which we were not in control over as mentioned recently, and this is part of the road into the blue self of you.

Again I was told that this is impossible to win because of the strength of darkness that I fought, and I was told that this will become a 100% win for me as my old self, and we also win this election because I have decided that we will win everything no matter what, and this is also why the last part of my heart is coming on place (almost) without pain – because I am not negative and don’t stop it, and we are transferring this using the old connection because I decided not to stop working, and yes this is what I was told.

At 02.40 I received a spirit from my right wanting to lift my arm in victory – and this was still 2½-3 hours before the result of the election – and I was shown blue (my colour) coming from my right, and I was told that hereafter it will be almost impossible to stop bringing me my new self.

I was shown the logo of Nordisk Film (a polar bear on top of the globe), and it was almost removed because the acting is now about to be removed, and I was shown red (sufferings) being surrounded/swallowed up by blue (my new self), and I was told that I went deep enough to get “the corpse of me” out, and with your exit, it ends Hell.

I was told that darkness tried to ride away from me on a pony even though it wanted to do the opposite at its most inner, and I was told that it is with the oil tower drying out that you are coming home, which is because of darkness of the world led by oil interests knowing about me and the end of their “profitable” business, and I noticed on the cover of the election of CBS news (running on DR1 TV) that Obama was BLUE and Romney red.

I was shown Indians hanging dead in ropes at the most inner, which surprised me to see, but I was told that when you can see them, it is because we are bringing them back.

I was told that I cannot yet tell you what this means to Karen, but I understood that she will become MUCH bigger than what she was, and I was told that she is part of myself.

I was told that you brought back the greatest of all, and there was no limit to the appraisal I received including “no one will ever forget this – no matter what”.

I was told that if you did not do this work, we would let you believe that an explosion of your left ankle would start destructing (parts of) the New World while we continue work underneath this, and I was told that what we do now is done not least because of SAGA, and no, I did not receive a reply from Michael/the band, and why was that, Michael, did you not believe that I can lift you up to become one of the most popular bands of the world?

I followed the election throughout the night both on DR1/CBS and TV2, and especially the beginning when Romney was in the lead and the result of Florida was not decided, it was very exciting, but it did not take that long before signs showed that Obama would win this one, and at around 05.00 to 05.30, he was re-elected also making me VERY happy, and I thought that 14 days ago it was UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE to get here because of my sufferings – and Obama was suffering much too as I understand – and the challenges I had to go through, but we did it, and yes “ask Obama” (about me and him), which no one has done, which is also why we have come this far.

And the result made my actors show me a dark person driving a motorcycle to my right and I was told that he will enter me when I will decide, and I was told that we are just waiting on you (to finish my work), and we will turn around everything at the end.

I was given the feeling of fighting like Cassius Clay against George Foreman and only minutes later I saw this inspired drawing saying that this is how we fight “in my family”.

For weeks, Obama and I met as strong darkness as George Foreman impossible to defeat to create the way for Obama to win the election, but we did as Cassius Clay did in 1974 and won on knock-out because we could

And as Lykke says here with a reference to Obama’s acceptance speech “and the best is yet to come”, and I am here given the taste of the most delicious dinner together with a red wine gravy, and gravy this is, because winning this election was NOT part of our original plan as you will understand, and yes you ain’t seen nothing yet J. Thank you Barack & family and also to Joe & family and everyone working to make this come through ♥.

And I was asked “can we still improve our New World” (?) and given the answer that “you bring vital information as part of yourself, which we have made room for so we “just” can receive this too”, so the answer will have to be yes.

Obama’s win created the road for my inner self to leave darkness and for our New World to wake up

At around 07.00 I decided that I would try to see if I could get a nap and to judge on the length of that nap if I am really allowed to sleep or not, and I only slept poorly until 09.00, which gave me the answer that it was part of the game to make me believe that I could get a full sleep, and I had a dream about having a task, where I had to get to a hill turn off the rain, and this hill is impossible to get to, because it is not open, but I get to the hill in front of it seeing that it rains there, and then I learn that the next hill will receive a visit by a military person, and I speak to an assistant who will open the place according to strict rules only allowing people from two nationalities to enter, and I do my absolutely best sales work – also feeling much good humour – to persuade her to let me enter too, and my acting was so crazy that it was allowed, and when the military person comes, he stands on a platform looking out, and exactly at the point he stands there, I stand directly behind him (only few centimetres behind him) in the exact same position as him, and this is apparently what it took to make the rain, i.e. sufferings stop, to follow darkness of secret government of USA and Russia too into their deepest centre and when doing exactly as they with opposite sign, it was possible to reverse this the worst darkness of all.

And I was told that now it is only you and me Stig, and I was told that he will wait on me as long as I have more work to do, and no, there is no need for you to wait, you are VERY welcome to enter, and yes Stig, there is still a little work to your website, which you might do today – or over the coming days – and if there is still time and energy, you will also write the chapter on chemtrails, which however still is “nice to have”, but you will do it if you can, and yes I don’t want to have the other side of me waiting on me, however I want all other life of darkness to be saved first.

I was told that there is no more layer cake, we have downloaded everything inside here, Stig, and I still received the song “help me out” by SAGA, so this is what is also needed to do to help my inner self out of darkness, and yes I will NOT ask you to stop because I have work to do, and I was told that we better tell him the news then, which is that we have not at all finished, and I received “ugh, ugh, ugh” in disappointment for my decision – a play of darkness – because it wanted me to stop the transfer, and that is of myself, so there you see the strength of darkness trying to cheat me by deciding first to sleep and then to stop the transfer of me because of more work.

I was told that it is us designing your final home Stig because I am you, and also that we had started closing the bridge but now it is “dyt, dyt broen op” (“bleep, bleep, bridge up”) again.

I was told that this part of my inner self don’t know about what has happened, when being inside darkness as “nothing” fighting to get forward controlled by my physical self.

I was told that this cannot avoid some Champagne corks to blow.

I was shown sex slaves chained to the wall and a giant pot of floating gold about to be poured out over me and this room, and it made me repeat my old rule that I want ALL life of darkness to exit first, and yes if I am the last one in here, this might be what it is about.

I was shown how I with great strength am opening one closed fence after the other with double benches in between – next to the national football stadium in Copenhagen.

I was told that if the rhyme about Stig becoming a corpse had been realised, I would have become part of solid darkness and had to be cut out, and to do the work I do now is like asking us to stop using drugs.

I was shown myself changing train from Copenhagen at Hellerup Station to another train going back there.

I saw myself as darkness inside my apartment at the inner and was told that we will go in there and start the process to turn you around if you really mean it, and yes I do. And I was shown the third element being stirred together with the two others in a pot, which is about stirring together the Source.

I was told that my old British friend, Georgie, feels me as part of this process – as she has done before too.

I was told that this will make me forget the sexual torments I have been given by darkness, and I was shown a place where everything is like and I am coming as dense darkness bringing flowers.

I was shown a picture of Helena being removed, and I was shown a long tunnel I am following because the road has now been created with the win of Obama.

I was shown myself being transported up by a very wide dark escalator with everything around me being light and feeling that the escalator also becomes light together with me moving up.

I was shown myself inside a dark church with a closed dome, and I was told that this is where everything started when I in 2004 received my first spiritual opening seeing myself inside this church with the dome opening to the most beautiful light and the STRONG and GOOD eyes of God inside of this light, and I was told that this light is the light I created myself later, which will now eventually be opened to me.

I was shown myself as the last egg of a tray being brought out, and I said “what about the tray” and I was given the understanding that we are soaking this out, and yes the same as the escalator.

I was told that even if the pancake batter had exploded bringing birth to you as a child of darkness underneath, you would have been able to save everything because you would have the key to change everything around, if you wanted to, and yes would I be able to do this with a deeper feeling of love underneath my feelings of wanting to destruct as this scenario would be about.

I was shown a long fashion runway turning into an equally as long dinner table leading to a cinema screen at the end, and yes we have started the road to bringing me to light herewith opening our New World.

I was shown tiny small cracks of light streaming in and told that this is like the Statue of Liberty having its coat removed revealing what is inside, and yes I am starting to remove my coat of darkness showing you who I am inside.

And yes, Stig, it is now 14.10 after having had a long bath this morning, and I am DEAD TIRED writing this, so transferring my inner self from darkness to light is really also taking out everything of me and yes I am not feeling good at all while doing this work.

I was asked if Super Mario died in the battle with the monkey as Mikael Wulff said (?), and I was told that you refused, so I am still living.

I was asked if it wouldn’t be nice to have Electric Light Orchestra perform inside a REAL spaceship, which made me smile thinking about my friends of people of other civilizations bringing the spaceship and Electric Light Orchestra doing a spectacular show, which even you will like to do, Jeff (he does not like playing live/touring to my regret!) and I was asked about mixing it with our music, which of course is RIGHT to do because this will be a celebration of the Universe and not only EARTH, so please come all of my friends out there, you will be received warmly by my friends on Earth at our New World, and yes I wonder how this will become and feel like for all people of all civilizations to meet for the first time, but I am sure that in our New World, everyone will be happy, smile and enjoy their new freedom and life together.

I was shown myself walking under water on my way up to the surface bringing a saxophone and guitar (of creation) on my way towards the beach, and I am receiving some coughing here.

At bath at around 12.00, I suddenly received approx. 12-14 100% out of this world pain to my right ankle/foot, which was almost as extremely painful as when I received the first of these some months ago, and they are the absolutely worst physical pain imaginable, but here it was to say that my inner self having brought everything else from darkness to our New World is now also coming self and is being turned around too, and a little later I heard how parts of me was welcomed with “you will never again become darkness”.

I was shown the completely destructed floor of a large building and was told that it was because we did not have the strength to bring this building in order or so we thought, and we had really thought that you would have given up herewith deciding to tear down this building – also meaning that Obama would not win the election as I am told with a question, but feeling that this is how it is connected – and yes, Stig, there was so much work, so little time and so much sufferings that you did not know yourself how to do it, but you did some priorities of what to do here and now for us to build the next stage on and yes to make sure that everything came into place as quickly as you could, and yes there is still some lacking, and we used what we could to lift up the next level to come through this alive, and yes this was also the old game we were playing, and yes you are still alive, aren’t you?

I was asked if we can change your heart, and I said that as long as you do everything perfectly, you are free to do what is right to do, and I was told that this is because I have been living on a borrowed heart.

I was told that there is no more blood – or what is inside of it – and I felt it in relation to my mother and I, which is because we have let the whole world bring you sufferings, so your mother is also alive without knowing that she is a zombie, isn’t this marvellous?

I cannot tell you just how close I am to NOT being able to continue writing, and when I say “close”, I mean close, which I am not sure that you fully understand (?), and yes every single day for years has been impossible to go through, and I was completely down before writing this script of today, which was also “impossible” to do – and yes Stig part of the act it still is.

I saw this about Søren Pind in BT, which was about Søren leaving the election party of TV2 in anger because he had been asked to wait over again for 40 minutes to come on TV2 News, which made him lose his temper again again, and this is about media misusing politicians as example not being able to make and keep clear agreements, and the article says that Søren also brought an angry message about this on Facebook – and yes WHAT DO I KNOW about this, Søren, after you blocked/reported me months ago when you also could not keep your temper towards me – and I really did not plan to bring this, but I was tempted by my spiritual friends to create a new Facebook profile and to subscribe to Søren making it possible for me to follow him and bring his postings, but I decided that I will NEVER do such a thing, I have ONE profile, and I don’t need other “secret profiles” as many have on-line, and then I was told that this is to symbolise that the real me is coming out of darkness now, and we have made a copy of you Stig to be the New World and this is the heart you are replacing and yes because the original is always the best thing to have, and it seems that I put in my life as the last in line to be saved (but now it is of course different with the Source saving us no matter what).

I am turning around my inner self and entering the world, which is now visible to man via telescopes

In the afternoon I cycled to town to visit the repair shop again, and no, my laptop had still not arrived (!), and I told the assistant about finding the weak leak and to always keep your agreements, and if you cannot to inform that you cannot and make a new agreement, and yes he had had big problems with the repair man they work together with, so it may be him being completely irresponsible and untrustworthy, but he called the repair man and agreed for him to bring the laptop to my home later, which I thought he would not do, but at 18.30 he arrived bringing my laptop, and I received so much stammering that I could not speak fluently because of the darkness this man represented, and no it is not fixed, but I retrieved my laptop as a symbol of not being broken down by darkness, and I was told that we were about to fall out of the aeroplane, which is why we brought you this test, and when I am now getting the laptop back, it means that I will get my inner self back – WE WON, OBAMA 🙂

In the meantime I had worked on my script and published the first part of it at 17.00 being completely broken down with the strongest warm and impatient/restless feelings inside of me – it did not become better when WordPress, i.e. spiritual darkness, “decided” that it now should become even worse/more difficult to published scripts, because after it a couple of weeks ago removed the option to copy all script including format from a HTML editor so I had to manually copy and paste every single paragraph, it has now also changed how the cursor is placed after pasting each paragraph where it before was at the line below the inserted paragraph so I could “go one up and enter” to reach the next paragraph, it is now placed in the beginning of the paragraph so I now need to use the mouse and insert the next point at the next paragraph this way making it MUCH worse to do, and yes it may sound as nothing, but when you are more broken down than ever, and your experience this, this is the stuff, which makes people give up, but (so far) not me – and yes I had the strongest feeling of this to date, and afterwards I knew that I could not do more work, but I knew that I had to change 1-2 bullet points of the summary of the front page of my website to reflect the work I did yesterday, so this is what I did, and no, I was completely down, I could not work anymore, so I decided to watch TV, and yes also to prepare dinner even though I was far to tired to prepare dinner.

I was told that if I did not change my website, this process would have made darkness incredible strong trying to bring me my “old nightmare”.

I was shown that we have now turned around ¼ of the layer cake, and I received stomach pain, which is about the remaining part of me, which fell off the heart, still on the other side of me.

I felt people of other civilizations and was shown that they bring ice water to me, which is about darkness also coming to me from the Universe, and they put the words in my mouth that you don’t have to apologise, and I rejected this, and instead I received the words that to repent is still a good idea.

I was told that Mads was the road into the deepest, secret darkness and yes as you see in man (the secret government) because this is how it is as part of creation.

I felt like endless luggage entering and I saw it as ancient Egyptian items inside a fine museum, and I was told if we have made copies of all of this, and was told that we have in relation to items not associated with life, which just are and are important for creation.

I received the song “What’s it gonna be tonight?” by SAGA, and my answer was NOTHING, because I was on my extreme edge of tiredness and exhaustion, and no, I had absolutely no doubts about this, and I was told that I am still bring brought in by Michael Sadler, whom I have felt several times the last day, and I was asked why don’t your write your thoughts, which are that Michael may have waited for “something spectacular” to happen in his life, for example to be approached by God?

I was shown and told that you are coming out of the toilet bowl and in general that I am entering from out of nothing, and this is the process, which has started but you still don’t feel it yourself because your awakened part is still what remains inside darkness.

I was told that you don’t bring 2,000 to 3,000 soldiers with you, who were meant to protect you as darkness, which you have overtaken from your father?

I received the song “goodbye, once upon a time” with SAGA and the lyrics “Goodbye once upon a time, No more living in the past, What’s mine is mine”, which is about leaving my past and becoming my new self, and I was told by the voice of my inner self coming out that it is not even me being the terrible one.

I was also told that we cannot even bring eternity without you, which we have only just found out.

I received some information with such a low voice that I had to be very careful not to let “my own voice”, which is really my voice of darkness, take over and complete what I am told, and yes I try to be very careful about this at the same time knowing that much of what I am told is darkness, and in between is the truth of light.

I was shown myself sitting on the backseat of a car about to remove the face cover of Tina Turner feeling that she is all darkness inside of the cover, and that this darkness is really myself, whom I am bringing out, and I was shown a skull and told that I will also just have to be human again receiving a skeleton.

I received different kind of negative feelings from darkness entering, and was shown that I am now starting to take form as a red being of darkness, which is better than not to be at all, which is where I come from.

I heard the voice saying no, no one has subscribed to your newspaper, which was about letting my inner self know that no one has been terminated, and “he” told me that I almost felt an invisible power leading me through the worst darkness.

I was told that it will not get worse than this, and also that it was “me” bringing you the storm matches.

We are now moving everyone from the red to the green door, and I was told how this can be done, and I was told that we were all nothing turned around as I understood it making us exist without existing, and the turn around now will make us “really” exist, and I was thinking that we were everything becoming nothing (when transferred to “perfect nothing”), where we have been hidden until you decided to turn around, and I was asked how we could be sure to live (if I could not do this turn around myself), and was told that an explosion would bring the energy doing this, and life of the Universe would offer to sacrifice in order to help me and all other life out, and yes I am glad that we are not going to experience this, and I was given a taste of fish and told that everything without exception is now “fish” of me.

I was also told that you are the Police (of darkness) not having the strength to turn around yourself without receiving help, but you have just shown that this is what your father could have done (every time with the creation of a New World) if he had decided to do it and known about how to do it, but his position was really not different to yours.

I was shown fighter planes from World War I removing the wallpaper and behind it are many fire extinguishers and that is here inside Hell and I now know how to turn our all fire from here, which was prepared before the spirit of my father became darkness when he saw what was coming, and via this system and road, he placed a road out, which is the road we are now following after Obama’s victory, which alternatively would have come via a new explosion, which would have made me believe that the world was dissolving, and I was told that we are sorry about this, but this is how the game was (unless the Source self would stop this scenario to be carried out).

I was told that we have created a copy of our New World on one side, and now all original life is coming from the other side together with me, and again I felt “because of Obama”.

I was told that man can now see my arrival via star telescopes.

Already at 20.00 I was CRITICALLY tired, but decided to use all of my strength to stay up until 22.00, where I went to bed, and I had absolutely no doubt that I would be allowed to sleep – I was truly utterly destroyed – but to my surprise, I was kept awake and received even more information to write down as notes on my phone, and I cannot tell you which Level we crossed here, Mark & Co., but Level 42 is a long time ago, so maybe this was Level 100 and yes Stig to make everything perfect using your old setup, which is still the game we are playing, and this requires to further break my pain barriers.

So everything after the story of Søren Pind was written when I stood up feeling so warm, disgusted and weak that I would probably have problems balancing if I walked outside.

I was shown the yellow ignition, which is small and hanging inside of me, as I was also shown when I was testing the spark of my mother, and I was told that a new explosion would have brought this out via Peter C. (the old Baltica CEO), and I understood that this is now being turned around, and I was told that the rest is fish, which will automatically follow, and I was also shown a big ship, which has now come above the water.

This is how to open “cells of potential life” of the Source, and I was shown how everyone is sitting inside small and dark prison cells, and this is happening when follow this road as I was told that only one with the right genes could do, which is me. And this is like coming out from a walnut, and I was shown a man coming out having to receive support from two others holding him up.

I was told that there would be noise/”snow” on the TV picture until we would have tuned it in, and that is if I could not follow this road bringing an explosion instead, and this is also what Michael Sadler was meant to be used for and I understood if I died for a moment until the TV had been tuned in, and I here received another taste of nice food.

I was shown and told that this is what we are opening the last beer bottle (of darkness) to do, and I was shown how a casino (of darkness) was thrown out, and I was told that all of this was prepared already when I went with my mother and John to the amusement park of Bakken at the Easter of 2011, which we however did not know.

I was shown the surface of one of these cells and told that all were about to develop into the sexual nightmare coming from creation, but this is only on the surface of them, and I was shown a bar of Toblerone chocolate (of darkness/selfishness() being brought into the light of the cell feeling that the chocolate is nothing compared to the light of the cell, and I was told that this is what the spirit of my mother met when opening these cells, which was first negative energy on the surface, but in reality it is light, and I was shown one of these now opening up its wings becoming an aeroplane of light, which was a beautiful sight.

I was told “how do I get this message to the President” (?), and I was shown the film where Kevin Costner had to take the President as hostage to ask him an important question, and I was told that this is easy because the White House is wrapped in darkness where you cannot see its IT/Internet traffic, but it can see us, which was both about Obama reading me from his office (?) – and others too (?) – at the same time as it was a symbol of the “White House” having darkness as its surface being invisible to the world as cells were invisible to the spirit of my mother but she was visible to the cells of the Source.

I was told that these cells of the Source had reached a new creation to be brought out if I could not open for all of these cells. I was shown one sitting inside a cell being very bored and he said “well, there you finally were”, and I was told that we were afraid of what sexual darkness could do to us, which is why we quickly received this idea to protect us, and with the word “quickly” I was given the feeling that for me this was now about “quickly” to write this and update my script of today, and how do you do this when you were on your Level 100 already (?), and yes it is “easy” when you have removed all of my resistance and I just accept doing what I can, and yes I was also able to do this, Obama and I continue receiving the words “my friend”.

And I was told that the University of Kent as the Source here called itself was concerned for it to take so long time, which is whey the Source planned a new creation, which I understand is not easy to do when it is divided in an endless line of cells all over not knowing what will work and not work in a new creation, which is why it was good to know the learning experiences I could help bringing via my continuous work.

I was shown motorways being established in Germany, and I understood that this is what is happening now, which is to re-establish all connections between what now soon were cells of sleeping life of the Source, and this is also to say that Germany is the home of the Source, which is why Hitler received the idea to create his “the third reich” from there.

I was shown the bus ending its journey, which is really the Tivoli train arriving to a dark airport where I see someone entering on his way towards me, and I was shown darkness and fog lifting, and was told that this is what Electric Light Orchestra is about, which will have to be “the greatest love” as what this music symbolises to me.

Again I received some pain to my behind when writing this, and finally at 01.30 I had uploaded this information too as “quickly” as I could, which normally is done to hold down darkness.

I was told about my old girlfriend Henriette who as one example simply could not understand me, and I was told that we are now lifting this feeling of people who ”cannot” and will not understand.

I was told about our “great sufferings” in 2010, and was told that there was a shortcut leading all the way in here, and yes how stupid we were – if we had only looked for what is obvious.

Google Earth pictures of “black is white and white is black”, and an angel taking many under its wings

Jette brought Google Earth pictures of “black is white and white is black”, and an angel taking many under its wings.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • As Dan can say it and now in English when speaking about darkness, which held us down, and I am now finally comin’ around as the last from darkness, and yes amazing how inspired you can be, Dan, and still have no faith in me (?), and yes there “ain’t no stoppin’ us now” after the win of Obama too, and “yes, I think we need to party”, a fantastic and HAPPY dance song it truly is :-).

  • Funny how Klaus and my sister apparently keep liking the same postings without pressing the like button, and yes they are learning but still playing the football of the Devil against me.

  • Jane said she was on her way to a lecture with a professor about “where are we headed” and then he said the words “ugh-ugh” and also that she looks forward to it, and “ugh” in English means “øv” in Danish, which is this sad feeling of disappointment of darkness working against me, and yes Jane is one of those working against me, because you are not working for me, are you, Jane (?), and yes WHAT DO I KNOW???

  • Naser is truly being “well received” by his American friends, who have now promoted him to “Senior Fellow”, and he feels very privileged to work with “heart blood”, and yes darkness bringing me my new heart as I see it.

  • Mads said that there are now nine American States allowing homosexual marriages, so I do believe that Obama’s support made a difference, there was also two states saying yes to free hash, which is showing you the worst darkness we were working against, and Mads is a Christian believing that Jesus is a “pot-head loving homosexuals”, and if you remove darkness from this sentence, you are right, I love all people, but I do not like hash and do not like darkness bringing wrong sexuality to people such as homosexuality.

  • Ole was inspired by my walk up the escalator to show that he/I love it :-).

  • It seems that darkness of SAGA and fans found its way to this SAGA-fan missing a concert tonight.


8th November: My new self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, and God have become ONE combined new God

Dreaming of darkness of people making them “dismiss” me

After publishing my script of yesterday, I received another 100% out of this world pain, which still makes me jump up because it is the worst imaginable pain, and I wonder if I will continue receiving this maybe for approx. one week as the last time.

I am receiving VERY loud noises from the oven in my kitchen with difficult to understand messages given at the same time, which feels most like difficulties getting out from nothing, and I was told that we can hardly pass my “old nightmare”, which would feel like …, and then I received a new sound from the oven with the display now having changed to “E3”, which is an error message, and yes this is how my spiritual friends work, and one of the few times where I was shown this and felt the power being sent to the oven to make it stop working, which requires to switch off and on the power to make it work again.

I was shown a man looking into the engine of a rocket as if we have never done anything else.

I watched some TV and decided that I would do nothing to try not to fall asleep, which I did at approx. 03.00 and already at 09.40 – this is how I felt – I was woken up again not feeling much better, which reminds me of how I felt every morning in Lyngby where I had a full day of hard physical work at Brede Park to do despite of this, and I still don’t know how I was able to go through my two times 8-10 weeks there. One dream:

  • I have started new office work in Copenhagen and have been there for three days where people are happy with me, I am being trained up, but I notice how they have found my website after a man has called them and warned about me, and I see this man with another also at the office warning directly against me, and now the office feels like a bank, and the man is told that he had a small saving, which he had forgotten about, which is paid out to him. Because of this and the employees not understanding my website, they decide to fire me even though I tell them that I don’t speak about my website to people, and I am annoyed because if I had been there for 14 days, I would have received my pay for 3 months, but now it stops immediately, and the employee dismissing me points at a sign on another building showing that they need call centre employees on the 2nd floor.
    • Copenhagen is still this darkness, and there are still people not at all liking my website making them “lose it” and here dismissing me as a consequence, which will have to be about people stopping all contact with me, and this may also be to say that the dark inner side of me makes it difficult for me to continue working when I sleep. And I am still on my way to the call centre of all people really.

Liberating the first, original (and terminated) life from inside the smallest “matchbox” of all

I was told that I am only given sexual speech/torments now when one now previous cell of the Source connects to the next, and when light of these cells is switched on, this darkness cease to exist.

I was told that part of Greece – the A-ha effect you know – is on its way in, and also that we are now making the lunch box, which your mother did not receive, and yes it seems as if the string to all of the Source broke off during creation.

I was told that we could have just entered the flood (back in 2010), which I felt was passing above us, and survived the meeting and switched off darkness inside of there, which is now what we are doing.

Now we better understand, you were practically born with a cycle steer in your mouth.

Starting to write the script of today is even worse than yesterday, and so far I am happy that it is not long, and no, I cannot do long chapters with information given to me today, and I know that this is how the dark side of me is transferred, which makes it difficult because I cannot work like this.

After lunch I had time – but no energy – to continue improving my website on basis of notes/idea written down the last couple of weeks, and I was so tired that I decided that it will not be today that I will carefully read the front page of my website again to make sure that the big picture is still fine, and I had not strong darkness but much temptation to say that “this is it, I will stop working” and start relaxing, but no, “it is not good enough yet”, which is a message about my website, thus also a message to my spiritual friends about your work, and yes it is the 9th November, so there is probably much more work and new surprises coming, but for now I will use some of the afternoon to update my website with the notes I have.

The physical pressure of darkness and work/speech/notes coming to me way beyond my limit was completely removed today still making me tired, but with this giant block being removed from me (?) as I am told, and yes also so far no more out of this world pain to my right ankle, so did we transfer everything yesterday, or do we still have ¾ remaining?

I was given the feeling of a spirit of my kitchen and I was told that I have now escaped the over and gone shopping, which is really to bring the last life of darkness with us.

I decided to update my website about creation with the feeling that this is making the puzzle “perfect” – or as good as I can do now – and today it was with the explanation to what “sleeping cells of potential life” was about, which was really the Source shielding from the creation of the spirit of my mother and the darkness, which creation brought, and yes I knew that something was logically not right with these cells, and then I was given the explanation, which matched “perfectly”, and this will also logically be about doing the last work on my website about creation because we are now doing the last work making the last part of creation too perfect.

So what was originally three chapters on “creation” of the front page of my website, has now developed into these four chapters, which I might do new edits of – or amendments to – over the coming days, and yes I don’t yet have the full feeling of “everything is perfect”, and really that there may be some lose ends, I will have to get connected, and I am here shown being we will plug in the BIG PLUG, which is to switch everything on.

“God as the Source of everything created the spirit of my mother, who created the world, but the “heart of creation” broke herewith creating darkness”.

“A “spark” of the “foreign body” of my mother originally switched on “perfect nothing” of the Source to create life, which will now be without the use of energy”.

“Darkness of “sleeping life” overtook the Holy Spirit creating the Devil as “negative life” and forced mother and son as creators of “almost an eternity of worlds” ever since”.

“Darkness was “sleeping cells” of the Source soaking out life of our world until it would destruct again, with the underlying motive to do perfect creation”.

I was told that it was not necessary to open to the windows on our way home, and did I write down this vision I had, which I hardly remember but was it about following a tunnel home with windows on top of it, which could be opened, and as I understand it, these were windows to the Source self, who could do this work without “my help” if needed, but it was of course interesting to see if it was possible to do this work as the spirit of my father trapped inside of darkness, and yes it looks as if it could have been done, but he did not know, and yes Stig as “potential life” automatically choosing darkness and not light, and yes you/we will understand this better one day how “potential life” could do as I did as intelligent life.

I was shown and told that you made it inside the smallest matchbox of all, and this is where I had hidden all parts of you, and yes Stig, life self with the feeling that everything else has been “copies” of the original life now coming to us.

Later: In continuation of what I was told about being copies on this side of original life on the other side inside nothing, I was told that it is not copies in a normal sense, but what came after the original life, which is what is now coming out meaning that the first life is what is now saved as the last also saying that this life was terminated. So it does not mean that everything was on both sides on the same time, and most of all life was at the side of “everything” as the New World and the rest is what we are now adding of the first life, and yes I have not received any pain to my right ankle today, and if this continues, it might be that the pain I received was approx. 30% of the pain I received the first approx. week or so when everything else was turned around – and I was told that the information yesterday was meant to make me nervous again, which it also did.

I cycled to town, and was shown how the band on the gift was receiving its last little correction meaning that we are as close as possible to finalise all creation, and I was told that we have really not said it yet, which is congratulation with your birth, which now has reached Earth as I was told and I was given the feeling that there is difference in “the air” of how it was before and about how it is beginning to be, and yes are we starting to switch on the New World, or is this darkness speaking?

I was also told that you were such an unusual thing as God fighting for his life.

I went to the usual hair-dresser on Bjergegade and here I am given the taste of the absolutely finest wine, which is because I told the hair dresser about my work – without telling who I really am – and yes I wrote down my name for him to find and read my website, which he would like to see and told him “you will be surprised” and yes it is here that both my mother and I have our hair cut, so an inspired hair-dresser will probably be what we will get out of him and his wife, and he asked me if I wanted to get the haircut with or without using the machine, and I told him to decide and I asked him if the machine is really poorer as a tool to cut hair than a scissor, and he said that using a machine on the sides together with a scissor gives better results than either a scissor alone or the machine alone (!), so “both/and” and not “either/or” was the right answer according to him, and I could tell that this was inspired and it was to say that our new life COMBINING the two previous sides of us – the physical and spiritual sides of our Old World – will become so much better than both physical life alone and spiritual life alone.

I was told that my mother – and probably father and their spouses too – thinking that the cemetery is next is also part of this game, and yes not believing in new life after death and that is despite of me (!), and try this one: YOU WILL NOT DIE AT ALL BUT RECEIVE ETERNAL LIFE and yes how can that be (?), and eeehhh did you not read my website and scripts (?), but Inge did, so Inge will be able to tell you (?), and yes I wonder if this was also part of the motivation of Inge to read me, which is that just maybe there is a life after death (?), and yes Inge, you will NOT die at all but receive a completely new life beyond your WILDEST DREAMS.

Even though I am also suffering today and was too tired to exercise, I feel MUCH relief not being bombarded with constant speech to write down notes, more work and darkness, but I was able to breath today and go for a walk in the city centre, and for the last couple of days, I have received the inspiration to buy blue cheese to symbolise the end of creation, and I went into the Kvickly Supermarket, which had a tasting on Castello blue cheese, and yes “New World” is what this is about, and even though it was good and working as a symbol, this cheese was NOTHING compared to the Danablu from Bornholm, which has the most intense and concentrated taste of delight.

How shall I say it from the airship, I am finished. Kept on being told, and yes “already” and what to do between now and December if not open the New World now (?), and yes we will see.

I was told that if you cannot do the rest of work today, it is fine, otherwise you can do it tomorrow, and there is now not that much work remaining to my website, but a “big picture edit” of it including some details, and an added paragraph to the Doomsday Scenario site, and yes I will still do a new chapter on chemtrails and more research first if I receive time and energy to do so, and here I received a mark to my heart to let me know that this is a good idea to do to get out even more life inside of darkness, so we are not quite done yet despite of what I was told above.

My new self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, and God have become ONE combined new God

I spoke to my mother on the telephone and now I better understand the comment I received earlier that thoughts about the cemetery is also part of this game, because John has now been hospitalised again, and the reason was that my mother insisted towards the doctors that they did something because of John’s continued problems to breath, and they found out that the underlying problem is his heart (!), and yes not surprising as you might understand – feeling Obama here too, and yes do you know what “small heart attacks” are about too, my friend (?) – and he is so weak that they cannot operate him, and of course this made my mother very sad again, and yes not knowing what will now happen, for how long he will be hospitalised, and the mere thought of being alone, which she cannot bear, and yes this is how the game works when we play it with FULL volume, so this is what John received too, and while speaking to my mother, I was told “don’t worry, this is part of the game and we will keep your rules” and that is that my closest family are the best protected at all, but of course it is fine to go to the edge as part of the game to bring out the maximum, which is what we all needed to help my inner self out of darkness.

I continued receiving some darkness trying to make me become negative about whatever it could.

Don’t you lack and need a stamp, my friend (?), and I don’t know, but if you say so and are willing to hand over the greatest stamp of all stamps yet, Stig, and that is the one of your new self and yes the last part of you, and as you understand 30% of everything, which you pulled up “just like that” and yes yes yes WITH THE HELP OF MY FAMILY, FRIENDS AND THE WORLD, and I have NO idea of how much I have done myself and how much everyone else have contributed, but let us just say that everyone has suffered and I have suffered the most being on top of the mountain, and yes from here you can look down on everyone else also being part of and having contributed to everything.

I was told that there was a whole sack of Michella’s inside of there – meant to come out all at once – but now not anymore (?), and yes Stig, despite of what you say, there is probably more inside of there, so please look again.

Later I received new strong feelings coming from nothing to my right and I was asked “what about me” (?)  and yes, you are welcome too, and I do mean EVERYONE inside of there, and then I was told “I have no hangar” and I was told that this is actually the voice of the actor of the New World at the other side, but wait a minute, there is NO actor of the New World but distortions may happen through darkness.

I was given the beautiful song ”angel” by SAGA and first told that this is because this is one of my top favourite songs of SAGA too, and then I was given the lyrics “hold me a fallen angel and set me free”, and who is this voice also wanting to get out (?), is it still my inner self?

I was told that the books of that Martinus cannot be used in our New World (because our New World is totally different to our Old World).

For a long time I have thought about some friends, who may not like to write on Facebook because of the “risk” of becoming part of my scripts, and here I was thinking of Fuggi and Allan as examples, and yes Allan could not even write back, only “like”,  when I sent him a nice birthday greeting via Facebook not long ago.

I received to my surprise a couple of times the feeling of STRONG “nothing” going through my head almost making me faint and later through my heart too.

I was told that it isn’t ochre-yellow inside of there, is it (?), and I felt this voice being “just around the corner” also meaning that it does not have to be turned around 190 degrees, but more like 45 degrees.

I have very little cough remaining, which is coming from this voice, and I was told that I received much darkness now when deciding to invite us now and not finish work on chemtrails first, and this is nothing to do with the feeling of nothing given to my heart, or has it (?), and yes a part of the game, and we will see about that.

I was told that I am not on LSD or anything, but who guards this original life inside of here (?), and then I was shown the original Yoda as a dark character, and that is the most inner of God self, and I told him that you are of course welcome too, and he said that well, I am now part of you and this is the solution we have chosen to bring everything – and still receiving a rolling heart here, which I also often receive, which is really the same as a small heart attack – and I felt both Jutland and Bornholm at the same time, and I was told that this is what we are, i.e. God as a combination of “old God” and “new God” as the resurrected soul of Jesus as my new self, at the same time as we still are our old selves individually, and this is what became the result of the new creation in 2011, which we did together herewith become one united God divided in two, and I was told by old God that I have not become yellow before now, which has always been my greatest wish, and yellow is still the colour of the spirit of my mother and that is of our entire New World.

I was given the thought if this game is too easy today and then it will show out to become very difficult?

I was told when receiving this at approx. 20.00 to please do your best otherwise I will not enter, and I understood that this means to stay up the night and to work as much as I can, and all I can say is that I will NOT go through the whole night and tomorrow without sleep at all, which I am far too exhausted to do, so it will be with a little nap and to stay up as long as possible tomorrow, and then please do the best with what I bring you, please.

I was shown myself having a sponge on both sides of me and so close that I am practically in the centre of the sponge being one big sponge from where everything originates, and I was told that this means that you chose to go to the top or middle of everything because you kept on saying EVERYTHING without exception has to come with us, and this is the sponge giving me heart pain without knowing what is wrong, which we now know, and yes we will send the last patient to be cured via your washing machine removing this opportunity of darkness forever, and it means that I, i.e. Old God, was locked up inside his cell and now on his way out, and I was told that this is why you will see your mother tomorrow (as I agreed with her on the phone today, and that is to watch “crazy about dance” for the first time together I believe, and maybe 1-2 weeks ago I was told that my mother would also like us to watch this together), and yes the love of my mother and me being exhausted without being “detected” is the combination needed both to go deep and to bring out this part of me (!) too, and later I was told that if I cannot do this, it will become the death of John, and that is at least and a part of the game symbolising that this the original part of God will die too, but no, I will NEVER accept this, no matter what, and I am sure that our New World and the Source will help to make this avoid happening, and no, I cannot go through 25 hours awake from now – it is 21.10 now – without sleep, but maybe if I get 1-2 hours of light sleep, we will make this game go up anyway.

I received a strong feeling from outside of me reaching to my heart, and I was told that this is what I have to hit, and this was from Old God, and I was also told that this is a difficult jump to do with the feeling that he cannot see but do it only based on feelings, and yes a life dangerous jump (?), and did we not already go through this the day when Felix took the jump too (?), and I don’t know, but this is what I am told (but this may be God from “terminated life”?), and yes will I die Stig, or can you catch me if I don’t hit in bull’s eye and yes because you are everything right, so it should mean that I am already here, but here it is about laying my coat, and yes Stig, it is a pain again this evening to receive pretty much speech when you are tired, but this is our way in, for you to work and to stay up, and this is what is contradictive because you would like to do everything to avoid having to do this and for me it is vital in order to survive, and yes not at all very easy to do.

And just thinking that we are bringing out Old God from the place of terminated life, so the man self was terminated, or was he because he was protected from darkness by a shielding cell, and yes I have received both stories, and I “know” that after going through my journey 360 degrees, we choose to save terminated life, and if this is what we are doing, Old God – the original part of him – was terminated, but still he is coming out of his protective cell too (?), and yes we know it is not always easy to understand.

Do you want to believe that this may give the biggest stress and pressure on your heart yet (?), and I was given a pain to my heart and almost a potential diarrhoea, which is NOT nice, and yes this may be difficult to do, and it may even be the hardest part of the game starting as if we were already finished as part of the game.

You will not even tell the story about how you came to swallow a speaker, and yes Stig, it is 22.55 and after having worked the slowest ever in relation to Sherin, see the stort stories, you hope that you can improve with the work you have for the next maybe 2-3 hours doing better quality and efficiency, and yes if I can.

I heard God saying “never war again”, and here in relation to Syria but really an eternity of PEACE which is really what can wake me up again.

I heard “don’t you believe that his place in the board is deserved” (?), and this will have to be about the origin of life self now finally arriving.

Google Earth pictures showing life at a “very lonely place” – and difficult to link to my stories these days

It is difficult for me to find the direct link between Jette’s pictures and my stories these days, and this is how it has to be, but I am sure that we in our future will understand these pictures better.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • You do know what Obama was speaking about, right (?), and yes a whole New World coming :-).

  • Sidsel decided to leave me as a Facebook friend a long time ago when she could not “bear” my writings on her, but she is still my LinkedIn contact being influenced by my postings of new scripts there, and yes today she just had to open my website and to search on herself of course, and yes what the heart is full of – soon, Stig, almost finished – is here what made her focus on herself again again, and what about READING and UNDERSTANDING, Sidsel, which would have made you decide to stay as a friend and support me, and yes MUCH darkness now is also what this symbolises. And yes it made me SAD to see, and incredible that she this late still “cannot” understand and still has negative feelings about me because of herself with the truth being that she has probably never had more positive feelings to anyone than me, and yes beneath her layer of darkness distorting the truth.

  • Sherin & Co. have now arranged their support concert for Syria including Outlandish and Lars H.U.G. as the best known artists, and I wished them the best luck and said that I would have liked to go but I cannot afford going myself, because money is not hanging on the trees here, and I encouraged her to show who will receive the money and bring their stories already before the concert to help people opening their hearts focusing on the main cause instead of the music.

  • Later she wrote that the help will be distributed by Danish Muslim Aid, so there you have the problem again, which is that the help become “anonymous” and when you cannot see and understand who will receive the money and their stories – together with expenses of NGO’s and bureaucracy/bribery/war in the beneficiary country – you will not open your heart the same way, and it should be obvious to all that the ONLY right way to help is to help directly from person to person (?), and yes would I send 2,800 DKK to an NGO every month not knowing who received the money and what it was used for (?), and no I would not, but when I know that it saves/helps lives when sending directly to poor people in Kenya as I do, I am much more motivated, and how difficult can it be my dear world to do what is right to do instead of following the rules of the Devil, see? I decided to write my reply to Sherin below saying that I thought they would help directly and also that she would be inspired by my example and my website on the rich world, which will help the poor world to receive a normal life via DIRECT help, which is really what will happen, Sherin, and yes this reply is what took me the longest of all of my scripts to write because I am completely empty making this VERY difficult to write, but I did it, and yes I was encouraged also to share my reply with my Facebook timeline to influence my “friends” in order to help God getting “out of here” too, and yes darkness almost not existing anymore.

  • Jeny wrote what I have said myself always, and the same goes with opposite sign about (most) people not having known what Jeny “from the block” talks about – and this video is to say that I do NOT like paparazzi’s taking pictures of people (half naked) without their knowing, but also that I do not mind people showing their bodies (excluding focus on private parts) when it is with the focus of beauty and art, and NOT on sex.

  • Dan said “well, just leave that workman deduction then”, which will have to be about tax deductions for workman expenses not being possible any longer, and this was really the symbol of darkness saying “well, just leave me”, which is really to save all life without any deductions to terminations of the Devil.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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