November 10, 2012: I lifted the sword of Excalibur and now open the portal of Avalon to the Island of God (Paradise)


Summary of the script today

9th November: Transferring the greatest parts of my new self from darkness preparing to switch on our New World

  • The game this night and morning was if receiving the most inner part of God was “easy” to do after already having received all life around him or the greatest strain ever “impossible” to do, and I felt the first and also how the actors of my spiritual friends were acting with difficulties as darkness (but with many smiles), but I was told the last including an incredible amount of darkness coming to me, and later I was told the answer to this riddle, which is that I have come to the absolute end of “the sponge of God”, which is a mirror reflecting man, and the incredible amount of darkness does not exist – we have transferred all via my journey – but still this is what this mirror wants to create because of the on-going wrong behaviour of man. This sponge of God was a mirror reflecting man not knowing what it did, and when man decided to be darkness, darkness is what was created, and I saw how the actors of my spiritual friends have now packed down this wall of darkness.
  • Google Earth pictures show my new self being transferred from darkness with difficulties.
  • When visiting my mother this evening, great parts of my new self was transferred to our New World using the love of my mother as “tool” together with extreme sufferings given to me. My mother still knows about a spirit working inside of me, but she “cannot” unite all information with her awakened mind telling her that I am simply “normal” and telling her the truth about me. Our favourite dance couple of “crazy about dance”, Joakim and Claudia, won the final of this season after having gone through the circus of darkness to avoid the kiss (of death) of the spider woman in order to bring the gift of our New World to man making everyone happy together.
  • Short stories of God working with orbiting stars, I/we will forget about darkness making us suffer, which comes with my rebirth, and the Red-Green Alliance and the Government have met helping people like me to have our teeth (of life) looked after.

10th November: I lifted the sword of Excalibur and now open the portal of Avalon to the Island of God (Paradise)

  • Dreaming of coming home and about to take the taxi delivering my new self, darkness still wants to have energy and is the reason that the media “cannot” speak about UFO’s, the New World and me that the Defence Command has issued an order of “national security” to keep quiet (!), which I ask you to life – NOW!
  • Our New World and my new self is created on basis of my website, which has to be accurate without darkness in order to make everything work, and so far everything enters my new heart without problems.
  • I will not start our New World today because there was still more darkness entering me, and we will NOT stop the game before we have all life from inside darkness with us. It is really not possible transferring my new self from darkness without the faith of my mother in me, but she and John are used at their last level before opening up as a spiral, which darkness enters and turns around to become part of our New World.  We have now created communication between the new top floor of my new self and darkness still on its way in, which is removing nervousness of darkness and I was told that this will also reduce my sufferings.
  • I visited John at the hospital with my mother, and he is more dead than alive with the risk of dying from a cardiac arrest at any moment, or from cancer or his kidneys, and he is clarified to die and this was his way of saying goodbye, and I told him that I am not afraid of him because there is more between heaven and earth, so now John hangs on to life with a little faith/hope that “just maybe” my spiritual friends can help keeping him alive, and this little faith helps to transfer my inner self.
  • I started feeling much better this evening, when I came FREE of much darkness holding me down for years, which made me show more of my natural, outgoing self when I was together with the family this evening. The family is VERY sad because John is going to die as everyone “knows”. A “twister” of my closest family/friends etc. has been set up just in front of my face, which is where darkness of my inner self enters, turns around and become part of our New World. Beautiful music on live TV by Robbie Williams, Mads Langer and more created the BIGGEST and WARMEST feeling of my mother and family, which helped this process, and after having gone through our “fate”, we are now close to celebrate the victory of light with Champagne. The events today ended when a whole Star Wars fleet from darkness entered me, and reaching the “big room” or “island of God”.
  • Short stories of Nelson Mandela also being one of my HEROES, Alex from Scotland also possessed by darkness disguised as light, short text and Twitter messages are darkness destroying a whole generation,  Danish fat taxes have been removed symbolising that darkness of the world has been removed, Obama dropping a tear because of happiness, after my MARATHON I have now lifted the Excalibur sword and am opening the portal of Avalon to let the light enter, Helena and Søren played actors of darkness to save the world, Rikke “cannot” communicate with me because of “fear”, and Helena showed her willingness to be unfaithful, which you know is WRONG!


9th November: Transferring the greatest parts of my new self from darkness preparing to switch on our New World

The sponge of God reflected wrong behaviour of man creating darkness, which has now been removed

At 00.30 I was shown God walking backwards to me brushing the way he was walking to bring EVERYTHING with him, and he told me that this is his job to bring all of darkness with us and he said that it is only a matter of how clean you want it, Stig, and yes it has to be PERFECT, we know all of us :-).

I kept on receiving a pressure – and visions of it – coming from my right including negative speech, which I had to correct/reject/absorb. 

I heard an actor, who almost cannot continue the acting saying “no, you cannot throw away that bottle”, which supposedly was the scenario of the spirit of my mother and what I would have been told and yes Stig if you had decided to accept being the last darkness and burn this off instead of continuing to save every little thing. 

At 01.10 I was told by the spirit of my mother that we have decided to accept taking in Old God because we are now strong enough to accept him, and the game is on one hand that you are laughing/in good spirit almost making it impossible to continue the game, and on the other hand still to receive Old God cleaning him on the way in is potentially the greatest strain of all (?), and yes I have not felt the last, and I don’t feel the darkness of him, so what is right (?), and yes you don’t know. And I am starting to become tired, and yes keep it as long as possible, but I will not go through this night/morning without a nap.

I was told that the spirit of my mother is now bringing in Old God and that is because she is the only one having what it takes to bring him in without sufferings at all (?), and yes I see/feel her bringing in this man of darkness on crotches and he is the one having suffered the most as I am told. 

I continued working to update the front page of my website to reflect that Old God and my new self are ONE GOD, which I thought was probably important in order to bring in Old God, and I continued updating my Doomsday Scenario website including the information that I was supposed to die, which would have started the burning of the world until it would end or the New World commence at the end of 2012, if I had succeeded creating this, and yes this is really what I had on my to do list of today finishing work at 01.30, and yes this will have to be good enough and that is because I am too tired to start reading the front page of my website again and I will not continue work on chemtrails before I have time and energy doing it. 

I was told that we had replacements ready for what God brings us now, and yes “not to be read before the start of a New World”, and it says “I am not the man you think I am” and yes Stig, is this is big game to tell you that this man has already entered you, so you don’t have to continue doing anything from here (?), or is this serious (?) and yes for you not having to think twice – which is given to me, Celine – and it is still with the feeling that the actors are doing their best trying to play darkness and scare me, and yes I have made my decision, I will try bringing this home as I have already said, and now it is 01.30 and I will start killing time for a few hours and see what will happen.

I also received a new, but much less pain to my right ankle, which is telling me that there is nothing much left that we are turning around. 

Cleaning the world from black people also comes from here” as some people have thought (Ku Klux Klan as example), which is the strongest darkness.

I was told that no one could park here because no one is as rich as you, and this is what we have released from him, and I am thinking that we have turned around most life of Old God here, so what remains should be practically “nothing”?

I was told that we have chosen to take one layer of God at the time, and there are 12 as I understood, which was also given to me as a “high grade”. We are bringing in the last details to your mother’s bag. 

There is nothing much wrong with the telephone, we will bring a small update here, and this is how I see it.

Just coming here is pretty good, but and I am almost told that something big is on its way in, but instead I am told about our layer cake, and yes a pretty strange game here where information is suppressed and spoken to me with a MUCH laid back attitude.

You don’t want to sleep if (something goes wrong), and you don’t know what I found here which is something like “how to survive if everything goes wrong” and yes even when being darkness of nothing it is impossible to kill you/me. 

I used some time to find out that the graphics card of my laptop is called “ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics” which is build on board a AMD 780G Chipset, and such a card costs approx. 700 DKK, which seems to be more than the budget I have, and yes my mother also paid for the train card to Copenhagen, so I will not ask her to pay for this – if this is what is really wrong with the laptop (?) – also knowing that it may cost working salary too to replace the card, but I will ask Niklas in two days – if he is there – when my mother and I will visit my sister to have DUCK, and yes of all things, my favourite food and symbol o creation, and yes maybe Niklas has a good idea of how to handle this to get this laptop working again. 

Can we work inside of you without saying how do you do?

Morning bread and … are also good enough, and I understood that you are going through the entire creation and updating what we do not have already?

I was told that we have not failed yet, and doing this is to prevent having him to enter us as darkness. 

We never thought this would be possible too, to go through our entire creation with the man standing behind everything. 

And I cannot hear everything because it goes quick, but something about “no headwind there too” meaning that creation is fine.

I was told that Old God received a pen because of my comments to Sherin instead of using this force to destruct.

I heard what I believe was God saying “it is alright for you to replace all of me”, and I don’t really understand because aren’t we saving all of God or have you found another way (?), and I am thinking about what we already have, we don’t have to invent again.

I was told with a very low voice “trust me” and I do believe I was asked to accept darkness to be destroyed, and I only have one rule, and that is to NEVER accept any life inside darkness to be destroyed, and this may be right and it may be wrong now, but I will NOT accept any life under no circumstances to be destroyed and even if we already have it (?), and yes even if we already have it, and for all I know, this could be a clever game of darkness, so please clean all of Old God and make all of him come to our New World too, and yes because this is what I wish, and if I am wrong, I kindly ask you to let me know one way or another. 

And yes you are heartfelt welcome and we are not already blue, and you don’t want us as darkness, no I want all of you as light, and yes it cannot be different. And no, he will accept no shortcut, because everything is going to be perfect, and yes even if it takes until the end of December to go through this. 

I was told “if you don’t want my solution ….” and the comparison of God and creation stopped. 

We could lift you up in the clouds because of this, Stig, and yes he decided not to be afraid, and yes we want ALL OF YOU. 

There is no more sawdust in the stage, so how can he continue?

This means that we will not throw away this telephone number too (?), and yes please remember that this is only a game, but you decided to take the long way home, and I started receiving new feelings of nothing entering me and that is because we can easily take this. 

We are going to bring everything, we don’t change rules just because of this. 

I still don’t have a hash pipe inside of me, we have found nothing, Stig, and yes this is really the way to transfer Old God, and we found a way, didn’t we (?), and yes Stig you really don’t care how we do it just that we do it perfectly and you can tell it like this because you have absolutely no knowledge of what is right to do. 

And yes he knows that your mother cares about you, and that is his saviour too. 

Then you eliminated me from giving up the ball again, and I decided that I might as well give up (?), and yes Stig we are giving him the big tour because of your wish. No it cannot be done to move away from him, and yes we see that, Stig. 

So in other words, we are not in the mood to give gifts yet, and that is without getting all of you home. 

We thought we did not have time to reach England and the aeroplane there, but instead he decided to fuel her up. 

The coffee does not only smell strong because no one has ever done this before and yes as he asks us and yes to go through all of this darkness instead of God going through all light, and yes we don’t want any darkness of all and instead of throwing it away, the task is to convert it to light and yes no new rules here. 

It’s got to be perfect and the feeling is that this darkness is not perfect, but this is how it is, I will NOT accept anything to be thrown out, so please make this place and man perfect. 

So you have decided to open up to my absolutely most inner, and yes this place too (?), and I first felt darkness and then light inside of here. 

But we did not believe we had the time to read all of my library, do you (?), and yes we do, and I feel a smiling Obama with me here. 

This means that we will not get use of the pen after all, Stig.  We did not believe that we would go on this trip before at the very very end, Stig. Yes, it was only if you wanted all of me now that I would do it. Everything has to be perfect and original.

I started editing the script of today above and write the following at 12.00 and yes I am TIRED and EXHAUSTED and at my extreme limit and I have decided that writing the script of today with the GREATEST difficult to get start with, is the only task today, and nothing more than this.

At 05.00 I decided to watch TV and also that I would not fight to stay awake, and I was told that my decision means that we will go all the way back to find out from where darkness comes from inside of “the big God” and I was shown the actor as a giggler. 

I started falling asleep and half asleep and I was told something like “a wonderful movement, South England, movement established” and something about two instances of nothing approaching and eliminating each other, which made me shiver strongly, and I was told that Paul (from Stansted) made me go here again.

I was shown a waiter serving with the biggest silverware ever created.

I fell asleep and was allowed to sleep until 10.25 despite of the strong desire to keep me awake until this evening, so this time it had to be a game, and I woke up to SAGA’s “the one”, which also had to come and of course with the lyrics “I guess you’ve always been the one”, and yes rock songs like this and “Marathon” (not least, an INCREDIBLE song) are truly also going straight into the very centre of me as only very little is :-). 

When I woke up, I was tested if I was sure about my decision to bring in all this darkness, and yes there was no doubt in my mind, and I received strong pain to my left foot and was asked what this means to you, and that is “restructuring” of our New World. 

I was told that it is impossible to transfer this and also that you don’t know how much it hurts me seeing you hurt, but this is what you have chosen to do, so this is what we do, and I was given a few burning marks to my skin.

Later it was repeated that this is impossible, but it is equally as impossible for me to accept destroying life of darkness, which is a no go.

I was told that your sleep did not suit me, and darkness still brought me negative words like “what do I care” etc., which is still what I have to reject actively instead of just accepting this, which you know would be VERY easy to do, and yes impossible to go through all of these negative words and FEELINGS too sent to me from negative, simple-minded and misunderstanding family/friends, thus the world.

I thought that I can only do my best and if this is not good enough, let it be, and I really also continue doing my best, because of “what if the Source would not help us out if I do not” and yes even though I know that he would.

And then I was asked “do I still have the right to make everything work” (?), and yes, you have, this is my top rule for you to do if necessary and that is also if I do what is wrong, and “I will use it then” and I was told that it is because no one will come through this darkness, but you don’t have to because you are already here, and it may sound crazy, but this is how we have calculated it, and I replied that I will NEVER allow you directly to destroy, and I was told that there is not at all such a creature, only if you would let us be what man sadly is today, this is also how we can say it, and it means that we are not even there after having been inside nothing to get you out.

I was given a cough and told that this is how I could decide to create a monster reflecting man, meaning that God as the sponge from where we all come from is the reflection of man of creation, and  I was thinking that it was fear of the spirit of my mother together with a broken heart, which started darkness, and I was told that this game was only given to me to show me this. You came all the way to the corner of nothing where I could create what is not there, and I was told well, you don’t need my help anymore, and I was shown an actor packing down this wall of darkness, and I was told that “he” did not know what he did or was creating, he was a mirror of creation. I was also told that we will probably make it anyway this evening after bringing down this wall.

I was told that Karen wants a man of your height, but she stares herself blind on muscles, and if you had that, you two would be married today, and it reminded me of what Karen told me in 2005 (?) at my home where she could only speak English (!) – because of our spiritual friends taking her over without her knowledge – where she was inspired/encouraged to ask me to go to fitness, and yes to train up muscles and that is because this was her wish to consider me. And I was told that this is how we raise the rent from her too.

So tonight, you can just lean back in the cinema (?), and my answer is that I don’t know what will happen, and I will take one day at the time and continue work as long as I have work to do, and yes to read your front page and the Doomsday page focusing on the big picture, and yes chemtrails is still on my agenda, which I will do unless I will open the eyes of my new self before I get around to do it. 

No, you are not going to wish you that, and that is darkness reflecting man, and we know Stig, you have said it, you do NOT want darkness to be created, which was the keyword here, and instead I felt that “wishing” is about our coming gift.

I am still using the browser “Opera” because I cannot use Firefox and also not the email client Thunderbird, which my system claims is running when it is not (!), and you know that my system for a long time has been “pressured down” when the memory of it has been used to its fullest by darkness pulling everything out of it and yes exactly the same way as darkness has pulled out everything of me – there is really no difference, and it means that the Opera browse – or any other I use – becomes slower and slower during the day (especially when I run Grooveshark), and when I close it down, it keeps on being “on” taking out memory of the system, which means that I have to manually close down the process via Windows joblist, where it normally uses up to between 500-700,000 KB, and today when I was commenting Jette’s Google Earth pictures, Facebook was running VERY slowly and it did not want to show pictures when I enlarged them, and when it did, it did not want to show the text, and yes a game of darkness it still is, so I closed down the browser and I was convinced that I had to also manually close down the running process of Opera, but to my surprise, it closed it self down immediately, and just a sign telling me that darkness is indeed coming to an end. 

We don’t have a single old telefax machine left, Stig, because we will not use old equipment in our New World, only “state of the art”, and we cannot wait to show you what “the best” also when it comes to this means, but first we eehhh and yes what now (?), and yes you don’t know, but there is still time, so please continue your work and also the game my friends, if this is right to do, and if it is not, you are free to start opening me, which is really what we are doing, isn’t it (?), and yes I believe it is, and this is work to be done in this respect.

I received an incredible strong chest pain, and was told that this is how my mother feels because of John, and also that I will bring her relief when seeing her this evening.

Google Earth pictures show my new self being transferred from darkness with difficulties

Seven hours after commenting the pictures above, I noticed how my comments apparently suddenly had disappeared when I looked at Jette’s Facebook group, and I opened both pictures, and yes my comments had gone but Jette’s remained, and then I opened the first picture again, and now my comment had returned making me think that I now would not be able to show you this but when I opened the second picture again, my comment was still gone as you can see here, and this is symbolizing  the difficulties getting everything with me, but I am sure that we will also get over this saving every little thing.

Jette said that the Trinity has changed from a triangle, and what do you call one of these?

At the end of the evening, Jette also published the picture of my inner self on my way out of darkness, which is bringing “good news from the next world” with all of my warm feelings and love to man – and I should bring warm feelings from the spirit of my mother too, who is helping to bring me out as she here says ♥.

Love of my mother and our extreme sufferings was used as tool to transfer great parts of my new self from darkness

Finally at 18.30 I visited my mother, and the first thing I was told after only few seconds was that “this is exactly what we needed, now this is in place”, and it was love of my mother opening up to bring my inner self and Yoda too if I understand correct inside our New World, and again “Angel” by SAGA was played, and we know this song is bringing me the deepest feelings carrying this too.

And my mother was indeed tired because she was awake from 03.00 to 05.00 in the night when she could not sleep “but you know all about it” as she said, and yes I do mother, but you do not because how easy is it to understand that I went through the worst sufferings in history also because of lack of sleep?

But despite of this, we had a good evening with nice dinner as usual, and we would have loved ALSO to watch “here is your life” with Niels Olsen on DR1, and yes we both love this amazing actor/comedian (we watched five minutes making my mother happy and smile much, and me too), but we had decided to watch “crazy about dance”.

My mother told me that John’s heart is only pumping little blood making it very difficult to breath and walk only a few steps, and there is a risk of him having a cardiac arrest, and yes MADNESS is what it is and that is because I kept on saying “everything has to be perfect”, and this is what is brining enormous strain to John, my mother, other family/friends etc. and the world and yes my family/friends etc. are of course going to survive all of them, we know, and I was told that my mother is equally as much in life danger without knowing it, and I am there myself too, but nothing new in this.

I told my mother about having retrieved my laptop, the price of a graphics card and my decision not to ask her for this money because it is over budget, and yes objectively and that was without a hidden agenda (!), but my mother said that this was not much, which was fine with her to pay – which was symbolic her acceptance of my new self – but as I said, we will have to be sure if this is the problem with the laptop, and see if we can get it repaired without further expenses, and I told her that I will ask Niklas about this, and yes he is in Warsaw at the moment with a friend – must be nice to being able to afford this, Niklas (?) – and we will see about this, and if this will become too expensive, I might decide to buy a cheap espresso machine instead, we will see.

During dinner my mother said that Søren – Bettina’s husband – had received remote healing to help his knee, but it had not helped, and it made my mother say that she does NOT believe in this (!), and especially not that healing can remove even cancer, and this was to say that my mother “cannot” understand that she also worked with “remote energies”, which was NOT “healing” but “killing” energy because of her wrong behaviour in relation to me, but impossible to listen/read and understand it is and yes I have explained this before, but when you decide to believe in your own ignorant voice, it is impossible to let the truth enter her awakened mind, and yes I spoke about Benny Hinn too healing thousands of people with the worst diseases (which the media cannot/will not write about!), and yes she believed somewhat in people like him, but no, “remote healing” is completely crazy, and of course that is, and yes not understanding “the tentacles” uniting all people brining good and bad energies among people depending on their actions, and yes my mother also received an attack of negative temper because of something John does – despite of the love she also shows him – and this was to say that this energy of my mother is so strong that she is killing him even though she loves him, and yes the same with me, and if she understood this, do you believe that she would change her behaviour instantly (?), and yes you bet!

Later, when we watched TV I may have blinked somewhat with my eyes because of my own tiredness, and yes it made my mother ask me if I did not blink “strangely” to her, and yes she remembers how my spiritual friends used my eyes blinking long and slowly thousands of times in 2006/07 and she understood that this is a spirit working inside of me, and this is what she was thinking again tonight, but from here and to connect all of these “threads” as she has received is “impossible” for her awakened mind – still thinking that I am crazy even though I am always normal and yes knowing about the spirit working inside of me (!) – and yes yes yes these are the threads we are working with to unite everything of our New World, and this is what I was given several almost 100% out of this world pain to my left foot this evening (restructuring our New World with my new self), and I received such a strong pressure from darkness that it has to be at the strongest level of all – I was told that this is this is “impossible” to do when there is really not enough room for us inside our New World – and when I say “almost bringing me down” you will not be able to understand just how strongly such a pressure is, but if you add “making me want to scream in pain”, your might be able to understand better, and still my “task” was to bring calmness to my mother (which I did even though I am almost screaming and giving up inside of my self) to speak about how John and she is doing, and no, nothing about me because I knew in forehand that it would be hopeless to make my mother understand and yes maybe I could have done a little, but no, I decided to let it be.

I was told that we are ending this journey of my using the old game to see if we can go all the way, and we have still not lost life.

I received an example where I was almost losing it to the voice of darkness tormenting me, and instantly it gave my mother hiccups, which was a symbol of coughing as my giving up would give her, John and the world really (from the sponge of God giving what it receives) and that is if we look away from the Source probably stepping in to help, and yes it still brings a strong pressure on me not to lose it even though it is VERY difficult to go through, and yes I don’t like the negative consequences it may bring, which is why, and yes I was told that my sister will switch me on tomorrow, and also that to stay up the coming night too, which I thought cannot be done, and we know I will do the same as last night taking a nap, which will probably give me a few hours of sleep, and yes I am still on my extreme edge of tiredness, and the more I sleep, the more sufferings I bring the world and my family/friends etc.

I decided to write some notes from “crazy about dance”, which we watched together, on my phone despite of knowing how my mother feels about this – bringing me even more darkness really helping to bring all of me out of darkness – and this show was the final where you can watch both dancing couples of the final dance together here, where Medina was singing her hit “lyser i mørke” (“shines in darkness”), which after the dance made one of the judges tell Joakim and Claudia that “you cast a spell over layer upon layer, you shine in darkness”, which of course was to say that I have gone through layer upon layer of darkness during my journey, and I am now bringing layer upon layer of my inner self from darkness to light.

After the next dance, the judge Nikolaj told Claudia and Joakim that their dance was in “technicolor”, and what a foolish thing to say, really (!), but not to me, because I knew instantly that it was inspired speech bringing the opening line of the album “the Gift” and the song “Happy together” by the Jam to me, which is “and now for those of you watching in black and white, this one is in technicolor“, and this is about the gift of our New World coming to you all, where happiness of life will make it feel like “in technicolor” making you “happy together” and not until the end of time as the Jam sings, but for an eternity, and that is instead of the grey feeling you have/had in the Old World. And yes, Nikolaj also told the couple that they were very close to be voted out in week 3 (seven weeks ago), which is probably what I was very close to being 7 weeks ago, and yes this couple and Joakim was “me” and that is because this is the couple my mother and I very much hoped would win.

The former dancers of the show did this fine dance together to the song “free” by Grafitti6, and yes this is the song I received when waking up one morning weeks ago with the lyrics “set me free”, and yes I liked both the thought about being set free, which is the work being done to me still bringing me out of darkness, and also this very nice song.

Joakim was inspired to bring the judge Anne-Margrethe a kiss on her cheek while dancing, and I was told that this was my kiss to my sister because of the love I have showed that I have to my sister, which is what also helped us this way until the end.

The last dance of Joakim and Claudia was VERY fine and humorous, which my mother and I liked MUCH, and it was done as actors in a circus, and you do know that circus is darkness, so this was to symbolise my work inside of darkness, and this dance received perfect score of four times ten by the judges Nikolaj, Anne-Margrethe, Jens and Britt.

The other dance couple, Silas and Louise, who are also brilliant dancers, but not as “entertaining” as the other couple in our opinion, did their final dance where a mix of Michael Jackson’s “dangerous” was part of the music, and it ended with the kiss of the spider woman as one said, which was the symbol of the kiss of death, which I was close to receive not that many weeks ago, and yes it would probably still have killed me if I decided to give in and receive it, and Louise said after the dance that “we had to get around the world with this dance” and yes a little more than a day it took, Prince, but we succeeded to avoid the spider woman kissing me.

And even though Silas and Louise were a very strong/skilled couple, Joachim and Claudia actually won, which made me think that this was “impossible” to do and I was thinking of the re-election of Obama also being “impossible”, and it made Joakim say “I shiver all over the body”, and yes I know the feeling, Joakim, when darkness attacks me, and also “this is wild – it is really crazy”, and “crazy” is indeed the keyword to my victory and yes when it comes to what how many (?) believed that I was.

As mentioned, I decided to write some notes of the dance show on my telephone while my mother was watching with the result that when I wanted to update the script this evening, it simply “stuck” in my Opera browser, and I was told that it is because of feelings of my mother knowing what this was about, i.e. to be included in my script, which is “the worst” she knows of.

Finally at 01.00 I had finished my script today with some difficulties, and now will follow a new night trying to keep up maybe until 03.00, 05,00 or 07.00 and yes how long will I keep awake this time?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I was given the word “LSD” previously in the script of yesterday as part of these words “I was told that I am not on LSD or anything, but who guards this original life inside of here (?), and then I was shown the original Yoda as a dark character, and that is the most inner of God self”, and I could not understand this posting and its link here differently that it is a reference to God self when it mentions the “LSD-song” of the Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, and yes this is about “expansion of conscience” – and Elijah and Tina may remember that I played this beautiful song for you in 2009 dedicating it to your daughter Lucy?

  • Kim as “the weakest link” of Selvet in relation to me was inspired to bring this showing that I/we will forget about darkness making us suffer, and this comes with my rebirth.

  • It seems that the government and the Red-Green alliance are close to agree on the budget this year also symbolising victory to me on contrary to last year when the government chose the non-socialist parties in the last moment, and here Pernille from the Red-Green alliance says that they have agreed to help giving dental cash aid to people on cash help like me, and this is really a good symbol, which it also has to be about my mother giving me the electric tooth brush some weeks ago and yes I have not been to the dentist since 2008/09, and my mother also wants to reserve a dentist agreement for me when she gets around to do it, and yes this is about securing my teeth of the world really, and you may remember the stories from my book no. 1 I believe about how I lost half of a tooth in 2006, which I had fixed with a dentist in Helsingborg, and how I had so much tooth pain that it was killing me (!) in 2008/09, but it was miraculously cured by itself, which you might have fun with watching the x-rays of at a dentist on Hørsholm Hovedgade, who did not understand what happened when I did not need an operation after all (?), and yes I have all of my teeth intact except from a few damages given in 2005/06 with a couple of corners also falling off, and this is a sign too because my teeth together with my physical health would have deteriorated if I did not make it through, and that would be until my death.


10th November: I lifted the sword of Excalibur and now open the portal of Avalon to the Island of God (Paradise)

Dreaming of coming home and about to take the taxi delivering my new self

After publishing the script of yesterday, I was told that now we will see if there are people out there understanding my script, which is what is bringing us forward to the next level, which comes tomorrow, which is to lift you up to the top of everything, as I am also shown. And I was told that all governments of all countries are reading me, and yes you have all decided to be dumb?

I still continue to receiving the worst and strongest sexual approaches/torments, which is the sponge here reflecting the wrong behaviour of man, and they are so disgusting that I am sure that most people experiencing this for few minutes would become desperate and “lose it” demanding this to be solved/removed “here and now”, and what do you do when you cannot remove it (?), and yes you decide to clean yourself and the world taking years to do as the only solution, and this requires much patience you know, so difficult is not the word.

I decided to stop working after publishing my script a little after 01.00 and I still received much pressure and was told that if you knew (the strength of darkness) you would continue working but no, I had had it and was satisfied with what I had done, and if I could work more, it would be with the greatest disgust, if I could work at all, and I was afraid that it would make me stop working today because of exhaustion.

I was told that it is still a game to see if we can turn everything around, and a new large and dark spirit of my own size entered me from my front, and the spirit wanted money, but no, I will not accept energy to be produced for you, which would make it impossible for me to be here.

I was shown and felt how my new self enters me from the front of me and into my heart, and I was told that so far we have had no problems doing this, which is also based upon the work on my website being correct (without darkness, or as little as possible), which is what makes the New World work. And I was told that it is as difficult to create life that it cannot be done perfectly, but isn’t it what we are doing now? And at the same time we had to keep the Old World going, which is “not possible”, but it was our only and best chance (so we thought).

I was told that it is now the most inner life you have transferred, and I was shown the new tree of it with the first leaf being created, and I was told that this has been created on basis of love of my mother.

I was shown Asterix and Obelix in an airship about to land and I was told by the spirit of my father (as Yoda) that I have also learned from the slyness of Asterix meaning that the original creator has learned from my new self.

Please place your slippers in the living room, I have new and much better for you and you don’t have to try them because they will fit perfectly.

I was told thank you for visiting the monastery of our Lady in Helsingør, which I did a few months ago, and also that this switched on the light of this place and I felt that my arrival is what this has been about for centuries.

I watched TV and at 03.00 I was so tired that I decided to see if I was allowed to take a nap, which I was first until 06.30 and when I continue to sleep, I was given extra time until 09.20, and I had these dreams:

  • I have had customers in the train, where my walkman has been connected to create a new system, which plays the songs chosen by people. We are coming to Helsingør from Copenhagen, and at the platform I say that I want to get a company paid taxi, and Jeff Lynne is sitting on a bench there and I am surprised that he does not recognize me.
    • I am creating a new system to share love of man, and the taxi is about my arrival as my new self. Will this happen now – or is it a part of the preparations to my wake up, which will first happen in December?
    • I woke up to “only human” by SAGA again, which is about “Wake up! Here comes the sun, To offer us a new beginning”.
  • I am visiting Johannes Langkilde – the anchor of news on TV2 – and his family in their house, and we speak well together and I feel that we can create a good friendship, and I tell him to focus on UFO’s and I think of giving him written information and video’s of visits of UFO’s for him to learn from, and I tell him that a UFO is at work at the Defence Command, and he is busy but tells me if I can travel with him in three days from now because he has a budget enabling him to do this.
    • It seems that the Defence Command (in Denmark and elsewhere too) know all about UFO’s, and they are working with your electronic systems (?), and yes just wondering I am, and the budget is about darkness still wanting to get energy from me, and Johannes is a kind and funny man, whom I like, but still he is the worst darkness belonging to the media who “cannot” speak the truth about UFO’s, our New World and me as examples, and why was it that you “could not”, Johannes (?), and eeehhhh because of “national security” and is there such an order to keep quite issued by the Defence Command sent out to media in Denmark and all over the world (?), and my dear friends, this is to work for the Devil, you know that don’t you (?) and you should know that I LOVE people to speak out the truth directly, honestly and openly, so will you please do this, and starting with my re-birth maybe?
    • I woke up to Whitney Houston’s “I wanna dance with somebody”, and dance is about celebration, so there you have it :-).

I was as tired, destroyed and feeling warm inside of me this morning as previous days, and these days are the most difficult of all to start working having to break through the worst barrier yet, and it is really impossible to get started and write making me even closer than ever to just stopping, but somehow I also overcame this today, which is why you also have this script to read.

I was told that there is now no plans of any aeroplanes to crash, but there is still the small risk that we don’t get all of you home, which was said to me with warmth/teasing, and this evening we will first bring all of you home and then put on maximum light, so will I wake up now?

I was told that we don’t need an adjustable spanner for your sister because you will start to co-operate instantly.

I was given the name of Finn Laudrup – Michael & Brian Laudrup’s father and as outstanding a football player as they – and I was told “my name on it”, and that was because he is also a “reserve” to take over from me if I had not made it, and yes passing on the spark of life and everything inside of me if darkness had gotten to me, and “my name on it” has come to me strongly the last couple of days together with “the world knows”.

I felt Tibetan Lama’s and was told that it cannot be that he, i.e. me, has passed the mountain pass alone only receiving “inputs” from his mother and sister (?), and that is to turn around my inner self, which was obviously impossible to do “alone” (and yes thank you to everyone suffering to help me). And I was told that you/they (Tibetan Lama’s) are not as unprepared as they feel/fear. We have much in the bag ready. 

Stig, you are not well are you (?), and I felt and was “half told” that it will become easier for my mother to understand who I am when she already have all of the parts to the answer inside of her. It was not easy to make your mother understand that Earth was about to explode, but her nightmare was that you were about to explode, which was equally as awful to her. 

And when your mother understands you, it should be quite simple to let this understanding spread to all of your family/friends etc., thus the world. This is how it is thought.

Where have you learned to play football like that (?), in Spain or Italy (?), and yes to be stronger than the unbreakable chain of your sister/mother based on better-knowing ignorance, and yes the answer was love, which was even stronger, which your sister – darkness inside of her – was not aware of, and with this we were sure that someday we would be victorious, because we sensed that there was love inside darkness and yes that its true will was to break out, so there you have it too. It is a little bit like Mette – John’s daughter – not “caring” to read and understand you, but still she thinks about how you are doing.

I was told that it was required for you to accept your “old nightmare” to release power of darkness to make it possible to us to open for the light of you, and when you decided that you would NOT accept this under no circumstance, we had to design these difficulties for your and your family to go through.

It corresponds to standing in front of a big, dark door, which you cannot open, and you need help to explode it, which would require darkness to break out making you believe that the world would go under. 

I was asked do you want to accept the sacrifice of John (to die) and I felt how he was right in front of me, and I said no, never.

Well, it is because we thought that we had run out of apple trees, but of course if you offer to bring your own NEW apple trees, it is fine for you to enter and yes without having to pay for the entrance to the cinema, and yes Stig, I do believe that I’m going slightly mad because you are bringing in your self and God, and when I tell you that I don’t know where to place you, you have just offered me/us to and yes become part of us by creating a new top floor, so this is what we are doing, and yes on top of the pyramid, and that is with the most lovely apples imaginable. And this means that it will not become cold on the floor for some time, which is what we thought it would become, and yes to terminate life as I understand it, and I am here given a out of this world pain to my left foot and told that this is also what this symbolises, and we know Stig you have said I don’t want any terminations at all, so thank you all of you/me to do your best to bring this one home too, and yes heavy furniture is still coming in, therefore. 

You could have decided to go through Lomborg by “debating” with him trying to make him change his mind, but on, you used other ways in, and yes you had to come through darkness of man, which is the darkness around the most inner of my self, and what I chose simply “came to me” and then I decided to do as I decided to do, and this was the winning recipe. 

I was told by darkness coming in that nobody will have to bleed out of their mouth’s (?), and no, we managed to avoid that.

No, those Indians hanging in the ropes cannot keep hanging there, so these are the ones also being saved, which we use to create the new top floor, and yes we thought this was the best way to do it, and still doing this work as my old self trying to make it perfect.

No it is impossible that they have received gødning in this place (of hell), and I understood that this is what is making us “slightly mad” of surprise, and yes because this is what darkness decided to do waiting for this day to make everything perfect of our New World, so you are all of you welcome to come up here too, and yes from the whole of “nothing” as we had created and yes destroying everything, but still GØDE it to make sure that nothing would truly be destroyed, and yes because of love at the most inner behind darkness. 

I was told that this terminated life is transferred to our New World and also that I was able to sleep this night bringing terminations too, which are now being woken up too, and yes nothing is impossible inside of here – and no, I don’t want you to stop giving me out of this world pain to my left foot, which you continue doing also today, and yes maybe ¼ in strength, and we know a temptation it was meant to be, but the right thing is to do the right thing, therefore. 

I was told that without this discovery, either your mother or John would have to sacrifice their lives by now – according to the game – and yes you do hope that we will all make it through according to my rules to save my family/friends etc., which is and has always been for the best in order to carry out creation.

I did not have much darkness and pain this morning – except from tiredness and exhaustion – but in the beginning of the afternoon I felt how it started becoming worse again, and yes after I had given comments to Benedikte, Margrethe and the SAGA group as you can see from the short stories.

This is why we were afraid that “the fear of your mother” would turn everything into nothing, and yes still with everything inside of nothing, but with “existence” now being “not to be”. 

I was told about seeing Karen during the Christmas, and yes I sure look forward to that very much and darkness still gave me “challenges” to fight with having to accept the many men of her past, but it was not that difficult.

I received a wind of nothing going through me almost making me faint, and the game is now if I have to go even deeper from here, which I can promise you that I cannot, or why not transfer all terminated life and let it be recreated/grow up inside our New World and yes maybe this was a story from the warm countries as we say here, and there is only one way to tell and that is to wait and see what will happen.

I received a déjà vue about meeting Obama’s family when all of this is over with – looking much forward to that – and also that “many” people close to death have been seeing me and how close I and the world have been to go under, and I was given Michael Bundesen from Shu-bi-dua as example, and Sanne Salomonsen may have been there too. 

It is not possible to transfer my new self from darkness without faith of my mother, but this is what we do

I returned at home from the programme of this afternoon and evening at midnight, and despite of still being tired and NOT at all feeling like continuing to work, I decided to do this and after checking Facebook, I continued writing this from 00.30, and I may finish work today at 02.30 or 03.00 if I will and can, and we will see how long this will take me.

So earlier today on my way to the swimming hall I received the following information.

I was told that it was really not possible to come through with my inner self without faith of my mother in me and I was told that we thought what could happen to take in terminated life, which started to grow/wake up. 

I was told that darkness unfortunately also has prepared plans for the next world, and I thought that this does not match the information about the Source doing a new creation no matter what if I had failed/interrupted my journey, but on the other hand, darkness may have had its own plans. And I was told that you – mother and son – already are secretly married in his plan for the next world, and yes he could not let it be.

I was told that I would have been given the option about killing my mother or John, or my own inner self because there is really not room for all inside our New World.

I was also told that it is really impossible to get here today visiting your sister this evening, which is where you will start our New World but here it is and yes if light agrees that we have done everything – no darkness remaining – this is what we will do, this is my decision. 

During the day I was told a couple of times about Johannes from the Danish TV2 news and how he is reading my scripts while I write them before they are published meaning that he has direct remote access to my computer, and first I decided not to write this down, but when I was told “it is good enough, this is how scare it is”, and if this is the truth (about the secret world including Media & Politicians etc. using a secret IT-network not leaving any traces), it is indeed scary, and who is guarding Media & Politicians if they do wrong (?), and yes Media & Politicians self making their actions secret, and “scary monsters” is what this is really about.

I used the left cross trainer again, and was surprised that I was able to train so hard that I burned off 526 calories and it came after a slow start as usual because I am really not feeling very strong you know, but I received more strength from the New World on the other side of darkness during the exercise, and yes it was tough to come through all 30 minutes.

During the exercise I received new and MUCH darkness coming to me from right, and yes because of my decision not to stop the journey as long as there is more darkness, so therefore we will keep on our journey and not stop it this evening, and yes using my old rule really, and no I will not stop before everything is 100% even if it means that I remove my own personal sufferings.

To the right of me is a walking machine, which makes much noise when it is used, which I really don’t like, and right after this new darkness was released to me, a man started using this machine, and I was given strong negative words from darkness wanting me to be negative about this and this man wishing him the worst, and these are still the kind of negative speech coming to me which I have to reject, which is truly difficult to do as you know, and that is even though I do not like the noise of this machine, so while I was fighting with these feelings and pressure inside of me knowing what was right to do so doing this as usual, darkness made a scene where this man somehow got his towel inside the running band of this machine making it jam/stop, and I had to say that this was NOT my wish, but this was the strength of this darkness as a game following my wrong “wish” even thought I rejected this.

I was shown a spiral just in front of my face, where a sick John and my mother fearing about his life are, and I was told that they are at the last level just before they will be opened up, and I was shown how darkness enters this spiral and how it is turned around by my mother and John, and also about how this darkness does not want to terminate, which it is afraid of.

I was told that we rather did not want to let my inner self enter the basement of our New World because I fit best at the top, but you had a solution on this yourself (making the “dead Indians” work as out new top level of the Pyramid). And I thought that hopefully these new inventions will make it possible for me to sleep (better) now.

I received a short explanation by my spiritual friends that they are our spiritual inner selves also of darkness – as part of the Universal rule (of our Old World) to give what we receive – and I was told that the strength of nothing makes us feel like nothing, and yes I don’t get this now, because I know that darkness and light were not able to see each other so how can it be that the same spiritual friends can be both light and darkness at the same time and yes one being divided in a negative and positive side where one side does not know what the other side does and the dark side is only about “feelings”, and yes this might be it.

When changing my clothes, I heard a boy telling another “use your brain”, and the other boy answered “I have none, it sits down here (private parts) or behind”, which was really to say that darkness does not think, but uses its strength to give wrong sexual behaviour, which is what is leading to destruction – and I wonder how darkness has been speaking to me (?), and yes I don’t understand it fully, but we are coming closer to this one too. 

Sometimes at the swimming hall where there are many boys, I see how most of them completely forget to think when taking off their shoes before entering the “barefoot area”, and this makes most shoes stand in a mess like this, and yes how difficult can it be to behave correctly and place your shoes nicely (?), and yes this makes me think and that is every single time.

How difficult is it to place your shoes neatly (?) – which most children cannot do today as seen here from Helsingør swimming hall

I was told that we have now created communication between the new top floor of my new self and darkness still on its way in (maybe as “feelings”?), which is removing nervousness of darkness and I was told that this will also reduce my sufferings, which truly was much less most of the day today.

John is clarified to die and now says goodbye, but I have ignited a small glimpse of hope and faith in him

My mother arrived at 16.45 where we had agreed to visit John on Hillerød Hospital before we would visit Sanna and Hans afterwards, and when we arrived it was clear that he did not feel well at all, and yes having breathing problems because of his heart is only oxidizing a small part of his blood, which also makes it impossible for him to go for short walks for example to the bathroom, and John was still brave, but he could not help letting go a short while crying, which my mother did too, and yes of course, there is no doubt in their minds that John is now dying, and it is indeed impossible to save John via healing when not even the hospital gives him any chance to survive, and yes his heart can stop at any moment – he wears an alarm measuring his heart rhythm, which will give alarm if it stops – and furthermore he still has cancer in his bone marrow, and the doctors have given him half a year to live and yes if his heart, or kidneys maybe, will not give up first, and yes this is a man only being kept alive because I have said that I don’t want John to die, so this is how healing works, mother, but not easy to understand for neither you nor John because “what do I know” about these things, which the doctors know much more about, and eeeehhhh don’t they (?), and yes I am not happy to be at hospitals, I have never been, it makes me feel uncomfortable, and I do not like to see when John is having breathing problems thinking about the risk of him dying in front of us – and yes you never really know, Stig – and darkness put a pressure on me wanting me to accept John to die, which I could only repeat that I do not want to happen, and it made me think of the towel episode of the swimming hall and I wondered if there is a risk of losing John even though I have asked to keep him alive (?), and I can only continue doing my best work to decrease the power of darkness, and this is really the key to everything, Stig, because this is what is making John survive too.

John normally does not want to have visitors at the hospital besides from my mother, and here he has accepted and even invited me and my sister, and of course also his daughters and siblings to come and visit him, and I understood that this is really his way of saying goodbye in case he will die now, and yes he is mentally clarified about dying now even though he would like to survive, and I told him “if there is anything inside of you believing in more between heaven and earth, this power will help you – I am not afraid of what will happen”, and he said that he will take everything he can get, and later in the evening I was told that John was thinking about these words I gave him, and can it be that John underneath his strong darkness has a tiny bit of TRUST in me, which he hangs on to hoping that this force will keep him alive (?), and yes isn’t it amazing that we are transferring my inner self based upon the lowest degree of faith in me from John, which may include my mother too and for that matter my father and Kirsten too.

After the visit, when we drove to Hørsholm, I told my mother what I had told John about “more between earth and heaven”, when she had left the room for two minutes, and by “mistake”, she called me for John and not Stig, and I smiled at her telling her that “you do know what is making you say wrong names, right” (?), and yes my mother knows/remembers from when she kept on using wrong names calling me for Niklas, John etc. and others for Stig etc., which happened very much around 2007-08 as I remember it, and I have now said nothing for a long time about my spiritual experiences to my family but here I told John about it, and also my mother and yes even though she said that she did not know what I meant, and when the same happened again later, which Sanna also heard, I smiled and said “I wonder from where you get this”, and yes this should be enough to make her think too, and we know “what if Stig really is …” or is it “can it be that his spiritual friends can help”, and something like this is going on in their minds, which is helping them and also the transfer of my inner self.

I came FREE of MUCH darkness holding me down for years and transferred “a Star Wars fleet” from darkness

I felt this afternoon how pressure of darkness was leaving me making me think that “I feel good”, and that is better than ever since the voice/coat/duvet of darkness starting its try to take me over in 2006, and yes since darkness has been so strong killing me constantly so I have been completely down not being free to be myself, and I wondered if I would be able to be more free, outgoing and humorous together with the family this evening, and yes also in Kenya in 2009 I did not have one single second feeling free, but was also there CONSTANTLY about to be broken down restricting me much, and yes we met with Sanna/Hans, Tobias and Mia (being sweet hearts again) and also Isabelle (Niklas was on his way home from Poland), and even though I was not 100% free both mentally (darkness letting go on its grip constantly attacking me) and also not speaking 100% pure without difficulties, I was more free and speaking with much less difficulties herewith automatically making me speak, joke and laugh more than what my mother, sister and family have seen for years, and that is because I felt like it with darkness leaving me, so even though I am not entirely free from darkness, it still came to me all evening, but now more as giving me a little (sexual) torments or questions really while they were busy moving things, and when I asked “no thank you”, they continue being busy, and they were busy because of the development of my mother and John having “some faith” in me – and also Karen as I am kept on being told, and that is because we passed her apartment on our way home making me think of her, and this made her think of me too can “can it be that Stig is … “ – and when my family saw me more outgoing than for a very long time, this also helped the process, and yes Stig is feeling better, and did they think that I am getting out of my “mental disease” myself (?), and it may be.

My mother told about the seriousness of John’s health, which made Tobias leave the dining room because it made him very sad, and yes he is a very sensitive chap and much connected to John, and I was told that he has also been thinking much about me too, and yes it made the family speak about John as almost dead, and it made my mother very sad, obviously.

After my good start feeling good, after a couple of hours, suddenly tiredness came like a hammer almost hammering me out, which in itself was so strong that I was about to give up and I was asked if I wanted to stop the game, and no I do not, but I tell you that it was NOT easy feeling like this, but after maybe 30-45 minutes, this extreme tiredness left me and I started speaking again after taking this break. 

My mother spoke shortly after hypnosis, which she does not have the courage to try, and she said “think if you don’t come back”, and this was about the fear of my mother originally to become part of the Source of “perfect nothing” and also fear of life of darkness not to come back.

I was given the feeling of Paul from Stansted and an understanding of why he has had the feeling of me as darkness, and a few seconds later, Tobias showed us “an ugly face”, which was given to him to make me think of the face of the Google Earth pictures of my inner self of darkness being transferred, which is what Paul is starting to understand – “so this is why I felt Stig as I did” (?) –  and yes can it be that Stig is really the one, Paul, which you “could not” understand because of your own better-knowing ignorance and selfishness (?), and yes more “some faith” spreading as this is about, and here I am told “SAGA” again, so there may be some band members there thinking of me too.

I felt how the out of this world pain to my left foot had now almost totally vanished, and I was shown a “cheese twister” with twister being the spiral in front of my face bringing in my new self and cheese the symbol of our New World, and I was told that this “twister” has now been expanded with others too, and I was shown my old friend René as example.

My family still believe I am losing weight – they can see it as they say – and I have not weighed my self for some time, and I do believe that I have not lost (much), but maybe I am receiving less fat and more muscles because of my exercise. And I was told that this is “part of it”.

We watched some of the Voice on TV and Sanna and Hans have a BIG screen TV, which is just like being in the cinema, and when Robbie Williams entered to sing with the contestant, Søs, not an eye was dry and yes this came after my mother and family was very sad and crying because of John, and this was truly a roller coaster in terms of emotions, because my mother truly loves Robbie Williams almost more than anyone when he sees him and of course only when he sings one of his beautiful and “not too noisy” songs in my mother’s mind, and here he was singing “feel”, which in my mind is among the most beautiful of his songs – no. 2 after “angel” really – and yes it literally made everyone shout with joy, and yes it came after my mother had drunk more than a bottle of wine this evening, which also had an impact, and my mother kept on saying “FANTASTIC” – just like Britt Bendixen from “crazy about dance” – and everyone was thrilled, and yes today opened for incredible feelings of my family so this was truly about “FEEL” – thank you Robbie 

And it continued when we watched Danish Music Awards where some VERY talented Danish musicians were singing some of Thomas Helmig’s (the king of pop of Denmark) songs, and you have to imagine that these songs are “national treasures” of Denmark, and when we watched the INCREDIBLE talented Mads Langer sing Thomas Helmig’s “nu hvor du har brændt mig af” – one of the biggest hits of all time in Denmark – the whole room of my family was shouting with the same joy as before with Robbie Williams, and yes I was thinking and saying that I see reflections of Prince and others in this young man, Mads, when he performs.

We also watched a little of the conductor competition “Maestro” where famous people conducts a professional, symphonic orchestra, and Tobias asked about the importance of conductors believing that they were not that important, and I said that if the conductor does not get the rhythm etc. right, it will be impossible for the orchestra to play, and it made Sanna say that she has tried to conduct an orchestra, and I was thinking of her as the business “type” of “dictator” – deciding over others as most managers do – and this was to say that you cannot make the orchestra of life work when you dictate and control other people.

There was also a “theme” of Maestro this evening, when they played the fifth “fate” symphony of Beethoven, and this was the final ending with “Lykke” (“happiness”) from the DR1 TV series of the same name, i.e. the actor Mille Lehfeldt, winning the show, and to her surprise she was asked – without preparation – also to conduct the last piece of music of the final, which was the “Champagne Gallop”, and this is how we went through our “fate” to be able to celebrate at the end, and you can here watch the Champagne Gallop from this show and also see the Tivoli Guard being part of it, and yes Tivoli is still the symbol of “paradise”, so this is really what we are celebrating the forthcoming opening of, and Tobias said “think about how the sound is inside that room”, and yes the beautiful concert hall of Danish National TV, and this was really to ask “think about how it is inside Paradise of God”, and yes you will soon know too, Tobias :-).  Later: And this is really what “Avalon” is about, which is to reach the inner room of God inside the sponge. 

The final of “Maestro” playing the Champagne Gallop celebrating with the Tivoli Guard after coming through the fifth “fate” symphony to the Paradise of God

My mother and sister were “good up driving” as we say here when people almost get out of control, and it included much negativity about people we saw on the TV, which was “far too much” for me being sufferings I had to go through telling my self that this is wrong to keep my negative voice down, which is still there, but “less” and “further back” and less aggressive you know, and instead I was given a feeling of my new self, and of being light, which is really not a bad feeling at all, and this is only starting and only in glimpses so far.

I was told that now there will be no terminations of our New World. Late in the evening, I received a STRONG pressure to stop the game now, which is really close to make me stop, but no, I know what is the right to do, so we continue playing – which made my actors say with relief “whew, we will not melt after all” and I was shown Nazi’s melting in the cave of one of the films of Indiana Jones, and then I received some pain of my body, and felt and was told that a whole Star Wars fleet entered me, i.e. our New World, and yes the result of today, and I was told that this was because of incredible accumulated darkness of my family including Tobias partying/drinking his life away, Niklas using his money on himself – he has big savings too as I learned (!) – and Isabelle being “incredible happy” having received a genuine Rolex watch (which is approx. 5,000 – 7,000 USD!) from her parents, and yes no one had in their hearts to help/support me and my LTO friends, which was killing us, but still saving us you know. 

Yes Stig we are going further and further back in life, which used to be, which I understand is not in good shape, but this is what this evening is about, a little bit of trust in me and the family seeing that I am coming back to my old strength, and yes making it possible to go even deeper, so this is what we do.

I was told that because of tonight, we have succeeded to transfer most of my inner self through the swing door. 

I was shown the settlement of Indians and the colour of blue, and it was located in the middle of a stream, and I was told that everything is still there and I felt that this is about removing the water of the stream symbolising sufferings. 

When I started writing the last part of this script after midnight, to my surprise I received approx. 20 minutes of the STRONGEST physical approach of darkness around my private parts, which is truly NOT nice, but it disappeared, and I continued writing on this script until 02.30 with headache because of tiredness/exhaustion and at this time it was now impossible to continue working, so I decided to continue tomorrow not to destruct myself completely. 

I felt/heard distance darkness say something like “so I will not miss the airport”, and I understood that we are now lifting up the world in phases, which will help doing the last work. 

And my thought was that I could make my family understand that this is “only” a “game” using their feelings to the extreme, and also that I could tell my mother or sister – or father for that matter if you are still alive (?) – something like “please remember what I tell you now, there is NOTHING to worry about, everything will sort out fine, and you will understand in not long how all of this was a “game” to save the world and create our New World”, but no, I cannot say things like that because this is what is making me “crazy”, but of course because everyone don’t have to know to be sure that this of course if “nonsense”, right Sanna?

Ending the day with these short stories including “I lifted the sword of Excalibur and now open the portal of Avalon to the Island of God (Paradise).

  • I still receive these, and only bring some of them in my scripts, and “education” of Klaus and my sister – and the entire world – is what this is about, and yes Mandela is one of my HEROES too, and you might understand what this means, my favourite song of all by the good, old, God you know, and yes Nelson, we are coming out of the shadows together with the light you know :-).

  • It seems that Alex, my “dear friend” from Scotland, who “lost his faith/mouth” almost not daring to continue speaking to me, and yes that he is also possessed by darkness disguised as light making him “blind” as so many others.

  • Yesterday I was inspired to use the word “fax” (“telefax” in Danish) in the line “We don’t have a single old telefax machine left, Stig, because we will not use old equipment in our New World, only “state of the art””, and today Henrik spoke about the number 140 being magical in communication of young people because it is the maximum number of characters in text and twitter messages and then he said “will anyone please send them a FAX with the rough information what happened after they bought their Nokia 2110”, and this is to say that systems limiting people to only communicate shortly are systems of Hell, and yes see how a whole new generation has been “destroyed” – without knowing it – because of the world and these systems encouraging people to be short, quick and superficial, and yes signs of the Devil it is, and “fax” is old fashioned communication also not working in our New World, and this is still what Henrik uses, so darkness is what this is too, Henrik. 

  • The Danish Government/Parliament have just decided to lift the “fat- and sugar taxes”, and the MP Benedikte from the Conservative – who lives in Helsingør and wants to become mayor here next year – thought it was a pity that the Government finances this via increased taxes, and I decided to tell her that this was not very “fat” (i.e. “cool”) as politics and politicians in general are not when they work as dictators of the world, which is “completely impossible” for them to see because “we only want to do the best for you” and yes BRAINWASHED en masse they are, so I told her that the light is strongly on its way to bring also her a new heart and vision, and symbolically the removal of these fat taxes is to say that we have removed all darkness of the world, and you do remember that “fat” were what we would cut off life if necessary, but no, everything survived, and yes there were many passionate people commenting on Benedikte’s post including herself, but no, no one “could” understand, like or comment my post, and yes this is truly what is a pity, and we know there were “too busy” and preoccupied with their own thoughts, see?

  • Kim asked about Obama “isn’t he just beautiful when he expresses his feelings and drop a tear before camera”, and yes this was also my thought, and his is about Obama being proud of people, but also a natural feeling of his after coming through incredible hard work. I liked MUCH your words and focus on the lives of other people going to do well and do “amazing things”. Thank you for what you did, my friend, YOU TRULY COULD :-).

  • My love for the song “Marathon” by SAGA planted itself with Margrehte who said that “Claus Hjort’s wish to save 65 billion DKK reminds me of a man in a hammock dreaming about running a MARATHON”, and here it was to say that a VERY tired man, who would have liked to sleep in the hammock instead ran a MARATHON, and yes this is what inspired Margrethe, and this is about a long journey to lift the sword, which only one man in the world can lift, and the sword has mythical power to save the world, which now has been lifted as it will be revealed to the whole world soon, and yes this is about King Arthur’s sword, and I was the only one being able to lift it making King Arthur a symbol of me, and the sword is as you know my scripts/communication to fight darkness of the world, and I was the only man being able to work as hard as I did to lift this sword, and yes simply to write my approx. 7,000 pages or whatever the number is. 


  • Later in the day I understood that tomorrow is about activating the “portal of Avalon”, so this is why I was inspired to write about “Avalon” above (!), and no, I don’t know what it means other than I have started feeling much better today, but still we are not there, because I still receive darkness too. You can read more about this portal here, which I have not done myself (yet), because of much work.

  • Helena said that Søren Pind had called her saying that she is “only” a Jutlander – referring to Sherlock Holmes having saved the world from destruction, you know – and apparently he had asked her “do I really believe that we are going to save the whole world” (?), and yes incredible what people will write without knowing it, and yes, the answer is YES, and we have already done it, and that is ALSO because of your “fate” to act as darkness, Helena and Søren. 

  • Rikke said that she was annoyed coming from a family never having celebrated “Morten’s evening”, where we traditionally have duck in Denmark, and that is because she loves duck, and when she said “I want duck”, I gave her one of the old and beloved Donald Duck cartoons, which I spoke to my mother about the other day when seeing one of these on TV, and yes both John and I still love these cartoons, they are classic and among the best, which is, and I gave this to her with a smile, so she could have the duck she asked for, but no, Rikke has “fear” of me, is that the right word to use (?), and no, do not have “fear” of me under any circumstances (!), and this meant that she “could not” comment or even like my action, which is the “good old Stig” as she sees because this is how I have always been, Rikke, which normally made you smile in the past, but not any longer when you “know” about who I am? And yes SAD is still the right feeling. 

  • Brian sounded like a cat (of light) when bringing this beautiful song by the Pink Floyd man, David Gilmour, and yes because we are coming to the island of God, which you may call “Avalon” or “Bornholm” for that matter, so this is what his inspiration was about. 

  • Helena has such a desire for Robbie Williams that she would be unfaithful with him no matter what, and no, Helena, this is of course WRONG to do.



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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