November 12, 2012: I am now inside Paradise of God feeling the light while continuing to receive more life from darkness


Summary of the script today

11th November: I am now inside Paradise of God feeling the light while continuing to receive more life from darkness

  • I had a difficult “the day after” having been on my ultimate level, and I was dreaming of darkness wanting energy, turning around darkness of me, partying/celebrating while still receiving more darkness and sexual torment, and armed forces terminating life.
  • Karen is becoming “the guardian angel” of our New World.
  • I went inside the room of “the sponge” of God, where there is nothing, but then I was shown one house and an area of houses and understood that this is Paradise of our New World, which is what I am given the first glimpse of. I have now returned home after having cleaned and brought the Old World inside here as our New World. And it is from inside of here that “the actors” have played the game with me, and if I lost it, darkness would enter here destroying it making everything start all over again.
  • I receive the WORST and strongest feelings of desperation and giving up, which come from my mother taking John’s sickness VERY seriously, which in periods are killing me but also what makes the twister work to turn around even more of my inner self from darkness.
  • I was MUCH surprised to receive 15-20 times the GREATEST out of this world pain to my right ankle making me jump up in pain, which was more of my inner self turning around because of the sufferings of my mother and family working as the twister.
  • I was asked to stop watching “too sexy” videos even though this is not what I am looking for, but I accepted, which made the spirits of my mother and father come out of their cover now deciding to show me the New World instead of rubbing it our and wait until Christmas.
  • My mother and Karen had been created as one, and we had to go back to before creation to sort this out and make Karen into what she was really intended to become.
  • Short stories of Lykke speaking about darkness of people without faith and Jens “clapping when we score”, Muslim countries have decided not (yet) to have faith in me, darkness of China, it was truly a ”close call” to save the world, and please do not expose details of your sexual life with the public.

12th November: Implementing “nothing” of God in my heart making me become “everything” as well as the human Stig

  • We are building the new top floor of the Trinity of the Pyramid, which is the smallest, but still the greatest, of everything, and we are putting our names on it.
  • Dreaming of bringing Preben almost no shoes of life, I continue working only with the greatest difficulties because of my continuous sufferings.
  • I was shown gold and precious stones everywhere inside the mountain of God.
  • We are unpacking the bar of God coming out of nothing from the basement, and the alternative would be for your mother and the world to bleed, which I was close to doing because of my behaviour watching “too sexy” videos. The dark side of the spirit of my mother is being dismantled and is now about to enter our New World inside perfect nothing of God.
  • Karen is “the Goddess of love” now being corrected inside of my heart.
  • The Source was suffocating because of darkness around it the same way as John is gasping for his weather with my mother coddling (too much with) him against his wish, and when I told my mother to stop this, it also improved John’s breathing, and as a consequence he was sent home today making my mother happy.
  • I was told that in order to continue doing the last setup without terminations, it was required that I do not watch films including female breasts, which I eventually accepted, which is now bringing in the last furniture from darkness.
  • Darkness could not kill life/light, because it could not read the book of life and also did not understand that it was part of it itself thus making it impossible for it to kill.
  • It is first now that “nothing” of God will be implemented in my heart making me become “everything” as well as the human Stig at the same time.
  • Short stories of Lance Armstrong answering back that he is CLEAN, the worst darkness of oil companies was turned into light, the flood of Venice is a sign that something is wrong, “Gangnam Style” is a celebration of our New World, the Trinity is celebrating and bringing joy and happiness to the world, armed forces were ready to overtake the world bringing totalitarian regime supported by main media such as CNN, we are uniting the Trinity inside the Source, and one of these days I will be free from the chains of darkness that bind me.


11th November: I am now inside Paradise of God feeling the light while continuing to receive more life from darkness

I am now inside Paradise of God feeling the light while continuing to receive more life from darkness

It was difficult to finalise and publish the script of yesterday – I had one of those days where I was almost broken down making it impossible to work after the toughest day yesterday (and before that), so it is first 18.45 when I start to write the script of today, which is not that long making it possible also for me to come through today, and yes almost as designed for me, this road is.

I was told that the most important of all was to continue the game and my work and NOT to become negative.

I slept poorly again – from 03.00 to 10.30 – as I have done for some time and I cannot write down my dreams because I was so tired that the notes don’t make much sense, but it was about an envelope and a mistake (to make sure we save life), money and Acta (darkness wanting energy) and to set up my computer, which has caused difficulties. Also something about “nothing more to wish for” and seeing one turning around records with the question being if I have the courage, and yes we will keep on the game to turn around even more of my inner self from darkness, and did you expect anything else?

During the night I woke up to SAGA and “Only time will tell” and the lyrics “I keep waking up to something new”, which of course was with a smile. I also had a dream of my mother landing with “4,000 times geared salted meat”, which she is afraid is not good, which I know about, and I woke up later with SAGA again and now it was “on the air” – another master piece of this band – with the lyrics “I wanna be miles and miles away”, and we are really “on the air now”, which is my inner self inside Paradise and when I want to be miles away, it is from darkness, but no, I will NOT run away, but face it so you are still coming with me all of you!

I also dreamt about partying all night long and still I received WRONG sexual temptations, I met my old friend Lis from Stansted, who decided to stop sightseeing in London as far as I remember because she stopped seeing me, and I was shown how a VERY LARGE aeroplane crashed in London, which was followed but other aeroplanes, which is about the darkness of armed forces killing God and the world, and I was shown how I was connected to a machine via my foot, where the content of my brain is distorted and transferred to another man, and if I remove this connection, it will kill this man, and yes this is darkness soaking out and distorting my life energy bringing this to man, and there was also a code, which I was not meant to see, but I saw it and I said “this code is no threat”, and this is the code to releasing all life from this darkness, and this is how the dreams were written today because I am truly VERY tired and VERY tired of writing/working.

I was told that this is something as unusual as a guardian angel, which has not existed, which we have just created, and a “guardian angel” is what Karen and I promised each other to be in 2005, I believe, so this is about what Karen will become and yes let us guess that it will be in connection to our New World being the guardian angel of all people :-).

I was told that being in here corresponds to enter a giant store and there is no one there.

Darkness told me – even though it only feels (???) – that we will never again have a child then, and that’s right my dark friends/actors.

We are still inside the room you know with the feeling given to me that we will wait and see what will come out of it.

I was told that you have started a whole forest again, which was not feeling good when being “stone dead”, but only on the surface of course, because inside of Paradise, everything grows again based on its original life.

I was asked do you remember your very slow breathing (?), this is what this is about.

You have no idea which creature will come out of this, it is like there is no one but still who or what is that coming there (?), and yes we have not decided yet, and yes Stig, this is the room inside of the sponge itself, this is where you were “doubling” up, and you have decided that everything is to be good/positive without darkness, so this is what we will continue doing, when we will just install some cables here and there, and yes to make sure that we are careful not to start the whole Christmas Tree too soon to make this and yes theoretically of course not become part of our New World too, but this is really how it is. 

So we did not have to create an entirely new bridge after all (?), and yes to make him there come with us too (?), and no because you decided to do it without having “true faith” of your closest family/friends etc. in you, but still there were enough cracking to transfer my inner self through their darkness. 

I was told that a small thing like waiting on my new bicycle from Preben is also making John “sick” and yes because of his and my mother’s “concerns” of Preben cheating us, and isn’t this incredible funny (?), and yes these are the words I receive from my actors, who simply cannot make them self continue sending us darkness for much longer, and yes Stig, your sincere hope yesterday was that John – and my family – will now start becoming better, and when I have started feeling better myself from yesterday, this should also mean that John will receive a miraculous cure, and yes mother which is “impossible” to do via “healing”, right?

I was told that after reaching the island of God, you can now open to the New World when you like to do it. 

It feels like continuing to cut the hair of a bald headed person, and creating what ever you feel like or what is here (?), and we will see what will come to us from this place, which is not there, but still is so much here.

So we were willing to blow up an airport to get inside of here, and as I understood it, this is what you did, but it’s all coming back to me now.

Well, it isn’t from inside of here that we are playing this game with you, is it (?), and yes Stig you decided to come home bringing all children of the world, and this is home, this is where we are (inside “nothing”), and you “just” had to cross a couple of dangerous oceans on your way, so now you are here, and what will we do here, and yes do some more creation (?), and what do you think (as one says to another) and yes we will see. So we knew about a world without energy etc. all along, but had to play the act which darkness laid upon us. 

I still receive darkness in periods still almost breaking me down, but most of the time it is less than before, so I have opened the first part to the island of God and still fight darkness at the same time. 

Later I wrote that I still receive negative voices coming to me, and if I am about to give up because of MUCH tiredness also today, I feel love around me as another force saying “no, don’t touch him, we love him”, and this force is so much stronger than darkness now, but we are still playing the game the “old fashioned way” making this love/light keep in the background. 

In periods I receive the worst feelings of desperation just around me with the strong feeling of “giving up” and that is to lay upon the floor crying/screaming – the same feelings also leading to termination as I am told – and it takes my strongest will to break out of this will trying to bring me down, or well, not that difficult really, because if it only a thought/decision to “pull back” and out of this feeling coming to me, and I am told that it is coming from my mother, and yes it is MUCH stronger/worse for my mother than everyone else having to look forward to a life without John being alone –  as she thinks –  which is COMPLETELY impossible for her to imagine making her think of destruction herself, and yes what is lifting her up (?), and that is me – and my sister of course. 

I went to my mother this afternoon bringing her the car, which I rejected for her to drive home from me yesterday after driving home from Sanna, so I sat her off instead, and my mother has now washed the panels of the dining room, and I hung up pictures, and Bettina’s Søren will help to mantle the dining table, which he also helped her to dismantle, and this is about the dining room of our New World being setup, and as you can tell, it will take some fine tunings of the New World before we are all done. 

I was shown an opposite golf strike – turning the iron the wrong way – in front of me, which I have for days. 

I was told that the spirit of my mother expected me at the end where there was a little light because the other end was hermetic closed, so this was the road we choose, and yes to bring everything with us herewith surprising her.

I received more strong darkness coming now on my edge again wanting me to stop the game and transfer, and at the same time I received the feeling of love also being present.

I was told that Hans is thinking of my Facebook posting below of my new script and about me being “normal” yesterday and what about this script (?), and is Stig crazy or normal (?), and yes “only time will tell”, and I am receiving heartburn here because of him, as I am told.

I was told that burning/melting to death – as the Nazi’s in the Indiana Jones film – is also what Boris Jeltsin thought would happen at his death bed.

Isn’t it just the farmhouse you have cleaned, and yes Stig, what is inside of here, and yes a whole Paradise as it once was is about to become visible to you (I see a larger area with more houses), and is that what we now call our New World after having transferred everything, which was outside of it, and yes it was, welcome, but first you have to sit down, and take off your dirty boots don’t you, and no, I will NOT relax, which by the way is what my mother continues to believe that I have time to do, and yes I don’t even have time to read the paper everyday, and at the moment I receive the newspaper of BT and yes this is how life still is, and I have no intentions to start relaxing now, when there is more work to be done, because there is still darkness of me which we have to bring in.

Do you know how much “Malaga-sickness” you received (when going there twice in 2006/07) (?) and yes a whole world of darkness for you to carry on your shoulders to prepare our New World, this was the meaning of these trips. 

I was told about my old Stansted friend Renee, and clairvoyants now starting to see you clearly, because when I am entering this place of our New World, what do they see and feel, and yes my face as God, isn’t this marvellous (?), and do you think anyone will contact me (?), and probably not.

So you are nothing else than the luggage carrier (?) as someone here would like to know?

I was told by God inside of me that I have all of the time had a deadline of darkness feeling it coming closer, and yes Stig, when darkness enters Paradise, it hurts so much that we can only do one thing, which is to start all over again, so this is what we have kept on doing over and over and over again and right until now, when you decided that I will NOT let darkness destroy us again, this is what it is about. 

Can we dry your name with Michael Laudrup (?), and no I don’t think we can.

Cant you help filling this bucket with black paint and help me kill everything (?), and this is how it works when darkness enters here, which is about WRONG behaviour terminating man and the world man every single time, and you really could have decided to do right, to make everything survive, but you “could not”. 

I was told that now he, i.e. me, has to be able to smell the snaps soon, which is what this nothing of darkness is about (?), and yes Stig, you are everything and nothing yourself and have always been it, and you were placed in a life not knowing about this but simply being a human being, but now you are back, welcome home. 

And yes this is why you were the only one being able to do as you did lifting the sword and writing your scripts, and yes because even though you are a normal human being, your inheritance was still attached to you including the feeling “I will NEVER give up”, so there you have it, and that was not least to take on all disgusting feelings of people misunderstanding you. 

If you had decided to go on Safari in Kenya as example (instead of working), you would still have had a chance to make it if you accepted sacrifices/terminations of man and continuing the game to enter here with everything, and yes deciding that everything is to be light, which it already is when you enter, and yes because you decided not to give up, but that was a detail, and now let us get some coffee …. 

So it was myself downloading such a sceptre tank of darkness and yes Stig, you allowed the opportunity for creation of darkness and yes you could not imagine this happening in your wildest dreams, which you have regretted for almost an eternity of time, and that is what you changed with the new creation in 2011, so this is now what you are returning to, and yes a New World without darkness only keeping what is good meaning that all memories of our dark presence has been erased.

I was shown how a cable of darkness called “we will not forgive you” was removed, and this is about continuing to remove darkness hooked onto us, and yes via the connections of the spirit of my mother to the world via my ankles (instead of being the Source). 

How come I (and Obama) am still sleeping poorly and John, my mother and others are still dying, if there is no more energy (?), and is it only our New World, which is without energy (?), and yes I am not clear on that one, and this is also because I was told that you cannot do as you did from your own energy, which is why the whole world gave energy. 

Isn’t it strange that there is no subtropical climate when this door does not open correctly (?), which is about God figuring out how darkness evolved.

I was told about darkness coming in that it is a little bit like looking for a house of God, which can overtake a house of darkness. 

I was told that the reason why Belgium became famous for abuse of children simply was because of darkness of the European Union having its headquarter in Brussels.

It is the fear of termination of the spirit of my mother, which your mother has received and is experiencing these days, this was the worst darkness you had to cross to come through, and it is this fear and lack of faith in you, which is giving you your sufferings, and yes because of original lack of faith of the spirit of my mother in “perfect nothing” of the Source, and this is essentially what darkness is about.

I was told that the “twister” around me keeps improving and also that if it did not “you would not be able to bear this”, and then I was given more physical touch to my private parts – done by my spiritual friends as actors – and told that this keeps becoming stronger, so more heavy furniture on its way in. And this was the strongest of everything I have yet received, and yes it is about my mother being DEPRESSED to say the least here at 20.25 in the evening, and these are the feelings she sends me at the same time as I cannot continue working, and when I cannot absorb more than what I do today, this will have to be absorbed by the world and yes still to keep John alive as example, so this is about being strong mother, and when you are not, you are breaking us down, but of course you know that, but you don’t know the importance of your feelings to me and the whole world.

And I was told that it is also your mother’s extreme sufferings, which is bringing in more meat to our New World, and yes part of the “twister”, and I was given the taste of bacon.

At 20.45 I was surprised to receive another ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, which came together with a feeling of darkness of nothing now trying to take place in the right side of my head bringing me much headache.

I have started receiving more reliable information about people and their thoughts/feelings in relation to me – also about darkness coming to me sent by whom – and I received the feeling of Karen and how she likes to be free of me, and yes as long as you keep misunderstanding me, Karen. 

I continued working until 21.30 receiving a pretty strong pressure to continue working in order to absorb darkness coming in, but this was it for this evening, and no I have no plans to publish this script before tomorrow.

We are not jumping over Egypt, it is more like how we enter it (depending on the work I do). 

I received the GREATEST out of this world pain when more of my inner self was transferred from darkness

After this work, I received the strong request of wanting to remove the connection to my right ankle, and I said with conviction that I have absolutely no knowledge about this, so you will NEVER get me to approve this, and one minute afterwards I received a new 100% pain making me jump up of my chair, this is how much it hurts, and yes normal pain can NOT be compared with this, and it continued 15-20 times while I limped on my foot back and forwards in my apartment continuing to say “I have NO attitude about this” in order not to become negative and also saying “welcome” and I was shown a dark spirit of the hall, which is myself, and I was told that this is the turn around of the next part of me collected via my mother’s sufferings and the twister, and I saw it become yellow, and yes while it was happening, I was told that “we are sorry having to do this to you” and later “now it is almost through” and yes it seems that there is still much heavy furniture going through this twister, and yes I cannot express the degree of this physical pain, it goes way beyond what anyone has ever experienced in their lives. I also believe I was told that “this is the whole world”, which did not make sense to me.

Ten minutes thereafter I was told that it is exciting to see if I will also receive the same out of this world pain to my left ankle now, and if  understand this correctly, I will not, because my inner self is bringing luggage and material for the new top floor myself.

Some minutes thereafter I was first given a cough by this darkness entering me where after I felt it circulating in my body giving me a nervous feeling about what will happen. I was told that there was also a piece for the spear of the Unicorn.

I received more feelings of my dark self in my stomach, and I was asked for permission to destroy everything. 

I was told that the only thing, which can now bring terminations (of the game) is if you become negative, and yes the game is very much on-going feeling very real when the Source lets us continue.

It is also with this power from terminated, now recreated, life that your mother’s love is coming from/strengthened.

I was told that “it’s got to be the most fantastic” with a reference to my wish, so the first we open to for this darkness is love, and I felt the next entering me and was told that we take it in in layers.

Well, isn’t it funny that the state of Denmark has been kept entirely off the competition being an image of the world, and yes I may not have written this clearly before, but this is what Denmark is about, an image of the world for me to receive the impulse of the world in my everyday in Denmark, and yes Denmark has a population of below 0.1% of the world population, and yes I understand that it is not only my family/friends etc. but Denmark being an image of faith and attitude of the world, and that is if I understand it correctly because I do believe that faith is very weak here, and below world average, but maybe not when it comes to the cleanness of the hearts of people, and yes in this respect too.

And yes, Damian (an old GEFI colleague from London) heard about you and was also shocked, which changed the whole power structure of the world, and this is how I have made an impact not only on people, but the world through “special friends” of mine placed highly in the spiritual hierarchy. 

I was told that this work of transferring my inner self is done with the removal – or maybe decrease – of my mother’s fear of becoming “nothing” when dying bringing her some faith via my reminder to her yesterday about the existence of our spiritual world or rather spiritual friends.

I was told that the plan of darkness was to bring me my “old nightmare”, which would have removed my private parts (!) turning me into a woman to become the dark side of spirit of my mother as the Devil – in spirit after death as I understand it – because of her wish to complete the creation of her house becoming “God” without knowing that surrounding darkness reaches and destroys us every time when she is on her way home.

And it is now about retrieving the spirit of my mother again after she has helped bringing my inner self in, and now the game is that if you cannot do this, it will kill your physical mother. I was told that she sent all of her love to get me. I took notes of this information during the evening sitting in the sofa, and I was going through a new tired crisis not being able to keep my head and eyes up, when I received the information to mix her with equal parts of the spirit of my mother and something about Clark Kent to make Superman. 

For some time I have decided to be STRONG by continuing to look at beautiful ladies on the internet with the aim to find “natural look” without becoming “too sexy”, but my problem has been that the most beautiful in my mind – I still do this because of receiving the greatest hormones of any and not having a girl friend – unfortunately also have made “too sexy” videos, and I have tried to sort the worst away, and to abstract from those being “too sexy” but not “too much”, and I have kept telling myself when I have seen what is wrong that this is NOT how it is to be – even though it could have been MUCH worse – and this evening I was told with a low and serious voice that this behaviour imprisoned the spirit of my father, which required the spirit of my mother to send out all of her love, and I was directly asked “will you please stop”, and after some time reflecting on this, I decided that it is true that I have watched “too sexy” videos (without wanting it really), and it is right not to do this and not only to think of this is wrong (when trying to find what is “right”), and I was told that it is amazing that you have continued in the game coming to here, which is only because this is what you have asked us to do (“perfect” you know). 

I was told that we may come out now (?) and finish it all, and if you cannot, Stig, we cannot cross new barriers with this behaviour, and I was asked by the spirit of my mother from darkness if we can make this agreement, and I said yes, and she told me that this was why she wanted to destroy her own access via my right ankle, but now we will repair it because there will come more, and I heard “do you believe we can trust in him now”, and when the answer was yes, I was shown the spirits of my mother and father removing their cover because we are right here otherwise you would not have seen us before Christmas Eve, and you would go through a much worse road leading there. 

I was asked around 23.30 if I can write this chapter and stay awake until 03.00, which will make us able to transfer this – I saw the next – and if not, it will be tomorrow, and no, work was impossible for me to do, but somehow I crossed the worst disgust and took one paragraph at a time, which made one follow the next until I did all of it, and maybe I will even be able also to publish this script before going to bed. 

I was told that my behaviour watching these too sexy videos is what creates darkness self, and now with the agreement to stop, it is what we mean by yourself deciding when to start the New World when you have finalised your work – and I added, when there is no more darkness and no more life to transfer, and then I was told that there is no more darkness except from yourself and this transfer did not make any terminations, and yes again we will see what happens.

Did you not see him out of prison (?), yes we would make a new short term prison here and base further development on the dark energy, which you would send, and we would make your mother believe you are lying (about spirituality) using this negative energy too when not believing in you. And all of this made me confused about which way the world is turned right now because it was the whole world turning around before as I was told, but on the other hand, everything else feels like right information, but my actors are so clever that they can make me believe anything.

I was told that now we don’t have to rub out anything of our New World – make it invisible to us – and I was shown a road/path leading into the forest, and I was asked if I want to see, and yes when it comes to our New World, I would like to see every little thing of it :-).

I was shown an open sofa table with a bottom inside of it and shown white and black game pieces inside there and shown a MUCH larger life looking down upon this, and I was told isn’t this how you see it (?), and yes I do and that is if the vision about all creation only being a blood drop of a full body is correct, and you may add that everything else – maybe 99.99% – had to hide inside “cells of sleeping life”.

When sitting again at my computer after midnight, I was hit STRONGLY by desperation of my mother entering me from outside also wanting to bring me in despair breaking me down and I also received the feeling of Karen.

I was told that my mother and Karen had been created as one, which is what I have received “indications” of for a long time and here I was told that we had to go all the way back to before creation to sort this out properly to make Karen into what she was really intended to become.

I was given a little pain to my left foot and hand and was told that this is now a game to avoid terminations, and this is about whether or not this darkness will be able to hit my heart, and yes some of it went in, and what about this and this and this, and yes Stig when you keep on working, you are helping to bring us all in, which this is about. 

I was told by the spirit of my father that this was the last chance I received before turning the game around.

I felt Karen coming to me from right, and was told that this is to make everything perfect. Yes, Karen was used as the ultimate weapon for you to fall in love with, and what about her rejection of you (?), and yes your mother had foreseen this so if you made Karen yours, it would still be herself you fell in love with to make her dream come through. 

And finally at 02.05 I had published the script of today after all, and yes this was not part of my plan/expectation, but it was probably to my spiritual friends.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The Red-Green Alliance and the government entered into agreement on the budget today, which made Lykke say that “not an evil word about help to “lord-less” dogs and a circus education” and then she wanted to have options to improve export, and the lord-less dogs and circus is really about the darkness of the world without faith and/or wrong behaviour. And Jens also spoke of the budget calling Johanne from the Red-Green Alliance a “clap hat” not matter what she does, and a “clap hat” may be the only hat, which I don’t see as darkness because this is what you use to celebrate when scoring a goal making me/us win. 

  • For days, one of the “warmest” stories here has been about a housing association having had a tradition for years to buy and set up a large Christmas tree, but this year, the majority of Muslims of the board decided that they would not use 6,000 DKK I believe on a Christmas Tree even though they had used 60,000 DKK on an Eid-celebration, and today when TV2 visited the notoriously violent area of Kokkedal, where this is, the Muslims attacked the crew smashing their car, and yes I was told that this is to say that I don’t have much support/faith from Muslim countries because your faith in Muhammad is so strong that I am not to come and tell you otherwise (?), and yes this is also what brings me the “warmest” feelings inside of me when being at my ultimate tired limit, and yes “warmest” is NOT positive here, which is what you also believe that I am not (?) – not being able to see that this is what I really am – and I was told that because my mother don’t have faith in me with her awakened mind as the one, this means that official Muslim countries still don’t have faith in me, and yes how crazy can you be my friends (?), is this what you are thinking of me too without being able to see that you are the crazy people yourselves?

  • This was Mads trying to be funny bringing pictures from the Lord of the Rings, and it is really about me now coming to the Paradise of God where I can hardly see anything yet, and that is because of the darkness I am still given here symbolised by China being the ring of darkness.

  • This is from where darkness came from, and as you can tell it was truly a ”close call” to save the world, and you cannot imagine just how incredible small the margins where, where one thought – if I had accepted it being THOUSANDS of times easier than to reject it millions of time – could have changed the outcome of the game. And I was told that isn’t it funny that Isabelle as example would have helped you if it was not because of the negative influence of Sanna on the family.

  • The famous Danish singer Anne Linnet has written a book including her sexual experiences being together with more than 1,000 women in her life – as I remember it – and this is making headlines here, where “sex sells”, and my comment is that I do NOT like people to tell details about sexual affairs, it is WRONG to have as many sexual partners as Anne has had and please do not exhibit details about your sexual life, this is private matter between you and the partner(s) in question – and this is when it comes to matters of sexual character, but when it comes to other behaviour of the past, I kindly ask you to be open, direct and honest about what you have done.


12th November: Implementing “nothing” of God in my heart making me become “everything” as well as the human Stig

We are building the new top floor of the Trinity of the Pyramid, which is the smallest, but still the greatest, of everything

After midnight, I was asked do you want to borrow a set of Coca Cola’s (?) and received the answer no I don’t have any containers (of darkness) for it.

So you are now free to come out of the pencil case, which would have become the last of our lives, Stig, which would not make you feel good but “like s… from a shovel”.

Yes, you can now write our names on the house – the Trinity – how far has he, i.e. me, come (?), and I see two very interested souls in my work now being lifted up again on the top floor of the pyramid, which is really our new home, but you would not see it before it would be too late, which is what we would make you believe in again. 

We would have been sad showing you the wrong movies while we were continuing our preparations behind it, and I was told that we could even give Jette wrong Google Earth pictures removing her faith in you, and I wonder why Jette is not uploading more pictures, which I would like to see and also now does not read all of my scripts as she used to do.

I have started receiving the taste of Christmas – food and the “atmosphere” around it – which is because of my own rebirth coming close.

With on-going work we are now on our way to open the next portal, which is the 12th December (?), and hereafter the final one the 21st December (?) so is the portal of Avalon the first 1/3 of the Trinity which we have opened now?

It is Nefer (my old Aon colleague, and now at Willis) having the gift for our entire journey and now she is doing the last part of the packaging of the gift.

We have portrayed a new lung for your mother with the feeling that my mother’s lung has been close to collapsing again.

I heard the spirit of my father saying well, of course you are welcome here, where do you like to stay (?), and yes we have brought our own admission ticket, and I was told that I would have been made to believe in my sufferings and feelings of darkness in my legs would mean terminations. 

If San Marino is the smallest state in the world (is it?) and if you can build something which is smaller than what we already have, you are welcome you “dumme Dänen”, and I was told that it is first now that we are starting the build the new top floor of the Pyramid. 

I was told that the spirit of my mother would continue trying to make love to you via Karen but now she will try to stop.

Dreaming of bringing Preben almost no shoes of life, I continue working only with the greatest difficulties

I went to bed at 03.00 and started receiving more information – “this room is the outermost part of the spear of the Unicorn” – and I felt the pressure of more wanting to come in, but I said “no, I cannot any more”, and I fell asleep until 10.40 with these dreams:

  • I have a pair of fine men’s business shoes, which I have used my self once, and given to John, who has used them once too, but could not fit them, and I now give them to Preben, and I think that I cannot continue giving Preben gifts, and I receive a rebuild cycle with more gears.
    • The shoe is about “life” of me and John, which is given to Preben as a very “special friend” too, and my new cycle may become even better than what I thought with the extra number of gears, and I do believe that it will arrive within 1-2 weeks.
  • I am on my way in to a school class, and I try to see if I still can fly, which I can even though it is barely lifting me from the floor. I am hanging up my duvet jacket. 
    • This is about how difficult it is to continue working.
  • Something about being in the sun on a beach connected to a house, and I am asked to move, which is out of the sun. Something about receiving a printer and one of the opposite force.
    • I had more dreams about difficulties to get to the house because of resistance and I also received a song about time is on our side and don’t stop now, which is for me to decide continuing the game and to do my best work under the circumstances.
  • I also remember a dream about more and more people of the audience liking SAGA and a new leader, which is my “secret readers” starting to like SAGA – and also a dream (which first came to me as a memory during the day!) of the late Danish artist Flemming “Bamse” Jørgensen telling me that he does not like Kim Larsen because he is arrogant, and I tell him “but you have played together”, which does not make a difference.

Implementing “nothing” of God in my heart making me become “everything” as well as the human Stig

I was told that we would have exploded with my behaviour – if there was any explosive device of darkness remaining – and I would have been reminded of a 5 to 1 result (with the one being defeat) without being it, it would still become 6 to 0

You have the ball on your side and have removed the “carpet pee’er”, which this is about otherwise you would never have continued.

Think if we had not gone deep enough (to bring out life) and we still would be bleeding. This is the attitude I like you to show Stig (to go as deep as possible), and I said I am sorry, I have gone to my extreme edge, I need some time to take it slower before I can go up in the same gear again.

This morning my the fan of my computer was making this loud sound when I started the computer, which I know that it does from time to time – herewith blocking without starting up – when I receive the most darkness from my mother, and normally I just have to press in the start button for it to resume the start up process, thus also today. And I am so broken down that I can hardly work – I first started writing the script at 14.30 today after a long bath – and I have decided that the goal is at least to continue writing my scripts and if and when I can, I will resume work on chemtrails also doing this chapter, and yes also to do a final read/edit of chapters on my front page and Doomsday page. And I was wondering what will happen when my mother send me so much darkness and I can hardly absorb it and that is via work, so if I cannot take it all, it is given to my family/friends etc., thus the world, and yes just hoping that we will come through the best way possible also without my mother or John dying, or my father or Kirsten for that matter – if they still live, that is!

And I was told that the reason why “nothing happens” is that darkness have no more keys.

I was shown a tunnel in the mountain with an incredible amount of gold and precious stones, and then I saw one dark wall after the other being removed, which we would have blocked for you, and I was shown and told that there is gold and precious stones everywhere now.

I felt how the next layer of darkness entered me together with sexual visions now also including Princess Mary of Denmark (who is coming from Australia), and I was given the feeling of my old school mater Søren D-N (living in Australia) and I was told “neuro research centre related with Mary”, which may be about Mary being the key of “disorders of the nervous system” (?), and yes I have always myself been very confident as one side of me, and in some situations also incredible nervous (towards beautiful ladies, where it was EXTREME, and also often when having business meetings, and every single time in my life making a telephone call to someone, and yes every single time!), and yes this is how I have had double feelings of me, and I do understand that something was broken in our nervous systems (and this is what my dear LTO friends as example of people in the poor world are free from herewith saving you from much sufferings).

When I was at bath, I was told that it is necessary for me to work because it is no good first to finish in January, and yes DON’T BE LATE – this had to come too J – and on the other hand I was told that we can also start the New World now, but no, we have not finished creation of the top floor (!), and please listen to Jim Gilmour on keyboards, who I have often been thinking about too making the characteristic sound of SAGA, and yes I listened to Michael Sadler’s solo album the other day, which is good with him on vocals – he is exceptional – but it does not have the magical sound of SAGA, which comes via the team work of the members (and producers) of the band.

I was shown a face flying into the top floor of an apartment block to move in, and I was told that we have now planted darkness as a big dark tree inside of you, and it is now in place, and this is what we use to build with, and if you cannot …. (i.e. sufferings to my family/friends etc., thus the world).

I was shown a bar being unpacked in the apartment, and it comes out of nothing from the basement, and the alternative would be for your mother and the world to bleed, which you were close to doing. 

I was shown the engine of a large aeroplane not being able to start because of sand, and I was told that this is because of an Arabic state, which will not give up on oil because of money, so the worst darkness is still fighting me.

I was told that “now your mother has died” and I did not know what this was about other than I know that if my mother died, I would become so deeply sad as no one can imagine, and I said that it would instantly make me stop the game, and some minutes later I was told that this is the dark side of the spirit of my mother now not existing anymore.

I was told about the River Seine being the stream of my sufferings as I have followed to come to the city of light, the most beautiful city of the world, Paris, and I was told that this is how it was thought of.

I have been told that the very expensive watch, Isabelle received from her parents, is a symbol of the end of the world, and I was shown a testicle inside ice, which is brought to me to bring everything on place. And I was shown a GIANT golden ring followed by a snake, which is the original gold of the dark side of the spirit of my mother being overtaken by darkness, and this comes to me after agreeing to stop watching “too sexy” videos. And I was shown this dark side of the spirit of my mother being build up light a ring cake but made by snakes, which are now being dismantled. I was told that Fuggi is part of this, and that he stood off the day we played table tennis in 2010 or was it 2011, where I told the truth directly to one of the other table tennis players not to pressure me, which Fuggi believed was WRONG to do without ever understanding that it was this player doing what was wrong losing his patience, and yes I had asked them to be patient. 

I was told that it first started going wrong with my mother when she received an “unusual attraction” to her child, i.e. me, so deep that your sister does not understand, and this was also clue to me to bring my “thank you for last” emails here (sent the 22nd October and  today, and that was because I wrote to her that it was “also a lovely evening for mother, who needed diversion in the middle of all sadness – it takes MUCH on her with John and FAR deeper than you can imagine, and then there is nothing better than to be together with her children”, and you will have to imagine my mother having “100 times DEEPER feelings than most people”, which is making her INCREDIBLE sad and depressed, and yes Sanna does not have the same deep feelings, but I do believe that I have, which came to me after Karen expanded my feeling approx. 100 times, and yes this was my feeling back in 2003/05, and these are the feelings given to my mother to wake up every little thing inside of her, and yes in this respect, there is nothing like sufferings developing you.

I was shown Bo from Dahlberg and his “inability” to read me – because of his laziness – and how this wrong behaviour is soaking in the train into the mountain, which I then soak out by being stronger than Bo and you know the story accumulated with everyone else not believing in me.

I was told tat Karen never unfolded as “the goddess of love” as the spirit of my mother planned her to be, but she became the opposite because of darkness, thus the most dangerous I could meet, and I was given pain to my heart and told that this is first being corrected in my heart now and that is via the publish of this script, and we know Karen has always seen herself as exactly this, but she “could not” use her “force” the right way herewith turning into a prostitute with a massive use and misuse of men, and yes I will make this script too now being easier to work here at 16.10 after a new “impossible” start.

I was shown the darkest train of the spirit of my mother being lifted up by a lift and it is now almost coming to the floor of light with MANY people to which it will connect, and I was told that this is also because of Bo from Dahlberg who today is a LinkedIn connection herewith seeing my updates of new scripts here, and it seems as if the headlines alone has an impact on people.

My hands were “taken over” and showed the hand sign of “stop time” and I was told no, you are time self deciding to continue thus risking John’s life, and yes 100% is the goal and nothing’s gonna stop us now :-).

I was told that the dark side of the spirit of my mother wanted to eliminate all men because she felt that something was wrong, and later I was told that this was part of the end of the world, which is what we see inside of here.

I was told that the Universe felt physically the extreme pain to my right ankle yesterday, and I wonder what kind of physical damages has happened to the Universe, which I will know when I open the eyes of my new self, and I think of “better to take the hurtings now than later” as I was told months ago, and how much hurtings have the Universe gone through?

I felt the finest wine and also the island of Madeira, which is about my cousin, Jan, living there, who may be influenced by his mother speaking about me, and I know that they speak together regularly via the Internet. 

I was told “Tuchsen is not dead in here (yet)”, and who is Tuchsen (?), and is that the living soul inside of this darkness?

Do you want to bet on your mother still standing in the door selling tickets for the cinema (?), and yes to make sure that everything comes with us, and that includes the remaining parts of herself. 

We have to touch you to tell our selves that you are true and we are not dreaming, and yes Stig, you are making everything survive, and just as we had hoped, and yes doing it “the good old fashioned way”. Later I was told that it is about what we are now creating on the top floor of the Pyramid, which we had never thought that we would see, which is instead of flying away and becoming nothing, we have decided to turn this force around and yes Stig, it is about your original self and the origin of life self being on top of the Pyramid, and that is because you decided that 100% of everything had to be saved, and this is what is inside of here, which is what darkness tried to destroy every single time, but no it could not, and why is that (?), and yes because darkness was made of love being part of it itself.

And I was told that he thought that he was going to die because who can survive an attack from darkness wanting to kill you like this (?), and I was told that it was love of the next layer, which kept the previous layer alive, and this is a principle we have kept ever since, and yes it worked all the way back to “nothing” from where we all started.

So we cannot give him more homework than what he decides to take on him (?), and that is without negative consequences for your mother and John – and also my father/Kirsten (?) – and yes because these are his rules, which we have to comply with, and yes as long as there is darkness, I have rules for it to follow.

I received such weak speech that I could not hear it, and instead I was given the feeling of how the dark train of my mother from before enters my top floor – i.e. my head – because it is her power we are using to build this the last room on top of everything, which we are now close to finalise, and what will we do afterwards, Stig (?), and yes check to see if there is even more darkness, we know.

There is hardly any resistance to you in former Soviet Union which is the most important and fantastic to us because this is the country of darkness self, and yes of the dark side of the spirit of my mother.

And I was given the feeling of Sanna and told that my Facebook emails to her is what is preventing her from killing the last part, and it is like opening a safety box inside darkness gasping for weather when this life comes out, and this is really the reason why John cannot breath, and yes because he is the life inside of here, so the only way to save him is really to remove the darkness killing him, and yes isn’t it funny that the darkness killing John is my mother self, who loves him and has no idea that she is killing him, and yes Stig, when you tell your mother that she is coddling him too much as you also did the other day on the hospital where she showed an exampled that she wants to do everything for John even removing the plastic layer from his food, which was brought in, and I could tell that John was annoyed, and I told him while my mother heard it that I have asked her not to coddle too much for him, and yes my mother knows it when I tell her, and this is really what is removing the suffocating and overprotective layer of my mother, which is killing the beginning of life self without she realising it, and yes Stig when you tell this to your mother, you are also making it clear to the spiritual side of her, which is what is making it possible for us to release the Source from inside of there and yes to place everything on top as it was meant to be from the beginning, and yes isn’t this amazing, and he is just telling her what is on his heart, which no one else would be able to do, and yes this is how it is to live here with the name Stig, it brings obligations.

And I was given a feeling of nothing going through me, and I said that this is nothing, and then I was given a strong and sudden cutting pain to my heart and was told “what about this” (?), which was not nice at all, and I felt Sanna too together with a new out of this world pain on top of my right foot (as I understood as the most inner part being released), and yes this is darkness being released from your sister too sending it to our mother, and this is what is making her overprotective/kill John. 

I was told with a serious voice that you are home within one week, and when I did not feel sure about it, I was told about the 22nd November where I know – according to the monk of the Jerusalem UFO you know – that all parts of the Trinity will have united, and that is in 9 days from now, and yes pretty good prediction I must say, and this is what the strong pain I received is about, and I wonder if I will receive no more pain now or if the greatest pain of all is on its way, and I am given a mark to my right ankle which is really the game, and yes do I have to be afraid or not?

I spoke to my mother on the phone and I was very happy to hear that John has returned home, which I could also tell that she was, and yes he is not having the same serious breathing problems as he had, and we know here, mother, because we have started releasing John from the strings of your dark side killing him. She also said that Bettina and Søren helped setting up the furniture etc. in their dining room before John came home so this is now perfect, and yes for my mother it means everything to be able to have someone like John and me to cook for – and to make other people HAPPY is my mother’s TRUE nature – and I received the beautiful song “midnat i Europa” (“midnight in Europe”) by Thomas Helmig, and that is because I like it much, and when I said this the other day when we visited Sanna and Hans, it also made my mother happy, because this is how I am when I love music, which spreads to them.

I was here told that it was my visiting John the other day, which made him being sent home today because he felt better.

I received a message from a spaceship, which I am constantly told and not “UFO”, and I felt darkness at the same time and I was told that the most incredible is that there is nothing in there, and yes we have now been through everything and we only exist because of God’s thought. 

Late in the afternoon after it had become dark, I cycled to the swimming hall and I was happy to see blinking “spaceships” welcoming me when I came out.

And right here at 22.20 I received an 1/3 out of this world pain to my right heel together with the feeling and vision of a screw driver drilling a hole to get in, and I was told by the Source that this is truly not nice, but I forgive you because you did not know what you were doing. 

I felt stronger today at the cross trainer and decided to start on level 11, higher than before, and to work out harder from the beginning, and what I had NOT at all calculated on was the game taking place the next 15 minutes where I was asked from my right not to watch videos with female breast exposed, and what was now this about, because I have set the “recommendations” – previous rules – myself about what is good sexual behaviour and it is so deep inside of my foundation that women have the freedom to show their breasts at natural places like the beach and at changing/bath rooms for example at swimming halls, and I was in doubt about whether or not to accept or reject this, and my first reaction was to reject this because I could not see any “trouble” at all to look at what is a natural part of the body to me, but this is about filming what are also “private parts” of females and that is in relation to sexual activity and I would be sad to see this on film spread to the world and yes Stig, you are still doubtful when writing this because what about natural scenes of films when you wake up in the mornings, and yes waking up is what this was about because after having done the first 15 minutes of the cross trainer having this LIVELY discussion inside of me with my spiritual voice and receiving strong darkness wanting me to send darkness against this voice, which I of course rejected – really not very easy when potentially “losing it”, but no I kept being sane not doing foolish things, Bryan – I had burned off 272 calories on my way to set a new record, but this discussion ended by me being stubborn not immediately accepting what I was told and then I was told that “if you cannot finish the exercise, you know that you have lost”, and yes this was a reminder about what I have always told myself during the years when running, which you know was really very difficult for me to do, which was for example that “if you do not run 20 or 30 minutes without stopping, you will not have deserved …”, which was really my spiritual voice speaking to me for years via my thoughts without having a direct spiritual voice, and here I felt how my “inspiration” to exercise started leaving me and one minute later, I decided to stop, the exercise had become too difficult for me to do today, so there you have it, and yes I was told that if you want to keep female breasts as sexual attractive to men, this is connected, and yes not to film and watch breasts via film, and yes this is what I am told and also that it was impossible to wake the last Indian without doing this, so this is what I eventually accepted – after my first surprise – to do including to delete everything of this kind saved on my hard-disk (which made my voice to the left of me ask “can I now start bringing in more furniture” (?), and yes this is how it was connected – and later I was told that there is now no more dark train of the spirit of my mother because of this because I am now “clean”) and when I do this, this is also the inspiration, which our New World will receive.

And I was shown darkness at the end of everything having the book of life in its possession, and I was told that darkness cannot read it because it is light, but when darkness enters here on its way “home”, this is what triggers the end of the world and a following Big Bang as it has happened almost an eternity of worlds before this. 

On my way out I heard a lady in the front hall speaking with the voice of my old girlfriend Camilla when she said “gross”, so this is what Camilla also believe I am for “misusing” her when bringing her in my scripts.

I was told that the stubbornness when I did the cross trainer is also the same stubbornness when I decided that I would NOT lose weight stopping to eat cakes and drink wine for that matter – today I drink half of what I did in Lyngby – and yes I will NOT do what is unnatural, which turned out to be the stronger feeling of you, and again I was told that the reason why I saw too sexy videos was to help making me go as deep as possible into darkness, and yes using myself as tool too.

Afterwards I went to the Prøvesten Shopping Centre, where I could not avoid the temptation to buy blue cheese (this is how close we are now to the end of my journey), and I was happy to see a UFO flying only a couple of hundred metres above us – but people don’t look directly at it and simply takes it for an aeroplane being much higher up – and I was shown two big and two small white lights on it and only one small red light saying that there is not much darkness remaining, and it put on its white light extra powerful blinking to me when it noticed that I had noticed it, and I was told that this is “hugs from your mother and father”, and yes making me happy to see, and a few minutes later, a UFO – and yes easier for me to write than spaceship – was blinking at me at the sky and I was given the feeling of happiness and the words “tralala” and this is also how it is to be Stig when people are happy around me, and yes you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

But first you have to finish the script of today, which you are struggling with here at 23.00 where it is VERY difficult to write because of almost a cramp in my arms/fingers of tiredness.

I was told that when John has received nightmares and feelings of spirits next to him, it is because they have tried to steal me from him, and also that this was the last residence of evil spirits and that is also because of my mother and yes their lack of faith in me.

I was told that one guess on what went wrong in the original creation was that the spirit of my mother was not old enough to do the creation.

I was asked “who will have the hash pipe”, which is including the Source inside of it, and I was told “him there”, i.e. me, and I was told that darkness did not know that the Source of nothing is darkness self making it impossible for darkness to destroy it.

I was told that my mother truly only wants the best for other people – this is how she is deeply inside of her – but her surroundings are influencing her making her take wrong decisions and become negative (for example my sister, and also the Danish community in relation to her view on not helping my LTO friends as example), where I do the opposite, and this is to say that my physical mother is as my spiritual mother, which is the kindest woman in the world with the biggest heart but the world self is making her negative and giving her frustrations, which is because creation went wrong. 

Nothing of God is everything, which is what we first now implement inside your heart making me somewhat nervous about how easy or difficult this will be, and yes doing the impossible to become both everything and the human being Stig as part of everything at the same time, but we do believe that it will work out, and this is only done because I decided to say yes today at the swimming hall, otherwise we would have had to terminate life, which would be recreated later. And when this is done, we can remove the last curtain, and I was furthermore told that you will decide yourself how much work to do, and that is of course kind of you and I would truly like to finish in “good style” also doing the chemtrails chapter, but it will also not be today because I will NOT work the coming night, which I am too tired to do, but I will stay up for some time, and who know, maybe until 03.00 or 05.00 and see if I can sleep there.

I was also told that we cannot enter here, i.e. the Source of God, without everything being alive, so this is now what we are. Later I was told that if I lost it now, everything would still enter – including terminated life – which would be resurrected here, and I was told that we have now entered with everything, we are at home (behind curtains), so there is really nothing much to terminate now, except if we had played a game you mean?

I was told that God has endless patience, but this was the last time to make the world come around, otherwise he would have started a whole new creation (with the same life).

It is directly from here that you come from, and yes it was I fertilizing your mother – via my father as I understand it – so this is how God as the Source decided to help the world, which was to become a normal human being via me to do my best the conditions of being a man, which was to show that it could be done because there is nothing wrong with creation itself, but what was then the reason why the heart of it broke (?), and you might want to ask the spirit of my mother that question?

When I did my “favourite set list” of SAGA, I comprised 55 songs into 20, which was difficult to do leaving out many great songs, but the most “painful” to leave out was “time’s up”, which I decided to include today now making my favourite list consist of 21 songs, which is such a nice number which equals three times seven, and this is to say that “time’s up” really and I wonder if it is first the 21st December that our New World will start (?), and if it is, this may be the symbol of it.

I was told that there were plans of darkness (of USA and/or Russia and others too?) to enter my door and also to kill me or maybe to entirely “remove” me as if I had never existed removing everything of me – also on the Internet – because I was a thorn in your eye?

I was told that when I “a long time” ago wrote that the video tapes collected by the police on Frederiksberg when I was caught in the act recording in 2005, I believe, and afterwards when searching my home, that these could break me if they came to the knowledge of the world, there was a break in at the police station of “darkness” to secure these tapes as the tool of darkness also to get rid of me maybe using these tapes against me if necessary?

But of course it was no problem defending against plans of darkness as long as I did not give in mentally to darkness attacking me herewith becoming darkness myself. 

And did they not know who you were (?), and yes they did, but still there were forces wanting to remove me because it was not everyone believing in me because their faith in themselves controlling the world was stronger, and yes I am still only writing what I am told, and nothing else – none of this is “made up”, everything is 100% accurate to what I am told, but “my problem” is that I don’t know when it is the voice of light or darkness speaking herewith making darkness of people believe that I was crazy when it was their own darkness speaking lies through me, but you do know this by now.

During the evening I still received the voice “no, you are not welcome” and pressure to make me decide saying this, but no, NEVER!

I was told do you know who stands right outside the door (?), and I was given the answer that it is the spirit of my mother who wants to enter, and yes Stig, when there is no more darkness of the world, she is allowed to enter, and here I must be speaking from the view point of the Source.

This is here you were born, and I was shown hay in a stable, and I was also told that this is where we put the (few) bottles of wine, which is the world today giving me the understanding that this place of the Source is SO MUCH BIGGER than what we have created today, and yes we are going to get much to do when creating “everything else”.

When I was coming close to the end of the script of today, again I received physical touch to my private parts and much darkness including marks to my right ankle, and I was given the riddle if the Trinity is really four with perfect nothing of God being the fourth of this with the spirits of my mother, father and Son of the created world as the three, and yes this might be, but I understand the Source as the spirit of my father as part of creation so far just in a much bigger version, and this brought down the darkness/sufferings.

I have not made any lunch pack to you, so don’t be surprised when you enter here, because I am truly ”nothing”.

I was told about the “12 intestine finger” of my mother, which we also got out, which I understand was ”her big reproduction ability” as darkness to destroy the world, and this was removed with my decision to remove everything of “female breasts” from my hard-disk together with my work of today herewith coming one step beyond, and yes almost removing all “madness”, but not here, because here they are once again, and yes Stig, just receiving a story like this at 00.10 still having quite a lot of work to do is NOT easy to take and NOT easy NOT becoming negative and this is how it has been all the way and yes there was only three, and you were about to write “not” also a fourth time, but no, so there you have it too and yes more help because of this.

I was told that it is first now that the spirit of your mother is starting to see that the world was not built on sexuality, which she decided to introduce, and this came with the feeling that God decided to be flexible accepting this after cleaning it.

I was given more marks of darkness to my right ankle to make me afraid of receiving more pain, and when I did not take this seriously, I was told what the hell will I now waste my time doing?

I was told by darkness that maybe you can get my football boots already on Monday (the 19th November). 

I swear that I just saw myself inside of there, and no this is also not how it is, there is “nothing” inside of there (but the natural presence of God), and it is nothing having made everything.

This dark side of my mother kept on awakening and she was told that everything was based upon another part of her, i.e. me, being quicker to work than her and yes to do all necessary changes before she had mobilised darkness to come and attack and kill me. 

And yes it has taken hard on “the film school” to be able to continue being darkness sitting here watching you work to finalise everything and that is without breaking out showing you ourselves as light, which is the same as I feel towards my mother and John simply telling them the truth of me and them straight out.

I was told that part of the problem of Lama’s is that they come out bringing advise to the world learned from living inside a “secret world” not knowing much about the true world outside, which is what has caused many problems on both sides not understanding each other. 

We did not have one more egg to …., but no he does not know that, so we were allowed to continue as if there was an egg, which let us know that God was following our every move helping us to come home giving us extra motivation and power.

I was shown the OMD album cover “Crush” upside down, and told that you would have crushed me if you had done only one single thing wrong (if darkness had overtaken me), and I here receive the taste of cinnamon, which is much about “Christmas” here, and let us here take “la femme accident” from this album, which is one of my true favourites of OMD – it is IMMENSELY beautiful – and after I met Karen in 2003, this is the song I connected with her, but still I am so in love with her, and yes we are here in 1985, which is the best music year ever for me together with 1982.

Finally at 01.30 I had finished the script and published it, and yes a long day of work it was.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Lance is playing his game to show the world that he has NOT given up on his seven Tour de France wins, which was wrongly taken from him because “he has to be a doping misuser”, but here is his answer – do you get it (?), and I was shown what is now only a light red school bag, but it was strong darkness removing his honour when discrediting him.

  • Henrik said that everyone knows how a gold bass look like so here you have giant bars, and this is a commercial from the the Dutch oil and gas company Shell, and this is about GIANT chocolate bars being a GIANT thirst for wealth and not of nature, which they are destroying/could not care less about, but of getting money for themselves, and yes you know the game of the secret world to get money/luxury, power, sex and drugs, which is what was destroying the world and yes looking forward to Shell putting forward ALL OF YOUR ENTIRE ARCHIVE OF FILES or would you like me to do it for you (?), and yes you will have nothing to hide in our New World and yes except from sexual details of course. And this is also to say how we turned the worst darkness to gold of this fish of me and our New World, and this is really about the Julekalender (a wonderful Christmas Calendar) too, which again again this year will be broadcast on Danish TV2.

  • I was shown a car flooded in water and told that the flooding of Venice these days is a sign to the world that ”something has gone wrong”, but we will work it out. 

  • The other day being with my family, I told Tobias that I had seen this photo he had taken of a city bus of Copenhagen, which apparently was in a good mood when announcing that it was driving “Gangnam style”, and when we spoke of it, I was told that this new song/dance, which has more than 700 millions views on YouTube by today (!), is about CELEBRATION of our New World, and yes this is what “dance” is about, so there you have it too. 

  • Dan was inspired here bringing many songs because of the manager of the radio 24/7 has been dismissed, and that goes from the Trio of “da da da” over Holy macaroni (i.e. joy and happiness!) over Gangnam Style to see you later alligator, and yes this is about the trio of the Trinity celebrating because we are saying goodbye to darkness of the alligator.

  • Helena received a surprise on her way back from work with a lot of people blocking her road looking funny and almost a film recording, which is what it was, and yes Helena you may be surprised when you will discover that a lot of people are reading you, and you are an actor too in the game, which you have written yourself and that is your spiritual self.

  • Ida was inspired to find all of the positive F-words as she could, which you know is what I could have done – and did in 2006 before my spiritual voice turned evil – and this is another sign of reaching home bringing 100% of everything.

  • When seeing this post from CNN I better understand why I also maybe 8-10 hours ago received the words ”neuro research”, because these words were a reference to this neuroscientist, and it is not so much about this specific story but maybe to say that I had to decide NOT to be nervous going through my journey and yes choosing the confident side of me, and I am told that CNN as the world’s greatest TV news media – and feeling my sister here – of course is deeply involved in the .. and yes coming overtake by a “peaceful government only wanting the best for man” in order to restore law and order because everyone can see that the world could not itself (climate, economy etc. – helped on the way by themselves), and yes TV news items have already been prepared and were you ready to take over the world “now” my (ladies and) gentlemen (?), but now you don’t have the heart to do it anymore? And this is at the time of the end of the world if darkness had succeeded to defeat me and yes by coming in to the most sacred place of the world, which is what I will open to you and everyone with the end of the last darkness and this place is called “all”, and this is the home of God, where you are bringing everyone. This is the symbol of the dark side of the spirit of my mother almost reaching “home”, which would “overtake” God – resulting in the end of life and a new Big Bang – and yes man deciding to overtake the world – or part of it (?) – with a totalitarian regime, and yes did you work underneath the official world to secure that all countries would become part of your new “world government” of evil (?), and yes just thinking our loud I am without knowing it. 

  • This is about uniting the Trinity inside the apple of God and you do see that, don’t you (?) – also with a reference to the story above and yes you control the world via the media and politicians, but what about the Internet and Facebook, my (ladies and) gentlemen (?), and eeehhh you had not seen that coming (?), and yes that’s why :-).

  • Eric from the SAGA Facebook group was inspired to create this video of one of SAGA’s new songs with lyrics saying that I will be free from sufferings of darkness “one of these days”: “One of these days, One of these days you’re gonna, Shake those chains that bind you, But are you strong enough, ‘Cos it’s been more than long enough, One of these days…, One of these days you’re gonna, Put your pain behind you, And realize that life goes on, And there’s no reason not to tag along”.

  • Shannon came home, and so did I ♥.

  • Jette brought a couple of pictures too.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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