November 14, 2012: Transferring all life to the Paradise of God and lifting it up to a much higher level


Summary of the script today

13th November: Transferring all life to the Paradise of God and lifting it up to a much higher level

  • The world has identified me as “nothing” of God as the Source, and with the use of much darkness of the secret world of armed forces, media etc. wanting to overtake control of the world as I wrote about yesterday, I used the night for the world to use all of my keys to open the gate of darkness to me starting the transfer of life to Paradise of God and lifting all life up to a much higher level. This is what now unites the original broken heart of creation herewith leading to an eternity of light and life. We will not receive an eternity of worlds with different versions of ourselves developing differently, which was how it was going to be as long as we had the Source hiding inside sleeping cells. We will do something which is much better, which is organic growth with the New World constantly developing and improving.
  • I was dreaming about my very poor LTO friends helping to save life.
  • I was told that I needed the key of Niklas to help my family being transferred too apparently without faith in me, and the tool was to ask him to help me repair my laptop, which is symbolising our New World, which resistance of my family broke down in 2009/10. The thought is to let out his love of me through his darkness and the old command from my sister for him not to speak to “crazy” me, and after I sent an email to him, I was told that he is now opening up too, which is making the train continue its journey without the need of any terminations as I was told. Niklas was kind bringing his ideas of how to possibly repair the laptop, which is what I asked for, and his help/love may open the door for my family and for my eyes to see the New World via them.
  • The deepest parts of the dark side of the spirit of my mother included a plan to eliminate all men because she thought that men was the source of evil without understanding that “men” as the spirit of my father was protecting light from herself carrying darkness when entering “cells of sleeping life”, and when she was reaching the inner of the Source of previous worlds, this darkness would destruct all life when it was incompatible with the Source self. This was the content of the Doomsday Weapon – a misunderstanding of the spirit of my mother believing that she was pure and the spirit of my father was darkness, which would have exploded our world too if we did not stop it.
  • Google Earth pictures show darkness still begging to receive energy, a sophisticated lady of the spirit of my mother turning into Hitler, more monster darkness because I am attacking the worst of it these days with the “secret world” having planned to overtake the world bringing a new totalitarian regime, which will NOT take place, and myself removing the mask of Hitler darkness as I do these days dismantling the dark side of the spirit of my mother..
  • Short stories of me being stuck on the escalator without the key of Niklas, telling Helle Thorning Schmidt that I will become “the King of Denmark”, my sister played the victim but was my executioner uniting the family against me, WAKE UP, WORLD (!), and Wilson started opening his heart :-), Helena is completely broken down by a “stalker pig”.

14th November: My sister was the other side of me wanting to create a New World, which could not be created

  • The spirit of my mother had a New World ready without men and sexuality believing that this was the answer without knowing that this was terminating the world every single time. My sister was the other side of me and the new invention of the spirit of my mother carrying this “New World” inside of her, which could not be created, and we are now cleaning this part, which is the original part connecting the world to the Source, and using it as the right part to do the right connection between the Source and the world. All darkness of my sister is now becoming light too, and she is delighted to come home.
  • Sanna was the “worm” made by the spirit of my mother digging inside the mountain of God to locate and attack “sleeping cells” of God, And the true feeling inside the spirit of my mother and sister is that “we love you too and have been waiting for “an eternity” to see the true face of you”, while they were trying to find the perfect formula of life without understanding that they were part of the Source self but expelled because they were bringing darkness. My sister would bring herself in my position as everything in a New World without men, which could NOT be done, and now we use the deepest inside of her including the original gold of creation after cleaning it from darkness to do the perfect connection to the Source.
  • Dreaming of closing down the company of the Old World because it is out of energy, and I should have received more darkness, which however was lifted.
  • All physical touches to my private parts are really not with a sexual aim – as it may have been in the beginning – but because the spirit of my mother knows that I have the key of life, which she wanted with the aim to eliminate man and bring herself up to the top of the ladder as God. We are now going through our final countdown where I still receive sufferings, but she wants to get out, and has been told about how creation went wrong, when she turned into ice when she created what creation did not bring here.
  • I was told that her plan was to cut off the connection to the spirit of my father and use the energy of her own world, so this is what the voice “you are not welcome” coming to me millions of times the last few years is about when she wanted me to say no to the Source, which I had to reject saying the opposite every single time. Karen was the weapon to destroy me and the world with her hate to men – not me particularly – after having worked as a prostitute developing hate to men, which was so powerful that it would either kill me or wake me up spiritually, and it did the last in 2004.
  • I would have become the leader of the New World Order of darkness if the dark side of the spirit of my mother had carried out my “old nightmare” herewith killing me, which would have made me work as the leader being in control from our spiritual world.
  • Short stories about Helena threatening to “publically humiliate” a person stalking her (to bring down Søren Pind and me too?),, Mads was once again revealed as the Devil representing the worst darkness, it required the worst and most dangerous taxi drive in history to give me re-birth, Henrik was part of the darkness about to take over, the pressure on the liars of the Danish Liberal Party increases, better-knowing and ignorant (rich) people would “laugh out loud all the way down in the sack” (of termination), errors on millions of Toyota cars symbolise “life not working”, “special friends” not being “able” to understand me or bring sacrifices prolonged my sufferings.


13th November: Transferring all life to the Paradise of God and lifting it up to a much higher level

Transferring all life to the Paradise of God and lifting it up to a much higher level

We don’t have more strength to carry out beer. And yes Stig, you cannot enter there – the Source – not being clean so this is what we helped you to do finally entering here at the end.

We have now looked behind the broom cupboard and everywhere, and everything indicates that “nothing” is you, so this is where we would like to park if we may (?), and yes of course you may, and yes the most amazing part is that nothing is nothing so when you are speaking with God, it is our voice you are hearing because God is us as everything.

I decided to say again that if darkness – because of me watching “too sexy” videos – are trying a game to hide terminations from me, I ask you kindly to find all of this, and we will NOT start our New World without having saved every little thing, so please help me to make sure that we will not be cheated by darkness trying to make us forget about it. 

I am also finished peeing now. Because this is what we were using wrong sex for, so yes, there might be more “terminated” life to transfer over the coming days, we will see. 

I continued receiving MANY notes throughout the night when I was watching TV and going through a new tired crisis where I at 03.00 again was so tired that I was on my way to bed not in doubt about the need of sleeping here and now, but when I tried to take a nap instead, I was asked to stay awake receiving the feeling inside my head that I would not be allowed to sleep, so one more night going through the worst Hell with almost no Hell remaining.

So it is now 06.30 and I have decided to do my best to do the impossible to write down these notes before sleeping, and we will see if I will be able to make it.

I was shown myself entering a dark merry go around in Tivoli, which is about to be awakened, and I was told that this is how it feels like.

I was shown a purple sofa and was told that we are still working on Karen, who will receive a main role of our New World.

I was shown the spirit of my mother in front of a mail car bringing it perfectly in to its parking place, which is about bringing home all saved life of our Old World to our final destination.

I was shown a socket and was told that you are the only one fitting perfectly, and we have prepared this for centuries, haven’t we (?), and again I was told that you are “nothing”, thus being the Source.

I was told not to sleep and I was shown the Phantom all over the entrance to his cave where we will enter.

We will now await the impact of the scripts, and I was shown that I have received a key at all places I have worked and together with all other keys from my life, I wonder if all of these keys will fit in, which is really to open to the cave of the Phantom.

These are the stories we have brought to the world, which should make it open up to you, and this is the perfect result impossible for everyone else to bring, but since you are here, it is alright for you to continue, and that is because the world has checked your identity knowing that you are the one, which is to say that they took the bait to check me in order to be able to open for this entrance guarded by darkness self, and yes when they know who I am, this is what opens it since it can only be done with knowledge. 

I received an incredible amount of nervousness of not being able to open this entrance and bring the world into “the cave” and this was mainly because of an incredible amount of darkness brought to me – nervousness is one of its characteristics and negative speech trying to overtake is another, which was VERY GREAT this night,  and this was the result of my comment to the CNN post of yesterday after receiving the reactions on it, and yes you will have to tell EVERYTHING you have done and why you did it, my friends.

I was told that we have started inserting the keys, and there is nothing, which the world can do about it.

I was told that the testicle is the heart, which the spirit of my mother wanted to destroy, and by the way, when I was a teenager, one of my testicles would not fall down into the scrotum, which took it quite a while for it to do.

I was told that it is impossible to disappear, i.e. vanish/terminate, and we just have to turn you around too, if we may, and yes light is allowed to do everything and ONLY light, and pop (!), now this is done, Stig, and now we will simply wait for the cycle, and yes will it arrive, which is the insecurity of your mother as a symbol of whether or not the Source will come bringing her a new life. I was told that you have done everything right, but not the last, and don’t you want to redo this (?), and no this is NOT how I play, so I will simply tell you to do things perfectly.

Darkness was INCREDIBLE strong making this night unbearable to go through. 

I was shown a very thick bundle of fibre-optic cables, which we now bring to the light, and so far no one has decided to leave, which is why we will connect all – and that is all life of the Old World. We are using the same invention developing the Nixon-bomb (Doomsday weapon) turned around to connect the right way to the Source for an eternity. 

I was told that you are setting foot on yet another piece of me, and I was shown myself entering the last piece of dark land on a map, and I received thank you for doing this. This is how we help all children to enter Heaven, and this is the secret meaning of your scripts. 

I was told that the spirit of my mother has the whole world behind her, and you were turned around the other day (with the great pain) to receive us all, and yes you can open now at any moment, you are allowed to use the keys, which was for the spirit of my mother and the world.

When I was having my tired crisis, I receive a vision/dream about the queen mother Ingrid bringing Princess Mary and also another royal double together, and something about the royal family receiving too little appanage threatening to bankrupt it (showing that this is darkness too). I am standing together with royals at the beginning of a reception and need to close my trousers better, which is difficult to do because I have lost weight making the trousers too big. 

I was shown the spirit of my mother together with a dog have entered my room making them entirely white with a bourdeax stripe, and I told them to go back to the entrance doing this properly, which I understood as darkness because the main point is that they have now entered, and now the whole Old World will follow them, and this is what before required to show a clean heart to do, but not now when everyone will receive a clean heart automatically. 

I was told that Earth has a capacity of 10-15% of what it used to have, and it has decided to enter and together with Earth also the whole Universe, and I was shown everything ending with a Fibonacci – and I still received “orders” from darkness wanting me to destruct, and yes so strongly that I was on the edge of losing it.

I was shown myself as a boy at the toilet and I said that now I am finished, and not one single came out meaning that we bring all life with us.

I was shown that I have parked close to the Tower of London, and I understood that this is the home of the Source or “the cave” as mentioned before, and I was here in 1982 together with my class from Commercial school in Helsingør.

I was told that you have just opened the door to the world, which is what the first album of Electric Light Orchestra is about showing the original light of the world, which you have received via your Facebook friendship with Bev Bevan and from Jeff Lynne via Bev – and partly your mother.

I was shown much tinned foot, and heard don’t you want to become what you really are, which is a part of me, and yes thank you, let it be, and this is about lifting life up on a much higher level.

I was told that I would have been given a long nose being told that it would be impossible for the world to enter, but since I am now clean myself, you are allowed to enter, and I was shown a video camera on a sack truck inside a supermarket, where the temptation to steal it is too great, which made the world see the sad life and how Stig was revealed by the world self, and this was not to make him happy but to destruct him, and this was used to turn around this the strongest force in creation itself. And I was told that we had not done this without Mads playing a double game in reality helping me and not evil as they know, and also that we could not have done it without LTO – if they had died without my help – and my family too. 

I was shown and told that this house is now secure – I saw it as light – and I was asked “what do we do then” and I replied “follow the light”. 

I was asked when to switch on the power, and yes when everyone is in as I was told – but when writing this down in my script, I do believe that it is switched on gradually and I am kept myself as the last part of me in darkness as long as there is more darkness to be cleaned.

I was shown how cables are brought through holes of a dark shell, which is really the hermetic closed door of darkness, or the cork in the hole leading to the Tower of London, i.e. God as the Source. 

And it is inside of here that everything has been doubled up until now, because now you are coming to your true homes, and here there will only be one of each of you, which is how we have arranged it, and it also means that we will not receive an eternity of worlds with different versions of ourselves developing differently, which was how it was going to be as long as we had the Source hiding inside sleeping cells. We will do something which is much better, which is organic growth.

I felt and was shown life on the other side and I heard the spirit of my mother saying “no you cannot enter”, but this life can hear and see me, and I invited them to enter inside of me in darkness, and this is what they do then because it is fine with everyone else.

This is to reconnect the tunnel of an eternity, which broke at the original creation, which also brought Kermit inside of here permanently under water, i.e. bringing constant sufferings. 

I started seeing what looked like ancient letters coming out of no where, and I was told that this is the knowledge, which cannot be lost, which Janet Parker spoke about here in her clairvoyant reading of me in 2006, and these letters are the code of life, and yes I thought we were existing because of a thought of God (?), but this is what I have reached and am showed by the existence of God of nothing, and I was shown a long line of freezers now opening, and these are the sleeping cells, which in reality in light, which is now also bringing the right spirit of my mother to the world via her son, which she rightly chose with inspiration, which she knows that you receive, and this is because when I spoke to her on the phone yesterday, she once again called me for John instead of Stig, which was the third time in a few days, and yes she knows that this if the power of our spiritual friends.

I was shown the key being inserted in the keyhole to start the whole ship of the Source which we have never tried before, and isn’t it exciting to see if it works?

I was shown a Fibonacci stair leading up and I was told that this is what will happen, i.e. continuous development and improvement of our New World, because a part of creation is constant development. 

I was told that light of the Source made tunnels through the wall of darkness and into darkness to make it easier for life to find me without knowing if this would be dangerous, because who knows what darkness could have invented?

I was told that inside Stig’s most inner self is “nothing, which is everything”, which is where we are now arriving.

I continued receiving STRONG darkness and I was told that the spirit of my mother is my shelves, and I received a loud cracking sound from it, which also included darkness, and I was told that not everyone of the world is thrilled about me, but still I am given everyone a clean heart. This is how to create the world, and I received a cough and was asked if this is what we have decided to remove inside of here, and I do believe that we will remove it before entering and that we will only enter being clean. 

I received an attack of darkness coming from my mother – I now feel who sends it – and it made my telephone switch off, as it does now and again because of spiritual darkness, and there was a game about whether the last darkness would be removed outside or inside the Source, and I decided that it is outside. 

I was shown and told that now this channel is also switch on, and I said that it is fine if you switch on gradually and to let the last part of me, i.e. my awakened self, remain in darkness to remove the last darkness.

I was told previously in the night that “now you can go to sleep”, but at around 06.00 I was told that the right answer was to write down all of these notes without sleeping, do you believe you can do this (?), and not, this is impossible, but I can do my best, and it seemed that it was not impossible at all, but very difficult, and I decided to do this because it would make this strong darkness of CNN & Co. planning a fascistic take over of the world disappear instead of spreading, and it is your work transferring us all, so better using this darkness for something good instead of something bad, and I was reminded of the UFO of yesterday only having a little red light on, which is what we are now removing.

After writing the above, I heard in the 08.00 radio news that an intruder had broken in and stole Tower of London keys the 6th November (!), which of course is a symbol of darkness still trying to stop me entering, but the locks have now been changed and there was no risk at any point as you can see below, so everything should look good from here.

I finished the writing, edit and upload of the above chapter at 08.40.

I was told that this transfer goes incredible fast when I work, and I do this before darkness will start to hurt me.

I have received the taste of an onion for days, and its name is close to “lie” in Danish, and you will have tears in your eyes when cutting an onion, and yes this is what we thought that we had to do but of course only if you could not do this, and yes how uncomfortable is it to receive more speech still being under extreme pressure/stress to write down all notes of the night, and yes it goes beyond description. 

Now we can soon take off the beard and blue glasses, which both goes for my spiritual friends and the secret world. 

You have not lost much of your spiritual voice of darkness – feeling my old school friend Allan relaxing instead of reading and understanding me – and I was told yes, and the work of this night is also helping to set me free.

This means that the Black Maria will never park outside here anymore.

Asking Niklas to receive his key of love, otherwise I was stuck not being able to transfer my family too

After my sleep below, I now continue writing this script at the end of the afternoon.

I received Madonna’s “express yourself” and the lyrics “You’ve got to make him) Express himself”.

What if the world stopped rotating for a moment while you went through the night (?), do you believe that anyone noticed?

I stayed awake until approx. 10.15 and slept hereafter until 15.00 with this dream.

  • I see how Africans have been treated poorly while staying on the worst hotel in Eastern Europe. They have now left without money, and a suitcase only containing a haunch of venison, and no clothes or money. They are now attending a new conference, where they have arrived empty handed not even having paper to write on, but a pen they have. One of them shows me a drawing he has made of an incredible fine line including the number 7. Later I see that I live with poor Africans without job and income in the Savannah, and they have a thin lion as well, which I am potentially afraid of when sleeping, but they say that nothing will happen, and not has ever done before. 
    • This may be about my very poor LTO friends being treated the worst at the hotel – i.e. the waiting hall before becoming awakened as their new selves – and the haunch of venison is to say that their sufferings/journey is saving original life too. The lion may be a cat gone wrong with aggressive tendencies to kill/bite, which may be about Elijah, but this is saying that he is not biting much having “nothing” to live on for his family.

I was told that we can send a repairman but there is no telephone central there, there is nothing here and there and Stig, you have not looked back over your shoulder for a long time, just said “perfect”, so this is what we have done for you, but what is the matter, and yes some poor Africans cannot hurt you can they when they do nothing but wait wait and wait for you to bring normal life (?), and eeeehhhh does Elijah blame you for “killing” them, and yes Elijah is both with and against you.

Yes, the bomb was that great, we had transferred everything on the head, and yes turned it around. Yes, the newest story is that we did not miss anything, but everything had started turning around becoming the opposite of what we are with the spirit of my mother not even knowing about it, which is what we are correcting now, Stig (?) – which to me sounds as a surprise.

We don’t care anymore, because we will be going on a long fishing tour with him there, and yes he is now awake again, but more destroyed than ever after doing work earlier today, so what do we do about him (?), and yes he, that little man, is “everything” you say, so without him we are nothing (?), and yes believe it or not, Stig, we have now built the top floor of the Pyramid, which did not have to take long, so we thought, and to make everyone move in here – and behind these words I feel an not spoken enthusiasm, which my actors hold back.

So the feeling is “awaiting” with nothing much being said to me but with the feeling of a large block of “everything” waiting just outside of me, and still the feeling of light and thin stools around me, and why is that (?), what are we missing, which I cannot do without a new big help from you, Stig (?), and yes you did not write to Niklas yet about the laptop (?), and is it that this is connected with this building, and we are waiting for you to contact him (?) – which I then did, see below.

Yes, this means that we don’t have to exhibit your mother “inappropriately” to get all of her with us. 

It isn’t like that the duvet is connected with Niklas, is it (?), and now we will see if his thinking/ideas alone will be enough to release “the hormones” inside of him, and yes it sounds “crazy” and is terrible with Stig, isn’t it (?), but is Niklas one of the few, who may actually believe in you without saying anything, and we are using this faith to get back on track with the last parts of creation too (?), and yes the only other option we had would be to wait, and yes on you, Stig, and we know you should have done this a couple of days ago, and it was on the list of “impossible” tasks to do after finishing work leaving you totally exhausted, but now this has been done/started too, and yes it is like life wanting to enter me, which it cannot and eehhhh because we don’t have the key via Niklas?

Yes, this is about removing beer from inside of you, which we cannot do any other way.

And what was the destructive power while in Kenya in 2009 – resistance from your family (and LTO) – which made this laptop stop working (?), and yes it is a symbol of our New World, Stig, which you did not know, but this laptop is the key/symbol of making the New World work, and it may work on “faith” so when faith is too low among these people, it means that it cannot run (?), and yes let us see if we can make it work and you may like to check it out in 1-2 days again, if you have not delivered it to Niklas that is?

This means that we don’t have to destroy anything here – I am given a mark to my right ankle – to make it work. Thank you for also doing this, Stig. 

Do we have the key for that cell (?), and no not right now, but our man there is working on it to let us in too, and yes your mother together with Tobias and the rest of your family/friends etc., which otherwise cold not enter when they had no faith, and yes my closest “special friends” are really required to set this up, but I am hoping to do without because it really requires so much sufferings of me and Sanna – for us to “break down” visibly to the family so they can only conclude that Stig is really the one and needs our help, this is how this “chip” is designed, and yes we will say no more until Niklas will bring us the key to open what is trapped in here and I receive a new mark and feeling of darkness at my right ankle.

Do we have other options you say (?), and yes if we use the combined Danish handball ladies and Gordon Ramsey and ask them can you turn everything of my family around (?), and do you believe this can make it (?), and I am given the feeling no, but then again, and yes you never know, Stig ….

Later I suddenly received an impulse of Niklas, and is this strong enough to make it work, and is it yes and not no, and yes the train is now running again, and we just need to get this and that done, and not to make him cross the line as darkness and yes some details here and there, and yes not easy when Sanna does not allow him to speak to me about my “sickness”, is it?

No, Stig, is not that terrible as eeehhh, is he dangerous because of his “kill kill” commands, which of course is a risk of killing family/friends (?), and yes in this situation you better protect yourself by retreating, right (?), and yes you never know, but this is basically what is stopping me, lack of communication, and I hope that Niklas will decide to resume communication answering my email asking for his help on my computer, and yes he has much computer experience and also from the past when working at a store repairing computers, so he knows the business and may have an idea, which will help out.

And isn’t it funny Stig that we can break out of this darkness from my right ankle if required and this is what you ask us for (?), but no you don’t want anyone to hurt, so let us do it this way instead.

And yes, your sister had decided on behalf of the family that you were dangerous and that the family should no longer see you, and this is really how to destroy the creation of a New World when the same people include some of the keys required to make it work, but then it is good that the love of your mother – and also the other family members (including my sister self eventually) – are so strong that it broke down your sister’s ban, and now we only need Niklas too, and yes to break out from his isolation, which I revealed to the world (his sexually sufferings) not making him very happy, and is his love strong enough to offer to help me?

Do you remember how you were given the strongest feelings of HATING music in 2010 (?), yes this was the attack on you of your own family led by your sister.

This was part of the plan of darkness to isolate and really to CRUSH you bringing a pressure on you, which no one could stand, but you could.

And you need all keys, Stig, and also from your father, which your aunt Inge took care of, and the key is called “love” and yes simply for family members to show their love to you, and this is hidden inside much darkness/anger of Niklas, and it should really be enough for Niklas to see that you are not crazy via your Facebook postings and this email, and yes this is how this road is designed, and yes to break Sanna’s influence on her son to protect him from “some crazy man like Stig”.

It is incredible that we are alive, because they are the world, and when they withdrew, it was to remove/destruct the world.

Later I was told “puff, puff” of a train driving and this was it, isn’t this just what we are saying. This is where your mother’s sexual torments are located.

I was told that they have not yet come up from your right ankle – from the hole – but give it 24 hours, and this is about how strong Niklas’ love is for you. So this is about the keys stolen from the Tower of London was about. 

I was feeling broken down again again and was told that we will see how far we can go through this completely impossible road building our New World apparently without faith in you. I was also told that this is from where most of the negative, sexual speech comes from and the force pulling you down, i.e. via my own family and Niklas.

I was given the sign that the that coughing is now less, and this is 1-2 hours after sending my email. It also means that we don’t have to bring pain to my left ankle, this is the importance of this. Otherwise we would have to go through terminations and later resurrections, and when I am almost given up, I am shown the OLD (empty) national stadium of Copenhagen and hear “let us start burning”, but no, you will NEVER allow us to do that.

I was encouraged to play Earth, Wind & Fire symbolising that we are going back to our roots and I was encouraged to play “Serpentine fire”, so here it is.

I felt John Paul II – long time, no seeing my friend – and I cannot even remember the nick name I gave you, but still he was with me, and I was told that this is to open the inner self of me via this opening to my family. And all of this is of course to turn around the last and break the command of Sanna.

I was told “what about UK” (?) and this was the third time over some days that I have been encouraged to write that the last UK Prime Minister to receive information about me from “the system” was John Major, who served until 1997, and this should be the explanation to later Prime Minister’s and governments not having faith in me (?), and can it really be as simple as this?

They don’t have the tower highest rent in the USA, do they (?), and eeehhh I forgot that they wanted to overtake the world, which is what you believe right?

We have not broken the pencil case, have we (?), and yes this is what your family was very close doing, and what do you think of in relation to “pencil case” (?) and yes for darkness to take over control of the world, and this is what your sister tried to do by taking over control of your family being the world against you, and this is what makes a Doomsday Weapon explode but of course only if you allow it because you are the one taking the decisions, which was your key, and yes all of the other keys were spread around you for you to find not knowing what to look for with whom, and this is the last key we are now collecting from Niklas, and that is to regain full control of this powerful spaceship (of our New World) you say, and yes that is because our New World is floating inside a new space called nothing where there are no boundaries and strings where we are free to go in all directions and discover whatever is to discover of findings, which you Stig (!), i.e. God, has placed for us.

We have not shown him how these pictures look like when turned around have we (?), and yes maybe the first will turn around after midnight if you are still awake that is.

We can take the ball and pretend to play even though there is no ball to play with here, and yes Stig, this is to set up everything “perfectly”, and no we offered you to decrease ambitions to come through, but no, NEVER, it has got to be perfect, so this is what we are still doing, and yes crazy/dumme Dänen!

It is like a game of the dog continuing to run into the cones, and there is nothing more annoying to keep raising them off when you really need calm to work.

This is to remove the last of sexual speech/torments given to me, and while doing this, I received the strongest sexual torments/visions/speech given to me.

At 18.45 I felt how the best Italian quality wine – feel/taste like Barolo – spread inside of me, but it was brown in colour as wine, which had turned over, but now returning with the love of Niklas seeing that you are not crazy, and this came a few minutes after Niklas was kind to send me this answer, and it made me feel a little better physically too, which is “less broken” – and he says that it is difficult to repair graphics cards on laptops, which he does not have personal experience doing, he recommends a company I can contact and he says that I can put on an external screen and if it does not work, it is the graphics card not working, and I have tried that and it did not work, so it is probably the graphics cards not working, and yes I am inside the New World but cannot see it because my family cannot make me see with their lack of love/faith, and if I understand this correctly, these emails show the underlying love of Niklas – also to the world – which may be good enough to open up the New World to make me see it and yes I will try to check the laptop if it has repaired itself in 1-2 days – and I thanked him for making good thoughts and shared his ideas, which is really what I asked for. 

At 20.40 I was told that we are now packing down “the greatest sexual torment”, which is the male private parts, which is because of the work done today including the “publish” of this also via Jette’s pictures below. And this is to say that this torments is because of the spirit of my mother’s plan to remove all men as part of destroying the world, and this is the torment now being removed.

This means that nothing fell out of this aeroplane too, and yes I decided to give Stig time to fix it himself, and yes it was part of his plan. And this is what is now removing the potential pain of my right ankle as I am told here with a relieved feeling.

This was the last knot you had to cross, and now everything lays open to us, and yes Stig, we know there might come new difficulties tomorrow, this is what I am used to, but some day it will change of course.

I was reminded that I sent an email to Niklas the 23rd June 2012 asking him to help with “computer signs” on Google Earth pictures, which he did NOT reply to at all and yes because of your sister recommending him not to communicate directly with me, and this was the string broken today, and yes because Stig is not crazy as he could see from the new email today, which was about a “familiar” subject.

At 21.15 I felt a VERY DIZZY part of the spirit of my mother not knowing that she was using all of her strength – and mine and mine too as I am told (with my family playing on the side of darkness against me) – to bring sexual torments to the world with the aim to destruct it, and she is now awakening starting to understand what she did, which is that it was merely her misunderstanding – feeling my mother here – bringing down the world, which the other (normal) side of her loves, and this is what my family did to me, they love me as I love them, but their misunderstandings were killing me when they were MUCH stronger than I, and what do you do when you have to save the world not being strong enough with my family soaking out all energy of me as they did (?), and yes there is only one thing to do and that is to be stronger than all of them, and yes this is what they will have difficulties to believing in – and I feel my mother starting to believe in me (again).

Isn’t it funny Stig that this was the weapon igniting the Doomsday Weapon at the end of time (?), and this is what you are removing and yes not that difficult at all when you decided to do the work.

So she thought that all men were “evil” not understanding that the “evil” was light protecting inside “sleeping cells” from her own attacks of darkness, and this is why all male had to end herewith ending the world when she tried to kill the spirit of my father, thus herself too.

And it is the same killing weapon, which we have decided to use plugging her with all of the world into the Source of everything herewith uniting everything as one whole.

I was told that nothing could really kill you, but this is how it would feel like, but now you are taking the easy and right way in.

I was told that we did not have all the time in the world waiting for you to contact Niklas to sort this out, and it took terminations to bring me time, but this has now been sorted out and I was told that the terminations have now been recreated.

This was the weapon, which would explode at my right ankle making everything inside of it terminate and life starting all over again, and if this would explode now, it would temporarily terminated what remains inside of there, but no I would NOT allow it.

This is how we feel when help reached the Nazi soldiers in Russia in the winters of World War II and isn’t it “funny” that it was the Nazi’s self attacking, who were suffering the most, and this is how it is for my family when they could not enter after I had accepted the world to enter, and yes because your sister had told them not to communicate with me, but with the break of this string, we are now entering too.

So you did not score a single goal at all (?), and not this is how it had to be when you had decided to clean up everything as Stig.´

I was told that we can now do perfect board meetings thanks to this, and at 22.20 I was told that we can now resume the transfer thanks to the love of Niklas, and I still have to reject sexual torments, and also that it would require me to accept my “old nightmare” and where to point the destructive power, this would give, and I am shown Elijah and his family, and eeehhh not easy to communicate with your wife – or family – about me to make them believe (?), and yes better to be silent, Elijah (?), and no, my friend, but this is why darkness wanted me to direct dark power to you to destruct you because of your own wrong behaviour, but no, this is NOT how I work.

I was told that we cannot show it more clearly to your mother in dreams about you being the the king.

At 23.00 I received a very strong dark spirit on the way to me, which was my sister inside darkness asking “can you accept my apologise” (?), and yes of course I can, you are welcome too, and yes turn around and enter as darkness, and yes this is what we will start doing now, and yes Stig, there will be NO WORK this night!!!

And how do I feel these days (?), and yes as if I am broken up in two as I am with one part of me being in light giving me a good and positive feeling inside of me and the other still inside the worst darkness bringing everything out of me, so both/and is really the best answer, and this evening I received somewhat les pressure from darkness, and just the pressure receiving notes all of the time having to write them down, is truly the worst, which is killing me too.

I received a feeling of my sister at my right ankle warning me about the pain which will come, and yes when turning you around too (?), and we will see if you are right.

I saw how my sister was kicking the football to me and is this all (?), and yes showing that she has decided to stop playing the game with me, and yes because she also wants to become part of everything, and you are welcome my friend :-).

And I changed the content of “sexual behaviour” of my behaviour and work and Media & Politicians websites “recommending” man NOT to take pictures of and film nudity including female breast, and this was why I saw my sister kicking the football to me.

This is also what has made your mother bleed – at least partly – for you to have accepted this as part of your old rules, now recommendations, but now it is also changed on the website.

When there is no more carpet pee’er we dare to move in to the front hall, but don’t expect anything more than you have already seen, which is nothing you know and it is both with … and :-).

I continued working all day until 00.25, and will now take a break and see if I can fall asleep sometime during the night, now that the threat of my sister/family to explode my right ankle is now less or not existing.

Google Earth pictures show monster/Nazi darkness, which I am removing the mask of

When I first saw Jette’s Google Earth pictures below, I was told  yes, couldn’t we have continued making the world bleed (?), and yes we could, but you would not allow us when you decided to finish your work completing your 360 degrees tour, and yes Stig remember that the most important is to bring in everything (which will be repaired inside the Source), but we might as well do our best job, so this is what I will do and yes “under the circumstances”, and this was before I was told above that we have received the key of Niklas too.

As you can see from the pictures below, they show darkness still begging to receive energy, a sophisticated lady of the spirit of my mother turning into Hitler, more monster darkness because I am attacking the worst of it these days with the “secret world” having planned to overtake the world bringing a new totalitarian regime, which will NOT take place, and myself removing the mask of Hitler darkness as I do these days dismantling the dark side of the spirit of my mother.

At the end of the day, Jette brought this picture too.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Brian showed that I was stuck on the escalator going up without the key of Niklas.

  • At the press meeting of the Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt, a journalist decided to give Helle a piece of paper saying “I want to become King of Denmark” (!), and he did not like Helle being prosecuted because of her tax-case, and I received a smile because of the thick symbolism of this man telling Helle that I am coming as the new “King of Denmark” (the world) and your government will hereafter no longer be required, Helle, when our New World Government will take over.

  • Fathi wrote about “today’s giant joke” which is about Israel having committed several days of assaults on Palestinians in Gaza and still Israel complaints to UN over the Palestinians in Gaza and then he says “this is in that degree the opposite world where the executioner plays the victim and where the victim is exposed as the real executioner”, and this is about how my sister’s feelings betrayed here when she “could not take” that I wrote the truth about her (and the family), which made her act as the victim uniting the family against me as the true executioner, and yes this was his inspiration, and Paw compared this with Breivik complaining to get cold coffee, which is the same as saying that lack of love of my family, i.e. “coffee”, also made the monster killer of Breivik as the symbol of killing the world. 

  • Joachim is “appalled” by Denmark diving on the prosperity ladder of the world and “appalled” is also about me, Joachim (?), and he said: “WAKE UP, DANES” and that was to wake up politicians to do “necessary reforms”, and to me it was to say that they cannot (!), and this is about WAKE UP, WORLD, which is soon coming, you know, Joachim? Carsten said that some of us are awake and shout and scream everything we can, but are only accused to wanting to introduce “American conditions” whatever that is, and I will tell you, this is about me “shouting and screaming” to make the world listen and understand my plan to introduce “American conditions” with the kind of love as Jacob Holdt shows in “American pictures” (excluding his sexual behaviour).

  • Wilson started opening his heart as you can see from above, but still a man of few words.

  • Helena has received a text message, which sent her right up into the highest, red field when saying “now you succeeded to break me down your nasty stalker pig” and also “the party has ended, I am finished now. Completely. And so are you, you dirty pig”, and what is this about (???), it made Helena remove her picture and all old stories from her Facebook, so is this a “stalker” of the media still following her (?), or is it a symbol saying that I have broken down the darkness, which Helena symbolises?

  • I have lost two more Facebook friends, and one is that a newcomer/stranger decided to leave me, but another thing is that Anne Mette K. from GE Capital Bank, Green Credit and more and yes the irresponsible and TALKING director living a luxury life, and yes that’s the one and feeling Jeff Lynne here I am, and yes much darkness given to me by this “special friend” too.


14th November: My sister was the other side of me wanting to create a New World, which could not be created

My sister was the other side of me wanting to create a New World, which could not be created

I had told myself that I would not continue working after the publish of my script of yesterday, but here I am again starting to write these notes at 01.25, and I truly feel so much on my edge that this is more than difficult to do, and I was told by my spiritual friends that we are doing this work now with a shorter edition of what would otherwise be given to me if I was not as exhausted as I am, but here we go.

I was told that when I have continued saying no to darkness, it was to say no for it to enter the Source, which would explode everything – and it sounds true, but I have first reconnected with the Source in the summer of 2010, so what would darkness have entered before this time if I gave up (?), and just wondering I am.

I was told that the spirit of my mother had a completely new system ready without gender and sexuality and yes this is how we kept sexuality as an invention of darkness, which neither darkness nor we wanted, but this is destiny and how it had to be, so we better get the best out of it now what we have it.

Darkness believed with Sanna in the lead that they had the solution for a much better world, and yes if there are good ideas of this, please put them in the bank of ideas. And this is the darkness, which we have rejected for an eternity because it is based upon the elimination of man and preservation of women.

I was shown a large dark hangar and told that there is a whole new machine (of a New World) inside of there, and what do we do with it (?), and yes potentially making me answer “destruct it”, but no I have absolutely no idea of what is the right answer and I will NOT let darkness self wanting me to destruct this, which is the feeling given to me – and nervousness/disgust too – so I decided to say convert it to light and let it become part of our New World, and yes this is then the key of Sanna given to you, which was about creating a New World, which could not be created leading to destruction, and if you can manage this (to stay up) until sometime tomorrow, then …., but no, I am not going to quit my sleep.

I was shown a beautiful goal being scored against me and told isn’t it funny that we made darkness believe that it was scoring all of the way for us to go through it.

I was told about Fender and Stratocasters being perfect – two out of three – and now Sanna is coming in as a part of my old self as the resurrected soul of Jesus transformed from man to woman but no she could not get rid of me because of my love to our mother and no Stig did not hate but love the family and when Sanna finally realised this, it was the beginning of the end of her also helped by SAGA (my feelings of beauty/love) and Madness too (her feeling of what I was).

Is she delighted to come home now (?), and yes because the truth is that she knows that I work better than her (!), and am not jealous on her business successes, and she has always felt that something is wrong with her feelings, and yes she is not yet ready to speak about this but as soon as you publish this chapter too, it will make the world see it and this is then how it becomes when it is consolidated by people following me, and this is how everything I create works.

I heard her saying “everything will become yellow, and not dark”, and it is first now that we are rolling out her entire world and see what she has come up with, and this is the invention, which we will just have to adjust because surely it will not fit as the access of everything of the Old World to our New World, is this the key they have received (?), and yes it is. And I was told that here is the red sport car, and when you remove the red colour of darkness, use what you can as light. And this is what we would have made a very small explosion to get hold of, and now we have it, Stig, and how much can we attach today and tomorrow (?), and yes you will decide but the recommendation is as usual to do the work now not to waste darkness, and just write this to get it done.

And this is then the original part attached to your right lower leg (connecting the spirit of my mother to the Source), which we detach at the same time as building this new access point.

I was told that this cannot be done without the heart of the others, which may be the spirits of my mother and father, so they may have no faith as their awakened selves in me, but they do carry me in their hearts “knowing” about me deep inside of them being the right answer.

And this is also the force of the spirit of my mother killing John.

I published this chapter at 02.00 believing that this will be the last work of the night.

Cleaning and using the original creation of my sister to do the perfect connection to the Source

And now it is 02.45, and a little more and that is because I can and received a little less pressure here.

Corpse (?), no he is not dead yet, you are part of him.

And the worst is that she has no idea that you are doing this, meaning that she is not on guard at all and that is because of the love between your mother, herself and you, which is given you free access to work inside of her too.

And yes there was the gold lump which we missed for this work, and yes please let me know if and when you see more, and yes Stig impossible it was to bring darkness of your mother and sister to you, but we thought that love was stronger than everything else, and this is then what prevails, see?

And yes here was another part from our original Tivoli, you see (?), and yes it is becoming big now and what you see is a tunnle lane inside the mountain and yes of darkness now driving out, and this is the “worm”, which we have always felt and waiting for it to attack one of us, and yes Sanna being the worm self as the failed creation of the spirit of my mother, this is what she was, and you were our attempt to take her over to the right side again, and if he succeeded, and yes this is to him where the train is driving.

And this is what we have fought for an eternity to do, which is to unite all original parts of me before doing a new creation.

This is something no one wants to know but here I am told “we love you too and have been waiting for “an eternity” to see the true face of you” and this is from the spirit of my mother and my sister and I feel Jette here too for helping to bring this out via the work she did with Google Earth pictures yesterday.

This means that there will never gain be wet on the floor, which is also what it has been inside of here, and we have just done out best to sort this out and to find the perfect formula on creation and yes thinking that we were not loved, without understanding that we were part of the Source self but expelled because we were bringing darkness with us.

So everyone has had throw up feelings with no one knowing what went wrong, and yes is this the final answer we are looking for, which I understand will come via the revealing of what is inside of here.

I felt Inge and her son Jan, and was told that you don’t have seven winners in the bag do you (?) – we only won by 6 to 0 – , well this is how we feel because what have we here (?), and yes another amplifier of darkness (?), and we had not expected to find one of these here. And one was designed purely to kill – with the feeling to kill men – and this is what “sexual lust without love” was about, to kill men.

And what would happen when she had killed you (?), and yes she would place herself in your place, which would be the highest of everything, and yes being everything, and in this way we can use much of what she has build and we know we are coming from the same Source so it was only some things here and there, which went wrong and via this work, you are also helping us to redo this invention. And what aphrodisiac did she decide to use, and yes you, her own son, which was her way through darkness to create perfection.

This is like having two Bengali tigers (from the Phantom) when only one is right, and to put her fate on the wrong one, which is also what my mother did in physical life, deciding to follow Sanna of darkness against me instead of Stig of light, and what was the ”power” making her take the wrong way (?), and we will see about that.

Is this also possible to see via our DNA (?), and yes have a look :-).

And this is the slow train, which Kirsten – your father’s wife – also decided to drive, but it was much slower than you, and yes your pace is “amazing”, let us just admit to that, and this pace is what eliminated this darkness, which had got a hole on practically everyone only waiting to set in the final kill without knowing that it would be turned around to come home again.

Dreaming of closing down the company of the Old World because it is out of energy

I kept awake until 03.40 where I tried to see if I could get some sleep, and I was woken up already at 04.00 with sexual dreams without sleeping really. I continued sleeping with interruptions until 10.25 including these dreams.

  • I am working with Kim S. and Preben, and Kim S. as the owner of the company is about to go bankrupt because there is no more income, and he is planning to close down the company, but he is doing very well economically in private. A man has been there hanging up his suit, and Jørgen is singing at his office. I see an old video recorder and reel-to-reel tape recorder at the office, which is almost empty of furniture. I am not afraid of losing my job, because I can fall back on my cash help, and I know that I will move to Helsingør, and it will only be for a short time that I will need to get cash help. Preben is at the company too, and I notice how slim he is, which I believe is a nice look to him. 
    • This will have to be about the Old World, which we are completely emptying including worlds before this one, which is what the old fashioned technology symbolises, and it closes because it cannot continue without an income, i.e. without energy. And it is also to say that as Stig I am “completely empty” after having given you everything I got, Anita :-). You cannot imagine just how tough the last days (too) have been.
  • Something about having made playlists including favourite songs and a bank almost going bankrupt, and Sheena Easton not being as powerful as Shirley Bassey in “Goldfinger” (but I  do like Sheena too :-=), and these fantastic James Bond tunes have really followed me over the years as “tunes of a lifetime”, and I am sure that many feel the same, and yes in this respect, the James Bond films are also unique.

  • I am about to end my work at DanskeBank-Pension, which is about to close down. I bring home work including a new job ad from the bank, and my last work day will be tomorrow. I have received a calculation from a branch on a pension scheme, which they will send to a customer with the purpose to overtake his scheme with an insurance company, and I believe that it is very aggressive. On my way out Michael P.N. asks me if I have seen the invitation of all colleagues meeting in private, which I have not, but I look forward to coming too. And he shows me to the canteen where a note on the wall from the HR-department at my name says that I had planned two days of holidays (after the close down of the department), and I received a penalty, which they have decided to cancel because of the shock it is to lose our jobs, and I see how Michael shows an almost undressed lady.
    • Again this is about ending my old/previous work – I continue receiving tastes of nice food, also here – and the work I did for DanskeBank-Pension when working there from 1988-91 was to help branches doing pension calculations to motivate customers to transfer pension schemes from insurance companies to the bank, and I now understand that this work was setup for me (!), and was a symbol of darkness soaking out life of the world. I do look forward to meeting my old colleagues from DanskeBank-Pension again, and once a year for example – or whatever we will use to calculate “time” – and it seems as if I should have received even more darkness as sufferings, which I understand that the Source has helped lifting, and the undressed lady must be sufferings coming to me from Michael P. N. who today is at Willis probably talking about me time after time with old colleagues and acquaintances of mine working there.

I am going through the final showdown with the remaining part of the dark side of the spirit of my mother

I was told that the 5 to 1 force (darkness wanting to score at least one goal) is much weaker but still here, and hopefully this means that today will be easier to come through because the last days have truly been “crazy”, and as stressing as it goes, and yes to my most extreme point.

I heard a cracking sound from my shelves together with the vision of a castle and the spirit of my mother inside of there, which is what remains of her in darkness, said that she is looking much forward to be living at the castle of our New World.  Still, l also receive sexual torments of this darkness.

It was truly impossible to continue writing after my sleep and I also cannot/don’t want to exercise today feeling poorly.

I was recommended to follow up on Preben in relation to when my new bicycle will arrive – it should be “soon” – and I received a big pressure from the dark side of the spirit of my mother on my right ankle, and I was told that the cycle is the key to the original light side of this part of the spirit of my mother, who sank into darkness, and the concerns of my mother about whether or not the cycle will come is what is continuing to bring me sexual torments spiritually.

This is also why there has been no celebration yet of John coming out of the hospital still not feeling well, and yes because of the concern of my mother, which knows no boundaries, and is so MUCH stronger than what people normally have and can imagine is possible, and yes “100 times stronger” than what people have. 

I was given the name “Stavros” and was told that he knew about me when I was a boy, and this is a Greek name, so this is saying that Greece knew about my coming already when I was a boy in the 1970’s, and isn’t it funny and yes I was told that this is what the word “Nemesis” is about – I was given a reference to what my mother’s late and previous man said after they left each other, that it was a “nemesis” to him – and this is to say that Greece knew about my coming and decided to “take it easy” being totally irresponsible in terms of economic control (and probably so much else), which is what also could have brought the end of the world with an economical collapse, and yes you did not “feel” that you had to take seriously care of the economy because I would save you all, and if I could not, it would be the end of the world and yes making you “careless”, and in this term this is really what “divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods)” is about as Wikipedia describes “Nemesis”.

I was given a sneeze to remind me that I have not received sneezes for maybe a couple of months meaning the end of sacrifices to the Universe (?), but what about the extreme pain to my right ankle?

I still receive small heart attacks and “wrong rollings” of the heart, which is still not nice, but it will stop soon.

No there are no permanent cell changes, but this is also what Russia – the Soviets – wanted to do, and that was to change the DNA of man to make him “compatible” to the desire of the “supreme top” of this “institution” and yes my experiment, where I was allowed to make everything wrong, which would be impossible to sort out if it was not because nothing is impossible in our New World and yes we talk about changes to mankind, which has already happened because of power sick rulers like Putin and others before him, and yes I look forward to ALL OF YOU standing forward and telling your stories of just how “sick/crazy” you were, and what was your inspiration. 

It starts by wanting to change the characteristics of /crops/animals for example to make “products” last longer without deteriorating, and when scientists cannot control themselves playing with DNA, you start changing the code of life self until it gets out of control where no one knows what the others do, and “when they can do it, we can too” , and this “race” was a race which had only one true winner, which was termination of life self because you have changed the code of life not making it work without my help and this is “good old God” speaking above me, and yes from the Source keeping everything alive, and that is because I am curious to see if you can make it out, and yes bringing everything back to me, and so far I am happy with what I see. 

I was told that my sister’s amplifier was meant to expand the small room of nothing to become everything but as destruction. 

So all of these physical touches to my private parts are really not with a sexual aim – as it may have been in the beginning – but because she knows that I have the key of life and yes which she wanted with the aim to eliminate man and bring herself up to the top of the ladder as God.

She now sees that she originally was a “space rocket” designed to be the designer of life. 

I was told that “we will have a final showdown” and that is the remaining part of the spirit of my mother inside of this darkness wanting to bring me sexual torments, and yes until you will receive your new bicycle, which is designed to be the day when your sufferings will end.

I have been HAPPY to see how my mother has now received Bettina – John’s daughter – as her new best friend, which has developed over a few years after they for 20 year were each other’s worst enemies when they could and would not understand each other, which was also a PAIN to listen to for John and me when my mother could not stop her machine gun volley, and this is what she still does but now positively being so happy for Bettina, which makes me happy to hear, and I was told that this has nothing to do with you, has it (?), and your spiritual opening, and I am told that it has.

I was told that light is now “full on” without being on in the real world because we have not received your approval to stat up yet.

How freaked it may sound, we don’t know what we lack (from the spirit of my mother).

So we have been fighting to get his purse not understanding what happened when our energy reserves suddenly disappeared, and yes we felt it. 

I am STILL incredible tired – and totally destroyed from work yesterday evening and the following night – with this disgusting pressure coming to me from darkness from the outside making all of me feel “poorly”/”desperate”/”in pain”, which is the feeling coming to me constantly “more or less”.

I cycled to town to shop and I received a short ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that this is the rest of the spirit of my mother wanting to get out, and this is the side of hear soaking men – i.e. their private parts – to her in order to destruct men. 

Later I heard how this part of her was explained how she had frozen into ice because she did not have this making you invent it yourself (which did not work), and yes she tried to kill men, i.e. the spirit of my father, which she was part of herself, but she only did her best trying to make creation work.

I was given a little more out of this world pain at the same time as I was shown Ole Bengt M., the professional director training sales people and managers of Acta in Norway, and told that he is important also in relation to what we do now, and yes it was good for me to get LinkedIn contacts with him and other Acta contacts earlier this year, and from time to time I am told about Acta in Norway speaking of me. 

I was also told about people leaving me as Facebook contacts – lately Anne Mette – or people I never connected with with several of these being “special friends” having keys meant for creation, and as I understand it, this meant that I had to go through more sufferings to get the work done.

I was told that the reason why God did not want to bring a new creation was to save the memories of the spirit of my mother, thus the world. 

I received a ”feeler” from remaining life of the spirit of my mother deep down the hole and felt blue and was told “it is really him”, and yes I have come to save you.

Can we have your goal keeper gloves now (?), and I feel the actor of the spirit of my mother almost standing up and the answer “yes, when is bringing the script of today, I will” and that includes the story of Helena, which this is about. 

I was told by the spirit of my mother in darkness understanding that I am easy to pick up in a string and that is with the help of ”my dark friends” on Christiansborg, and yes now I get it.

I am thinking that this was the goal of the spirit of my mother, to trap me in using herself as the Devil in disguise tempting me with the most beautiful ladies to bring out my “old nightmare”, and if I accepted, it would have been the start of the end of not only me but also the world when she would try to kill man via the code of life inside of me.

I am told that because I did not use much money on my self – hardly any – this also makes it impossible for the last of the spirit of my mother to resist coming out.

I continued working until 18.50, and decided that now I could no more even though I would have liked to end the description of what darkness really is on my website, but now I have to take a break. This is FAR TOO MUCH WORK compared to how I feel, and yes you have given me rumbling feelings to the backside of my right lower leg for a couple of days, which may be to empty everything which is inside of there. 

I was shown thick and unused newspapers, which were never used, because this is the weapon she decided to develop not to kill life, only me, who invented her believing that I was darkness.

The dark side of the spirit of my mother wanted to cut with the Source using Karen and her hate to men as weapon

I watched TV during the evening and had a tired crisis at 20.00, but stayed awake and wrote down notes, which I had decided was impossible to write into this script, and at this time I received darkness trying to make me negative by saying “I don’t care, you have to take care of yourself” etc., which I still had to reject, but now it is 22.40 and after I received some more calm /  less stress/speech/darkness I  decided that I might as well give it a try, and yes we speak one of the worst situations doing work here, and I received a ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told that “this will help bringing me out” and later also ¼ pain to my left foot, and I was told that this is also important, and I wonder why it should be necessary also to receive pain in my left foot.

I heard and felt how my micro oven received spiritual darkness turning it over to “E3” error, and I was told that my electronic devices “striking” or directly breaking down for years are because of the darkness sent to me, which is also absorbed by these devises deflecting for me.

I was told that this part of the spirit of my mother is impossible to transfer to my heart because of the strength she receives from my family/friends etc., thus mankind.

I was told that the key of life to “men” goes via me, and I was shown a large beehive, which is what the spirit of my mother was after.

I was told that being together with Camilla for seven years from 1994-2001 – I have been told before that she was also another part of the spirit of my mother – and also my addiction to Internet porn as I had brought us to the end of the world and made the dark side of the spirit of my mother believe that she was on her way to victory, but instead we are now bringing her out from the wrong side, and instead of destructing, we are now connecting her and the spirit of my father as a she and he plug, where my sister, i.e. my own inner self, is the connecting link.

I was told that her plan was to cut off the connection to the spirit of my father and use the energy of her own world, so this is what the voice “you are not welcome” coming to me millions of times the last few years is about when she wanted me to say no to the Source, which I had to reject saying the opposite every single time. 

And I was told that the misunderstanding of this part of the spirit of my mother is the reason why the world has so great difficulties seeing their own mistakes and so much easiness to see others mistakes, which my sister had in relation to me as I was told. 

To my surprise, I was told about Dan Rachlin and also Sille Lundquist having tasks as part of a New World Order of evil, and people like these are spread all over as public formers of opinion. 

I was told that we are now coming to the point where you can cut the umbilical cord to a new son, and also that we don’t come any closer to guessing whom is the potential leader of the New World Order of darkness, and I was told that it awaits for me to take over, believe it or not.

And this is the darkness entering me now, which I felt coming to me from outside. So we have created a New World Order of darkness for you to destroy the world because wasn’t this what you wanted (when I was a normal human being sinning like most). 

And I heard the speech, wait a minute, he does not come as a new leader, so something must have gone wrong. And I was told who was crazy enough doing all of this – strengthening the secret government of USA – and I was told that President Richard Nixon was as a receiver of speech and visions of my spiritual friends working as darkness through him too, and when I was told this, I received a small heart attack from the spirit of my mother and was “threatened” to write this, otherwise ….! 

I was thinking about how I could be the leader of this New World Order of darkness because I was supposed to die when receiving my “old nightmare”, and then I understood that I was supposed to lead this New World Order of darkness spiritually bringing the end to the world or as much destruction as remaining darkness would bring.

I was shown the inside of the apartment of this dark side of the spirit of my mother and also that one big door after another is opened with the strongest light shining through, and I was told that we have now reached the point, where she made the world bleed, which was “controlled destruction” in your case, Stig, and yes please, we would like to have all of it back.

I receive some rumbling feelings to the backside of my right lower leg and I am told that this is potentially exploding, and also that there is a thin jet of black darkness remaining, which is already given to you as sufferings – these days are awful – and I was given the feeling of Mads (secret government of USA) and received a small heart attack to show me what this darkness is about. 

I was told that al power of darkness was build up with the goal to break through to the Source to destroy me, which is why I have gone through all of the sufferings I have to keep this darkness out. 

I was shown that everything inside of her apartment is sausages, but now converted to dance of much enthusiasm and happiness because we have come here to bring her out.

I was told that Karen was the weapon designed to execute me, and when I met her in 2003/04, I literally felt how she was soaking out all energy of me, and yes very clearly, and I was told that no one can handle this, but this was necessary for me to do in order to open me up spiritually, and what I received was Karen’s hate to men as a (former) prostitute, which was not hate to me, but what was given to me, and this is the force, which was supposed to destroy you and the world, which you have now turned around, which we are now transferring – and this is without the knowledge of Karen, who not at all is this person because she is originally an individual self of great important, which she however was never allowed to develop, and this was also the force giving me my great sexual temptations and sufferings to show a wrong sexual behaviour as mentioned in my book no. 1, which was in itself also “impossible” to stop. 

I was told that now it is completely goodnight to the lunch box because this was our try to bring out and eeehhh darkness to explode right in your face, but no, you did not want to have it, which is also because of the love of your mother, and at the end, there was no place for us to hide because you had asked us to look again, and yes again and again and again, so now we have come right back to the “she-plug”, which is the purest, which is when it is cleaned from darkness, and this is what we expected to find, and this is what we will use to plug in our New World.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena decided to test if she could bring a screendump from her phone because she is considering to bring the text-message of yesterday, which is bothering her much, and her purpose is “shot in the back of the head or public humiliation” by publishing this text message, and Jane encouraged her to not accept anything from this person, which she did not have anything nice to say about, and Helena said that if one is harassed and chased, there are only two options: A bullet to your forehead or to publish it, and I don’t know who she here spoke to – “a former minister” as she said, but I could not see a post from such a person – but she said “step on the brake, Sherlock”, and you do know that the detective Sherlock Holmes is a symbol of me, so she does not like to be revealed about … and yes WHAT (?), and she said that if God exists, she would like him to take care of his rabbles, and yes I am here, Helena – but not yet in the flesh with the eyes of my new self opened – and they continued speaking about this person and his “sick actions” and to publically humiliate him, and yes first of all, I do like people to behave well on both sides, and not to wish to “publically humiliate” people, and then I am quite curious to understand the true content of this game, and is it something as “innocent” about the story of how Søren Pind and she met, and why they decided to split again (?) and yes because of me, and I wonder? Obviously, this story was not meant to come out, so Helena deleted this thread again. But later, I saw that the story was not deleted as it was shown to me, and her picture returned, so is this about the media attacking her/Søren/us as darkness trying to eliminate us, which her lacking picture and the “made up cancellation” showed?

  • The thread continued here where Helena told Søren Pind (reading but not commenting?) that in her “real world” – on contrary to his because he is an “important man” – nothing happens when you contact the police as she apparently has done reporting this person” stalking” her,  and she concludes that she does not want to bring his text message, but still wants to kill him! 

  • This story still continued/escalated here when she said that “the Justice Minister” is now involved (?), and she wonders why she as HER cannot report “such a harassing and dirty Satan self”, and people recommends her to delete this thread, and Jette says “Søren has said it as it is. Life with it or hang him out here”, so this is about Søren and Helena, and still about the media stalking Helena (?), and finally, Helena decided to delete this, because it would be “terrible” to get this out, Helena (?), and how many do you believe will read it now (?), and yes let us start with Christiansborg, and how many will read this now not saying anything (?), and later the whole Universe will read it, and there is really nothing to be afraid of. 

  • Helle here says in continuation of the thread from yesterday “you have to continue reporting him” herewith confirming that Helena truly has reported this person to the police for harassing her, and Helle does not like seeing Helena falling apart because of this, and yes I wonder who is involved on Christiansborg  (the Danish Parliament) on this and yes trying to bring down Søren Pind (and me too) ….? This is also giving me a “strong heart attack” as I am both given and told here at the same time. 

  • Mads was reading Matthew in the Bibble and was amazed about “the many not very well hidden references to Christmas trees in The Sermon on the Mount” – I was here seeing the spirit of my father and also someone coming up from the hole of nothing, where we are collecting all of this material from, and he said “I just wanted to say that I am still here” – and I do believe this is a “fun” reference to the Muslims of the housing association, who did not want a Christmas tree, and Kirsten asked “how is it again that F… reads the Bible” with “F” clearly being “Fanden” (“the Devil”) (?), to which Mads replies “He is too busy to plan Christmas parties to read the Bible” (traditional Danish Christmas Parties include much food, drinking and traditional one-night stands of the Devil!), and Kisten said “I meant Fuglede”, and yes just to say that Mads was representing the worst darkness of USA/the world, which is what we call “the Devil” here, and yes Mads you were “revealed” once again, so do you get it by now (?) – and when these lines are written, the housing association in Kokkedal has called in for an extraordinary annual meeting because there are forces there WANTING a Christmas Tree, and yes it is going to become Christmas all over the world, also in the Muslim countries. 

  • This will probably have to be the worst and most dangerous taxi drive in history (?), and this is of course a symbol to say how difficult it was to bring you the re-birth of my new self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, and in my case the “obstacles” trying to stop me from driving forward were called “Soviet Union” etc. and yes this is the word coming to me instead of “Russia”.

  • Kim A. from PFA decided today to accept my LinkedIn invitation from May this year, and yes it took him 6 months to do, and I wonder why it took you so long, Kim (?), and if you are (still) speaking about me in PFA and maybe also my postings on LinkedIn?
  • Henrik brought this video and said “you have to listen to Hitler when he for one time only is right”, and I was told that we cannot say it more clearly that he is also a part of the darkness , which was “about to take over”.

  • The pressure is increasing on the previous Tax Minister to speak the truth about his desire to change the tax verdict on Helle Thorning Schmidt’s man, which was the symbol that could have ended the world, and today’s hearings said that “the Minister wanted to change the decision”, and I am here VERY SAD about you, Troels & Co. in the Liberal Party of Venstre, and yes you were on top of the cake of the Old World (in Denmark) and still you were NOT to be trusted, and it is now very close for your circus-act to be revealed to the world and why did you decide to prolong the pain instead of just giving up and telling the truth (?), and here I hear ”who of you have been gossiping about me” (?), which is about how the story of me spread to the world.

  • Dan brought this “funny” video of Rolling Stones, and I am here given a cough, which this is about, and that is to shred life to pieces and “laugh out loud all the way down in the sack” as Thomas said, which is to say that your better-knowing and ignorant behaviour, Dan, was bringing down the world while you continued partying having a fun time and as you ends this by saying “all wild, funny”, and yes you would simply have been terminated without discovering it because of darkness making you dumb and better-knowing. 

  • Toyota used to be known as the car make with the lowest number of errors, and for years, they have had had to call back millions of cars to repair different kind of errors – thus again today –  and yes you don’t understand what went wrong (?), and I will tell you. My mother and John have been driving a Toyota for more than 10 years, I believe, and when the world was about to end with “life not working”, this is what the errors of your cars symbolically show, and I wonder if all of this is because of “spiritual darkness”, which can be rather strong as you understand by now (?), and I do believe that Facebook as example as seen it too with messages not being sent out to people and also videos and other links not always showing a preview when attached (?), and yes this is how life is and that is also here. 

  • This is about “special friends” of mine neither “incapable” to read and understand me (Jens from Selvet as example) or to take some of my sufferings in order to help the world (Fanny), which made dark dogs continue destroying the tree of life herewith prolonging my sufferings.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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