November 18, 2012: We have finished uniting all parts of God and our New World but continue “the game” until I finish work


Summary of the script today

17th November: We have finished uniting all parts of God and our New World and only continue “the game” until I finish my work

  • The Source saved me and the Universe from going through the worst pain when saving the world. I am still having nosebleed without really having it, because we have ended uniting all parts of God – setting up all connections of everything of our New World to me – and we are now only continuing the game and our Old World pretending that darkness still remains until I will finish my work describing this and finishing my website too, which will be when I will start our New World.
  • I am a little behind the true development, so I was shown coming in behind the sexual organs of the spirit of my mother as she was before this creation, and is she had not succeeded to tempt the spirit of my father sexually, we would not have had a world developing darkness extracting from the spirit of my father what it wants to extract even though darkness was NEVER part of the plan.
  • Google Earth pictures show much visible darkness, darkness eating light (when I was sleeping), fights, tears, more darkness to be cleaned, but also light, smiles and happiness of “wonderland”, which is almost impossible to suppress by now.
  • Short stories of being “the loneliest man in the world”, it was not (alone) evil actions but silence/passivity of man destructing the world, Messi is now close to become “immortal”, the member of the European Parliament, Jens Rohde, was a coming leader of the EVIL New World Order but will now convert and become one of my “special friends”.

18th November: The world had decided for dictatorship controlled by armed forces NOT sustainable with life

  • We were not only willing to go through all of this suffering to save memories of lives but also to bring you, our first child (of our first world), with us, and I felt that this was “most important” to do too.
  • God as the spirit of my father of creation has been burned unrecognizability because of sexual sufferings committed to him of the world, which is what God decided to do to help liberating his children – one world after the other.
  • Jesus has every time been created as an act of evil because when people cannot understand me, they will kill me to invoke the most powerful darkness leading directly to the abyss, which is how it has happened every time until now. My mother and I are now being physically disconnected as creators of the Old World.
  • I turned around the deepest silver handle of al – from minus to plus – and I heard “no, let me be negative forever”, and this is how it happened that we turned around the handle of the spirit of my mother.
  • I was told that I was told that the member of the European Parliament, Jens Rohde, was on his way in to the “wehrmact” as the most undemocratic system of the evil New World Order after being overtaken by the superior force of a system, which he originally wanted to change. This is the kind of balls, which were splitting me and bringing the world to an end. I was told that every single country of the world has decided to transit to a New World Order of evil in order to save it self and not by following me but to give in to evilness spreading from armed forces wanting to get full control/power via dictatorship and a marionette government following its orders with Jens Rohde as its leader – or one of the leaders? This is how the world decided for a new foundation, which equalled disaster because this was NOT sustainable with life self. This evilness comes directly from God as the Source when creating life and you have only done as expected, and when I decided to go up against you all without knowing what I started, it created the greatest power of the Universe needed to turn everything around to save the world. I have slaved myself out of the sock suspenders, worn them to pieces, which is to bring the Old World to its end, which is what makes things like this happen, which is to end these evil plans, and writing this is to help Jens Rohde understand that his dreams of becoming the evil “master of the Universe” will NOT come through. You will all get me and our New World of immense joy and happiness instead :-).
  • Dreaming of removing an incredible amount of darkness of the world only having little power to do this work, Jack does not want to stand by who he is and Nefer helps me working inside of darkness.
  • This was not a planned “attack” on the evil New World Order, but when I can, this is what I do. This corresponds to you having stolen clothes from all of the gang instead of all of the gang stealing your clothes to kill me.
  • There is still more of the spirit of my mother inside the house of darkness, which is the “aliens monster” self potentially bringing much darkness/sufferings. I am told that I have to finish work on my website the 22nd November to win over this “monster”, which I have said is both impossible to do and I will NOT accept darkness giving me deadlines, so it will take the time that I decide that it will take. Deep inside the monster, the life of the spirit of my mother, is afraid of terminating, which will not happen.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show darkness becoming light, an angel welcoming new-comers, MANY happy faces on the sky, the last darkness continuing to kill and rape and the rich world “peeing” on Africa.
  • A short story of the aggressive Israel bringing me the worst sexual torments of darkness.


17th November: We have finished uniting all parts of God and our New World but continue “the game” until I finish work

We have finished uniting all parts of God and our New World and only continue “the game” until I finish my work

It may have been around 04.00 before I went to bed, and I was allowed to sleep until 11.15 including one short dream where I followed Michella and her boyfriend towards a meeting in Tåstrup and when we met the end of the train line, Michella moved the train to the crossing line, and she did an explicit sexual act, and I was told that he, i.e. me, goes forward as the leader, it is impossible for us not to follow him, but when he sleeps, it still wakes up darkness. 

At the shower, I was shown that darkness is now in my mouth, and I was told that this was the first connection before the ankles, which is also telling me that this is the absolutely last of it.

I was asked was it here that the dog was buried?

I received a few sneezes again, and was told that this is temporary terminations of life for my heart to absorb all of this life, which I cannot absorb fully via my work. I received some relief because of this and that is from physical pressure on too much information pressuring me down. 

No, we don’t want to pee on that paper or to have a fire there, please stop it “(transform into light).

So when you have talked about winning 6-0 in tennis, I have been laughing as the only one knowing that you would all make it, which was from the Source. 

I was given a little out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told by the Source that “I have saved you from the worst pain”, and that is not only me but the Universe.

I was shown a train in the lying in the ditch with another still moving forward and I said that this train will have to be repaired and that is because I will NOT give up on any life.

My mother has never been on the North Pole by the way, and yes we are in control of both the North and South Pole meaning that we are in control of the axis of the world, thus the world self, and now there is only some darkness here and there. 

It corresponds a little to having nosebleed without having it, and that is to continue the game until the very end.

It does not have to be an angel hop, Stig, because we are already there, and are only pretending what is now no longer there, which is to say that I am showing you darkness, which we have already absorbed, and that is for you to continue and also finish your work (?), and yes how does this affect you (?), and we know you still have far too much work and too little time, and you decided to bring less information when commenting Jette’s Google Earth pictures, and that is to make it easier for you hopefully to find time to do the work for the website, and yes if I can find time doing this work, I will do it, and I would be sad not to do it, because it will leave a hole in the middle of the front page with the most important information, and no, I don’t want to leave it like that, and yes I want to finish this “no matter what” and can only hope that I have what it takes to make this go up in the end. 

And I was told that this was necessary to do in order to make sure that all connections would be tied to me – “uniting all parts of God” – and this also means that the whole world is continuing to be a game called “the Old World” until I will start the New World, which is also to say that everything of our New World is now “perfect” and you can start it at any time, but no you still have more work to do, and yes this story might be the truth as I believe it is, but it might also be wrong, so I will continue as long as I have more work to do, and then we will see if I will be ready with everything the 21st December or maybe before?

I heard the spirit of my mother saying can’t you take my bag (?) because it is still too heavy, and still there are smiles of the actors behind this darkness, which does not exist, and yes “completely crazy” it is but this is how we/you have decided to end the journey and your work, and that is because I don’t like to leave work when I have not finished it, and yes I might do the chemtrails chapter too if I get time in December!

And still I will decide myself how hard I will work and how deep I will enter “darkness” and that is in order to describe it.

It also means that it will not be necessary to bring a lung machine to my mother to save her.

I have always had an incredible strong fear of heights, and I was told that this is a symbol of being terrified of falling out over the abyss. 

No, we will also not go to a sport store on the Pedestrian Street of “Strøget” (who did not want to give me my money back for a pair of shoes maybe 5-7 years ago giving me a credit note, which I never used or lost), and this is about the “potential safe box” of energy of darkness, which is what this sex invention of the spirit of my mother created as a by-product, so the world was without energy and sex, but received both because of wrong creation, and we will keep the sex part, but “pure”.

So your mother comes (after each new creation) thinking “what will I bring in my bag” and yes she created the same sex monster every single time on basis of the toolbox I put to her disposal. 

So it is kind of strange having to accept to continue being a sexual being after all of this darkness killing one world after the other, but now to make it “pure” as love between people, and yes we get it here. 

I, i.e. the spirit of my father of creation, have no trailer out there, which means that I am free with surprise, but still I am/we are darkness because you are working behind time, and yes as you have suspected all along, so we are really finishing but you are a few weeks behind, and it also means that I cannot be sure what will happen over the coming weeks, which could mean that some of my family members would die, but I do hope and believe that they will not. 

The spirit of my mother forces us to do a new creation – don’t forget us – or is it so that we cannot remember the feeling of pain to our right ankle. 

I was shown and told that I have now come all the way in behind the spirit of my mother WITHOUT sexual organs and simply face her at birth from where she developed.

I was asked ”where are you headed” (?), and heard the answer “I am going to cut her lose”, which will have to be from her base on the spirit of my father.

We would not have the world as we do/did if she had not succeeded to put this aggregate on me, which destroys the world, which the spirit of my father could only watch in despair as the light providing all energy as he did, and yes darkness of the spirit of my mother completely surrounded/covered the light choking the spirit of my father until he had to give up – as I was VERY close to giving up as Stig – starting the whole process of life from scratch, and there is nothing worse knowing what will happen staring all over again becoming the Source of darkness reflecting the wish of creation against your will.

So the game now is really if I will continue receiving darkness/sufferings now that we have already finished the work uniting all parts of God, which also means to save all life, with the logics being that I have already brought all energy/sufferings/work to accomplish this or maybe it is really so as I have suspected all along that I have received my experiences a few weeks late meaning that my spiritual friends have a reserve of sufferings, which they will first give me now over the coming weeks (?), and as usual we will see what happens, and yes let me say that I often receive visions of Michael Sadler and SAGA telling me that “they know”, and let me also say that 75% of all music that I still hear is ONLY SAGA (!), and yes it takes time to learn and value all albums when you have not listened to most of the “new” after 1989, and yes AMAZING music and we know they should really be no. 1 on my list, but there are bands I like equally as much or even more (but it really goes both ways, so difficult to say exactly), which they are in my heart too.

And if we are already home having saved everything, I was told about the difficulties of bringing me this game of darkness, so is the answer that my sufferings will “now” end when I will get my new bicycle “soon” (?), which will give me some time to finish all of my work and prepare my self before I will stand forward as my new self?

I received the lyrics “everywhere around the world” and “are you ready for a brand new beat” from “dancing in the streets” and to me this song is about/of David Bowie and Mick Jagger, so here it is again, and yes a song of DANCING as in “celebrating” :-).

I was asked “what shall we have for breakfast” (?) and received the answer “egg and bacon”, but of course, and isn’t it funny that we match together fine after all as egg and bacon, which is as wife and husband.

God as the Source accepted new creation including darkness to save all old life and memories

I had a new, nice evening with my mother and John, and I was happy seeing that John had NO problems at all breathing today, he was much better, and you could tell by his calm breathing without any trouble, which he has had more or less of for some time you know, and yes just to say that he has been set free from the spirit of my mother choking him, which you know was my mother in physical life as it was in spiritual and an example was given when we spoke about their now cancelled cruise, which John believes that he could go on without problems, but my mother was convinced that he was not, and yes he kept on saying that he could, and my mother kept on saying that he could not, which made me decide to cut through as a “neutral” – having both inside of me herewith giving me this ability (!) – repeating what both said, and yes my mother did not believe he could because of the heavy suitcases, but when he and I said that he could simply by pushing it instead of lifting it and yes there are lifts all over a ship, this made my mother invent another obstacle, and this is how it is when your thoughts are “controlled” by our spiritual friends, and just to say that this is what was destroying John – he “cannot” have my mother “controlling” him by fussing/undervaluing him as she often does – but as I told my mother clearly, EVERYTHING that she does is with the aim to make John, my sister, I – and others of family/friends etc. – happy, this is what my mother is 100% about, and yes this might be the first time anyone has told her this as clearly in her life, and she could only say that “this is exactly how it is”. 

I was told that John did not die because of the healing, which he received from Bettina, his daughter, and me, and I was told that it requires for people to believe in me before they can (truly) heal people, and because of us, it was impossible for my mother to kill him, and yes of course she would NEVER kill him if she only knew what her actions meant. And John said that it was not breathing problems as such that he experienced, but he was breathless, and yes he could breath but was short of breath removing his energy, and this is what he said and all I could see was that he suffered from physical difficulties, which looked as if he was gasping for breath, but he may be able to explain it to you better than I.

I told John with my spiritual voice that there is more between Earth and heaven, which the doctors do not know about, which is the reason why he is better – but still my mother and he would like to receive a “second opinion” on his heart trouble (!) – and also that I will now finish my work writing my scripts in December 2012, and I said that the work was important to do and we will now have to wait and see what will “open up” of opportunities, and yes they did not tell or comment (!), but I could tell that this brought relief to my mother, who has truly hated the thought about being a “star” of my scripts for everyone to read.

My mother told about how much she had cared and showed up when Käte’s Erling died from cancer some years ago, and how disappointed/sad she was that Käte “cannot” do the same when John is now sick, and John said that it was because not all people feel the same love/care for other people – for example himself as he said – and I said that for many people they know what they SHOULD do when people are sick, but still they cannot decide to do what it is right because it is easier to “hide”, and this is what makes her sad, and yes the true sad part is here that NO ONE of my family/friends etc. including my mother “could” understand how I was going through the worst sufferings of all, and do you understand and now believe, mother, why I was “sad” – destroyed (!) – that you and the family and friends too “could not” show me any understanding and care when I needed it the most (?) and also why gifts and help on practical issues of course was nice of you to do but absolutely nothing compared to the true need I had (?), and yes this story was planted here too, and for us to help picking up flowers underneath the darkness inside of here.

I told the truth about the bicycle from Preben, which is that he will check the delivery date and also that it will come assembled, and yes my mother said now and also later in the evening that she had been thinking of this, and yes, mother, I know, and no mother, you do NOT have to be concerned, but this is how it is when you decide to react this way because of the strong feelings given to you by our spiritual friends.

During the evening I still received some negative words and sexual torments of darkness, which I had to reject, but I also felt relieved from hard work because the pressure has lifted.

I was shown the end of creation or “the knot” of the spirit of my mother connected to the spirit of my father on its way in, and that is with the knowledge that it is in, but this is how the game is.

I was shown gold balls rolling out of a cone, i.e. the spirit of my father, and I was told that creation decides itself what to extract, but negativity/darkness has NEVER meant to be what life was about, and it cannot even be done (!), but we decided to see what it was to eliminate it and to continue after this, and this is the darkness I “just” had to soak up first. 

Sanna and Hans visited my mother and John this afternoon, and my mother told me that she and Sanna looked for a jacket in the basement, which has hung there for 20 years, but it was moth-eaten, and shortly thereafter I was shown an old duvet long away from me where dark dust was rising from it (with Sanna being the darkness bringing this dust), and I was told that this – wrong creation – is what created a defect in the ability of people to understand me (and each other), and also that it was impossible for me “to pay rent” meaning that my destiny was not to be able to save all life because it was far too strong for me to save, and to die herewith destructing the rest, which I could not save, and this is what my “old nightmare” really meant, which is the sexual tool of the spirit of my mother, and had I accepted it – bending under to the power of which it was given to me – it would not mean the end of men and light to my mother, it would mean the end of my mother and creation, and I was told that I showed that I had power to save everything, which was a purpose in itself. 

I was told that you hit the bulls eye, otherwise John would have died a long time ago, and I was given the feeling of my father’s wife Kirsten, and told that her – and other opposing me – task was to destruct life, which could not survive (because of defects due to wrong creation), but you decided to save/correct 100% of everything including the most damaged life of all, and because of this decision, at the end, the Source decided to do just this, and yes we had broken the code of this darkness making the Source able to do this. 

So what you can say is that you have continue doing your best to save your father, mother and yes also John and Kirsten, and Inge too, and what they have done in practise is to keep on saying “we don’t want to be saved, we want to die/terminate”, which was the meaning of what their better-knowing ignorance, wrong opinion and lack of faith in me, and shall we bet – even though we will not bet on money – that they will become surprised when they will wake up and be told that they were actors working inside of darkness to save the world and themselves by doing the opposite to bring me and us all down, and yes YOU BET!

We watched both Matador – which we like very much – and the Voice together (without John of course) and when Christian here song “don’t wake me up” – should probably have been “wake me up” (!) – he was inspired to say to the audience “er I med derude” (“do you follow, out there?”), which was really to ask the world DO YOU FOLLOW OUT THERE (?) and that is ARE YOU READY OUT THERE for the big show (?), which is about to start not very long from now, and the judge, Lene from Aqua, thought that this was truly cool and she told a story about how Christian had not listened to her for weeks but now he is loosening up, which was about my sufferings loosening up – and let me tell you Lene how LITTLE I like you using the F-word as often as you do and also about all of your sexual references, which really also goes to the other judge L.O.C., and this gave me the information about how sexual thoughts/sufferings are polluting the world, which will be removed from our New World bringing a “natural calm” to everyone, and L.O.C. meant that Christian hits the notes 100% clean every single time, and he thought it was so well that he forgot that Christian was wearing a “psychologist roll collar”, which was a reference to Kim S., who Preben and I apparently will not play bowling with this year, Kim (?), and is that because you believe that I am “yummy for a psychologist” (?), and yes Stig, you still cannot forget that all of your family/friends etc. simply “could not” read and understand even though I was “close” to them, and instead all/most judged me as insane, and this is what “lazy Kim” still does (?), and this is what made people “leave in silence” (which I LOVED in 1982) from me (?), and yes I don’t get that people could do this giving up on me.

My mother has ordered a free one month subscription on our local Helsingør daily newspaper, which also brings her two free cinema tickets, and yes the newspaper subscription is a little late as my mother was told when calling them today, but it will come and I was told that these two cinema tickets symbolise that we are soon opening our New World “at a cinema near you”.

My mother has truly gone through MUCH stress too during John’s “sickness” and she could not keep her eyes open this evening falling half asleep several times, and she is also troubled by rheumatism almost making it impossible for her to go on as she said, but still she has now decided to invite the entire family on Christmas Evening and that is despite of the immense strain this is on my mother – and yes much more than you can imagine – but she remembered my old offer to help her shop, clean and also prepare the food, which we will now do days in advance of the 24th December, and this is at least what she said today, so we will see and here with a feeling of “seeing who we really are as our true selves”, where we will not have any troubles/problems. 

I was told that I have now come all the way back to being the spirit of my father as a natural being considering the combination of silver and black to include in the new creation of metal pouring out of “nothing” creating the spirit of my mother, and we are going all the way back to this creation of my mother to include the right recipe of the world and everything including me to save everything or as much as possible, and yes we had to do this to bring all life, which has lived, including all memories of light with us instead of doing a totally new creation, which would create the same life but without the memories of previous lives.

I was told “nobody knows why” and that is why I decided to change life form – from the Source as a “natural force” of “perfect nothing” into physical life – and “do you want me to tell you” (?), and when I said yes, the next I was shown was a refrigerator completely full to its breaking point, and I felt that this is both what our New World was when transferring the last life inside of darkness, which required the help of the Source to do, and also that this is somehow how it was to live under the old life form and herewith the answer to the new life form, and I was asked if you still want to be your old self (as natural force), and it would be so easy to say yes or no, but the truth is that I have absolutely no idea what is right to do, so this will have to be up to the light to decide, but my guess will be that it is everything, which will now change from its old to its new life form, which is what the opening of our New World means, but please remember my dear spiritual friends, do what is the right and best to do and that is because this is what I wish, and yes to correct my own mistakes to make everything “perfect” – thank you and yes both ways again :-).

I still received negativity during the evening for example the words “may you all suffer”, and this is what darkness of nothing forced upon us, which we could not do otherwise.

I still had a little but almost no pain to my right foot meaning that it is about to be empty. And there is nothing about having to enter your right leg again – from the ankle as I feel here – to collect the key, because you do have the key now, don’t you (?), and the key is to understand creation right, which is what you had to bring sufferings in order to obtain the information for you to do, and yes I understand many or even most if not all parts of it by now, but if the spirit of my mother came every single time after creation inventing sex/darkness, how come the old information that our first Universe was full of extreme happiness, which turned over to the other side by accident because it could and my mind is thinking that this only happened to the first Universe creating darkness and ever since a New World’s have been created meeting this darkness again, but no, it cannot be because we start from scratch every single time don’t we (?), and no you have received the answer this evening, and that is because we want to bring out life from darkness saving every little thing, so this is why we start a New World with both light and darkness as tools, and yes Stig, this will have to be it, this is what you brought to me, so this is how it has to be, and yes both because of a good evening with my mother bringing this opening and because it is logic, however impossible it was for me to figure out myself even though this was actually what I had figured out without having the last detail about the purpose to go back to save all previous life, which is what has been our motive all along, so there you have it. 

I received a loud cracking noise to my shelves including the information that there is no longer sexual torments inside of here, and the noise sounded like a stone, which made me think of “the wise stone” and really that this is about TURN TO STONE of course, and this is when it does NOT get any better – and Jeff does NOT wear any sun glasses here :-).

I continued working until 02.15 this night updating the script, and NO, I will NOT continue working on my website now, it will now start becoming less suffering work, all I have to do now is to write the last about creation on my website, and yes it may take longer than a “few days” to do, so maybe it will be before the end of November, and I will even include December too if necessary.

Google Earth pictures show much visible darkness but also light, smiles and happiness of “wonderland”

Jette was also hit by the “too much information” campaign to bring out life from this house of darkness when she posted more than 20 pictures to her Facebook group today, and we know, I will comment and bring some of them here, which include information on much visible darkness, darkness eating light (when I was sleeping), fights, tears, more darkness to be cleaned, but also light, smiles and happiness of “wonderland”, which is almost impossible to suppress by now.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This is really how I have felt for a LONG time with people around me being “silent” for one reason or another. 

  • “Silent people” is really what was destroying the world. 

  • Messi has scored no less than 78 goals in total in 2012 until now, and he is now coming close to Gerd Müllers impossible to beat record of 85 goals during one year, and yes Messi still has almost six weeks to break this record, and shall we guess that he has a good record to become “immortal” too (?) and that is in two meanings, you know.

  • Jens Rohde wrote this feature article in Berlingske about “the necessary cure” of the European Union in his (new) mind, and it is about a united EU defence, more power to the EU Parliament and according to Søren below a EU-state under one command with Big Brother monitoring and deciding over budget, defence etc., and this comes after Jens when he was elected to the EU-Parliament in 2009 – according to Morten below – said that he would be “the voice of the Danes in EU”, and today Jens has become loyal to the EU-system, so is the truth, Jens, that in order to move up in the coming world government, you had to go through this test too, and yes also to create “scratches” in me by publically opposing me as you did, but all you did was to “scratching the surface” because instead of becoming one of the new leaders of the EVIL New World Order you will now become one of my close “special friends” too, and yes I brought you and the system documentation about whom I was by moving my comment from one of Jens’ Facebook posts to another, and yes who can do this other than “moi” as “yours truly”, and yes you think of money and good food including luxury when I tell you “moi” and that is also what broke Jens and his old ideals, and isn’t it exciting how our New World truly will become Jens (?), and ohhh I forgot, you have nothing to say to your “defence”, have you (?), and how does it feel like being a “warrior” fighting against me to become a loyal “special friend” of mine (?), and yes you really have nothing to say (?), and are you sure???? – And I was given a cold feeling to my teeth and told that this was almost costing us life and that is life, which would not have come with us to our New World – and I also received a sign when updating this script that it was taken LONG to do with the risk of spiritual darkness “cutting” the update off as a sign saying that your “system” did not like my writings, and will you tell me again why that was???


18th November: The world had decided for dictatorship controlled by armed forces NOT sustainable with life

God was burned unrecognizability to help liberating his children including his son of darkness!

And then you will have to pack down the genealogical tree in the sack, Stig, but of course only if you are going to prepare the end of this world and the beginning of a new, which would be for you to name your greatest mistakes for us to build a new creation on, but no we will not have do do it this time.

Is there really as cold down there, yes, you should try it yourself, which is approximately how it went when the spirit of my mother tried to kill me, and instead this became her wish starting to kill herself, thus the New World, and yes the Source only reflects your own actions. 

I continued receiving more sufferings and really the strongest sexual torment of all and yet another maybe ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, so I am still receiving darkness coming to me from a “reserve”?

I continued receiving information now with a very low voice, which included “there we released Karen and also your new birth”, which have now happened, but we are behind time (?) so I am shown what has happened but we are not experiencing it yet, which is really what we also here call “groovy”. 

I heard the spirit of my mother also giving her wishes of what to experience again in her coming new life before the end of her old life, which is still about what happened at the end of each world before starting a new. 

Stig, we were not only willing to go through all of this suffering to save memories of lives but also to bring you, our first child (of our first world), with us, and I felt that this was “most important” to do too.

And then we will get no trouble with you ever again. 

I was told that this is to secure that there will never again be delivered a wrong child, who – together with the world – cannot survive, and I was told that we cannot now see any more darkness coming forever. 

It corresponds to releasing the Devil, who has been burned unrecognizability, whom I saw lying in his bed, because of sexual sufferings committed to him, whom no one will ever be told about, because I will not tell, but let us say that child abuse is nothing compared to what this man has gone through, because this is the Source, whom everyone have misused grossly via the sexual invention of the spirit of my mother, and this is what God decided to do to help liberating his children – one world after the other. 

I was shown and told that we have been looking for a long time after the blue light in her white bag, which includes your real self, and not as a crossbreed of him, which is how she tried to recreate you via your journey, and can it really be that Jesus every time has been created as an act of evil (?), and yes if people cannot understand me, they will kill me to invoke the most powerful darkness leading directly to the abyss, which is how it has happened every time until now. And the only way to correct this was to admit to marrying you, which first led to darkness of the father, then the son. In other words we have never seen him before when the credit has been used because brood of the Devil he was. And this was the beginning to darkness disguised as light as I have shown you with so called “enlightened” people of spiritual circles. 

By now it was 04.00 and I decided to try to get a nap on the sofa, which I however was not really allowed and was soon awakened from without really sleeping, where I had a vision/dream about my mother speaking with Jack on the phone offering him to get a special cartoon from her holiday cottage, and while she speaks to him, I remove a few items from the kitchen table close to her, which irritates her because she has to move, and I stand in the kitchen window receiving a physical clap to my behind, and I ask my mother if it was her, which she says that it was not, and right afterwards we are brought extremely tight together as if we had been tied up, and I tell her “don’t kiss me now”, and this is an invisible spiritual power forcing us together, which we will now become separated from, and the same way that the spirit of my mother trapped my father, the same way with me as the son – and darkness forcing us together is here brought by Jack and the armed forces. 

I was told that this, i.e. sexuality, is what creates tears all over much more than happiness.

I was told my sister speaking with her friends as if they spoke about me and suddenly I was set free, which is also what will come to me soon in real life.

I could not write down all information and I was told that this is also what creates terminations, which the world has not seen yet as I was told, but no, because my journey has ended in reality hasn’t it (?), or is this a game inside the game too?

I was shown mayor Johannes Hecht-Nielsen from Helsingør, and told that meeting him was also of importance because it brought an eye operation to him – making him see/understand who/how I am – and I felt Karen with him, i.e. darkness of the worst kind, also because of an iris analysis Karen had done some years ago as she told me about.

At this point I was very tired and had NO motivation to continue receiving information and now again it poured in with far too much information for me to handle and so quickly that I could not understand much of it or a combination, tiredness and no motivation made it impossible for me to understand and quickly write down, what I do believe I could have done if I had been mentally prepared for this, and afterwards it annoys me that I was only almost thinking about how I could continue trying to sleep because I had gone through my last long/difficult tour the other day.

I received some information about the journalist Ulla Terkelsen from TV2, which I did not get, but she as a representative of the media was not happy, wrong creation being switched on by the spark of life of my mother, “this monstrosity is not precise enough”, turning around and now face the truth that you were not born again child (as darkness it must be). I was also shown Michael Sadler coming out of his house to Christmas decoration outside and MUCH more which I simply did not get because I was too tired and indisposed, but finally I was shown the deepest silver handle of all, which I was turning around – from minus to plus – and I heard “no, let me be negative forever”, and this is how it that we turned around the handle of the spirit of my mother. And still I wonder if this has already happened, which I now write about in delay, or if this is happening right now when experiencing this because if it does not, why should I receive these sufferings (?), and yes unless they have been stored in reserve for me to get.

And what followed thereafter (?), and I heard that I will not leave the hospital without your child, will you (?) and the answer that we don’t have this child any longer, which has been dissolved and instead we are going to expose something new, which is the same child but as light of our New World. 

I was told that this cannot be done without Israel’s aggressions towards Gaza these days, which is more darkness being absorbed by a large group of people, and yes I do NOT like this war/aggression at all, and that is no matter who is to blame and who is the aggressive part.

I was feeling TV-networks and how this is part of the incredible strong pressure of darkness put on me from the outside, and yes this is about network after network playing what is ON THE AIR tonight. 

The world had decided for dictatorship controlled by armed forces NOT sustainable with life

I was told that despite of all, the majority of the world is willing to let you programme such a system with them as oranges/white golf balls in the New World Order.

I was told that we delivered something, when we did not exist – I was shown Jens Rohde and Prince John from Robin Hood – and we received something else, which was King Richard, and yes we were not supposed to exist from when my laptop stopped working in 2009/10 and we only did because of my will to live and to take on the sins of mankind as my sufferings. 

Again I was shown Jens Rohde together with an incredible crowd soaking me out and non-socialists citizens of Gentofte about to vote, but no, they will not be allowed to vote, and I was told that if walls could tell they would tell the story about colleagues of Jens asking Jens as the spearhead about a political commentator going against him, who is Santa Claus self. 

You are not a man of the “wehrmact” are you, Jens (?), but still you are/were on your way in to the most undemocratic system of the evil New World Order.

I was told that this is why I was told the other day that my old school friend Stone T. does not have faith in me any longer throwing a stone to my head, which I did not write down, and yes because Jens was overtaken by the superior force of the system he came with a desire to change. And I was told that he has had his wife obligations fulfilled many times down there, and you may know the red light district of Bruxelles as good as your own pocket, and “lovely” windows, right, Jens?

I was told that he headed the ball in over to a nut, and these are the kind of balls, which were splitting me bring the world to an end. 

I was shown coal – of my burning self as the father – also in relation to Mexico and Rincon as examples of other places of the world making me burn, which can be said about every single country of the world – what do we get to exchange our system (?), and yes less killed, but more coal for me (?), and yes the world has decided to transit to a New World Order or evil in order to save it self and not by following me but to give in to evilness spreading from armed forces, which is also why Romney “had” to win making it “completely impossible” for Obama to win (?), and tell me about why this was will you?

So this is how a whole world decided to leave me as my family/friends etc. also did making me the most lonely man in the world, and I was shown myself isolated from the world. And this is what they thought would solve the problems of the world, and they could not bear “nonsense” of people, and what would happen if we had power as intention (?), which is what created the road towards dictatorship. 

I was told that Helle Thorning Schmidt delivered her part in this via her travelling to EU countries and the now former chairman of EU, and no she did not like it, but who can stop it (?), and yes not a lonely and crazy man in Denmark, right (?), or can he (?), and yes this is how faith slowly spread also because of my Facebook posts because “he does not sound crazy” and “can he really be the one” (?), and this is what this system decided that I am on the most thin foundation, via my superficial Facebook posts. 

It was now 05.15 and I received a STRONG pressure to write down all of these notes given to me as I typed in on my mobile phone and to publish it, but no, I was firm, I decided that I would sleep first, but before doing do, I received some more information. 

I was shown a very big, fast and streamlined military ship/carrier, which was this new system of evil, which however cannot sail without me, so this is how the world decided for a new foundation of the world, which equalled disaster because this was NOT sustainable with life self. 

I was shown a long line of surveillance equipment with most of it deserted by now, but not all because you are still surveilling me to see what happens when it happens (when I write my new scripts), and there is more evilness than I can write here as I am told, but I will promise to bring you this tomorrow (?), which is really a question to the likes of Jens Rohde and that goes to all people involved in this system and these plans, and yes you know the cure, which is for you to stand forward telling the full truth – excluding sexual details – about why, how and when you planned/did as you did, and yes there is NOTHING to be afraid of because you were like marionettes in my game, which you of course did not know, and this game could NOT end differently when I decided to NEVER give up, which became the end of your plans.

The world self are miserable and clumsy fools and dog’s heads, and I could not get one single to break the discipline by telling the world about me or admit to me on Facebook or in an email, and this is even though I would have given you even more chances and that is because disobedience is punished with death, and you only have to ask in China about their showdowns behind the lines. And the media don’t have the courage to report about this, and yes WIMPS is exactly what you are, and you can read the whole line of words from the link above from the leader of the gang, Egon Olsen, symbolising me in my showdown with the established system to prevent the takeover of armed forces having a marionette government working for it.

I was told that this part comes directly from the kitchen (the kitchen of the Source pouring out metal as black and silver creating the spirit of my mother to create the world) as part of the black metal, and you have only done as expected, and when I decided to go up against you all without knowing what I started, it created the greatest power of the Universe needed to turn everything around to save the world. This corresponds to testing to see if the first aeroplane could fly without crashing and to continue flying including the first cross over the Atlantic Ocean all the way to today, and yes the official world accepted me in silence with the attitude “let us see what will happen”, and I here receive the feeling of coughing to my throat again, and I also had a new diarrhoea both symbolising destruction.

I was told that you have been together with him the last couple of days and how has he, i.e. me, taken it (?), well he has gone through the worst work and something about the world giving up on its plans. So I have slaved myself out of the sock suspenders, worn them to pieces, which is to bring the Old World to its end, which is what makes things like this to happen.

Again I received information quickly, but I had decided to do my best to receive information and write this chapter on this system and Jens Rohde, and Jens, you are truly a WIMP bringing me the worst, sexual torments because of your WRONG DOINGS, and I was told something about this is like receiving the dark side of the spirit of my mother from out of nothing, and that is because surely he is not the king, is he (?) until you started seeing me as the king, which was not that long way for you to travel, was it (?), and that is because when nothing was exploding, and I kept refusing darkness, there had to be a connection making me “him”, right?

I was shown a link between a large group of politicians – being removed with one big hand – and prostitutes, so this is how what should have been “role models” to the community decided to live your secret lives (?), and yes this was your “balance of power”?

I was told that this was the coughing inside of you threatening to eliminate you, but still coal black hell was not strong enough to destruct me, I was still the strongest, so come on my dear, secret friends, put all your cards on the table and you do know that we are playing the “house of cards” here, and GOD KNOWS, don’t you?

And I was told that the reason why I received this torrent of words was because of my story of Jens Rohde yesterday, and we know, it seems as if there are people of great ambitions and eeehhh no power anymore (?), who are cannot control your negative emotions, and are sending me the worst darkness, and yes when will they ever learn?

I was told what will happen now when you cannot/don’t want to write this, does this mean that we cannot release the cork from the hole (?), but no, I will NOT write this before sleeping.

I was shown how this sick system was rolling homemade cigarettes giving AMNESIA (“I live with amnesia, Dancing with the shadows of my memory”) and “amnesia” is the side effects of this because darkness destroyed my memory together with loss of life, and then again, this is also what makes us dance of celebration when turning everything around.

Morten – another member of the European Parliament – said that “Jens Rohde, who calls himself Master of the Universe was put on place, when he claimed his right to decide to direction of EU. Jens Rohde may have discovered this morning that the whole Universe is not about him”, and yes he lost his candidature as the 1st on the list of the Danish Liberal Party for the next election to the EU-Parliament in 2014, and yes because his party and chairman Lars Løkke could not accept his ideas of united defence etc., and the interesting part here is really that when Jens Rohde was asked – as all MEP’s – to fill out this declaration about the financial status of MEP’s, he refused and decided to write “Master of the Universe” in the box “paid employment”, and yes what your heart was full of is also what came out of you here, Jens, and that is because you were on your way to read a position as … (?), and yes the leader of the New World of evil, is this it (?), or have I overestimated you again, Jens (?), and yes I promise that I will never do this again – two meanings – and you do remember that you are really a “special friend” of mine, and this is about waking you up too (?), and yes you are not that afraid of political friends/enemies and the media, but you “don’t like” my writings on you (?), and why/how is that and yes will you tell me again, please?

Finally, I was told that Jens does not know quite yet that we are about to close down the Old World, and this script is supposed to be the tool helping him to open his eyes (?), so how are you doing now, Jens – are you surprised?

I was shown a knock-out punch to my face and how my teeth were bleeding and how one tooth has been brought up here for examination, but no, there is nothing wrong with this man, he can continue the fight, so this is what we are doing, and yes because you can, otherwise we would not let you go through this.

After publishing of my script, I decided to share this information both on my own timeline and as here directly on Jens Rohde’s timeline, which should get his attention, or what do you say, Jens?

Dreaming of removing an incredible amount of darkness of the world only having little power to do this work

I decided to take that nap on the sofa, which I was allowed to do from maybe 06.30 until 09.00 with these dreams.

  • I have parked in a very small car on a street full of parked cars and not least many parked heavy lorries, and I hear how all of these big and polluting lorries start and drive away, and my car is started from the outside of people around the car. This is a campaign for small cars to remove these large lorries, and I am the owner of the small cars, and I declare that the people starting my car was done by the most trustworthy salesmen, and I thank them for the help, which makes them say to their customers that this is how they normally work. I am at the “girl roads” of Espergærde, which is where I live now, and I see a large cinema, which is showing a feature on Jeff Lynne and they announce that Jeff self is coming as part of the party, and he will do this over several days, and I am only hoping that I can afford to get in to experience this and meet Jeff.
    • The small cars is to say that I don’t have much to bring now, I am broken down work-wise, and still I am using my power to remove an incredible amount of darkness of this system, which Jens Rohde represents. And from here I will go to the cinema of our New World.
  • I am together with Jack at his mother’s house, and I would like much to turn up the volume of his stereo equipment to test it and that is because I know that it is of the finest quality, which is, but Jack does what he can to prevent me from doing this. I also remember a “hidden dream” underneath this with many new senior high school students being united with another senior high school, and I see people in fine party clothes here, and I notice how Nefer is standing out wearing the finest dress I can remember having seen.
    • Jack also has access to my finest stereo equipment to send our love to the world, but he is not glad to let me play on it (?), and are you still squeezed as the pig in the middle between me and a ROTTEN system of armed forces/”intelligence”, Jack (?), and the senior high school is really about temptation of “beautiful young ladies” and darkness working while I sleep, and Nefer is inside of this darkness helping me to help us all.
  • I woke up to “Timebomb” by SAGA – I tell you that this band has made MANY incredible songs, which this one is an example of and yes when you first get it under your skin, blue eyes & co., it will NEVER leave you again – and the lyrics “Where were you today?” and “Don’t ya know I’m tick’n like a time bomb”, so we are running out of time, you say, but hopefully this will get my sleep back, and maybe also R.E.M. once more?

This was not a planned “attack” on the evil New World Order, but when I can, this is what I do

This is about getting all of the gifts of the world, and I cannot help smiling and that is despite of your decision to “sleep”, which you know was wrong to do, but still you got it right and that is because this is what I have decided and we know NO MATTER WHAT.

You are not a predator anymore, which is what the world tried with all of its power to make you into. 

When I was about to publish my script so far at around 13.00 I was told yes, now he looks like a true gold digger again. 

Your mother continued to receive new skin from you (as the spirit of my father), but only to a certain degree, which every time was my absolutely worst I could bring before darkness broke me down destroying us once again.

This was not a planned “attack” of yours (on the evil New World Order), but we repeat, when you can, this is what we do. And we did not believe there was any more gold inside of you and yes you are running on a very empty tank and that is now only of the worst darkness/dust of all. 

This corresponds to you having stolen clothes from all of the gang instead of all of the gang stealing your clothes to kill you (again). 

This is why we continue postponing your birthday, and we have not said “congratulations” yet with your newest victim, but this is what we expect to happen, and yes for Jens to bring his (silver) head on a (silver) plate.

If you cannot break the ice, this could have been a long Sunday, and we know, you have decided NOT to continue working on your website with work in terms of information is OVERWHELMING and impossible to do by now, and I will have to trust that I can do this work when the worst darkness and pressure on me has weakened/disappeared, and no, I cannot and will not continue working now, and this is how it is despite of the pressure you put on me, everything has a limit and this is mine, so after this I will take a long bath.

And we repeat that we are doing this without your mother even knowing that we have been bleeding, i.e. that the world has.

Have you remembered the desert (?), and I felt my mother and whipped cream, which is what this world of evil has brought me AND my mother MUCH of when it comes to (sexual) torments bringing us down. 

I was told that if these people REALLY felt the end of the world coming via an earth quake where Earth physically would start to split, this would wake these men up  immediately, and all I had to do was to blow.

This could not be done if I had not decided for my new behaviour in relation to what I see on the Internet, and had I not changed, we would still have come home.

I still DO not like at all writing and publishing stories as the one of Jens Rohde not knowing about what is the truth given to me by light and what might be deceptions of darkness, and when I started publishing my scripts in February 2010 this was part of the reason why it was almost impossible for me to overcome the natural barrier to stand forward as I did, and today I still do NOT like not knowing – the TRUTH is important to me – but I have come to a point where I have tried “everything” meaning that I don’t care about what goes out, and I have written the story exactly as I received it, and this is what is 100% accurately the truth. 

I was shown a transport band right next to the light including all of cake forms originally used for creation, which are now returning to us. 

Later I was asked, did you realise that we are now using the cake forms at the New World after he did a very smart thing to turn them around without even to put them out first and yes making the last of the Old World the first of our New World, and yes this is the power of the evil system you decided to go up against again, and if they/you like it my ladies and gentlemen (?), and YES to me and NO to their own old thoughts of an evil New World Order and amazing right?

This means that you did not have to temporarily terminate life as we did to bring you here because this life is now surviving “as we had not expected” in order to and yes what Stig, improve what we already have (?), and what is the meaning of this turn around in the air without touching the ground and yes is it “no noticeable feelings at all” when we switch on our New World and yes it might be, but later I was given MUCH enthusiasm also about doing this as “completely crazy” too.

I was shown an antenna being placed inside of me and told that all communication of our New World will go via me.

I was shown that it is now only a see-through dark curtain separating me from our New World, and I drive my train through this until the end stop at Santa Claus self, which is “perfect nothing” of the Source.

Meeting the ”aliens monster” of the deepest part of the spirit of my mother, who is afraid of terminating

I was told that this was an atomic bomb I had placed and yes right after the entrance of the Old World and “just in case”, which we also brought with us. In other words the worst is to remove the entrance self – and I am thinking that this is still going back to save what we did not save in the first 360 degrees round.

And it is here that Karen is where the spirits of my mother and father put in a double gene, which gave us the opportunity to create more of the same person – “another part of me” you remember – and yes out with one and in with another (replacing the spirit of my mother inside Karen with the original Karen) and you have a rebirth, which we try to tell you will become equally as big as yours, yes she will not only become your wife, but a …. (and the words stopped, Shannon, do you know the feeling?).

I was told by the spirit of my mother that there is still more of her and if I want to continue the game, and yes bring it on, and I can only do my best, which is poorer than what I would like to be able to do.

We are driving on less than a tank and that is practically nothing, how do you feel (?), and yes when receiving this question, I was dizzy, had throw up feelings and felt like fainting because of mere exertion to carry out work today and publish the script.

This was the attack we had to prevent, and do you want to do this again (?), and yes I will always do my best, but right now I cannot do the same because I am completely down, and I was told that alright, we will also try the next task, which is to finish your website the 22nd November and if you do not you will not get the last in, and my reaction was “no way” (!) and that is especially if you carry on bringing me much speech and long scripts to write, and also when I now look at my 8 pages of notes to sort out including the approx. 6 pages the relevant text from my website fills, and yes it has become easier but still not easy to do this task, and no, you are NOT going to stress me to accept a deadline given from you and all I know is that this is the Devil working, and I will NOT accept to work according to the Devil’s wishes, so I will decide my own deadline and do my best work, and when taking this decision here – it is now “tomorrow” at 09.30 – the “knocking” darkness inside of me putting a constant pressure on my body and also private parts trying to break me down for a short time completely vanished and yes I am doing this MY WAY, blue eyes, and I know that the game is to work hard, but no, you will NOT get my acceptance to finished this work by the 22nd November, and yes don’t accept what is unreasonable to accept!

I was shown a small wardrobe with clothes hanging on hangers and an half open egg in its shell on the floor, and I was told that there is only little time to remove the clothes, and it might be, but I will do it my way, and that might be to work hard and that is if I can because I am completely broken down and right now I cannot work very hard is the feeling and I feel Obama here, so you feel the same?

I was told that if you cannot, we would rather throw this out, and no, this is NOT how the game works, I am the one taking the decisions and I am NOT falling for your trick to give this power to you, so we will NOT throw anything out, and am I not finished by the 22nd November, I will continue working, and I was told that in this case I – the Source – cannot remove my sufferings, and yes so let it be!

I was given a new loud cracking noise to my shelves, and normally I am given the ability to “look inside the sound” and that is given feelings of it, but here there was “nothing” and that is only the sound, which is to say that there is really empty inside of there, and yes there might be some dust, but empty is what it is, but still you show my clothes in a small wardrobe so there is something, which is nothing.

I was told that when entering here at the smallest place, there is an imminent risk that that glass of a wine glass – as I was shown – will break.

And then I was given the feeling of wanting me to start the New World as Karen and not my mother because of what could have been a potential anger about my mother creating darkness – against her knowledge and meaning – and I could only tell my self that this is a WASTE OF TIME to have my writing this because my mother did her best and I will NOT “punish” her like this because of course it is her and my father, who stand together as the creators.

I was told that I am now meeting the Aliens monster self while being alive as Stig and that is without becoming the monster myself as dead – after losing the battle to it via my family/friends etc., thus the world – and I can only win by doing my work.

This is what is “almost nothing”, and this is what wants sex, but no thank you, and this is the monster inside of me, which I am born with as Stig with the task to tame. “Am I to give a full lexicon to him and what will I get in return” is what this monster asked, and yes you will get nothing but your freedom when released from darkness, and this is how we work as darkness arriving as a thief in the night, who you cannot arm yourself against like Gaza trying to arm itself against Israel, which is impossible, therefore!

I was watching a broadcast on animals – I love seeing that and especially when the filming and research is “first class”, for example as BBC documentaries – and when I saw an young one of an elephant seal, I received warm feelings and was told that we love animals as much as human beings.

I was told about this part of the spirit of my mother that this is how she feels and that is to be made into chicken soup, which is to terminate, but no, I will NOT change my rules and how I work meaning that you will be the mother of creation no matter what.

I also received a STRONG scratching to the bottom of my head together with a feeling of Elijah, and this means “difficult times” in Kenya with lack of money and food, so maybe you would like to tell how you and your (big) family are doing, Elijah – I would like to hear you know?

Suddenly I received streaming feelings of darkness at my the backside of my left lower leg together with “a screw of darkness” the same place, which was to “warn me” against what this darkness is able to do with our New World, and NO, I refused to become intimidated.

I was given thoughts about what we have achieved earlier in 2012, which is also mentioned on the front page of my website, including an eternity of New World’s each including an eternity of New World’s and yes “life inside of life” principle and first I thought that this was done when we were setting up our New World based upon an endless number of “sleeping cells” and now everything will be one big light of the Source when all sleeping cells will wake up (remove their protection from darkness) and this made me think that everything will be one big Universe, but later I thought that each individual is meant to be a creation him-/herself, so this was what I decided at the end, which is that we will fulfil this original idea and I am just thinking about the logics of having – if we take Earth as example – 7 billion people all becoming creators of New World’s and where will all life inside of these worlds come from (?), and here I am told that this is the most beautiful of it, because this is the life in life principle, and yes new life created by God when you enter the next layer, so you better get started my friends to create new life.

I received a new stream of darkness to my the backside of my left lower leg and was asked “you are not afraid of this” (?), and no, I am not, bring me the best you got, and I can only do the same and then we will see who is the strongest, so nothing new really.

Google Earth pictures show MANY happy faces on the sky and also the last darkness continuing to kill and rape

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show darkness becoming light, an angel welcoming new-comers, MANY happy faces on the sky, the last darkness continuing to kill and rape and the rich world “peeing” on Africa.

Ending the day with these short stories

  • Mads brought this picture of “young women”, who could be attending “senior high school” if it was not because they are here attached to the Israeli military, and besides from the introduction, Mads also said that “as  you make your bed, so you will sleep on it receiving a spanking from before the age of enlightenment”, and you may understand that the vision/dream I had in the night about “receiving a physical clap to my behind” is given to me by darkness of the Israeli military showing unnecessary brutality killing Palestinian children creating the most heartrending scenes of desperate parents losing their children – and I have not had time to read about or follow this war/conflict and who started it, but this symbol is not to misunderstood: Israel is sending me the worst darkness of all, and I ask you to stop your violent actions straight away!

  • I was encouraged to bring this video in the SAGA Facebook group also for the band to see and reflect on?



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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