November 20, 2012: Creating God’s original plan of Karen being God’s Daughter of the next world connected with this world!


Summary of the script today

19th November: Creating God’s original plan of Karen being God’s Daughter of the next world connected with this world!

  • Dreaming of the spirit of my father being released from prison by me showing me the road, the Pope and the Vatican Church has a two-metre long nose because of their lies/silence, I am crashing and have big difficulties entering darkness, I have great difficulties doing work within a short deadline given to me, Karen brought me INCREDIBLE sufferings unimaginable to people because of my very DEEP feelings, and the most inner darkness did not spread but was waiting for me.
  • I was broken down today after HARD days only being able to make my script today, and I cannot meet the deadline of the 22nd November to finish my website given to me, which means that I will not be able to save life inside of darkness, which has already been saved, so this is what I could do for my honour and we had to rely on help of God to save the rest.
  • Google Earth pictures show monsters stabbing with knives as was also the case with two knife killings in Denmark.
  • I continued receiving more important information about creation, and I finally decided to completely reject the deadline of the 22nd November, and yes I follow the road of God, which is to continue working/suffering, and that is until everything will become perfect, and the right deadline is probably the 21st December.
  • All life trapped inside of darkness has been released via the Virgin of the Rock in Mijas, Spain, following my visit there in 2007.
  • There would be no world today without the triangle of Jack, Obama and I with everyone speaking to Jack and Obama speaking directly to me.
  • There will be not only one, but two”, which is about Karen, who was left behind as intended life to be created, which however the spirit of my mother stopped when she had received this world, and was afraid to receive New World’s coming in, and this is about Karen being the Daughter of God of our next world, and together we would – and will now – become pairs herewith connecting two worlds, which was an important aspect of creation to create stability of life without terminations.
  • Short stories of invented “alien abductions” also destructing the world, Kim Larsen “is”, Helena was “fooling around” just like Karen, Helena cannot make herself publicise the man stalking her, CHEMTRAILS over Helsingør making me annoyed, and the worst darkness of FC Brøndby is now being saved, thus life I could not save as Stig without God.

20th November: Cleaning the entrance of darkness to our New World II, which will automatically clean all New Worlds

  • I am preparing the opening of Karens’ New World to which Karen has the key to open when she will awake as her new self.
  • Dreaming of my old DanskeBank-Pension colleagues opposing me with the GREATEST strength, and I continue playing my game against darkness even though the room is too little to play in.
  • I was walking the path to the next world and opened the door to it making all kind of garbage and rats fall out, and we cleaned the entrance of this world, which was also polluted by the spirit of my mother and her “sexual invention”, and we will first open for it with the awakening of Karen as the daughter of this world.  Doing this work now, will automatically clean all entrances of darkness when we will gradually open to an eternity of life inside of sleeping cells of the Source. We have started preparing creation of new life of this the New World II, which will take place when we will open the light of our New World and Karen.
  • The Audi logo symbolises “the four back chain” as the principle of our New World with the worlds of the Son and Daughter created by Father and Mother united with the next two worlds created by Son and Daughter all including different versions of the same life to bring new genes of life to previous life to keep strengthening life without deteriorating.
  • Darkness of the spirit of my mother is now extremely close around me with everything else around me being light. All of the weapons of this darkness have been removed, and it is now strongly looking forward to become part of the light of everything after having missed me/God much, but it is the moment of truth with the 22nd November apparently being the deadline where I will either turn around and save this life inside darkness myself, and if/when I cannot – too much work for me to do – God will save this last life, will he not?
  • Short stories of clothes manufacturers producing/seeling toxic clothes, the mission impossible to unite my previous self Jesus with the world is accomplished, telling Politiken about the miracle of our New World and to be instead of not to be and I was met with more silence, I have almost had enough, but “the world is not enough” without me.


19th November: Creating God’s original plan of Karen being God’s Daughter of the next world connected with this world!

Dreaming of Karen brought me INCREDIBLE sufferings unimaginable to people because of my very DEEP feelings

I went to bed after 23.00 yesterday after staying up the last few hours was a tough battle in itself because of extreme tiredness/exhaustion, and I slept until 07.30 with these dreams.

  • My father is in prison, but has thrown out a box himself, which is tied up by a metal chain, and it should be impossible to break the chain, but this is what I do – among angry people – in order to release him.
    • It was part of the spirit of my father’s plan for me to come back and release him, and this dream is inspired from a few days ago when I heard “the chain” by Fleetwood Mac on BBC Radio 2, and yes I still LOVE the bass riff on this wonderful song as one of the best ever in music history.

  • I am the Pope and feel much alone also because Rikke – one of my employees – does not speak to me but to others. The pope speak to a colleague, who shows me a several hundred years old figure with a long nose, and the pope asks if it is to be destroyed because it is not known if the length of the nose is correct, and it makes the colleague ask “how long do you want it”, which makes the nose grow to 2 metres.
    • So the Pope feels alone as I do too, and yes not easy to know that you are also a part of me, my dear Benedict (?), and the figure shows that the Vatican Church has lied for many centuries, and the Pope self is lying about me or at least being silent about me, and this is what makes the nose of the figure/church grow even more, and just like Pinnochio, and yes I wonder how you could decide to lie/be silent instead of just speaking out the truth, and is the truth so “bad” that it was “impossible” for you to speak (?), and yes I know and we all know Stig that there is ONLY one thing to say to that and that is WIMPS (!), and am I the only one having the courage to speak out (?), and no you are not and yes because there are as luck are BRAVE men and women speaking out the truth on the Internet about the secret government and so on, but very few has the combination to understand who I am and to speak out the truth, and yes in practise no one could, and yes Benedict, the Church of Rome “could not”, you “could not” speak out the truth, and what was it being more important than the truth (?), and don’t come and tell me that it was of considerations to me or was it (?), did you finally get it in the end (?), and yes you too, my friend ….

  • I see how Africans have been treated poorly while staying on the worst hotel in Eastern Europe. They have now left without money, and a suitcase only containing a haunch of venison, and no clothes or money. They are now attending a new conference, where they have arrived empty handed not even having paper to write on, but a pen they have. One of them shows me a drawing he has made of an incredible fine line including the number 7. Later I see that I live with poor Africans without job and income in the Savannah, and they have a thin lion as well, which I am potentially afraid of when sleeping, but they say that nothing will happen, and not has ever done before.
    • This may be about my very poor LTO friends being treated the worst at the hotel – i.e. the waiting hall before becoming awakened as their new selves – and the haunch of venison is to say that their sufferings/journey is saving original life too. The lion may be a cat gone wrong with aggressive tendencies to kill/bite, which may be about Elijah, but this is saying that he is not biting much having “nothing” to live on for his family.
  • At work, I only receive a low pay and am not valued for my skills even though I am the best. I walk through the company and meet Bo from Dahlberg, who is back, and as usual he speaks on the phone but say hello to me, and I come to PFA Pension and speak to people about the financial balance of this company, and I don’t understand why they cannot tell, because I believe it is around 100 billion DKK, and something about 0.1% of it is what is the subject, and when I look outside the window, I see a helicopter and the pilot is not attentive and the propeller hits the building and the helicopter crashes, and I have gone out on the roof trying to help, and now I am stuck on the roof afraid to fall down and unable to get back.
    • PFA Pension is this the last room (?) of darkness, and the money may be about the energy it had accumulated before we switched off energy, and the helicopter crashing is because I was completely and utterly broken down yesterday, which I feel the reminiscences of this morning still feeling down, so the question is if I can and will continue the game against this darkness, but of course I will, and that is if I can come in from the roof to the darkness symbolised by PFA.
  • Mikhail Gorbachev is in Helsingør, and he has asked me to look at his three different main pension policies in AP Pension because he wants to decrease his payments to DKK 25,000 per year, and it is difficult for me to get an overview of his policies in a short time because there are MANY papers and I have to understand the structure first, and I see that one includes a 10 year rate life cover and something about being below ice water.
    • Gorbachev was also one of my heroes in the 1980’s for opening the stiff Soviet Union, and when he is in Helsingør he is part of our New World and his policies symbolise creation and how difficult it is for me when I don’t have time to do the structure and writing of my new text on this to my website, and “ice water” is sufferings, so I wonder if Gorbachev is suffering too, and is this a sign saying that he is about to die (?), and I hope not.
  • I see Naser Khader threatening with a gun to come through the harbour. Previously we played football together where he also had some kind of pointing tool, which is what developed into the gun.
    • The gun is because of his work for the secret government of USA, and this is what I am told.
  • Karen and I try to be a couple once again, and after she has been happy to be with me one day and I meet her again the next, she tells me – as if it means nothing to her – that she has slept together with a wonderful man, a Muslim man, and she thinks about seeing him again this night, and it makes me so sad DEEP inside of me because I was happy to be with her again, and even though I would like to continue seeing her, I can only tell her that “we will become married some day as man and wife, but I cannot see you right now”. Later I sit at a table and speak about a new English band playing on the radio, which I LOVE, and I ask a man at the table if this music is “too wild” for him, which he says that it is not, and he is to my surprise very kind – feels like a good friend – and I am surprised to see that it is Jarl Friis Mikkelsen (a famous Danish TV host, actor etc.), and on my way to Rungsted Station, I meet Karen’s daughter Caroline, and I would like to borrow her laptop to look up the playlist from the radio to find the name of the band, but to my surprise, her laptop is not connected to the Internet. I clip my train card three times to go to Copenhagen, and I get a place where the blades of a scissor is facing directly out so I have to be careful when sitting down.
    • This dream was so strong so I believed it was reality when dreaming it, and it made me so sad as you cannot imagine, and when I speak about my mother having “100 times stronger feelings” than anyone, the same goes with me, so it is impossible for you to understand the degree of sorrow/sadness when Karen “deserted” me in 2004 and when she slept together with other men after having had good days with me, and here I received the same feeling once again together with an incredible miss to see her and be with her WITHOUT any misunderstandings and trouble, and yes she would feel the same if it was not because of and eeehhhh yes misunderstandings, and now I know that she will “just” have to become the original Karen and not the tool of darkness of the dark side of the spirit of my mother, which truly does NOT make me feel very well, but this is how it was to make us come through this darkness.
    • Jarl is here but he tried to hide, which is also what you do in real life, Jarl, knowing about me but pretending that you do not if people should ask?.
  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension and see how the “fine consultants” if fine suits have great difficulties to find out the elementary use of a financial calculator (what will a capital develop to with x % interest in x years), and the are nervous when a customer enters the bank and they need to show their skills in practise to calculate this cost of financing the most expensive house in Århus. I see how the consultants have old and very wrinkles presentation brochures, and new brochures have not been printed. Danske Bank also has a brochure from 1991 about investment proposals, which they still use more than 20 years later, and they know that they really should update the advise and produce a new, but they cannot agree on how to prepare the recommended investment proposal, and something about a car dealer, who does not want to release a car because of the taxes included in its price.
    • This is how it was for at least some of my “fine” colleagues at DanskeBank-Pension, which all branches and customers looked up to, and yes they were “no-brainers” compared to the reputation they had, and I do believe that the dream also said that they “never” sold anything, and yes an expensive department to run, but a very good image these consultants had (!), and yes I was just a “simple” and hardworking man (on contrary to these consultants “living” on talking!) together with Bjarne requiring the skills, which the consultants did not, but still I was not valued for this and had the lowest pay, and yes do you get it (?), and the old brochures in here is to say that the deepest darkness of the spirit of my mother has not been updated for a long time and does not make commercials and yes spread as this means (!), and almost as if it knows that I am coming to bring it out.
    • I woke up to “Amnesia” by SAGA and the lyrics “Dancing with the shadows of my memory”, and I am here given a foretaste on very fine wine and yes from the thinnest stream imaginable, and will I be able to get this out before we will close this stream and yes this is what it is about, and yes Stig we know that it is only a game, and yes a force is also trying to make me say “no”, but no, we will get everything out and that is one way or another.

I cannot make all work before a short deadline having to rely on God saving remaining life inside darkness

This morning when I opened my computer, it gave me a new error message for the first time, which was “disk boot failure” and then it was blocked, which was more spiritual darkness coming and yes because we have entered the next room, but as luck was – yes I know about meeting the Source is also what this mean to help us save the last treasures inside of here, and yes because “him there” says it (and you have to imagine that I am shown an act of actors while writing this) – I could switch it off and on, and then it started in its by now “fail condition”, which however works perfectly. 

I was told that you can add “with the blood pouring down on me”, which is what the spirit of my mother started experiencing when she started her “sexual invention” starting to kill herself because this is what the Source returned to her as desired. And all sexual activities of the world has since killed a new part of her until the day when the world had killed itself leading to the end of it, and yes a cruel summer as I was also about to say – love them too – and yes cruel destiny were the right words and that is that life was created this way, which originally was a weapon to kill all male as part of the plan of the dark side of the spirit of my mother to kill all male, which is what she thought was the negative part inside of cells of sleeping life to get to the light inside of it without understanding that she had developed darkness herself. 

I was still feeling completely broken down this morning after work yesterday and the days before feeling a GREAT need to relax and the worst disgust to work, which I decided to overcome as usual, and no, I will NOT be stressed by the deadline the 22nd November, because I do have time to finish my work after this date, don’t I (?), and yes this is what I bet on, David.

I heard “England” and received the feeling ”we hope he wins this one too”, so it seems that I do have “silent supporters” out there following my battles with you as darkness, and that goes with you too, David Cameron (?), and you don’t want to send me an email before it is “too late”?

I cannot continue producing eggs and was told that this “also has something to do with it”, which is about the spirit of my mother running out of life so to say – because of sexuality of the world – and when there is no more life of her, there is no more life of the world, which is really why the world was ending every time.

I still receive negative words of darkness, but when I enter them, I only hear very few words, before it changes from negativity to positivity which is because we are extremely close to the light, which is shining through. 

I received one more ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, and I was shown the ferry between Oslo and Copenhagen – as I was shown so many times sinking in 2005-06 when meditating with Lotus, Lis and Kirsten – and I was told that we would also have given dinner on this ferry, but we never received a dinner invitation, and yes this is the most inner of darkness or beginning of creation if you will and had I given/accepted the dinner invitation, it would be as the Devil and yes working for this darkness with the purpose to sink the ship and end the world, but no my friends, this is not where I want my closet to be placed and yes to bring a variation of what I normally say. 

The feelings of knives cutting  over the outermost of my fingers have not left me, but this would require that you decided to take parts of the world inside of here to be destroyed, and yes Stig you have decided that you will NEVER do that, and also that you will NOT stress to finalise work the 22nd November, and with this attitude – we came in forehand already finalising it – we have decided to save every little thing and yes even what you “cannot” get out before the 22nd November and that is based on your will NOT to destroy anything and in the best case we might call it a “draw” and that is about the last life inside of here, and yes it cannot and is NOT allowed to explode and to start the old mill of life from the beginning and with this there is only one thing to do and that is to follow your wish to continue working but not as crazy/insane as you have done for a while, and yes my actors are just behind an extremely thin layer of darkness almost not existing, and this is how it is. 

So the spirit of my mother is coming herself from “nothing” so how could it be that she was afraid to return to nothing (?) and yes even had to be something first before the Source becoming something/everything (?), and yes there are still many unanswered questions, but when you don’t want to keep playing – and yes you do but on your terms – we will let it up to you to do your best describing creation as it was and yes based upon what you could find, and we know, Stig, there might be some details here and there you are in doubt about, but I do believe that I have received much of the information, which I would only do by going through it so save it, and yes maybe I will receive a little more before you close my access to this information the 22nd November as I understand it. 

It also means that we will not bring you “the worst darkness” to your left leg, as I was given a little of here, and yes if you will not play the game, and yes it is now 14.45, and you will go to the swimming hall, which you did not have time to do two days ago, and could not do yesterday, and yes dinner and I might do some work this evening, and I might also take a relaxing evening in front of the TV, where you will probably give me more notes, and we will see what I will decide to do, but no, I will not and cannot destroy myself working night and day from now to the 22nd November to finish this work. 

I drove to the swimming hall again and on my way there I felt how some of my fingers spiritually were cut almost over and in fact all over, and I can only say that I am NOT done with work and I will continue working and no I have NOT given up just because I don’t make the deadline you have give me, and only if you cannot do anything else, this is what you must do and you will only get my approval if you will survive (one way or) “another” way, and yes by the Source helping, and this could be a game in itself, but I have decided to believe that this is right. 

I used the right cross trainer again today and the first 10 minutes was slow, but the last 20 was good, so I burned off 581 calories, and I received my fingers back, which is to say that this darkness is still with me, and I was directly asked if I give up in relation to the 22nd November, and NO, I don’t give up, but I will NOT make your deadline but work as I decide. 

Exercise was very difficult today, and I felt how darkness became strong for a moment of time and so strong that it was about stopping me, and that was because my mother know that last time it took me 3-4 days to renew the monthly card for the swimming hall, which she still pays for, and I was told that just a negative thought of hers is brought to me and yes does Stig train as hard as he could and says that he does (?), and a little later I received strength from the New World on the other side pushing and I was told that this is also because of my mother and now because of her faith!

I was told that all negative thoughts and speech, which my mother and sister as examples allow to come out – not only in relation to me but also when they “enjoy” to be negative about others on TV and in real life – it comes directly to me as sufferings, and yes you may remember that this is what they give in to all of the time, and all of what they do wrong is what I have to constantly absorb/reject, and yes “impossible” to believe in of course, and yes Michael & Co. I think of your AMAZING song every time I write “believe”, and yes my favourite of yours it is, and it is not on the a video-site on the Internet other than in this version, so who will be the first to upload it in a fine studio and maybe also LIVE-version?

I was again given a potential pain to the backside of the backside of my left lower leg, which is far beyond what I can handle as a normal human being and my thought is also that the Source has decided to help me because if I was to receive this pain, and yes I would not be able to bear it. I also received more deep darkness as coughing coming up.

I was asked that if I receive less sufferings, if I will try to finish before 22nd November, and I said NO, I will NOT enter into secrete agreements under NO circumstances.

Afterwards, when I went to the Prøvesten shopping centre it was dark and I could not help smiling when I saw a rotating UFO – yes I know “spaceship” – on the sky blinking white on one side and red on the other and I was told “I am the sternlight – will you choose red or white” (to finish or not finish work).

When I came home, I received a 1/5 out of this world pain to my right ankle followed by a feeling of nothing going through my head. 

I was told that the kiss of death and also the potential “extreme pain” – much more than I can bear – to the backside of my left lower leg was only pain I had to meet if/when I go through the last darkness and if I do not – if life “terminates” before becoming part of our New World anyhow – I will feel nothing, and yes this is how it is, and there is only one who can bypass this (to make this survive) and that is the Source as he is also bypassing John to make him and also your mother survive, because this is what you have asked me to do.

I was told that when Camilla and I could not get children at the end of the 1990’s, where we tried insemination and I delivered semen tests for analysis showing that I had a poor semen quality, the real reason was for the world to test/understand and this came with a feeling that this is what the official world already has done (?) – you found it at Pilestræde 65 and they still had the test result (?) – and this was also to show you that as the spirit of my father, I had trouble to bring more children to the world because of my condition as you will understand?

I received a “visitor” and was told that a note said “collect Stig at a Burgundy stable, is this here” (?), and yes it is, but no, I am not finished working and this goes both now and before and after the 22nd November as you can tell with greetings to the sender, which is the New World, which has promised me to get out before I will burn down, and we know Stig, these are my friends, and nothing will happen to me here, I am sure that they will not force their strongest weapons upon me to kill me, and yes we will see what happens and yes you are right my friend the answer is no thank you – to confirm his question – so here we go again, and I saw him now with his hands in the pockets kicking stones on the road and yes here was a sign for Stig saying “when you and he are ready you are allowed to offer him to get out including yourself” and yes isn’t it funny that we find more and more of these notes, which are planted here together with creation self, and yes thought you would like to know, so I will just keep on waiting and yes we could continue with more stories like this, but we have to move on as Lars G. would have said. And yes I often receive feelings under my skin of the Danish Queen, so how are you doing, Margrethe and yes I would love to see you too for coffee “if you understand such a small one”, and you are welcome here together with your family, and yes I always tell myself that when I like to meet famous people “remember to have the same desire/happiness to meet the man on the street”, and yes that could be you my dear beggar on the street of Nairobi who in 2009 was begging me for rice with your outmost will as if it was your last will, which I will NEVER forget, and yes you who I smoked a cigarette with in the smoking shed, and not to mention the beggar I met maybe 5-7 times who did not come to our meeting as agreed (see book 2), and yes I LOVE TO SEE ALL OF YOU.

At 19.30-20.00 I was going through a new tired crisis, which would make most people decide to sleep, but somehow I “woke up” again without sleeping other than my eyes and head keep falling down.

I was told that the director of Helsingør Kommune had my “case” on his table, and he was the one deciding that I had to go through medical examinations, which he told the mayor about, and yes it made the mayor surprised/afraid to see me at the Cultural night in October and “not as crazy” as you throught, Johannes?

I was also told that the reason why the Prime Minister of Sweden, Oluf Palme, was shot and killed in 1986 was because he threatened to reveal my existence to the world, and yes “we cannot have that” and yes “bang, bang” (!), and there you have a favourite disco classics of mine – and yes I don’t know if these stories come from light or darkness, but they came to me exactly like this. 

At 22.15 still working I was told “thank you and for this you will get … “and then I was given a smaller out of this world pain to my right ankle, which was followed by the feeling of more skeleton being implemented at my left ankle. 

I continued working until 23.15 where I had uploaded this script, and no I cannot and will not start working on my website now, it requires that I feel better and have more time.

I was told that we have even smaller rooms inside of here in match-boxes etc….

You forgot your gloves (I am still missing the gloves, which someone STOLE from me at Fitness World Gentofte in 2010!!!), and we just wish you the best of luck on the final part of your journey, and I might now receive a lot of notes during the night where I will stay up at least for some hours playing the game.

I was told that a meat alarm could have started (telling me about termination of life for good) but we never heard anything, we exchanged it with an OK sign “approved by God”.

I was told by people of other civilizations outside my windows – this was the feeling and also words given to me – that it corresponds to not having any light on and still coming home. One gets such strange BULER which are not corrected here Stig but first when you return home, and in this sense you are allowed to continue working also after 22nd November.

Creating God’s original plan of Karen being God’s Daughter of the next world connected with this world!

It is now 01.10 and yes Stig, we are continuing with more notes to be written down as expected but this does not make life any easier, and yes TIRED is not the word!

First I received much information with a low voice and not important, but it was like a tape recorder just continuing to play, which was very annoying and potentially making me negative, but no.

I was told that if I had gone deeper inside creation I would have received deeper sufferings and it was only creation self, which you missed, so now we will give you the opportunity to finish work, shall we say a week or so (?), and no, I don’t want like that, my deadline is December and for all I know the 21st December, and I am sure that you will try your best to follow this deadline bringing me the right amount of work to make me finish everything in good time, and yes this will have to be the answer and that is as I understand it now.

I started seeing new furniture being brought in, and now one refrigerator after the other, and this is where we include food, i.e. life, and yes to be cooked so it must be “new life” coming, and I was told that the most important message is that nothing was lost of creation because you decided not to destruct anything as we had predicted.

I was told that if I had not walked in to the Virgin of the Rock (Virgen de la Peña) in Mijas on Costa del Sol, Spain, in 2007, not one single of us would have come out (from darkness of Spain as the burial chamber), and I was told that when I was inspired to walk down the 9 kilometres of the “mountain” road from an altitude of 450 meters above the sea from Mijas to Fuengirola at sea level – so I could visit Vivian’s previous employer on the mountain road (a real estate broker on the right side approx. halfway down) – which no one does (!), it was to seal the whole road down forever to protect us against darkness following us when being released, and this is the road all released life from darkness has taken down to the coast, and what will this make Costa del Sol into (?), yes the sun coast where all life has received its special stamp, and it will also be revealed that Stig was here, here and here (when walking much on this coast in Benalmadena, Torremolinos and Malaga at two trips in 2006/07), which became other protected roads for released life from darkness to use. And it was at Costa del Sol, Mijas and Benalmadena, that my old friend Vivian – another part of my mother – lived from 1987 and the next approx. 15-20 years (before moving to Australia) also to prepare for this event as I understand now.

It is from the Virgin of the Rock in Mijas, Spain, where the Mother of God appeared in front of two children in 1536, that all life trapped inside of darkness has been released, which was prepared via my visit to the cave in 2007

I felt an airport and darkness and I was told that we are still here because of what you have decided, which is not only to work and suffer for 1-2 more days as I had been told and was looking much forward to, but “longer”, and yes fine by me.

I was shown and told that Bo from Dahlberg brought a small shrine of precious stones, “now you know”, and I was told that this is because Bo believes in me, and yes who would have believed that this was possible including myself?

I was told that you would have received very kind warnings of life about to become terminated – and I felt behind these words a few serious, but then again this was darkness playing a game to confuse me – and that is because there is faith enough to store all life, so in this respect you have done your work to create enough faith to save and store all life, which is why you are allowed to continue working, and yes because of “honour” alone, and that is to continue doing my best as the spirit of my mother working inside of me to restore creation to make it perfect, or at least as perfect as we are able to without the help of God.

I was told that Jack was elected as leader and when people go to him, they go directly to me, and the same goes with people going to Obama, which is from where all evil plans of the world are given to me otherwise we would have to go through spiritual long ways around with the risk to losing information because of darkness working, which is also why it was important that I did my best work and I was told that Obama understood my Signs III page better than he understood the briefing of Steven Greer standing behind the material at the website “the disclosure project”, which it is based on and this improved Obama’s chances to liberate us from infiltrations of darkness, and I have not been told about Obama’s contacts with the secret government of USA only received a déjà vue feeling that this is what Obama was doing also working for it to give up its plans, and I was told that the reason why was not to reveal negotiations when they were ongoing, but now they are about to being solved, Obama (?), and I also feel Clinton here, whom I also owe thanks (?), and yes you make up a very good team, my gentlemen as I say with BIG SMILES backing me up, and yes Bill, I only wrote about you as I received spiritual information about, and it may have been darkness appointing you to be the leader of the secret government, but this is how it was, you know, and yes a game between light and darkness, so I hope you could bear over with this. And I was told that without this triangle between Jack, Obama and I, there would be no world today.

I was told that a glass bowl says here and there says that there will be not only one but two, and I was confused also because I first felt Karen, then Jack and Obama and what was this about (?), and yes I had to decide that this was about Karen mentioned as the first, and for days I have received “indications” that Karen is something much more, but no she is not the creator of this world, the spirit of my mother is, but what is she then (?), and yes she is not the son, and she has not been given birth to this world before now, and yes not you as the son but daughter of God, so God has decided to have a son AND a daughter, which is where creation went wrong, because we now have not only one but two to do all the best, and yes if you did not come here, we would not have been able to …, and yes in the game that is because God would give this anyway, and yes who knows what se will do, and if not creating because this is what mother does, what then (?), and as you can tell, I was not given the answer straight away.

A little later I was told that when she was about to enter during creation, there was already closed by the spirit of my mother, which made creation become as it did without one of the most important conditions to create stability of life, which Karen would have secured – her spark of life would also mean no terminations as the result – and not via sexuality as the invention of reproduction but a completely different system (“kitchen”), and we have now done the most genius, which is to combine the best of these two systems as one with your mother and Karen working together as a team but still as individuals so you can be with Karen and your father with your mother without compromising any, and this is how we decided to make the best perfect, and God has no objections, and it isn’t this, which you are now receiving as darkness there, is it (?), and yes this is indeed what it is.

Life does not become much better than this, so you will have to decide how you will write about creation on your website because you don’t have time both to receive and write these notes/scripts and also to write about creation, and yes my scripts have first priority, and let us say that when I have the full picture of creation, I can write about it, and let us also say that you play your game very well my dear actors, which is also what they tell me, because the 22nd November is NOT a deadline to finish my work as I was told, and yes it took for you to decide to continue working/suffering, and who would do this in his situation (?), but yes, this is the only right thing to do and because of this, the only logical answer is that we continue work until the BIG DAY, and so it is.

I was told that you haven’t exchanged your hash pipe (anchor of darkness) with the next, have you (?), because what happened to creation, which did not come through (?), did it remain in “refugee camps” (?), an yes as life not becoming life, and yes this happened at every single creation of a New World.

When I returned from the sofa with my notes written down above, I was surprised to see that the same 5-6 posts at Facebook kept on being repeated in one long and apparently infinite stream as I have NEVER seen before, and this made me understand “one world after the other” as in “infinite worlds”.

Later I was told that we never thought that you would come here, so Stig, you have now decided to continue creation of New World’s, which you did was it yesterday (?), and this is what opens to a new forest of creation, which we are now starting, and yes do you see, you were the Son of God, and Karen the daughter of God and for you two to be together making a cross connection between two worlds, and yes one part cannot do without the next was the thought, and what happened (?), and yes your mother decided for one world only because what is that coming (?), it is not me (!), which is what she was afraid of, and eeehhhh we did not see this coming but she had already created her own mind by this time, and this made her decide to cut off, and yes so it is, Stig.

Karen was/is the Daughter of the next world, and what was the idea of one world working together with the next (?), and I received a little information about working together in pairs where one cannot do without the other, but this is what my mother decided to do, and yes creating a world missing the other part of it to make it stable.

We could not do this creation when the leader of the gang – the spirit of my father – was in prison, which is why we had to wait until this moment, and yes isn’t it crazy to start the creation of our next world now and that is in order to make the first perfect too, and yes they go in pairs.

And this is what is also spinning the wheel of love as we have saved for so many years, and yes will you SPIN IT AGAIN, please :-).

I was given strain/marks to my heart, which is where this new creation is now seeking, and I was told by the spirit of my father – the part of him, who was trapped by darkness of this world – that he is now free, and it seems as if it was indeed possible to follow this road without receiving such incredible pain to the backside of my left lower leg, which was probably more to intimidate me more than anything else, and that is even though I am now given streaming feelings up through all of my left leg, but it will probably work out fine, and yes as I am told this is darkness from the next creation now becoming converted to light and part of our New World.

I was told that it is from this creation, which did not become creation that the watch was delivered as its final and “finest gift”, which was to secure that all life would return to enable us one day to finish creation as it was first thought out.

So this is why Karen is also “a new sensation” coming, and yes this fine song by INXS from Australia is also to pay tribute to Vivian and Australia.

Google Earth pictures show monsters stabbing with knives as was also the case with two knife killings in Denmark

Jette brought Google Earth pictures in her Facebook group showing smiling girls with Robin Hood hat but also monsters stabbing with knives, which makes me think of two knife stabbings in Denmark the last couple of days killing two beloved people as you can see here and here, and I wonder if the second one, a young 21 year old man who was killed at a nightclub at “Kødtorvet” in Copenhagen, where I tried to meet a girlfriend in 2008, is the direct result of this, and yes I did not know that this in my case was an act of darkness and I am here told that darkness was still “hanging” in the place, and this young man could have been someone special to me because of the incredible impact he had on his surroundings, so this is the direct result of this darkness, which I cannot absorb because there is too much in too little time for me to handle.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Dorthe was “funny” saying that she looked into the mirror and discovered that she had been “abducted” during the night, and the words “s… happens” is to say that mankind misusing people of other civilizations to abduct human beings as part of a “crazy” scheme to help making people afraid of people of other civilizations, thus preparing for war in space with these, is also what was destructing the world, and yes you truly have to be a “mad case” and yes to go up against people of other civilizations and these words are given to me by the same people saying that this is what I had to be to go up against the “mad people” on Earth so much stronger than I. 

  • Torben may be the most well known reviewer of popular music in Denmark, and here he said about Kim Larsen’s new album that “Hvordan bærer han sig egentlig ad, ham Larsen. Svaret er, at han slet ikke gør det. Han er det” (”how does he really do it, him Larsen. The answer is that he does not at all do it. He is it”, and I thanked him with my spiritual voice – and you know mixed with my own – that we cannot do without Larsen because he “is” just like a sweet symphony, and yes this is here I stand.

  • On YouTube underneath the video to “sweet symphony”, Jan wrote about how Kim Larsen has always “followed” him with his music, being and doing feeling Kim as a dearly beloved friend, and also how much he loves his philosophy – do things right, do not be “too fine” and do not over-complicate things which are not over-complicated, but “just do it” (is it something like this, Kim?) –  and yes I bring Jan’s fine text here because I like what he writes, and because this is also how I feel, so thank you Kim for also having been “a fine wall-paper in my life” too. 

  • After waking up still feeling sad because of the dream of Karen, one of the first things I saw was this by Helena saying how annoyed she was because of a “knock on” function on her telephone while she was making a “bootiecall”, which made me think of Karen doing the same with how many in your “black book”, Karen, and yes this post was “inspired” to bring me this exact feeling.

  • Helena said that she was weighed down with consciousness agonies because “I cannot ….”, and she has decided to “keep a level” because “the other is unworthy”, which is about her stalker apparently haven troubled her again, and yes there is NO problem to speak out the truth, Helena, as long as you control your negative feelings, and she said “and yes Søren, I have lost. I am sorry”, and Søren Pind has apparently recommended her to reveal the truth, which I am also looking much to, and yes you are truly losing if you don’t speak the truth and this also goes for me because silence is the weapon of darkness, which I do NOT like, and Helle encouraged to report this stalker again, and yes Helena, I look forward to understanding what made you cry like this, I am shown a tear, and why you “could not” be strong doing the only right thing to publicise this, which I would also really have liked to include in my scripts, so maybe if I am strong, you will be too (?), and maybe it is connected that I will not receive this information when I will not finish work the 22nd November. 

  • There was MUCH activity on the sky over Helsingør today of CHEMTRAILS being sent out and yes you know metals and “medicine” to infect both plants and humans as part of the warfare of the secret government, and yes ordinary aeroplane trails disappear in seconds, thus not having long trails after them, but these chemtrails hang for a long time poisoning us – to “kill” and “control” both plants and man without knowing that this is killing life itself (!) – and yes I was VERY annoyed to see this including aeroplanes releasing this poisonous mix and I thought “why in the world could you not stop these activities already now knowing that you are losing the “war” with me (?), and yes the system is so strong that no one can stop it and that is until our New World will open including when I will open the eyes of my new self, and yes incredible it is, my friends! 

  • I was told about the football club Brøndby, who was among the best clubs in Denmark the last 30 years, and they have also been the symbol of darkness and on their way to relegate this season being on the JUMBO place, and I was told that it is now “Jumbo” self helping to save you – you have started scoring more goals again (?), and yes it is NOT because of John Faxe coming to “save” you as an extra trainer, but because of what I wrote the 31st October, which was: “And the owner asked me if I am a FCK-fan as he and not Brøndby as I told him that I was, but also that we would not do without Brøndby, which is on one of the relegation places now (for the first time ever), and that is really to say that I want EVERYTHING including the worst darkness and its prisoners to survive (as light)”, and the this was already my decision the 31st October, and that was to save everything, which I could not save myself as Stig without God. 


20th November: Cleaning the entrance of darkness to our New World II, which will automatically clean all New Worlds

I am preparing the opening of Karens’ New World to which Karen has the key to open when she will awake as her new self

I was told that there is now so much information coming your way – to your heart – that of course you have to stay up the whole night and day, and yes it is now 04.00 when this is written, and no, this is not part of my plan, which includes to take a nap sometime during the morning.

Have you ever seen “folk og røvere i Kardemomme by” and no I have not (?), and that is as far as I remember – I may have heard the story as a boy, and I understand that this is inspired too.

I received the kind of chest pain which means that others are thinking of me and money, and I was told that this is because of my mother, and yes not nice to pay so much for me, mother, when I should be able to afford myself if I did not send money to Kenya?

I was given an example of a new vision coming to me, which is to be able to see text on my screen, which is not there or that is for me to be seen, and yes when I will break the code of the secret network of the world, which I have also been given examples of for days when I open websites of Danish newspapers giving me a short look at the “secret code” behind the public website, and yes for me to report stories from this, wouldn’t it be good, my friends (?), or you may like to do it yourself (?), and yes I am just wondering because so far I have seen or heard NOTHING about your plans to stand forward revealing yourselves and your evil plans of the world, and when do you say that you are planning to do this (?), and yes is it really that difficult for you to do (?), and we will have to see if I will beat you to it, or what do you say?

I was given the taste of antibiotic and was told that my feelings of anti-psychotic drugs is the same feelings I have about ALL “medicine”, which is I DO NOT LIKE IT and I have never done, and that is because it is poison to the body, and yes sicknesses are NOT meant to be cured with medicine, but for man to remove the reasons of sicknesses, which you know is about living a healthy life with good relations, behaviour, work, communication, habits, exercise and food , and yes when you could not, you decided to invent “the strangest formulas” trying to see what would help and not help, and yes I tried to help you on the way, and yes both God and the Devil speaking, because some help, but some did not bringing “side-effects” and yes guess who was who, and yes it was not the medicine curing, it was “me” doing all the work based upon your poisoning, do you get it?

I was given pain to the backside of my left right leg and told that we were just getting something, and it was followed by a vision of a train, which was driving on tracks leading in to the side of our tracks, and these tracks have now been moved to turn the same way as ours, which is making two words in line. 

At 05.05 I felt the 21 year old Jonas, who was killed in the knife stabbing the other day, and here coming to me spiritually saying “now I better understand what you want with me”. 

How do we open to all of the furniture you have here – the next world – does he have a key (?), and yes he does, and then it is just to open, and eeehhh Stig, it will not open with you alone, the key is when Karen will wake up, which will open this world, and yes that is if it is alright with you, and for all I know my answer to you is “let light decide”, and I understood that now the preparation of this has been done. 

My teeth was close to grind together and I was told that it was needed for your mother to almost losing it, which she had done if it was not for you, and yes to bring sufferings to open for this treasure of gifts. Later I was told that this was because Stig is completely calm, that is why. Otherwise she would have ended as a drunken driver, and yes she knows about you and your thoughts of her drinking because you told her clearly that she was NOT allowed to drive the last piece home from Sanna and Hans.

Because we don’t have any garbage cans inside of here and yes at all, because you have all of the amazing stuff we have missed all of these years, and yes there is a free selection on all shelves, and he has said that if it is alright with the light you can do it and that is because he does not know what is right and wrong to do in the given situation, so therefore.

He has not paid rent to come here, otherwise he could never go through what you have gone through. 

I was told that we have received advise from space, which I felt was from people of other civilizations and this message came from the spirit of my father as I understood it, and yes to create the transition from one world to another.

There is not dark anywhere in space from the coming Monday (in six days from now). This means that there will be space radio in the darkest places where not even we have been before, and yes it will have to be to the new space, which we have received and that is our next world, if I understand this correctly, and no I cannot understand it differently because we have already weeks ago reached contact with the last of our first world. 

I was given a secret message because of good work, which is that God would have saved everything including previous memories of life (!), and that it was only a matter of learning what went wrong that we went through this over and over again, and yes this is what I was told first, and then another message came, and now back to the first. 

I was given the feeling of this coming New World as “MUCH dust” around me, which made me nervous, and I was told that we have never transferred as much information at once as now.

Dreaming of continuing to play my game against darkness even though the room is too little to playing

At 06.30 I decided to take that nap on the sofa, and I slept with disturbance until 11.30 with these dreams.

  • Carsten H. from DanskeBank-Pension are asking all old consultants if they want to start working together again, and they have all accepted. They have become older since we worked together around 1990, but they have grown GIANT muscles on the size of the biggest body builders. Something about whey do I and HR ask (?), which has to do with Carsten, and something about surprisingly to go down with money, which has nothing to do with Carsten.
    • I did not really get the last part of this dream, but it is clear that my old colleague, Carsten H. – who I invited to become LinkedIn contacts was it in 2011 (?) together with other of our colleagues – is running with “gossip” speaking about me with our old colleagues, and the only thing I can relate big muscles to, is Karen liking muscles, so this is how I received the strength of many STRONG men working against me, because of course I cannot be right, Carsten & Co. (?), and you don’t even have to read to understand that you are right?
    • I received another fine SAGA song, which was “sideways”, and I received hiccups as my mother also did the other day, which is about darkness, and yes as I have ALWAYS done after every swallow of a Coca Cola, which I have now stopped drinking because it is darkness self!
  • I am going to play Badminton with friends, but there are only few lanes free so not all can play, and I enter one lane at the end together with a lady and a man, and I am going to play against the lady, who is a MUCH better player than I, but I fight like no one else, so I think that maybe I can play up against her, but I notice that the shelves at the end wall is placed partly inside our lane, and there is not much space up to the ceiling, so we cannot clear the balls high, I don’t have any balls, but the man has, I will pay him for the balls, and he has brought a device to keep track on the score, which is a device he has bought from Real Madrid, but it sends out the most terrible music, which we cannot play to, so he switched it with another device, which includes a prediction that this lady and I will play against each other in a close match all night, but I tell them that we cannot play here, the conditions don’t allow us to play.
    • This is the small room of darkness I am playing in with Badminton being the game self, the shelves belong to God about to take over this darkness too, and Real Madrid is darkness, which money is too with darkness still trying to make me accept producing energy, and the prediction is that will continue stay awake at nights, but the dream says that I will not.

Cleaning the entrance of darkness to our New World II, which will automatically clean all New Worlds

I was TIRED and disgusted when starting to write the script of today and received more darkness from the New World II and marks of darkness to the backside of my left lower leg, and I was told that if he can do this, I will never again report as a blood donor.

I was shown pages of a book turning, which also includes the entrance to the next world, and everything is connected.

I was shown and told that here comes all of the meat of the pumpkin, so we don’t have to dress up like if it was Halloween, and instead we will use this meat to replace the content, which the spirit of my mother created for this world. I received the SAGA song “sideways” again, and was told that this is the structural principle of our New World, which is to move sideways. 

This corresponds to not having life blood, which created darkness of Sanna when the spirit of my mother had to invent all of the small details of life. 

I was told, That’s it, this removed her desire to burn herself off. 

There is much we have never tasted because of this, and yes life within life was lost including one world after the next. 

I receive no more cracking sounds to my shelves, but one to the window including a look out to the next world, and yes what do they bring which is also of importance to this world and isn’t it exciting?

It corresponds to trading goods, which you have not received at all – and yes an empty shell and some items but not all.

Yes, we cannot do better commercials than the story about the nose of the Pope/Vatican and their negative reactions are also helping to open to this our next world.

So this is what is inside this “dust of darkness”, which is nothing, and yes everything of the next world and string to the next etc.

I was told that her sexual fantasies have also infected us here (on our way to this next world), which is what we thought, so we will also do some cleaning here before we continue, and yes we have decided to wait on Karen becoming herself, and yes we know this was also your thought, Stig, but you did not want to block if there was something needed to be developed before Karen is woken up.

And then she, i.e. Karen, did not die a little bit did she (?), no she is not here, but still I can feel her, and yes Stig, we had to hide her and everything else and yes all of the Source which was about to come to life, which the spirit of my mother however did not know about, and somehow she had “forgotten” her code/instruction to keep on creating one world after the other, and yes with the original spark.

We thought it was dangerous what was coming at us, which we decided to protect us against, and yes Stig how could the spirit of my mother set a cork in the hole to the Source and still you had to protect yourselves from her sexual invention, and yes darkness of Sanna was digging tunnels in the mountain despite of having closed the access to the Source, and yes here is an example of a question I have not received an answer to. 

We are continuing to consume/convert darkness of the next world inside of my left leg. I received the feeling of the spirit of my father also here, and yes there is a set of us in each world, remember (?), and yes Stig so this is the second world of the spirits of my mother and father with Karen being the daughter of it, and what is the structure of the worlds to follow (?), and yes Stig and Karen will create two worlds too probably (?), and all life within these worlds will develop new worlds, which mother, father and off-spring is the Trinity of, and still all worlds also have a set of the Trinity (?), and I wonder is this is how it is (?), and is this how you want it, Stig (?), and yes you don’t know, we do, so you would like us to do what is perfect and to tell you, and right, and eeehhh not that difficult but we just need to get there first, or will we  …. And also thinking that the Trinity of Karen’s world is the spirits of my mother and father together with her. 

I was told that Indira Gandi of India was nothing special but Mahatma Gandhi was.

I was told that you can get started with work today, i.e. my website, after receiving enough sleep, but no, I don’t take orders from dictators. 

You are not a soft-boiled egg in second generation are you (?), which is about the spirit of my mother passing on creation to the next generation and yes of new comers too, and this is the best way we can describe it now, Stig, and yes we know you keep on receiving pressure to work also all day long today, but no, you have decided that you cannot, so it will only become the writing of this script and not the website, and also today, we know.

I was still so tired and exhausted that I decided to take a long bath, and I had hoped to find relaxation, but instead I kept on being attacked with much information coming to me, and yes maybe because of my old DanskeBank-Pension friends STRONGLY opposing me, and the Pope/Vatican too to take a couple of examples, and it brought me constantly to my extreme edge, where I was even closer to ever before to break down, because I cannot bear receiving all of this information anymore and it makes me so much on the edge that I even thought of becoming negative as an option to get out of it, but no, I kept the façade and went through this too, and now at 17.55, I “only” need to write this too and the short stories, and then a new script is forming, and this is really the same about forming a New World, so here we go with this too.

I was shown myself walking at a long stone path inside a castle, and I saw windows to my left with much light on the other side, but I could not look out because the windows were greasy, and this path is the path to the next world. 

I was told that if it was not for your mother as the lobster, i.e. mother of all life, and you, we could not open the door to the next world, and I was shown that when opening this door, all kind of garbage including rats roll out, which we first will clean, and that is because we can. 

I was given a view over Hollænderdybet (“the Dutch Depth”) on Amager, where I lived in 1991/92 – I connect this with the ghost ship of the flying Dutchman never being able to reach land, i.e. doomed for destruction – and the next I was shown was a plant with transport belts preparing to start production of new wine bottles, and my mother was fluting satisfied.

I was told that it is also here that all sicknesses will be cure simply by replacing the content of life not working with the original content.

I was thinking of the Facebook post of yesterday with the same posts being repeated forever and I was shown a new house – this New World II – including the same life material, which are other parts of ourselves, and I was told that these parts will keep the previous part of us healthy, which is how life originally was thought of. 

I was shown God sitting on a chair on the top of everything, and also that he is now the only one being surrounded by darkness with everything else being light.

I was shown the end of a dark curtain and a solid wall behind it, this is were we allowed her, i.e. the spirit of my mother, to go. 

So my mother has dragged around on all of us as darkness, which should have become New World’s, without knowing it, which did not exist but was still part of life, and I understood that this is what became darkness.

I was shown the town hall of Helsingborg, Sweden, and also how it was actually made by solid gold, and this was to symbolise the entrance to the next world, which was almost destroyed and now recovered via this work, and yes Stig, it will now only be a matter of filling everything (when Karen will wake up).

I was shown Israel being made as toasts on a factory completely poured over with MUCH chocolate, i.e. selfishness, and I don’t know all details of the conflict between Israel and its Arabic neighbours, but I can see that the way they treat the Arabic people is worse than how you would treat your own cattle, and yes it makes me DISGUSTED, my dear friends, and yes “Nazi darkness” is what is possessing you, and have you found out by now?

I was shown cleaners inside a train holding at a station, and I was told that the cleaning we are now doing to the entrance of this the next world will automatically spread to all following levels coming. 

I received a new kind of pain to the right side of my stomach, which was given to the outside of my stomach as high-frequency pain, which is what comes from people of other civilizations, and this is to say that this life is now being produced, or at least about to become produced.

I was shown an exhibition and a stand about two metres high being divided in four separate parts and I was told that this is the principle of the world, which are the two worlds of Stig and Karen created by the spirits of my mother and father, and the next two, which will become the son and daughter of Karen and I if I understand this correctly, and all of these four worlds are connected, thus being the four-back chain, which I have been told about so often as darkness, and yes darkness was the content of these worlds as “non created life”, which is what met your mother with surprise because she did not know – or want to know – about their existence. 

I was shown God as a large, dark figure with a flashlight shining a limited light to these four worlds, and God decided to hide voluntarily behind darkness until you figured it out yourselves, and yes this is how I understand it, and this is why I am shown it like this. 

We continue creating the same new life at New World’s to strengthen the previous life as new wine, which is sent all the way through the system all the way up to the start in order to avoid deterioration of old life as it happened to this world.

I was given the feeling of tomatoes – which is about me becoming my new self – and I was shown suction discs of an octopus pulling off the glass lid of my coffin, and I am still thinking of everything being connected to me “as the father of everything” as I was told, and from this coffin I am looking down upon Earth and am told “this is what we have created for you, Stig”, and yes Stig the truth is that you do NOT like to think of yourself as anything else than a normal human being, and “who wants to be God” (?) is still part of the game as it has been all along.

I received darkness with some pain to my left leg, which is also based upon the sexual invention of the spirit of my mother coming to the entrance here, and the feeling of this pain no longer being connected with pain to my right leg, which I received a little of too, and I understood that my left leg is now our New World II and my right is our New World, and I was told that it was good that we stopped darkness from spreading, and who knows what could have happened.

I was told that you had the chance to stop time now, Stig (the 22nd November) but you have decided to continue the game, and yes for as long as I can and until it will end if I don’t break down myself first.

I was told that watching too sexy videos helped keeping this darkness at my left leg alive and to know that I was coming, that is why. 

I was shown the little train driving from Helsingør to Hornbæk (and further on to Gilleleje), and I felt it VERY uncomfortable to ride this short distance to Hornbæk (approx. 10-12 kilometres) but I also felt that this is only a one time feeling because when I will ride this train again, it will be without this uncomfortable feeling, and I was told that I am only cleaning this short distance once via my journey, but it helps to clean the whole world automatically when we will open the entrance to each cell of “sleeping life”, and yes I thought that all of these cells would open now, but it seems as if they will open gradually, and yes I like to keep some in reserve as I am told. 

I was shown Donald Duck as my symbol of Donald Trump and how he was climbing inside a pipe much smaller than himself, and I was told that my comments to Donald before the U.S. election help doing this creation because it holds back darkness.

I was told that it – the principle of our New World – works as a four cylindered engine with pistons going up and down, and I was shown the rings of the car make Audi and told that this is what they symbolise, and also told that this is why Niklas chose to buy a used Audi A6 last year.

The Audi logo symbolises “the four back chain” as the principle of our New World with the worlds of the Son and Daughter created by Father and Mother united with the next two worlds created by Son and Daughter all including different versions of the same life to bring new genes of life to previous life to keep strengthening life without deteriorating

I was shown a great shining diamond in the middle with all of these four worlds on each side of it all having access to the diamond, and New World’s will be spread sideways from each world. 

The other day when writing about “diamond” I was thinking about a song to bring – I could have brought this – but shortly after writing the above, I heard Rihanna with her single “Diamonds” on the radio, which I decided to bring here also because of her lyrics “We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky” and “Shine bright like a diamond”.

I was told that this lost world were like losing a silencer of the car, so it could not be heard, but still it was there invisible waiting to be discovered, which is where we are now. 

I was shown a dark fighter plane coming out of the pipe of this New World, and was told that it was only the beginning of it (which was darkness with everything inside of it being light), but it was enough to destroy the world again and again. 

I was shown what could look like a poet from the 16th century, who has started building new music instruments – guitar, violin – which is to create new life, but we will first start up this new life when the light starts shining, and I was shown myself as this poet standing on the very edge of this light.

I was told that this development is only possible because my mother is still suffering because of me, and yes I was shown ice cream in relation to her as the symbol. 

I was shown the crater of a mountain and inside of it we are bringing forward all trains before we will start the light of our New World. 

I was shown the spirit of my mother unzipping two layers of darkness uncovering the corncob in the middle as another symbol of the Source inside of it, and yes this is the crop, which many poor countries of today depend on, that’s why.

I was told that surely it was not us acting like lemons soaking out life of this world (?), and yes it was, but inside of these “lemons” was pure life/light, and it was like fishing every single time to keep life alive, and NOT to make it terminate.

And this was the “darkness”, which ate all previous world where life was not sustainable bringing back creation in order to get it right with a new creation.

I was told about Leonidas Chocolate – fine chocolate from Belgium – symbolising selfishness, and then the name Leonid leading to Leonid Brezhnev, the former General Secretary of Soviet Union, and I was told that deep inside of him, he cared about you, but the Soviet system did not, and it was from this system that the order to kill Oluf Palme came from – and it made me think that Palme was killed in 1986, and Brezhnev died in 1982, but this was also to bring the link saying that you thought about your own “interests” and did not like me at all (?), and I was told that this attitude has kept until today, and who saved you (?), and yes Putin, would you like the word telling the FULL TRUTH about events to the world (?), and yes it is NOT going to become boring, is it (?), and is this what you think of me and my scripts (?), and yes very long they are?

So I did not receive enormous pain to the backside of my left lower leg, which I was “warned” against and that is because it was only the shell/entrance of it, which was darkness with light inside of it. 

Yes, Stig, this chapter was a nightmare to receive and partly to write, and then again, it was not that bad after all, and all you had to do was to decide to do it, so this is what I did and yes it is now 19.30 coming here also telling you that I am not working very fast now. 

I was told that if I gave up doing this work or became negative, which I was very close to becoming, we would have played a game bringing in fire to burn off this entrance making you believe “the worst” but I am here told that this is also covered by the guarantee by God, and yes fine if it is, and maybe a game because who is crazy enough doing this work if God will do it anyhow (?), and yes I feel the feeling of how it removes motivation all over the inside of my body, but I have decided that when I receive important information, I will NOT decline writing it, and yes who would (?), see?

I received a spiritual visit from Børge, Camilla’s father’s father, and he asked me how is my lovely grandchild, Camilla (?), and yes I wish I could tell you Børge, but she “cannot” speak to me or even say hello when meeting her on the street, and yes the same lady I was living together with for seven years (until 2001), and yes “I miss you too” was what Børge and I here told each other at the same time, and yes I liked this man very much,  who was also the only one I followed at his death bed almost until the end (he died around 2000 I believe), which I did not do with my father’s mother and Hans’ mother as examples when they died because I was “pre-occupied” with “serious problems” at the time keeping me away. 

So we are preparing that we will never again play football and yes Stig when opening all of these cells of an eternity, and it seems that this is what will happen when we will reach them. 

When coming half way through my script today, I was told isn’t it terrible that this is his own mother having to do this to him – bringing him these sufferings (also today) – and I received a smell/taste of cinnamon (“Christmas”) and was told that this is the true picture of how it is here, Stig, and yes no matter what. 

Are we going to have steak/tomatoes or both (?), and yes Stig we are now soon there where we can decide ourselves because you decided to do this work and that is instead of relaxing in front of the TV.

And yes Stig, you also wrote the above and did the edit and summary of this chapter, so now it is 20.00. 

When I was close to give in 2-3 times, I was given an out of this world pain to my right ankle at the same time, and yes the weaker I am, the more difficult it is to remove darkness. 

Finally I published this script at 21.15, and yes disgusting (?), YOU BET!

I was told could you not have taken the main door as you entrance, and no …

It is first at the very end that you will crawl down to your crib and then a giant “explosion” of flowers will come as the result.

Can’t we make it bleed just for entertainment (?), which was told by a “poor actor” not meaning what he said.

So these are the lemons, which you have soaked out the content from instead of allowing it to soak in the world, which basically is the result of your efforts to reject darkness overtaking you.

We cannot forget that a BIG heart is beating forever now, which was told to me from people of other civilizations (and still with appraisal too).

I felt my father and was told that they – my family/friends etc. – will not be able to understand that one of the big dark gates did not fall down, which I understand is gates of the four back chain.

I was told that for people reading me it is more exciting than a good movie, but for people like Putin, who does not have “the time” to read me, my scripts are boring.

The last life of darkness wants to become light too, I cannot make it all, so God will save this life, will he not?

The following lines were feeling as non-stop information I received the rest of the evening when sitting on the sofa – still making me suffering much not to be able to be left in peace – which I now start to write at 13.25 “tomorrow” feeling more than disgusted having to continue writing, and so disgusting that I don’t even know if I can.

We don’t have the energy to eclipse the world and that is not even once said, which was said with the feeling “incredible”, and also that this “maybe” would happen if I had turned negative.

I received some unclear messages including “now it is served”, which is the table of our New World.

I was shown one of the actors on the other side who cannot come to me without the faith of my mother in me, which is why he is still on the other side.

I felt darkness only with me and light everywhere around and was told that now you are completely alone with light all around you, which is as expected.

I was told – as I have been before – that I lost my telephone list of people I met on the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted in 2005 herewith also losing potential contacts – “special friends” – later on Facebook, which made my journey more difficult.

I was thinking how I can become partners with Karen if she is created by the spirits of my mother and father as I am too, which will make us siblings, but this is the best information I got now, and if we are not siblings, we may be “two different tribes” (?), and yes these are the words coming to me.

I received a strong pressure/temptation to watch porn, but NO!

I received the feeling of the dark side of the spirit of my mother coming to me very close to my right side, and was told that we have kept her free to do this work for you, and yes is it possible to keep us even longer inside darkness continuing work (?), and my attitude “I don’t care- I am not finished with work” is the attitude, which has been decisive.

And this dark side of the spirit of my mother is so extremely close to me – this is how little darkness remains – that it is almost impossible to avoid my “old nightmare”, but NO, you will NEVER get my acceptance and yes I felt the pressure.

But I was also told by a serious voice of darkness “I have missed you”, “it’s got to be fantastic” and also an acceptance NOT to carry out this “old nightmare” and yes from inside darkness my friends (!), which is about my mother’s true despair and miss of God, whom she thought had abandoned her, and I was told that the goal of darkness was for me to bring her sexual satisfaction, which would make her disappear.

I was told “we don’t DARE that now”, which is about the media – and here specifically Politiken, see the short stories – still not daring to write about me, and it happened at the same time as I had installed the music streaming service “WIMP” (!), which has decided to offer (some of) its services for free.

I also felt the spirit of my father OUTSIDE of me so who is inside of me with both the spirits of my mother and father being outside (?), and yes my new self, and I will decide myself when I am finished with work, and NO, I am NOT finished yet, which everyone clearly can see from the front page of my website.

And the situation right now is that this darkness around me includes the last life, which I cannot get free because I cannot finalise my work at the same time as I know that if I decide to stop working, it will free my self from pain, but no, this is NOT how I play the game, and is there a way out where I can also finish my website?

This darkness was so close to me and gave me STRONG pressure to put itself as a dark coat over my inside – over my new self – but I said “only if you become light”, and no, I will NOT accept this life to terminate, which is why I am still working, and I can only hope for an opening coming after the 22nd November, where I may – or may not – be released from sufferings, but still am not my new self to enable me to continue work on my website?

This is like that 10th June, the day before the 11th June, which is the Devil’s birthday (tradition in Denmark as one of two days per year to pay mortgages), and it is also the birthday of Prince Henrik of Denmark, and I am told that he is ALSO excited with the revelation of not only me, but also the truth of your inner self, Henri (?), and yes you are thinking about your “sexual attraction to boys”, right (?), and this is really about you also going to feel the light inside of you, which will NOT become boring.

I was asked if the idea is not to feel it becoming harder and harder the deeper I penetrate darkness (?), and yes it should be impossible to be here, but it is not because in practise you have disarmed me of everything because of the love of your mother, which is why we can continue. So we feel like a tree, but are still life, which is not life, and waiting on faith of man.

Is it possible to be stronger than this darkness making it give up and as a result remove my sufferings and waiting to become life with faith of man?

You are all inside of here feeling us as orange without being there and it depends on yourself if you have time to make the rest. Because you are not going to turn us around using your sheer will, are you (?), and yes this is how it feels, and I felt how my arm was inside of this darkness about to push a button and this is because this is what this darkness wants, and that is to become light and part of my new self now, and I said that light will decide, and also that I have NOT finished work, so please be patient until the 21st December if I can keep it as long as this, and I received the reply “why did he not tell us about this” and more touch to my private parts, and I was told that I did not experience the worst darkness also because we discovered that you were our saviour.

I was told that we also never got use of that straitjacket, which was to throw ourselves out, so we went from “no one here will survive” to “everyone/everything will survive” and again focus was directed on the 22nd November, and will we enter as light (?), and what will alternatively happen, will the transfer of this life be postponed or will God step in now saving it, if I cannot (?), isn’t it exciting (?), and yes still nervous I am about what will truly happen.

I was told that the pressure to watch porn was pressure of darkness to terminate us. So we are now about to reach the moment of truth, will God do as promised because surely it was not a part of the game, was it? And all I know is that the next two days will also become hard, and I felt the spirit of my father outside of me and I was told that this may become magic as in the good old days, and you have now drilled yourself in to the end of this tunnel not being able to get any further, and still asking to get the rest with you which is also what this darkness voluntarily has decided to do, and I was told to remember that nothing will hit us now because you decided to remove this, which I understand is one of the tools of darkness, which otherwise would have hit me and the world hard.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This new investigation by Greenpeace shows a large part of clothing being produced with the use of toxic/hazardous chemicals, which made me write the following, and yes one thing is about the merciless producers doing this and consumers wearing it, another thing is the (child) labour having these chemicals as part of their work killing them, and yes do you see that the world had completely “lost it” not only in terms of sexual lust and indecency but about man completely losing his moral when thinking of and yes money and sex as his main drivers being more important than love and charity. 

  • Dan wrote about the ”reality TV star” Amalie, who has been united with her old girlfriend Peter – after a separation of a couple of weeks (!) – which Dan found “sensational”, and the true story here, Dan, is NOT about Amalie and Peter but about what Maria says “Jesus! Well, they also got your attention. Mission completed”, which was to say that the mission of uniting Jesus with the world has now been completed, and yes the “mission impossible”, you know. 

  • Kristian – the writer of leading articles of Politiken – was reading a brochure about Jesus’ thoughts given to him by a lady on the Central Station: “The miracle you have asked for, will happen today” and then he said “so far no results”, and Mark said “read again, Kristian. Maye you don’t see the forest for mere trees” and yes as I normally say, and is Kristian really one of the dumb journalists not getting who I am (?), and it made me tell him that instead of being careless and better-knowing as Denmark’s national TV for example is the 21st December, when they will send an entertainment show called “will the world go under the 21st December” – they are laughing about “the hysteria” of the world in their introduction of it on TV, which the believe of course is wrong, or is it (?) and yes did some of you get new ideas because of my comment (?) – the news is that the world will not go under but be replaced by our New World, and if not, the Old World with all life would simply cease to exist, which is what will be revealed to the world, but maybe this makes some of you laugh – is Stig crazy (?) – or simply decide not to care, and what about you, Kristian, do you know and do you believe or are you simply too stupid (?), and yes Mark asked if I was thinking about “salvation”. And yes I told him about salvation from sins and evilness of man, which would have ended all life and instead this was given to ”the mentioned gentleman”, which he had to go through as his sufferings to save the world and also that this world opens inside of all people removing all darkness and sicknesses, and yes I even brought the link to my website, but, no this was apparently not “sensational news” of Mark or any other, and also not to you and Politiken, Kristian (?), and yes I cannot hear you or Denmark’s national TV commenting at all, and we know are you deaf, blind, dumb and stupid at the same time (?) or are you only COWARDS all of you (?), and yes “hysteria” was the inspired word here leading to Human League and “DARE”, which you do not, but you do know all about me, right? And Katja asked “what is a miracle really”, which made Ikram say “the train running” (!), and this is indeed the miracle, Ikram, the train of the world and that is TO BE instead of NOT TO BE.

  • After receiving the story about Leonidas/Leonid above, I saw this about “Leonids over Pyramids”, which I guess is what this was also meant to draw attention to, and this is symbolising that we are almost at home as I am told here, and yes Stig, another day with fine work, and how did you feel, and yes like GARBAGE and yes I have almost had enough, but then again “the world is not enough” without me :-). 



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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