November 22, 2012: My new self, Jesus, was guarding God’s Paradise of spiritual life now ALL OF IT becoming physical life


Summary of the script today

21st November: God saved all remaining life inside darkness the 31st October and I have since played a continuous game

  • I was NOT allowed to sleep despite of being completely broken down and received much information including an incredible pressure to write this down during the night, which I however could not, this was far too much information for me to handle, and I had to rely on God liberating life of darkness, which I could not, which is what this is about, and I was told that faith of the world in me is big enough to carry all life including this last life.  Darkness self has given up, and wants to become light. Light is now starting to shine in over the tracks of my train driving in darkness soon making continuous work impossible do.
  • We have created a TINY new planet, which is our New World II, which will be filled up when we will receive faith of man. I could not save all life from inside of darkness myself even though I tried my best. God decided to release not only me but the world from the last severe pain it otherwise would have gone through to release the last anchor/creation from darkness.
  • I was shown the concert hall of Amager Bio as completely BLUE on stage when SAGA was playing the 31st October, which surrounded all of the hall making it a small and protected environment for me to be inside and I got the feeling of God “exchanging everything with a copy”, and yes removing all of the original life of darkness and giving you a copy of what was – this is when all remaining life inside darkness was saved by God, and I have since played an act to see how much I could save myself as Stig without the direct help of God.
  • Short stories of bringing NORMAL LIFE of deep feelings to rich people, the Danish Finance Minister helped saving SAS as God helped saving the world, the world was living inside a yellow submarine, it was impossible to make Fanny read and understand me, putting back joy to the Universe, and darkness scored a goal at the end not showing compassion but it was too late because God has saved us by now.

22nd November: My new self, Jesus, was guarding God’s Paradise of spiritual life now ALL OF IT becoming physical life

  • As my previous self, Jesus, I was behind everything – outside of creation of the world at the entrance to everything of our next worlds of Paradise – and saw everything as “nothing”, which is to be here without being here when I was “not created”; I was alive spiritually, but not living inside this world, which made it possible for me to penetrate everything without darkness being able to reach me.  I was shown a giant wine glass with dust of darkness inside of it, but mostly it is “invisible”.
  • I was told that Jesus as my previous/new self was darkness self, so hold on tight (!), he has been in control of all life as darkness in order to bring all life back, but only because of wrong creation.
  • The “four back chain” said through my inner self that “we are all awake”, and that is ALL spiritual life inside of Paradise of God, which has waited for “an eternity” to become new physical life, when our invention of physical creation worked as it does now, which I received approval of from all life inside Paradise.
  • Everything of “nothing” as the spiritual Paradise is hidden inside my teeth (!), and who would have believed this (?) with darkness of my family/friends etc. wanting to locate and destruct this, but love united us making this impossible for darkness.
  • Our world will now enter the “mixer machine” of my new self with three other worlds, from where everything will be distributed to each world.
  • I was told that I am my new self with the spirits of my mother and father around me and still I am as I was, and was as I am – but I have not yet opened the eyes to all light and everything.
  • The world received a new vision making it possible to look into our New World’s of Paradise, which also makes my new self visible now all over this Universe.
  • The spiritual selves of all life of this world came directly from inside Paradise of God bringing its advise via feelings and thoughts to all physical life, which however was also distorted through darkness between us.
  • Dreaming of Naser Khader and his American friends sending me darkness, my family and I are going through the worst sufferings, and the “energy” of darkness is now no longer strong enough to make it function.
  • We are now at the next room where the spirit of my mother is kept as a sexual monster, where the spirit of my father now brings her out from, and we are bringing my entire shelves of everything of this world ever created back home to God.
  • At the end of the evening I was given signs that darkness was now about to stop bringing me sufferings of the voice of Hell, but at midnight, the sufferings were still present, and I was told that I have now been given the chance to continue bringing in more life from darkness to save myself what God has already saved (!) and that is because I can, and because darkness is co-operating with me and even though the deadline has now been crossed.
  • Short stories of darkness, which would have deleted life if I/God did not save it, today is the last day of saving life of the Old World, thanks was giving to Bill & Barack, my new cycle and New World is produced and will be delivered in December, darkness will NEVER again become part of creation.


21st November: God saved all remaining life inside darkness the 31st October and I have since played a continuous game

I received far too much information, i.e. life inside darkness, for me to handle and now rely on God to save what I cannot

I went to bed at 00.30 hoping that I would be allowed to sleep, but I had a feeling that maybe I would not because we are coming close to the 22nd November now, and so it was when I received another bombardment of information, which I was pressured MUCH to write during the night, which I however decided that I could not, and now it is 16.05 starting to writing this still with much disgust after having completed the last of the script of yesterday and published this on Facebook, LinkedIn and sent it to Kenya.

I was shown myself inside a very small bar and was told that I have now pressed myself down to an even smaller entity.

I was shown my cut off finger together with parts of my mother and Isabella as examples all part of the liquid mass of a raw Cumberland sausage, and I was told as a question that this is not to be pulled away?

I received a new cracking sound to my shelves (!), and I was fighting with MUCH resistance to write down anything, I was STRONGLY considering to stop receiving/writing down more information, this was FAR TOO MUCH for me to handle, and I was told that if you don’t want to write, to us it feels like putting fire to the curtain of a theater and I was shown one actor knocking me out and using me as fire to lit a cigarette. 

I felt the spirit of my father and was told that doing this work corresponds to go to the deepest inner of the cave of Mallorca at the deepest boat on the water, and on the rock above it is a very little light of the spirit of my mother, which we will bring with us, and we will do this going against my own rules at creation, and that is because I can, but I tell you that I am close to giving up when writing these lines, but I have decided that I will also finish and publish this script, and yes today and tomorrow and to see what will happen from here.

I was shown and told that this is like driving a car into a dark schooner saying that I HAVE WON and I saw and heard enthusiasm of pirates saying that we will no longer be casks of rum and no longer bring battlefields and sexual sufferings.

I was shown a train driving the tracks of a tunnel inside the mountain, with the wall of the mountain about to give in to light, and part of it has really, but still the light has not come in, but on its way in, so how long do I have to continue working (?), and yes the old train driving inside darkness still works, and here and also before and after I received a STRONG pressure to write this down not only as notes on my phone but on the script of my computer, and no I will sleep first, and yes it was not too much to say that work yesterday evening was a true killer, and I had reached my ultimate limit, I decided not to try to do this (even though I may have been able to kill myself even more, and that is maybe), and I was told that this is the same as saying no to life, which eagerly wants to get out, and yes not an easy situation and that is despite of the promise of God, and yes the pressure was genuine, you will NEVER experience a pressure like this my friends, and here I was truly about to “lose it”, and I was shown someone driving a horse carriage AWAY from me with the feeling that it was on its way to the abyss, but no, I do believe that God will save what I cannot, and after this, I was told that to come down to this deep level, where I was shown grape stalks with no grapes on, is amazing in itself.

It is like setting up a light end of the schooner, and I will NOT kick you away, because you are all going to be light, and I was told that this darkness is giving up because my will was stronger.

I received “not important information”, which I did not write down which came together with the feeling that this means not to accept life wanting to enter, but NO, this is NOT how it is!!!

I was shown the inside of a newspaper formed as a case including knives and rum, and I was asked what we want to do with this, and I said transform it into flowers, love and orange juice or whatever you want, which if light, and I was shown a BIG butcher’s knife held over the head about to being cut down attacking me, which is what this darkness was almost about to do, but you said no, become light (!), and we had nothing to stand against with because your mother and more had given up giving you free hands to write what you do.

I was shown GIANT gasoline tanks to the right of the mountain, which I was almost driving into instead of the tunnel of the mountain, which would have happened if the story of you and your mother was published by the media, which would have made your mother break down igniting darkness of the entire world, and this is what Politiken yesterday symbolised, they did not DARE when it came to the point.

Life inside darkness said that it was proud of me coming and I was shown this life as DARK bulls with darkness sitting firmly tight and how will we remove this (?), and yes the Source will help us, and not because I have finished work to my website, but you have the key because you have faith enough in you to carry all of this life, so let it be.

I was shown pockets of light shining in on the tracks but it has not taken over yet, so we are still doing this work, and I was told about the solid wall I was shown recently, and told that this is the wall created by the spirit of my mother as the cork in the hole.

I was shown a large Coca Cola bottle only including very little now hardened cola – very little darkness remaining – and I was asked if you can turn this into gold with faith and my will despite of the lack of my work (?), and yes let us do a try the 22nd November. 

I was shown a dark sexual layer starting to be removed and a thorough scrubbing brush doing spring cleaning, and I was told that writing the script of this chapter tonight is what it takes, and again I had to tell that I will NOT write this before getting sleep, and I was told when saying no, if he is making fun of us, does he not know how close we are on the deadline and how impossible this work is, and I was also told – because I was on my thinnest edge of everything – that if we don’t stop speaking, he will stop writing down, and yes very close to giving up he is.

I felt how I was pulling in the last of “everything” – a BIG “lump” – and I felt and was told that it is the skeleton of the bull, which we are the most interested in, and again I was told that this is what happens when doing this work, so if we ask you politely, will you please write this tonight (?), and NO, I have had far too much (!), and this was the last work I could do here sometime during the night lying in my bed, and the last I decided to write down, was that everything was now covered with sand and a voice giving up saying “it doesn’t matter” and still I said that everything will be light, but this voice had given up.

God saved all remaining life inside darkness the 31st October and I have since played a continuous game

So eventually I fell asleep and I first woke up at 11.30 when my mother called, and yes the first two things she asked me was if I have heard from Preben (!) and if I have gone to the swimming hall and yes the delivery date of the bicycle and whether or not I have renewed my monthly card to the swimming hall with money she gave me the other day is really what very easily can make her worry, which is then what comes to me with full strength. I only remember pieces of a dream where I was writing a long memo, and had to divide it into chapters, which was a reminder to the work to my website, which I have decided is IMPOSSIBLE to do at the moment.

I was told that we have succeeded to create the surface of a new planet a little like Moobase Alpha (which I saw as a teenager on TV), but it is strong enough, and based upon what you gave me, which made us say “let it be”, and then it was done. And now it is only a matter of turning up the music because we are so small that we are almost not existing, so this is what will be filled up. Tickets have not been set for sale yet, but they will and yes faith of the world will fill up this world, amazing right (?), and yes, this was just the preparation work. 

I was told from the voice of darkness that we are not all dead yet, and yes it is us speaking too much. 

I wrote my Facebook comment to Martin – see the short stories – and not long thereafter I was told that London has been freezing as much as the Longyear-town of the Svalbard Islands, and I felt that this is both because of “London” knowing what is coming when its role deceiving the world WORSE than people of today can imagine will be revealed, which is what is making you sweat, and yes part of the Inner Circle you are, or is it freeze (?), and it is also about the cold feelings of people of the rich world, which will be lifted up by “sun-light” :-).

I was told that we have not been around the world yet. 

This is to say that we had almost been terminated, but no not quite yet, because Stig, you would believe it is a lie, but what you started yesterday was only a small seed, which is going to become our next world.

It is hard to say it, but we have been on the springboard all of the time to jump into the water (of sufferings). 

But this is a modern dance, we only know the old ones, so do you believe we can (?), which is about saved life about to celebrate.

I was told something about bringing the lunch pack, but I did not do all self, I was given it (by God), which is what this game was about for me to continue writing night and day, which I could not. 

I felt a voice inside of me of darkness about to become light saying don’t throw anything away, we will remain here.

This is not just white paint over darkness of your sister, this is to remove the root of darkness self, and yes creation self.

I was told that you simply don’t go as far as this without your parents, and that is faith of my mother and father in me, but this is where I came to, and by the way, does anyone have the time (?), and yes Stig, let us say that you decided to go to the end of time, and that is because you could. 

I received sneezes, and was told that I could make you sick too – as I felt potential sickness inside of me – but no.

When I opened my old computer this morning, it still reported a system disk failure having to insert system disk, which is to say that this computer I am working on symbolising the Old World is completely worn down, it almost cannot continue working and only do because I decide to continue, which made me switch if off and on, which made it work a little longer, and I am given new pain to my right foot as the “reward” here.

You are now at the Southern Germany – having built motorways all over Germany – which is also because of “the warnings” of the official world that I am on my way, “he is coming”. 

I was told that Prince Henrik’s travelling to Vietnam was to open for all of the dark energy there (because of the Vietnam war). 

I had talk behind me difficult to hear but it was my actors talking about getting the last dark duvet with me and about we will or will not make it (?) with the feeling that we will.

I received more pain to my behind, which is through this that the key of the spirit of my mother comes out, and as luck is, I found a king with a sword still intact, which is the proud spirit of my father now bringing the spirit of my mother out too, and yes the last two souls inside of this old place/home, which we will now leave too, and isn’t it funny Stig, that we have been told to play this act fitting with whatever work you will decide to do from now and is this until Monday (six days from now), which I however feel is acting, because it is tomorrow and yes to unite all parts of God, and we also had these last parts to unite, which is what I was told at 15.15 when publishing the update of my script of yesterday.

I received rumbling feelings to my stomach, and heart pain, and still the dust of darkness around me brings me generally a weak heart, which is the whole feeling of not just my heart but to be inside of this darkness, this is the nature of it, and uncomfortable/disgusting is what it is.

It is not the original Columbus’s egg you have started spreading, is it (?), and yes the feeling of the spirits of my mother and father on their way out to see what we have created – our New World – and yes they should be cripples, but they are not. 

I felt a four-back jumping into the swimming hall and was told “did he do all of that to save us”.

God has decided to release not only me but the world from the last severe pain it otherwise would have gone through to release the last anchor/creation from darkness. 

You have no idea what you just witnessed here, yes it was us shooting down birds to get the attention of the world to come and save us, but no, it did not care. They have not even been analyzed on scientific institutions, because the world know what it was about, the end of the world, and still it did nothing. 

To my surprise I received a new ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, and was told that this is because I continue my work also writing the script of today and yes this pain is connected with my mother’s pain in relation to me, which is also what made the new music streaming program “WIMP” stop working for me today and impossible to start up again it is, and yes “spiritual darkness” you know. 

I felt “enormous amounts of material” about to be pulled in from the anchor of creation, which I continue doing because of my continuous work, and I receive much love for doing this, and yes this is coming to me from right, and I was told that we hear swan singing from above as we have never heard before.

I was so tired of receiving more information that I was almost stopping, and then I was shown ad told that he does not want to receive the radio-transmitter wagon (?), and yes he wants, but he tries to find the balance of “working to my extreme edge without receiving too much work making me give up”.

I was shown a ferry with the bridge looking as a theatre and open jeeps driving out from the deck after having been in Africa, and I was told that this is how strongly your Facebook posting (of normal life, see the short stories), has been received. 

I still hear much music of SAGA, and I was shown the concert hall of Amager Bio during the SAGA concert the 31st October,  and shown that it was completely BLUE on stage, which surrounded all of the hall making it a small and protected environment for me to be inside and I here get the feeling of God “exchanging everything with a copy”, and yes removing all of the original life of darkness and giving you a copy of what was and yes this is what you asked for to show the world what you could save alone without my help, so there you have it, so Amager Bio during this concert is where we saved the last life, and yes with the most beautiful music almost making you faint when hearing “anywhere you wanna go”, remember?

I was shown Terry on cliffs down to the sea with a doll of pippi longstocking in its mouth and it is looking for TinTin as if he should have been washed in on the cliffs being saved from what would otherwise have been a “violent death”. 

I was told something about Earth and also that no one knows how you have lifted yourself up, but they can see that you have, and yes my friends it is called “magic”, and just maybe you would like to tell the world – and me too and that is at least now, because I don’t know – what these impossible “challenges” are about?

I was told that the miss of the spirit of my mother of me as the Son has also been ENORMOUS, and no you were not with me, and not as I recall.

I still receive an INCREDIBLE strength trying to make me negative and do exactly as Hell wants you do to together with a very strong pressure of information still coming in – if I was not writing – and also coughing, and it is now 18.30, and yes I am so broken down so there is nothing much I can do now, and you may give me more notes this evening and will probably give an enormous pressure to write this down, but no I can already tell you now that I cannot write anymore, it is now so disgusting and also impossible to physically write that I will stop, and I was shown that this would have meant BLOOD PUMPING OUT in great amounts from life inside of darkness to the right of me, which would make the world BLEED, but no, thanks to God, this is what we will avoid going through.

So we were not really inside of darkness (?) is what my actors tell me and this giant material coming to you from right is what God already took in the 31st October, and yes you and the world did not feel a thing, and you have only continued working to let the world see what you could or could not do when doing your best, and yes because of the wish of the spirit of my mother, and this is what you ask me to show the world in the future, and yes how would the world have become without God assisting, and yes if there great or not that great a difference (?), and here I am asking you directly in the future of our New World, and no, I cannot see a thing today.

I was told that this play is also to show that I never gave in to darkness, which is to never become negative and to always telling it that you are welcome and yes also to keep bringing me more information, which I will NOT ask you to stop, but I may decide that I do not have the strength to do all the work, and yes this is what this is about. 

I was told that instead of telling me stories with many coming from darkness, I will tell you how the world really have reacted to you and prepared your arrival (?), and yes what do you think and yes have they or have they not prepared anything (?), and we will see. 

Isn’t it funny that when you said no to Helena we sent her directly to Søren Pind instead, so instead of receiving wrong but “pleasant sexual pleasure”, which would have brought much sufferings and destructions to the world, I received the pain, which Søren and Helena sent me, and instead you had a “good time” together?

I was told that rescued life from darkness at Costa del Sol was soaked up from here at “protected roads” surrounded by darkness of my sister, and yes all the way up to UFO’s – I will use this word, easier to write, but wrong – to be stored and yes they have faith in me, and if they were shot down by the U.S. Army being the worst of them, it would mean a potential loss of much life.

Darkness told me “you are not mad at me”, or more life coming out of darkness, and of course I am not, and I was shown the arrival of a HUGE war ship at the bay of Langelinie in Copenhagen, and this is the anchor/foundation of life/darkness/creation arriving – which you know it already has, I am shown this with delay – and it was at Langelinie that I went for a walk with Georgie and Reneé in 2006 where these two ladies were VERY pre-occupied by the large cruise ships there, and just thinking that they were darkness too working against me, and I was shown glass bowl and told that Georgie now knows about me too and yes better late than never, Georgie?

This war ship came in almost without pain to my right ankle, and it includes the disgust given to me and strong attempts to stop my heart from beating, and I felt this disgust in my throat and face on the way out of me, and this ship includes all “not important information”, which I decided not to write down, which was not least also because I did not have energy to write it down.

I felt Sidsel, and was told that she was so angry about being included in my scripts that she was thinking about taking legal actions against me (!) – think about how stupid even “wise” people can be – and I was told a story about how the central police of Copenhagen – after the Commune “talked scandal” about me as a potential Breivik (!) – was going through my files at the Commune including misunderstandings about me (because of A2B as example – “how is Stig’s behaviour”) and yes they “could not” read my scripts and understand the truth, and yes why was it that you did not come to bring me in (?), and did anyone help you to “keep hands off Stig” (?), and yes “you will be amazed” is what I was told, and yes because of laziness and people not being able to understand.

I felt African animals of darkness entering me, and I was told that this might come as a surprise, and then I was told about a team member beating up his wife, and no, I don’t want to write more of these stories, so this will have to be the limit, and after this “the worst darkness” brought to me, “nothing” came to me, and now in the meaing that we have reached the end, there is truly nothing more inside of here.

I was shown the spirit of my mother bringing me my right sword, which is the sword of the spirit of my father of this creation, who was the “heap of coal” as you remember at the very end behind creation misused by the wrong “sexual invention” of the spirit of my mother, thus the entire world, and this was he speaking to me in my scripts, and yes yes yes we know Stig, it was also the spirit of my mother and before 2010, the Council was also very active, and yes not heard from them for a long time I have.

It was like losing control of the steering of the car …. – with the feeling that something/someone came in after us taking over.

And finally at 22.05 I had published the script of today, and yes hereafter I will take notes, but I cannot imagine coming back to write to the computer before I will have received sleep, but then again, the pressure can be ENORMOUS, and yes despite of everything, so we will see.

I received three to four pretty strong out of this world pain to my right ankle, and yes why does he do this (?), and yes we have decided to play the game with you Stig as if it was real, so this is what you receive when turning around more life, and here mostly because of your own sufferings.

I received three to four pretty strong out of this world pain to my right ankle, and yes why does he do this (?), and yes we have decided to play the game with you Stig as if it was real, so this is what you receive when turning around more life, and here mostly because of your own sufferings. 

The reason why we have brought the spirit of my father outside of you is that we cannot photograph if he is inside of you. Do you have a gas lamp to kill you, no I mean a flash light of course to help taking the picture of you (?), and yes that’s better. 

We received prison sentences on both sides, which is life on both sides of darkness, and yes spiritual life on one side and physical life on another, and yes it makes you wonder once again, because the Source is the inner, which was surrounded by darkness and does this mean that spiritual life is filling “nothing” between the Source and darkness and …, and yes I cannot and will not think more about this, this is killing me when soaking out life of me too, and we know “nothing” is remaining now and that is TRULY nothing. 

I was told “how can the sun heal itself” (?), which is what have made scientists wonder (?), and yes there is more of this “good stuff” for our New World to be read, and I here feel darkness chewing gum while watching the film in the cinema, and yes you did not write about your sister’s dog eating gum lying all around their house when it spits it out and yes just like darkness wanted to spit me out, and yes many not important stories brought to me tonight, and pain first to my right lower leg, followed by my left, and this is how there is so much really, but you cannot have it all, and then again, this is what you, got it?

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Martin thought that “this is humour, the Devil take me” (!), and yes these were the words he used, or “damn it”, and this is what happened, Martin, when the Devil also took you, which you were “not wise enough” to understand, and this is about some Norwegians, who has made a song pretending that Africans are sending aid to Norwegians in the form of radiators because it is “so cold, so cold” in Norway, and what this really is about, is to bring the attention to the world that when I speak of bringing NORMAL LIFE, it is NOT only about rich people bringing a normal life in material terms to poor people, but also for poor people to share their heart and “sunlight” with rich people making them dare to show all of their feelings in order for them to start feeling deeper and experiencing life as deeply as Africans in general do, and yes I wonder if this will not come automatically to everyone with our New World, and I do believe that it will, but here is the recipe if it does not, and no, I received NO feedback on this, and nothing at all!

  • Helena spoke about what has become a famous text-message, which many people here have reacted strongly against, and that is a text message of the Finance Minister Bjarne Corydon, which he sent to a Union the other day, when they as the last union was negotiating with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) on pay cuts in order to keep SAS flying, and yes already approx. a week ago, I was encouraged to subscribe to Bjarne Corydon on Facebook and that is because we saw these events coming when he thought that in order to make SAS survive, I better help them otherwise there would be a risk of unions turning down the negotiations herewith bringing down this airliner, and yes it succeeded when it also made the last union accept, and this is how SAS was saved as a symbol of how God decided to help in order to keep everything of the Old World flying. Received help to keep it up. And Helena thought it pity of Bjarne and other having to go through one of those tours with people opposing them – yes, Bjarne, did not receive much credit for what he did, and normally God does not interfere either in life, but here it was because of my decision as Stig – and it made Jane say that someone out there has to be grateful because of this belief of Helena, and yes she does not want to publish who it is stalking her or why. Søren was “funny” saying that the Social Democrats apparently are very glad of text messages, which Helena confirmed, so is it not a journalist but a Social Democrat stalking Helena???

  • Kenneth were singing that we’re all living in a Yellow Submarine – by the Beatles – and he said think if the awakening in reality is about us finding out that we actually have lived inside a yellow submarine all of these years without knowing it (!), and yes he was funny, and so funny without knowing it that I have received this yellow submarine song MANY times over the years as symbol of darkness and yes making the world sink, so you are perfectly right, Kenneth, and yes I was close to write it to you but I could not take anymore when also having my script to write, and here at 20.50 after dinner, I am “driving” on “nothing” and yes with my outermost doing the rest of this script too because it would surely be a pity not to deliver a script also today to my faithful but silent readers.

  • Fanny could not find out how to share a YouTube video on Facebook, so I told her ”copy the web-adress and paste it in your Facebook post”, and yes I thought about doing it for her, but no, she cannot be so “stupid”, but yes, she was, she “could not”, so she decided to give up, which made Johnny do it for her, and just to show you that it was NOT easy to make Fanny read and understand me, and yes “impossible” in fact.

  • The Jam’s “the gift” is re-issued for its 30th anniversary these days and since this album is of great symbolic value to me I will share “the gift” with you again herewith bringing “a town called Malice” and yes “I’d sooner put some joy back In this town called malice”, which is what we do to the Universe to avoid future misery. 

  • Helena had an evening guard at work without her “lunch pack”, which is the same word coming to me to say that without God, we would not have received the most inner and PRECIOUS life with us, and yes THE GIFT of God is what it is and because “this precious love, it means so much” really :-).

  • I saw this of SAGA being “Darth Vader” of the Star Wards, and was told how do you think Michael Sadler of the ban reacted to me (?) and yes with darkness because you have chocolate on the dark side, which is “selfishness”, and you did not like the threat of me removing your “chocolate” of money encouraging people to listen to your songs for free on Grooveshark?

  • The Danish team FC Nordsjælland played again Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League yesterday losing by 2 to 5, but what was the most striking here was the goal of Shakhtar Donetsk equalizing the score to 1 to 1, which was really a goal of darkness because I could not receive all information (of life) as I was given yesterday, and as you can see, this was a “fair play” situation where EVERYONE knows that the opponent will kick back the ball to you for you to start a new attack, and this is what Shakhtar Donetsk did, but the striker Luiz Adriano of Shakhtar Donetsk saw his chance of scoring his first goal, which to him was much more important than anything else so he STOLE the ball, which everyone knew was not his, and he scored and everyone knew that it was WRONG, but the judge could not overrule the scoring because it was not against the official rules, and this is how darkness has worked, and it did it without any compassion and sympathy, and this is what it would have done destructing the world and that is if I had allowed it and yes as Stig for years and here as God/the Source showing you that darkness did score a goal at the end, but it was too late because the Source had saved the rest of us by this time.


22nd November: My new self, Jesus, was guarding God’s Paradise of spiritual life now ALL OF IT becoming physical life

My new self, Jesus, was guarding God’s Paradise of spiritual life now ALL OF IT becoming physical life

After publishing my script of yesterday, I was told that no one will have secret telephone numbers of your New World (?), which is still about now previous darkness discovering our New World.

This may not be as important you think, but this is the secret of her sexual weapon self, which she is coming out with, and yes instead of throwing it out so now we know.

So we went from “you better watch out” to break down her resistance, and yes for her to give up, which was really what we used at the SAGA concert and she had not seen this coming, and before she knew it, she had given up and given us all of her secrets. 

Here you are, you get flowers and I marzipan, which could be felt all the way down here and yes the entrance to the four back chain. 

It was right after we met each other that we got a giraffe and then you. 

And yes Stig it is now 02.40 and you have decided to go back to the computer to see if you can write a little because by now you have received so much information that you may not make it to write all of this down and to publish it after sleeping and yes before the end of the day, and it is as you know the 22nd November today, so this will have to be what is included in the plan for me to do, so here we go.

I was told that 2012 should have been the worst year of of my family and the world where we would have lost parts of life including some or many of people we loved, but it did not turn out that way.

You have not seen Karen yet and she not you but we do feel that it will go “pretty well”, which included much underestimation.

So Karen is the part of the spirit of my mother who has been at the gate all of the time, and I thought that this may mean that some of the original part of Karen is part of her as a smaller part of her, and I was told with her voice that “you are the man I let out my sexual frustrations on, the man I love” and that was really also to lead us to the way here, so there was a good explanation you see.

I was shown the sword all the way at the end leading to the abyss and I was told that this is where we had to go when planning this tour, which I understand we did in 2009 in Geneva, or maybe this part came already in 2003 to 2005 where Karen gave me the worst sufferings?

I was told that we were almost forgetting some of the most important to the left of me, which is the opposite of gum, and I was shown a giant wine glass with dust of darkness inside of it, but mostly it is “invisible”. 

I was shown four sticks in a litter bin and was asked if you forget the red, what do you have, and I was shown an open umbrella turning the wrong way with its head at the bottom of the litter bin, and I understood that this was the definition of darkness. 

This is the part where you are buried – the gate to the other parts of “the four backs” – and I was shown myself inside a professional hair dryer at a hair saloon, and an incredible sexy lady of darkness approached me, and I could have decided to become afraid of darkness and my “old nightmare” wishing to get away, but no, as usual the right answer is to meet darkness and decide to be the strongest so this is what I did, and she came to release my head from this machine symbolising the opening of my coffin where my inner self is buried. 

I was told that you have controlled Karen all of your life – as my inner self – from here, where you were “terminated” so not even the dark side of your mother knew where you were. You were behind Karen and saw everything as “nothing”, which is to be here without being here and with this knowledge you have been able to penetrate everything without any darkness ever being able to reach you, which is what we thought of when we placed you there, and yes my previous self as the soul of Jesus, where darkness could never reach you, and that is outside creation and at the gate to the red part (or is it really the other three?), clever right (?), and this is where you have now come to awake yourself, and yes we will see if it will become “now” or the 21st December or somewhere in between.

Do you know what we are (?) and yes welcome here, yes yes, and I have watched the gates to the other worlds of Stig, Karen and our children or is it the spirits of my mother and father (?), and where are they otherwise coming from if not their own worlds (?), and yes speculation here is coming to me because of speculation about me of other people, which is also why I have been given these thousands of songs for years often without being able to guess them, which is the worst feeling when they just keep on being played.

I felt how this inner part of me entered me, and I was told that “he” has also been speaking to me, or maybe as feelings (?), and it is darkness which has brought you the long road to me, and now theres is nothing left, otherwise you would not have come here, and yes do you want to become your new self now or later (?), and yes later if possible, and what will this bring us, a new temporary invention maybe (?), which instantly gave me the feeling “I don’t believe in it” – but I did herewith opposing the feeling actively – and this feeling came to me because this is the feeling of my mother in relation to who I am, and that is because of what Sanna has told her, and who knows, maybe we will take care of other “small things” in the meantime before we will start up everything.

I was told that Jesus as my previous/new self is darkness self, so hold on tight (!), he has been in control of all life as darkness in order to bring all life back, but only because of wrong creation, and we have now reached a happy situation, and it requires that you are almost crumbling to be able to return to me meaning that you have lived hard enough – including to reject/absorb darkness constantly making life unbearable to live when trying to overtake you – to be the only one because this is how I have designed you so no one else could walk this road, and still sit there calmly and yes watching a TV-show with Nikolaj Kirk, the chef, in Norway (by the way, I have NOT received Facebook updates from Nikolaj for a LONG time, and yes now I see, he also decided to leave me as a Facebook friend).

I was told that it is the spirit of my father who had brought me here who was the only one knowing the road, which the spirit of my mother could not read through him being on the other side. I was asked did she miss you much (?), and yes this is how – the spirit of my mother – was designed, and it is my innerself as Jesus, or really Stig you know, who had the recipe on these four worlds and there mutual connection. 

I was told that without a family holiday on Ærø in 2005 I believe with my mother and John and all children on both sides, we would also not have been able going through this journey, and I received more darkness of my inner self and was told that there is more darkness in him, but only for today, because tomorrow you will be unrecognizable, and yes we will see if this is right, or we will have to wait even longer.

I was told what has Norway, which no one knows at the Longyear-town on Svalbard (?), and yes I don’t know what it is but USA don’t you think you will also have to include this in the story and not only about how to destroy the world but to terrorise the world, and yes another electro-magnetic weapon?

I received a little heart attack and was told that this is also my part as Jesus now being uploaded to my heart, and I was asked do you want to see my home (?), and yes don’t you enter because we are all awake and yes the four back chain – maybe my mother, father, Karen and I – otherwise we will have to wait, and that is unless Karen and I already have children when we will open for these worlds, and I was told with a smile that you will not cross this before you have guessed the right answer and I felt whales, and here we have three existing worlds, which just have not been created yet, and yes what does the big tent/tipi of Holmenkollen in Olso, Norway symbolise (which I visited with Fair Insurance in 2006 I believe), and yes “a lot of people”, which is what was inside, and this is also how it is inside of here, and that is not physically, but we have never seen like this before and yes we have received a vision to look into this world which does not exist physically, and yes this is how far you will reach now Stig, and it was 00.40 when I ended writing the notes on my phone, and here 03.30 when writing this in the script, and yes you still have plenty of notes to write down, but this will have to be enough work for now. 

It is now 16.00 and I have slept and “killed time”, and I will continue writing the notes from the night, hereafter the dreams and the short stories and I hope I have planned this right to also being able to finish and publish this script today, so here we go once more, and disgusting work (?), and yes there is no doubt about it (he has grown up, as I am also told). 

I was told that I will only say it if you promise also to write this, and I said that I cannot promise it, but there is a good chance, and yes good enough also to make it into the script as I do now.

This is a small part of the giant ship entering dock, which we will now air thoughts of (”air” is also about a new air of light about to enter and replace darkness, which I do look VERY MUCH forward to). 

This is the key to create all New World’s hereafter after the Universe in Universe principal.

So no one has TRULY cared/bothered to listen to you verbally (with a mind to objectively try to understand – Lisbeth from the Commune was the closest, but her mind was closed, so this does NOT count), and others who understood, did not ask questions showing an attitude to listen, and if people had, I would not have come through evilness all the way to here.

I was given a cracking sound to the kitchen and shown and told that darkness of the world was a drawer of my face, and yes you would like to get out from here and into the mixer machine inside of here where everything is distributed and from here every would will take on the responsibility, which is divided, and yes you (and everything) grow bigger receiving bigger responsibility as we also do now, and now we are going to see if this genious invention will work, even though it is old, and this is what we were looking after to make sure that darkness would not overtake it, so there is a lock on also here, where darkness could not enter, and we will first open this when everything is light. This is part of “the gravy” of everything, which not is yet.

I was told some times that we could not do this without John, and shouldn’t he know about me via his dreams and my stories of “more about heaven and earth”?

I continued receiving darkness and negative voices and also feelings of nervousness coming, so listening to this story also still made me some nervous, because what if something goes wrong (?) – and yes also coming from my mother you know and her “concerns” – and I was told that it is not dangerous to enter, and when you do, you will all understand what a MAGNIFICENT world you are only a small part of. 

And this is what is included in your teeth (!), which is why it was good that your teeth did not really break (one tooth broke in 2006, and I lost small corners of two others, and another was about to “rot”, but was saved miraculously, but nothing has deteriorated since 2006), and yes Stig all of this is hidden inside of you (as the largest fish in the world, and I am told about a sturgeon), and who would believes that Stig is everything (?) with darkness around me via my mother, family/friends etc., wanting to locate and destruct me, and no they could not because of love uniting us.

And you know that all misunderstandings and wrong behaviour/talk about me brought me darkness, but no, not into my teeth, which my previous and now new self as “Jesus” received the task to work as a cork to stop, so “he” worked inside of you as “nothing” without being you. This is what German wine (of Riesling) symbolises, which is the entrance to all of Paradise – via Christmann wine, which Lars and I “imported” around 2000, and I was thinking of the Idig wineyard, which we went out to see and stood on, and yes “the finest wine” of Germany :-). 

So darkness – destructing not sustainable life – is the protection of all of this, we do not want wrong creation everywhere, and what you have done has not only been approved by the whole Universe but by everything, which is not yet created, which speaks through me – i.e. Jesus/Stig – via one of your teeth (!) – talk about “science fiction” here, John (!), and I was thinking that if I had given up, I would have lost my teeth, which would make this “nothing as everything” be brought to someone else to be continued, and yes this must has happened MANY times of MANY worlds going down before this, and still your protection against life inside darkness was strong enough, and yes it exploded when it could not continue life and we were still part of “nothing”. 

The mouth is the entrance to everything inside of you, Stig. This is the giant picture, which we are all about to enter, and may we first say thank you, Stig (?), and yes because I keep much appraisal back, and we are the opposite of sexual torments, and I received another cracking sound to my kitchen and was told that now it is almost only light remaining without giving you heart interruptions.

It was now 01.15 and I was told if I could handle a third round of information to write down as notes without having written the script of the previous two, and I said that I don’t know, but it was “good enough” also to come here, Stig – and yes this is what the “Soviet Union” and the murderer of Oluf Palme means, because you don’t know what foot to stand on over there bringing me all of this “lovely darkness” making me enter here.

I was told that there are also no dogs here; isn’t it funny that inside of there, which I guard, life of Paradise is lived in its best well-being, where everyone has waited on this soon, approaching day where we will be in control of our physical development to make everything into physical life, which was not that easy you know, so welcome home, and I received the feeling of EVERYTHING on the other side leaning towards me and “being” with me, which is also the life I felt that day in the bathtub in Lyngby a couple of years ago. 

All of this life fills “nothing” because it is not physical,  so we have destructed physical creation again and again, and will now open to physical creation of everything, when it is perfect, and this approval has been given now. All of this is just around the corner waiting for you to finish, and no, I am not nervous about this, but the last of darkness still working much against me also when receiving this is what makes me nervous, and yes this is also a reference to Jens Rohde, so how are you doing, Jens?

I was given a strong pain to the right side of my head and was told that we have also protected you from brain haemorrhage from here, which heart problems easily could give. 

I was asked if you have brought your passport photo (?), and that is because I will have to look like you the best way possible so not even your mother can tell the difference, and yes it made me think and understand that when the spirits of my mother and father and now are outside of me as I have been shown, I am really THE ONE, and that is that I have become my new self without really noticing it my self, and yes I have focussed on becoming my new self when I will open up the eyes and yes to light and everything, but as you can tell, I am now my new self, and who can tell the difference (?), and yes NO ONE can, and also not Preben as example as you can see from  the short stories, and yes I was made by the spirit of my mother as my old self looking like my previous self Jesus, and now I am my previous self Jesus, but still under the name Stig, and yes I am as I was and I was as I am, and that is with “let your feelings show” J – and now we are waiting on what everyone is waiting on and that is when will we be grown up?

I was told that it was not easy to direct sicknesses to everyone else than you which would require that you understood the logics of deciding to protect yourself the most, which of course is illogical and wrong to do but the only right thing to do when knowing that you were decisive to carry out this plan and if you could not work, we would not have done all of this. This was and has always been our biggest problem. The feeling to cut your fingers over is how to sharpen your attention to doing your best work. 

Isn’t it funny if your spiritual self – of all life – is inside of this Paradise this way bringing its advise and yes feelings and thoughts to everyone, and yes life on both side of darkness so physical life on one side, and yes our spiritual life as part of Paradise on the other side. 

It was also via Facebook that the official world got to know me, so there you have the importance of short messages because the world did not have patience to read my full scripts to understand who I am, but eventually you were “forced” to dig deeper, and yes because you thought that “time is coming closer”, and how does this fit with the story that the world knew about me and also my identiy (?), and yes you will be surprised of the misunderstandings and wrongdoings of the world. The world had to read me to understand the symbols of the text, and I had to explain them over and over again to make the world understand. 

We are now almost finished revealing the secrets to you to make the world understand – so these are all of the gifts we have hold back for this long (since physical creation), and yes how did spiritual life come into existence???

I was shown a shovel removing only little dirt of the earth showing a tunnel underneath and I was told that we – the inner worlds – have been here all of the time “easy” to find for everyone. 

I was told that we – from outside creation of the world at the entrance to our next worlds – have also spoken through darkness, which twisted up our words, so not only feelings coming from there, and yes of course, if the spiritual world is not part of creation of the physical world but comes from inside Paradise, and yes you just have to get your mind used to a new understanding, so not I can truly say, George and Jeff, that I’ve “got my mind set on you” :-).

I was told that isn’t your sufferings enough to be visible in some degree to your mother, which is what is making her suffer and then bring you even more sufferings (?), and yes it may be because even though I have been “normal”, I have not been able to be my own “free self” but been dragged down into darkness making me feel like hell, and yes impossible to hide everything it was.

So we have gone this way back first via your mother, then through coal of your father and now you are here with me, and yes Stig, what then (?), and yes we will see.

Unexpectedly I watched a few fractions of seconds of what was “a little bit too sexy”, but still it now gives me STRONG pain to my right foot and leg and potentially so much that darkness will physically “pour out”/crack, this is how it feels, and that is because I am as close to being my new self as possible, and I am far too sensate to see this. 

Do you think it is better to send a taxi to Copenhagen now, or is it better to wait?

This night I kept on being on my very EXTREME limit receiving extreme negativity all of the time where I am almost tilting over, and when I could no more and was about to lose it, I was met with kindness on the other side, but still I returned to play the game however extremely unpleasant it is. 

I was told that it is like renting a video film, we can now see you from all of space too, and yes my inner self is becoming visible to the world. 

This was meant as a final task for you to go through to get access to Paradise, which you succeeded to get to bringing enough sacrifices bringing everything as “perfect”, otherwise you would not get in.

At 05.00 I decided to take my nap on the sofa, and after waking up a couple of hours later thinking that I was not allowed to continue sleeping, I decided to continue sleeping, which I did  to my surprise until 12.40 with these dreams.

Dreaming that darkness is now no longer strong enough to make it function, which may therefore shut off my sufferings?

Dreaming of Karen brought me INCREDIBLE sufferings unimaginable to people because of my very DEEP feelings

I went to bed after 23.00 yesterday after staying up the last few hours was a tough battle in itself because of extreme tiredness/exhaustion, and I slept until 07.30 with these dreams.

  • I am at a party where Naser Khader is also at, and the ladies there are very interested in me, and I have to keep one away from me even though I would like her company. And something about exchanging everything at a parking place, and ongoing to look forward.
    • Darkness from Naser Khader and his “love” of USA and its secret activities is what is still bringing me sexual torments with the threat of my “old nightmare”.
  • I am in Jutland, which at the same time is Austria, and I see two ice/snow slopes which goes 180 degrees vertical down (!), which professional racing drivers drive down, and it is so narrow that I am afraid of one racing car falling off and down into the abyss, but the car seems to make it. I am on top of all of this ski terrain, and I am going through what looks like one obstacle lane changing into another, and right at the turnover, I am afraid to jump over, so instead I jump down, and from there I continue on the next obstacle lane. I have paid a fee to enter giving what I thought was a 2 DKK, but it showed out to be a very rare 5 DKK and I am given change back. After the lane, I have left the station of this and gone to lunch, and when I return I see my mother there to collect me being nervous about where I am, and John is also there. At this station they have checked the control number of my clothes to enter, and this control number is also a music CD I have borrowed, and I see employees bringing this to a summer cottage as a gift to the couple there, whom I don’t see but feel like my aunt Inge and her husband Ove. I was also at another place at what felt like a market, where I was speaking with my father on the telephone, and he is convinced that he is dying, and also that I don’t understand his pain, but I do as I tell him with all of my convincing attitude, but he cannot take me, and says that we will have to interrupt the call. I pay at a stand of this market with a 20 DKK coin, and the assistant says that these coins have expired and that only very few incluiding him now accept them.
    • Jutland is our New World and inside of here are the worst sufferings of the snow slope leading in the abyss if the cars drive off, and I am myself going through all of this terrain of obstables to save save my family and bring them my love, and it seems that I have also received the love of my aunt and her husband in order to enter here, and the coins are about money, which used to mean “energy” and is this showing that darkness continued to pull out energy of me, which I had to provide even though I had decided to stop production of energy and yes of our New World, but not the Old World perhaps (?), and nevermind, because there is now almost no energy remaining if this is what it is about. And yes, my father has no imagination to understand that I understand his sufferings and that I have gone through worse sufferings than him, and that’s life here.
  • All old colleagues of DanskeBank-Pension are now starting work at the “black bank houses” at Bremerholm 31, where we used to work around 1990, and Jens Ove has again become the manager, and new furniture is being set up, and I see that Bjarne has choosen a small desk but in a perfect location according to him, and I see that it is impossible to make all desks and closests of different size stand perfect. Furthermore Bjarne has become deputy head above me, which I feel is VERY wrong when looking at our skills. We start receiving customers including one of the same ladies as back then, who still feel attracted to me, or else was it me feeling attracted to her. Some colleagues use their work computers to write personal messages, but when they use the F-word, the system excludes this word. I have asked the bank for a loan so I can move to Stockholm, and the HR-department (taking care of this), calls me and turns down my application, which makes me sad because it may mean that I will not get there, but then it turns out that the reason is an invoice of DKK 28,000, which will be paid from my account to an old creditor, which the creditor without my knowledge and acceptance has registered with my account to be paid, and we agree to cancel this payment, and still the issue is that I only have a net amount of DKK 4,000 per month for my self after all expenses have been pain, which may be too little in order to obtain the loan.
    • This is really the Old World where I will continue working for some time also today (?), which may be surprising and yes you never know according to the game, and furniture inside of here is about life inside of here not working anymore when it cannot be set up, so this dream is saying that there is still “energy” inside of darkness but now no longer making it possible for it to work. which is what will make it turn off its sufferings of me as a result after today (?), and the loan is to help me get to the land of joy and happiness and I don’t have to pay 28,000 DKK, which may be because God decided to cover what lacked in the energy I provided to cover for this, and yes I decided to stop watching Benny Hinn, which may be have a game of darkness, which I fell in.
  • I woke up to “it’s time” by SAGA, and yes time for my sufferings to finally stop, and yes this TERRIBLE VOICE OF THE DEVIL COMPLETELY TORMENTING MY LIFE for every single second, and yes since 2006, and can it really be now that this will happen?

My father is bringing out the sexual monster of my mother, which will end my sufferings of darkness

I was told that the big question is now, has he had enough or can he continue working after today?

I was shown lots of flowers coming towards me and that is from what used to be darkness.

Your father was the absolutely last, so he is not better now or is he? Hurrah for the one holding out the longest and bringing you pain to your behind, which is what I received again today.

The combination of your father and if you relax too much we now see would bring a coronary to your mother, but don’t you worry about a thing now, and yes which is about her worries very easily returning to her.

I was told about “prisoners on the fortress” (“Les Clés de Fort Boyard”), and I felt the spirit of my father telling the spirit of my mother don’t you come out now (?), you are coming home with me.

I was told that when I kept on saying no thank you to sexual torments it is the key to bring all of you, the entire gang, with me. 

I was shown the next room where the spirit of my mother was placed as the sexual monster of darkness on the bed as she had turned into when she received from the Source what she gave, and I heard “come on, let us get out of here”.

At 17.15 I was told that there is still more darkness of your mother, and yes “you are welcome”, and if you have calculated wrong meaning that there is still more darkness after today, the 22nd, it is alright with me to continue letting this in. 

I was told that at midnight the chance to save more life run sout because of the end of time approaching, and yes according to the game, which is what this work of the script today also has an influence on. 

I was told that you don’t have to be a professor in Belgium, i.e. the European Union, to understand who I am, and yes I put out the “bait” and they took it.

I was told that my job was to continue writing my scripts with disgust/throw up feelings, and when I could no more, the disgust and throw up feelings would be given to my family/friends etc., mainly my mother, taking over my sufferings, but no, I decided to continue writing all scripts, so this is how and why I made it to the very end without involving my family/friends etc. 

When I continued writing on the script of today this afternoon, I was shown and told that this is how to bring the last life from the right of me, and I felt a strong strain to my heart when it entered me, and yes disgusting/uncomfortable as always, and the most when I am close to finish the work on one script before publishing it because of the meaning this have when people will be reading it. 

I received a new cracking sound from my shelves and was shown all of it being measured and was told that we have not yet received all of this (in the game), but this is what is on its way in.

I spoke to my mother on the telephone, who was calmed down with the email from Preben as I had sent her – see the short stories – and by the way she also asked me if I have trouble sleeping because I was sleeping at 11.30 when she called was it yesterday (?), and yes mother, I went to sleep late, this is why, and no, I did not tell her more than this, so maybe my mother did not quite understand the degree of pain and lack of sleep that I went through. John is still doing well and his sister is fine again up and going. I was told that without calming down my mother’s nerves via this call, it would not be possible to do what I will do at midnight – and yes we will see if a change will come.

I was told that the reason why Sidsel did not take legal actions against me was her thinking “what if he truly is THE ONE”, so there you see.

I was told that my story about Prince Henrik loving boys is not of a kind, which makes it impossible for the Danish Royal family ever to forgive me, is it ,Margrethe (?) – meaning that it is – and this is an example that you have to change your mind, which is exactly what will happen when everyone will receive a new mind where you will think that this was “nothing”, and yes it is no longer then, and that is other than everyone will become happy, see? And yes, this is also bringing me darkness the last way.

At 18.30 I decided to cycle to do some shopping also because I wanted to get some FRESH AIR – is this what is coming at midnight (?) – and that is even though I know that I may have 2-3 hours more work to do on the script, so maybe I will finish and publish the script at around 23.00 (?), we will see. 

On the tour I was told that it is now that my negative voice and sexual torments/threats will stop, and yes this negative voice of hell, and we know Stig, I have received so many promised over the years all of them broken, so will this happen now, or yet another game?

I was home at 19.30 where I met my neighbour Knud, and when we had a short chat, it was truly IMPOSSIBLE for me to say a few words, which I stumbled over again and again, which was confirmation about Knud’s big mouth speaking wrongly about me behind my back, and yes maybe Else did saw a few words about me, and this has spread to the apartment block, and yes I don’t understand why the Austrian lady never again became as positive to me as the was much in the beginning, and yes she always did not have “time” to speak to me, and was that the story of polishing the windows, which I asked her to ask Jan about, which she could not take (?), but Jan and Preben have been nice.

I continued working on the script, and I was pressured on time – “it is already at midnight” and I felt and was shown how the shelves are already entering me. 

I was told about the traditonal clothing completely covering Muslim women that “this is how you become extremely afraid of sex”.

I received EXTREME scratching to my head bottom meaing that my LTO friends are suffering much without money and food, but still you dont really tell me just how little of much?

Has he remembered to bring his BIGGEST CLOTHES (?), and yes Stig, is this what my shelves symbolise, which is the whole world and yes EVERYTHING EVER CREATED (?), and I do believe he has, and yes no need to play a game there too, and yes looking good it is, and this is by the way why my mother always says how much she likes my shelves. 

Are you ready to disconnect “sexual torments” too (?), and yes it is good enough as I am told.

At 21.35 I received one final 1/5 out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is more life that I saved myself, and finally at 22.05 – before expected time (!) – I had uploaded this new script, and yes not the easiest to do, but then again, it was not very hard.

And while preparing the publish of my script – still copying and pasting each paragraph into the WordPress editor – I received much more speech, which will follow here as an update.

Will nobody buy cleaning creme (?), which is what I have heard darkness speak of, and yes to become Germany just like the broadcast there you know. 

I felt a chair being brought up and behind me and was told that we have backed you up all of the time, and this is about back-up of “silent” family/friends etc., who “could not” support me directly, and I am here shown Lotus as example, but you know “in their minds”. 

And darkness continued to wanting me to burn off things, and it brought me all of the negativity it could get away with, and yes at its worst just before publishing a script. 

I was told that Karen cannot understand why she keeps on thinking about me, and yes she should know about me too, but not when she did not want to. 

We found a bathroom inside of here which had not broken at all, Stig, and yes what is a bathroom (?) and yes that’s right that is a tool of creation, which your mother used as a sexual tool to bring out faeces to destruct the world or something like that (?), and yes an example of Stig speaking the second half without receiving any of our words. 

He doesn’t only has a family tree, he has also been listening to what people say and yes to make an impression on people, and yes Stig, your mother thought the other day when you were in MUCH pain that you did not listen, which she told me “you don’t listen”, which made me quote her precise words, and yes “Stig does listen” but NOT easy as you know because of pain and often also a conversation no. 2 inside of me. 

I heard speech in the background about going through bleeding of the world not really knowing about it and not being affected by it, and about “doing this and that” to come through, and I was told that if I had not come all the way through myself, it would have been almost impossible to make him open his eyes, and I felt how it was difficult to open the eyes of my physical self, and yes if I had to rely on help of my family – my sister – and friends. 

My computer monitor kept on giving me different blinks of colours, which made me think that it was almost breaking down, and yes the Old World cannot keep up anymore. 

Yes, there was almost no blood on the floor so we did not have to do spring cleaning, he had done most of it, and it was first when he practically had returned home, that God was nice to grant him his wish, yes he is God so it was because of my own decision, to save also the last blood spilled here and there to make this a 100% clean save of every little thing which he had also influenced us to help him do, and I here feel life inside of of Paradise of God.

I was told that the reason why I am already tomorrow Friday going to see my mother and John – and not Saturday as normal – is because I will help saving my mother and John, who are still in a terrible condition as I am told, and yes only on the surface they are doing better (?), and who knows?

We did not know how much you could take, so we had also prepared a programme where your family and Obama would help and yes by taking over from you when you would not be here anymore. And the best of all is that your sister has not been in the lake at all, because that would really make us swim fast, and yes darkness discovering itself as darkness, which would make us bleed much faster, and yes because of its sadness to be alive, and yes just so you know of course. 

Yes, he did save well above half of the world during the first part of his journey, which was our goal at one time, and yes to be able to make a New World and make it survive. 

This is not to be understood as his final exam, is it (?), and as usual it is, and now we can finally see home, STIG YOU HAVE BROUGHT US OUT OF THE FLAMES OF HELL, this is how it has felt like also to us, and to the divine land. 

And he is doing this to save us from going to the butcher again to ask for new meat, i.e. ingredients for new life to replace what we lost, yes we don’t have to, we have brought all meat home.

I was told that no one is going to come and tell me that I cannot sell tickets, which is what this game was about, which was to make people read, understand, GOSSIP/UNDERSTAND (!), and yes to bring faith in me to save the world, and we did it!

I will continue receiving darkness to save myself the last life of darkness, which God has already saved!

It is now 01.20 and I have decided to do the last of the script with more information given to me.

Don’t you want to hear that I have reached the destination (?), and I felt the spirit of my mother as light bringing my shelves of everything together with the other worlds, so this is how we went from Rossignol (a ski make) to being one of the greatest four Bourdeax wine estates (it is not only Burgundy in France that I value).

You are now close to not having to say “you are welcome” anymore – because the last life is entering me – and no, we could not enter you as darkness (the other day) and has to become light, and isn’t it funny that this is also what darkness wants to become now (?), and what does this tell about your family (?), and yes they want to understand/know or should know really. This is what we mean when we say that we are removing the outermost membrane of darkness of the Old World so it will not bring sufferings to me and the physical world as we have expected.

At 23.00 I was given what felt like the last darkness coming to me, which also included an out of this world pain including the feeling of Camilla and a desire for me to show the finger symbolising the f-word, which is because of the darkness she sends to me.

I was shown myself inside the pyramid – and also the pyramid inside of me – and this is where everything is and I received the clear feeling that it is protected inside of here, and I thought that everything is also inside of me, so I am both the pyramide and me. And we could not enter this before now because of the opposite umbrella, and I felt sickness to my throat, which is about the last darkness coming in – and now when writing this, I understand that there is indeed more darkness coming in, which is why I was shown this not long before midnight.

I started receiving less darkness for a while, which I understood as a sign that it was now about to stop.

I have received a New Order from Lisbeth from the Commune – the New World is also coming to you, mein führer (!) – to see her the 27th November, and yes it was Lisbeth I felt the other day with pain, and here at the end of the evening, I was given the VERY uncomfortable pain to my chest and later I also received stomach pain, and yes this lady truly does not like me, Lisbeth (?) – or is it yourself you cannot stand (?) – and I was thinking that I am looking forward to seeing her again.

I was given two more out of this world pain to my right ankle, and was told that one was because of the sufferings of Lisbeth in relation to me, and yes she “promised” me a “very short” meeting the last time only asking me if changes have happened and if not, she would send me straight out again, and yes we will see if she remembers, or has changed her mind, but maybe not, because I write about her, and yes how will it look to the system and major and even the Danish Parliament if she does not follow the book keeping her obligations according to law (?), and yes you do see that she has many troubles, this nice but misunderstanding lady.

I was told “hell no, I don’t bother doing anything more” and just to give you another example of what continues coming to me from darkness as one out of MANY negative sentences.

Still before midnight I felt that “sexual torments” arrived – the tool of it – together with the feeling of Karen, which I also thought was the last part of darkness arriving.

I was told that the most inner of the spirit of my mother is the most inner of a bulb, which was shown to me, and it would be a shame not to include her and her access to the light in our New World at the same time as I was also told that we would be able to create a fully working replacement, and here it was impossible to tell what is right or wrong, I simply don’t know, and yes how easy or difficult is it for people to understand that I am simply writing the truth of what I am told spiritually and yes surely this should be possible to understand in a few minutes and not take months and years for some still not understanding because of their own inability to listen and understand.

I continued receiving a little heart attack and also burning feeling on my skin.

At midnight I was told that we are now all orange and waiting for you, and yes now should be when the voice of Hell should stop transmitting, but no I still received darkness, and it came from the front of me so maybe this was God accepting my offer to continue receiving darkness also after the 22nd November.

A little bit later, I was asked if this is the last rest of darkness, which tried to hide from me, and yes it is, and I was shown that it was not orange as it pretended to be, but dark inside, and this darkness asked “may we enter too”, but of course you may.

I was told that you will now get the chance to save yourself what God has already saved because there is a chance that you can do this and also finish your website before the 21st December. So yes “you are still welcome” is still the right to say. This is how we have decided to save this life too postponing the deadline so now it is up to you to make everything perfect, which made me somewhat nervous because is this God’s plan to save the rest and only if I can do it, and if not, there may still be a chance to lose life (?), and yes part of the game it is.

I was given a cracking sound to my shelves, and told that this is me inside the shelves giving you stomach pain and continuous negative feelings, which here included “I don’t care about you” and yes feelings of darkness self to save life inside of darkness (!), and I received more darkness wanting to do its old “poor habits” of negativity and sexual WRONG behaviour, and yes I had to say that this is WRONG but you will decide yourself.

Later I was told that we found a boat in darkness and I was shown it brought into a light house from darkness of the street by Nazis, which is life inside of darkness this way working to save itself, and yes it has given up and now only wants to return to the light of everything.

I was given the thought that months ago I noticed on that someone had uploaded a double DVD with SAGA called “all areas” from 2004 to the Internet, which I did not bother to download back then (28 files of 200 MB), but here I was given the thought and feelings of MOTIVATION to do this, and first the thought about uploading it to YouTube, but NO, I don’t want to face this darkness of YouTube again with the risk ot be thrown out and that is because I don’t have too when I can upload it to Vimeo instead, and yes it did not take me long to become disappointed because these files uploaded to 5-6 different file sharing services in 2011 and still working earlier in 2012 did not work anymore, and I had almost given up hope that it was to find on the Internet today, but then I started searching for it with “open strings” and I found all files this time on Rapidshare, which are still working, so I am now downloading these files “to the big gold medal” as we say here, and yes this is about not giving up believing that there is a way out, and this way out for me was to postpone the deadline, so even though it should be impossible to “download” any more life from out Old World, it is possible, and yes because it wants to get out of there itself, so when I will upload this video with SAGA – not on the Internet to be seen as a video today (only the files) – it is the symbol of having saved every little thing, and yes a foretaste for the world to watch SAGA play live in concert :-).

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I don’t know what Wilson has done if anything, but he seems to be deleted from Facebook – or maybe only a game too (?) – which has deleted all of our previous chats, and this is of course only a symbol of what would have happened if God did not intervene saving the last life too, and yes the loss of life, which simply would be deleted. I was told that this is what I was shown – was it yesterday (?) – that darkness wanted to throw away, which I told it that I will not accept. 

  • The Cultural Yard of Helsingør symbolising our New World opened in October 2010, and first it took 13 months to get the kitchen to work with kitchen symbolising “creation of life” – we had a New World to create and thereafter the Old World to save after starting creation with our re-connection with the Source in the summer of 2010 – and today the café of the place went bankrupt, which is to say that the kitche cannot continue, and yes the end of saving life of our Old World, which this is symbolising.

  • I decided to give my double thanks to Bill & Barack for helping the world to save life :-).

  • During the morning I felt my mother and how important it is to her not knowing about when my new cycle will be delivered – is Preben cheating (?) – and so important that it can and yes actually make her “break down”, this is how strong her throughs and feelings are, and this cycle is the symbol self on the finding of the gold digger. So I decided to tell Preben the truth, which is that my mother is nervous by nature (this is coming to us “naturally” from others, you know) and I asked him if he could calm her down, and he told me that there was delivery problems in November, but the cycle is now produced and will be delivered in December, and yes my new cycle is finished, and now it will only take until December to get it delivered, which is really also the story about our New World now being produced, and I will deliver it and yes when I am through with my work. And I was told that ”concerns of my mother is what was about to cost us the potential loss of even more life, and yes in the game that is.

  • The Shakhtar-striker Adriano said that he had not seen the episode before his UNFAIR scoring, so he scored a goal not knowing that he should have given the ball to FC Nordsjaelland, but neverthelsess, he now excuses and say that “I will never do it again”, and this is to say that darkness will NEVER again become part of creation. 

  • There has not been found wolves in Denmark since 1813, but for months, a wolf or wolf-like creature has been since in North Jutland, and the other day it was found dead, and now it shows out that it died from cancer, and so far it cannot be confirmed that it was a wolf, it will take more investigations, but I was told that it is not everyday a wolf comes to Denmark “terrorising” people, and yes a symbol of darkness now dying.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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