December 2, 2012: Transferring world no. 3 and 4 from this world and building my new castle from out of nothing


Summary of the script today

1st December: Transferring world no. 3 and 4 from this world and building my new castle from out of nothing

  • After some hard days, I was completely broken down today not doing much work. I received a few hours of sleep and God as the Source helped me coming through while world no. 3 was set up via life transferred from world no. 1.
  • We broke the code of darkness finding the recipy of survival of everything already in June, but I had to continue going through darkness because it was too much for us to take on in June.
  • I was dreaming of not suffering as much as I should, and having difficulties receiving approval to continue my game.
  • I was appointed as my new self already before summer 2012 because we had found the recipe, but I had to go through more darkness to avoid explosions of the world because it was too strong at the time. My new castle is being built from out of nothing transferring life from this world to our four-divided world. I was surprised when not only world no. 3 but also no. 4 entered me, which brought me the strongest negativity and sexual torments of all.
  • God returned everything, which man gave to God meaning that a Coca Cola bottle of darkness of WRONG behaviour was returned with the most spectacular Coca Cola bottle. It brought God mixed emotions to create life inside a world, which was doomed to end.
  • Short stories of receiving negative feedback and SILENCE on my posting of the official world reading me in secrecy, and David is broke, which would be a true nightmare to experience for rich people.

2nd December: Taking control over energy of darkness and creating plenty of life of good quality

  • Dreaming of taking control over energy of darkness and creating life, darkness tried to smuggle out energy, but I stopped it, life is returning to God, we have to bring temporary terminations to help cover what I cannot save as my old self, we have created plenty of new life of good quality of our worlds no. 2-4, and Michael Sadler of SAGA is suffering too.
  • The computer Bettina gave me, where parts of Windows have broken, symbolise parts of the Centre of God broken, which God as the original will replace. Darkness still tried to make me accept to let it go, but as long as I keep working and keep being strong, this will not happen.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a family being illuminated from the inside, the last “Hindenburg” darkness vanishing into nothing, very big heads made by many small,  God in the middle, “If only I could I’d make this a better place” – “Yes, I can” is now “Yes, we could”, “very special” and pure light of God is being opened for everyone to see, and I would only receive the key of everything of God if I made the world understand about creation.
  • Short stories of the last part of the Old World now collapsing, and Helena again being the symbol of sexual torments given to me..


1st December: Transferring layers of life from world no. 1 and setting up world no. 3 with the help of God

Transferring layers of life from world no. 1 and setting up world no. 3 with the help of God

I can open the tie even more, which was to say that there was room to make your mother, John and family suffer even more without dying if you did not take on the sufferings you decided to take on yourself.

It is not a gift we are playing about is it (?), and yes whether or not it can be exchanged if it does not suit you (?), and yes if I sleep and this makes this creation poorer, and if God will bring the perfect solution to us.

You are way in front of darkness because you are working fast, and we cannot even play hide and seek.

Yes, we are now completing the end document of this the next world, which is what the publish of your script means, and yes you have taken all stories, which you prioritised with you, and “far too much information” it was.

If you did not do all of this work, I would have to think what to cut off, as God said.

During the night and the morning I continued receiving a physical pressure from the next life of me to the right of me, and yes together with the feeling of the life out there, and darkness of it still wanting me to speak negatively but mixed with light just behind it, and yes still VERY annoying, but this is how it is, and yes at 04.45, I decided to stop working and that is at least to take a break and I know that my tired crisis will come maybe at 06.00 or 07.00 and will last a couple of hours where the moment of truth will be if I will decide to cross this and to have a hell of a day or if I will try to get a nap of a couple of hours, and yes I am feeling Jack strongly here together with the words “he knows what he (i.e. Jack) would do” and yes NOT to take the easy way out, because this is how he has been prepared too by me because of my attitude, and so it is, and yes I hope you like the music in my scripts too, and yes you were also the one introducing me to Madness, I do remember, do you too?

And one of the things coming to me THOUSANDS of times is darkness wanting me to burst out “come on, shut up” (!), because it keeps on coming this pressure and negative speech relentlessly, and that is from people not even knowing that they are hurting me, and yes difficult to avoid when this is ALSO the strong feeling given to me, and then there is only one thing to do and that is to do the RIGHT thing being STRONGER than all of this, which is SUCH a pain, but you do know this by now.

I received some of the same events as before, which was my new self of this world awakening and being told about my journey, how I came through, and also strong darkness of my mother – I saw this as necessary to go deep.

I was shown and told about big ships being moved, and we talk about MUCH darkness, my ladies and gentlemen.

Are you not from within the State Prison, haven’t I met you before (?), and so on….

I was told that the handball ladies of FC Midtjylland Ikast also scrub tremendously, and yes the Danish “iron ladies” in handball will reveal a secret of me and the world.

Can we bathe from the bridge (?), and yes we can even though it is not there yet.

I kept on receiving information about what will happen of sufferings if I sleep etc., which I could not longer write down at 05.30.

Yes, Stig we are now very small – “have you received your new bicycle” – and armed to our teeth and it is from this darkness that we decide to turn around and yes shouldn’t this give me pain to my right ankle, and has God decided to take this on because this is more than I can bear?

You cannot even come from behind from your mother’s place and get in front of her here, but this is what we are also doing.

And the winner of the winter palace is … and yes lovely to be home even though it is first to darkness, which is about this new King of me/us coming to world 3.

All of my angels come in a after me, yes heavens angels no longer hells angels.

When did the spirit of my mother have her first ovulation (?) and yes it was first when I entered the “wrong road”, and yes Stig, how can this be because … , and yes not now, I am too tired for these games.

I received the lyrics “Tell me why you can’t let go” from the SAGA song “the interview” as I brought in my previous script, which is what goes straight in both with the audience of SAGA singing along these lines with everything they got and also with my readers, and this song is given to me because of “feelings” of people reading me and watching this song, and yes as it often happens, and here was just an example.

At 06.00 to 07.00 my tired crisis entered as expected, and they are immensely deep, this is how they feel, and I could not hold it and it was with mixed emotions that I slept in periods on the sofa from 07.00 to 12.00 because I both wanted to not sleep and to sleep, so this is how it became, and I had these dreams/visions:

  • I am in Estonia, and on the line between good and less good weather. It is 25 degrees Celcius where I am even though it should only be 17 degrees, and it is colder down south where they have beaches almost free of charge. I am going to Finland hereafter. I see three professional female models wearing and advertising for fur-coats, with one of them being Pernille Rosendahl in disguise, and they should be looking very well, but do not in my eyes.
    • I am not suffering as much as I really should because of the help given to me from God. Pernille was in disguise trying to hide because you don’t like to be revealed also reading me, Pernille.
  • I have great difficulties passing a Yoga test even though I know that I can. I see myself parking outside a GIANT palace. A manager is sceptical giving me a job because I have not showed the same great performance since I gave him a presentation, where you were not tired as he says – even though I was – and I had to use all of my persuasion telling him that he knows that I have the potential for the job and the only right thing is to give it to me. 
    • It is difficult for me to continue my “job” playing the game because I have gone down somewhat in performance.

Transferring world no. 3 and 4 from this world and building my new castle from out of nothing

I was told that I was allowed to sleep a little because I had said that I would, which gave my spiritual friends time to prepare, and I was told that this made us loose up for darkness of Sanna. And this is really what I was shown when exercising, i.e. that I will be able to go all the way home but with a reduced tempo.

I was told that I was appointed as my new self already before the summer – the 4th June – and that is because we had found the recipe already here, but it would require that you would not “lose it” and that is especially not to give him to my “old nightmare”.

Was she not about to fall off the bridge (?), no because when she was, we just lifted her up again, and yes the hand of God you know.

I was told that dark UFO’s – dominated by man – were “tough customers”, and I would only save everything it I came through this because there was too much darkness at the time in June.

And since we have collected enough strength also to go through this at the end (where God as the Source helps me out), “isn’t this just what we are saying”.

Otherwise it would have been “tju-bang” (i.e. slap-bang) of the world, which is both explosions of darkness and a hash pipe symbolising the worst darkness.

So what is left is really only equalization of energy.

So now there is only apple trees in a plantation as long as the eye can see, and yes beyond that point too as I hear and see a man saying with every tree of the plantation being a New World.

We like to receive what you give from now and the next 3 weeks, which will determine how much pomp and circumstance we can open our New World with.

You have already been given a gift from all of us here (spiritually), but not there (physically), so you are with us now Stig, and that is not boring. We have the most wonderful small hotel-apartment in Italy, and are just waiting for you.

For days I have been shown how a GIANT pole of cement or something like that being pulled out of my mouth, which is the layers of life being removed from this world and onto the next three.

I was shown a wider and wider staircase being created inside of the giant castle leading up to the 1st floor, and this is created out of nothing, and the castle is my train, which is what we are expanding with more people arriving. And God is really nothing, and we are only becoming big via creation like this, which is also what creates planets, and had I accepted my “old nightmare”, it would have started removing all of this because this would be creation with turned around sign.

For days I have often been told that the apple did not fall far away from the trunk. God has almost not moved the family tree to get everything with us, and yes you brought us home next to the family tree of all.

I was told that I went out over the abyss of the world to save the entrance to the next worlds, and there are no spiritual voices here so we had to invent a new system to bring this and also to get you up again.

I was shown the book of life/creation, and how darkness wanted me to turn this around and destroy one page after the other, which is irreplaceable, and yes I am SICK about hearing about darkness.

After a late lunch I was still broken down – the last days of work have taken out much of me – and I decided to take a long bath, and around 16.00 I was told that we are now close to terminations and that is because I did nothing, and the remaining of darkness, which we did not take on us, kept coming in, and it meant that I received a pretty strong pressure wanting my accept to destroy, and it kept on coming in, and I kept on refusing it.

So there is nothing more at all when this weekend is over (?), and yes when we have moved all darkness as new life to the other three worlds, what will we do then (?), and yes Stig, a new surprise is the only and right answer.

Do we have more of that watch strap (?), no he took it with him.

At dinner I used my “new”, used microwave oven to heat some food up, but this was not the only thing it did, it also made “thunder and lighting” inside of it making me nervous, and I saw this as a sign of difficulties because of darkness.

I tested the “new”, used computer from Bettina and I was told that it should have been used as a symbol of our New World, but it is first now that I have had time and energy – and priorities – to look at it, and I discovered that there are errors of its Microsoft Windows XP operative system, which makes it impossible to create a LAN-connection to the Internet, and all USB-plugs did not work meaning that this computer is out of reach from the world around it (!), and this is what I have to open to “get in”, and this is the game at least, and yes to get into the Source, and no, I did not have a Windows CD to recreate what has been destroyed and John told me that he has removed a virus from it previously, which may be what destroyed some of it, and this will have to be a symbol also about what we are going through these days with darkness inside of the Centre of God, and what I will not be able to save myself, will be recreated by God. And of course I REMOVED the virus-software from the computer the same way as I have not had a virus-software on my other computers since 2009, and I cannot remember for how long before that too, and instead it was God protecting me and my computers and that is as long as I was strong enough to keep darkness out as part of the mind-game you know.

I was shown a man of darkness with great concentration screwing the last screw tight – as only a simple minded man of darkness can do it with a funny look on is face – and I was told that John is the key to transfer the data from my old computer to the new, and yes with no USD-plugs working and also not the Internet on the new computer, it is difficult to transfer the data, but he offered me the other day to come with a special tool he has and yes transferring the data directly from my old hard-disk to the new, but wait, it also uses a USB-plug (!), and yes the only way forward is to recreate windows on the new computer, and as a further remark, the new computer has a hard-disk of only 40 GB, where my old has 160 GB, which surprised me, so it will only be temporary and yes until I will get a new or a new hard-disk because there is nothing wrong with the computer itself.

I was shown a BIG VETERAN CAR entering me, and I understood that this was world no. 4 on its way in.

I was shown my old friend Lars G. and told what if we needed him to get in here and that it is impossible to do without him (I did NOT contact Lars in 2010 when contacting old friends, and yes because he would go so much against me and my scripts and stories on him, that he would NOT have given up as everyone else, but used the law to bring me and the world down!), and I was told that we expanded my mother, i.e. the world, to get around him and to open him from behind, so this is what we do.

During most of my life I have been “too lazy” to brush my teeth in the evening, but always done it in the mornings, and yes “everything” of the Source was hidden inside my teeth, and do you believe this act has helped saving or destroying my teeth, and yes the last because of the harmful fluoride added to toothpaste.

I was told that the last world no. 4 is the one closest to your mother, and I received the biggest sexual torments/attack of all and also darkness simply overtaking me and making me negative and that is at least extremely close to doing it, so I had to go under it and decide actively that this is NOT how I want to be, and I was asked if I was to see my own birth again, and not particularly but please feel free to do what you want.

My mother’s sister, whom she has not had contact with most of her life, whom we saw once approx. 6-8 years ago, where my mother decided that she did not want to see her again because of all of her problems and odd behaviour, which also had affected her son and daughter whom we also saw (but my mother decided to see her new found brother, which she still does), and yes the sister later died, and I was told that it was directly because of my mother’s decision, and this late sister came to me a couple of days ago, and again this evening, and she said that it was her running this battle and not to kill me but to help me home, and I heard “what am I saying here, and yes it is really him that I face, him the light one, and not the lady in black”.

The now late Gospel and Jazz singer Etta Cameron, who lived in and was a BIG name in Denmark, came to me and said that it is because of me that you are going to Tivoli (to watch the Crazy Christmas Cabaret), and that is right because we spoke to our mother a few years ago to watch a Christmas Concert with Etta instead, which she was so famous for, but then she died in 2010 and yes because of us (!), so we never came around to this, but here she is singing a very symbolic song to me, and you may agree with me that Etta was truly a GREAT singer, as you can also hear here from her last album, which I like VERY much. And the spirit of my mother told me that her Tivoli-stocks are now rising again, and when they very at its low point, it was a symbol of my mother being extremely close to dying, and yes as she and John did not know about.

I was shown and felt how there was a fight between good and evil of my left eye trying to turn it around, and I was told that it was the spirit of my mother fighting against the other three “invisible” lives, who won every time and that is until now.

I was shown a dark cave and told that you will not get in there because of the impure videos, which you may not watch, but are linked to at YouTube’s right column, and this is the entrance to the fourth world and it is inside of here that the connection to the Source is.

And it is inside of here that my three not living worlds make white horses into the opposite, which the spirit of my mother does not know as I was told because she believes that she is connected directly to the Source. And it is inside of here that Darth Vader now will be transformed to a roller coaster, and I was told that he is also INCREDIBLE hungry for sex because of darkness, and this is what I am given as torments today.

I was told that it is inside here that we are laying arms above the marzipan ring cake standing on a red dinner table.

I was told by what appeared to be the voice of God that I am you too, so I don’t care, and that is about the Son becoming “everything”, and I could only understand this as darkness distorting the voice of God. Later I was told that it is both father and son being together inside of here, and yes how could it be different, because we did a new creation together in 2011.

I was shown a Coca Cola bottle going down into a hole, which is about darkness of man being sent to the Source, and I was shown as a result the most spectacular, cooled down and large Coca Cola bottle coming up, and this is God returning what man giving, and a LOT of darkness, which is also what created sexual torments of the world, and I was told that this is not something we are proud of.

It is from within here that we have taken you to us, and this is the smallest place in the world because it is “nothing”, which just “is” and from where everything comes.

During the evening I received doubts if this is now the third or fourth world we are transferring life to and creating because no. 4 should first be in two days from now, shouldn’t it (?), and I was given the feeling that what I am receiving now of darkness is so bad that I will not be able to sleep, but no, I need sleep, so this is what I asked for.

I was told that we – of the Source – were afraid to be thrown out together with water being thrown out from a pot as I see a black lady in an African rural village do, and I was told that this is Elijah’s family and yes who lost faith in me, Elijah (?) because you “could not” understand and “could not” communicate to let your family keep the faith (?), and I was told that it was incredible to go up against Elijah and to survive.

I was told that the dinner table from before is the aeroplane itself with a springboard on the outermost of the wing outside the window, and this board is what we would use if I had “lost it”.

I was shown machine guns shooting on a warship, and how this ship was turning around against me to shoot me, and this was the evil world wanting to bring me down, but the ship and the world was held back as a result of the mind game, where I did not give in to darkness.

God said that it was with mixed emotions that I have given life to all life of the world knowing that it was going under, and I was shown sandwich bread in MANY layers with chocolate and sausage made of rolled meat, which was God looking out on life of bread including selfishness of chocolate and fat as part of life being terminated life.

And I was told that darkness tried to steal my heart, which they could not, because I have nothing when I am nothing.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Klaus from the meditation group decided to react to my posting of the official world reading me in secrecy by telling me to “keep your focus on love, Stig” (!), and yes this is what this IGNORANT mad said (!), so instead of focusing on the subject objectively, he “lost it” because of my very direct tone, which he thought was negative, but no, it is NOT, and Klaus is one of those people who apparently does not get it because of the obstruction of his own mind, “I am almost crying” are the words I received because of Klaus’ WRONG reactions, and yes “Stig is hostile and negative, and certainly not about love”, and yes according to Klaus not reading and understanding me and the reason why I have to SHOUT to make people listen. And again, how happy or sad to you think that NEGATIVE and misunderstood comments like this makes me (?), and potentially it takes out all motivation to keep on working and yes this is how darkness works disguised as light, and apart from Jette, who was kind to like all my postings part of this, no one else liked or commented my posts, and yes quite amazing that NO ONE “could”, right?

FB 011212 Klaus

  • David is completely broke not having received any money from me yet, and how do you think it is my rich friends to start a month being completely broke (?), and yes you would NEVER hope to get in such a miserable situation, would you (?), and yes it would make you scream in despair and cry for reaction of the world here and now (?), wouldn’t it (?), but ohh, I forgot, you are not in such a situation and then it is of course very nice to be able to continue buying in special stores as Lisbeth wrote the other day on Facebook, and yes she could never dream about buying at the (cheap) supermarkets, and yes, amazing that the world “could not” do what is right to do to lift up all people of the world.

FB 011212 David


2nd December: Taking control over energy of darkness and creating plenty of life of good quality

Dreaming of taking control over energy of darkness and creating plenty of life of good quality

I went to bed at 23.50 and slept until 09.50 with these dreams.

  • I am about to take over the control of cash reports, which have been invented by the brothers Price (famous for their cook programs on TV). I am working in Espergærde, and a female model student is working in Hornbæk, who does not know yet that she will not do this work.
    • Is cash still meaning “energy” (?), and if it does, this is about me taking control over it, and let us expand the meaning of it with the brother Price of their food symbolising life, so cash, is energy, which is life, but life is without energy, but thought create energy of our New World, and yes it will not be boring reading this from our New World seeing how I try to understand. Or else I am just taking control over energy of darkness and creating life with this too.
  • A man in Sweden has bought an old and worn out lorry and filled it up with money, and he and a convoy of other lorries have driven from Sweden into Denmark smuggling this money, and I did not catch the first lorries entering, but I discover the second team, which leads me to team no. 1 too. I see how a farm has been overtaken by darkness, which wants to spread it dark music as surround sound all over the farm, and it is about to do a demonstration of this to people on the farm, and I feel that I have to stop this. Later I am cleaning up the farm and move all of its paper and tools, and I bring the most because the lazy lorry drivers don’t bother.
    • Sweden is still the land of joy and happiness, i.e. light of the world, and it is from here that darkness is still trying to escape me, and still trying to bring energy with you (?), but this is what I am stopping.
    • I received the song “the runaway” by SAGA, and told that “now I’m running alone”, and the lyrics are as example about “Someone’s trying to take it all, Burn the house”

  • Something about naming a project and difficult to guess names of famous people. A toilet being polished, a colleague in love. The school returning to the airport, I am smoking even though it is forbidden, and my school friends are newspapers.
    • I could not read my notes and almost not remember the dream, which always annoy me much because I want to get it right, but the school returning to the airport has to be life returning to God, and I am still dark even though I should be clean.
    • I received the song “take it or leave it” – from the amazing Images at twilight album – and the lyrics “You’re going to have to read between the lines”, which is really what you have to in relation to my scripts.
  • I have started working at a call centre in Copenhagen four evenings per week selling newspapers after my ordinary job. I don’t feel much like doing this work too, but I need the money, and I work too slowly the first night thinking that I have to pull myself together so I will increase the sale of five subscriptions to more than 10, which I remember I did at my best days as young. I remember that I had this call centres as a client working for me to sell insurance, and it is both big and professional, and they believe that I am a public inspector. Anders Fogh Rasmussen also works there, and something about flowers and a table. Preben Elkjær is putting in thin air at the back tires of bicycles, which should be very good, and I see that he and the old team are playing in Kolding.
    • Selling newspapers is the same as terminating life, so this is what we are doing temporarily to cover what I cannot save as my old self, and Preben Elkjær is bringing me darkness – don’t you like being mentioned in my scripts (?) – which it has to be because it my last two bicycles – not mountain bike – were both broken because of a destroyed back tire.
  • I am going home from the call centre and cannot afford a bus ticket, and instead I am flying in a chair made of cast iron to Amagerbrogade, where I have moved to, and on my way I see amazing food stores with food I have never seen before. I enter a pizzeria producing a kind of pizzas I have never seen before, there are many people and while waiting on the order, I am taking on a bus ride, which makes me lose orientation. I return to the pizzeria, and there is a crowd of people almost making me give up to receive my food, but I am taken around these people to sit in the restaurant, and later I see that SAGA is playing its Copenhagen concert here, but something about spectators in the stage as I remember it and Michael Sadler falling into water. Afterwards I cannot find home, but my family comes, and John drives a totally new road home as I have never seen before, and I offer coffee, which my sister does not have time for. I live at a boarding house and notice that the toilet is of very fine quality.
    • The chair is my new self no. something as I understand it, and the food is plenty of new life of good quality and it is all new, so this is new life of our New World’s 2-4, and this is what SAGA is also helping me to set up via the sufferings Michael as example goes through because of me, and maybe it is not nice knowing that the Son of God has you as one of his most beloved bands, and you will become famous to the entire world (?), and my family are also helping me to get all the way home.
  • I remember a short dream of telling Niels – the eldest son of Ole, my mother’s late ex-man – that I am sad that Thomas, his younger brother, decided to leave me on Facebook.

God as the original is replacing parts of our world, which has broken

This morning I switched on my old computer, and listened to more SAGA, and while at bath, I was surprised that it stopped playing, and afterwards I saw that the computer was now completely dead, and nothing happened when I switched it on, and I thought that this was also a symbol showing that this is how far I could go as my old self.

I was told that it was via the pole in my mouth that we transferred life, and this had so much darkness that I could not handle alone.

I was told about new German music of the 1970’s of Kraftwerk, Neu etc. being the “original” music inspiring a whole new wave/movement of music from Britain a few years after, and I was told that it is now the original parts of God, which we bring forward to replace what was destroyed, and I was thinking of getting a Windows CD, which I don’t have myself, and John did also not, and yes to recreate Windows of the computer Bettina gave me, and I thought that Niklas will be the one helping me with this as another part of me, which is not broken down, and I wrote to Niklas asking if he can help me, and we will see what he will answer.

I was told that Stephan, the teacher from Centre of Wisdom and Compassion, which I visited in 2010, is lifted up and now awaits me patiently.

My spiritual friend placed a piece of furniture to the right of me stopping work and saying “do we bother anymore” (?), and yes because you will NOT write the script of today and the rest of yesterday on your new computer as long as it is closed to the world around it – which is what we mean by the apple falling close to the trunk – but you will do it tomorrow, and yes we know, but I decided to go to the library today to write the summary to my book of November – which I had saved on my USB disk – and to upload and publish this too, which I had done by 14.00, and hereafter I went to the swimming hall again to exercise, which I did on the left cross trainer and yes I received a stitch after 15 minutes which I very often receive no matter how well trained I am, and after 30 minutes, which was TOUGH to do without giving up, I had burned of 524 calories, which I was happy with, and I was told that we are bringing the collapsed remaining Old World home (see the short stories about “collapse”), which I saw as a membrane lying at my feet, and this means that I will NOT spit this out, which would only make it return to nothing of God.

I was told that the street of Istedgade in Copenhagen, where my mother’s mother lived until her death in 1975, which became the red light area of Copenhagen, has only become nicer over the years with nice apartments, stores and café’s and that is because darkness has been absorbed simply because we are living.

I was shown a dome right ahead of me, and I instantly knew that this was from the Marble Church of Copenhagen, where I often in 2005, I believe, went inside to meditate (it was located a few minutes from my old employer Fair Insurance), and I also instantly knew that this was the dome I was shown the 12th April 2004 when I received my first revelation seeing the light with God’s eyes shining through the opening of this dome, and I was told that you kept this as a sacred placed (because of my previous meditations there) as the last place I could run to, which is where I am now, otherwise you would have spit me out – in the game that is – and lost the connection to the Source.

After the exercise, I was happy to see a UFO in daylight (!), which is the first time this has happened to me, as far as I remember, and when I looked up, I was almost sure that it was a UFO because it was NOT an aeroplane flying very high, but a much smaller object looking like a plane flying in an altitude below the clouds of maybe only a few hundred metres and without making a sound, and when I had spotted it, it also gave me a VERY strong light blink, and several small and I was told “we are wildly enthusiastic”, and a couple of minutes later it came back, and yes I knew that it was a UFO but people seeing it without really looking would take it for an aeroplane.

I was told that my inner self, the resurrected soul of Jesus, has been the voice leader of people receiving spiritual communication, and not that few know about the sexual torments given to me, but still this has not come out, and many have received dreams of Jesus and rapes, which they thought as nightmares, which really was connected with my sufferings.

On my way home, darkness sung to me ”let me go, let me go”, and I was told ”I will miss you”, and apparently this is how darkness reacts when I don’t work – which I have really not tried because I have continued working all of the time – but when I returned home, this voice soon stopped, because I had thought that just maybe the power plug to my old computer had loosened as the reason why it was “dead” this morning, and when I checked, this was the same as the Shu-bi-dua feeling “oh yes …”, which meant that I could do my work today instead of relaxing this afternoon and evening and go to the library to work tomorrow, and yes this is about accepting change once again, and to work instead of relaxing, and it did not take long before darkness said well, we are not going into the meat pot are we (?), and yes you are, there is NO way out for you.

This evening while still working, I was told that staying awake this night is also part of the game, and yes this time I almost feel sure that I will be allowed to get a nap tomorrow morning, so this is what I will do.

Today I again had the feeling of being VERY disappointed here at the 2nd December still NOT receiving direct support and encouragements by family/friends etc. – except from Jette and sometimes LTO – and from the world community, and yes we speak shortly before the opening of our New World, and I am still considered and/or treated as a leprous, and do you think that this is the behaviour I “deserve” from you (?), and yes this goes to you too, Elijah. And no, Preben never returned with a positive answer from Kim to go Christmas bowling, which is the first time of many over the years (except from 2010 and 2011 where it was not even on the agenda), and we know, no sound at all from Kim, and I was given a sign today about his wife Pernille being “afraid” of me, and yes HOW DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOURSELF, Kim & Pernille (?), and yes “very skilled” you are, and good judgments of people too (?), and yes this is what they believe they are, and so much that they think they are much better than other people, and yes both more intelligent and better judges of people, but no, you were NOT, you were simply too lazy and better-knowing like everyone else, and yes towards me, how could you????

The spirit of my father told me that you cannot guess what I have made also here, and yes a little bomb, and now this is gone too and yes because of the work you decided to do today after all.

I received some pain, however not much, to my left foot.

I was told that Paris and London too are proud of being called my home, and this is what the Big Apple of New York is also about and I was told that this is how all big cities of the world is in my mind.

I was shown and felt the last motorcycle of darkness now driving into and inside of me.

Even though I was not that tired today, I was still very tired on my inside and I had to cross many pain barriers not to give up in order to publish this script at 22.30 this evening.

Right after publishing the script, I was told that we don’t have a drawing pin now, this is how it feels when you publish your work.

Google Earth pictures show darkness vanishing into nothing and the light of God now unfolding – “Yes, we could” 🙂

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show a family being illuminated from the inside, the last “Hindenburg” darkness vanishing into nothing, very big heads made by many small,  God in the middle, “If only I could I’d make this a better place” – “Yes, I can” is now “Yes, we could”, “very special” and pure light of God is being opened for everyone to see, and I would only receive the key of everything of God if I made the world understand about creation.

FB 021212 Jette 0

FB 021212 Jette 2

FB 021212 Jette 3

FB 021212 Jette 4

FB 021212 Jette 5

FB 021212 Jette 6

FB 021212 Jette 8

FB 021212 Jette 7

FB 021212 Jette 7b

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • This tunnel in Japan COLLAPSED killing several people, and I understood that this is the sign of the remaining parts of the Old World collapsing under the burden of darkness coming to me – I was told that having Klaus against me means incredible much as example of all people being against me with or without knowing it – and this also happened because of my need to sleep etc., and this made me think that it had to be God making all four worlds get in place before the inside of this would collapse.

Politiken 021212 Japan

  • There is something about my ”voice” today, and Helena had lost her saying that she will need it again tomorrow, and had she had her voice, she would have made bootiecalls, and yes more casual sex, and this is what I am fighting, i.e. the worst sexual torments, these days, and here Helena shows it again as the symbol of it.

FB 021212 Helena



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    use the head – vote with the heart 🙂 ❤

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