December 6, 2012: If it was not for God, the world would now receive a “Bloody Mary” when darkness of God is breaking off


Summary of the script today

5th December: If it was not for God, the world would now receive a “Bloody Mary” when darkness of God is breaking off

  • We turned around the Source with success based upon all of my work so far.
  • Dreaming of the WORST evilness (temporarily) terminating life when removing the anchor of it, “getting down” because of “wrong love”, it was my “purity”, which separated Karen and I, darkness still wants to get “miles away” from me, this work is about bringing the last life inside darkness with us without breaking, the Kind wants to report a loss, which I will NOT accept, darkness of Jim Kerr (Simple Minds) is also making this work difficult, My mother is bringing me much darkness because my new cycle from Preben has not yet arrived, I receive much LOVE because I continue working, and the fight between light and darkness continues at the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • If it was not for God, the world would now receive a “bloody nose” – a “Bloody Mary” – when darkness of God is breaking off making it believe that the entire Universe would not survive, and there would be fighting between believers and non-believers in me.
  • We received far too much life of darkness from the abyss at the same time, which made it impossible for me to absorb straight away, which led to “temporary terminations”, which I will now recreate as my “old self”, which is still the game we are playing until the 21st December, and yes with reality being that God has already taken care of it.
  • Google Earth pictures of yesterday include Buddha, dark heads turning light, pilgrims headed for Bethlehem, and Helsingør as the new Bethlehem (and Jerusalem). New Google Earth pictures of today show the terminator in action with machine guns (!) – but it is only a game!.
  • Short stories of Fanny seeing that I am “lonely” and supports me, life is about creating joy, Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta brought me happiness when singing “I’m coming home”, “Doomsday hysteria” is now gripping the world – have you heard the like of this before (???), the fall of one minister and appointment of another symbolise STRONG darkness coming at me, darkness also brought Messi temporarily out of the game, the Vatican Church again show itself as COWARDS, and a notorious member of Hells Angels broke out and changed to the other side.

6th December: I saved my own son and heir from the abyss, but in the beginning you will have to settle with me

  • Lady Diana told me that she would like to come back, which she will with the opening of our New World together with the whole line-up of favourite artists such as Michael Jackson, Elvis and Mozart to name a few.
  • God has a metre, which will show the world under just how much strain I was during my journey. I am recreating life, which was temporarily terminated.
  • I am saving my own son (!) from the abyss and bringing him to the castle of our New World. If I had died during my journey, he would be my heir, but now you will have to settle with me in the beginning.
  • Dreaming of the dictator Marianne Jelved and Jeff Lynne visiting me and trying to hide from me, and later of God finally returning to man and collecting all children in my arms.
  • Karen has been running away from me in her chase on men being impatient with and not caring about me, but I am now forcing back her attention to me via my email to her, which is making her think and cry because “can it really be that the man I love, I treated as dirt”, and this is what opens up the worst darkness of all, which then again opens up my father, remove the pain of my mother and darkness of my sister.
  • Two of four worlds are now in place, Karen’s and mine, and the two other worlds (“kitchens”) of my mother and father would still like to be “spit out”, but I will not allow it to leave me.
  • Google Earth pictures show the worst darkness, which is terminated life being recreated.
  • Short stories of also waking up Pia and Peter, I am brought the STRONGEST darkness making it want to return to the ship yard, the Opera House of our New World has finished, I brought a link to my New World Order but was ignored by Mads and his network, is the director of the Commune thinking of removing my cash help (?), I was appalled by the Australia Prime Minister joking on the end of the world, and we have used a “giant heart” to bring the best life to everyone of our New World, and all remaining “bacon of life” is now returning home.


5th December: If it was not for God, the world would now receive a “Bloody Mary” when darkness of God is breaking off

Turning around the Source with success

The beginning of the Source today is really about event yesterday evening, which I decided not to write before today, so here we go.

Isn’t it funny that the script here also says “write to Karen and inform her – in good time – about the opening the 21st December”, and yes we know Stig, NOT tonight.

I had a new tired crisis fighting to stay awake, and when I was half asleep I felt how strongly darkness still is inside of me and how it still brings coughing, and yes nasty/destructive is the clear feeling of this, which I don’t feel the same way when awake and when sleeping.

I received quite a lot of stories, which I decided not to write down – it was light removing darkness of dinosaurs as example – and as mentioned I was encouraged to write to Karen to tell her about the 21st December, and yes “very important”, but no, I decided that I could not continue working, I was “more than destroyed”.

And this meant that I was told that “no more work, this is what we will enter with then” and it is with this and everything you have done until now that we will do the last turn around, which I understand is of the Source – which I thought that we had done, but according to this, this is what we do again – and it made me nervous because had I given enough to do this?

A few minutes later I was told that we can tell you with happiness that it became a clear success, and yes the sufferings of all were great enough to avoid hurting your mother even more, and yes Stig, you still receive attacks of “nothing” coming to you and you do believe that is “much” but you almost don’t feel it other than a quick “wind” of “nothing” blowing through my head.

And this is also because we don’t have nothing more to do evil with, which made me wonder because Jette’s pictures still show darkness, but then again, this is a game since 31st October – isn’t it? And I am still saying “you are welcome”, and yes even though there is no more darkness (?), and the easy answer is to say yes I am still suffering, and in this respect there is more darkness, and at least given to me as part of the game to show how much I could absorb of darkness as my old self.

I was told that we will do the rest with temporary terminations and I had received diarrhoea this evening as the symbol.

Dreaming of the WORST evilness (temporarily) terminating life when removing the anchor of it

I went to bed at around 23.00 and the first hours I was kept in a state between a little sleep and awake without being able to fall asleep, which was pure terror because of how exhausted I truly was, and here are the dreams, and yes if I can read them, and I slept until 11.00!!!

  • Evilness much worse than the film “The Silence of the Lambs”, and I watch killings from a video playing on the TV, and the owner of this darkness is even worse than the darkness, and I see my fingers being cut over, and I see my self as a child having a cork pulled out from my behind, which is “impossible” to do and I hear “ugh (!), this must have hurt”. 
    • This is about the worst darkness of all doing “temporary terminations” to bring in all life from the abyss, which I was told the other day was ¼ of everything. And I felt that the cork to my behind was VERY important, and here it can only mean to remove the “hash” anchor of darkness.
  • I am at a quiz together with beautiful ladies, but I reject them all, and Vivi from Fair Insurance (today Gjensidige) is guessing that Rikke H. has been together with Rikke H. or a man.
    • Something about Vivi and Rikke H. together ….
    • I received the lyrics “Getting up getting high getting down getting no no nowhere” from the song “Ain’t That Just the Way” by Barbi Benton, which is what these ladies may mean because of “wrong love”

  • I am together  with Karen and it is impossible to find the mood to make love to her. I have just watched David Bowie and there was nothing around him, only him in the picture, and because of this, it is much more difficult to absorb Karen’s darkness, which destroys my performance because I cannot forget about her past having had many men, and she says that she would like to try, but I cannot, and I feel a desire to “wake it in her”. I see people moving in some bars, and one is giving the advice to have a small metal thread around the bar, which Karen sees, which converts this to “Nordic Feather”, and my mother is concerned if Karen and I will make it work. 
    • This is about what separated Karen and I, which is that I was “too pure” in relation to her, and the “Nordic Feather” (a Danish company making duvets, which went bankrupt about 20 years ago) is about Karen, who will receive a new duvet when becoming her new self, which will make us match – and I also felt “feather” as a hen, which is about creation self.
  • I was following a sour Minister bicycling in Stockholm.
  • Half awake I was told that our culture since 1912 has made many driving wires fall down, and it was here 02.00 where I again could not sleep despite of being “destroyed”, and for the first time in years, these first hours of the night, I received what I had for so many years in the 1990’s and also into the new millennium, which was this LOUD heart beat, which I heard in my ears and felt all over my body, which made it impossible to sleep and yes when you were afraid of dying as I was, this was the maximum pain you can imagine, when I thousands of times experienced this where I as a reflex had to move my feet to distract from this and yes making it impossible to sleep I don’t know how many times, where I had to stand up as I was also almost doing here, but eventually I fell asleep again, and I was told that this was maximum pressure put on me, and it also included heartburn.
  • I received the song “On the air” by SAGA – a TRUE favourite – and the lyrics “Communicate, extrapolate, Just sign up, if you dare, Accommodate, just don’t be late, We’re living on the air” or “I wanna be miles and miles away” as a choice, and the last is what darkness still wants.

  • I was shown a small aeroplane from World War I moving down a skids and I was told that this is about getting this down without breaking when it rather wants to be “miles away”, and yes it is better to “come back” with me (and Depeche Mode :-).

  • I felt a king arriving and I felt that my feeling of being “enthusiastic” was wrong because this is not how this king was feeling, and he wanted to report about a loss, which made me instantly say “no, I will accept NO loss”, and then it is back to get everything with us – and this can only be about terminations, and yes I have TRUST that this is about “temporary terminations”, because every little thing is to be saved, and yes because I say so!
  • I have helped young people at school to start writing lyrics for a new song. I see Jim Kerr with his young son, who wants his father to write the lyrics to his song, but Jim cannot find any words other than the most “simple”. I have received help with much money. I am a member of Simple Minds, and the children and teenagers at school love Jim even though they believe he is VERY old, and they want me to wear sun glasses as “old Jim”. It helps much on the song writing when I in the band take the initiative to write down our competences in detail. 
    • Some days ago I wrote the comment below to one of Jim’s post’s at Simple Minds’ official Facebook site, and I like MUCH that it is Jim self writing frequent Facebook updates and at the moment from their tour in Australia, and I wonder if this was enough to make you understand who I am, which is why Jim is coming to me in this dream, and is his lack of words the same as saying that he is “speechless” (?), and at least the sun glasses show MUCH darkness of this man too and I was here told “this is also why the foal is difficult to tame” (the present darkness coming to me), and yes one of the top appreciated musicians on my list, and yes I do believe I have brought most of the songs I love by Simple Minds, but let us here take “love song”, which is about their ORIGINAL music, which is really how I like it VERY much J. And yes when I listen to this music, there is NOTHING better than this. NB: I thought it was “strange” that they played their old songs at this tour, but this was maybe the idea, and yes to play from your first five albums (?), and yes WHAT DO I KNOW???
    • I was told “wanna be miles away”, so this is what Jim & Co. is also “helping” darkness to wanna be.

FB 2411 051212 Jim KFB 2411 051212 Jim K 2

  • Finally, my new bicycle has arrived, but instead of the “rainbow-colour” I had ordered, it comes as red to Helsingør. I drive for a tour with my old friend, Lars G., on the beach road north of town, and we enter the back yard of where my mother and John live, and I tell Lars to be quiet because everything can be heard here, and I am thinking of driving the cycle beneath two walls with one tire touching each wall, but the songs we listen to don’t have the exact right length to make this possible.
    • “Red” is about sufferings because of darkness, and this is what my mother brings me because the bicycle we ordered with Preben is late, and my new bicycle is about my new self and here trying to connect to my mother and this world, but still it is difficult doing.
  • Something about having espresso coffee at work, and the landlord is there and I attend in a sexual activity with a lady inside the kitchen cabinet. 
    • This should be about warm feelings, but also darkness coming to me from my landlord here, and this might be about Else, who still “cannot get me out of her head”?
  • Karen and I are stressed in order to make our relation work, and my sister wants be to be together with someone else, which I refuse.
  • I woke up seeing light diodes on a computer saying “love”, which is about the impact of my continuous work at my computer.
  • I am at a pub in Germany where Duisburg is playing against a lower ranked team, and something about a dog biting and jumping between two Germans, which my mother loves. Also something about my mother and a song by GENESIS playing. 
    • The continuous match between light and darkness here in Germany, which is at the Kingdom of Heaven. I was given the song “teenage rampage” by the Sweet, which is also here about sexual torments brought by darkness, and besides from this, I simply LOVED the sound of the Sweet in the 1970’s, there was nothing like it.

  • Finally, I woke up at 11.00 (!) – I was truly tired as I told you – with the song “Sloop John B” by Beach Boys and the lyrics “I wanna go home” and yes to the light of course, but first we have more to do, and let me here say that I can hear how amazing the music of Beach Boys is and understand why many rank it highly, but according to the feelings I have received, this music is only “good/nice” and not on top of my list, but I do like this one and many other of their songs too, and yes Brian Wilson was a genius too as I am told here.

If it was not for God, the world would now receive a “Bloody Mary” when darkness of God is breaking off

I was told that you have no idea of just how much I have been buried.

“I am heartfelt welcome” was not to bear if I could not find you again but there you are, which is about life inside of darkness now seeing me again when I had woken up.

Half spoken with a low voice difficult to hear and half felt, I was “told” that you thought that no more life of darkness would come to you, but here we are.

I felt my sister and “Stig is not sick”, and I was shown a plug being inserted into a socket with the feeling of red around it meaning that it is still from darkness that we are plugging in everything of our New World.

Well, there is no bloody nose on the way to you, I have taken care of it, otherwise you, your mother and the entire Universe would not survive, or this is at least how it would have felt, and yes if you had to go through what you will now not go through, with kind regards, from your father, and yes this is how the words came to me, and still adopted to fit my English skills, funny right (?), and that is compared to how you thought I would come?

You don’t know what you have done (?), yes you have created a road also here and yes for us to continue the game the last 2+ weeks.

I was told that you may look at UFO-books all day long if you like and it came together with the feeling that people of other civilizations love to look in ours.

I am only here – as I am told from right – because you have decided not to be lazy (and stop working), and because the illusion of your mother in relation to you continue to work.

So we don’t become a “brown “flurry” soup” of “nothing” before we will become everything, which is what this is about, and yes my nightmare scenario showed to me many times and that is if I lost it, which would make everything “fall apart” because there would be no anchor of me holding everything together.

I was told that John has received spiritual voices in order for us to do the 360 degree tour – and I was shown myself walking all the way 360 degrees around the yard of the Carmelite Monastery of Saint Mary in Helsingør.

It is hard doing this game as my spiritual friends said, and yes you have to imagine that I am pushed to my ultimate limit every day, where I am almost losing it.

I was told about my sister’s feelings (“call” almost, but no, that is only for Simple Minds, so then again, you know …) and how is it to see Stig’s Facebook updates and realize your defeat (?), and yes you decide that you refuse to believe in it, which is also how we continue the game.

I felt much darkness/threats and heard the voice “so we cannot sleep with you” – and yes it is good enough, it is him the One we cannot defeat.

I received one of those HIGH cracking noises from my kitchen by God and was told that we can almost not hear a pin falling.

I first published my new script of yesterday to Facebook and LinkedIn after lunch today, and I received a much lighter feeling because of this, and yes because of the reactions of people noticing this.

I felt my mother’s mother and was told that it is also because I cannot create ICE CRYSTALS anymore that the world is released from the brown soup you know.

This also means that there will be no trouble in the world about me – of people believing/not believing in me, which would become violent to say the least.

I was told that it all comes down to the fact that I have NOT accepted my “old nightmare” to go through, which this “brown soup” also would require, and I wonder if this would be allowed to happen as part of the game if I should decide to “lose it” by now – or stop working – and we know, no you don’t believe it would, this would end the game, because we are already home and cannot truly harm you and the world.

I was told that the (negative) feeling of the Commune – the director – in relation to me is “we cannot keep feeding him”.

I was shown and told that we can see “the rising” of the new sun above the ski hill we are still on, and yes Bruce the man is returning to Denmark next spring to play a new concert, so we will now be waiting on a sunny day to come, Bruce.

I received a new LOUD cracking sound at my kitchen, and it is from God and the feeling given to me directly is still that it is cracking to open God of light inside of it, and this feeling came not long after I had left my message in the “guest book” of Vicky Anderson at her “The Awakening” website – I was told that Vicky had now seen my message herewith connecting us – which also speech about the opening of our New World the 21st December, which I also decided to post on my Facebook timeline as you can see below.

Message to Vicky 051212FB 051212 Stig

I wrote the first chapter on Jette’s Google Earth pictures below, and at 14.30, my mother picked me up as agreed because she had suggested that I used the last few hundred DKK of her and John’s gift of 5,000 DKK to buy some proper winter boots, so this is what we did, and for once, my mother drove the short way to town, and into the parking house of Helsingør City Shopping Centre, and this was enough to stress her, and yes also a few times for her “feared temper” to “shine” through – yes because we have difficulties finding more darkness to keep this game going as I am told and also shown here with cycle tubes etc. being thrown up from the remaining part of this – and we know it takes absolutely nothing to make my mother “lose it” and when she did because of some traffic banality, I felt darkness of my old friend Lotus coming through much, and less of Renée, which was to say that because of their SILENCE about me, they are bringing darkness to my mother, which is brought from her to me, and yes because my mother is this world, and I am above this world really.

We went to the Deichmann shoe shore in the City Centre, and I was surprised to see that they had MANY different boots, which I would have liked to buy – normally I have difficulties finding shoes that I like – but here it was “piece of cake” really, and before I knew of it, we had bought a couple and yes to equip me with everything of our New World as this symbolises, and yes they looked like more than 1,000 DKK but was only 300 DKK, and I asked the assistant how this was possible, and yes “a big chain” was her reply, and we know a GERMAN chain it was, and you know that this is what the Kingdom of God is about.

My mother asked me if I have heard from Preben (!), and no, I have not – so darkness/sufferings you know – and we also went to the Føtex Supermarked, and my mother bought me the original St. Clemens blue cheese from Bornholm, which was yet another symbol of the end coming nearer really, and yes the beginning as it really is and the difference between having a “dull and careless voice of darkness” speaking or to insist to get everything with you, and yes I was here given a bigger out of this world pain to my right ankle together with the words “do you believe me now” and no, this was NOT about the normal out of this world pain but about whether or not my mother believes in me.

My mother also decided to buy two “Berliner Pfann-kuchen” (a kind of donuts), and it made me smile because days ago I was told that there is a reason why I have always LOVED these donuts, and yes “Ich bin ein Berliner” you know, and here it was also a sign given to me to say that I am following the right road, and yes sometimes I received these small words, which I then meet in reality a few days later, and I had a few of these also the other day, which were “completely unlikely”, which made me smile much.

Afterwards I borrowed the car and went to the swimming hall and my mother had told me yesterday that she would like to come today, but this morning she decided that she did not want to go because she was going to the hair dresser first, and yes then she did not like to go to the swimming hall afterwards, which is really to say that “spirituality” is removing the sufferings of “terminated life” from us, because this is what it would symbolically mean if my mother as the world went together with me in the swimming hall, but now it was almost “this close”, and yes we are now going to save all of this terminated life too.

I exercised on the left cross trainer today, and burned off 520 calories, and the last 10 minutes were tough to go through and I was given examples of darkness that I went through here at the last part of the exercise symbolising the last part of my journey, and I was shown David – and yes you are not really sure about what will happen or not happen when CHRISTMAS truly will come this time (?) – and also Karen, the secret government of USA and God in that order and yes stronger and stronger darkness coming to me from these sources and at the end God as the Source helping me with everything, and I was also given the feeling of darkness still wanting me to spit it out, but it was not as strong today as before, and I was given the clear feeling of darkness of my mother making it very difficult for me to reach the last, upper room of the Pyramid.

Outside at 17.10 it was dark and there were HEAVY clouds hanging VERY low – only a few hundred metres above ground – and still I was shown a UFO underneath the clouds – incredible that no one apparently notices – and it was blinking to me with both red and white and saying “first red, and then only light”, and when I told it “come over to me” – if was a few hundred metres from me – it completely turned off its lights, and yes making me smile because how many have seen what they believe is a plane on the sky, which completely shuts off its lights and yes become invisible (?), and we know not easy for ordinary people to believe in my UFO-stories too (?), and yes I am only telling the truth, and the Danish armed forces, and the Swedish too, could have helped me by standing forward confirming my stories, but you “could not”, and why was that (?), and yes because you were CHICKENS all of you not having received approval of the highest (?), and yes from Helle Thorning Schmidt in Denmark as example, and why could you not, Helle (?), and we know …..!

I was shown a dark car parking and I was told that now we only have to adjust the entrance (to the Source) a little.

I returned the car to my mother and John, and I had sent John some pictures from the pictures of Helsingør Facebook group of Lappen where they live, and I know that he likes this, which he confirmed that he did and he also know the people living there and writing comments to these pictures, so I told him that he could enter Facebook if he really wants to and to speak to these people, and he laughed and said that he keeps forgetting his Facebook password – he did create a Facebook account on my sister’s recommendation as I am here told and yes in 2010 to follow my Facebook postings, which he in practise did not – and he also said that he will NOT communicate via Facebook, so there you have the main reason why he and my mother “cannot” understand me, and yes because they don’t receive the short headlines of my scripts, which is what is preparing people to believe in me.

I was first home at 17.50 where I continued writing the script of today after having written the first chapter on Jette’s Google Earth pictures previously in the day.

I was told that I am loved much by my family/friends etc. and they will see their misunderstandings including John who will understand his selfishness prioritizing himself instead of helping out poor people and that is as my LTO friends, and yes their misunderstandings still bringing me darkness.

I was encouraged to play that Belgian pop/jazz band you know and yes with the UNIQUE sound, and what was their name again (?), and yes after a search, there it was, and of course it was VAYA CON DIOS, which made me think of my work at DanskeBank-Pension from 1988-91 because this is the time I got to learn them, and yes I thought of my colleagues there and Charlotte as I do believe I spoke to about this amazing band, and yes I was asked “what does it mean” (?), and yes I don’t know so I had to look it up and yes there it was again “GO WITH GOD”, and this was really to say that my old colleagues apparently know about me by now. And we know ENJOY THIS HAPPY MUSIC :-).

When writing the script I continued receiving much heartburn, and here with the feeling of John, and yes “money matters 2 night”, John (?), when it should not.

I was told about bringing back all terminated life before we will start our New World the 21st December, and yes “if you please”, so this is what we will continue doing and that is because I will continue being stronger than darkness in the sense of continuing my work, which should really do it as I am told.

I was told that it was maybe not so difficult doing what we did (creating the New World), but the difficult part was not to fall down the holes on our way there, and this is about the BRIO labyrinth game, which Morten B. and I (on Karenvej 1976-78) where “masters” to avoid doing, and yes this is about Morten being my “silent friend” and believer too on Facebook.

I was told that we received far too much life of darkness at the same time, which made it impossible for me to absorb straight away, which led to “temporary terminations”, and this is what I will now recreate, and yes this is not different to what I would be able to do as my “old self”, which is still the game we are playing until the 21st December, where I should finish this, and yes with reality being that God has already taken care of it.

I was told with a serious voice that you don’t know how many times I have truly been afraid for your mother and John to “discover” who you are, and yes this would have destructed the world partly or fully if this came too soon, and yes Sanna was the guarantor for them not to believe in me, but difficult it is because I am quite trustworthy myself, you know. But my mother did not want to understand me, which was the most “convenient” of course for her.

I was asked if my father has also had thoughts about me as “the big voice leader” (?), and yes he has.

We could also have told you about “there are no phone numbers for you”, and the answer from life about to terminate “we don’t want to be in Snekkersten”, which is eternal darkness.

I heard a smaller cracking sound from my TV and was told sigh, no one is going to die you say, and now we just thought that we had cheated you, but no.

The police report is “we could not get a full break through because there is some mystical force keeping him up and that force is the same force, which gave birth to us”, yes I recognize it (I feel Mr. Smith from Matrix here) and this is the force, which will shine its light through us, and yes making everyone survive.

After continuing work non-stop all evening and night, the last work of “today” came in the middle of the night when I sent this email via Facebook, which I have had to split into two here because Facebook have been “crazy” removing half of the space of messages through a new design some weeks ago, which I am NOT crazy about, and yes this was my main message to Karen; i.e. to make her understand (again again) that I am NOT crazy, but her surroundings did not make it easy for her to understand me, because who can understand that Stig is THE ONE? Otherwise it was of course to let her understand that she will now December 21 be opened completely to light too, so maybe we will see each other during the Christmas days?

FB 061212 KarenFB 061212 Karen 2

And yes, Stig, I had NOT seen this coming, which is such a long script working until 04.25 to write everything and to continue working until I published it, and yes not difficult to do when I first got into the rhythm, which is really what is still the difficult part.

Google Earth shows Buddha, pilgrims headed for Bethlehem, and Helsingør as the new Bethlehem

I was TOO TIRED yesterday evening to comment Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group, which I first did today after lunch, and as you can see, they include Buddha, dark heads turning light, pilgrims headed for Bethlehem, and Helsingør as the new Bethlehem (and Jerusalem). 

FB 0412 051212 Jette 1FB 0412 051212 Jette 2

FB 0412 051212 Jette 3

FB 051212 Jette 4

New Google Earth pictures show the termination in action with machine guns – but it is only a game!

Here are a selection of a few of many pictures from Jette’s Facebook group, where she sees the terminator in action with machine guns and apparently it scared her so much that she decided not to comment the rest of the pictures, which I have therefore not commented, and yes I need Jette to write what she sees, so this is what I hope she will decide to do now hopefully understanding that what you see is only a game as I wrote as my comments, and when I first saw these postings of Jette, I was told that this is also about my decision that everything has to be perfect, and I heard a sound from the kitchen of God and was told that I am removing the chocolate paper of me, which is to remove the last layer of darkness around God. And I was given another sound and it really sounds as what I am told and here it was to be careful not bringing to many hurting when breaking off the ice of me.

FB 051212 ny Jette 1FB 051212 ny Jette 2FB 051212 ny Jette 2FB 051212 ny Jette 3

Later, Jette was kind to follow my encouragement to comment her pictures, so here is a greater selection of pictures.

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Fanny wrote me a Facebook email saying that what she reads from Jimmy and Selvet is “kindergarten” – the same word as I have used myself you know – and she is searching for information on the fifth dimension, and yes to me it is still about the fourth, I have NEVER been told about the fifth, only the fourth, so we will see what comes. And Fanny said that “I believe that you and I know something, but there has got to be more, you got to be really lonely, if you understand what I mean, I start understanding you more and more, but is this really what e have chosen?”, and yes it is, and I was actually glad to receive this support from Fanny because “lonely” is truly what it is, and I thanked her and said that she will soon receive all the knowledge not available now with the opening of our New World.

FB 041212 FannyFB 051212 Til Fanny

  • My old class friend Jais was toastmaster at a wedding and he organised the guests to sing this beautiful song from Les Miserables, which I love much as you know, and yes so far, the clip has received 300,000 views, which is NOTHING to what it will get, Jais 🙂 – and I told him that I liked his original idea, the INCREDIBLE beautiful song, great performance of all and above all, it brought JOY to the bride/groom and guests and me too by watching the clip, and this is really what life is about; to create joy ♥.

FB 051212 Jais

  • I saw this new song by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta (for the first time since Grease in 1978!!!), and now I better understand why I have received such a great desire to “like” Olivia Newton John on Facebook as I did today and yes “I’m coming home” is what the song and my journey is about, and I am told that this song came about because of my thoughts of John Travolta and Olivia together in Grease, and yes when you have WARM feelings of something, there is “more than a good chance” for this to happen in reality.

  • Isn’t it incredible that “Doomsday hysteria” is now gripping Russia (and the world) not knowing what is going to happen (?), and yes if only my family/friends etc. – and the official world – were able to read/listen, understand and communicate, all of the world would know, but instead it has been kept blindfolded and now fearing what there is no reason to fear.

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  • The present leader of the Danish Social Liberal Party, Marianna Jelved, announced that the previous leader, Marianne Jelved, is the new Cultural Minister after Uffe Elbæk, who could not take the pressure and had to resign as minister today, which paradoxically symbolise that I could not take the pressure of an incredible amount of darkness coming my way from the abyss, and who better to symbolise the “bag of darkness” than Marianne, who has been known for MANY years of her handbag, and yes this is what it is about, as I told Marianne below, and yes it was good that she Marianne did not become Tax Minister if you understand such a small one, because this would truly have made things go all wrong (I am here receiving “burning down the house” by TALKING HEADS, which is a group that Marianne is a “proud” member of), but now it is only a play for the gallery, and yes this is NOT as bad as it may sound or look like, because there is “a good solution” – as Helle Thorning Schmidt likes to say – on the way to everyone, and yes from the man upstairs, you know :-).

FB 051212 Marianne

  • And this brings sense to this article from “the short newspaper” from this morning, which said that “Uffe Elbæk’s course is towards the abyss”, so there you have it, and yes all life from the abyss, which was strong enough to break me down and at least so much that I could not absorb all darkness at once, but we will come after it with the vacuum cleaner and yes just like Ghost Busters really :-).

FB 051212 DKA

  • Messi was about to beat Gerd Müller’s legendary record as the player scoring the most goals during one calendar year symbolising my achievements, but instead of succeeding today, he was carried out in pain because of a strain, which of course is also to say that darkness is putting me back, but I do hope you will return before Christmas putting this record in the closet too :-).

EB 051212 Messi

  • Isn’t this an incredible story (?), and yes the Vatican “could not” acknowledge neither the apparitions of my mother in Medjugorje nor me, and yes if you where men of courage, you had done both, but instead again you show the world as the cowards you truly are.

FB 051212 Medjugorje

  • Brian Sandberg was a notorious member of the Hells Angels in Denmark for many years, and he has now done what is “completely impossible”, which is to leave Hells Angels and to become member of its rival Bandidos, which are two gangs, which have been fighting each other for years, and this is really to say that what I am truly doing these days is to liberate all life held by “Hells Angels” as part of the (now previous) abyss outside the world, and yes it takes a little time to absorb and convert all of this darkness to light, which is what I have decided to continue doing, and yes the washing machine has NOT been sent on retirement yet, and that is because I have not retired from working as my old self yet, and so it is.

BT 051212 Sandberg

6th December: I saved my own son and heir from the abyss, but in the beginning you will have to settle with me

I saved my own son and heir from the abyss, but in the beginning you will have to settle with me

I have been told about ”the end document” and my final exam for days, which is about when I will decide to stop working, but no, he has decided to continue working all the way until December 21, ”if he can”, and what is my answer and YES, I CAN – and did you get this too, Martin (?), and this is because I told him that he should have decided to subscribe to me if he would like to know what will happen, and also that “I can”, which is what he likes to hear from people, the same way as Obama, which really should be good enough also for him, and yes thinking of the New World we have created, which I told him via my Facebook message yesterday, but no, Martin may be “intelligent”, but there are no limits to how DEAF he is, so he said “And what is it that you (and apparently also Obama) can? I am only a little curious, and I have asked you a couple of times”, and yes, Martin “the wise guy” in two senses, and yes “too wise to discover the truth”, amazing right?

FB 0512 061212 Martin

I was told that God has a “metre” showing under how much strain I was during my entire journey, which people will see and yes also how I was doing today, and yes here at 03.40, I don’t feel so much down, but probably I am without knowing? Later I was told that this metre has also been part of the work of my inner self inside of darkness taking out resources itself, and if I want to destroy this (?) – to bring me “energy” now – and no, of course not, INFORMATION IS ALWAYS GOOD and that is when it is good information of course. And you will see the strain put on me which is a result of my decisions “everything has to be perfect” on one side and “my family (and friends) are the ones to be protected the best”, and yes DO NOT KILL ANYONE (!), which were two extreme opposite poles, and what brought them together was me in the middle being pulled apart from each side herewith deciding the degree of my own sufferings, which was “maximum all the way”, but this is what I decided to do, and this is what I was strong enough to do, or at least what I decided to be strong enough to do.

No, I don’t like to be locked up inside this ugly building, and is it really this easy to get me out again (?), and yes Stig, when you continue working without resistance, it is not that difficult to get life stored inside of the old metal container out of darkness you know, and yes WELCOME BACK all of you and yes you can send my “warm regards” to the rest and say that they will get out too, and yes also because of my email to Karen.

So it is not him being “sexual torment” himself (?), and yes when having dreams of sex, you are terminating life. And we don’t even have a national match on who can pee the longest.

And when darkness is now cracking off God, it also means that darkness of my closest family is starting to fall off making them truly understand that I have only been speaking the truth about myself, which hurts.

It was not only the pig toes but underneath the toes itself that all of this life at the abyss was saved, and yes it did not even exist.

My aunt Inge, normally returns to my website with intervals of 1-2 days or 3-4 days the most, but now she has not visited me since November 29 making me somewhat nervous, but I hope that you, Ove and my father and Kirsten are all alright (?), and HELLO (?), and no I cannot hear anything when talking into a plastic cup with a cotton thread leading out of it as the transmitter and that is because this communication channel has ceased to exist, and yes darkness did NOT want to communicate with me.

I was shown myself on a brown horse picking up a small boy outside the castle at the abyss, and I felt that this is my son (!), and I was shown myself riding with him to the castle, and inside the castle is Marmorkirken (“the Marble Church” of Copenhagen).

I was shown a Tasmanian Devil and Princess Mary of Denmark – she is from Tasmania – and I was told that she has not vomited as much as “Princess” Kate (I look forward to getting rid of these titles), and yes I have noticed that she is pregnant and in great pain, and I feel Lady Diana with me here showing care for Kate because she knows how it feels to be Kate, “poor you”, as she said.

I was told that you came here almost without a skeleton – because I did not write the new chapter on creation to my website.

At 06.30 I had had a tired crisis for maybe one hour, and thought that I would probably be allowed to sleep coming home at a somewhat lower level, so I decided to go for a nap on the sofa, and I was allowed to sleep until 12.00 receiving these dreams.

  • I am working together with beautiful ladies, but I don’t want to make love to them. We have received a new manager, I shared the office with the old manager, which looked like a mess, and the new manager is Marianne Jelved, who is a dictator ordering the office to be cleaned up. 
    • Apparently Marianne is working as she normally does, which is to give orders to people, and yes difficult to do anything else when you have “poor habits” from a poorly working old system, Marianne?
  • I told someone that he is the little brother to him, and I am the uncle to him, thus making you brothers, and us God. 
    • It made sense during the dream, but not as much here when writing it down :-).
  • Together with George Harrison, I have arrived to a parking place in the country in a U.S. state neighbour to California. There is going to be a two day music even here. I see Jeff Lynne arriving in his car from California, and I decide to receive him herewith meeting him for the first time. I am surprised to see that he has a very long beard almost making him unrecognizable, and he asks of the details of the music programme, which I cannot give him, because George and I have only arrived two hours before not knowing about the programme ourselves. I ask him if it is alright speaking about his music, which he does not like much, but he accepts, and I tell him that if you have 99 other outstanding artists on my top 100 list, there is only one, who is SUPER outstanding to me, and that is Jeff, and to me it has been like this since the end of the 1970’s, which makes him happy to hear. 
    • When Jeff is arriving to a place of music, i.e. of warm feelings/love, where he is almost unrecognizable, it is to say that Jeff is also visiting my website or Facebook site (?), and if this is the case, it wakes up deep feelings inside of me because who wouldn’t like to meet your musical idol above all just once in a lifetime, and there is only one thing, which would make me even more happy, and that would be to receive a message from you, Jeff, and yes let us take that again, and we know one of those SECRET MESSAGES coming to me here because I have done good work, and yes Jeff, this is how this song has worked to me all during my journey, and yes a fantastic song, it is, but no, this is not my favourite song and favourite album of yours, but still it is good enough for no one else being up there on the same wave length as you :-).

I was told that it is time for an air change, don’t you think?

We are not going to Aalborg with that Diana (as I met at the Ambassador discothèque you know that many years ago – an old story mentioned before), but the other Diana, the Lady you know, would like to come back, and yes isn’t it marvellous if Diana suddenly stands in your living room somewhere (?), and yes where do you think, Stig, and is Buckingham Palace better than your living room (?), and yes it is, but I am not thinking that she was happy there, so maybe the place in the world where Diana would be the most happy to return to, and I don’t know where that is, but it may be together with Dodi Al-Fayed in one of their favourite places, which could be Paris (?), and just guessing I am.

You don’t freeze, do you (?), and this is what the freezer was about, which was making you cold many times, and yes when life was terminated.

Your mother jumped with her head first to Egypt. To a place which used to have custom free cigarettes, but now it has been turned around bringing only love, and there will be no more “electric guitar, saxophone – we want rock ‘n’ roll and nothing else”.

Your mother has not found the most inner of you, but she is close.

Darkness asked, didn’t you beat up those sausage-Germans (?), no they came back with this uncomfortable force you know.

Your mother is the only one who could use the watch designed by me, and yes if you could not bear the pain given to you, you would push it to destruct the world using the half of your old self consisting of the spirit of my mother.

There is not a mammoth on its way but maybe the whole line-up of your favourite artists, and yes Michael Jackson, Elvis and Mozart to name a few – and yes you better look out for a place near you where we will come :-).

Yes, your father was afraid of being locked up inside Frankenstein inside of you.

Where do you buy potatoes (?), and is that inside of there too (?), and yes this is about “keeping your feet to the ground” and to bring some input to the debate as Mads would like to see (?), see my comment in his thread in the short stories.

I was told that this child – as I picked up before and here I am given the taste of “brown potatoes” as part of a traditional Danish Christmas dinner  – is what a new generation could look forward to as your heir, but now you will have to settle for me in the beginning – because I did not die during my journey.

I was told Freddie Mercury inside a spiders web surrounding him at the end of a path, and it was so low that he cannot stand upright, and I was told that this is the end of everything in an arm, which we did not even know existed.

I went to a long bath and it felt like liberation not to receive much speech to write down, but to be able to relax – but I am here told that it was a pain to the world, which some out there can feel – and at the end of the bath, I kept on receiving the hand sign meaning “time over” – yes my hands physically giving me this sign – and I felt this as darkness wanting to escape so I could only say that time keeps on until December 21 and we will save everything before this date.

If I died, “Bloody Mary” would have broken out on the world and only the ones surviving until December 21 would make it to our New World and everything/everyone else would become darkness burned off in order to get “into the light” of me.

I felt Diana again and was told that first when we can be sure that there are no paparazzi’s, I/we will return.

I was shown and told that here are the two sides of life as we created on each side of you, and yes to be united as one, and no, no scissors to cut up anything, which would have given him and the world an “INSANE PAIN”, but do it nice and gentle and yes for you and me to become “me” as one, and yes all the way through the line of all people, and yes Stig, your Facebook message also including the merger of our spiritual and physical selves has been noticed.

I was told that there has been non singlehandedly as my father bringing more damage to the world and yes because of his lack of faith in you, he has brought this lack of faith as the power to destruct the world to my mother, and yes this is how we were connected.  

I was asked ”why does the story of my son come today” (?) and given the thought that it is because of Karen’s feelings to me, which she does not express, but what my email exposed, and yes to do exactly this, to bring our offspring with us as we apparently have.

I was happy to receive this email from Meshack – and also a short email from David thanking me for the cash help and as usual NOTHING from John and Elijah (!) – and first and foremost I was glad to hear that Meshack is alright, and yes you never know because of strong darkness these days, which could have attacked him too, and yes, Meshack you have been fighting for a long time hoping that “normal life” will come to you, and it will, and “so much more”, and we are now finally coming to it, which of course is what you have “to take the faith” in – YOU ARE GOING TO BE SURPRISED WHEN YOU AND THE WHOLE WORLD WILL CHANGE (!) – and I am glad that you are at school in Uganda also for you to learn and see something new, and I wonder if this is via the NGO you were connected with and if they pay the costs, or you have paid yourself despite of having no money.

I wish you and your family all the best and as usual this also goes to my other friends at LTO, which I know includes David, but does it also include you Elijah and John (?), and yes I am excited to see what kind of “lame excuses” you will also give the world for not communicating with me as I am with all of my family/friends etc. and yes is “lack of faith”, resistance to and misunderstandings of my language and “fear” the reason, or do you have something better you would like to use?

Meshack 061212

I had hoped that I would be able to go to a wine tasting in Copenhagen at Suensson as I did two years ago, but even though I could have, I decided to stay at home today because I was still tired, exhausted – and also continue to receive some negativity – and preferred to relax a little instead of taking on “stress”, which I did not need.

I was told that there exists no victory greater than what you have already achieved, but of course you can continue, and yes my feeling is that 14 more days of work of this kind is “impossible” to do, but when taking a slot (also meaning “castle” in Danish) of two days at a time, time passes, and then suddenly we are there, and that was the end of darkness, goodbye and Yahoo, and yes how are you doing my dear spy’s over there?

I have been told that it was enough for my mother to have faith that I would lose weight because of the much exercise I do – in her mind – and not really to lose (that much) weight.

I still received some negativity including small heart attacks and I was still so tired/dizzy that half could be enough as we also say here.

I was told that I cannot sit still, and I was shown a man of darkness with a needle with great concentration and precision working on my shirt, and I was told do you remember the suit we were working on while you were on Mallorca in 2007 (?), and yes we never finished it back then, we could not, but we started there to prepare what would later become our “perfect New World”, which is now, finally, what we are finalising.

I felt the Pope and his reaction “have we now finally reached the end” (?), and yes as you thought we had already one year ago, and yes a VERY LONG YEAR it has been, my friend, and also to BLUE EYES here, but A VERY GOOD YEAR as you know – and this is one of my top 3 favourite songs of Frank Sinatra, and maybe even the best of them all, I LOVE IT J. And isn’t it amazing that the Pope does not have any idea about how much direct pain he and the Church have given me, and yes because he does not read me and knows only what he is told about me.

My email opened the feelings of Karen, which is removing the worst darkness of all

I was told that your mother – and none other – has also not been born yet (in our New World), and if I had died, she would have had to decide to freeze herself to bring birth to me, and then to her, but we can pack down this plan too.

My mother and I was on Lanzarote in March 1980, and I was told that the protection we gave it then still works, and also that the El Diablo Restaurant, which I visited alone, works as a Source, and I was told showed a green stream running, and when writing this I am told that this is where we also started looking for you, and yes unique it is because of its direct access to the heat of the underground, which is also what produces the heat to prepare the food.

I was shown Benny and Kjeld from the Olsen Gang running away from their car to reach an aeroplane, but they lose their luggage of clothes at the car, which they don’t care about because all they want is to reach the aeroplane, and I have to tell them NO (!), go back and get the clothes with you, and in fact all of the car, and Kjeld only thinks of eating his lunch pack and is distracted by this, but I insist and I see their car turning into the Batmobile, and I received the feeling of Karen here not caring about me and my clothes, but is and has been running away from me using her weapon of “making love” in relation to men to “trap them”, but I keep bringing her back as I have now done with my new email to her, and when receiving this vision and writing down a note of it, I received tears running down my cheeks, and I understood that this was Karen’s feelings after having read my email, which she has not answered, and no, I expect NO ANSWER from her, Jeff, and “can it really be that the man I love, I treated as dirt”, and I was told that TRUE LOVE and not sex is what Karen really has been looking for her entire life without discovering it, and this is what she found with me, and yes “nothing like me” is what I was told is her feelings because who would decide to keep sending her Christmas and birthday greetings now nine years after we met after all she has gone through with Kim her loverboy and all others (?), and yes “not nice” is her feeling.

I was reminded that what we have gone through was the world of the monsters of Alien the movie controlled by the darkness of my mother not knowing about it herself.

And I was told that my email to Karen is what is making her turn around in relation to me, which makes her miss me, which leads to the opening of my father in relation to me, which again leads to pain being removed from my mother, which is the eternal circuit, which you like this dissolve, and yes with our help.

This is how to turn everything around and tell your mother that this is your land/home and yes to make her look directly into the Source.

So we are coming from the opposite direction using Karen to turn around darkness of Sanna too making her think of her love to her brother, which also may open her faith to me.

I received the feeling and voice of a person from a people of other civilizations and it was very low and reserved, and I helped the voice by saying “yes, you are allowed to say that I could not do it without you too”.

So this is what turns around the eye of God to enter me as I was shown.

These days it is incredible uncomfortable to receive the pressure/darkness of my mother and John in relation to their impatience of the arrival of my new cycle from Preben and “fear” that it may never come (?), and yes herewith receiving their feelings also in this matter as I would NEVER have myself, and there is really nothing as annoying as this, but then again, this has been the game all along receiving my sufferings because of uncontrollable feelings of others.

I was told that to do all of this without the involvement of my old friend Lars G. is “incredible”.

I was shown meat being dissolved in milk in a blender, which was the worst case scenario if God was not with us, and “milk” here is wrong sexual behaviour, and here in relation to Karen.

I was shown that Karen brings in her own chair from darkness yes because she decided to follow you but who are the other two chairs (New World’s), and yes is it my mother and father – but Karen and I are not siblings, so ….?

During all of this I felt myself inside a small room, where the whole atmosphere was “uncomfortable sexual pressure” of darkness, which is unnatural to go against and at least here because here this is the normal condition.

I was shown that four kitchens connected to each other have been set up, but two of them are trying to leave me and that is because of their resistance to me in physical life, and my guess is that this is my mother and father, and also that the kitchens will NOT leave me, because I have decided not to “spit out”, but to bring this darkness with me and that is as light, and I was told “is this his answer” (?), and yes I don’t have any other to give.

I went to bed at 00.30 and stood up again at 02.00 when I was not allowed to sleep and yes I was encouraged to write down my experiences from the evening, which almost made me “lose it”, because if there is something I would like NOT to do by now, this is it, and only by thinking “there is now only 14 days remaining”, I decided to overcome this, and here is the dream and information I was given before standing up.

  • I have gone to the swimming hall in Helsingør together with my two dogs Cas and Don, and I attach their lines to a place on the grass, and after maybe 40 minutes, I look out and the place where I left the dogs have now completely changed with the ground being ploughed and I see the dogs standing up on their back legs at a stone circle looking over the edge with their heads waiting on my arrival, and they have not seen or heard me, so I return to the swimming hall and after almost one hour, I have not swum yet, which I almost decide to do herewith crossing the time limit of one hour, but I return to the dogs, which have now turned into men, and the one hour is really 25 years, and the men are as happy as the dogs they were to see me again. And these men are as I children of my mother, and I see a line of children now all grown up and some also middle aged, and I see them on the Kings Road of Hørsholm, and my mother shows me these children on a big card, and she is almost crying because her children are becoming old, and even though I feel that she believes that I am crazy, she asks me “can’t you collect all children with your arms”, and this is how it becomes. 
    • The dogs symbolise mankind turning to darkness, and I loved these two dogs, which we had from 1975 until approx. 1988, more than anything herewith symbolising the love of God to man, and now after all of these years, God is returning and even though the world has changed much, the dogs of man are still here, and now becoming the original people again, which I bring out from darkness of Hørsholm. And my mother crying is her feelings doing this, and also about my physical mother now being 73 years old feeling old because of her children now being middle aged on our way to become old too, and I almost receive tears here, which is to say that this is troubling my mother much, and yes coming to the end of her life, which this is really about.
    • I woke up to the signature song of the Eldorado radio show and the lyrics “lige ud af landevejen – Eldoradio” (“straight out of the road, Eldoradio”), and yes this is leading to the gold of our New World.

I was shown a giant and very heavy weight being placed on planet Earth making it shake, and I was told about an “incredible reunion happiness”, which is about all life returning from the abyss, and I was told if we now will receive trouble for having peed up against the wall, because we were part of this (as terminated life of the abyss becoming darkness), and no, of course you will not.

I was shown the train of this terminated life driving into Copenhagen Central Station and now it is trying to connect to me with some difficulties, and I was told that we have been excited to see if there was any damages to this life, but no it is perfect when everything is becoming light, because darkness has not been here. And I was told that it is also because I cheated darkness from my “old nightmare” that this is possible to do.

I was shown a dark dishcloth symbolising the worst darkness and I was told that this can only be done to make the worst darkness of my mother via Karen “break down” and cry, which is what my email to her opened to.

I was shown badminton – fight between light and darkness – and a giant dark aeroplane flying above me is very low altitude, and I felt that this was the plane terminating all of this life, and I saw it opening and delivering its cargo.  

Google Earth pictures show the worst darkness, which is terminated life being recreated

As you can see from this selection of Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group, she continues seeing “bad pictures” of rapes, violence, corruption etc., and this is part of retrieving the life from the worst darkness, and I was given the taste of fat from meat, which is terminated life being recreated.

FB 061212 Jette 1FB 061212 Jette 2FB 061212 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I decided also to send my Facebook message to Lisbeth from the Commune via email together with my warm Christmas greetings, but she has decided NOT to communicate with me via email, and I also decided to send it to my old friends Pia and Peter from Hørsholm, who “could not” understand me, “could not” accept my Facebook invitations and “could not” answer my emails to them, and I hoped that this email would “wake them up” too, and yes on the surface, nothing has happened – they did NOT reply – but underneath the surface, we also used this as a gift you gave to us and yes I feel that you are preparing to bring our gift to the Universe.

FB 061212 til Pia og Pter

  • Helena said that “my Christmas has moved to the yard. Yes THAT yard. It will become a shocker”, and the ship yard is where the Devil would have liked to build his ships to end the world and when this is about returning to the ship yard, it is also to say “you are not sick are you” (?); and yes this comes with your Facebook posting that some people do believe that this is what you are, and I wonder if Karen is among these and yes believing that I am crazy right until the end. Later I was told that my Facebook posting has also brought faith from other people with it, which is what we use to base the coming lifting of the world upon. I was told that “the shipyard” is also what the Valhalla amusement in Tivoli symbolised when I years ago experienced that the bench we were sitting on were turning all the way around or was it the room or both (?), and yes the Viking ship going down.

FB 061212 Helena

  • I believe this is the 3rd or 4th time, Facebook “decides” to show me that Jette likes this photo of the Sydney Opera House, and of course it is my spiritual friends telling me that “we are in control – the new Opera House of our New World is finished”.

FB 061212 Jette

  • Mads commented the Socialist People’s Party wish for a showdown with capitalism, which made Kristian say that “free competition will always lead to a concentration of power and prosperity of a small elite, which is neither democratic elected not have worked something near the 30,000 times as much as an average carpenter, which their salary should reflect, if work performance and profit really were connected”, which made me tell them that it goes without saying that greed, anarchy and irresponsibility (of the world today, don’t you agree?) is not a sustainable community system, which therefore has to “self destruct” as Mads says, and I brought extracts from my New World Order and said that a whole New World is on its way, but people like Mads have kept this news – the greatest of all time – a secret to mankind, and yes you should believe that this would make people react, but no, not a word, I was ignored as a crazy man (not easy to understand that God stands behind this and my other Facebook postings?), and instead these people continued “debating” together not mentioning me with a word, but just maybe it made Mads think again again???

FB 061212 Mads

  • Jette decided to share my link yesterday, but forget the text of my Facebook message as I told her, and yes she said “hope they will remember transfer incomes”, and yes I did not get what that was about, but I bring it here together with Dan’s message today about the regent, who was Prince Joachim because his mother and big brother were out of town – approving Marianne Jelved as new minister, which made Simone say with glee that he is a CLEEEEEEVER boy, who has certainly deserved all of the millions, which they receive via TRANSFER INCOME, and yes what does this say (?), and only that when darkness is at its absolute worst, it tries to find a hole to enter and to remove my cash help, as the Commune gives me as “transfer income”, and yes is this what Bjarne, the “crazy” director of the Commune is trying to do, and yes finding it “incredible” that I misuse the public system receiving cash help when I work on my own “private project” (?), and yes Bjarne, TELL ME ABOUT IT, will you (?), and also if you feel that you deserved to received is it almost 2 million DKK in pay cheque for doing “insane work” yourself?

FB 0512 061212 Jette

FB 061212 Dan

  • I was nothing less than appalled when seeing the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, joking about the end of the world coming on TV, and yes I decided to tell her how sad this made me for her to be this irresponsible also feeding the fear of the world of the world ending when the truth is that it will become the start of our New World, which is what I trusted her and her government to tell the world, but you could not, and instead you decided to walk into this trap to show the world exactly this, your irresponsible behaviour, and yes I am excited to see what kind of “lame excuses” you will bring to the world for keeping me and our New World a secret, and yes “lame” is what you could have made my mother too as I am told, and this includes the world you know. I was here told that all my lines go up to everyone and you can almost decide yourself who you want to speak to, and yes of government leaders, and with our New World, we will have the connection on place.

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FB 061212 Julia

  • Manyar invited me to become Facebook friends some weeks ago (after my postings with Sherin), and I understand that he is a film director, and here he says that he has been looking at the beautiful costumes, which Tina has created with her beautiful hands and giant heart and “I am touched that the problematic film had begun to live and short to become” The costumes are insanely beautiful!”, and this is of course about our New World made with a “giant heart” to bring the most beautiful “costumes”, i.e. life, to everyone.

FB 061212 Manyar

  • Diana is a Facebook friend I have received from the SAGA Facebook group, and she shared these pictures saying that “this dog could be a live roll actor”, and first we confront the “guilty” dog asking if there is no more bacon (?) – with “bacon” still being life – and then it says, that all life is home, and is now returning to the original form as the cat of light, and yes this is what this symbolically says.

FB 061212 Diana

  • Lucas has had problems with Facebook, which I believe my spiritual friends stand behind, and here much of the content suddenly vanished and has now returned again, so it has to be a sign about life, which should have vanished forever, which is still returning home.

FB 061212 Lucas


About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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