December 8, 2012: I received the Crown Jewels from Karen’s (Mary Magdalena’s) and my son; the light is almost shining through


Summary of the script today

7th December: I received the Crown Jewels from Karen’s (Mary Magdalena’s) and my son – the light is almost shining through

  • I had a new night and day without sleep going through torture, which was to recreate MUCH terminated life, which otherwise would have been lost (in the game that is), and Karen’s and my son (!) – from our lives as Mary Magdalena and Jesus – came all the way home to me including the crown jewels, which will make it possible to leave the Old World and decide just “to be” as part of our New World. This happened because Karen and also Denis now understand that Karen and I are supposed to be together. This is what is recreating terminated life of the worst darkness and brining our son and the Crown Jewels with us, and that is because they follow me through the darkness of my mouth until the light will shine through opening our New World.
  • Google Earth pictures show darkness of gray becoming light, levitation, and King Kong of the worst darkness waiting for what he will do.
  • Short stories of Sherin & co. receiving a disappointed result of only ¼ of the expected help to Syria, the world does not truly care about the climate – it has lost “interest”, and the most embarrassing TV show showing strong darkness “cutting down” life temporary, Scribd is still showing a back lock of terminated life from 30th November, “don’t be sad, everything will be fine at the end”, Rikke loves Christmas shopping and could not dream about helping my LTO friends, and Fanny is ready to get out of the start holes.

8th December: The terminator entered me, and Karen and I received the family tree of life from my father and mother

  • Dreaming of receiving a threat of dismissal, I am still playing a very good round of golf against darkness, we have been and will help the Dadaab refugee camp based upon the faith of LTO in me and the situation of this camp was about to run out of control if we had not used resources to help.
  • I continued work today now to set up the King of the third world based upon the opening of Karen and Denis, and because there is no alarm bells of my sister sounding. When Karen and Denis were together, this kept the fire of the Devil going also bringing bleeding to the world.
  • At the end of my journey I meet the feared terminator, which is the home of God, where energy was created to terminate unsustainable life. I was told that God/Buddha by turns has cried over and celebrated creation of new (unsustainable) life, and we accepted sexual invention as the only way to create life, and to correct this later as we have done now.
  • I went through torments of tiredness in order to set up the King’s no. 3 and 4, and when uniting gold times the original four kings/worlds, you will get “diamond” as life was original thought of but never realised until now, and the diamond has now started working.
  • We are turning around the terminator self to light, which is the sexual instrument bringing life to the world including God as part of it.
  • I received a VERY weak heart for some minutes when the terminator of God entered me, and the family tree of life, which is normally transferred at the end of the world to a new creation of God, was now transferred to me and a part of it to Karen – from my father and mother. We can now turn around the dark duvet of the terminator to the light duvet of God.
  • Life is not at all made the way it should be made, and it was the process of creating life – via sexuality – which killed God because the access of the spirit of my mother to the Source was a sharp as razor blades killing us, and without God, there is no world and no life.
  • Google Earth pictures will continue to show darkness until December 21, when the light will shine through.
  • Short stories of Helena asking her stalker to leave her in piece, darkness made Helena disappear from me on Facebook until she returned approx. 18 hours later – not terminated after all, and two Australian radio hosts showed “appalling behaviour” just like the Prime Minister.


7th December: I received the Crown Jewels from Karen’s (Mary Magdalena’s) and my son – the light is almost shining through

I received the Crown Jewels from Karen’s (Mary Magdalena’s) and my son – the light is almost shining through

I continued working slowly and with great disgust on my edge of losing it until 05.20 to finish my script of yesterday, and I was told “there is no easy way out” , which is about retrieving terminated life, and I felt more furniture entering me from right.

And I continue receiving information for example about how important the running all of my life, going against my difficulties to run, was, and I was shown Jack and told that he can tell me about how my scripts have changed the whole balance of power, and yes we might be “Calling America” too to hear more about this :-).

And I continue WAITING on my computer, which is still sounding like a machine gun, and yes it is almost making me go mad and potentially it is of course incredible annoying, and that is if I had not decided to take it completely easy, which is really the attitude I have these days.

There has not been ordered one single hearse here, also not in the game, which your mother and you are playing.

I heard from my right “it he the one to enter” (?) and yes you are welcome.

I was given the feeling of Graham Bishop with me as I have been before, and also that he knows about and is in telepathy with me.

I was told by life about to be recreated that we will now pretend as if we have already survived and I felt this life now inside the backside of my left right leg as darkness, so there will be no Halfdan Rasmussen dark pot for me.

I felt a rain forest coming to me from right at 06.45, and yes all of you are welcome, and I was encouraged to stay up, and was very sure when I said that I will NOT stay awake the whole day without sleeping, which is “impossible” to do by now.

Later only a low voice said that it is important – in the game – to use the time now when Karen is sensitive because of my email, otherwise we will be terminated, and this was NOT easy to receive when my tired crisis had started, but I decided to stay up minute after minute to see for how long I could continue doing this.

I was shown and told that a long line has now been created leading life from Langelinie dock in Copenhagen over the bridge at Østerport Station and into Copenhagen, and I was shown this whole way full of recreated life entering Copenhagen.

Today and for a few days, I have been clumsy as never before losing my telephone on the floor, and I have been told that nothing would happen, and this is a sign of darkness wanting to terminate telephone numbers, i.e. life, of people, and it was true, nothing has happened with the telephone when I have lost it.

I was shown Café Paradise in Hornbæk and was shown Karen there and told that she has returned here, and it is the sexual invention of darkness self that we are dissolving.

Despite of my decision not to sleep, I was still going through my tired crisis, and I do believe that I felt asleep for maybe 15 minutes, and I dreamt that I am together with John and another one, and my father, who is dead sick, has decided to come and to bring a book not to me but to John, and we thank him for coming, which was difficult for him, and afterwards he go to the next room, which is a change room.

I kept awake the rest of the morning and in the afternoon, I decided that the only way I could keep awake was to take the small train to town and do some shopping and also visit the library, which I did even though I was so tired that I was really not sure if I would “make it”, and yes I was very tired not having much energy to return home, which I however did and I am now writing the short script of today here at 18.30, which I thought was out of the question, but it is nice to do what you can do today instead of postponing until tomorrow, so this is why.

I was told that all of this recreated life is coming out of the whole we have created in my mouth.

No one is going to believe that we are now walking quietly to the goal line.

Darkness was still with me asking if there are cheap cigarettes here, which there is not, and also if the blood is running down there, because we are not used to anything else.

During the day I kept on receiving feelings of Karen, which is to say that she is still thinking much of me.

I was told “and then we change to …” and I was given a mark to the backside of my left lower leg, which is life moving from my right leg as its old self to our New World.

“Is this room taken” (?), which is recreated life entering, and I was told that the unique code of life still applies, which means that there is room for everything, and it was darkness confusing me about this months ago.

I was told that it is only you who could continue time including the game to save life, and yes by not accepting darkness wanting me to push the button of the bomb of Nixon.

I was told that again it was important to quickly write and publish my script of yesterday – which is why I was awakened and encouraged to finish this work as I did – and that was to be stronger than this darkness.

I was told that the last two worlds will also get on place together with this work.

I was truly feeling extreme tiredness and torments to go through the day without sleeping, and I was told that this thingummy it the absolute smallest and most important of all – I was shown it as a chip – and we have said this before, but …..

I was told that you were turned into a sexual animal against your wish at the same time as being the elephant of God.

I received half spoken sentences about “energy”, and some time ago, I decided that I did not want to be confused about this game if there is or not is energy in the game we are playing, and simply to say that I have decided NOT to produce energy to darkness – letting God produce new energy via thoughts – and this has worked fine, and yes no reason to change what is working, and to all of this talk, which I decided that I would not concentrate trying to understand – a part of the game to make it difficult to hear and understand – and instead I said that no matter which direction your switch is turning, you are welcome here.

I received a pretty strong feeling of “lack of faith” and is this now what is returning to Karen as so often before (or from others, for example in Kenya!), and yes to have some belief in me first when reading my emails, and then as time goes by, to become more and more sceptical. And I was told that it is not easy to understand that she is the one having hurt me through her misunderstandings (bringing me my direct sufferings), because of course it is I who have hurt her by telling the truth of her, which she did not want out.

I was told that we are going through “the giant pole” itself, which is darkness/ice, and I was told that even up here darkness wants to saw over the connection to me.

I was given the feeling of more recreated life on its way back and yes there was a train accident, and we are about to find you again.

I was told that Jesus 2,000 years ago ”lost it” when darkness was too strong to handle, which brought “him” to the “brown soup” you know including much terminated life.

I also decided to take on the torments of having to stay awake today to avoid the risk of darkness being given to my family instead (if this is included in the game), and yes I would not like to see John – or my father or any other – hurt more if I can avoid it.

I was told that John believes that my mother is spending too much money to help me meaning that they will have spent their savings too quickly bringing them a shorter period as pensioners to live from their savings (they still have public retirement pension), and I was told that this is the real reason behind their strong resistance of me sending money to Kenya.

I felt Karen’s husband Denis – they are apparently still together – and also that he is touched by my email, which Karen apparently has shared with him, and I was told that his reaction is also of importance.

I was shown the son, which Karen and I apparently have from our previous lives as Mary Magdalena and Jesus, and he is now coming all the way up to me saying “father”, and I was told that it is not because he has the crown jewels with him, isn’t it (?), and he and these jewels were saved with Karen and Denis took part of it having overtaken my position with Karen wrongly, and my son and the jewels are now returning to me because they now know, as I was told, that I am the one, and she and I belong together, which is why I was encouraged to write about my proposal to her in 2006 with a spiritual voice as a sign about our future life to come.

And shortly before I was told this, I felt how the light was almost breaking through my face, and I was told that this was the reason why, and I heard a female voice say “I am happy”, which included the strong feelings of happiness.

I was told that we cannot let go of our Old World just like that and then just “to be”, which is what you ask us to do, and ye with Karen’s and Denis’ accept, there are no strings holding us back, so this is what we will simply do.

I was told that I had the choice to either liberate Karen as we do here, or to let her die, which was Karen’s destiny – and we will now light the Christmas tree together, which also includes Denis. And this means that they too – and I felt my closest family too – will follow me through the mouth until there is no more darkness and pure light will shine through.

Again I received light almost shining through me physically, and I was told that this is the spiritual selves of Karen and Denis at the New World just on the other side of remaining darkness, which is not strong enough to keep this happiness from me.

And I was told that this is what we mean by being the smallest and most important of all to bring – the crown jewels – which means that I can bring everything and enter the New World myself, and yes these jewels and our son are saved from terminated life!

I was FAR too tired to complete and publish this short script today, but I decided to “bite” the disgust/throw up feelings in me, and do it anyway thinking that this will help to recreate more terminated life and yes according to the game, and by 21.40 I had done this work.

Let me also say that when announcing the 21st December as the day of the opening of our New World, I was a little nervous in the beginning if this will become a new event, where nothing will happen, and I have decided to put this away because of all of the overwhelming information – but mine and others – that we are now coming to the end of the old (the end of the Mayan Calendar), which will be the beginning of our New World.  

I was told by Earth (!) that it was ready to die if necessary. And also that Mogens Amdi Petersen from Tvind is part of this connection of me going through the last darkness.

Google Earth shows darkness of gray becoming light and King Kong of the worst darkness waiting for what he will do

Jette said “Say good morning to King Christian IV, who apparently is to be seen on the picture, so this is what I did, I said “Good morning!”, and included the popular, Danish song “say good morning”, which Jette could not stand for – as I had guessed – and you can see how much she loves this song, and as I write, this was a message from the King of my inner and soon new self shining through, which is that everything will be fine at the end, and yes because this was my thought yesterday when Jette was depressed because of all of the negative signs, so this was for you too, Jette ♥.

FB 071212 Jette

Her Google Earth pictures show darkness of gray becoming light, levitation, and King Kong of the worst darkness waiting for what he will do.

FB 071212 Jette 2

FB 071212 Jette 3FB 071212 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Sherin and her work group organising the support concert for Syria had difficulties getting people to the concert and had to reduce the price from 300 to 200 DKK, and she had a goal of collecting 600,000 DKK to the victims of Syria, but now, after the concert has been hold, the result has been calculated to 150,000 DKK (everyone worked for free), and yes a “disappointment” it was, Sherin (even though people say that it is not, but how can it not be?) and do you know the reason why (?), and yes I told you.

FB 071212 Sherin

  • The COP18 climate negotiations should have ended today, but as usual the world cannot agree – which is also giving me pain to my right ankle as I was given here – and they will continue to TALK TALK AND TALK also tomorrow, and Morten said that if a global climate agreement is not reached, it will be too embarrassing, “not so much because of the climate – because we will survive” () as he said “but it is truly a waste of time, resources and tax payer’s money to meet every year in a distant country without coming close to a solution”, and yes this is now a subject, which the mainstream world does not care much to involve itself in any longer – the world has in reality given up to do what it takes to save the planet where you live (!) – and how could you when the world is spraying chemtrails all over the world completely destroying it and all life (?), and yes what a “play for today” it was – “It’s not a case of doing what’s right, It’s just the way I feel that matters, Tell me I’m wrong, I don’t really care” – and yes my dear world YOU ARE WRONG (!), but “a good CURE” will come also here.

FB 071212 Morten

  • Yesterday, TV2 Zulu showed the “Gaffa prize awards”, which people have already called “epic” as the poorest live Danish TV show ever where the curtain of the old theatre after a couple of hours “decided” to get stuck making it impossible to hoist, and what do you do in a live show when you want the musicians behind this curtain to “get free” (?), and yes you decide to cut away the curtain and that is even though this is a special curtain with a history, so this is what people saw on live TV, and this is to say that we have to “cut down life” as temporary terminations in order to get in behind it all and yes from here we are recreating this terminated life, and furthermore both presenters and artists of this show had had too much to drink (symbolising strong darkness) making this an embarrassing performance and so I understand because I did not see it myself, but it was much talked about today in the media and on the Internet.

Politiken 071212 Gaffa

  • My Scribd statistics still show a backlog of terminated life because it claims that there were no visitors to my site the 30th November, but as you have seen before, this life will also be recreated making Scrid one day show the statistics also of this day.

Scribd 071212 incl 061212


  • Rikke is on a business tour for Dahlberg visiting the insurance market of Lloyds, and apparently she also has time to do some “shopping, shopping, shopping and shopping”, and yes she LOVES London as her second home, and I am just wondering that I (and Paul) taught you about insurance and got your employed at Dahlberg, and when I resigned in 2008, you received a big salary increase, so now you are “enjoying” life and could not thinking about helping my LTO friends from starvation (?), and yes, Rikke, how could you (and all of you my family/friends etc.)…?

FB 071212 Rikke

  • Fanny reflected over our first communication where she told me that she had to hold a low profile, and I told her that it is her “ego” as she says (?) – her spiritual voice – speaking, which she is NOT to do, and now she asks what to do because she is standing in the start holes crazy about breaking through, and this is her speaking, “this is my ego afraid of that you are right”, and just to say that we succeeded to break the darkness of her spiritual voice and we are now ready to let the light shine through, which this is about, and I told her that we are now 14 days from the opening of our New World and ourselves, so I wished her a merry Christmas, and for some reason she was afraid of losing me – “are your return ticket running out” (?) as she asked – and no, we are not going to lose each other, but open to the LIGHT, which will keep us together forever, which made her say “whew (!), my heart was almost jumping out of my mouth”, and yes I understand, Fanny, this is what darkness wanted to do – to “spit out” – when you decided to relax instead of sacrificing to help me out.

FB 071212 Fanny

FB 071212 Fanny 2


8th December: The terminator entered me, and Karen and I received the family tree of life from my father and mother

Dreaming of helping Dadaab based upon the faith of LTO in me and the situation of this camp was about to run out of control

I went to bed before 23.00 and was restless until I finally was woken up at 04.30 without being able to sleep again, which made me stand up to write this too, and yes because the energy of Karen is still coming to me, so let us start with some dreams.

  • I am working for Kim S. and he is complaining that I don’t work hard and fast enough because I am not able to finish work within the deadline, for example our case on Kenya, and he says that it makes him wonder if we have a contract. 
    • This was a threat of dismissing me, and I can only say that I do my best work, and if I cannot make the update to the front page of my website, which this is mainly about, I will have to settle with this, but I will NOT accept God or darkness to dismiss me.
  • I am playing a golf course for the first time, and the 1st fairway is narrow, and my strike hits the trees at the side, and the ball jumps all the way back to the tee place, where the ball lies poorly, and I am not allowed to move its location. I do all 18 holes with a few poor shots, but many great, and I make this Par 72 course it in 81 strikes, which is very satisfactory to me. I have been playing with two women with Britney Spears being one of them, and she has also entered, but for some reason she is afraid of publishing her result. 
    • It seems that I am still doing well, and Britney Spears is here because I have noticed her as judge on X-Factor USA that she always give feedback to contestants with one sentence only, and I wonder if this is because you are “short and precise” or if you simply don’t have anything more to add, and yes I would love to hear some more making you speech at the same level as the other judges. And here is a Britney-song I like EVERYTIME I hear it :-).
    • Half asleep I was told that resistance of other family in general influenced the golf ball making it difficult to fly, and to you I will say “if we had to do a new casting, we could not do without any of you” (because energy of darkness was my fuel)

  • I received “back to the shadows” by SAGA – again a WONDERFUL song – and the lyrics “how do you do” and the chorus “Forget about me, You can’t see me, Forget about it, You know that I’m not real, Forget about it, So what’s the deal? You know you don’t need me”, which is that we will NOT go back to the shadows after this journey.
  • I am in a refugee camp in Somalia, where the residents kill each other – “those in line” – by shooting poisonous blowpipes, and somehow we go free, and I am now with my friends at the white grocer of the camp about to leave, and we are playing a dart game to determine how much help we will give, and Elijah is there also going to throw a dart. People believe that the scared Somalis can do nothing themselves, and I tell them let them show what they can do, and our helicopter is here to lift us away. 
    • This is about violence of the Dadaab refugee camp, which could also have hit me as I understand this, and I was told that this is about the faith of LTO in me, otherwise they would get nothing, and I was told that what the world is doing to Dadaab is cruel (as we wrote about already in 2009/10 in our LTO newsletter on Dadaab – and yes this will show a big increase in visitors to my Scribd profile again), and that the residents will never get out, and “never get out” was a reference to “mouse in a maze” by SAGA – another of their classics – and the lyrics “He’s a mouse in a maze, With its so many ways, But there’s only one way to get out”, and this is to say that SADLY there is only one way for these refugees to get out (some living there all of their lives, and others for more than 20 years!), and that is via my arrival, which will open the eyes to the world about how they have tormented these people without truly caring.
    • This made me think about what I have told you all along, which is that with my opening I plan to go back to the rural village of Kenya from where LTO comes from and of course to visit my friends as Dadaab to tell them that the day of their liberation has come, and yes I also still have an old appointment to visit Ghana, and that is if Mary still wants to see me?
    • I was given the song “rock me” – I had an Abba “flip” yesterday listening to many of their old songs – and the lyrics “Roll me, you can do magic”, and this is what we will do in relation to these people suffering the most in the world.
    • I was told that we continued using resources to help Dadaab because you decided not to forget about them, and this brought some resources to the camp, which otherwise would have gone to military purposes, and otherwise it would have been just like dying with all of the gas switched on and only a matter of time before the disaster would have run out of control, and this is what we prevented.

God was the feared terminator of unsustainable life – God both cried over and celebrated new life

I was told that the third kitchen is now being set up because of events of yesterday.

I was shown how my old class friend Lene (from Espergærde) is having her corset tied VERY tight against her wish, and I tell to make this perfect not to annoy her, and I am told that Lene will do magic too, and I was also told about Anna Castberg and Refaat el-Sayed, who both became famous for cheating with their resume’s, and they are example of people who will also do “magic”.

I was told about Gondor – “a fictional kingdom in J. R. R. Tolkien’s writings, described as the greatest realm of Men in the west of Middle-earth by the end of the Third Age” – and that we are now working on the King chair no. 3, which cannot be done, but is still done due to events of yesterday and because of my will power.

I was told about the city Gacie outside Nairobi in Kenya, where Elijah lives, that this is a city with a great potential of “maggots”, i.e. destruction – and also that when I lived there in 2009, how many would like to rob us and kill the white man living with Elijah (?), and I was told that servants of light will also come from here.

I was told that Xander – the singer, judge of the Voice and son of Anne Linnet – also has an “enormous power” on its way, and he was nourished by me too.

I was told that this awakening in the night and more work to do is about cleaning up inside of here – at the “office”, Marianne Jelved (!) – and that is to use more power of Karen, and I was shown how egg white was sprayed out and arranged in a tower, and this is about making a piece of bread with onions, which we can do because there is no alarm bells of Sanna sounding, which would bring sufferings to my mother, which again would stop me. I received the Billy Joel song “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant” and the lyrics “sweet romantic teenage nights”, which you may understand is coming from this darkness.

I was told that we are behind the homework plan if the King’s castle has to be ready by the 21st December, and yes I cannot work better and more than I do, so we will have to do our best under the circumstances, and still to end all work with the metre showing “perfect”, and yes we know, Stig.

Darkness asked if we are about to sing our SWAN SONG – yes, you are, your last performance giving up to me as the swan – and he has decided not to break down because of this darkness but to break it down instead, and yes my dear ladies and gentlemen, this is what you are witnessing on the sky via Google Earth.

You have not called the police, so there is no one to come and get us out (?), and yes we are happy about this as the voice of darkness is now telling me and now not from my right but from my centre maybe just a little bit in front of me, but from the centre it is.

I received the feeling of Denis to the right of me, and a voice recognizing that Denis is not the partner of her life, which is what has kept the fire of the Devil going, and with the recognition that I am her partner, this is about darkness losing its last strength, and this is also what made you/your mother bleed.

And I received more of this darkness coming to me from right and was asked “where do you want me to park my cycle” (?), which will have to be about ending Karen’s journey of sufferings too, and yes please follow the light.

I was told by the voice of Karen now becoming light that I cannot forget that we will not enter the office (of sexual torment), but we are now getting out of there too.

Do you know how many times your father has been staring into the grave ”not liking” the prospect of becoming ”nothing” (?), and yes just like the feeling you had for years being afraid of dying believing that you would become “nothing”.

I continued working until 08.15 with the comments to Jette’s pictures of yesterday and the script of today so far.

I phoned my mother, who was not doing well – influenza like symptoms – so we will not be seeing each other for dinner today, and I was told that this is what the reactions of Karen (and Denis) means to her.

I took a new, long bath because I was still feeling tired, and I was told that creation was only realized because God allowed it; we knew what was coming at us (darkness), but this was what we decided to do in order to create and to correct creation later.

I felt that “the remover of life” is included in the darkness coming to me now via the opening of Karen and Denis, and I felt how this terminator is feared. There is no purse here, so we invented energy to terminate, and not to create. This is where creation went wrong where we exchanged good with bad leading to the end of the world.

This is like exchanging fish egg with a folded sandwich with liver pate, which is the terminator part, and inside the fold of the sandwich sits Buddha, who bits me welcome, and asks me do you think you can now write the chapter on creation (?), and I answered that I would like to try, and expect that it will take a week only receiving few interruptions, and if I don’t get time and energy to do this work, it will not be done.

I was told that God/Buddha by turns has cried and celebrated creation of new life (because life was not sustainable), and we accepted sexual invention as the only way to create life, and to correct this later as we have done now.

I fell asleep at the bath and dreams about working at a hospital, which is Dahlberg, and they believe that I am sick, and they don’t realize that I work from their premises, and get access in the evenings via my access-card, which they could see from their IT-department, if they wanted to, but they don’t see it. I see that the computer is open and it is at the administrator module of my website where I left it, which they have looked a little at.

I was shown the egg yolk, which has turned from soft and now almost completely hard, and this is the yolk of God.

After bath, I was still so tired, dizzy and generally feeling bad that it was out of the question to exercise today, and here at 13.00 also to work on the chapter on creation, and I don’t believe that I will start later today, but we will see.

I was told that the goal line is coming very soon now, and if I don’t finalise my work, I may not be able to enter (?), and yes this is the game given to me from my actor, and yes my inner self. And this is because no one has called you in the State Prison asking to free you, and yes we would like to get out of here all of us, and yes it is of course connected with doing “perfect work”, but no, you will not start doing the work on creation, and at least not right now.

Now she does not have the key, and she will just have to know that thus she does not have anything to shoot with. And it is of course your mother we speak of but realized in Karen because of her act and behaviour of life.

I was told that nothing is destroyed in here because I have not been watching porn.

Then you owe me a golden watch, and then we have two, or is it three or four (?) and yes before the end of the evening it is, when all of Karen will have given up.

Besides from being tired, dizzy and I also had heartburn, I still have the combination of negativity coming to me and sexual torments, but also the feeling of my actors just around me, and it developed into “completely unbearable” this afternoon, and I was told that this is the load of all people – Camilla, LTO and everyone – against you, and the pressure coming to me from right was enormous making me want to scream or run away if I could, and to stop it as it wanted me to do, but no, I decided to go through this storm too, and yes one of the worst it was, and I was told that you don’t enter the state prison without being affected, and also that even entering here is not for “white people” as they say here for some kind of reason and let me add that it is also not for black and yellow, and do you have any more colours (?), and yes in our New World we have and that is because this is what I have asked for – and yes colours as in colours you know :-).

At 17.00 I was told that even though it is a now only a small diamond mine, it is there, the combination of the four kings. So the finding of gold becomes a diamond and yes when turning everything around making life as it was going to become and as we have never seen before.

This FENCING scene is in principal not over yet.

It is not less a presentation we are now aiming at, and that is the presentation we will give to the world when we will open.

This is the last football game, ask him how he is doing, and yes the opponents you play against (?), and yes broken down they are (Karen etc.), and what do you think this makes me when I still take on the sum of all of their sufferings?

Later I was told that this is how you took “energy” out of the game and yes I simply did not want it, and one of the few things I decided to (almost) leave out of scripts, thus the game, when it again and again was mentioned to me, and yes without writing it down (after some time that is), and that is because I will NOT have it, and not even to include it in the game, and so it is.

I was told that there will be no cut in my cash help, which has now been decided, and yes after going through this worst darkness.

No I am not going to eat anymore, and yes it is the terminator, which we will also turn around, which we are doing when this is written. It is the pole self – the sexual instrument – which is the terminator, because it never worked as it should to bring eternal life.

It corresponds to taking off your night clothes and to see what is truly inside of here, and do a final test, and to set everything up again.

I was happy seeing two UFO’s from my balcony, and one told me that it was happy because there are now no dark UFO’s controlled by mankind out here anymore.

The terminator entered me. and Karen and I received the family tree of life from my father and mother

For days when I have closed my eyes – especially in my bath tub – I have felt how dark spirits have approached me wanting to pressure me down and drown me, which has been an extra “challenge” to ignore, and my TV has given some distorting sounds and pictures too, but not very much.

I was told that you don’t get out of newspapers yourself, but this is what we do, and it gave me the feeling that as physical Stig, I am merely a servant following the guidance/lead of my spiritual friends, who follow me on basis of my physical work.

I received a STRONG feeling including tears, so Karen is still sad.

Around 15.00 I had a VERY serious tired crisis, and had decided to sleep, but I was asked to stay up to pour on no. 3 and 4, and even though I truly thought and felt that this was impossible to do, I got over the worst crisis and stayed up, but I was feeling very poorly the rest of the day.

I was told that I am receiving strong pain because I have almost no skeleton.

So there will be no more kitchen service for her, when he dies, so also her.

So Karen was sent by the devil to terminate me/us but still we were hoping that I would survive.

I was shown and felt a large dark orchestra right in the middle of me, or just a few centimetres in front of me.

I was told that the spirit of my father as the Creator of this world simply is the Source – and thinking that we protected a large part of the Source from creation going wrong.

Well, he, i.e. me, cannot get the family tree himself because normally you pass it on to a new creation of yourself every time (remember that for each New World there has been a new God), but this time became right.

Is the owner of Falcon Crest at home (?), yes he sits right there, and yes the owner of the wine estate after now having received the family tree of life.

I was told that the city of Eilat in Israel is not only involved, but a main central – of the evil world, so how are you doing down there, maybe a little nervous to repent to the world?

I felt it and was told that now you will soak life self to you from the terminator, and you have about one week to do it (referring to the deadline of writing the new chapter on creation).

We have now also given some of this family tree to Karen, and I felt and was told that the tree is given from my mother and father, who used to have it, which really did not make me feel good as Stig to receive, and again I received the tears of Karen, who understands and accepts to be a creator herself as I had written to her.

While all of this happened, I still had strong darkness wanting me to say the worst and most negative to the terminator self, which I had to be careful about too not to go into, and at the same time, I had the feeling that I am now becoming what I have never wanted to become, which still feels like a heavy burden, and yes to be something else than just a normal human being, but then again, this is ALSO what I still am.

And I experienced this while watching a programme on DR2 TV about dying people receiving help to kill themselves – as they have approved people to do in Netherlands, Switzerland and Oregon – so this was really the story of the terminator now entering me.

There are now almost no dog farts anymore, this is how we come home, and I was told that the terminator entered me when I had the VERY weak heart, and I was given a cracking sound to the kitchen and told that when this now happens, it is now finally from inside of you, which will also stop “Gudrun” – a Danish female name and also “God run” – against my wish.

So now I can exchange the dark duvet with the opposite, which I could not without you coming back all the way via the spirit of my mother in order to understand and correct the error of creation.

Well, isn’t it funny that everyone believes that I will arrive the 21st December – and 22nd in Tivoli – and that I will first be born the 24th as everyone of course knows, and yes I can still play tennis inside of you, can’t I (?), so this was darkness speaking and I said that no, you cannot, because you are now becoming light shortly.

We will now soon set the hair dresser on everyone, and wasn’t “hair dresser” about “spirituality” (?), which here may mean to become ONE with our spiritual selves.

I was told that life is not at all made the way it should be made, and it was the process of creating life – via sexuality – which killed God, and without God, there is no life.

I was told that surely you were not him the Allah guy, were you (?), and yes “the opposite God” as the Devil was Allah and Muslims in general, and I received a strong feeling of wanting to do nothing, to be lazy not working, which is because of lack of faith of Muslims in me.

I was told that I – as the terminator – will now myself go through “perfect work”, and we know if I can do the creation chapter, which I don’t believe will be possible to do as long as my sufferings, lack of sleep and work on my scripts continues.

I was told about soldiers of South Sudan envy soldiers of Kenya, who go laughing to bed after killing/tormenting Somali refugees, and I was told that this behaviour also comes directly from the terminator.

I received cracking sound to my shelves from the spirit of my mother, and it came as a double sound together with a feeling of a car blinking off because it is headed my direction – and when writing this now at 04.50 “tomorrow” morning, I am given many smiles and yes doing work, which I was almost deciding not to do because it is NOT nice to sleep little and continue to be tormented and receive even more work, and yes thanks to Karen, who obviously cannot control her feelings in relation to me not knowing that this is making me suffer this way, and yes how was she to know (?), and we know, Stig, if only she had decided to read and understand.

I was told that inside of the room of God/the terminator, it was all about sex and when to die, which is something you can get enough of, and that is because the access of the spirit of my mother to the Source was a sharp as razor blades killing us, and this is what brought indecent/destructive sexual behaviour of man as the result.

I have also been told that the spiritual communication I have received since my spiritual opening in 2004/06 have been given to me via a new spiritual channel.

Google Earth pictures will continue to show darkness until December 21, when the light will shine through

This is the collection of pictures from Jette’s Facebook group today showing that bad weather is not over yet and white not being good white – it will continue until the light will shine through December 21.

FB 081212 Jette 1FB 081212 Jette 2

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Helena was encouraged by friends to protect her territory, and this is about what is tormenting her and making her very sad, so here she decided to write directly to the man stalking her: “Dear you. I ask you of all of my hart to stop hunting me. Neither at my home or work. I cannot offer something of someone of any kind, I am tired of and unhappy for you to continue bully me. You have to disappear. For the last time. Just leave. The alternative is that I tell your manager that you are chasing me. Just her and me. Do you understand”, and she continues in the same track and says that one more approach will make the hammer to fall, so who is this man stalking her (?), and why (?), and I was told that I go through strong darkness, so what does Helena experience (?), yes strong darkness via this, and it made me think if this is a game with a stalker given to Helena because this is what Karen (sometimes) believes that this is what I am to her when I send her my traditional birthday and Christmas greetings (?), and no, I do not and have never “hunted” Karen, which I would NEVER dream about doing. Helena’s friend Kim brought the song below highlighting the lyrics “if you go with me, I will read your activities, if you do with me, I will show you the world”, and this is what I will do, when “we will go to Barcelona” of course J. Later, when I wanted to check her Facebook wall for updates, she had disappeared again again, which is about the work of darkness, but she will probably return again soon, and yes she had disappeared so much that not even when looking at Kim’s friends, she appeared on the list, and yes seen that before when darkness has wanted to terminate life of my mother.

FB 081212 Helena

  • Approx. 18 hours later, Helena was now visible again, but she had deleted her post above, and isn’t it “incredible” that of all pictures, she decided to bring Munch’s “the scream” as her wall picture, and you know the one symbolising the end of the world, where she was playing the Devil leading to it.

FB 081212 Helena2

  • The other day, the Australian Prime Minister joked about the end of the world coming December 21, and now an Australian radio station made a similar “poor joke” calling the hospital where the Duchess Kate was hospitalised pretending to be Queen Elisabeth and Prince Charles asking about Kate’s condition, which they were told and this made the nurse commit suicide when she found out, and this is to say that everyone can see just how appalling this WRONG behaviour is, which no one can today in relation to the Australian Prime Minister having a similar appalling and irresponsible behaviour, but don’t you worry about a thing, Julia, because the whole world is going to know that your “stunt” was far bigger and worse than this one, don’t you look forward to this?

Daily Mail 081212



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  1. jette says:

    ❤ take care – I'm here 🙂

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