December 10, 2012: Uniting the Source of my father and the world of my mother as ONE, and Karen is another part of myself!


Summary of the script today

9th December: Our New World is created by the spirit of my mother bringing her greatest love to everyone

  • Dreaming of receiving plenty of more life, the dark duvet of the terminator destroyed Karen’s sexual attitude and used energy to terminate life, and collecting all worlds of all time in one GIANT creation of our New World.
  • World no. 3 and 4 may be my mother’s and father’s, but I don’t know, and they are transferred now because I am honest about this. God is helping me to receive and turn around the terminator, which otherwise would have set the world on fire. I have received the new invention about how my mother enters the Source of our New World without risking life.
  • Dreaming of working with confidence but I don’t have time to finish everything, and continuing setting up the kitchen of our New World to produce life.
  • As the Source I am about to receive the New World – I am nothing without it. My mother was more enthusiastic about any music ever before when she played the new, classical album by Ann-Mette Elten, which symbolises the greatest love of our New World created by the spirit of my mother bringing all of her love to everyone. The gardener of God is now about to wake up.
  • The Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show the sun coming from the father with angels looking, David fighting Goliath as I fight the terminator to turn him around (and darkness of the world), and the Monster-snow-man sent cold weather and show today.
  • Short stories of selfishness of people of rich countries helping their own “weak” citizens rather than truly poor people abroad, and Messi is now the most scoring football player of all times symbolising that I kept on “scoring” all the way home.

10th December: Uniting the Source of my father and the world of my mother as ONE, and Karen is another part of myself!

  • We are now going through the apocalypse, which would be the complete and final destruction of the world if it was not because we decided to create our New World and save the old.
  • The spirit of my mother “fell out” of a hole of the Source dividing us in two halves, male and female, and without her, we could make the whole New World work, so we had to bring her in. So this is also about uniting the spirits of my mother and father into one again, into a WHOLE of the world. We have used sexuality to unite what was originally lost and now when we become one again, which required a complete cleaning of the (world of the) spirit of my mother, we don’t need sexuality but still has it as a cover over our true selves, and what is underneath is so much more beautiful but this is up to man to discover as you decided. If your mother was a sandbox, she was the part of creation, which went wrong, and it was the other “half” doing our best to bring her back. Karen is another part of myself (!), but still we can form a couple.
  • Dreaming of a giant party, fireworks at the bathroom, Pia & Peter did not want to take my “meat” bringing Peter survival, and the worst dream of sexual nature symbolising temporary terminations, which will first be saved at the very end of my journey.
  • The selection of Google Earth pictures of Jette’s Facebook group show God with an ice-tap dagger through his throat, a BIG head, sexual torments with Santa kissing mother, and destruction because of misbehaviour of man.
  • Short stories of temporary terminations to be seen on Scribd, our new light is “super beautiful”, the last gate to our New World will be opened the 12th December, Helena believes that it is good for lonely people to have a God making them less lonely (!), if I paid back with the same coin as darkness, the world would have burned down, Jette decided to help me open to the magic ball of God, many “light” people have difficulties sleeping, Manyar received wise words from his father about “calmness in chaos”, which are also true for me.


9th December: Our New World is created by the spirit of my mother bringing her greatest love to everyone

Dreaming of collecting all worlds of all time in one GIANT creation of our New World

I may have gone to bed at around 23.00 yesterday, but after poor sleep – thank you, Karen – I was awakened at 03.00 now continuing to receive more information, and at 03.30 I had to stand up despite of my tiredness and I decided to continue working instead of relaxing, which was by fast what I wanted the most, and now it is 05.30 after I updated and published my script of yesterday including the new chapter on the terminator entering me, so now I might use a little hour to start the script of today, and yes it is IMPOSSIBLE like this to do the chapter on creation, which I will NOT be able to do if “conditions” continue like this. And here are first dreams.

  • Furniture removers set up two extra shelves at Jack’s home in another design to the right of the large existing shelves, and the first is of the same colour, and the second should not be able to stand, because its left foot is askew/damaged. I am hanging a picture up on his wall, which he does not want his mother to see because he knows that she will comment the content of it about him. A lady in the house believes that Karen and I are together, and I lie underneath the duvet of a completely dark bedroom speaking to Karen on the telephone, and she wants to hear about me making love to another lady, who did not resist me, and I am surprised when the police arrives to collect me because I have not paid my invoice. 
    • We are moving in even more furniture of life, Jack, and still you don’t want your mother to know about us? And Karen’s old attitude not wanting me, but her interest to receive intimate details, is what comes with the dark duvet of the terminator, and the police is the terminator self using money, i.e. energy, to terminate.
  • I am working for an almost retired farmer, who is educating me, and even though I don’t like it, he asks me to use the lawn mower to make a gravel road look nice, but I accept it because I can see that he is right. I am seeing how a lot of animals are being transferred to this farm, which I feel is mine, and I see how the farmer speaks with other neighbouring farmers about how they previously had decided to share the risk when a dangerous situation like now arrived, but we are now changing this at the same time, so the new big farm will take all of the risk, but if anything should go wrong, we still expect the other farms to help if needed. 
    • I can still become nervous about what will happen if this does not turn out alright, and yes what is this about (?), and I do believe that all of the animals are terminated life of the terminator now returning to the farm of life, and the dangerous situation now may be eeehhh (?), and yes darkness wanting to continue playing tennis inside of me (?), and yes if I should decide to do what is wrong to do.
    • So now he has the BIG driver’s license don’t he (?), and yes you have collected all worlds of all time together in one new GIANT creation, which is what almost could go wrong here in the last second, and yes according to the game, and this is really what this dream is about.

God is helping me to receive and turn around the terminator, which otherwise would have set the world on fire

I woke up to the BEAUTIFUL song “Angel” by SAGA, and it is so beautiful that it really should have been the 6th song as part of my top 5 songs of SAGA, this is how I have thought about it many times, and it came to me with the lyrics “Fall angel fall, Hold me a fallen angel and set me free”, and the angel is my new self setting “all of me” free.

I was shown and told that all of the wide and dark gate made of cast iron is now being transferred to me.

I received in Norwegian (!) – a sign of darkness – the words “I cannot answer these questions about my father and mother” (in relation to whether or not they are world no. 3 and 4), and I was told that despite of this we have decided to transfer these to you because you are honest, and this will happen before we will reach the Händel oratorio where everyone will sing “Hallelujah”, and that is because nothing can happen now after we have been united (but it can hurt as I was told) and this is because of him, the angel there, as I was told and again also “I am proud of you”, and yes I do look forward to hearing these words from both my physical mother and father, and especially from my ignorant and better-knowing father, and yes the worst in the world of this kind.

I was told that Hamlet and Ophelia were meant to overtake it all, this is what is happening now with the end of darkness having no more goals because we are not here as darkness anymore.

I was told the name of the journalist Svenning Dalgaard – who works for Danish TV2 – and I was given a potentially incredible strong pain to the backside of my left right leg, and I understood that this is because people trust in him without knowing his dark side (I was shown how he has exchanged his number plates, and that is trying to conceal your previous activities of darkness to the world, Svenning (?), but you do know, that I will NOT have behaviour like this!), and just like what I have done myself.

I was shown several visions of playing table tennis and no matter what I do, the ball is smashed against me and I don’t have a chance to return it, which is to say that this process cannot be done without the help of God, which corresponds to ships being set on fire without burning.

I was shown how an IT-central of darkness is closing down and switching off one final time, and hereafter I was shown that I can now win table tennis again with darkness embracing me making it difficult to move and play.

I was given a new spiritual experience showing how dark rings were now being sent out from my field of vision, which is God returning darkness as the world sends to God, and this behaviour of man was also killing me too.

I was told that now I will not prepare food anymore (i.e. create life), which also will be outsourced in our New World, where everyone will become a creator in her/his own right.

I was told that it was an experiment to carry out these changes of our world while I was alive knowing about the pain I had to go through, and this was compared with the operation of Nazi “doctors” carrying out experiments on people while they were alive.

I was told that Karen is inconsolable, which is why I sleep only little and continue receiving more work these days.

Can you change your living room without knowing it (?), yes we just received a fax saying that we are coming up too, and this will have to be about all previous worlds now inside of me (because of the symbol of old fashioned technology).

The main thing is that we now cannot run anywhere, and this is coming just before the great inflow of love soon will begin, and I felt that this is about the last gate opening the 12th December.

I was told that it is because of Karen that we are now bringing forward Riedel glasses – the finest wine glasses, which is – and flowers too, and this is without any pain given to my left ankle.

We can make you taste ice cream and chocolate without eating it, but that would be cheating, don’t you agree (!), yes!

There is not light in the chandelier yet, and yes we are also looking forward to getting you home, Stig, and now only 12 days remaining, but they are VERY tough I have to say.

It is not your birthday yet, but now we are inside of you, we understand that we are now only waiting for you, and yes to the right of me it will have to be my new self, who is deciding to wait becoming my new self until the last day, December 21, and that is in order to collect everything “perfectly” beforehand.

And yes it is 06.40 now and I have finished the work by now as I was given, and if I will start writing the chapter on creation (?), and no, I will not, I have collected a document of 20 pages including information from the last weeks of scripts, which I will have to structure in different chapters and thereafter write it, and yes it will be “impossible” or at least very difficult to do if I had all day everyday for one week feeling fresh, and now that I do not, I cannot do this work, but I can bring you the link to the document HERE and tell you that if you take what is right from the four chapters on creation marked with grey at the moment on the front page of my website and bring it together with information of this document, and you think carefully about what is right and wrong, you will get the true picture of creation as it happened.

I also brought this document on the front page of my website, herewith helping the world to get a better and more clearer view on creation even though it might still not be able for you to figure out (?), but now this improvement is done making the rest of the journey maybe a little bit easier.

What would happen if the train did not drive as fast as it did (?) – because of his working efficiency – and yes, we have already been there, it would have meant the end of the world once again, but now you were too quick for darkness of the world to react against you, and I was given a small heart attack and told that maybe one of these would have been successful and yes if not killing you, but sending you on hospital making you stop work, which would quickly make darkness take over carrying out its agenda to end the world, which would not have looked nice, and yes otherwise if you had accepted your “old nightmare” with Vivian as the cover of the spirit of my mother, it would also have brought us directly into the pot of Hell, where we could only decide to start all over again and yes unless God would be able to create our New World including all previous life as I have been told, and yes how would he/I be able to do this without knowing what went wrong in creation via my journey (?), and yes we will soon find out what was right and wrong of the information given to me.

You have now received our new invention too, which is about how the spirit of your mother enters the closet of the Source without risking to harm me or life in general, and yes we found it on our way.

Now it will only feel like the pain of removing the price label if you cannot make it right until the end.

Dreaming of working with confidence but I don’t have time to finish everything

I was awake maybe until 09.00 and I decided to take a nap on the sofa, and was not stopped from sleeping today, and before I knew of it, I had slept most of the time until 17.00, and let us see if I can read the notes of my dreams:

  • I am working at an old red department of DanskeBank-Pension, and Lars G. asks if I have put these files on archive here, which I confirm while cleaning up. At Jens Ove’s office at the other end, there is a fine espresso coffee machine, which everyone uses. There are some Swedish ladies that I am not interested in. Later I am working with much self confidence, I have professional knowledge as the others don’t, and I tell them that I will ALWAYS reject a memo of only 1½ pages (because if it not thorough enough). Lars G. has written a memo, which I have not had time to read, and we keep on working until 21.00 where Kristen brings a watch and something about signing to get out. The next morning at 08.00 I have a meeting with a business client together with a branch of Danske Bank, and I have still not had time to read Lars’ memo, which I could have used here, I am nervous because I should be the expert, but I am not updated on professional knowledge. Jens Ove speaks at the meeting about headlines of one of the brochures of the bank, and I am more impressed by a young man from the branch actually leading the word. I am smoking shortly before I put out the cigarette again. 
    • I am still going through the last darkness, which this symbolises. Jens Ove was the old manager of the department, he is a LinkedIn connection to me and sees my updates, and he shares coffee, i.e. warm feelings, from his office, so he might believe in me. I work with confidence because no one is stopping me in real life. Kristen is darkness bringing the watch to say that we are about to be out of time, and I cannot make all of my work to my website or on chemtrails for that matter, which annoys me, and the dream about the meeting tells you to never attend a meeting unprepared or only having superficial knowledge as Jens Ove.
  • I woke up freezing, which is sign of termination, and was told “before the completion of theatre”, which will have to be before the end of this game.
  • I am disappointed to see that my old friend Henning W. cannot clean the kitchen, but he likes to eat the Danish pastry bars, which I have bought and that is instead of having lunch. Even though I am busy, I have promised to clean up the kitchen before going back to work, and I tell Henning that I would like to make the Edge’s airy guitars, which Henning understands. My sister’s husband Hans has downloaded hundreds of music videos, which first plays wrongly, but when I reset the playing order, it works fine, and the videos of David Bowie starts playing. 
    • I am continuing to clean up the kitchen of our New World, and this will have to be no. 3 and 4, and I do it without receiving help from my family/friends etc., who would otherwise have been woken up to help me if I could not, and the airy guitars of the Edge from U2 is to say that my goal is still to do creation “perfect”, and this is because the sound of the Edge’s guitars when played live is the best guitar sound I have ever heard and I am told “almost like dreaming” and yes the Edge is “dreaming” too? And again, it is here said that Hans has faith in me with David Bowie still symbolising God. And “Pride (in the name of love)” by U2 is an example of this guitar sound of the Edge, but you really have to be present at Stadium in order to get the feeling of this “airy” guitar sound being all over the air (I have often dreamt about having a stereo equipment, which could generate this feeling at home), and yes this is a symbol of the “air” of our New World of only joy.

Our New World is created by the spirit of my mother bringing her greatest love to everyone

I was told that the Lord is now home, otherwise I would not be able to go through this sleep. We have made bridges reaching over here while you were sleeping (!) because you decided that everyone of our New World shall be able to see God.

I cannot get the new duvet up without help” and I continued saying “you are welcome”, but eehh, is there anymore to receive now after having received the terminator of God? Later I felt my inner self to the right of me and I was told that it is my task then to bring in the last, so maybe a few things we still need to bring.

It is also from out there that the New World arrives. Because I – as God – am nothing, remember?

I have been wondering for days if Elijah – and maybe John too – don’t like my direct language telling the truth straight out to shout out deaf people (?), and then he does what Africans do, which is simply to stop communicating, and yes showing the way of the Devil this way.

Well, we cannot get in without going through all darkness separating “me” from the outside from “him” on the inside, so this is what we are still doing.

Isn’t the gift for my mother that it will feel like being born again?

I was told about what should have been “the incredible rare skin disease, psoriasis, which was never meant to be as widely spread as it became, which it did by coincidence, and of course also to destroy your mother, i.e. the world, and yes directly from the Source who could not bear to see this development as I am told but the only way to do it in the hunt for perfect creation with sustainable life.

Karen will be serving coffee, i.e. to spread her love to the world as my mother has done too.

My mother was feeling better today, so I was invited for dinner, and she has now bought the new album “Adagio” by the Danish singer Ann-Mette Elten, where Ann-Mette “breaks out” from her image as a good pop singer from the band “På slaget 12” (“on the stroke 12”) since the 1980’s and shows the full range of her beautiful voice, and yes so beautiful that my mother the first 10-20 times continue to express her ENTHUSIASM of just how fantastic this album is, and yes I have NEVER seen my mother more happy about any music before (!!!), and it is also truly great and very surprising that Ann-Mette has hidden her true beautiful voice for so many years, and yes this is about the greatest love of my mother self creating our New World, which is given here to my mother, and from my mother to the world, which is what my mother on the other side is saying and yes thank you my friends, and my own inner self was also in over this, and now I believe that it is about time – on the stroke of 12 o’clock – to go “home to Århus”, which is Ann-Mette’s and “På slaget 12” greatest pop hit from the 1980’s and yes we know HOME TO OUR NEW WORLD, which this is about.

I felt how darkness of my mother still was coming to me and how I had to absorb it instead of “paying back” with the same coin, which would have started the destruction of my mother and the world, and again I felt just how strongly the world is going to appreciate the survival of the world because of this attitude of mine, and yes really my spiritual friends helping me, but we know Stig it was your decision as a human being to take on these sufferings, and yes there were other people, the entire world, taking on sufferings, but and we know ….

And even though the strongest feeling today it is almost over, I still receive speech about the WORST and STRONGEST sexual torment imaginable and that is because this was how the connection was of the world to the Source.

We had a nice evening as usual, and John is looking better and better as I told him and also that this bring calmness because when he was not doing well, it made my mother EXTREMELY NERVOUS around the clock, and yes I felt how it is to be together with a man, who could die every minute, which is really something that can go on your nerves, but both John and my mother came through this because this is what I decided that they should – which I hope is also the case about my father’s family, and yes Inge has not returned to my site making me somewhat nervous – and this made John say “but I am still sick” and I felt his anxiety about dying, and I could have decided to say something, which I did not, and yes we are still playing a game, therefore.

I was shown myself “around the corner” arriving with the world, and that is because as the Source, I am nothing.

I wrote down a few notes on my telephone, which made my mother say “what do you do with that phone all of the time – do you receive messages” (?), and yes she does not like it, and when asked if I had been to the swimming hall, I told her that I have not been there for three days, or is it four (?), and yes I have to keep being up on the beat to be able to continue the game, and yes she also asked me if I would like to see the new film “the hobbit”, and I said yes, and then she said “I don’t know if I can say this, no I cannot ….” but after a few seconds she said that “maybe you would like to see it with Tobias because he would like to see more of you”, and yes of course, fine by me as I said, and it made me wonder the way that my mother said this, which she “did not like”, and is this because the real truth is that my family is still speaking about me behind my back as “crazy”, and Tobias would like to “help me” (?), and maybe the dreams about Hans believing in me are not the truth (?), and yes I don’t know, but this is how this story was.

Last week, the body of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was exhumed and tissue samples were taken to be tested for signs of poisoning by the radioactive element polonium-210. As I wrote then, rumors have circulated since Arafat died in 2004 that this was not a natural death, that he was murdered by hostile agents from Israel.

I was told that the investigation of Yasser Arafat’s body to check if he was poisoned, is part of the opening of our New World.

I was told that it has been with the deepest sorrow every single time when we, i.e. God and the world, have not been able to survive.

I received the name “Chaunsey”, which “rings a bell” somewhere, and isn’t this from a movie, and yes here it came, thank you my spiritual friends, and of course it is Peter Sellers and his character of “Chaunsey Gardiner” from the film “being there”, and as he says “all will be well in the garden” and “there will be growth in the spring”, and this is about the GARDENER of God about to wake up bringing “growth” to everyone (and the film also tells the story of how it is “impossible” for people of today to understand) :-).

I was shown an island and that everything underneath the palms hiding it, it has been built – I was shown a row boat on the balcony of one apartment – and a LARGE ship in the harbour, which is to say that everything of our New World is ready, and now only has to be revealed.

To my surprise, I received a 1/5 out of this world pain to my right ankle and I was here given a small heart attack and told “we could also give you one of these” and I was told that the reason is also because of Jette’s fear/concerns about me meeting the terminator, and yes this is bringing strength to darkness of the terminator, and it is really about being strong, so when my family/friends etc. are not (as strong as I would like), this is what they do, and of course against their wish.

No, he is not a mummy – he is not build in – anymore, which will have to be about my new self.

I heard darkness say “they have to go into the mud”, and no they have not – I still have to reject requests/orders like this when they come up to the surface as they don’t as much anymore – and I was shown a bridge over the mud to lead what is to the right of me to me and that is by now if necessary, but no, we are not finished working, and we know Stig, night and day seems to turn around again, and no, I am NOT going to start working on the story of creation here at 02.15 in the night after having finished and uploaded the script of today, and yes because this is NOT how I work, and no, I am not that tired and do not suffer that much, but I am NOT starting this big work like this, so therefore I will decide to relax and see if I can get into a good rhythm with sleep and exercise and also work.

I was told from right that there is no one like you who can make us stab your heart, which will have to be about the power of the terminator.

Google Earth shows David fighting Goliath as I fight the terminator to turn him around – and darkness of the world

The Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show the sun coming from the father with angels looking, David fighting Goliath as I fight the terminator to turn him around (and darkness of the world), and the Monster-snow-man sent cold weather and show today.

FB 091212 Jette 1

FB 091212 Jette 2

FB 091212 Jette 3

FB 091212 Jette 4

FB 091212 Jette 4b

FB 091212 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Fanny – and also Stone – shared this message having great support in Denmark as well as in other countries, which is an encouragement to think about this before donating money to development countries, which is that in Denmark we have children going to bed without sleeping (I am sure that they can be counted on maybe one or two hands, and how many millions are there in Kenya as just one of MANY countries?), and elderly and sick people not receiving medicine (which will also have to be very few also because the state subsidises medicine here) and mentally sick people and troops without proper equipment, “but we donate millions to other countries instead of helping our own first”, and yes this must be written from one simple minded and ignorant person not really knowing about how DREADFUL living conditions are for MANY millions in the world having absolutely nothing, and this speaks to the inner best of for example Fanny and Stone believing that “of course this is right” and yes here you have selfishness again, which is to first and foremost help yourself, your family and your country before helping anyone else, and yes I am still wondering ….!

FB 091212 Fanny

  • Not many days ago, Messi thought that his injury was “serious”, but as in a miracle, he was up and playing again today, and yes he did the miracle, which no one thought was possible, which was to go all the way and defeat an undefeatable record and now he is the most scoring man ever after now having scored 86 goals in 2012 against Gerd Müller’s 85 goals in 1972, and yes this is symbolising what I did not giving up, but continuing to score all the way home. Thank you very much, Messi :-).

EB 091212 Messi


10th December: Uniting the Source of my father and the world of my mother as ONE, and Karen is another part of myself!

Uniting the Source of my father and the world of my mother as ONE, and Karen is another part of myself!

I was told that we are now going through the apocalypse, which would be the complete and final destruction of the world if it was not because we decided to create our New World and save the old.

During much of the night, I received “half sentences”, so we will have to see how this is going to look like in this script.

What about dinner, father’s and mother’s family, no they love you all, which is how it is, but still misunderstandings and uncontrollable negative feelings were a challenge to love you know.

We are not going to paint any more blood on.

I have been shown myself as the spirit of my father/the Source infested with blood as a dog or wolf in torment and about to die, which was our foundation to save the world, and yes just before destruction you know.

So we will go directly from the ship to the Ferris wheel with no errands on the way (me deciding to do WRONG actions of darkness), and no it does not look like it.

In reality your mother is not dead sick, and that is at least not what is underneath her as her new self.

The 5th October was the date when we were able to see the end of darkness coming and that is the end as you are now going through my friend.

We don’t have any breakfast on the table without the bitch there, i.e. the spirit of my mother and the New World.

What she, i.e. the spirit of my mother, did was to divide us in two halves, male and female, and without her, we cannot make the whole New World work, so we had to bring her in.

And it is the spirit of my mother and the New World, which is now coming to my rescue to help me survive too, and yes as the last one about to die.

So this is also about uniting the spirits of my mother and father into one again, into a WHOLE of the world.

I was shown pure yellow cream streaming in through a hole to the Source, which is making this whole ascension possible.

It is first when we get all the way home that he has warm clothes for the ones freezing, and yes we have to believe in that, i.e. no terminations as the final result.

It is not easy to be allowed to get in there – the Source – and to build our house inside there after all we have been through. And I kept receiving resistance to continue/enter as usual.

So this is about your mother and father now starting to become ONE again, and yes difficult for you to take emotionally and in this case you have only one answer, please do what is best according to light.

Isn’t it funny that we have used sexuality to unite what was lost originally and yes when the heart was breaking, and now when we become one again, we don’t need sexuality but still has it as a cover over our true selves, and I am told that what is underneath is so much more beautiful but this is up to man to discover as you decided. I was told that this merger is also part of “it has to be perfect”.  We would give our right arm, i.e. a large part of creation, to achieve this goal, but no, you decided that everything has to be perfect so this is what it becomes.

And when we are one, it is really impossible to connect sexuality as we have done, but this was the task you asked us to do, yes do the impossible, which is what I did as Stig going through darkness giving me sufferings “impossible” to go through, and had I not been able to do this, we would have sacrificed the new setup of sexuality, but since you made it, we did this, and yes if the truth has to get out, we also do believe that man will find it alright to continue being men and women even though they know that they are all part of the One (not divided into two genders).

I was told that Jack has been discharged from his position and this decision gave me more sexual torments as a result – and here a small heart attack – and this should have occurred approx. at the time when I discovered the name of the passage leading up to my home, which is “the end of the world”, and I was even told that the order came from USA, and yes is this a message by light or darkness (?), I don’t know, but it is 100% accurately what I was just told.

So what happens when you make love (?), well you make love to yourself deciding if you are going to become male or female, or that will have to be your off-spring and yes we know Stig, this is not told you very accurately because you do make love to your partner, right, because you will be ONE full person (no gender) meeting another full person (no gender) and …

He does not want us if we smell of buttermilk, which is to say that the spirit of my father did not want the spirit of my mother to return if we had not cleaned her perfectly from wrong sexual behaviour, which this is about, the theme of this week.

This is why one of my testicles were almost eaten, and yes when I was a boy in Alberslund (between 1972-76) when it did not fall down into my PURSE – which it later did – and yes because of the view of the spirit of my mother and what it would bring me of sexual torments, and yes we had to say “alright let us do it” and it was not the easiest time to go through as a sexual being, who had to be tormented by the world via the spirit of my mother and yes collecting and returning all wrong sexual behaviour to me as my sufferings.

In other words, GOD is ONE as the combination of the spirits of my mother and father, and eeehhh we have now passed on the sceptre so to say to you and Karen, who are also one being, but divided in two, and this is how I understand it, so will I be making love to “another part of my self” as Karen or are we two individuals (?), and yes you will probably give me an answer on this during the day, and yes not easy to understand the first time because this is really “ground-breaking”.

If your mother was a sandbox, she was the part of creation, which went wrong, and it was the other “half” doing our best to bring her back. So darkness was out attempt to bring back the spirit of my mother as the lost part of creation.

You have drilled an endless small hole to let her return through the hole she once poured out from, and this is what we were willing to use a freezer full to “smash into this” and yes to let the rest return from where it came from, and by the way, this happened during the process of creation, and yes a “minor” error and this is under consideration to what otherwise could have gone wrong, because it was not without danger was it, Stig (?), and yes what you cannot see from these words is the fear given to me once again, “what if something goes wrong” or if I will lose it?

And the difficulties of calculating the angle of how to return a space shuttle from outer space to Earth is “nothing” compared to the creation of life.

This is what we mean by ONE HEART.

This made us give up producing telephone numbers, i.e. life, but we were forced to do it and really against our wish when the spirit of my mother “tricked” us with her sexual invention, and yes this is really the story of creation.

And we were really worried if she would let “strangers” (“wrong creation”) enter us, and that is because we did not want to jeopardise all of our mission and yes to become/create perfect life.

I was told by the spirit of my mother of darkness “no, we don’t want to play this sexual act anymore”, and I was given a weak feeling of joy to unite.

And I feel and am told that this is the last part of darkness entering me from right and I heard “what have they filled you with”, which is from what went wrong in creation.

And this is done without a new bathroom, so you decided to play “high stakes” to get everything back just the way you/I had created it, and yes to remove all darkness becoming part of creation, and this was the basic idea, and this is the inside of the Source speaking to the last part of darkness of the spirit of my mother returning.

This is because we cannot make a steak with béarnaise without you (the Source of the spirit of my father is not complete without the spirit of my mother), and this is why she was afraid to lose her life because she felt that she was part of something bigger with the risk to be cut off with new life taking her place instead.

Yes, if we had to do a New World without the knowledge of how to save you (if I had not gone through my journey), we would have created a new bathroom, which will have to be kitchen, right (?), and let you enter through the back road so to say.

So even if there were parts not getting the aeroplane on time, we would know how to bring everything.

Why don’t you play PIPES OF PEACE by Paul McCartney because our pipes are now perfectly clean, and we love this song all of us :-), so this is what I did here (and again I only received one “like”, which was from Jette, and it makes me very sad how people decide to ignore me because of whatever reason they may have):

FB 101212 Stig

And yes, how would life look like with people having no sexual organs (?), and this is what we will show you too, and do you know what people will choose (?), and I feel yes together with a big smile.

Because there is far too much loss of quality when transferring life sexually, isn’t there (?), and we know Stig, don’t take things for granted in anticipation.

I was told that this is what “our lady” now realises, which is that she wanted to return to the Source to become part of THE ONE again. This is what we mean by the bridge we had created. And yes now I remember what happened ….

I received pain to my right eye not being able to keep it open and I was told that it might be that you had to be eliminated again before we could get you in, and yes the elimination of this world before it would become part of our New World if I could not go through my journey.

And it is us, the Source, saying that we only can take sexuality up to a certain level, which is what “sexual decency” is needed.

As we have said, it is not possible to turn right (to darkness), and to return from there, but we decided to never give up, and to do what was needed/what we could to bring all life – as much as we could – back.

I felt Johannes Hect-Nielsen, the Mayor of Helsingør, and received a very weak heart again, and was told that this is because you have taken all of the system in, and that is of the secret/undercover world, and yes the terminator you know, and with the role that Johannes plays in my scripts, my guess is that he has played the undercover role working against me behind my back and yes to “protect” Helsingør from a “potential Breivik”, Johannes?

I received a giant sneeze not knowing if the world is still sacrificing as this symbolises.

I was asked to say hello from the sewing club, which Jack’s mother is part of too, and this is about sewing new clothes, i.e. life, so Evy, a surprise is coming to you too about whom you really are.

For days I have been told that the “conflicts” of Egypt is about the Suez Canal as a transport road of oil, and yes my dear friends of the secret government of USA, maybe you would like to talk about your role in this too, which I am here told is also bringing me sexual torments, and yes part of the terminator this is.

I was told that bringing in this darkness is the 4th one, and as usual I still receive MUCH negativity wanting me to say the absolutely, worst things, and that is at least on the surface because should I did into it, I would probably be saved by the bell.

We were afraid that you would have set up barbed wires to make it impossible for us to enter, and yes us still inside the backside of my left right leg.

I was told something likes; ship, he will be chocked, because we are even smaller than ….

No my mother is not a mummy, she became part of the air meaning that there are no mortal remains of her from her life as Virgin Mary.

Darkness said that you owe me a goal keeper, and I said no (!), and yes Stig it was something about distribution/volume which went wrong when the spirit of my mother “broke” off the Source. So her wedding plans was really to become united with your father again.

I was told that it was also me, i.e. the terminator, standing behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, and what happened (?), and I have not received an answer on this, but does it involve abuse of her?

I was shown the most extreme sex visions as I have ever been given; this is what it means to go through the terminator.

I was shown how everything of a hotel has been made into gold, and I was told that this is because of Karen.

A part of the game is now that I may not be able to get the last part of no. 4 with me.

At 09.00 I decided to take a new nap on the sofa, and this time I was allowed to sleep until 15.40, and yes still believing that my spiritual friends will keep me up if necessary, and these were the dreams:

  • Something about a giant party in my giant house, and I am about to turn on the stereo again. I don’t make love with a couple of ladies interested in me, a big fireworks is lid, but at the toilet, and something about a manager cleaning up, a duvet and there has been trouble. 
    • Fireworks at the toilet will have to be about making love as the tool of the terminator to destruct (wrongly created) life.
  • I am at work in Copenhagen, and visit a child about to die because the nurse has misunderstood the symptoms believing that nothing is wrong. A doctor helps out, and I tell him afterwards that I see both good and poorly working doctors. 
    • What is this about?
  • I am driving a Citroen Xantia and have received a parking ticket, which I cannot afford to pay. 
    • This car is belonging to Xander, Anne Linnet’s son, sending me darkness – as I understand it.
  • After the European Championships in handball for women, we are now at the World Championships, there are a lot of people, and I see how the national coach use a lot of time to answer questions from “ordinary people”, and after some time he asks people to ask the assistant coach. I have papers and a couple take these papers. I have cut out delicious meat for them, but I don’t make it to give it to them. 
    • Sports is normally about the fight between light and darkness, and this couple was taking the time of the coach, and I felt that they are my old friends Pia & Peter, who still “cannot” find out how to reply/communicate with me, and the meat I would like to give them, is to bring them life, and the meat was really to Peter, whom I have kept alive and yes you may remember how we gave Peter a maximum of one year to live unless the lost weight and yes in 2008 I believe it was, and this is what we have done, and what did you bring me, Peter (?), and yes that is right, darkness, which could have killed me.
  • I had an explicit dream of Helena and someone else participating in an Japanese porn movie, and I will not tell details of this, only say that it included the sexual tool of God as the terminator, and Japan is part of this, you know. 

When I woke up, my reaction was that I do hope that no life will be terminated, and that this is truly only a game we are going through.

I was told that Russia is at least as much an actor of the game of darkness.

I was told that keys have been included in the TV-series of Matador, and that is for me/us to go through this darkness, and this is why this series is repeated again these weeks on Danish national TV, and also why my sister “hates” it, and I love it, and yes my mother decided to love it too despite of my sister negatively influencing her.

After the sleep, I was afraid that my spiritual friends don’t help me out to keep me awake when needed, but on the other hand they always had, and can only hope and pray for that everyone will be saved at the end.

We could tell you that we are excited that you are back (after sleep) and we are still welcome – and I was told that it is impossible to come through the sexual darkness of the terminator, and this is the only way to do it.

For days I have been told about the JUMBO BOOKS of Donald Duck, which I also read much of as a child, and JUMBO is really about my arrival as “the elephant”.

JumboBogTestDonald Duck feared the end of the world in 2012, but it is the
beginning of our New World instead of termination, Donald

I was told that the handbag (of the Devil) is not quite closed yet as the handbag of Marianne Jelved symbolises.

We may not deliver everything for your final exam” (of life from inside darkness), to which I could only say “not approved – no matter what!”.

I felt darkness to my right and was told that we would like to say goodbye now, Stig, and again, No (!), I will NOT allow you.

I was told that you were never meant to go through this.

And continue writing your scripts can only ease sufferings little, and I was shown how this extremely small area of the last inside darkness is now being pressured down with a nail board.

We know that it sounds crazy, Stig, but you and Karen are made of the same material, and yes can you become partners as wife and husband, and why not, because you are ONE?

We have and are still going through the biggest cold buttermilk soup of all (buttermilk is “sexual torments”), and he is still standing there, which is the greatest message of love you can imagine, and yes of God, because otherwise you would have been dead a long time ago.

I was told that clairvoyants are afraid of me because they feel darkness in relation to me without understanding why, and yes how can Stig be Jesus, because he radiates darkness, right (?), and you did not “care” to understand the simple fact that I am going through your darkness too to save us all?

When working, I felt how I again entered the room to the outermost of my right, and I said “no one is going to die” and was told “well, is he coming there again”, and yes if we want to survive, and yes please, but not without …..

It will not end up with you as God saying with a smile “come to me all of you small dogs”, and this is what I was told when I started writing the script of today by 18.25. and yes confirmation that there will be no termination as the end result.

There was so little bleeding of the world that people of the secret government of USA and Russia too did not pay much attention and yes decided to continue the game, instead of “taking over” from me to help me out knowing about what is happening (if the bleeding had been even more visible), and this is how we were able to play the game all the way to the end.

The last couple of days, I have often been given the taste of Champagne, which is still about celebration because of what we are now about to finalise.

I went to town at 19.00 and was surprised to see when the small train did NOT stop at my local Højstrup Station – I had to push a button to make it stop (!), and yes first time this is happening – so I had to walk the approx. 20 minutes.

I was shown the break up of a cycle lock, and this is about the New World “breaking up” the access to the Source behind this darkness of the terminator, and I was shown a large warehouse with all shelves including the New World and only a very little part where I am standing does not, so it is the power of the New World we use to break in, and this causes some temporary terminations.

I was wondering if the physical world is entering a dark hole now making the world afraid (?), and yes if you don’t have faith in me?

I was happy to have a UFO – space ship I know – following me on my walk, and it showed itself as a rescuing helicopter and yes because of extreme darkness/negativity also holding me down, and I received so much darkness/negative speech that I was afraid of sending it out to this and other UFO’s. Later I was shown this UFO again, and then behind, another “hidden” UFO suddenly gave a flash of light and I was told that now we only wait to be photographed, and this is when we will all enter our New World and yes automatically receiving my pure heart without having to do anything yourselves.

I was thinking that for some time I have had the viewpoint of being the Source behind darkness and when I was shown myself playing table tennis, which was impossible to win, it could have been as the Source because the New World is MUCH stronger than I when there is now almost no darkness remaining.

I am still almost going slightly mad (!) when I receive notes to write down on my phone because of the many times it takes to “open” the window of the programme on the phone to write instead of being grey where I cannot write, and yes I counted one of the times, and I had to push the window 31 times (!!!) before I could write, and annoying is not the word, but only if I allow it of course, which I do not, and yes at night when writing down dreams, my spiritual friends still help me so the phone almost always work the first time, and that’s life here, still ….!

I was told that it was a similar situation 2,000 years ago as now, which was pushing me as Jesus out over the abyss.

I was happy once again to receive news from Meshack now when he has access to free Internet, and I was thinking that it must be exciting to him – finally – to experience another capital in a foreign country, and yes Meshack and LTO, you are going to see the world very soon J. And I like MUCH that you speak out directly, so people can understand.

Meshack email 101212

I was told that I could also have begged darkness for mercy, but no, this is NOT how we play, because I am the strongest, and it goes without saying that it would have been WRONG to be submissive to darkness, which would only have misused the situation, which would be the same of me allowing it to start destruction – and yes despite of my strongest feelings of doing so because it was really so MUCH stronger than I.

Despite of the sleep I get, I am still very tired and I only work with GREAT disgust, but I will also make it to publish this script, and yes it is too late to start giving up now.

I was told that once again we have now returned to the back of the room here (to my right) and there is really nothing to bring anymore, and do you want to bring that too (?), but he does not know that it exists if we don’t tell him, but since he is now here, IT IS NOT EMPTY YET and yes there is still MUCH life here wanting to come with you, so where do we start, do you want to come and yes a big aggressive gorilla it was, but he will become light too, and this is how it is.

Finally, at 01.35 I had finished and published the script also of today, and if I am looking forward to exchanging this miserable life with a new life of light (?), and yes first of all I am looking forward to sufferings to stop.

Google Earth shows God with an ice-tap, sexual torments with Santa kissing mother and destruction because of misbehaviour

The selection of Google Earth pictures of Jette’s Facebook group show God with an ice-tap dagger through his throat, a BIG head, sexual torments with Santa kissing mother, and destruction because of misbehaviour of man.

FB 101212 Jette 1

FB 101212 Jette 2

FB 101212 Jette 3

FB 101212 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Scribd is showing temporary terminations of the days, when it “cannot” show the number of visitors – November 30, December 6, 7 and 9, and as predicted I received a great increase in the number of visitors to our Dadaab memo (the green line) the 8th December, and yes even though I wrote that this is what it would be like.

Scribd 1012 incl 0912

  • This is the FIRST time ever I have seen “life signs” of my old friend Lotus, who has been “silent” for 2½ years in relation to me, and this is about LIGHTING, which she finds “super beautiful”, and yes our new light is really what this symbolises.

FB 101212 Lotus

  • Torben has made new music of “love and oneness”, which he will launch on the day of “love and oneness” when the last gate to our New World will be opened.

FB 101212 Torben

  • Helena said that it is good for man to believe in something divine, but it is not good for man to make other people divine, and when I folded out this post, it said that it had four comments, but to me there was only three, and it might be because Helena in her comment said “I don’t believe in God’s, Søren”, so she was here speaking to Søren Pind, who commented this post, which he knows that I cannot see after he decided to block/report me (?), so now he dares to be back on Facebook (?), and yes Søren, this is POOR BEHAVIOUR (!), and by the way, did you finish your book (?), and yes Helena thinks that it is good to have a God to forgive you, and that is if you are alone/lonely making you feel less alone, and yes she also believes that it can make people become evil because if everything goes wrong, you have your divine God forgiving everything (!); and yes this is what she truly said, and she does not know that it was her kind of behaviour, which made “everything go wrong”, and yes I forgive you and your evilness, which you don’t know about (yet), Helena – and that goes with you too, “invisible Søren”.

FB 101212 Helena

  • I have been told about “coins” and here Helena said that Oskar does not believe that you pee in bed, if you play with fire, which is symbolic speech meaning that “you will destruct life when acting as a Devil setting the world on fire”, and Søren (this one I can see) said that the coin reveals that Helena teaches him about physics, and this is to say that I did not pay back with the same coin as you, Helena, which would have burned down the world, and yes Helena said that Oskar is also wild about the submarine symbolising her strong darkness.

FB 101212 Helena 2

  • And when speaking of coins as a subject, this post says that “Jette has opened to the magic ball of Lost Bubble”, and this is what Jette helped me to do via her work, and that is to open to the magic ball of God.

FB 101212 Jette

  • Selvet said that many experience to sleep very little at the moment especially within the last month, which they believe is about the intensified in-flow of energy up to the 21st December without knowing that this is to protect the world against darkness, so it seems that I am not the only one having difficulties sleeping, and yes my mother also often lye awake the half night as she has told me.

FB 101212 Selvet

  • Manyar told about his poetic father telling his son “My dear son – every time something evil hits you in life – be brave – take the evil in your hands, transform it, use it for something good – and first then you will have won and learned what life wants to lean you”, and yes sounding exactly as what I have done transforming darkness to light (!), and he continued “sit down with people, who are pure, honest and brave – people knowing the difference between living life or surviving life – I want you to live life – therefore I have set you free – for you to explore life and become who you are”, and “the art is to find calmness in chaos – it is not boasting to create more chaos in chaos – this is not bravery – when you do something you are not afraid of”, and this is really both a message from his father to Manyar, but also a message about my road, where I am now being set free because I am pure, and that is because the art was to find calmness in chaos as I did and helped my mother to come through, and I have been “prepared” to write my comment to this message when I have been told about the courage it took to speak against the evil world of the secret government of USA and evilness of Russia, China, Japan, France and Israel as examples. His father also said “Fine my son – take care and come soon to visit me – my heart cannot take that you are so far away”, and this is about my heart as the Source now “ticking/beating” the last times as my old self before the New World of my Son, i.e. my physical self as Stig, will return to me, and yes “something like this” is how it has to be, and yes Stig, you cannot be 100% sure about what you write, but this is the game and sometimes you simply have to decide what to say and other times it comes from us. I told Manyar that these were wise words of philosophy, and also that he and everyone else soon can forget all about “the evil” in a world, which hereafter only will consist of “the good” and I wished also him a merry Christmas, which this is connected with, and we know, he is a Muslim, but I was told that he still has faith in me, funny right?

FB 101212 Manyar



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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