December 12, 2012: Receiving the key to Paradise from “spade ace” of darkness and entering the diamond of our four-divided world


Summary of the script today

11th December: SAGA wrote “the chapters” of 16 songs over a time span of 25 years telling the story of saving the world!

  • SAGA wrote “the chapters” of 16 songs over a time span of 25 years telling the story of saving the world with the help of people of other civilizations – and Albert Einstein being “the one” :-).
  • I continued recreating more terminated life from my journey from the start until the end, which I did not bring the first time around, and I was somewhat nervous not to save everything, but this is what I am still told that we will in the end, and this is what I was given a sign about already on Commercial School in 1984! Life was terminated even without sending a warning as the world would also had ended in silence because darkness of the world has met me with complete silence.
  • I was shown the crib of my new self at the most inner, and another crib being brought next to it, and this is Karen’s crib as another part of me.
  • Dreaming of Helsingør Commune attacking me as darkness with new demands of the Jobcentre, and darkness still wants to extract energy from me and comes to me so strongly that it arrests me (while sleeping).
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show people at the hair-dresser (spiritual communication), more darkness coming from the right and distraction of a typhoon to avoid destructions.
  • Short stories of living the last days in darkness before the light will open, people of the Old World could NOT apologize before it’s too late, darkness of Helena should be burning down the world, darkness now is as strong as the Predator, the psychiatric system of the world is making people and me sick, darkness brought a lung infection to Nelson Mandela, you have to work thoroughly, agree and work together on ONE solution – and to base it on LOVE, the mirror people “cannot” look into, my new bicycle symbolising the opening of my new self should arrive before Christmas, and Torben has faith in channelled messages of Matthew saying that you will not “experience something dramatic” on December 21 and “cannot” read/understand me.

12th December: Receiving the key to Paradise from “spade ace” of darkness and entering the diamond of our four-divided world

  • I stayed awake a new night, and brought my posting to SAGA’s Facebook group telling “the true story of SAGA and “the Chapters” and that it’s time for these to end with the opening of our New World. This was helped to bring extreme darkness to me, which brought me the spade of ace now surrendering, and it is also to help Turkey to help achieving faith in me.
  • The spirit of my mother continues to enter the Source, and brings tools of the Source needed for creation.
  • Today, the 12-12-12, I decided to join Torben’s video session with many others watching his new music in order to “raise vibrations”, which brought me the key of the last darkness of “spade ace”, which was used to open up to Paradise inside of me, and it brought the end of the bringing together of our four worlds and the finalization of the creation of the diamond in the middle, which my inner self now is taking place inside of this to drive it. I was told that this key to Paradise was in the possession of darkness, which only had one goal, which was to destruct the golden book of life and existence self, and we went through a “calculated risk” of losing existence self as part of my journey if darkness had succeeded to enter and to destruct.
  • I received the strongest pain ever of darkness to my the backside of my left lower leg, which is the pain of October 31 when the last darkness of the “spade ace” entered our New World at the Source to be cleaned, and I receive this as part of the game to see how much I could handle as my old self.
  • The Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show a window to the Universe, a mirror to send out the light, darkness of the “spade ace” tried to crack our New World, manipulated energy, and the monster of the European Union also bringing the sack to terminate life.
  • Short stories of many pictures of Helsingør being deleted symbolising (temporary) terminations of life, Steen the clairvoyant brings people in darkness when telling them that nothing will happen on December 21, Kirsten’s daughter Victoria believes that I am crazy, we are ending the train journey bringing the world to the other side, my Egyptian friend dreaming of Jesus still “cannot” use his ears in relation to me, Mauro Scocco declared that everything is now light, Henrik and the Old World is not celebrating about the coming of our New World, people will learn from their errors/misunderstandings “looking in the UNBEARABLE clear light of wisdom after the event”, it makes me VERY sad when seeing better-knowing people joking about the Judgment and December 21, and people do know that if Jesus was born in 2012 (!), the community would declare him crazy, a terrorist and also delete him on Facebook (!),  and Anna Karin shows that the EU is PURE DARKNESS helping to terminate life!


11th December: SAGA wrote “the chapters” of 16 songs over a time span of 25 years telling the story of saving the world!

SAGA wrote “the chapters” of 16 songs over a time span of 25 years telling the story of saving the world!

Another night of staying up, and we continue in the same track, so here we go:

No, I do not DARE to see what is coming now, and yes the next is a COMPLETE OPENING to the sun/light of our New World, and yes how many has seen this coming without saying anything (?), and yes Stig, this is why we here “terminated” your browser, so you had to start it again, and yes carry on, my friend.

The last days I have been out of ketchup, which I use as foundation of my gravies, which has made me do poorly tasting gravies as result trying to use other products, which is about poor quality of life, which I am now receiving, and if you saw what I am able to keep alive, and yes we know not much longer because he has started to relax and yes here at 02.15 and if he had not, I would tell him and yes not that important stories of how it was the same darkness forcing cancer upon my father – as it was to my mother, John and Inge – as what was trying to overtake me, and yes other “not important stories”, and yes seeing a cave man with beard here and that is God on the sky in the Google Earth pictures of yesterday, and yes, so it was.

I was shown how all connections of everything are now leading into me at the middle as “nothing”.

I was inspired to search for the last “not many” songs of SAGA not uploaded to Grooveshark, and I found a website including all songs – sadly we still speak of MP3 files here, but there will come a day when EVERYTHING will be available in the BEST quality (!) – and I understood this as a symbol of searching for more life at the room to my right and yes searching the whole road where I went back and forwards again and again as I am shown here, which is really what we have done, and yes lifting every stone to find an Old World here and there also to join us.

And when I found the live recording of “The Chapters” (the link also includes the studio recording of the 16 chapters), I understood that this band is really UNIQUE in the sense that it is written songs as “chapters” on a number of different albums for a period of 28 years (!) to tell a story basically about saving the world with the help of people of other civilizations, and to do this, they had to bring back Albert Einstein to life because he was “intelligent” enough to do this (!), and yes the insect on many of their albums, who is the main character of these chapters, is called “Harold the locust”, and he is supposed to be Albert Einstein, and yes what an “imagination” to have from these young men and Jim Chrichton especially, and you may understand that there is a connection to me via this band?

111212 Saga the chaptersSAGA wrote “the chapters” of 16 songs over a time span of 25 years telling the story of saving the world with the help of people of other civilizations – and Einstein being “the one” 🙂

111212 Saga the chapters 2You can read more about Albert Einstein, Harold the locust etc. here

So here is Chapter 13 from this journey of SAGA, which is “Uncle Albert’s Eyes” and yes that Albert, you know, the one!

I was thinking that bringing together the puzzle of these chapters over a long period of time is also symbolising the process of finding and bringing together all puzzles of everything to create our New World, and I was told that SAGA have seen that you have opened the pencil case and that not a pencil has been broken. Finally, I also felt people of other civilizations and was told that “it also connects to us out here”.

I was told “key” and “there are not going to be any newspapers there” and “has this process started now” and yes recreating terminated life while bringing the New World into the Source.

I was told that what we are doing now has already been done weeks ago (!), which is the creation of my mother’s bathroom, and later I was told that I was told this because of the killings/sacrifice needed in order to do this, and we know I will not go in details with this, but you are free to speak my spiritual friends if you want to speak of this.

We are going back to the first days of World War II – with the feeling that all lives lost of this war (too) is about the killings/sacrifices needed.

I was told that it was relatively quickly after the discovery of gold that we had to put them together to create the diamond in the middle, which you are receiving these days.

I was told that my promise to Elijah in 2009 (read book 2) to enter our New World would be the only way he could enter because he would not be able to show a clean heart – if he did not receive automatic access as everyone does now – herewith securing the survival of our world. And I was told that if “he”, i.e. the spirit of my father, had not been “very satisfied” we would have gone this way.

I was given the feeling of darkness and death and was told that we are now going to try to bring back people from death. And I was told from my right “well, no one has called yet” and again I was given the feeling that “this will be sorted out when we will open our New World”. Yes, you are a dock worker so you are allowed to come in, and this is darkness pretending to allow some and possibly block others from entering life of our New World, but my message is clear to you; EVERYONE has to enter and yes without a visa or anything because there are NO BORDERS here!

Later I was told that “we better be going home” and I felt a “fine, homosexual man” – a movie character – bringing a small dog (of life) and that is because I said it.

I was shown a VERY BUSY and impatient man running onto stage of theatre saying “please be patient” (even though the theatre was empty – we have not opened our New World yet) – and still with the feeling of this “simple minded” but humorous man because of his simplicity – and afterwards I saw him pouring out beer from beer bottles because this is where this life has been stored, and yes as “not meant to survive because it was not sustainable/cleaned” but this is what you have asked me to do, and there is only one man who can do it, and yes the Source as yours truly to my left, so this is what we will continue doing, and yes Stig my friend the very last of me as the old Source almost dying – and that is because we are not yet operating on our new selves including the Source of everything of our New World.

Can we bring him flowers”, said recreated life, and I saw the teacher Gustav Thoeni, and yes also terminations back then.

Is it my mother preparing the sandwiches” (?), and you might say that it is, but it is one level up to the Source self.

We have painted many kilometres of paint on the road because we did not know if you would ever come back, and yes we just have to lift you up from a grating here, and there you are, and yes they are all still here where I figured out that they had to be, and yes they could be no other places after I have searched.

We will at least give your mother a warning and “then you are free too”, and a warning is what this life wanted to give my mother before it was terminated but because of the silence of people/darkness, nothing was said, and yes life was simply terminated because of the attitude of man deciding to be “silent”, and this is how the world would have been completely wiped out, in silence, because this is how you wanted it when you “could not” tell the world about me and also not communicate with me, see?

I was told that it “hurts like hell” being terminated or was it coming back?

I was told that terminations was instead of giving you one of these, and then I received a small heart attack from my busy friend before he hurried back to save more life (in order not to destroy me), and yes we know, Stig, it is impossible for me to complete my work before December 21, and this is how it seems today, so I may not be able to do this 100% as my old self, but as much as possible is what we aim for.

And we know, Stig, I was not quicker than all darkness, otherwise there would be no terminations.

Now we don’t have to call to bring this life alive again, and “this was because of sin of that man” and it seems as if all of this life is given a key to bring back to the man in question responsible of terminations because of sins, and to let him understand the nature of his sin of his old life.

I was told that this liberated life is told that there is now a much better chance of survival and yes this is about the old rule of more than half of the world believing in me, which would make a New World become reality as this life knew about, and yes a long time ago that this rule was reality, because now everything will survive.

There is also a part of you here for the top of the rocket – or the Pyramid – and yes coming out of the Coca Cola bottle.

Don’t you want to hear what would happen if you declined access (?) – I am here given some pain to my right foot/ankle – and yes bring it please, and it is now 07.05 and I am not that keen to receive more information to say the least, but I was told that in this case we had to bring life in the other way around, and yes as I also understand you will do if we don’t make all work before the 21st.

And no, we will not launch a mortar attack now, and this is what we were intended to be used for, and yes life which would not survive would be “burned off” in order for surviving life to get to the Source in the middle.

And yes “we did not need to bring flowers then”, and isn’t it incredible that this darkness also had flowers build inside of it, and yes this is what I am here shown and told.

It was also up on a board meeting; “do we want to disturb him” (about terminations?) with the answer being “no”, and yes because I could not take on anymore than I did. And later I was told that terminations also came after I had been watching girls, and believe it or not, but we believed this would be the best way forward and that included the knowledge to save this life here at the end, and I was given a couple of ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, and yes AGAIN!

Do you have any more comments to the BLUE book (?), and yes you think of the book of Jesus/Stig about to being complete, and you think of the BLUE book we did at the end of my class on Commercial School in Helsingør in 1984, which I don’t have, but where my class friends wrote a chapter on me and they decided to include what I one day told Martin and Niels (not Olsen, but the other one) and that was my answer to a question if it is necessary to put a return address on an envelope, and I told – with all of my “wisdom” – that if the envelope does not return, it is not necessary, and yes they believed this was so funny that it had to be included in the BLUE book, and we here speak of May/June 1984, and en envelope is really to bring life to our New World and yes when you send out envelopes and none returns to sender, you have saved everyone, and this is what we almost felt certain would become the result and yes 28 years ago, and we know Stig you don’t know how we make this happen, this “magic” of ours, but you see we have a formula and now we have two as one with the return of your mother with the world. And yes we had all the addresses, so we have received no “return to sender”, but still this song is simply WONDERFUL, and wouldn’t you all like to see Elvis dancing and singing like this again and yes for real?

I was shown a crib with white see through curtains hanging around it and I was told that this is what we have saved at the most inner, and I was shown another crib being brought next to it, and this is Karen’s crib as another part of me.

And yes I am sometimes given EXTREME pressure to say “I don’t care about terminated life” and this is darkness wanting me to accept that what is lost is lost, but no, I have decided to keep tight and also to go up against this much stronger voice than mine and yes because I have promised myself to save every little thing, so this is what we are continuing to do, and more difficult to do than you can imagine.

I was shown an elephant coming to me at the harbour of Copenhagen unloading a giant amount of luggage of life because of this night and yes I continued downloading and uploading other music by SAGA to Grooveshark, which also included the World’s Apart Revisited live album and the Phase I album.

I was told that the spirit of my mother is still “pouring” into the Source.

Dreaming of Helsingør Commune attacking me as darkness with new demands of the Jobcentre

I took a new nap on the sofa and this time I slept from 10.00 to 14.50, and had these dreams.

  • I am sleeping in a squat down position outside on Rønnebær Allé in Helsingør, which the manager and employess of Helsingør Kommune don’t see, and as a result they attack me both physically and mentally, and they demand that I will write job applications. They throw me out of my apartment and into an apartment at Vapnagård of another lady, whom they have also forced against her will, and I tell them that I will also send a message of this unjust measure to politicians in Copenhagen, but they don’t seem to care. At the apartment, I am also given sexual torments/wrong temptations. 
    • This is about the Commune being so busy with theirs that they don’t see that I am “busy” or let us say occupied with other work, but this is their problem, they have not yet understood that I am NOT unemployed, but only need survival help for a period of time. Not one single has found the right answer that you are not unemployed. “Smart people”, right? So in other words, they are prepared to continue as if nothing has happened, and that is to get me a job (on their terms). I was told that the Mayor Johannes and the local MP Hans are more busy about “how will we look like in the media” and you are both my Facebook friends, so are you also thinking “can it really be that Stig is the one”? I was told that this is darkness working but they cannot hurt me and remove my cash help and that is because I do NOT spit out darkness as I was told, which remains inside the castle. And I was told that Bjarne – the director of the Commune – does NOT know me and is one of those typical manages deciding on things without knowing the details or people involved, and how does this make you feel, Lisbeth?
    • I woke up freezing, which is to say that terminations are on-going when I sleep, and it is nourished by the darkness of the Commune as example, and I also received “on the air” by SAGA again and the lyrics “I wanna be miles and miles away”, which is still the inner feeling of this darkness.
  • Something about calling to get through to Helena’s bathroom, which I believe is illegal.
  • I am visiting a new company providing loans, which is build on top of GE Capital Bank and their old employees. I have a meeting with them, and I discover that they have not implemented the insurance program to offer their customers insurance as part of their business setup, which we otherwise had agreed upon 2-3 years ago, and I tell this very clearly to the employees and the manager, who is Chase Gioberti from the TV series Falcon Crest, which makes everyone understand that it was carelessness of the employees and this manager as the explanation to this, and I tell them that we have to focus on getting this on place and then to carry on to the next point – and Chase has now become manager of the tax department so he will not work on this task. Later I have a meeting with another department of the company where I encourage Ole (from GE Capital Bank) and other managers to send out letters to customers offering this insurance without having retrospective effect, and all these people think of is “alright, this will make it possible to us to make more money”. While doing this work, the police arrives to arrest me for some reason, and I think that it is better that they catch me here instead of having to run, hide and wash at public swimming halls. 
    • This is about darkness still focusing on getting money, i.e. energy, but I will NOT give you any, and they are lazy/careless as you can see, which is characteristic to darkness, and darkness is also here catching me – because I sleep – which is taking away some of my own sufferings, which I otherwise would have to go through via symbolic visits to the swimming hall, and yes Stig, you would VERY MUCH like to do more, but when writing this script today, you cannot do more than you do based on your sleep and lack of energy, and so it is.
    • I woke up to an old favourite of the 1970’s, which was “Show Me The Way To Amarillo” by Tony Christie and the lyrics “Is this the way to Amarillo” (?), and this is where darkness would like to go, so NO; this is NOT they way (!), but this song is lovely.

I am bringing everything of the world inside of nothing of the Source before the end of time

I was shown Santa Claus riding in his sleigh in the sky, and I was asked “hvor skal vi hen du” (?) (“where do you want to do”?) and that was for the last life to return home.

No, you are not going to turn off any light or flower – a reply to darkness.

You have gone into extra time and received another son – or no. 2 via Karen – this is how it feels like, but what you are doing now does not feel good (?), and yes Stig you have decided to sleep when you are allowed to sleep, and wouldn’t it be better to stay awake to continue the process of saving life when being on my edge (?), and yes this is how it has been for a LONG time, and now you allow me to sleep (however not very well), so maybe this is what I need to figure out myself, and if this is a game where we will not save terminated life at the end, this will make me feel like a “clown”, but I TRUST that the STRONG messages I have received after reaching 360 degrees around everything that God really has already done this will be the truth, and yes I am still working on my edge sometimes, but if I knew that I was playing with life and death, I could have given a little extra,  and I hope that I will not come to regret these actions, and yes but it is “not much more but a little more” that I would be able to give. And later when writing this script, I felt that I am really (almost) going to my edge based upon the energy I have to do this work.

I was told that it still feels like sunken ships that we are lifting up.

I was told about “the meat city” of Copenhagen and told “think if we came with a meat-sausage, and open it and it is liquids running out, this is not how is going to be”, and yes I do hope you are right that everything will be saved in the end, or already have.

Darkness to the right of me asked me “we are not going to bleed anymore, Stig” (?), no (!), and yes it is alright then for you too to return (move savings) and it was here at 16.00 when I was looking into details of SAGA albums, and yes I believe I have uploaded close to 100% of what lacked of songs of this band, and that is without checking every single song, but as a symbol this is about making everything complete saving all life.

I also could not exercise today because of lack of sleep/energy, and I was happy to see that my aunt Inge is simply on Madeira visiting her son Jan, and yes she was kind to include me on her email list saying that they are good, and yes this was the only other thing she could be doing when not reading me, and I noticed that my father was on the email-list too, so apparently he is still alive too, and I am told that this is also a symbol of believing that life has passed away as in “terminations”, but as you can see, we are still living. I was told that my father has had much of his stomach cut up and removed, and this is also what helped me to save life.

I was given the name “Morten Løkkegaard” followed by one of the greater heart attacks making me somewhat nervous, and this is because of how he and the EU continues to play its games, and yes a “historic” day when the EU received the Nobel’s peach prize yesterday or at least this is what Morten thought and said, and yes it made me SAD to see that you are “shining in the sun” of the Old World and silent about me and our New World, so much darkness is coming to me from this quarter or “edge” if you will.

I was told by the last part of the spirit of my father from my left that I have not even entered you yet, and yes when receiving this at 22.25 still having much work to do, I cannot tell you just how close I am to break down/give up, and that is because I cannot do as much as before and as much as I would like to because of how I feel, but no, I will come with no negative outburst even though this would be the normal thing of people of today, and yes “stress” of a kind no people experiences.

I have been feeling and told about Uffe Ellemann-Jensen for some days, and Uffe does not burn anymore, does he (?), and this is what he thinks, and yes Uffe, I have told you before that speaking the truth 100% is what I like, and this is ALSO what you are going to do, and that is because silence and secrecy is the worst I know of, but you do know that, don’t you? And I here receive another small heart attack and TRUST me, they are NOT nice to receive, so thank you Uffe and all others doing the same as you despite of what I have told you.

You cannot open me” and ALL POWERFUL RESISTANCE of darkness still coming to me and bothering me VERY much, which I still decide to be stronger than, is right on the skin of me with the New World coming to me from outside.

I was told that you don’t get through this barrier of darkness without a key, and ”there was truly an opening” and that is when working as my old self.

I was shown a big dark ship about to be converted into a fisher’s boat, but we are not there yet.

I watched some of the European Championships in handball for women, which I have not written about before, but as you can tell from this tournament, almost nothing separated “failure” and “success” when Denmark played the first three matches of the qualifying round, where they had to do the “impossible” to defeat France after having lost to Sweden, which they then did after having been down into the sack, which this is also symbolising, and today in the middle round against Serbia, Denmark was truly “down in the sack” behind 14 to 8 at one stage, and after having done the impossible to get up in the lead, they “broke down” also with the help of clear referee errors and yes the Danish commentator said “the pictures speak their clear language”, and these WRONG verdicts of the referees was darkness playing against Denmark as it is playing against me making life difficult, and yes Denmark lost today, but still have a small chance of reaching the semi-finals, but it will be difficult with the strong darkness now.

I was told that my mother still loves me over my sister and that is despite of them being able to speak for hours as I cannot with my mother and despite of the gifts and dinners, which my sister (and Hans) give, where I give nothing as part of the game, and this is because I am “genuine” and show an open interest asking/encouraging instead of the opposite, and I felt and was told that Karen is now completely out of my mother.

I was told that my continuous work has saved me from going through even deeper sexual torments of visions/speech, which I felt would have broken me completely down making me do nothing and give up, and this was the “edge” that I was working on and “playing with” all throughout my journey.

I was told thank you for including your “work plan” on your website to write the chapter about creation (including 20 pages of paragraphs from my scripts recent weeks), which gives me much better opportunity to end everything of your journey, and I was told that there are really people out there going in detail with this, and when you have solved the puzzle, this is what makes it easier for me to end my journey the best way possible, and yes we know, it would have been the best if I could write this chapter myself, but impossible is what it is because of how I feel.

This was again an incredible hard script to make, and I had to tell myself that “you can do it” (!), and it is still and only will power making me able to bring out these scripts to you and to include practically “everything” coming to me, and I am thinking that there are MANY people out there who would not even dream about starting to do the work I do every single day and yes because of how poorly I feel before starting and in the beginning of the world making it “impossible” to do, but you do know the old saying about getting in to your rhythm, right, and yes this is what saved us all.

When I pushed the button “update” to publish my script today, I almost received my heart in the wrong throat because of this error message saying that there are “fatal errors” of the server (!), and it came together with a strong feeling coming to me from the left of me, which here is pointing to my heart and says/shows me “we would love to eat that”, and this is what darkness truly wants, which is to block my communication, which you remember is what my sister as the most prominent tried to do in 2010/11 for a long time, and yes this was the same power showing its nasty face, and my worst fear it was back then because it would have meant the end of the world if I could not keep my writings on the Internet. But when I tried again, this script went online too.

Fatal error 111212

Half way through publishing my new script, I was shown and felt the dark ship to the back/right of me approaching, and this is what is now becoming light too (the fisher boat), and yes because of the work I do as my old self.

I have told you before that I only have time to write without thinking, which is more true now – and have been more and more over time – which people may not be able to see because this is how many people work themselves, but there is a HUGE difference to “just working without thinking” and to work carefully using MUCH longer to go through your work until it is as good as you can do, and yes of course without letting it take 100 times longer than it should, you know QUALITY and EFFICIENCY go together.

Again I was told about having reached an “incredible” achievement because you are bringing in the largest/greatest of all, which is all of my mother with our New World and that is into the smallest of all and yes making everything your heart instead of the opposite of everything forcing nothing to become as it, which is what had ended the world MANY times before.

And this is what I had to do, to stand inside the bathroom – of potential destruction – and look out “where is Stig” (?), and is he coming now before the end of the world, and yes Stig, this is about saving the world because everything outside the Source will cease to exist before the end of time, and this is what you are doing now, and yes bringing everything inside of here in safety, and yes you thought this was done before, but better late than never, and yes there are still some days to bring in the last, so this is what we will do.

I am giving the feeling that “nothing” of me will completely surround our New World, thus making everything me as my new self.

Finally at 01.10 after having worked all evening, I had published all of the script.

Google Earth shows spiritual communication and distraction of a typhoon to avoid destructions

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show people at the hair-dresser (spiritual communication), more darkness coming from the right and distraction of a typhoon to avoid destructions.

FB 111212 Jette 1

FB 111212 Jette 2

FB 111212 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Fanny asked me about what happens tomorrow the 12th December, and I told her that this is the last gate opening to the light, which will be opened, and when entering the light, it will become as wonderful as no one can imagine, and I shared my thoughts with her that we are now living the last days forever as “simple people”, who are suffering, which will be replaced by light bringing us up to new conscience and endless happiness without sufferings, and yes I cannot avoid thinking of this, and if I have any idea of how it will feel (?), and no, not at all, but calmness/happiness/feeling of energy is coming to me, and yes I have written the rest on my website.

FB 111212 Fanny

  • This is what people in general cannot do to me and that is both family/friends/the system etc. and the “official world”, and if this makes me sad, and yes this is what makes me the most sad of everything, just how stupid and “false pride” that people of the Old World has.

FB 111212 Paula

  • Helena said that in Århus your fingers freeze, which people do all over the country, and in Århus you wet the bed if you play with matches, and she asks if this is what you will do all over the country if playing with matches, and this is again about darkness freezing fingers, which you know is a sign of termination (or “cut fingers”), and playing with fire is making the bed wet, which are both symbols of burning down the world, so this is what you are bringing too, Helena, because of your wrong behaviour, which you cannot even see when looking into the mirror, but this is what God saves the world from.

FB 111212 Helena

  • The Danish boxer, Mikkel Kessler – one of the best in Denmark and the world – became World Champion again two days ago as you can see here, and first today I was told that it was indeed a sign of me becoming “world champion”, and here Mikael Wulff said that now even the Predator wants to meet Kessler, and if I am Kessler, the strongest darkness now is the Predator, which I of course have no chance to defeat without the Universe helping me (I am given a few sneezes now and again), and God too.

Helt Normalt 111212

  • Some time after my comment on EU and the Nobel peace prize in my text today, Mikael Wulff was inspired to write this made up conversation with the MP’s Joachim and Özlem – two “special friends” you know – and Joachim supposedly said that “they are going our of their heads” when giving this award to the EU, and before also to Obama and Arafat, and this apparently made Özlem say that it would have been more appropriate to give it to the housing association in Kokkedal having secured Christmas peace, and yes “funny, funny” it is, but you may understand that this story of Kokkedal would not be a “crazy” candidate after all after having prevented Nazi-darkness from fighting a World War III against Muslims, and to make Muslims believe in me?

FB 111212 Helt Normalt

  • Lesley brought the video below about a 943 pages long book including 374 mental “disturbances”, which is “the motor driving a psychiatric industry having a turnover of more than 330 billion dollars every year, and yes with such an enormous amount of money at stake, who cares about millions of people suffering and many dying in vain instead of giving people the right treatment of love, care, understanding and dignity (?), and yes some of the worst darkness, which is out there, and yes that goes with the medical industry in general. Is this crazy or what (?), and yes the whole INDUSTRY is making people and me sick.

FB 111212 Lesley

  • Nelson Mandela, 94 years, has been on hospital treated for a lung infection, which is also how darkness hits my “very special friends”, and I have often prayed that Mandela will survive seeing the opening of our New World.

FB 111212 BBC

  • Suzanne wrote about Anders Ladefoged from Red Cross, who have been fighting with the media about what is right and wrong in relation to crime of asylum applicants in Denmark – stored together as “non living people” (!!!) – and Anders was furious on TV the other day accusing them of not doing their work thoroughly and here Suzanne says that apparently Anders did not himself work thoroughly enough, so as I understand it – without having gone in details myself – both sides are wrong, and this made me write that this is one of the biggest problems of the world today, which is people not doing their work properly, and instead of agreeing on what is objectively the truth and basis of work and to co-operate on ONE right solution, people talk and talk and talk about details they know nothing or little about and they defend themselves and attack others, and this goes all the way up to the UN-system doing the same for example in climate conferences, and when everyone and every country first and foremost thinks of their own “interests”, you will get a WASTE OF TIME AND RESOURCES, which everyone can see but still no one changes it, and I said that soon this will become MUCH better with a new agenda, New World and New World Order, which everyone will receive in Christmas gift, and again I asked “don’t you look forward to this” (?), and no, apparently it is not easy also for you, Suzanne, to understand what is simple logic for hens, because you said “Stig, lovely that you bother writing, even though you may be a little disillusioned”, and yes, this is what she wrote (!), and darkness self is what you are too, Suzanne, and your husband, Asger, too, who is a VERY rich man – or used to be – working with his own medical business hoping to make billions of dollars (!), and yes a couple of hours afterwards I felt both Suzanne and Asger, and when I wrote that sometimes you have to see before you understand, and referring to the 21st December, this may have triggered some thoughts with you both? I was told that she is also part of the lunch package, and better late than never, so she is now also part of the story.

FB 111212 Suzanne 1

FB 111212 Suzanne 2

  • And this is “the solution” I also spoke about in Suzanne’s post above, and that is “LOVE”, which is now coming to everyone.

FB 111212 Jimmy

  • Dan’s daughter wanted to have a hard, but juicy APPLE just before she was going to sleep, and yes a New World it is, Dan.

FB 111212 Dan

  • This is the mirror, which (most) people of today simply “cannot” look into and understand their own errors, and yes for example “how would it feel like to be the homeless and hungry beggar if it was you” (?), and instead people become annoyed …..

FB 111212 Susanna

  • I received this email from Preben saying that my new bicycle should be arriving before Christmas, and I forwarded it to my mother and John and I was told that “this was the best, which could happen to your mother”, but I felt that John is not that nervous of Preben cheating us, and I was told “happy birthday – this is my gift for you” , and yes the cycle is symbolising my new self, and just maybe it will come before December 21, which would really be the “appropriate time” for it to arrive, and yes part of the plan it is.

Preben email 111212

  • Torben brought this message from the channelling of Matthew with “much text” and the short conclusion about December 21: “Beloved souls, please do not feel discouraged if you don’t experience something dramatic!”, and it makes me wonder that Torben has faith to Matthew, but not as much to me Torben even though I have told you about the world being LIFTED up from this day with the light opening to everyone (?), and yes what is the truth (?), and it can be difficult to tell if you “cannot” read and understand me, so let us just say that the opening of our New World will come as a surprise to very many people, and yes including Torben, but not as much, Matthew, which I understand has been allowed to speak against me, and yes working for darkness, which is how darkness works, and yes “polluting” communication (as Matthew has done much before, but then again, this is also the truth about me!), and I am really wondering that Torben has “time” to read, understand and reflect on Matthew, but not on me (?), and yes is “too many words” of my scripts and website too the answer, Torben (?), and yes it would not have been that difficult for you to follow if only you wanted to, and you could have followed the footsteps of Jette showing the way. And I wonder how many thousands read Matthew, and how few is reading me in comparison?

FB 111212 Torben 1

FB 111212 Torben 2


12th December: Receiving the key to Paradise from “spade ace” of darkness and entering the diamond of our four-divided world

I posted the story of “the Chapters” to SAGA’s Facebook group to receive extreme darkness

I continued working much of the night to write and publish my story of SAGA, and I still like to publish stories like this VERY little because of the anticipated misunderstandings and negative reactions of people to me.

I became dizzy a few seconds almost fainting, which was because of what felt like an incredible amount of nothing entering me, which however is not as dangerous as it sounds, and yes because I am “without energy”, and it is just to remember this because otherwise I would not be here.

This SAGA posting is also about not losing any life and that is when working the old-fashioned way, otherwise we would soon make a sale of aeroplanes here meaning “the end of all of our lives”, and yes Stig there is still much missing, and you know that you are receiving “plenty” of life, so there has got to be “plenty, plenty” life remaining, and yes to use children-language compared to what I will receive.

I was told that if you did not do this work, you would unwillingly and that is without your accept be exposed to your “old nightmare” as the only way to break through to the Source. And we have studied biology trying to find out what we “best” could do without to bring the greatest chance of (as much) life to survive. But now the access and yes to this sexual abuse has been entirely closed, and yes because of your own efforts.

Finally at 04.45 after having done MANY edits of my SAGA posting, it ended up like this, which I first posted to SAGA’s official Facebook group and thereafter to my own timeline, and the two gentlemen at the top left of the first picture is the front singer Michael Sadler and the keyboard player Jim Gilmour from the band, and they both follow the fan group and they are also still Facebook friends of mine, and we will see if they want to continue this way.

FB 121212 SAGA 1

FB 121212 SAGA 2

FB 121212 SAGA 3FB 121212 SAGA 4

Later I was told that Turkey is still not convinced about me, which this posting is also meant to help, and in this respect, Turkey is also “the worst darkness” brought to me to help me penetrate it. This is what you are seeing these days, and yes hello, Turkey, have your forgotten to READ carefully in order to understand (?), because surely it cannot be that difficult for you (?), but this is how it goes when you decided to only construct part of a house and to leave it open for all weather to enter and yes as I remember thousands of houses in Turkey when going there on holiday at Marrakech in the 1990’s, which is a phenomenon you will NOT see up here in “the cold North”, and COLD is not the word with down to -10 to 15 degrees at night here, and yes symbolising the coldness/darkness of the world sent to me, so thank you, Turkey, and yes for NOTHING really. 

And I keep hearing from darkness that I could have brought my (biggest) credit card, but that will NOT help you, you are NOT getting any “credit”, i.e. energy here.

I received shivering of darkness after publishing the post above and darkness keeps on wanting me to ask this darkness to be packed down away from me, but no, I would never even dream about this, and yes you know and everyone knows, this is “impossible” for me to do and I am NOT giving in to TORTURE and NEVER that is.

And yes, I could have decided to write “something quick” to the SAGA group to finalise my work in order to be able to relax, and it was NOT because I was not tired or exhausted as I was much, but there was only one way to do this work, so this is what I did, and yes it took some time from starting to upload songs lacking on Grooveshark yesterday to realize what this was really about, and to do what it takes, and that is hopefully also to bring some more faith in me, and at least crackings of darkness for light to enter.

I was given the feeling of Vivian and God made a cracking sound to the kitchen and I was told that it does not take much to repair what was broken inside of here when your/our mother left us, and yes she took parts of me with her, which I needed to do a new creation – if needed – and this is what we are now restoring too.

I continued receiving stress and pressure from my right which are still parts of the spirit of my mother returning to the Source and I heard “welcome back to life” because what you have seen of the world – and MANY before it – has really been our emergency solution of life when we have really not been alive ourselves but gone through the biggest sufferings – on both sides of both the Source and the world – in order to one day find the solution to bring us back together and create what we originally  wanted to create.

I was given a happy feeling to the backside of my left lower leg and told that I am now moving up here again and that is life of the spirit of my mother coming from right now entering the Source and I was told “even though we have already done this before” (it is only a game now).

I was told that Preben’s email on my new bicycle was to bring calmness to my mother to lift us up today, and still you have said that you will continue the game and yes to bring in what I can as old Stig, and that is as much as I can.

I cannot exercise again today, and we will see if the voice telling me that this will bring “lack of energy” making darkness too strong for me to handle is true, and what I feel from a very disorderly room of darkness to the right of me is that it is simply a lie trying to persuade me to produce energy for it, but no, this I will NOT do, otherwise I would not have come here.

I was watching the video of the DSM manual on “mental disorders” as I brought in the Source of yesterday via Lesley, and I was shocked to see how this manual was fabricated by the industry of psychiatrists to be acknowledged as “proper doctors” and by the medical industry to be able to make up prescriptions for millions of people for billions of dollars of LETHAL drugs killing THOUSANDS of people every year and harming/destroying the lives of MANY more, and when watching it, I was shown Neo from Matrix symbolising my new self coming all the way from my left side going the other way around and now visible and about to break through darkness from my right side, and yes after having gone another full round. How could the world be so CRAZY developing all of these “sicknesses” mainly over the last 30-40 years (?), and everything because of the hunt of money!

And this brought me to write a quick message to the Health Minister calling her – and her colleagues – a “criminal/murderer” when financing the medical industry and psychiatrists killing people with “psychoactive drugs”, and telling her that she – i.e. the official world – should have stopped this crazy circus of a system inventing sicknesses which are not sicknesses in order to milk the system of MUCH money, and yes forgetting all about moral, and focusing on the negative of patients because when you first enter the office of a psychiatrist, you don’t get out without a diagnosis in order for the psychiatrist to earn her money, and this is the holy game of the worst darkness I let out over the world as my spiritual friend to the right and now front of me – returning to where I came from to enter you – tells me, and yes I cannot get into my small mind how people and a whole system/world could be so crazy and yes believing in this as the truth, when it is so easy for everyone to see that it is nothing else than a money machine maltreating and tormenting people.

FB 121212 Stig

Later I saw the first feedback to my post to the SAGA group, which was “running as way as fast as I can”, and yes this is often the first reaction of people to me, and that is shock, and shock of some of these people and of the band is what is pushing more to darkness of my right side by my own inner self from the other side of it, and that is to bring in everything of the spirit of my mother to the Source, and this is basically the idea of this posting. I wonder if they will throw me out of this group or let me stay, and yes it may be difficult for people to choose? And how does this negativity of a few and silence of even more make me feel (?), and yes sad/disgusted as usual.

At 07.30 I started receiving SAGA’s song “Uncle Alberts Eyes” and this is because people are now starting to pay attention to my SAGA post and my story.

And yes I, i.e. my spiritual friends, received a little help so far to help opening the gate of the Christmas Calendar today as I am told, and also when you decided to bring a quick message to Steen Kofoed, see the short stories, and this is also what the SAGA posting was about.

At the shower I received a STRONG presence of darkness “one centimetre” from my head, which feels VERY uncomfortable, and this was Michael Sadler coming to me and “he” gave me the spade ace from a card game, and I was told that this is also because I reject to bring energy to darkness, and yes the highest card of the game surrendering, which this is about, and a good key to open the gate with.

I was also told that I have now sharpened the pencil, and no one had expected that I would come all the way to here, and I was reminded about the world record of Messi saying it all.

I heard this new life coming to me from darkness speaking about our new house as a “filthy house” and yes it takes a little time to get new habits.

It is also me pouring out substance from the Source and deciding when to push the Doomsday-button, and no my dear “ace”, this is NOT true, you are a notorious liar and that includes the information about you forcing my “old nightmare” upon me, because I have learned from the game that it is I and only I deciding if you are allowed to do this, and NO was and is still the answer, and yes Stig, this is how you are breaking down the absolutely worst darkness here on this day of “love and resurrection” as we were about to say and yes “resurrection” is the word coming to us/me because this is what people read from my SAGA-post, and this is of course what this day is about, so here we have Alison Moyet, the lovely singer singing exactly this :-).

No, we don’t have a fine-box here as you claim that you had in darkness and no because we don’t commit sins here, or this was maybe when you decided to do good as darkness (?), and yes this is what is driving us underneath everything, which is L O V E – as I was asked to spell like this – as we had not forgotten about, and this is the theme of today, and I am thinking of the album of the Beatles called LOVE, which is VERY beautifully made, but here it will have to be the video of “all you need is love”, which will have to be the strongest manifestation of love in music as I can remember, and I am here given the feeling of Ravi Shankar and told “you are right, he/I sacrificed my life to help you come here”, and strong darkness is the name of the game.

FB 121212 Paula

Later in the day came this update from the Guardian using the inspired words “world apart”, which was to say that I considered telling SAGA and their Facebook group that the reason why their album/song is called “worlds apart” is because the spirits of my mother and father were two worlds apart now connecting again, but I decided that this would be “too much” to include, but here you have the short story of it anyway, and yes I know practically nothing of Ravi Shankar’s music because of the culture I am born in, but I understand that he was as unique on the sitar as SAGA are playing rock music (?), and I am sure that when I open the eyes of my new self, I will understand to appreciate and like all cultures.

FB 121212 Guardian

At 10.00 I received the taste of barbecue-sauce and was asked “what does this tell you” (?), and yes this is about American barbecue parties as I experienced on the US embassy of Stockholm Sweden in 2001, I believe, and I was given the feeling that this is because USA is with me, and that is also because of your UFO’s having removed from Helsingør?

To my surprise I was not receiving a tired crisis – but tired and exhausted I was – and that is after already being very tired before starting to truly work yesterday, and because of this and because I knew that I am FISHING for more darkness to enter me via my postings to SAGA, Steen and others, I decided that I might as well stay up for as long as I can, and also to write the script of today, and yes because then this is done, and this is what it was so far at 10.20 including the first five short stories, and it will give me some time to upload it, and to wait until the time 12.12 to mark this date too via Torben’s invitation and music.

I have received feelings of both my aunt Inge and her son Jan, my cousin, and been told that you have been speaking about me, and what does Jan think of me (?), and is it still “difficult” to understand when you cannot read me, Jan, and also when you cannot accept my Facebook invitation and cannot communicate/reply to my email to you (?), and what do you think about your own behaviour (?), and yes is it now easier to see that you were wrong?

And here I am also told that now it is easier fro Michael Sadler to see who I really am because of the information of my posting, and I was told that he had to “recognise” me underneath darkness, which was not the easiest thing to do, and I wonder about the reactions of the whole band (?), and you may like to tell me too, when you will break your silence?

Receiving the key to Paradise from “spade ace” of darkness and entering the diamond of our four-divided world

When publishing the first part of the script at 11.05 I was given a strong “small” heart attack and MUCH darkness of a knot to the backside of my left lower leg, and this is darkness now coming to me when publishing this.

We have not burned any horses today, because we cannot anymore, and there is a big difference and yes between being “really bad” and what you had reduced us to.

At 12.07 I started watching Torben’s 24 minutes long video of his new album here, and I was told that now the time comes when we will deliver the key of the one who came to you earlier (“spade ace”), and yes to loosen up for the darkness, and invite “him” to come home too. It isn’t from down there – the backside of my left lower leg – that it comes is it (?), and yes it is, and that is because of the “beating marks” you give me here at 12.09, and yes feeling this life now inside our New World. And I had MUCH darkness wanting me to be negative about everything, which is still as much a pain as it can be when it is on its maximum.

It does not mean that we don’t like to go back to the backside of my right lower leg, but this is where we are coming from, and when we leave, it is impossible to return.

At 12.12. I was reminded that this is again about fighting and again I was shown and told that this is about controlling “the (dark) pole” of God, which is by far the strongest of everything, and I felt calmness and slow breathing coming to me, which made me think of the many people meditating at this exact moment, and also people becoming married, which we also like much.

At 12.17 I was shown “something” entering me from front/right, and that it was dissolving at the same time.

I was told that we also brought Rikke into this, and this is the Rikke finding me today via Steen’s thread, see the short stories, which made her read my Facebook timeline and comment the thread to Astrid above.

And this was also the end of the bringing together of our four worlds and the finalization of the creation of the diamond in the middle, and I felt how darkness became much weaker (however only for a few minutes!), but it was still there in the background, and it said; so when will you be going home (?), and not the 15th but the 21st December, and alright I will wait and see if anything should pass me, and if it does, I will not catch insects with a long tongue of a lizard, but the opposite to make life survive, and yes this is the opposite of the feelings brought to me by the SAGA Facebook group.

I sent this message to Torben after his session.

FB 121212 Torben

I felt how a key was opening me, and I understood that it is the spirit of my mother having the key to access all of Paradise and yes to go in behind darkness to find her/himself as light, and when I was going to write this paragraph, I was given a SLEEPING sensation to my hand, and somehow this made me make an “error” to highlight all pages of my Microsoft Word document because of this and when I started writing, it erased all text (!!!) – amazing what you can do my spiritual friends – and that is until I undid this action bringing the text back, and this was given as a sign that in the most unlucky situation we would have been able to erase all life/existence, and we did our best being careful that this would not happen, and yes if she had opened up to Paradise …., and we know, my old nightmare scenario, which may or may not be true, but you have let me go through moments of time where you told me that our whole existence was at stake if I “lost it”, and if this is still making me nervous to be told (?), and yes indeed it does because I am still receiving darkness, and it is impossible to feel all of our New World right behind it, but soon ….

Later I was told that in practise, we should have been VERY unlucky because we would do our absolutely best to avoid this including a try to open to the love of darkness and more – it would also take that you took in so much darkness/sexual energy of your mother, and that we accidently opened to all gates at the same time, and we would have used life to block darkness  – and I do know it is true that we were running this risk because this is a déjà vue feeling I am given; I KNOW THIS, I have felt it coming to me as a boy. “But you have kept guarding your goal so fine that this did not come in as a potential risk at all”.

And I am thinking that making me nervous once again at this late stage is still helping to bring even more out of me.

I continued being shown and told that everything darkness was going for the golden book (of life) to destroy it, but it could not without the philosopher’s stone, and yes could it use me as an act against light playing nice but working for darkness (?), and who knows….?

And what about darkness not being able to terminate light as it is part of itself, and about not being able to read the golden book of light when it was darkness (?), and is this once again truly to bring me nervousness, and then to bring me new information here 15-30 minutes later to calm me down (?), and yes I am not that nervous as before, but still a little bit I become, and still DISGUSTING is what it is.

I was told from darkness to the far right of me “do we hear someone calling” (?) – maybe it is London (?), and yes another truly ICONIC song from when I was a teenager, and yes “the best in the world” – and also that we have been told that we are to come forward, and yes if not saved by you.

And again, I was surprised when I was given a ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle and was told no this was not the last, thank you for doing this too.

I was told about the “hidden lead of voice” as I have been given, and you have not been hidden anywhere special but inside the and yes what was said (?), but the feeling was darkness self, and yes planted as/by me to get all of this sorted out.

Even if you now said “eat all Earth” and decided to kill us, it would be useless, and darkness is giving me this, and it is a true destructive power, I thought you knew?

I was told that spirits is no (which darkness loves), we are closing the still, and yes still that is :-).

Dodi – and I felt Diana too – have also been all the way out there to the far right of darkness to “feel” how it is, and yes send us some sample balloons if possible to help us decode darkness and here at 13.30 I now start feeling many smiles again, and yes not the easiest gate to come through as you will understand but I do believe that this is what we are doing now, also with the help of Torben, and my feedback to him.

For the last 30 years we have dreamed about how it will be to control one of these, and yes diamonds, and I was shown my inner self taking place in the cabin to drive it, and yes following us home as the last man.

Do you remember the shopping centre City 2 where there was “nothing” (?), which is what I was shown days ago, and that was a vision about a tour I had there many years ago, where the then new department store of Magasin had not yet opened, and I was told that “there is now” meaning that the store is open and also that we have saved much life, and yes I keep receiving “nothing” from my front, which would have killed me with a force times 1,000 times if it was working on energy, but now it just enters me making me a little dizzy for a moment, but nothing to worry about.

And first around 14.00 the worst darkness had weakened making life more bearable, but still not good, and yes when the volume of darkness is turned up to its maximum as it here was for two hours, it is truly “completely unbearable”.

Isn’t it exciting if Svenning (Dahlgaard, the journalist) was the way in to all of the big too (?), and would that be to political life also in Brussels?

By 15.00 I had been fighting an extreme tired crisis and I decided to take a nap, and I woke up at 17.20 but still as if a dark sledgehammer had hit me hard making me so tired and dizzy that I could not bear standing up and walking around, so I had to get some more sleep, which I did until 19.30 – I could not remember the dreams – and when I woke up, I was given the strongest pain ever to the backside of my left lower leg, which almost made me scream, and just rising from the sofa to stand on my leg was “impossible” to do because of the pain it brought to the leg to stand up, but I did it, and I was told that this is how we felt it, and it will have to be October 31, when this really happened when I did not receive this pain when I was at the SAGA concert, but here it came as part of the game, and yes to receive the pain of darkness of “spade ace” entering us to be cleaned. I was also told that this was the “easiest road” we could take.

For the next hour or so, I still had the pain inside the backside of my left lower leg potentially breaking out to become unbearable again, and I felt how it worked actively inside here bringing me more pain on occasions, but after this hour, most of the pain disappeared.

And when I was now awake again, I was told; welcome back., Isn’t it funny or tragic if you will that you were falling down into the black hole of the abyss, where I had to pull you up (?), and yes Stig, if you decided not to continue the game, but here we have decided to bring you a realistic scenario of how it would have been and yes I am still thinking if this is NOT a game but darkness playing with (?), but I do believe that this is only a matter of “honour” – the story of October 31 HAS to be right –  but then again, normally it is the worst case scenario, which is right, but I do believe that we have come home and I am only “playing”, as I have been told MANY times, and otherwise light would have let me know, I am sure of that, and almost that is ….

This is what would make me want to drown everything and this is the voice coming to me from this depth of darkness, this is what it want, but when I am awake, I absorb/refuse it, and when I am not, I will have to trust in God helping me/us out.

At 20.45 when I had checked Facebook and was about to start writing the update of the script, I was HAPPY that I had written most of it already earlier, otherwise it would have been “impossible” to do.

I was told that  this is then now that all flowers were meant to be on your way, but no – this is not how it is, we are still playing.

Hasn’t he wrapped in your Christmas gift in dark paper?

I was told that we have a surprise for you, and it is about having soup (“waking up”) and will people come for a “stare wedding” as we say here?

You can now chose yourself if you want a 2, 3 or 4 room bathroom, and yes this is for my mother entering me from the front, and this is about our four divided world, and I do believe you are speaking of kitchens and not bathroom aren’t you?

Think about a future where you will not been given English as homework, which is about stop writing these scripts, which is still a HELL to come through.

What do we do when we awake the dead ones from the Nile (?), and yes Stig terminated life which I cannot save as my old self, do we bring it up to you, or what would you like (?), and yes I have absolutely no idea so please aks my innerself at the Source, because “he” knows the answer, I don’t.

I was asked “can I bring you flowers too” (?) and it was from the spirit of my mother saying that “I am not all dead” and she speaks from the abyss and eeehhh right in the middle of me, and yes my mother, you are VERY welcome :-).

I was told that my father has not entered many fancy stores but if there is one he likes, it is yours as his son, which I felt is about what I am bringing, and yes the New World – as easy as that.

No, you don’t have to just put the suitcase on the floor, and this is “even further to the right to me”, and I am here given the worst physical touch to my private parts because this is about even stronger darkness than what I have received, and yes you are welcome to enter too, and if I can handle you, there is no reason for you to wait on God in the end, so please feel free to enter, and as usual, I will accept NO WRONG SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR at all!!!

And I was told that this darkness is now entering because I decided to write the story about Turkey and I was told “we love you for doing that”.

It is not only your great day of celebration, no we are also planning John’s, your mother’s and yes the entire world, and we know, Stig, now I better understand that I have to work over to make you/me/us make all of this.

And what would have happened if I accepted life to die/terminate, and yes would it really terminate as you have tried to make me write for weeks (?), and no I don’t believe it, because it is still “on store” in the metal container, and yes unless I had decided to abandon it (?), and it might be.

I received a mark/pain to the backside of my left lower leg and was told that this is not over yet.

And yes, Stig, another LONG script, and finalising and publishing this at 01.25, and you do know that we are keeping you up at night and sleep at day, and it is difficult to change this day rhythm, so this is a part of your plan/game too.

Google Earth show a window to the Universe and a mirror to send out the light

The Google Earth pictures from Jette’s Facebook group show a window to the Universe, a mirror to send out the light, darkness of the “spade ace” tried to crack our New World, manipulated energy, and the monster of the European Union also bringing the sack to terminate life.

FB 121212 Jette 1

FB 121212 Jette 2

FB 121212 Jette 3

FB 121212 Jette 4

FB 121212 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • I noticed this posting in the Facebook group of Helsingør in pictures then and now, where Lars says that a thread was deleted by Palle, who had put it there, and later he has left the group, and as I understand Connie, Palle decided to delete all of his pictures and all threads and he had put many there, and when seeing and writing this, I am told that this happened as a sign because John did not want to “communicate” with people on Facebook the other day, which is about his lack of “motivation” being and communicating with other people, so when he turned me down, this was the symbol sent my way when Palle living on Lappen, one of the people John knows, whom he does not want to speak with, decided to leave the group after a “conflict” and yes to delete pictures in Helsingør means to delete life, so this is about terminations, but then again, I have not spit anything out, so you are still all inside of me (!), and I hear here “do you want us to get him – and his followers – from the room/container where I keep him” (?), and we know this will require God to intervene and yes thank you if I have not found him myself before the end of time.

FB 1112 121212 Helsingør

  • Here is one of three (old) pictures of the street of Lappen in Helsingør, which I sent to John the other day, because I know that he likes to see things like this, and yes this is on the other side of the street of where my mother and he live, and yes was glad to see it, but no, he did NOT want to communicate, and what does darkness then do (?), and yes terminate life in silence without sending warnings, and that is until we will bring it back, and I do believe that it will be every little thing as the final result.

Lappen 1

  • Steen is the know-all clairvoyant, who does not know all, but forwards information brought to him by “darkness disguised as light” and today he said that today it is the 12.12.12 with much superstition, and it is like a warming up to the 21.12, and he says that there are two kinds of predictions of what will happen with the first being that this will be the end of the world and the other that we will take a quantum leap in our spiritual development, and he said that the thought about a certain date where development suddenly will happen is absurb, because it requires that all people are ready for change, and he underlines again that development happens from the inside and not outside, and then he says that “We will neither be saved nor killed, we will have to walk the road ourselves and contain more of ourselves and our world”, and yes once again, this is what he wrote (!!!), and I decided to tell his straight out that he will be surprised over his “better-knowing ignorance” in not many days because in reality he is working for the opposite of what he believes that he works for, which he “cannot” see in the mirror because he does not want to see the truth about himself, and yes “spiritual deception” is real, but it will stop as part of December 21, and the “funny” part here is that no one liked or commented my post, but I am sure that both Steen and others thought that I am “too much” and of course negative and not a man of light (!) and instead they appreciated what Steen said with sentences like “I mainly agree with Steen”, “nothing will come to lift us up”, “good that one is spiritual and not superstitious” and “it is lovely that there are people like you, who gets it down to Earth, where it belongs”, and you can see just how easy darkness is playing this game against “stupid people”, and yes this is what it is about, and they cannot see it and will not understand it, so instead they become “insulted” when I tell them the truth, and no, nothing new in this, and I wonder how these people will react when they will wake up and realize that I have changed them from within without their knowledge, and had I not, we would all have been terminated (?), and yes WHY COULD YOU NOT UNDERSTAND when I told you this truth again and again and again?

FB 121212 Steen

  • Victoria is the daughter of my friend Kirsten, and how old is she now, maybe 10 or 12 (?), and here he likes the Blockbuster video store, which has been given to me before as a sign and now I understand that this was a sign of darkness, because this is about “CRAZY CHRISTMAS OFFERS”, and crazy is what your mother has made you believe (?), and no, I never heard from Kirsten again on my offer for her to visit both her mother Inge and me when coming to Helsingør, so I was “too much” also for you to handle, Kirsten (?), and that is despite of you seeing  me completely normal when I lived in Lyngby, and so it is.

FB 121212 Victoria

  • Yesterday I was told about a “light railway”, and the reason came this morning when Helena said that the radio played this song by Gasolin – one of the most iconic songs if not the most iconic song from I was a child and almost a teenager at the end of the 1970’s, and FEELINGS is what this brings VERY MUCH – and she said that she was annoyed over the building of the light railway in Århus and “gaping empty” they will probably be as the existing trains on this route, and this is about “nobody on the train anymore” as the story to say that our train journey to the other side is finally coming to an end bring everyone with me to our New World.

FB 121212 Helena

  • My old, Egyptian friend is still as deaf as he has always been, and yes I do NOT like this characteristic of people at all, and that is not the tiniest bit, and yes another man helping to bring darkness for me to open for, so this one is also ticked off on the list.

FB 121212 Jesus in my dreams

  • My favourite Swedish artist, Mauro Scocco, is back with a Christmas album as I am now listening to for the first time, and yes it sounds as his good old self at his best, which is really “amazing” at the top you know, and the title of the album and one of the songs of it is “now the whole world is white” and he may talk about snow (?), but to me this is about light without darkness, and yes there is no video of it, so you will have to listen to it via Spotify here.

FB 121212 Mauro Scocco

  • And it inspired me to show you that “everything is white” here too as you can see from the snow covered view from my apartment, and I wish that it was possible to show you how beautiful it is here when you can see “all the horizon” and all of the light as you cannot see on this picture, but you will get an idea about it. And the sea looks MUCH bigger in real life than on the picture.

View from Hellebo Park 121212 001

  • Henrik showed his darkness – also part of what is now inside the backside of my left lower leg, as it here gives me a small pain to indicate – when he said tat “life is not a dance on a layer cake”, and you do know that “dance” symbolises “celebration” and “layer cake” our New World, so this is NOT what Henrik and the Old World is happy about, and Andreas brought Vivian’s old “Mmmmmmm” saying symbolising my “old nightmare” as darkness coming from Henrik too wants to bring me, and Jonas said that “the world is out making pooh”, and yes this darkness is about DESTRUCTION as this symbolises, and Simon said what “everyone” involved not understanding me during my journey will say “when looking into the clear light of the rear mirror, you are completely right”, and yes let us play this “one of the most famous quotes” from the psychopath Kurt Thorsen, whom I almost feel sure is also a “special friend” of mine, and yes he has also been involved with Karen (!), and you may remember these words of him – talking about “looking in the UNBEARABLE clear light of wisdom after the event” to learn from your errors, which is “very difficult” to see yourself, and yes IMPOSSIBLE I might add (!) – in the video below when seeing them as your new selves.

FB 121212 Henrik

  • Shannon is one of ALL OF THESE naïve clairvoyants,  and here she says that “I don’t believe a fart (!) in all of the hype about 12-12-12 and 21-12. What is happening to people when all of the time has to be the Judgment Day hubbub”, and yes this is what she seriously wrote after having seen – but clearly not read and understood – my Facebook postings, which may go “on your nerves”, Shannon (?), and yes it must be very “annoying” to you (?),  and the word “fart” as she used is just to show you that she was part of the Judgment Day choir pressuring me to destruct the world, and of course ignorant but better-knowing she is too, and Michael was “funny” when saying that “hmm, it may be a little difficult to take it from there if the Judgment has happened, right, he he”, and yes “he he” is this unwillingly arrogant attitude of these better-knowing people, and “hmm” is also the Vivian saying, you know, and Tine laughed in this Judgment Day choir too saying “ha ha ha, but what would you do? ha ha”, and yes it must have been extremely funny to be so ignorant and degrading about me, Shannon (?), and to Michael, it was easy to answer “To stop the Judgment if it was coming, of course, he he”, and yes this is truly hilarious, so Shannon shared her “ha ha ha” once more, and do you understand how sad and disappointed this makes me (?), and this is what I am every single time I see or hear from media about the 21st December and especially when people laugh as they do here – it makes me VERY sad to see just how stupid and better-knowing people can be, and also that my message has not spread to the world because of your POOR ability to understand/communicate, and I was given the word “choir” to bring you the MARVELOUS “Chorus of the Hebrew slaves” by Verdi, which is to show you the choir of all of you keeping me locked inside of your darkness, which was “impossible” to break out from.

FB 121212 Shannon

  • Manu, the Church Minister, watched this video from the Danish State Church making “fun” of how it would be like if Jesus was born today in these times of the Internet – among others showing that people deleted Joseph when he announced on Facebook that Maria was pregnant with God being the father of the child, which an angel told him, which made people say “now he is raving” making one after the other deleting him (!) – and Manu believed that “it is fun and sweet – think if Jesus was born in 2012” (?), and yes THINK, Manu, and YOU BETTER THINK is what this is about, and is he playing stupid pretending not to know about me, or is he stupid not knowing about me (?), and yes difficult to tell, and it brought many “wise” comments from people with Ida finding the part where Joseph was deleted on Facebook hilarious  and yes “Hahahaha, hugs..delete delete delete …. Kind regards …. Hahaha, it is funny”, and yes it sure must be fantastically funny, I see that, which is coming from my inner self going through this darkness of man doing its best to kill my inner self and all of us – “funny” (!), and Tone believed that he would probably “be charged after the terror section of the law because of his hostile political activities against the stat”, and yes almost, Tone, the state, i.e. the national police, was looking into my activities as a potential terrorist a la Breivik (!), and Nina said that “he had been sent to the closed department and received cyprex until he stopped saying that he was the Son of God”, and yes, you are absolutely right, this is what they tried to do in 2008 when locking me behind bars of the closed mental hospital (!), and they had many good ideas about how Jesus would be received by the community, and yes everyone can guess almost exactly how I was treated, so it is EASY to see that man is WRONG, but still man decided to continue being WRONG instead of changing (!), and it made me tell them, yes THINK if Ida, Tone and Nina are right, and reality is that Jesus was born in 2012 being deleted by friends on Facebook, having been hospitalised on the closed mental department for telling the truth about who he is, been reported to the national police as a potential terrorists likeBreivik, and everything because the would could not UNDERSTAND, because it was deaf, blind and ignorant but still better-knowing. THINK if this is really the truth. THINK!!! And then I told them about the 21st December, which is not the end of the world but the birth of our New World together with the birth of its saviour and creator. And yes YOU BETTER THINK, and “thinking” is what some people do and the crackings I make to your darkness is what is making the light come through, and yes Manu, the Church Minister in Denmark apparently too stupid not knowing about me (?), or just to lazy to read and understand, Manu (?), and yes DO YOU BELIEVE (?) or is believing just “hype” in your mind?

FB 121212 Manu

FB 121212 Manu 2

  • Anna Karin worked for American Express in Sweden, but was hired by the Swedish Ministry of Finance, and here she has returned to her home sweet home after a very good day in the “engaged land of Brussels sprouts” (!), which is truly what she writes, and I do believe that she has been to the European Union and she ends up by saying “more beer to the people” (!), and you do know that “beer” is about terminations of people, and yes a good old colleague/friend of mine took the road of the Devil via American Express and is now working together with the Swedish Finance Minister, Anders Borg – her friend Mia asked if she was allowed to go home leaving Mr. Borg behind to negotiate, so I do believe she was in Brussels and was not speaking about food – and this is really to say: Congratulations, Anna Karin, you have hit the bulls eye of darkness now also threading the halls of the EU in Brussels, and now there is nothing finer than this, is this your feeling (?), and yes they are also going to get “sacked” all of these “very fine” politicians and civil servants, and “sacking” is what this is about, and yes darkness bringing the sack of termination directly helped by this “institution” of PURE DARKNESS (!), and if I have heard from anybody down there (?), and no they are silent as in the grave!

FB 121212 Anna Karin



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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