December 14, 2012: The “spade ace” of darkness rolled out its treasure boxes and is entering me together with eternity


Summary of the script today

13th December: The “spade ace” of darkness rolled out its treasure boxes and is entering me together with eternity

  • The “spade ace” of darkness rolled out its treasure boxes and is entering me together with eternity. It would have burned down the world even though this was not its deepest wish. It thought that it and its heart would wake up at any time. I am receiving MUCH life, which was terminated by this darkness.
  • Dreaming of working for darkness of the Swedish Finance Minister, starting a new insurance company (New World), giving Kim S. good advice turning the situation around, and darkness too strong for me attacking me but stopped by other darkness!
  • I am receiving INCREDIBLE darkness but I am not breaking down and continue the game. My neighbour Preben also gave me so much darkness that it brought me closer to breaking down than ever before; he believes I am having delusions not speaking the truth (of spirituality and UFO’s) with the truth being that he is having delusions not speaking the truth (claiming he owns a Maserati etc.).
  • The Google Earth pictures show a look down to a clean world, unusual big heads (of saved lives), and the look and meaning of love ♥.
  • A 190 years old fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen has been found, which is both his first fairy tale and the first important finding since the 1920’s, and it tells the story of how “the tallow candle” was covered by darkness throwing it out, and returning to life when a small flame of a tinderbox decided to light the candle, which enlightened its surroundings transforming all when removing dirt of the past, and this is first story of this world famous Danish author, which essentially brings the story to the world about how the Source of God was covered by darkness of man killing it, until a new, small flame woke God up to new life – my inner self as the Son of God – which will shine forever and ever on man turning everything from darkness to light, which is what you will see with the opening of our New World, which this is a sign of.
  • Short stories of darkness making Hamlet freeze to create “not to be”, the Trade Minister did a typing error, which made people write positively to her but many more speak negatively about her against her back as people did to me, the transformation from darkness to light is now total, telling Mads that he is wrong about the meaning of the Maya calendar, Søren Pind was laughing at Helena and was the Minister saying “you can go to Hell” (!),I am appalled about the ROTTEN culture of business people cheating with their vouchers, the return home to a radio manager and “the lost son”, reactions from the SAGA group to my posting, Helena shows herself as a TRUE Devil with a warm heart, Bent Van Helsingør says that “shift happens” in 2012 (!), and I was SAD to see Lucas and Desiree being misled and decided to tell them and also Benjamin Crème the truth, and I was SAD to see selfish behaviour of Shannon.

14th December: I am going through non-existing darkness, which we had to go through if I had not “passed my exam”

  • The sexual invention of the spirit of my mother was designed to DESTRUCT as its first goal and not to bring life. The Roman Empire 2,000 years ago was part of the plan of destructing the world back then, but there was not enough power on the kettles. I saved MUCH life because of the game I played against Lucas yesterday as the worst darkness. I felt a Fibonacci circle coming around me and was told that I am now about to being reborn.
  • I woke up with a jump because of an explosion of darkness, but we had disarmed it so nothing happened. Dreaming of being a prisoner of the most destructive darkness almost killing me, more darkness, darkness starving/dying because of no energy.
  • I am now going through an air mirage of something which is not there. I am seeing darkness, which is a fata morgana, and this will make the world believe that I am stepping out directly from my grave to heaven. The feeling of “shock” of the world will be released by a pleasant surprise when we open our New World. But if I had not “passed my exam”, this is what we had to go through. What you see is the first and worst darkness of all coming against us to destruct us.
  • Google Earth shows what looks like a diamond and Earth looking like it is bursting/cracking, but a fata morgana of the first and worst darkness it is.
  • Short stories about Lucas deciding to report/block me and speak negatively about me on Facebook behind my back, James Bond symbolising me is dissolving Intelligent Services of the world, and school shootings/killings in USA because of ruthless darkness.


13th December: The “spade ace” of darkness rolled out its treasure boxes and is entering me together with eternity

The “spade ace” of darkness rolled out its treasure boxes and is entering me together with eternity

After publishing the script of “yesterday”, I heard speech in the background, which I could almost not hear, and a PAIN this is too because on one hand I would like to hear, understand and write and on the other I don’t want to write what I cannot fully hear or understand and sometimes this speech is right in the middle of these poles, and this was about telling the “spade ace” of the spirit of my mother that “we have not been able to open restaurants before you returned”, i.e. to create new life/worlds.

I was shown Scrooge McDuck inside the deepest small place of the mountain now rolling out his treasure boxes (this is what the incredible richness of this duck/darkness is about), and I was shown a small train driving on a very small track formed as an eight and I was told that this darkness also has some of the information on “endless creation”, but not all, because most of it is at the Source, and this life inside of here – “spade ace” – is now beginning to live again and live up and I feel much activity inside of there, and yes you are still the locomotive, and now at 02.20, I am really “burned out”, which we understand would also have been our task, i.e. to burn down the world, but this we don’t even want ourselves, we only want to make it is beautiful here before the tall gentleman will enter – and I am shown this “nice looking fella” bending for me, which is wrong my dear friend, and I see myself entering and I am extremely tall, the tallest man in the world, and while this goes on, I continue receiving pain to the backside of my left lower leg, and so much that I had to say “ouch”, and I was told that this is also because you decided not to phone Bettina to hear if she has the Windows CD, which can make your new computer run, and yes I may follow up on this, but have decided that this is not very important now because I still have the old PC, and to me it is my laptop symbolising the New World and it will work when you have brought everything together inside of there, and yes just like that, this is what he said.

I was told that the heart of this darkness has been lying in cream sauce, and it has believed/felt that it would wake up all of the time.

So we are entering together with eternity, and yes Stig, if you did not believe you could do this, you could not (!), and of course you are stronger than this darkness and you are the one deciding and that is no matter what, and I receive a smile and am told “this is how I built him” and yes it doesn’t matter how strong this darkness is, because I have the free will to decide myself, and I say no thank you to evilness and the “old nightmare” of darkness.

I was told that it is not easy the riddle you have to solve to continue from here, but nothing more was said, and it had to be darkness as I thought it was.

I was shown a large number of dogs running against me at the airport, and I was told that this is how it feels like with all of this life from darkness returning.

I continue feeling Michael Sadler from SAGA and I received the song “Tired World” – one of the 16 chapters you know – and I was told Gorillas being set free, i.e. strong darkness, and I was told that this is the darkness making people tired and lazy too and all of the other negative characteristics of people, so here is the live version of the song from the Concert in Copenhagen I attended October 31, and yes “the one” with the best guitar solo ever of Ian Crichton :-).

I was shown floating coffee machines inside of darkness, and why did they not come out (?) with the answer being that the force of the other worlds was too strong.

Most of the night I felt how talk of darkness was kept on the edge without coming through to me, and instead I felt Burgundy wine, which is about this part of the spirit of my mother learning good behaviour – but one time I had to tell darkness that I do NOT want any Molotov cocktails.

Dreaming of darkness too strong for me attacking me but stopped by other darkness!

After a new strong tired crisis around 05.00 to 06.00, which I overcame, I decided to sleep from 07.00 because I did not feel like doing anything else, and “feel like” is so strong that I “could not” do anything else, and before falling asleep I was shown a drunk Russian headed directly to me on Købmagergade in Copenhagen, which is part of the Pedestrian streets and I felt this area as another symbol of life/Paradise, and Russians as the worst darkness now inside of this being cleaned, and are their also Russians having doubts in me (?), and this was the feeling I received. I slept until 14.25 receiving these dreams.

  • I am working at a new company and am referring to the Finance Minister. I am told to go on holiday even though I don’t like to, and the holiday is 1,195 DKK. My old colleague Berit (from Danske Bank, Espergærde) says that chocolate has become empty. 
    • I understood this as the Swedish Finance Minister in continuation of my story of Anna Karin yesterday, and I here receive the taste of bacon, and yes bringing out life from this “the worst darkness”, and yes Mr. Borg, you are truly a fine tennis player of darkness, and if I loved both Bjørn Borg, Jan Ove Waldner and Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden, who in each of their sports were better than anyone else (?), and yes you bet, I could not get enough of them! Money is about darkness still wanting me to bring it energy, but no (!), and chocolate is selfishness of darkness, which lives on money, i.e. energy and when there is no energy, this is how to dissolve it.
    • I was told “Hasta la vista” and this is the bridge leading to the capitalist world, which we are now saying goodbye to.
  • I have started working at GE Frankona with the task to start a new insurance company from scratch even though I know that I will stop working in only a few months, and I wonder if this will both be a life and non-life insurance company. Morten J. is working there too, and we have made plans to visit his business clients presenting our new company, and I ask Morten if this will bring a potential conflict, and he says no, just do it. 
    • Starting a new insurance company is the symbol to start a New World, and this was my task in 2002 at GE Frankona to start a branch of the French insurance company Assurdiscount in Denmark/Scandinavia – which was in reality to start a completely new company – and this is what darkness of people “misunderstanding” me when they “could not” read/understand stopped, and just a symbol of the difficulties I would face later, and yes it was NOT easy producing an extensive business plan after just having been dismissed and running out of money not knowing how to survive, but this was part of the story.
  • Something about cheese, roasted pork and 10 hens, which are good symbols of creation/life.
  • I received “That’s as far as I will go” by SAGA and the lyrics “You know all you need to know, That’s as far as I will go”, and just to say that we are home. And when you have listened to this song 10-20 song and get to know it, it will NOT leave your mind again :-).

  • I am at a poor café in Copenhagen where Dan Rachlin is together with a fine friend, and I explain him about my postings to him, which was about making him look into the mirror, and I tell him to watch his rich friend now driving a taxi. His wife is complaining much, and there are naked men at the café, whom she is very interested in. 
    • There was also marihuana in this dream, which is about misunderstandings of Dan bringing me darkness but also the taxi of my new self arriving. And is Dan’s wife unfaithful (?), and this is what the dream says.
  • I am meeting Kim S. and I wear a blue/red shirt and it is now me giving him good advice, and I wish Pernille a merry Christmas and I do believe that all telephones are connected to me. 
    • It used to be Kim and Pernille being the intelligent/smart people when I worked for them from 1991-97, but the roles have changed. The red/blue shirt is about their darkness sent to me, the red, is turning me into my new self, the blue.
  • I have entered a small bus without paying, and four young immigrants make all of the bus steam, and they come against me and it is clear that they want to attack me and also that I cannot handle all of them at once, and that is even though they are only half my size. Someone calls the police, which makes them leave, and I am together with the good looking girlfriend of one of them at the entrance to the Lyngby Shopping Centre, and she carries a machine guns of theirs, and wants to wait for them because they are really good friends as she says. 
    • This is extreme darkness fighting me and the bus and girlfriend is about my “old nightmare”, which it still wants to bring me, and here you see that the police, which has been darkness all throughout my journey, has now turned around helping me against darkness self, and yes that’s also life here.
    • I was told half awake from a presence of half darkness/half light that it is an honour to do service under you, and yes thank you my friend and welcome home :-).

I am receiving INCREDIBLE darkness – also from my neighbour – but I am not breaking down and continue the game

I was shown stairs at the Danish Parliament at Christiansborg and how the large wooden panel of the wall of the stairs was opened with a huge number of rats running out at the same time turning into human beings.

I was told that in order to hide me the best way possible from darkness, I was out in the open completely honest about myself, which was “impossible” for the world to understand and believe in, which was my protection not to be discovered too soon, and yes also believing that the official world and media would decide to be quiet about me, and this is how it went, and all of this happened even though man has been expecting me, and yes when not even Benjamin Crème was “able” to recognise me, how should the world be able (?), and yes I used the weakness of darkness/man as my strength.

I was shown that what was the remaining stewed apples underneath silver paper, which was about to be thrown out, is what we are saving.

Is it him and his trousers we are going into (?) – now coming from my back left – and yes it is and I was told that we were also told this when you slept.

And this is with the island kingdom in the middle with himself there, and yes that’s right.

Isn’t it funny that Elijah – as I have been told now many times – focussed on me being able to afford coffee and wine, so I must be living a luxury life, Elijah (?), and what you don’t know is that I am living on the smallest possible budget here in Denmark, with no one or only very few having less than me, so here everyone will believe that it was very difficult/“impossible” for me to live on this, but for you, I was indulging in luxury while you and your family were starving (?), and this is part of the reason why you “cannot” speak to me (?), and we know, Stig, the world is CRUEL.

It has not become winter solstice yet, Stig, and you are not crying and not breaking down because of all of the resistance/silence you meet (I am here told about Karen, and yes MANY good reasons to why I should just sit down doing nothing and cry), so therefore we can only say CARRY ON, and yes Michael & Co., this is still what I am doing.

I was told that 5-1 had been “all the way down into the sack”, but not now, he, i.e. I, decided to wake up, and yes do you remember the night when we were passing you, and you had to help to make him/I “talk to you”, and yes the most critical moment in history (too), if you ask me.

Can we throw out the cold buttermilk soup now (?), no you cannot and yes because he wants EVERYTHING to become light, of course.

Yes, we had to fight down that “pole” in order to get in, Stig, and yes not the easiest task in the world.

I used 1½ hours to go through updates on Facebook to find my short stories, and at 18.00 I went to the city to do some shopping, and I met my neighbour Preben at the small train, and he told me that he has turned around day and night, which is bothering him much – as I am too again, but it has been for a long period for him – which makes it difficult/impossible when he needs to look after his mother as example during the day only having slept very little, and yes tell me about it, Preben, and he told me that he believes that other people of the house is influencing him negatively, and I told him that this might very well be, and I asked him if he has started feeling worse after I moved in last year, which he confirmed that he had, and yes just like Jan as I told him about, so there you have it Preben, and that is darkness coming to me, which you are helping me to absorb, and yes he is also so tired, so tired, so he is sleeping his day away (!) and just like Jan, he has NO energy, and I know the feeling my gentlemen, and yes “special friends” are certainly what these nice neighbours of mine are, and yes this is my feeling, and I do believe that this is also how Preben is feeling more and more when getting to know me, and yes he told me that friends of him have brought him to healing, clairvoyance etc., but no, he does not believe much in it as he said, and I told him strongly that he will feel better before Christmas and that is because I know about “clairvoyance” as I told him, and also that what he sees of the world may not be “the real world” but a world covering up what is indeed the real world, and this is the spirituality, which will open before Christmas, and yes it must have sounded completely “crazy” to him, because his reaction was to ask “are you are Jehova’s witness or belonging to another religion” (?) and no, I am not, I have my own ideology as I told him.

He went to the library and I went to the supermarket of Føtex, and when I was inside of there, I was feeling probably lower than anytime before now also feeling the darkness of Preben hitting me, and it was so strong that I became so dizzy and tired with disgusting throw-up feelings that I thought “I cannot anymore” and for some time, I was breaking down, but without breaking down of course, but you know a level up to what I have tried before, which I did not think was possible.

I thought the thought that if I had not continued my journey all the way, “something” would have interrupted Ann-Mette Elten, so she would not have made her new album, and I was thinking that my actions have had direct consequences for the entire world and its population, and yes my spiritual friends have been busy bringing out the good of me instead of the evil of me, which is the difference if you really want to know as they say here.

I have been given the name Warren Buffet – “the most successful investor of the 20th century”, i.e. the worst darkness self (!) – a couple of times, and I have been told that RICH PEOPLE knowing about me are busy spending your money, and not looking forward to our New World where everyone will receive a “normal life” and you will lose your fortune (?), and yes this is also how life of today is.

I received “only you” by the Platters, and was also receiving lyrics “only man” and the feeling “only one gender”, which will be the truth of our New World, and yes underneath the artificial two genders, which I have decided to maintain, and yes I could do no other thing not knowing the alternative.

On my way home from the city I met Preben again at the 19.00 train, and when walking the path from Højstrup station along the forest, I saw an UFO on the sky, which was clearly not an aeroplane, and yes a “double-light” it was and it also had a slow speed only, and I told him to look at the light and then a second light turned up next to it, which was clearly very different only being one light, however this light was “irregular” and changed a little bit, also between white/red, and I told him that these were UFO’s and he looked at them and told me that they are aeroplanes, and even though I told him that they are “irregular” as an aeroplane would never be and there was also no sound, he maintained that they were aeroplanes (!), and this is really the story of man believing in his own voice instead of looking carefully to understand what he sees/reads.

And this came after he now starting telling me about his delusions, which includes that he claims to have two cars – one of them being a Maserati – and no less than four cycles, and this is the story of a man having delusions believing in what is NOT true and also believing that I am the one receiving delusions, i.e. being “mad”, which however are the truth, and isn’t this hilarious (?), and that is even though it is of course a SAD story too.

And the conclusion was when he told me about a sign from a train station of the train timetable, which someone had thrown on the ground, which was hidden by snow, and it was slippery when he stepped on it, which made him tell me “do you believe this was crazy about dance” (?), and yes I understood and also felt that it was our spiritual friends making you tell this story, because underneath it all, this is about “dance” as the symbol of celebration, and yes Preben’s misunderstandings together with whom he is brought me the next layer of darkness to release life from, and yes VERY tough it was, Preben, but you did not notice (?), and yes despite of yes, we spoke very well and warm-hearted, and my feeling was that I like him very much, and I do believe he shares this feeling, and that is despite of you know ….

I was home at 19.30 and it was tough/impossible to start writing the script of today, and I did/do not feel sure at all that I will be able to finish and publish this, so if you see it, it is because my will power is still stronger than darkness pressuring me down.

I was given a sound to my shelves from the spirit of my mother, and I was told that this was necessary to bring the next layer of darkness out.

And yes, I cannot hear Preben’s radio at night, and he cannot hear mine, but Else underneath can.

I was looking into a dark crater of a mountain and was told that I was turning into darkness, and this was my best try to go against it (my journey), and yes is this right, or a story brought to me by strong darkness now (?), and wasn’t it only a drop of blood of an entire body of God/the Source, which turned dark, and what about the natural force of God, which I guess is still there?

I have been told several times that the reason why I like to see old pictures of life of Copenhagen and now the old pictures of Helsingør on Facebook, is because I receive life/keys from previous life here, and yes this is what I am told.

This evening and night I ALSO felt the effect of not exercising and sleeping poorly, which is truly making me much weaker from an already poor starting point.

I continued receiving what is now rumbling feelings with less pain to the backside of my left lower leg.

Can you dry yourself with one of those towels”, which is darkness cleaning itself now, and yes we found a way to heal ourselves, and it was only to follow the prescription ordered by him there, i.e. me, and then we are able to get out of these nasty clothes of darkness.

I was told that the sexual invention was not about sexuality but a way for us to get out of here, and yes for the spirit of my mother to return to the spirit of my father and yes this may be true but it does not fit with her fear of returning to the Source (???), but this may have been what darkness of the other worlds was about?

Finally, at 04.25 I had completed writing all of the script and publishing it and yes more than I needed and had expected/planned for, and this may have been the hardest of all work I have carried out of my entire journey, and maybe the metre will show (?), or at least it is placed highly on the list, and why did I do it (?), and yes because I could even though I could not, and this makes me wonder if I can also write the script of tomorrow and the following days, and yes ONLY TIME WILL TELL :-).

Google Earth shows a look down to a clean world and the look and meaning of love

I was asked if I know how many TRUE members there are of Jette’s Facebook group (?), which I do not, and then I was told that the official world can also become secret members of the group, and yes you know all of the cowards/chickens out there, so how are you doing (?), are you looking forward to being exposed to the world (?), and yes, it is now 02.05 and I feel as disgusted as ever making this script even more possible to write than the previous days where it was also above my edge, but we are still carrying on, so let us take this chapter too.

The Google Earth pictures show a look down to a clean world, unusual big heads (of saved lives), and the look and meaning of love ♥.

FB 131212 Jette 1

FB 131212 Jette 2

FB 131212 Jette 3

The finding of Hans Christian Andersen’s first fairy tale tells the story of darkness killing God and a new flame resurrecting God

As you can see from the picture below, a 190 years old fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen has been found, which is both his first fairy tale and the first important finding since the 1920’s, and what does this finding then tell (?), and yes “only” about how “the tallow candle”, as it is called, was covered by darkness throwing it out, and returning to life when a small flame of a tinderbox decided to light the candle, which enlightened its surroundings transforming all when removing dirt of the past, and this is first story of this world famous Danish author, which essentially brings the story to the world about how the Source of God was covered by darkness of man killing it, until a new small, flame woke God up to new life – my inner self as the Son of God – which will shine forever and ever on man turning everything from darkness to light, which is what you will see with the opening of our New World, which this is a sign of.

You can read the fairy tale in Danish here, and this is a summary of it as I have written.

The tallow candle believed too well about the world, which only cared for itself and not the candle, which made it try to use this to its own advantage, which made it grab the candle wrongly, and dark fingers grew bigger and bigger on the pure colour of innocence, which eventually completely removed the light of it, and it was now covered by dirt from the world around it, which it could not bear.

This made its false friends realize that they could not reach the inner, and they threw away the candle as a useless thing, which hereafter stood alone realizing that it had only been used as a tool to bring out the bad making it immensely sad.

But then it met a small flame, a tinderbox, seeing through the outer shell of the candle, and it saw all of the good inside, and it decided to light the candle, bringing happiness when everything around it was light up. It enlightened its surroundings, its true friends, who now sought the truth under the display of the candle transforming all and covering the dirt of the past.

The candle had now found its right place in life, and shown that it was a true candle, which shone long bringing happiness for itself and its fellow beings.

Politiken 131212 HCA

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Anne-grete asked what Hamlet is doing in front of Marienlyst Hotel here in Helsingør (?), and Tim told the story of the statue – I like people knowing what they speak of – and Anne-grete felt “inspired” by Tim and said that the dog, probably hers, is Uzo from Crete, which made Lars say that “he is freezing his behind out of the trousers”, and yes this is what we are going through (terminations of darkness, i.e. “not to be”), and Tim asked if “Uzo” is not something you drink, and yes a sign of darkness you know, and Michael spoke of a Swedish man having a dog with a name, which in Danish means “whore”, and he asked people to imagine how people felt when he called for it, and yes darkness too, and Vivian wanted to know if the name was “taske” (“bag”), and yes you do know the bag of the Devil when you see it, so here it was again, and later Vivian was “lord laughing” and yes this is what you have done in Denmark the last maybe 10-20 years with people starting to say “lord” in front of everything, and you do know why, and here to say that underneath this darkness, we are all smiling.

FB 1212 131212 Hgor

FB 1212 131212 Hgor 2

  • My attention was brought to this post by the Trade Minister Pia Olsen Dyhr because I was given the word “trousers” in my script above, and this is because Pia on Facebook had written about some people believing that her party, the Socialist People’s Party, is only for the “canvas-dressed worker”, which was really a “death sin” for her to write as a socialist, because instead of “canvas” she meant “kansas”, which are workman-trousers, so when she did not know the word of these symbolic trousers to the workman, it was to say that she is not a true socialist (!), and this made her write this where she excuses her typing error and said that her father wore kansas trousers every day on work, so don’t lay too much in this, and yes people responding to her own thread were nice saying that she does well and blames people for not having other things of interest, but as you can see from the following threads, MANY people speak negatively about her behind her back, and yes just like people are doing about me.

FB 131212 Pia O D

  • And Helena is the lady of darkness you know, and she said that she visited Pia Olsen Dyhr saying that she has “nobody home” really and “there is switched off, wild”, and this made people decide to speak negatively as people very much like to do, so Claus was onboard the ship saying that there has never been switched on, and yes “they could not get enough” and it ended with Helena saying that “one minister is more nuts than the other”, and this is how little it took for Pia to become “nuts”, and yes a typing error (!), and who are the true CRAZY people, and you know “everyone else” as this example shows. And I was told that speaking negatively behind the backs of people is NOT least what my father has done about me. This is ALSO what makes you a Devil, Helena, but of course only “normal behaviour” of people today!

FB 131212 Helena

  • And Søren brought a reference to Helena having “torn men straight over”, and this is what she has written about before (the day when Denmark was to meet Sweden in the European Championships in handball 1-2 weeks ago, which I did not bring here where she said that Denmark would “tear Sweden straight over”, and this is about darkness wanting to tear the New World straight over, this is the power feeding it, and yes negative life.

FB 131212 Helena 1B

  • Ekstra Bladet brought this negative article because of her typing error (!!!), don’t you have anything better to do (?), for example writing about me?

EB 131212 om Pia

  • And it even made Mikael Wulff make this “fake” Facebook conversation between Pia and the Union of 3F, where you can see some negative reactions of people reading it to the right, and yes, it takes NOTHING to make people full of prejudices and a dirty heart to speak negatively about others without knowing the facts of what they speak of, and this is what you here tried, Pia, and yes what my family, friends, former colleagues, the church and Communes of Denmark did in relation to me, amazing right?

FB 131212 MW

  • And Helena could not help bringing fuel to the flames by bringing Mikael Wulff’s post, and even more negative comments, and yes how could you ….?

FB 131212 Helena2

  • Dan has received a new iPhone, iPad and Mac Air, which you know are all products of APPLE, and he said “the transformation is total”, and this is what it is about, Dan: You were darkness, which I decided to save and bring to the New World despite of your resistance, which would have terminated you, and the transformation is now total. And Sussie said that “once you turn Mac, you never go back”, and this is really to say that when we turn on our New World, we will NEVER go back to darkness.

FB 131212 Dan

  • Mads said that it is a misunderstanding that the Maya calendar predicts Judgment Day, and instead he said that it is a bid on a reasonable amount of time to dismantle the story of the Hobbit in living pictures, and yes he was probably “funny”, but still I told him that it is nice that he apparently knows all, so I don’t have to tell him that he is also wrong here, but sometimes you have to see before you understand, and I wished him a merry Christmas where he will see that he is also wring within this area, and that is in the good way.

FB 131212 Mads

  • Helena’s link of yesterday evolved when Thomas used lyrics from the song saying “can’t you see that everything is going haywire” so “what do we do now, little you” (?) – the last is the title of the song – and she said that she has used much energy to shout at the minister, and he only laughs and says that she is funny, and is this Søren Pind you mean (?), which made Jette bring the lyrics from the song “but he just laughed and said. You, you can go to Hell, so this is what we do now, little you. Yes, we do”, and this is what this song is about, for mankind to go to hell, and the Minister is Søren laughing of Helena because isn’t she wonderful, Søren (?), and as Helle says “he only wants you” (?), so maybe you are thinking of going back to her despite of what I have told you about who she and you are (?), and yes your WRONG attitude was leading directly to my fall, to the end of the world, see?

FB 1212 131212 Helena

  • Henrik brought a link to a story about the now previous Culture Minister having mess in his accounts and “scamped work” with vouchers, and Henrik, the wise guy, said that when he worked for AC Nielsen, they had a big meeting, where he paid for 75 beers – company account for employees drinking beer in the spare time (!), can you see that this is WRONG (?) – and the Hotel asked if they should write “four times lunch” on the voucher (in order to avoid “trouble” when doing the accounts!), and he concluded “it should be easy to make representation look reasonable”, and yes you cannot see that this is wrong to do, Henrik (?), and it made me think about the world doing this in a great extend and yes for example when employees are out on a “deserved treat of the company” besides from good dinner and drinks also includes “a round with prostitutes”, which is written as maybe dinner and drinks on the voucher (?), and I wonder Søren H. and Bo as examples if this is something you know about, because I have NEVER done it myself, and that is even though Søren H. was VERY CLOSE to bring me in this trap the day in December 1999 when we had the worst hurricane in Denmark causing MUCH damage, and this is where he “invited” for “a treat with prostitutes”, but when I declined, he decided that it was best for him and Steen, who could not resist the temptation, to pay themselves, and yes the world could have ended on many occasions and this was one of them. And Christine was inspired when speaking about the morning buffet on the hotel and “Oh my god, such Danish pastries” (!), and yes this is also about our New World waiting.

FB 131212 Henrik

  • A few weeks ago, one of the managers of Radio 24/7 was dismissed, and here another manager of the radio station, Mikael, said “welcome back, Mads”, and this is about the completely unlikely/impossible event that a dismissed manager returns to the radio station after having spoken thoroughly to the top manager, and yes who had seen that coming (?), and I had, and yes the top manager of the radio in charge of all life, who gave me a helping hand when I needed it in order to continue my journey until the end, and to save every little thing without leaving anyone out in the cold. And as the article says: “The editor-in-chief Jørgen Ramsko also looks forward to bit the lost son welcome home”, and he was not the only “lost son” as you do understand by now? And as Sigurd says “it was truly very sad that you were torn apart” (!), and yes, we know, this was about “worlds apart”.

FB 131212 Michael

FB 131212 Michael 2

  • I was pleasantly surprised when Andrew from New Zealand and the SAGA Facebook group invited me to become Facebook friend, which tells me that there was not only negative people not believing in me in this group, but also people having “doubts” or maybe even believing in me, and I have received “only” 6 “likes” to my post, where my previous “innocent” posts received more than 20, and you can see five people, who “like” Shirley and her comment to “run away” (from that crazy man, that is), and I wonder how many thought negatively of me here, which may be hundreds, and how many believed in me (?), and just maybe the band itself believed, but you could not step out to support me?

FB 131212 Andrew

FB 131212 Andrew SAGA

  • Christian brought this post in the SAGA group, which I decided to comment, and this is also to “help” people of this group seeing that I am a completely normal man not as crazy as you first believed (?), and first of all, it is to tell the world that I will not be the only one as Stig, because I have several names, for example Obama and yes as another part of me, and I wonder who else there really are, because my father and John are other parts of my father, and was Jack another part of me, and yes this is what I believe he is, so there is One Source but different people of the same man.

FB 131212 SAGA group on Santa

  • Helena LOVES babies/children and here spoke enthusiastic about singing “Militskvinder” (“Militia women”) by Kliché together with this child (!), and yes I bring it here because I LOVE this song and all music by Kliché, and she said that she wants to have such a little, thick baby herself, which made Jesper say that he does not believe that Helena can make babies with Helle Ib, a political commentator, whom Helena is crazy about, and yes bi-sexual she apparently is, because she surely would like to try as she said, and Jane asked her “what happens for Søren Pind, can’t he deliver any baby” (?), which she replied by saying “yes, but he cannot sing “Militia women” and yes isn’t it funny that Jane’s comment and Helena’s reply later were deleted, because this was “too private” for you, Helena (?), and I wonder if you and Søren are still in love both of you and “difficult” it is for you to keep your fingers to yourselves (?), so we here have a bi-sexual woman, who may now be back with Søren (?) and still she continues being unfaithful sleeping with others (?), and this is at least how she presents herself, and yes a TRUE Devil, she is, but with a warm heart as you can tell.

FB 131212 Helena 3

  • Bent Van Helsingør is Vivienne McKee’s returning character for 30 years of her Crazy Christmas Cabarat’s, which are immensely popular here, and isn’t it “funny” that Vivienne’s character is named “Helsingør” and speaks half English/Danish (?), which is really what you see in my scripts all over including both English and Danish (his English is not very good, just like mine, and that is far from perfect, which is “difficult” for some to understand, because of course God is “perfect” isn’t he?), and the last time we saw this FUNNY show was in 2010 when it was called “OH MY GOTH!” as you can watch some of here, and here she brought a link to the video below called “SHIFT HAPPENS” (notice the F), which is about the shift now happening, and it is by the way written by half of the Aqua band with Lene singing, and it made me tell Bent/Vivienne that there will also be a SHIFT on December 22 when we will visit the show, and later I received a new short ¼ out of this world pain to my right ankle, and was told that now she brings darkness too because of her “fear” of what will happen the 22nd December, and yes isn’t it great?

FB 131212 Bent van Helsingør

  • I could not help writing this to Lucas, and that is because my heart is broken making me “more than sad” when I see such attitude, which is how most people of today behave, and when I received his negative reply, I also received pain again to the backside of my left lower leg, because Lucas is also an important “special friend”, but “crazy” he is, Lucas, and yes not the other way around (and now not for much longer, Stig, which is really about my immense sufferings doing this work).

FB 131212 Lucas

FB 131212 Lucas 2

FB 131212 Lucas 3

FB 131212 Lucas 4

  • In our Facebook emails above, which I do NOT have the energy to translate, I told Lucas that he is part of my new script, and I told him that maybe he would like to read about himself now when he has decided that he doesn’t bother reading and understanding me and the big picture, and no he is certainly not selfish, or is he (?), and yes he went (almost) directly to my script to read about my “attack” on him, which he wrongly thinks, and yes making him completely blind so he cannot “focus” on me and the truth of my scripts, and yes SAD is what you are making me, Lucas, and astonished that man of today can behave as narrow-minded and wrongly as you, but then again, this is what I have shown you all throughout my scripts.

FB 131212 Lucas 5

  • Talk about selfishness of a “lady”, and I wonder about how your moral generally is, and did you remember to share you income with the Community paying taxes of your income, or did you decide to do “black work” (?) – and yes I do NOT like taxes, but I like conscious cheaters even less – and you may understand why you do not to “good work”, Shannon, because who you are is what you receive.

FB 131212 Shannon

  • I decided to react to Desiree being led behind the light by no less than Benjamin Crème even though this was “way off” what I had energy to do.

FB 131212 DesireeFB 131212 Desiree 2

  • I decided to send this email to Share-International and Benjamin, and if I believe that he will now start reading and believing in me (?), and no, I do not because your nice spiritual voice is not telling you deceptions, Benjamin (?), or maybe you would like to speak the truth to the world?

Email til Share International


14th December: I am going through non-existing darkness, which we had to go through if I had not “passed my exam”

The Roman Empire 2,000 years ago was part of the plan of destructing the world back then

I was told that we have not told you many stories while you were working (with the script of yesterday), but we are still inside of here, and I was given this rumbling feeling to the back side of my left lower leg.

Again, I was told that the sexual invention of the spirit of my mother was designed to DESTRUCT as its first goal and not to bring life, which is what I brought in return as my plan to help bringing this part of me back.

But every time – until now – our plan to turn this world around just before destruction went wrong, and I am here given a feeling to write that the Source was in control so darkness would never be able to terminate all life, and no I will not go into speculations about this because even now this speculation makes me feel awful, and can you imagine how I felt when I for hours, days, months and years were living with the risk of darkness terminating life, and when I was going through hours here and there being told that this was critical to not just this world but to all life forever and ever, this is where I had my worst fear.

And we just had to discover where on this thing that the button to dismantle it was, and this was really my task.

I was told that the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago was part of the plan of destructing the world back then, which we would have done, but there was not enough power on the kettles so we decided to wait.

I was told “Hi Stig”, and I felt Lars G. and saw him bringing his suitcases, which includes life which we would have completed destructed if you had accepted it, and I was told that we would not have brought this life up without Lucas bringing me the darkness to enter it.

Later I was told; isn’t Lars G. on the way into the Source (?), and yes I have understood that he is part of it too.

I was shown an incredible thin layer placed on its “thin side” in my view making it invisible to see, but when you continue demanding that everything is to survive, we decided to bring this out and turn it around on its HUGE wide side where all of this life is attached, and I was then shown this huge side.

This life was meant to be used as part of the helicopter lifting everything up and that is if you did not have access to the Source helping. This was also the force darkness wanted to bring to the Source to kill everything until nothing would bleed anymore and everything would become this non living life.

As before, this life also asked where to be placed but it already knew the answer from before to ask my inner self, which is also saying that this darkness has a memory now. And still it is a unique pass decided where to place it.

I was told that this is a dream scenario removing what wanted to kill us so strongly. So this was Lucas’ task and yes doing this – entering this darkness – means that he has to be there so this he is.

How much marzipan does it take to remove this cream (?) and yes as you saw, Stig, the work you did yesterday. And as Stig, I decided to tell myself that I got this inspiration and power to work from my inner self and I really just had to do it.

You are now coming to a Fibonacci circle around yourself to be reborn – I felt how it came around me – which is impossible to do but you “nailed it”, which my death 2,000 years ago was also about to take on sins of man and who can believe that this time around was much worse to go through with much more sufferings because darkness was much worse, and yes this is for you to understand, my dear reader.

I was shown the number 7 repeated in what seemed an endless line, and I was shown it entering stage of a theatre packing all of the stage down – removing it completely – and driving away together with time with “7” meaning that there is now only one week remaining until the big day, December 21.

I was told that you have decided to bring in all darkness and you cannot lose; this is the attitude we use as foundation of our work – and I keep receiving negative voice but mostly this night was about EXTREME tiredness and exhaustion after work yesterday.

And can we turn this darkness around and keep its private parts (?), and yes we can because there is nothing wrong with its work, it did its best to kill me, but I was the most clever being alert and awake, which was enough to remove all darkness MUCH stronger than I.

I was told that darkness stood right on the point of one of three points of us to get into the Pyramid of everything and only by doing our best always we managed to keep this out, and yes not resting but taking guards and pushing us to the limit. And we did not know what we were to expect if it took us but now we know and if we could not break it, we would always be alive as nothing.

And sleep was a weapon of darkness to calm us down removing our resistance so what you did was to keep us enough awake to prevent its worst attacks; “you are welcome as light but not darkness” as I said because I set the rules and this what we had to always do without breaking. So we had “worlds apart” with light and darkness fighting about which side to win.

I felt pain to the backside of my left right leg and was told that darkness wanted to return to destroy what it now understand is my weapon, which are these scripts you know.

I was told that we will start “our show” at 19.30 on the 21st December on Danish National TV, and yes the live show “before the end of the world” starts at 18.30, so maybe you would like to know what will happen at 19.30 (?), and yes WE WILL SEE :-).

DR 2112The TV show “before the end of the world”, December 21, on Denmark’s National TV will include “our show” starting at 19.30 – one hour after the show starts at 18.30

I woke up with a jump because of an explosion of darkness, but we had disarmed it so nothing happened

Finally at 07.30, I decided to go to bed and with a break where I was up a few hours later, I slept until 18.30 (!), with these dreams/experiences.

  • It did not take long before I was freezing and shivering all over – I had frozen all night – and then suddenly I was woken up with a jump as powerful as ever before, and a little later, I was shown half sleeping that Preben, my neighbour, were knocking on my door very powerful in the middle of the night, and I invited him in and tried to calm him down showing him that everything is blue, and that I was only hearing quiet music, and this was an explosion of darkness, and I was given the lyrics “he said, don’t be late” by SAGA, from one of their most famous and beloved songs. And I was told that there was nothing to do, it wanted to blow off, but we disarmed it so we are still here, and I might add that the experience was very powerful for me to experience like this. 

  • I am a prisoner at a prisoner camp in Asia, and I have a gun. A new team of ruthless guards arrive at my small cabin where I stay with another on. They ask to receive my gun, which I give them, and they shoot it and discover that it only includes blank shots. They take all of our clothes and I believe that they were going to kill us. But somehow my inmate and I share three blouses. I discover just how ruthless they are shooting and killing one prisoner every day at 12.00. Later I see that a journalist asks a representative from the country about the camp, but they don’t know and cannot document the evilness taking place, which makes it just continue. 
    • I am a prisoner of the absolutely worst darkness very close to killing me. I was told when waking up that we only keep this still for spirits going to see how far you would be able to get.
  • I am on my way somewhere, and on Lyngbyvej north of Copenhagen, I enter a store to buy whisky liqueur, but they only have one, which is of poor quality, and I think of visiting Philipson wine in Lyngby knowing that they have a variety to chose from. And something about a lady having failed receiving the grade of five, and people asks who will tell her, and I say that I will. 
    • Whisky and Lyngby are about darkness, and the lady may be the spirit of my mother having failed to go through this darkness, which seems to be too strong for us.
  • My mother’s John cannot afford to buy anything, and I help him and also my aunt Inge and her husband Ove with money so they will not die from starvation. I believe it is John who is almost finished setting up a double shower. 
    • This is darkness starving and dying because it does not receive energy symbolised by money, so is this what darkness does when I sleep and that is to steal energy (?), and this may be what the dream says.
  • I am together with Simple Minds at a fine grocer where we steal food, which is the only way we can survive, but they are much better to steal than I. And two good looking ladies steal clothes. There is nothing to do and people are languishing. 
    • This is darkness doing what it can to survive, but as you can tell, it is by now dying.
  • At the company I work, a temp asks if he can be attached as a regular temp to the company, and I ask him to ask a colleague of mine. Michella is there and I believe that she is looking stunning. 
    • Darkness still wanting to bring my “old nightmare”.
  • I am at a café in Copenhagen, where a very famous Norwegian football player is sitting at the next table, and he is VERY famous by people, but I don’t know him. Birgitte (class friend from commercial school) is there, and something about five not sleeping. 
    • The football player is darkness playing against me.

I am going through non-existing darkness, which we had to go through if I had not “passed my exam”

I was told that I am going through an air mirage of something which is not there.

I received the Gasolin song “Der var Inga, Og Katinka, Smukke Charlie, På sin harley” (“there were Inga, and Katinka, beautiful Charlie, on his harley”) and I was told that this is what you see now with “harley” being darkness, but this is a fata morgana and something about that we had to go through that way.

Is this part of having the world to believe that you are stepping out directly from the grave to heaven (?), and apparently it is, and I might add that I received this when seeing Jette’s new Google Earth pictures, see below.

I was told that we are still at full pelt but we are not inside of there. And the same is with the dreams, and yes to give the world a “shock” to be released by a pleasant surprise, almost like Michael Sadler & Co as I am told.

How many times do we have time to turn around the Globe (?), which is the game we are playing. I received a quick 1/3 out of this world pain to my right ankle because we decided to turn around this part too.

And is Lucas the perfect example of a man deciding to think negatively instead of focusing on my message of love (?), and yes you saw it.

Without your final exam, this is the sea which we all had to go through.

It is like this, it was thought that you could not go through this, and I am feeling that I only do it with help. And this is what these signs are for.

What you see is the first and worst darkness of all coming against us to destruct us.

This evening at 21.00 I called my mother, who could inform me that they had been waiting me for dinner at 19.00 as we had agreed last time because tomorrow they will go to Bettina’s birthday party, and yes I had NOT written it down – I don’t have much to remember – and when you do no, there is a risk of such things happening, remember Elijah (?), so I felt stupid, and could only give my best apologies saying that it was not because I did not want to come, but because I forgot, and instead I was invited for lunch tomorrow, and yes a little difficult this is with this impossible sleep rhythm at the moment, but I should be able to keep awake until this.

I was not tired when working on the script this evening, but still it was impossible to work because of the after effects of my work yesterday and simply a feeling so strong given to me of not wanting to work but to relax, and it took a LONG time not really coming into a rhythm as I normally do and not feeling concentrated, but still I decided to write what I do believe will become a short script today, which I don’t mind at all after yesterday.

I keep receiving half sentences, which are “impossible” to write, for example about Sanna, who was “this close” to discover me, which I understood was about her believing in me at some stage, which would not have been good (stopping darkness to come towards me), and that by not coming to my mother this evening, I received even more darkness.

And at 00.40 I had also succeeded to write and publish this easy script of today, which was not that easy again.

Google Earth shows what looks like a diamond and Earth looking like it is bursting/cracking

Google Earth shows what looks like a diamond and Earth looking like it is bursting/cracking, but a fata morgana of the first and worst darkness it is.

FB 141212 Jette 1

FB 141212 Jette 2

FB 141212 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • After our Facebook emails yesterday evening, it showed out that Lucas could NOT control his negative feelings, so instead of reading me trying to understand the big picture and to focus on the messages of love, he decided to block/report me, and not only this, but I received an increase from the normal approx. +/- 100 visitors per day to more than 300, and it was because of a large increase in referrers from Facebook, so did you decide to write a negative story on me on Facebook for people to speak negatively about me behind my back (?), and yes a man very interested in “conspiracy theories”, which he uses MANY HOURS to do his best to understand, but when it comes to “the real thing”, he “could not” do what it takes, and yes he met the block of darkness inside of himself, which is what he sent to me, and yes, how could you, Lucas??? So this was his thanks for my “attack” on him. And I do believe that maybe 8 or 9 out of 10 would react today as he did, and yes a cruel, cruel world it is. At 06.15 I was told that I sent away Lucas thought of reporting me to my website WordPress, and yes is this what you also wanted, Lucas, and that is to remove my “negative” writings on you no matter what the costs would be (?), and yes darkness in a nutshell, and we know a selfish behaviour (?), and no, not according to Lucas ….!

WP 141212

  • Lucas first reaction to my comment yesterday was “WOW!”, and my old colleague Klaus from Fair was today inspired to use this word in relation to Messi and Barcelona, and this is really to say that it is the kind of work as I did with Lucas, which is making Messi a top scorer and myself penetrating darkness.

FB 141212 Klaus

  • Clement from DR TV said about a new 2013 law of the Intelligent Service of Denmark” “JAMES BOND MAY BE INCLUDED IN THE NEGOTIATIONS”, and yes, this is what he said, and you do know that James Bond is a symbol of me removing darkness, and this is what I am doing removing this Intelligent Service and yes the likes of you all over the world will be granted the access to seek new jobs of our New World, and aren’t you happy, Jacob & Co., so you will no longer receive grey hairs for looking at “very difficult cases”, and yes do I have a file with you, Jacob, and also elsewhere (?), and yes I will love to see your thoughts about me, and of course there will be no misunderstandings, right?

FB 141212 Clement

  • I was told that this tragic event is also because of the most ruthless darkness we are going through now.

CNN 141212

  • Nikolaj said “should it not soon be more unimportant to cover school shootings in USA than car bombs in Kabul and hunger in Africa” (?), and yes I wonder how many people die per day in Dadaab because of the carelessness of the world, which the world does not even want to write/read about, because it is not “interesting” (?), and yes DARKNESS IN A NUTSHELL!

FB 141212 Nikolaj

  • I was happy to receive this email from Bodil, whom I don’t know, but she said that she saw my reply to Steen’s posting the other day about what will or will not happen December 21, and she was appalled that he could do as he did because of the impact he has on many people, and she said that he acts like a seducer, and that he has not come far in his development, and she considers what to write to him to reach hím, so he just don’t closes as you know many people do, and I decided to tell her that the words she uses for me are really words meant for Steen so I recommended her to copy and paste the words into Steen’s thread, and that is because this is how it comes to her, and there is no reason trying to say things differently than what they are, and I told her that sadly there are many doing as Steen speaking of events which they know nothing of or receive spiritual deceptions about because of their own wrong way of life making them representatives of darkness and not of light, and yes I have met some of these on my way, and I wonder how Niclas from the meditation group is doing, and if he is still “indulging” in light and telling lies to many people believing in him, and yes this is how it is.

FB 141212 Bodil

FB 141212 Bodil 2



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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