December 16, 2012: Life was created as darkness before the endless Paradise of God will now be made into physical life


Summary of the script today

15th December:  On Dec. 21, we will leave the tunnel of darkness and merge with the tunnel of light (Paradise of God)

  • Fanny was originally sent by darkness to finish me off, but instead she brought me a “new bathroom” bringing the whole world with her when she decided to have confidence in me.
  • I received much speech about how darkness was trying to enter the ship of everything from outside to destruct everything, and only by always working our best, we kept darkness out. And there was a risk of life being eliminated.
  • We are building a completely new entrance to the Pyramid of light. I decided to continue the game and to take on continuous unbearable sufferings instead of being relieved, and this means that we will now continue to implement the most important of Fanny’s bathroom, which is the last of it to lift it up and merge with the Source of all spiritual life. I have brought the world through a tunnel of black darkness and now wait for the light to break through. On December 21, we will go directly from this dark tunnel meeting and entering the light tunnel on the other side to merge everything.
  • Everything around me is darkness bringing me sufferings, so the game now is if I bring darkness to the Source destructing everything or if this is the last darkness, which I use to bring cleaned darkness of life to the Source, and I know, but does the world?
  • The ring of life self was transferred by the Source to darkness of the world, which could have jeopardised existence self is now returning to the Source.
  • I visited my mother and John again and received symbols saying that if it was up to John and not my mother, we would lose life, but when he will also join us when going to Tivoli December 22, this means that every little thing will be saved and all love of God will be spread to the world.
  • Dreaming of pulling the world forward as an involuntary rhino, which would rather stab me, doing my best to release terminated life, and the importance of measuring your work.
  • We are already inside the castle of our New World having united our physical and spiritual world’s using mine and the world’s energy to do the final setup, where it turned out that we could reuse all tools of darkness without changing them but instead of sending out sufferings to destruct the world, it will now do the opposite sending out the love of God.  This is what my work lately has REALLY been used for, and had I not continued playing the game, I would have been hospitalised and the world would have received “great sufferings” to bring energy to do this final setup, but the world will now not go through this meaning that the mainstream world really did not discover that we have gone through the Judgment saving everything as part of the creation of our New World.
  • Short stories of Mads Fuglede leaving me as a Facebook friend (!), Michael Sadler about “to be or not to be”, it is astonishing that the world cannot being the truth about me before December 21, we are continuing to save much life, Meshack is showing himself again as my true friend, and Shannon shows why she is not doing as “good work” as she thinks.

16th December: Life was created as darkness before the endless Paradise of God will now be made into physical life

  • I have brought in our four New World’s and am now bringing together the sum of them as my new self reusing my tools of darkness turned around. We are washing off the last of the “kill kill” power of God, who was turned around by darkness, and I have now been made believe for some time that it was a risk that we could lose existence self with everything turning into negative, non-created life, but now I was told that it was only the cover of God, which was overtaken by darkness with everything inside still being light, and this would have made a new creation of only light no matter the outcome of my journey, so it was strong darkness lately making me believe that the existence self was jeopardised.
  • Life was created as darkness because it was the only way that God could make life work to start with, and when it would later be corrected, as we do now, all of the endless Paradise of God will be made into physical life.
  • Dreaming of working inside the worst darkness to evaluate how to use its inventions in our New World.
  • Fanny worked as a medium of darkness without knowing it bringing me the misunderstood message of darkness that I am not down to Earth and asking me to wait, but PARADISE IS ON THE DASHBOARD LIGHT – we will NEVER stop ♥.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the centre of darkness with a party underneath (of light), we are all one, the Earth look like cracking, which may however be from where light will shine through (?), and man is now drying after having been cleaned.
  • Short stories of René sending me much darkness, and telling Solaima the truth about the existence of God despite of the killing of school children in USA, and Manyar cannot also understand why God is playing “hide and seek”, which you should know that God is not!.


15th December: On Dec. 21, we will leave the tunnel of darkness and merge with the tunnel of light (Paradise of God)

On December 21, we will leave the tunnel of darkness and merge with the tunnel of light (Paradise of God)

We are now about to being finished with the last, and this was about seeing how much you would deliver yourself, and yes it is now 01.30, and I am not tired, but I am NOT starting the work on “creation” now because I will not have enough time to finish it before December 21, but I will continue writing my scripts, which I know is a great challenge in itself.

Isn’t it funny that it is Fanny who is bringing you a completely new bathroom (?), and yes because you became “good friends”, and this is to say that it is not all of her emails I bring in my scripts, but she has confidence in me and uses me to ask questions on this or that. So this has neither you nor she known about, and yes not very easy to become friends, it was?

I was told that I was protected inside this centre where we gave you spiritual speech.

We have never had hearts in cream sauce like this before.

I was shown the Viking ship as I was shown in a dream or vision at a museum several months ago, and how darkness was all around us, and was entering the ship from the bottom making the tree of it rot, and inside the ship is light, which is what it was entering, and only by doing out best always, we managed to keep it out.

He kept going without giving up, what ring would you like to give him, and yes I have been a shown a ring a couple of days now, so is this the ring of darkness, or the Lord or the rings, which is now returning to me as light (?), and we will see.

It is now after 06.30 and I have watched TV most night receiving many new notes, which I once again have decided to write here, and not because I love, but on the contrary, and yes a pain to do this work, but here we go.

Darkness started a habit saying yes on my behalf on its agenda, but no, I will never allow you, and I felt that I am inside the centre of it, which is also me as I was told.

I was shown tomatoes with mozzarella cheese, which I also like much, and was told that we are now also only waiting (to be lifted up).

Don’t we have any udder on the cow any more (?), no (!), because Fanny brought us a new bathroom, but then again we have because you decided it.

So we are now on our way to become light, we are all looking forward to coming home as darkness told me, and I was reminded that I no longer have rumblings to the backside of my left (or right) lower leg, but I still receive negative talk, and also here a small heart attack.

I was told that I am making a whole new access to the Pyramid, and I was shown new stairs being made from the side of the Nile and up of the Pyramid.

I was shown how the pole is becoming a Rolls-Royce, i.e. the finest of everything, and a bird, i.e. freedom, and was told that all life was hidden inside the pole itself.

So I have been a tour around all of this to get everything in as light and not vice versa for all darkness outside to get in as darkness, and this was basically the name of the game.

I continued receiving such an enormous pressure coming to me from outside influencing me physically and also mentally that I still cannot relax at any moment but need to be alert to receive and absorb all attacks coming.

For a couple of minutes, my arms and head was overtaken physically by darkness controlling me – as it happened constantly in 2006/07 – and my hands were made to knock on my head (it was not I moving and controlling them!) to show me that this is how darkness tried to enter light (as the machines of the Matrix tried to enter the space ship), but they could not get through, and was this because darkness per definition could not read, enter and transform light or because we fought it?

Darkness again wanted me to say that it is NOT welcome and I felt how this would remove my sufferings but despite of the temptations to be free of this hell, I decided to stick what I know is right, which is to say that you are still welcome, and I was told that this means that we will continue work now implementing the most important of Fanny’s bathroom, which is the last to lift everyone up, and yes does he have the energy to do this (?), and are you kept awake at night because darkness wants you to stop exercising because this is really what hurts it (?), and if not, where does the energy come from (?), and I can only believe that it is from thoughts – and if this is wrong, energy is taken from my work or others, for example John’s brother Tommy, whom my mother told yesterday has received a double cerebral thrombosis and she wondered why this is hitting these siblings this short after each other (!), and I wonder why …. –

And I am here thinking about “kitchen” and “bathroom” and I know that kitchen is where we produce life, so this is the Source, and “bathroom” has been about destruction, so this is really the life, which we produced, and this is what I entered to clean and this is why we now have a new bathroom, so there you have it.

So when you have pushed the button (of the Doomsday weapon – of previous worlds), this has been darkness triggering itself to overtake everything, but no, we cheated it each time and that was because we were hiding from it.

Everything around me feels as darkness, but it is “good enough”, we are working for light, and I was told that all of it (the lifting up starting December 21) will be judged on your work from now.

It is now 07.10 and I am feeling so dizzy and also feeling blood around me that I can hardly work, and thinking is going very slowly now, so really not very comfortable you know.

So we have hidden something (darkness) for you for this last work and it is now not about convincing Michael Sadler about who you are, but now only about coming home, which is to bring the light to the central and the central to the light as in a cross connection. This is the duvet you bring inside here, and yes connecting the physical and spiritual world.

I felt light of the spirit of my mother coming out, and she said that we would be defenceless in special unlucky situations, this is true. And I thought of an old déjà vue given to me, which is that I will be known to our future as the man saving life, which told me that the risk of elimination was present, which would make us “not to be”.

I felt darkness and Fanny being pulled in over me, and the feeling of darkness is so unbearable that I can almost not foresee how I can stand 7 more days like this, and yes you might believe that this is darkness coming to destruct me/us, but oh no, not me!

I was told that this is like a partridge of three colours, which is going to be distributed. And I felt how I am still giving very nervous feelings – “what if something goes wrong, if I cannot do this” (?) – and this work is not making me relax this night when writing down these notes and it gives me more work on my scripts, and all is frustrating to say the least, but I keep telling myself that now there is only 7 days left, and I have absolutely no idea of how I managed to come through my journey to this day, but I am still carrying on and now I tell my self “carry on also the last 7 days” and no, it is not as easy as it sounds, in fact it is difficult.

I received more information about the game I am playing now, which is if I am now bringing darkness to the light, which will eliminate us all the 21st December or is this by now not existing darkness (converted to light), which however still can swear as it does and also give me burning marks, and yes isn’t this fantastically funny, Lucas (?) – and the world too (?) – and yes, if you have followed my journey and have faith in me, you will know that I have transformed all darkness I have met to light, which is what I am bringing to the Source, and if you have not, we may be terminated in 7 days, and yes I wonder if there are people of the official world feeling the world burning under you, but still not daring to say anything to the world?

I was told that we are still playing a game – having God with me – and if not, this would be how the spirit of my mother through me would think; are we about to save or destruct everything?

For days I have again been shown a gold ball being hit with the opposite site of a golf iron.

We don’t bring curtains, we are the curtains, yes we are everything and you as the Source are everything, and this is the feeling we have had with two worlds apart, and the meeting between the physical and spiritual world was the explosion, which was going to make everything dark, but we cheated it every time, and yes I do believe that I just wrote this before, and I cannot tell you how emotionally stressed and nervous that this speech is still making me, and that is because darkness is still here, there and everywhere around me, and “as a game” as I am told again.

I was told that Fanny loves you, and without this, she would not have brought everything here.

I was shown the middle section of the newspaper Ekstra Bladet, and it was completely dark of printing ink, and I was told that we have saved him from this because the work I will now do will save much more life.

You have driven the train through a tunnel of black darkness and are now here with everything being black waiting for the light to break through, and I was shown and told that you will go directly from this dark tunnel meeting and entering the light tunnel on the other side to merge everything. This is what December 21 is about.

I was told that it is Fanny’s opening and her trust in you, which makes her bring the whole world with her, and I was directly encouraged to show our last emails to show you this, so here you have it.

In her first comment below, she said that it was not meant to be public, which is about our previous communication, which I published like this, and I told her that she has nothing to be afraid of, everything is of the good, which she decided to accept, and later she said that she has become a member of a spiritual group where a man believed that the Ahstar-command – people of other civilizations – was the Devil self, and she wrote on her computer to him that this command is “good enough”, which made her computer go “crazy” rolling and rolling, and she asked me if she should be quiet because there are energies in this group not having to know everything (?), and later – before I had sent her a reply – she said that she was now thrown out of the group with her “opponent” winning.

FB 1412 151212 Fanny 1

I told her that it is ALWAYS right to speak the truth and sometimes to make it so clearly that people understand, and if they decide to misunderstand and react negatively, it is the Devil self, which they exhibit, and I told her that I only have good experiences with Ashtar myself, and I only remember one direct communication, but they have probably been with me all the time, and yes I am shown a line from the sky and down to the LEFT of my keyboard where they place a small man while I write, and that is to confirm that they are light people. Afterwards Fanny said that Bo, the webmaster of this site, said that he wanted to dismiss Ejvin, who was bothering Fanny, which made Fanny happy again.

FB 1412 151212 Fanny 2

Fanny here said that she has started receiving love energies, which is so beautiful that she could almost cry, and when I told her that I am still going through darkness bringing me sufferings, she decided to bring me healing, which she did together with the Archangel Michael and Jesus, my inner self (!), and “we formed a three unity pyramid full of light, which we send you”, and when she said that “they smile” – as you can tell she receives CLEAR spiritual visions, feelings and speech as I do too – I told her that “you can probably also make them dance, which means “happiness/celebration”, and a few minutes later she came back said “ha, this is what they do now, pretty wild, they are very mobile, sleep well, how incredible is this (?), they both do the twist and rumba” and yes we are “crazy about dance”, you know”, and I told her that “there you see, this is how we could probably keep on”, and just saying that we have now found each other also spiritually as very few can communicate, and she ended by saying that “everyone here agrees, they hold up their thumbs and do V-signs”, and yes you may remember the picture of Pope John Paul having the “thumb up” to the apparitions of the spirit of my mother in Medjugorje, so there you have it (I was shown a golden and not a bloody cross because of this, which is what this means, my own survival as Stig because of her faith in me), and a V-sign is about piece coming and I told her that three times V equals three time love.

FB 151212 Fanny 3

FB 151212 Fanny 4

Later I was told that what Fanny experienced here is really what no one experiences, because no one can direct the spirits to do what they say, and that is except from me, so here you really saw an example of me being the one I am.

Ifelt a weak heart and I was told that is it like coming up from the sewer when we will enter the light.

I was told that Fanny was sent by darkness to kill me/us but I turned her around to save us.

Well this was the hash lump then. What does he say (?), you are going up and into a complete new building, which you have never seen before, the building of God, Paradise, as we had hope to create in the first place.

Isn’t it funny that you were meant to do the heavy load, and not Fanny, so when I worked hard to get her to help me by sacrificing, and yes what then (?), and this speech was to say that this would be wrong to do, and it might have. And I was told that the key is that she feels home with you, which is what made her trust in you.

When starting to work again at 06.30 I was asked by darkness; so the Judgment is never returning (?), no (!), and what about eliminating all life, which started from scratch every single time, and yes from the natural force of God because surely the physical world could not eliminate the spiritual world and the natural force because this force is completely different than it (?), and yes Stig, this subject is really hanging far out of your throat as we say here, but you continue to bring it to me, which may because this is what this darkness is “obsessed” with.

So we brought in Fanny having faith in you when your mother “could not”, so here you received both forces of her in two people at the same time.

When writing the above, I was given a “light sound” from my stomach and shown darkness, which used to be a monster (like the monster of the Aliens films breaking out from the inside of a body), but now this darkness is light, and I felt the spirit of my mother of it and was told that “it is good enough” as we still say here, and what do you say in English covering this?

I was shown a big and dirty power plant and was told that this is what we released as the physical world, which was returning to us to overtake us with darkness.

I was told that my aunt Inge is seeing Angels, and that she is herself an angel, and yes one of the big ones you know.

I received ONE large sneeze, and I receive much less sneezing, but when it comes, they are loud, so this is still meaning that the world is sacrificing?

I was told that my nephew Niklas is VERY influenced and sad about me, which may be the reason why he “cannot” communicate with me, and why is it that it is “impossible” for you to understand (?), and eeehhh because you decided to trust your mother instead of me (?), and I wonder why this was the case for all the family (?), and yes choosing the easy but WRONG way out.

I was told that without Kim S’ decision NOT to see me for bowling, we would also not have been able to come here, so much darkness this man has also sent.

Think if there would be some not getting the aeroplane on time, and yes we would be devastated but there are none, and yes also working as my old self (?), and we will see what the final score will be, if I will have made it 100% or maybe 90% or 80% perfect and maybe even less?

I was shown a coffin – of myself – being brought in from the outside of light into an apartment of darkness, and it includes a ring on top of it, and I was told that we also gave it the ring and this is the ring now returning, which is the ring of our survival.

And with this key, darkness could turn off life/existence, and yes Stig, this was the key we brought to our new invention of physical life believing that everything would be fine, but when it did not, this was the key, which should have guaranteed our life, which now became the threat of our entire civilisation.

And this is because when I am rinsing out, there is also, and is that a golden cross (?), and yes when we lost the ring or key of life, we had to bring a cross too to make this world end before it would consume us all, and isn’t this what you have understood from us before (?), and yes difficult to remember what you have told me.

Your mother had not to be shaking her hands when delivering you back to us, and yes because the entrance is almost not existing, and I understood that this is what “blind faith” of Fanny in me is about.

I took a long bath this morning also sleeping a little, and I was given a warning about my mother’s lung about to collapse, which did NOT make me happy to hear, and I can only hope and pray that she will make it until December 21, which may also be connected to how I continue doing.

Later, I went to my mother and John for lunch and on my way there, I was told that that when I continue the game also when going there, she is going to make it, and the first thing I was told when coming was about the importance of receiving my mother’s love again as a “healing game”, so this is what light helped me to do after receiving darkness when not coming yesterday.

We had a nice lunch, and my mother told me that her brother has now also received cancer and has had 60% of his liver removed, and yes it has now hit several of my family members being on their extreme edge of dying, but no one has died. My sister has also had a virus for 14 days for the first time making her absent from her “new” work a few days, and she also fell on her way home from the station, and yes darkness is working many ways.

She also told me about the strong pain in the loin because of rheumatism as she has had recently bothering her much and this goes all the way back to carrying me as a baby as she said, so this is also how darkness is being absorbed.

John told about how his nephew and wife has received a notice of only 8-14 days to move from their apartment, and I understood that this was a symbol of life having to move the house of existence herewith going to be terminated, and I understood the symbolic language still coming to me clearly with feelings when my mother said that if it was not for her, Bettina – who celebrates her 50th birthday today – would not receive a birthday card, and John was smiling and said that “I will take care of the toilet rolls, if you will take care of the card”, and toilet rolls are about destruction and card (“mail”) about survival, and yes was John’s role, and how (?), and yes because it is “completely impossible” for John to believe or do what he does not want to believe or do, and another symbol was given to me when we heard my Christmas CD’s from 2008 when he could tell that the song by Frank Sinatra was no. 17 on the CD (!), and “how do you know this, John” (?) and yes he has listened to the CD’s writing notes about his favourites songs, which he then wanted to copy to his computer but he could not find out, and yes how in the world has he turned me down when I have told them several times about getting access to in principle all the music of the world on the Internet via free music streaming services (?), so therefore I told him again, and said that all he has to do is to enter and download their programme giving him access to all of this music, and I knew that no matter what I would say, he would go against, so this is what he did and yes the negative thoughts given to him as part of the play was “but then I will have to find the music first” before taking it down (!), and no, John, this is a streaming service, you are NOT going to download the music to your hard-disk, it is a STREAMING SERVICE from central servers, and yes I had to tell him this a few times before it went into the light board so to say, and you can listen directly to all the new CD’s by Ann-Mette Elten, Kim Larsen etc., and hopefully when I come the next time, you have downloaded this programme seeing how it is done, and when you have seen this, the next is for you to connect all of this music to your stereo to have all music all over the house so you also do not have to buy CD’s (!), and yes a symbol of getting John to understand and to distribute all love of God to the world it is, and it seems that John is finally about to understand.

We watched a little handball on TV and I was seeing the Norwegian player Anja Edin, which made me think of Anja Andersen of Denmark, who was the best female handball player when playing, and a few minutes afterwards, Anja Edin was doing a TRUE “impossible” Anja Andersen goal – bringing Norway ahead by 13 to 10 over Hungary – throwing the ball with her back turned against the goal, and yes I was given many smiles when I saw this and told that this is the result of my work, and that is scoring when bringing the world to the Source with my back turned against it not being able to see where it was.

The other day I was told about how special Tina Turner also is, and before leaving today, my mother thought (!) that I just had to see their card to Bettina, and I could not help smiling much when I saw it because it said “Gold to you” and when opening it, it played Tina Turner’s fantastic song “you’re simply the best”, and I was given the same smiles as minutes before when seeing the handball goal, and this was actually a very touching moment, because in 2006 when receiving my spiritual voice before the act of darkness started, I dedicated this very song to my spiritual friends saying that “you’re simply the best”, and here they thought of me and returned this song 6 years later when finishing my journey, and yes I am almost given tears here – with the feeling that they come to me because of sadness of my mother and Karen in relation to me – and that is because of just how tough this task was, which can make even the strongest man weak just when thinking of it, and yes you don’t have to give the Devil a centimetre, before darkness will consume all of you, and a tough opponent he is/was.

My mother asked me about my writings, which she only does very rarely and I repeated the message that I am now stopping the writings because all of my work and my spiritual opening is related to December 21, 2012, and again I told her that it will become “a new beginning”, and also that I have worked hard and more hours than a full time work, and she asked me if I am not happy to end this now, and yes mother, you cannot imagine just how happy I am (and how tough it has been). And I was told that when I speak to my mother directly without John, who was not present here, she can much better understand me, so now my family should realise that “something” is likely going to happen December 21, and yes on Friday next work.

Tobias and his girlfriend has now broken up again, and this has happened a few times before, and my mother said that it was not the plan for John to go with us to Tivoli December 22 because he was too weak when they ordered the tickets, but now he is doing better – still very fine actually – and he will overtake Mia’s ticket, and to me this was a symbol of all life is going to survive, and I was given another symbol earlier, which was “because of my mother and not John”.

During the first half of this visit, I received so much negativity and pressure from darkness that I was truly breaking down and about go give in to this negativity – accepting to send it to others – and it is NOT “oh, he says this every time so it cannot be that bad”, and yes it is 1,000 times worse than what you can imagine (!), but still I came through.

When I returned home, I was encouraged to listen the the Christmas 2008 CD’s on my stereo myself, which I almost do not use because of the big speakers, which I am sure would make Else go “bananas” if I used them all of the time, and when I turned on the amplifier, darkness wanted me to say STRONGLY “don’t start turning up the volume in the right speaker”, and this is also how darkness wants me to say MANY times about this and any other potentially negative ideas it might get, which I also always have had to refuse, and yes because of a feeling telling me that this is wrong, I don’t want to fight darkness this way, and of course this is exactly what it did twice, so when I was working on the computer again, I decided to switch it off and listen to MP3 music via a poor “stereo” and speakers of the computer, and to me this is ALSO much suffering not being able to hear music of the sound quality and volume as I would like to, so I am really looking forward to my new life where I will be able to do this without disturbing any neighbours, and I wonder if I am going to move from this place and yes to settle down with Karen somewhere (?), and we will see about this.

I was told that it is not only I (and Obama) but also Jack, who has gone through incredible strain and done VERY fine :-).

I continued  writing on my script this afternoon until I published it at 17.20 going through much tiredness/exhaustion, thus strain, to do this, and not, work is not becoming easier.

Dreaming of pulling the world forward as an involuntary rhino, which would rather stab me

At 19.00 I had been so tired that I decided to sleep thinking that I would probably wake up during the night, which would make it possible to receive a normal day tomorrow including exercise, but I only slept for two hours before I stood up again, and yes as usual even more notes for me to write down, and how do I feel (?), yes now I am uncomfortable warm all over with all of the energy around me and in me feeling wrong. I had these dreams.

  • I am the passenger of a car, which has an animal trailer behind including a rhino, which is pulled as far back as it can putting a maximum strain of the car. The rhino wants to butt me. There is an Egyptian looking lady, who both looks good and is “out of this world”, and she is stronger than anyone and wants to bite me, but I am even stronger than her. 
    • The rhino is the load of people, i.e. my family/friends etc., thus the world, who I am pulling forward even though it wants to hurt me, and the Egyptian lady can only be the spirit of my mother as the Holy Spirit of the WHOLE world being much stronger than I because of the power she is given by darkness, but still, as a normal man, I have decided to be even stronger than her, so this is what I am.
  • I am visiting Martin W. (the owner of the call centre at Costa del Sol) and his company. It is 11.30 and he is very passionate about showing me his business and hearing my evaluation of it, and I wonder if I have time doing it because I will have to get home before the end of the afternoon to my baby in Helsingør, but there is time enough so I accept. He wants me to evaluate a manager who has sought to be taken in as partner of his company and the way is to look at all the food including many potatoes, which he has thrown at a lane, and it really has to reach a certain length before it is accepted, and this is a little bit less than required, and I wonder if I could do better myself. Before this Søren I. from DanskeBank-Pension comes to me giving me a floating balloon in a string and asking me if I want to do this evaluation, which he/the consultants were asked to do, and I understand that they are too lazy and only gives this “dull” work to me because they are too lazy themselves. Danske Bank has received new parking rules to measure the work effort of each employee, and when I am about to strengthen this decision with my colleagues, I learn that Jens Ove and Kristen as the managers of the department have decided not to follow this decision, and I tell my colleagues, which now also includes my old GE and Fair colleague and friend Lisbeth, that if it was up to me, every single minute of their work effort would be measured to see what people are doing. 
    • We are here at Costa del Sol as the location of darkness and this manager throwing the food may be me with potatoes meaning “down to earth” as a characteristic of myself too, and I understood this as my try to release all terminated life, and it is just below what is required, and this may simply also be a reflection of what I believe my self, so therefore the dream does not have to be true – dreams include truths and deceptions too. The balloon however is a sure sign of CELEBRATION, and I have ALWAYS said that when a company has taken a decision on something, it is important for EVERYONE to follow up on these decisions showing their loyalty, and I have seen far too much scamped work over the years with clients and the companies I have worked myself for with careless and lazy managers and employees not working with discipline, and no, the measuring of time and work is NOT to control and misuse people but to help everyone bringing openness and still FREEDOM to everyone to learn from, and yes to help us all to receive the best possible quality and efficiency, and one point cannot do without the other.

Our physical and spiritual world’s ARE already united, and we have turned around tools of darkness to become tools of light

I was told that man will receive greater variation in our New World also when it comes to looks and expression.

It requires a MARATHON effort to get out of the prison, which was both to say that this is too hard to do if you are not in form to do it, and also to bring the album by SAGA into mind, and why don’t we play “RISE AND SHINE” from this album, which is a less known but very typical SAGA ballad of much beauty, and here in a fan video showing you the sun and “restaurant”, i.e. new life, or our New World, as it was thought as I am told (!), and to me, this is when I will stand up to a new day when the world finally has moved on bringing me away from experiencing the same day of sufferings over and over again.

Has your number not been called up (?), no it is last in line, but I am full of confidence because of Fanny’s full confidence in Stig, and yes about terminated life to be saved at the end.

I was told that this is the decisive test on strength, which we have started, which is also based on your mother still having confidence in you following the old plan to exercise much, which she pays for, and no, she did not ask when I have exercised last, and I did not tell her, so she gave me 500 DKK to pay both for a new monthly card for the swimming hall and now also for a 10 tour bus card, and I do hope that I will be able to get (almost) a normal day tomorrow to exercise again.

I was told by people of other civilizations that we have defined a UFO – spaceship – as communal property, and that is because of my New World Order, and this is what made them break out from the “ownership” of evil governments.

I was told that it is not only an air stream, you feel, but the energy of everything, and also that I do need a change of air, and yes this is still killing me and making my heart generally weak even though it is not at its worst right now, but I feel it and just when writing this, I feel how “arrows” move up from the inside of me pointing to my heart, and yes the streams of darkness leading to me, which were really meant to kill me when I could not handle it anymore and that is IF I could not handle it.

I was told that I would have started bleeding as Jesus when “he” was crucified – if I had stopped my work (and exercise) – which would be shown to make my family believe in who I am, but also that I would eventually die from a heart attack because of lack of faith of my sister thus making darkness kill me.

And this is the process, which we would gentle have started this next week if I had decided not to continue the game including my work, and even though I would not have died, it would not be possible for me or my family to misunderstand it, and a “half heart attack” is what I understand that I would receive, which would send me to hospital.

I was shown and told that we are already inside the castle of our New World where I was shown some dark spots here and there, but also told that they are really not there.

And if I could not absorb this darkness, my physical sufferings would symbolise physical sufferings given to the world.

I was told that Michael Sadler from SAGA was not only a hash club, but was needed as the last push from my right to bring darkness to me.

I was shown that Karen’s old “loverboy” Kim, who was about to kill her in dangerous “love games”, has also been brought in from the right to the middle in front of me.

You have not been blessed by a Dean of the chapter, which is the level we have to get up to before they know about you, but they bring you roses too.

There is no one like your father loving you, but as your mother, his destiny of life was to be influenced by people around him, and this is what his mother and later Kirsten and her children did going against me and Sanna too, and yes he was too weak himself.

So we have already united the physical and spiritual world, but it required a new setup here and there before we could open it, and this is what your work lately has REALLY helped doing.

Darkness asked that this means that there are no gas ovens of Nazi’s in there (?), and I was told “10-4” meaning that the world understand this connection of darkness – because of “wrong creation” – and this is also a requirement in order for me/us to be here.

No tools of darkness have been thrown out, everything could be reused inside of here as the opposite of its original meaning, even the garden hose (spreading “water”, i.e. sufferings, to the world, which will now spread the opposite, i.e. love).

This is why the world escaped from a bigger round into the lake to create energy – if this is what we still do – to do this setup. It would have been a rinse with brown soap (i.e. destructions to clean out) not bringing as many casualties as we first thought and that is because we could reuse everything.

All in all, this is how we went smoothly through the Judgment without the mainstream world discovering it and panic breaking out, which would NOT have been of the good.

So your mother has not collected rent with you and yes still believing in Sanna – even if I had given up being hospitalised with heart trouble and bleeding like Jesus – and this is what would have killed her beloved son and that is because she had turned her deaf ear to me because this is what my family/friends etc. thus the world did in relation to me (excluding the official world), and this is what my mother’s actions reflect, and this would have made us start a completely different scheme trying out best to save the world from another angle.

But instead of following Sanna, now both your mother and John know that December 21 is ”special”.

So all of this (tools of darkness) is the heaviest luggage we are now setting off here, and that is because of the work I have done going to my limits also lately.

And let us end the day by saying that we have done our job ”perfect” and that is the creation of our New World, which is what you decided to do, Stig, and this is what this song by David Bowie to me symbolises, and yes since hearing it the first time, I have thought that this is the song where he sings his absolutely most beautiful, so this is about the greatest love of God as everyone of our New World will receive as part of their lives.

FB 151212 Zahra

I felt Obama and was told that I, i.e. Stig, was the one having the destiny to take on the sins of mankind, which Obama and Jack have not done as I.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Mads Fuglede has decided to delete me as a Facebook friend (!) so he could not stand my Facebook postings in the end (?), but I am still subscribed to him.
  • Dean took this picture of Michael Sadler from SAGA asking people what they thing “Moustache or no moustache – that is the question” (?), and yes ringing very close to “to be or not to be”, so inspiration there too, and I wonder if the “angst in my pants” as Stefan speaks about is what Michael has being brought to me as darkness (?), but as Steinar says, it is now about “SMILE”, and yes I like you the best without a moustache and with a hairstyle, Michael.

FB 1312 141212 SAGA

  • And alright, I keep receiving feelings about this, Benedict, which is that I have noticed that you have started communicating via Twitter, and “it was about time”, but better later than never, so good choice, but then again, why are you not on Facebook, so I could follow and write about you (?), and yes I have decided not to be on Twitter myself, which is not very common in this part of the world.
  • I find it astonishing that the world “cannot” speak the truth about what will happen December 21, and here I told India about it with an encouragement to don’t be late, but no one will be able to speak about me to the world before it is too later (?), and yes this is sadly the truth, but also what is bringing me and all of us our ultimate victory completely wiping out darkness.

FB 141212 Times of India

  • This posting keeps coming back to me, I believe it is now the 3rd or 4th time I am shown it, and yes it is from 7 December as you can see, but my spiritual friends are showing it to me to say that we are saving much life, and yes Super Brugsen is a supermarket symbolising life.

FB 0712 141212 BVH

  • I was HAPPY to receive this support from Meshack and again he shows himself as a TRUE friend helping and supporting each other and as happy as I am that he does this, as sad I am, as he says, that Elijah and John have chosen the completely unnecessary road of non-communication, which only leads to sadness and carelessness, but this may be the story about you two, my “gentlemen”? And I do hope that Meshack has learned from his stay in Uganda both professionally and about life meeting other cultures/people, which is IMPORTANT in life. Thank you for not only being but also showing that you are my true friend, Meshack.

Meshack 151212

  • I was thinking of this song in relation to Meshack’s email, and yes from a TRUE favourite album of mine :-).

  • Just showing Shannon’s attitude showing you why she is not doing as ”good work” as she believes.

FB 151212 Shannon


16th December: Life was created as darkness before the endless Paradise of God will now be made into physical life

Life was created as darkness before the endless Paradise of God will now be made into physical life

After publishing the script of yesterday, I was told; have you received the camp mattress (?), and received the answer, yes because of what he has just done (published the last of my script of yesterday), and I was told that life was generated as the “side effect” of the goal of darkness to kill everything and that is the goal of the inner darkness you know, and because of this, life of darkness can never be created again.

I was told that expected events (of my work etc.) from October 31 to December 21, 2012, was precipitated and taken in already October 31 merging our physical and spiritual world, and since it has been corrected with real events, which all in all makes the result of our New World.

I was asked if there are more parts of me as the Son, and not the father or mother, and reminded of Søren Pind, who I believe is also part of me, and yes we will see how many will wake up to this reality, and that is because I am not really sure about this, and was Michael Jackson a part of the father or son (?) and what about David Bowie and Jeff Lynne to take other examples?

I was told that what they have build outside here (in space), they did not get time to remove, so this will stand as an example of the castle of darkness as man was building.

You have baked all the APPLE SLICES fine without burning, and now the last one is about to slip.

And we know, Stig, it is now 06.45 after watching TV for some hours and to your surprise, you have not slept yet even though tiredness is now entering you, so yet another day where I stayed up during the night and will have to sleep in the day, and it seems that this is the only thing I can do, and if this is the case, this is what I will do.

So here we have yet another page of notes, which I will “just” write, and even though I told myself half an hour ago that it was impossible and will have to wait until after I have slept, let us see if I can do it now anyway.

I was told that I have now brought the four photographs – of our New World’s – into the living room, and this is how the sum of them as yourself, and I was shown a giant Jumbo jet flying in.

This isn’t the music of everything, which we now collect for you, isn’t it (?), and as usual it is when questions are asked like this.

I was told about kilometres of pure beaches, which are now ready to be reused as they originally was thought of before they were overtaken and destroyed by negative life.

And then there is the story of Helena and everyone else, who would be called up and supported me (if I had “lost it”).

This is more like a hash pipe times four; you were also appointed to look after four times nothing (in a negative world), which sounds crazy, but it would use the same construction but turned around, which is what was prepared 2,000 years ago with your termination, and what have you done inside of there, Stig (?), and can we also turn this around and reuse this just like that (?), and yes it looks as if we can. So what do we have there behind the dark curtain?

During the night, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the last concert of Rolling Stones 50 years anniversary tour was sent live on Norwegian TV2, which I watched with very great delight, and I was surprised to see just how well they are still playing/feeling and not least how much joy and energy as they radiate, and more than anything how Mick is still dancing and jumping around as if he was a teenager, and I was thinking when he did his small dancing steps that it was like seeing Cassius Clay when he was young doing his finest, and yes it made me happy to watch this show.

I was told that they brought me a special energy via this live broadcast, and I was shown that chalk and board was delivered to me as the teacher, and also that we are still in the process of creating you.

When I saw one of their special guests of the evening, Bruce Springsteen, playing and singing together with Mick, this was to me a UNIQUE moment in history, because to me these are the two greatest live performers, and seeing them playing up to each other was a once in a lifetime experience, and yes i could not help thinking if Rolling Stones also believe that the world is going under December 21, and before this, you decided to bring “A BIGGER BANG” to the world via this party of yours?

Later I felt a black silhouette being brought down over and attached to me, and isn’t it what I say that they, i.e. Rolling Stones, carry the greatest secret in the world, which is that it is God self disguised as darkness as sex, rock ’n’ roll, drugs and lies, just ask Mick, Keith and any of them, and I was told these words right when they started playing “Sympathy for the Devil”, so this was God disguised/turned around as darkness and you may remember that Rolling Stones are an OLD symbol of bringing me sexual torments?

FB 161212 Stig om RS

For days I have been mentioned the city of St. Tropez in Southern France as I visited with Camilla in year 2000 or 2001 I believe, and I was here told that this was used to protect against England as I was told, and to me this was to protect more life being led into darkness of Spain.

I was told that dark spaceships/UFO’s controlled by darkness of man had to go home to be cleaned – I felt to their homes of the Universe – and they are first now returning, and I was given the feeling of my old friend, Lotus, and understood that her faith is also helping this.

I felt from darkness and was told that here is a screwdriver to tighten everything with the feeling that everything is really already alright.

I was told that it is first now that we are washing off the last of the “kill, kill” power, which was about to destruct everything, and yes turning myself around to the opposite of what I am and that is because of a simple error, which we did not see before received the results of this journey of mine.

I told darkness that nothing is to be thrown out as it still wants, and I felt orange of Old God coming in over me, and I was told that I am not inside a UFO but I have made myself so little that nothing could overtake me, and no I had not expected an error to return and overtake me, and since we have made the same mistake when making New World’s. And we know, Stig, God self overtaken by darkness, and I was told that sleep was a warning about a future of life, which would be “sleeping”, and I am thinking what about the story that it was only a small drop of blood of all of God, which was overtaken by darkness?

And it continued; isn’t this just what we are saying that the very key of everything, which was saved in the stomach of the middle of everything was overtaken by darkness, and hereafter it would only be a matter of time before everything would become darkness (?), and yes as long as you, i.e. God, suffered from that disease, and yes the turned around God. But what about the watch and end of time to protect the rest and to start New World’s and new tries to bring everything back?

So it was creation of the spirit of my mother, which darkness of the other non-created worlds returned to God inside the Source changing the very being of God to darkness, which is what everything of the spiritual world has been hiding from ever since, and yes this is the story you are giving me.

I was told that we had to get in there – to God – in order to be able to create. So the “kill kill” voice came directly from God, who only had this on his mind, and it took his Son to go through all darkness to get back into the centre of everything to turn around this negative code, which God could not do himself.

So darkness was my own invention when creation returned making me invent sexuality to kill myself, but wait a minute, wasn’t it true that I could not kill what I was part of myself (?), and yes this is what you told me, and is the truth that we have deceived you here at the end telling you that all life could eliminate (?), and yes that is the question, what do you believe yourself, Stig (?), and I don’t know, both sides sounds convincingly so we will have to see what the right answer is.

Do you know what (?), and then I will never speak to him again (?), and yes as darkness, so one part of this is wrong and one is right (?), and yes Stig, normally it is the worst case scenario which is right, which it therefore may be here too?

It is first after this that we present all of the ship inside of here, which I saw coming, and yes Stig, this made me realize that it was only the surface of us/God, which was overtaken by darkness, and the rest of us fought against and hid.

And can it really be that this inside of God was able to do a complete new creation saving all life of all time no matter the outcome of my journey as I have also been told meaning that it really was only a “game” we went through all of the time also meaning that our existence was never at danger when it comes to the point (?), and oohhhhh yes, my friends, but we would like to learn from this journey of yours, and what you went through also here at the end was also the best way to learn, so if this story is the right one, as I hope it is, it was strong darkness making me believe that we could all be eliminated forever and ever, and we know you are not to excuse anything my dear spiritual friends (because of the pain this brought me) because it is always right to do what is right even though it really is wrong because it is wrong as here and only here, get it?

I received a presence behind me wanting to remove the plug of darkness from my neck, and yes first on the 21st my friend or even better, please follow the light, they know better.

We won all World War II, Stig, because we knew you would bring this attitude, and yes NEVER GIVE UP; so this is how it is, and how we also came here.

And yes, I also finished this chapter, and it is now 07.50, and I wonder when I will be so tired that I will go to bed, and if I will be able to exercise tomorrow instead.

I received a new feeling to the extreme right of me together with the feeling of the spirit of my mother, and is there more life out there, which we have not seen yet, which would like to return? And I receive the feeling of an empty room and this is the very last darkness coming to me, and I receive here, as I did in periods of the night, a potential strong coughing/sickness.

I was shown riffles attached to the wall of a path, which are being pulled down, and I am aiming with one after the other, and say that this will be converted to light, and yes that really goes with all of them.

So is this me, who has savaged you (?), and yes the diamond of darkness.

What is this (?), yes the first shoppers of darkness, who want to shop (?), and they want sex, and what do you answer (?), and no, thank you and yes that is the right answer, so there you have this too. Well, Karen and I don’t care about this, we will just go somewhere else, and you see there is no where else to go and this would have meant that there would be no creation, so I allowed darkness to do this and to bring creation at the same time, and yes to correct it later, and this seems to be the right answer.

Well, was this how we entered the Kingdom (?), and yes and only like this.

Yes, all of you are also welcome”!

Without this, we would not have received Lars G. out of it. This was the only way we could bring life; by giving it my ring on, and we knew that it would return with the ring some day, and now as the opposite. This was the ring I gave them, but I never gave them the rest, which they could not enter.

This is how history was influenced by darkness working against me, and if you believe you have seen my bathroom (i.e. life), you have seen nothing yet, and we waited to bring you Paradise until we got it right.

So there was nothing, which can destroy me, Stig, but darkness was the way to my heart, and yes it required some years of hard work for you, but then it was not worse compared to life in eternity, and I am here thinking of all of the sufferings of man forever and ever, and in this respect, the sufferings I have given as Stig, seem like nothing.

Everything of me, i.e. God, is in principal inside of the backside of my left right leg not being born yet also meaning that everything to the right of me per definition is now the New World, and the real truth is that love is a gift of God. I tasted red wine and was told that this is the endless Source, which we will now get access too.

Dreaming of working inside the worst darkness to evaluate how to use its inventions in our New World

Finally at 09.45, I was tired enough to try to sleep, which I did until 18.00, and no, I am NOT happy having turned day to night here, but I cannot help it, so this is how it has to be, and I had a couple of short dreams.

  • I am working as a senior lawyer in Kim S’ company, we are two having this status, and to my surprise, Kim S has generally reduced salaries for the company to survive, and when I arrive to work during the weekend after lunch, Kim is leaving, and I don’t have a key and he will not give me a key to enter, which disappoints me, so I cannot enter alone any longer. 
    • I am still working inside darkness, and as a lawyer, it is the WORST darkness, which is, and the initiative to reduce salaries as SAS did recently in order to survive, is only a sign of sickness of a sick world society in imbalance with wages and prizes (profits) gone mad, and darkness will not let me work alone inside of it, but I can still work there when it is also there.
  • I am working at another lawyer’s office at Købmagergade in Copenhagen actually located in the premises of the department store of Illum on Købmagergade. I am only on work practice, which is the lowest kind of any work, and still I have taken initiative to withdraw lists from the IT-system of the company giving suggestions of how to improve, among else on a morning meeting where all employees/lawyers attend. One of the lawyers is Steen Kofoed! I ask the HR manager if she will give me an statement, which she will. 
    • Is this about the Commune thinking of sending me out in work practice also here (?), and looking into the IT-system of this dark system is what we are doing with the dark world when evaluating how to reuse its inventions in our New World. And the HR manager knows that I am MUCH over qualified to do this “work practise”, which is what I show them in practise.

I am at the end of the tunnel saving the last terminated life by scraping if off the wall, and I don’t stop ‘til you get enough

I was told that it is amazing that you dare taking the lead (I was shown a cycle race), but unfortunately you are not there alone, I am there too, and I felt yellow, which is “good enough” because this is my mother.

Well, are we not going to have breakfast today (?), and yes when awakening at 18.00 that is, which is to say that I don’t eat breakfast at this hours, and symbolically it was to ask if we are not going to save more terminated life, but of course we are, and yes this is what I do simply by working, and also after my exercise has been “blocked”.

This is VERY cheap, Stig, a duvet we would very much like to sell, and I see that it is orange, and yes he got all the way in there.

I received darkness from right not “daring” to come forward, so I said yes, you are welcome too, yes you never know with all of the darkness saying that we are not as it told me, so good to have you back, Stig, and that is from sleeping.

The smell of faeces is not that bad here, is it him there with the bacon?

“You are all welcome”, isn’t it just the last terminated life we are now receiving, Stig? And that is because there is no more tennis player inside of you, Stig, and yes I am the one (the tennis player terminating life), – the one you have now transferred to the other side too.

At the shower I was shown the end of the tunnel, where I have now arrived again, and I saw how dark plates of the spirit of my mother were scraped off the end wall, and this is the last terminated life, which we would otherwise have burned off if I gave up on my way, and that is also if God would not intervene.

I was told that by now my family/friends etc., thus the world, have discovered that I am not “evil” as they thought, but the opposite, and yes how many of you discovered that the evil part was you that I wrote about?

I was told that my mother – nor my family/friends etc. – will NEVER receive the spiritual voice of darkness, which I received, and they can praise them self lucky that they did not, this is NOT a very nice voice to say the least to have as the voice guiding you to the Source of God, and it only worked because of my will power.

So I am at the end of the tunnel saving the last terminated life by scraping if off the wall, and I don’t stop ‘til you get enough, and that is when everything is saved/alive :-).

I heard, will this flood not become beautiful (?), and no it will not, and still reminiscences of darkness.

So the goal was to become free of debts in October, and from then to set everything up of our New World.

I was told that the mere though of giving me “occupational support” to find work – as the Commune apparently is working on – is telling you about how sick this community is.

I was shown a long spinal column coming to me, and I was given the feeling of Bettina too, and yes we know her PC, but I have decided that I will do without it, and carry on with the old one until my new laptop will work, and yes THIS is the symbol of our New World.

I was shown a music note hanging in the air inside darkness, but we are too busy and my spiritual friends wanted me to pass this, but no, we have good time (!), and this is to show you that darkness is also build on love of God.

I was told that when I was on Costa del Sol in 2006 and 2007 and I “could not” get on a tour to Morocco via Gibraltar (I slept over one morning I had to meet the bus at 05.00!), it was necessary that John later did, which he did not that long ago (approx. one year ago), and this was to build a bridge to the “mainland” as Africa was called to me, and that was to bring saved life in safety from darkness.

Fanny worked as a medium of darkness without knowing it asking me to wait, but PARADISE IS ON THE DASHBOARD LIGHT ♥

Fanny had a strong spiritual experience when painting a picture of Neptune with the picture speaking to her, colours changing and she received unity and an amazing love of Neptune, i.e. the father, which was also a message to me, and yes this is ALSO how spirituality works, but of course completely impossible for non-believers to believe in, but Fanny only speaks the truth about her experiences, and she said that Neptune told her that the Universal energies of love have now reached the water to the inner core of Earth, and she told me to wait entering the core of Earth to complete my task until you have received grounding to Earth, and she knows how, and I told her that I cannot come any further down when I am now at the end of all, which is also the beginning of all where the endless God and light is located, but I said that I liked to listen to her advise, and she told me that it is because they will not accept me without grounding, and she gave me an exercise to relax and said that she felt a resistance and asked me if I know what it is, and I told her that I understand what she means with grounding because this was the dream I had with Martin and throwing “potatoes” (meaning “grounding”) yesterday, which was a little bit short herewith saying that I really lack a little grounding, and when I asked her what resistance she feels, she said that she suggested her/our spiritual friends several things, but they were not accepted, but she suggested me to work with my grounding, and “it is important that you don’t push it”, and when writing this chapter, it has become CLEAR to me that this is darkness speaking through Fanny to stop me because it knows that it cannot stop me directly and yes just to say that Fanny is still a speaking tube of darkness, and there is NOTHING, which can stop me, and no, I will NOT “sleep on it” – yes, just like Meat Loaf you know and here is the symbol of the day because this is to say that we are reaching PARADISE BY THE DASHBOARD LIGHT and yes I am driving in my car, and the dashboard light says “PARADISE STRAIGHT AHEAD” (!), and yes Fanny is the darkness I am driving through and this was planted for me to pass, so this is what I did When I told her that I do my best not to look down on people but when I tell them the truth straight out about themselves, their first thought is that I am degrading them without understanding that I am helping to clean them, and this is the “energy”, which I here meet, which Fanny picks up and sends to me as a medium of darkness (!), and this is about the thoughts of darkness about me, which are WRONG, because in reality I am clean myself. And yes, we will NOT slow down, PARADISE is straight ahead ♥.

FB 161212 Fanny

FB 161212 Fanny 2

FB 161212 Fanny 3

FB 161212 Fanny 4

FB 161212 Fanny 5

And after the latter “advises” where Fanny continued to encourage me to slow down, I kept on receiving spiritual voices asking me to listen and yes when I listened to this darkness as is also trying to get through to me, this is the same I receive, and just to tell me that it is Fanny still being in control of her spiritual voices and not her being in control with the voices helping her, which is the problem, and yes there is many obstacles on my way forward, and Fanny was darkness self but could not see it because she only wanted to help, and yes this is how darkness is.

I was told that I will also not receive an outstretched hand from the leadership of the EU, and yes the world simply “could not” support me before December 21, and yes one big round of WIMPS of the worst kind, and yes I am sorry having to tell you so directly, but I cannot tell it otherwise, and none of you could send me just one small email, and none of the media could ask Obama the question about him and me, which also would make the story break out, and yes NONE!!!

Finally at 01.00 I had finished and published the script of today, and now a new long night and day to come with some work to my website and probably more notes/writing for the script of tomorrow, and we know another day in Hell.

Google Earth shows the centre of darkness with a party underneath

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the centre of darkness with a party underneath (of light), we are all one, the Earth look like cracking, which may however be from where light will shine through (?), and man is now drying after having been cleaned.

FB 171212 Jette 1

FB 161212 Jette 2

FB 161212 Jette 3

FB 161212 Jette 4

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For a few days I have been told about my old friend René, who apparently has been thinking of me, and this afternoon my Get Clicky tracker of my website decided not to work – it showed “nothing” and was “jammed” – but eventually it started working (some times!) again, and I was shown this visit by René, and my Microsoft Word also wrote strange signs and created error messages making it impossible to continue working until I closed it down and started it again, and this is simply darkness of René sent my way, and yes not happy to see your old friend having lost it completely, Rene (?) – as a non-believer of the strongest kind, it is “of course” impossible to believe in me – but the interesting point is that Rene after this is now also waiting to see what will happen December 21, and yes, you were one of the friend abandoning me, René, and not because of me but because of yourself.

GC 161212 Rene

  • Soulaima asked if there is a God and gave the answer “hardly!!” because then this tragedy of the killing of school children in USA would not happen, and yes this is the easy standpoint for MOST people to take without understanding that it is sins and wrong behaviour of mankind self, which is the trigger on the gun, and I told her the truth about this and also that when we will open our New World December 21, this will NEVER happen, but “not easy” for you to understand, Soulaima, when there is no will to understand anything else than what you say. Let me say that I have also noticed the HEROES of school teachers sacrificing their own lives to save their children, which also touched me much to hear, and these children in reality helped us all by sacrificing to darkness shortly before we will open to our New World, but they are not lost forever, which you do understand, right (?), they will also continue to live forever.

FB 161212 Soulaima

  • Manyar may believe that I hide and seek, but I do not, I am right in front of your nose, Manyar, but still you cannot “find” me (?), but I like your ideas and PARADISE is what we are coming to, but difficult to understand that it was God’s cousin, the Devil, playing these evil games with you and you were yourselves the engine driving them?

FB 161212 Manyar



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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