December 24, 2012: I collected everything of my new self, and the locomotive of our New World is about being ready


Summary of the script today

23rd December: I collected everything of my new self, and the locomotive of our New World is about being ready

  • Dreaming of darkness not receiving any fuel/energy, and Fuggi also making my mother and her world crying.
  • I continue having a headache and am feeling “completely empty” inside of me. I have absolutely nothing to run on, but am still alive until I will wake up as my new self.
  • The heart of my father is being implemented in me, and the four-divided world are the worlds of Karen, me and my mother and father.
  • I visited Preben and his wife Lone to collect my new cycle, and I was told that their misunderstandings and lack of faith in me with Preben also not supporting me in the Life & Pension industry, is bringing me much darkness. I got my new fine-looking cycle symbolising that I have now collected my new self including everything of everything.
  • Our new locomotive of the 3 x 12 driving our New World is about being ready. My mother is now in control, happy and not stressed about Christmas tomorrow.
  • Dreaming of receiving the key (to Paradise) from Karen’s and my child, Karen as my opposite self making love to many men because of the interest of women in me, it is always good to have spare time interests with other people/friends, the Danish Parliament accepted me as an “invisible” participant, and don’t be overloaded with material, which you will never work through.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the big eye/apple of God, darkness of Greenland is still angry making me/us burn.
  • Short stories of Meshack overcoming a dangerous tour to Uganda being STRONG, Michael Sadler if officially “dark”, are Helena and Søren Pind performing “bad love” to the world (?), Dan Rachlin is the opposite of me, I am saving life as a Zombie against the wish/actions of the world, receiving darkness from an old colleague, receiving the incredible New World Symphony as a symbol of the world now “going home”, light workers believing that we have now opened our new beginning, still playing a chess game with the Devil, and I was happy to receive feedback on my script.

24th December:  My new self has been created as a perfect diamond bringing eternal creation and improvement of life

  • We have created a perfect diamond with such a sharp point that we can perfectly read what is already inside of the Source, which will become eternal creation of new life and improvement of existing life. You cannot explain and man cannot understand the nature of God being completely different to life including how God was “created” and how God created new life.
  • Dreaming of working inside darkness to restructure its design and liberate life with darkness wanting to dismiss me.
  • I will receive the last dark duvet when being with my family Christmas Evening.
  • I took the first tour on my new cycle, and I was told that this means that we will now start inside a completely different room and place.
  • Olaf has now been through everything including our “mixture” to lift everything up.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show all being a little shocked, lots of souls searching for the light, sailors of darkness are coming up from the sea and birds are helping to take some under their wings.
  • My mother and John held a VERY NICE Christmas evening for the entire family, which went very well except from the fact that I was the most critically tired going through the worst hell all evening, which was because of wrong feelings of the family to me and the “consumption party” burning off much money when so many have nothing or only little. I received the last “sponge” of God and am opening the last treasure box myself crossing the bridge falling apart while crossing it. We received what we came for this evening.
  • Short stories of my name is NOT Jesus, but Stig, the post will be delivered no matter the weather, David is again the example of how poor people of faith cannot afford to spend Christmas together with their family while rich people live in abundance, and Jerry speaks of returning to basics.


23rd December: I collected everything of my new self, and the locomotive of our New World is about being ready

Dreaming of darkness not receiving any fuel/energy, and Fuggi also making my mother and her world crying

I went to bed maybe at 21.30 and slept poorly until 04.00 when I was waken up still feeling as blue and yellow as ever before, which is how this working day started, and now it is 15.00 when starting to write this not very long script of today, and I am still feeling worse than ever before, which the metre might show you (?), and this is how everyday feels at the moment also surprising me that I am still working instead of dying, and yes let us have some dreams too.

  • I am at DanskeBank-Pension, which is located at a petrol station, which is not open. There is a symphony of Aaboe’s. My old colleagues are working there, and I am not updated on rules. I try to fly outside, which I feel sure that I can, but I cannot. 
    • There is not energy for darkness. The Aaboe’s are about my old colleague Helle, whom I was also told that she was another part of my mother once, which I do believe that I forgot when making the list the other day, and yes just to say that it was impossible to make this list right because of wrong information given to me, and the only right decision I could take was to tell my inner self to please do what is right, and that is 100% perfect, and that is because he knows, which I do not, I was only guessing my best.
  • I felt Fuggi and was given the song “the most beautiful girl” by Charlie Rich and the lyrics “Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world? ? And if you did, was she crying, crying?”, and I guess that this is about the spirit of my mother, who was made to cry because of lack of faith of Fuggi, who “could not” read me detailed enough to believe. And this is beautiful music too 🙂 

I collected everything of my new self and the locomotive of our New World is about being ready

I still had a headache when I stood up, and that is because of too little sleep, and because I am “completely empty” inside of me as my old self; we have really run out of “fuel” but are still going.

If people still speaks negatively about you behind your back (?), yes, and if it it still hurts you (?), yes until the day when this plate is shifted.

We will cross our fingers that he will go the last part of the road, which is about me keeping my agreements – not easy – and continuing to work, also not easy.

I heard the spirit of my father saying that my mother also almost received leukaemia, and I was given feelings of how the red sufferings of the spirit of my father only could be brought to the world of my mother, so the end of the life of the spirit of my father is also the end of the world and yes everytime.

I received the feeling of a weak heart both in my heart and all around me, and I was told that we will now start implementing the heart of the spirit of my father, and yes probably not easy to do giving me potential nervousness of what may come, and I feel an extremely strong dark presence standing just behind me ready to enter me and start this process, and yes very uncomfortable this is.

Watch out, we are coming now – I also received big but strained smiles, and yes they did not find you in a building in Egypt (?), so did you find me in the valley of the Kings (?), and no (?), why is that?

And how much darkness do you think that you received from Lisbeth at the Commune (?), and yes she was also another part of my mother, which “many” became over time, and little did I know that I would have been given the exercise to write down the 3 times 12 names, and had I known this, I would have kept a list over all names given to me to have the best foundation to choose, but no, I decided early on that I did not want to “waste my time” with this growing number of “names/candidates”, and even if I did, I would not have been able to “guess” the right answer, but my inner self knows.

I received shivering feelings of darkness this morning, and I wonder if this is because of Michael Sadler now a returning visitor to my website also reading my script of yesterday, or if this is because of “nervousness” of Preben before I will go and get my cycle this morning?

I felt darkness and was told that collecting my cycle at Preben will also bring out more of my father.

You have no idea of how much we could handle of “burning down” of the world – with the feeling “much” – but it is more this very deep inner side, which we really cannot do without, and yes this is what is bringing “coughing”, and what we continue to bring out, and darkness giving me potentially more nervousness, but no, this does not bite on me anymore.

When I was almost on my way out the door to drive to Preben – I borrowed my mother’s and John’s car yesterday – I was told that Preben, who was my colleague from 1992 to 1997 at DFM and Aon, had a director in his stomach, so when I was applying for Kim S’ job as managing director of Aon Benefits (Life & Pension) when Kim S. had decided to leave Aon because of Niels de Bang, Preben spoke against me, and later this “earned” him a new job as the managing director not at Aon, where Kim and I knew that Preben spoke too much with too little content/true talent, but at a company called “Kildevandskompagniet” (“spring water company”), and he was truly not qualified to do this job, but was hired because of his ability to speak and “impress” people not knowing that he did not have the deeper layers as Kim and I had, and this was Preben’s destiny, and the “spring water” is to say that he brought me sufferings too because of his wrong attitude.

I was also told that Preben’s wife Lone, is not reading me, thus not believing in me, but Preben is influenced by my Facebook postings, and I was told that this is also about going thoruhg “extreme sufferings” to see Stig again, and yes I visited them the last time in 2009 before going to Kenya, where I gave them some information about my spiritual mission, and would I continue speaking about this today, which may have been their/Lone’s “worry”?

Isn’t this what has become Preben’s primare role which is to say to colleagues in the business asking that “Stig and I have nothing to do with each other any longer” herewith being a potentially close friend, who “could not” read and support me, but instead let the voice of his wife bring him down to help bring me and the world down too in order to save us all and start this New World up too because of the immense darkness and pressure they give me too.

I was told that writing my script of yesterday was also about working “quickly” and when it was impossible for me to finalise and publish the script before sleeping yesterday evening, the spirit of my father decided to take “inhuman sufferings” on him for us to continue this journey herewith also following my “rules” to protect my family/friends etc. the most.

I was told that the twelve are now legitimate nominated, and we cannot change the twelve you nominated without your approval, but no, my inner self can, and that is to make everything perfect selecting the right 12 times 3, who may very likely be different on several posts than my list. And I have been told about this being an “election”, which also depends on faith in me. I also understood that this is to say that our new locomotive driving our New World is about being ready.

I left a little after 10.00, and the spirit of my father came strongly to me sitting to the right of me in the car, and he said that it was also him, still the dark side, who wanted to overtake the control/driving of me, but I knew that you would be stronger and that is because it is also me working as you, and he also wanted me to say that this and this person is among the 12 replacing this and this, but no, this is a game I will NOT enter, just say that the idea is for light to pick the right people.

I was told that collecting my new cycle is the same as collecting my new self, and also that we have now come through darkness to the Source and that is with exception of very little, and I thought that the task is hereafter to switch on the locomotive of our New World.

And the spirit of my father told me that he is not even alive (as his old self) so this is an act of my father speaking from light, and I was given pain of darkness to my left ankle, but on its outside to symbolise this, and I was told that it hurt like hell to receive this darkness.

I was a little nervous to visit Preben and his wife Lone because of their misunderstandings, and I was also excited to see if I would be offered coffee or just collect the cycle, and when I arrived, I saw his family sitting at the dinner table having coffee and buns, and it felt as if Preben decided to let me say hello to them, which I then did, and I shook hands with what was Lone’s father on visit, and their two children Jakob and Frida (around 15 and 18 years old, I believe), and it was as if I was now there, I was invited to have coffee and a bun, and no, I decided to speak nothing about my spiritual self, and instead I asked the family questions of their lives, and Preben told me that he will now be stopping at Aon January 1 without having other work, which may be “difficult” for him, and I told them a few anecdotes from when Preben and I worked together and told that when Preben as Christmas lunches played “the blues of the insurance broker” on his guitar, not an eye was dry, and then Preben decided to play it on his guitar straight away, which made me smile – I have not heard it for more than 15 yeards, and Preben is very gifted musically – and it is Preben’s lyrics over the song “Karbad baby” (“bathtub baby”) by Shu-bi-dua, and all of this “water” is about the pain/sufferings, which Preben “unwillingly” brought me, and yes when speaking wrongly behind my back, because of course he and Lone like me too as I like them much.

We had one hour of good talk together, and I received the STRONG urges of both staying and take another cup of coffee, and to leave, which may have been Preben’s and Lone’s feelings, and yes “now he has been here long enough”, and I feel Karen here too, which may be about Karen feeling today and “something is up”, and yes she is still out “hunting” and that is loverboys as I am told, and the reason is that I was given feelings and symbols, when I spoke about oysters in relation to Lone’s work, which is still about doing marketing/promotion to make Danes eat FISH (!), and this was about Lone feeling attracted to me, and I say no, but Karen is the opposite of me, and these are the kind of feelings coming to me of “hungry women”, which made Karen “hungry” for men, and yes this is leading to you Bruce, and your fine song “hungry heart” of darkness, which wanted it all, but could not get it in the end.

I also spoke a little about what I do because Lone’s father asked, and I told in general terms about writing more than 7,000 pages – which Preben has still not read as he said (!) – for people to get a better life, work and community, and also about my experiences with the social system of Denmark when I told him that I don’t have an income, and yes about the way that ignorant dictators forced me and people to work on their lowest denominator, which is removing freedom of man, which is NOT a way to design life, and my main message to them was that I have NOT written to compromise people, but to show everyone how to design life, the community and how to behave, and yes, this is the simple answer, which Preben could not give when the insurance industry have been talking about me “compromising” people (?), and yes just how ignorant/lazy/better-knowing were you (?), and will you tell me again?

Eventually we went down into his basement, where he had my new cycle, I gave him the rest of the money, and Preben gave very good advise on and introduction to the cycle, and it looked VERY FINE to me, but was of course only a symbol because the true cycle symbolising my new self is the one Preben had as his own cycle, which is a Basso Diamante of DKK 75,000, but since he is the agent, it only cost him approx. half, and yes notice the name of the cycle, which is “diamante”, and this is to say that coming to this basement, was where I dug up my new self including everything and that is as the diamond of our New World divided in four. And as Preben said, you need to have a good income to pay for these cycles – he also had a VERY expensive mountain bike – and yes, I do understand, Preben, but do you understand that if you had read and followed me, this would have been without importance to you, and instead you would have supported me and LTO instead of being selfish?

On my way out, Preben said that nothing happened December 21, and I told him that actually we ended the old, and are now about to start our new beginning, and I encouraged him to read my last two scripts, and that is if you have time, Preben (?), and yes if you decide to read the summaries only because you don’t have much time, it will not take you many minutes to do, but no, Preben as example continued not to have “time” to read and understand these summaries, which at least is what you could have expected from people close to you?

And Lone’s father believed that I spoke about “philosophy”, which I should get a paper on via the University of Copenhagen, and I told him that to me it is better to go to the University of Life and to learn what you need to learn for work you are about to do, and Preben and he quickly named my University for “Dragholm’s University of life”.

After the visit, I was very happy seeing an old friend again, and to be together with people.

231212 new cycleIt was difficult to get and I had to be patient, but here it is; my new bicycle symbolising my perfect new self

I called my mother saying that I was on my way home and we agreed to meet to do some shopping, and on my way home, I was told that it was my mother and father being the last two of four worlds with Karen and I being the other two, and this made sense after receiving the last hearts from the dark parts of the spirits of my mother and father.

I received a STRONG heartburn and was told that this is because of the Vatican Church, and not so much because of their anxiety of what to say in the Christmas speech of the Pope – will you and can you speak of me this time around (?), and yes not easy for you to decide when I may or may not be born the 25th not giving you much time to decide/write (?) – but because they know that this will reveal their secrets to the world, and yes you are still bringing me darkness in the form of sexual torments because of your WRONG behaviour, but still you “could not” change this (?), I was not strong enough as my old self for you to “come out of the closet” publically (?), but you were thinking about it as an option?

My mother was happy that I was happy with the new bicycle, and I took a short round on it at the parking place here before bringing it up, and then we went shopping, where my mother bought an extra pork roast to be sure that we have enough Christmas evening, and yes saving much life you know, and at the bakery of the Kvickly supermarket, they had “Albert” rye breads on sale for half price, which to me was about Albert Einstein and especially “Uncle Albert’s Eyes” and the meaning that I succeeded to get the attention and also “some faith” of Michael Sadler?

My mother asked me if I received some sleep, which I did as I told her and also that I stood up at 04.00, and she has no idea of just how incredible tired/exhausted I am, which may be beyond what is recorded in history?

I was home at 14.15 completely and utterly destroyed with all of the signs of being broken down with eyes running into water etc., and yes when there is no energy for darkness, I am also completely emptying myself, and yes I started work a little later and now when this is written at 16.50, I am very close to my edge of giving up work, but I have the short stories to write too, which I will do, and yes I will probably fall asleep some time during the evening, receive poor sleep and also be extremely tired tomorrow evening, where we will celebrate Christmas with my mother, and yes she was NOT stressed at all today, but in control and happy about being that, and also happy that I helped bringing up her heavy groceries.

I was given the feeling of Preben and Elijah, and told that there is not much separating them.

I was given a strong pain to my left foot, and told that this is also about my mother speaking behind my back with John about “intimate details” of me, and yes which is misunderstood information too (?), and the only one not hearing what goes on behind my back is me, and do you think this is right or wrong to do (?), and yes the answer is not very difficult is it (?), but you can see that in real life it was, and yes “impossible” it was, and that is because no one had the “nerve” to ask me about intimate details, and “no one” obviously was able to read and undestand my website including this information.

I have been given more of the “strained feeling” to my throat about something pouring through it with great difficulties, and I was told that this is life/tools of the spirit of my father coming through the smallest imaginable hole only with the help of love of my mother, and without this, we would have to bring more sufferings.

You are not yet on a parallel Earth as another part of you (the four worlds of the four-divided world), but you will be, we have laid the ground for this development to come.

Can you send in and wish a gift (?), not exactly how it works, but then again, if it is a good wish, you can always make other people happy, which is about the different setup of our New World.

There has also been a meeting in the board about Britain as the single subject and how to keep out their negative impact on the Universe and my mother not having any shield to protect her from them, and I felt that it was about “star wars”, which sent out negative energy to the entire Universe, thus my mother.

I was told that my mother was made without energy and did not get a “smoke detector” as little meaning that she received no protection when it comes to her experience and feelings of this world, and also meaning that I could discover this world (without energy).

This is what you have received the full of too, together with a part of yourself, i.e. my father, and yes the strain given to your mother and father, and the rest was absorbed by the Universe.

And if my “old nightmare” had been carried out – while awake – this is what would have had a full impact bringing great destructions of the world.

And the difference is that we have given your sister the normal layer put down over the head of “rich people”, which is both protecting her but also removing her deepest feelings.

So there is no sofa electors of the official world in relation to you and our New World, and how can it be that we managed to get ourselves out of the crisis caused by the leaders of the world (?), and yes because of their faith in you!

You could hardly have made the kitchen any better, which is about the awakened part of the spirit of my father seeing it, and yes if you have propositions to improve it, you are welcome, and I wonder if this is what the world had in relation to my New World Order (?), and we will see.

I was told that I could also not do this journey of mine without algebra, and this is why it was important to meet the “man” of the closed department at Hillerød Hospital in 2008, who could not stop thinking about mathematics all of the time, and I understand that he is one of the greats of his time within this field.

I continued receiving annoyance to my throat this evening, and still a 1/10 out of this world pain to my right ankle, which is because of my mother.

I was happy to see that my aunt Inge now finally has returned to my website.

I was told that if I had accepted my “old nightmare”, time would have run fast to me instead of the sufferings I go through, which also includes the strong feeling of sickness together with heartburn inside of me.

I continued working on the update of this script until 01.55, and hereafter I will relax (!) for and maybe get a nap sometime tomorrow before going to Christmas Evening and if I have any gifts to bring (?), and no, no gifts at all and no gift to my mother as host, which is CUSTOM to do, and if Sanna has (?), and of course she has, but this is how life is, and can you imagine that it makes me suffer not being able to bring gifts to people too (?), and also their potential negative response because of this.

Google Earth show the big eye/apple of God, and darkness of Greenland is still angry

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show the big eye/apple of God, darkness of Greenland is still angry making me/us burn.

FB 231212 Jette 1

FB 231212 Jette 2

FB 231212 Jette 3

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Again I was HAPPY for Meshack to do the right thing, which is to COMMUNICATE as friends do, and I was also happy that he recognised the content of my dream about Uganda, and I was also happy that he speaks out the truth directly to make people understand, which however is not what Uganda likes, and yes you do know darkness when you see it, which may be what Uganda will also be able to do themselves eventually (?), and I wonder if this tour was dangerous to Meshack (?), and that he only got through this hole of the needle because I decided not to give up, and yes you saw here darkness also wanting to “nail” Meshack, and I am given the feeling of Niklas as example of this darkness coming from my own “unknowing” family. Thank you very much for deciding to be courageuous, Meshack, this is the attitude I like very much, which is also helping me and the whole world. And no, I did NOT hear from Elijah or John today, so they have completely decided to “dry” me up, and is that because of the drought you experience (?), because how can I be (Son of) God, if I cannot make your drought disappear (?), and you might want to look at yourselves and what your continious WRONG behaviour are bringing your country also in terms of new disturbances of the country building up because of the coming election, and yes I taught you about the basic rules/recommedations, but you “could not” do what was easy to do, which is to follow them???

FB 231212 Meshack

Email LTO 221212

  • If Michael Sadler is officially “dark”, Oh Yeah, and he and his band is playing on the radio too :-).

FB 231212 Michael

  • Helena spoke about being invited to a concert because “a lot of Lesbian women comes and you can look at all of them”, which made her think that she did not give a good impression on the man telling her this, and no, Helena also not on me (!), and before unfolding the comments, it said that there were 8 comments, but only 7 are visible to me because Søren Pind was one of these 8, and he is still “hiding” from me and the world, but it made Jane say “but Søren” and I wonder what you said, Søren, and did you have a “wild imagination” thinking of yourself with Helena and another lady (?), and Lene encouraged Helena to accept Sørens’ wish, and Helena said to Søren “you are lovely”, so I wonder if you are back together again performing “bad love” to the world?

FB 231212 SP

  • You may remember my stories of all fantastic and positive words in Danish starting with “f” (?), and here Dan showed himself as the opposite of me by bringing all negative words starting with “f”, and he said that before everything will become this, Christmas is about being sweet, nice, loving and showing energy, and I do believe that Dan was also mentioned as another part of me or maybe my father, so my inner self may have him on the final and RIGHT list of whom we are.

FB 231212 Dan

  • Henrik praised a lady giving him good servive the other day, and today he received the opposite in the supermarket, which made him negative so he said: “Today my groceries were scanned by an un-dead”, and as he later said, the “un-dead” is a Zombie, and to Henrik, this may have been about a slow working employee, but what this is really about is to say that I am the Zombie decided to scan “all groceries”, which is to secure the survival of all life by taking on extreme sufferings making me an extreme Zombie, and this is ALSO coming from people like you Henrik, who do not want the Old World to change and/or do not support me, but are silent, thus working directly against me herewith bringing me this darkness making this saving possible to do, and you do understand by now, don’t you?

FB 231212 Henrik

  • Jesper is an old colleague of mine from Acta, who already back then showed poor/selfish behaviour believing that he knew better on a pension plan, which he did not know about, and yes challenging my position itself at the company, and since he decided maybe one year ago or longer to leave me as a Facebook friend, but I am still subscribed to him, and here he shows me this exact darkness, which he sent to me too, which was potentially destructing us, which is what this toiled and his WRONG action is symbolising.

FB 231212 Jesper

  • Brian commented on Berith losing her father in a fire, which made Per say “here is an angel’s choir to follow your father on his way”, which is a boy’s choir singing the incredible beautiful “GOING HOME” based on the 2nd movement of Dvorak’s New World Symphony, which you know is my favourite classical music of all, and to me, this is to say that our sufferings are now ending with the opening of our New World, and this is with all of my love, which I will bring you.

FB 231212 Brian

Going home going home
I am going home
Quiet light, some still day
I am going home

It’s not far, just close by
through an open door
Work all done, care laid by
never fear no more

Mother’s there expecting me
Father’s waiting too
Lots of faces gathered there
All the friends I knew

I’m just going home

No more fear No more pain
No more stumbling by the way
No more longing for the day
Going to run no more

Morning star lights the way
Restless dreams all gone
Shadows gone, break of day
real life has begun

There’s no break, there’s no end
Just living on
Wide awake, with a smile
Going on and on

Going home Going home
I am going home
shadows gone break of day
real life has begun

I’m just going home

  • This is the great maestro Karajan conducting the Wiener Philharmoniker in Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9 “From The New World”, and I love all of it, but as mentioned my favourite part is the second movement starting after 10:30 minutes, which to me is about calm and incredible beauty, thus our New World ♥.

  • Fanny said yesterday that she saw the new Earth and was quite sure that it would not blow up (the 21st December!) but needed rest to heal after the misuse of it by man, and she asked how to lift up consciousness of man to make them stop tormenting this beautiful soul of Earth, and I said that I had no energy to answer her, which I therefore did today instead, and I told her that we are still breaking through to the light of the Source and if she is shown otherwise, which it seems that she and many clairvoyants are – darkness disguised as light you know, but also really about what is to come, but has not yet come – and when it breaks through, it will heal everything/everyone so there is nothing to worry about. She has also been told by a hand reader that she is “God’s gift to Earth”, and yes there is really something about it, but you cannot see it yet, it is coming.

FB 231212 Fanny 1

FB 231212 Fanny 2

  • And here you can see the event of December 21 as Mariah from the Facebook group of the same name held together with 300 light workers entering the new time celebrating in light and love as Jens wrote, but still the new light has not been switched on yet, and how many of you understood this?

FB 231212 Selvet

  • Michael appears to be a man receiving “secret information” since you are writing it like this, Michael?

FB 231212 Michael 2

  • Zahra also believed that our New World has started, but no, we have never been worse in fact, and that is just before opening to the light of our new self, which will make it possible for us to start breathing again, but you did not notice?

FB 231212 Zahra

  • Klaus said that this is how you send Christmas greetings in 2012, and my comment is that only lazy people do, and I did not send greetings myself also believing that I would probably not receive much else than silence in return.

FB 231212 Klaus

  • I was happy to receive FEEDBACK from Scott because I don’t receive much of it, and also to have someone believing that I have shown courage – in order to come here really.

FB 231212 Stig

  • This Christmas tree made by beer bottles show “inspiration” given to Stefan to show you the amount of darkness I have received from the SAGA Facebook ground and Michael/the band, and yes had it been up to you, darkness would have drunk the content of this beer forever and ever, meaning termination of life, and you do understand this by now when reading this, right (?), but not when the events were ongoing, which was “impossible” to you (?), and tell me again, why was this???

FB 231212 SAGA

  • A part of the game of the Devil bringing negligence and lack of realization to people, which you may understand?

FB 231212 Sungazing

  • As my last action today, I was inspired to bring my Christmas greetings anyway with this posting, and it went out to the whole Universe.

FB 231212 Stig 2


24th December: My new self has been created as a perfect diamond bringing eternal creation and improvement of life

My new self has been created as a perfect diamond bringing eternal creation and improvement of life

For hours I received visions of halal slaughtering and finally I was told that I fell like being halal slaughtered.

I was shown and almost received the saw of the dark side of the spirit of my father, which was used to saw off life with our greatest difficulties I might add.

I was told that my old Stansted friend Renée has been told that Stig cannot open to the Source, so she might believe that we are being choked being this close?

This is still part of turning around the warriour ship on right keel.

Darkness is still giving me feelings to my right long finger, to use it as darkness would do, and also dark feelings around my right ankle/foot, which is still very uncomfortable, and yes these spiritual feeling inside or outside my body is still a part of my daily life.

At around 04.30 I had a tired crisis being more tired/exhausted than “incredible”, and when I was about to fall asleep sitting in the sofa, I was made to grunt like a pig, which surprised me and yes I received plenty of darkness but through this darkness comes the symbol of the pig as life inside of it.

I was shown a heart and a perfect diamond point, which is what we have created to perfectly read what is already there – inside the Source – which no one has sought for, which we will make into eternal creation, and again comes the question what created this life of the Source and also if this is life already alive spiritually but not physically, or is it “potential life”?

And not long thereafter I was watching X-factor USA, which I had been encouraged to watch, and when I saw the young and talented DIAMOND WHITE sing “Diamonds” by Rihanna sitting inside a “perfect diamond”, I knew what it was about, a symbol planted for this moment of time to say that the diamond is now perfect (i.e. my new self in the middle of everything), and I was told that the more I worked without giving up, the more perfect the “pick-up” has become, and it is actually endless small to read everything of the Source bringing all details with us, which will also further improve all existing life with improvements coming from al of the new life, which we discover.

I received examples of the strongest visisons and speech of sexual torment, which darkness would have given me here at the end if I had accepted it, and NASTY is what it is.

I was told that the truth is that we could have opened to you much before without saving all life of the Old World, and yes this is what I have been told since moving to Helsingør in 2011, but later I was told that we would first open our New World “now”, so the truth would be that if I had decided to stop work, I would be killed, or is it?

I felt darkness of the spirit of my father working behind my right knee as if there was a splint inside, which we are removing, and this was also to say that Preben yesterday recommended me not to drive with my legs fully strechted out, which could bring me a knee injury, which is what this darkness potentially at least would like to.

I was told that Cuba was also almost sending you a chrysanthemum bomb during the Cuba crisis, and that I also have “special friends” – i.e. servants of God – there.

I was told that no fish cutter is sinking inside of there, and do you know what, the spirit of my father has no idea what he is made of, but suddenly he received the feeling “here you are, create life”, so this is what I did and your mother originates from me, and instead of pulling the emergency break (when creation went wrong), we decided to create a privy each time and we are now collecting everything for the first time. And it is as it has to be and is meant to be, which is that you cannot explain and man cannot understand the nature of God being completely different to life, and how God was “created” and how God created new life.

I was told about ”Vorsprung durch Technik” (”Advancement through technology”), which is the slogan of Audi, the German car maker, and I was told that to cut the diamond like this was your decision because I decided not to give up here at the end, and this is what tools of the spirit of my father being brought out is helping to do (I was shown Brede Park and told that we started doing this work there also with the help of special friends there), and it was with the feeling that this is what we gained after October 31, where I could have decided to give up believing that everything was perfect, and yes this is what I was told, however I do believe that making the 360 degrees tour a few months ago was the decisive to make everything perfect in the end.

I continued receiving negativity and also the “kill kill” voice again.

Dreaming of working inside darkness to restructure its design and liberate life with darkness wanting to dismiss me

I took a nap from 05.40 to 07.40 receiving these dreams.

  • I am working at a company, which has decided to interview candidates when they have crossed an indoor bridge in maybe 5 to 10 metres height over an artificial small lake, and when I walk the bridge myself, I am almost falling down because of my fear of heights, and we speak about how deep the lake is because if it is not deep enough, people can really hurt themselves if they fall, and to my surprise this makes an employee decide to jump in without hesitation, and in the beginning, the water reaches his knees, but it becomes deeper and deeper, and when the manager sees this, he decides to dismiss the man right away, but the rich CEO of the company also comes, and he overrules the manager saying that the company cannot do without labour, and I decide to tell the CEO about the real problem, which is the high bridge, which needs to be fixed, but instead of understanding, this brings “compulsory thoughts” to the CEO “deciding” that I am now the problem, and I need to be dismissed, and I keep telling him that I am not until it starts to influence him, and we walk together and now outside where I show him a Falck bridge, where something also needs to be amended, and the CEO is now female, holding my hand and kissing my hand forgetting that I am not her boyfriend, but doing it because of old habits when walking with her boyfriend hand in hand, and when we are walking back, one part of the bridge after the other breaks under our weight and we have to use our hands grabbing each part and hurry to the next before falling down. We come back soaking wet, and the female CEO is now male again, and decides to sit in his automatic chair in his private jet – which has to do with Singapore – which rolls forwards and backwards together with a hot ventilator blowing his brown suit dry, and I am outside the plane not being able to afford this luxury, and when he turns around, he is shocked to find a lost employee being tied up and dressed out like a lady, and this man is released. 
    • This is still the company of the Devil and the bridge to work there is difficult to cross, but I make it with difficulties, and decide to improve the whole structure of it, which is what makes darkness want to dismiss me, and when I was writing down the dream, I was told that it was compulsory thoughts like this, which made Niels de Bang expel me from Aon in 1997, when he thought that I was a “spy” and much more with the aim to hurt him, and yes there was “nothing” in this case other than Niels treating me like dirt, which it was about and nothing else, and I did not reveal any “business secrets” (!) to true outsiders, but only needed to receive “air” from the worst treatment you can imagine a manager giving an employee, and yes forwarding an email from Niels de Bang to Kim S. who by this point had stopped but knew what it was about, was enough to bring birth to the Devil (!), and the CEO of this dream is the spirit of my father, which I am influencing to do these structural changes not very easy to do when everything is falling apart when doing it, but still this is what we have done. Singapore is about “hunger for money” and “financial crisis” of the world, and the man of the aeroplane being released is to save terminated life, and yes a man dressed as a women, and can this be connected to Michael Sadler too (?), and just thinking/guessing I am.

We will now start our New World inside a completely different room and place

I was told that Sweden is NOT neutral, but has an active role at the United Nations working for world peace etc., and I was shown Sweden as Han Solo – the pilot of the Star Wars films working for freedom – and I was told that Sweden is working as the “police officer” of the world bringing it through crisis. I was told that this is probably the worst because they cannot say what they mean because they have received a habit not to speak publically about important problems, which in reality is bringing them a double role also playing the dark Lord Sauron of the Lord of the Ring films, and they cannot see it themselves.

The Swedes have been the key all along, which was very close to break, and yes because of their double role.

He, i.e. I, has been consequent having duvets in all colours, but not the last dark sheet, which Christmas Evening together with the family is about, where everyone of course knows the meaning of Christmas and me, but no one will speak of this.

I was told that there is now only spread fencing, and most of it is coming from my sister.

I was told that we will have the coffee ready for you when you arrive – to the Source – and a few minutes later I understood that this is about coffee, which I forgot to buy yesterday, and now I do believe that all/most supermarkets and stores are closed today and also the next two days here, and this is an “invitation” to try my new cycle and yes to find an open store – or at least a kiosk/petrol station – to buy this coffee.

I was told that this has been almost like a western film with the most exciting action, and again I was told about the danger of the last darkness I have gone through for it to explode and bring my “old nightmare”, but instead we also brought out the flowers of this.

A small and “innocent” thing, a Windows CD, has now been blown up to a “big problem” by Niklas, who decided to ignore my email and not speak about it – to pretend that it does not exist, and yes this is only how darkness acts again bringing me dark feelings because of something I would NOT do myself – and how much do you believe this can move him (?); and yes very much, which here is also a reference to Bev Bevan being “moved” because of me (his band before Electric Light Orchestra was the Move).

If you have 100 seconds, there are now no seconds left says an almost surprised Devil, which means that I can walk out of here without being killed, which was the destiny of everyone before me.

I was told that a potential sexual murderer is what the police has been investigating for in relation to me and that is behind my back also bringing in my family, and is this really true with all based upon “misunderstandings” (?), and if it is, it is pretty amazing right?

If all four worlds had united as darkness, you only needed one warning and not three, and they would have terminated you and all, which you were very close to becoming because of this very “subject”, which was getting out of control.

The golf strike with the iron turned the opposite way is the spirit of my father working inside of me for light despite of being in darkness.

I still receive constant pressure of darkness and I have to make sure not enter the negative voice becoming part of it, and yes it still sounds easier than it is, especially when you are broken down and VERY tired of having to continue this game also after December 21.

Isn’t it funny that Andrew H. from the SAGA Facebook group decided to remove his comment to my script of 20th December (the SAGA-song “books of lies”), so maybe he received “better thoughts” thinking “can it be that Stig really is the one” (?), and what do you do then (?), and yes we know say nothing, this is how darkness is.

I was told that FC Lyngby, which did not relegate from the premier league when I lived there, in reality was the football club of darkness, and the year after, they relegated.

What he does not know about is that his inner self and everything is already inside of light.

You might remember an old déjà vue about “did I really lose to you”, and yes everything lost to “almost nothing”, and yes I do remember this vaguely.

I was shown Sweden and told don’t you believe that John would not like to believe you – also because of his “sickness”, and yes not very nice knowing that you have less than half a year to live in.

During the morning, I took the first tour on my new cycle, and I was told that this means that we will now start inside a completely different room and place.

I was told that not one single room of our New World is not perfect, otherwise darkness would have hidden a key there to potentially bring back this life, and this is because you asked for light and the world allowed this when not bringing you down.

The cycle is very fine and solid to drive on and no wrong sounds, it is quality at the price, and I paid with blood, sweat and tears to receive this because of my mother’s concerns, and yes if only she knew ….

I was given the name of Elvis Presley, and isn’t he also another part of me (?), and I do believe he is but not on my list, but maybe my inner self brought him, we will see, and yes is it really so that I’ll be home for Christmas (?), we will see.

As previous years, I feel alone this Christmas without a family and almost without friends and greetings.

I tasted how liver paté has some of the same taste as blue cheese, and I was told that there will come many more tastes of our New World.

I took a long bath, and was shown the spirit of my father entering a dining room with a large rubber boat with great speed, and the people on board could have been soldiers, but are now good, and I was shown him as the most delicious Danish pastry ring.

I was shown the apartment of Lama Yönten and told that he thinks of me.

I was told that Sanna if any has brough blessings.

This is about marrying you and Karen and not your mother, which is basically the key of our survival.

I was shown kilometres long paths of cheese, and the most delcious layer cake with berries, and this in connection with Preben, and I was given the understanding that he is also Elijah – “another part of” – meaning that his faith in me is bringing me alive.

I felt Olaf and that he now understands why my mother keeps on saying “you are no good at this” as she so often does and has always done to my regret/annoyance, and how can you make one world after the other so evil (?), and I felt that he has been through it all and included our “mixture” to lift everything up.

I was tired beyond description this afternoon, and far too tired to attend the Christmas Evening, and this is going to become HELL again, and just to say up. I am as tired and empty as ever before.

I went through the WORST HELL Christmas evening opening the last treasure box myself

Sanna and Hans were kind to collect me shortly before 18.00 to visit my mother and John for Christmas evening, and on our way there, they asked how I normally get there, and yes by train or cycle, which made them ask “but your cycle is broken down, isn’t it”, which was really to say “welcome to the Devil coming this evening” because my mother apparently did not want to tell them about the new cycle, which my mother and John gave me, and this brought me a completely unnecessary “pain” to go through, because the right answer would have been to say “I have just received a new, which I tried the first time today”, but this would make them think “how can he afford this, he has no money”, and yes since this was Christmas Evening, and I did not want to potentially “destroy” my mother, I decided not to tell, and to play the game of the Devil saying that it is true that my (old) cycle is broken down, but I thought that I have written about this as I also do here, so the truth is coming out herewith breaking this power/string of darkness, and yes it makes me sad when people act like this herewith laying on wrong behaviour on others because of their own limitations.

And the Christmas evening both became very good and the worst hell ever, and the first applies because of the arrangement of my mother (and John), and the second applies because of my INCREDIBLE tiredness, which made this the visit where I was the most tired of all visits I have ever done, and so tired that I should not have come, but as you know – this is to my spiritual friends – I will never call off a Christmas Evening, which would bring a “nightmare” to my mother, and that is even though I was thinking of this and also thinking of going home early.

The first hour was truly the worst darkness coming to me with the “kill kill” voice and now also the feeling of a spear on cross inside of my body/stomach, which truly made me heard, and yes my family has had many feelings about me, and here I was together with them in the greatest consumption party, which is where my family like practically everyone here indulges in food and presents in abundance while my LTO friends and a LARGE PART of the world have NOTHING.

I was told that Karen is what the authorities believe is my potential “victim” and yes of a crime, and I was told much about this, and I am thinking that this might simply be darkness coming to me like this in a made up story, but then again, it might be true, you new know.

During the evening, I was INCREDIBLE tired with most of it being a “crisis” where I fought to keep my eyes open, and you might understand that this is truly a nightmare to go through and that is also because of how slow the evening went, which is the feeling when you feel like this, and my family was in no hurry, and they laughed and we danced around the Christmas Tree, which gave me a very strange feeling to sing about the “king son” etc. knowing about whom I am and when they opened MANY gifts of MANY thousands DKK’s, and saw their happiness of this materialism replacing true feelings of people, it made me VERY sad to see, and again I was thinking of LTO and poor people, and no, I did NOT buy any flowers or the like to my mother, and no I did not buy any gifts myself, but received two of my mother/John and two of my sister and her family, and yes it was nice of them, but I would much rather exchange them with communication, understanding and support in me instead, which of course is completely impossible, and yes when I at the end of the evening received diarrhoea because of extreme darkness coming to me, I heard my mother speak about me being tired/closing my eyes, and no, no one said anything in my presence even though all saw it, and did anyone reflect on this being part of my sufferings because of their wrong behaviour in relation to me (?), or did they think that this was “rude behaviour” of me to close my eyes, which you “cannot do” at Christmas evening (?), and yes here you have it in a nutshell, and yes Stig, we are still emptying the stock of your father.

I was told about Niklas that this is bringing the last “sponge” on place with “sponge” to me being the natural material of God.

But you cannot open the last treasure box yourself, can you (?), and I was told that this was also collected here and I felt the stream coming from my mother and sister, which also included a stream from the Matador TV-series coming via them!

I felt Karen inside of me, and was told that she also felt me, and when we danced around the Christmas tree, I was told that Keld – Fuggi’s brother – was thinking of me in relation to the lyrics when they were doing the same.

I took a picture of Bettina and John with Bettina’s camera, which had a flash on making the pictures extremely bright, which came with such a force that this is what our New World is.

Isn’t is funny if DR2 received a sign December 21, but decided not to bring the news out”?

I was told that the constellation “the Big Dipper” will pull everything to start with.

I was told that the dream of crossing the bridge, which fell down while crossing it almost making me fall down was about coming through this evening without falling asleep or going home, and yes this tiredness goes well beyond “tiredness”, this is the structure itself “falling apart”.

I was given the song “irreplaceable” by Beyonce – one of her finest, which I like much – and the lyrics “to the left, to the left”, which is where we are going, and yes to our New World.

Isn’t it funny if time has already stoppen, and the world does not say”?

I was shown automatic glass doors opening to the path of light and was told that we will switch on the light gradually, and I thought that this was to avoid being blinded by the light.

My mother had back pain annoying her this evening, but she did a fantastic job as host almost without being impatient or what is worse, and John did a fine job helping her, and Tobias received throat pain, which he has had the last 3-4 weeks as he said, and I wonder if this is similar to what I have had making him help to bring the spirit of my father through, and my mother said that she “praised the Lord” – which is NOT something often said from people without of only with little faith – and that is because of how well John is now almost being as strong as his old self, and yes a small “miracle” is what we can call it.

I was told that we received what we came for this evening, and also that there is now no need to wait, and on our way out at 23.30 – which was LATE considering how immensely tired I was – my sister was almost slipping, and yes we avoided “the most terrible accidents” as I was told and that is because I decided not to give up in this phase too.

I was told by my spiritual friends if I know that about the doctor and how much coffee it is possible to drink (?), and this doctor is Karen, which was about incredible joy and love coming to Karen and I.

I was told that it is my inner self being the absolutely last part now coming in.

Google Earth show lots of souls searching for the light and sailors of darkness are coming up from the sea

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show all being a little shocked, lots of souls searching for the light, sailors of darkness are coming up from the sea and birds are helping to take some under their wings.

FB 241212 Jette 2

FB 241212 Jette 3

FB 241212 Jette 4

FB 241212 Jette 5

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • Jeppe received a son today, and he said that “I do believe that I see a guiding star shining above the hospital”, which made Jørgen ask “will he be called Jesus then” (?), and this is to say that MY NAME IS STIG, and not Jesus or Prince or anything else, and also that the other parts of me will still carry their old names, and yes, this Jørgen is “nobody special”, but a singer of Danseorkestret, which I LOVE, and a “special friend” too, so

FB 231212 Jeppe

  • This is the Danish TV Christmas Calendar of 1973, where I was seven years old, and the calendar and song of the post who had to deliver the post no matter the weather, made a very great impression, and to deliver post is the symbol of delivering new life of God – and by the way, I saw this myself the other day, and now Jette was inspired to do the same.

FB 241212 Jette

  • The world has not become a better place the last year, sadly.

FB 241212 David

  • Many people wrote about the “food orgie”, which was now going to take place here and here is Lasse as example of this saying that “don’t eat yourself too fat” and “I’ll be seeing you on the other side of 40 kilos of food”, and yes Lasse and people here and all over the rich world do NOT think of poor people like David, they are far too busy with themselves and this “orgie” of food and material presents – and lights all over as darkness wants to say here and that is with surprise because this means that I am eeehhh becoming light too (?), and yes that’s right, and you might understand that this is NOT the basic idea of Christmas, don’t you?

FB 241212 Lasse

  • Jerry spoke of returning to the divine and basics, and yes “it’s elementary Watson”, and as you can tell, Jerry is inspired to playing the big detective too (symbolising me), and apparently he does not know if the “Christmas Story Ring true” or will our hearts be broken again, and yes difficult to know for you as my Facebook friend, Jerry?

FB 241212 Jerry

  • Fanny was kind to wish me Merry Christmas, and at midnight, she said that the Pope held his midnight mass, and she said that she and Michael would enter and send golden light, and she said that I had to participate, and yes normally I would accept this, but I had just returned home being more dead than alive, so I dolt her to send my best to the Pope needing it as a prisoner in darkness, but I was on my way to bed, so she did it alone.

FB 241212 Fanny



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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  1. jette says:

    The last sentense was NOT ‘Fanny’.. Glædelig Jul, Stig ❤

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