December 26, 2012: Most lights of the 3 x 12 have now been switched on; we are close to starting the New World


Summary of the script today

25th December: Most lights of the 3 x 12 have now been switched on; we are close to starting the New World

  • Dreaming of Martin Gore of Depeche Mode also being another part of me (?) and my mother and I doing the final design of God.
  • I was somewhat disappointed not to be born as my new self on this very day, but decided to continue work as if nothing had happened. There are now no mo beers of terminated life inside darkness, it is now completely empty/clean. I am now driving a parallel world, which you pretend to be driving with light all over underneath. Most lights of the 3 x 12 have now been switched on meaning that we are close to starting the New World.
  • Dreaming of Fuggi and René working against me as darkness, and having transferred all darkness of the spirit of my father.
  • I am kicking in the door to the Source, which I should not be able to do, I am now entering the most sacred place of all, the diamond self, which created life, which will now be converted to light too.
  • Short stories of the world turning on hot water of sexual torments on me, “cross” acquaintances of people I know, Helena shows inspiration and Christmas consumption of rich people, an inbuilt darkness of Medjugorje, which “cannot” find me, people of affectation misunderstanding me have turned around understanding that I am right, I will be active as “the diamond” in 2013, once again I told Fanny that she decides and not her “darkness disguised as light”, clairvoyants receive wrong messages when they cannot disregard their selves and own, and Bornholm and all of the world is in lack of power.

26th December: Entering the diamond of creation; darkness does NOT exist, but was an act of God to create life

  • The BLUE of my inner self is now returning from the worst darkness, and I wll now need the last crossing with my mother during Christmas lunch later today. This is to enter the diamond self, which created life, and to turn it around to light, which I can only do with faith of my mother, which will be given to her a short while. The love of my old friend Lisbeth and John’s late mother, Laila, is also helping in this process.
  • Light/everything was kept inside the Joker’s mouth, and its location was protected by darkness self for the spirit of my mother not to learn about it! Darkness does NOT exist (!), everything is an act until this day where we enter and turn around the diamond and this is after having learned the right recipe of creation via a little too much of this and nothing of this, which we should have had, and with this, we can now open up to everything as we had originally planned. In reality, your mother was not darkness destroying the world, but our outermost post to create life, and via later knowledge to correct it and use this recipe to bring out everything of me inside the Source. But my name is not on the black sack, is it (?), yes it is, and believe it or not, Stig, but you have been planned since the origin of “everything”. And with this, we cannot get further back, the story has been revealed.
  • I went to the Christmas lunch of Sanna and Hans, where I felt Karen and was told that we are now bringing out the final creation from Lima, Peru (!), and when we watched a video from the family’s visit to Alicante, Spain, in 1999, I was shown the release of my own innerself from darkness as the Terminator (after having taken over this role from the spirit of my father not that long ago), which was done because of faith of people in me. We are now on our way to the “gift shop”.
  • Dreaming of saving more original life with the help of Obama.
  • I was almost starting to bleed and kill my physical self being the Terminator of darkness, but we made it.
  • The selection of Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show “not all good at all”, small heads make big heads, all look surprised, it is a cold time (of sufferings) we live in, the Elephant of God is being emptied of beer of terminated life, the masquerade has begun, darkness still wants to terminate life, small fish can eat big fish too, and the cross is up for discussion.
  • I was teaching Fanny how to fight darkness, and her faith helped to open the entrance to darkness bringing out my inner self.
  • Short stories of a loving thought which will solve the hunger problem of the Horn of Africa and the world, strong darkness made me believe that the Dome of the Rock had received another visit by the Jerusalem UFO, Søren Pind was run over by darkness of another car trying to bring him down, a Medjugorje visionary received a “sensation” when the newborn Jesus and NOT Mary spoke for the first time in 31 years, but still they “cannot” understand me from my Facebook comments/sharings, I broke out because I can’t be confined to little boxes, and I worked like “death and hell” to bring the DIAMOND of my new self forward.


25th December: Most lights of the 3 x 12 have now been switched on; we are close to starting the New World

Dreaming of my mother and I doing the final design of God

A little after midnight, I finally went to bed as I had been waiting every single minute of the evening to do to be released from my sufferings, and I slept until 09.00 with these dreams.

  • I feel myself as Martin Gore from Depeche Mode, and we are playing a concert on a large stadium however there are only few spectators spread around the stadium, and we ask them to unite in front of us. I borrow three DVD’s with Depeche Mode on the library and THICK books, and the librarian says that I have fines of approx. 12 DKK, which however is nothing, so there is no problem for me to borrow this. 
    • One more for the game “who is really other parts of us” (?), and Martin Gore may be too, so we will see when I will publish the right list woken up as my new self, and yes Martin may be “walking in my shoes”, and yes I love the “acid” albums of Depeche Mode of the 1990’s J. And the few spectators are about saving the last life.

  • My mother and I are building an architect drawn special shelves at our living room outside on a square in town, and it will not be a “normal” shelves, but both be placed on the floor, wall and ceiling, and we have two architects working for us, or really me because my mother is “just there” without being there in person, and they design the shelves as we go, and I ask them what to do about all of my CD’s because soon all music will be electronically streamed, and they suggest to enter them in a room, which is normally not accessible, and to make them invisible, but when you reach out and touch with your hand, they will automatically show, and these architects bring me invoices when work is ongoing, and I believe that it is expensive and takes a long time to do. I also feel that Kim S. should be there. 
    • The shelves are still “tools of God” and this is about setting up our final design with the CD’s being more love apparently accessible when needed :-).
    • I woke up to “jeg har købt en guitar” (”I have bought a guitar) by Shu-bi-dua and the lyrics “Kaj og Andrea, ren tråd til månen” (“Kaj and Andrea, pure string for the moon”), and this is about the guitar of God being PURE.

Most lights of the 3 x 12 have now been switched on meaning that we are close to starting the New World

When going to bed, I was thinking that it would make logics to be waking up this Christmas morning as my new self starting a new morning and new life with positivity without sufferings, but no, I still received obsessions of darkness making my life a hell, but now much less this morning not least because I had received sleep removing much of my tiredness.

So this made me somewhat disappointed, and I felt how this could make me give up too, but no, I can do nothing else than continue my work patiently waiting for everything to be perfect before starting our New World, and I was told that before I completey vanish, I will continue work on diamonds. We are about to be grown up, and now we just have to swap the swimming hall (bringing my sufferings), and then we are about to be ready.

We don’t want to be millionaires too, and parts of darkness came to me complaining that they are becoming curtains too, but this is how it is, and you will like it.

It goes perfectly according to plan here, we could not be more happy.

When I this morning read about the Pope’s midnight mass, my browser broke down, and I was told “too much cognac” for this man and place, so you “could not” speak about me and our New World (?), and yes WIMPS is the right word to use of these “well meaning” people just doing what is wrong (?), and yes is this also how it is?

When do you think the election place closes (?), and yes I don’t know if it will now be in 2012, as I thought it would and still believe, or first in 2013 (?), which to me is “unthinkable” so maybe before New Year?

At the end, you will decide enterily from where you will walk up yourself, and I felt from an Egyptian tomb, so apparently I’m coming out in Egypt, and I will go there without a passport, “that’s very smart” as they say in a film here.

Isn’t it incredible, this was sick tissue of the spirit of my father now back at the tree. This was the end of the worst part as I told you about.

I was thinking that now I may look like a fool to people that nothing happened first the 21st December, as I was told it would, and now also not the 25th, which I was NOT told about but thought would be logical, and all I know is that we are “already there” as I am here told where I meant to write “almost there”, so we will see when the locomotive will start, but “soon”.

I received a couple of sneeze’s so the world is still sacrificing to reduce my sufferings, which otherwise would be completely impossible to bear.

It corresponds a little to giving birth to a sick child (the world), and now to bring it back.

My attitude is that I will simply decide to be patient waiting for the light to open, and I know only one path, and that is to continue my work right until this happens, and yes this morning so far, the pain given to me from darkness, is much less than yesterday, and I am also not (much) tired today, which is a true liberation.

And I am told that I am being made to look like a fool by ignorant people, and that is because of the world not telling about their knowledge of me, and again I was told about DR2 and what happened December 21 as example, and yes “not easy” to stand forward doing the right thing (?), and instead you decided to throw the garbage can in my head, and yes I am here shown the finest garbage can of Karen’s kitchen – she hes a very “fine” one  of the best brand – and that is to say that this darkness is becoming part of the finest kitchen of our New World.

My monitor was blinking and I was given the vision of a car blinking, which is the car of the spirit of my father being brought inside of me, or is it now my inner self?

I was given a new maybe 1/8 out of this world pain to my right ankle, and was told that we are not all there, but almost, and yes apparently we are still turning around the last of the spirit of my father.

Are there not any more beers (?), no it is completely empty/clean also inside of here. So there is also no more of this part of Nixon (?), and no, darkness is running out.

I received some negative speech – darkness wanting everything to go to a certain place – and I was told that this speech will now also soon be over with.

I was told that yesterday we went to the end of everything, and are now returning today.

I received a new 1/8 out of this world pain, and was told that this is also because of my father.

I was told that we are also planning/talking about the final locations of where we will put our spaceship, and I understand this as an “invasion” but a FRIENDLY one of people of other civilizations, who will pay their visit to Earth when I will open the eyes of my new self, and yes “just to say that we are coming with peace together with God”.

I was given the feeling of being new born with new skin around me covering everything of everything inside of me, and it was given while I received a tickling sensation inside of me, which sometimes comes to me VERY deep, which is also such a strong feeling that it is sometimes difficult to have.

I was told that it will come an out of this world experience (!) right from the beginning, and I was shown that everything is deep blue here.

How do we then change these sufferings given to you with the opposite, you may ask (?), and I was told that this will happen automatically when you as the last will enter too.

I was shown myself driving a lorry – i.e. the world – and I see that light is holding the wheel, but dark hands over these are driving, and I was told that it is a parellel world, which you pretend to be driving.

A few updates to Christmas evening yesterday: I was told yesterday that this was about killing me – first I saved my mother/John, then my father/Kirsten, and now me and that is at least according to the game – and this is the negative energy released here making me go through the worst hell.

I received binoculars as a gift from my mother and John – to watch the ships on the Øresund sound in front of me – and I was told that this is a symbol of “seeing”, which I soon will, and that is our New World.

Niklas is “so lucky, so lucky” with the Devil helping him all the way (!), so he is now planning his visit to Tasmania, Australia, together with Rotary Denmark as one of these “bright young business people”, and it made me think of both the Tasmanian Devil and also of Tasmania, which has to be of importance too, and yes also thinking of Princess Mary of Denmark coming from this island.

I received a pair of “boxer shorts” as gift together with socks from my sister’s family, and I replied “then I have to be a boxer” (!), which was also to say that it has been my own family killing me, whom I have been fighting as a boxer (the Cassius Clay part you know when meeting George Foreman), and this was picked up as inspiration by Selvet today bringing this meeting between a boxer dog and cows, and yes the cows symbolise the Buddha/God of our New World, and the dog Old God man accepting it.

FB 251212 Selvet

I was shown and told that most of the lights of the (three times) 12 have now been switched on meaning that we should be close to starting the New World. I was also shown peanuts everywhere and told that everything has now almost been opened.

And I was shown “white paste” of God forming the Michelin man, which to me is a symbol of Buddha/God, and I was shown myself as the last one inside the bus, which is now only a front/façade and not really a bus.

Dreaming of Fuggi and René working against me as darkness, and having transferred all darkness of the spirit of my father

Already at 13.30 I had no more work to do (!!!), which was a new experience to me, and yes I could have decided to cycle on my new cycle as I was encouraged to do or maybe to do some work on my website – I could easily find more to do – but no, I decided that it was now Christmas and I needed a break, so I watched a little TV, and I closed my eyes saying that my spiritual friends will help me if needed, but I was allowed to sleep, which I did for maybe three hours receiving these dreams.

  • I am at my old home in Hørsholm having a visit by René, and Fuggi has arrived at I can see when looking out the windows, but I have not heard the bell ringing, and when he enters, he wants to play a game, and we talk about all having gone to the same team of bank students starting August 6, 1984. 
    • A couple of friends still playing their game against me, and we are here in Hørsholm of darkness, and the game may be called “we don’t believe in you, Stig”, and furthermore, will you please bring us energy, i.e. the bank of money (and it was René only that I started together with as bank student in 1984).
  • I am petting my dog Don at bed, and I am afraid that it will die, but think that it will not, and it does not need to relieve itself. I am running to and from school in Helsingør, and I tell Jack that I believe that my old dog is alive when I am dreaming, but when I am not, it is not. 
    • It seems that we have now emptied MUCH darkness of the spirit of my father shown in the previous dream of my old dog (1975-88) some days ago, and yes, I loved that dog more than anything really, and maybe I will see it again not long from now (?), and yes symbolising man because there will be no termination of life.
  • Half awake I heard Jack asking “is there more trouble with him, Stig”, and I was told that Jack was my main opponent and not just him, but also Jakob Scharf from the Intelligence Service, and how much did friendship/acquaintance mean compared to the system brainwashing these two.

I am kicking in the door to the Source, which I should not be able to do

When I woke up, I was told that I will now not sleep until after Christmas lunch tomorrow at Sanna and Hans tomorrow (?), and no, I do believe I will take a nap at least, and I was also told that this will now be given as sufferings to my mother as darkness suggests, and no, not if I am to decide!

Viggo Kampmann – a previous Danish Prime Minister – is also not really dead”, so apparently he was also “planted” by me.

I was told something about facing a penalty kick, which I should/would not be able to kick in, but no, it should not be that difficult to do, so let us kick it in here with Simple Minds :-).

There is still part of the voice coming to me believing that it is son of the Devil and that is with pride, and to receive the negativity of this is still the worst.

I was told that we are coming in together with the potatoes, and this is a little bit like going idle Stig, to be something, which you are not.

I was told about Johan, which together with feelings, told me that it was the former Dutch football player Johan Neeskens – taking a very famous penalty kick in the World Cup final of 1974, which he kicked in and now you see the connection (!) – and I was given a double message saying that “our favourites are still Holland(e)”, which was both about the importance of Netherlands to us, and also of the French President Hollande.

If your mother could change her actions knowing the degree of sufferings it has given you, she would do it instantly.

The family is not sad, because nothing has happened yet, and yes with Stig “losing it” some way or another.

I was told that the game continues tomorrow, and the question is if I will I be as tired as yesterday.

I was told that my mother’s camera (approving people to enter our New World) has not been ordered yet, but it will also come together with the last part of me.

I was shown darkness “divided”, and shown and told that it is almost only my mother remaining as part of this, and this is about implementing the last gold of her.

I was told that one straw of grass of an entire lawn could cut me, but none of them did when not giving up.

I was told where is the refrigerator, isn’t this where the beer will go in (?), and yes my friend, if you mean “terminated life”, I kindly ask you to transform your beer to wine, because this I was told what all of us like the most, and yes ETERNAL LIFE.

So all of the pole, which had become giant, was made up by terminated life, and this is what you have now dissolved – but the inside was light self.

I was shown and told that the book of life is intact, but we would have shown you one page after the other burning making you believe that everything with now destroy forever and ever, i.e. the end of life for an eternity, but you do believe that it “only” would be for this world, because the Source is something completely different making new life every single time, and yes darkness of this world would not be able to enter and terminate the Source, and yes this is how I understand it.

I was told that Michael Hardinger did not believe in me, and many did not, but those who did, we went straight in, and this is how to kick in the penaly kick, and yes there was enough faith in the world, thus among my family/friends etc., to open to the Source, which was then not impossible to do.

I was told that the desire for me of other women as mentioned is what is driving Karen in relation to an insatiable desire for other men but me, and this is what I had to be stronger than and yes to make Karen love me, and who do you believe Karen TRULY loves, and yes because I was stronger than all of these people too, and yes this is what I am told.

And if you could not receive all of these heavy suitcases of your father as I found inside of here, I would have had to give it as sufferings to the world and yes also your family, so there you have it.

There is a dark leather closet we have not been into at all, which we will open tomorrow, and yes this is what brought Karen her worst sexual sufferings with sadomasochism, which is what she wanted me to “play” with her too, but no, I “could not”. And this is what brought the worst sexual desire and addiction to the world. And this is equal to the command central of “kill kill”. And this is what would make the world bleed terribly. Well, it was from here that the four-back chain was controlled bringing all the resistance of the world to you.

Are you ready to pack your lunch packages (?), yes I cannot say it more clearly than this, and yes Stig, you had severe heart burn, but it is not very strong not. So a letter will come to him on Monday the 31st you say?

And I was told about how great sufferings this place was capable of producing with war etc., and yes nothing was supposed to be worse than World War I, but we see here that it was nothing compared to the end of the world, so you can really be happy for not having gone through this.

So this is what can push a whole bathroom in front of it, and yes this “nothing” because this is what it is and you know “non created life” planning this and eehhhh negative energy forcing this upon us, so this command central is really life being forced by non-created life, so what you are experiencing is really being allowed to open us up because you have entered the most sacred place of all, and yes Stig, this is the turned around diamond, which will become your new home as the true diamond as it is.

And this is what Jack is a product of, but not you because we spared you, so in this case you were fighting each other with the difference that you were alone and he had a whole system of armed forces behind him, but still you took my part, Jack, and why was that (?), and yes the mind game because I did not lose one single thought to negativity, so there you have it.

And isn’t your decline (tiredness) hard for your mother to witness (?), and yes it is, and what is the matter with him (?), and can it be that she can put two and two together, and yes he wrote the explanation for everyone to read on the Internet, and is my family “wise enough” to decide to understand this, or are their voices going against me and thinking that it is something completely different still stronger?

And you have felt everything negative rejecting it also meaning that everything negative of the world have felt everything positive, and yes sadly rejecting it too and that is a long way at least and that is until the positive thoughts turned out to be the strongest, and do you have any idea what the relation between negative and positive thoughts were divided on numbers of people (?), and yes the metre in here also shows that. In other words, what was the relation between negative and positive of the world and my odds to win? Was it 1 to 5, 1 to 10 or maybe even 1 to 50?

This is what “blood on the dance floor” was to help; to give me a chance to win, but then again, we would not be able to create a perfect New World without darkness if I had started losing life, which would have meant the creation of a New World but still with darkness, and yes if the New World was only light, what would have become of all of God/life not part of the New World, and would it “survive” as nothing and later enter us (?), and yes there are many answers out there to come.

I was shown a dustpan of darkness and was told that we kept on playing not allowing the dustpan of darkness to remove us, which was the potential negative consequence of the darkness of Fanny, Selvet and others believing in darkness disguised as light herewith sending darkness to me.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • For the first time in a decade, Dan did not overeat Christmas Eve (!) and his son started a “two hour fear campaign because of crash, windy weather and possible hole in the roof”, so apparently there was a storm during the night, and David said “Merry Christmas, Mr. Ambassadeur”, and this was inspired with a reference to the Ambassadeur discoteque in Aalborg and the old story about beautiful Diana, whom I met there approx. 20 years ago, who was “crazy about me“ until Lars told me that she was a prostitute, which she was not (!), and yes really about “sexual torments” of darkness brought to me also from Dan, and I am here feeling hot water, which was turned on around my private parts, and yes because of the wrong sexual behaviour of the world, and this was torments I had to resist in order not to destruct the world.

FB 251212 Dan

  • I was surprised to see that my Stansted friend Renée becamse friends with my old Commercial Class friend, Martin, who “could not” accept my friendship invitation because of “rumours” (!), and I have previously been told about “cross” acquintances of people I know, which this is an example of. I was told yesterday I believe that Preben is another part of Elijah and that Martin is too (!) and it took faith of one of these to bring me birth, and I understood that there are more than these three.

FB 251212 Renee og Martin

  • I received a text message with Christmas Greetings from what can be Elijah or John from LTO, but my phone did not recognise the sender and he did not bring his name, but I do guess that this is John sending it, and that was of course nice of him to break months of silence, and I now wonder if I can trust in you John also sending me an email when you come to Nairobi (?), or if I will have to be waiting in vain again (?), and yes I am wondering if both you and Elijah think of the possibility of me cancelling you on my email list and also to stop sending you money (?), and yes are your skulls so thick that this does not enter as an “option” for you, and yes I still care much about you, but there is almost no limits to how much you have disappointed me, and that goes with all of my family/friends etc. here too. Here are the greetings, which was VERY NICE of you to send, so I thank you very much for doing this, and yes it did not take much for you to make me happy if you did this once in a while, but still it was “too difficult” for you to do? “Hi my friend, Stig, am fine during this holiday. My family and I wish you a Merry Christmas and peaceful 2013. Will send you an email when in Nairobi
  • Helena has spent Christmas with family in Flensburg, Germany, and here she was inspired to say that she is now going “hjem til Århus” (“home to Århus”), which she was then singing, and no, not easy to do after having consumed 70,000 calories in one day, and do you know how much some of my LTO friends and families received (?), and yes close to nothing, and you might understand why this is not Christmas as I would like Christmas to be?

FB 251212 Helena

  • I was given cough and told that there is inbuild darkness of Medjugorje, and yes they “cannot” find you, isn’t it hilarious? And the cross, which killed me as my previous self, will soon be exchanged with the love symbol of our New World.

FB 251212 Medjugorje

  • TV news spoke of almost an influenza epidemic with people calling the doctor most times unnecessary, which made Helena be “sharp” asking people to stop ringing violently and to pull themselves together – affectation (!) – and she said “I think that this is not the end of the world”, and yes you are truly right/inspired (!), and this “me me me”, I simply cannot take it, and I know Helena, this is how you feel about others, and you cannot see yourself when you are doing the “me me me” part (?), and this triggered Kim yelling at her because his family are sick cancelling their 2nd Christmas day lunch, and Helena was tough asking him “do you expect full turn-out and intensive care” (?), and no, he did not like it at all, and here Helena was RIGHT, and this is really to show just how much affectation there is of people, and how little it takes for them to “lose it” when someone stands out telling them the truth directly, but eventually she succeeded to turn around Kim, who understood his misunderstanding, and instead asked for her tip of a tour to the cinema (!), and yes this is also about people, who misunderstood and resisted my “hard words” believing I was negative, when I simply told you about your WRONG behaviour also including affectation, which is what WEAK people show! And by the way, Helena lost patience with Kim as she did with me, so he was thrown out to so he could not reply, and just like me, who is only a subscriber to her without the “right” to comment, and do you think this was right or wrong to do, Helena, and was this part of your “me me me” attitude?

FB 251212 Helena 2

FB 251212 Helena 3

  • A forecast about the diamond of me being active in 2013.

FB 251212 Preben

  • Fanny said that she has never developed as much as since the 12th December, and now she feels love from the other side, which she says “is fantastic”, and yes it must be lovely to receive both light and love of the other side, which Fanny still does and yes as many clairvoyants do, which made me tell her that this is without the light opening (!), so what she experiences is really still the Old World making her and others believe that we have opened to our New World, which we have NOT, and yes this is really about selfish people receiving wrong information from the spiritual world without being able to see that they are selfish, and yes Fanny, this is also what you are being shown as, and she asked when the New World will start, and I could only tell her the truth “soon”, and yes if there is anything she can do, and yes by sending good energies and support me as she already does, and after receiving my message, she was told herself that she is on her way into the New World, so there you see that it adapts to what I tell her and what she decides to take in from me. She also told me that 20 years ago, she received a mantra, which she has used ever since, and she was told back then not to share it with anyone (!), but is now told that after it has been updated, she may share it with me because it is up to you, and here you see again that her spiritual voice is following me and yes helped by Fanny taking me in, so I told her again, that it is NOT her spiritual friends deciding, but her, and EVERY time she is told what she may or may not do, it is “darkness disguised as light” talking to her, and this made her ask “what does your source say” (?), and yes this is exactly what my source says, because I am the Source, and this is then what my spiritual friends follow and not vice versa, which is what I have told her many times is how to play the game, otherwise she will keep on being cheated (without knowing it), which then has negative consequences to my work because of her importance, so her choice was really to follow me as light or her “loving voices” as darkness when telling her to be silent etc., and this made Jesus and Michael tell her that she decides (!), and yes it should now be VERY apparent to her, and again I told her NEVER be silent, which made her end the dialogue by saying that “silence has never been my name”, and yes maybe “poor memory” has, Fanny (?), or is it that you decide to remember what you want to remember (?), and yes, a lady who decided not to sacrifice to help my work, which continued to receive darkness disguised as love making her life comfortable and “fantastic”, and yes just like MANY clairvoyants! And I was told that Fanny was used as the tool of darkness to escape/hide from me, but her support and understanding as demonstrated here means that darkness has no where to hide. And darkness said “Yes, unfortunately” – about the bond between Fanny and I – and we might as well get out now. I was also told that Paul is speaking about me and my publish of his and Janet’s sittings with me at the Arthur Findlay College in London, which he does NOT like at all, and I was told that this is what they are told spiritually, to keep a “low profile”, and this opening with Fanny helps to open them too, and yes to tell them that it is right to be OPEN and not silent.

FB 251212 Fanny

FB 251212 Fanny 2

FB 251212 Fanny 3

  • Here is a user from Selvet asking “can clairvoyants be wrong” with Maiken answering “yes, a clairvoyant can be wrong. If a clairvoyant has not cleaned up in her self of don’t have the ability to disregard her self and own, projections can happen”, and if you expand this and say that if the person in question in general cannot “disregard her self and own”, she will receive wrong messages, which is what most clairvoyants do, when they become “blinded by light” falling so much in love with the light that they cannot get enough, and this selfish behaviour together with lack of respect of others and affectation are some of the reasons why they receive “darkness disguised as light” and yes it was impossible for my meditation group to believe in, and “more than difficult” for Fanny to understand and believe in, but she got it at the end. And you may remember that it is not selfishness of wrong behaviour of me, which makes darkness bring me wrong messages; no, it is selfishness and wrong behaviour of other people bringing me this, and yes as the only one having this fate.

FB 251212 Selvet debate

  • All of Bornholm was hit by power failure this evening, and the other day, my mother and John had power failure, which Jane also had a part of yesterday, and power failures are NOT often here – compared to Kenya as example – and this is to say that when I am running on nothing, this includes the whole world. There is no more energy while we are waiting to create the hole to the Source and light, do you think we will make it?

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26th December: Entering the diamond of creation; darkness does NOT exist, but was an act of God to create life

Entering the diamond of creation; darkness does NOT exist, but was an act of God to create life

I worked much of yesterday night, and relaxed until 04.10 this morning where I had a tired crisis at around 02.00 where I was sure that I would decide to get a nap, but I was told that this would stop the process of entering the worst darkness so I did not, and now I am updating the last of the script of yesterday first, and now the beginning of the script today, and yes at 12.30 my mother and John will collect me for our “cosy” Christmas lunch, which is NOT funny (you!, i.e. the actor behind me) when you are very tired, and yes I will take a long bath and allow myself some relaxation/sleep, so we will see just how tired I will be, but here comes notes from the last couple of hours.

I was shown blue of me returning and hanging in the air right in front of me, and I was told that we now only need the last crossing with your mother at this Christmas lunch, and this is what I jeopardised yesterday by not bicycling but sleeping (I was told that Obama took sufferings for me to sleep “as another Youngblood, which he liked too”), and yes will she be able to attend (?), and yes I was also told that it would require that I decided to accept torments of my “old nightmare”, which is really to accept temptations, which would feel “nice” to me, but not to my mother, and of course I would never do that, I only think of Karen as the key of this.

I was told that we were not born with eagerness to fight, but as positive life but had to become the opposite when we were not created as life and all we wanted was “positive life”, but we could not.

I was told that now will come the strongest attack. This is the power i am entering, which i should not be able to resist. This is the strongest of all, which is now made blue becoming the skin of me.

I was told about sexual details of my past to write, and that this is the whole tank coming, but no, I will NOT do that, that is WRONG to do, and I was told “but how will we enter then”?

During my tired crisis almost falling asleep sitting down I was told that we are reaching the oil terminal of Kenya, which I understood is also “the worst darkness” of all, and is this the head quarter of Al Qaeda?

At 02.30 I was told that this is what have now started entering me, and if I sleep,  it will stop, wont it?

I was given marks to the backside of my left lower leg and told that sharpened blades are nothing compared to entering here, which is hermetic closed, and yes if your mother had no faith in you, which your tiredness helped her receive, and yes much of this has to be wrong because of darkness, but I am just writing what I am told, you know, and the longer you will keep this game/tiredness going, the better it is.

Gradually I overcame this crisis, but I know that it will return later bringing the coat of darkness in over me as EXTREME tiredness, which may be coming during the Christmas lunch.

I was shown the worst pirate of darkness, who has now turned into the owner of the farm – I was shown the character Axel Flogfält from “house of angels”, my favourite film – and by staying awake you will control him.

I was shown darkness of the spirit of my mother and I was told that we have saved part of her to switch everything on, haven’t we (?), and I decided to say that I don’t believe in you, I believe that the sparkle of life of the spirit of my mother was the sparkle of energy of darkness, which is NOT how our new life is going to become, and this brought me the question “what then” (?), and yes let light decide what is right to do, and to do it perfect, and yes to make everything into light.

I was told that you could also have decided “stay away – forever!” because of the pressure of darkness, but no, this part of your mother is really the spirit of my father to make everything work (as darkness), which we now convert and yes to become one, but still to keep the old system of sexuality now 100% pure.

Hereafter I felt the spirit of my mother, which is the spirit of my father because this is from where she originates, and I was told that he has asked us to enter as light without energy, and also that we cannot thank you enough for liberating us, and the “worst” threats before would only come through with energy.

This is practically impossible to do without your mother’ knowledge, Stig. This is the diamond point itself used to invent the world, and I was shown it as darkness and was told that you would have been told that it had broken, if you did not come through, which however would be a game because it would be saved by God. This is the smallest box of all, which you have found.

This cannot also be done without Lisbeth (my old friend/colleague from GE and Fair), and that is if she is also another part of your mother (?), which is why it was important to chose the list of the 3 x 12 accurately (“let light decide”), and I was told that it is Lisbeth’s love to me, which has brought us here.

I was told that John’s mother, Laila, who died in the 1990’s, is also here inside this darkness, and I felt her through darkness opening at the right side of my upper right foot, which is from where life of darkness is pouring out, and she is only this because John said no in 2006 to receive messages from her the same way as I gave messages of my mother’s mother to my mother.

I keep updating my “work document” including chapters on creation from my scripts over recent weeks, which I upload to the frontpage of my website, thus also today, and you can find this document here, and by reading and understanding this document in detaile together with 4 chapters on the front page of my website, you have the key to creation, and yes who is “stupid” enough NOT to understand this (?), and yes the mainstream world is, but what about you in the Vatican as example and maybe others with you, are enough “nerds” to do this (?), and yes this is about doing your work carefully, which you may understand that I like very much.

I was given an cracking sound to my shelves and was told that this was the last dark dog slipping out there, and yes your mother knows that you are not crazy, or is he (?), and yes difficult to tell, right?

Don’t you believe that you will be forgiven when we tell that all life suffering of all time is God, who was suffering through all time to reach perfect creation?

And this is what will bring the camera too to bring open the New World to everyone.

So everyone who went to the abyss was in reality God self returning bringing valuable information about life, which we learned from and is the background for the statement that we were sure to be able to create a perfect world this time around. And no one suffered after being “terminated”, because God does not suffer when “he” does not create life.

We might have changed a little to the four-back design, but only little is what we see now.

So why don’t we just stop the acting now when we are coming home, and eeehhhh because I cannot ….

She took the pen right away from me, now I know it too,

So “kill me” was about life, which was not strong enough to survive to return to God.

I was told that if I had made love to Karen as she wanted to, it had meant the end of the world, and this was really why it was impossible for me to do.

You also have your home in nothing, so you are not only here, but also here.

I was shown the open mouth of a Joker, which is what I entered, and this is the most unlikely place to keep light/everything, and the most unlikely is that this place of darkness destroying the world kept this location of everything a secret to the spirit of my mother giving her fear to enter. Light/everything was hidden in the sexual act itself, where she would never look.

Our cough is about creating life as darkness even though we are light, so all creation has been an act to protect the inner of the core. You have now come as far as you can alone, and everything has to be light on by your mother, which is why we will give her a moment of faith in you.

Had you come too late with the mail – as we say here – you would have been told that the diarrhoea of yesterday would have terminated life, which it would have not.

I have received scratching to the bottom of my head yesterday and today, which is about sufferings of my LTO friends, and I was shown and told how Elijah is fighting with draught destroying crops of his family, and this became too much to him, and yes “Stig destroyed me/us”, which removed your courage, Elijah, thus also your faith in and communication with me (?), and this is why it was necessary to bring in a reserve to do his work (to bring me alive via his faith).

Darkness does NOT exist (!), everything is an act until this day where we enter and turn around the diamond and this is after having learned the right recipe of creation via a little too much of this and nothing of this, which we should have had, and with this, we can now open up to everything as we had originally planned.

So we are all back at where the original closet stands, which you were the only one who could find.

In reality, your mother was not darkness destroying the world, but our outermost post to create life, and via later knowledge to correct it and use this recipe to bring out everything of me inside the Source.

But my name is not on the black sack, is it (?), yes it is, and believe it or not, Stig, but you have been planned since the origin of “everything”.

And with this, we cannot get further back, the story has been revealed.

I was so tired of being tired by 09.55 and doing nothing but being tired, which was the only thing I could do, that I was almost losing it and yes my defense against strong negativity and sexual torments coming to me from outside, and this is developing into yet another nightmare requiring my absolutely outermost to handle, and that is if I can handle it because I am not that sure right now and when I doubt, darkness comes with a new and extra force and feeling Fanny here and yes she is also allowing darkness to come through and this is when it meets my second layer really because I will NOT accept it under any circumstances.

I took a shower and was shown the spirit of my mother bringing a diadem including 12 diamonds saying that all lights are now (or will be) switched on, and I was shown myself driving a dark taxi without windows where a very drunk spirit of my father in the form of my mother enters, and this is to say that I am driving the taxi myself, which will bring the rebirth of me and our New World – we are coming.

And let me say that darkness is even worse than ever giving me the worst heart burn, and so strong that it came all the way up and out of my mouth and it also included visions of unwilling  sexual force force, and yes it is so nasty that if I should give up, it would take me over or just maybe it would simply stop bringing this suffering to others, but if and when I can do it, I might as well, and easy (?), both no and yes.

There is no car in the repair shop, it has never been here, but still the feelings are so strong that it is as if we have been here many times before, but not recently because we reserved this space in “time” for this moment.

You don’t use this to pee in, and yes when you get it turned around, it is the opposite, it is really myself as the creator, whom I turned to be destructor, but you know all a game.

I brought out my inner self from darkness after “he” had overtaken the role as “the Terminator”

My mother and John picked me up at 12.30 as agreed, and on the half hour drive to Hørsholm, my mother asked me about my sleep, and no I have not slept this night, but I do believe that I will not be as tired as I was Christmas Evening.

John is “much better” than he was weeks ago, but still not with the same staying power as before, but he looks “normal” now making my mother happy, and I was told that this was necessary to do to bring my mother calm.

In the beginning you were thought as mother and not son, which first came later when I saw how difficult ot was to bring my self alive this way, so therefore. The plan was to include you as original part of me at a later time, and this is the transfer, which first now is finalised, where you are brought out of our, the spirit of my mother’s, arms and for the first time becomes what you were planned for, to become part of God self.

The film Avatar has been on Danish TV, which I did not have time and energy to watch, but I watched it in the cinema with Jack in 2009, and John saw a part of it asking me questions about the action of it, and to me this came with my spiritual friends giving me the message that we will create a new planet for people on Earth – “Niburu” – and we suppose that he, i.e. my new self, can take care of this himself as I heard John tell my mother spiritually (the first time I have seen the spirits of my mother and father act like this) because he is now free from darkness, and John told my mother spiritually, you were right, he did not give up.

I was told that I am becoming “unique” and my new self is becoming everything as the shell/superstructure of everything including my father and mother inside.

Sanna and Hans had prepared on of these big Danish Christmas lunches with MANY dishes and used 6 hours on this, and it was truly delicious, and when starting the lunch, I was told that it is first now that the watch is being thrown out, and also that we were late – not finalising everything on December 21 – and that is because when you decided not to give up, we decided to continue the game to bring the last with us.

Allan and Grete (she is Hans’ godmother), whom I have not seen for maybe 4-5 years, should also have been here, but they cancelled because of the flu here, and I was told that it was also about Grete’s feelings of me coming, which “frightened” her, and yes amazing what people can do thinking negatively of you without any reason at all, and yes based on the story of my sister here again.

I received the feeling of Karen and was told that she received the feeling of me and also now know who you are (does she really?), and I was told the name of the capital of Peru, Lima, several times, and I was told that this is from where we are bringing in the chicken, and I was told that this is why Karen was in Peru in 2004, I believe, and yes she was invited by a “clairvoyant” man and accepted to go, which made me feel incredible bad, because I thought that she and I were still trying to make it work between us, but apparently no, Karen was a lady looking for “adventures”, and this is what she got at this tour, and yes bringing home the “chicken”, which is symbolic for “creation”.

I was told that “onion” means that same as tomato, which is to be lifted up as my new self.

I was told that my sister believes that my spiritual speech is “crazy” when I speak to myself (!!!), and she and my family NEVER sees me in real life as “crazy”, but always “normal” never speaking of my spiritual self and writings because this is taboo (!!!), but still this “feeling” of Sanna makes me “crazy”, and yes she decided to believe in the doctors declaring me for “crazy”, which are the same doctors, who have NOT seen me act completely normal with my family/friends etc., and yes this will be known as misunderstandings and poor communication too and of course preconceived opinions of people relying on their own wrong “knowledge”/voice without being “able” to listen/read and understand, and yes except from me also being INCREDIBLE tired today going through new tortured/hell, we have completely normal speech also including Niklas speaking to me but nothing about the Windows CD, and I wonder why (?), and yes I could have asked him, but decided to do not.

Sanna spoke about her sons and their girlfriends to hold Christmas lunch next year, and this also brought me sufferings because I have NEVER hold Christmas or Christmas lunches myself, and yes NEVER any birthday parties both including family and friends, and yes a VERY great miss of having a normal family life is what this is about. 

I received the worst visions of my “old nightmare”, which is NOT nice to receive.

I was told that we have just come out of a citadel, and we will soon arrive at the gift shop.

I did my best to bring out plates and food from the table, and yes I was far the most active of the guests to help, and I thought that if only they knew that I was almost falling/breaking because of tiredness/exhaustion, I am sure that they would ask me to be seated, but now when they don’t, this is what is “expected” of me, and yes I don’t bring gifts, so this is also what I do to cover the “expectations” to me, but I have really always done it.

I spoke with Niklas, who is finalsing his 6-year law study now, and Isabelle, who finalised her last semester on 5 years (!), and yes as an example Niklas said that he is studying in his holidays because he does not have time otherwise when working from 09.00 to 20.00 on a daily basis, and as an example he said that he will be reading a 600 page law book on one subject, and I told him “surely you cannot read this in a holiday of one week, because it is a difficult subject, which you will have to read several times in order to understand” (?), but no, this was “no problem” because it takes half an hour to read 10 pages, thus 30 hours in total to read a book like this (!), and yes I told them that surely this is NOT to do your best work, and Isabelle told her about a collegue after having studied for these 5-6 years, who had to go in detail with her speciality at a law firm because her education was not good enough (!), and yes they are spreading hailstone making students read everything and for everybody to go through the same education no matter what they will really use also meaning that a large part of what they learn, they will NEVER use (!), and yes completely crazy you know (!), and I told them “think about if you had an agreement with an employer already when starting education, you could focuse on your for example four specialities you are given making you go much deeper”, and yes “simple logic for battery hens” as I told, and yes they could see that, but as Hans said “you will never get an employer to make such an agreement, this is not how it works” (!), and no, Hans, I know, but this is how it is going to become (!), and incredible that this is not how it is already today, and yes to design individual education programmes instead of everyone going through the same, which you know is the work of the Devil, and yes this was used as an example to make my mother think “what he is saying is not sounding crazy”.

Niklas was happy when he could tell that his small company has had a turn-over of 2 million DKK in 2012, which was double up since 2011, and yes with a contribution margin of 50%, I do believe that he and Isabelle are well off (he may pay salaries with the profit), and yes as you can see from their fine clothes/shoes and expensive gifts they give each other and Sanna/Hans, and yes giving his father a Delonghi capsule coffee machine of approx. 800 DKK, which are the kind of gifts we talk about here.

After lunch, my sister encouraged me to take a cracker from their Christmas tree, and to pull it with John, which I did, and the message inside of it first sounded “crazy”, but when I remembered a “giraffe” being a symbol of my mother, it made sense: “A giraffe can clean its ears with its 50 cm tongue”, so this is about my mother, thus the world, which will start to listen and understand.

After lunch, my sister had received the idea for the family to watch pictures from when we went to the island of Ærø, which I thought was around 2004-05, but it was back in 2001, and it was followed by her idea to watch video of our tour to Alicante, Spain, (all of us including Camilla and also Helene, Hans’ mother) in 1999, and it was HOT and I was EXTREMELY tired, but my mother and sister had “good time” to watch this video, which of course was “so cosy, so cosy” to do and this was a MAJOR test on my patience when I was breaking down

When we were watching the Alicante video, I was shown a big Devil coming out, and I was told that we have saved this Devil to come out at this moment, and yes Spain was the location of darkness, so this is from where my inner self came out, and yes at my sister, who brought the energy of darkness together, and yes by enduring this Christmas lunch, this is what happened, the release of my own inner self of darkness, so I brought out the spirit of my father and my own inner self from darkness and without help from my mother as I was told – but then again, Fanny was on my side as another part of my mother.

I felt that my inner self is still dark, and “he” told me that I am not dangerous, but all of Stockholm with Stockholm meaning everything of our New World, and I was told that it was faith of Fanny and others in me bringing my inner self out, and also not least because of faith of the oligopoly of Russia.

I was told that as my new self, I will be perfect at languages.

I was told that there is now no more parking service, everyone is home now, do you know what this means (?), and yes there are no shut up angelse anymore, evetything is lose, the Devil is free in Laksegade (“salmon street”).

I had throat annoyance again, but now it include the feeling of spirits of light.

Finally, at 17.30 we went home, and I received the words “thank you Fanny”.

I received the word of the German wine “Piesporter”, and I have been shown the Schloss Vollrads in Rheingau, Germany, which I visited with Lars G. approx. 10 years ago, which somehow also has been part of work done the last days, and I was told that once again we are proud of you.

On our way home, we heard “there must be an angel” with Eurythmics on the radio of the car, which made my mother speak of how fantastic this song is, and yes I told her that this is one of the greatest hits of Eurythmics, and it is unique because they sing of angels, which you can also hear in the choir of the song – and see on the video – and to me this was of course to say that there is now an angel playing with my heart after being liberated from the worst darkness, and yes an “evergreen” is what John called this song, and it sure is – and yes Stevie Wonder is playing the mouth organ on it, and yes I remember listening to this album from 1985 on head phones being incredible impressed by the production of it, and the myriads of details of it, and yes one of the best productions ever that I know of, an incredible album and song ♥.

When I came home, I was shown Vivian together with beings of what could be angels dancing in circle, which is because they are not threatened anymore by the Terminator of my inner self.

I was told that we have now sold all student apartments, which was about the temptation of young ladies given to me, and yes yesterday I was tempted to watch beautiful Russian ladies on the Internet, and of course to follow my own “recommendations” not to watch anyone (half) naked or “indecent”, which I did, and no not as easy as you might think because of the feelings/temptations given to me by darkness. And Russian ladies were the temptation because of “extreme darkness” of Russia, and yes an evil empire, you know.

I was told that we feeling like “lucky dogs” now. This is what me meant by opening the Source, and we will now avoid the use of “keys”, and we can arrange the last work in calm.

I was incredible tired when returning home at 18.00 and I thought about going directly to bed, but instead I decided to go through Facebook updates and to comment Jette’s Google Earth pictures, which I continued doing until 19.40, and I was told that we are now approaching the festive season (of the beginning of January), but now without striking a blow and yes this is what you expect, right Stig (?), and that is because there is still more darkness of my inner self, I feel it.

I was told that what you did is not the greatest accomplishment of the world, but this is how it feels like, and yes also taught Fanny how to work darkness the right way, and who would have believed this to be the case when looking at our first dialogue and yes “impossible” to make her understand about “love disguised as darkness”, but she got it.

I was told that there are no Campylobacter in the new chicken, this is just how it feels, and yes this was done via the greatest tiredness without “gymnastics” of cycling.

And yes, to bring out my inner self from darkness is including the diamond self.

Well, I have a lot of letters I would like to bring out too.

No it wasn’t a Volvo, and now when looking, the car is not black, it is entirely blue, and yes Stig, this is the car which you and I as us are driving forward and that is to the end of the runway where we will connect everything and start the New World, I don’t like the words switch it on as you say.

No, there has NEVER been anyone inside the true teachers room, which we kept intact and that is the tree of us, and that is the secret of the most inner of everything where we controlled darkness to work for us to bring us creation this way when we could not bring it via light the first way around.

No, you will never go bankrupt, we had taken care of that, but it was part of the game for you to believe that you would, and that is for life to go under.

This also means that I have no longer speakers to the world of darkness.

I was told that Mads – a business associate from Dahlberg – is in your family, and yes a LinkedIn contact he is.

There is a wind blowing from west Jutland to eath, what is it called (?), the western wind (!), and yes that’s it, and this is my inner self still infected by darkness telling me that we still GO WEST, but you misunderstood it a little, but the meaing was good enough, and yes this is also about Fanny misunderstanding, but having her heart in the right place in relation to me.

Not lose my painting on the floor, which is heavy.

Dreaming of saving more original life with the help of Obama

Finally, at 20.15 – after having crossed a serious limit to be updatd on Facebook – I went to bed, and I woke up at 01.45 (!), simply knowing the right answer, which was to stand up starting the work on the last part of the script, which would probably take all night long to do, and no, I was not happy about this, but now I could do it, which I could not at 20.15, so this is what I started doing. And just before sleeping, I was told that you got Fanny to fight against darkness, amazing. And here is a dream.

  • I am in Norway and feel Obama, and I tell that we will start the day by taking on Indian clothes, which will probably cause attention from the media. I have 85 DKK on the pocket and cycle to the supermarket to buy lunch, and I am surprised to see that they have decreased the price on a party of Premium Cuvette roasts to only 29 DKK each and that is because they are close to the final sales date, and I decide to buy two, and I am surprised to see that this supermarket has specialised in also seeling audio-/video equipment including a big amplifier by NAD, but this equipment is at the moment more an exhibition than it is big sellers. 
    • We are bringing even more life out of darkness and Obama is helping us also bringing sufferings – thank you, my friend – and the NAD is a brand, I have always liked much, which to me is about “no nonsense” and to make the best quality for the price, which is a concept I like much, so this is what this life is about, and yes “original life” really.

I was almost starting to bleed and kill my physical self being the Terminator of darkness, but we made it

I was told that a set of full keys is is what no one had expected you to get, and that is maybe apart from the spirits of my mother and father!

I was given two cracking sounds to my kitchen with one second apart and was told that you are not God yet and then “before now” coming with the second sound, so a little more waiting time.

You have not been mummified since the 1980’s, because your mother will pull some more clothes on you, which will also be done with the publish of this script.

If we had circulated down there much longer, our blood – on the dance floor – would have become “dangerous”, also like Alaska (what have you hidden there of military installations, USA?).

I have not lost the balance nerve yet, and yes this is both about Stig keeping the balance right, and about Sanna, who was caught with this the last weeks. 

Darkness brought me another washing basket full of clothes to be washed, and I was told that this, a washing basked, was one of Niklas’ presents to Isabelle at Christmas, and yes their clothes need to be washed …

This has also been up at a board meeting, how to go through this Christmas, and yes the plan was “never give up”, and you did it.

And then we are getting almonds couloured, and “hurry” is now replaced by “Stig is at the anchor taking it easy, we have good time, do your best work” (after waking up) and yes we know the parole, Stig, and that is darkness speaking.

I was told; no we cannot bring up newspapers without you, with the feeling of the spirits of my mother and father telling me as the son.

I was told that it was almost bleeding out of the open wound at your side, but we made it.

No I am no longer in prison, and now I am “only” feeling black as I was told and I felt black around me.

So I was prepared to cut my physical self up open with a knife to the breast (?), and yes Stig, if you could not control “him” and get “him” out, he would have killed you and the feeling is because you were the only one he could attack when we had disconnected one after the other, but no, you would not let “him”, and this is what this Christmas lunch of today and your work on this script is also about, to disarm your own inner self from the worst darkness. And now all we can bring you is a coronary, but only if you could not continue and finalise this work.

I was giving a cracking sound and shown a dark purse in the kitchen, and I was told that being victorious is not least because you denied your mother from receiving energy.

I was told and felt to the right of me that my inner self also includes the worst darkness of Karen, so “now you can look inside her life”, but no, I don’t want to sneak, I have NEVER had this “wish” and also not now, and simply because if is WRONG to do.

I heard my new self that this is also about Stig having to work quickly to bring you down from the clouds, and yes I noticed when coming to Sanna and Hans clouds on the sky looking like angels, and this is what I am bringing down/home, and yes my inner self.

Did we cut that angle between your mother and I (?), and yes it worked out perfectly, Stig.

I was told that these days have been truly extreme to go through, but “this is what you were created to be able to do”.

Google Earth show much darkness and sufferings together with God being emptied from terminated life

The selection of Jette’s Google Earth pictures of her Facebook group show “not all good at all”, small heads make big heads, all look surprised, it is a cold time (of sufferings) we live in, the Elephant of God is being emptied of beer of terminated life, the mascarade has begun, darkness still wants to terminate life, small fish can eat big fish too, and the cross is up for discussion.

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Teaching Fanny how to fight darkness, and her faith helped to open the entrance to darkness bringing out my inner self

I did not have any energy or time to communicate with Fanny today, but I decided to do so anyway, and once again we talked about the subject of being silent or open, where I told her NOT to follow her spiritual friends asking her to be silent but to follow me being open, which she promised to be. She said that she brought love and light to Earth with everything being on place now except from the reptiles, and yes that is darkness, and she is using the sword in her work, which made me tell her to slow down, READ what I tell her carefully and to understand before jumping ahead, as she continues doing, and she said that she wanted to use anger against darkness, which made me teach her NEVER to use anger, which is to use darkness against darkness, which is NO GOOD (!), but to be firm and decisive, and she said that her “inner beast” is at work, which made me fear that this is the worst darkness she is also letting out together with her love, and that is is she cannot control her negativity, but she told me that darkness is scared, and that this has brought an opening to darkness, so this is what she did, to help bringing my inner self our of darkness. She also says that Jesus is her big love (!), and yes it IS VERY DIFFICULT to get Fanny to understand what is right and WRONG as love between mother and son is !!!

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Ending the day with these short stories:

  • The fabricated news of Rokokoposten wrote the article “loving thought solves starvation problem”, which is brought to them because of my thoughts about the selfish rich world here indulging in food/presents way above what is needed while much of the poor world suffers/starves without having anything or only little, and here they wrote about a Danish mother who used all her money on herself in December and since she could not spare even a small amount to poor of the world (!), she sent a loving thought, which was first received at the Horn of Africa, which miracously removed the draught solving the hunger there (!), and this is also to say that my thought to bring normal life to the world is started like this, with a mere thought of one individual, which will spread to the entire world, and yes yes yes, Dan said that they will host the Christmas lunch of their family today and as most people, they will have MANY courses to eat, which will make people eat maybe 2-4 times what they normally do and as he says “yet I am still afraid that there is not enough food”, and Steen said “you will probably sneak around dying from hunger – enjoy”, and yes just like my sister and her husband today will do the same, and this is part of the reason why I am suffering so much these Christmas Days, because of the EXTREME “me me me” of my family/friends etc. and all over the rich world while the poor world is starving/dying, and can’t you see it (?), and yes you can, but you don’t think about it because it is not your problem is it (?), it is the problem of your state, and yes I feel Obama with me supporting me on this, and yes I love for him to come forward telling the truth as directly as I, which was impossible for him to do as President (without being removed as a crazy person!).

FB 261212 Dan og Rokoko

  • There is still more work to do at the Dome of the Rock, and yes “my UFO” was on visit there again, but it will probably not be noticed and that is by the media and government, thus the mainstream world, but I wonder what the people of Jerusalem are speaking about and thinking of (?), and yes your CORRUPT government “cannot” say anything before I will open the eyes of my new self, and yes COWARDS is what they truly are, and COWARDS and affectation with heavy weapons is a dangerous cocktail.

FB 261212 UFO

  • I decided to cross my tiredness – helped by my inner self very directly – and write this for the world to see.

FB 261212 Stig

  • However, not many minutes later, Alan from the Jerusalem UFO group told me that this video in fact is fake, which I could not see or believe in, so instead of being a new story, it was the worst darkness working to bring me this, and this meant that I decided to hide the story above from my timeline.

FB 261212 Jerusalem UFO group

  • Yahusha, who has decided to be my enemy in the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group, brought this very little likeable reply to me, which however was not to be found on the forum, which I believe Alan decided to delete.

FB 261212 Yahusha

  • Søren Pind was run over by another car when seeing that it was Søren driving, which to me is darkness also trying to bring down Søren as another part of me as I understand/believe he is.

BT 261212 Pind

  • Marija, one of the visionaries of Medjugorje, received a great surprise now called for a sensation when it was the newborn child of Jesus and NOT Mary speaking to her, which is not also called for a “major sign”, but still you have not found out that this is about the re-birth of me (?), and yes “too difficult” for you to find and understand who I am via my comments to your Facebook posts?

FB 251212 Medjugorje 2

FB 261212 Medjugorje2

FB 261212 Medjugorje

261212 Medjugorje

  • I shared this information on my timeline saying that Medjugorje “cannot” understand this connection and me, and also not when you saw my sharing of this photo and my text (?), and yes “crazy” is what I am also with you?

FB 261212 Stig 2

FB 261212 Zahra

  • Svend Erik asked Preben how to drive 60 kim/h on a Basso, which made me say ”downhill with the wind in your back” – this makes it much easier you know – but no, Preben said that you “tread like death and hell and you continue. Chickens give up when it hurts. The others of us smile”, which was really inspired speech about what I am doing, which is to work like “death and hell” without giving up, otherwise I would never be able to bring the DIAMOND of my new self forward.

FB 261212 Preben



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I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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