December 28, 2012: God welcomed me home to the second King’s Chair of God bringing the final result of creation


Summary of the script today

27th December: Using the tool of the Inca’s to divide the light of our New World from “one” to “everything”

  • I went through the WORST darkness this Christmas because of wrong behaviour of my family, thus the world, and I worked “too quickly” for darkness to bring out my wound killing/terminating me as it wanted to. As darkness, I did not know what I was doing – but was controlled by the Inner Trinity – bringing out the worst darkness to the world.
  • Dreaming of Elijah bringing me sufferings when thinking negatively about me.
  • My arriving inner self is still influenced by darkness, and will now learn to smile and behave well from the spirits of my mother and father. My inner self felt like having all the power in the world, which I do not as physical Stig, and wanted to use this power for our purpose alone, but I decided to share all of this light with the entire New World, which is what we do now, i.e. to divide what is “one” into “everything”, and this is a gift coming to us from the Inca’s without which we could not exist.
  • I received new “destructive” and disgusting darkness coming in over me – because of my sister/mother and Karen speaking behind my back and the worst darkness of Russia, USA and Arabic oil sheik’s – and this is a new, hidden tunnel of darkness, which has now become visible, which includes even smaller parts to the diamond head/drill of me, which is now being implemented. This is the reason why we decided to extend my journey.
  • Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show ice-cold Vikings of darkness, mirror pictures of my family or Karen, my name on half the globe, darkness still catching fish, woman kissing the forehead of an old man, and my inner self as the Guardian of the Holy Grail/God.
  • Short stories of TinTin drinking Champagne, the Hotel Munkebjerg on fire because of STRONG darkness, welfare benefits of the state remove FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY of people.

28th December: God welcomed me home to the second King’s Chair of God bringing the final result of creation

  • Dreaming of revealing the owner structure of darkness which is now empty and being closed down, and still I am penetrating it and saving life.
  • We have now emptied the last (?) hidden tunnel, and I continued being told that there is now no more or hardly any darkness and “now” something will happen, which still is not the case, but one day soon maybe?
  • God welcomed me home bringing the final result of creation to the smallest room of all including the gold of everything and the second King’s Chair for me to join God as two individuals as One God.
  • As part of the game, the worst darkness is attacking when I sleep, which is why I only receive little sleep, and I have decided to stop energy being produced to darkness thus the world and myself, which is making me weaker day by day in order to completely empty me of everything, which is truly almost making me fall/faint. Signs show that terminations are on-going in order to bring the world into the Source, but all of this is still a game, and God will help out if and when needed, but the game goes on.
  • I continued to sacrifice myself to send money to LTO Kenya, but I put the chair for the door – do you say that in English (?) – for Elijah and John telling them that if they don’t show themselves as my friends, I will “delete” them.
  • This afternoon I was told to stay awake until 08.00 tomorrow morning, which is “impossible” (!), and then I received the strongest shivering/physical movements of my body ever for maybe 15 minutes, which was our New World breaking through the surface of darkness of the Source, which was incredible powerful, which was done on basis of love of Karen and my mother to me, but also friendly feelings of Elijah, and on basis of all keys of my journey and my New World Order bringing calm. The spirits of my mother and father reunited, created a new Trinity, and finalised their marriage and the start of everything new, which is what is making me become the apple of everything. The force of darkness has never been stronger than now, which is used to bring life of our New World on place inside the Source, and if I did not stay awake, this force would attack me. This is the merger of the Source and our New World where pieces of life found its new location of peace, calm and beauty of the Source expressing its eternal gratitude, and this process will continue all evening/night long.
  • Short stories of the Jerusalem UFO deleting my Facebook posts of Christmas scripts, Fanny was sad that I was open and not silent of our conversations herewith also bringing me MUCH darkness, a New Gold Dream is coming our way, the Danish Parliament is not “grown” enough to correct your own faults supporting murderes.


27th December: Using a tool of the Inca’s to divide the light of our New World from “one” to “everything”

I went through the WORST darkness this Christmas because of wrong behaviour of my family, thus the world

I was told that not everything can be investments gone wrong (?), but yes they can, and you decided that everything have to be “perfect”, so this is what your sufferings were determined on basis of.

It has been a pleasure watching you from here, i.e. the inner Trinity, approaching the cinema.

I was shown an aircraft carrier entering and was told that this would not have happened if Jack had not come towards me, and yes to bring in incredible darkness of the world.

I was asked to stay awake the whole day, which I have decided that I will not do, I will need a nap later.

So you received the tickets for the big public baths outdoors for free, and yes it was Niklas and your family bringing you these extreme sufferings this Christmas and yes because of their WRONG thoughts and behaviour.

I was shown a big whale and told “so this is what I am – not darkness, but the whole world” (?), and yes who should have thought that being down there (?), and yes underneath this darkness (as the Trinity behind it all), I also knew what I was doing, and yes quite funny right?

At 06.00 I was told that he knows exactly how to hit us in the midriff and that is to get me out of this darkness, and yes simply by working patiently on his new script until it is done and not taking shorter or longer than necessary.

Finally at 06.10 this morning after having worked all night long, I published my script of yesterday, and yes NOT easy to do requiring all of my patience under difficult circumstances.

I was told that the world has made analyses of me showing that I am not at all aggressive, which is also helping faith of Muslim countries in me, and yes was this very “difficult” for you to understand???

I have been told several times about how my family has cried, cried and cried over me, and yes completely unnecessary and misunderstood of course, but this is how it is.

I was shown Bettina and a car driving into a giant amount of snow not being able to proceed and I was told that there the two of you smoking disagree so we had to create a whole new road for you to use when leaving darkness, which was through your mother and Fanny instead. We held a very small crisis meeting because of this, but we decided to continue with the plan of giving you your new cycle, i.e. your new self, and that is without interference from others.

I was told that my family believes that it is incredible what they have had to accept from me including my “wrong sexual behaviour” (as I had until 2005), and yes of course they “could not” understand that I am a “product” of them, and they are a product of the world, this is how we have been designed.

Yesterday, we had a “package game” after lunch – using a dice to receive one gift when receiving a six – and I received a gift of cream, which made me think of Benjamin Crème and Christmas, and I was told that he knows about my rebirth, but eeehhhh you “could not” find me, Benjamin?

We have started the process of leaving the bathroom for good.

We don’t even noticed that we changed into undertakers, i.e. when darkness overtook us, so we decided to set up a higher “council” to control darkness, which is to control “chaos and disorder”.

I was told by the Inner Trinity, i.e. this “council”, that we gave a little pocket money, i.e. energy, to darkness to keep life of it alive.

Yes, I was black people in Burkino Faso raping children and what is worse, and yes Stig, I/we took the full tour of being the Terminator.

Yesterday, I was told that if John or my mother had died during my journey, they would have been terminated, and I cannot tell you about the sadness it would have given me, and yes the same about my father and his side, and yes Inge “read” one script of my when returning the other day, and no apparently “difficult” to get her back as a reader.

At around 08.00 I decided to take a nap on the sofa and to let my spiritual friends decide if they thought it was alright for me to sleep even though it seems that they have decided to let me decide and nevertheless I slept until 11.20 receiving this dream.

  • I have returned to Kenya again to see how Elijas is doing in charge of our “project”, and he says that he has many things on the list for us to talk about with one example being that he and our team constructed a new traffic tower in Nairobi on order from the Mayor, but it is giving a big defecit, and Elijah is angry with the Mayor being too superficial when negotiating in outdoor meetings. This tower measures the weather of Kenya, and sends it up to the sea next to Norway, where the weather of three countries is measured. Elijah is now in the basement of a building of white employees where he enters the bathroom, and he is afraid of being attacked by white people hiding, so he controls all of it only to find that he is alone. And I feel that he has also been to Denmark (to visit me) as only one of few Kenyans.
    • This tower is about the temperature of Elijah in relation to hiw view on me, and there is a big deficit meaning that he is/was taking out much of my energy, and I will have to be the Mayor, whom he is NOT happy with, and this behaviour of his is sent to the sea of Norway, which is to say that he is very directly bringing me sufferings because of his WRONG behaviour and thoughts in relation to me – apparently he still does not understand this connection (!) – and the bathroom is to say that he is afraid of being attacked by me, but I don’t attack him, I only write the truth about HIS wrong behaviour, and what is wrong with that (?), and yes NOTHING! And yes, he would VERY much like to come to Denmark to “escape” from poor condiditions of Kenya.

The Inca’s brought the tool to divide the light of our New World from “one” to “everything”

I cannot see because I am blinded by the sun, is this really where you want me to go (to the light)?

I was thinking about taking a long bath, and was told that this would have been expensive in her, i.e. my mother’s, time (of darkness) with all of you there, and I feel big smiles and also you can do it now.

This building there, you cannot get them in there, but we can and yes including Fanny, and there are no repairs to be done to space if you would like to know and what is the agenda today, and yes is it for you to being too tired to do anything, Stig (?), and yes I will write the script as the most important, take a long bath and go out for a cycling and do some shopping.

Because a new duvet is extremely expensive you say (?), and no one can afford doing what I did (?), so now we only have to put it together, and yes Stig there is still darkness in it so we are not done yet.

We are not going to stay here (?), this is a kind of middle station – I see the dream weeks/months ago in winter landscape including a middle station – and we are going to there (beyond it)?

There are no fresh fish without me you say (?), well I better be going, right (?), and yes my inner self coming has a lot of will and energy, which he would like to bring out, but as my physical self, I need more sleep/energy to really get going.

So we went to Lima to get the poinsettia (“Christmas star” in Danish) of your mother from there, and what did we do then (?), and yes I have a poor memory, which I understand is darkness influencing my inner self making him forget.

Gothenburg together with Anna-Karin was also “not unimportant” (a business tour we did together with Helge from Norway back in the GEFI days around 2001) as she is not too, but for the time being, we take it easy and that is because of him there, Stig, who “cannot” work in our page, and yes Stig, we feel we have all the force of light just next to us to work with and can’t we just use it (?), and it comes together with the feeling to benefit us alone and no one else, and no, this is to be given to all of our New World, so this is what we will continue working towards, and this is where our gift from Peru comes in handy, because this is what it brings us, the tool to divide what is “one” into “everything”, so this is your wish, and yes to benefit all/everything, right we got it, we just have to set it up.

Isn’t it exciting, we have just come from Spain, and now take part of the last, finalising work setting up our New World (?), well we think it is.

Stig, this work is also out of the programme, and requires an extensive performance from you to succeed, and yes without hurting your mother, isn’t this how it is (?), and we cannot afford to relax, can we (?), and yes he doesn’t know and you don’t know – the spirit of my father to my inner self – and that is because where are we now, what are the risks here and where are we going?

Just watch your back, Stig, or will I do it for him, and yes against whom (?), and is that my self, and maybe when I use Fanny – or others – to attack him (?), and whom did we see walking here (?), and is he at home without realising it yet (?), and yes he is, but no he does not need that to customize, he just have to be here for a little while, and then we will turn on everything?

We are not allowed to photograph in there, i.e. in darkness, but here we are (?), and yes when turned around, you and all of us can do this bringing in everyone, and this is part of the package of now you and Karen, and we did not tell him where we will go (?), and will the spirits of my mother and father be leaving and yes because we will give this to you, will we not (?), and yes Stig, there are things beyond your means of comprehension and that goes here and also as a normal being in relation to the world, but all you really need is to use your common sense/logic as you have shown, but “not good enough” to the world I was?

No, we don’t have a plate with our/your name on to put up here, because you just decided that this is meant for everyone, right?

I receive a few marks of to the backside of my left lower leg, which used to be darkness, but now it is only a “pricks” and the feeling is not very dark any more.

You don’t have all “destruction power” of your mother, i.e. the world, in a long string following you, have you (?), and yes “still” (?), and yes that is the case, he decided to bring EVERYTHING here, so this is what we will continue with.

Was it in Lima that you received your driver’s licens (?), and yes Stig, without this you would not be able to exist, and let us say it as one big “everything”, which we have prepared for you for centuries there, and yes when you speak of Peru, I think of the Incas, which will probably have to have been their main role, and yes to create a New World with me in their thoughts, and yes “funny, right”?

The wound is still bleeding a little, and the idea is to heal this a little by little. And the wound is what you have (almost) removed by working “too quickly”. Now he will learn to smile and being like us.

So you have controlled a mere monster of your family, i.e. the world, and you came out before the work of demolition would start, which we did not talle you about because you/he was doomed and if you could not get out being stronger than your family/world, your would have been terminated yourself, and yes this was the name of the game here (still having God as the Source to help out if needed).

This was to break down the “pole” of the Old World without receiving your “old nightmare”. So this was to be stronger than the wrong sexual power of the world.

I was given the feeling of Søren H. and was told by my inner self in the process of understanding that you will show Søren and the world with your scripts that laziness is making you misunderstand, and yes Søren is lazy too as a “typical manager” loving to talk, talk and talk, and no he did not have “time” to read and understand me, so instead you were guessing too about me, Søren (?), and what did you think and guess (?), and why was this (?), what kept you?

Yes, I am far too tired to continue playing football against him, and yes this is now what I recall and that is without knowing that he was me, and I was him, so it was your physical self being stronger than your spiritual self, and yes Stig, this is how this “last game” was designed.

No, we could not afford to have more aeroplanes fall down (?), and if we received help from the Source during this journey, and yes you bet (!), and this is what you believe, right (?), and yes because I could not do this alone.

Incredible that you have done this having a lion chasing your heels.

And then we will get our new duvet, and this is it, then we are ready (?), and yes what do you think?

My browser broke down when I was about to upload more SAGA music, and I felt really light of my mother, but I was told tat this is because of my mother still speaking wrongly about me behind my back with my sister, and this is the force, which was about to kill me here during Christmas, and yes “all of her concerns”.

This means that I am not only “my boy” but I am everything and everything is me, this was the meaning of this decision, and yes in principle the most important decision ever, and this is what “rain of your family” – feeling my sister here – was about to destroy, and that is wanting to make you selfish.

I received an opposite pain to my right ankle and was told that we would have liked to turn around life the other way – to the dark side – if we could, but now we cannot, and yes this is to explain that I have also had these opposite pains so it has not only been to turn darkness to light when I have received these pains, but some of them was also the other WRONG way.

Receiving new, hidden darkness of even smaller units part of the diamond head of God

It is now 17.00 and I have had the worst nightmare while being at the bathtub where the constant stream of words continued entering me without mercy mercy really making me more disgusted than even and yes potentially negative but still I decided to move below this negativity deciding to continue working despite of the disgust and also my tirnedness/exhaustion and yes not easy to do picking up the telephone all of the time to write down more notes when all you wished for was to relax, and yes now there is the worst to write in these notes to the script, and yes I did not make my cycle tour today because of poor planning where I had not taken into consideration that it would become dark here at winter time when lying in the tub, and yes furthermore I now have much more work than anticipated, and yes here we go and that is if I can, and I now continue to have the strange and new sensation that – bringing song titles here in this paragraph but no links because I am too tired – my inner self is much stronger than my physical self and he keeps wanting me to perform better than I can, but let us see if I cannot make this one too.

I felt how more destructive darkness came in over me making me feel poorly and sick, while I was told that this is more gifts coming in, and yes when converted to light it is.

I was told about the importance of potatoes – keeping my feet to the ground – because there aren’t any inside of this darkness.

I was told that I was shown a link called “faces” on Facebook leading to beautiful Russian ladies because Russians were the closest to cut open my throat killing all of us, and that is as part of their “war machinery”, which was about to destroy everything, which would have gone out of control because of darkness as I felt to my right if not because of the Source as I felt to my left. And stories like this do NOT get into newspapers because this would be sure death sentences because of Putin self, and yes he was the Devil behind this war machine too, and yes how are you, Putin, you WIMP!!!

I was shown a salt grinding mill symbolising the Source – “salt” is everything – and was told that you don’t get through the grind without bleeding, but we did (almost) without. If it was not for your mother, we would not have collected the last drawing pin, and I was told that my mother spoke to my sister about her “faith” in me.

I was shown the mental hospitals in Hillerød/Helsingør, where I was in 2008, and was told that my soul is still there receiving darkness too from these places.

I was shown a blue carpet at Falck spreading everywhere now going all the way into the CEO’s office.

I simply could not stand receiving this continuous voice disturbing me constantly – I was far too tired – which made me see and being asked if I wanted to cut the string of darkness, and no, this is NOT how we are working here.

I was shown my self as red – of sufferings/darkness – putting up garden furniture with blue being right on the other side of the terrace, and I heard; is he coming, and yes DON’T BE LATE, which was to say that Michael from SAGA is still thinking of me.

I felt Camilla’s late grand father, Børge, and that he is not terminated, but also returning to life here and yes coming with the darkness of yesterday, which was released when we watched the Alicante video.

I was shown myself driving a train inside a small tunnel, and was told that we discovered that we could extend it bringing out even more and I felt my old colleague Jesper H. from Acta, and then I was close to lose my telephone into the water of the bathtub, which is to say that he is sending me darkness too (seeing my updates on LinkedIn), and I was shown a giant fist inside the tunnel coming against me to knock me out – which Jesper as example is part of – but I passed it and now continue my journey.

I was shown Arabic oil sheik’s now becoming sun flowers, and I was given the thought that they are the worst scoundrel of all, and yes your days are numbered too, and that is also because of the Aha-effect you know.

I was shown a Coca Cola and told that the “secret world” decided to incired the toxic addition to Coca Cola and drinks/food to beat me before the end of the world, but no, you “could not”, and why was that?

I was told that we will use the sponge of Niklas to create “perfect light for all”, and by the way, he and Isabelle had brough a sponge to the dice-game of yesterday, and yes “by chance” you know.

I was shown four bridges connecting in the middle with the worst storm/rain/darkness around it and I was given the film/book title “The Bridges of Madison County” in this connection, and I have not seen/read it myself.

I was shown myself with freezing fingers collecting up pieces of wood at Brede Park and stabling it as I did in the winter of 2009 or was it 2010 (!), and yes Stig it is almost impossible to see and work now because your eyes are running in water, but let us see (!) and yes everything is dizzy/unclear, and I was shown a four divided square and when looking at it from the other side, I saw the three other non-created worlds about to eat the fourth square of this world, which this was about.

I was told that this is about a fight between my sister and mother over me, because do I speak to myself as my sister believes or is it a spiritual voice as I receive as my mother believes (?), and I was told that my mother is working on my side. And this is also about my “extremely long writings”, which made my family/friends etc. “give up” reading me, and if they had not, we would not have received so much darkness making us go all the way.

I was shown digging into the ground and a serving dish is shown coming up from the depth, and this is from where we originate but we had forgot about it and it is only being revealed because of a combination of Sanna’s darkness, misunderstandings and wrong behaviour influencing our mother against me together with her big love to me and yes she also gave me leftovers from the lunch table to bring home.

I was shown at we are so far inside that the tree of life and the white horse of everything is in here, but a dark horse is entering too, which is Karen’s horse and this includes these forgotten places, which is why we continue the game.

I was told about the stormy weather again, which was breaking down my mother before Christmas, and that the calm I bring is what is bringing us here.

Does this mean that we have time even though time should be ended (?), and it looks like it.

I was shown a small dark submarine in the sea and was told that it has always been there but we have not seen it, and this is what brings time, and I was shown a dark presence outside a Bedouin tent wanting to enter. And I was told that we have kept an endless little hole open also to include this.

I was shown an elephant pulling a sick bed and I was told that this is what was thought out, for the spirit of my father to pull me through nothing including this darkness, and when we are now here, we might as well bring the life of it too.

I was shown a turf of grass and underneath the grass on the sides of it, a large number of small people of light are released.

I was shown a closet of a wardrobe inside an apartment, which has been hidden but is now visible, and I was shown it as a double closet because of a mirror reflecting it, which I understood as Karen being the mirror.

I was shown a dark sail ship entering this tunnel from a tunnel to the right, and it is coming from a tunnel, which we did not know about and I was told that this also means that the secret government of USA has hidden information also including me, and did you also plan to kill me (?), and I was told and shown that this is like serving dinner at a fine restaurant discovering a dark pepper grinder among the food while serving.

All of this was inside the egg we hatched, and I was told about Dr. Hook and “baby makes her blue jeans speak”, which is about BLUE of me, and Karen gossiping about me behind my back, which is also the reason why I continue receiving all of these words together with darkness entering me.

We don’t know how long this tunnel is ourselves, and I was shown that it includes a part of the eye of God, and also a sail boat becoming all white and part of the marina, and I was told that we were not there where we thought we were, so apparently it is possible to get even deeper into creation.

I was shown and told that we have designed small yellow men especially for the inside of the diamond drill, which we first see now and bring on place.

I was told that this darkness is surprisingly violent too, and I felt a prick to my heart and was told that now this part is included too.

I was told that this extra tunnel of darkness is an “extra pole”, which is also only becoming visible because of the love of Fanny to Jesus/me.

I keep receiving questions about energy, and NO, I will NOT allow energy to be produced for darkness, and everything given to me about this has to be darkness wanting me to accept the production of this, but the answer is NO!

I received MUCH darkness and negative speech, and was shown this darkness bringing in a very large suitcase completely full to the breaking point – this is what my mother and I am too (!) – and that is with gifts we had no knowledge existed.

I was given the vision of the beautiful Swedish young lady I met on Stureplan in Stockholm in 2008, and told from darkness to the right of me that “now I don’t have more to bring”, and if this is the case, if everything of before is now empty, it should mean that we will start our New World and that is if all work is ready, and yes it has to be perfect first, so we will see.

I felt a dark spirit from this darkness, who said “I am the one creating you”, and it was also me deciding to bring in your mother to continue the game.

Google Earth shows my name on the sky and my inner self as the Guardian of the Holy Grail/God

Jette’s Google Earth pictures from her Facebook group show icecold Vikings of darkness, mirror pictures of my family or Karen, my name on half the globe, darkness still catching fish, woman kissing the forehead of an old man, and my inner self as the Guardian of the Holy Grail/God.

FB 271212 Jette 1

FB 271212 Jette 2

FB 271212 Jette 3

FB 271212 Jette 4

FB 271221 Jette 5

FB 271212 Jette 6

FB 271212 Jette 7

Marlene, who is a “stranger” to me, decided to write on my timeline (what many think/thought) “you are raving mad. It is VERY entertaining” herewith making me VERY sad, and yes who wants to treat people like that (?), and I told her that the roles have swapped because she cannot do what most people cannot/could not, which simply is to read and understand, thus making me crazy in their eyes and all because of their own wrong inner voice, which is you know “compulsory thoughts” given you directly from darkness, which most people were too weak to handle.

FB 271212 Jette 7B

FB 271212 Jette 8

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • My mother and I spoke shortly about the TinTin film yesterday, and today Thomas updated his cover photo with TinTin opening a bottle of Champagne.

FB 271212 Thomas

  • Yesterday or maybe the day before, I noticed how Preben received a greeting from an old friend of his on his timeline, and he is the director of Munkebjerg Hotel in Vejle, and today the hotel was on fire, and to me this is about this hotel having a “special status” because I remember how my colleagues of DanskeBank-Pension had it as a preferred hotel, and I have myself stayed there once, and yes a casino is there too, so thinking of the fire of the bridges of Madison County really, and it went through Preben.

BT 271212 Munkebjerg

  • The Conservative MP Benedikte lives only a couple of hundred metres from me in Højstrup, Helsingør, and she brought a link to the feature arcticle below from Rasmus Jarlov, member of the Conservative of the Council of Copenhagen, which speaks about how the welfare state introduces orders/dictations on all areas, which they spread on – like a cancer (!) – removing the freedom and responsiblity of people as I have given you many examples of in my fight against the darkness of the Danish Social System, and she brings the quote concluding his article “if welfare benefits restrict freedom of people, it has to be welfare benefits and not freedom, which has to be cancelld. Freedom and responsibility is more important than welfare benefits. Otherwise we end like a nation of helpless welfare clients”, and this is really to underline my message to you in my scripts, which is to NEVER remove FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY from people, and it is people of darkness like yourself, Benedikte, who have done this over the years, and yes you were the Devil yourselves without being able to see it because “we only meant good”, and yes yes yes like the people working at the Jobcentres also did as examples, but still they were infected by darkness of the Devil.

FB 271212 Benedikte

Berlingske 271212 Jarlov

28th December: God welcomed me home to the second King’s Chair of God bringing the final result of creation

Dreaming of revealing the owner structure of darkness which is now empty and being closed down

I went to bed at 22.00 being completely destroyed/exhausted after also having received the worst darkness of sexual torments as a result of the publish of my script of yesterday and reactions of people to my Facebook posts including Jette’s pictures.

Before I felt asleep I was told about how close we came to an explosion of this inner room, however it required that I accepted my “old nightmare” and also that we had not disarmed it!

I was also told that there is now “nothing” remaining giving me the understanding that I can be awakened at any time, and maybe this night?

At 01.40 I was not allowed to continue sleeping but encouraged to write this down, so here are the dreams:

  • I am working for Kim S and have found his “stock holder declaration”, which I use against him, and he asks me from where I have it, and I tell him that it was included in the (public) circulation-file at his office, and he told me that he was close to dismissing me because of his family using it to tell him the truth about something, and now he needed to do a new and expensive declaration. This morning when entering the office, I was surprised to see that two colleagues had been dismissed, because they did not receive any new business, i.e. “money”, and the office is now completely empty giving me the understanding that it will close at any moment.
    • This is the “secret document” of darkness self, of the owners of it, which I am using to dissolve it, and it does NOT like what I do, but instead of dismissing me, I am now its last employee, and it is empty inside of there.
    • No money = no energy = the right decision making darkness dissolve.
  • The dream above continued where Kim removes the last furniture, I have cigarettes in my pocket. The company has now been closed by the State, something is “not right”, and I tell Kim’s wife Pernille that I hope I will be seeing them later and I would like to work for them again, and remember what I say “NEVER GIVE UP”.
    • Removing the last from darkness, which is now being closed. Cigarettes are darkness/sufferings given to me (for example writing this instead of sleeping).
    • I woke up to “save me, save my” by Queen, which you know is what we are still doing :-).

  • I am in what seems as a “closed” shopping centre with my mother standing outside, and I discover that there are two butchers inside, the first store is at the right, but there is another “sales store” in the middle. Later I am standing on one side of the motorway in Jægersborg not knowing how to cross it, but somehow I find a design making it possible for me to build a bridge over it, and on the other side, I leave signs to be discovered, which leads to a hairdresser, which I am now visiting, and I tell him that I work with marketing, and ask if I may walk around the store preparing a marketing proposal for him (which will include my brochures), and he understands that I have worked with insurance too and he starts asking about his professional insurances and private investments, and I try to tell him that these are not my special areas, but I can see that one insurance broker has given him poorer investment advice compared to another.
    • This is about penetrating darkness again, I was given an old dream walking through a LONG glasshouse, which was about the same. The butcher is about saving life. And I believe that the crossing of the motorway is to enter the last (?) inner room, and the hair dresser is about “spiritual communication”, which this place will open via my “marketing”, and this is old darkness, which rather wants to speak to me about investments, i.e. money, i.e. energy, bu No, No, No!

God welcomed me home to the second King’s Chair of God bringing the final result of creation

I was told “Quo Vadis” (“where are you going”?) – the famous words – and the answer is to the light,and no, I am not going to be crucified again!

I was shown and told that the small room is so secret that not even a Coca Cola could enter, and it might be, but yesterday there was also strong darkness inside of there?

I tried to fall asleep again here at around 01.30-01.40 even though I was encouraged to stand up to write because of the feeling of darkness “isn’t this what we normally do” – no, it is not (!) – and I was shown a traing driving around in a circle and was told that it cannot keep going like this, and I was shown my arrival to Kim S. company waiting for a dark entrance to open in order to receive professional advice, and I know when the door will open to the light, it will bring “perfect advice”. I was also shown a train entering an underground station and was shown a tiny amount of beer now in a test tube; there is hardly any darkness remaining. This corresponds to be driving in a dark military vehichle inside a huge dark hangar where the large doors are opening to the light outside, and I was shown that we have now driven forwards and backwards in this little tunnel behind the eyes of God, and everything in front of the eyes is space of the Universe, and this is to say that this little, extra tunnel apparently was very little, and as I understand it, was where the inner Trinity was gathered.

I have kept hearing the words “you are not unemployed, right” (?), and is this thoughts of the Commune in relation to my ”private work” (?), and will they think of this as work not making me unemployed thus not entitled to receive cash help even though I receive no income and stands “available” for the labour market (?), and yes darkness may decide as it pleases, if I allow it to take over, and the Commune would like to save money and get rid of me, but can they (?), and no, my case should be certain.

I was told about the room where I am now and told that it is here that the whole world is parked around, and I was asked if you want us to enter (?), and I don’t know if this is the main room or a spare room, so I can only repeat for light to take the decision because I don’t know.

Afterwards – when I had now stood up – I was told if this instead is darkness wanting to bring you sufferings too?

We caanot stress enough the importance of what your mother and Fanny have done.

We just found out that you only have to take a ticket for paradise once, and then you will never leave from here again.

I heard in the background that entering this room may be dangerous, but I don’t care, you will do what is right and open to the light when and it is “time’s up”.

It is Stig sitting there, and surely he is not me, is he (?), and I feel a presence including everything blue, and yes if you are the former Jesus, you are on the right track, so just continue your approach, “my dear friend” :-).

Are we really going to compress everything and fit it inside of there (?), and yes Stig only says that he does not want any quality to be lost and that is at all.

I felt everything still outside of me, as I do much of the time, and isn’t it funny that it is “completely impossible” to enter the deepest inner of me?

Let us see if we have a back of gold we can throw after you from inside of here, and I feel smile all over, and see gold and the feeling that “this is home”, and the entrance to a completely different world, which we have never showed anyone outside, but this is what you are entering “my friend”.

Think if he had died on the road, if he believed the room was too small etc.

So it is about time to exchange “kill” with eeehhh “love” and is that the “dress” you have for me too?

Well, there is no vacant King’s Chair inside there is there (?), well now there are two, and that is God’s, and yes welcome to my home, Stig, this is where I save everything, this is from where you have been made.

So your mother was the shooting tent and I was the bullet, and yes the roles have now swapped, you were darkness designed to create the world, and this is what you did, so welcome back with the final result.

I was shown a train compartment with a double bed and a beautiful lady lying in it, and I felt my self as a dark beast on the way in, and instead of accepting this torment/temptation, I now see how the beautiful lady as an actor of God is leaving it.

I was told that all “sexual desire” and gun fire/duels in darkness was an act of God, and yes to bring “perfect creation”.

So where is the duvet you might ask (?), and yes this is what you are bringing home because I am as you can see “nothing” and you are “everything”, which is what we are now uniting as One. So this is no colour and nothing inside of here, and you are bringing all of this.

But what about the spiritual world, isn’t it here (?) and yes everything which we see in here is what we only imagine of “perfect creation” of everything, and it is first when you bring it, that we will receive access to this too – isn’t this how it is (?), and yes we believe it is, and we are still working on the old conditions for you to understand what we write, so this is your understanding we are telling you about, or is it ….?

How has all life inside the aeroplane of darkness made it (?), has it been damaged (?), and no, Stig, it is from inside of here that we will lift all darkness and give our pure stream of light and love so everyone will be able to feel it.

We have not passed one cemetery on the road with permanent deaths, which we are very happy with.

I was told that in theory life could still be lost before entering this inner room, and I was given a STRONG smell of pure spirit; which this is about and I was told that we will now also remove this.

It is also inside here that the car (of everything) would get repaired, but it does not look like it is needed.

You can also say that you are bringing me in through the last little hole you have kept open for me to enter, which is really the same.

At 05.30 I received a new strong heartburn and was told that this is coming from my mother.

Even though you have not been in contact with us at the Source, we were still in contact with you saving you when needed for example when you were close to making love with Lisbeth once, which would “not have been good”.

Yes, now time is almost gone, we just wanted to bring in the last too.

It shall be a pleasure to us to remove cancer’s of children as example.

I was told about the Delorean car of the film “back to the future”, and we also did not have to go back in time very much to collect what was first missed, and yes everything has a meaning, Stig.

So this dog-string was also not cut over, and no he would NEVER allow me.

I have used all of you to come through to myself, and I have no better way to say it. To bring out my new self and for this new self to develop and return to me as “perfect”, this was the task.

And had we seen it coming that if no one would give you their pictures, it would create the best/most perfect road here (?), yes, and this is the road you decided to follow.

You have not won a “Moonbase Alpha”, but we can start one, which is what this whole TV-series is about.

We were also afraid if your mother should wake up suddenly remembering all of what we have coded inside of here, or if it would be possible to keep this information away from her awakened mind, and yes every time she has lost her temper, which was “almost”, she came one step closer to opening this source of information.

So you have decided not to be negative even once (?), and yes that’s right and the negative voice of darkness is still with me making it much more difficult to resist it rather than following it, and yes this is then what we will remove from you, and we have a pretty good idea of what to do, and yes to replace the red wire with the blue, and we just have to do it and you say that nothing will explode when we do it (?), and yes Stig, this will wake up the world, and also Denis as I have felt and you have given me the name of for days.

I was shown and told that the smallest room is the cockpit of the aeroplane, and when you don’t throw us out in the garbage, we don’t create a New World starting all over from scratch. This is what we have transferred now. And this is done because you decided to invite everything blue up to you and yes he also brings the top floor, which is where I will enter too as God/the spirit of my father says.

Instead of blood, it became tears of the family, which opened for the road in here.

Dreaming of winning the motor race because of my work, and Dan, Jacob and Brian playing in my game too

I watched morning TV and at 08.25 I decided to take a nap, but was first not allowed to sleep, but later I slept maybe a couple of hours, poorly, and I had a couple of dreams.

  • I am attending a motor race up a mountain hill, and I am surprised that I am strong enough to win it, but I cannot be declared the official winner because my luggage is coming in as third, where my friend is coming in as no. 2 together with his luggage herewith making him the winner. Frank K. (old Fair colleague) also attended and came in as no. 85.
    • Still playing the game against darkness for example represented by Frank K., and this is really about work pushing the motor cars forward, where no one but “my friend” can keep up.
  • Dan Rachlin is visiting me in my apartment in Hørsholm, and he wants to play basketball but not against me having no experience, he only wants to play against the best players. He also wants to have “club chickens”, which are chicken legs, and I am looking at my refrigerator seeing that I have some old chicken legs in the plastic container to the left, but I think that I better go to buy some new, and my old colleague Jacob (from Acta) is there too, and he wants to place an order on chicken legs with me, and I have three different roads I can take to get to the shopping centre City 2 in Tåstrup, which is either one of two mountain roads or I can use the flat highway from Lyngby. I know that I will become good friends with Dan as my new self. Brian A. (my Facebook friend) arrives in my entrance, which now feels as if it is at my sister’s house, and he is playing on the other team against me, and he needs the rent law, and by chance he has the law in his bag as he says, but I see that it is only a “ladies rent law”, and even though people don’t believe it is right to help your opponents, I offer to lend him my copy, and the relevant section of the law says that an apartment can be cancelled with a notice of 30-40 days.
    • Dan is visiting me in Hørsholm, i.e. darkness, and does not want to play with me, so this is a man, who could have brought me much more darkness than what he did – because I did not “challenge” him as much as I could have – and the “club” chickens are about him playing as a DJ on “clubs”, and chicken is that he is looking forward to our New World as Jacob is too, and I can decide the level of difficulties myself from here, which is a function of the amount of work and sleep that I will take on me. And Brian was the man promising to come back when I asked for his support, and when you cannot read, you cannot understand, so he is now part of the team of darkness of my sister opposing me too.

I have stopped energy to be produced for darkness thus the world and myself almost making me fall/faint

I was told that crossing the goal line is of importance in relation to saving life, and the road I chose to go is of importance in this matter.

It isn’t birth problems he is running into, is it (?), because I decided to take a little sleep, which I REALLY needed, and yes I am still VERY TIRED here afterwards when writing this.

From right I heard; isn’t it him again (after waking up) and yes we are still welcome, so no problems, we just have to aim right (for everything blue to enter my room).

And I was given the Harpo song “Moviestar” and the lyrics “It’s so bizarre”, and I was told “if you should need it”, which is about receiving God’s help to bring home the last of everything, but no he is still running on old fuel. And I felt my mother so you are still playing the game as your old self.

Sanna’ and Hans’ friend Flemming isn’t one of our best friends too, is he (?), and he also attended Sanna’s 50th birthday in 2009, and I have been told about him several times recently, and also Holm, my old music teacher from Albertslund.

I was told that we are now continuing to bring in the car of our New World and if I cannot, this is where the repair shop will take over.

In other words, we have the camera ready to take you in and everyone else after you, but only if you need it this way.

I have decided that I will not buy a new monthly card for the swimming hall now because I do NOT have the energy to exercise, but I will save the money, which my mother gave me earlier this month in reserve because I promised to use it on this, and if I will get more energy before opening the eyes of my new self, this is what I will do.

The next Olympic Games will be held in Israel/Palestine, isn’t this what we are saying, in order to bring back everything to ORIGINAL.

Your mother is thinking that she will not be 100 years old, so she is also planning to die, which is also part of this game.

I was told that the end of Strauss-Kahn, director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) until May 2011 until he came to close to a hotel cleaning lady, also became decisive to the world, and this was because of you, and I wonder what kind of plans you were part of?

Isn’t it funny that your mother, i.e. the world, lived in “a hole of me”, and yes outside the Source, but still part of everything as “a hole”, and yes part of the game too.

I was shown how buildings were entering and told; only the white buildings, not the red, which there are still some of.

I cycled to town in the afternoon to send money to my LTO friends and that is if they are still my friends and that is in relation to Elijah and John, whom I have not heard from for several/many months, so I decided to send this email to them.

Email til LTO 281212

At the kiosk where I sent the money, I was inspired to ask him if he had any money transferrals on sale, which he “sadly” did not, and this was to say that the sale started here yesterday, which my family and “half of Denmark” is now storming to, and yes they can’t get enough not thinking a thought about helping poor people starving/suffering abroad, and it seems that Elijah and John are examples of people of poor countries also missing a “gene” to be able to THINK and do what is RIGHT, and yes because of WRONG culture influencing them negatively, and yes when you do nothing, it is “impossible” to do just a little of what is right to do?

The assistant at the kiosk was working on return articles, and I told him that he should not return any articles but make sure that he sells everything, and later in the Lidl Supermarket, the customer before me at the cash desk had a noth tight bag of flower, which the assistant said will also become a return article, and in my email above, I asked Elijah and John if they want to be “deleted”, so I am thinking that darkness is now so strong that we are deleting life in order to get the main part of the New World into the Source (?), and that is if God is not helping to save every little thing (?), and this is at least how it is served to me, which may both be lunch and in tennis.

And I was told that darkness is attacking when I am sleeping, which is why I am given so little sleep, and also that my sufferings can be read on the sky (?), and that was the feeling given to me, which is that man is able to follow my sufferings and what are you doing about it (?), and yes being “sad” that I have to go through this but deciding that there is “nothing” you can do by deciding to step forward supporting me in public, and yes I cannot tell you how sad this makes me, to have a full world not being able to do what is right.

I was told that we still have to paint in here – from red to white.

I visited four supermarkets and cycled approx. 10 kilometres, and I was “falling” simply by walking/standing up, and I thought that if I feel like this, I will NOT be able to go to my mother and John, who have invited Sanna/Hans and I for New Years Eve, and I was told that when I have confirmed no energy to darkness, it means that I and the world received no new energy which is making me feel worse and worse day by day, and yes to empty myself completely, and this is not the easiest to do.

I was given a dark feeling right in front of me, which entered me and gave me a small heart attack making me feeling like dying, and I was told that my father also receives this, and this is what we have also been concerned about and that is if he should suddenly remember this keyed into his memory underneath the surface and just like my mother, but no he has not.

Darkness continued trying to make me be negative and decide that he or she should start feeling poorly because of what they have done to me “killing” me, but no, this is impossible for me to do and that is no matter how I feel, I will NEVER let darkness wish for anyone to feel bad, i.e. to become sick or even die, but ONLY to feel good, and yes as I have said I don’t know how many thousands of times for years to shut up the voice of darkness, and my dear family/friends etc. and also official system, is/was this very difficult for you to understand (?), i.e. that I am only about good, and the “kill kill” was the evilness you sent me, which has NOTHING to do with me (?), and yes quite remarkable, right?

Opening and merging the Source of God with our New World bringing peace, calm and beauty to all life

It is now 19.45 and I have watched the repetition of the film Avatar on Danish TV2 and received one of the strongest if not the strongest of all of my experiences, which brought me many notes, which I will now start writing even though I don’t know how because of the extreme tiredness/exhaustion I already have now, and I was told when beginning here that this work is what will bring us saving itself.

I was told that Strauss-Kahn worked together with Alan Greenspan – the Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the United States from 1987 to 2006 – in a new economic system of the evil New World Order and as usual I don’t know if this was light or darkness speaking to me.

I was told that tomorrow morning at 08.00 we will be finished and I was asked not to sleep, and I first thought that this was a joke because there was NO doubt in my mind that I was going to sleep and I was so tired that I thought of doing this already this afternoon or early evening.

I felt that we will now do the last test of our new command system (of the diamond) before we will be free.

I felt a grey beast inside of me, and was told that the death yesterday of General Norman Schwarzkopf – the commander of coalition forces in the Gulf War – is connected with this, and later that he symbolises the death of darkness of the world.

I was asked, do you know the road to the motorway well (?), and because I was hesitating about whether or not I would even try to stay awake until 08.00 tomorrow morning – this is how tired I was and messages like this asking me to do impossible work normally takes some minutes to sink in – and I was told that you will not get the choice to be awake until tomorrow morning taking care of this yourself, or to lose most life of your own bus including your mother, Karen and yes you, me and the manager self, and this is how serious we feel that this is, and if you cannot, we will have to see what we can do with the feeling of smiles behind this.

And I was told that there is not really a garbage can, Stig, this is only to show what you can and if you cannot, it will be impossible to get in, which will make you lose all of this (?), and this is then when we will thank you for a long journey where we died on our way into the holy land (of the Source), and yes this is still a game to see what I can do as my old self, right (?), and if I cannot, God will handle it knowing the secret of darkness, which cannot be that strong anymore (?), but then again, you never really know, but are “almost certain”, so there is really only on thing to do and that is to continue to the end doing my best work under the circumstances, but 08.00 tomorrow morning is mentally completely impossible to do – to stay awake for approx. 16 hours – feeling completely broken down already, but let us see how far we can get, and just maybe I can go through one or two tired crisis on the way taking on more torture?

So you are a brown shell – which I felt like – which we now open to letting everything come in, and this only happens once in all of your life, and when this happened, I was shown a key turning around inside of me, and my face, mouth, and whole body started shaking and moving incredible powerful, and it gave me the thought that this is impossible to open, because the power was VERY strong.

Again, I was told that I, i.e. the Source, is nothing and you and the world is everything, which you will experience when you enter here, and this is not to disappoint you.

I was told that you don’t want to help Elijah and John as if this meant that it was now impossible for me to enter because of my email to the LTO team earlier today, but I decided to keep what I had done saying that I want everyone to become my friends and for everyone to receive a normal life, this is my wish, and my body was shaken/moved STRONGER than ever before, where I could look at my right hand for exampled moving/shaking in STRONG movements, and it was NOT me doing it, but another power taking over, and I was surprised when it happened that I did not think about the reason why, which of course is the darkness I had to go through to enter the Source inside of it, and this was the same type of darkness which moved my whole body against my wish in 2006/07 and that is around the clock, but only when I was alone.

I received the feeling that I had to answer the questions I received satisfactory, and I was told that you are not a poor, black man, and then I was given the feeling of being a poor, black man, and you are also not a leprous, and then I was given the feeling of being a leprous, and I could only say that EVERYONE will feel good in our New World with no poverty and sickenesses, and when writing this I am given the most delicious smell of a barbecue to the right of me, and that is because of life of our New World entering me from right after having broken through the last darkness, and this comes together with “feelings” of Elijah after my email to him, and yes because Elijah simply loves barbecue, and I understand that he both brings me light and darkness because of his feelings, which is bringing both fuel and faith to make this happen.

I felt Yoda inside of this darkness making me shake/move physically all over, and I was told that he has never been out before and never lived as a human being, and he told me that I was about to give up but now when you are finally here, we will absorb everything, and we were about to break down because of the end of each world which ended parts of me, but everytime we managed to create a New World, and now there is almost nothing of me remaining. Life self was about to finish me off, but now you are all welcome, I am you and you are me, but wait a minutes, is this the truth or is it the opposite that we are in control, and laziness of Falck (i.e. wrong behaviour of man in general) is no problem, right (?), but I was told that life soaked out the life of God, and no one has read the book of life to me, and had I known just how difficult it is to create, then ….

I had a tired crisis already here at 17.30 when writing down these notes, and I was shown a brown horse and told that this is like climbing this horse, which is not there, and that is to get the whole New World inside of me as nothing.

I kept on shaking/moving all over, and I received a strong feeling of Jack and armed forces, which was also because I saw the aggressive and WRONG behaviour of man fighting the BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL people of Pandora in the Avatar movie as I was watching the best I could while this was going on and I was also writing down notes, and this extreme darkness coming to me must be because of what I have “activated” of the secret government of Russia, USA and other sources of darkness recently.

I was asked, so what is Jack, your sister and mother doing right now (?), with the feeling that I could get access to this information, and I repeated what I have written a LONG time ago, which is that this is none of my business, and only if there is a need – or I will be invited – I will enter people.  

I was shown a red dinner table of Kenya and something about having accepted the school system of Kenya (?), but no, this is not exactly as it is, and then I was told that we are entering with my New World Order as described, which also includes any “acceptable” amendments (in the same spirit), which Obama and the world may have had to it (without my knowledge now), and afterwards I was told that the New World Order was the key to open the Source and this comes together with all of the other keys in my possession, and yes when working as my old self, which this is about.

You are not opening the Pandora’s box, are you (?), and yes it was only the surface before, which frightened you, and yes my genuine self underneath this darkness, which will never become extinct, we will now start up, is as beautiful/wonderful as the people of Pandora of the Avatar film (so this box will NOT lose a swarm of evilness upon humankind).

You don’t have blue blood in your veins, Stig (?), no not yet, but this is the blood you bring here of the New World, which we have always waited for.

I was told that you walked right through all of our defences Stig as only the one was designed to be able to do.

The Tivoli Gardens of Copenhagen was not only a flame, it was where you held Karen in the hand in 2003 or was it 2004 (?) (Caroline was there too) in the Ferris wheel where both of you had the feeling of being in love, and this love is now returning to you and everyone. This is the bond of you and Karen that we have based the whole New World upon.

And I was told that we read Jack’s thoughts, addressed his behaviour and send some good thoughts so he would not rot in the system of the armed forces, but to work for me and us all, and with this I bid you welcome and declared the New World open.

I was told that your love for Vivian (as I STRONGLY had from 1984 to 1987 and really for years afterwards) was used and transformed here and inside of Karen too, and this was also the key opening to the most holy of all.

I continued receiving strong darkness when this was going on, but by now, the shivering/moving of my body had stopped, we had now penetrated the surrounding darkness, and I first received the “kill” voice, and then shown yellow of the spirit of my mother inside of there, and I was told that we will now blend all of these colours of the father, mother and son to create a new Trinity, and seconds later I was told that this was it, the spirits of my mother and father finalised their marriage and the start of everything new, and yes you brought us together, Stig, and that is via Fanny’s love to you making her follow you to the father, who she is wating on herself as her new love, and yes according to plan.

This is how you became the apple of everything and that is by bringing the love of people of importance to your life while doing this.

The Source said that I am not a robot, but I will first now become white (light) with the world coming to me.

Avatar - Tree of Souls

We don’t have half in the football match, Stig, because the destruction of the world is on-going and still following you, and I felt it from my right too bringing me much potential destruction if I accepted it instead of being stronger than it and this will first stop with our merger and that is because when this evilness comes to the brown of the Source, I can handle it because I have spend all of my life waiting for it.

I was told that if I did not do this work – still not knowing if I can carry it our until tomorrow morning – my “old nightmare” with sexual pleasure would create the energy to open this, and yes we would still save your mother and everyone, right (?), which I felt that the Source would do working underneath the darkness of this, but I would NEVER accept this to be carried out, so where would the energy otherwise come from (?), and yes we would have to rely on the Source to bring this in order.

And I was told that this darkness of the surface of the Source is what Jack, your mother, yourself and more are part of.

I was shown a character of the Pandora people of Avatar saving all life on our way in – no one will be terminated.

I have received the word “Regina” (i.e. “Queen”) for days, and felt that this is about Karen, who wants you rather than Denis, and yes you felt her true love holding her hand when we were together, and yes a natural feeling of both of us.

I was told that Kenneth from the Elsinore in pictures Facebook group was also hidden to be part of this, and I was told of Bo from Dahlberg and Henriette as other examples of people who were necessary to bring us here.

You did not enter here in a hospital bed, no you walked in yourself, we saw it all of us.

There is no need for a swimming hall inside here is everything you have to to say, and yes we knew about the suffering you had to go through after October 31 also including “we will let you live” and showing you another road in, which you took, and I was told that it is the New World Order, which is bringing calm everywhere, and later I was told that “the power of money” as the motivational factor was the most difficult for the world to accept being replaced by “normal life” and everyone in principle receiving the same income now using the joy of work/creation as the sole and RIGHT motivational factor.

I was shown and told that we can hardly hold our masks, and I now felt life all around me, but we know that you will enter deeper, and this triumphal procession will continue until tomorrow at 08.00, if you can keep awake, and then you will be the master of everything having connected everything with everyone.

And only via Elijah’s understanding that it required a unique patience and that he is still your friend, we will get all of this in. And I was told that his understanding that you are true friends is enough to make him remove the lifted axe killing you/us. I felt my father’s late mother, and was told, well, Stig, you are now entering with the whole world, and yes you refused to let any of us, i.e. the world, break you.

I felt how my sister entered me, and I was told that this was then all of her life entering you, and later will follow your mother and me at the end.

This is the fish line, Stig, no one thought that you could do this without receiving a heart attack too – and I still receive small heart attacks now and again (maybe a couple of times per day).

I was told that the force bringing you these heart attacks has never been greater than what it is now, and I felt how part of this stopped and I heard life saying “we will now say thank you for the international match, Stig” and I felt this life at the outermost of my right fingers (symbolising the whole Universe) together with the colour of orange, and this life is now starting a new community there, and I felt that this darkness is now replaced with peace/calm and a stream, and I was told that this will continue over the coming hours relieving me from more and more darkness.

I was told about the importance of my patience, and I received “eternal gratitude” of this life, and this process is now repeating itself with more life being merged/liberated/placed at the Source.

I was told that instead of bringing you sexual torment, this energy brought us here, and we had to overrule you and I understood to bring energy to the world/darkness, and yes fine when you use my top rule to make everything work and to correct any errors I may do or decide on.

I was told that we were ready to attack you, but this power is opened by the Source turning us into peace instead, and we now understand when the key to the Source was turned around that we were not at all a ship of darkness, but part of the Source, and I was given a new example of life being set off saying “this is where we will enter to the most beautiful island”.

I was also told that if you stop working and decide to sleep, this force will attack you instead of uniting us.

I mother called, and I told her about my approx. 10 kilometres cycle tour today and offered to help her remove/carry the Christmas Tree and other heavy things, which she accepted, and yes the game is ongoing with my mother believing that I still have power enough to exercise etc. and that is even though she would like to come and get a computer keyboard, which she gave me in Christmas gift, which I would like to change into something else, and that is in order to bring it to the store and have the money back, but I decided that I will NOT stay awake until 08.00 and wait until maybe 10.00 or 12.00 for her to come because I will be sleeping by then (!), so I told her to come at maybe 15.00 to 16.00 because of my sleeping rhythm, but no this was too late for her, so we will now do this after New Year instead.

So the one who has been fishing for you all of this time was your father of the Source, and was my inner self also inside of the Source (?), and at least “he” has since resurrection in 2010/11, but also before this, or only as part of the abyss?

And now we can start rebuilding the part of the red car, which was destroyed, so this happened during recent sleep.

We feel as if your mother has been absent on a journey for an immensely LONG time.

I was given a loud cracking sound to the entire window frame of my apartment as if the window was breaking, but I was shown that it is saved by a balloon of the Source before reaching and destroying me, and yes if/when necessary.

This is not quite the ending to it yet, is it (?), and yes you should know just how much your mother and sister have been crying thus bringing fuel to this end too.

Finishing this chapter by 22.30, and no, it was not that difficult to do, and no, I cannot write more now, it will have to wait until after I have slept.

I was told that we cannot turn on our New World before you have pushed the button, and yes really (?), and if necessary, I kindly ask light to do this for me.

And all of this was of course a game of having to continue saying “you are welcome” going up against new, extreme darkness and tiredness.

At 23.00 and 23.30 I had my next and now much deeper tried crisis coming in – welcome to Hell – and right now 08.00 seems impossible to reach, but we will see.

Ending the day with these short stories:

  • David from the Jerusalem UFO Facebook group has for months done an investigation in great detail about the Jerusalem UFO, but probably not detailed enough to find the answer to his question on my Signs IV website on the Jerusalem UFO, and I saw him entering my site shortly thereafter, but we know “completely impossible” it is even for the “wisest” people to understand what you so clearly see about the monk of the Video 6 as I have explained to you on my site too (?), and yes “feelings” can truly deceive people as you may understand (?), and yes I also noticed that this forum has now removed my latest postings including my scripts around Christmas, which was “too much” for you, and yes the Dane up there in the cold north is “bonkers”, isn’t he (?), and yes not easy for you to tell when you “cannot” read me (?), and this is how it is that these people too decided that I was “crazy”, and was it you, Alan, who decided to delete me without informing me about your decision (?), and yes you see WRONG behaviour everywhere.

FB 281212 David Jerusalem UFO

  • As you can see from Eligael, he now says that he does not know who filmed video 6 and the world made him see that it discredits the event (!), and when bringing this, I was told that it was “someone who I can trust”, who recorded and decided to spread this video via Eligael, and whom understood that there would be one man in the world who would understand and that was me.

FB 281212 David Jerusalem UFO-2

  • This is the video, which this is about, which is only online because I downloaded it and uploaded it after Eligael received “cold feet” removing it, which could have removed our world, and yes terminated it! (The video Eligael refers to is here, which led to the video below).

  • Fanny said that when she discovered that I have published our converstation, she became very sad because she has never opened her heart for someone as she has done to me, and good that she did not know, otherwise we would never have talkes as we did, she said, and I told her that the true and right answer is that she should be proud of what she has done having had decisive influence of what is now happening, the merger of our physical and spiritual world after the opening to the Source, where our conversations and the publish hereof was an IMPORTANT key, and the GENUINE feeling is to having nothing to hide, so joy and pride of what she has done, is the feeling I wish for her to get. And I was happy that she still decided to show her love even though she was “devastated”, and yes Fanny, this is what it took for you too to bring me extreme darkness today because your sadness of being open instead of silent (!) is wrong and what led darkness to me

Fanny 291212

  • Zahra and I share music taste, and today of all days she decided to share my favourite album of all ♥.

FB 281212 Zahra

  • Jane is working on “the psychiatry of the future” and I told her that it should not be difficult to open the eyes of her and and the Danish Parliament to the crimes they have done by giving money to the “murderers” of the medicine industry, but you are not “grown” enough to correct your own faults (?), and I was given much darkness after this because of my previous “attacks” on the Danish Parliament in the same matter.

FB 281212 Jane

  • Here is Bjarne, the director of Helsingør Commune, as a suggestion for me to become friends with me, and is that because you have visited my Facebook timeline and found it “interesting”, Bjarne?

FB 281212 Stig

I watched the first part of the new series of X-factor on Danish DR1 TV, which started today, and yes Thomas Blachmann, I also forgot that you are part of me, but I am sure that my inner self remembered you, and this is not live shows yet, but when Thomas said “you have death hanging in your heels”, it was really me (us) that he spoke about, which loyal readers may remember why? And isn’t David Bowie and also Jeff Lynne parts of me (?), and we will see. And yes my friend, it is almost like Columbo, who also always forgot something on his way out, and yes I loved him too, and also Kojak, McCloud, Der alte etc., but it is MANY years ago that I saw detective series like this, I lost interest.



About Stig Dragholm

I am a writer transmitting the words of the Trinity - God, the Son and the Holy Spirit of the Universe. Please read my website showing the road to our New World of love, joy and happiness. Born: May 3, 1966.
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One Response to December 28, 2012: God welcomed me home to the second King’s Chair of God bringing the final result of creation

  1. jette says:

    partly tjæk – reading the last part to morrow (hum to-day) ❤

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